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2013 Events & Shows

IncludingVWNW Gilbern Owners Club National Meet Manchester Bike Show Passion for Power And many more


Introduction Where to start, this is a bit of a departure for me and possibly a regular publication with a focus on a review of all the events and car shows The Petrol Stop has attended over the previous year. I suppose you could describe it as a bit of an annual, covering far too many weekend excursions that have been on the website, in one place for your enjoyment. Attending shows is something I have a passion for as it not only allows me to get coverage of some of the cars featured on the website,, but also lets you see where the classic car movement is going and how its evolving. I hope you enjoy and please leave me some feedback either on the website or Facebook/ Twitter/Google+ Thanks for taking the time to have a look. Heath Scotchford Editor and Owner of The Petrol Stop.

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Contents2nd February

DubFreeze, Staffordshire

3rd March

SpringDubs, Yorkshire

23rd March

Manchester Bike Show, EventCity

26th March

Donington Collection, Donington Park

7th April

Passion for Power, EventCity

7th April

American Krispy Kreme Meet, Manchester

19th May

Alltypes, Bodelwydden Castle


Capesthorne Hall Classic Car Show, Cheshire

30th June

Gilbern Owners National Meet

21st July

Awesome Summer Bash, Manchester

28th July

Capesthorne Hall Classic Car Show

4th August

VWNW, Tatton Park

10th August

Scirocco Narional Meet, RAF Cosford, Telford

17th August

Tatton Park Performance and Classic Car Show

21st September

Manchester Indoor Classic Carr Show

15th November

Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show


17th February Dubfreeze


Well I’ve not been to this for a few years (last one being in 2011) and have been looking forward to it for months. For those who don’t know Dubfreeze marks the opening of the VW show season in the UK even though it’s not really a car show!!!! It’s more an autojumble with a small show and shine, but it’s used as an excuse to blow the cobwebs off the cars that have been in hibernation over winter or get some much needed parts or inspiration. Particularly with a walk through the car park, but more on that later!


The last few times I’ve been the weather have been miserable at best with snow on the ground or heavy frost. This year though clear skies were forecast which did mean DubFREEZE did live up to its name when I had to de-ice my car at 7:30am before heading down to Stafford from Manchester. A quick pit stop for breakfast at a local motorway services just showed how much Dubfreeze is anticipated as it was being used as a meet point for a local VW club and we were still 60miles away!!!!


The show and shine is a small in door affair but with a great cross-section of VW scenes, from aircooled to watercooled, modern / retro /classic, concours to modified and rat look thrown in!!!!! The rat look beetle just blew me away. The autojumble was the usual mix of new and old with specialist companies offering everything from full engines and interiors to pinstriped saws!!!!

Outside though is where things get interesting for me, as I mentioned this isn’t really a car show but it is used as an excuse to get your car out and with the weather being so good and the gritters not being needed this year, the car park was rammed with all sorts of vans, cars and everything in between. I took that many pictures I’ve had to split them down in to sections for vans air cooled cars and water cooled cars and everything else, which includes the autojumble and some other non VW classics seen in the car park!!!


3rd March



Well the UK Dub scene is well into the swing of things and the next show on the list was Spring Dubs. So it was an earlyish start on Sunday morning for the 75mile run over the Pennines to The Great Yorkshire Show Ground, Harrogate. This was my first time at this show but from what the website promised a show and shine, car club stands, an autojumble and trade stands all in a covered area, so that was all the boxes ticked for me for a spring morning. All was looking good on arrival, good parking, good marshalling and good initial spotting of retro cars on the way in.


From there though it all seemed to lose its lustre, don’t get me wrong everything promised was there, well I assume the autojumble was somewhere because I didn’t find it, just a lot smaller than what I was expecting. The indoor area was a single, granted fully enclosed, shed but that was it. The two large open sided sheds shown on the website were actually used for the overnight camping. The Club stand area only seemed to


This shows saving grace though was the show and shine, the quality of cars attending was fantastic and all deserved to be in there and really set a true benchmark for the season ahead. Out of all the cars the black Beetle got the nod from me for the aircooled, although the Dukes of Hazard Beetle wasn’t far behind!!!! As for the watercooled the BBS Kitted MK1 Golf had it all the way. The T5 pickup though was very special for all the right reasons.

