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CRUISE BOAT SINKS AFTER COLLISION The Lady Andaman sits on the sea bed next to Chalong Pier, its hull and lower deck submerged.

Alasdair Forbes & Wiparatana Nathalang


he B10 million, 80-foot cruise boat Lady Andaman sank on Sunday after hitting a concrete block, just 200 metres from the Chalong Pier. The skipper managed to get the badly leaking boat to the pier and got the passengers evacu-

ated before the vessel sank. The boat’s owner, who goes only by the name Sando, told The Phuket News the following day, “We had 32 people on board from five Muay Thai gyms – we do a lot of Muay Thai training off the back of the boat. W he n t he L a d y An d a m a n rammed into the concrete block, many who were on board did not

initially think it was a big deal. Rich Worley, who had taken part in the fitness competition, told The Phuket News that when the boat got to the pier, reality sank in fast. “The captain told everyone to get off the boat. He was screaming and you could tell it was urgent,” Mr Worley recalls, “but still no one thought it was that serious because the water pumps seemed to be



keeping up. “When we got off, the damage was underneath the boat so we couldn’t see it. It wasn’t until the next day [January 20] that we heard it had sunk.” But Sando says there was just too much water pouring in through the gash in the hull. “We realised we were in trouble when the pumps couldn’t keep up.”




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Asia Pop 40’s Dom Lau drops by the island



Thalang beat Patong in close match at ACG

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Fire destroys building near Kajonkiet School > page 4

B10m cruise boat ‘probably will have to be written off’

Continued from page 1. The sinking is not just a disaster for the boat. It is also a disaster for his business, he said. “We had a B2 million [fitness] competition coming up on the boat.” That contract looks to be as thoroughly sunk as the boat, which is sitting on the bottom, its hull and lower deck underwater. Sando is now waiting for the insurance company to survey the damage but, he said, “They’ve told us we can’t move the boat. It’s sitting on the bottom and while we’re waiting more damage is being done. I think it’s going to be a write-off.” What makes things worse, he said, is that he had just spent B1.5 million on the second refurbishment of the Lady Andaman in two years. “People said the boat looked really great.” The sinking echoes that of the “booze cruise” boat, which sank in February last year after hitting the same concrete block. The block is one of some 400 planted by the Harbour Master’s Office around Chalong Bay about 18 months ago. These were intended to be

Marine Department Director Puriphat checks his messages before going out onto Chalong Bay on Tuesday. In the background a passer-by looks down on the half-sunk Lady Andaman. anchors for boat moorings. But the mooring lines between the blocks and the buoys have in most cases failed. As a result, the blocks, far from being navigation aids, have become navigation hazards, lurking on the seabed, ready to rip the bottoms out of unwary boats. At low water, the block that

caused the damage yesterday is is especially dangerous; it is in just two metres of water. Another boat owner, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Phuket News, “The sinkings are only part of the story. Every captain is totally paranoid about hitting [the blocks]. Almost every boat operator in Chalong has hit the

blocks causing untold damage, lost business and near-sinking. “The solution is simple. Bring back the same barge that put them in and haul them out.” The Director of the Phuket Marine Department, Puriphat Teerakulpisut, blamed theft for creating the hazard, “The mooring was damaged because the buoy was cut off and sold

by selfish fishermen, so people on boats could not see the block and crashed into it.” He added that the storm of December 23 had moved some blocks out of the position, so that GPS bearings for them are now wrong. “We have to take responsibility, together with Chalong Municipality.” Asked if he would be moving the block he said, “No way. It’s much too heavy.” Later in the day, Mr Puriphat changed his mind. He visited the site the following day with The Phuket News. Mr Puriphat enlisted the help of Wisit Ittiwarapornkul from South Siam Divers (SSD). A team from SSD dived down and tied a marker buoy to the block. It took them about an hour to locate the block because, the divers said afterwards, it was murky down below. Mr Puriphat told The Phuket News, “There are other problems that need to be fixed. [For example] I am watching the boats passing by. Most of them go too fast, well over the speed limit of 5 knots [9.6 kmh], especially when they are

close to the pier. “We can monitor them through radar and see exactly how fast they go. We are planning to make all owners fit their boats with AISs [automatic identification systems] so we can monitor them.” Hundreds more blocks installed by the Marine Department around 18 months ago sit on the sea bed, their buoys missing. But they are in deeper water than the boat-eating block, and it may be some time before they can be fixed. Mr Puriphat said, “If I can’t get enough budget to do a project [properly], I won’t do it at all.” Mr Wisit said that some buoys had been stolen, while others were cut adrift by boat propellers, while in other cases the ropes tying them to the blocks had frayed and parted. He also said that big boats using several moorings often left the mooring lines tangled together in a clump. For now, Mr Puriphat hopes, the block that ripped the bottom out of the Lady Andaman on Sunday and the Booze Cruise boat 11 months ago, will claim no more victims.

Gov Maitri hands over the land papers to SSM Komol.

Gov checks new mosque site GOVERNOR MAITREE INtusut, currently unable to use his offices at Provincial Hall because of anti-government protesters attempting to “shut down” all bureaucratic activity on the island, on January 15 visited the proposed site for a new provincial mosque. There, he handed over to the Islamic Committee of Phuket documents giving permission for the mosque to be built on 19 rai of national forest preserve land close to the Thalang Technical College on the airport road.

Pol Sen Sgt Maj Komol Dumluk, President of the committee, explained that the government has allocated B250 million for construction of the mosque and other structures. Designs are complete for the two major buildings on the site – the Provincial Mosque, costing B150 million and a Centre for Islamic Affairs, costing B100 million. Apart from worship, the new complex will also be used for religious instruction and the development of Halal food. Eakkapop Thongtub thephuketnews



Fire severely damages pottery shop A FIRE BROKE OUT AT THE Pradabsuan ceramic shop on Bangkok Rd in Phuket Town around 11pm on Thursday (January 16). Firefighters spent about 30 minutes putting out the fire, which destroyed the entire back section of the shop. The fire is believed to have started, possibly by an electrical short-circuit on a shelf which had ceramic dolls on it, with electrical appliances nearby. Owner Manasanan Tantisophol said the store had been closed for four days, and she was alerted to the fire by her neighbour. Mrs Manasanan and her son then raced to the scene, and were visibly upset by what they saw. Eakkapop Thongtub

German expat, 75, found dead at home GERMAN PETER HOFman, 75, died in his Patong home on Sunday night (January 19). Mr Hoffman’s wife, Dudsadee Worabuth, 45, called police after her husband appeared to have fainted while sitting at his computer, and fell down. She had been cooking in the next room at the time. He apparently hit his head in the fall, and was dead by the time emergency services arrived. Kathu Police are trying to determine the cause of death. Eakkapop Thongtub



Grenade victim makes his final journey home Prapaporn Jitmaneeyaphan


he wife of slain Phuket anti-government protester Prakong Choojan, who died of injuries sustained when a grenade exploded among Shut Down Bangkok marchers last Friday (January 17), has described her husband as a “family man” and says she will continue to fight for government reform on his behalf. Mr Prakong died after a grenade exploded during a march by protesters along Bunthat Tong Rd. Initially it was thought that the grenade – a Russian-made RGD-5 – was tossed from the second floor of an abandoned building. Later, however, the government released CCTV footage which, they said, showed a man walking with the protesters, dropping the grenade and then walking smartly away before it exploded. The government claimed this showed that the explosion was the work of the protest leaders, not opponents. None of the arguments, of course, changed the fact of Mr Prakong’s death on Saturday morning from massive chest injuries. Tippayao Choojan said her husband, who worked as a mini-bus driver in Patong but was originally from Nakorn Sri Thammarat, took good care of her and the couple’s

Six in miracle escape THE DRIVER AND PASsengers in a car that went out of control on Wednesday morning (January 22) on the bypass road heading north, and tumbled down the embankment into the south lane miraculously escaped with cuts and bruises. Not only that, but the battered vehicle missed the rush hour traffic coming the other way. Another driver had a lucky escape in the early hours of


last Friday (January 17) when the car he was driving crashed into another and also flipped, landing on its roof. Police said the man was driving his car at high speed along Yaowarat Rd, in front of Phuket Technical College, when a motorbike cut in front of him. He braked hard, lost control and hit a parked car. His car flipped into the air, but fortunately he escaped with only minor injuries.

Prakong Choojan’s mother, devastated by her son’s death, clutches a portrait of him. Watching with concern, left is Mr Prakong’s wife Tippayao. three children. “I will pause to take stock for around a month. Then I will continue fighting, and join in the protest to make his dreams come true. I’m not afraid of death,” she said during her husband’s funeral on Tuesday (January 21) at Wat Ket Ho in Kathu. Mrs Tippayao said she always supported her husband in his desire to join the protest. Mr Prakong, 44, had lived in Phuket for the last 20 or so years. His mother, 84-year-

old Cheoy Choojan, clutched a framed photo of him to her chest. Weeping, she told The Phuket News she was proud of her son. Mr Prakong’s sister, Kesorn Choojan, said she had eight siblings; her brother was the third-youngest. “He kept asking Mum to go to Bangkok to join the protest with him, but Mum would say she was too old. “He took very good care of our mother. We love him, he’s a kind man who loved his

family. Mum always said she was very happy to have him.” Mr Prakong’s remains left Bangkok on Monday (January 20), and arrived at Wat Ket Ho in Kathu around 10.30 the following morning for the funeral. On the way from the Thepkrasattree Bridge the funeral cortège was escorted to Wat Ket Ho by dozens of cars and pickups festooned with Thai flags. Many more supporters of the anti-government protest lined the road, some crying,

some blowing whistles and others calling, “We are proud of you” as the coffin went by. Inside Wat Ket Ho, wreaths were placed near the coffin, including one sent on behalf of HRH Princess Chulabhorn Walailak. Phuket-based Democrat Par ty List MP Anchalee Vanich-Tephabutra said she gave B100,000 to support Mr Prakong’s family. The family had already received B5 million from national protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban. His body will remain at the temple until it is cremated tomorrow (January 25). Mr Prakong’s death has sparked a grimmer, more determined attitude on the part of protesters in both Bangkok and Phuket as they seek to cripple the operation of government by forcing government offices to close and, in Bangkok, by closing roads to traffic. The ultimate aim of the protests is to force the resignation of the caretaker regime of PM Yingluck Shinawatra and to “reboot” Thai democracy after a period to root out corruption in politics. On Wednesday the government invoked an emergency decree in an attempt to control and hamper the protests. Some food supplies for Phuket, particularly for Big C, have been hampered by the Bangkok protest. See page 15 for details.

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irefighters from Wichit were called on Monday morning (January 20) to a blaze at a house occupied by employees of Phuket Intercraft furniture store on Chao Fah West Road. From the time the firemen arrived at about 9.30am, it took around an hour to douse the fire, which largely destroyed the accommodation for 30 workers. No one was hurt or injured in the fire – one man sleeping inside managed to escape. Pol Lt Col Sanit Noorit from Wichit Police told The Phuket News that a police forensics team would investigate the cause, but Nutchanart Suwanchauwarit, the wife of Phuket Intercraft owner Worapan Suwanchauwarit, believes an electrical device was at fault. M rs Nutcha na r t said around 30 workers lived in


The damage from Monday's fire. Inset: Nutchanart Suwanchauwarit, wife of the owner. the accommodation building, which was one of several buildings belonging to the company. “If the fire had crossed the road, it would have burnt the whole lot (including a factory and storage area), because there was a lot of foam and wood inside the factory.” Several years ago, a similar fire destroyed the accom-

modation complex and the company was not insured. Mrs Nutchanart said they were also not insured this time around. She explained that one of the workers, Mr Satchukorn, was sleeping inside at the time of the fire. He awoke to the smoke and managed to flee the building in time. She said the fire alarm was not working at the time.

Mrs Nutchanart said they would rebuild the accommodation further away from the furniture factory this time. A staff member from the nearby Kajonkiet School said the fire was around 500 metres from the school. Staff moved all the students to the ground floor until they were sure the fire had been extinguished.

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Bag snatch in Thalang A MEMBER OF THE BANGkok Airways ground crew at Phuket International Airport fell victim to a bag snatcher at the Tesco-Lotus in Thalang at 8.30pm on Sunday (January 19). After doing her shopping with a friend, Nipawan Saelue went out to her bike. Getting ready to leave the car park, she placed her bag on the bike. Within moments a young man on a motorbike rode by and snatched the bag. Mrs Nipawan and her friend gave chase but the robber outran them. However, they were able to tell police that the snatcher’s bike was a Honda Dream, and gave officers the licence plate number. In her bag, Mrs Nipawan said, were an iPhone, B1,000 in cash, two ATM cards and a credit card, her Thai ID card and her airport ID card. Eakkapop Thongtub

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Farkas Gyula, who was found wandering in Kamala.

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Lost tourist headed on a plane home HUNGARIAN TOURIST, 73-year-old Farkas Gyula will be sent back home to Europe, after he was found lost in Kamala on Saturday evening (January 11). Paul Edden of the Kamala Police Volunteers said that since the story appeared in The Phuket News, the Hungarian Embassy in Bangkok had been in touch. “They knew him. He was here in 2012 and it was exactly the same problem.” Mr Gyula was found in Kamala by locals and taken to the police station. He is a Hungarian national but lives in Switzerland. He told police he was staying at the Swissotel, but the hotel had no record of him.

Mr Edden said Mr Gyula has Alzheimer’s, and in 2012 his personal health insurance had covered his flight home from Phuket. It was hoped the same thing would happen this time. Mr Edden thanked everyone who had shared the story on Facebook, because the police had earlier had trouble getting in touch with the Hungarian Embassy. “Thanks to everyone for their help, the community has done a good thing, and the story reached the right people. He will in time be sent home.” Mr Gyula is now under the care of the Phuket Town Tourist Police until a flight home is organised. thephuketnews





Hotel ‘will restore’ trees from Sirinart Alasdair Forbes & Suthicha Sirirat

nantara Phuket Layan Resort & Spa on Friday (January 17) issued a statement that it will restore vegetation ripped out of land next to the resort that appears to be part of the Sirinart Marine National Park. The resort, at the top end of Bang Tao Bay, in the area known as Layan Beach, is due to open officially soon – probably at the end of March – but is already receiving guests. On Wednesday (January 15) the resort received an unsettling visit from the Director of Sirinart Marine National Park, Cheewapap Cheewatham, and a team of officials to inspect a hotel construction site which, local people say, has encroached on the surrounding park. Local people complained that machinery had been used to clear land in front of the site of the new Anantara Phuket Layan Resort & Spa – formerly the Bundarika Resort. They said they believed the land that has been cleared is inside the boundaries of the park. The developer of the Anantara resort is Bangkok-based Minor Hotel Group, which contracted Thananon Co Ltd to carry out construction and expansion of what was formerly the Bundarika Resort, which Minor bought last year. The government officials


Anantara GM Boyd Barker (white shirt), and left, Sirinart Marine National Park Director Cheewapap Cheewatham. confirmed on Wednesday (January 15) that construction machinery had been working on the land outside the hotel’s boundaries and vegetation had been removed. Village Chief Komin Nopparat said if the land belongs to the Park, no one has the right to do their own business on it because the National Park is reserved for the public. “National Park officials will report the matter to Cherng Talay police with the aim of bringing charges of encroaching on National Park land.” In the statement, Anantara said “The resort’s General Manager, Boyd Barker, reaffirmed Anantara Phuket Layan’s commitment to the environment at all times and said that the resort continues to ensure the protection of the marine park. “The resort has worked closely with the relevant authorities to ensure compliance

with regard to the replanting of a small number of shrubs surrounding the property and will continue its close partnership with Sirinart National Park and other local authorities.” Mr Cheewapap also talked about progress in the “Forest Reclamation Strategy”, launched on August 15, 2012, after the then-Director General of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Damrong Pidech, shocked Phuket by declaring that chunks of the park had been occupied illegally by a number of high-end property developments and resorts. The park chief said that Phase 1 of the strategy will see action taken on Chanote-title sites totaling around 400 rai that are alleged to encroach on the Park. Phase 2 will cover sites totaling a further 2,000 rai. “We have already proposed that the Land Department rescind the Chanote titles.”

Body found floating in water POLICE ARE INVESTIgating the murder of a man believed to be a Burmese fisherman, whose body was found floating in the ocean off Rassada on Thursday (January 16).


Police said they found the body of a man with dark skin, around 165-170 cm in height, floating in the water. He had a serious injury to the left side of his head. Police believe the man

was killed during a dispute on a fishing boat while at sea, and his body was thrown overboard. The identity of the dead man is not yet known. Eakkapop Thongtub

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE GOVERNOR Governor Maitri Inthusut last Friday

(January 17) welcomed the Managing Director of Class Act Media, parent company of The Phuket News, Simon Samaan (right) and the Executive Editor of The Phuket News, Alasdair Forbes (left) who called on him to wish him a happy New Year. In a half-hour wide-ranging chat, the Governor gave the two his views on the role of the media, the anti-government protests and the structure of Phuket society.

Fiery end to car chase drama A DRAMATIC CHASE THROUGH PHUKET Town on Sunday evening (January 19) ended with the fire brigade being called after the car that officers were pursuing burst into flames. The chase started at about 6.30pm when a silver Honda Civic raced through a police check point next to Suwannakarn Village in Kuku, on the northern edge of the city. Near the Robinson department store, the driver of the Civic drove into narrow Nimit Soi 1, crashing into the wall of a house. The car’s engine burst into flames and the two

men inside fled on foot. After the fire was extinguished, police went through it and, to their delight, found a 9mm handgun and 20 rounds of ammunition, a can and a bottle of beer, a set of digital scales, a photo album, an ID card, and ATM card, a letter from a woman currently locked up in Phuket Provincial Prison, and – bizarrely – a clear plastic teddy bear full of cash. Pol Sub Lt Wetchasak Junadung of Phuket Town Police declined to name the suspects but said officers expect to make arrests soon.





New Phuket roads aimed at easing east-west city traffic Prapaporn Jitmaneeyaphan


overnor Maitri Inthusut on Friday (January 17) inspected three new road projects aimed at easing traffic between the east and west sides of Phuket Town, and taking some of the load off Chao Fa West Rd and the Central Festival intersection. The first new piece of road, long awaited, is a low concrete double bridge across the mangroves that line the sides of Klong Koh Phee, in the Saphan Hin area. The bridge, currently under construction, will link the end of Sakdidech Soi 7 and the road next to the Phuket Land Transport Office. Work on the B176-million, 620-metre-long bridges began at the and of August last year and they will open to traffic on August 20 next year. The other end of Sakdidetch Soi 7 meets Chao Fah West Rd opposite the Software Park. Here, the T junction is to be turned into a crossroads with a new 763-metre road being built from the Software Park

The three new roads that should ease travel in Phuket Town. Base map: Google Maps through the Chao Fah Tin Mine to Chao Fah City Rd. The owners of the tin mine, Anuphas, have already donated land for the purpose. This road, which will have to span a tin mine at the beginning, is expected to cost B70 million. Land around part of the road has already been leveled, thanks to a B10 million budget allocated in preparation for the

Asian Beach Games next year, when the site will be used for the paramotoring competition. The budget for this has yet to be approved. The third new road, 1.25 kilometres long, is already under construction. It branches off from Chao Fah City Rd, and joins Vichit Songkram Rd opposite Klong Bang Yai Rd. Cost is B9.3 million, as no bridges have to be built. It is

expected to be complete at the beginning of April this year. The Governor noted that 53,000 vehicles a day travel along Chao Fah West Rd between Chalong and the top of the bypass. Meanwhile, a proposal to build a 23-kilometre road parallel to Thepkrasattri Rd from the airport via Sakoo to intersect with the bypass road has apparently been saved from the scrap heap. The proposal was originally made when Wichai Praisa’ngop was governor, almost five years ago. There was great enthusiasm at the time, with good citizens

donating land for parts of the road, but everything went quiet when Mr Wichai retired. (He subsequently became Phuket’s appointed senator.) But last Friday Samak Luadwonghat, director of Provincial Highways Department, revealed that the project is not dead; consultants have been hired to look into the feasibility of laying the new highway, originally estimated, in 2009, to cost B400 million – excluding the cost of land. In the meantime, the southern end of Phuket’s main northsouth artery, the stretch from the Bang Khu intersection at the north end of the bypass to Rawai, is coming along, Mr Samak said. Four underpasses are a crucial part of the plan to ease traffic. Two are underway – next to Central Festival and Tesco-Lotus on the bypass. Mr Samak explained, “Our plans are aimed at solving congestion between the Bang Khu junction and Chalong Circle, with the priorities being the massive traffic jams on the bypass road and Chao Fah West Rd, especially at the Samkong intersection [Tesco-Lotus] and Darasamuth intersection [Central Festival].’’ The three-lane Darasamuth underpass is close to completion, he said; it is expected to

be finished in March this year. The B843-million Samkong underpass project, which will have four lanes extending a total of one kilometre, is 5 per cent complete. It is scheduled for completion by June 2015. The third project will be the Bang Khu underpass, which will allow traffic to sweep unimpeded through the intersection from Thepkrasattri Rd heading south into the bypass. This will cost B650700 million. Budget for this is expected to be received from the Department of Highways in 2015. The final project will be the underpass at Chalong Circle. Mr Samak said, “This underpass is expected to cost about B500 million. Our initial designs envisage it being 700-800 metres long from Chao Fah West Rd, under the circle, to Wiset Rd. “This project will be presented to the Department of Highways, with a request for budget, once the design is complete in August this year.” In addition to the underpasses, there will also be a considerable amount of road widening to eliminate bottlenecks. “We have a project to widen a total of four kilometres of road [south of Central Festival] to four lanes.’’

Wat Chalong Fair returns THE WAT CHALONG Fair will return for another year from January 30 until February 5, promising lots of fun activities for the community to join in on. The temple fair, which is one of the biggest in Phuket, will this year include between 600 and 700 stores from many provinces across Thailand. As well as funfair during the day, there will be activities in the evening, including shooting stalls, balloon darts,

ferris wheel, merry go rounds and others. Stalls selling food, clothes, plants and handicrafts will also be present. Chalong Mayor Samran Jindapol said committees had been set up to make sure prices were set, so no one would be ripped off. Sellers needed to display signs which showed the product prices, he said. “Everyone is invited to come and join this event to make merit and pay their re-

spects at the temple. Come and enjoy the delicious food and live music and entertainment too,” he said. There will also be shadow puppet performances plus live concerts each night from Thai bands. Besides, the shadow puppet play or Nang Talung from well-known different bands will be performed each night and also there will be night live concerts from famous Thai artists, including Det Issara and Sanook Singmat.

Halpin in court, no bail granted FORMER POLICE VOLunteer Garry Halpin appeared in court on Monday (January 20) for the first time on a charge of possession of crystal methamphetamine (ya ice) with intent to sell. He was not asked to plead; the hearing was held to consider an extension of New Zealander Halpin’s detention in

custody while police continue their investigations. Pol Lt Col Jamroon Prayduang of Chalong Police told The Phuket News that the extension was granted. Halpin neither applied for nor received bail, and he is now being held in Phuket Provincial Prison. Police are currently waiting for forensic scientists to

assess the purity of the ya ice seized from Halpin. The purity of the drug may have a bearing on any prison sentence, should Halpin be found guilty. Usually, the higher the quality of the drug is, the longer will be the period of incarceration. Halpin was arrested on December 14. thephuketnews




Funeral date set T H E F U N ER A L OF well-known expat Paul ‘DJ Doris’ Norris will be held on Monday (January 27) at 11.30am in Scotland, while a ‘DJ Doris’ afternoon memorial special on the radio station he worked for, 91.5FM, is planned for Phuket on the same day. Then on Wednesday (February 5), a ‘Celebration of Paul’s Life’ event will be held from 7.30pm at the Irish Times pub in Jungceylon, where Mr Norris hosted the weekly pub quiz for around four years. Mr Norris, originally from Scotland, was killed in a motorbike crash on January 12. He had lived in Phuket on and off for around 17 years. Mr Norris’s sister Gillian Burt told The Phuket News Mr Norris’s body arrived home last Wednesday (January 15), and the family were relieved he was repatriated quickly. “Everyone attending [the funeral] will smile at some point when they recall hearing one of his stories of impressions.”

Central taxis change from ‘mafia’ to co-op Wiparatana Na Thalang


he taxi and tuk-tuk group at Central Festival Phuket, whose leaders were arrested by the Department of Special Investigations on September 10 on conspiracy charges, has been registered as a cooperative. The official cooperative registration papers were handed over on Tuesday (January 21) at a meeting in a restaurant in Phang Nga Rd. Present were taxi group leader Pom Sukkasem, Central Festival Operations Manager Preecha Ritthiratree, Land Transport Department consultant Jaturong Kaewkasi, Cooperatives Consultant Raksarat Pokasalingkan, and Wichit headman Anucha Aekwanich – who also “advises” the group and similar groups at Central Festival East and Big C. The taxi group must now elect a cooperative committee of at least 10 people and establish the procedures and systems necessary to run the coop. This must be done within

Pom Sukkasem (2nd left) received the cooperative certificate from Telwakrit Kemkao. Also pictured, from left, Sayan Kirirak, Preecha Ritthiratree from Central Festival, Raksarat Pokasalingkan, Wichit headman Anucha Aekwanit and Jaturong Kaewkasi of the Transport Dept. 90 days. Mr Preecha said, “We have allowed these taxi drivers to use our parking lot without charging anything; we do what we can to promote jobs for southern people. “We want the taxi drivers to take care, and to dress and behave politely to our customers. We have also agreed with them that they will give a 10 per cent taxi fare discount to

Drivers caught with meth PROVINCIAL OFFICIALS on Thursday (January 16) took urine samples from 33 tour bus drivers, at the request of two bus companies, to test for illegal drugs. Two of the drivers tested positive, with both admitting that they had taken methamphetamine – half a pill apiece. The two are to be sent to Vachira Phuket Hospital for a detoxification course but apart from that will face no sanctions. Drivers from MKR Transport Co and Je-Siam Holiday Phuket Co gathered at the Je-Siam offices in Sam Kong, Phuket Town, and provided samples and, watched by Governor Maitree Inthusut, these were tested. The samples provided by Natthapong Chinlee and Udorn Sainate of MKR tested positive for methamphetamine. MKR’s owner, Gengkao Jangjedriw, admitted to being embarrassed about the result. “I have lost face a little. But, two out of 15, I can live with that. “They are both new here. I will give them one more chance – they can keep their jobs – but I will watch their behaviour.” Nopparut Pitthayanitchakul, owner of Je Siam – whose drivers all tested clean – told @thephuketnews


The two drivers who admitted to having taken ya ba: Udorn, left, and Natthapong. The Phuket News he was confident this would be the result because he constantly stressed to his employees that they must not use drugs. “This check is open and above-board. I believe no owner wants to hire a driver who is addicted to drugs because if any damage results, it could cost the company millions of baht.” He added, “It was good of the government officials to come here to help because it costs quite a lot to have them all tested; I understand it costs B800 per person. If you have a lot of employees, that’s a lot of money. So, when we had a meeting with the Governor recently, about driving buses over Patong Hill, we asked if

he would help.” Gov Maitree said, “There are four main factors that we must to focus on [to make bus travel safer]. These are the driver, the vehicle, the traffic engineering, and the traffic regulations. “We have to make sure that drivers are in a good physical condition, are not drunk, and are not addicted to drugs. Vehicles must be in a good condition, and ready for use, and the condition of the road and the signage should be up to standard.” Gov Maitree said bus owners should be careful from now because, if officials get drug-positive results from driver’s urine, the company will be fined B40,000.

customers who spend more than B500 in Central Festival.” Mr Pom explained to The Phuket News that he was arrested as a “mafia person” because he had charged members of the taxi group money to help other members. “We have 179 taxi drivers, 135 of whom are part of the group, and another 44 drivers who are not. Of the 135 group members 115 have registered

“green plate” vehicles and the remaining 20 are still illegal ‘black’ taxis. “The reason the 20 are still illegal is that they do not have enough money to buy cars with engines over 1,500cc, as required by government regulations. “Some only just bought their cars – with engines under 1,500cc are are still paying the installments, so they cannot

afford to buy a bigger car. I have been trying to help them by charging all the group members B20 which goes to the black taxi drivers so that they can upgrade their vehicles and get green plates.” He admitted, “I should have had accounts and entered every transaction I made, both income and expenses, so that I had an evidence of my innocence. But I was too busy. “I was arrested because five members resented having to pay the B20 and disliked me because of that. They accused me of being mafia. But I collected the money only to help the black taxi drivers. Someone had to help them.” As part of the cooperatives regulations, Mr Pom said, “From now on our taxis with green plates will have the cooperative’s logo on the front door, a registration number from Central Festival on the back door and the 1584 complaint hotline number on the back.” Mr Pom and his brother are still fighting the charges against them in court.





Why do buses crash on the Hill of Death? cause you are responsible for the lives of the passengers.’”

Khemin Wicheetthagoon



n the past two years nine buses have crashed on Patong Hill. Three people have been killed and dozens injured badly enough to require hospital treatment. In the most recent crash on December 29, a Natalie Tour bus crashed, killing two people. In almost every case, brake failure has been blamed. Yet in at least two of the cases where the driver blamed the brakes, inspection of the bus afterwards found that the brakes were in good working order. So what’s happening? Is it the brakes? Poor maintenance? Old buses with outdated equipment? Driver error, carelessness or inexperience? Sheer panic? Or is it that the road is simply not suitable for buses? The Phuket News set out to get some answers.

The Patong Hill bus crash on November 9, 2013, resulted in 38 tourists being taken to hospital. Photo: Jared Lucow

THE DRIVER Drivers’ attitudes are important. Ekkapoj Jandee, a driver with tour company Tai Xin

Yang, says, “If I know the bus cannot be driven in complete safety I will park it and call the office and get them to send

another bus. I take care of the passengers as I would take care of my own family. “When I go over Patong Hill I drive carefully and slowly, and I use the gears to slow the bus down.” Another driver, Pipatpong Jaolao, agrees. He has been driving a bus for about six years and says he is always very careful on Patong Hill, especially when the road is wet. “Going up [from Kathu] or going down [into Patong] I never use anything but first or second gear. “If you use a higher gear going up you risk having the vehicle stall and roll back, or you may break the drive shaft and damage the brake lines, and you won’t be able to brake. “Going downhill you must not accelerate; you must us low gears and hit the brake only when you absolutely have to.”

