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PHS aims high!

Topmost organization by 2014 Pan Hellenic   Society  rapidly  redeems   its  rank   among   the   campus  organizations   in   Silliman   University.   From   last  schoolyear’s   30th   place   in   the   ?irst   semester   and   17th   place   in   the   second   semester,   PHS   is  currently   on  the   5th   place   as   of   this   ?irst   semester.   The   SUSG-­‐ Committee   on   Student   Organizations   (COMSO)   will   determine   the   ranking   for   the   second   semester   at   the   end   of   this   school   year  in  March  2014. SU President Ben S. Malayang III (second from left) graced the charity dinner on November 30, 2013 at Restaurant KRI. In the photo from L-R: Ruben Bokingo, Pres. Ben S. Malayang III, Eva HagedornVillegas, Joanne Asunto-Gomez, Linda Sue BanasAlvarez, Erwina Frances Bokingo-Jalandoni with daughter Eena and Jiaan Francis Gomez. Front: Iris Tirambulo-Armogenia, Hilario Kiril Gomez.

PHS hosted charity dinner In response to the devastation brought by typhoon Yolanda, PHS organized a dinner for a cause to support Silliman University’s Continuing Calamity Response Program. Restaurant KRI catered to 35

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Turn-over of the Plate Movement proceeds to Dr. Shiela Marie Flores (oncologist) at SU Medical Center on December 1, 2013.

The projects   and   activities   during   the   semestral   break   are   not   yet   evaluated   by   COMSO  and  will  be  counted  under  the  second   semester   points.     These   include   activities   under   the   Plate   Movement   project,   the   school-­‐to-­‐school   promotion   of   Silliman   University   in   Northern   Mindanao,   the   Mt.   Moriah   Kids   Ministry   project   and   the   Bohol   quake  victims  relief  operations. The  Plate  Movement  Exhibit  &  Auction The  second  semester  started  with  the  exhibit   and   auction   of   the   Plate   Movement   at   Restaurant  Kri  from   October  29  to  November   6.  A  total  of  93  plates  were  displayed    and    67  

Turn-over of the charity dinner and plate movement proceeds to the office of SU Vice President for Development Jane Annette L. Belarmino on December 2, 2013.

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Turn-over of the artists’ commission from the plates sold on auction at Bais City Pilot School on December 5, 2013.

PHS aims high! Topmost organization by 2014

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were sold  by  auction.  PHS  was  able  to  raise  P  48,613.00.  The   proceeds  will  bene?it  children  with  cancer  undergoing  therapy   under  the  care  of  Dr.  Sheila  Marie  Flores,  an  oncologist  at  SU   Medical  Center  and  also  to  some  Bohol  earthquake  survivors   through  SU  psychosocial  support  group  sent  to  Bohol.


Pediatric cancer patients with parents coming from

Negros Oriental, Siquijor and Dipolog during their The aftermath  of  typhoon  Yolanda   Christmas of Hope Party at Silliman University propelled  the  resident  members  to   Medical Center on December 1, 2013. actively  participate  in  the  Juan  For   Tacloban  donation  drive.  Drop-­‐off  points  were  strategically  located  in  the  campus   and  at  Restaurant  KRI  where  bottles  of  water  in  liter  were  collected.  The  collection   later  included  other  relief  goods.  In  a  span  of  three  weeks,  the  members  turned-­‐over   to  Energy  and  Development  Corporation  and  to  Silliman  University  a  total  of  400  boxes  by  1  liter  bottled   water,  50  boxes  by  1  gallon  water,  100  boxes  of  canned  goods,  80  boxes  of  clothing  and  50  boxes  of  milk   in  cartons.      

