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Friday January 17 – Thursday January 23, 2014

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Jum Ali Khan always rallies to the cause

SPORT Paul ‘DJ Doris’ Norris in full flow. Photo: Andy A. Helbling Photography


huket’s expat community is in mourning following the death of popular radio DJ Paul ‘DJ Doris’ Norris, who was killed in a motorbike crash early on Sunday morning (January 12). Police said that taxi driver Jongsak Bussarakam told them that Mr Norris was driving his motorbike from Rawai when he reached the

Naka Market traffic light intersection. He turned right, heading toward Naka Market, and was hit by Mr Jongsak, who was driving toward Chalong. Confusion remains over whether the traffic lights were working at the time and whose right of way it was. However, Mr Jongsak has been charged with careless driving

causing death. Lt Ekkarat Chatthai of Wichit Police confirmed to The Phuket News on Wednesday that police were continuing to gather evidence and were waiting for the result of an autopsy. Mr Norris’ body was repatriated to Scotland on Wednesday (January 15). Mr Norris first moved to Thai-



land from his native Scotland around 17 years ago. After one year in Bangkok he arrived in Phuket to become the resident DJ at a new club called Chicago’s Fun Bar, where he remained for three years. After another two years working at a variety of places around Phuket, Mr Norris headed home to Scotland for five years.


Ronin respect: Phuket unveil new logo, kit

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The island’s annual Bike Week is back for another year > page 8

Phuket mourns popular DJ Continued from page 1. In 2008 he returned to the island, and started work at a radio station that would later become 91.5FM. He became a very popular presenter and ran both the breakfast and afternoon shows at different times during his career. Mr Norris had a serious road accident in June last year, and was put on a life support machine overnight for injuries he sustained while attempting to navigate the pot holes behind Jungceylon. He returned home soon after for a ‘two month sabbatical’, and returned to Phuket and the radio station in October 2013. Mr Norris’s older sister Gillian Burt, living in Scotland, told The Phuket News that the family were shocked and stunned by the news. “We are being comforted by all the tributes and just thinking of Paul makes us smile as he was the master of storytelling.

He would be overwhelmed by everyone’s comments. Life has changed forever and he was a really special person. “He called home hours before his accident to ask about Mum and his last words to her were ‘I love you’. We get comfort in that.” On Facebook she wrote, “Our hearts are broken at the sudden loss of my special brother Paul. Thanks to everyone for their heartfelt messages and to all in Phuket for their hard work at arranging such a sad departure for Paul. We are waiting for you DJ Doris. Love forever, big sis.” Mr Norris’s girlfriend Tracey Burr told The Phuket News, “I am so devastated. I cannot add anything except to say he was a special part of our family and loved very much by me and my daughters Leigh-Anne and Lily. Part of our hearts have gone with him.” Close friend Thomas Cor-

Paul Norris in action. Photo: Andy A. Helbling Photography ley, owner and manager of The Irish Times in Patong, said Mr Norris ran their Wednesday pub quiz for around four years but stopped shortly after his motorbike crash last year. “He’s just a down-to-earth

guy, it’s hard not to get on well with him. You’d count on him for anything.” Martin Carpenter, Phuket’s British Honorary Consul, described Mr Norris as a “kindhearted gentleman” and a good

friend who he met around 15 years ago. “This has affected many people, and many people are deeply saddened by this event.” Mr Carpenter was also involved in the process of “getting Paul back to his family”. “In situations like this when you know the person, one can’t help but to feel an emotional connection with the family and friends involved.” Close friend of 14 years Thomas Crawford said Mr Norris was “hyperactive, which was contagious.” “All in all I loved the man. To his family they had a great and loving son.” Debbie Dionysius, newly appointed director of Sports Marketing at Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club, said Mr Norris was “a truly wellliked guy; a very popular man.” “He really made people feel special when he was talking to them, and not a lot of people

have that skill.” She credits Mr Norris for getting her back into running after a long break. In 2010 both she and Mr Norris made a pact to walk a 13km race at Saphan Hin, but Ms Dionysius said she was holding Mr Norris back because they were walking at the back of the pack. “He made me run. I hadn’t run in about 12 years. But he said, ‘C’mon Deb, if I can do it, you can do it.’ He was an incredibly good motivator.” She said Mr Norris was “absolutely” the instigator for her to get back into running and by the following February she ran her first 21km race. “It’s an unbelievable shame. In all the years I’ve been here I’ve never see the expat community react with such compassion to any other expat member who has passed away.” An event titled a “Celebration of Paul’s Life” will be held at some stage next week.




Portrait of a man loved by everyone Trevor Fisher, a close friend of Paul Norris for 16 years, wrote this for The Phuket News. Not an obituary, it is more a pen portrait of the man, his life, his out-there sense of humour and the loyalty he engendered in all those who loved him. I HAVE LOST MY OLDEST and closest Phuket friend, Paul Norris. Paul and I first met 16 years ago at Chicago’s Fun Pub on Soi Sansabai. I was employed to design the events and promotions and Paul was in “the pulpit” playing the tunes. We often did a double act, starting and modifying the in-jokes, and generally being mental. How mental? During a bad storm season, Paul once turned up for work and deejayed all night in Wellies, a Sou’wester hat made from newspaper, a bright yellow poncho, a rubber ring, a mask and snorkel. I left Chicago’s to take over Margarita Bar across the road but our friendship remained tight. I consulted with him on almost every decision I made about the place. Paul was always generous with his time and totally coherent when talking about what he knew. I have met none better. He had an uncanny perception of what made people party. He was really something special; he shook up the island’s resident DJs with both his tunes and his fabulous personality. He became a mentor to many young Thai DJs who are still working at the better clubs such as Tai Pan. Recently he started the Sunday Night Old Record Club at Tai Pan, a dream project for him. The DJs there still refer to him as “Ajarn DJ”. He had a break from the island for a few years and eventually returned when I invited him to come back

and become a radio DJ. He was nervous but after a few weeks doing my show with me he was ready to fly. But while he was good on the radio, it was always live where he shone and where he felt most at home, and in the last few months he was on fire. We were planning some themed events to launch later in the year and on the night of the accident he rang me excitedly, asking me to register a new domain name for this. I put it as a note on my desktop to do first thing. I was looking at that note when the first message about his awful accident arrived. All who met Paul loved him. His humour was quick, always on the mark and infectious, too. I never spent a bad minute in his company. You can’t say that about many people. Few people can make me cry with laughter but he did. He was physically funny; his impression of a certain Italian restaurateur and another of the difference between Italian and Scottish footballers coming out of the tunnel would fold me over every time. I loved him like a brother and will miss him perpetually. We are compelled to survive his loss and thus must take comfort where we find it. There’s comfort in the knowledge that, while his portion of life was short, he drank from its cup to the maximum and lived life on his own terms, a life many would envy. On the night of his accident, we ended our phone call with the usual parting insults. Paul: “Right, f**k off, I’m bored with talking to you.” Me: “Alright Big Nose do one.” Only true friends can speak to each other like this. And neither he nor I would have wanted our final farewell to be any other way, with laughter on both sides as we ended the call.


New rules on yacht stay to be reversed? Alasdair Forbes & Wiparatana NaThalang


ollowing strenuous representations by yacht owners and marine businesses, Nunthita Sirikup, Director of the Phuket Customs Office has said that she will write “as soon as possible” to Customs HQ in Bangkok to recommend that regulations on keeping foreign-flagged yachts in Phuket be rolled back. The regulations were changed with effect from December 26, and caused consternation and anger among yacht owners and skippers, and the island’s marinas. Previously, foreign-flagged yachts were allowed to stay in Phuket for up to six months before the owner had to decide whether to take the boat out of Thai waters or import it (paying the taxes). The new regulation requires that owners or skippers must “re-register” their boats every two months for a maximum total of six months. Already many yacht owners are saying that if this regulation is enforced they will be heading for somewhere more yacht-friendly such as Langkawi in Malaysia. In Pattaya, where the twomonth rule has been in force for years, a marina manager, speaking on condition of anonymity, said his marina has “99 per cent Thai-flagged boats”. Skippers of foreign-flagged boats don’t bother to go into Pattaya or Bangkok any more. Ms Nunthita, after listening to views this afternoon, told The Phuket News, “The rules for temporary tax-free importation of boats is aimed at supporting only tourism, not for commerce or maintenance. “The law is the same – temporary importation is limited to six months. The owner can ap-

Mert Ulusoy, GM of the Royal Phuket Marina, pictured, is worried he could lose many wealthy customers if the new regulations are not reversed. Photo: Gerry Cummings ply to stay another six months in some circumstances.” Two changes to the regs came into force on December 26. First, boats have to be “reregistered” every two months and second, although the boat’s captain may do the paperwork when the boat first arrives in Phuket, the renewals must be done by the owner. “The period of stay is also linked to the expiry of the importer’s permit to stay in Thailand,” she added. Asked why the rules had been changed she said, “I don’t know. I think they were

just correcting the regulations, which are the same for temporarily importing a car. “But I understand that the two months doesn’t make sense for Phuket so I will give [Bangkok] an explanation as soon as possible so that at least the captain can do the renewal instead of the owner. Yacht owners and marinas were aghast when the new regs were announced. Mer t Ulusoy, general manager of the Royal Phuket Marina, said, “We expect our business is going to go down and we expect that boats com-



Building C1-C2 Premium Outlet-Gallery Zone, Bypass Rd., Phuket 83000, Thailand Tel: (076) 350-465 Fax: (076) 350-465 Email: Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10 am-5.30 pm Closed: Sunday



ing from places like Singapore for the six months of the high season will now stay for three months maximum and decide to go somewhere other than Thailand.” “This ruling, if it goes ahead, will mean that we will lose a number of the foreignflag boats to Langkawi. I don’t want to predict how many.” A yacht owner, speaking on condition of anonymity, described the tightening of the rules as “absolutely crazy”. “One thing they [Thai officials] don’t seem to understand is how much money yachties, especially superyachts, bring into Thailand. “I pay mooring and electricity fees of B250,000 a year and another B60,000 to B70,000 a month for repairs. “The skipper of a superyacht told me he spends B280,000 a month on mooring fees, another B750,000 a month on incidentals and minor repairs, and about B1 million a year on major repairs.” These, he said, are the kind of sums the Thai economy stands to lose to Malaysia.








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One-way bus system trial for Patong Hill Wiparatana NaThalang


SALES MANAGER Jittiya (Tiya) Rakdej 088 754 1371

PR MANAGER Kanyapoj (Polly) Chaiprapan 088 765 5881

SALES REPRESENTATIVE Ekkapon (Air) Srisuwan 088 754 1370

SALES REPRESENTATIVE Tatiana Kazaku 084 195 9910

SALES SUPPORT Siriporn (Nok) Seangmas 086 479 7470

ADVERTISING 076 612 550-2 ext. 600 Fax: 076 612 553 99/7 Moo 1 (Billion Plaza), T. Kathu, A. Kathu, Phuket 83120

Wind 25 km/h

espite grumbling from some bus owners, a scheme to limit the use of buses on Patong Hill will be introduced soon. For a trial period of one month, tour buses will be barred from travelling over the hill from Kathu to Patong. Instead, they will have to travel to Patong via Cherng Talay, Kamala and Kalim. Buses going from Patong towards Kathu will still be allowed to go over the hill. The start date for the experiment has yet to be set but already the tour company whose bus was involved in the

With the new rule the authorities hope to avoid scenes like this, on December 29. fatal crash of December 29 has decided, on its own, that it will follow the new rule anyway. At a meeting at Phuket

Provincial Land Transportation Office, to which bus owners were invited, Vice-Governor Jamroen Tippayapongtada said

that the precise route would first have to be worked out, bus operators must be notified and signage installed. The new system is being brought in after the fatal bus crash on December 29, in which two people died and 26 were hurt. The driver of the bus, Chanchai Nuisanga, 36, was charged with reckless driving causing death. There have been 11 bus crashes on Patong Hill in the past two years, almost all of them happening when buses went out of control on the final part of the hill leading down into Patong. Natalie Tour, whose bus crashed at the bottom of Patong Hill on December 29, killing two people and seriously injuring seven more, announced on Monday (January 13) that it was no longer sending its buses over Patong Hill from Kathu to Patong. Natalie Tour decided to do it voluntarily, immediately after the accident, because it believes the steep and windy final section of the hill is just too dangerous for buses. Somkiet Maikoksung,the Sales and Marketing Manager of J&W Car Rental & Transport, which owns three of the buses used by Natalie Tour, including the one that crashed, said, “It was not the driver’s fault. Passengers told me he drove carefully the whole time. “The accident happened because of the heavy traffic on the steep hill. This caused the driver to use the brakes too much on the way down.

“The brakes ran out of air for a few seconds, which is when the accident took place. The brakes were working normally again when the bus was inspected after the accident.” Air brakes, when repeatedly and frequently used, quickly run out of compressed air, which is used to clamp the brake pads onto the brake discs. Asked what would happen to the driver, Mr Somkiet said, “He was charged with reckless driving causing loss of life and has been released on bail. His leg was broken in the accident and he is resting at home, waiting for his court appearance.” But, he insisted, “We will continue to employ him when he is able to come back to work. We are on his side. We guarantee that our driver shifted down to a low gear before the accident happened and the bus was in good condition.” “As a precaution, since the day of the accident we have decided not let our buses use that route again.” There were red faces when, the day after Natalie Tour announced the bar on buses travelling east-west across Patong Hill, a bus with the company’s distinctive green logo on the side was seen – and photographed – doing just that. The photos were uploaded to Facebook. The bus was owned by Best Way Trip Co and chartered to Natalie Tour. Prasit Sornwattana, Phuket General Manager of Natalie Tour, admitted, “This morning a driver from Best Way Trip went over the hill.” The manager of Best Way did not return calls, but a member of the company’s staff told The Phuket News, “The bus went in for repair before the accident [of December 29] and this was the first time that it and the driver had been on the road since then. “A notice telling the driver that he was not to use Patong Hill east-west was prepared, but he left this morning before we could give it to him. “It won’t happen again.” thephuketnews




Emergency teams hone their skills Wiparatana NaThalang

E Big drop: The Volvo sits in the klong.

Driver hits truck, dives into klong A PANICKED DRIVER UNintentionally drove her car into Klong Bang Yai canal near the Index Living Mall last Friday (January 10). Police, along with the Kusoldharm Foundation volunteers and an ambulance crew arrived at the scene on the bypass road at 6pm to find Prapatip Bamrungchon’s car half-submerged in the canal. Her two children, who were passengers in the car, were retrieved and taken to


hospital with cuts and bruises. Police learned from Mrs Prapatip and witnesses that she became distracted by her children and suddenly switched lanes, cut in front of a truck, and then “accidentally reversed” into the truck. Panicking, she then drove her Volvo off the road and into the canal. She was charged with careless driving and causing damage to property. Eakkapop Thongtub

mergency medical teams brushed up their skills in a competitive Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Rally staged in Suan Luang Park in Phuket Town on January 7. In the competition, organised by the Phuket Provincial Health Office (PPHO), the seven teams had to treat emergency situations at seven bases around the park, simulating situations ranging from mass casualties to childbirth. Kajonsak Kaewjarat from the PPHO explained that the exercise was made as realistic as possible. “Each base has three first responders who are trained rescuers, and four advanced medical practitioners – a doctor and three nurses. “The teams have 15 minutes to save the victims and five minutes to pack up all the equipment. If they call 1669 for the advanced medical practitioners, they will have to wait for eight minutes for them to arrive at the base.” “The objectives for this

Competitors attend to a motorbike accident ‘victim’. EMS Rally are to stimulate the development of our knowledge and the ability of our personnel in resuscitation network to become enthusiastic by frequently rehearsing and strengthening teamwork and the overall network,” Dr Kajonsak said. “This especially applies to the relationship between hospital teams, rescuers, the command centre and radio communications. To be successful we need to help each other.” Seven teams took part in the competition – Vachira Phuket Hospital with Phuket Kusondharm Foundation; Tha-

lang Hospital with Mai Khao OrBorTor Foundation; Patong Hospital with Kamala OrBorTor Foundation, the OrBorJor Hospital with Rassada Municipality Foundation; Phuket Bangkok Hospital with Kathu Municipality Foundation: Phuket International Hospital with Karon Municipality Foundation and Phuket Mission Hospital with Cherng Talay OrBorTor Foundation. The winners, taking home a prize of B4,000, were the Vachira/Kusoldharm team, followed by Patong Hospital/ OrBorTor Kamala and Thalang Hospital/OrBorTor Mai Khao.


Shooter turns himself in to the police SUPHONGDET WAETCHAtam, 53, from Phuket, surrendered to police last Friday (January 10). He admitted to killing E-cha Tala the day before after a furious row in Mr E-cha’s garden in Koh Kaew. Police were already closing in on Suphongdet, thanks to information provided by Mr E-cha’s wife Sangwarn. She witnessed the shooting and was able to give investigators the license plate number of the white Toyota Fortuner driven by the shooter. She said that after a furious argument Suphongdet pulled out a .38 pistol and shot Mr E-cha in the face. Then, after Mr E-cha fell to the ground, Suphongdet shot him twice more, in the stomach and in the ear. She added that, a few days before, her husband had been visited by three people and a man she described as a plainclothes policeman to discuss a land ownership dispute. Phuket Town Police superintendent Pol Col Sermphan Sirikong said investigators believe this dispute was likely behind the shooting. Eakkapop Thongtub





Loud, well behaved protesters begin ‘Shut Down Phuket’ Prapaporn Jitmaneeyaphan


rotesters gathered on Surin Road on Monday (January 13) to support the anti-government protesters in the capital trying to “Shut Down Bangkok”. Amnuay Kumban, leader of “Shut Down Phuket” – which aims to keep government offices in Phuket closed – urged the crowd, which grew during the day from 2,000 to around 6,000, to protest peacefully. People should follow only the directions of the three protest leaders – himself, Theerawut Sritularak and Suratin Lien’udom – he said, and not listen to others who are looking to make trouble. Mr Suratin gave strenuous assurances that there was no plan to shut down Phuket. “We will not close the Sarasin [or other] bridge, the hospitals or the airport. If any of that

Essential equipment: A protester with her whistle. happens, it’s not us – it’s some bad people.” The leaders took turns making speeches to raise the spirits of the protesters, who responded by blowing whistles whenever the leaders said something they approved of. Student representatives – Worapart Upatising from Phuket Witthayalai School, Krittipong Montiensupa from Satree Phuket School and Parit Jongchoowong from Phuket Tai Hua School, also

spoke from the stage on Surin Rd, outside the main gates of Provincial Hall. Mr Worapart read what he called a “joint communique [from the three schools]”, announcing that they wanted Thai politics to be reformed. “I am really tired of this Thai government,” he added. “I want the system to be changed. I don’t accept [caretaker PM] Yingluck [Shinawatra]’s government. I am tried of corruption.” Mr Krittipong added, “We students will walk through the streets with you.” At 10 am, after the speeches, the protesters split into two groups. One group, comprising about 1,500 people and led by Mr Suratin, blocked the road into the Provincial Hall, from the gate on Surin Rd to the steps up into the hall. They were not allowed into the hall, which was shuttered and guarded by police and security volunteers.

Phuket Town police chief Pol Col Sermphan Sirikong told The Phuket News outside the hall, “I don’t think there will be any problem in Phuket. The leaders know what they are doing because I talk with them regularly [about the protest]. “So long as they follow the rules for legal protest – no damage, no injuries – then everything should be okay. They also know our province is a tourist venue.” The other group paraded through the streets of Phuket Town carrying a huge Thai flag, blowing whistles, and waving other Thai flags in various sizes, following a route from Surin Road to Montri Rd, and then Tilok Utis Rd, before turning right at the Bang Niew intersection. As they marched, other people came out to swell their ranks, chanting “Yingluck Ork Pai!” (Yingluck, get out!). The march went along Takuapa Rd, left to Suriyadet Circle, then right along Yaowarat Rd, Phang Nga Rd and then LuangPoh Rd, and thence back to Provincial Hall. Mr Suratin told The Phuket News that, in the days to come, “We will request other government offices to close, and the officials to join us. “What else we will do depends on what happens in Bangkok next.” On Tuesday (January 14) Mr Amnuay said the protesters would be busy again, visiting government offices on the island to “request” them to close. Mr Amnuay Kumban said, “Yesterday we just succeeded in getting several offices closed. Today we will go to more to ask them to close as well.

Government opponents begin their parade from Surin Rd. “But we have to be careful with our every movement in case someone creates a bad situation.” The Chief of the Phuket Provincial Employment Office, Yaowapa Piboonpol, told The Phuket News, “The office has been closed since yesterday but we can still help people. “We have posted the contact numbers of the heads of each department on the door, so people can call us if they need help. “Please call Thanadetch Karaked at 089 511 1665 if you need help on work permits, apart from permits for Laotians, Burmese and Cambodians. “For work permits for those three nationalities, call Phutharat Maneerat at 089 873 9464, and for other matters relating to employment, please call Puang Songnam at 089 870 0432.” Both Phuket Immigration Office and the Land Transport Office were currently open as usual. O n Tuesd ay even i ng tongues were set wagging when Vice-Governor Sommai Pre-

echasilpa made an appearance at the anti-government rally on the Sanam Chai playing field opposite Provincial Hall. She greeted many of the 3,000 demonstrators and posed for pictures with them. In another part of the field, Phuket City Mayor Somjai Sawannasupapana did the same. Leaders of the “Shut Down Phuket” protest invited them on stage, but both politely declined. V/Gov Sommai earlier in the day told The Phuket News that she was going to the rally but denied that she would speak into the microphone, saying only that she was going to “listen and monitor what is going on”. As word spread through the protesters she and the Mayor, both of whom are famed for their sunny smiles, made no comment on their personal sympathies, leaving it up to the demonstrators to speculate – and speculate they did – whether the two were there to support the cause or, as the Vice-Governor had said earlier, simply to observe.






Second tourist in brush with death while parasailing A The 2013 Dublin Rose, Claire Lennon (blue dress) with the Life Home Project kids.

Children’s Day filled with fun AROUND 15 CHILDREN from the Life Home Project had a special day out on Children’s Day on Saturday (January 11) at Bimi Beach Club, Surin Beach. During the day, three students from the British International School Phuket organised fun games and there was also a special guest – Claire Lennon, the 2013 Dublin Rose, who is currently travelling around Southeast Asia. The three BISP students are required to participate in a range of CAS (Creative, Action and Service) activities as part of their International Baccalaureate Diploma. BISP student Maira Seve Guitterrez said they used hula hoops, balls and cones to create


fun, competitive games that children of all ages could play. “This was definitely a tough challenge to organise so many kids, especially when the little ones did not understand English very well. Overall [though], it was an amazing experience spending time with the kids and seeing them enjoy themselves.” BISP student Sam Owens said, “Seeing the children of the Life Home Project splash around in the water, playing games and stuffing themselves with ice cream made my entire week, and I hope that I’ll be able to do this again with these kids next year.” Fellow BISP student Ngoc Minh Tri Hoang said, “Working with the kids from different

backgrounds, and also with a language barrier, initially seemed a great challenge, but we were glad that we successfully organised some good games and together with kids immersed ourselves in the meaningful atmosphere of Children’s Day.” Also visiting on the day was special guest Ms Lennon, who was chosen to represent Dublin last June as one of the International Roses of Tralee. Ms Lennon said she was currently on her “lifelong dream” of travelling around Southeast Asia and was delighted to join the event while in Phuket. More Children’s Day pictures in Life, page 17

Russian tourist had a lucky escape when he failed to take off in a parasail and was dragged into the side of a jetski off Kamala Beach on Sunday afternoon (January 12). A foreign police volunteer – who asked not to be named “because I have to work with these guys” – witnessed the whole incident. He told The Phuket News, “I was laying on the beach with some friends and looked up to see this guy take off. As usual, there was a little guy [from the parasailing operation] on his shoulders. “He went into the air about six feet and then, for some unknown reason, he dipped down again and was towed under a jetski. His head was

banged repeatedly against the jetski as the driver of the boat kept trying to go forwards. The little guy dived off.” Eventually the driver of the boat realised something was amiss, and the police volunteer and others rushed in to rescue the Russian who, by this time, was unconscious. “He was out of it for 15-20 minutes,” the police volunteer said. A doctor on holiday joined the rescuers, and kept the victim’s head and back straight until an ambulance arrived, and the victim was put on a backboard and taken to Patong Hospital. The hospital said on Tuesday they knew about the incident but refused to release the injured man’s name or any

other information. However, The Phuket News understands that the victim had cuts and bruises on his head but otherwise suffered no serious injuries. The police volunteer said jetski operators gave their opinion of the cause of the incident: “He didn’t run fast enough.” The incident has not been reported to the police. This is the second potentially deadly incident involved parasailing in Phuket in 12 days. As reported in last week’s issue of The Phuket News, on December 31, at Kata Beach, American tourist Marium Saleem was almost strangled by the parasailing harness she was wearing. She blacked out twice before being returned to the ground.

Man walks into tin pond and drowns Police are working to identify a man who drowned in a pond near Phra Phuket Kaew Rd on the afternoon of January 8. Witness Kammoon Poowai, 47, told police he was working on a building overlooking the

pond, and saw the man walk into the water. When Mr Kammoon looked a second time, he saw the man waving his arms in the air before disappearing under the water. He called the police. Eakkapop Thongtub





Last year’s Phuket Bike Week was a huge success, and it’s set to return in April.

Phuket Bike Week events revealed Khemin Wicheetthagoon


lans for this year’s Phuket Bike Week were revealed on January 9 at a meeting at Patong Municipality that brought together all those involved in what has become the number one event for attracting visitors to the island. This year’s Bike Week is a landmark – it is the 20th year that the event has been staged on the island – and each year the event has grown in terms of activities and the number of people. The event will in fact run for more than a week, starting on April 11 and ending on April 19 – a total of nine days, coinciding, as always, with the Songkran holiday.

As always, Patong will be the base of operations, centering on Loma Park and the Patong football field, though there will also be events this year at Saphan Hin in Phuket Town on the final two days. Those at the meeting included Chairat Sukkaban, Deputy Mayor of Patong; Wittaya “Sumon” Singkalah of West Coast Bikes and his organising team; and representatives from sponsors Suzuki and Triumph and the event’s media partner, Class Act Media, owner of The Phuket News. Tickets will cost B200 for each event, or B1,500 for all events (including a big goody bag). To buy tickets in advance and for more details visit the Bike Week website at

SCHEDULE FOR THE EVENT Friday April 11, Patong 1 pm – 3pm: Motorbike show featuring some of Asia’s most beautiful and strangest bikes. 4pm – 6pm: Custom bike competition. 6pm – 7pm: Local culture show. 7pm – 8pm: Miss Phuket Bike Week Round 1. 8pm – 9pm: Official welcoming ceremony. 9pm – midnight: Rock concert and beach party.

Saturday April 12, Patong

1pm – 3pm: Motorbike show festival. 2pm – 4pm: Mass ride and tree planting to combat global climate change. 5pm – 6pm: Convoy around Patong. 6pm – 7pm: Show by Royal Thai Navy 3rd Fleet. 7pm – 8pm: Official opening of Bike Week. 8pm – 10pm: Rock Concert. 10pm – 10.30pm: Miss Phuket Bike Week contest Round 2. 11.30pm – midnight: Rock Concert and beach party.