Mr Ekkapoj adds, “When going downhill you should not go too close to the vehicle in front, or you will have to use the brakes a lot.” But changing down through the gears must be done judiciously, he says. If the engine is over-revved it can be badly damaged. The good drivers know that they should always get plenty of sleep before driving, and not use alcohol or drugs. If nothing else, they know they are being watched. Prasert Saeluo, a Chineselanguage tour guide, told The Phuket News, “We have to take care of our customers. I always tell drivers not to hurry because we devise our schedules to give plenty of time to get from one place to another and we don’t want to arrive early. “And I always remind them, ‘You can drink alcohol if you must, but only after work be-

All of the large tour buses on Phuket’s roads have air brakes. Air brakes are not new. They were invented by American George Westinghouse in 1896 – 118 years go – to slow trains. Hydraulic brakes such as those found on pickup trucks and saloon cars are – theoretically at least – not as effective or as safe as air brakes. The problem with hydraulic brakes is that a leak in the system, even quite a small one, leaves the vehicle with no way at all of stopping. Although a car with no brakes can cause considerable mayhem, the chaos caused by 15 tonnes of bus hurtling down a steep hill (or a 500 tonne train). Brakes need to be as reliable as possible. Air brakes are, by and large, safer than hydraulic brakes. If there is a leak they can still function, provided it is not too drastic, because the compressed air tank is constantly refilled. But they do have a flaw. If the vehicle is travelling slowly, or rolling gently downhill with the engine ticking over, the compressor does not replenish the tank as fast as on the open road. If the brakes are also being used constantly, then the compressed air runs out, and then the brakes don’t work. This would explain how some drivers complained about brake failure yet, when the buses were checked, the brakes were discovered to be fine. If the engine kept running after the crash, the tank would be

This bus crash on March 15, 2013, killed one motorcyclist. Nine others were injured. thephuketnews



Theerapong Boonchai, a mechanic at BB Ruamchang Garage, changes the brake linings on a bus. refilled. A bus driver who asked not to be named, told The Phuket News that some makes of bus are fitted with auto-lock braking systems. Unlike conventional air brakes, which use air to close the brakes, these use compressed air to hold the brakes open. If the compressed air fails, powerful springs slam the brakes shut and the vehicle comes to a standstill. “Mercedes Benz, Scania and Volvo have auto-lock brakes,” he said, “but the generally cheaper makes such as Hino, Isuzu, Nissan and Mitsubishi from Japan don’t.”


In fact, the more modern Japanese buses do have auto-lock brakes, but most of the buses on Phuket’s roads are far from new. Utai Kongbannkuan, a technician who checks buses and the Provincial Transport Department reckons that very few are less than 10 years old, and many are much older than that. Almost all, he says, were bought secondhand from elsewhere in the country. Owners could, if they chose, retrofit these buses with auto-lock brakes, but that would cost B300,000 per bus, which makes no economic


sense when a secondhand bus costs maybe B2 million. Apart from the age and condition, and the types of brakes, there are other factors that sometimes add to the risks of a bus going out of control.


Some buses are modified inappropriately, he says, and even when a bus looks shiny and new with an impressive paint job, the hidden engine and brakes may be in poor condition. “Some mechanics and drivers think they know all about maintenance and modifying parts, but they don’t,” an unnamed bus driver said. Another problem is the build-up of condensation in the compressed air tank. If the system is not drained regularly, the water builds up. “I open the drain valve every day. If the water get above a certain level it gets in the brake lines, blocking the air, and the brakes won’t work.”


Charnchai Chartsiri is a Transport Department technician who has been called in many times to check buses after crashes, to put together a re-



Utai Kongbaankuan, technician at the Transport Department, checks the computer records of a bus being inspected. port for the police. He says his inspection has three aspects, only one of which is the equipment itself. He also conducts a survey of the scene of the crash, and gathers eyewitness accounts of what happened. He believes that the roads themselves contribute to the crashes and the casualties, both. “Roads in Phuket should be build with safety more in mind. For example, bends on Patong Hill should have ‘soft’ barriers – perhaps piles of old tyres like those used in Formula 1 racing. That would reduce the impact and reduce the number of people who die or get injured.” The provincial government seems to think that Patong Hill is simply not suitable for buses, especially going from east to west, which is why it is to trial a one-way system in the near future.


All buses must undergo an official check-up every six months. At the Transport Department, Sophon Naophai, walked The Phuket News through the process, which involves checking 13 aspects of the bus: chassis and engine numbers; engine noise level; exhaust smoke; brakes; wheel

balance; suspension; steering, shock absorbers; electrics; number of seats (to make sure that the bus has not been fitted with more seats than its official capacity); engine power; the bus’s original colour (to match with the registration book) and finally, fire extinguishers. The penalties of missing inspections are light – just B2,000. But any bus that driver or owner who follows this path risks trouble with the police at check points, and insurance companies will justifiably

refuse to pay up in case of an accident. One bus driver we spoke with said that, for as little as B2,000, the inspectors could be persuaded to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of a bus. But Mr Utai strenuously denies this. “All of the process is computerised. You cannot bypass the computer, which automatically prints out the results. Besides, if I were to let a bus on the roads that is not fit to be driven, then I could be responsible for an accident

with injuries or death.” So what if the bus does fail on any point? “If you fail any one of the checks, you fail the whole test. Then you have 15 days to fix your vehicle.” During that 15 days, however, the regulations still allow the bus to be driven on Phuket’s roads. What happens then is up to the common sense of the driver or the owner of the bus. – Two bus drivers test positive for methamphetamine, story page 7

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B10m Phuket cruise boat sinks after mooring block collision Man, 60, found hanged in Phuket secondhand car showroom Phuket plea for information about confused tourist Dirk Naumann – Man on a mission German man found dead in his Patong home Lost Phuket tourist headed home to Europe soon Spot check finds two Phuket bus drivers on meth Paul Norris Tribute: To a great friend Family, friends mourn Phuket’s DJ Doris Phuket Airport staffer robbed in snatch-andrun theft

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Action needed arlier this week, the B10 million, 80-foot cruise boat Lady Andaman sank to the bottom of the sea at Chalong Pier. The boat had 30 people on board, though all managed to get off safely. What caused the sinking? The boat hit a concrete block: one of around hundreds planted by the Harbour Master’s Office around Chalong Bay about 18 months ago. These were intended to be anchors for boat moorings, but the mooring lines between the blocks and the buoys have in most cases failed, or have been cut or stolen. As a result, the blocks have become navigation hazards, lurking on the seabed, ready to rip the bottoms out of unwary boats. When told about the problem, Director of the Phuket


Marine Department, Puriphat Teerakulpisut, said he would check it out in February. But after the story appeared online on, Mr Puriphat changed his tune and said he would visit the following day. He said then that he planned on fixing the buoys, but this would take time, and also, he needed to get the budget first. This incident, along with the new yacht regulation requiring owners or skippers “re-register” their boats every two months for a maximum total of six months, and pay a fee each time, will surely have an impact on sailors who visit Phuket. Word travels fast in the boating community, and no doubt everyone knows about the danger of these concrete block hazards.

There’s also been limited progress on the planned “One Stop Shop”, which would effectively make Chalong Pier a water traffic control point for all yachts visiting Phuket. But despite the idea first being proposed in May, it seems there has been little action since. The marine industry is a huge part of the Phuket economy, and it needs to be looked after. Someone, or some organisation, needs to take responsibility for it to ensure Phuket’s yachties and the industry are looked after – or at least that they’re safe. If anything’s bad for tourism, it has to be when a B10 million cruise boat sinks to the bottom of the sea floor – especially when the cause is entirely preventable.

Life Editor


From the UK; Masters Degree in Journalism, Kingston University. Five years’ experience at Groove Magazine, Metropolis, The Western Telegraph, The Mirror and Phuket Post.

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Riders on the storm [Re. B10m Phuket cruise boat sinks after mooring block collision] “The storm of December 23 had moved some blocks out of the position.” Sure, you know those mega-ton blocks of cement just float around during storms. Raus

Another way home [Re. New Phuket roads aimed at easing east-west city traffic] There is already a multitude of ways to avoid problems on the bypass road but no alternative to get from Rawai to Chalong Circle. At times there has been a gridlock of over 2km back past Saiyuan road. The only way to ensure that one does not waste 30 or more minutes queueing is to use a motorbike instead of a car. Unfortunately, due to the complete lack of forethought and planning in Phuket they have allowed new buildings

to surround the circle making a solution almost impossible. Michael Archer My thoughts exactly. All the new buildings on the northwest corner of Chalong Circle have made it impossible to widen the circle. Still there is space to make it wider on the south-west corner. It would allow for cars travelling to Kata to turn left without impeding traffic. That intersection in the afternoon is now the worst intersection on the island. It can take one hour to travel from Nai Harn to Wat Chalong in the afternoon. Moggs

Water waste of time [Re. Phuket yachties, marinas up in arms over new rules] Thailand removed the 200 per cent duty on imported boats many years ago to encourage the yachting industry in Thailand. Now they want to destroy it just because a few boats might be doing illegal charters.

Why doesn’t the Marine Police just do its damn job instead of destroying an industry? Same old brain-dead approach without thinking of the consequences. Earmuffs

Life is not a race [Re. Phuket Opinion: Phuket’s rocky road ahead] After Doris’ passing, I’m looking for a small vehicle to drive. After living here for six years I can honestly say, teenage Thai men and middle-aged farang men with high-powered motorbikes are the main problem in Patong. The infrastructure on Nanai road and Soi Namyen is very poor, but these individuals, of whom there are many, treat it like they are driving on a Formula One race track. Darren Slattery There are only two ways to slow traffic on Phuket. 1) Ban motorised vehicles and reintroduce buffalo and carts, which might be a tad unpopular. Or 2) Install traffic calm-

ing bumps, 10 metres apart, on every single road. Neither are going to happen, so it looks like we’re stuck with the problem... well, until the island becomes completely gridlocked and nobody is going anywhere, that is. Geoffphuket

Spot the difference

[Re. Spot check finds two Phuket bus drivers on meth] These two put people lives at risk, so what do they get, as punishment? Absolutely nothing. What’s the bet that at the next testing these two are not chosen, but another couple of sacrificial lambs will be offered up instead. Even if true, two from fifteen is 13.3 per cent, a high number. Given this was not for all bus, minibus drivers, the numbers on the road in Thailand under the influence could be staggering. Laurie Howells

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Illegal casino discovered in jewellery shop A 20 -st rong t e a m of Pattaya police officers raided and shut down a casino at the back of a jewellery shop in Pattaya, early Tuesday morning. Eleven computerised black jack and poker tables were found, along with 26 staff members, 21 of whom were Burmese nationals. Pattaya One


Customs seize rhino horns worth B21 million C u st om s of f icia l s at Suvarnabhumi Airport confiscated nine pieces of smuggled rhino horn, weighing 21.80 kg and worth over B21 million on January 21. The horns had garlic stuffed inside to mask the scent. Relevant authorities are now attempting to retrace their steps to the cargo’s origins which was apparently Nairobi in Kenya. Pattaya Daily News


Rangers killed, injured by bombs in Narathiwat A paramilitary ranger was killed and other three injured by two separate bomb explosions in Narathiwat province on Tuesday morning, reports said. The second bomb explosion occurred about 8.40am when rangers of Company 4510 were on foot patrol at Ban Bango Gubo intersection in Moo 6 of Rangae district. Bangkok Post


Drug couriers killed in clash with rangers Four drug couriers were killed and one was detained with a large quantity of drugs seized near the border with Myanmar in Chiang Rai’s Mae Chan district in a clash between rangers and traffickers on January 19. The clash took place on the ridge of Doi Sam Sao on the border of Thailand and Myanmar near Ban Loyo in tambon Patueng of Chiang Rai’s Mae Chan district opposite a reported drug production site of the United Wa State Army, or Red Wa, on the Myanmar border. Bangkok Post @thephuketnews



Government declares 60 day emergency rule T

hailand Tuesday declared a 60-day state of emergency in Bangkok and surrounding areas to tackle mass protests aimed at overthrowing the government, but ruled out using force to end the rallies. The move follows weeks of mass demonstrations that have paralysed parts of the capital and sparked several bouts of deadly violence, including grenade attacks and shootings. The last time a state of emergency was imposed in Bangkok, to deal with opposition protests against the previous government in 2010, dozens of people were killed in a bloody military crackdown. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said there was no plan to give the army a leading role under the decree, which will come into force from Wednesday. “That’s why we’re focusing on the police force, to avoid violence like in 2010,” she told reporters. “The authorities will start with negotiations.” Yingluck is under intense pressure from demonstrators to step down after more than two months of street protests aimed at ousting her elected government and installing an unelected “people’s council”. They accuse her of being a puppet for her brother Thaksin Shinawatra, a controversial tycoon-turned-politician who was ousted as premier in a

Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban raises his fist as anti-government protesters march in downtown Bangkok as part of the ongoing rallies. Photo: AFP/Christophe Arachambault military coup in 2006 and who lives in Dubai to avoid jail for a corruption conviction. Yingluck’s supporters have accused the protesters of trying to provoke another coup. It was not immediately clear how the government would implement the emergency decree, which enables authorities to impose a curfew, ban public gatherings of more than five people, detain suspects for 30 days without charge and censor media. “We will not use force. We have no policy to disperse them (the protesters) and we haven’t announced a curfew yet,” said Labour Minister Chalerm Yubamrung, who will oversee its implementation. Yingluck has called an

election for February 2 but the main opposition party is boycotting the vote. The demonstrators have staged a self-styled “shutdown” of Bangkok since January 13, erecting roadblocks and rally stages at several main intersections, although their number has steadily fallen. A defiant protest leader

Suthep Thaugsuban – who faces an insurrection charge in connection with the protests, but has not been detained by police – vowed to keep up the rallies despite the state of emergency. “We’ve been protesting for almost three months with no weapons and empty hands,” he said. “We will not stop.”

Dozens of people were wounded and one killed in grenade attacks by unknown assailants on opposition rallies on Friday and Sunday. There have also been violent clashes between police and protesters storming state offices. “You could see the emergency decree as a sign the government is a bit desperate in trying to control the violence of the last few days,” said Pavin Chachavalpongpun, associate professor at the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies at Japan’s Kyoto University. He said it was unclear if protesters would respect the new rules. “It could go either way, but if you believe that they want to incite violence to create the conditions for an intervention (by the military) then they are more likely to try to push things further and defy the emergency decree,” he said. The kingdom has been periodically rocked by political bloodshed since Thaksin’s overthrow. AFP



Taiwan to slash armed forces by up to 20 per cent Taiwan has said it plans to slash its armed forces by up to 20 per cent from 215,000 over the next five years, in the latest sign of warming ties with former rival China. Defence Minister Yen Ming said the military would be cut to 170,000190,000, but that defence capabilities would not be compromised in the project to build “smaller but leaner and more professional armed forces”.


Cambodia detains 11 protesters in new crackdown Cambodian police detained 11 activists Tuesday as they broke up a rally calling for international assistance to secure the release of protesters arrested during a recent bloody crackdown, witnesses said. Strongman premier Hun Sen faces mounting criticism by rights groups of his government’s suppression of street protests seeking to challenge his nearly three decade rule.



HK police arrest employer of ‘tortured’ Indonesian maid Dennis Chong


olice at Hong Kong airport Monday arrested a woman who allegedly tortured two Indonesian domestic helpers, a day after thousands staged a march to call for better migrant worker rights in the city. The unnamed woman, a 44-year-old housewife alleged to have beaten domestic helper Erwiana Sulistyaningsih and another maid, was arrested at the city’s Chek Lap Kok airport as she attempted to board a flight to Thailand. “At about 4 o’clock today, Hong Kong police arrested a housewife of age 44. She is believed to be [involved] in connection with Erwiana’s case and another abuse on an Indonesian domestic helper in Hong Kong,” police officer Chan Wai-man told reporters some five hours after police detained the woman. “She was trying to leave Hong Kong for Thailand,” he added. Sulistyaningsih, 22, was reportedly abused over a period of eight months while

Demonstrators shout slogans during a march in support of an Indonesian maid who was allegedly tortured by her employer in Hong Kong. The alleged maltreatment of Erwiana Sulistyaningsih over the course of eight months renewed concerns over abuse of foreign domestic helpers in the southern Chinese city. Photo: AFP/Philippe Lopez employed by the woman. Media reports said she was unable to walk due to her injuries when she flew home from the southern Chinese city this month. Her ordeal sparked an outcry among domestic helpers and many locals, renewing concerns about the treatment

of maids in the city. The arrest came as police investigators on Monday travelled to Indonesia to interview the young maid. They visited Sulistyaningsih in hospital in Sragen on the main island of Java in the evening and said they planned to take a formal statement later.

“All the information will be passed back to Hong Kong,” police official Chung Chi-ming told reporters. “She is also willing to go back to Hong Kong to assist in our investigation after her recovery,” he said, adding that police took a “very serious” view of the case.

On Tuesday President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono spoke to Sulistyaningsih and her father on the phone. “Believe me, the law will be enforced, justice will be served, what’s important is we will help with [your] treatment,” he told the maid. He told her father he had raised the case with Hong Kong’s leaders. “I am sad and concerned that your daughter has suffered this tragedy. I am also angry at those who have committed this evil,” he told Saputro. “What’s important is that you know we are not happy, the government is not happy and I am also angry.” Over the weekend a second maid came forward saying she was allegedly brutalised by the same employers. Chan said Monday’s arrest was based partly on evidence collected from that helper. Hong Kong employs nearly 300,000 domestic helpers, mainly from Indonesia and the Philippines. But the latest abuse case has strained relations between the southern Chinese city and Jakarta. AFP

Australia to go ahead with shark ‘kill’ zones

The Great White Shark is under attack in Australia.

A C O N T ROV E R S I A L policy to catch and kill sharks off popular west coast beaches got the green light in Australia, in a move the Humane Society Tuesday termed a “complete disgrace”. The federal government granted an exemption from environmental laws to approve Western Australia’s shark mitigation plan, which is aimed at reducing the risks to water users after six fatal attacks in the past two years. It means baited drum lines

with hooks designed to capture large sharks can be set one kilometre offshore at busy Western Australian beaches from now until April 30. The state government has said that any shark longer than three metres snagged by the lines and deemed to be a threat – including great white (pictured), bull and tiger sharks – will be humanely destroyed. In granting the exemption, Environment Minister Greg Hunt said individuals must be responsible for their own safety

while swimming, surfing and boating in the open sea. “In this particular case, however, there has been a series of tragedies due to shark attack,” he said, adding that there was evidence of a significant increase in incidents off the west coast in recent years. Hunt said the proposal was for a brief trial period and confined to a few high-use, high-risk beaches. “One does not have to agree with a policy to accept that a national interest exemption is

warranted to protect against imminent threat to life, economic damage and public safety more generally,” he said. The Humane Society said the decision flew in the face of international obligations to protect the great white shark, Australian federal law and loud public opposition to the policy. “The exemption of the WA shark policy is a complete disgrace,” said Humane Society International’s Alexia Wellbelove, adding it lacked a scientific approach. AFP






EU signs up for military mission

T he Eu ropea n Un ion agreed Monday to send hundreds of troops to the Central African Republic in a rare joint military mission aimed at ending months of sectarian violence. Saying Europe was “deeply concerned by the extreme insecurity and instability” in the impoverished nation, EU foreign ministers gave “political approval” to the rapid deployment.


Embattled PM faces tough talks Turkey’s embattled Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Brussels late Monday, hoping to put his country’s EU accession talks back on track amid upheaval at home over highly contested judicial reforms. Erdogan’s trip to Brussels has been overshadowed by a graft scandal and his government’s subsequent mass purge of police and the judiciary, which critics see as a bid to stifle the investigation.

Driving on cloud nine Tatiana Jancarikova


ankind’s primordial dream of flight is taking off with a new twist as a Slovak prototype of a flying car spreads its wings. Inspired by the dreamy books about flying by French authors Jules Verne and Antoine de Saint Exupery, Slovak designer and engineer Stefan Klein has been honing his flying machine since the early 1990s. Inspired by the books of French author Jules Verne, Slovak engineer Stefan Klein has “I got the idea to start been honing his flying machine on wheels since the 1990s. Photo: AFP/Samuel Kubani working on a vehicle of the future at university, but hon- up at any filling station. But the Slovak Ultra Light Avia- travel as far as 700 km, conestly, who hasn’t dreamt of once it reaches an airport it tion Federation, Milan Ciba, suming 15 litres of petrol flying while being stuck in can unfold its wings within told AFP. per hour. the traffic?” Klein told AFP. seconds becoming a plane. “Among them, Aeromobil “A combination of a car “Flying’s in my blood – my Dubbed “the world’s pretti- appears very viable,” he said. and a plane will always lose grandfather and my father flew est and best-designed airborne Other models include the against the competition when ultra-light aircrafts and I got automobile so far” by US US-based Terrafugia’s “Transi- we start comparing energy my pilot’s license before I was aviation magazine Flying tion” flying car expected to be consumption,” Jan Lesinsky old enough to drive a car,” said and design, an launched on the market within from the Slovak University of Klein, who has designed cars innovation website, the Aero- a year, while the helicopter- Technology told AFP. for BMW, Volkswagen and mobil also has the distinction type Dutch PAL-V gyrocopter But would-be users could Audi and now teaches at the of originating in Slovakia, the could go on sale in this year. glide by long lines and security Bratislava-based Academy of world’s largest per-capita car Klein’s dream took to the checks at airports, saving time Fine Arts and Design. producer. skies in September when he on medium-distance journeys. His elegant blue-and-white Klein and his team are “So far there have been piloted the Aeromobil during vehicle for two is six metres about twenty attempts to man- its first wobbly test flight. currently working on the next long so it fits neatly in a park- ufacture a flying car around Once airborne, it can reach generation of Aeromobil that ing space or a garage and tanks the globe,” the president of a top speed of 200km/h and will go into production in a

Rwanda in diplomatic trouble two decades after genocide AS RWANDA MARKS 20 years since its 1994 genocide, the government is seeking to stress the strides the country has made since those dark days, despite international concern over its leader. Fiercely proud of its legacy, Kigali enjoys some of the best security on the continent and hailed by global financial institutions for its pro-reform, business-friendly agenda. But the seemingly harden-


ing stance of strongman Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s president, is casting a shadow over the country’s relations with the outside world. On January 1st Patrick Karegeya, a one-time close ally of Kagame turned fierce critic, was found dead in a luxury Johannesburg hotel. South African police found a bloodied towel and a rope, and said Karegeya might have been strangled.

Critics of the regime immediately pointed the finger at Kigali, and Kagame responded with an ambiguous, hawkish tone. Without mentioning the Karegeya case, the president simply said that “treason brings consequences”. “Anyone who betrays our cause or wishes our people ill will fall victim. What remains to be seen is how you fall victim,” Kagame said. AFP

few months and hopefully receive Slovak Ultra Light Aircraft Certification (SFUL). “Would-be users would have to follow the legislation already in place for ultra light aircraft,” SFUL president Federation Milan Ciba told AFP. “Pilot/drivers will need to have both a driver’s and pilot’s licence with at least 25 flying hours,” he added. An enthusiastic pilot himself, Klein remains down to earth when looking to the future. “I don’t expect Aeromobil to go into mass production, it will always be an alternative means of transport,” Klein said. “It can, however, be very interesting for countries with vast areas lacking infrastructure like Russia, China or Australia,” he added. Flying cars will most likely take off among pilots licensed for ultra-light aircraft, says Ciba. “It would make their lives so much easier – they would be able to park their car/aircraft at home, drive to the airport, take off, land and drive to their destination without switching vehicles,” he muses. AFP


Chic Condominium @ Kamala: Units will range from studios to two-bedroom apartments.

Affordable tropical luxury in Kamala SPONSORED CHIC CONDOMINIUM @ Kamala Beach provides modern tropical luxury living at an affordable price to buyers looking for either a residential property or a rental investment in Phuket. Aside from the promising beach of Kamala, the area offers tranquility to guests yet is just minutes away from the crowded touristic area of Patong. This is also just a few minutes away from other gorgeous beaches such as Laem Sing Beach, Surin Beach and Bang Tao Beach. A rapidly rising area, Kamala promises a good return on investment. Our estate will feature a seven-floor building with all units on each floor facing West towards the ocean. There will be 110 units in five different types, ranging from 40 sqm studios up to 100 sqm twobedroom apartments. There will be two elevators serving all floors, ample parking space and a sea view from the upper floors. Units will include high quality materials and fixtures

and simple floor plans to give buyers freedom to personalize their units and maximize space. The onsite facilities and professional estate management will lend themselves to high yields for those seeking rental returns and a comfortable, convenient lifestyle for guests and those who wish to live part-time or full-time on this beautiful island. Chic Condominium @ Kamala Beach is the latest venture from New Style Property which is owned by Phuket’s Aewpoo family, led by Managing Director, Janpim Aewpoo. The family has years of experience as part of the team building successful developments on the island, such as Chic Condominium in Karon, Karon Hill, Best Point Condo in AowMakam, Good Condominium in Phuket Town, Tawan Place in Baan Manik and the numerous Topland properties. We continually strive for success. With our wealth of collective knowledge, experience and connections in the local property industry, you can rest assured you are in the best hands.



A look at Gordon Brown’s bottom T

oday, dear readers, we will take a close look at Gordon Brown’s Bottom. For those who do not remember Gordon, he was the Chancellor of Exchequer for most of Tony Blair’s tenure as Prime Minister. But what, you may ask, is so interesting about Gordon’s bottom, and why would we possibly want to look at it? Fear not, my friends, it is not his ample posterior we want to examine, but rather his untimely decision to sell off a very large proportion of Britain’s gold reserves. Between July 1999 and March 2002, HM Treasury sold roughly 395 tons of everyone’s favourite malleable metal, fetching an average price of US$275 per ounce. Even if you don’t read the business pages regularly, my friends, you surely recognize that – at $275 an ounce – it was easily the worst time imaginable over the past 20 years to contemplate selling gold. After all, despite a 30-percent correction since 2011, the price of gold has still increased five-fold since the Chancellor’s imperfectly-timed sale, a decision that has since been dubbed “Brown’s Bottom.” Why did he do it? The simple answer is to raise money (US$3.5 billion, to be precise). It was a windfall to the treasury without further taxing smokers, drivers and beer drinkers.

The more complicated fi- alternative. nancial answer is the prevailThis alternative could ing belief at the Treasury that be SDRs (Special Drawing inflation was dead, so there Rights), a “currency” introwas no need to protect against duced by the International inflation by holding lots of gold. Monetary Fund, which is a Exciting interest-bearing composite of global currencies. paper assets were therefore The Pound is currently 11.4 more favourable to hold be- per cent of the SDR “basket”, cause gold just sits there and but if gold and other currencies does nothing. backed by gold (e.g. The Real, But as it turns out, inflation Rand, Rupee, Ruble or Renis not dead, and the aforemen- minbi) receive a higher status tioned taxpayers got burned in any alternative currency to the tune of framework, US$15.5 bilthat would lion because not bode well at a price of for Sterling. US$1,500 per O f ounce, Britcou r se we a i n’s g o l d could hope would have for the UK fetched US$19 t o b ou nce billion during back – full the past couof Bulldog ple of years. Spirit – reMake no stocking her mistake about gold supplies it – that was in the years certainly poor ahead. But judgement on today we Gordon’s part. can see only But while the weaknesses man remains in her econin Parliament omy, record (and also does Gordon Brown. Photo: IMF deficits, tepid s ome fa i rly g r ow t h a nd commendable charity work), what can only be described the country whose finances as a shaky banking system. he once oversaw has been The US and Germany are relegated to 18th on the gold the two largest holders of gold, tables, with less gold now with over 70 per cent of their than The Netherlands, India, reserves in yellow metal, but Turkey, Taiwan, Venezuela, since Brown’s epic sale, many Saudi Arabia and Portugal . . other countries have been . and just a wee bit more than buying. Lebanon. Emerging market econoAnd the decision he made mies, especially the larger ones, nearly 15 years ago could have have been slowly switching dire consequences for Sterling their allegiances from paper holders in the years ahead. to physical assets. Russia is a Britain’s problem lies with major buyer, but still holds only the US. If the US Eventually 9 per cent of its total reserves loses its global currency reserve as gold. status, then we will likely see China holds just 1.7 per cent the world move toward some of foreign reserves in gold, but

that is 1.7 per cent of nearly US$3.5 trillion! An increase to match Russia’s 9 per cent per cent would require colossal purchases, but as it stands, China’s Shanghai delivery of physical gold is already equal to the world’s entire annual gold production. Anyone attuned to the iron laws of economics regarding demand and supply can see where that one leads. And so your humble author believes we must keep our ears to the ground. If central banks around the world keep buying gold and reducing their holdings of paper currencies, there can only be one eventual outcome. Those with their funds in Sterling will need to rethink their retirement strategies by having some insurances, or hedges in place, which may be as simple as diversifying into stronger currencies. Anyone with a UK pension might consider transferring it into a QROPS (Qualifying Registered Overseas Pension Scheme) in a regulated, HMRC-approved offshore jurisdiction. QROPS can give you better control over your retirement nest egg, including the currencies in which it is invested. The Brazen Bonobo offers penetrating insights into current affairs and the world of finance, enabling high-networth expatriates throughout Asia to stay two steps ahead of the curve. If you are an expatriate living in Asia and are searching for unrivaled advice on tax mitigation, estate planning, UK pension transfers (QROPS), or simply a strategy for prospering in the current economic environment, then contact the Bonobo at:





Bangkok turmoil begins to hit Phuket Maythida Nathompon

Darren Shaw.