As usual at these events a walk round the car park to see what people were running in the run up to full show season. As it turned out I think most people, like myself, had arrived in their dailies which left slim pickings. Although saying that those who did bring over their pride and joys and projects didn’t disappoint, the green Ghia was something to behold. Hate to say this but this will probably be one that I won’t attend again, not that it wasn’t well run in fact it was very well run, it just big’ed its self-up a little too much. Still never say never.


Bike Show

23rd March



Snow on the ground is not what you need when you’re running a bike show but that’s what Manchester woke up to!!!! It didn’t dampen this event though, granted the car park was a little lacking in bikes, and can’t blame any riders for taking the easy 4 wheeled route. This was the second outing for this event and what a long way it had come over the last 12 months when compared to last year. More room, more dealers, more clubs, more traders and more bikes to look at modern, retro and classic over two halls

The Modern HallFilled with dealers and manufacturers, if you wanted a shiny new bike all tastes were catered for. From all out sports bikes, cruisers, off road and scooters, the likes of Honda, BMW, Suzuki, Aprilla, Harley Davidson, Ducati plus many more were all in attendance. The Classic and Club HallNow were talking, with over 35 clubs as well as an individual show area with another 50 plus bikes in it as well as custom and



modified, this was the hall I wanted to see most. Last year’s show was lacking in this department probably due to it being a new show. This year though, all the boxes were ticked. Everywhere you looked you were drawn to something, shiny chrome, awesome paint job, radical modification, fresh out of the box restorations etc A few things did stand out to me, the East European/Russian club stand, converted pushbike stand, and Velocette stand, just because the bikes shown, particularly the later ones were just works of art.

To top it all off the band providing rock music were also spot on really adding to the atmosphere as well as a few Triton’s. Between the 2 halls and around the outside were there traders, I recon you could have bought anything you may have wanted, new leather jacket, boots, helmet, tool, sidecar!!!!! I was wondering round for over 2 and a half hours thoroughly being inspired by this event (not just me either by the looks of it), so much so the thought of a project bike once again entered my mind, just need a bike licence first. 16

17 18


26th March



First off, I’m a big Formula 1 fan so it wasn’t going to be long before I headed over to Donington Park to visit the largest collection of F1 cars in the world. After all I’d driven past it enough times going to the racing and events (Restoration Show). So with a day booked off I made the 200 mile round trip to indulge!!! Now a little history, Donington Park race circuit has F1 credential with it being used previously, most recently in 1993, for the European Grand Prix. It was even touted very recently with construction work started to replace Silverstone as the permanent home for F1 on these shores, though it all fell through in the end. So it’s easy to say that this is one of the best circuits in the British and a deserving home for the collection.

The entrance is rather underwhelming, but once you walk round that first corner into the first hall on cast your eyes on the two rows of vintage F1 machinery that lines the walls you’ll be forgetting how to breath!!!! The first line of 1960’s cars with their exposed engines, narrow tyres and lack of racing livery are truly a sight to be seen. So low and small without the air foils of later cars they somehow seem purer, undiluted racing machines. Unlike the 50’s machines opposite that seemed bulky and heavy with whose vast engines out front. 20

From the 60’s you walk through to the start of the war for control of air, and the wings start to appear the air intake move up above the drivers and striking livery adorns the cars. The Penthouse livery, I must admit I was quiet taken with. With every car there’s a little history, races entering, won and years run etc enough to let you know these epic machines has a life before retirement to be ogled at by petrolheads. If that wasn’t enough, it was just the first hall after all, you walk through a short connecting walkway, lined with memorabilia, helmets, steering wheels, race adverts…… the windows have the track layout outs on then from all over the world. 21

Its then you reach the next door to the second hall and look up “Williams Hall” and step in and once again your breath is taken away. Car after car showing the Williams racers coming through from the 80’s through the 90’s with that illustrious “most advanced F1 car ever” 1992 FW14B car with active suspension, semi-automatic gearbox and traction control, to the 00’s. It’s fantastic to see the progression so clearly and be able to compare a car from one season to the next. Even the advancement over say 5 years means the cars bear hardly resemblance, something you seem to forget when watching season to season on TV.