PHS Typhoon  Yolanda  Relief  Operations   Alumni  from  here  and  abroad  sent  cash   donation  to  support  PHS  efforts  in  helping  out   the  people  affected  by  the  wrath  of  Typhoon   Yolanda.  Sis  Michelle  Diputado-­‐Dy  was  quick  to   purchase  food  items  which   were  delivered  by  Brods  Kiril   and  Jiaan  Gomez  to  ABS-­‐CBN   Sagip  Kapamilya-­‐Dumaguete   last  November  11,  2013. Escorial  sisters,  Vanessa   and  Zyd  Roa,  sent  a  total  of  $500,  of  which   $400  was  used  in  the  purchase  of  hospital   supplies  and  donated  to  Bethany  Hospital   in  Tacloban  City.  The  goods  were   coursed  through  the  Little  Children   of  the  Philippines  by  sis  Candice  Teves   and  brod  Kyle  Duazo  and  among   those  loaded  in  the  C-­‐130  bound  to   Tacloban  last  November  24.    The   remaining  $100  was  donated  for  the  org’s   operational  expense. Brod  Cornelio  Paglomutan  sent  P25K  of  which   P20K  was  entrusted  to  Sis  Susan  Montederamos-­‐ Soldwisch  to  support  her  relief   efforts  in  Tacloban.  Sis  Sue  went   there  on  December  12.    She  also   brought  the  6  boxes  of   pediatric   medicines  donated  by   sis  Gloria  de  Guzman.   The  remaining  P5K  of   brod  Nel’s  donation  went  to  the  org’s   operational  expense.

The Tapok-­‐tapok  group  in   US  sent  $200  intended  for   affected  members.  One   hundred  dollars  went  to  sis   Josebelle  Bagulaya  and  the   other  hundred  bucks  to  brod   Calvin  Genotiva’s  kins.  Another  $200  was  sent  for   PHS  operational  expense.  The  cash  came  from   gammanettes  Maribel  Sumalpong-­‐Cuaresma,  Tata   Arevalo,  Lennie  Ann  Ausejo,  Diting  Gonzales,  Dinah   PenaIlorida  and  brod  Moses  Alcala.     Another  $300  was  sent  by  Sis   Dynes  recently.  Half  of  it  went  to   support  sis  Sue’s  mission  and  the   other  half  for  the  org’s   operational  expense.  The   donation  was  pitched-­‐in  by   gammanettes  Maribel  Cuaresma,   Rhoda  Acuna,  Lennie  Ann  Ausejo,  Rose   Calderon  Khan,  Aida  Villavecencio,   Diting   Gonzales  and   Dinah   PenaIlorida. Sis  Ella  DelIin-­‐ Tabil’s  $200   collection  from   Parkview  Community  Hospital,  together  with  the   P5K  donation  from  Lendy  &  Olive  Salve  were   endorsed  to  Oriental  Negros   Emergency  Rescue   Foundation,  Inc.  (ONe  Rescue)   to  support    its  Tacloban   medical  mission.

Community Assistance  projects  in  Bayawan Gammans  Kiril  and  Jiaan  Gomez  supported  sis   Candice  Teves’  projects  in  Sitio  Gamao,  Barangay   Narra,  Bayawan  City.  Graded  reading  glasses  were   given  for  free  to  the  barangay  residents  last  

November 17.  Certi?icate  of  Completion  were  also   given  to  those  who  participated  in  the  4-­‐day  Basic   Massage  Course  conducted  to  empower  women  in   Barangay  Malabugas.  Sis  Maria  Christine   Garganian  Gerian  was  also  there  to  help.

Turn-­‐over Ceremonies  (photos  on  front  page) Both  the  Plate  Movement  and  the  Charity  Dinner  (read  separate  articles)  generated  adequate  funds   intended  for  speci?ic  bene?iciaries. Dec  1:  Dr.  Shiela  Marie  Flores  received  P30K  for  the  bene?it  of  her  pediatric  cancer  patients  during  an   early  Christmas  party  attended  by  her  patients  from  Negros  Oriental,  Siquijor  and  Dipolog.  Gammanettes   Iris  Armogenia,  Joanne  Gomez,  Jia  de  la  Cruz  and  Gamman  Kiril  Gomez  witnessed  the  event. Dec  2:  SU  VP  for  Development  Jane  Annette  L.  Belarmino  received  P42K  (initial  amount)  from  the  Charity   Dinner  proceeds  in  support  of  SU  Continuing  Calamity  Response  Program  for  Scholarship.  Another  P10K   was  donated  for  Psychosocial  Support  from  part  of  the  Plate  Movement  proceeds.  The  additional   collection  of  P11K  from  the  charity  dinner  sales  was  turned-­‐over  days  later  amounting  a  total  cash   donation  of  P63K.  The  endorsement  was  witnessed  by  Gammans  Myles  Nicholas  Bejar  (SU  Legal  Counsel),   Ruben  Bokingo  (SU  Alumni  Affairs  Director),  Kiril  and  Jiaan  Gomez  and  gammanettes  Louanne  Pinero   (Psych  Dept  Chair),  Iris  Armogenia  and  Joanne  Gomez.     Dec  5:  Young  artists  from  Bais  City  Pilot  School  who  participated  in  the  Plate  Movement  Art  for  Kids  By   Kids  received  their  40%  commission  from  their  plates  auctioned  and  sold.  Present  in  the  turn-­‐over  were   gammans  Kiril  Gomez,  Jose  Graciano  Pal  and  Kient  Faustorilla.

