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brings new confidence for showbiz beginners


HE NEW JUDGING line-up on this year’s X-Factor is proving to be a major master-stroke, by its bosses. It’s certainly brought a breath of fresh air to the programme and despite its huge success, with its continued growth in viewing figures; the addition of the three new judges has got to be great news, espe-

New judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa, Kelly Rowland joined with former judge, Louis Walsh cially for the famedstarved contestants themselves. In using three fresh judges, who are contemporary and on top of their game has got to be a winner, in its self. From the hugely talented and incredibly beautiful Kelly Rowland, of Destiny's Child fame, with years of worldwide success, to the fantastically tal-

ented iconic presence of the up front and objective multi-platinum winning Take That front man, Gary Barlow, and the equally talented and naturally beautiful, very streetwise Tulisa Contostavlos with her finger on the pulse of what today’s youth, the majority of X-Factor’s viewers, want to here, alongside old stalwart, Luis Walsh, the balance

seems to be just about right. There already seems to be far more focus on the contestants, this time around and far less on the inflated egos, or cat-fighting on the panel. In fact, it’s strikingly refreshing to watch, this time around. All four of them can fully back just about whatever remark they make, to whichever par-

ticipant, in the knowledge that they, having made their success the old fashioned, hardworking way, will be supportive, informative and, again, objective. Simon Cowell, ‘Mr, X-Factor,’ has made a great move to remove himself from the centre of attention and handed it back to the contestants, who would take on board the salient, heart-

felt views of this new judging panel, who, in return, will show great humility and dexterity, because, like their nerve-jangling selves, they too have been there, at the start of their own storming careers. In Kelly, Tulisa and Gary, a new interest for us, the watching millions. Contostavlos

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