New GM for Centara Grand hotel THIRAYUTH CHIRATHI vat, CEO of Centara Hotels & Resorts, has announced the promotion of Darren Shaw from General Manager of Centara Karon Resort Phuket to Area General Manager of both the Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket and Centara Villas Phuket. As GM of the Centara Grand he succeeds Denis Touvard, who has moved to a new post as GM of the Dusit Laguna Resort. Mr Shaw is Australian and has more than 20 years’ experience in the hotel industry with leading hotels including the Watermark Hotel & Spa in Australia, and the Outrigger On-The-Lagoon Fiji, which he joined as GM in 2006. He first moved to Thailand in 2010, working as GM of the Outrigger Laguna Resort & Villas, before joining Centara in February last year. As Centara General Manager, he oversaw the Centara Karon Resort, Phuket and Waterfront Suites by Centara before accepting the position of Area General Manager.

T H E SH U T D OW N Bangkok protests are now having some indirect effects on Phuket, with one supermarket chain saying it is having difficulties obtaining some goods from Bangkok. Big-C Super Center in Patong’s Jungceylon complex has experienced problems transporting goods and materials from Bangkok to the store. Some products, particularly food items, are currently out of stock. “We have already discussed this problem with relevant agencies and since last week, it has been getting better,” said a spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity. Tesco Lotus Corporate Affairs Director Salinla See-

haphan told The Phuket News the chain was so far not troubled by the protests. “Product distribution to Tesco-Lotus stores in Phuket is at normal levels and is unaffected by the protests.” Siam Makro, too, said, “We have no problems.” Villa Market’s VP of Global Business Development, Case Hannon, said, “We have sporadic supplier non-deliveries, but our supply chain is different [from other companies]. We have our own distribution centres. It’s a different model; either we import directly ourselves or we have dedicated suppliers who work for us alone.” However, he added, “The longer this [the protests] goes on the more we expect to have some issues.”

Thailand falls to 72nd in economic freedom table


hailand has continued a slide in the world rankings for freedom of its economy, according to the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, published annually since 1995 by The Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based policy research institute The Kingdom was in 72nd place among the 178 countries and regions worldwide surveyed in 10 categories, slightly down from the previous survey. “Thailand’s economic freedom score is 63.3, making its economy the 72nd freest in the 2014 Index,” the Heritage Foundation explained on its website. “Its score is 0.8 point worse than last year due to continuing declines in labor freedom, the control of government spending, and freedom from corruption. “Business freedom has re-

corded a score decline as well.” The Foundation noted that Thailand is still ranked 12th out of 42 countries in the Asia– Pacific region, and its overall score is higher than the world and regional averages. However, it added, “Over the 20-year history of the Index, Thailand’s economic freedom score has declined by 7.9 points, one of the 20 biggest deteriorations. “Rating gains in financial freedom, fiscal freedom, and trade freedom have been overwhelmed by substantial double-digit declines in the rule of law as measured by property rights and freedom from corruption. “Progress toward greater regulatory efficiency has been relatively slow. Since 1997, Thailand has been downgraded to the ranks of the ‘moderately free’ economies.

2013 tourists top 26.7m THAILAND WELCOMED a total of 26,735,583 visitor arrivals in 2013, exceeding the year’s original target of 26.1 million and representing a 19.6 per cent increase over the 2012 figure. Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of the Tourism Association of Thailand (TAT) said, “This achievement brings much joy to Thailand and the country’s travel and tourism industry as a whole. “Despite the challenging factors including the ongoing @thephuketnews

Big C has been affected more than most, but has been making adjustments to improve its supply chain. These, it says, have been effective.

political demonstrations in Bangkok, Thailand remains a popular and welcoming destination. “We are working hand-inhand [with the travel industry] to create a memorable travel experience for tourists. During tough times, such as the current demonstrations, we are also working to ensure utmost convenience to tourists, the friends of Thailand.” According to data from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in 2013, six countries

contributed more than one million visitor arrivals. China topped the chart at 4.7 million arrivals (a 68.83 per cent jump), followed by Malaysia at 2.99 million tourists (up 17.29 per cent), Russia at 1.73 million arrivals (a 31.93 per cent growth), Japan at 1.53 million tourists (an 11.96 per cent increase), South Korea at 1.29 million arrivals (up 11.48 per cent), Laos at 1.1 million (up 13.33 per cent) and India at 1.04 million visitors (a 3.61 increase).

“Although economic fundamentals remain relatively solid, serious challenges require deeper institutional reforms. “As reflected in the country’s long-term score decline, Thailand’s overall economic freedom remains constrained by institutional shortcomings. “The perceived level of corruption has increased, and the legal system remains susceptible to political influence.” At the very top of the table, a position it has occupied for 20 years, was Hong Kong, despite an increasing level of perceived corruption. Hong Kong scored 90.1 on a 100-point scale, 0.8 point higher than last year thanks to a small government and regulatory efficiency, and way ahead of Thailand which scored 62.7. In recent years, populist policies in Hong Kong that increase spending and empower

the administrative bureaucracy, as well as an increasing level of perceived corruption, have held back Hong Kong’s overall rating, according to the index. Noting that business interests continue to exercise a strong influence in the unicameral legislature and executive branch, it said Hong Kong’s freedom from corruption mark dropped 1.7 points to 82.3, the lowest among the list’s top six free economies. “Our corruption scores indicated here reflect the opinion of people in Hong Kong about the level of corruption here, so clearly that concern about corruption has risen here in Hong Kong,” Terry Miller, director of the foundation’s Centre for International trade and Economics, said . He also said political reform to come into effect in 2017, when the general voters will

exercise universal suffrage in selecting Hong Kong’s next leader, might cause fluctuations and affect its economic freedom ranking. Singapore followed Hong Kong closely with 89.4 points, 1.4 better than last year and at all-time high, reflecting improvements in investment freedom and labor freedom that outweigh small declines in monetary freedom and business freedom, the index said. Australia ranked a distant third with 82 points, followed by Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Mauritius, Ireland and Denmark. The 10 least free countries, in reverse order, are North Korea with one point, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Eritrea, Iran, Democratic Republic of Congo, Turkmenistan, East Timor and the Republic of Congo.




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THE BIG LIST WEIRD TRANSPORT The jellyfish aircraft (right) certainly looks like an absurd mode of transport. But weird vehicles certainly have precedent. We, as humans, have come up with some downright ridiculous vehicles, contraptions and devices to get from A to B, though often they are as stupid as they are dangerous.

ON YOUR TRIKE : Nowadays, tricycles are usually used as a mode of transport for the reserve of clowns and street performers. That’s nowadays though, in the latter part of the 19th century, people – well, certain tricycle manufacturers – were toying with the idea of promoting the crazy-looking transport as the main form of transport for man, woman, child and pet – and even all at the same time. For a strange year or two, whole families would climb on giant tricycles and go and visit the cobblers and candlestick makers (we’re guessing). After all, three wheels are always better than one, right? IS IT A PLANE OR TRAIN?: Not the safest of modes of transport, especially if you happened to be crossing the train tracks (which you should never do) is the propeller powered monorail, Its creator, Scotsman George Bennie, thought of it more of a plane (explaining the propellers) on tracks, and its chief benefit was that it could go much faster than conventional trains at the time. Calculations brought it in around 150 mph. A prototype was built in Glasgow, but it was always Bennie’s dream to make a route from London to Paris for the Bennie Railplane, unfortunately it, ahem, never got off the ground and poor George was bankrupted, with the project being scrapped a year before his death. DON’T SULK ABOUT IT: Now, this is not all that weird. In fact, we’d actually say it’s pretty damn good. Look at it! The horseless sulky (perhaps there was the first problem) was invented by an Italian designer and for a few months in 1935 was often seen around the streets of Belgium. The horseless sulky can accommodate two passengers, one within each huge wheel, the engine sits in the middle of the vehicle and other than that, drives much like a regular car with steering wheel and gear stick. Still, despite its innovative design, which has since been copied, the sulky ended up the way of the dodo. BACK TO THE FUTURE : It seems absolutely absurd that we must continue waiting for the hoverboard when devices like the HZ-1 Aerocycle have existed since the early 1950s. Developed by de Lackner Helicopters, the flying device was ultimately used by the United States Army primarily to be used for reconnaissance missions for inexperienced pilots. In reality, it proved too difficult for many to control and after a number of crashes (no mention is made of what happened to the pilots and how many limbs they started and ended the flight with) production ceased. Sadly, only 12 vehicles were ever made DRIVING IN THE SKIES: Codenamed as ‘Flying Jeeps’ by the US Navy from 1959 to 1961, it is easy to see why the Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar was kept secret. Used during the Cold War, these awesome aircrafts resemble flying saucers straight out of a science fiction book, and were capable of vertical take-off and flying at very high speeds and altitudes. It was believed that runways would be a luxury in a post-Cold War world where land and buildings would lie in ruins and aircraft required to take off vertically. Funding for the project was scrapped in 1961, or was it? The truth is out there, Mulder.



‘Jellyfish aircraft’ taking to the sky


nspired by nature and by the aviation pioneers of the early 20th century, scientists in the United States said Wednesday they had built the world’s first jellyfish aircraft. The tiny, ultra-light lab machine, weighing just 2.1 grammes, is the first manmade flying object to hover and move with a motion like that of the jellyfish in water, the inventors believe. “We were interested first of all in making a robotic insect that would be an alternative to the helicopter,” said Leif Ristroph, who works alongside Stephen Childress at New York University’s Applied Math Lab. “Our interest ended up being a little bit weird – it was the jellyfish.” The jellyfish has long been admired by engineers for a

Photo: AFP/Leif Ristroph/NYU simple yet efficient motion, sculpted by millions of years of evolution, that requires just a simple muscle and no brain power, just a primitive

nervous system. It has a bell-like translucent skirt that first billows out and then closes tightly, squirting water out from the

small opening to provide itself with movement. In this case, the aircraft uses four petal-shaped wings, each eight centimetres long, that when folded together for m a downward-facing “cone.” A tiny motor, attached to a crankshaft, causes the wings to push outwards and then downwards, 20 times a second, forcing out air through the bottom of the cone. The result is an “ornithopter,” or flying machine that hovers with great stability, without the need for constant, energy-draining correction. “If it’s knocked over, it stabilises by itself,” Ristroph says. The craft can change direction by making one of the four wings work harder than the others. AFP

Beijing broadcasts sunset THE SMOG IN BEIJING has become so dense and so thick that Chinese authorities have resorted to broadcasting live sunsets on huge TV screens throughout the capital. The screens normally advertise the latest products and attractive tourist destinations, but during the city’s recent particularly bad spell of pollution, it has been decided to instead show one of nature’s most splendid of daily occurrences. Although smog readings are usually high in the Chinese capital, readings on January 16 were startlingly high – particles

of 250 micrograms pollution (25 micrograms is considered a safe level by the World Health Organisation). Visibility is as low as a few

hundred metres and, severe pollution is due to continue for the next few weeks. Smog levels are notoriously bad during winter periods in the capital

when people burn more coal combined with the regularly high fuel emissions. But nothing a televised sunset can’t fix, eh?

Morgan mistaken for Mandela IT’S BEEN MORE THAN one month since South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela, died and we’re no closer to really finding out how the fake sign language interpreter got onto stage and started sporadically waving his hands around. However, people in India are probably no closer to finding out who they should actually be mourning, after a businessman made the embarrassing gaffe of including a picture of Morgan Freeman

instead of Madiba on a Nelson Mandela memorial poster that also included other inspirational figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa. After discovering the mistake, he quickly had the billboard taken down, but not before people had photographed, tweeted, and emailed it around the world. The Indian businessman’s mistake is not completely unfounded, as Mr Freeman did play Nelson Mandela in the 2009 movie Invictus, and the two men did actually meet.

The greats: Gandi, Teresa, King and Freeman? thephuketnews




Aussies in Phuket mark Australia Day


Asia Pop 40 host Dom Lau on being Asia’s Ryan Seacrest > page 15

Dom Lau catches the sunset at Bangtao Beach during his recent visit to the island.



Saving the island, one bag at at time





The importance of learning Jody Houton

If you’re not interested in hanging out in bars or aren’t part of a school community or training in a gym, it can be pretty tough to meet new people on this island

Clockwise from top: Kerrily ‘Kez’ Jennings with her camera; some of the activities and courses organised by Oasis ed. Phuket.


errily ‘Kez’ Jennings has been working in the arts and education sector, both in Phuket and her native Australia, for a good many years, so it was only natural when she recently launched Oasis ed. Phuket. “In a nutshell, Oasis ed. Phuket is further education for adults and children in Phuket,” Kez explains to The Phuket News, “We have courses, classes, workshops and private tuition in a number of areas including arts and crafts, photography, health, gardening, just about anything. “We look at what people are interested in and do our best to create a workshop to meet this need. Our motto is, ‘You want to learn it? We want to teach it!’” Although Oasis ed. Phuket has only been running for a few months, Kez traces the germination of the idea to five years ago, when she was approached to put together and teach a Beginners Photography Workshop for staff at a resort complex in Phuket. “This led to me offering this same workshop to the general public, which led to creating new workshops and suddenly the ball was rolling.” From its beginnings in the south of the island, Oasis ed. Phuket is now island-wide, offering classes at The Book Café, Atmanjai, Gecko School, Roseberry Center of Healing Arts, La Taverna Restaurant, and Boat La-

goon – they’re always on the lookout for new venues to host workshops. Kez has been in Thailand for 10 years, but – like for many of us – that was never the original plan. “Thailand was actually supposed to be just the first leg of a 12 month world trip, but I didn’t fly any further.” Kez spent her first few years here running a photography gallery on a beach on Koh Chang, but before she arrived in the Land of Smiles, she had worked in adult and further education in Australia, training and helping to create programmes for disadvantaged teenagers and disabled adults. For Kez, the ‘whole’ of what arts and education represents is greater than the sum of its parts.

“Oasis ed. Phuket brings together people with similar interests. If you’re not interested in hanging out in bars or aren’t part of a school community or training in a gym, it can be pretty tough to meet new people on this island. “Our classes are always a mix of various nationalities, which broadens experiences and often results in new friendships.” Phuket’s unique culture and diverse mix of communities makes Oasis ed. Phuket all the more important says Kez, who refers to herself as having an “odd in-between life”. “As an expat in a Australian-Thai relationship in Thailand, I wobble along between the two worlds. “I see Phuket as an incredibly unique community, a different version of Thailand to the rest of the country, a hub of international coming and going. “Having a child helped me to see that I wanted to consolidate our community, create a stronger sense of identity, and help people to feel a sense of belonging and pride.” “Our aim for Oasis ed. Phuket is to grow as a learning institution that is accessed by all Phuketians and visitors alike,” says Kez. “We want to create a solid community hub for people to develop their interests and skills.” If you would like more information regarding upcoming events and projects by Oasis ed. Phuket, visit

German panel hears WWII disputed art deal case

A A gem-studded golden crucifix dated 11th century that belongs to the so-called Guelph Treasure or “Welfenschatz”, a vast medieval church art collection that was sold by their Jewish former owners in a deal with the Prussian state during the Nazi era. Photo: AFP/Arne Psille Kunstgewerbemuseum

German mediation panel heard a dispute Wednesday between a Berlin museum and the heirs of World War II-era Jewish art dealers over a vast medieval church art collection. Called the Guelph Treasure or “Welfenschatz”, it includes gold and silver relics, gem-studded crucifixes and other ornate Christian artifacts, some dating back to the 11th century and believed to be worth hundreds of millions of euros in total. The fight centres on whether its three Jewish former owners sold the collection under duress and below market price in a deal with the Prussian state in 1935, two years after Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler rose to power. The case comes at a sensi-

tive time for Germany, where news last year of a vast trove of long-lost artworks found in a Munich flat sparked complaints of German foot-dragging on returning Nazi-looted art to their rightful owners. Germany’s governmentbacked Limbach Commission that reviews such cases, with a former state president, top court judge and historian among its eight members, started hearing the dispute Wednesday, said a spokeswoman. Later in the day she said that the closed meeting had ended and that “the discussions are ongoing and a recommendation is expected in coming weeks”. The findings are non-binding but are seen to carry significant moral weight.

In the years-old dispute on the now 42-piece collection – the largest German church treasure in public hands – the heirs claim that the art dealers had no choice but to sell it to the Nazi state below value. The syndicate of Frankfurt art dealers had bought the collection in 1929 but saw its value drop sharply as the market collapsed in the Great Depression. Having sold off about half of the pieces, they parted with the remaining objects in the 1935 sale to the state of Prussia, then led by Hermann Goering, the Gestapo secret police founder and air force chief. The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which oversees the Berlin museum now holding the treasure, says the dealers

received “a fair and appropriate price”. “Although the sellers were Jewish citizens, some of whom were resident in Germany at the time of the sale and some of whom lived abroad, the sale of the Welfenschatz was not a forced sale resulting from Nazi persecution,” it said in an online statement. It also pointed out that at the time of the sale, the collection was in storage in Amsterdam and not under “the authority of the German state”. Markus Stoetzel, a lawyer for the Jewish families, has stressed that “all the participating art dealers and their relatives lost their personal and professional existence in Germany due to racial persecution”. AFP thephuketnews


The Australians

Between bites, Aussies tend to converse with humour and, at some point, passionate discussions about sports. Especially after the Baggy Greens swept England in the Ashes series this past year for only the third time in history


he moment an English-speaking person lands in Phuket for the first time, the first words they probably hear from a farang’s mouth are said in an Australian accent. The close proximity, the cheap airfares, and exotic, yet relaxed lifestyle are just a few reasons why so many Aussies have set up camp in Phuket. This Sunday (January 26) on Australia Day, the island air will be filled with the smell of barbecue, and the word “mate” will be heard all the way from Rawai to Mai Khao. This is how the island’s approximately 2,500 Australian expats have always celebrated down under. “I remember when I was young, [Australia Day] was always about the barbecue, going down to the beach, or being out on a boat,” says Craig Murphy, an expat who has lived in Thailand for 25 years and is the managing director of Sunseeker Thailand. “It’s always outdoors and always a flag flying at parties.” Food is an essential part of Australia Day, and while expats from other countries struggle to find their favourite dishes, spreads, and drinks, Aussies are spoilt rotten with their favourite goodies. “Fifteen years ago, it was hard to get a tin of Vegemite. Now, that’s even available. There’s almost nothing we can’t get here,” says Murphy, who hails from Sydney.

‘Almost’ is the key word for Brisbane-native Janet McNab, who has lived in Thailand since 2009 and is the General Manager of The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa, as well as Area General Manager, South Thailand for Starwood. “I miss being able to get certain things, like Tasmanian cheeses and wine, we have some really great wine,” she says, adding that to get people into the spirit the resort will offer a two-for-one promotion on meat pies and beer on January 26. Between bites, Aussies tend to converse with humour and, at some point, passionate discussions about sports. Especially after the Baggy Greens swept England in the Ashes cricket series this past year for only the third time in history. “We’re only a small nation populationwise but we enjoy our sports, we are very competitive, so we tend to do very well in most sports we attempt” says Robert Heystraten, president of the Aussies in Phuket social group. Heystraten, who helped found the club late last year, hopes to get more of the island’s Aussies – one of the largest expat groups on the island – together to mark holidays and big sporting events. October is a particularly big month in Australia with the Grand Finals for both the Aussie Rules Football League and National Rugby League, followed by the

Celebrate Australia Day Lady Pie ( are selling all standard meat pies with a lamington and take away party pie for B90; cold beverages are B50 today (January 24) and tomorrow (January 25). Aussies in Phuket will host a brunch on Sunday, January 26, at Sails Restaurant in The Hilton Arcadia in Karon from 12pm to 3pm. The brunch is geared towards families with full use of the resort’s pool. A clown will entertain kids, along with face painting and balloon animals. Price is B1,200 per person and includes a bottle of red or white for two. Kids up to age 4 enter free, kids up to age 12 enter for B600. Soft drinks and food are included. RSVP needed. For more information, visit The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa (westin is hosting a two-for-one promotion on meat pies and cold beverages on January 26.


Bathurst 100 touring-race and then the Melbourne Cup horse race to cap it all up in early November. “I think its in our culture in Australia, my father realised that as long as I was doing sport, I was keeping out of trouble,” Sunseeker’s Murphy recalls of his childhood. Still, it’s a sense of welcome and warmth that really marks the Australian spirit, especially in Phuket. “It’s always a pleasure to meet tourists and expats from home, there’s always something to talk about and it’s nice to have that in common with everyone here,” says McNab. For more information on Aussies in Phuket, visit

Glossary of terms Strine Tucker Earbash Crook Ridgy-didge Wally Have a yarn Lolly water

– Australian slang – food – non-stop chatter – badly made – genuine – idiot – to talk to someone – soft drink

Photo: Kaoz69

Photo: enjosmith

J.P. Mestanza





Inequality issue slows economy


espite undergoing dramatic economic transformation, Thailand is caught in a middle-income trap due to persistent income inequality, low education quality and an oligarchic political structure, say academics. “Inequality has not improved much in Thailand and it seems to be very persistent, suggesting a structural problem,” said Pornthep Benyaapikul, a Thammasat University lecturer in economics, at a seminar titled “MiddleIncome Trap: Economic Myth-Political Reality: Case Studies of Malaysia and Thailand”. The relationship between growth and equality is complementary, especially when the country’s income reaches a certain level. Wage inequality has been encouraged to support export-driven economic growth based on cheap labour, Mr Pornthep said. In 2010, the poorest 10 per cent of the population received about 2 per cent of Thailand’s wage income, he said. Mr Pornthep said overall wage disbursement has reduced slightly over the past two decades, mainly affecting the lower half of the hierarchy. Although the government has been investing enormously in education and

increasing its quantity, the overall quality and unequal nature of education have become the main problems in the system, he said. Thai students were among the poorest performers in the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment, ranking 50th out of 65 countries in tests of reading, mathematics and science. A centralised management of education and lack of skilled teachers are factors contributing to low education quality in Thailand, according to a research paper on Thailand’s political economy dimension of a middle income trap. There are also significant disparities in the country’s education quality between each region where students from the Bangkok metropolitan area generally receive better education than their regional counterparts, it said. The chance to see economic growth of 4 per cent this year has lessened because of political tensions, but whether the protests will shave 1 per cent off gross domestic product growth depends on how the situation is resolved, Pasuk Phongpaichit, an emeritus professor in Chulalongkorn University’s faculty of economics said. Bangkok Post

KIS unveils new sports field


o go with the New Year and the new term, Kajonkiet International School (KIS) has a new sports field where children can enjoy their PE lessons and be coached in football and rugby. The new sports field, which measures 60 by 35 metres, is directly accessible from the school building, allowing children to have fun during lunchtime. The 2014 KIS Sports Day will be held at the field on April 4, by which time the school’s other new sports facilities – including a covered 25 metre swimming pool and gymnasium – will also be completed. Taking advantage of the school’s new facilities this week was Year 5 KIS student Sebastian O’Sullivan, who received the ‘Player of the Week’ award from Phuket Soccer School on January 20.

The reward was given to Sebastian for hard work and his excellent effort during football practice. Sebastian is part of the KIS U11 football team. KIS football team members are now able to practice with Phuket Soccer School on a weekly basis at the new KIS sports field every Monday from 4.30pm till 6pm.


As part of the Thai Culture Education programme at HeadStart International School Phuket, Thai students and teachers took part in an agricultural trip to Baan Mai Khao on January 18. The excursion (pictured left) included a visit to a rice plantation, where farmers showed the students around and taught them all about the traditional process of growing rice.

Education standards dropping in India despite funding: survey


tandards of education in rural India have declined almost every year since 2009 despite huge government investments, one of the organisers of a major new study said. The annual survey by Indian education research group Pratham showed that the proportion of children aged about 10 who are able to perform a basic reading task dropped from 52.8 per cent in 2009 to 47 per cent in 2013. Rukmini Banerji from Pratham said although the latest 2013 figures were little changed from 2012, the drop in standards over the longer period showed a cause for concern. The findings of the survey are more bad news for the Congress-led coalition government, trying to fight off a looming defeat in general elections due

by May after a decade in power. Congress has ploughed billions of dollars into education, including building schools and encouraging children to enrol, particularly in rural areas. Two thirds of India’s vast 1.2-billion population lies in rural areas where the battle for power at the upcoming elections will be fought. A Right to Education Act passed in 2009 guarantees state schooling for children from six to 14 and enrolment levels reached 96 per cent in this age category in 2013, little changed from 2012, the study said. “This decade has been good for schooling, for improving infrastructure... But learning for all is only just beginning and it really needs to pick up momentum,” Banerji said. AFP thephuketnews





It’s a yoga love triangle Kim White

Kim White is the owner of Sala Samadhi. she offers authentic Hatha yoga instruction for private and group sessions. Contact: www. mindbodyyogasystem. com or 086 276 9174. The opinions and advice contained in this column are those of the author only. The Phuket News is not responsible for the outcome or results of following any advice in any situation.



i and welcome to our first yoga article for 2014. Happy new year, may you get bent often. There are some yoga postures out there that have become the “go to” yoga pose when needing a photo that depicts something wholesome and “spiritual”, and this month’s yoga asana is definitely one of those postures. But what lies behind the glossy serene image that greets you, as you contemplate a healthier lifestyle? Trikonasana or triangle pose as it is commonly known in the West, is one of the foundations of any yogi’s asana practice. Put simply, triangle pose allows the body to open in all the key “problem” areas. Not only does it open your physical body, triangle pose has the amazing benefit of opening the heart centre – the area of the body that often needs the most attention. I would like to get a little serious here for a second and bring your attention to something that the human race thrives on but in recent times has seen troubles, and that is kindness. Loving kindness to be more correct. In order to feel and receive the happy high of loving kindness, you first have to cultivate it within yourself. There are many ways to cultivate this, but triangle pose is a great start. Let’s talk about what other amazing benefits are gained from practicing Trikonasana: Stretches and strengthens the thighs, knees and ankles Stretches the hips, groins, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, chest, and spine Stimulates the abdominal organs Helps relieve stress Improves digestion Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause Relieves backache Therapeutic for anxiety, flat feet, infertility, neck pain, osteoporosis, and sciatica

To practice this asana:

1. Stand straight. Separate your feet comfortably wide apart (about two hip-widths) 2. Turn your right foot out 90 degrees

3. Align the centre of your right heel with the centre of your left foot arch. 4. Ensure that your feet are pressing the ground, and that the weight of your body is equally balanced on both feet. 5. Inhale deeply and as you exhale, bend your body to the right, downward from the hips, keeping the waist straight. Extend your right hand palm down, left hand resting on the thigh (see photo one). Reach the right hand forward as you push the hips back in the opposite direction. 6. Then, allow your left hand and arm to extend upward, palm facing front, your right hand and arm sink toward the floor. Keep both arms in straight line. 7. Rest your right hand on your shin, ankle, (see photo two) or the

floor outside your right foot, (see photo three) whatever is possible without distorting the sides of the waist. Stretch your left arm toward the ceiling, in line with the tops of your shoulders. Keep your head in a neutral position or turn it to the left, eyes gazing softly at the left palm. 8. Ascertain that your body is bent sideways and not backward or forward. Pelvis and chest are wide open. 9. Take long deep breaths holding the pose for 30 seconds to one minute. Inhale and rise; bring your arms down to your sides and straighten your feet. 10. Repeat the same on the other side.

Happy stretching Metta Kim




Environment is in the bag Jody Houton

I called Patong Municpality who said they’d help months ago, [but] when I called them a few weeks ago and spoke to the same officer, they said, “Oh I forgot to tell my boss!

Prasopsuk ‘Pom’ Learviriyapitis shows Jungceylon shoppers her stylish plastic handbags.


rasopsuk ‘Pom’ Learviriyapiti is disheartened with Phuket. This she makes no secret of. Despite selling all of her 198 unique handbags, made entirely from plastic bags, during this week’s exhibition at Jungceylon, she is still discouraged from arranging environmental events in the future. “Now Phuket people are greedy, it’s just all about money. Nobody wants to share,” says Pom, talking to me at Jungceylon in-between explaining to visitors how she makes the bags. “I want people to love and share, doing simple things like this – like when I was a child and making stuff with my hands, and with people.” This element – making handmade items and sharing the experience, along with the knowledge – was why she arranged the weeklong exhibition (it ran 16 to 22 January) and mini-workshop in Jungceylon. “It was a lot of fun, both children and adults came to join the workshop. They were surprised to find out it was free,” says Pom. Although Pom’s stylish eco-friendly bags were on show at the Patong-based shopping mall until January 22, all of them were sold by January 17. “The bags were on sale priced from B300 to B1,000 and I sold the most expensive bag [for B1,500] almost immediately – it was very

beautiful.” On the second day of the exhibition, Pom was visited by an Italian man, and ecoactivist. “He bought all of the bags,” Pom says excitedly, “Well, all 175 of the bags that were left anyway. He’s paid for them and will take them all back to Italy soon.” Although many of the bags were made by Pom herself, a good number were made by school and university students during a twoday workshop she organised with the Phuket Environment Foundation at the Saphan Hin incinerator from January 8 to 9.

Pom also visited the Phuket Vocational College and Phuket Polytechnic College to teach students how to make the handbags, as part of a project that included 4,000 plastic bags, hundreds of emails and a year of planning. Although Pom’s plastic bag project has had a heart-warming end, she says it has been a process that has caused her great stress and fatigue. “The government has not been a huge help,” says Pom. “I called Patong Municpality who said they’d help months ago, [but] when I called them a few weeks ago and spoke to the same officer, they said, “Oh I forgot to tell my boss!” She had a similar experience with the Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation Pom says that she plans to use 30 per cent from the sales towards her new project – paper recycling. Remaining relatively tight-lipped, Pom explains that she will be using discarded paper to make cards, books and even lampshades, all in her own inimitable style. “But I’m going to focus on my art in the coming months, my painting and my sculptures and, of course, I want to continue teaching.” To learn more about Pom’s work, visit her website or email her at

Hybrid cars fail to ease Pakistan’s gas woes Masroor Gilani

The new Toyota Prius V Hybrid car (left) next to a 2010 Toyota Prius. Photo: Robert Scoble


akistan last year announced measures to boost the hybrid car market, hoping they might help wean the country off its costly addiction to imported fuels, but seven months on the plan looks to have stalled. Hybrid vehicles, which use a combination of an electric motor and regular fuel combustion, are touted in many countries as the environmentally friendly future of motoring. But in Pakistan, the government hoped they might also address a more immediate concern – crushing winter gas shortages. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is widely used as fuel by Pakistani motorists as a cheaper alternative to petrol, but demand far outstrips supply in winter. The result is gas shortages that mean people cannot heat their homes and which damage the economy by halting industrial work. Last June, a month after winning the general election, the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said it would slash import duties on hybrids.