at 5pm  and  ended  in  Bayawan   City  around  3am  the  following   day.  There  were  31  solo   ultrarunners,  6  relay  runners   by  50km  each  and  20  relay   runners  at  20km  each.

Wish Upon  A  Star Gammanette  Candice  Teves  

tapped the  organization  to  help   realize  the  Christmas  wishes  of   about  200  children  from  the   boondocks.  PHS  resident   members  promoted  the  project   to  the  shoppers  in  Robinsons   Mall  by  encouraging  them  to   sponsor  a  particular  child’s   written  wish  hung  on  a   Christmas  tree  for  this  purpose.   This  activity  lasted  for  one   month  and  culminated  last   December  14  with  a  gift-­‐giving   program  at   Robinsons   Mall. This  is  the   fourth  year   that  Oriental   Negros  

Children Advocacy  Network   (ONCAN)  implemented  such   project.  PHS  helped  distribute   the  gifts  and  sponsored  the   apples  given  to  the  children   who  attended.    

100K Ultramarathon The  Provincial  government  of   Negros  Oriental  hosted  last   December  14  a  100K  Run  to   raise  funds  to  support  some   Yolanda  survivors  in  Cebu.  The   run  started  in  Dumaguete  City  

Event manager  Irma  Faith  Pal   tapped  PHS  volunteers  who   were  in-­‐charge  in  pre-­‐run   check,  food  packing  and   distribution,    water  station  at   Km  50  and  Km  60,  and  the   ?inish  line  program.   continued next page...

hundreds of  boiled   eggs  and  Sis  Tikay   Villegas  donated  cash   for  the  volunteers’   mobility    expenses.

Book Donation

Gammans who   volunteered  during   the  event  were  Jose   Graciano  Pal,  Kyle   Duazo,  Kiril  and  Jiaan   Gomez.  Gammanettes   Josebelle  Bagulaya   and  Maya  Jajalla  also   volunteered.

Gammanette Joanne   Gomez  donated  a   resource  book  for   psychosocial  

Sis Margie  Alvarez   donated  hundreds  of   cooked  bananas;  sis   Iris  Armogenia,  

intervention   program  based  on  

Why "Plate Movement"

Philippine setting   entitled  Ginhawa:   Well-­‐being  in  the   Aftermath  of   Disasters.  A  copy  was   given  to  VPAA  Betsy   Joy  Tan,  VPD  Jane   Annette  Belarmino   and  Psych   Department  Chair   Louanne  Pinero.  A   copy  was  also  given   to  sis  Susan  Soldwisch.   This  book  was   published  by  the   World  Association  for   Psychosocial   Rehabilitation  and   the  Philippine   Psychiatrists   Association,  Inc.

Inter-­‐dorm Anti-­‐ dengue  Campaign

Gammanette Michelle   Dy  donated  Anti-­‐ dengue  information  

materials posted  and   distributed  in  the   different  dormitories   in  SU.  Sis  Florence   Benedicto  took   charged  in   implementing  this   campaign  last   November.

by Iris Tirambulo-Armogenia

The "PLATE" symbolizes "food" which then almost always translates to “LIFE”. Along with the literal description of a ceramic plate, as being an “inorganic, nonmetallic solid prepared by heat and subsequent cooling…hardened in fire”, we consider its metaphors and pose the query “what is on our plate?”, in essence what we put on our “plate” is basically how we choose to exist, who we are, or will most likely become. And like the plate, life can be as fragile.