Sunday April 13

1pm – 3pm: motorbike show including bikes of Thai superstars. 2pm – 6pm: Songkran on the beach party.

7pm – 8pm: Cowboy and Indian show. 8pm – midnight: Rock concert and beach party.

Monday April 14

1pm – 3pm: Motorbike and American car show. 7pm – 8pm: Tattoo competition. 8pm – midnight: Rock concert and beach party.

April 15 - 17 – No events planned so far. Friday April 18, Saphan Hin 1pm – 3pm: Motorbike show and souvenir market. 2pm – 5pm: Safe riding training. 6pm – 7pm: Thai Folk Art Show. 8pm – midnight: Rock concert and beach party.

Saturday April 19, Saphan Hin 1pm – 3pm: Motorbike show and bike stunt show. 3pm – 5pm: Convoy around Phuket. 5pm – 6pm: Motorbike contest, final round. 7pm – 8pm: Thai Folk Art show. 9pm – 10pm: Fashion show and finals of Miss Phuket Bike Week 2014 10 pm – midnight: Rock concert featuring Carabao.



Model boat man nearly drowns in town pond A 56-YEAR-OLD MAN trying to retrieve a radiocontrolled model boat from a pond needed help himself on Sunday evening (January 12) when he began floundering in the water and almost drowned. The man, identified only as Sakorn, was walking in Suan Luang Park in Phuket Town when he was asked by a group of teenagers to help them retrieve the model boat, which had developed mechanical problems. They told him they would pay him to get it back for them. Mr Sakorn climbed down into the water but then got into trouble himself. The teenagers managed to get him back to land but, seeing that he was in a bad way, they called the Kusoldharm Rescue Foundation. Rescue volu nteer s performed CPR and then took Mr Sakorn to Vachira Phuket Hospital, where he is recovering well. One of the teenagers has promised to pay all his medical costs. Eakkapop Thongtub


Phuket teen stars in TV reality model show Maythida Nathompon


Tia Taveepanichpan, Thailand’s only representative on the second season of the show.

FUN IN THE SUN Class Act Media, parent company of The Phuket News, hosted a colouring competition at the Phuket Aquarium on Thailand National Children’s Day on January 11. Many students took part and were each given special goodie bags.




huket girl Tia Taveepanichpan is Thailand’s only representative in the second season of reality television show Asia’s Next Top Model, which debuted on January 8. Tia, who now lives in Bangkok, shot to stardom in 2012 when she won Miss Teen Thailand, winning B300,000 in prize money and also the Most Popular Media Choice title. Asia’s Next Top Model screens on Wednesday nights at 8.30pm on the Star World channel: Channel 54 on the TrueVision network. While living in the Asia’s Next Top Model house in Kuala Lumpur, Tia, who is half-SouthAfrican, half-Thai, says there were cameras following the women everywhere. “We had no privacy. There were 16 girls from different countries in Asia. They put us all in the same house, four girls per room to see our personalities and how we reacted

to each other. “When they told us to do something, for example, a photo shoot, sometimes we had to get ready in five minutes. Everything was always a surprise, and always had to be done in a rush.” When asked what it was like living in the house with everyone else, Tia said it was hard at first because everyone came from different countries and had different backgrounds. “We sometimes had different views, so we had to learn and understand each other’s cultures. Once, when I was sitting at the table, a Filipino girl suddenly put her shoes on the table. I felt strange and awkward as I’m from Thailand [where that would be considered bad manners]. “I was the youngest girl in the house, and some girls viewed this in a negative way. But mostly they would forget I was only 17 years old, because I acted more mature.” Tia first decided to enter Asia’s Next Top Model because a friend was in the competition

last year, and she wanted to gain more experience. “Right now I’m going to continue to work as a model until I graduate [from university]. After that I will think about what I want to do as a career. “It was one of my goals to be on a reality television show. I’m very glad I have been able to represent Thailand. Last year, there were two girls [from Thailand], but this year it is only me. “I learned so much, and it was a great experience I will never forget. It was not only learning about how to be a model and how to pose and express feelings; I learned other things too, like filming commercials.” Tia is currently based in Bangkok studying communication arts at Assumption University. “I miss Phuket. When I have free time, I like to do photo shoots. After I graduate here in Thailand, I would like to study abroad, but I’m not sure if it will be America or Australia.”

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CLAIRE CONNELL Sub Editor From New Zealand; BA (English) from University of Otago; Diploma in Journalism from the University of Canterbury. Five years’ experience at Gisborne Herald and Marlborough Express.


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Phuket radio presenter, DJ Doris, dies in road accident Woman ‘accidentally reverses’ into truck, then canal Teen to star on Asia’s Next Top Model show Phuket yachties, marinas up in arms over new rules Phuket man killed in drive-by shooting in Koh Kaew Tourist ‘near strangled’ in mid-air during freak parasailing accident Prote s t b eg in s in Phuket Town One-way bus system trial for Phuket ’s death hill Natalie tour bus spotted on dangerous Phuket hill Iranian dies af ter jetski crash off island

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Dangerous times T he island’s expat community reacted in shock this week with the news that well-known DJ Paul Norris, aka ‘DJ Doris’, had been killed in a fatal road accident early on Sunday morning. The shock was not that somebody had died on Phuket’s notoriously dangerous roads – on average they claim around a life a week – but that we had all lost somebody we knew, even if just from the airwaves. His death, like everyone who loses their life on the roads, whether on a motorbike, in a car or in a tour bus, was sad, but unfortunately not all that surprising. Thailand is ranked sixth in the world for countries with the highest rate of road deaths, sandwiched between Iran and The Republic of Congo. The situation in Phuket looks only to be getting worse as visitors to the island in-

crease. With no real viable public transport tourists and locals are all too often forced to ride scooters that are at the risk of larger vehicles. The fact that the island’s ‘new breed’ of visitors also like to do the most of their travelling in huge buses also presents a huge, new, dangerous problem, and one that no amount of rerouting will solve. Either visitor numbers need to fall (unlikely) or planners need to design adequate infrastructure, provide public transport, and promote road safety. Unfortunately, none of these desirables looks like coming soon. The island’s roads were never designed to accommodate such huge buses and huge numbers of people. They are made all the more dangerous because many Thais and – let’s face it, after a few months here expats,

too – approach driving with the same ‘laissez faire’ attitude as they might do to a video game. If they do actually apply for a license, all they have to do is drive to the Transport Dept, manage three minutes around the onsite go-kart track, then drive away with a licence. Speed cameras are sometimes proffered as a solution to cut speeding, but as there are currently only four on the island, it has yet to be seen if they will have any impact on the way that people drive. The reality is that people are not really required to drive particularly well here, and in cases where they do drive poorly, incidents are rarely punished. The Phuket News’ offers its most sincere condolences to Mr Norris’ family and friends. For all our sakes we need to keep pushing for a safer future. Our lives may depend upon it.

Sub Editor


From the UK; Masters Degree in Journalism, Kingston University. Five years’ experience at Groove Magazine, Metropolis, The Western Telegraph, The Mirror and Phuket Post.

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Parasail action needed quickly [Re. Second Phuket tourist in parasailing brush with death] “The little guy jumped off”. Then he blames his customer. Just like when the poor Japanese girl was killed (electrocuted) by these idiots years ago (yes really!) Nothing is done. Words fail me. Sam Bull

Providing help in a spot of bother [Re. Gov helps boost image of Phuket Tourist Police Volunteers] My friends and I have been helped out several times by the Tourist Police. Involving arguments about rent/fees, lost IDs, translation and negotiation on unfair rates etc. Almost everything was solved on the spot. Mander

Bus safety must come first

[Re. Phuket bus crash firm bars drivers from using

Patong Hill of Death] Good move on the part of the bus company. If their brakes are insufficient for the hill with traffic, they should never have been there in the first place. All buses and drivers should undergo regular testing. John And what happens when the brake system runs out of air? If the system works, spring brakes activate immediately. Is the bus equipped with electromagnetic brakes, and were they used to avoid running out of air? Nils Niku Krog

Rest in peace, DJ Doris [Re. Phuket radio presenter, DJ Doris, dies in road accident] So shocked to hear the sad news. Loved listening to Paul in the morning and I will always think of him when listening to the morning show. I only wish he’d been in a car, he may have stood a chance. Lorraine

So sad – the news has hit us all hard here in Scotland. I was one of the Stirling DJ’s alongside Paul – just like with JP – miss you pal. C J Mills BlitzHitz

There’s no way out for Phuket [Re. One-way bus system trial for Phuket’s death hill] If the route shown in the map is the favoured option, then those responsible for it obviously have no idea that the 4025 from Thepkrasattri road (at the Heroines Monument circle), is closed most of the day by the police. Even if bus drivers opt to take an earlier right turn at the traffic lights in Thalang, they’ll find that they can’t at peak travel times. The only other alternative is an equally dangerous scenic coastal route through Naithon... or, of course, several hours getting to Chalong and heading for Kata/Karon. What a nightmare. geoffphuket It’s not the roads or hills or

brakes or whatever, it’s almost always the drivers. As long as you don’t train them properly, take away stupidity, aggressiveness and recklessness and inject them with a certain amount of intelligence and sense of responsibility, they will have these terrible accidents on any road. Once again, you start at the wrong end! Cassiopaia

All’s fair on the open waves [Re. Phuket yachties, marinas up in arms over new rules] Seriously, how many superyacht owners are going to be worried about taxes of any size? If they want to come here, they will. The marinas should also benefit from the higher class of boats arriving. Apart from that, those already here won’t have to pay anything more if the old rules are grandfathered for them. Sounds fair to me. Adriane Walter-Scott

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Pattaya taxi driver given newborn A motorbike taxi driver in Pattaya was given an abandoned 7-day-old baby by its mother on January 12. Originally thinking he was just babysitting while she went to pick up some clothes, taxi driver Samai quickly deduced that the mother, 27-year-old Kay, wasn’t coming back after he went round to her apartment and discovered it empty. Samai was friends with Kay and had assisted her with money since he learned that she and her Iranian partner, who was also the father of the child, had separated. Pattaya One


Smuggler caught with ‘ya ice’ coat

Customs officers on Monday arrested an Indian man attempting to smuggle crystal methamphetamine worth around B4.2 million through Suvarnabhumi Airport in a winter coat. Auychai Kultipmontre, director of Suvarnabhumi Airport’s Passenger Control Customs Bureau, said Thiyathikandy Kallindavita Shameed, 30, an Indian national, was arrested on arrival from India on SpiceJet Flight SG 91 at 9am. C u s t o m s of f i c i a l s searched his suitcase and found an unusually heavy winter jacket. Bangkok Post

Cops take flak as Bangkok protest probes stumble There have been almost 10 attacks against People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) leaders and guards since the antigovernment protests flared up in November, but police have made little progress in the investigations. Some observers have even raised concerns that police may have been involved in the assaults. With the protesters vowing to shut down Bangkok from today to topple caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her cabinet, the police face a challenge in ensuring the rallies remain peaceful. Bangkok Post


Two policemen killed in blast Two policemen were killed and another injured in a roadside bomb attack in Yala’s Yaha district on Tuesday. Bangkok Post @thephuketnews



Protesters threaten to capture Yingluck


hai opposition protesters occupying central Bangkok threatened Tuesday to take the prime minister captive and close down all government offices in an increasingly bold bid to force her from office. While well known for their blustery rhetoric, the belligerent tone reflects an air of impunity surrounding rally leaders who travel freely around the city despite warrants for their arrest for their role in civil unrest that has left eight dead and hundreds injured. The protesters, backed by the kingdom’s royalist establishment, want Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to resign to make way for an unelected “people’s council” that would oversee reforms to curb the political dominance of her billionaire family. Her supporters say the rallies are a threat to the country’s fragile democracy and want the dispute to be settled at the ballot box but the opposition is boycotting a February 2 election. Demonstrators marched on several key government ministries Tuesday to stop officials from going to work as part of what they are calling a “shutdown” of Bangkok. Their firebrand leader Suthep Thaugsuban – a former opposition MP – vowed from

Photo: AFP/Ishara S.Kodikara a rally stage in the heart of Bangkok’s commercial district to “capture” the premier and her cabinet ministers “one by one” if they do not quit within days. Suthep himself faces an arrest warrant for insurrection for his role in the seizure of government ministries in November, as well as a murder charge in connection with a military crackdown on opposition protesters that left dozens dead when he was deputy premier in 2010. But there has been no at-

tempt to detain him and police have been largely invisible during the “shutdown” – the latest twist of a political crisis that has gripped Thailand since

Yingluck’s brother Thaksin was ousted in a military coup seven years ago. The rallies were triggered by a failed amnesty bill that could have allowed Thaksin to return without going to jail for a past corruption conviction. The billionaire tycoonturned-politician has strong electoral support in northern Thailand, but he is reviled by many southerners, Bangkok’s middle class and members of the royalist establishment. Democracy or autocracy? “This is not democracy. It is autocracy... it is a one-man rule,” said one of the rally leaders, Satish Sehgal. “There’s massive, rampant corruption in this country. Nepotism. Our objective is to try and get rid of all this,” he said after leading several thousand demonstrators to mass outside the customs department. Demonstrators also temporarily surrounded the ministries of commerce, labour and

information and communications technology. It is a tactic they have deployed several times during the months-long protests, which have so far failed in their goal of forcing Yingluck from office. The government has not tried to stop the protests, despite warnings that they could take a heavy toll on the economy and local businesses if they drag on. In a small side street close to the siege of the customs department, some people bemoaned the damage to their livelihoods and expressed support for the embattled government. “Thaksin helps us. Before he was in government he was already rich,” said Supin Nonpayom, a cleaner at a bus terminal, expressing confidence that the Shinawatras are not corrupt. “They give money to the elderly. They help every group have a better life.” AFP.



Gates says US prevented S. Korea air strike on North South Korea declined to comment Wednesday on revelations that the United States talked it down from launching a retaliatory air strike on North Korea in 2010. The claims were made in the newly published memoir of former US defense secretary Robert Gates, in which he also describes former South Korean president Roh Moo-Hyun as “probably a little bit crazy”.


NGOs pledge US$400 mn for Syrian war victims Char it y organ isat ions pledged US$400 million (292 million euros) Tuesday to help alleviate the humanitarian plight of Syrians affected by their country’s civil war, participants at a meeting of charitable NGOs said. Kuwait’s International Islamic Charitable Organisation said Kuwaiti charities pledged US$142 million, while dozens of NGOs attending the meeting promised the rest.



Pakistan gang rape inspires New York opera with heart Jennie Matthew


o those who complain that opera is an elitist indulgence served up to snobs in dinner jackets, New York’s latest world premiere may come as something of a shock. Inspired by the horrific gang rape of illiterate Pakistani woman Mukhtar Mai on orders of a village council, “Thumbprint” is a US$150,000 (B5 million) production currently having an eight-night run in a basement theatre in Manhattan. One of the most infamous sex crimes against women in South Asia, Mai’s 2002 rape, survival and metamorphosis into an international rights icon is as far removed from opera-house pomp as possible. It may have earned a less-thanglowing review from The New York Times – “muted,” “not quite enough” – but the score is an alluring blend of South Asian and Western music, and the production starkly innovative. With a simple backcloth doubling up as a film projection screen, a few chairs and charpoys, the simple but powerful staging evokes the heat, the dust and the traditions of

Pakistani gang rape victim Mukhtar Mai poses on February 19, 2013 during the Geneva Summit for Human Right and Democracy in Geneva. Photo: AFP/Fabrice Coffrini a Pakistani village. Mai, now in her 40s, was raped to avenge her 12-year-old brother’s alleged impropriety with a woman from a rival clan. Six men were sentenced to death for her rape in a landmark ruling. But five were later acquitted and the main culprit had his sentence reduced to life imprisonment: facts the opera omits. Mai’s story has fresh resonance

since the brutal gang rape of a student on a New Delhi bus and her death a little over a year ago sparked international outrage about the levels of violence against women in India. “It’s inspiring,” said the opera’s Indian-American composer Kamala Sankaram, who also sings the lead role. “This is a person who was completely illiterate and knew nothing of her rights and the laws of her country

and yet she had the courage to step out,” she told AFP. There is no staged recreation of the rape, which is instead portrayed by muffled shrieks of terror interspersed with a knife slashing open bags of sand. Sankaram worked to recreate Mai’s world by combining Hindustani music, Western composition, qawwali and Bollywood. “I am a sitar player as well as being a Western musician so I wanted to bring in elements of traditional culture but still keep it something acceptable to Western listeners,” she said. Pakistan may be thousands of miles from New York but playwright and novelist Susan Yankowitz, who wrote the libretto, says the opera is about courage and universal vulnerability of women. “The main question that is repeated throughout the opera is where did you find your courage... In a dry season, someone must be the first drop of rain,” Yankowitz told AFP. “The courage is to be the first drop of rain and that’s what I hope people will take away from it and inspire people to take some action they would otherwise not have the courage to do.” AFP





India’s last reported polio victim ‘leads normal life’ W

hen her friends, brother and sisters run around playing in their village in eastern India, four-year-old Rukshar Khatoon simply watches. Although Rukshar can walk, the pain in her right leg from the polio she contracted as a toddler is too much to bear. “She can now stand on her feet and walk, but can’t run,” her father, Abdul Saha, said from their home in dirtpoor Shapara village, about 30 kilometres from the city of Kolkata. “When her friends play, she remains a spectator,” he said. “Rukshar often feels pain in right leg (even) after a walk,” her mother Sabeda Bibi Saha added. Although Rukshar’s story is tragic, doctors and health workers are confident that her case is cause for hope. Rukshar is the last known person in India to have contracted the crippling virus. India on Monday marks

In this photograph taken on January 9, the last polio patient registered in India, three year-old Rukhshar Khatoon plays outside her home in Shapara village at the Panchla block, about 40 kms west of Kolkata. Photo: AFP/Dibyangshu Sarkar the third anniversary of the day Rukshar was diagnosed on January 13, 2011, meaning

India will soon be certified as having defeated the disease, in a huge advance for global

One dead, four missing after Australian blaze razes homes A MAN DIED AND FOUR other people were missing after a fast-moving wildfire destroyed at least 46 homes in western Australia’s Perth, officials said Monday (January 13). The blaze, thought to have been started by a fallen power line in the city’s wooded outskirts on Sunday, was fanned by hot, strong gusts of wind that saw 20-metre flames tear through residential streets. “It has been confirmed that 46 homes have been lost,”


Western Australia state’s fire and emergency services department said, warning that some 30 per cent of the fire zone was yet to be assessed. State fire commissioner Wayne Gregson said four people remained “unaccounted for” Monday, with fears they had fallen “victim to the fire”. “We will follow up until we find these persons,” Gregson told reporters. “We’re working very hard with police.” Earlier, the ambulance

service said a man, aged 62, had died after collapsing on the roof of his house as he prepared for the oncoming blaze. Hundreds of residents fled their homes for evacuation centres and were anxiously awaiting news Monday. Some said they had only seconds to escape. “We obviously knew that the fire was moving pretty quickly,” Stoneville resident Aaron Miles told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. AFP

eradication efforts. For Rukshar, life has steadily improved since she

was diagnosed when she was 18-months old. Doctors and her family say her leg is getting stronger thanks to treatment and she also goes to school. “She is now going to school and leading a normal life,” said Nilanjan Mondal, a medical officer from the local health centre. “We are closely monitoring her condition,” Mondal added. But her father is filled with guilt for failing to get her vaccinated when he had the chance. Rukshar was ill with an unrelated ailment when she was due to be vaccinated and missed it Her parents ensured their son was immunised but did not follow up with their two daughters. “It was a grave mistake,” Saha said as he sewed sequins onto cloth at their two-room home as part of his job. “I took my fourth child, now one and a-half-years-old, for the pulse polio programme without any delay,” he added. AFP


24 wounded in university blast in Philippines

A suspected improvised bomb attack at a university campus in the Philippines, has left 24 people wounded – many critically – including students and teachers, police said Monday (January 13). It appeared a fire was set deliberately in a building housing security personnel at the state-run Cotabato Foundation College, drawing in firemen, security staff and students who were then injured in the Sunday night blast.


1,500 North Koreans escape More than 1,500 North Koreans fled to South Korea last year, maintaining a recent fall in the number of escapees that coincided with a clampdown by new leader Kim Jong-Un. Five years ago the annual number of escapees was close to 3,000, but the number dropped sharply after Kim came to power in December 2011. AFP






lue Horizon Developments is fast becoming known for its visual concepts and delivery of quality properties. The company invests in creative architecture that makes quality affordable. “We believe in the art of development. We make sure that our developments suit all kind of buyers and investors who are looking for healthy return on their investments,” the company says. Perfectly located in a tranquil site on Phuket’s west coast is Blue Horizon’s newest villa development, the exciting Skylight Villas. What is so appealing about this new villa development? Where do we start? These well-appointed one-, two- and three-bedroom villas have amazing marble-tiled infinity pools with breathtaking panoramic views over the Kamala hills and yet are only five minutes away from some of Thailand’s most pristine white sandy beaches. The Kamala area has many amenities for holidaymakers and residents alike, with everything from banks, supermarkets and quaint little beach bars

Apartments and villas, as seen in this CG image, will be available at The Beachfront. to restaurants serving dishes for those wanting to sample the culinary delights of Thailand or keeping it safe for the kids with pizzas and pastas. You’ll find everything you need right here in the heart of Kamala, plus the location is only a 10-minute scenic drive along the coast to the playground of Phuket that we all love – Patong. The Skylight Villas come with waterfall features descending over a glass roof into the marvellously spacious infinity swimming pools. The saltwater pools are all marble with steps leading out from the master bedroom into the pool, past the Jacuzzi and out

onto the private landscaped gardens. All the villas have been carefully designed to ensure maximum privacy while still enhancing the outstanding views offered from the generous rooftop areas. The roof terraces are the perfect place for that Sunday afternoon BBQ or for entertaining guests in the evening with a glass of wine. There’s also a unique glass skylight feature allowing you to marvel at the clear evening skies over Phuket from the comfort of your very own living area. The development itself is built on three stepped levels, ensuring that all villas have

unobstructed views over the Kamala village. Every villa has a private gated car park and ample storage space for everything from golf clubs to suitcases. The build quality on these villas is superb with the highest quality fixtures and fittings being used whilst still managing to keep them competitively priced from B6.85 million to B14.9 million. The Western-standard kitchens are equipped with granite worktops and wraparound technology is used on the kitchen doors and drawers to ensure their coverings won’t peel in the future with the humidity we experience

in a hot tropical island. Villa owners wishing to maximize the earning potential of their holiday home whilst still being able to vacation are also being offered a rental management service so they can see income on top of the capital gains growth being enjoyed by so many of Phuket’s property owners. All this and the flourishing tourism growth in Phuket has made Skylight a popular investment choice for foreign buyers who want security for their investment while having the benefit of impressive capital returns. In the peaceful southeastern corner of Phuket, Rawai, Blue Horizon is proud to introduce its newest development The Beachfront. The Beachfront is a unique collection of apartments and villas in a corner of the island that still retains tranquil scenes of Phuket’s past, from quaint beachside restaurants and local fresh seafood markets to brightly-painted longtail boats The Beachfront presents a rare and amazing opportunity, combining beautiful waterfront units with a no-risk investment. Set on 8,000 sqm of unique beachfront land with 50 meters of absolute waterfront, the proj-

ect is divided into two phases. Phase 1 will consist of condominiums from studio apartments to amazing twobedrooms seaview units, starting at only B3.1 million. Phase 2 will comprise amazing beachfront pool villas, from two to three bedrooms starting at only B21.5 million. The properties will have full facilities with three uninterrupted ocean-view infinityedge pools, Jacuzzi, gym, bar, restaurant, 24-hour security, indoor car parks, CCTV, tropical landscaping, speedboats and concierge services worthy of a five-star hotel. Blue Horizon say, “We are proud to announce our partnership with Best Western, the world’s largest hotel chain, who will manage the development and holiday rentals which will give our clients a great return on their investment. “We are proud to present our two latest developments with show units now complete for our beachfront condos in Rawai and our mountain hill luxury villas in Kamala. “We are ready for any prospective buyers and investors to visit us at our sites.” For more info visit www. and www.




MAS to open new KL-Krabi service MALAYSIA AIR LI NES (MAS) is to fly four times a week between Kuala Lumpur and Krabi, starting February 3. MH770 will leave Kuala Lumpur on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 2.55pm, arriving in Krabi at 3.40pm. The return flight, MH771 will take off from Krabi at 5.20pm, arriving in KL at 8.05pm. MAS Group Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said, “Malaysia Airlines is excited to expand its network by introducing Krabi as its latest destination. “Krabi is a popular holiday spot and a favourite among Malaysians,” he said, but it will also, MAS hopes, at-

tract more people to Malaysia during 2014, which has been declared Visit Malaysia Year. “This four-times-weekly service from Kuala-Lumpur to Krabi is complimented by another 35 weekly flights to Bangkok and 21 weekly flights to Phuket, for a total of 60 flights a week between Malaysia and Thailand,” Mr Yahya said. The airline will initially offer promotional all-inclusive return fares on the new route: from RM866 (B8,757) allinclusive return in Business Class and RM366 (3,700) in Economy Class. The offer is open for bookings made up to January 30, for flights between February 3 and June 30.

Air transport ‘safest in 2013’ TRAVELLING BY AIR WAS safer in 2013 than in any year in the past decade, the EU’s European Aviation Safety Agency says. “Worldwide, fatal accidents involving large commercial air transport airplanes were lower in 2013 than any other year in the past decade, with 17 accidents, compared with a yearly average of 27,” the agency said. Fatalities also plummeted

last year with only 224 killed in aircraft accidents worldwide – a third of the average of 703 between 2003 and 2012. In European Union skies, there were no fatal accidents “involving large commercial air transport airplanes,” the agency said, despite airlines carrying out approximately six million commercial flights that transported 800 million passengers. AFP

Rail cancellation could be lost opportunity THE CARETAKER TRANSport Minister says that Thailand will suffer a great loss in opportunity if it does not follow through with the B2 trillion high-speed train project proposed by the now suspended government of PM Yingluck Shinawatra.

Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt urged all sides to see the “great benefit” it would have for the country to develop much needed basic infrastructure, and added that postponing it now would only result in greater expense in the future. NNT


Dusit to manage hotel in Patong Alasdair Forbes


usit International last Friday (January 10) signed a contract to manage what was formerly the Destination Patong Resort & Spa on Ruam Jai Rd, opposite the Holiday Inn. The hotel is owned by Destination Properties of Bangkok and has 390 rooms and two restaurants. It will be run as a dusitD2 hotel, a new but fast-growing “next generation” brand in the Dusit stable. Dusit International’s Chief Operating Officer, David Shackleton, explained to The Phuket News that D2 hotels are aimed at the 25- to 40-year-old guest who enjoys staying in a “contemporary, stylish” hotel. “We’re very lucky working with Gary Murray [of Destination Properties],” Mr Shackleton said. “We’ve been in discussion for some time and there are opportunities on both sides, especially in marketing.” Mr Murray said, “With Dusit on board to manage operations, in addition to a number of soon-to-be announced lifestyle and entertainment partnerships, we believe that the dusitD2 Phuket Resort will be an excellent choice for guests looking for the perfect combination of sun, sea and impeccable service.”