“Use of imported POL [petroleum, oils and lubricants] products as a major source of energy has not only led to high import bill[s], but has also created a negative environmental impact,” Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said in his budget speech in June. “Therefore, use of alternate energy efficient Hybrid Electric Vehicles [HEVs] needs to be encouraged.” Hybrids up to 1200 cc were to be exempted from all duties and taxes, while models

up to 1800 cc would get 50 per cent relief and up to 2500 cc, 25 per cent. But there has been little impact on sales, dealers say, and the queues at the CNG filling stations – on the rare days the authorities allow them to open – stretch for hundreds of metres. Umar Bilal Sindhu, owner of Pak Japan Motors and leading Islamabad-based car importer and dealer, said that the customs duty change had had a “negligible impact”. AFP thephuketnews



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149 BAHT!




Catching up to cafe culture Lewis Gibson


ong black please mate.” “No worries. Take a seat and we’ll bring it over to your table.” This is a typical conversation upon walking into a Melbourne café. A waitress (usually but often a waiter) arrives in a nanosecond with a large bottle of, yes – free – tap water (not a rip off full bottle you will never drink anyway, but have to pay for). Pretty soon after the best black coffee in the world arrives in a smallish cup. No oversized, insipid, er! – American – type coffee exists in Melbourne, Australia, arguably the café – and coffee – capital of the world. Each cup is almost lovingly made by the centrepiece of each café – the barista and his or her belching, hissing, marvellous coffee machine. A New Zealander from Wellington would probably argue Melbourne’s claim to coffee superiority – the café and coffee scene there certainly equals Melbourne, on a “Mini-Me” sort of scale (4 million versus 350,000 people) but there is something about Melbournians and their coffee that sets them apart. Why is appreciating the Melbourne coffee so important? (For the sake of this

Doi Chaang is a popular coffee spot in Kamala and uses coffee beans grown in Thailand’s far north. article we concentrate on pure black coffee, the only way coffee should be drunk. No disgusting lattes, flat whites or, horror of horrors, iced coffees with more ice than liquid in them, which is the form of coffee preferred by Thais). In contrast here on Phuket we are, generally, starved of well-made coffee. Admittedly, coffee culture is relatively new to Thailand, but that does not excuse some of the inexcusable rubbish

dished up at so called respectable restaurants or coffee houses. Mind you, the history of coffee suggests Asia, in general (apart from Indonesia, influenced by the Dutch colonists) was very late to embrace coffee, which originated, in somewhat mysterious circumstances, around the 13th Century in the Middle East, notably Yemen and Ethiopia. There are several legends as to how coffee was discovered, perhaps the most fanciful being that of an Ethiopian goat herder who noticed how his goats became energised when they nibbled on bright red berries of a certain bush. The herder, Kaldi, chewed some berries, took them to a monk who threw them into the fire, enticing the famous coffee aroma. Curious, the monks raked the roasted beans from the embers, ground them up and dissolved them in water, thus creating the first cup of coffee. These days it is somewhat more sophisticated. A good black coffee should take the qualified barista time; it should be accompanied by loud hissing noises and the sound of the beans turning into liquid gold dribbling into a smallish cup (not espresso size, that’s for the Europeans) and served immediately, piping hot delivering that first, savouring kick that makes all that’s right with the world within which you live. Melbourne, with its rich European

immigrant culture of Greeks and Italians in particular, but increasingly from around the world, draws on a global experience that transports the coffee lover to a new dimension of coffee heaven. Here on Phuket it is not great, but not all bad by comparison. Doi Chaang Coffee in Kamala, which serves up the Doi Chaang coffee beans grown in Thailand’s far north amid 1950s furniture and a truly Thai/foreigner atmosphere, is one of the better ones. Another good coffee bar is Gallery Cafe, in Phuket Town. Both appreciate the finer art of coffee making. But both could also learn from the Melbournians. There are others who do their best to meet the demands of the increasing number of Aussies and the Europeans who visit Phuket, but, generally, many of those people, especially if they are from Melbourne, must lament the lack of truly good coffee available. One explanation for Melbourne’s coffee supremacy is the quality of the baristas. Google “barista” courses in Melbourne and you find a multitude of short and longer courses the enthusiast can undertake. Given that in some parts of Melbourne – hip, trendy Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, for example – cafes serving great coffee are as common as complaints about tuk-tuks, finding a job should be easy. They also take enormous pride in their city being the gastronomical capital of the world – as well as being the sporting centre of Australia. Street side dining and supping is as common on Melbourne streets as an integral part of the lifestyle as street vendors selling som tom on the streets of Bangkok, albeit with less noise and colour. A coffee will generally cost around A$3.20 (B96) to A$4 (B120), depending where you are. A bit more expensive than the average Phuket coffee (B55B110+) but costs are generally a lot higher. The point is that it seems every one of the 4 million Melbournians love their coffee. Only a small percentage of Thais drink coffee by comparison and, then, the favourite Thai coffee is iced coffee. Maybe this is why it is hard to find a good black coffee on Phuket. Meanwhile, we can but dream of attaining the heights of Melbourne’s coffee culture one day.


THEPHUKETNEWS.COM FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2014 FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2014 List your restaurant here: call 076 612 550 or email






Bodega & Grill

Irish Times

Navrang Mahal

Trisara Seafood

A rustic, homely atmosphere serving North and South Indian dishes, freshly prepared by hereditary chefs and served in brass Katoris in the Royal Mughal style of bygone Emperors of India. Many mouth-watering dishes prepared exactly to your liking. Open from 12.30pm - 3pm and 6.30pm 11pm daily. Karon Sea Sand Resorts & Spa, Karon Beach. Also in Patong Soi Bangla. 076 286 464

The first truly world-class destination seafood dining experience on Phuket. A private entrance leads guests either to an outdoor, beachfront deck or to the cool, relaxed interior. The menu is a balance between local and imported seafood prepared and served in a Mediterranean way. Dinner 7pm-10.30pm. Trisara, 076 310 100.

Bodega & Grill is situated on a picturesque patio by the lagoon. The restaurant serves premium char-grilled steaks and seafood from a wood-fired oven, as well as authentic homemade pastas, risottos and paellas. Bodega’s generous steaks are available in portions of up to 1.2 kilogram. Angsana Laguna Phuket, Cherngtalay; 076 324 101

The only Irish owned and managed Irish Pub in Phuket. A real Irish Pub at the heart of Phuket’s world famous nightlife. In this traditionally styled Irish pub you will find a very warm welcome from the Management and their fantastic staff. All your favourite Irish food and beverages. Jungceylon, Patong Beach;

Ceramic Kitchen Mom Tri’s Villa Royale


RE KÁ TA Beach Club


Enjoy fine dining with panoramic sea views in sensually indulgent setting. Delicious Thai and European creations are served on the open-air terrace. Mom Tri’s Villa Royale is the winner of the Wine Spectators Award of Excellence. Situated on the only road into to Kata Noi Beach. Reservations recommended. momtriphuket .com; 076 333 568

Enjoy a unique dining and shopping experience at Ceramic Kitchen. We offer a wide range of beverages as well as the chance to shop for ceramic after your lunch or dinner, while every Sunday we do a traditional roast all day. We’re also experts for special events, wedding ceremonies, staff parties, birthday parties and more. 185/5 Moo 7, Srisoonthorn Rd., T. Srisoonthorn, Thalang district. 076 272151-2, 082 153 3163


Connoisseurs of fine cuisine can revel in Acqua’s experiential concept. The Acqua restaurant experience promises to deliver only the freshest of ingredients, sourced from only the best producers both local and international. Taste explosions from the portfolio of Chef Alessandro Frau, of both traditional & contemporary are offered. Kalim Bay-Patong, 076 618 127

The beachfront restaurant off­ers modern innovative cuisine with a strong focus on seafood. In the evening RE KÁ TA transforms with Kata’s magical sunsets and cool sounds along with the delicious drinks and tapas, right on the beach. Open daily 6.30am-11pm; Kata Beach (next to Boathouse);, rekata, 076 330 421

Baan Kalim Restaurant & Seafood KEE Sky Lounge


La Boucherie

La Boucherie is a French steakhouse located on Soi Sansabai in Patong, next to Jungceylon and just a short walk from Bangla road. You’ll find a varied menu of wonderful and reasonably priced food that includes perfectly cooked steaks and dishes from France, all with friendly and efficient service that guarantees you a very pleasant and satisfying experience. Open daily 11am-5am. 076 344 581.

Serving up an eclectic mix of tasty East-meetsWest tapas, and a colourful new vibe on the rooftop. Enjoy trendy fusion finger food influenced by cooking styles from around the world alongside your main course, or simply relax with Eurasian tapas and sip sundowners from a selection of creative cocktails. Open 5.30pmmidnight, KEE Resort & Spa, 076 335 888

Great food and people you know! Authentic Italian cuisine in Nai Harn area. Three different dining areas, cocktail lounge, children’s play area, Delicatessen, live music....DaVinci is not just a meal, it is an experience of taste, atmosphere and more. Restaurant open daily 5pm-11.30pm; Deli open 11am-6pm; Sunday close; Naiharn 076 289 574.

Panache Restaurant


Start your evening with delicious food and fine wine. Pick the perfect spot to take in stunning views of Patong bay, as the evening breeze surrounds you. Relax and enjoy live music to make your evening into that truly wonderful and unforgettable dining experience. Open daily 11am-Midnight. Patong;;, 076 618 125

THAI Baan Aroi Restaurant

Breeze Restaurant

Phuket’s most exciting new restaurant is situated on the waterfront at Cape Yamu. Chef Cheryl Johnson is providing diners with her innovative modern French interpretations of local ingredients. Open from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner, and from Wednesday to Saturday for lunch. Our menus change frequently. Cape Yamu, Paklok, 081 271 2320

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try our creative and innovative cuisine. Open daily from 7.00 am till 11.00 pm. Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas,

The Bistro Restaurant


Offers authentic Thai cuisine, showcasing traditional local flavours with the freshest, finest and healthiest ingredients. This restaurant is surrounded by a lush tropical garden and provides a warm and friendly atmosphere. Open daily from 11.00 am till 9.00 pm. Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas,

JAPANESE Talung Thai

Tre by Double Pool Villas

An array of culinary experiences is offered to tempt and intrigue in Tre - the exclusive contemporary French Vietnamese restaurant set among the superb surroundings of the DoublePool Villas. Tre’s signatures dishes include scallops and green apples and tartar with pan-fried foie gras. Banyan Tree Phuket, Cherngtalay;

A menu of modern Mediterranean influences created by Chef Luca to tantalize the senses in a modern ambience. Offering everything from fresh seafood pastas to simple good pizzas. An impressive selection of well priced beverages and stunning sea views complete the experience. Open daily for lunch or dinner. Paresa Resort, Kamala Beach; 076 302 000

Tamarind Restaurant

Find all the Italian traditions in one location, and savor and experience the real Mama style dishes serving only the traditional taste of Italia. The Bistro is at Impiana Resort Patong Phuket. Happy Hours 50 per cent off for selected beverages, soft drinks, juices from 3pm-5pm & 10pm11pm daily. Open 3pm-12am. Impiana Resort Patong Phuket, Patong Beach, 076 340 138.

To complement an already distinctive cuisine, Tamarind is bringing to the island high quality authentic Japanese cuisine, courtesy of Master Chef Shiraishi. Gracing our Japanese menu will be fresh sushi, sashimi, healthy salads, yakitori and tempura and much more. Tamarind is your ultimate destination to savour the best Japanese cuisine in Phuket. Cherngtalay;

The restaurant has a stunning sunset location, offering views of the Andaman Sea. The menu of southern Thai specialties and true local dishes, are not seen on many other restaurant menus in Phuket. Chill with a cocktail from our award wining mixologist at sunset and then relax with authentic Thai cuisine. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Paresa Resort, Kamala; 076 302 000




Tourism on their terms Locals hunt for shellfish at low tide, with the limestone outcrops of Phang-Nga bay behind them. Photo: Kiri Heald Karnjana Karnjanatawe

I don’t have to spend very much money on food here. My husband can catch fish, shrimp and squid in the sea. I also like looking for shellfish along the beach at low tide


f you can get a bird’s eye view of the terrain, from a plane window, perhaps, or just by poring over a topographical map of southern Thailand, Koh Yao Yai is an elongated strip of green in the middle of Phang-Nga Bay with the nearest land mass of any size the much bigger island of Phuket and the mainland provinces of Phang-Nga and Krabi. The last three locations are all wellknown tourist destinations, of course, as is Koh Phi Phi farther out in the Andaman Sea. But not Koh Yao Yai; even Koh Yao Noi, its tiny inshore neighbour, gets more visitors – thanks mostly to the homestaytype accommodation on offer there. “Our community isn’t yet very keen on tourism although some of us are looking to

the homestay model pioneered by the people on Koh Yao Noi,” said Suchart Naweewong, who was born and bred on the island and runs a small business offering vehicles for hire, complete with driver. So, given the lack of aggressive marketing, most of those who visit Koh Yao Yai do so, perhaps, for the same reason we did – intense curiosity. We wanted to find out what the island was like. And what we discovered during our two-night stay was all good. Friendly people, oodles of fresh seafood and lots of possibilities for a peaceful beach-side vacation. The island, which resembles a rather misshapen brassiere, covers an area of 43.75km2, according to Koh Yao Yai Municipality which administers its four villages

and its small population of 2,714, most of whom are Muslim. Both it and the adjacent Koh Yao Noi are thought to have been settled more than a century ago by migrants from Satun, gateway to our nation’s southernmost islands. Fishing and farming are still the major sources of income on Koh Yao Yai. Many families run their own rubber plantations while some tend coconut or fruit trees such as longkong, durian and rambutan. A tiny minority scratch out a living from rice farming. The residents don’t bother erecting fences between their homes, simple structures raised on posts in the typical rural Thai style. The ground-floor space under the houses

A fisherman returns to shore on Koh Yao Yai a little before sunset. Photo: Bangkok Post thephuketnews



A typical breakfast on the island consists of sweet roti, or a chunk of deep-fried chicken with a handful of sticky rice, washed down with a glass of hot, sweet coffee. Some stall-holders also serve a free herbal drink, hot water infused with freshly sliced ginger and chopped pandanus leaves. Photo: Bangkok Post is used for a variety of purposes including the storing of farm implements or fishing tackle, as a place to hang cloth hammocks for naps and as a shady daytime living space where a khrae, one of those low, rectangular bamboo platforms used for sitting crosslegged, sharing meals or reclining, is usually permanently located for the benefit of guests. “Our community is small and very safe because we all know each other,” Suchart explained. To illustrate his point, he stopped his pick-up truck in front of a family dwelling we were passing, pointed out a motorbike parked below the raised floor of the house and showed us that the key was still in the ignition. “We get used to leaving the key in our motorcycles because we don’t have any theft in these parts,” he said, adding: “We have only three policemen for the entire island and I don’t think there is very much work for them to do!” Neighbours tend to look out for each either since they are usually friends, acquaintances or related by blood or marriage. On the tranquil streets, when residents walk or drive past each other, they normally call out a greeting, a custom that outsiders invariably find charming.

May, a receptionist at Glow Elixir, one of the handful of upmarket beach resorts on Koh Yao Yai, told us that her daily life is now totally different from the time she lived and worked in nearby Phuket. “I don’t have to spend very much money on food here. My husband can catch fish, shrimp and squid in the sea. I also like looking for shellfish along the beach at low tide,” she told us, adding that she sometimes takes her little son with her when she goes to the banks of a local stream to gather edible wild greens such as pak boong [aquatic morning glory]. “Life is very simple here.” Koh Yao Yai is a great place to sample freshly caught seafood. Make your way to Saphan Pla, the pier where many of the local fishing boats dock, and if you arrive at the right time you may be able to buy shrimp, crab or various kinds of fish directly from the fishermen. The one and only retail store next to the same jetty also sells that day’s catch. If you like quiet beaches, the strand which the locals recommend as being the most beautiful is Loh Parate. Another tranquil sandy stretch frequented by the islanders themselves is Had Khlong Son which is quite shady thanks to the rows of tall casuarina

A family celebrates the completion of their new fishing boat by holding a ceremony which starts with the burning of a little piece of kamyan (benjamin gum). Also called gum benzoin, this is traditionally used in incensemaking and perfumery and is obtained from a tree native to Southeast Asia. After the air is filled with the gum’s fragrance, the family members hold hands and pray for a short while. The last part of the ritual is for them to share a meal together on board the new vessel. Photo: Bangkok Post @thephuketnews

Kids playing on Had Khlong Son on the western side of the island. This beach is quite long and boasts particularly fine sand. Photo: Bangkok Post trees (ton son, hence the name of the beach) planted along the shoreline. If gazing at marine fauna and flora is one of your favourite activities, some of the resorts here offer facilities for both snorkelling and scuba diving. Another leisure possibility is exploring a rough trail that leads to the top of a steep hill. Blessed by an abundance of natural beauty, Koh Yao Yai is gradually becoming an alternative choice for those seeking solitude as well as travellers who want to escape the increasingly crowded amenities of Phuket.

While roaming around the island, however, we spotted several new resorts under construction. The biggest project, according to a local we spoke to, is at Loh Parate Beach where a 300-room hotel is slated to open for business soon. “The hotel is backed by Chinese investors who expect the property to serve the growing number of group tours we’ve been getting from China,” the man told us, adding that he was still optimistic that the place he calls home would not change that much in the immediate future. Bangkok Post




IN BRIEF China unveils mobile OS

A mobile platform funded by the Chinese government, dubbed the China Operating System (COS), was revealed last week. The government says they aim to use COS as an alternative to Google and Apple, both of which dominate the market. The Linux-based operating system has an interface that is reportedly similar to Android and has over 100,000 applications available. A promo video of COS, which is available for PCs, smartphones and tablets, is currently online.

Plastic surgery game removed

A children’s game app, Plastic Surgery for Barbie, is no longer available on Apple’s App Store or Google Play after a backlash from officials and consumers. The game allowed children from ages 12 and up to point out areas slated for medical procedures on an overweight female cartoon to create a thinner version. Barbie-makers Mattel have distanced themselves from the app, claiming they had no involvement in its production.

Google makes big move with Nest

Last week, Google shelled out US$3.2 billion (B98 billion) to purchase Nest, a company that has developed a smart thermometer and smart smoke detector. Experts say the purchase indicates Google’s big push to get into the “smart home” market, which allows consumers to automate their home life through Wi-Fi connected devices and products. It also helps that Nest founder, Tony Fadell, is the man who developed the iPhone for Apple. The future for Google’s new venture looks very bright, given how much data Nest has already collected on their consumers’ habits and purchases. Time will tell how big the “smart home” market can be.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Don’t bank on T a safe future




Byron Noel

If a big US retailer can get caught out, what kind of protection do our Thai retailers have? This is the kind of question that we, as consumers, need to start asking ourselves

Above left: Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Above right: Photo: Flickr/European Parliament Technology - DG ITEC

ast year revealed some shocking revelations. With the news that the US government has been spying on the entire globe, it leads us to wonder just how much other governments are involved in the same thing. The US programme was just the biggest, and most likely to have been uncovered. We already know that other governments were actively helping the US spy on other nations. As shocking as all this is, I find the fact that most people don’t seem to care even worse. Still, it’s hard to blame people. Most of us have little to no idea how the modern world of communications works, because it can be so complicated. The argument that all of this is for our safety against terrorism is a fair one, but who is guarding the guardians? At the moment, no one. A scary thought indeed, but it is nothing in comparison to what 2014 has in store for us. The government may be snooping, but unless you actually are a criminal, you probably won’t find them taking your banking information (at least not that we know of). However, there are now literally thousands of other people worldwide who are very interested in your banking information. You still get the odd e-mail scam catching people out, but the real danger nowadays comes in the very convenient form of swiping your card. Yes, swiping your card is now just as risky, if not more so, than walking around with a wad of cash on Bangla. Crooks can now steal your infor-

mation from ATM’s and businesses where you swipe your card. Quite a frightening thought, so what can you do? In a word; nothing. The problem lies with the businesses and banks that we all use. Cyber crooks have figured out that stealing batches of card information is a multi-billion dollar industry, and boy are they investing. ATM card scanners can now be ordered online, and anyone with the right skills can ‘hack’ into a system that stores card information. Department store chain Target, in the US, is a prime example of what the right software can do. In just two weeks, over 70 million customers had their data stolen from this retail giant. That’s one attack on one retailer, so you can imagine the potential global scale of this problem. If a big US retailer can get caught out, what kind of protection do our Thai retailers have? This is the kind of question that we, as consumers, need to start asking ourselves. With over a billion US dollars being stolen annually in the US alone, this is serious cause for concern. As the world gets more connected this kind of crime will only become more prevalent, and I predict 2014 will see cyber-crime on a scale that we have not seen the likes of before. That is, unless all retailers and banks get their act together. Don’t hold your breath… and watch your bank statements.



Make Me Cash (Vending) Confide (Private communications)


Call of Duty: Ghosts

Xbox 360, PS3


Just Dance 2014

Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U



Fifa 14

Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Vita


Battlefield 4 (18+)

Xbox 360, PS3, PC



Grand Theft Auto V (18+)

Xbox 360, PS3


Pokemon X & Y



Readmill (eBook Reader)



Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (18+)

Xbox 360, PS3


Disney Infinity

Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, Wii U


Receipts (Organisation)



Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, Wii

10 Puzzle & Dragons Z



Joe Danger Infinity (Game)


iOS, Android iOS, Android

he Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is that rare actionadventure game that has been able to reinvent a well-loved, if dated franchise to almost universal renown. The Zelda series is one of the most beloved in the gaming world, but has grown stale over the past decade with a few exceptions. Though this incarnation is a 3DS-exclusive, it perfectly blends the nostalgic world of 1992’s A Link to the Past with a strong infusion of new features. In Link, gamers are able to rent and buy vital items almost right-offthe-bat from a whimsical merchant, which saves precious time. Each item gets their chance to shine at some point, but its up to the gamer to decide which one to use at any given moment. Unlike past incarnations of this franchise, the puzzles and dungeons are quite difficult as creativity comes in to play – each level can be completed in a number of different ways. How the gamer decides to attack a level ultimately affects the story giving us a new element of consequence for decisions. In sum, Nintendo has managed to make great use of new features that lay out a vision for where the Zelda franchise can eventually go. No wonder Gamespot labelled this the “Game of the Year” for 2013 across all platforms. An impressive feat given the number of great games that were released in 2013 and the fact that this Zelda is played entirely from a topdown view on a handheld console. It’s that good.

Which game would you like us to review? Let us know at thephuketnews



IN BRIEF Avengers sequel finds its villain in Kretschmann

Captain Phillips

Swim Forrest, swim! FILM REVIEW J.P. Mestanza

Moments of empathy, small reveals of why the Somalis have little choice but to pirate, make the film a bit more complicated and nuanced than a typical Hollywood blockbuster

Starring: Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi Director: Paul Greengrass Running time: 133 minutes


here’s no doubt that Tom Hanks is good. I mean real good. Even in a movie’s dullest moments, when the story is still in set-up mode and the audience are on their first few bites of popcorn, Hanks could simply be walking into a room and still have us enthralled. Perhaps this is why Captain Phillips will win several Academy Awards and multiple accolades from critics. It’s a fantastic film that tells an extraordinary true story and is deserving of praise despite it’s reliance on director Paul Greengrass’ shaky-cam effect. Greengrass has previously used this technique to universal-renown in The Bourne series and United 93. The effect gives his films a documentary-style look in contrast to the typical sleek-Hollywood feel. It also adds a dimension of grit that highlights the pirate’s desperation, anxiety and plight. But it is the British director’s mastery at keeping the camera a bit more steady, more focused on the intensity and using slightly wider shots, that keeps the film at a consistently enjoyable pace. This was a tale that needed Greengrass to tell it. Captain Phillips is the story of the 2009 hijacking of the Maersk Alabama, a container ship that is unarmed and sailing around the Horn of Africa. The desperate Somali pirates, most former fishermen, end up taking the ship’s captain, Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks), hostage on the ship’s lifeboat. The film is based on a book written by Phillips about his ordeal and how the White House became involved, dispatching Navy SEALs to save the day. Phillips, who is a capable and tough ship captain, is smart in how he deals with the pirates. Moments of empathy, small reveals of why the Somalis have little choice but to pirate, make the film a bit more complicated and nuanced than a typical Hollywood blockbuster. The movie really shines during the third

SFX Coliseum Phuket (Central Festival)

47 Ronin (3D/E) Captain Philips (E) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (3D/E) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (E) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (G/E) Oldboy (E) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (E) Tee Sam Khuen Sam (3D/T)


16:50, 21:40 14:40, 18:45, 22:00 14:45, 19:20 15:00, 17:15, 19:30, 21:50 13:45, 16:00, 18:15, 20:30 16:30, 19:45, 21:25 16:40, 21:30 15:45, 18:00, 20:15, 22:25

Director Joss W hedon has announced that Thomas K retschmann has been cast as the villain in The Avengers: Age of Ultron film. Kretschmann, best known for his role as Van Helsing on the TV show Dracula, will play Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, a Nazi officer who becomes head of the evil HYDRA criminal organisation. He be joined in the villains chair by James Spader, who will be playing the titular Ultron character. The film is expected to be released in May 2015.

Magic: The Gathering in the works to be made

20th Century Fox has struck a deal with Hasbro to br i ng the c u lt card game Magic: The Gathering to

theatres worldwide. Simon Kinberg, a screenwriter and producer best known for his work on the X-Men film franchise, has been tapped to lead the early stage of production. The game allows players to take part in battle using wizardry and spells and is currently in its 20th year of publication.

BAFTA nominations are announced

act as Greengrass takes advantage of the small area in which it takes place. Things seem to start falling apart during this time as the pirates’ sense of naivete and confusion are heightened. All are hostages to the claustrophobic atmosphere within the lifeboat. On the other side, the Somalis are determined yet constantly bicker and won’t settle for anything less than the US$10 million (B330 million) they demand. Yet, their leader, played by newcomer Barkhad Abdi, plans to use the money to go to New York and buy a sports car. We won’t spoil the ending, but things don’t turn out quite like that. What we will say is that when needed, the excellent Hanks turns it up a notch or five when the going gets rough. Captain Phillips is easily one of the best films of the year, which makes the Academy’s decision to snub Hanks for a Best Actor Oscar all the more shameful.

Alfonso Cuaron’s space-epic Gravity has scored 11 nominations for this year’s BAFTA Film Awards, the most of any film. 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle both trail with 10 nominations each across all categories, including Best Film and Best Director. Dame Judi Dench claimed her 15th nomination, a BAFTA record, for her role in Philomena. Behind The Candelabra, a film about one of Liberace’s romances during his career, is the only television movie to have been nominated for an award (Best Adapted Screenplay).




Ride Along




Lone Survivor




The Nut Job




Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit








American Hustle




Devil’s Due




August: Osage County




The Wolf of Wall Street





10 Saving Mr. Banks

SFC Jungceylon Phuket (Patong) 12 Years a Slave (E) 47 Ronin (3D/E) Captain Philips (E) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (3D/E) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (E) Oldboy (E) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (E) Walking with Dinosaurs 3D (3D/E)


15:25, 19:25, 21:30 14:30, 19:00 14:25, 18:05, 20:50 15:20, 21:10 14:55, 17:10, 19:25, 21:40 13:10, 17:10, 22:05 18:40 17:00

As some movies and movie times change every Thursday morning, after The Phuket News has gone to press, the accuracy of the following information cannot be guaranteed. For up-to-date information, visit, or call the cinemas directly: SFX Coliseum Phuket 076-209000 and SFC Jungceylon Phuket 076-600-555.




‘Bikini Island’ reality television show scouts filming locations The show will centre around 100 bikiniclad women, and 50 genuine millionaire bachelors from around the world, and will be a 28-day “party island”, ending in a seven-day elimination process to decide on the winning couple

Host of the show Mr Dupois is an international recording artist, television host and world peace ambassador.


harles Dupois has arrived from Australia to Phuket to scout for possible locations for his latest reality television show, Bikini Island.

The 13-week series will be filmed at a “secret international tropical island resort” in 2014-2015. Host of the show Mr Dupois, who is an international recording artist, television host and world peace ambassador, arrived in Phuket on Wednesday (January 15) along with Managing Executive Producer Kerry Crinis. They will stay in Phuket until the end of the month, checking out possible filming locations on and around the island. The show will centre around 100 bikini-clad women, and 50 genuine millionaire bachelors from around the world, and will be a 28-day “party island”, ending in a seven-day elimination process to decide on the winning couple. Organisers plan to re create the famous Thailand full moon party and have a “non stop party atmosphere of Ibiza” during the 28-day party. On the final day, the female and male who have been voted as achieving the most “bonded and compatible relationship” will win A$250,000 (B7.3 million) in cash and a seven-night trip to any destination in the world. Women will be cast from countries such as Brazil, Spain, Italy, the UK, Germany, the US, France, Russia and the Ukraine. Female contestants need to be between 18-35 years old, must be

single, have a good personality, and “of course look great in a bikini”. Male contestants need to be genuine millionaires, attractive, single, aged between 25 to 45 years of age and have a good personality. Enquiries for the show can be sent to publicist


WEEKDAYS ‘Wake Up’ with Dave and Kirsty

7 - 11am

‘The Power Hour’

11am - Noon

‘Afternoons’ with Callie

Noon - 3pm

‘Drive on Live’ with Jason Wilder

3 - 7pm

‘Club Classics’ with Sean Bell (Mon to Thur)

7 - 8pm

‘Asia Pop 40’ with Dom Lau (Fridays) Non Stop Music

7 - 10pm 8pm - 7am

SATURDAYS ‘Breakfast Classifieds’ with Tim

8 - 10am

‘Lounge @ Live’ with Donna

10am - Noon

‘Box of Neutrals’ (back in February)

Noon - 1pm

‘Saturday Sounds’

1 - 6pm

‘Saturday Night Fever’

6pm - Midnight

SUNDAYS ‘Breakfast Classifieds’ with Tim ‘Sunday Brunch’ with Jason Wilder

9 - 11am 11am - 2pm

‘Asia Pop 40’ with Dom Lau

2 - 5pm

‘Mellow Moments’ with Andy Saunders

5 - 7pm

‘The Chill Factor’ with Colin Hanslip

7 - 9pm

‘The Sunday Chill’

9pm - Midnight

Karl Pederson at or Mr Crinis at, or phone 0946821192. Investment opportunities are also available and meetings can be scheduled during their stay in Phuket.