By :  5  yo  cancer  patient By  :  Deelan  Calumpang,  6  yo Sold  to  :  Gloria  de  Guzman Sold  to  :  Abel  Gomez

"MOVEMENT", is synonymous to action, execution, change, or journey. This, then, hopes to provoke people to get involved, alter their state of being, by "creating something", consequently, a change in their environment, the community, ideally, in a positive way. In this particular undertaking, we are inviting CHILDREN TO CREATE, and just explore their artistic potential and embellish (literally) ceramic plates with whatever media or techniques they would like to use- paints, beads, decoupage, recycled, even indigenous materials. They were asked to work around the theme : “On the Menu: Hopeful, Healthful Art”. The works will then be exhibited at Restaurant Kri in Dumaguete City. There will be a silent auction of the works (on Oct 29 through Nov 6, 2013), and people can bid, then a portion will go to our beneficiaries who are also CHILDREN, but are currently undergoing CANCER therapy/treatment. To be specific, in their chemotherapy medications. This will go through pediatric oncologist/hematologist Dr. Sheila L. Flores, (who is a cancer survivor herself) as there is not really a foundation that supports pediatric cancer patients, and their families, here in Dumaguete or the Oriental Negros Province. The artists will also get a percentage of the proceeds.

By :  GATXS  ArQs Sold  to  :  Joanne  Gomez

By :  YveMe  Malahay  Kim Sold  to  :  Abel  Gomez

By :  GATXS  ArQs Sold  to  :  Gloria   de  Guzman

By :  JP  GotHal,  Grade  2 Sold  to  :  Gloria  de  Guzman

By :  Bast:  Cinco,  Grade  3 Sold  to  :  Michelle  Dy

By :  Sofia  CimaBanca,  10  yo Sold  to  :  Louanne  Pinero

By :  Sean  Dy,  11  yo Sold  to  :  Michelle  Dy

By :  Jana  Alano Sold  to  :  ElyT  Divina   BerTardino

By :  GATXS  ArQs Sold  to  :  Abel  Gomez

By :  Camille  Florendo Sold  to  :  ElyT  Divina   BerTardino

PHS hosted charity dinner

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seated guests for two nights on November 29 and 30 in a fine dining service. The guests were served course by course with a delectable menu prepared by restaurateur and chef Richie Armogenia, husband of sis Iris. Gammans Kiril Gomez, Jiaan Francis Gomez and Kyle Duazo attended to tables in serving and dishing out plates. Gammanettes Iris Armogenia, Joanne Gomez, Candice Teves and Louanne Pinero attended to the guests upon reception until the night was over. Sis Jia de la Cruz and brod Rey Awayan rendered acoustic music. Brod Myles Bejar and brod Rollie Regalado were among the guests on the first night. Brod Ruben Bokingo accompanied by sis Erwina Jalandoni and Linda Sue Alvarez came on the second night. Sis Eva Villegas with husband Greg were also there. Sis Candice provided the meals for the performers for two nights.

Special Guests SU VP  for   Development   Jane  Annette   L.  Belarmino   delivered  her   message   during  the  first   dinner  event.

SU President  Ben  S.  Malayang  III   was  the  guest  speaker  during  the   second  dinner  event.  He  was   accompanied  by  wife,  Madam   Gladys.

Silliman University Continuing Calamity Response Program Silliman is establishing a Continuing Calamity Response Program. One of the objectives of the program is to provide scholarships for students whose parents and relatives have perished in the typhoon and the recent earthquake, and who could not otherwise continue their education at Silliman. The scholarships are intended to help the students complete their studies at Silliman, and will include tuition fees, board and lodging, among others. Another objective is for the University, as an institution of higher learning, to send teams for stress de-briefing, psycho-social intervention and service-learning to areas devastated by the calamities. Also, the program includes accepting donations for immediate disaster relief. (Excerpts from VP Belarmino’s emailed letter to sis Dinah Penaflorida, 22 November 2013)

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Charity Dinner dubbed Nurture The Seed Of Hope: A Dinner Gathering in Solidarity to Rise as ONe was participated by energetic, talented and cause-oriented individuals, without them this noble cause would not be that successful.