Then it’s into the next hall, again you glance up “McLaren Hall” and like the William’s Hall it’s a sea of cars charting the much longer history of the team from the 60’s to the present day, which can be easily seen in the change of racing colours. Comparing cars side by side is just a staggering opportunity, especially when you only an arm’s length away. 23

But wait we’re not done yet, past the trophy room, you enter the “Vanwall and BRM Hall” oh yes the Vanwall Hall, with a display of each of the cars in there racing green livery that set out to bring the world championship to the Britain with a British driver and succeeded. Only to be wound up due to poor health by the owner a few short years later.

The Petrol Stop

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7th April

Power and


Now in its 3rd year, this indoor show has come a long way. Now rebranded this classic car show now included for the cancelled "passion for power" event from late last year. What this meant was the usual classic car event with all the car clubs, traders and individual showers, all up on numbers from last year, now joined by some classic and modern day prestige machinery, by the likes of McLaren, Roll Royce, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Add to that the awesome Italian Replica club, granted there were a few MR2 specials but the P4 was just staggering in the finish and attention to detail. That was also the same with the GT40 stand where you would not know, the white one especially, weren’t the real McCoy.


Walking around took nearly 3 hours the club entries were both traditional, MG, Stag, Ford Capri, Mini and more unusual Lancia, Talbot, Metropolitan as usual it’s the club entries that can make or break a show. Here though the mix of clubs meant you could see a real camaraderie between the people showing and attending, chatting and swapping stories giving the whole event a relaxed atmosphere. the only thing that got temperatures raised was the heating, which as tradition now states, has to be switch in to full!!!!! There were a few standout highlights for me, the (Inter) National Microcar Rally club stand just had such an awesome mix of cars that I've never seen before including a BMW 700Sport Coupe, Scootacar and Frisky to name a few. Most of them will now be appearing on here. 27

Next the outstanding car at the show, believe me this was tough actually whom I kidding!!!! as soon as I saw this from a distance I knew it was something special, add to that I'm a huge Lamborghini car, the bright yellow Urraco?. It even pipped the black Countach!!!!! This was the first time I'd seen one of these underrated Lamborghini's in the flesh and it didn’t disappoint. This was a great show that really has come a long way since 2011 when it was the inaugural show at the newly opened Eventcity. One that will stay on the calendar as I believe next year it will attract more exotic and the cream


Car Club

7th April

American Meet


Back in April I headed over to Event City near the Trafford Centre in Manchester to go to the Passion for Power car show, a show I highly recommend, but on the Sunday it was also the monthly American Auto Club NW meet at the local Krispy Kreme. Located some 300yds away from the main show so within walking distance meant this meet had a massive turn out. With cars from the 50’s to now, pickups, Jeeps, a big rig, hot rods and even a rockabilly model walking round for pictures, as meets go this was a doosey!!!! Compared to the usual meet this was something special as the car park was just full of American metal really allowing you to embrace the lifestyle and perfectly set off against the 50’s diner style Krispy Kremes. Hell nothing better than walking around looking at muscle cars with a donut and coffee in hand. 30



19th May



This is a show that well and truly on my calendar in the last few years I've not only attended but had my Scirocco on the Scirocco Registers club stand, which meant I got to see the whole show from start to finish. So after an early start (6am) I drove the 70 miles from Manchester to Abergely to meet up with my fellow Scrirocco's before heading back to Bodelwyddan Castle for the day. And what a day definitely one of two halves. The start was one of low cloud and the constant threat of rain while the afternoon was clear blue skies and sunburn!!!! This could have something to do with the poorer turn out of show vehicles and clubs that has become the norm for this show.

The empty top of the field really did show that something was missing as well as the lower numbers of aircooled, particularly Bugs this year. Good job the vans and dune buggies made up for it. However if watercooled was your choice then there was quite a variety on show from the staple Golf's in all marks, Polo's, Corrado's and of cause Scirocco's. Add to that a splattering of Audi's, Skoda's and Porsche. With Dubfiction taking what a club can show to new levels. All the cars were low, custom and without doubt of seriously high quality.


