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F IT’S PAIN relief you’re looking for, then the Atlas Sports Injury Clinic is the best place to go, to get the best possible result. Whether it be an acute sporting injury, or even a back spasm, through overstretching it at home, at this particular clinic, you can be guaranteed to receive the best professional, personal attention to detail that you’d have to go far to get anything near as efficient and effective. As established sports clinics, the Atlas Sports Injury Clinic, attracts all levels of runners, footballers, boxers, et el, us the elite facilities and treated by an equally elite professional staff, making sure you wouldn’t have to visit them any time soon, if ever again. One of the main members of staff is Peter Taylor BSc (Hons). Pete, an experienced Therapist. He’s been with Atlas Pain Relief and Sports Injuries since the opening of the Tamworth Atlas Pain Relief Centre, since its opening, in 2000. Registered with the Health Professions Council, as both a Physiotherapist and a Podiatrist, which means providing a specialist service for the feet and foot-related conditions, he concentrates on the unique interaction of the foot with the lower limb. Subsequently, he’s often involved in the treatment and management of the legs, knees, hips and the lower back. Although a sports injuries clinic, all sorts of people, from all kinds of backgrounds, with all kinds of injuries, are often referred there, by their own GPs: “An injury’s an injury, so, we see anybody, here” he (Peter) says, continuing: “We deal of all kinds of acute injuries, from the back, to ruptured Achilles.” At the clinic, in Hall Green, in Birmingham, there are two special treatment rooms, in one of which, they offer biomechanical assessments, video gait analysis and laser foot scanning, to pinpoint specific problems and supply and fit bespoke prescription orthotics. Providing a first-class service for everybody, Taylor emphasizes: “Children are always active, in sports and other activities and they often struggle with minor ailments that can be resolved quickly with treatment, here.” Atlas Sports Injury Clinic covers osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and specialist sport massage service, supplied by Sandra Blampied, Cherry Richards, Justine Corry and, of course, Peter himself. For further details on what the clinic can do for you, contact: 0800 195 3916

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