Many thanks to: Oyen Alcantara Moses Atega Bing Valbuena Rochelle Marie Remollo “Hopia Band” led by Hope Tinambacan Sela and Company Razcel Salvarita John Lumapay and company Onna Quizo

Flom Datoy Maria Jessa Mae San Gabriel Shanti Harris Monique Furbyre Jerry Catarata Angeline Dy Candice Teves Cuernos de Negros Mountaineering Club and to ALL who patronized by being there

PHS USA Tapok-tapok 2013 Pan Hellenic Alumni in USA had their mini-reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada last November 7 to 11, 2013 dubbed “Tapok-Tapok sa Vegas”. They were joined by sis Gloria de Guzman who flew all the way from the Philippines. The activity was spearheaded by sis Dinah Penaflorida with the help of sis Diting Gonzales, sis Nelma Saavedra-Saldua and sis Elyn Bernardino. The gathering was well-attended by the early forerunners of PHS. Present were: • Oswald Esperat (Charter Member, 1964) • Rose Marie Calderon-Khan (1965) • Susan Montederamos-Soldwisch (1965)

• Gloria Aranas-de Guzman (1972) • Aida Villanueva-Vicencio (1972) • Grace Guy-Hautea (1974)

• Dotti Anne Salaver-Yells (1965) • Dinah Bibaoco- Penaflorida (1965)

• Joji Descallar Kaindoy-Amparo (1974) • Bella Amor (1976)

• Tony Amor (1966) • Joseph “Jet” Maling (1966)

• Lennie Ann Arevalo-Ausejo (1976) • Leslie Cruz Frick (1976)

• Estela Flores-Bantilan (1966) • Teresa Serafin-Montinola (1966)

• Ma. Resmin “Bing” Balauro (1977) • Jocelyn Arevalo-McGrath (1979)

• Madelaine “Ditz” Togle-Gonzales (1966) • Rhoda Gonzales-Acuna (1968) • Eleno Anaguey (1968)

• Elyn Divina Bernardino (1979) • Tancho Baes (1982)

• Nelma Saavedra-Saldua (1968) • Edward Ledda (1971)

• Maribel Sumalpong-Cuaresma (1983) • June Abegail “Axie” Algarme (1994) • Diana Jean Fuentes (2001)

• Marianne Lim-Ledda (1972)

• Louella Marie Gonzalez (2004)

Oswald Esperat November 13

“Hi Folks  -­‐-­‐  Tapok  Tapok  in  Las   Vegas,  thanks  to  some  very   determined  PHS  alums,  is  now   fodder  for  happy  memories,  even   as  the  event  sought  to  pave  the   way  hopefully  for  a  much  bigger   gathering  in  less  than  ten   months.  It  turned  out  to  be  a  fun   group  who  gathered  in  Vegas  to   welcome  sis  Bebot.  It  also   resulted  in  several  participants   meeting  each  other  after  so   many  years,  for  a  few  for  as   many  as  forty  years  removed.   Good  prep  for  the  50th.”

Lennie Ann Ausejo

Tancho Regencia Baes

November 27

November 28

“Happy Thanksgiving  to  all  the   brods  and  sis!  Let's  give  thanks   to  God  that  He  has  continued  to   bless  us  so  we  can  continue  on   with  the  aims  and  ideals  of  our   group.  Thanks  to  all  for  the   fellowship,  the  friendship,  and   the  kindred  spirit  we  shared   during  our  reunion.  Special   thanks  to  the  multi-­‐talented   Tancho  Regencia  Baes,  our   cargador,  storyteller,  singer,   photographer,  relief  driver,  and   relief  minister.    You've  been  a   blessing  to  all  of  us!”

“I am  so  proud  to  be  a  member  of   Pan  Hellenic  Society  and  so   fortunate  to  have  attended  the   first  Tapok.  So  many  of  you  were   once  names  only  to  me  until  the   reunion.  Having  met  you  all  made   me  realize  what  a  classy,   talented,  fun,  committed  and   loyal  the  Gammans  are.  I  felt  that   I'm  amongst  the  greats  being   with  you  all,  yet  the  kindred  spirit   we  share  with  each  other  is  one   that  runs  deep,  making  me  feel   I'm  with  my  family.  Tapok  in   Vegas  is  definitely  one  of  those   events  that  we'll  remember  for  a   long  time  with  so  much  fondness.   I'm  so  looking  forward  to  our   grand  reunion  next  August.”

