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ET UP IN memory of the late Stephon ‘Silk’ Davidson, the Silk Foundation Trust is a journey, to share the vision of empowering, both our children and young people, as well as their parents, or significant guardian. Stephon tragically passed away in 2008, at the very young age of 19, after which, with a heavy heart, his grieving mother, Maxine Sharp, sought about a change within her community, with the unerring support from a team of determined volunteers and experienced, passionate individuals. The charitable organisation sets about initiating and developing parent support groups, giving them (the parents) the opportunity to come together, as one, and discuss issues they might be facing, eventually reaching soluble solutions, through understanding, kindness, friendship and hope.

As well as facilitating focus groups, they would also set up afterschool clubs and recreational programme, for the chance for children and young people to get a better understanding of each other and, above all, themselves: “The Silk Foundation Trust identifies the need for a solid children/young people and parent/family support service. You see, Silk always wanted to do things for his peers and I wanted to encourage parents and families to fully be involved in the lives of their children and young people. With Stephon passing so cruelly and so young, I simply had to set up the Trust, in his honour.” Although focussing on Birmingham and the wider West Midlands, Maxine and her team will always take in the needs of parents and families from as far afield as necessary. She explains:

“If parents, or family members, come from any where outside the West Midlands, to visit loved ones in hospital, say, we would pay for their travel costs. We would also pay any incurring cost, if they need to stay overnight. We aim to provide an effective service which should contribute towards meeting the needs of those affected by losing a loved one through violent crime, supporting the victims of gang culture, as well as communicating with the family of the offender.” The Silk Foundation Trust shares a vision of breaking down the post code and area barriers which are seen as dividing and conquering young people throughout many of our communities, by getting together and understanding each other greater. It’s a vision which Stephon ‘Silk’ Davidson would want himself.

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