The Destination Hotel will reopen in April as the dusitD2 Phuket Resort. The property – originally the locally-owned Grand Tropicana – is currently being overhauled. Dusit will occupy it on February 1 and expect to have the soft launch in April. Destination Properties is a significant investor in Phuket’s hotel and resorts market. Apart from Patong, it also owns hotels in Karon, Kamala and Surin Beach, along with one in Hua Hin. The Patong hotel will be the fourth dusitD2. The first two are in Chiang Mai and Pattaya, and the third softopened in July last year in Changzhou in northeastern China. It will by no means be the last. Dusit plans to open a D2 in the Bangkok countryside playground of Khao Yai and others in Davao and Manila in the Philippines; Beijing and

Changsha in China, along with a second one in Changzhou; one in New Delhi and another in nearby Gurgaon, one in Pasadena in the US and one in Nairobi, Kenya. Dusit International has been very active overseas in the past few years. “With the vagaries of Thai politics it’s been necessary to look abroad and balance our portfolio.” Thus, apart from the Philippines, China and India, Dusit also has branded properties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo, and two more are close to signature for Tunisia and Doha. “Dubai had a record year last year,” Mr Shackleton said, “and Abu Dhabi, which just opened, is doing extremely well despite being in an oversupplied market. “The Middle East and Africa are good growth areas

Now available in Thailand

Pebble Pools is a Thai company, trained and certified by Pebble Technology, Inc to install high quality and long-lasting pool finishes that replace the use of tile throughout Thailand. We will remove your old and broken pool tile and replace it with Pebble Tec® to make your pool look brand new or install Pebble Tec® to your newely constucted pool. Pebble Tec is a smooth natural finish with no unsightly groutlines and creates beautiful natural looking ocean blue water. We also do rock features such as waterfalls out of natural or imitation river rock and can design or help you design a natural looking pool and or spa. With Pebble Tec® you can design your pool in any free form shape you desire because Pebble Tec® makes beautiful rounded corners unlike tile. @thephuketnews

for us. When [the dusitD2 in] Nairobi [the capital of Kenya] opens it will be a springboard to more opportunities.” But Dusit International is still looking after its home country. The opening of the D2s in Thailand is part of a drive to “get more traction in Thailand”, Mr Shackleton told The Phuket News. “In fact, we’re getting more requests [from owners] for D2s than for Dusit Thani hotels.” He attributes Dusit International’s ability to attract hotel owners to the combination of 60 years’ experience and small “family run” organisation. “We have three advantages that give us an edge: flexibility; the ablity to address issues faster because we don’t have so many layers of management; and owners recognise us as kindred spirits.”

Pebble Technology,Inc. is worldwide company with over 30 years of experience and they stand behind their product with a 5 years warranty on material and workmanship.


THE BIG LIST WEIRD FAME Now the tale of the Romanian worker (story right) was, and hopefully always will be, heart-warming and a positive result of unexpected fame. This is not always the case. Below are the The Phuket News’ top five examples of how a sudden onslaught of fame can have negative consequences.

LIFE ISN’T A HOLIDAY: Remember when Rodney King was viciously beaten by six LA policemen in the early 90s? Well that was because a brave American chap by the name of George Holliday took to the streets when he heard sirens and chanced upon this scene. Thinking he was doing the right thing, which he definitely was, he sent the video to news networks and it became big news – as it most definitely should. Unfortunately many didn’t see it that way. Despite clear footage, all policemen involved in the video were acquitted of any wrongdoing, which led to the infamous LA riots and 54 people losing their lives, and buildings up and down the city being torched. Who was to blame? Well, if society can’t blame the police, then jabbing fingers began to point to the cameraman who had the audacity to film and document such brutality. When the media circus began, George lost his job as a drain rooter and eventually his wife. SURPRISE SHOT: The Kennedys weren’t blessed with a whole heap of luck. After his brother had been killed in broad daylight in Dallas, when JFK’s brother Senator Robert Kennedy was doing the rounds on a political campaign, he was shot dead by a fanatic. The photo that was used in the newspapers the following day was of a dying senator with his head being cradled by surprised 17-year-old Mexican immigrant Juan Romero, who had the unfortunate luck to be shaking his hand as the gunman struck. Many applied the flawed logic that if Romero hadn’t asked Kennedy to shake his hand then the gunman wouldn’t have got such a good shot at him. Much like with Holliday, Romero struggled with the unexpected fame and suffered from bouts of depression and roamed from town to town trying, unsuccessfully, to return to the simple life. FIRE AND STORM: Following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, a petrol station employee ran into the streets to capture the scenes with a simple camera. Lester La Rue took a photo of a firefighter clutching the bleeding body of a dying infant that went on to be used as the cover for Newsweek. Seizing the opportunity, La Rue started banging out commemorative T-shirts and statues. The mother of the infant then got involved complaining that the image of her daughter was being commercialised. A media storm ensued, he was fired and another photographer who took almost the exact same photo, from the same angle went on to win the Pulitzer prize. STAR LIGHT: Elizabeth Siddal was a sort of ‘old-day’ Lindsey Lohan, who, while working as a hatmaker’s assistant in Victorian London was spotted and asked to pose for a portrait ‘Ophelia’. The only problem was that the portrait was of a woman, lying in the river dying. To recreate the scene Elizabeth had to lay in a bath full of water for extended periods of time. Elizabeth’s portrait sessions totalled five months. However, what with this being Victorian-era London, it would have meant that it wasn’t the most ‘cushy’ of jobs.After the success of the piece, she posed for many portraits and began a long battle with alcohol and drugs, and later died from an overdose of the drugs she was taking to combat symptoms of pneumonia.



Romanian migrant becomes British star T

he British media had warned of a flood of new Bulgarian and Romanian migrants arriving on January 1, but judging by this week’s coverage, they appeared to have found only one. Victor Spirescu, a 30-yearold Romanian, has become an unexpected star after flying into Luton airport, north of London, on the day EU labour market restrictions on his nation and Bulgaria were lifted. He has become the face of the new arrivals, featuring in several national newspapers in Britain – including for a double-page spread in The Times – appearing on Sky News and has been interviewed by the Romanian media back home. T he Daily Teleg raph newspaper even travelled to Romania to interview his 19-year-old fiancee, Catalina Curcean, in what it called their “ramshackle” house outside the village of Pelisor in Transylvania. A gaggle of journalists had gathered to greet Spirescu’s

Above: Victor Spirescu arrives in the UK ‘ready to work’. flight on January 1, in hopes of a story about hordes of migrants arriving to seek work and possibly to abuse Britain’s welfare system. Media panic about the new influx and fears about ‘benefits tourism’ had led the British government to rush through measures in December restricting access to unemployment hand-outs to new EU migrants. But of the 140 passengers

on board the 180-seat plane from Tirgu Mures in central Romania, most were already working in Britain and were returning from their Christmas holidays. Spirescu was one of the exceptions, making his first trip to Britain to earn enough money to take home so he and his future wife could finish renovating their house. He was greeted by television cameras and two mem-

bers of parliament, who said they wanted to see for themselves the first day of unrestricted migration to Britain. The media attention has continued all week – and although Spirescu appeared relaxed when he appeared on Sky News on Sunday for a live panel discussion on immigration, he admitted it was a little weird. “When I go in supermarkets, all the people look at me. I see a little girl, she said to her mum, ‘hey this is the guy off the television’,” he said. He added that everyone had been “very friendly”. Within a day of arriving, Spirescu had found a job washing cars at a supermarket in Biggleswade, west of Cambridge, although he hopes to win more lucrative work in construction. Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to say how many new migrants are expected, after the last Labour government underestimated by almost one million the number of Poles arriving after Poland joined the EU in 2004. AFP

Blondes need not apply for love position IF YOU FEEL PASSIONATE ABOUT something, and want to change it, especially in Thailand, you take to the streets and protest. This is usually reserved for political situations, or in the case of civil injustice or campaigns. ‘Usually’ – but not exclusively. A British man, who is obviously passionate about brunettes and wants to change his single relationship status, took to Waterloo station and the streets of London earlier this month with a placard reading ‘Hot Brunettes Wanted For 2014’, and another one that contained his email

address – if you were wondering. He quickly became an internet sensation after people tweeted pictures of the luckless lad looking forlorn in public. In an interview he gave to local radio station, Absolute Radio, Gerald explained reasons for his tact, “I felt I just needed to do something a bit more imaginative and get out there. “You gotta do these things when you think of it otherwise you’ll regret it,” he added. “My friends say I’m a little bit picky. I just need a brunette.”

Photo: Twitter/RobertCentury

Koreans making a meal out of it T H E R E’ S N O T H I N G worse than having to smile and show appreciation through a mouthful of food, except perhaps when you’re being filmed and having to convey that emotion to millions of people. Except in South Korea, where ‘Mok Bang’ or ‘broadcast eating’, delightfully named food porn for the masses has gained in popularity in recent years, turning the practice of watching ce-

lebrities eating and enjoying food, to the average netizen. Many ‘stars’ now have

their own successful YouTube channels, which attract huge numbers of views

nightly as viewers tune in to see sprightly young things making their way through plates full of tasty meals. Some have even turned the pastime into a very profitable job, as online viewers can show their appreciation by buying and awarding the broadcasters Star Balloons – an online currency – which are worth anything from US$1-50. You can also, of course, just leave a smiley face. thephuketnews




BIS has fun with its new 3D printer


Children’s Day is celebrated in style


Phuket artist shows the beauty of death in his latest works > page 2


Soon Papan with one of his latest paintings on display at his Napas Art studio in Cherng Talay.






Designed by Woulfe Studio

Baan Wana Park, 177/22 Moo 4, Srisoonthorn Road, Thalang 076 620 071

The beauty of eternal death Tanyaluk Sakoot

Soon Papan’s art is on show in Cherng Talay.


any artists celebrate life and deal with its beauty and stage of existence where all is flourishing and all is well. Kalasin-born (northeast Thailand) Soon Papan meanwhile takes a different approach to his art. A current collection on show at his Napas Art studio in Cherng Talay is entitled ‘Used to Be Alive’. This is a project that he has been working on since he was a fourth year student at Mahasarakham university, in 1997. Soon said, “Everything is meaning in itself. God has created many wonderful things that I can admire.” Soon’s relationship with God is what influences him a lot: “Life is beautiful and God created everything... this influences me. Leaves used to be alive,

but one day they fall and die, this is also beautiful. “This is one side of nature people don’t see, but it’s beautiful.” All of Soon’s work is hand painted using acrylic and oil colours and his gallery has a huge selection of abstract art paintings, animal paintings, figurative oil paintings, religious oil paintings, still life oil paintings, flower paintings and landscape paintings. “All of our paintings are hand-painted (no printing involved) in oil on high-grade canvas, with only the highest quality materials,” explains Soon. Now, Soon is focusing on changing premises and has his eye set on the Laguna area in Cherng Talay. “I feel a part of nature, even though something is gone. Through nature, I learned that nothing is eternal in the life of the universe.” For more information, artgallery

Drawing Room

56 Phang Nga Road, Talad Yai, Muang, Phuket Town 086 899 4888

Red Gallery

Phuket Art Village, Soi Naya 2, Rawai 087 323 321 Open daily

Veerachan Usahanun

Man guilty of defacing portrait of the Queen


ca mpa ig ner for fathers’ rights to see their children was found guilty on January 8 of defacing a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II while it was hanging in Westminster Abbey. Father-of-two Tim Haries, 42, scrawled ‘help’ in purple paint on the large oil painting by Australian artist Ralph Heimans on June 13. Ha r ies, a n elec trician and activist with the Fathers4Justice campaign group, had denied causing criminal damage of mor e t h a n £ 5 , 0 0 0 ( B16 5,0 0 0), say i ng his act was a protest to highlight the “social justice issue of our time”. But the judge at London’s Southwark Crown Court told the jury that civil disobedience was not a valid defence, and Haries was found guilty. He was released on bail until his sentenc-

ing on February 5. He later released a statement through Fathers4Justice, defending his “peaceful protest on behalf of my children and the millions of children separated from their fathers” by British family courts. The campaign group said at the time that it d id not endor s e Haries’s protest, but later that month it launched a campaign encouraging fathers to write the word “help” in “significant places where they are visible to the world”. Founded in 2001, Fathers4Justice has a reputation for headlinegrabbing stunts by fathers locked in bitter custody battles. Heimans’s painting was commissioned for the queen’s diamond jubilee in 2012 and valued at around £160,000 (B5.3 million). It cost £7,300 (B241,000) to repair after the vandalism. AFP

110/34 Cherng Talay, Bang Tao Beach Road 081 490 4359 Open daily

Mom Tri’s VR Gallery

Next to Mom Tri’s Villa Royale, 12 Kata Noi Rd, Kata Noi 076 333 568

Watcharin Art Studio

27 Yaowaraj Rd, Phuket Town 088 386 1449 watcharintinorodnit

Wua Gallery and Studio 1 Phang Nga Rd, Phuket Town 076 258 208

If you would like to see your studio or gallery featured here, contact: editor3@ thephuketnews



No rest for rally guru JP Mestanza


he itch of motorsport and organising races has been difficult for Jum Ali Khan not to scratch. Even in retirement and approaching his 80th birthday, the Brit is still excited to talk about his first love: off-road

rallying. “I suppose it is something that has been with me since birth,” Jum says of his beloved sport, which took him to places such as Argentina, Morocco, Tunisia, Iceland, and more. Jum’s grandfather opened a Ford car dealership in 1915 in southern England. Ali Khan took up the family business, but all the while squeezed time to compete in off-road rallies. It wasn’t until 1973, at a race on the Isle of Man in which he crashed and broke his arm, that he finally stopped competing. Still, he stayed involved in rallying by helping sponsor Prince Michael of Kent, cousin of Queen Elizabeth of England, for over two years. In 1986 Jum moved to Dubai and became involved in desert rallying, a very different animal. “The cars are much slower because it’s quite difficult to move in the sand,” he says.


Above left, Jum Ali Khan reflects on his years in motorsport. Right, a young Jum meets Formula One triple World Champion Jackie Stewart, date unknown. Over time, he collected information on how to drive in these new conditions and put together his first book – The Off-roader’s Manual. Over time, he began working with the Desert Challenge competition in the United Arab Emirates and was appointed Route Director in 1996. That same year, he was invited to become an observer for the FIA World Motorsport Council and was sent to several rallies around the globe. “I never thought I would go to South America or Moscow. It was a great experience to do what I loved,” he says. In 2001, Jum settled in Bangkok and later Prakhon Chai in the northeast. He moved to Phuket in the first week of

2005, just a week after the Asian Tsunami had claimed thousands of lives. “It was just an unfortunate coincidence,” he says, “I volunteered with the British embassy to be a driver and had to pick up officials who were helping out with the recovery, taking them to places around the island.” He remembers a moment when he picked up a group of Australians who were there to identify the many dead bodies at a temple about two hours north of Phuket. “They used trailers with refrigerators as a temporary morgue. On the pavement near the entrance, there were large panel boards with photographs of people who were missing,” he recalls.

“That’s really, I think, when the severity of the aftermath hit home. When you saw the rows and rows of dead people’s faces.” Since then, Jum has used his interests and organising skills to help create charity motorsport events in Phuket. As a member of the Lions Club of Patong Beach, he helps organise the Phuket Go Kart Challenge while, at the same time, he helps organise the Phuket Invitational Rally as part of the Phuket Grumpy Old Men’s Society (GOMS) – each of which helps raise money for charitable endeavors across the island. “I just love to organise events. It’s something I enjoy and keeps me going,” he says.




Getting to the bottom of disease Jody Houton

Above: Dr Art Hiranyakas with the hospital’s new technology.


he Colorectal Disease Institute at Bangkok Hospital Phuket welcomed its first patient within an hour of opening its sliding doors for the first time on January 9. Bangkok Hospital Phuket has been offering colo-rectal treatment at the international hospital for years, Nicha Chiwangkul, the Marketing Division Manager for Bangkok Hospital Phuket explains: “We used to perform the surgery and provide the care on the same floor and in the same area which dealt with the other cancers – breast cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer – but decided to separate the area designated for just colo-rectal cancer.” Contained in the Colorectal Disease Institute is

over B90 million worth of the latest technology and equipment designed to deal with colorectal and anal cancer, hemorrhoids, anal fissure, perianal abscess, fistula-in-ano, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation and bowel incontinence. A much prized piece of equipment – the only one in south Thailand – is the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System which has advantages over traditional open surgery, including greater precision and small incisions. The Bangkok Hospital Phuket possesses a full multilingual team of ‘co-ordinators’, so that all visitors can take advantage of the institute, especially, remarks Mr Nicha, the Russian and Chinese market. Dr Art Hiranyakas, the head doctor of the institute, meanwhile speaks perfect English as he studied and worked in the United States and is also a member of the American Society of Colon and Rectum Surgeons (ASCRS). Dr Art has been back in Thailand for two years and working as a full

time colorectal surgeon at Bangkok Hospital Phuket ever since. Speaking to The Phuket News he explains the changes he’s seen. “The cases of colorectal disease have gone up dramatically in Thailand with an increase in the uptake of the western diet. In other countries there are more incidences of men than women suffering from colorectal diseases, but in Thailand it’s more 50/50.” Although for many, specialising in colorectal diseases might seem a strange decision, for Dr Art it was a natural choice. “To deal with colons is not pleasant,” says Dr Art, “but it’s a joy to be able to use and work with the latest technology. I’ve decided to get into this particular field because I’ve always wanted to be a surgeon and I love technology, so the combo of surgery and technology in colorectal treatment meant that this was perfect for me.” To find out more visit www.phuket

Thailand tops Asean boozing table


hailand has the biggest percentage of boozers in the Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) with 40 per cent of drinkers found in North-East region, and boy, they get through a lot of booze. Thai PBS reports that according to the latest alcohol consumption data compiled by the WHO-affiliated Center for Alcohol Studies (CAS), based at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand ranks first, closely followed by Laos, then the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam. The average Thai, according to the CAS figures, downs the equivalent of 7.1 litres of pure spirit a year. In beer terms, that’s 226 bottles a year. In terms of spirits, it’s 25 bottles. The report, Current Situation and Effect of Alcohol Consumption in Thailand 2013 shows that 31.5 per cent of Thais aged 15 years and over, or about 17 million people, consume alcohol regularly.

Men consume alcohol more than women, and 77 per cent of regular drinkers are adults – the other 23 per cent are under age. The region that has the most alcohol consumption in Thailand is Isarn, with 6.7 million drinkers or 40 per cent of the country’s boozers, while in second place, with 23 per cent of the country’s drinkers, is the North. The Asean countries, ranked by the amount of raw-spirit-equivalent drunk, are below. Thai PBS 1


7.1 litres



6.73 litres



6.38 litres



6.38 litres



6.38 litres



4.77 litres



3.77 litres



2.01 litres



0.59 litres

10 Myanmar

0.57 litres




Juice and nothing but the juice a relaxing night Martin explains that because of his extended network of organic farmers, he is able to keep the price low – at about B1,000 per day. If you’re on the existing route of Pura’s daily deliveries, then deliveries are even free of charge. Pura Organic delivers all around the island and drops off shipments once a day, every day. Martin thinks that although these juices are slow/cold juiced and should be good for three days, he himself believes that, like many foods, fresher is better. To get more information on the Pura Organic Juice Programs, call 093 584 1850 or visit or check out icfoods where you can also find how the ‘Smetsers boys’ are doing on their juice feast or, as they put it “Walking the talk”.

Jody Houton


eople look at me and think ‘is that guy really running a healthy food business?” begins Martin Smetsers, the founder of Pura Organic, “Yes, I am, I reply. I’m a foodie, I choose organic food simply for the better taste and as you can see food has always been a big part of my life.” Food, especially organic food, became an even bigger part of Martin’s life in 2010, when Klaus Hebben, the owner of Thanyapura, approached his former manager of a hedge fund company with a proposal. “Mr Hebben came to me and said ‘Let’s have some fun, why don’t you start an organic food business?” Pura’s first customers were the students at Phuket International Academy, DiVine restaurant at Thanyapura and a few high-end resorts. Due to the company’s first farm’s location at the edge of the National Park of Khao Sok in Surat Thani, the production, although varied, was limited as many vegetables and fruits couldn’t survive the harsh conditions of high temperatures, rain and humidity. “We started looking for other organic farms where conditions were different and other products could be found. This took us all over Thailand, looking for more choice which we then brought to Phuket in order to offer some organic variety for our customers,” says Martin. In those early days Martin regularly travelled around the country sourcing different products. Martin explains that, to this day, Pura Organic still uses multiple suppliers for the main reason that if adverse weather affects one area, they can buy from others without suffering a drop in supply. In the three-plus years that Pura Organic has been running, the business has gone from strength to strength and it recently opened a second store at Bangtao Place in Cherng Talay. “At roughly the same time we were invited by Villa Market to offer Pura’s products in their recently opened branch in Cherng Talay (Boat Avenue).

Martin Smetsers (L) with his son Bart (R) - both of whom are on the ‘juice feast’. We also operate a salad bar here and we’ll have our 100-per-cent organic juices for sale soon.” Juicing – replacing a diet of solid foods partly or entirely – is at the forefront of Pura Organic’s plans. “Today’s lifestyle and eating habits endanger our health, we miss important nutrients which cause our body to stop functioning optimally. Juicing helps to re-boot,” Martin says. Ninety-nine per cent of Pura Organic’s products, from its juices, its vegetables, dairy products, eggs and chickens to superfoods and even its recently introduced homemade yogurt, are 100 per cent organic. Well, I hear you say, what exactly is organic? “Simply put, it’s a way of farming without chemicals, herbicides and pesticides and to improve the quality of the soil. In healthy soil healthy plants will grow for healthy people,” he says. Martin says that “If you’re going to detoxify by juicing – it really needs to be organic, it needs to be fresh because if you’re having 2.3 litres of juice a day, like our ‘juice feast’ which requires about five kilograms of vegetables, it needs to be organic and without any chemical or pesticide residues.” Many already love Pura’s 100 per cent organic ‘juice feast’. Some try it for three days to see if they like it and many return after they experienced that they don’t feel hungry, do feel better and have more energy. Martin recommends people to juice for at least a week though. “Between four and seven days is when feeling good really starts to kick in,” says Martin, who has himself, along with his son, Bart, been on the juice feast for just over a week. That means he, like others on the juice feast, are having seven juices a day. All are necessary and all combined contain the health benefits to provide the complete spectrum of required minerals and vitamins.

The Juice Feast Three of Pura Organic’s organic juices. @thephuketnews

1 “Opening” Vitamin A & C to wake you up and restore your skin 2 “Rehydrate” Electrolytes to prepare

you for the day to come 3 “Green” To help you get enough nutrients for the day 4 “Awake” A boost to energise 5 “Nourish” Prevents inflammation and lowers cholesterol 6 “Immune” Boost antioxidants and improves your immune system 7 “Cool” To freshen up and prepare for




A bit on the side in Thailand ASK THE AJARN

Eric Haeg


o foreign teacher on Phuket would ever think of doing anything illegal. Drive without a valid licence? Hit the road, Jack. Download movies from the internet? You’re asking for torrential trouble. Supplement income by working under the table? That’s not permitted. Because no teacher would consider breaking laws, let’s imagine we lived in a Thailand where the disconnect between legality and reality is wide, a Thailand where nationals and foreigners alike routinely ignore minor infractions. Crazy, right? With a wink and a nod, let’s explore the options for working under the table in order to supplement a full-time salary, but only hypothetically of course.

With a wink and a nod, let’s explore the options for working under the table in order to supplement a full-time salary, Freelance teaching The most obvious but only hypothetiand common option, freelance jobs are also cally of course the easiest job to come by. But are they best

option? In relation to many other urban areas of Thailand, hourly pay on Phuket is low, usually around B300 an hour. Additionally, travel time eats into free time and road safely here is abysmal. Then there are the constant cancellations, risks of burnout and hours of lesson planning that go unpaid. Still, it’s not a bad option and can yield a few thousand baht worth of income each month. A TEFL trainer since 2007, Eric Haeg welcomes all questions and comments:

Freelance writing The world over, freelance writing serves as a common way for people to make extra cash, and in this profession it’s all about who you know; while low-paying work is commonly advertised,

Above: There are fewer roles as TV extras in Phuket than in Bangkok, but there’s still work if you look for it. the cushy assignments are passed down via personal contacts. Content writers can earn anywhere between B2 and B50 a word. If one is self-motivated and can turn out content quickly, hour for hour, freelance writing is a great option.

Translation A well paying assignment is

difficult to find but this side job can lead to great opportunities. The more basic one’s Thai skills, the more basic the jobs should be. Start with restaurant menus or brief office brochures. Start charging a modest price and then increase fees from there. This will help out the pocketbook and help improve language skills—a win-win situation for those who are fluent or want to be fluent.

Film extras Depending on one’s teaching

schedule, this may or may not be an option.

A few years ago, the industry was booming with films such as Hangover 2 and The Impossible being filmed on and around Phuket. If the film industry has slowed down, there are still quite a few Thai programmes filming Thailand’s most famous island. Freelance photography and other options exist but let’s get back to reality. A work permit is only valid for the employer listed on the permit. This means that teachers who have a work permit to work full-time cannot legally work for another employer without adding the new employer to their existing work permit. If teachers are considering extra work, they should consider adding the new employer to their work permit or be sure they can handle the consequences if caught. While the chances of getting caught working illegally are slim, they are real.

Phuket schools on the delayed tablets list Khemin Wicheetthagoon


espite ‘One Tablet Per Child’ being a flagship policy to the Pheu Thai’s election campaign, with every child to have received their mobile computer devices by the end of 2013, many students at government schools in Phuket, and wider Thailand, are still waiting for their tablets. Phuket schools are among the ones awaiting the tablets. Gaysinee Wandee, a teacher from Baan Bangtao School, explains that their school was one of the lucky ones. “We received around 100 tablets in April 2013 and all of the teachers were instructed in how to use them before they gave them to students who were in Pratom 1 class (students aged 7 years old).” The children are now in Pratom 2, and as the school had not received any further tablets, the current Pratom 1 class were therefore without tablets, Mrs Gaysinee said. For other schools on the island, like Satree Phuket School, they have not received any shipment. Mr Utain Jitsomluay, the Director of Satree Phuket School said, “A government official called to inform us that we had qualified for the tablet project in May 2013, but we are still waiting.” As a consequence of the delivery delays throughout the kingdom, the Education

Ministry is expected to scrap its contracts with two suppliers of 1.2 million computer tablets for students in the second phase – which is already a year behind schedule – of the government’s scheme by mid-February. Baht depreciation is believed to have been a major contributor for the failure to deliver all tablets within 90 days of the contract signing last September. The two suppliers – China’s Shenzhen Yitoa Intelligent Control Co and Thailand’s Jasmine Telecom Systems Plc – said they had to shoulder an extra 10 per cent cost or an additional B180 per tablet due to the weakening currency. Mr Utain is remaining optimistic that they will finally receive the tablets. “If we get the tablets, students will use them for e-books and surfing the web to get information to study.” Mrs Gaysinee told The Phuket News that she believed there were both good and bad things about her students using tablets in class. “My students are interested in technology and like searching for content and e-books. They find it fun and like to study more with tablets than with books.” The downside? “Some students forget to bring their tablet to school, or they lose them. Others don’t take care of the tablets. Other students like to play games or use Facebook in class and it’s hard for the teacher to control them.” thephuketnews




On Sale


Every book sold helps disadvantaged kids. With 22 Island Scenes to colour in, it makes the perfect gift for your children, friends and family. Free colouring crayons with every copy!