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z 50th Anniversary Countdownz Eight more months to go before Pan Hellenic Society will celebrate its Golden Anniversary on August 2014. Are you attending? Please be counted. Join the polls in our Gamman Page at "We were struck by the poem “Zulu in Amanaâ€? posted to Facebook Friday morning by Rowena Torrevillas — an a ward-winning poet from the Philippines who worked in the 1980s and 1990s as a program coordinator for the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program. The poem isn’t about Mandela; it instead describes South African poet Thembeni Alfred Qabula’s visit to Iowa as an IWP fellow in 1990 — the year Mandela was released from prison. But it manages to evoke both the challenges and opportunities of that historic time. So, rather than merely restate the greatness of Mandela and his accomplishments, we offer Torrevillas’s poem as a hint of what it would have been like if Madiba himself had made it to our part of the Heartland." - Tony Amor Zulu in Amana by Rowena Torrevillas  It  is  the  last  day  of  the  borrowed-­â€?back  summer.    “The  cold  is  coming  through,â€?    The  Amana  shopkeeper  says,        Wrapping  up  the  knickerbockered  Old  World    Figurines  of  village Â ďŹ ddlers,  made  in  Taiwan.    At  the  Ox  Yoke  Inn,  downing  the  pork  chops,    The  sauerkraut  ripened  in  old  stone  tubs    The  German  settlers  hauled  across  the  prairies    A  century  ago,  the  South  African  poet  Thembeni    Tells  of  his  father  the  miner,  how    He  searched  for  his  father    Among  the  changed  names  and    The  memories  of  the  older  miners    In  the  Transkei,  a  world  away.    “I  learned  how  to  eat  fast  in  the  factory,â€?    He  says,  “they  only  gave  us    Ten  minutes  o  the  foundry  oor,  to  eat.â€?    Riding  home  in  the  farouche  light    Of  the  last  day  of  summer,    His  Zulu  songs  thread  yellow-­â€?green    Through  the Â ďŹ elds  where  the  harvest’s    Been  brought  in,  war  songs  lost,  as    Hurtful  in  remembering  a  lullabye    Of  warriors  calling  for  death  and  keeping    The  old  names  alive  —  the  arteries  of  blood    In  his  voice,  singing  from  the  back  of  the  bus,    Thrusting  their  weft  and  warp  through    The  placid  Iowa  wind.    “They  wouldn’t  let  my  book  be    Read,â€?  he  says.  “They  told  me:    Your  life  is  only      Your  own.â€?

Why I joined PHS way back when... “I  joined  Gamma  Phi  in  1968   because  of  two  people  -­â€?-­â€?  Joseph   Maling,  who  was  my  big  brod  in   Doltz  and  Eph  Bejar  who  was  my   teacher  in  Baguio.  They  looked   Noel Villalba like  gentlemen  and  also  very  very   Hi-Octane ’68 knowledgeable.  So  when  they   said  join  us,  I  said  yes  without   thinking  Joseph  Maling,  I  knew  when  we  lived  on   campus  in  Brent  School.  He  was  a  student  there.â€?   "Before  I  went  to  Silliman,  I  met   the  Gammans  and  Gammanettes   through  my Â ďŹ rst-­â€?cousins  -­â€?  Ditz   Togle  Gonzales  and  Jootz  Togle   Cadiogan.      The Â ďŹ rst  Gamman  I   Dennis Defensor met  was  Art  Cadiogan,  who   Installment ’70 married  Jootz.    Then,  I  met  Noli   Gatmaytan,  Mario  Sison  and   Francis  How  when  they  passed  through  Bacolod.     They  were  all  gentlemen.    When  I  decided  to  go  to   Silliman,  I  was  already  decided  on  joining  Gamma   Phi.  My  roommates  were  four  "masters"  -­â€?  Art   Cadiogan,  Bong  Layumas,  Levi  Verora  and  Bayani   Pingol.  What  attracted  me  to  Gamma  Phi/Sigma?   Simply  this.    The  Gammans  and  Gammanettes  truly   felt  like  natural  extensions  of  my  birth  family.    Forty   years  after  I  left  Silliman,  it  is  still  my  global   family.â€?

Points To Ponder “What   i s    t he    d ifference    b etween    HELLENIC    and    HELLENISTIC?â€?    This    was    the    question    t hrown    b y    S U    P resident    B en    S.Malayang    I II    t o    a lumni    m embers    d uring    the    c harity    d inner    u pon    k nowing    P an    Hellenic    S ociety...                                    On    t he    l ighter    s ide,    c harter    m ember    Mitch    C udal    w as    a sked    b y    c urious    resident    m embers,    “ What    was    c ommon    a mong    t he    Charter    M embers    o f    Gamma    P hi    F raternity?â€?    He    answered,    “We    used    to    play    g olf    a nd    s occer    a t    night.â€?

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