Dom Lau on Phuket’s Live 89.5 radio station.


t was Dom Lau Day when the host of the popular ‘Asia Pop 40’ show came to the studios of Live 89.5. Dom invited Jason Wilder (Drive on Live) and Dave O’Connor (Wake Up) to co-host the programme with him – mayhem ensued! The results can be heard on this week’s Asia Pop 40 (Fridays 7-10pm, Sundays Noon - 3pm). ‘Asia Pop 40’ just celebrated their first six months and the show gets bigger and bigger with 20 radio stations in the region taking the weekly countdown programme and more coming online each week. Dom plans to come to Phuket every few months to record the programme. Like a live show on the beach next time? Watch this space!

his week we visit Yogyakarta in Indonesia, a short flight from Phuket and a fascinating destination for a break from island life. We also join the annual Phuket Town Bike Rally with the Mayor and 300 others. Was a perfect day and you’re invited to join us peddling around the town. Did you go to the ‘friendly’ football match between Vladivostok and Phuket FC at Surakul Stadium? We did and Dave O’Connor will bring us the highlights from a fun night out.

Broadcast manager Tim Newton visits Yogyakarta.




Coming down your aerial Claire Connell

I got into this [career] by accident; I never intended on being a host. But in the end, once I got that first gig with Channel V, I thought, ‘I really enjoy this’

Top, students from Phuket’s Rajabhat University are excited to meet Dom Lau; and right, Dom on Bang Tao Beach during his visit to Phuket last week. @thephuketnews


hen E! News Asia host and presenter Dominic “Dom” Lau was growing up, all he wanted to be was a commercial airline pilot. But fast forward 20 or so years, and he has instead firmly established himself as one of the most recognised television faces in Asia. “Growing up I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot. I loved travel, and I was very fortunate as a kid to get to travel lots.” But fate had other plans for him. While Dom was at a model casting in 2005, music network Channel V were also present. “They wanted a presenter – someone who could speak English, and knew a bit about music. I did the screen test, got the job, and the rest is history.” Dom was born and raised in Hong Kong, to a British mother and Chinese father. He moved to the United Kingdom to attend boarding school and university, before returning to Hong Kong. “I got into this [career] by accident; I never intended on being a host. But in the end, once I got that first gig with Channel V, I thought, ‘I really enjoy this’.” He started off with Channel V, before moving to host E! News Asia [not shown in Thailand currently] around four years ago. As well as this, he’s the host of the Asia Pop 40 chart show, which airs on Phuket’s Live 89.5 on Fridays, from 7pm to 10pm, and Sundays, from noon to 3pm. During his nine or so years in the entertainment industry, the number of A-list celebrities Dom’s interviewed is long – more than 50 he reckons. The list includes Will Smith, Amy Adams, Owen Wilson, Kate Bosworth, Clint Eastwood and John Travolta. He’s not usually fazed by interviewing such big names, but one person who really had him starstruck was Slash from Guns N’ Roses, who he interviewed in Singapore for E! News. “I was sweating big time. I grew up worshipping Guns N’ Roses, they are my favourite band of all time even to this day. You can just imagine, I was sitting there and I had so many things I wanted to talk to him about. It was at that point that I realised I was starstruck before he even walked into

the room – I just wanted to go and sit there and say ‘I’m you’re biggest fan’.” Dom also fondly recalls his first “big celebrity” interview – American actor Kevin Spacey – for Star Movie’s VIP Access show. “I was nervous about that. It was my first junket, and we were in Los Angeles, and it was for Superman Returns in which he played Lex Luthor. “I was a rookie, I was around 25. I leant over to him and I said this was my first time [interviewing a high profile celebrity]. He leant over and said, ‘I’ll be gentle’, which was a great icebreaker. I was like, ‘Wow, he’s normal, he’s cool’.” With all his different roles, Dom has been dubbed “Asia’s Ryan Seacrest” after the American Idol host and all-round entertainment presenter. “It’s flattering I guess, because Ryan Seacrest is “the” host of E! News in the [United] States. He hosts the America Top 40 and I host Asia Pop 40. You could argue I’m just trying to follow in his footsteps – he’s doing it all first and I’m copying him in Asia,” he says with a laugh. “I can see why that nickname came out,

but my mother has always said you’re just Dom Lau.” Dom is not so well known in Thailand compared to wider Asia, something he largely attributes to his shows not being broadcast in the kingdom. Only the American version of E! News is currently broadcast in Thailand, but sometimes some of Dom’s features are shown here too. However, all that might change soon. “What I’m hoping to get off the ground this year is produce E! News Asia myself. In Thailand there are celebrities – actors, actresses, musicians and socialites – plus events that take place all over Thailand, Phuket included, that I would like to see put on the E! News Asia show.” This would involve stringer hosts across Asia, including in Thailand, and Dom can’t wait to get this started. “I want to make E! News Asia expand to exactly what its title suggests, which is, we bring you entertainment stories from all across Asia.” He might not have become a pilot, but Dom Lau still gets to see the world.




ON YER BIKES, PHUKET Tourism Authority of Thailand and Phuket City Municipality held a Bike Rally on January 19, which attracted around 200 entrants.

Phuket Governor Maitri Inthusut, third from left, enjoys the event.

CHILDREN’S DAY FUN Laguna Phuket celebrated Children’s Day at the Laguna Grove on January 11 with lots of fun activities for the island’s children. thephuketnews



COLOURING TIME Class Act Media, parent company of The Phuket News, hosted a colouring competition at the Phuket Aquarium on Thailand National Children’s Day on January 11. Many students took part. and were given special goodie bags from the company.

DOING IT FOR THE KIDS On Thai Children’s Day (January 11) Dewa Phuket welcomed children from Barnhem Muang Mai Foundation for a barbecue lunch followed by games and presents at the National Park at Nai Yang Beach. Staff from Dewa Phuket contributed to the games and the presents that were presented to the 23 orphan children living at Barnhem Muang Mai Foundation.

FUN AT CENTARA Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket held a special New Year’s Eve gala dinner to celebrate the start of 2014.

CHILDREN’S DAY IN MAI KHAO For Thailand’s Children’s Day (January 11) JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa presented 250 school bags and stationary sets to five local schools and three governor’s offices.

MUSICAL NOTES A three-day competition for the best singers of songs composed by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej was held on January 16-18 at Saphan Hin. @thephuketnews


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FRIDAY, 24,2014 2014 FRIDAY, JANUARY JANUARY 24, RBFC Thailand 2014 Classic

Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation’s

Sport Fishing Tournament

Monthly Pub Quiz

Offshore The Similan Islands

25 th

27 th February 2014

Proudly organised by the Rawai Beach Fishing Club, (RBFC) Phuket, Thailand.

Huge cash and other prizes to be won!!

7pm, last Monday of every month Aussie Pub Kamala Entry fee 100 Baht per person (teams of up to 4)

57 hours of non -stop fishing!

Entry fee goes directly towards making a difference to underprivileged local children.

Huge media coverage!

A special round every month!

Amazing raffle prizes!

10thb from every drink goes to charity! Winners get a 1000thb bar tab!

For further details please contact Warren Crowe or Andy Bright m Warren tel: +66 (0) 812604291 Andy tel: +66 (0) 862739948 Website:

Prizes include fishing trips, tackle, limited edition prints, and much more!

Rawai Beach Fishing Club is an official Sponsor Club of the International Game Fishing Association. RBFC supports recreational fishing



Live Music and BBQ in an “Outback Aussie Bar” setting. Phuket’s best Home Made Flame Grilled Aussie Burgers, Aussie Steak special’s, sizzling BBQ Ribs, Spit Roast Kebabs, Red Snapper Fish n Chips, Live Sports shown on 2 Big Screen LED TV’S, Free Pool Table, and More! Relax in an open air family friendly atmosphere with friendly staff, Great Food and frosty cold ones on ice from Australia & Thailand. Featuring “Moody Blues” Live on SUN, WED AND FRI From 9pm till Late at “Phuket’s House of the Blues - ROADHOUSE!”.

Del Mar, Laguna (Behind Bake). Time: 10am to 1pm every Wednesday and 9am to noon every Saturday. We have a wide and wonderful selection of handicrafts such as toys, greeting cards, ornaments, lanterns, bags, purses and many more. You can also find exquisite arts and craft created by local residents. Pre-loved items include books, clothes and toys. Handicraft items are made by the disadvantaged members of society that The Good Shepherd strives to empower. All proceeds go directly to The Good Shepherd mission. See


Aussies in Phuket - Australia Day Come along & celebrate Australia Day. Start with Sunday brunch, then enjoy the pool & there will be a clown there who makes fantastic balloon animals, so bring the kids. Price B1,200 p.p. which includes a bottle of selected beverage for 2. Kids up to 4 are free. Soft drinks are included. At this stage the plan is for everyone to pay on the day to the restaurant staff but we still need an indication of numbers. RSVP asap please.Sails Restaurant @ The Hilton Arcadia in Karon ,081 797 5574

of selected beverages. Advance bookings are highly recommended. Contact 076 372 400.

Traditional Sunday Roast Angus O’Tool’s Karon Beach Lunch or dinner served from 2pm. Your choice of either roast beef, chicken, loin of pork or leg of lamb served with roast and boiled potatoes, three fresh vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Only B320 per person which includes a free glass of house red or white. Opposite Centara Karon Resort. See

BBQ at Expat Hotel

Pool Competition at Expat Hotel

Pool Competition at 9pm. Expat Sports Bar, Soi Taipan, Patong.

8pm, Expat Sports Bar, Expat Hotel, Soi Taipan, Patong.

Suk Singpatong + Sitnumnoi It will happen every Saturday night throughout the year. Num Noi Singpatong, the head trainer and owner of Singpatong + Sitnumnoi Gym in Patong Beach, will be launching an elite fight series in Patong Boxing Stadium (Sai Nam Yen). Visit the official website at www.patong

Indian Curry Night on Fridays

Come to Navrang Mahal in Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa for an authentic Indian Feast every Friday in Karon Beach. Try out our delicious naans, mutton vindaloo, chicken tandoori, dal makhini, butter chicken, samosas, lassis and many more mouth-watering dishes. For only 499/- nett and special reduced prices on drinks.


The Good Shepherd Merchandise Shop Open Every Wednesdays and Saturdays. Plaza

MONDAY JANUARY 27 Sunday Brunch at Sails, Hilton Enjoy our lavish international buffet with friends and family each sunday at Sails! Our live band sets the mood for a relaxing afternoon with delicious food, live cooking stations, refreshing drinks and good company. Balloon artists entertain the little ones with face painting and kid activities. 12pm - 3 pm. B1,400++ per adult, B700++ per child (Ages 5-12). 076 396 433.

Thai market night

Experience an authentic taste of Thailand and simple a wide variety of dishes prepared fresh for you. Market night price is weight of chosen items every Monday at Ban Aroi from 6.30 - 9.00 pm. For bookings, please call Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas on 076 336 900 # 781.

4 Regions of Thailand Market Stroll through a lively Thai Market with art & craft stalls and enjoy fresh seafood and local delights, accompanied by authentic Thai Khim performances. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting 18:00, for THB 1,250 NET only. Baan Talay is the Thai signature restaurant of Angsana Laguna Phuket and situated on Bang Tao Beach behind XANA Beach Club. Angsana Laguna Phuket - Bang Tao Bay , Email : fbcoordinator-lagunaphuket@angsana. com , 076 324 101.

Live Seafood & Jazz Sunday Brunch at Banyan Tree Join Banyan Tree’s indulgent LIVE Seafood Sunday brunch featuring lots of LIVE Canadian Lobsters, Tiger prawns, freshly shucked Oysters, Wagyu rump and Foie Gras. Meander from one live cooking station to the next, and don’t forget to leave room for cheese and dessert. With live Jazz music and a kids club, starting at B2,500++ per person including free flow

daily event updates on





Test Your Wits At

Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation’s

Monthly Pub Quiz BBQ All You Can Eat at Shakers 7pm, last Monday every month Mondays andofThursdays. BBQ all you Aussie Pub Kamala can eat: pork, chicken, beef, prawns, fish Entry fee 100 Baht per person and squid with salad buffet, cold and hot (teams of up to 4) sauces, garlic bread, baked potatoes, poEntry fee goes directly towards making a difference to underprivileged localB325 children. per person. tato salad and more for 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.

Test Your Wits At

Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation’s

BBQ Steak night

Enjoy flame-grilled steak, cooked to perfection and served with fresh selections from our buffet BBQ night THB 1,190++ per person. Free children under 7 and half price for 7 to 12 yrs old every Wednesday at Panache from 6.30 to 10.00 pm. For bookings, please call Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas on 076 336 900 # 781.

Monthly Pub Quiz

A special round every month!

Amazing raffle prizes!

10thb from every drink goes to charity! Winners get a 1000thb bar tab!

7pm, last Monday of every month Aussie Pub Kamala Entry fee 100 Baht per person (teams of up to 4)

Monthly Pub Quiz 2014

Entry fee goes directly towards making a difference to underprivileged local children.

Monthly Pub Quiz by Phuket Has Been Good To Us is back!!! On last Monday of every month from 7pm. till late at Aussie Pub, Kamala. Entry fee 100THB per person (teams of up to 4). Join a special round every month with amazing raffle prizes. And the winners will get a 1000THB bar tab! Entry fee directly towards making a A special roundgoes every month! Amazing raffle prizes! difference todrink underprivileged children. 10thb from every goes to charity! Winnerslocal get a 1000thb bar tab! 10THB from every drink goes to charity. More info. visit phukethasbeengoodtous. org or call 076 278 146.


List your event at

BBQ Ribs All You Can Eat Wednesdays and Fridays. BBQ ribs all you can eat with salad buffet and potato salad for B295 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.


animal. Its dynamic spirit is forever active and promises a year full of surprises and twists. Join us at Eastland on Friday the 31st of January from 6.30 pm to welcome the Year of the Horse. Lucky cocktail followed by Asian Street Food Buffet, Dragon dance & traditional entertainment at 1,888 THB net per person. Contact: Simona T: 076 317 600,

enjoyable 4 days in one of Thailand’s most sought after destinations. There is still a number of game fishing boats available, to join the tournament or get information contact



Thanyapura Superkidz Masquerade Party Phuket Has Been Good To Us is proud to present “Masquerade Party”. Enjoy a carnival evening with delicious Venetian inspired 5 course banquet, free flow, entertainment and dancing, at Pullman Phuket Arcadia, Naithon Beach from 7 pm. till late. Dress with “Magnificent Masks”. Donation 3,000THB to enjoy the moment. For booking or more info contact Phuket Has Been Good To Us on 076 278 146 or info@


The Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ is coming back for Triathlon (swim + bike + run) on 8th March 2014. We are dedicated to providing more excitement and competition for those athletes who are based in Asia, love the sport of triathlon, and have the heart to race and pursue achievement. Age group from 6-18 years old and adult. The race will be started at 8.00 am. Entry fee 1,500THB for individual and Team. For Thanyapura members is 1,200THB for individual and Team. To register call 076-336000 or . Visit thanyapura. com for more information.


RBFC Thailand 2014 Classic Sport Fishing Tournament Offshore The Similan Islands

25 th

27 th February 2014

Proudly organised by the Rawai Beach Fishing Club, (RBFC) Phuket, Thailand.


Huge cash and other prizes to be won!!

57 hours of non -stop fishing!

Welcome the Year of the Horse Half Chicken Spit Roast Tuesdays and Saturdays: Half chicken spit roast with french fries, salad buffet, potato salad & gravy sauce for B225 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.

On the 31st of January, following the second new moon after the winter solstice, we celebrate the New Year of the Horse. To Chinese people, the horse stands for happiness, endowed with the vivacity, magnetic attraction and elegance of a thorough bred


Phuket Wake Park

“Classic” Sport Fishing Tournament will be held between 25 27th February “offshore” Huge media coverage! from the beautiful Similan Islands. Renowned as Thailand’s ‘premium sport fishing area’ some 70 miles N/West of Chalong Bay, Phuket. The Prize monies offered are the largest in Asia. The boats normally cruise up the day before. Making for a very

The place for outdoor activities for the whole family. Ring winch for water skiing and wake-boarding. Reversible winch and coaching services for beginners. Restaurant, swimming pool, massage, fitness equipment and mini-hotel with 28 rooms. All this in a Phuket Wake Park! Welcome from 7:30 to 22:00 every day.

For further details please contact Warren Crowe or Andy Bright m Warren tel: +66 (0) 812604291 Andy tel: +66 (0) 862739948 Website:

Prizes include fishing trips, tackle, limited edition prints, and much more!

Rawai Beach Fishing Club is an official Sponsor Club of the International Game Fishing Association. RBFC supports recreational fishing






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This week in history ■■ January 24, 41

The cruelly insane Roman emperor Caligula is assassinated by his own guards. ■■ January 25, 1533 King Henry VIII of England secretly marries Anne Boleyn, sparking a split with the Roman Catholic Church. ■■ January 26, 1841 Britain occupies Hong Kong, China later formally cedes the island to Britain in perpetuity. ■■ January 27, 1984 Pop singer Michael Jackson suffers second degree burns to his scalp during the filming of a Pepsi commercial. ■■ January 28, 1986 The Space Shuttle Challenger explodes after liftoff, killing all seven astronauts on board. ■■ January 29, 1819 Stamford Raffles lands on Singapore. Eight days later he secures control of the island for the British East India Company. ■■ January 30, 1661 Oliver Cromwell, leader of the winning side in the English Civil Musicians in a school marching band take part in a parade in Phuket’s Old Town. Photo: James Fergus War, is beheaded – two years after his death. Have a Phuket photo to share? Email it with caption to Source: Wikipedia

Crossword by Myles Mellor & Sally York


65. Kind of store 68. Don McLean song 73. Hit 74. Pitcher feat 75. Renter 76. Hardly haute cuisine 77. Some dashes

27. Mongongo 29. Blackguard 30. Wallet find 31. Low-fat meat 32. “Ghosts” writer 33. Wolf or devil preceder 38. Have chits out 40. Clever Down 42. Get going 1. Prayer leader 43. Tore 2. Cash register part 44. German river 3. Sea rescue 46. Many a time adjective 47. It needs refinement 4. Carney or Monk 5. School of whales 49. Diamonds 50. Engine part 6. Beehive, e.g. 52. Diet 7. Tierney 53. Do the Wright thing 8. “Dog Day Afternoon” 54. Certain character topographies 9. Adaptable truck, 55. Cross for short 56. Bathroom cleaner? 10. Drag queen’s 61. Greek consonants collection 63. Be a rat 11. Supplement 64. Chemical 12. Swarming one compound 13. Make rigid 66. Appearance 15. Crack filler 67. Stumbles 18. ___ Towers 23. Rule opposed by 69. Fabrication 70. Chemical ending Gandhi 24. Palindromic title 71. Even if, briefly 26. Dedicated lines 72. Not square

Solutions to last week’s puzzles:

Answers to this week’s Pop Quiz: 1. Roi Et, which means 101; 2. Microsoft founder Paul Allen; 3. Canada; 4. Ten; 5. Sudoku

1. Which Thai province has a number for its name? 2. The megayacht Octopus, sometimes seen in Phuket waters, is owned by whom? 3. In which country would you find the Acadians? 4. How many chains are there in a furlong? 5. By what name is Sūji wa dokushin ni kagiru better known? Answers at the foot of the page.

Across 1. “___ be my pleasure!” 4. Enthralled 8. Quickly, in music 14. Medieval lord 16. Squares things 17. Rental papers 19. Exec’s note 20. Unfamiliar 21. Circular opening? 22. That certain something 25. Carbonium, e.g. 28. Call 29. Home business 34. Singer DiFranco 35. Doorpost 36. Ending of the Bible 37. Houston ___ 39. BET alternative 41. Cork’s place 45. “___-Hoo,” 1959 rockabilly song 48. Colossal 51. ‘60s hot spot 52. Vacation spots 57. Fertility clinic stock 58. Half a score 59. Shed 60. Race’s end 62. “___ Me,” Withers hit






ACG Cricket Ground:

room apartment for rent, long or short term, fully furnished, kitchen, 2 bathrooms. Pool, large gardens, parking, a mere 3 minute stroll to scenic Nai Harn beach.

Patong shophouse for Rent:

The Cour tyard:

Upper f loor 10 m showroom frontage floor area 10 0 s m w i t h a i r/c o n s . C o nt a c t Khun Siriporn 081 691 0213, siriporn@islandfurni,

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @thephuketnews

Golf view condo in Chalong: 1 bed 1 bath fully furnished. Condo close to golf course and Home pro. For long term rent 12,000B/Month. Sale also considered. Call 089 922 2800.

Patong 2Shophouse low rent.Can make business,also very good location for restaurant and massage.2nd floor fully furnished as 2 bedroom apartment w 2baths.Includes furniture.Big kitchen and living area. Sidd , Email : , 084 189 7696.

Seaview Pool Villa for Rent: 2 Bed villa with lovely garden, koi pond, pool with sala/ 3rd bed and seaview. Fully furnished, True visions on 42" screen, WiFi, new ACs. Private, quiet area but near all amenities. Call 086 279 6283.

House for rent in Karon:

NEW House For Sale: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom with Of f street parking in small QUIET Boutique Estate behind Red Mountain Golf Course. Full Chanote Title Contact Gim English/Thai Ph 081-6065772 for an Inspection !! B3.1 Million ,Sabai Village Kathu ,

Rawai Pool Villa For Sale: Beautiful Villa 550sqm. Land 2,400 sqm. with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, maid's room, laundry room, home of f ice, Western kitchen. Large mature garden, garage for 2 cars Price B32 million. Call 081 978 5181.

CAFÉ & DELI FOR RENT: Modern retail unit next door to the new Villa Market in Cherngtaley, Inc full equipment & furniture. 50 sqm + out door. Available for rent with 2 year lease. 082 275 7737 & 089 898 0231.

Penthouse With Amazing Views: Elegant fully furnished penthouse, 4 bedrooms split in 2 floors, 3 bathrooms, spacious and light living room with the most beautiful ocean view Jacuzzi on the terrace. Freehold 0874663486. 24MB.

Kalim Sea View, Freehold Condo for Sale/Rent: B11.9 M 2 min walk to beach, big balcony & sunset view, 180 Sqm, 2 Ensuite Bed rooms, big living space. 089 617 2312, - Search V146.

G O LF V I LL A @ L o c h Palm: 3 bed 3 Bath fully furnished villa. Large living room, kitchen & laundry. Overlooking 8th hole tee. Plunge Pool, gym & leisure centre ( AVAILABLE: 20 Dec 2013 - 20 jan 2014 for holiday rental, THB 80,000. Call 08 58942268 or timshaw@

Beach Condo, Beach 3 Min. Walk: Spacious 2-bed-

5 Rai raw land behind ACG clubhouse on long lease for compatible sporting facility.

Fully furnished 2 bedroom house with ever y thing in the hear t of Karon. Long term rental only Minimum 6 months. Walking distance to shops, beach & restaurants. 300 m from Hilton hotel. Call on 0806905248 or email on, Price : 25000 per month , Person : Lillian Dinic , Address : 363/6 Patak Road Karon , Email : , 080 690 5248.


House for rent:

Three bedroom, one bathroom, lock up garage, carport, on 1/2 Rai of land, 10 min from, P.I.A, beach and airport. Contact 081 892 4804 for more information.

Kata Beach Apartment Sea Views: Western 1,2&3 bedroom NOW OPEN!! I N T H E N AT U R E RO M A N T I C THAI - ST YLE RESORT Daily 2 0 0 0 T h b, We e k l y 12 0 0 0 T h b, Monthly 44000Thb Included: Daily room cleaning, Linen changing once/week, Internet Wi-Fi, Cable TV, Smart TV, Electricity, Free bicycle, BBQ grill, Exes to Cinema room., Email : , Phone : 087 877 2320.

units fully furnished, parking fully fitted teak kitchens. Granite tops Western baths, sat.TV&internet included. Masterbed with ensuite bath starting 20,000/m longterm. No party people. 084 840 1262, north8east98@yahoo. com.

Bougainvillea Pool Villa Phuket: Discover the happiness of living the way a local Phuketian does in a highly pleasurable, private atmosphere close to Bang-Tao beach. Create wonderful memories in these modern Sino-Portuguese villas. More details at, 081 646 1233.

MODERN HOUSE IN KATA: Designed house modern look 4 bedroom big diinerplace and kitchen pool sauna washerroom close to kata beach quiet area. contact Cookie for more info 088 450 0463.

LUXURY 3 BR IN 4 STAR R E S O R T: 3 b e d r o o m 4



Furnished Modern 3Bed/3.5Bath V illa, Pr ivate G arden, Po ol & Garage. 5 min to Ao Po Grand Marina & Mission Hills Golf Course, 10 min to Thanyapura Contact 0818935270 (En/Fr), srdupouy@ ,081 893 5270



3 BR LUX POOLVILL A IN NAIHARN: 3 bedroom 3 bathroom, Chanote (Freehold), Land area 402.80M2 Living area 208 M2. Luxurious one-storey villa offers privacy and features your own garden and pool to enjoy the ambiance of outdoor tropical living. Fully furnished, large kitchen with built-in basin, stove, and cabinets. Private and Peaceful area.

bathroom, Land area 580 m2., Spacious living quarter’s feature open plan living & dining areas, a fully equipped, open-concept gourmet kitchen. The Villa comes fully furnished, Contemporary and expansive indoor and outdoor living spaces are offered, private pool. Services as Restaurant, Gym, Spa ,Maintenance ,Security and Maid. A perfect investment as daily rental prices are over B30,000/Day.

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OCEAN VIEW VILLA FOR RENT: Large 5/6, 6 bathroom villa,

Body: ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......


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large gym, pool, spa & more, Best views, Close to schools, Fully furnished, Min. 12 mths. For sale 48M Baht or Rent 165K per month. visit: w w w.baanparagone.c om. B16 5 K ,Mark Bloxwich, Mai Promwong ,56/4 M.4 Baan Para, Paklock, Thalang, Phuket ,; mai@ ,083 392 0077 or 081 956 2014.


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Online upgrades:

Website link B199

Print upgrades:

Extra lines B99

Urgent banner B199 Box B199

Colour Background B199

Bungalow in Khaolak for Sale: 5 rai land ,14 Bungalows with garden and staff house.Price:24.5 Million Baht, Contact:085-4756003 Email:riversidebungalow@, w w

RESORT WITH LAND: 3 An Exclusive, Tranquil, Unique Resort with 4 separate buildings a sweet and idyllic sanctuary for the senses, is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation with the comforts of home. Surrounded by lush green mountains and tropical forest. The Resort is an oasis of natural beauty and only a couple of minutes walking to beautiful Naiharn beach.

Plots for sale in Rawai:

FOR SALE. 3 plots of 250-300 sq.m each in Rawai suitable for building villas. In a quiet street and good location. Can be sold all together or separately. Contact Izzy 086 278 8300 or Danai 090 170 0429.

Colour Headlines B199


DEADLINE: MONDAY 11.59PM (MIDNIGHT) FOR THAT WEEKS ISSUE Hand this in at agent shops, our office or fax: 076 612 553 @thephuketnews

Freehold 2 bed villa in Laguna: Laguna Residences, Outrigger, 2 bedroom END unit villa. FREEHOLD title!With lifetime golf membership in Laguna Golf Club and privilage card with 50% discount in Laguna restaurants and spa. Fully Furnished! Selling price : 12.950.000,- Baht Please call 080 041 4464 or email : Rental1386@

Nice resort 8 house with pool: Nice resort 8 houses with Sale Patong Guesthouse 出 售巴东宾馆: First spacious&clean guesthouse downhill in Patong. 36MB. Close to the main road to Patong beach. 由业主提供公寓巴东 由业主,宾馆在巴 东。全装修的二十五间客房,36 意泰珠。 靠近巴东海滩。Ramon0856-44-9344

pool 6 house is two bedrom kitchen private laundry place 2 house is t h r e e b e dr o m k i tc h e n p r i vate laundry Aircon in all romms. Fully funitures 5 Min from Chalong circle about 2 rai land Price reduced from 28 milj, B24,500,000 ,Hakan, Chafa road, , 085 789 1773 .





List your classified now at

Urg e n t 2 N ew A p a r tments For Sale: Because

of divorce URGENT RE-SALE 2 brand new apartments. Welcome real buyers No agents. Call on +66 (0) 87 269 2274, Chrismar.

For Sale 2 villas with this view Situated at Ao Por, 2 modern contemporary villas. Infinity pool, 3 bedrooms, 4 bahtrooms, study, large living area, terrace and covered parking for 2 cars. Priced from 24 MB., Lease or sale, commercial building, intersection corner location, highly visible, developing area. call Dan 081 892 0960.

In Karon:

3 Bed Pool Villa Pa Khlok:

3 Beds, 2 Bath 6x3m pool. Full aircon and funishings. Ready for occupation and rental. Secure estate, private parking. 6km from Heroines monument. Close to PIA, BCS and shops. 081 737 0722.

Sea View Off Plan Condominiums: 65m2 Condominium. 1

Bedroom, 1 En Suite Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Pool, Large Balcony and Terrace Space, Parking. Excellent investment opportunity.

Beachfront Condo in Cape Panwa: Two floors 282 sq. m of

living space with stunning views. 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms + Study + large kitchen. Fully furnished. Communal 40m pool 5 steps away. Beach 15 steps! 091 876 2330.