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Call Polly on 088 765 5881 or POWERED BY

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149 BAHT!




Thailand has many food festivals to celebrate local food and culture. Phuket’s food festival, organised by the local government, is usually held in January at Saphan Hin to celebrate the best dishes of the island.

You can’t beat local food


ommunal events, often held at temples, are the best way to discover the true depth of Thai cuisine. Just about every branch of the media, from television to print media such as newspapers and magazines, seems to share the view that readers, viewers and listeners are always ready for items about food and eating. TV stations programme shows that take viewers to visit recommended restaurants or teach them how to cook

certain dishes, instructed by chefs who do the cooking in the studio. Magazines and newspapers, too, need their restaurant reviews and cooking columns complete with recipes. Food is an interesting subject because the need for it is always with us. Everyone has to eat, and everyone tries to get value for money when buying food. Consequently, information about food is always welcome. No matter where you go, in every soi, at every corner, there are restaurants and food shops to sug-


Fresh, live action cooking and themed buffet dining Monday

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Asian / Thai BBQ International Favorites All Italian

gest to others. But there is another approach to food and cooking that is far more community based and very different from these, although much less visible. It has nothing to do with restaurants or the usual roster of familiar foods. It is not something that is going on all the time, or that depends on a single person to give it an identity. Instead, it involves a group of people getting together to make food for a specific event. The dishes involved are often local in character and prepared using traditional knowledge and techniques peculiar to the area’s society. The occasion is always an important community event, and the preparation is done by a group of skilled local cooks who join forces to work cooperatively. It might be a religious ceremony or a festival, an important event involving a member of the community, or simply a local tradition. When an event of this kind is to take place, a leader is chosen. This person might be a woman or a man whose experience and skill everyone respects. This leader will decide whether it will be a big or small occasion, how many people will be participating, how many days it will last, how many meals will need to be prepared and what dishes will be served. He or she will also determine which ingredients will have to be obtained, and in what quantities. When the time to begin work arrives, the leader will assign duties to the cooks

taking part. One person known for their skill in making a particular type of dish might be assigned to oversee its preparation, for example. These community kitchen events are an incredible experience for those who take part in or observe them. Everything usually works out perfectly, to everyone’s pride and satisfaction, using methods and working procedures that have been passed down for many generations, because in addition to delicious food that has been expertly cooked, those involved enjoy a sense of harmony and a sharing of skills. There are many examples of events of this kind. One of them is the annual community food festival at Bang Saen in Chon Buri. It is held in sequence at five local Buddhist temples around the middle of January. Another food festival, one that usually takes place around September, is held at Wat Rachathiwat Wihan in Bangkok. It is held to celebrate the birthday of a monk from Songkhla who is deeply revered by the people of that province. Another type that is much easier to see is the one held at the beginning of Buddhist Lent. There will be an ordination ceremony for new monks, and these are held in every community in every amphoe throughout every region in Thailand. By visiting them, travellers can taste Thai Yai, Karen, Mon, Isarn or southern food of all kinds prepared by local experts. Bangkok Post

Sumptuous Seafood Buffet: Surf ‘n’ Turf Carvery

Starting from only 599++ per person

Children under 12 years eat free!

Open daily 18:30 to 22:00

52 Thaweewong Road, Patong, Phuket 83150 Tel:+66(0)76370200 Fax:+66(0)76370298 Email:


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Bodega & Grill

Irish Times

Navrang Mahal

Trisara Seafood

A rustic, homely atmosphere serving North and South Indian dishes, freshly prepared by hereditary chefs and served in brass Katoris in the Royal Mughal style of bygone Emperors of India. Many mouth-watering dishes prepared exactly to your liking. Open from 12.30pm - 3pm and 6.30pm 11pm daily. Karon Sea Sand Resorts & Spa, Karon Beach. Also in Patong Soi Bangla. 076 286 464

The first truly world-class destination seafood dining experience on Phuket. A private entrance leads guests either to an outdoor, beachfront deck or to the cool, relaxed interior. The menu is a balance between local and imported seafood prepared and served in a Mediterranean way. Dinner 7pm-10.30pm. Trisara, 076 310 100.

Bodega & Grill is situated on a picturesque patio by the lagoon. The restaurant serves premium char-grilled steaks and seafood from a wood-fired oven, as well as authentic homemade pastas, risottos and paellas. Bodega’s generous steaks are available in portions of up to 1.2 kilogram. Angsana Laguna Phuket, Cherngtalay; 076 324 101

The only Irish owned and managed Irish Pub in Phuket. A real Irish Pub at the heart of Phuket’s world famous nightlife. In this traditionally styled Irish pub you will find a very warm welcome from the Management and their fantastic staff. All your favourite Irish food and beverages. Jungceylon, Patong Beach;

Ceramic Kitchen Mom Tri’s Villa Royale


RE KÁ TA Beach Club


Enjoy fine dining with panoramic sea views in sensually indulgent setting. Delicious Thai and European creations are served on the open-air terrace. Mom Tri’s Villa Royale is the winner of the Wine Spectators Award of Excellence. Situated on the only road into to Kata Noi Beach. Reservations recommended. momtriphuket .com; 076 333 568

Enjoy a unique dining and shopping experience at Ceramic Kitchen. We offer a wide range of beverages as well as the chance to shop for ceramic after your lunch or dinner, while every Sunday we do a traditional roast all day. We’re also experts for special events, wedding ceremonies, staff parties, birthday parties and more. 185/5 Moo 7, Srisoonthorn Rd., T. Srisoonthorn, Thalang district. 076 272151-2, 082 153 3163


Connoisseurs of fine cuisine can revel in Acqua’s experiential concept. The Acqua restaurant experience promises to deliver only the freshest of ingredients, sourced from only the best producers both local and international. Taste explosions from the portfolio of Chef Alessandro Frau, of both traditional & contemporary are offered. Kalim Bay-Patong, 076 618 127

The beachfront restaurant off­ers modern innovative cuisine with a strong focus on seafood. In the evening RE KÁ TA transforms with Kata’s magical sunsets and cool sounds along with the delicious drinks and tapas, right on the beach. Open daily 6.30am-11pm; Kata Beach (next to Boathouse);, rekata, 076 330 421

Baan Kalim Restaurant & Seafood KEE Sky Lounge


La Boucherie

La Boucherie is a French steakhouse located on Soi Sansabai in Patong, next to Jungceylon and just a short walk from Bangla road. You’ll find a varied menu of wonderful and reasonably priced food that includes perfectly cooked steaks and dishes from France, all with friendly and efficient service that guarantees you a very pleasant and satisfying experience. Open daily 11am-5am. 076 344 581.

Serving up an eclectic mix of tasty East-meetsWest tapas, and a colourful new vibe on the rooftop. Enjoy trendy fusion finger food influenced by cooking styles from around the world alongside your main course, or simply relax with Eurasian tapas and sip sundowners from a selection of creative cocktails. Open 5.30pmmidnight, KEE Resort & Spa, 076 335 888

Great food and people you know! Authentic Italian cuisine in Nai Harn area. Three different dining areas, cocktail lounge, children’s play area, Delicatessen, live music....DaVinci is not just a meal, it is an experience of taste, atmosphere and more. Restaurant open daily 5pm-11.30pm; Deli open 11am-6pm; Sunday close; Naiharn 076 289 574.

Panache Restaurant


Start your evening with delicious food and fine wine. Pick the perfect spot to take in stunning views of Patong bay, as the evening breeze surrounds you. Relax and enjoy live music to make your evening into that truly wonderful and unforgettable dining experience. Open daily 11am-Midnight. Patong;;, 076 618 125

THAI Baan Aroi Restaurant

Breeze Restaurant

Phuket’s most exciting new restaurant is situated on the waterfront at Cape Yamu. Chef Cheryl Johnson is providing diners with her innovative modern French interpretations of local ingredients. Open from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner, and from Wednesday to Saturday for lunch. Our menus change frequently. Cape Yamu, Paklok, 081 271 2320

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try our creative and innovative cuisine. Open daily from 7.00 am till 11.00 pm. Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas,

The Bistro Restaurant


Offers authentic Thai cuisine, showcasing traditional local flavours with the freshest, finest and healthiest ingredients. This restaurant is surrounded by a lush tropical garden and provides a warm and friendly atmosphere. Open daily from 11.00 am till 9.00 pm. Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas,

JAPANESE Talung Thai

Tre by Double Pool Villas

An array of culinary experiences is offered to tempt and intrigue in Tre - the exclusive contemporary French Vietnamese restaurant set among the superb surroundings of the DoublePool Villas. Tre’s signatures dishes include scallops and green apples and tartar with pan-fried foie gras. Banyan Tree Phuket, Cherngtalay;

A menu of modern Mediterranean influences created by Chef Luca to tantalize the senses in a modern ambience. Offering everything from fresh seafood pastas to simple good pizzas. An impressive selection of well priced beverages and stunning sea views complete the experience. Open daily for lunch or dinner. Paresa Resort, Kamala Beach; 076 302 000

Tamarind Restaurant

Find all the Italian traditions in one location, and savor and experience the real Mama style dishes serving only the traditional taste of Italia. The Bistro is at Impiana Resort Patong Phuket. Happy Hours 50 per cent off for selected beverages, soft drinks, juices from 3pm-5pm & 10pm11pm daily. Open 3pm-12am. Impiana Resort Patong Phuket, Patong Beach, 076 340 138.

To complement an already distinctive cuisine, Tamarind is bringing to the island high quality authentic Japanese cuisine, courtesy of Master Chef Shiraishi. Gracing our Japanese menu will be fresh sushi, sashimi, healthy salads, yakitori and tempura and much more. Tamarind is your ultimate destination to savour the best Japanese cuisine in Phuket. Cherngtalay;

The restaurant has a stunning sunset location, offering views of the Andaman Sea. The menu of southern Thai specialties and true local dishes, are not seen on many other restaurant menus in Phuket. Chill with a cocktail from our award wining mixologist at sunset and then relax with authentic Thai cuisine. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Paresa Resort, Kamala; 076 302 000




A magical morning in Chiang Mai Claire Connell

Top left, clockwise, a rickshaw ride around Chiang Mai; young monks at the almsgiving ceremony; and Wat Chedi Luang.


hiang Mai, in Northern Thailand, has long been a favourite of Phuket expats. With its vast range of temples and iconic sights, the city’s magic provides a break from the hustle and bustle of the island. The city’s tourist attractions make it a great long weekend option for Phuketians, especially with AirAsia offering direct flights from the island. After several years of visiting markets in Asia without a guide, which usually means not knowing what the majority of the food I was looking at was, it is with great excitement that I join the Khiri Travel “Chiang Mai’s Markets, Mouthwatering Snacks and Monks” half-day tour, which includes a valuable asset:

tour guide Penkhae “Bammie” Camsa. After only a short time at the Pratu Chiang Mai Market, it is obvious that I am in for a much more valuable experience having Bammie available to answer all my questions. Bammie has lived in Chiang Mai for 40 years, and has worked as a tour guide for 16. She’s funny, bright, and very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It’s drizzly and dark at the market when we arrive just before dawn, in time to catch the monks arrive for almsgiving, which takes place daily at the market. It’s a magical experience: this market is not so popular with tourists so it is the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of authentic local life. Pratu Chiang Mai Market – which translates as Chiang Mai Gate Market – is a busy and popular local market, renowned for its cooked breakfast dishes at low prices. One iconic dish is the Lanna favourite, kaeng kradang, a jelly pork curry, Bammie explains. This is a special dish that people in Chiang Mai eat in the winter, she says. “We cook it and keep it overnight, and it turns harder like jelly because of the cold. We eat it the next morning as a cold dish.” One way of describing the dish is that it’s like a solid soup. Gelatine is often used to make the jelly set, and inside is pork – usually pork leg. Also well known is cooked bamboo shoots, which Bammie says is common-

ly served with chilli paste. It’s steamed and tender – and delicious. Bamboo is also used as an ingredient in curries, or stir-fried with egg and glass noodles. After sampling multiple snacks we head for Chiang Mai’s popular Warorot Market. This is the main market of the city and you’re sure to find other tourists here. At Warorot you can buy almost anything: dried fruits, snacks, clothing, handicrafts, jewellery, ceramics, beauty products and homewares, plus lots of souvenirs. Don’t forget to sample Chiang Mai’s famous sai oua sausage; slightly spicy with rice and pork curry inside.


THEPHUKETNEWS.COM FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 2014 FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 2014 The stall vendors are excited to see such enthusiasm from a foreigner and it’s catching – before long I have a large crowd gathered around to see my reaction to the taste of this famous snack. I don’t disappoint them; it’s delicious. From the market we go to Thapae Gate, one of the four original city gates, and this is where the fun really begins: jumping into a samlor, or bicycle-rickshaw. I didn’t know these were still around in Chiang Mai. Sitting on the back of one of these is like going back in time as my “driver”, an elderly Thai man with the biggest calves you’ll see, pedals along with apparent ease. But it’s tough work (I’m guilty subjecting the samlor guy to those extra sausages I sampled) and the reason why there are few rickshaws around these days: it’s incredibly tiring. I’m sure it won’t be long before rick-


shaws are no longer around, as the number of samlor men is dwindling. They already have competition from a company offering Segway tours – electric scooters for people to whiz around the streets on. But for me, the rickshaw is far preferable. I feel like a celebrity as we ride through the streets, with people smiling and waving as we ride along, the bell ringing out loud. You can almost hear them thinking, “I want to have a go in that.” One of the major drawcards of muchloved Chiang Mai is its large number of temples, many of which are located right in the centre of the city. On the rickshaw trip we first stop at Wat Chiang Man, the oldest temple in Chiang Mai, in the northeast corner of the original walled and moated “four gates” city that dates back to the 13th century. Next up was Wat Chedi Luang, my personal favourite, purely because of it’s “wow” factor – the sheer height of the buildings. Situated on expansive grounds, it reminds


me of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The temple was built in 1391 by King Saen Muang Ma to hold the ashes of his father. The stupa that contains the ashes is missing the top part, destroyed in an earthquake in 1546. It’s really relaxing wandering around the area and there are a lot of shady spots to take a break. We also visit Wat Phra Singh, which was built in 1345. King Phayu – the fifth king in the dynasty started by King Mangrai, founder of the city – built a chedi there to house the ashes of his father, King Kham Fu. After this temple visit it is unfortunately time to return to the hotel, which I suspect delights my rickshaw driver who is looking increasingly worn out. I’m satisfied: I’m full, and I’ve experienced local life, local food, some interesting temples and I’ve learned about the history thanks to Bammie. And the highlight of the trip – the rickshaw ride – is something to remember.


Khiri Travel runs the halfday tour, which starts at the local market at 6.30am. The tour costs B790 per person and includes all transfers, transport, snacks and an English-speaking guide. For more details visit khiri. com or email sales.thai Khiri also has a Phuket office at 59/7 Phuket Thani Village, Thepkrasattri Road, Srisoontorn, Thalang. Tel: 076 617 753 or email

Bottom left, clockwise, Penkhae “Bammie” Camsa; chillies at the market; and the famous Chiang Mai sausage is just delicious.




Pokemon X and Y

BIS on cutting edge with 3D printer JP Mestanza

Fuller believes that, as the technology gains traction and becomes more widely used, these students will have a significant competitive advantage in the job market.

(Clockwise from top) The MakerBot Replica 2; Some of the items students have printed include plyers, bracelets and plastic models; D&T teacher Jeff Fuller shows off a Yoda cufflink that he printed.


hen the new 3D printer arrived at British International School Phuket (BISP) late last year, no one was more excited than Design and Technology teacher Jeff Fuller. Straight away, the Brit began familiarising himself with the new machine – a MakerBot Replica 2 – in order to teach students how to design and manufacture their own ideas, from sketch to model. “I think the way forward and the way of the future is definitely going to be through 3D printing,” he says, smiling as if he just woke up on Christmas morning. “As [students] use more versatile materials, there’s no limit really.” The technology is slowly being integrated into the school’s curriculum as Fuller already has students creating prototypes for their architectural models. Fuller himself is learning how to further use the machine’s capabilities for educational purposes. The machine, which cost roughly B100,000 and was ordered from Bangkok, works by heating up Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) material, a biodegradable plastic made out of corn starch, at about 200˚ to 300˚ Celsius. Once a design is loaded onto the machine, the printer injects layers a tenth of a millimetre thick onto a flatbed. With each layer, the flatbed lowers itself slightly until the model is complete. Within moments of completion, the product is cooled and ready for its intended use. Currently, the PLA material is available only in solid colors but that has not stopped students from using it for a Movember fundraiser. Students created pencil tops that said “BIS Movember 2013” and sold them in the school for B20 each. They even printed a plastic medal that was awarded to the teacher with the worst moustache. “We wanted to have something the students could join in with,” Fuller says. The objects that students have been able to create so far have mostly been small trinkets such as bracelets, paper clips, and cuff links that resemble Yoda from Star Wars. Though some of the designs have been made in class, several models have been printed using

pre-made sketches from Makerbot’s Thingiverse archives. Through an open-source system, anyone around the world may post their designs online for free, allowing others to make tweaks of their own. This is how Fuller also found a replacement handle for his personal espresso machine during the Christmas break. He has also been able to print other items to repair classroom tools, such as a bar clamp handle and a pen holder. “In actual engineering terms [the 3D printer] is very, very simple. In order to work accurately, it is really nice,” he says. The introduction of the machine puts BISP ahead of the curve in terms of technology education not just in Thailand but in Southeast Asia. Fuller believes that, as the technology gains traction and becomes more widely used, these students will have a significant competitive advantage in the job market. “When they leave school, the way they will design, manufacture and prototype will be purely, simply on 3D printing,” he says.



Call of Duty: Ghosts

Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4


Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, Wii


Shazam (Audio)

iOS, Android


Gran Turismo 6



Puzzle & Dragons Z



Oil Rush (Game)

iOS, Android


Fifa 14

Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Vita


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (18+)

Xbox 360, PS3


Circa (News)

iOS, Android


Grand Theft Auto V (18+)

Xbox 360, PS3


Wii Party U

Wii U


Dragon Dictation (Text)



Pokemon X/Y


10 Super Mario 3D World



TriggerTrap (Photo)




elivered in 3D polygonal characters, Pokemon X and Y ma rk a tu r n i ng point in the franchise’s gaming venture with a fantastic new layout and system. The game’s online social features stand out as users are finally given the tools to personalise their experience with the ability to customise avatars. With a Wi Fi connection, gamers are always just a few clicks away from a multiplayer battle. The experience of a rich multiplayer mode is made a bit more complex with the addition of Super Training. Here, gamers can boost their Pokemon stats through a series of mini-games and it will be interesting to see how much this feature will impact future versions of the franchise. The story mode is pretty much the same thing as previous incarnations, though the beginning stages are sped up since users are all too familiar with the plot. This is the first Pokemon handheld game that takes advantage of the 3DS’s visual capabilities and it is a stunningly beautiful change. The characters come alive and Pokemon veterans will be impressed. The introduction of temporary Mega Evolutions throws an interesting wrinkle into both single and multiplayer modes, though there are limitations to its use which is probably a good thing. Overall, Pokemon X and Y is a must-own for any hardcore 3DS gamer.

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IN BRIEF Point Break remake planned

The 1991 classic surf, heist film Point Break has been slowly inching towards a rebirth and now Gerard Butler is in final negotiations to join the film. Butler, who played real-life surfer Frosty Hesson in 2012’s Chasing Mavericks, is being asked to play Patrick Swayze’s character Bodhi – a surfer and leader of a crime ring who bonds with an undercover FBI agent. The film is set to be directed by Ericson Core, who was the cinematographer for The Fast and The Furious. No production date has been set.

Tarantino reveals details

47 Ronin


Before the film was released, many speculated that this would be the Japanese ‘300’, a new-age action flick that blends fantasy and mythology. Instead we get a snoozefest that fails to deliver on anything close Starring: Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada, Kou Shibasaki, Tadanobu Asano, Min Tanaka, and Kinko Kikuchi Director: Carl Erik Rinsch Running time: 119 minutes


t could be box office fatigue, but 47 Ronin never really had a chance. It’s not a good sign when your star is constantly battling for screen time, and even when he does show up it is in unnecesary moments. A side of cheese with these samurai. First time director Carl Erik Rinsch should apologise to Japan for “dumbing down” and “boring up” one of the best epics in the country’s history. A plot which needs none of what the film decided to “add.” Perhaps it was studio executives ordering re-shoots that delayed production and bloated the budget to the point where the word “messy” is an understatement. The film revolves around Kai (Keanu Reeves), the orphaned son a of a British sailor and Japanese peasant woman who was brought up to be a skilled killer. He is taken in by a nobleman, Lord Asano, and shown the way of the samurai. Kai and the rest of the samurai become ronin (samurais without masters) after Asano is killed by Lord Kira and his evil sorceress Mizuki in a bid to conquer the land. Sold into slavery, Kai is forced to fight ‘orcs’ and other creatures for survival until the 47 Ronin band together to avenge their master. Rinsch tells the story in a magical world full of mythical creatures and sorcery. It’s easy to say this was a piggy-back off of the current popularity of the fantasy genre, but it would disguise the fact that the script was written by Academy Award winning writer Hossein Amini with help from Chris Morgan. It could have been great, but Reeves – who is closing in on 50 – stares blank faced for two-thirds of the film. Was Reeves forced into

SFX Coliseum Phuket (Central Festival)

47 Ronin (3D/E) Captain Phillips (E) Captain Phillips (G/E) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (3D/E) Fud Chang To (T) Police Story 2013 (T) Rang (T) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (E) Walking with Dinosaurs 3D (E)


12:10, 14:40, 17:10, 19:40, 22:10 11:30, 14:00, 16:45, 19:30, 22:10 12:20, 15:10, 18:00, 20:50 11:30, 13:35, 15:40, 17:45, 19:50 11:00, 13:00, 15:20, 17:40, 19:55, 22:10 15:10, 22:10 10:45, 12:50, 17:30, 19:50, 22:00 16:30, 18:55, 21:30 12:30, 14:30

becoming the focus; Hollywood suits in the creative driver seat in a rush for millions? If any story could stand on its own, especially through the eyes of several characters, it’s this Japanese classic. Before the film was released, many speculated that this would be the Japanese 300, a new-age action flick that blends fantasy and mythology. Instead we get a snoozefest that fails to deliver on anything close. Certain scenes gave audiences glimmers of hope that something memorable could save it and things would pick up. Instead, 47 Ronin never capitalises on them, opting for fleeting bits of cool. One particular moment during the first act shows quite possibly one of the best death scenes of the past few years, but the boredom is all you remember walking out of the theatre. Over 45 minutes pass before anything remotely interesting happens. It goes without saying how much of a boxoffice draw Reeves has become since The Matrix. This was the biggest example of a story that just wasn’t for him. 47 Ronin is forced filmmaking at its worst.

In a series of interviews last week, director and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino revealed that his next film will be a western titled The

Hateful Eight. Christoph Waltz, who starred in Tarantino’s last two films Inglourious Basterds and Django: Unchained, has been linked to the project. Veteran actor Bruce Dern is also linked to the film. Tarantino is reportedly nearly finished with a draft of the screenplay and is in the process of showing it to actors.

BAFTA nominations announced

Alfonso Cuaron’s space-epic Gravity has scored 11 nominations for this year’s BAFTA Film Awards, the most of any other film. 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle both trail with 10 nominations each across all categories, including Best Film and Best Director. Dame Judi Dench claimed her 15th nomination, a BAFTA record, for her role in Philomena. Behind The Candelabra, a film about one of Liberace’s romances during his career, is the only television movie to have been nominated for an award (Best Adapted Screenplay).









Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones




The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug




The Wolf of Wall Street




American Hustle




Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues




Saving Mr. Banks




The Secret Life of Walter Mitty




The Hunger Games: Catching Fire





10 Grudge Match

SFC Jungceylon Phuket (Patong) 47 Ronin (3D/E) Captain Phillips (E) Free Birds (E) Frozen (E) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (3D/E) Homefront (E) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (E) Walking with Dinosaurs 3D (3D/E)

12:40, 15:10, 22:10 12:50, 15:40, 18:30, 21:20 12:30, 16:55 14:35, 19:00 17:40, 21:00 21:30 12:20, 14:45, 17:10, 19:35, 22:00 12:10, 14:10, 16:10, 18:10, 20:10

As some movies and movie times change every Thursday morning, after The Phuket News has gone to press, the accuracy of the following information cannot be guaranteed. For up-to-date information, visit, or call the cinemas directly: SFX Coliseum Phuket 076-209000 and SFC Jungceylon Phuket 076-600-555.




Ministry of Sound to rock Xana I am very lucky to be travelling as part of my job, and have seen some amazing places. I think my favourite so far has to be Grand Cayman. The vibe, the people, the weather and the beaches are out of this world!


I’ve been deejaying in clubs all my life, having started at the age of just 16. I worked my way through the clubs of London, learning the art form, and growing into the scene. However, it wasn’t until 2012 that I was hand-picked to be part of the resident DJ team at Ministry of Sound. It has been an amazing journey. There are so many highlights, from performing at sell out festivals in India, to spinning to over 6,000 people in the legendary Grand Palais in Paris, France. I have performed alongside many of my favourite DJs including Carl Cox, Hardwell, Fedde Le

WEEKDAYS ‘Wake Up’ with Dave and Kirsty

7 - 11am

‘The Power Hour’

11am - Noon

‘Afternoons’ with Callie

Noon - 3pm

‘Drive on Live’ with Jason Wilder

3 - 7pm

‘Club Classics’ with Sean Bell (Mon to Thur)

7 - 8pm

‘Asia Pop 40’ with Dom Lau (Fridays) Non Stop Music

7 - 10pm 8pm - 7am

SATURDAYS ‘Breakfast Classifieds’ with Tim

8 - 10am

‘Lounge @ Live’ with Donna

10am - Noon

‘Box of Neutrals’ (back in February)

Noon - 1pm

‘Saturday Sounds’

1 - 6pm

‘Saturday Night Fever’

6pm - Midnight

SUNDAYS ‘Breakfast Classifieds’ with Tim ‘Sunday Brunch’ with Jason Wilder

9 - 11am 11am - 2pm

‘Asia Pop 40’ with Dom Lau

2 - 5pm

‘Mellow Moments’ with Andy Saunders

5 - 7pm

‘The Chill Factor’ with Colin Hanslip

7 - 9pm

‘The Sunday Chill’

Have you been to Thailand before, or Phuket? What are you expecting?

