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Handsworth Carnival

was great, but next time

it'll be bigger & better T

HE KALIDASKOPE OF colour which meander throughout the streets of Handsworth will be the uplifting, abiding memory of what was an eventful August in Birmingham. Back in its celestial home, the Handsworth Carnival, a celebration of all that’s vibrant, exciting and positive in the city certainly proved, without any shadow of doubt, we really know how to put on a party, for the masses. It was an estimated 25,000 people who turned out, back

at the start of the month, to absorb what Birmingham was always longing for, a ‘Handsworth Carnival,’ to truly represent what the spirit of carnival is; music, dance and showing yourself off in the best way possible. The city’s largest outdoor festival was back in the streets which made it famous, way back in the 1980s, and a truer reflection of Birmingham’s multicultural spirit you couldn’t find anywhere else. Steeped in the history and heritage of Caribbean steel

pans and beating drums, everybody was out to be part of the days’ fun and frolics. They came from far and wide to be able to say: “I was there, when the Carnival came back home.” One excited onlooker, Narinder Kaur, a bank clerk, from Harborne, said: “This is what Birmingham’s all about. The whole cross-section of all our communities was fantastic to be part of. Although there was a lack of calypso and soca music for me, the general atmosphere following the troops in the streets,

was really something.” It was the first time back ‘home,’ so, to be fair, there was always going to be teething problems. We know that the next time round, the Carnival Committee will go all out to make sure that everybody, the length and breadth of Britain will know that Handsworth Carnival is back, whatever the cost and the spirit of its origin will live on, louder and brighter than ever before. 25,000? We should be looking at 250,000 the next time carnival comes to the second city.

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