Sin g l e H o u se Sp e c i a l Price Rent/Sale: Nice house

fully furnished with teakwood furniture, ready to move in. 240 sqm. 4 bed 4 bath, close to Kathu waterfall and market. Near Loch Palms, major stores, BIS and KIS. B45,000 per month. Call Oranwan 086 883 3169.

Patong Condo for sale: A nice foreign freehold condominium for sale in Patong is located in a recently complete development of one & two bedrooms condominiums. Located on the fourth floor of a total of five. 080 052 8082.

Freehold House for sale:

Freehold house for sale in estate in Cherng Talay. Land 735m2, floor area 230m2, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom. Many upgrades incl new carport included. Price B11 million. Call 083 509 8797 for info or viewing.

cent 4 bedroom pool villa on the west coast of Phuket, above prestigious Kata Beach. Exceptional opulence throughout. Long & short term rental. Enquiries on 087 283 8884 or 080 690 5248.

THB 26,000,000. Only 300 m. from Kata Beach. 236.25 sqm. 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. For more information call K.Chavarin 089 911 8833/081 866 9253 or email:

Luxury Villa in Chalong: Perfect condition, 660 sqm on 3 levels, 1,600 sqm land, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, swimming pool 12.5m x 6m with jacuzzi, large sala, double garage. Top quality construction. Reduced price: B25.5 million 086 271 3260 or 086 273 4149.

3 Gorgeous Lots, Clean Titles: For sale or long lease.

Nai Harn Baan Bua: When only

the best will do!!!!4 bed/pool villa in Phukets best kept gated community.410 villa.812 land.Overlooking lagoon.Beautiful.Ph: 0812704291. or Price 22.5 MB.

Furnish Condo Patong by Owner: By owner, condo in Patong.

Patong Free Hold Condo:

G re at inve st m e nt o p p o r tunit y i n P a t o n g . I h a v e 2 N E W LY RENOVATED c ondos in same complex near Simon Cabaret. Both condos fully funished + free hold. Condo no.1 4th floor studio unit 50sqm already rented out. Condo no.2 just funished renovation 3rd floor 1 bedroom 50sqm every thing brand new. This one never use and could be your residence plus earn income from other condo.Complex has huge pool + garden and 24 hrs. security. I want 5 MB for both. Eng 085 471 9246 Thai 087 621 3405.

Land Plot for Sale: Chanote title at Cherng Talay / Pasak7 (Phuket - Surin Beach area) Phone 090 487 8084. Email: utaipan@

Rawai - 1 rai plus 81 T/W. Telephone 089 645 5049.

pool & lake view. Fully furnished, near Kajonkiet International School, Tesco Lotus, Big C. 10 mins to Patong. Move in Mar 2014. Only B99k. Contact: 081 694 4144, 081 307 7247, email:

Home Office Near Thanyapura: New 2-storey home

office near Academy for sale, 280 sq metres, Chanote title, 2 beds 3 baths, nature mountain view. Main street, multiple entrances and exits. 10 minutes to Airport. Only B4.95 million. Call: 086 948 2294.

Land & House Park, Chalong: Villa for sale, 4 Bedrooms,

For Sale-Beachfront land@ Naka: 2 rai of absolutely amazing

Seaview Land Patong: Two parcels of superior land 11 rai. Inc seaview. Main road frontage. Ideal for resor t or condominiums. B150 M . N e g o t i a b l e . ( T h a i ) 0 81 3 7 0 8114 or (Ger) 081 892 1108. Email:

3 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Living room, Fully furnished and equipped, Garden 240 SQM. B6.8 M Tel. 083 394 4536(Eng) /084 443 5389(Thai/Eng)

Rai is 2.5 MB, total 3 Rai of Land, Mountain View, Chanote, 3 Mins drive to Thanyapura/PIA School, 15 Mins to Airport. Contact Marisa 084 305 6667 or marisar1978@

2.5 rai (N.S.-3 K document) near Kathu waterfall. 2 houses, 1 small house & 2 pools, big garage. 3 way Entrance. B28 million. Call 081 893 0540, 076 385 775 email:

Modern Villa in Marina: A spacious family home in Boat Lagoon. Modern contemporary style with 4+1 beds, 4 bathrooms. Large dining area, private swimming pool and fully furnished. 29.5 MB. Size 616 Sq.M. Call 076 238 948.

Guesthouse for Lease in Patong: 12 rooms, good location Nanai Road.9 year lease: very low rent,strong starting, easy to manage and good return on investment. Price 1MLN. Take this opportunity. Thamad17@yahoo. com. 089 728 4005.

Villa with Pool for Sale: Free-

hold 3/4 Bedroom Villa. 3 Air Con. 4k. to Ao Makarm Beach. 10x5m pool with 4th bedroom / office on other side. Plot size 104Sq Wah. 416Sqm. Reasonable offers. Call 089 831 4703/084 304 6723.

Af fordable 3 Bedroom House: Single floor, 3 bedroom, Land & House for sale:

sale/rent, 3 Bedrms in Maikhao. Ready to move in. Fully furnished 250 sq.m. European kitchen, air-cons.14 MB. or long term rent 081-895-4318 (Speak Th) (Eng)

Land Close to Thanyapura/PIA: Half Rai 1.3MB, 1

behind Premium Outlet. 250m road frontage, 300m deep. Sloping upwards, starting at 15m and ending at 65m above sea level. 6M/rai. Contact owner direct at 081 893 6630.

beachfron. A few minutes by boat to Phuket. Facing west to the sunset and views of Phuket. Contact: 086 278 8300 or Danai 090 1700 429.

Sales Down Payment Dcondo Mine: 7th floor. with

Ready to move in, villa 1 on 1,100 sqm. land, for sale B15.9 mil and villa 2 on 2,20 0 sqm. land, for sale B19.9 mil. Brand new, each with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 12 metre swimming pool, guest bungalow with 1 bedroom 1 bathroom. Perfectly located in a development with underground e l e c t r i c i t y a n d s e c u r i t y, o n l y 80 0 metres from Mission Hills golf course, less than 10 mins to airpor t, Phuket International Ac ademy and Ao Por Grand Marina. Call 081 343 0777. Email:

2 lots on island-beachfront (bungalow-/housing-estate) and 1 big mainland-mountain property all in very quiet, safe, well maintained locations near Krabi. 089 291 4671.

Condo @ Golf Course Sale/ rent: Urgent:Condo @ Golf Course

2 Pool Villas next to PIA:

250m road frontage near Bypass: 16 rai next to Phumundra,

Rawai Soi Saliga Land for Sale: Land for sale, Soi Saliga

Modern open living villa has it all, fully furnished, private secure estate close to beach. Enjoy the private salt water pool and undercover parking, 3 large bedrooms freehold investment. 081 719 4688.

Luxury Villa for Rent: Magnifi-

Building 3 storey for sale:

Fully furnished 1bed/1bath 29sqm 2.9 MB. & 2bed/2.5bath 72sqm 6.9 MB. Close to Jungceylon, Bangla road & Patong hospital. Ramon 085 644 9344,

Beautiful Karon Villa:

kitchen/dining area, living room, 2 toilets/showers. Aircon in each b e d r o o m . W a t e r t a n k+ p u m p . External covered area. Chanote title: 256 sqm Quiet developed village near Heroines Monument B3.2 million. Call 087 276 0529 .

Villa on 1 rai reduced now 20MB: Private big 3 bedroom

villa near Mission Hills golf with guest house and maids room all ensuite bathroom, big swimming pool 8x12M, big garage for 2 cars, koi ponds, European kitchen, 2x home cinema etc. Price 25MB, , 083 643 8384.

Rawai Seaview Condo for sale: Seaview condo, freehold, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 120sqm. B7.8 million, fully furnished. For more pictures and information please contact:






List your classified now at PROPERTY FOR SALE CONT. Cheapest Seaview land for Sale: Panorama view of sea view

golf course view mountain view land for sale. Near Mission Hills Golf course. 6 rai chanote title. B3 million per rai. 087 675 9555, email: pee_bang56@

Hou se on Th e Co r n er for Sale: Quiet location and

only 500m from the main road. Thepkrasattri, Heroines Monument. 70sqw x 280sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 b at h r o o m s, b i g li v i n g r o o m with open-plan kitchen (9x9m), 1 separated kitchen, carpark for 3 cars and a small storehouse, 2 aircons, cable TV, 1 phone line TT&T. Price: B2,995,000 including furniture. Must see! Email: Call 081 607 8000.

Land area 500m2, House area 164m2. 3 bed, 4 bath, fully furnished, aircon in all rooms, fans, Internet, satellite TV, swimming pool, independent water supply wells. Finish work December 2012. B8.5 million. Call 088 838 3242.

House for Sale - Chalong:

Quiet stand alone villa, 3 bed, 2 - 5 star baths, 5 aircon, full furn, garden dining lush green, 50 Wah, quality new paint, excellent condition, B3.5 million, firm. Contact: peterb@inter, 084 843 3492.

The Aqua pool villa-sales/ rent: In Land & House Park Phuket

(Manthana Zone) Land area = 440 sqm. Home area = 300 sqm. 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms 1 living room and kitchen 1 swimming pool (3m*10m) out door jacuzzi and pavilion Sales: from 1112.8MB. Rent: from 85,000 - 120,000 B/Month. 088 751 2389.

Mission Heights:

25 year lease for sale. Well situated in fast developing and sought after area close to Laguna. Some fixed rent applies. Contact 087 884 0644 for more info.

2 Rai, Cherngtalay:

Land for Sale: 400m from Naiyang Beach. 3 Rai 1 Tarangwah. 6.5MB per Rai. Call 087 091 8331 or email chiangmaibeltrade@hotmail. com for more information.

3 & 4 Bed Pool Villas: Resort for Sale: Resort 2 rai, with

chanote. 22 double villas with kitchens, large pool and big coconut garden with own well. Restaurant and bar with satellite TV and Adsl. Opened for 15 years, with lots of repeat customers, parking, quiet. 086 940 1860.

Laguna / Layan. Luxur y pr ivate pool villas in secure development. Available now. All beds ensuite. Fully furnished. Rental programme available. B12-20 million. Contact owner: 085 549 7110.

Beach Land on Koh Yao Yai: Price Reduced, 4beds Villa: Comfor table 4 bedrooms villa, plus maid room. Approx. 450Sq.M building, corner plot, energy saving, management ser vice available for investor.Located in secured gate community, near British International school.

Mai Khao Prime Location Land: I will sell my piece of land next to the new tourist attraction in Mai Khao. Perfect for investment in future like shops, guesthouse. Please email for mobile number and more details.

6.26 rai direct beachfront, power, water, road, unobstructed views, chanote title, white sand, peaceful. Only 5.8 mil baht per rai. Doesn't get much better than this! Beautiful beach land. 081 649 3557.

House for sale: Baan Manik area, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, ceiling fans all through out, 2 aic con units, furnished. 2.7MB, no offers. For more info - Farang - 080 323 1918, Thai 081 607 9874.

3 Rai Chanote Mangosteen Land: Beautiful square land plot next to Mangosteen Resort, 3-0-38 Rai, Chanote title, light slope, great access to Soi Saiyuan, show villa can be completed, ideal for villa or condo development. 081 536 5846.

Patong Tower for Sale:

FOR SALE Penthouse in Rawai: 360 panoramic breathtak-

ing views of Chalong Bay, mountain views and Big Buddha. Two bedrooms, 310 sq.m of spacious living area and balconies. Contact Izzy 0862788300 or Danai 090 170 0429.

And for rent. Sea view and mountain views. Freehold from 64 to 448 sq metres. Phone no: 080 692 6114. Email: orsoreal

Sea-View Chalong-Residence: Dream pool villa with 5

D E TA C H E D O R S E M I DETACHED: Large detached 4

Bed.4 Bath 2 en suite, 4 air con. OR 2 adjoining semi-detached. Live in one, Rent one ? Water storage with pumps. Secure Parking. Quite Soi. All in Excellent condition. B3.5M. 082 738 3007.

bedrooms all with ensuite on 1 rai of land. Big hall, office, maid’s room. Brand-new construction opposite Wat Chalong on the way up to the hill. A huge 685 sq.m of living area, fully furnished. Modern Europeandesigned kitchen. Big sea view pool terraces incl sala and attractive bar area. Security alarm system. Selling price on request. By owner directly. Call 085 654 4011 or 089 404 0737. Email:

5km East from Heroines Monument. Photos available. THB 4,5 mill. Contact Lin (+66) (0)81 8922419, linphuket@

New House for Sales low price than Project, Phanason Villages at Bang Joe for 50 Sqm, 3bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Free contract. Contact: 089 729 9503.

A big beautiful house with 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, fully furnished. Located in stunning panoramic hilltop scenery in Takuapa, Phang Nga, covering an area of 127 rai. Surrounded by fertile farmland with fruit trees. Price 96MB. Contact K. Peerawat: 08 4 308 8484. Email: peerawat002@hot

location, off road parking, busy road. Contact Thai 084 630 6920, English 082 534 7410,,

Seaview Land For Sale: Land located right in the heart of Chalong with panorama view of Chalong pier. Close to a number of sandy beaches; Naihan Rawai Kata and Karon. Easy access to major depar tment stores. Surrounded by public facilities including education institutes and hospitals. You will benefit from a perfect location that's rapidly increasing in value. 3 rai and 1 Ngan with Chanote title. Call 087 278 7206, 089 215 5041 e -mail: kubesjoy@

Pool Villa Rawai: 4 Bedroom/ 4 Bathroom European style single storey house with self contained guest house and pool in Rawai on 736m2 plot. Large master bedroom with en-suite, walk in wardrobe. Modern western style kitchen with granite tops, built-ins throughout. Established 7 years. Plenty of outdoor living area with several verandahs and under cover car park, air-conditioning in all bedrooms and lounge. Situated about 2km from Chalong circle in a quiet lane 1km from Viset Road. House & Guest house 180 sqm Land area 736sqm (184TW). 3 bedrooms Master ensuite, 4 Bathrooms 7x3.5m salt water pool. Electric gate. Well water. Concrete road access. Call 087 891 9349.

Luxury 3 Bed Villa For Sale:

This luxury three bedroom home is located in a secure estate with security and office. It is only five minutes from Bangtao Beach and Laguna Phuket including the Laguna Phuket Golf Club and 20 minutes from Blue Canyon Country Club and Phuket International Airport. The villa comes fully furnished with luxury leather lounge suites and quality furniture, all bedding, kitchen utensils and cooking facilities. For details and inspection, see www. or contact graham@ or call 081 897 0225.

3 Bdrm House for sale Thalang: House for sale. 3 bed and

At Siri Village, Pa Khlok, 2 flrs, 3 beds, 2 shower rms, kitchen, living & dining area, garden, car park, 2 aircons, unstair curtains, 1 furnished bedroom. 3.8MB Contact Kirana 088 760 6083.

2 baths, large living and dining room, 4 X aircons, 2 X car ports and garage. House 7 yrs 1 owner , well maintained with 135sqm living area. Land Chanote 92tw. 3.5MB 081 737 3116.

Three floor villa for sale: Brand new three floor villa on Phuket, near Villa Market. Glass elevator, swimming pool, ocean view. 700 sq. m. Freehold contract available. Current price: 13m THB. Please call Alexander 080 521 0736.

Two shophouse for lease in Patong: Low Rent! 2 Shophouse - 2

House and Business for sale: 3 storey, 5 bedrooms, good


Apartments, furnished, best/quiet locations, garden, s-pool, from 36-67sq metre, sea-city-mountain views, from B2,375. Call 087 819 2162 or

New house for sale:

Charming 4 Bed. House for Sale: Full privacy. Great for families.

Sok, Klong Sok district. B400,000 per rai. Close to Khao Sok National Park entrance. PNSS3 title, to be upgraded to Chanote soon. Phone 081 693 2759.

PAT O N G c o n d o s f o r sale: Beautiful, modern Condos/

pool, security 24/7, cafeteria. Studio 46sqm fully furnished. Freehold for foreigners. Price: 2.6MLN. Urgent sale, no agent. Tel: 089 728 4005. Email:

New House for Sales:

Villa and farmland for sale:

Khao Sok, 25+ rai, B400,000 per rai: 25 rai, 3 ngan in Khao

Patong Apartment Reduced Price: Condo 4 years old. Swimming

flrs.Can make business ground floor. Huge 2nd floor fully furnished as 2 bed apartment with private bathrooms. Includes furniture. Big kitchen and living area. 084 189 7696.

12 Rai Chanote to sell: One of the last pieces of beautiful sea view land between Ao Makham and Ao Yon Road. Infrastructure done B210 million. Call 081 917 0377, 10am-5pm.

Luxury Condo Rent / Sale:

Seaview Townhouse Patong: Bet ween the c it y and

the jungle at the northern edge of Patong. 70m alt. 10mn walk to the beach. 4 storey + 290 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 toilet. 4 aircon, partly furnished. Email:

Budget Bungalows:

Two Bungalows in Chalong.2-3 bedrooms.Close to all amenities. One has room for a pool,the other is like a rain forest. From only 2,300,000 Baht.Ph:0812704291. Email:

2 B e d r o o m , L- r o o m a n d f u l l y equipped kitchen, 160 -212sqm. Very high standard with a nice view. Big balcony, swimming pool, gym. Location: Kathu, 10 min. Patong Beach, 5 min. Phuket Town and all department stores and international hospitals. Rent Long term: B45,000 – B63,50 0 Buy: B8,50 0,0 0 0 – B11,500,000. Contact 086 268 7901 or send e-mail to: condophuket@



List your classified now at


House in Phuket Town / Samkong 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms Beautiful Naiharn Pool Villa: New Luxury Villa For Sale:

Lu xu r i o u s G o l f V i l l a @ Laguna Village: MUST BE SOLD ! Surplus to family invest needs. 3-bed, plus maid's qtrs. This home has been lovingly cared for. Leasehold/freehold. BVI status. POA. Ph 082 810 4184,

3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, private swimming pool (12 metre). House area of 600 sq.m., land 1.5 rai (2400 sq metre). Located on the shore of the ocean on the Koh Kho Khao. Email:

Modern Family House for sale: Beautiful 3 bedrooms villa in

2 Bed/3 Bath, Built-In & Partial fur. Private pool & jacuzzi, sala, 50 0 beach Price 7.9 mil.Baht with Chanote title Tel.081 691 3029, E: kris.

Nai Harn / Rawai, Balinese Pool Villa, 2 years old, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, price reduced for quick sale. Please call our agent 082 420 70 52 or send email to

Donsak Beachfront Land 3 Rai: 67 metres absolute beach


frontage, fully infrastructured, ready to build. Close to ferry going to Koh Samui. Chanote title. 4.5 MB for all. Email:


Secure private hillside by Naiharn Beach. Quality furnished throughout. 3 big bedrooms, office, 4 baths, 230 sm plus carport etc. 1050 sm land. New condition. 15x4.6 m pool. Freehold. Nice. Only 17.5MB. Contact 089 727 5407,

Rawai. 160sqm indoor. 400sqm outdoor. Shared swimming pool. Modern villa renovated in 2011-2012. Fully furnished. For more info: phuketvilla

Balinese Pool Villa:

Hot Price Sale- PuriAnda Villas: New Pool Villa in Rawai



Conveniently located 5 minutes from all amenities including both international hospitals, Central Festival, international schools and the centre of town. Selling due to relocation. Priced to sell at 4.3 M THB including 4 air cons and all modern style furniture. Nothing more to spend. Contact (English): 084 768 0536 or (Thai): 085 888 0502

Apartment on Golf Course:

Seaview 1 BDRM New Condo Patong: Stunning seaview,

Golf View, Kathu. Tastefully renovated large (83m2) apartment in Phuket Country Club. Golf view. 1 bed but easily converted to 2. Store, large Western kitchen and all furniture included. Ideal (holiday) home. Contact 081 273 7326, Email: keith

city view 1 bdrm condo on hill 500m from Patong beach. Fitness centre, roof top pool, security, car park, freehold. Only B4,400,000. Keith 084 628 3430,

Investment Proper t y for sale!: New, modern waterfront townhome at the Boat Lagoon for sale. Rented out long term at B570,000 per year. 3 bed/4 bath, 2 balconies, terrace at canal, 6 m berth in front of house. 250 sqm living space. Top condition. Luxury finishings. Brokers welcome. B9.9 million. 086 747 9292 (English) or 081 970 5204 (Thai/English).

Amazing 3 Bedroom Villa With Swimming Pool: Guarded

Serenity near the Beach,Chumpon: 210 sq.M

contemporary 2 story house,pool.400 M. to ThungWualen.Situated in a green belt of jungle,palm plantations,10 mins walk to the beach No traf fic jams.Chanote title.Total 2648 sq.M., Email : , Phone : 083- 391 4405.

compound Kokyang Estate Phase II, 3 min to Nai Harn beach, modern interior design, garage, developed infrastructure. For more information: Call Elena 084 305 0634.

Reduced for Quick Sale:

Studio condo at The Point near Lotus, Big C, Central. Fully furnished. Great views 6th floor. Cost B2.8M. Reduced to B2.25M. Call 087 889 3838 or 081 370 8114. Email:

Home For Sale By Owner: 4 plots (3 connecting, 1 separate) 1km north of Airport, along the road to MaiKhao Beach. Sea view towards south east. NorSor3Gor. 4.5 Rai in total. B4 million per Rai. Contact owner: 081 893 6630.

One level 3 Bdr,2 Bath,fully equipped kitchen, set in private, secure surroundings and conveniently located as it’s just a 5 minutes drive to the BIS international school.Community Pool. Email : robert.anthony.krause@gmail. com , Phone : 084 851 9795.

SeaView near Airport:

Sea View Land for Sale:

Ao-Yon, 13.5 rai, chanode title.10m/ rai.Call Siri 089 649 9939, email:

Condo At The Heights, Kata: Immaculate 2-bed foreign-

freehold unit in award-winning project. 195 sqm, sea view, near gym & pool. Quality furnishing throughout. Designer kitchen with utility-store.

Sea View Land for Sale: Ao Makham. 5.5 rai, B10 million per rai. Contact Siriporn 089 649 9939, email:

Free Hold Condo For Sale:

43 Sq. Free hold. 1 balcony (Great view). 1 bed room. 1 living room. 2 air conditioners. Full furniture. Internet.Swimming pool. Gym. Automated door lock and key card. Call 080 040 9077.

Amazing sea view pool villa:

Furnished House for Sale Phuket Villa 5: 3 bedroom

furnished house near Kajonkiet School. Secure area, Cul De Sac. Nic e gardens, t wo bathrooms. B3.5M negotiable. Call 081 370 8114 (Thai) 087 889 3838 (Eng),

Patong Bangla Building for Sale: B28 million, Chanote, 4 floors 6m x 14m. 1st & 2nd tenanted. Flr 3-staff accom, bath, kitchen. Separate office with access to lower floor. 4th flr private penthouse one bed. 087 881 7600.

1.5 Rai Private Land Cape Yamu: 1.5 Rai flat land at Cape

Yamu. 2 x 0.75 Rai adjoining plots. OrBorTor road access to quiet end of soi location. Sale direct from the owner. B3.75 Million per rai negotiable. Call 081 087 9237.

Sea-View Contemporary Pool Villla: Located near Phuket

town. L and: 8 5 5 sq.m. H ouse: 650sq.m. Furnished. 3 beds, 2 offices, 2 staff quarters, 1 free room. 2 Parkings. Price B38 mill.Tel: 081 895 3628 E-mail:

Beaut iful L and L aguna Cher ngt alay: Chanote t it le,

Land for Sale Cherngtalay:

Pool villa for sale or rent: Ocean Front Villa for Sale: 206.4 sqm, Chanote title in Phanason residence(next to Makro). 1 min to Central festival, 5 min to town. Call 084 061 4314, 076 393 965.

Land for sale:

Happy Home Apartment for sale: Nice apartment, fully

furnished at Rawai. The apar tment is set in a private compound with pool. It is located only 5 minutes from beach and convenient to Phuket Town. Only B15 million. Tel: 081 893 2165 www.happyho

4 bed,4 bath,beautifully furnished villa, great ocean views. Cape Yamu area, only 10 mins from BIS/PIA . Large pool,garden, very private estate. 80000/mth. 0862796283;

Luxury brand new villa, fully furnished and ready to move in, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with infinity 10 metre long swimming pool and truly beautiful sea view. Located in a small development, only 50 metres from the sea and 3 mins from Ao Po Grand Marina. For sale B19.9 million or for long term rent B150,000 per month. Call 081 343 0777, email: montha_phuket@

Spac ious one bed room apar tment with ocean view, nor th of Patong. Floor area 96m2 internal and 72m2 terrace including water feature with sala and jacuz zi. Per fect bachelor pad with rental income. Email for info: bart

For sale:

Beautiful 2,400sqm (1.5RAI) Chanote titled land plot in Pasak 8, located on the highest point of a gentle slope. Quiet and safe area. Only 8.5MB. Agents welcome. Phuketlandvilla@, 089 875 9609.

bedrooms with bathrooms in tastefully re-decorated bungalow set in mature garden plot of 550m2 within secure development for ownership and/or investment. B15.5 million. Email:

yellow zoned, save area. Nearly 4 rai, direct from owner. Subdivided i n 6 p l o t s e a c h c a . 1, 0 0 0 s q m . ready to build. Only 7.5 MB per rai. K hun Chanc hira, 0 81 3 67 76 8 3.

Royal Kamala Condo-Sale & Rent: In Kamala. Freehold 1, 2, 3

Hillside setting. Luxurious 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom pool villa for sale or rent. Sale 20M Baht. Rent Low season Daily 6k, Weekly 36k, Monthly 80k. High season Daily 7k, Weekly 42k, Monthly 100k. One complete year 85k per month. Call 087 078 6379.

Absolute Beachfront:Set on the beachfront, the ff villa offers uninterrupted sea and island views of the south east coast of Phuket. Situated between two 5 star resorts: Vijitt and EVASON near Laem Kanoi. 081 480 3834, http://www.

Laguna/Layan Beach Luxury 13M Salt-Water Pool Villa For Sale (Or Rent): Three large

Beautiful Karon Villa: Stunning,

safe, secure estate villa , close to beach, crystal clear salt water pool 3 large bedrooms, modern open living, fully furnished, freehold, everything done – enjoy the lifestyle. Phone 081 719 4688 Email :

Rawai Beachfront Pool Villa for Rent/Sale: Rawai

Beach front pool villa for sale. 3 bedrooms, furnished. Contact Siriporn on 089 649 9939.

Absolute Beach Front Land: Songkla district near new

deep sea port. 4.5 Rai divided into 7 Chanote plots. Reluctant sale. B4.9M the lot. Email: jmic chia@ or call 087 276 0529.

Bedroom apartment with kitchen, living room, balcony, swimming pool, fitness, security guard, parking. Ready to move. 085-368-3009, salesdirector@

Italian modern home for sale: Sea view and mountain view,

indoor swimming pool 14.50Meters X4.20Meters, near Rawai beach. 3 Bedrooms, land 216 m². Indoor 334 m². Ready to move in. The_ . 093 160 6566. Price 13 MB.






List your classified now at

Our customers are wanting to BUY your condo, house, villa or business. Please contact Tina - 082 423 0043 or East Coast Sea View Land

le sa t en g r U

RPM Owner Direct Unique luxury condo 2 bed, 2 bath, 155sqm. Foreign FREE HOLD. Recent architect remodel. New Jacuzzi. Views to lake, mountain, marina, pool etc. Completely furnished to very high standard. Motivated owner leaving.


Total 1.5 rai (2,450sq metre) on gently sloping land with sea view of Phang Nga Bay.

Wonderful 5 bed house over looking the lake & Golf course in Laguna. Sale: Reduced to: 31.5 M / Rent: 190,000 P/M. Call Mick: 0848186045 - Email: or

2 separate Chanote titles each about 1,200 sq metres (4.5 and 5.5M), or will sell as one lot. Underground services. 081 273 7326, email:

Reduced by 600,000B. ONLY 16.9MB. Contact Brian (Owner) 089 054 4354, +632 906 435 7146, Alan 087 999 6174, See for complete details.


4 Rai & Home & Thai Co. 18 M B 4 R ai w 2 b,1b a h o m e NS3G title. Next to Nat’l Park Layan, N Bang Tao Scenic Quiet 5 min to Cherng-Telay Walk to beach Prior permit for 6 villa develop Road, runoff culvert & tank built. 084 842 4581,

3 Bedroom Pool Villa, Rawai: 160m2 Private Pool Villa. 3 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom (3 En Suite), Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Large Balconies & Terrace, Carport. Freehold, Chanote title. 2 minutes from beach! See proper

Condominium for SALE in Patong: Freehold title, Studio type, 32 sqm. of the living area, Furnished, 1 Bathroom, Fitted kitchen with dining area, Swimming pool, Restaurant. Call 083 103 3801 (English and Thai).

Paklok Land Only B7,999/ Sqwah: Only B7,999/Sq wah at

Paklok, Chanote, Mountain View, 200m from main road, 11 km from monument and 4 km to Mission Hill. Interested or want a larger size? CALL 084 305 6667, email: mari

Rawai Great Buying: Lovely

house with 2 bedrooms or separate SC flat downstairs.Well ventilated with natural light in pristine condition.Distant sea views.4,995,000 Baht. Warren Crowe 081 270 4291 or

investment condo N/East aspect Rawai 5th floor corner sweeping ocean rural views. 126sqm, 2 bed, 2 bath, free hold, furnished, pool, B8.75million perment tenant at B40,000 p/m. Call 089 050 5664

Ocean Front Land: 7 rai with 185 metres of sea frontage. Water, electricity, road and boat access, located 800 metres from Yacht Haven marina, perfect site for small beach front development. For quick sale only B5 million per rai. Tel 081 343 0777 Email: montha_phuket@

Beautiful Beachfront Land: Absolute beach front land only 4 to 5 hours from Phuket. Why pay 30-50 million baht per Rai when you can have the best from B1.1 to B2.9 Million Baht per Rai!!! Email: thailandmls@


house. 3 large beds/4 baths. 250 Sqm. one office area and 2 balconies. One private birth for a boat up to 6 meters behind the house. freehold/leasehold. B9.9 million. Call 082 493 8526. Email:

URGENT!! SEAVIEW LAND 12 Million Baht 081 8937027

7th Floor Suites (Hotel) Building For Sale Kata Beach Center 9 apar tments and a 300 sqm Penthouse on the roof plus fully equipped restaurant and pool with terrace are free of rent and now available. Price total 38 million Baht (9.50.000.euro) include chanote and Thai company. For serious interest email: for RUSSIAN; Ms. Oxana Email:


Great Investment Opportunity: Completed show house and infrastructure seven further plots for development. 1.5km from Mission Hills Golf Club. Please call 087 888 1761 (Aom) for details.