Cullen. Ministry of Sound is the world’s biggest party brand, and as well as its legendary super club in London, it has regular residencies across Europe, Asia, Africa and South and North America. It has sold over 50,000,000 albums worldwide through its international record labels, and also launched the careers of numerous artists. The Phuket News caught up with Tim Cullen before tomorrow’s gig.

How long have you been working for Ministry of Sound, and what have been the highlights?

Right, Ministry of Sound DJ Tim Cullen, from London, will perform at Xana Beach Club tomorrow night (January 18).

partying on the boat. To top it all off, I was deejaying at sunset time, and there was a dolphin swimming alongside the boat dancing to the music. Still makes me grin to think about it to this day.

ollowing the success of Xana Beach Club’s Ministry of Sound party in December, the beach club has announced a second event, to be held tomorrow (Saturday, January 18). “The Beach Party Returns” will feature Ministry of Sound’s very own resident from London, DJ Tim

9pm - Midnight

Yes I have! I went to Phuket on my honeymoon just last year. Me and my wife spent just over one week in the south of the island, and had an amazing time. The people, the vibe and the food here is amazing. I can’t wait to come back and see a different side to the place.

What’s in store for the Ministry of Sound event at Xana Beach Club?

Grand, Paul Van Dyke, Armin Van Burren, Pete Tong and many more. I have to pinch myself every day.

You must have visited a lot of countries to deejay. Which was your best experience?

I am very lucky to be travelling as part of my job, and have seen some amazing places. I think my favourite so far has to be Grand Cayman. The vibe, the people, the weather and the beaches are out of this world! I remember playing on a boat party in the middle of the Caribbean. The vibe was perfect, and everyone was feeling the music. We then moored up in ‘sting ray city’ where we swam with sting rays, then went back to

We love to bring the vibe of the club in London to other parties around the world. It’s all about letting loose to good music, with good people and have good times. Dance like no-one is watching, and sing like no-one is listening.

What kind of music are you going to play?

My style has always been big grooving house beats with ‘hands in the air’ builds. I like to read the crowd, and really get people going. My aim is always to have the whole place jumping by the end of the night.

Tomorrow’s event starts from 9pm. Tickets are B700 (including B500 free drink tokens). Phuket residents can enter for free, but need to email to be included on the guest list.


our Saturday and Sunday evenings are a chance to relax and we’ve got the right mix for you on both nights. Saturday Night Fever kicks off at 6pm every Saturday and features the best in the 70s and 80s disco plus a sprinkling of the best dance tunes from the 90s and now as well. Sundays we turn the mood right down and bring you the most relaxing sounds on the island featuring Colin Hanslip and ‘The Chill Factor’ followed by ‘Sunday Night Chill’ – an entire seven hours of relaxing music to really relax you before the new working week begins. Starts at 5pm every Sunday. It’s a crazy time in the Thai capital and we are feeling the effects here in Phuket with a slow-down of the high-season tourist traffic along with smaller protests in Phuket Town. Live 89.5 will bring you all the latest breaking news along with traffic alerts on the island to keep you right up to date with the ‘shutdowns’.

Tim Newton, right, has Sue Ultmann and Graham Watkins in the hot seat for ‘Phuket in Focus’.


atch and listen to Phuket News TV in HD - high-definition vision and high-fidelity sound. Our news and general-interest stories both look and sound better because you deserve the highest quality when you watch what’s happening on your island. But don’t take our word for it, click onto and see and hear the difference for yourself. You can also watch Phuket News TV four times every day on Phuket Cable TV.




Rachel Haynes, Mark Elkington, Kim McKee and Andrew de Bruin of Multihull Solutions, who sold a boat on the first day of PIMEX.

PIMEX RETURNS FOR 2014 The 2014 Phuket International Boat Show, held at Royal Phuket Marina, finished on January 12. The event also marked the official opening of Multihull Solutions.

Sarinrat Phongsaraporn, Rattikorn Wannasiri, Jules Kay, Terry Blackburn,and Suphatra Pakdeewiroj.

Andy Dowden, principal of PIMEX, Phuket Governor Maitree Intusut and RPM owner, Gulu Lalvani, at the grand opening.

Kim McKee and Scott Finsten.

The resort also recently staged an opera night.

A SPECIAL EVENT Yulianna performs for the guests on New Year’s Eve.

Singer Yulianna gave a great performance at Maikhao Dream Villa Resort & Spa on New Year’s Eve, delighting guests who were staying at the resort.

WAFFLE TIME IN CHALONG Frederic’s Belgian Waffles held its grand opening on January 11, next to Wat Chalong. @thephuketnews




IBIZA COMES TO THE ISLAND Xana Beach Club on Bang Tao Beach hosted an Ibiza Party with Jonathan Ulysses on January 4. Photos: Max Tiverne.

Naiharn Beach Condominium business partners Eduard Protasov (left) and Narisa Tansakul (right) with CEO Igor Protasov.

NAI HARN CONDO LAUNCH The owners of the Nai Harn Beach Condominium project chose an unusual way to launch the project last week (January 8) – holding a pre-Children’s Day event called Smiling Day, and inviting 120 happy children from Wat Sawang Arom School. Nai Harn Beach Condominium is owned by business partners Eduard Protasov from Russia and Narisa Tansakul.

GIVING A HELPING HAND 52 children from local schools around the Mai Khao area received scholarships on behalf of the Roy E Heinecke Scholarship at the Anantara Phuket Villas Resort. The ceremony was held on January 10.




CELEBRATING CHILDREN’S DAY Thailand National Children’s Day was celebrated across the island on Saturday (January 11) with a host of fun-filled activities for children in Phuket.

British International School Phuket (BISP) enjoyed Children’s Day at Central Festival.

British International School Phuket (BISP) enjoyed Children’s Day at Central Festival.

British International School Phuket (BISP) enjoyed Children’s Day at Central Festival.

British International School Phuket (BISP) enjoyed Children’s Day at Central Festival.

Children’s Day celebrations at Kajonkiet International School. Children’s Day celebrations at Kajonkiet International School.

Children’s Day celebrations at Kajonkiet International School.

Children’s Day celebrations at Phuket Provincial Hall.

Siam Niramit Phuket celebrates Children’s Day. @thephuketnews

Siam Niramit Phuket celebrates Children’s Day.


List your event at


Test Your Wits At

FRIDAY, 17,2014 2014 FRIDAY, JANUARY JANUARY 17, RBFC Thailand 2014 Classic

Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation’s

Sport Fishing Tournament

Monthly Pub Quiz

Offshore The Similan Islands

25 th

27 th February 2014

Proudly organised by the Rawai Beach Fishing Club, (RBFC) Phuket, Thailand.

Huge cash and other prizes to be won!!

7pm, last Monday of every month Aussie Pub Kamala Entry fee 100 Baht per person (teams of up to 4)

57 hours of non -stop fishing!

Entry fee goes directly towards making a difference to underprivileged local children.

Huge media coverage!

A special round every month!

Amazing raffle prizes!

10thb from every drink goes to charity! Winners get a 1000thb bar tab!

For further details please contact Warren Crowe or Andy Bright m Warren tel: +66 (0) 812604291 Andy tel: +66 (0) 862739948 Website:

Prizes include fishing trips, tackle, limited edition prints, and much more!

Rawai Beach Fishing Club is an official Sponsor Club of the International Game Fishing Association. RBFC supports recreational fishing



Live Music and BBQ in an “Outback Aussie Bar” setting. Phuket’s best Home Made Flame Grilled Aussie Burgers, Aussie Steak special’s, sizzling BBQ Ribs, Spit Roast Kebabs, Red Snapper Fish n Chips, Live Sports shown on 2 Big Screen LED TV’S, Free Pool Table, and More! Relax in an open air family friendly atmosphere with friendly staff, Great Food and frosty cold ones on ice from Australia & Thailand. Featuring “Moody Blues” Live on SUN, WED AND FRI From 9pm till Late at “Phuket’s House of the Blues - ROADHOUSE!”.

Surakul Stadium on 18th January 2014, Phuket FC and football club “FORWARD” from the Vladivostok. The main significance of this game is to develop Thai-Russian relations. That’s why this match will be held with approval of the Thailand Consulate in Vladivostok, Russian Consulate in Thailand, Thai-Russian chamber of commerce and of course Phuket’s football club – Phuket FC. We will prepare unique program for the guests of the match. It will be a happy holiday for everyone in Phuket. There are special recreational zones will be organized that the guests can touch the culture, food and tradition each other. The tickets are now selling at Surakul stadium, Central Festival, any travel companies and real estate agencies. For more info visit

craft items are made by the disadvantaged members of society that The Good Shepherd strives to empower. All proceeds go directly to The Good Shepherd mission. See

Ministry of Sound Returns!

4 Regions of Thailand Market

Following the huge success its party with MINISTRY OF SOUND in December, XANA is excited to announce a second event, by public demand... MINISTRY OF SOUND: THE BEACH PARTY RETURNS. THE BEACH PARTY RETURNS will feature MINISTRY OF SOUND’S very own resident from London, DJ Tim Cullen.XANA Beach Club, Bangtao Bay, Angsana Laguna Phuket, Moo 10, 4 Srisoonthorn Rd. info@, 076 324 101.

Stroll through a lively Thai Market with art & craft stalls and enjoy fresh seafood and local delights, accompanied by authentic Thai Khim performances. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting 18:00, for THB 1,250 NET only. Baan Talay is the Thai signature restaurant of Angsana Laguna Phuket and situated on Bang Tao Beach behind XANA Beach Club. Angsana Laguna Phuket - Bang Tao Bay , Email : fbcoordinator-lagunaphuket@angsana. com , 076 324 101.

12pm - 3 pm. B1,400++ per adult, B700++ per child (Ages 5-12). 076 396 433.

Sunday Poolside BBQ at Westin

Suk Singpatong + Sitnumnoi It will happen every Saturday night throughout the year. Num Noi Singpatong, the head trainer and owner of Singpatong + Sitnumnoi Gym in Patong Beach, will be launching an elite fight series in Patong Boxing Stadium (Sai Nam Yen). Visit the official website at www.patong

Indulge in a lavish BBQ buffet with a variety of meats and seafood, live cooking stations, your favourite Italian dishes, and scrumptious desserts. Every Sunday through November, 12 – 3pm at Prego by the Beach, The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa, Phuket. THB990++ per adult plus free access to Prego pool. THB495++ per child (7-12 years old). 076 335 600 or

Pool Competition at Expat Hotel

Pool Competition at 9pm. Expat Sports Bar, Soi Taipan, Patong.

Indian Curry Night on Fridays Come to Navrang Mahal in Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa for an authentic Indian Feast every Friday in Karon Beach. Try out our delicious naans, mutton vindaloo, chicken tandoori, dal makhini, butter chicken, samosas, lassis and many more mouth-watering dishes. For only 499/- nett and special reduced prices on drinks.

BBQ at Expat Hotel

8pm, Expat Sports Bar, Expat Hotel, Soi Taipan, Patong.

The Good Shepherd Merchandise Shop Open

To attract people who prefer active lifestyle, sports, family relations, high-quality?

Phuket FC VS Vladivostok First friendship football match between Russia and Thailand will be held at Phuket

Lunch or dinner served from 2pm. Your choice of either roast beef, chicken, loin of pork or leg of lamb served with roast and boiled potatoes, three fresh vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Only B320 per person which includes a free glass of house red or white. Opposite Centara Karon Resort. See



How t� ge� th� auditor� of th� �a�, Foreigner�, Russian�?

Traditional Sunday Roast Angus O’Tool’s Karon Beach

Every Wednesdays and Saturdays. Plaza Del Mar, Laguna (Behind Bake). Time: 10am to 1pm every Wednesday and 9am to noon every Saturday. We have a wide and wonderful selection of handicrafts such as toys, greeting cards, ornaments, lanterns, bags, purses and many more. You can also find exquisite arts and craft created by local residents. Pre-loved items include books, clothes and toys. Handi-

Sunday Brunch at Sails, Hilton Enjoy our lavish international buffet with friends and family each sunday at Sails! Our live band sets the mood for a relaxing afternoon with delicious food, live cooking stations, refreshing drinks and good company. Balloon artists entertain the little ones with face painting and kid activities.

daily event updates on




Live Seafood & Jazz Sunday Brunch at Banyan Tree Join Banyan Tree’s indulgent LIVE Seafood Sunday brunch featuring lots of LIVE Canadian Lobsters, Tiger prawns, freshly shucked Oysters, Wagyu rump and Foie Gras. Meander from one live cooking station to the next, and don’t forget to leave room for cheese and dessert. With live Jazz music and a kids club, starting at B2,500++ per person including free flow of selected beverages. Advance bookings are highly recommended. Contact 076 372 400.



Half Chicken Spit Roast Tuesdays and Saturdays: Half chicken spit roast with french fries, salad buffet, potato salad & gravy sauce for B225 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.


Thai market night Experience an authentic taste of Thailand and simple a wide variety of dishes prepared fresh for you. Market night price is weight of chosen items every Monday at Ban Aroi from 6.30 - 9.00 pm. For bookings, please call Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas on 076 336 900 # 781.

ond new moon after the winter solstice, we celebrate the New Year of the Horse. To Chinese people, the horse stands for happiness, endowed with the vivacity, magnetic attraction and elegance of a thorough bred animal. Its dynamic spirit is forever active and promises a year full of surprises and twists. Join us at Eastland on Friday the 31st of January from 6.30 pm to welcome the Year of the Horse. Lucky cocktail followed by Asian Street Food Buffet, Dragon dance & traditional entertainment at 1,888 THB net per person. Contact: Simona T: 076 317 600,


Thanyapura Superkidz BBQ Ribs All You Can Eat Wednesdays and Fridays. BBQ ribs all you can eat with salad buffet and potato salad for B295 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.

Masquerade Party

BBQ Steak night

Enjoy flame-grilled steak, cooked to perfection and served with fresh selections from our buffet BBQ night THB 1,190++ per person. Free children under 7 and half price for 7 to 12 yrs old every Wednesday at Panache from 6.30 to 10.00 pm. For bookings, please call Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas on 076 336 900 # 781.


Phuket Has Been Good To Us is proud to present “Masquerade Party”. Enjoy a carnival evening with delicious Venetian inspired 5 course banquet, free flow, entertainment and dancing, at Pullman Phuket Arcadia, Naithon Beach from 7 pm. till late. Dress with “Magnificent Masks”. Donation 3,000THB to enjoy the moment. For booking or more info contact Phuket Has Been Good To Us on 076 278 146 or info@

Offshore The Similan Islands

25 th

27 th February 2014

Proudly organised by the Rawai Beach Fishing Club, (RBFC) Phuket, Thailand.

Huge cash and other prizes to be won!! RBFC THAILAND 2014

On the 31st of January, following the sec-


Phuket Wake Park

RBFC Thailand 2014 Classic Sport Fishing Tournament

Welcome the Year of the Horse

The Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ is coming back for Triathlon (swim + bike + run) on 8th March 2014. We are dedicated to providing more excitement and competition for those athletes who are based in Asia, love the sport of triathlon, and have the heart to race and pursue achievement. Age group from 6-18 years old and adult. The race will be started at 8.00 am. Entry fee 1,500THB for individual and Team. For Thanyapura members is 1,200THB for individual and Team. To register call 076-336000 or . Visit thanyapura. com for more information.


“Classic” Sport Fishing Tournament will be held between 25 - 27th February “offshore” 57 hours of non -stop from the beautiful Similan Islands. Refishing!

Huge media coverage!

For further details please contact Warren Crowe or Andy Bright m Warren tel: +66 (0) 812604291 Andy tel: +66 (0) 862739948 Website:

Prizes include fishing trips, tackle, limited edition prints, and much more!

Rawai Beach Fishing Club is an official Sponsor Club of the International Game Fishing Association. RBFC supports recreational fishing


nowned as Thailand’s ‘premium sport fishing area’ some 70 miles N/West of Chalong Bay, Phuket. The Prize monies offered are the largest in Asia. The boats normally cruise up the day before. Making for a very enjoyable 4 days in one of Thailand’s most sought after destinations. There is still a number of game fishing boats available, to join the tournament or get information contact


BBQ All You Can Eat at Shakers Mondays and Thursdays. BBQ all you can eat: pork, chicken, beef, prawns, fish and squid with salad buffet, cold and hot sauces, garlic bread, baked potatoes, potato salad and more for B325 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.


List your event at

The place for outdoor activities for the whole family. Ring winch for water skiing and wake-boarding. Reversible winch and coaching services for beginners. Restaurant, swimming pool, massage, fitness equipment and mini-hotel with 28 rooms. All this in a Phuket Wake Park! Welcome from 7:30 to 22:00 every day.






The number of people worldwide who are having sex right now.


Number of dates the average person goes on before getting married.


Percentage of people who feel nervous when told, ‘We need to talk.’


Percentage of software installed on computers in China in 2010 that was pirated.


This week in history ■■ January 17, 1929

Popeye the Sailor Man makes his first appeareance in the comic strip Thimble Theatre. ■■ January 18, 1591 King Naresuan of Siam kills Prince Minchit Sra of Burma in single combat. The date is marked every year as Royal Thai Armed Forces day. ■■ January 19, 1986 The first IBM PC computer virus, a boot sector virus called (c) Brain, is released into the wild. ■■ January 20, 1649 King Charles I of England goes on trial for treason. He is found guilty and beheaded 10 days later. ■■ January 21, 1793 After being found guilty of treason, King Louis XVI of France is executed by guillotine. ■■ January 22, 1927 Capt Henry Blythe Thornhill “Teddy” Wakelam makes the first live football commentary on radio, on a match between Arsenal and Sheffield Utd. ■■ January 23, 1556 This shop in Phuket Old Town sells all sorts of lengths of metal and piping, giving a sort of Star Trek ‘warp speed’ effect. The Shaanxi earthquake in China Photo: James Fergus kills 830,000 people, the deadliest quake in history. Have a Phuket photo to share? Email it with caption to Source: Wikipedia

Crossword by Myles Mellor & Sally York


51. Look 53. Looks twice 61. Fine things 62. Taro variety 63. Send on 64. Authority 65. Norse goddess of fate 66. Quibbles 67. Knock off 68. Cheese ___ 69. Play too broadly

Oberhausen 25. Fussbudget 26. Revere 27. Vuitton 28. Hamburg’s river 29. Itty bit 30. Cousin of a bittern 31. Church property 32. Exploits 35. ”Darn it!” 36. ”Peace Piece” artist 38. Contributes Down 40. Antiparkinsonian 1. Word with phase agent or retention 41. Surpass 2. Entangle 47. Eager 3. Like some salts 49. Punish with an 4. Principal arbitrary penalty 5. Fodder 50. Test, as ore 6. Stupefy 51. Indian caste 7. Sudden attack 52. Key material 8. Cudgel 9. Illuminated, in a 53. Blocks 54. Viva-voce way 55. Vulcan’s Chimney 10. Hymn 11. Trickster of myth 56. Emanation 57. Bulls or Bears 12. ”Yeah, right!” 58. Big top? 13. All alternative 59. Set aside 21. Packed 22. City near 60. Gael’s tongue

Solutions to last week’s puzzles:

Answers to this week’s Pop Quiz:

1. Nong Khai; 2. Hashish; 3. Back – all the others can be read backwards as other words; 4. June 29, 2007; 5. Crocodile.

1. Which Thai city is closest to the Lao capital Vientiane? 2. What word is the origin of the word ‘assassin’? 3. Which is the odd one out: flow, snip, trap, back? 4. When was the first iPhone launched? 5. Which animal’s head did the ancient Egyptian god Sobek have? Answers at the foot of the page.

Across 1. Wet nurses, overseas 6. Auction actions 10. Agenda 14. Japanese-American 15. Brown family member 16. Comme ci, comme ca 17. ___ live one 18. Knock for a loop 19. Blood-related 20. Have many secrets 23. Arrives at 24. Belief 25. Whalebone 29. ”___ show time!” 30. Baby carrier? 33. Favorite 34. Spot remover? 37. Colonel’s insignia 39. Ambiguous expressions 42. Preserved, in a way 43. Wheedle 44. Chapter 11 issue 45. ”May I help you?” 46. Symbol of strength 48. Social strata 50. Natl. Humor Month







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Beach Condo, Beach 3 Min. Walk: Spacious 2-bedroom apartment for rent, long or short term, fully furnished, kitchen, 2 bathrooms. Pool, large gardens, parking, a mere 3 minute stroll to scenic Nai Harn beach.

CAFÉ & DELI FOR RENT: ACG Cricket Ground:

5 Rai raw land behind ACG clubhouse on long lease for compatible sporting facility.

The Cour tyard:

Upper f loor 10 m showroom frontage floor area 10 0 s m w i t h a i r/c o n s . C o n t a c t Khun Siriporn 081 691 0213, siriporn@islandfurni,

Patong shophouse for Rent: Patong 2Shophouse low rent.Can make business,also very good location for restaurant and massage.2nd floor fully furnished as 2 bedroom apartment w 2baths.Includes furniture.Big kitchen and living area. Sidd , Email : , 084 189 7696.

Long Term Rental: Three bedroom modern home available for long Term Rental. This pool villa is close to B.I.S. Central private location. Please check out website for more details. Contact Dianne 089 469 8100.

Modern retail unit next door to the new Villa Market in Cherngtaley, Inc full equipment & furniture. 50 sqm + out door. Available for rent with 2 year lease. 082 275 7737 & 089 898 0231.

House for rent:

Three bedroom, one bathroom, lock up garage, carport, on 1/2 Rai of land, 10 min from, P.I.A, beach and airport. Contact 081 892 4804 for more information.

House for rent in Karon: Fully furnished 2 bedroom house with ever ything in the hear t of Karon. Long term rental only Minimum 6 months. Walking distance to shops, beach & restaurants. 300 m from Hilton hotel. Call on 0806905248 or email on, Price : 25000 per month , Person : Lillian Dinic , Address : 363/6 Patak Road Karon , Email : , 080 690 5248.

or investment close to international schools golf courses & all the Islands main facilities. Safe area with 8% rental yield easily achievable.Clean,modern & easy to maintain. Price : 7.9 MB. , Email : , Phone : 081 077 1765 .

Bangla, Patong Beach. Suitable for restaurant / coffee shop / bar / boutique / retail outlet. Arporn , r_arpon@ , 083 280 9433.

Beach, just outside Laguna, this new villa is available for long term rent.

Golf view condo in Chalong: 1 bed 1 bath fully furnished. Condo close to golf course and Home pro. For long term rent 12,000B/Month. Sale also considered. Call 089 922 2800.

G O LF V I LL A @ L o c h Palm: 3 bed 3 Bath fully furnished 2 Bed villa with lovely garden, koi pond, pool with sala/ 3rd bed and seaview. Fully furnished, True visions on 42" screen, WiFi, new ACs. Private, quiet area but near all amenities. Call 086 279 6283.

Beautiful Villa 550sqm. Land 2,400 sqm. with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, maid's room, laundry room, home of f ice, Western kitchen. Large mature garden, garage for 2 cars Price B32 million. Call 081 978 5181.

Bougainvillea Pool Villa Phuket: Discover the happiness NEW House For Sale:

Seaview Pool Villa for Rent:

Rawai Pool Villa For Sale:

Shop for Rent in Bangla Road: Shop for rent in middle of Soi

Luxury 3 Bedroom Pool Villa: Located 4 km from Layan

villa. Large living room, kitchen & laundry. Overlooking 8th hole tee. Plunge Pool, gym & leisure centre ( AVAILABLE: 20 Dec 2013 - 20 jan 2014 for holiday rental, THB 80,000. Call 08 58942268 or timshaw@

G R E AT VA L U E K AT H U POOL VILL A: Bargain home

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom with off-street parking in small quiet boutique estate behind Red Mountain Golf Course. Full Chanote Title. Contact Gim (English/Thai) Ph 081-6065772 for an Inspection. Price:3.2 Million, Sabai Village Kathu

of living the way a local Phuketian does in a highly pleasurable, private atmosphere close to Bang-Tao beach. Create wonderful memories in these modern Sino-Portuguese villas. More details at,

Kalim Sea View, Freehold Condo for Sale/Rent: B11.9 M 2 min walk to beach, big balcony & sunset view, 180 Sqm, 2 Ensuite Bed rooms, big living space. 089 617 2312, - Search V146.

Bungalow in Khaolak for Sale: 5 rai land ,14 Bungalows with NOW OPEN!!


I N T H E N AT U R E RO M A N TI C THAI - ST YLE RESORT Daily 2 0 0 0 T h b, We e k l y 12 0 0 0 T h b, Monthly 44000Thb Included: Daily room cleaning, Linen changing once/week, Internet Wi-Fi, Cable TV, Smart TV, Electricity, Free bicycle, BBQ grill, Exes to Cinema room., Email : , Phone : 087 877 2320.

Penthouse With Amazing Views: Elegant fully furnished penthouse, 4 bedrooms split in 2 floors, 3 bathrooms, spacious and light living room with the most beautiful ocean view Jacuzzi on the terrace. Freehold 0874663486. 24MB.

garden and staff house.Price:24.5 Million Baht, Contact:085-4756003 Email:riversidebungalow@, w w



For Sale 2 villas with this view: Situated at Ao Por, 2 mod-

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Amazing sea view pool villa:

Body: ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......


...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Kata Beach Apartment Sea Views: Western 1,2&3 bedroom

units fully furnished, parking fully fitted teak kitchens. Granite tops Western baths, sat.TV&internet included. Masterbed with ensuite bath starting 20,000/m longterm. No party people. 084 840 1262, north8east98@yahoo. com.

4 bed,4 bath,beautifully furnished villa, great ocean views. Cape Yamu area, only 10 mins from BIS/PIA . Large pool,garden, very private estate. 80000/mth. 0862796283;


House for sale: Baan Manik area, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, ceiling fans all through out, 2 aic con units, furnished. 2.7MB, no offers. For more info - Farang - 080 323 1918, Thai 081 607 9874.

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Online upgrades:

Website link B199

Print upgrades:

Extra lines B99

Urgent banner B199 Box B199

Sale Patong Guesthouse 出 售巴东宾馆: First spacious&clean

Colour Background B199

Colour Headlines B199


DEADLINE: MONDAY 11.59PM (MIDNIGHT) FOR THAT WEEKS ISSUE Hand this in at agent shops, our office or fax: 076 612 553 @thephuketnews

ern contemporary villas. Infinity pool, 3 bedrooms, 4 bahtrooms, study, large living area, terrace and covered parking for 2 cars. Priced from 24 MB. info@thecurvephuket. com,

Freehold 2 bed villa in Laguna: Laguna Residences, Outrigger, 2 bedroom END unit villa. FREEHOLD title!With lifetime golf membership in Laguna Golf Club and privilage card with 50% discount in Laguna restaurants and spa. Fully Furnished! Selling price : 12.950.000,- Baht Please call 080 041 4464 or email : Rental1386@

guesthouse downhill in Patong. 36MB. Close to the main road to Patong beach. 由业主提供公寓巴东 由业主,宾馆在巴 东。全装修的二十五间客房,36 意泰珠。 靠近巴东海滩。Ramon0856-44-9344

Plots for sale in Rawai:

FOR SALE. 3 plots of 250-300 sq.m each in Rawai suitable for building villas. In a quiet street and good location. Can be sold all together or separately. Contact Izzy 086 278 8300 or Danai 090 170 0429.

