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Issue 3


Apr - May 2013

Welcome to the thrilling third issue! Letter from the editor Hi readers, and welcome to issue 3 of The Red Crow! On page 6-7 there’s a double page ‘Stone Circle’ on how to make your very own comics at home! On the back cover, there’s a new puzzle. A maze! Also, Ravioli meets an alien, Tilly travels into the future, and much, much, more! But with such good news, I bring some sad news. This edition of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ will be it’s last. But, before I leave you to enjoy the rest of this comic, I’ll tell you a bit more good news! In issue 4, a brand-new comic strip will replace ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, called ‘Genetically Modified Bugs’! Anyway, I’ve told you all I can, so there’s only one more thing to say now, and that’s happy comic reading!

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

A fsh!

Why did the traffic light turn red?

Wouldn’’t you if you had to change in the middle of the street?!

Duck, Duck, Goose

The End.


The End.


By T im Aged 7

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Next Time... The stone circle visit the south pole! Genetically mo

dif ied bugs!

Ravioli meets another of his kind!

I interview Shirley! rld o W o t s l e v a r t Tilly War 1!


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Red crow issue 3  
Red crow issue 3