Apartment for sale in Patong: Apartment for SALE in Patong; 50 sqm of the living area, sea-view /mountain view, furnished, Pool, 24hr security, for SALE B2.8M B3.3M. Contact +66 (0) 83 103 3801, 081 415 7774.

Chalong Beach Front Pool Villa: Chalong Beach Front Pool

Must see! Great 4bd villa: Truly exceptional 4 bd villa on the 1900 sqm land, surrounded by jungle. 10x5 m pool must see! 10 min drive to Tanyapura and to Naithon Beach. Great lovely home for large families! 12.5MB. 0840607050.

Very Spacious European From Owner: Villa in peacePhuket Country Club Condos: 3 Only Luxury Contemporary

Condos, 1 per floor C/W lift. Located on the 15th fairway 275 M3 per floor total.Common Pool and Sundeck. Underground parking 1/unit, Floor 3 show unit complete Floors 1&2 are unfinished, waiting for owners choice of flooring and kitchens. Could still develop into one very large private home. Floors 1&2 could be offices star ting from B10 million. Or B32 million for project Partial financing available. Info contact 084 840 1262,

Land For Sale: Mission Hills. 3/4 of rai in small community, very quiet and private, close to all services, 10 min to school, airport, beach, golf, Tesco. Was B2.5M. 087 276 0529 for info.

288 sqm of heaven. Plunge pool, 3 bed, 4 bath overlooking perfect panoramic ocean views. Beach shops, fabulous restaurants, nightlife all a 3 minute walk. B42,624,000. Contact: 088 761 4030 or

Modern Villa in Marina:

A spacious family home in Boat Lagoon. Modern contemporary style with 4+1 beds, 4 bathrooms. Large dining area, private swimming pool and fully furnished. Size 616 Sq.M. Call 076 238 948.

Thai House@Phuket Fantasea : Traditional Thai house design 4bed, 4bath, kitchen. Mountain views.8,8 MB.Large living room, 3 aircon. 1.5km from Phuket Fantasea. Well maintained with 47sqm. 085 644 9344.

Freehold Condo For Sale: 45 Sq.m Freehold. 2 balconies (great view). 1 bedroom. 1 livingroom. 2 air conditioners. Full furniture. Internet. Cable TV. Laundry. Fresh market. Swimming pool. Gym. Restaurant. Call 080 040 9077.

ful place in Rawai. Large living area and terrace. 3 bedrooms, 4 aircon, 3 bathrooms, 1 guest toilet. Western kitchen, garage, laundry, beautiful garden, swimming pool. 612 sqm plot, chanote title. Price B9.5 million. Contact Tanya 083 506 8345,

ge Ur



al e

Urgent Sale: 6 rai Hilltop Land for sale, near Mission Hills golf club, was B4.2 million per rai now only B2.99 million per rai, full chanote, water/ elec. sea/mountain views. 087 978 5804 (Eng).


Buy / Sale / Rent: Property and Business. Our clients are interested to buy/rent property and business in Nai Harn, Rawai, Kata, Karon, Patong, Kamala, Surin, Bang Tao. Free Listing. Please visit, ,088 450 5095.


Superb Ocean View Lux Penthouse: B148,000 per sqm,

Sales - D Condo Mine:

Sales - down payment 250,000 B D Condo Mine Phuket Town by Sansiri. Finished in March 2014.Corner room on the 7th floor with nice view. 2 Bedrooms Call:089 159 3239.

Makes a good condo deal now. 1-bedroom, fully furnished, 67 sqm living area. Only B2.99 mil. Big swimming pool. Normal price B3.7 mil. Call 089 872 6895. Email:

Villa For Sale/Rent,3 bed rooms,area 1 rai call Siriporn 089 649 9939,email: siri_phuket

World Class Sea Views: 4 Bedroom British Colonial style house, Cape Yamu, Phuket. Amazing views spanning over 100km, as far as Krabi. Price reduced from B35 to B28 million. 086 279 6283, email:

Patong Loft Condo:

Waterfront Villa in Boatlagoon: Modern style spacious town-

Hill Land for Sale: Very nice location hill land by the Bangwat Dam, total 60 rai, 96,000 square metre. Contact: Attapong 081 892 0610 (Thai), Jantiwa 081 890 8268 (Eng). e-mail: jantiwa_ j@

Located in Sai Yaun 9, at the back of Mangosteen hotel. Very good access , road, electric, water. Size approximately 30 by 70 metres. Chanote. Contact 087 897 0501.

Properties for sale: Luxury

Condo in Marina:

Last 1 Studio of The Cleat condo (Phase 1) in Krabi Boat Lagoon, low-rise waterfront Condo built around the lagoon with Mangrove, Sea and Marina view and full facilities. Call +66(0)76 238 948.

2,200 Land, Nai Harn -B10.9 million for Sale:

Land for Sale - Khao Lak: A beautiful 402 rai land with 860 meters of beach front in Khao Lak,Phang Nga,Chanote Title,sale all land. Ru/ En translator Call:088-7652203,0813707289,

Zion Proper ty CO., Ltd.: Land for Sale:

Mission Hills. One rai. Very quiet and private, close to all services, 10 min to school, airport, beach, golf, Tesco. B3.4M. 087 276 0529 for info.

Whether you are selling, buying or renting we offer a wide selection of high quality properties, land and businesses located in the south of Thailand. Please contact us for further information. Call 080 087 1772. See





















Specialized in large commercial and small residential cooling & heating systems.

076 319406-8 086 4702026-7







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Marketing Executive wanted Art House is hiring - Marketing Executive, working at the booth in Central. Thai female, good command of English. We pay basic salary + commission + bonus. Call Alexandr 089 594 6888,

Fr e e l a n c e G r a p hi c s Designer: Looking for FreeFREELANCE WEB / SEO / EDITING: Do you require up-dates/ SEO to your site, blog or Open Cart? Also: s-engine/RSS/Blog submissions - PDF/Photo flip shows - Web Photo Video’s etc. Email: mr.m.hopkins@

lance Graphics Designer for occasional projects using Photo shop, In Design and Illustrator programmes. Contact Simone on or call 083 596 0018.

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.


LIVE THE LIFEST YLE OF YOUR DREAMS: InterGraphic Designer wanted Genkan Creative is looking to

expand its international team. We are looking for a self-motivated, highly creative individual to work with our international team creating world class web applications. Candidates are expected to have the following experience; Thai Nationality 3 years’ experience in Web graphic design Knowledge of HTML & CSS Knowledge of graphic design tools. E.g Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Knowledge of Wordpress a plus Expected Salary between 20,000 – 30,000 THB depending on experience. Candidates should send their CV & Portfolio to

national financial advisors required for south east asia finance and sales experience a huge advantage please send your CV and contact details to: info@pp-intl. com

S w i s s S e r vic e / Phon e Operator: Swiss Ser vice / Telephone Operator .Good level of English. Ability to work under pressure. Good in communication and organisation. Responsible and reliable. Minimum one year experience. Contact: HR Department, email: Humanresources.phuket@ or call 076 303 000.

G enkan Creative is looking to expand its international team. We are looking for a self-motivated, highly creative individual to work with our international team creating world class web applications. Candidates are expected to have the following experience; Thai Nationality Minimum 3 years’ experience working in Web Development Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP Minimum 2 years’ experience working with Wordpress Knowledge of SEO a plus Knowledge of graphic design tools. E.g Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop a plus Knowledge of Facebook Apps a plus Expected Salary between 25,000 – 30,000 THB depending on experience. Candidates should send their CV to

Native English Teacher N e e d ex p e r i e nc e d p r e s c h o o l teacher, 10 -14 children. Star t i m m e d i a t e l y, C h a l o n g , 4 0 hour a week. Send resume to

DMG Thailand is hiring Development Management Group is a Project Management Company with a long and successful history in Phuket. We are expanding our team and looking for candidates with a track record of success.The positions will be located in Phuket and Thai Nationals are desired. The positions require good command of spoken and written English. M&E Engin e er M ec hanic al & Elec tr ic al Engineer to handle inspection, testing, and design review on a new construction project.Will coordinate with designers and contractors for the successful completion of the project. Contracts Manager The suc c essf ul c andidate will have a proven track record of successful contracts work in a construction environment. Administrative Assistant Solid skills with MS Office and previous construction experience is a plus. Tel: 076-617763. Email: hr@

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.


Editorial Assistant/Translator

Qualifications: Phuket News TV is looking for a fantastic video editor and camera-person. You will need to be a Thai national or have your own work permit. The applicant will be familiar with digital video editing on Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro 6. You will also need to be familiar with the latest HD compact cameras and DSLRs. Previous work experience in the industry is essential. Phuket News TV works on the Apple computing platform.

The successful candidate will:

You will be working with a small, dynamic team and will visit events, news stories and record in the Phuket News TV studios. There will be occasions when it is necessary to work out of hours or weekends, as the needs arise.

● Be a Thai national ● Be able to read, write and speak in English in order to translate documents to a high standard ● Be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude ● Assist foreigner and Thai editorial staff with information gathering ● Have excellent communication and telephone skills in both Thai and English ● Have the ability to work as part of a friendly team ● Strong computer skills ● Some data entry required ● Some after hours work required

Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, expected salary with recent photo via email to or fax your resume to 076-612-553

Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, expected salary with recent photo via email to or fax your resume to 076-612-553


Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553


Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553

The Phuket News is looking for a lifestyle & features editor to oversee its weekly LIFE supplement. Your role will include writing and sourcing stories for an exciting range of subjects, from arts to dining, education to entertainment. You’ll be interviewing the island’s leading personalities, reviewing restaurants, attending glamorous events, and heading off on weekend travel trips. The ideal candidate will have 1-2 years experience covering lifestyle for a magazine or newspaper, be outgoing with plenty of ideas, and have strong writing and editing skills. You should also be keen to learn more about the Thai culture and the kingdom. In return, we offer a friendly work environment, 5 day work week (8.30am-6pm), competitive salary, local health insurance, work-related travel expenses, time in lieu for overtime, and the chance to live and experience a great part of the world, while also furthering your career. With a booming economy, thriving beach culture, and international community, Phuket is the place to be. Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, expected salary with recent photo via email to or fax your resume to 076-612-553

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

PR & Marketing Assistant Responsibilities : ● Assisting the PR manager with planning and implementing PR plans for the company ● Representing the company at events & exhibitions ● General Marketing and PR admin tasks


● Good communication skills both in Thai & English ● Degree qualified – recent graduate welcome to apply ● Have own transport (bike or car) ● Ability to work after normal work hours and/or weekends (time in lieu will be given)

We offer:

● Competitive salary ● Social security (10%) paid by the company ● Excellent career progress opportunity ● Time in lieu for any overtime hours worked If you are professional & enthusiastic person, this is an excellent opportunity to advance in a growing & innovative media business in Phuket

Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, expected salary with recent photo via email to or fax your resume to 076-612-553

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553






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2 2 m . I n d o n e s i a n Pi n i s i Ketch: Licensed and registered in Thailand. She is in good condition and currently working as a snorkel and sunset tour boat. For sale or long-term rental. Price negotiable for quick sale.

Yacht sale 36-ft Searay: A very good condition with bedding for 5, air-con, generator, kitchenette, BBQ grill, twin propulsion, Mercruiser 5.0L bravo III DTS, raymarine chartplotter, GPS and depth sounder. B4.5 million. Call 089 647 5204.

Boat Sales and Charters: Want to build or charter your own boat to get out among Phuket’s many islands for fishing or pleasure? Then please contact the experts on 081 270 4291 or go to www.

J e t s k i s & Tr a i l e r 600,000THB: Two 3 person jet skis, fully maintained & just fully repainted and serviced. Refurbished stainless frame trailer included with trailer jack and hand winches.082 282 6947 Dan (Thai/English).


Sale New Boat SR-21 Finished: SR.Marine. We are proLuxury Yacht for Sale: For sale 2002 Bertram 510 Flybridge luxury yacht. Reduced to only USD675,000. Contact Marcus on marcus@leema

fessional boat builders. Our showroom in Phuket. This model is SR-21, finished. Price B375,000. “This price exclude only engine”. Email: 081 782 0921.

End of 2013 - New Yacht Sale: Dehler 29 - 2 Cabin - THB New Varianta 37:

Max Value – Min Price 37’ yacht built by Hanse and designed by Judel/Vrolijk at a 32’ price. Performance 2/3 Cabin Layout. Base Price €74,900 ex Fact 0813701995

3,5000,000; Hanse 325 Max - 2 Cabin - THB 4,000,000; Varianta 37 - 3 Cabin - THB 4,950,000. Prices include many options and Delivery to Phuket. Contact: -, 081 370 1995. Inq,

LIV Aboard For Sale: Compressors and tanks also available. Please contact Joe : 087 891 8912 joe@

Crownline 320 LS 50 kts B o w r i d : Ve r y f a s t - n i c e s p o r t boat,2x350 MPI engines, year 2009, like new, lifetime hull warantty, only 100 working engine hours, Thai flag, tax payed. Only 3M THB, Airberth 0, 5 M T H B seper ately. C ont ac t:

H Y PA LO N D I N GY 3 . 3 M: Brand-new with UV cover and storage cover, pump, oars, kits. Only B110,000 baht. Email: +66 89 971 0278, Eddie.

Boat for sale: Boat for sale at Ao Yon Bay (Cape Panwa, Phuket). Boat has two engines 140 cc yamaha. 13+ 2 per persons. Price:550. 000B. Phone number : 083 637 9704 Thai/Eng 081 894 9967.

13 Metre Wooden Hull Cruiser: Cap. 17 PAX. Wooden hull, 3.5 metres W, draws 1.5 meters, diesel engine generates 123 KW. Perfect for fishing or day tours. Fitted w Fish Finder and GPS. Was B1,500,000 now only B500,000. Call 082 414 6931, email: phil@ krabikon

S a l e N e w B o a t S R-18 Finished: SR.Marine, We are professional boat builders. Our showroom is in Phuket. This model is SR-18, finished. Price B295,000. “This price excludes only engine”. Email: / 081 782 0921.

40FT Steel Cutter Sloop: Ready to cruise.Centrecockpit. Safe, strong German design.New Sails, 44HP Yanmar Engine, 6 Berths, solar, wind generator, BBQ, dinghy&outboard. AU D$9 0 K . 0 8 5 378 0 49 8, yac ht.a

SELLING YOUR BOAT?: With high season just around the corner, now is the right time to get her listed, are always looking for new listings,big or small, power or sail, contact Alan Giles. 084 842 6146.

SR MARINE NEW SR-21 SR-21 Center console,only 375,000 baht. Excluded only engine. Come with all accessories. We also produce 18-36ft Power boat. For more picture or info, please contact Showroom office at Chalong, 0817820921

Krabi Boat Lagoon: New marina sister of Phuket Boat Lagoon, ready for berthing now with marina charge 50% off and long term berth available. Well protected by sea conditions and full facilities provided. Contact Khun Choo 086 281 0330.

A steal for a quick sale: 2007 Italian demo yacht Cranchi 47ft Hard Top. Fully loaded with Tropical air con, genset, Electrical winches, garage, roof, Raymarine Premium Navy, BBQ, Ice Maker, 3 Fridges, “Bose” Sound, 2007 Italian demo yacht Cranchi 47ft Hard Top. Fully loaded with Tropical air con, genset, Electrical winches, garage, roof, Raymarine Premium Navy, BBQ, Ice Maker, 3 Fridges, “Bose” Sound, Neon light, Twin 570HP with reliable shaft drive, under 300 hours, Brand New Condition. Euro 335,000. Tel: 089 971 0278,

Kawasaki 750Sxi Jet Ski Pro: Stand up. Trick conversion kit, R&D ride plate, Race bars with finger throttle, Hydro-turf floor mat with foot-holds, Very reliable, fast, and great fun. Very good condition. B150,000. Contact:

Hanse 325 Max 2014:

Private Luxury Yacht Charters: Luxury day & overnight yacht Bertram 505 Conver for sale: Launched in 1989 this long range sport fishing vessel is powered by 2 Hino Marine 360hp V8 Turbo . The interior is fully air-conditioned and features a saloon, three cabins and a galley. Price : 7,000,000 THB , Stefano , , 087 834 5293 .

charters with crew & chef on board. Rates from 6 4,0 0 0 baht per day. Tel.0899710278,


2009 POWER CATAMARAN: 45ft. 4 cabins. Volvo D- 4 IPS 300. Genset. Aircon. “Bose” surround. Raymarine. Low hours. Fully loaded. Fast and economical. As new. Bargain. Only 339,000 euros. Email: eddyelan@ +66 89 971 0278, Eddie.

A new premium Hanse with Sail Away options included - less than THB 4,500,000 in Phuket 0813701995 inq@sea-yss. com, Person : Inq , Email : , Phone : 081 370 1995 .

Boat: Swedish imported Buster XL maid by aluminum 2 scow, Suzuki 4 stroke outboard Engine used only 200hrs, Brenderup-trailer + wakeboard + all needed accessories. Car: Mitsubishi Triton 4 wheel, only 6 years old. Boat and Car sells as a package or separate. For more information please contact: 0878772320 or, Price : 1,350,000 .

Glass bottom Looker 320 Glass bottom cruise boat for sale. Length 9.5m, beam 3.7, passenger capacity 22, speed up to 40 knots, dural/composite hull. Engine Mercruiser 320 hp. Fuel tank for 150 l, consumption 50 l, consumption 50 l / 100 km. Front transparent windshield, bottom glass 3x2 m, hydrofoil, toilet + shower, navigation. Built in 2011, excellent condition. Sell for 9MB or barter for villa/apartment.






List your classified now at BOATS & YACHTS



Steppa Fiberglass 32 feet Flybridge two 200 hp Yamaha outboard engines. Ideal for diving and tours. B850,000. Call 081 894 2124.

Company for sale - Owner retiring Well known 12 year established company specializing in sales and rental of containers, site/sales offices, Porta Loos as well as Self Storage. Customer base includes Tesco Lotus, Laguna, Marriot, Boat Lagoon and many more. Enormous potential for expansion and export. A conservative value of company assets exceed 11MB which is included in the sale price of 14MB. Call Gordon 081 892 4804, www.

Speed Boat For Sale:


44’ Yacht - 8 berth layout with two bathrooms, B&G instruments and many options with Delivery to Phuket. THB 6,950,000,,, 081 370 1995.

New Varianta 44’:


profitable business lease 4.7M. Fully refurbished, 6 year contract (fully pre-paid). Low rent. Busy soi 2 minutes from the beach. 5 beautiful ensuite rooms. Sports bar, fully fitted kitchen and restaurant area. Account available. Tel: 081 891 9461 /

Boutique Guesthouse & Bar: Boutique Guesthouse, Bar /

Restaurant business for sale. Fully equipped rooms and bar, website and facebook page established. Well situated only three minutes walk from both Kamala beach and main road with all their amenities. B1,500,000. Contact: 084 442 7015.


Please contact Khun Ay 081-895-7597 Dive Center for sale: Once in a life time opportunity: Paradise Diving Asia Co.Ltd. is selling its 12 years established 5* Dive Center / Retail Shop in Phuket, Nai Yang plus it’s unique location and connections, ,081 891 5539.

Unique Rawai Investment Opportunity: We run a busi-

ness in Chalong that has paid back 50% of its cash investment in the first year of operation. An opportunity for a similar business exists in Rawai. This is not a hotel, guest house, restaurant, dive shop, car rental or real estate. This business benefits Thai society as a whole and is environmentally neutral. We are looking for 1-3 equity investors to make a total 20 million Baht investment. E-mail:

Land area approx 3,800 sqm. Main road with twin house in compound. Big garden, mangoes, tamarind, banana trees and a large restaurant in middle. Good lease and low rent. Price : 1.3 MB. , Khun Asok, Rawai. big_redchili@ , 089 646 7176.

Coffee shop/cafe/bar for sale: URGENT-fully equipped and

licensed,you walk in I walk out,can be changed to bar,2nd flr 3 bed a/c ff acc.3rd flr covered open area,2 x Honda clicks 4 rent,cheap rent paid to 2014. Price: 400K, rjpooklook@, 094 316 1461.

Car, Bike, Internet, Game shop: Car and Motorbike Rental

bar for sale in Soi Bel Air. Wally Bar, all stock, T.V. sound system, beer boxes and fridges included in sale, rent, only B10,000 monthly. Only B600,000 ono. 086 725 0771.

HOTEL / R ESTAUR A NT FOR LEASE: In Patong, High Cement Production Plant:

Ready Mixed Concrete Company’s factory. 446.92 Horse power. Output of workers in the production of 22 people per day at an average yield of about 100 Q/Day (B1,800/Q) average revenue per day for about B180,000. Manufacture of ready-mixed concrete. Can continue immediately. Just buy a cement truck then start delivery. Ready water source to be used for production. Address: Moo. 4 T. Maikhao Thalang Dist. Phuket 83110. Land Size: 20 rai 2 Ngan and 56 talang wah. Price: B130 Million. Contact: Mr. Lee, mobile: 081 803 7189.

with Internet and Gaming Shop. Well established, for sale 2 Million THB. bargain, near Rawai beach. Contact Mr. Brown 081 090 9640 e-mail: info@

Sport Club for Sale by Owner: Set on 4 rai land with

full chanote title. Include tennis court, volleyball court, fishing lake, game room, restaurant and bar and separate guest bungalow for sale or long term lease. Call +66 81 569 6026, +61 498 248 656 (English & Thai) Email:patbittersweet@gmail. com. See

Patong N ew Hot el for Longterm Lease: 40 rooms

with full furnished, TV, fridge, aircon, hot water, swimming pool, restaurant and spa. Located in Soi Nanai villa. Contact 086 300 9406.

Car Rental Company for sale !

Fully equipped office, website with online booking, many customers. New cars. Risk free opportunity.Start to make money immediately.Only 4.9 MB. Contact 0867479292 or claudstrey@

dry shop for sale located in The Promenade Plaza Nanai Rd Patong. Free deposit, free key money, Three month rent free sign contract direct to owner of Plaza. K. Jeeppy, 093 160 6566,

Sale Bar, Hotel + 1 Shop Rawai Beach: Land plot

70 0 s q m e t r e + b u i l d i n g +10 b e d +10 b a t h +2 r e s t a u r a n t s . Newly renovated. Private financing by owner. Down B2 million + 13 yearly payment of 1MB. Own forever title land. 100 metres to Rawai landing pier. 084 242 8914,

Patong Massage Shop For Sale: Cosy renovated shop. Shop is located inside a hotel on a busy street directly leading to Patong Beach. Business from hotel customers as well as from many tourists going to/from Patong Beach. Email:

Occupancy rate, per fect location, Easy to start business! High ranking on online travel agents, such as:, agoda. com, Legal, current and up to date contracts with overseas tour operators that have high sales volume and many loyal customers with repeat business. Current sales channels and property management software- you can run your business online from anywhere in the world. 30 rooms. Restaurant and terrace with 40 seats, huge roof terrace,kitchen fully equipped.7 years lease left, rent paid until 31.12.2013.Turnover 7,5 million baht/year, profit 2 million baht/year. Price: 7 million baht includes business, Thai company limited (CO.,LTD) with 3 work permits, and many legal things you don’t need to waste your time on if you started from scratch –Everything is included! Contact scandinavian owner directly (speaks English): e-mail shincorp1@yahoo.

BUSINESS SERVICES Your specialist of imported food and drinks in Phuket. Visit our shop at the Billion Plaza, opposite Tesco Lotus. Contact: 076 612 733, 076 248 900 or visit:

Farang Food Paradise:


Massage shop Patong: Due

Laundry shop for sale: Laun-


Business only or business and property. Est 2003. Repeat business from big data base, non-tourist related soft furnising manufacturing and retail business. Genuine enquires only, no tyre kickers.

Bar for sale: Very Busy Mushroom

Rawai Restuarant for Sale:

Russian restaurant for sale. Located in the middle of Kata beach. Advertising on Radio and TV. Fully equipped and staffed. Price : B3,000,000, Konstantin,,082 417 2444.

Reduced for quick sale: 2 rai prime development land near Villa Market & the new Central Festival site, Laguna/ Bangtao area. Long registered leases THB 1,800,000. Minimal ground rent. Contact 087 884 0644.

Business for sale

For further info email

G u e s t h o u s e Ca f e B a r Karon Beach: Easily managed

Russian Cuisine Restaurant:

In the front of a new discotheque in the center on Bangla Road. We have 5 bars for rent. They are prepared and can be used immediately. Best return of investment is guaranteed.


Guest house & Business: For sale / rent long term. 400 sq m. (N.S.-3 K document) next to Swissotel Kamala. 500 m from Kamala beach. B32 million. Call 081 893 0540, 076 385 775 email:

For sale massage shop Pa r adi se: Ground floor

armchair,massage bed, cooking room, toilet, 1st floor 4 shower rooms. 2nd floor jacuzzi big room+bathroom.3rd floor 1 big r o o m+2 s m a ll r o o m s. 8 0 0,0 0 0 + 40,0 0 0/month c all Yves 081 895 1759 / 08 4 8 49 8 403 Bangboon(Thai).

to a relationship split we must sell this massage business in Nanai. 5 bed platform, 3 individual beds, 5 chairs, 2 toilets, 1 shower, staff accommodation, large premises, could add other business. All reasonable cash offers considered. B480,000,, 083 594 1293.

LEXUS-4 door sedan 1.2million: Lexus 250, 2006, 2.5 V6 gaso-

line. Paddle shifter, Spor ts Drive. Brand new rims and tires. Travelled 93K. Recently Fully Serviced from dealership. Needs new owner ASAP. 082 282 6947 Dan.





List your classified now at FURNITURE


SOVEREIGN Dining/Pool Tables : From Patanakarn BilFurniture for Sale: European

style sofa and matching chairs 35,0 0 0 2 matching side tables 2,000 set Wooden dining table & 6 chairs 1.5m X 1.2m (extends to 1.5m) 10,000 Curtains (2) 5.74 X 2.4 8,000 Roman blind light brown color 1,000, 089 866 5887.


Account & Legal Consultant: Legal Consultant Company


CARS FOR SALE Isuzu Dmax 2006, 105,000km, one owner, 4x2, silver automatic, double cab, good condition. Contact 087 079 0650 or 080 073 5371.

Isuzu Dmax:

Phuket Country Club Membership: Lifetime full family mem-

LOVELY HONDA CITY TOP MODEL: 5 yrs young, 1 lady driver,

excellent condition, fully serviced, leather interior, 82k kilometers, offers around tb410,000. Top of the range model. Any reasonable offered considered. Price : B410,000 ono , 081 747 3000.

bership (man, wife and limitless kids) at Phuket Country Club. Seller leaving Phuket hence only B570,000 ono. Transfer fees and this years subscription included. Call 081 273 7326.

G o l f M e m b e r ship fo r Sale: Loch Palm 500,000 Baht.

Registration Work Permit Visa Account & Audit Civil Criminal Litigation Property business Consultant Tax Planing Attorney Translation etc. 081 477 9154.

Online health food in Thailand. Good karma, all natural, healthy, and organic products. Please contact 082 276 1675, w w w.good

Health Food:

Buyer pays for transfer. 083 388 5566. Email

Blue Canyon Golf Membership: Blue Canyon Golf Lifetime

VI-2.4i,16V WT-i VSC(167hp)AT(only 77,000km)6 years. Integrated GPS,DVD,Bluetooth. Anti-spin and speed control, outdoor censors & rear-camera. Leather/wood interior.Only B760,000, 088 445 2800.

New in Phuket New in 2010. I am an expat who is moving on and can’t take my Mazda with me. One owner, 32,000 accident free kilometers, auto trans, air bags, auto braking, etc.


086 951 5511,


English 082 516 8717, Thai 086 079 0890.

friendly car, carefully used for last 3 years. Good condition with some wears. Clean interior, good car audio, fresh tires. Best choice for young family. Honda serviced only. Igor, Chalong, B280,000, 083 102 0070.

The Seed Church Talang Phuket

Mini Cooper S JCW GP for sale: Only 2000 made worldwide. Per fect condition, 20 0 6, manual, 17,500 km, 218 hp supercharged, high end hifi, Recaro seats, Book Service, Ultimate Mini. Collectors item. B1.6m, 089 866 3756 (Eng/Th) frankdreist@

members. Please contact urgently.


Welcome to Sunday services: Thai: 10.00-12.30 AM and 7.30-9.30 PM. English: 2-4 PM. Free lunch and Sunday school for kids. Contact: K.Gung Tel: 076 -274975 - 6, 08 4 - 0567027 Email:

ship to Phuket’s most prestigious golf course. THB 840,000 Includes transfer fee of THB 140,000. Email or call/ sms 0818913051. Serious offers only.

World’s Best Foosball Table: Tornado Foosball Table,

the best table in the world is now loaded with new enhancements that keep it at the forefront of the entertainment industry. International Table Soccer Foundation (ITSF) certified for training and tournament play. Thailand Pool Tables. call 085 797 0202, 085 797 0303.

land Pool Tables is the Leading Billiard, Snooker and largest selection of game tables and accessories in Thailand. Price start from 40k – 100k. You can shop online at www., Call 085 797 0202, 085 797 0303.

6FT Non-Coin and Coin-Operated Slate Pool Tables SPECIAL price at 49,700THB from Patanakarn Billiards PHUKET. All Accessories + Delivery incl. Call Now 081 171 2121, 076 521 211.

Best invest - Coin Pool Table: When you have to invest

in Coin Pool Table, go for the best! Valley® Coin Operated Pool Table. Voted best coin tables in the world for 18 straight years! Our pool tables are the only real American Tables in Thailand. Sale, Rent or for Profit Sharing. Thailand Pool Tables Call 085 797 0202, 085 797 0303.