FOR SALE Penthouse in Rawai: 360 panoramic breathtaking views of Chalong Bay, mountain views and Big Buddha. Two bedrooms, 310 sq.m of spacious living area and balconies. Contact Izzy 0862788300 or Danai 090 170 0429.





List your classified now at

FOR SALE 2 VILLAS WITH THIS VIEW Situated at Ao Por, 2 modern contemporary villas. Infinity pool, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, study, large living area, terrace and covered parking for 2 cars. Priced from 24 MB.,


Urg e n t 2 N ew A p a r tments For Sale: Because

of divorce URGENT RE-SALE 2 brand new apartments. Welcome real buyers No agents. Call on +66 (0) 87 269 2274, Chrismar.

Sea View Off Plan Condominiums: 65m2 Condominium. 1

Bedroom, 1 En Suite Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Pool, Large Balcony and Terrace Space, Parking. Excellent investment opportunity.

Patong Condo for sale: A nice foreign freehold condominium for sale in Patong is located in a recently complete development of one & two bedrooms condominiums. Located on the fourth floor of a total of five. 080 052 8082.

Freehold House for sale:

Freehold house for sale in estate in Cherng Talay. Land 735m2, floor area 230m2, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom. Many upgrades incl new carport included. Price B11 million. Call 083 509 8797 for info or viewing.

Lease or sale, commercial building, intersection corner location, highly visible, developing area. call Dan 081 892 0960.

In Karon:

Beautiful Karon Villa:

Modern open living villa has it all, fully furnished, private secure estate close to beach. Enjoy the private salt water pool and undercover parking, 3 large bedrooms freehold investment. 081 719 4688.

3 Bed Pool Villa Pa Khlok:

3 Beds, 2 Bath 6x3m pool. Full aircon and funishings. Ready for occupation and rental. Secure estate, private parking. 6km from Heroines monument. Close to PIA, BCS and shops. 081 737 0722.

Beachfront Condo in Cape Panwa: Two floors 282 sq. m of

Building 3 storey for sale:

THB 26,000,000. Only 300 m. from Kata Beach. 236.25 sqm. 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. For more information call K.Chavarin 089 911 8833/081 866 9253 or email:

Luxury Villa in Chalong: Perfect condition, 660 sqm on 3 levels, 1,600 sqm land, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, swimming pool 12.5m x 6m with jacuzzi, large sala, double garage. Top quality construction. Reduced price: B25.5 million 086 271 3260 or 086 273 4149. Nai Harn Baan Bua: When only

living space with stunning views. 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms + Study + large kitchen. Fully furnished. Communal 40m pool 5 steps away. Beach 15 steps! 091 876 2330.

the best will do!!!!4 bed/pool villa in Phukets best kept gated community.410 villa.812 land.Overlooking lagoon.Beautiful.Ph: 0812704291. or Price 22.5 MB.

cent 4 bedroom pool villa on the west coast of Phuket, above prestigious Kata Beach. Exceptional opulence throughout. Long & short term rental. Enquiries on 087 283 8884 or 080 690 5248.

Patong Free Hold Condo:

Studio condo on 4th floor 50s/m. Huge swimming pool, beautiful gardens, completly renovated new tiles, light, painting, new furniture, kitchen, shower and toilet. B2.5 million, Eng 085 471 9246, Thai 087 621 3405.

Rawai Soi Saliga Land for Sale: Land for sale, Soi Saliga

Rawai - 1 rai plus 81 T/W. Telephone 089 645 5049.

Sales Down Payment Dcondo Mine: 7th floor. with

pool & lake view. Fully furnished, near Kajonkiet International School, Tesco Lotus, Big C. 10 mins to Patong. Move in Mar 2014. Only B99k. Contact: 081 694 4144, 081 307 7247, email:

office near Academy for sale, 280 sq metres, Chanote title, 2 beds 3 baths, nature mountain view. Main street, multiple entrances and exits. 10 minutes to Airport. Only B4.95 million. Call: 086 948 2294.

fully furnished with teakwood furniture, ready to move in. 240 sqm. 4 bed 4 bath, close to Kathu waterfall and market. Near Loch Palms, major stores, BIS and KIS. B45,000 per month. Call Oranwan 086 883 3169.

2 Pool Villas next to PIA:

Furnish Condo Patong by Owner: By owner, condo in Patong.

Fully furnished 1bed/1bath 29sqm 2.9 MB. & 2bed/2.5bath 72sqm 6.9 MB. Close to Jungceylon, Bangla road & Patong hospital. Ramon 085 644 9344,

Ready to move in, villa 1 on 1,100 sqm. land, for sale B15.9 mil and villa 2 on 2,20 0 sqm. land, for sale B19.9 mil. Brand new, each with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 12 metre swimming pool, guest bungalow with 1 bedroom 1 bathroom. Perfectly located in a development with underground e l e c t r i c i t y a n d s e c u r i t y, o n l y 80 0 metres from Mission Hills golf course, less than 10 mins to airpor t, Phuket International Ac ademy and Ao Por Grand Marina. Call 081 343 0777. Email:

title at Cherng Talay / Pasak7 (Phuket - Surin Beach area) Phone 090 487 8084. Email: utaipan@

Condo @ Golf Course Sale/ rent: Urgent:Condo @ Golf Course

Land & House Park, Chalong: Villa for sale, 4 Bedrooms,

sale/rent, 3 Bedrms in Maikhao. Ready to move in. Fully furnished 250 sq.m. European kitchen, air-cons.14 MB. or long term rent 081-895-4318 (Speak Th) (Eng)

3 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Living room, Fully furnished and equipped, Garden 240 SQM. B6.8 M Tel. 083 394 4536(Eng) /084 443 5389(Thai/Eng)

250m road frontage near Bypass: 16 rai next to Phumundra,

Land Close to Thanyapura/PIA: Half Rai 1.3MB, 1

behind Premium Outlet. 250m road frontage, 300m deep. Sloping upwards, starting at 15m and ending at 65m above sea level. 6M/rai. Contact owner direct at 081 893 6630.

Rai is 2.5 MB, total 3 Rai of Land, Mountain View, Chanote, 3 Mins drive to Thanyapura/PIA School, 15 Mins to Airport. Contact Marisa 084 305 6667 or marisar1978@

Guesthouse for Lease in Patong: 12 rooms, good location Nanai

Two parcels of superior land 11 rai. Inc seaview. Main road frontage. Ideal for resor t or condominiums. B150 M . N e g o t i a b l e . ( T h a i ) 0 81 3 7 0 8114 or (Ger) 081 892 1108. Email:

Seaview Land Patong:

Land Plot for Sale: Chanote

2 lots on island-beachfront (bungalow-/housing-estate) and 1 big mainland-mountain property all in very quiet, safe, well maintained locations near Krabi. 089 291 4671.

Home Office Near Thanyapura: New 2-storey home

Sin g l e H o u se Sp e c i a l Price Rent/Sale: Nice house Luxury Villa for Rent: Magnifi-

3 Gorgeous Lots, Clean Titles: For sale or long lease.

Af fordable 3 Bedroom House: Single floor, 3 bedroom,

Road.9 year lease: very low rent,strong starting, easy to manage and good return on investment. Price 1MLN. Take this opportunity. Thamad17@yahoo. com. 089 728 4005.

kitchen/dining area, living room, 2 toilets/showers. Aircon in each b e d r o o m . W a t e r t a n k+ p u m p . External covered area. Chanote title: 256 sqm Quiet developed village near Heroines Monument B3.2 million. Call 087 276 0529 .

Villa with Pool for Sale: Free-

hold 3/4 Bedroom Villa. 3 Air Con. 4k. to Ao Makarm Beach. 10x5m pool with 4th bedroom / office on other side. Plot size 104Sq Wah. 416Sqm. Reasonable offers. Call 089 831 4703/084 304 6723.

Villa on 1 rai reduced now 20MB: Private big 3 bedroom

For Sale-Beachfront land@ Naka: 2 rai of absolutely amazing beachfron. A few minutes by boat to Phuket. Facing west to the sunset and views of Phuket. Contact: 086 278 8300 or Danai 090 1700 429.

2.5 rai (N.S.-3 K document) near Kathu waterfall. 2 houses, 1 small house & 2 pools, big garage. 3 way Entrance. B28 million. Call 081 893 0540, 076 385 775 email:

Land & House for sale:

Modern Villa in Marina: A spacious family home in Boat Lagoon. Modern contemporary style with 4+1 beds, 4 bathrooms. Large dining area, private swimming pool and fully furnished. 29.5 MB. Size 616 Sq.M. Call 076 238 948.

villa near Mission Hills golf with guest house and maids room all ensuite bathroom, big swimming pool 8x12M, big garage for 2 cars, koi ponds, European kitchen, 2x home cinema etc. Price 25MB, , 083 643 8384.

Rawai Seaview Condo for sale: Seaview condo, freehold, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 120sqm. B7.8 million, fully furnished. For more pictures and information please contact:






List your classified now at PROPERTY FOR SALE CONT. Cheapest Seaview land for Sale: Panorama view of sea view

golf course view mountain view land for sale. Near Mission Hills Golf course. 6 rai chanote title. B3 million per rai. 087 675 9555, email: pee_bang56@

Hou se on Th e Co r n er for Sale: Quiet location and

only 500m from the main road. Thepkrasattri, Heroines Monument. 70sqw x 280sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 b at h r o o m s, b i g li v i n g r o o m with open-plan kitchen (9x9m), 1 separated kitchen, carpark for 3 cars and a small storehouse, 2 aircons, cable TV, 1 phone line TT&T. Price: B2,995,000 including furniture. Must see! Email: Call 081 607 8000.

Land area 500m2, House area 164m2. 3 bed, 4 bath, fully furnished, aircon in all rooms, fans, Internet, satellite TV, swimming pool, independent water supply wells. Finish work December 2012. B8.5 million. Call 088 838 3242.

House for Sale - Chalong:

Quiet stand alone villa, 3 bed, 2 - 5 star baths, 5 aircon, full furn, garden dining lush green, 50 Wah, quality new paint, excellent condition, B3.5 million, firm. Contact: peterb@inter, 084 843 3492.

The Aqua pool villa-sales/ rent: In Land & House Park Phuket

(Manthana Zone) Land area = 440 sqm. Home area = 300 sqm. 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms 1 living room and kitchen 1 swimming pool (3m*10m) out door jacuzzi and pavilion Sales: from 1112.8MB. Rent: from 85,000 - 120,000 B/Month. 088 751 2389.

Mission Heights:

25 year lease for sale. Well situated in fast developing and sought after area close to Laguna. Some fixed rent applies. Contact 087 884 0644 for more info.

2 Rai, Cherngtalay:

Land for Sale: 400m from Naiyang Beach. 3 Rai 1 Tarangwah. 6.5MB per Rai. Call 087 091 8331 or email chiangmaibeltrade@hotmail. com for more information.

6.26 rai direct beachfront, power, water, road, unobstructed views, chanote title, white sand, peaceful. Only 5.8 mil baht per rai. Doesn't get much better than this! Beautiful beach land. 081 649 3557.


Patong Apartment Reduced Price: Condo 4 years old. Swimming

Luxury 3 Bed Villa For Sale:

3 & 4 Bed Pool Villas: Resort for Sale: Resort 2 rai, with

chanote. 22 double villas with kitchens, large pool and big coconut garden with own well. Restaurant and bar with satellite TV and Adsl. Opened for 15 years, with lots of repeat customers, parking, quiet. 086 940 1860.

Laguna / Layan. Luxur y pr ivate pool villas in secure development. Available now. All beds ensuite. Fully furnished. Rental programme available. B12-20 million. Contact owner: 085 549 7110.

3 Rai Chanote Mangosteen Land: Beautiful square land plot next to Mangosteen Resort, 3-0-38 Rai, Chanote title, light slope, great access to Soi Saiyuan, show villa can be completed, ideal for villa or condo development. 081 536 5846.

Patong Tower for Sale:

And for rent. Sea view and mountain views. Freehold from 64 to 448 sq metres. Phone no: 080 692 6114. Email: orsoreal

Beach Land on Koh Yao Yai: Price Reduced, 4beds Villa: Comfor table 4 bedrooms villa, plus maid room. Approx. 450Sq.M building, corner plot, energy saving, management ser vice available for investor.Located in secured gate community, near British International school.


Sea-View Chalong-Residence: Dream pool villa with 5

D E TA C H E D O R S E M I DETACHED: Large detached 4

Bed.4 Bath 2 en suite, 4 air con. OR 2 adjoining semi-detached. Live in one, Rent one ? Water storage with pumps. Secure Parking. Quite Soi. All in Excellent condition. B3.5M. 082 738 3007.

bedrooms all with ensuite on 1 rai of land. Big hall, office, maid’s room. Brand-new construction opposite Wat Chalong on the way up to the hill. A huge 685 sq.m of living area, fully furnished. Modern Europeandesigned kitchen. Big sea view pool terraces incl sala and attractive bar area. Security alarm system. Selling price on request. By owner directly. Call 085 654 4011 or 089 404 0737. Email:

5km East from Heroines Monument. Photos available. THB 4,5 mill. Contact Lin (+66) (0)81 8922419, linphuket@

Apartments, furnished, best/quiet locations, garden, s-pool, from 36-67sq metre, sea-city-mountain views, from B2,375. Call 087 819 2162 or

New House for Sales low price than Project, Phanason Villages at Bang Joe for 50 Sqm, 3bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Free contract. Contact: 089 729 9503.

A big beautiful house with 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, fully furnished. Located in stunning panoramic hilltop scenery in Takuapa, Phang Nga, covering an area of 127 rai. Surrounded by fertile farmland with fruit trees. Price 96MB. Contact K. Peerawat: 08 4 308 8484. Email: peerawat002@hot

location, off road parking, busy road. Contact Thai 084 630 6920, English 082 534 7410,,

Seaview Land For Sale: Land located right in the heart of Chalong with panorama view of Chalong pier. Close to a number of sandy beaches; Naihan Rawai Kata and Karon. Easy access to major depar tment stores. Surrounded by public facilities including education institutes and hospitals. You will benefit from a perfect location that's rapidly increasing in value. 3 rai and 1 Ngan with Chanote title. Call 087 278 7206, 089 215 5041 e -mail: kubesjoy@

pool, security 24/7, cafeteria. Studio 46sqm fully furnished. Freehold for foreigners. Price: 2.6MLN. Urgent sale, no agent. Tel: 089 728 4005. Email:

Pool Villa Rawai: 4 Bedroom/ 4 Bathroom European style single storey house with self contained guest house and pool in Rawai on 736m2 plot. Large master bedroom with en-suite, walk in wardrobe. Modern western style kitchen with granite tops, built-ins throughout. Established 7 years. Plenty of outdoor living area with several verandahs and under cover car park, air-conditioning in all bedrooms and lounge. Situated about 2km from Chalong circle in a quiet lane 1km from Viset Road. House & Guest house 180 sqm Land area 736sqm (184TW). 3 bedrooms Master ensuite, 4 Bathrooms 7x3.5m salt water pool. Electric gate. Well water. Concrete road access. Call 087 891 9349.

This luxury three bedroom home is located in a secure estate with security and office. It is only five minutes from Bangtao Beach and Laguna Phuket including the Laguna Phuket Golf Club and 20 minutes from Blue Canyon Country Club and Phuket International Airport. The villa comes fully furnished with luxury leather lounge suites and quality furniture, all bedding, kitchen utensils and cooking facilities. For details and inspection, see www. or contact graham@ or call 081 897 0225.

3 Bdrm House for sale Thalang: House for sale. 3 bed and

At Siri Village, Pa Khlok, 2 flrs, 3 beds, 2 shower rms, kitchen, living & dining area, garden, car park, 2 aircons, unstair curtains, 1 furnished bedroom. 3.8MB Contact Kirana 088 760 6083.

2 baths, large living and dining room, 4 X aircons, 2 X car ports and garage. House 7 yrs 1 owner , well maintained with 135sqm living area. Land Chanote 92tw. 3.5MB 081 737 3116.

Three floor villa for sale: Brand new three floor villa on Phuket, near Villa Market. Glass elevator, swimming pool, ocean view. 700 sq. m. Freehold contract available. Current price: 13m THB. Please call Alexander 080 521 0736.

Two shophouse for lease in Patong: Low Rent! 2 Shophouse - 2

House and Business for sale: 3 storey, 5 bedrooms, good


PAT O N G c o n d o s f o r sale: Beautiful, modern Condos/

New house for sale:

Charming 4 Bed. House for Sale: Full privacy. Great for families.

Sok, Klong Sok district. B400,000 per rai. Close to Khao Sok National Park entrance. PNSS3 title, to be upgraded to Chanote soon. Phone 081 693 2759.

next to the new tourist attraction in Mai Khao. Perfect for investment in future like shops, guesthouse. Please email for mobile number and more details.

New House for Sales:

Villa and farmland for sale:

Khao Sok, 25+ rai, B400,000 per rai: 25 rai, 3 ngan in Khao

Mai Khao Prime Location Land: I will sell my piece of land

flrs.Can make business ground floor. Huge 2nd floor fully furnished as 2 bed apartment with private bathrooms. Includes furniture. Big kitchen and living area. 084 189 7696.

12 Rai Chanote to sell: One of the last pieces of beautiful sea view land between Ao Makham and Ao Yon Road. Infrastructure done B210 million. Call 081 917 0377, 10am-5pm.

Luxury Condo Rent / Sale:

Seaview Townhouse Patong: Bet ween the c it y and

the jungle at the northern edge of Patong. 70m alt. 10mn walk to the beach. 4 storey + 290 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 toilet. 4 aircon, partly furnished. Email:

Budget Bungalows:

Two Bungalows in Chalong.2-3 bedrooms.Close to all amenities. One has room for a pool,the other is like a rain forest. From only 2,300,000 Baht.Ph:0812704291. Email:

2 B e d r o o m , L- r o o m a n d f u l l y equipped kitchen, 160 -212sqm. Very high standard with a nice view. Big balcony, swimming pool, gym. Location: Kathu, 10 min. Patong Beach, 5 min. Phuket Town and all department stores and international hospitals. Rent Long term: B45,000 – B63,50 0 Buy: B8,50 0,0 0 0 – B11,500,000. Contact 086 268 7901 or send e-mail to: condophuket@



List your classified now at


House in Phuket Town / Samkong 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms Beautiful Naiharn Pool Villa: New Luxury Villa For Sale:

Lu xu r i o u s G o l f V i l l a @ Laguna Village: MUST BE SOLD ! Surplus to family invest needs. 3-bed, plus maid's qtrs. This home has been lovingly cared for. Leasehold/freehold. BVI status. POA. Ph 082 810 4184,

3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, private swimming pool (12 metre). House area of 600 sq.m., land 1.5 rai (2400 sq metre). Located on the shore of the ocean on the Koh Kho Khao. Email:

Modern Family House for sale: Beautiful 3 bedrooms villa in

2 Bed/3 Bath, Built-In & Partial fur. Private pool & jacuzzi, sala, 50 0 beach Price 7.9 mil.Baht with Chanote title Tel.081 691 3029, E: kris.

Nai Harn / Rawai, Balinese Pool Villa, 2 years old, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, price reduced for quick sale. Please call our agent 082 420 70 52 or send email to

Donsak Beachfront Land 3 Rai: 67 metres absolute beach


frontage, fully infrastructured, ready to build. Close to ferry going to Koh Samui. Chanote title. 4.5 MB for all. Email:


Secure private hillside by Naiharn Beach. Quality furnished throughout. 3 big bedrooms, office, 4 baths, 230 sm plus carport etc. 1050 sm land. New condition. 15x4.6 m pool. Freehold. Nice. Only 17.5MB. Contact 089 727 5407,

Rawai. 160sqm indoor. 400sqm outdoor. Shared swimming pool. Modern villa renovated in 2011-2012. Fully furnished. For more info: phuketvilla

Balinese Pool Villa:

Hot Price Sale- PuriAnda Villas: New Pool Villa in Rawai



Conveniently located 5 minutes from all amenities including both international hospitals, Central Festival, international schools and the centre of town. Selling due to relocation. Priced to sell at 4.3 M THB including 4 air cons and all modern style furniture. Nothing more to spend. Contact (English): 084 768 0536 or (Thai): 085 888 0502

Apartment on Golf Course:

Seaview 1 BDRM New Condo Patong: Stunning seaview,

Golf View, Kathu. Tastefully renovated large (83m2) apartment in Phuket Country Club. Golf view. 1 bed but easily converted to 2. Store, large Western kitchen and all furniture included. Ideal (holiday) home. Contact 081 273 7326, Email: keith

city view 1 bdrm condo on hill 500m from Patong beach. Fitness centre, roof top pool, security, car park, freehold. Only B4,400,000. Keith 084 628 3430,

Investment Proper t y for sale!: New, modern waterfront townhome at the Boat Lagoon for sale. Rented out long term at B570,000 per year. 3 bed/4 bath, 2 balconies, terrace at canal, 6 m berth in front of house. 250 sqm living space. Top condition. Luxury finishings. Brokers welcome. B9.9 million. 086 747 9292 (English) or 081 970 5204 (Thai/English).

Amazing 3 Bedroom Villa With Swimming Pool: Guarded

Serenity near the Beach,Chumpon: 210 sq.M

contemporary 2 story house,pool.400 M. to ThungWualen.Situated in a green belt of jungle,palm plantations,10 mins walk to the beach No traf fic jams.Chanote title.Total 2648 sq.M., Email : , Phone : 083- 391 4405.

compound Kokyang Estate Phase II, 3 min to Nai Harn beach, modern interior design, garage, developed infrastructure. For more information: Call Elena 084 305 0634.

Reduced for Quick Sale:

Studio condo at The Point near Lotus, Big C, Central. Fully furnished. Great views 6th floor. Cost B2.8M. Reduced to B2.25M. Call 087 889 3838 or 081 370 8114. Email:

Home For Sale By Owner: 4 plots (3 connecting, 1 separate) 1km north of Airport, along the road to MaiKhao Beach. Sea view towards south east. NorSor3Gor. 4.5 Rai in total. B4 million per Rai. Contact owner: 081 893 6630.

One level 3 Bdr,2 Bath,fully equipped kitchen, set in private, secure surroundings and conveniently located as it’s just a 5 minutes drive to the BIS international school.Community Pool. Email : robert.anthony.krause@gmail. com , Phone : 084 851 9795.

SeaView near Airport:

Sea View Land for Sale:

Ao-Yon, 13.5 rai, chanode title.10m/ rai.Call Siri 089 649 9939, email:

Condo At The Heights, Kata: Immaculate 2-bed foreign-

freehold unit in award-winning project. 195 sqm, sea view, near gym & pool. Quality furnishing throughout. Designer kitchen with utility-store.

Sea View Land for Sale: Ao Makham. 5.5 rai, B10 million per rai. Contact Siriporn 089 649 9939, email:

Free Hold Condo For Sale:

43 Sq. Free hold. 1 balcony (Great view). 1 bed room. 1 living room. 2 air conditioners. Full furniture. Internet.Swimming pool. Gym. Automated door lock and key card. Call 080 040 9077.

Land At Kathu For Sale: Only Furnished House for Sale Phuket Villa 5: 3 bedroom

furnished house near Kajonkiet School. Secure area, Cul De Sac. Nic e gardens, t wo bathrooms. B3.5M negotiable. Call 081 370 8114 (Thai) 087 889 3838 (Eng),

Patong Bangla Building for Sale: B28 million, Chanote, 4 floors 6m x 14m. 1st & 2nd tenanted. Flr 3-staff accom, bath, kitchen. Separate office with access to lower floor. 4th flr private penthouse one bed. 087 881 7600.

1.5 Rai Private Land Cape Yamu: 1.5 Rai flat land at Cape

Yamu. 2 x 0.75 Rai adjoining plots. OrBorTor road access to quiet end of soi location. Sale direct from the owner. B3.75 Million per rai negotiable. Call 081 087 9237.

Sea-View Contemporary Pool Villla: Located near Phuket

town. L and: 8 5 5 sq.m. H ouse: 650sq.m. Furnished. 3 beds, 2 offices, 2 staff quarters, 1 free room. 2 Parkings. Price B38 mill.Tel: 081 895 3628 E-mail:

Beaut iful L and L aguna Cher ngt alay: Chanote t it le,

Land for Sale Cherngtalay:

Pool villa for sale or rent: Ocean Front Villa for Sale: 206.4 sqm, Chanote title in Phanason residence(next to Makro). 1 min to Central festival, 5 min to town. Call 084 061 4314, 076 393 965.

Land for sale:

Happy Home Apartment for sale: Nice apartment, fully

furnished at Rawai. The apar tment is set in a private compound with pool. It is located only 5 minutes from beach and convenient to Phuket Town. Only B15 million. Tel: 081 893 2165 www.happyho

15 min to Patong and only 10 min to Phuket Town, located at Kathu, total 141 sqw or 564 sqm with ready public utility. Call 081 892 0610, 081 472 0770,

Luxury brand new villa, fully furnished and ready to move in, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with infinity 10 metre long swimming pool and truly beautiful sea view. Located in a small development, only 50 metres from the sea and 3 mins from Ao Po Grand Marina. For sale B19.9 million or for long term rent B150,000 per month. Call 081 343 0777, email: montha_phuket@

Spac ious one bed room apar tment with ocean view, nor th of Patong. Floor area 96m2 internal and 72m2 terrace including water feature with sala and jacuz zi. Per fect bachelor pad with rental income. Email for info: bart

For sale:

Beautiful 2,400sqm (1.5RAI) Chanote titled land plot in Pasak 8, located on the highest point of a gentle slope. Quiet and safe area. Only 8.5MB. Agents welcome. Phuketlandvilla@, 089 875 9609.

bedrooms with bathrooms in tastefully re-decorated bungalow set in mature garden plot of 550m2 within secure development for ownership and/or investment. B15.5 million. Email:

yellow zoned, save area. Nearly 4 rai, direct from owner. Subdivided i n 6 p l o t s e a c h c a . 1, 0 0 0 s q m . ready to build. Only 7.5 MB per rai. K hun Chanc hira, 0 81 3 67 76 8 3.

Royal Kamala Condo-Sale & Rent: In Kamala. Freehold 1, 2, 3

Hillside setting. Luxurious 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom pool villa for sale or rent. Sale 20M Baht. Rent Low season Daily 6k, Weekly 36k, Monthly 80k. High season Daily 7k, Weekly 42k, Monthly 100k. One complete year 85k per month. Call 087 078 6379.

Absolute Beachfront:Set on the beachfront, the ff villa offers uninterrupted sea and island views of the south east coast of Phuket. Situated between two 5 star resorts: Vijitt and EVASON near Laem Kanoi. 081 480 3834, http://www.

Laguna/Layan Beach Luxury 13M Salt-Water Pool Villa For Sale (Or Rent): Three large

Beautiful Karon Villa: Stunning,

safe, secure estate villa , close to beach, crystal clear salt water pool 3 large bedrooms, modern open living, fully furnished, freehold, everything done – enjoy the lifestyle. Phone 081 719 4688 Email :

Rawai Beachfront Pool Villa for Rent/Sale: Rawai

Beach front pool villa for sale. 3 bedrooms, furnished. Contact Siriporn on 089 649 9939.

Absolute Beach Front Land: Songkla district near new

deep sea port. 4.5 Rai divided into 7 Chanote plots. Reluctant sale. B4.9M the lot. Email: jmic chia@ or call 087 276 0529.

Bedroom apartment with kitchen, living room, balcony, swimming pool, fitness, security guard, parking. Ready to move. 085-368-3009, salesdirector@

Italian modern home for sale: Sea view and mountain view,

indoor swimming pool 14.50Meters X4.20Meters, near Rawai beach. 3 Bedrooms, land 216 m². Indoor 334 m². Ready to move in. The_ . 093 160 6566. Price 13 MB.






List your classified now at le sa t en g r U

RPM Owner Direct Unique luxury condo 2 bed, 2 bath, 155sqm. Foreign FREE HOLD. Recent architect remodel. New Jacuzzi. Views to lake, mountain, marina, pool etc. Completely furnished to very high standard. Motivated owner leaving.

Reduced by 600,000B. ONLY 16.9MB. Contact Brian (Owner) 089 054 4354, +632 906 435 7146, Alan 087 999 6174, See for complete details.


Our customers are wanting to BUY your condo, house, villa or business. Please contact Tina - 082 423 0043 or East Coast Sea View Land

Condominium for SALE in Patong: Freehold title, Studio type, 32 sqm. of the living area, Furnished, 1 Bathroom, Fitted kitchen with dining area, Swimming pool, Restaurant. Call 083 103 3801 (English and Thai).

Rawai Great Buying: Lovely

house with 2 bedrooms or separate SC flat downstairs.Well ventilated with natural light in pristine condition.Distant sea views.4,995,000 Baht. Warren Crowe 081 270 4291 or

Ocean Front Land: 7 rai with 185 metres of sea frontage. Water, electricity, road and boat access, located 800 metres from Yacht Haven marina, perfect site for small beach front development. For quick sale only B5 million per rai. Tel 081 343 0777 Email: montha_phuket@

Paklok, Chanote, Mountain View, 200m from main road, 11 km from monument and 4 km to Mission Hill. Interested or want a larger size? CALL 084 305 6667, email: mari

288 sqm of heaven. Plunge pool, 3 bed, 4 bath overlooking perfect panoramic ocean views. Beach shops, fabulous restaurants, nightlife all a 3 minute walk. B42,624,000. Contact: 088 761 4030 or

2 separate Chanote titles each about 1,200 sq metres (4.5 and 5.5M), or will sell as one lot.

4 Rai & Home & Thai Co. 18 M B 4 R ai w 2 b,1b a h o m e NS3G title. Next to Nat’l Park Layan, N Bang Tao Scenic Quiet 5 min to Cherng-Telay Walk to beach Prior permit for 6 villa develop Road, runoff culvert & tank built. 084 842 4581,

investment condo N/East aspect Rawai 5th floor corner sweeping ocean rural views. 126sqm, 2 bed, 2 bath, free hold, furnished, pool, B8.75million perment tenant at B40,000 p/m. Call 089 050 5664 081 8937027

3 Bedroom Pool Villa, Rawai: 160m2 Private Pool Villa. 3 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom (3 En Suite), Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Large Balconies & Terrace, Carport. Freehold, Chanote title. 2 minutes from beach! See proper

Underground services. 081 273 7326, email:

Patong Loft Condo:

Makes a good condo deal now. 1-bedroom, fully furnished, 67 sqm living area. Only B2.99 mil. Big swimming pool. Normal price B3.7 mil. Call 089 872 6895. Email:

World Class Sea Views: 4 Bedroom British Colonial style house, Cape Yamu, Phuket. Amazing views spanning over 100km, as far as Krabi. Price reduced from B35 to B28 million. 086 279 6283, email:

and infrastructure seven further plots for development. 1.5km from Mission Hills Golf Club. Please call 087 888 1761 (Aom) for details.

Patong; 50 sqm of the living area, sea-view /mountain view, furnished, Pool, 24hr security, for SALE B2.8M B3.3M. Contact +66 (0) 83 103 3801, 081 415 7774.

Chalong Beach Front Pool Villa: Chalong Beach Front Pool Villa For Sale/Rent,3 bed rooms,area 1 rai call Siriporn 089 649 9939,email: siri_phuket

Phuket Country Club Condos: 3 Only Luxury Contemporary

tion hill land by the Bangwat Dam, total 60 rai, 96,000 square metre. Contact: Attapong 081 892 0610 (Thai), Jantiwa 081 890 8268 (Eng). e-mail: jantiwa_ j@

Great Investment Opportunity: Completed show house

Apartment for sale in Patong: Apartment for SALE in

Last 1 Studio of The Cleat condo (Phase 1) in Krabi Boat Lagoon, low-rise waterfront Condo built around the lagoon with Mangrove, Sea and Marina view and full facilities. Call +66(0)76 238 948.

Hill Land for Sale: Very nice loca-

Superb Ocean View Lux Penthouse: B148,000 per sqm,

Wonderful 5 bed house over looking the lake & Golf course in Laguna. Sale: Reduced to: 31.5 M / Rent: 190,000 P/M. Call Mick: 084 818 6045 Email: or


Properties for sale: Luxury

Condo in Marina: Paklok Land Only B7,999/ Sqwah: Only B7,999/Sq wah at

Total 1.5 rai (2,450sq metre) on gently sloping land with sea view of Phang Nga Bay.


Freehold Condo For Sale: 45 Sq.m Freehold. 2 balconies (great view). 1 bedroom. 1 livingroom. 2 air conditioners. Full furniture. Internet. Cable TV. Laundry. Fresh market. Swimming pool. Gym. Restaurant. Call 080 040 9077.


Waterfront Villa in Boatlagoon: Modern style spacious townhouse. 3 large beds/4 baths. 250 Sqm. one office area and 2 balconies. One private birth for a boat up to 6 meters behind the house. freehold/leasehold. B9.9 million. Call 082 493 8526. Email:

Condos, 1 per floor C/W lift. Located on the 15th fairway 275 M3 per floor total.Common Pool and Sundeck. Underground parking 1/unit, Floor 3 show unit complete Floors 1&2 are unfinished, waiting for owners choice of flooring and kitchens. Could still develop into one very large private home. Floors 1&2 could be offices star ting from B10 million. Or B32 million for project Partial financing available. Info contact 084 840 1262,

Must see! Great 4bd villa: Truly exceptional 4 bd villa on the 1900 sqm land, surrounded by jungle. 10x5 m pool must see! 10 min drive to Tanyapura and to Naithon Beach. Great lovely home for large families! 12.5MB. 0840607050.

Beautiful Beachfront Land: Absolute beach front land only 4 to 5 hours from Phuket. Why pay 30-50 million baht per Rai when you can have the best from B1.1 to B2.9 Million Baht per Rai!!! Email: thailandmls@

Very Spacious European From Owner: Villa in peace-

ful place in Rawai. Large living area and terrace. 3 bedrooms, 4 aircon, 3 bathrooms, 1 guest toilet. Western kitchen, garage, laundry, beautiful garden, swimming pool. 612 sqm plot, chanote title. Price B9.5 million. Contact Tanya 083 506 8345,

ge Ur



al e

Urgent Sale: 6 rai Hilltop Land for sale, near Mission Hills golf club, was B4.2 million per rai now only B2.99 million per rai, full chanote, water/ elec. sea/mountain views. 087 978 5804 (Eng).


Buy / Sale / Rent: Property and Business. Our clients are interested to buy/rent property and business in Nai Harn, Rawai, Kata, Karon, Patong, Kamala, Surin, Bang Tao. Free Listing. Please visit, ,088 450 5095.


Zion Proper ty CO., Ltd.: Land for Sale:

Mission Hills. One rai. Very quiet and private, close to all services, 10 min to school, airport, beach, golf, Tesco. B3.4M. 087 276 0529 for info.

2,200 Land, Nai Harn -B10.9 million for Sale: Located in Sai Yaun 9, at the back of Mangosteen hotel. Very good access , road, electric, water. Size approximately 30 by 70 metres. Chanote. Contact 087 897 0501.

Sales - D Condo Mine:

Sales - down payment 250,000 B D Condo Mine Phuket Town by Sansiri. Finished in March 2014.Corner room on the 7th floor with nice view. 2 Bedrooms Call:089 159 3239.

7th Floor Suites (Hotel) Building For Sale

Land For Sale: Mission Hills. 3/4 of rai in small community, very quiet and private, close to all services, 10 min to school, airport, beach, golf, Tesco. Was B2.5M. 087 276 0529 for info.

Thai House@Phuket Fantasea : Traditional Thai house design 4bed, 4bath, kitchen. Mountain views.8,8 MB.Large living room, 3 aircon. 1.5km from Phuket Fantasea. Well maintained with 47sqm. 085 644 9344.

Kata Beach Center 9 apar tments and a 300 sqm Penthouse on the roof plus fully equipped restaurant and pool with terrace are free of rent and now available. Price total 38 million Baht (9.50.000.euro) include chanote and Thai company. For serious interest email: for RUSSIAN; Ms. Oxana Email:


Modern Villa in Marina:

A spacious family home in Boat Lagoon. Modern contemporary style with 4+1 beds, 4 bathrooms. Large dining area, private swimming pool and fully furnished. Size 616 Sq.M. Call 076 238 948.

Land for Sale - Khao Lak: A beautiful 402 rai land with 860 meters of beach front in Khao Lak,Phang Nga,Chanote Title,sale all land. Ru/ En translator Call:088-7652203,0813707289,

Whether you are selling, buying or renting we offer a wide selection of high quality properties, land and businesses located in the south of Thailand. Please contact us for further information. Call 080 087 1772. See





















Specialized in large commercial and small residential cooling & heating systems.

076 319406-8 086 4702026-7







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We b D eve l o p e r Marketing Executive wanted Art House is hiring - Marketing Executive, working at the booth in Central. Thai female, good command of English. We pay basic salary + commission + bonus. Call Alexandr 089 594 6888,

G enkan Creative is looking to expand its international team. We are looking for a self-motivated, highly creative individual to work with our international team creating world class web applications. Candidates are expected to have the following experience; Thai Nationality Minimum 3 years’ experience working in Web Development Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP Minimum 2 years’ experience working with Wordpress Knowledge of SEO a plus Knowledge of graphic design tools. E.g Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop a plus Knowledge of Facebook Apps a plus Expected Salary between 25,000 – 30,000 THB depending on experience. Candidates should send their CV to

A s si st ant Sal e s M an ager: • Thai- Male/Female, 25-

35 years • Bachelor's Degree • 2 Years related sales experience • Good command of English • Good computer & communication skills • Own a car & driver license Salary + Commission + Benefits Send CV to :

FREELANCE WEB / SEO / EDITING: Do you require up-dates/ SEO to your site, blog or Open Cart? Also: s-engine/RSS/Blog submissions - PDF/Photo flip shows - Web Photo Video’s etc. Email: mr.m.hopkins@

DMG Thailand is hiring Development Management Group is a Project Management Company with a long and successful history in Phuket. We are expanding our team and looking for candidates with a track record of success.The positions will be located in Phuket and Thai Nationals are desired. The positions require good command of spoken and written English.

LIVE THE LIFEST YLE OF YOUR DREAMS: International financial advisors required for south east asia finance and sales experience a huge advantage please send your CV and contact details to: info@pp-intl. com

Freelance Graphics Designer: Looking for Freelance

S w i s s S e r vi c e / Pho n e Operator: Swiss Ser vice /

Graphics Designer for occasional projects using Photoshop, In Design and Illustrator programmes. Contact Simone on or call 083 596 0018.

Telephone Operator .Good level of English. Ability to work under pressure. Good in communication and organisation. Responsible and reliable. Minimum one year experience. Contact: HR Department, email: Humanresources.phuket@ or call 076 303 000.

Need exper ienc ed preschool teacher, 10 -14 children. Star t i m m e d i a t e l y, C h a l o n g , 4 0 hour a week. Send resume to

Native English Teacher

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

TV PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Qualifications: Phuket News TV is looking for a fantastic video editor and camera-person. You will need to be a Thai national or have your own work permit. The applicant will be familiar with digital video editing on Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro 6. You will also need to be familiar with the latest HD compact cameras and DSLRs. Previous work experience in the industry is essential. Phuket News TV works on the Apple computing platform.

Responsibilities: You will be working with a small, dynamic team and will visit events, news stories and record in the Phuket News TV studios. There will be occasions when it is necessary to work out of hours or weekends, as the needs arise. Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, expected salary with recent photo via email to or fax your resume to 076-612-553

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553


M&E Engin e er M ec hanic al & Elec tr ic al Engineer to handle inspection, testing, and design review on a new construction project.Will coordinate with designers and contractors for the successful completion of the project. Contracts Manager The suc c essf ul c andidate will have a proven track record of successful contracts work in a construction environment. Administrative Assistant Solid skills with MS Office and previous construction experience is a plus. Tel: 076-617763. Email: hr@

Graphic Designer wanted Genkan Creative is looking to

expand its international team. We are looking for a self-motivated, highly creative individual to work with our international team creating world class web applications. Candidates are expected to have the following experience; Thai Nationality 3 years’ experience in Web graphic design Knowledge of HTML & CSS Knowledge of graphic design tools. E.g Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Knowledge of Wordpress a plus Expected Salary between 20,000 – 30,000 THB depending on experience. Candidates should send their CV & Portfolio to

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER/RECEPTION Responsibilities: ● Answering/forwarding incoming calls to relevant staff. ● Welcoming guests/visitors to Phuket News & Live 89.5. ● Providing customer services via emails & face-to-face. ● Managing inventory/stock of stationery including purchasing. ● Providing administrative support to Admin Dept. including faxing, filing, copying etc. ● Assisting with translation from Thai to English & English to Thai.

Qualifications: ● Thai nationality. ● Bachelor Degree in related field. ● Excellent communication skills in English. ● Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to multi-task. ● Proactive, detail-oriented & works well in a fast-paced environment. ● Newly graduated students with excellent English are welcome to apply.

We offer: ● Work 5 days a week/Monday-Friday (08.30 – 18.00 hrs.) ● Friendly work environment. ● Social security (100%) paid by the company. Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, expected salary with recent photo via email to or fax your resume to 076-612-553

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

PR & Marketing Assistant Responsibilities :

� Assisting the PR manager with planning and implementing PR plans for the company � Representing the company at events & exhibitions � General Marketing and PR admin tasks

Qualifications: � Good communication skills both in Thai & English � Degree qualified – recent graduate welcome to apply � Have own transport (bike or car) � Ability to work after normal work hours and/or weekends (time in lieu will be given)

We offer: � Competitive salary � Social security (10%) paid by the company � Excellent career progress opportunity � Time in lieu for any overtime hours worked If you are professional & enthusiastic person, this is an excellent opportunity to advance in a growing & innovative media business in Phuket

Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, expected salary with recent photo via email to or fax your resume to 076-612-553

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553






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2 2 m . I n d o n e s i a n Pi n i s i Ketch: Licensed and registered in Thailand. She is in good condition and currently working as a snorkel and sunset tour boat. For sale or long-term rental. Price negotiable for quick sale.

Yacht sale 36-ft Searay: A very good condition with bedding for 5, air-con, generator, kitchenette, BBQ grill, twin propulsion, Mercruiser 5.0L bravo III DTS, raymarine chartplotter, GPS and depth sounder. B4.5 million. Call 089 647 5204.

Boat Sales and Charters: Want to build or charter your own boat to get out among Phuket’s many islands for fishing or pleasure? Then please contact the experts on 081 270 4291 or go to www.

J e t s k i s & Tr a i l e r 600,000THB: Two 3 person jet skis, fully maintained & just fully repainted and serviced. Refurbished stainless frame trailer included with trailer jack and hand winches.082 282 6947 Dan (Thai/English).


Sale New Boat SR-21 Finished: SR.Marine. We are proLuxury Yacht for Sale: For sale 2002 Bertram 510 Flybridge luxury yacht. Reduced to only USD675,000. Contact Marcus on marcus@leema

fessional boat builders. Our showroom in Phuket. This model is SR-21, finished. Price B375,000. “This price exclude only engine”. Email: 081 782 0921.

End of 2013 - New Yacht Sale: Dehler 29 - 2 Cabin - THB New Varianta 37:

Max Value – Min Price 37’ yacht built by Hanse and designed by Judel/Vrolijk at a 32’ price. Performance 2/3 Cabin Layout. Base Price €74,900 ex Fact 0813701995

3,5000,000; Hanse 325 Max - 2 Cabin - THB 4,000,000; Varianta 37 - 3 Cabin - THB 4,950,000. Prices include many options and Delivery to Phuket. Contact: -, 081 370 1995. Inq,

LIV Aboard For Sale: Compressors and tanks also available. Please contact Joe : 087 891 8912 joe@

Crownline 320 LS 50 kts B o w r i d : Ve r y f a s t - n i c e s p o r t boat,2x350 MPI engines, year 2009, like new, lifetime hull warantty, only 100 working engine hours, Thai flag, tax payed. Only 3M THB, Airberth 0,5 M THB seperately. Contact: yach@

H Y PA LO N D I N GY 3 . 3 M: Brand-new with UV cover and storage cover, pump, oars, kits. Only B110,000 baht. Email: +66 89 971 0278, Eddie.

Boat for sale: Boat for sale at Ao Yon Bay (Cape Panwa, Phuket). Boat has two engines 140 cc yamaha. 13+ 2 per persons. Price:550. 000B. Phone number : 083 637 9704 Thai/Eng 081 894 9967.

13 Metre Wooden Hull Cruiser: Cap. 17 PAX. Wooden hull, 3.5 metres W, draws 1.5 meters, diesel engine generates 123 KW. Perfect for fishing or day tours. Fitted w Fish Finder and GPS. Was B1,500,000 now only B500,000. Call 082 414 6931, email: phil@ krabikon

S a l e N e w B o a t S R-18 Finished: SR.Marine, We are professional boat builders. Our showroom is in Phuket. This model is SR-18, finished. Price B295,000. “This price excludes only engine”. Email: / 081 782 0921.

40FT Steel Cutter Sloop: Ready to c r uise. C ent rec o c k pit . Safe, strong German design. New S ai l s, 4 4H P Ya nm a r En g i n e, 6 Berths, solar, wind generator, BBQ, dinghy&outboard. AUD$110K. 085 378 0498,

SELLING YOUR BOAT?: With high season just around the corner, now is the right time to get her listed, are always looking for new listings,big or small, power or sail, contact Alan Giles. 084 842 6146.

SR MARINE NEW SR-21 SR-21 Center console,only 375,000 baht. Excluded only engine. Come with all accessories. We also produce 18-36ft Power boat. For more picture or info, please contact Showroom office at Chalong, 0817820921

Krabi Boat Lagoon: New marina sister of Phuket Boat Lagoon, ready for berthing now with marina charge 50% off and long term berth available. Well protected by sea conditions and full facilities provided. Contact Khun Choo 086 281 0330.

A steal for a quick sale: 2007 Italian demo yacht Cranchi 47ft Hard Top. Fully loaded with Tropical air con, genset, Electrical winches, garage, roof, Raymarine Premium Navy, BBQ, Ice Maker, 3 Fridges, “Bose” Sound, 2007 Italian demo yacht Cranchi 47ft Hard Top. Fully loaded with Tropical air con, genset, Electrical winches, garage, roof, Raymarine Premium Navy, BBQ, Ice Maker, 3 Fridges, “Bose” Sound, Neon light, Twin 570HP with reliable shaft drive, under 300 hours, Brand New Condition. Euro 335,000. Tel: 089 971 0278,

Kawasaki 750Sxi Jet Ski Pro: Stand up. Trick conversion kit, R&D ride plate, Race bars with finger throttle, Hydro-turf floor mat with foot-holds, Very reliable, fast, and great fun. Very good condition. B150,000. Contact:

Hanse 325 Max 2014:

Private Luxury Yacht Charters: Luxury day & overnight yacht Bertram 505 Conver for sale: Launched in 1989 this long range sport fishing vessel is powered by 2 Hino Marine 360hp V8 Turbo . The interior is fully air-conditioned and features a saloon, three cabins and a galley. Price : 7,000,000 THB , Stefano , , 087 834 5293 .

charters with crew & chef on board. Rates from 6 4,0 0 0 baht per day. Tel.0899710278,


2009 POWER CATAMARAN: 45ft. 4 cabins. Volvo D- 4 IPS 300. Genset. Aircon. “Bose” surround. Raymarine. Low hours. Fully loaded. Fast and economical. As new. Bargain. Only 339,000 euros. Email: eddyelan@ +66 89 971 0278, Eddie.

A new premium Hanse with Sail Away options included - less than THB 4,500,000 in Phuket 0813701995 inq@sea-yss. com, Person : Inq , Email : , Phone : 081 370 1995 .

Boat: Swedish imported Buster XL maid by aluminum 2 scow, Suzuki 4 stroke outboard Engine used only 200hrs, Brenderup-trailer + wakeboard + all needed accessories. Car: Mitsubishi Triton 4 wheel, only 6 years old. Boat and Car sells as a package or separate. For more information please contact: 0878772320 or, Price : 1,350,000 .

Glass bottom Looker 320 Glass bottom cruise boat for sale. Length 9.5m, beam 3.7, passenger capacity 22, speed up to 40 knots, dural/composite hull. Engine Mercruiser 320 hp. Fuel tank for 150 l, consumption 50 l, consumption 50 l / 100 km. Front transparent windshield, bottom glass 3x2 m, hydrofoil, toilet + shower, navigation. Built in 2011, excellent condition. Sell for 9MB or barter for villa/apartment.






List your classified now at BOATS & YACHTS

Steppa Fiberglass 32 feet Flybridge two 200 hp Yamaha outboard engines. Ideal for diving and tours. B850,000. Call 081 894 2124.

Speed Boat For Sale:




Company for sale - Owner retiring Well known 12 year established company specializing in sales and rental of containers, site/sales offices, Porta Loos as well as Self Storage. Customer base includes Tesco Lotus, Laguna, Marriot, Boat Lagoon and many more. Enormous potential for expansion and export. A conservative value of company assets exceed 11MB which is included in the sale price of 14MB. Call Gordon 081 892 4804, www.


Russian Cuisine Restaurant: CONTACT PETER: PHONE: 0848433492

Russian restaurant for sale. Located in the middle of Kata beach. Advertising on Radio and TV. Fully equipped and staffed. Price : B3,000,000, Konstantin,,082 417 2444.

BAR ON BANGLA In the front of a new discotheque in the center on Bangla Road. We have 5 bars for rent. They are prepared and can be used immediately. Best return of investment is guaranteed.

Please contact Khun Ay 081-895-7597

Business for sale Guest house & Business: For sale / rent long term. 400 sq m. (N.S.-3 K document) next to Swissotel Kamala. 500 m from Kamala beach. B32 million. Call 081 893 0540, 076 385 775 email:

G u e s t h o u s e Ca f e B a r Karon Beach: Easily managed

profitable business lease 4.7M. Fully refurbished, 6 year contract (fully pre-paid). Low rent. Busy Soi 2 minutes from the beach. 5 beautiful ensuite rooms. Sports bar, fully fitted kitchen and restaurant area. Account available. Tel: 081 891 9461 /

Boutique Guesthouse & Bar: Boutique Guesthouse, Bar /

Restaurant business for sale. Fully equipped rooms and bar, website and facebook page established. Well situated only three minutes walk from both Kamala beach and main road with all their amenities. B1,500,000. Contact: 084 442 7015.

Reduced for quick sale: 2 rai prime development land near Villa Market & the new Central Festival site, Laguna/ Bangtao area. Long registered leases THB 1,800,000. Minimal ground rent. Contact 087 884 0644.

Coffee shop/cafe/bar for sale: URGENT-fully equipped and

licensed,you walk in I walk out,can be changed to bar,2nd flr 3 bed a/c ff acc.3rd flr covered open area,2 x Honda clicks 4 rent,cheap rent paid to 2014. Price: 400K, rjpooklook@, 094 316 1461.

70 0 s q m e t r e + b u i l d i n g +10 b e d +10 b a t h +2 r e s t a u r a n t s . Newly renovated. Private financing by owner. Down B2 million + 13 yearly payment of 1MB. Own forever title land. 100 metres to Rawai landing pier. 084 242 8914,

For further info email

ness in Chalong that has paid back 50% of its cash investment in the first year of operation. An opportunity for a similar business exists in Rawai. This is not a hotel, guest house, restaurant, dive shop, car rental or real estate. This business benefits Thai society as a whole and is environmentally neutral. We are looking for 1-3 equity investors to make a total 20 million Baht investment. E-mail:

Cement Production Plant:

Ready Mixed Concrete Company’s factory. 446.92 Horse power. Output of workers in the production of 22 people per day at an average yield of about 100 Q/Day (B1,800/Q) average revenue per day for about B180,000. Manufacture of ready-mixed concrete. Can continue immediately. Just buy a cement truck then start delivery. Ready water source to be used for production. Address: Moo. 4 T. Maikhao Thalang Dist. Phuket 83110. Land Size: 20 rai 2 Ngan and 56 talang wah. Price: B130 Million. Contact: Mr. Lee, mobile: 081 803 7189.

Laundry shop for sale: Laundry shop for sale located in The Promenade Plaza Nanai Rd Patong. Free deposit, free key money, Three month rent free sign contract direct to owner of Plaza. K. Jeeppy, 093 160 6566,


s nt rge


with full furnished, TV, fridge, aircon, hot water, swimming pool, restaurant and spa. Located in Soi Nanai villa. Contact 086 300 9406.

Patong Massage Shop For Sale: Cosy renovated shop. Shop is located inside a hotel on a busy street directly leading to Patong Beach. Business from hotel customers as well as from many tourists going to/from Patong Beach. Email:

2 Language & TEFL Schools: The schools are very successful due to the high de mand of people wishing to learn Engli sh as A sia deve l o ps and plays a larger par t in world affairs every day. These 2 schools are lic ensed wit h t he M inist r y of Edu c at i o n a n d t h e C h a - am branch also holds a TEFL license. As part of a franchise group, you will always have on-going support for sales and training. The selling price is calculated at 5 times the net profit and with sales growth averaging over 20% year on year, your breakeven point is within 4 years. As all truly profitable business there is no negative cash f l o w. C a l l 0 81 8 4 6 919 3 . S e e

Car, Bike, Internet, Game shop: Car and Motorbike Rental with Internet and Gaming Shop. Well established, for sale 2 Million THB. bargain, near Rawai beach. Contact Mr. Brown 081 090 9640 e-mail: info@

Registration Work Permit Visa Account & Audit Civil Criminal Litigation Property business Consultant Tax Planing Attorney Translation etc. 081 477 9154.