Cruise Phuket in style. As new. 3 speed gears, disk/ drum brakes, comfortable riding position and plush saddle. Wide tyres and “chopper” forks. A must have for this season., Price : 32,000 , Person : Allan Mossop , Address : 393/2 Boi Ao Bang Tao 1, Cherng Talay, Phu , Email : , Phone : 081 737 0722.

Cool Cruiser Bicycle:

Kite Surf Equipment for Sale: 2 new boards, never used.

Best buy / Best Price!: Phuket Pool Tables offer you the best deals on 2 m o dels of our p o ol t ables, 4’x8’, slate bed, full accessories included, free installation and advise. Come, try, and play before you buy it. Call 081 823 4627. 2010 model. Maintained with regular check ups. New tyres and good condition. 38,000 km on the clock. Only one owner – selling because moving. B45,000 ono. Contact Jody – 089 591 8257,

you “The Blacklight Pool Table” The One of a kind billiard table manufacture by French and American. Today, as Design is the keyword. More details at www.thailand call 085 797 0202, 085 797 0303.

Thailand Pool Tables: Thai-


Ford Escape 4WD V6 2005/6:

When money is not an object: We proudly present to


Visa to China, India or Shenzen & no need to fly to Bangkok. Check all procedures by email to jryjariya@ or contact 080 887 4431.


Check up every 5,000 km, only 65,000 km on clock. Double Surround sound with USB, navigator, many extras. Price : B620,000. Norbert 080 878 3542 GER/ENG. Email: norberts923@

GENNEWA GOLD MEMBERS: Attention Gennewa Gold

Looking for a VISA Service?

BLUE CANYON GOLF MEMBERSHIP: Lifetime family member-

HONDA CITY '03 1.5AT, 118X X Xkm: Ver y reliably &

Isuzu D-max super platinum3.0L: Bought on 04/2010.


membership for sale! Excellent saving! B89,500 Call 084 052 2277.

2010 Mazda 2 Hatchback:

One owner, excellent condition. Only driven in Phuket. No off road driving. No accidents. Gold colour. Tires almost new. Recently ser viced by Ford. 130,000 km. Call 0817501064. Price : 350,000 O.N.O. , Address : Rawai, Email: tomultmann1@gmail. com, Phone: 081 750 1064.

Storage you can buy quality moving and packing supplies like individual boxes, bubble wrap, packing tapes & knives plus secure padlocks. We also help you to move and store. Call 076 292 909.


Pure Honda rotary mower, nearly new B20,000. Call TOYOTA CAMRY VI-2.4 V V TI G PS: Toyot a C a m r y

We Sell Boxes & Moving Supplies: At MY STORAGE Self

liards. 6FT start at only 64,500THB plus BIG discount or FREE Football table for Phuket Customers only!! Call NOW 081 171 2121

2 Kites, used 2-3 times. New price was more then 200,000 Baht. Sell altogether for 100,000 Baht. For single items. Please call: 086 747 9292 (English) or 081 970 520.

Honda PCX 125: Buds International School & Kindergarten: Phuket’s old-

est international childcare facility. High-quality, time proven schedule and curriculum. Now in brand-new purpose-built school. Experienced native English teachers to teach ages 1 1/2-10. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Bus service available from Patong, Karon, Kata, Phuket, Rawai and Chalong. Tel:076 384 638, 080 624 7060(Eng)/087 278 5511(Thai)

CHILDREN’S CLUB Family sports and leisure club. Swimming/golf/ playcentre/ gaming arcade. Contact 076 203 185, 087 882 5544. See


FINANCIAL Invest in Swiss Stocks:

The best Swiss Stock Fund for Small and Mid Caps. Performance 2012: + 24 %, 2013: +30 % in Swiss Francs. www.swissactivealpha. ch or contact Mr. Niklaus Siegrist (engl./germ) 089 291 5437.

Let’s Have Fun Outside: Breakout the norm! And let’s explore outside with all weather pool table. Guaranteed Fun: Anytime…Anywhere! Thailand Pool Tables,, Call 085 797 0202, 085 797 0303, email:

Custom Trek MTB HardTail: Trek 8 Series Alu Frame, 20.5 inch (180 cm+) pimped in white. Fuji/ XT/ Deore drive train. XT SIS disk Brakes, Custom Alex/ Veulta wheels, Sock Shox SID Team front shox. SuperFly bike. Call 081 737 0722.

HONDA CB500F FOR SALE: HONDA CB50 0F for sale. Only 2 month old bike, 200 km after first maintenance. Charged with high performance parts worth 40,000 baht: Akrapovič carbon exhaust, new clutch and brake handle, fuel tank protection. Full one year accident insurance as a sweet bonus for the buyer. B180,000. Call Dmitry 095 546 3649 .






Running intelligence SUPERKIDZ Craig Johns

YOU M AY NOT ICE that many athletes fade in the latter half of the run because they either pushed too hard early on, are unaccustomed to running with changes in pace, or are mentally fatigued. Races are predominately won or lost in the third and fourth quarters of the event. There are a couple of strategies you can use during training to ensure that you are performing, when it really counts, in the second half of the run. ‘Negative split’ training involves performing sessions or intervals with the second half of the run being quicker than the first half. ‘Descending intervals’ (for example, 4 x 1500m intervals with each one getting progressively faster) are also a very powerful training tool to ensure a strong finish. A moderate run with strength intervals (with good form) up a gradual incline to finish, teaches your body to remain efficient and powerful throughout the closing stages of the race. ‘Fartlek’ (Swedish for “speed play”), alternating easy and fast random efforts during a continuous run, teaches your body to change gears while running. An athlete’s neuromuscular system needs to be primed for stepping up the pace when the body starts to fatigue. There are a few performance strategies which


After finishing the Asian Tour with a number 1 ranking, Kiradech Aphibarnrat will headline Team Asia, captained by Thai legend Thongchai Jaidee, against Team Europe at EurAsia Cup in March. Photo: Asian Tour

you can employ during a race when the body starts to fatigue. If the race day brings a moderate to high level of wind, then you can draft (slipstream) behind the person in front of you. The drafting effects aren’t as good as when you are cycling or swimming, but every opportunity to save energy is crucial to finishing strong. Increasing your arm speed is really important, as the arms move in synchronicity with the legs. Focusing on quick short strides can have a positive effect on performance as you will reduce the ground contact time. Training smart and racing smarter equals super performances. Craig Johns is the Director of Sport Academy at Thanypura. The next Superkidz event takes place at Thanyapura on March 8. Class Act Media is a sponsor. For more information, visit thanyapurasuperkidz or

Kiradech leads Asia’s young guns at Eurasia Cup GOLF


ewly crowned Asian Tour number one Kiradech Aphibarnrat will be amongst a quartet of talented young guns to represent Team Asia at the inaugural EurAsia Cup presented by DRB-HICOM in Malaysia from March 27-29. The burly Thai, the first of four automatic qualifiers from the final 2013 Asian Tour Order of Merit which concluded last Sunday (January 19), will be joined by Bangladeshi star Siddikur Rahman, who finished fourth on the rankings and Indian duo Anirban Lahiri and Gaganjeet Bhullar, who were third and fifth on the Merit list respectively. Team Asia’s playing captain Thongchai Jaidee said “I

am delighted that Kiradech Aphibarnrat, Siddikur Rahman, Anirban Lahiri and Gaganjeet Bhullar have qualified as the top-four Asians and also accepted the invitation to represent Team Asia. “All four players are in their 20s and they have proven themselves to be the new flag bearers for the Asian Tour.” Kiradech, 24, produced an outstanding 2013 campaign where he won the Maybank Malaysian Open and registered five other top-five finishes to be crowned Asia’s new number one. He also finished tied fifth in the ISPS HANDA World Cup of Golf and is currently ranked 60th in the world. Lahiri, meanwhile, is a three-time winner of the Asian Tour and tied third at the season-ending King’s Cup Golf Hua Hin last weekend.

29-year-old Siddikur finished a career-high fourth on the 2013 Order of Merit while 25-year-old Bhullar won five Asian Tour titles including last November’s Indonesia Open. Team Europe’s playing captain Miguel Angel Jimenez has previously announced his first four players – Graeme McDowell, Victor Dubuisson,

Fernandez Gonzalo-Castano and Jamie Donaldson. Organisers have also made a minor change in the format of play with the first day (March 27) now showcasing five fourball matches, followed by five foursomes matches on day two (March 28) and 10 singles matches on the final day (March 29) at Glenmarie’s Garden course.




Thalang on a roll in JLL League CRICKET


halang (TCT) were pitted against a firedup Patong who were searching for their first victory of the season at the Alan Cooke Ground (ACG) last Sunday (January 19). This was more than just a league game as both sides competed for the inaugural Tristen Sheridan cup in memory of exceptionally talented PCG cricketer and mutual friend who tragically passed away last year. Also making its debut was the Chris Hart memorial digital scoreboard. In a highly competitive and closely fought match, TCT posted a total of 191-8 from their 35 overs with Patong just falling short of the target with 187-9 from their innings. In his first game of the season, Neill Culpan (68 from 61 balls) scored freely, hitting 2 towering sixes as he partnered with Ian Henry (24 not out) to guide TCT to a competitive total of 191-8 from 35 overs. After the lunch break Patong set about the run chase in a very positive manner. Mike Khan (19) and Imtiyaz Mustaq

Jones Lang LaSalle Cricket League Team

Andrew MacMillan and Semant Raju hold the Tristen Sheridan trophy. Photos: Michael Way (35) had the TCT bowler’s measure, until Khan’s lofted off drive from Culpan failed

to clear the fast moving Gary Lane at mid-off. Thereafter, a batting col-













































lapse ensued, with Patong, who were 46-1 in the 8th over, were struggling at 74-5 in the 12th over as Neill Culpan (4 for 28) showed his all-round abilities. Neill bowled Mushtaq, had Paddy Morton adjudged LBW two balls later and in his next over he had Thai batsman Pao, caught by Ian

Bonus Total

Henry at slip. However, a determined Dave Watson (51) was left to steady the Patong ship and with a little luck and some great support from Owen Pringle (14), the battle for the Tristen Sheridan cup was far from over. At the start of the 30th over TCT’s opening bowlers

had finished their spells for the day and Patong were 143-7 and required just 49 runs to win. Watson hit back-to-back boundaries to bring up his 50, but attempted one big shot too many, when he was stumped by Simon Wetherell. Neil Quail (26 not out off 19 balls) never gave in for Patong despite carrying a hand injury and Patong reached the last over needing 12 runs for victory. However, Craig Murphy bowled a disciplined last over for TCT and Patong fell 4 runs short to finish at 9-187. This Sunday (January 26) sees a clash between the two remaining undefeated teams when title-holders Laguna take on ICC at 10am.

Vanessa Mae set to ski for Thailand at Olympics OLYMPICS VIOLINIST VANESSA MAE is set to ski for Thailand at the Winter Olympics in Russia next month, the Thai team said last week. The 35-year-old former child prodigy, whose father is Thai, is one of two skiers due to represent the kingdom in Sochi, team leader Varin Tansupasiri said. Mae, born in Singapore to Thai and Chinese parents, grew up in London where she become renowned for what she has described as her “technoacoustic fusion”. Varin said Thailand ex-

pected to receive formal notification of her qualification from the International Ski Federation (FIS). Ana Jelusic, the FIS’s Alpine media co-ordinator, said Monday that Mae had qualified. “She ticks all the boxes. According to the qualification system which we have, which requires her to start at least five slalom or giant slalom races, she has done so. “It also requires her to come below a certain number of FIS points, which in this case is 140. She has done so.” Because Thailand has no skiers ranked in the world top 500, it is allowed to send one

man and one woman for the slalom and giant slalom events if they have an average of no more than 140 points over five internationally recognised races. A stronger performance earns fewer points. Mae, who has been training in Zermatt in Switzerland for several years, appeared to have narrowly qualified after competing in Slovenia over the weekend under her father’s surname Vanakorn. Until now the only Thai to ski at the Winter Olympics was academic Prawat Nagvajara, who competed in Salt Lake City in 2002 and at Pragelato in Italy in 2006. AFP thephuketnews




From top: Wasan Samansil makes a pass during the match; the final goal by Sittipong Yaifai late in the game.

Second win for Phuket FOOTBALL


he Ronins walked away with a 4-0 win against the visiting Forward team from Vladivostok, in the Russian Far East, last Saturday (January 18) at Surakul Stadium. With the team up 1-0 thanks to a goal by captain Wasan Natasan in the first half, Brazilian defender Thales dos

Santos was granted a penalty shot to put the team well ahead but instead hit the right post. Moments later Wasan would strike again with a rebound shot that hit the back of the net. In the second half, Wuttichai Sooksen took advantage of a rebound-save to put the Ronins comfortably up 3-0. In the waning moments of the match, new-addition Eber Henrique - on loan from

Cruzeiro EC in Brazil - played a perfectly timed through pass to young local Sittipong Yaifai who took advantage of a one-on-one situation with the keeper to put the game away with 4-0. The game was marked by a loud Russian contingent in the stands that, at times, would be much louder than Phuket FC fans. Several players made their debut with the team in the

BISP teacher wins four golds at games ATHLETICS COMPETING AGAINST some of the best athletes on this side of the world, British International School Phuket (BISP) teacher Michele Hossack managed to set a record on her way to winning four gold medals and one silver at the 17th Oceania Masters Athletics Championships earlier this month. Hossack, a pr imar y ESL teacher at the school, completed the 300 metre hurdles in 49.91 seconds, which set a new record for the competition. The score also puts her third in the world at the event for her age group, 50-54. The competition, which took place between January 4 and 12 in Bendigo, Australia, pits veteran athletes from New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Fiji, the Cook Islands, and Australia in several @thephuketnews

Michele Hossack took home four gold medals and one silver at the Oceania Masters Athletics Championships. track and field events. Hossack competed in over 15 events, including the heptathlon, shot put, long jump, and 200m. In early March, Hossack

will compete in the Thai Championships in Bangkok alongside BISP secondary English teacher Eva Mooney and former BISP teacher Maggie Walby.

match, including defender Sanya Pungjan, who played under current Phuket FC head coach Alessandro Stefano ‘Teco’ Cugurra Rodrigues when he was at Chiang Rai United. Ney Fabiano, who was introduced last week as the team’s latest Brazilian signing, was also on the pitch. Fabiano spent last season with Thai Premier League side Suphanburi as well as Chonburi

the year before. Along with dos Santos, the Ronins are expected to have a formidable defensive lineup for the upcoming season. Phuket FC also signed Burmese footballer Pyrie Soe, bringing the total number of international players to six, just one shy of the foreign player limit. After the match, the team announced their final preseason schedule, with one fixture set to be played at

British International School Phuket (BISP) to coincide with tryouts for the school’s new football academy.

Upcoming fixtures: vs DPPM FC, Surakul Stadium, January 26, 4pm vs Nakhon Si Heritage, BISP, January 27, 4pm vs Chonburi, Surakul Stadium, February 1, 6pm vs Surat Thani FC, Surakul Stadium, February 15, 4pm





Eto’o hat-trick sees United sink deeper



FOOTBALL The overall competition winner receives 2 nights accommodation at the Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort in a Premium Suite with Private Pool, buffet breakfast for 2, Sheraton Club Lounge benefit, and 1 dinner at Malati or Gecko’s restaurant for 2, overall value B61,400.


anchester United’s Premier League title defence died another death last Sunday (January 19) as Samuel Eto’o’s hat-trick earned Chelsea a 3-1 win that left the champions 14 points off the pace. Eto’o’s treble, his first in English football, gave manager Jose Mourinho his 100th Premier League victory, while United, who replied through Javier Hernandez, slumped to their seventh loss of the campaign and saw captain Nemanja Vidic sent off in stoppage time. As well as the gulf that separates them from leaders Arsenal, United are also six points below the Champions League places, further jeopardising their chances of securing the consolation prize of a top-four finish. It was a fifth successive league win for Chelsea, meanwhile, who returned to within two points of Arsenal and a point of second-place Manchester City. With Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie both still injured, United fielded Adnan Januzaj in support of Danny Welbeck, but they quickly found a route through the Chelsea defence on a brisk afternoon at Stamford Bridge. A neat one-two between Ashley Young and Welbeck presented Young with a clear sight of goal in the second minute, but his effort was parried by Petr Cech. It was an enterprising start, and Chelsea found themselves on the back foot until Eto’o broke the deadlock in the

The monthly competition winner for January 2013 will receive a B3,000 voucher to spend at Walkabout Sports Bar Karon Beach. JANUARY STANDINGS


1. celticpride 76 2. jwiegand 73 3. jigdellasoul 70 4. alanphuket 67 5. scottkip 67 6. fazza 67 7. Russell 67 8. simonostheimer 64 9. sami 64 10. AAY 64

1. celticpride 476 2. Kathu Bandit 476 3. MRB 473 4. jwiegand 470 5. NEIL 458 6. scottkip 458 7. sami 452 8. simonostheimer 449 9. zestrealestate 443 10. sleazysteve 438

English Premier League 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Chelsea’s Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o celebrates scoring his third goal and completing his hattrick during the English Premier League football match between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. Photo: AFP/Adrian Dennis

15 16 17 18 19

17th minute with a bolt from the blue. Gathering the ball wide on the right, the Cameroon star tricked his way inside Phil Jones and then dispatched a left-foot shot that flicked off Michael Carrick’s toes and looped over David de Gea. With David Luiz providing a muscular presence in front of the Chelsea back four, occasionally to the consternation of the United bench, the hosts began to assert greater control,

but the visitors remained a threat. Patrice Evra fired into the side-netting after blocking an attempted pass from Oscar, while Welbeck could only shovel a shot straight at Cech from Januzaj’s driven left-wing cross. It was to prove a costly missed opportunity. After Oscar had sent an acrobatic volley wide, Eto’o doubled Chelsea’s lead on the stroke of half-time when he

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stole in behind a static defence to clip home a cross from Gary Cahill after United failed to clear a corner. Moyes sent United out early for the second half, but within four minutes the game was over and once again, the visitors’ defensive shortcomings were laid bare. Cahill easily lost his marker to meet a right-wing corner with a downward header and although De Gea blocked, Eto’o was on hand to hook the ball home. The visitors’ misery was completed in injury time when Vidic was shown a straight red card for chopping down Eden Hazard, while Rafael da Silva was fortunate to avoid the same fate for a rash twofooted lunge on Cahill. Just one day later, Spaniard Pepe Mel’s first match as manager of West Bromwich Albion ended in a 1-1 Premier League draw with Everton at the Hawthorns as the controversy engulfing Nicolas Anelka took a new twist. Diego Lugano’s first goal in English football, a powerful 75th minute header, earned West Brom a share of the










Arsenal Man City Chelsea Liverpool Everton Tottenham Man Utd Newcastle Southampton Hull Aston Villa Stoke Swansea West Brom Norwich Fulham West Ham Cardiff Sunderland Crystal Palace

22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22

3 2 4 4 4 9 4 3 7 6 5 5 10 7 6 2 1 6 6 6

3 4 3 5 5 2 7 8 7 10 11 11 8 10 11 14 15 12 12 12

43 63 43 53 29 35 36 32 29 22 22 18 24 22 27 14 22 22 21 17

19 25 20 28 26 20 27 28 25 29 28 35 29 36 33 31 48 33 36 38

24 38 23 25 3 15 9 4 4 -7 -6 -17 -5 -14 -6 -17 -26 -11 -15 -21

51 50 49 43 43 42 37 36 31 24 23 23 22 22 21 20 19 18 18 18

16 16 15 13 13 11 11 11 8 6 6 6 4 5 5 6 6 4 4 4


PREVIOUS RESULTS: Monday, January 20

Tuesday, January 28 (kick-off GMT) Man Utd v Cardiff


Norwich v Newcastle


Southampton v Arsenal


Swansea v Fulham


Crystal Palace v Hull


Liverpool v Everton


Wednesday, January 29 (kick-off GMT) Aston Villa v West Brom


Chelsea v West Ham


Sunderland v Stoke


Tottenham v Man City


spoils after visitors Everton, who would have gone into the Champions League places with a victory, had taken a first-half lead through Kevin Mirallas. The result saw West Brom move four points clear of the relegation zone and left Everton five in front of reigning champions Manchester United, managed by their former boss David Moyes. Mel, brought in to replace the sacked Steve Clarke, saw the hours before the match dominated by the latest development in the Anelka ‘quenelle’ gesture row.

West Brom

1 - 1


Sunday, January 19 Swansea

1 - 3



3 - 1

Man Utd

Saturday, January 18 Sunderland

2 - 2



2 - 0


Crystal Palace

1 - 0


Man City

4 - 2



1 - 0


West Ham

1 - 3


2 - 2

Aston Villa


Monday, January 13 Aston Villa

1 - 2


Zoopla, West Brom’s shirt sponsor, announced earlier that day it would not be renewing its multi-million pounds deal in the wake of the furore surrounding former France striker Anelka’s ‘quenelle’ goal celebration against West Ham last month, a gesture regarded as anti-Semitic by many observers. The ‘quenelle’, popularised by French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, has been described by critics in France as an ‘inverted Nazi salute’, but Anelka has insisted he was using it merely as “a dedication” to the comic. AFP thephuketnews




Ex-Juve star Del Piero linked with Thai club FOOTBALL A WEALTHY THAI FOOTball team is trying to lure former Juventus star Alessandro Del Piero to the kingdom from the Australian league, the manager of PTT Rayong said last week. The 39-year-old Italian is currently in his second season at Sydney FC but there has been speculation he is unhappy at the club, despite being the A-league’s record earner. “We have sent him [Del Piero] a letter to ask what conditions – including details of his salary – he would want if he came here to play,” “We sent a letter [of inquiry] two days ago and Del Piero said he needed a few days for consideration... I think it’s 60 per cent possibility [he will join],” PTT Rayong’s manager Prawut Thavornsiri said. PTT is one of the biggest firms in Thailand, owning major oil and gas assets in the region. Newly-promoted to the Thai Premier League, the club want to state their title credentials with a headlinegrabbing signature before

the start of the new football season next month. Sydney FC have said they hope their gifted Italian striker sees out another season after setting the A-league alight with 14 goals in 2012-13. “The deals that his brother and agent talk about is up to them but there is always speculation surrounding a player of his calibre,” the club’s chief executive Tony Pignata was quoted. Del Piero, in his prime a prolific forward blessed with magical skill and a sweet right foot, swept domestic and European honours in a trophy-laden 19 years at Italian giants Juventus. He also starred for the national side, winning the World Cup in 2006. A move to the relatively unknown TPL would be a coup for Thai football whose biggest foreign signing so far was ex-Liverpool great Robbie Fowler – who endured an unremarkable spell in the twilight of his career with Maung Thong United in 2011-12. In recent weeks former Arsenal striker Jay Simpson and one-time QPR forward Jay Bothroyd have joined top teams in the league. AFP


Run 1457: Saturday, January 25 at 4pm Hares: Lesser Dipshit & Dr Fucking Jeckyll Directions: The island in Bang Wat Dam. From Patong go to Kathu Traffic Lights and turn right. After about 1.5 Kilometres turn right to Baan Wad Dam. From Phuket and Rawai go towards Kathu and turn left at the sign for Baan Wad Dam and Phuket Country Club Golf Course. Go to Baan Wad Dam picnic area (left hand side) and follow the perimeter road for about 2.2 Kilometres. Laager will be down the track on the right. Bus pick-up: Patong: 15:00 pm , Kamala: 14:30 pm More info: @thephuketnews

Quarterback Peyton Manning (18) will try to win his second Super Bowl title when he leads the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks on February 2. Photo: Essie

Seahawks to face Broncos in Super Bowl showdown GRIDIRON


eyton Manning’s recordsetting Denver Broncos pass attack will face the Seattle Seahawks in next month’s Super Bowl showdown after both teams captured tense home playoff triumphs last Sunday (January 19). Seattle, who boast the best defense in NFL, forced three turnovers in the fourth quarter to beat San Francisco 49ers 23-17 in the National Conference final while Manning led the Broncos over the New England Patriots 26-16 in the American Conference final. After sharing the NFL’s best record at 13-3 in the regular season, the Broncos and Seahawks will meet in Super Bowl 48 on February 2 in suburban New Jersey.

It will be Denver’s seventh trip to the Super Bowl but the first since the Broncos’ only wins in 1998 and 1999, and the second visit for the Seahawks, who lost to Pittsburgh in 2006. The Seahawks trailed until the fourth quarter, when Russell Wilson connected with Jermaine Kearse on a 35-yard touchdown pass to put Seattle ahead to stay and the hosts took away the ball from the 49ers three times. The 49ers, who lost last year’s Super Bowl to Baltimore, saw their hopes end on Malcolm Smith’s interception with 22 seconds remaining. “This team was ready to finish. They knew we weren’t in the lead. That didn’t matter. They were going to come out here and do what they needed to do,” said Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

Manning, who set oneseason NFL passing yardage and touchdown records last month for the most prolific scoring offense in NFL history, completed 32-of-43 passes for 400 yards and two touchdowns. New England’s Tom Brady leads the all-time rivalry with Manning 10-5 but fell to 2-2 in their playoff meetings, which in each prior case were taken by the eventual Super Bowl champion. The Patriots, in their first road playoff game since 2007, fell behind 13-3 at half-time and Brady, who rallied the Patriots from a 24-0 deficit to defeat Denver in the regular season for the greatest comeback of his career, struggled most of the day against Denver’s defenders. New England pulled with-

in 13 points on Brady’s 7-yard touchdown pass to Julian Edelman with 9:26 remaining but Dencer kicker Matt Prater added a 54-yard field goal for a 26-10 Denver edge. Brady scored on a 5-yard run with 3:07 to play, but Denver’s defense stopped Shane Vereen’s 2-point conversion run attempt to create the final margin and the Broncos ran out the clock from there. The NFL championship spectacle at East Rutherford, New Jersey, will be the first in Super Bowl history staged outdoors in a cold-climate city. The weather forecast is for the coldest conditions in Super Bowl history with a chance of rain or snow showers and temperatures between 37 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit (3 to minus 4 Celsius). AFP




Brains and brawn: BISP teacher nabs four gold medals in games > page 29

Djokovic backs Becker despite Aussie shock TENNIS


ovak Djokovic said he’s prepared to give his new partnership with Boris Becker more time despite seeing his 25-match Australian Open winning streak come to a halt in their first tournament together. The three-time defending champion’s unbeaten run in Melbourne was brought to a dramatic end by Swiss seed Stanislas Wawrinka in a five-set epic quarter-final late Tuesday (January 21). It was the six-time Grand Slam champion’s earliest exit at a Slam since his quarterfinal loss to Jurgen Melzer at the 2010 French Open, and his first defeat to Wawrinka in 15 matches. But Djokovic refused to blame Becker for his disappointing showing in what was their first official outing since his surprise decision to hire the German great. “Well, look it’s been the first official tournament for us. I’m satisfied with things that we’ve been talking about and working on,” Djokovic said after his defeat. “Of course, it’s unfortunate that we finished the tournament in the quarter-finals. But

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic gestures as he leaves the court after losing to Switzerland’s Stanislas Wawrinka in their men’s singles match on day nine at the 2014 Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne. Photo: AFP/Paul Crock it’s beginning of the season and we’ll see what’s coming next.” Djokovic hired Becker in December after his regular coach, Marian Vajda, asked for more time with his family, and in hope of sharpening his

mental edge. The two will now split coaching duties. “He’s a six-time Grand Slam champion, he won so many trophies in his life, he was a former number one,” Djokovic said at the time. “Speaking to Marian in

the last few months of the year, we both came to the conclusion that I’m going to need another legendary player that can eventually help me understand better what I need to do in particular situations, especially in the Grand Slam

final stages. To give me that mental edge. “He can identify with me because he was in those situations so he knows what I go through, so that’s what one of the biggest reasons he’s on board.”

Ironically, Djokovic conjured memories of three-time Wimbledon champion Becker when he gambled to servevolley on match point, only to steer a regulation forehand wide and hand Wawrinka victory. “[Wawrinka] had been blocking my serve,” he explained. “He’d been chipping the return for the whole match basically. “And it was actually a good decision. I had a good serve and volley and good volley, but didn’t put it away.” Djokovic took his defeat graciously and said: “I’ve won many trophies in Australia. I love Rod Laver Arena. These are the kind of matches that you work for, you live for, you practise for. “I have to be very proud of my accomplishments in my whole career, and especially in this tournament. This is definitely by far my most successful Grand Slam. “You know, unfortunately somebody has to lose in the end. This year was me. I lost to a better player. He showed his mental strength and he deserved to win.” AFP For more coverage of the Australian Open , visit

Pellegrini eyes quadruple challenge FOOTBALL MANUEL PELLEGRINI challenged his Manchester City stars to set their sights on a quadruple after they swept into the League Cup final in emphatic fashion. Pellegrini’s side showed no mercy as two goals from Alvaro Negredo and a Sergio Aguero strike crushed West Ham 3-0 in the League Cup semi-final second leg at Upton Park on Tuesday (January 21). The ruthless display in

east London sealed a 9-0 aggregate triumph that was the largest semi-final margin of victory in the history of the competition. City can now look forward to a Wembley showdown against Manchester United or Sunderland on March 2, which gives Pellegrini a chance to secure the first trophy since he arrived as Roberto Mancini’s replacement in the closeseason. The League Cup remains very much fourth priority on Pellegrini’s to-do list however,

and the Chilean believes success in the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup is also still a distinct possibility if City can maintain their current free-scoring form. City are now unbeaten in their last 18 matches in all competitions, and with their forward line functioning as well as any in Europe, a clean sweep of the four trophies can’t be ruled out. Aguero is already back in top form after recovering from a calf injury, while

Negredo, Navas and even teenage winger Marcos Lopes, who impressed on a rare start against West Ham, add guile and grace to City’s offensive attack. “We have a lot of work to do. In the FA Cup we are just in the fourth round. In the Champions League we have a tough game against Barcelona. The Premier League’s very close and it will still be close till the end between four or five teams,” Pellegrini told reporters last week. AFP



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