Occupancy rate, per fect location, Easy to start business! High ranking on online travel agents, such as:, agoda. com, Legal, current and up to date contracts with overseas tour operators that have high sales volume and many loyal customers with repeat business. Current sales channels and property management software- you can run your business online from anywhere in the world. 30 rooms. Restaurant and terrace with 40 seats, huge roof terrace,kitchen fully equipped.7 years lease left, rent paid until 31.12.2013.Turnover 7,5 million baht/year, profit 2 million baht/year. Price: 7 million baht includes business, Thai company limited (CO.,LTD) with 3 work permits, and many legal things you don’t need to waste your time on if you started from scratch –Everything is included! Contact scandinavian owner directly (speaks English): e-mail shincorp1@yahoo.

Relationship Split Patong: Reluctantly we must sell the massage business in Patong. 5 Bed platform, 3 individual beds, 5 chairs 2 toilets, 1 shower, staff accommodation. Large premises, could add other business. All reasonable cash offers considered. Price : B480,000.

Car Rental Company for sale !

Fully equipped office, website with online booking, many customers. New cars. Risk free opportunity.Start to make money immediately.Only 4.9 MB. Contact 0867479292 or claudstrey@

Rawai Restuarant for Sale:

Land area approx 3,800 sqm. Main road with twin house in compound. Big garden, mangoes, tamarind, banana trees and a large restaurant in middle. Good lease and low rent. Price : 1.3 MB. , Khun Asok, Rawai. big_redchili@ , 089 646 7176.

Account & Legal Consultant: Legal Consultant Company


Patong N ew Hot el for Longterm Lease: 40 rooms


Business only or business and property. Est 2003. Repeat business from big data base, non-tourist related soft furnising manufacturing and retail business. Genuine enquires only, no tyre kickers.

Sale Bar, Hotel + 1 Shop Rawai Beach: Land plot

Unique Rawai Investment Opportunity: We run a busi-

Sport Club for Sale by Owner: Set on 4 rai land with

full chanote title. Include tennis court, volleyball court, fishing lake, game room, restaurant and bar and separate guest bungalow for sale or long term lease. Call +66 81 569 6026, +61 498 248 656 (English & Thai) Email:patbittersweet@gmail. com. See


Bar for sale: Very Busy Mushroom

bar for sale in Soi Bel Air. Wally Bar, all stock, T.V. sound system, beer boxes and fridges included in sale, rent, only B10,000 monthly. Only B600,000 ono. 086 725 0771.

For sale massage shop Pa r adi se: Ground floor

armchair,massage bed, cooking room, toilet, 1st floor 4 shower rooms. 2nd floor jacuzzi big room+bathroom.3rd floor 1 big r o o m+2 s m a l l r o o m s. 8 0 0,0 0 0 + 40,0 0 0/month c all Yves 081 895 1759 / 08 4 8 49 8 403 Bangboon(Thai).




List your classified now at COMMUNITY

The Seed Church Talang Phuket

Welcome to Sunday services: Thai: 10.00-12.30 AM and 7.30-9.30 PM. English: 2-4 PM. Free lunch and Sunday school for kids. Contact: K.Gung Tel: 076 -274975 - 6, 08 4 - 0567027 Email:


SOVEREIGN Dining/Pool Tables : From Patanakarn BilWe Sell Boxes & Moving Supplies: At MY STORAGE Self Storage you can buy quality moving and packing supplies like individual boxes, bubble wrap, packing tapes & knives plus secure padlocks. We also help you to move and store. Call 076 292 909.

PUBLIC NOTICES GENNEWA GOLD MEMBERS: Attention Gennewa Gold members. Please contact urgently.


BUSINESS SERVICES Patong Massage Shop For Sale: Cosy renovated shop. Shop

is located inside a hotel on a busy street directly leading to Patong Beach. Business from hotel customers as well as from many tourists going to/from Patong Beach. Email:

Your specialist of imported food and drinks in Phuket. Visit our shop at the Billion Plaza, opposite Tesco Lotus. Contact: 076 612 733, 076 248 900 or visit:

Farang Food Paradise:

LOVELY HONDA CITY TOP MODEL: 5 yrs young, 1 lady driver,

excellent condition, fully serviced, leather interior, 82k kilometers, offers around tb410,000. Top of the range model. Any reasonable offered considered. Price : B410,000 ono , 081 747 3000.

Check up every 5,000 km, only 65,000 km on clock. Double Surround sound with USB, navigator, many extras. Price : B620,000. Norbert 080 878 3542 GER/ENG. Email: norberts923@

CHILDREN’S CLUB Family sports and leisure club. Swimming/golf/ playcentre/ gaming arcade. Contact 076 203 185, 087 882 5544. See

Isuzu Dmax:

2010 Mazda 2 Hatchback: New in 2010. I am an expat who is moving on and can’t take my Mazda with me. One owner, 32,000 accident free kilometers, auto trans, air bags, auto braking, etc.

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Phuket FC gets first scalp FOOTBALL


he new-look Phuket FC ‘Ronins’ welcomed 2014 with a 1-0 win over Ratchaburi Mithbol FC at Surakul Stadium last Sunday (January 12). Anusak Laosangthai put the locals up in the waning moments of the match despite some heavy attacks from the Thai Premier League-side. Eber Henrique, one of two new Brazilian signings, was particularly impressive as he initiated several attacks and help set-up long passes. Just days before, Phuket FC unveiled their new logo and home kit at the stadium along with a new name: The Ronins. The team unveiled the fresh

From top: A defender clears the ball during the recent match between Phuket FC and Ratchaburi; the team unveils their new home kits, logo, and name at Surakul Stadium. face in front of dozens of fans as part of a clean-up effort at the stadium, inviting several local youth teams to be part of the ceremony. A symbol of the Ronin, a

The new home kits show off a darker green and red colour scheme, with thin yellow stripes running horizontally. @thephuketnews

throwback to Japanese warriors who have no master, is also represented on the bottom left of the new club badge. Next to it is a Holy Chinese alphabet symbol that is meant to convey local pride in Phuket’s Chinese heritage as well as good luck. On the top left there is a three-quarter moon with a small star which represents the guiding light that leads the team to success. The top right shows a bird carrying Kuan Yin’s (Chinese Goddess of Mercy) holy rosary, another symbol meant to convey success for Phuket FC. All four symbols orbit the sun, which is meant to protect and bless Phuket FC with luck

during games. On both sides of the crest are two columns in Sino-Portuguese style to represent the island’s unique heritage and cultural pride, as well as being a source of strength and support. The logo will be emblazoned on the new home kits, which feature a much darker red and green colour scheme that includes small strips of yellow stripes running horizontally. Though the team has yet to introduce their new away kits, Chairman Pamuke Atchariyachai told The Phuket News that they will keep them mostly white with a few “modifications” to compliment the new

style. Phuket FC are scheduled to play Russian-side Vladivostok on January 18 at Surakul Stadium, with a 6pm kick-off. On January 25 to 27, the team will enter a three-team

round-robin tournament against Nakornsri Heritage and Brunei DDPM. More details to be announced. Phuket FC will also take on Chonburi on February 1 with more details to be announced.




Thalang cricket set a tight field to confine The Village all out in the 23rd over. Photo: Michael Way

Thalang steamrolls Village CRICKET


he Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Cricket League welcomed in the new year with one of the most comprehensive defeats in recent times. Thalang crushed their opponents at the Alan Cooke Ground (ACG) last Sunday (January 12), scoring a massive 302-4 from their 35 overs

with the Village in reply being bowled out for just 61 runs. The match also saw the first century of the season from Thalang opener Justin Thomatos who posted an unbeaten 143 runs. Captain and opener Andrew Macmillan (25) got Thalang off to a flying start until he fell in the 8th over with the score on 47. Village struck back just before the break removing a threatening Simon

Wetherell (14). Garry Lane (10) joined Thomatos for a useful 43 run partnership. However, it was the match-winning partnership of 176 runs between Paddy Ledeboer (76) and Thomatos which broke the Village’s back. The Village batsmen must have been hoping for divine intervention, with a massive 303 runs required at a run rate of almost 9 per over. However, it was not to be

when they got off to a poor start following the break losing both Martin Foster and James Firth for ducks and 2 wickets down. Unfortunately for the Village, it did not get any better with only one of their batsmen, T Donovan (11), reaching double figures. Extras contributed 21 runs of their innings total of 61. Next Sunday (January 17), Thalang will try for two in a row against a determined

Event Host

Jones Lang LaSalle Cricket League Team













































Patong who will be looking to register their first win of the season. Play starts at 10am. With Round 2 matches

Bonus Total

now completed, the league table sees Laguna, ICC and Thalang in a three way tussle for the top position.

9am – 12.30 Friday 24th January, 2014 @ Prince of Songkla University Phuket Campus, Room 1205 Building 1 Faculty of Technology and Environment

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and North Dakota State University speakers

 Partnership for Phuket sustainability "What have been done and what's next?"

by representative of Phuket Green Clubs & Civil Society Groups  Public sector successes & challenges  Develop Action plan for data gathering for the sustainability report  Conclusion and photo session

For further information please contact: Annual Sponsors

NGO & Government Partners

Media Partner





Aussie Open brings heat


US Olympian gives qualifying spot for Sochi to twin sister Af ter biathlete Lan ny Barnes fell ill in the weeks leading up to the final qualifying races for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the American was devastated. H e r s i s t e r , Tr a c y Barnes, also an accomplished biathlete, ended up qualifying for the competition instead but decided to give her spot to her twin sister. Lanny is a three-time Olympian and was a considered a favourite if she had qualified. “La n ny is my be st friend and my teammate. I see how hard she works on a daily basis, so I know firsthand that she is deserving of a spot on the Olympic Team,” Tracy told reporters. “If you care enough about a person you will make any sacrif ice for them. Even if it means giving up your dreams so that they can realise theirs.



Phuketians split UFC debuts in Singapore MMA


airbek Taisumov and Will Chope, both mixed martial artists who have fought out of Phuket gyms, split their debuts at UFC Fight Night 34 in Singapore on January 4. Taisumov (21-4), pictured, who fights out of Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp

in Chalong, defeated highlyregard prospect Tae Hyun Bang (16-8) in a unanimous decision victory. The Russianborn Austrian impressed the judges with a combination of strategy and speedy attacks. Meanwhile, 23-year-old Chope (19-6) lost his bout against Max Holloway (8-3) via TKO in the second round. Before the bout, Chope had been riding a 15-fight win-

Copeland leads Irish newbies for 2014 Six Nations Robin Copeland is among the seven uncapped players making their debut in national competition for Ireland at the upcoming Six Nations Championship. The 44-man Irish squad will also include Rob Herring, Martin Moore, and Jordi Murphy up-front with Kieran Marmion the only uncapped player in the backline. Copeland will also join Irish provincial side Munster in 2014. The Six Nations Championship takes place from February 1 to March 15.


PLAYER TO MANAGER Dutchman Clarence Seedorf,

who retired on January 14, will take on the managerial role at former club AC Milan. The 37-year-old, who also played for Real Madrid and Ajax, is the first to win the Champions League with three different teams.

ning streak. Two other Phuketians are set to make their UFC debut later this year, including Zubair Tuhugov (15-3), who takes on Thiago Tavares (185-1) at UFC Fight Night 36 in Brazil on February 15. On March 8, Tiger Muay Thai’s Danny Mitchell (144-1) will fight Igor Araujo (24-6) at UFC Fight Night 37 in London.

IVAN DODIG FEAR ED he might die and Serena Williams said the high temperatures were making her “paranoid” Wednesday as sweltering conditions continued at the Australian Open. With temperatures above 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) for the second straight day, Dodig became the latest casualty when he retired with severe cramp after four sets against Bosnia’s Damir Dzumhur. “I was thinking I could maybe even die here,” said Dodig (top right), calling for an afternoon break in play. Dodig’s complaints follow dismal scenes on Tuesday (January 14), when Canada’s Frank Dancevic blacked out, China’s Peng Shuai vomited in the extreme heat and a ball boy collapsed. Dodig became the tournament’s 10th withdrawal or retirement, after a Grand Slam record-equalling nine players pulled out during the first round.

Williams said she had become obsessed with staying hydrated, to the extent that it was keeping her awake at night. “The last thing I want to do is to cramp in this weather. It can happen so easy,” she said. Britain’s Andy Murray has warned that organisers were risking a tragedy by forcing players to go out in intense heat, which on Tuesday (January 14) was melting plastic water bottles on the courts. Tournament organisers said no players needed medical help, adding that conditions were not dangerous enough to warrant halting play. AFP





Avenging United stop rot





anchester United stemmed a run of three consecutive defeats by avenging last weekend’s FA Cup loss to Swansea City with a 2-0 win over the Welsh club last Saturday (January 11). Defeats by Tottenham Hotspur, Swansea and Sunderland had left United at risk of losing four successive games for the first time since 1961, but they blew off the cobwebs with an improved display at Old Trafford. Antonio Valencia and Danny Welbeck claimed secondhalf goals to leave United four points outside the Premier League’s top four in seventh place, six days after Swansea had dumped them out of the FA Cup on the same pitch. “We’re hoping to give the supporters some more goals here, not just the two. We’ll maybe keep them for later on in the season,” manager David Moyes said. Earlier, Eden Hazard and Fernando Torres scored two

The overall competition winner receives 2 nights accommodation at the Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort in a Premium Suite with Private Pool, buffet breakfast for 2, Sheraton Club Lounge benefit, and 1 dinner at Malati or Gecko’s restaurant for 2, overall value B61,400. The monthly competition winner for January 2013 will receive a B3,000 voucher to spend at Walkabout Sports Bar Karon Beach. JANUARY STANDINGS

Swansea City’s Welsh defender Ben Davies (bottom) vies with Manchester United’s Brazilian defender Rafael da Silva during the English Premier League football match between Manchester United and Swansea City at Old Trafford. Photo: AFP/Andrew Yates excellent goals as Chelsea won 2-0 at Hull City. Hazard, who turned 23 earlier in the week, broke the deadlock in the 56th minute at the KC Stadium. Torres marked his 200th Premier League appearance with a late goal that saw him slam the

ball inside the left-hand post. Chelsea manager Mourinho dismissed French media reports linking manof-the-match Hazard with a move to Paris Saint-Germain, saying: “The club doesn’t want to sell him.” Manchester City sat tem-

porarily atop the Premier League standings last Sunday (January 12) with a 2-0 win at Newcastle United that could have repercussions for both teams on and off the pitch. Off it, Newcastle manager Alan Pardew heads those who may face disciplinary action after touchline rows that followed the controversial decision to disallow a goal by Cheick Tiote. City, meanwhile, face the possibility of losing key player Samir Nasri for a lengthy period after he was taken off on a stretcher with a leg injury following a foul by Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa. Edin Dzeko scored an early goal and Alvaro Negredo added another in stoppage time to give City their 10th successive win against Newcastle. But the main talking point was referee Mike Jones’s decision to disallow Tiote’s goal because he considered that Yoan Gouffran, who was in an offside position, was interfering with play. The fall-out from the contentious verdict was unsavoury as Pardew apparently swore at his City counterpart Manuel Pellegrini and coaches from both clubs went head-to-head in arguments. Although nobody was sent to the stands, there may be consequences once the Football Association receives a report on the match. City extended their unbeaten run to 15 games, but they were indebted to goalkeeper Joe Hart for several fine saves as they came under pressure in the second half. The following day (January 13), Arsenal swept back

1. alanphuket 2. celticpride 3. jigdellasoul 4. jwiegand 5. AAY 6. fazza 7. Russell 8. sami 9. scottkip 10. Seahorse

OVERALL STANDINGS 55 55 55 55 52 52 52 52 52 52

1. Kathu Bandit 2. MRB 3. celticpride 4. jwiegand 5. scottkip 6. NEIL 7. sami 8. simonostheimer 9. zestrealestate 10. Gracie

461 458 455 452 443 440 440 431 431 425

English Premier League 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20









Arsenal Man City Chelsea Liverpool Everton Tottenham Man Utd Newcastle Southampton Hull Aston Villa Stoke Swansea West Brom Norwich Fulham West Ham Cardiff Sunderland Crystal Palace

21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21

3 2 4 3 8 4 4 3 6 5 5 7 6 9 5 1 6 6 5 2

3 4 3 5 2 5 6 8 7 10 10 9 10 8 11 14 11 11 12 14

41 59 40 51 34 26 35 29 27 22 20 22 26 23 17 22 21 15 19 13

19 23 19 26 19 25 24 27 23 27 27 35 30 28 35 46 30 34 34 31

22 36 21 25 15 1 11 2 4 -5 -7 -13 -4 -5 -18 -24 -9 -19 -15 -18

48 47 46 42 41 40 37 33 30 23 23 22 21 21 20 19 18 18 17 17


15 15 14 13 11 12 11 10 8 6 6 5 5 4 5 6 4 4 4 5

PREVIOUS RESULTS: Monday, January 13

Saturday, January 18 (kick-off GMT) Sunderland V Southampton


Arsenal V Fulham


Crystal Palace V Stoke


Man City V Cardiff


Norwich V Hull


West Ham V Newcastle


Liverpool V Aston Villa


Sunday, January 19 (kick-off GMT) Swansea V Tottenham


Chelsea V Man Utd


Monday, January 20 (kick-off GMT) West Brom V Everton


to the top of the EPL as two goals in the space of 60 seconds clinched a 2-1 win at Aston Villa. England midfielder Jack Wilshere opened the scoring in the 34th minute with a cool finish from Nacho Monreal’s pass. And the Gunners struck again less than one minute later when France striker Ol iv ie r G i roud showe d great technique to control Wilshere’s pass and fire past Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan for his 12th goal of the season. Christian Benteke reduced the deficit with a diving header

Aston Villa



Sunday, January 12 Newcastle Stoke

0-2 3-5

Man City Liverpool

Saturday, January 11 Hull Cardiff Everton Fulham Southampton Tottenham Man Utd

0-2 0-2 2-0 1-4 1-0 2-0 2-0

Chelsea West Ham Norwich Sunderland West Brom Crystal Palace Swansea

Wednesday, January 1 Swansea Arsenal

2-3 2-0

Man City Cardiff

in the 76th minute, but the Villa striker’s first goal since September came too late to spark a fightback from the hosts. Wenger was impressed with Arsenal’s spirited display against a Villa side who finished strongly. “It was vital because the first half was more about playing, and the second half was more about fighting,” he said. Asked how he rated Arsenal’s title chances, Wenger added: “Let’s take care of our performances, we have got to go forward and always get the points. AFP thephuketnews



Captain Thongchai ready to lead from the front GOLF THONGCHAI JAIDEE’S days as a ranger in the Royal Thai Army may well be a thing of the past but come March he will recount all the leadership attributes that he learned to lead a troop consisting of Asia’s top golfers against Europe in the inaugural EurAsia Cup presented by DRB-HICOM. The 44-year-old is bound to wear his heart on his sleeve when he leads Team Asia to face an European side led by captain Miguel Angel Jimenez at the Glenmarie Golf and Country Club in Malaysia from March 27 to 29. His appointment as playing Captain has been widely praised by his peers as Thongchai is regarded as one of the Asian Tour’s greatest golfers due to an unprecedented three Order of Merit victories. Growing up from humble beginnings in Lopburi, Thongchai’s career has been well scripted since he joined the Asian Tour in 1999. The region’s premier Tour provided him with the platform to sharpen his game where he would go on to win 16 professional victories, including five on the European Tour and two Malaysian Open titles. Thongchai turned professional at the ripe age of 30 and, despite approaching his mid-40s, his career has

shown no signs of waning as he forced his way back into the world’s top-50 following a stellar 2013 season. “I have seen the Asian Tour grow over the years and the Asian players are now capable of winning on the Asian Tour or any Tour in the world on any given week,” he said. Thongchai will be among the 10 players who will face Team Europe. With honour and team pride at stake, Thongchai knows he must lead from the front and he is well prepared for the ultimate team challenge ahead. “Every week, we compete as individuals but the EurAsia Cup will give us a different way to play the sport. I have always enjoyed watching the Ryder Cup but being Asian, I will never get to play in it. “The EurAsia Cup will offer the chance for the best Asian and European players to come together and I’m looking forward to lead a determined group that will do their very best for team honour and pride.”

*Times may be subject to change END




Friday, January 17 SS1




ODI 2 - Brisbane

Australia v. England

813, 109 07:00



Australian Open

Day 5



Australian Open

Day 5



Saturday, January 18 814





Rugby Union

Heineken Cup

Saracens v. Connaught



Rugby Union

Heineken Cup

Glasgow v. Toulon



Rugby Union

Heineken Cup

Leicester v. Ulster





Sunderland v. Southampton





West Ham v. Newcastle





Liverpool v. Aston Villa




The Championship

Leeds v. Leicester





Crystal Palace v. Stoke






Arsenal v. Fulham






Man City v. Cardiff

812, 109 07:00



Australian Open





KFC Big Bash




KFC Big Bash

Day 6 Adelaide Strikers v. Brisbane Heat Melbourne Renegades v. Sydney Sixers

Sunday, January 19 814



Rugby Union

Heineken Cup

Munster v. Edinburgh



Rugby Union

Heineken Cup

Scarlets v. Harlequins






Swansea v. Tottenham






Chelsea v. Man United





ODI 3 - Sydney

Australia v. England

812, 109 07:00



Australian Open

Day 7


Thai siblings are as good as gold

Thongchai Jaidee will lead Team Asia at EurAsia Cup.

Live Sports TV Schedule CHANNEL START


Powerhouse siblings Tanakrit and Patrawadee Kittaya posing with their total of eight medals they won at the 42nd Thailand National Games last week in Suphanburi.



ith two gold medals apiece, siblings Tanakrit and Patrawadee Kittaya find themselves in rare company as the swimmers sunk their compe-

tition at the 42nd Thailand National Games held last week in Suphanburi. The pair trained at Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club in Phuket in the runup to the event alongside members of the Norwegian national swim team.

Nineteen-year-old Patrawadee, who also took home two gold medals at the Southeast Asia Games in Myanmar last month, set meet records in the 100m and 200m butterfly events at Suphanburi. She also took home bronze for the 200m

backstroke final. Her 17-year-old brother, Tanakrit took home gold in the 400m freestyle and 200m butterf ly events in Suphanburi. In addition, he also took home two silver medals (4x100 free relay and 1,500 free relay) as well as two bronze medals (4x100 medley relay and the 4x200 free relay) from the National Games. “After Nok’s [Tanakrit] perfor mance at the SEA Games, I don’t think there is anyone questioning his choice of training location now,” Thanyapura’s new Executive Chairman and triathlon legend Chris McCormack said. Now that the games have finished, the pair will head back to Phuket’s Thanyapura to train with the Dutch national swim team, a squad that will include the world’s fastest woman in water, Ranomi Kromowidjojo. “The Dutch are next, then we have the Hungarian national team’s first official training retreat, following a visit by some of their swimmers last year. It’s a revolving door of talent at all levels,” McCormack said.

HASH HOUSE HARRIERS Run 1456: Saturday, January 18 at 4pm Hare: Swollon Colon Directions: Manik Dam. Turn left in Ban Manik if coming from Heroines’, or right if coming from Cherng Talay. Then follow the signs, please park on the left side of road near the steel barrier. Virgin trails never used before (after the climb)! Bus pick-up: Patong: 14:30; Kamala: 15:00 More info:




Fresh start: Phuket FC unveil new identity ahead of first clash of 2014 > page 27

Real Madrid’s Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo cries after receiving the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or award for player of the year during the FIFA Ballon d’Or award ceremony at the Kongresshaus in Zurich. Photo: AFP/Fabrice Coffrini

Don’t cry for me Argentina: Ronaldo ousts Messi at top FOOTBALL


ristiano Ronaldo ended the four-year dominance of Lionel Messi when he was awarded the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or in Zurich last week. The tearful 28-year-old Real Madrid and Portugal star, who won the award in 2008, had been the overwhelming favourite to pip Barcelona and Argentina wonder Messi, winner the previous four years, and France’s Franck Ribery, who claimed the treble with

Bayern Munich in 2013. “There are no words to describe how I feel,” said Ronaldo. “Without doubt I deserved this, Messi and Ribery would have also deserved it. “Each time is different. But I would say that this second Ballon d’Or is more emotional, because my mother and my son [who joined him on stage] are here,” said a teary-eyed Ronaldo Ribery, who won the Champions League, Bundesliga and German Cup with Bayern last season, before adding the

European Supercup and Club World Cup before the turn of the year, had been the early front-runner. But a controversial twoweek extension to the voting deadline for international coaches, captains and media meant those casting their ballots could take into consideration Ronaldo’s remarkable hat-trick to beat Sweden in the World Cup play-offs in November. That was widely believed to have been enough to tip the scales in his favour. However, with 66 goals in his 56 matches this year –

more than Messi and Ribery’s combined 65 – no-one could deny Ronaldo was a worthy winner. It is the second time he has won the award and comes in a season in which he won nothing with either club or country, unusual for a Ballon d’Or winner. In 1982 Italy’s World Cup hero Paolo Rossi won despite a non-descript year away from his heroics in Spain. In 2001 Liverpool’s Michael Owen was a controversial winner after enjoying a great season in the cups with the Reds, winning

the UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup. A special honorary Ballon d’Or was given to Brazilian legend Pele, who never qualified for the award during his playing career as he never plied his trade in European club football. From its inception in 1956 until 2010, the Ballon d’Or was awarded to the best player in Europe and the FIFA World Player of the Year award was only inaugurated in 1991, before ending in 2009 when it was assimilated into the Ballon d’Or.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic won the Ferenc Puskas best goal award for his stunning, acrobatic overhead kick from 40 yards for Sweden in a friendly against England. In the team of the year, Bayern’s goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, full-back and captain Philipp Lahm and Ribery were joined by Barcelona’s rightback Dani Alves, midfielders Andres Iniesta and Xavi and Messi, as well as Ronaldo and his Real team-mate centre-back Sergio Ramos, and Paris SaintGermain pair Ibrahimovic and centre-back Thiago Silva. AFP

Thailand’s Kumkhum shocks sixth seed Kvitova TENNIS FORMER WIMBLEDON champion and sixth seed Petra Kvitova was embarrassed by little-known Thai Luksika Kumkhum last Monday (January 13), who sent her packing from the Australian Open in the first round.

The Czech came into the tournament in decent form after making the final of the Sydney International, although she fell to Bulgarian qualifier Tsvetana Pironkova. She had chances against Kumkhum, ranked 87 in the world and facing a top 10 player for the first time, but failed to show the killer

instinct that took her to the Wimbledon title in 2011. Her 6-2, 1-6, 6-4 defeat made her the highest seeded casualty so far. For Kumkhum, backed by a noisy crowd, it was the biggest victory of her career and was all the more remarkable after she failed to get through qualifying at the

Shenzhen Open and Sydney tournaments in the lead-up to Melbourne. The Thai number one, whose best tou r nament performance was reaching the quarter-finals in Kuala Lumpur last year, will now face Germany’s Mona Barthel who beat China’s Zhang Shuai. AFP thephuketnews


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