Another club on the top of their game was the MK1 Golfs Club, with the awesome selection of drop tops, including that Vilkus hard top version. The blue one below though was simply stunning and all day there were people walking round it, taking more time than they would normally do just taking it in, which just shows how good this car was.


Highlight of the show, hmmm that’s a tough one, although there were a lot of cars attending a stand out car is tough, there were some great caddy's and Polo's but one that really got me was the red Mk1 Jetta below. It was probably something to do with the rarity but also the stance on those ATS Cups wheels was just perfect. I also loved the leather straps holding down the bonnet on this Golf In addition to that a special mention has to go to the bay window fire engine was really nice to see, who'd have thought that you


Hall, Classic Car Show

27th May



I had this on the radar for the last week but hadn't planned on going until Sunday evening when I saw some pictures of that days show over on Retrobeutes. With rare cars a distinct possibility, weather looking good for at least the morning (not bad for a Bank Holiday Monday in the UK) and my little one suitably bribed with the promise of ice cream and sweets we loaded the Scirocco and made the hours’ drive over to the stunning Capesthorne Hall first thing in the morning. This was not only a place I’ve never been too but also a show I'd never been too so I was looking forward to it. On arrival at 10:30 things weren't looking good, although the MG club stand directly in front of the Hall was a sight to be seen, the rest of the showground seemed a little quiet on the car front!!!! This probably had something to do with the , as mentioned before, it being a Bank holiday as well as it being a second day of the show. However while we were there cars kept flowing in,


Andrew Greenwood shows always have an open policy i.e. if you cars old enough and you drive there just to look round you may be ushered onto the show ground rather than the car park. This rolling attendance which included a Ferrari Dino as well as custom hot rods and retro Renault's meant I was constantly on the move.


The choice of cars due to this open policy is always varied to say the least with some rarities showing up that will be getting their own articles in the next few weeks namely a 3 seater Talbot Matra and a GTM Libre, two cars I had never seen before. Put these alongside the usual staple diet of European marques from the 1940's through to the 1990's as well as the fantastic turn out of huge American barges. These never fail to surprise me on their sheer scale and size and seeing them moving to and from the arena shows, most of them if not all just dwarf there European counterparts by feet rather than inches.


Owners Club National

30th June




This event has been on my calendar ever since Gordon Johnston contacted about his T11 Prototype and saying there wasn’t enough Gilbern’s on the site. He was right, none of the Gilbern models were built in massive numbers which is probably the reason they don’t pop up at Classic Car shows that often. If they do their usually walked past with only the true petrolheads giving them the attention they deserve. After all this was Wales’s only sports car manufacturer. Gordon had told me about this national meet and a few weeks ago he called me again to confirm that his car would be attending. So partially wanting to see these cars, I also wanted to see the T11 (below) in the flesh.


I always enjoy attending club national meets, previously this has included the Scirocco Register and TVR Club, and you get to see not only concours cars that attend shows but the cars that keep the marque going with daily and ongoing projects/restorations parking up. You also get to see the club, not the forum but the friendships that are made through the love of the same badge and the catch up that happens once a year as well as putting names and faces to avatars and user names. With that are people walking round and seeing what been done to others cars and talking about mechanical triumphs and failures. 43

One thing that did stand out, unlike some sanctions of classic/retro car clubs, was the acceptance of modified cars and not just the“it has to be one way” or “best kept as it left the factory”. There were cars with modern Vauxhall power plant, Cosworth engines and well as modified V8’s!!!!! There must have been 60 cars that had made the pilgrimage over to Eddrig House and the setting within one of the walled courtyards really added to the whole event, something you would just not have gotten if it was in a field. From what I could tell every marque was represented, GT, Genie and Invader, although oddly for a car manufacturer, other than the GT that was badged on the front, none had the marques had names on the rear!!!!! I was there for well over two hours and was made to feel more than welcome, chatting to people about their cars, the club and even ended up buying a Gilbern air filter cover, I don’t even own a Gilbern!!!!! If you ever see one of these cars at a show, give it some time as you won’t be disappointed, they may had some underpinnings from other cars but the finish was more than up there contemporary sports car manufacturers of the day as well as looking a little more modern in a time of Spitfires and MGB’s.



21st July

Awesome Bash


With this event being so close, as well as me getting some work done there in the past on my Scirocco, I had virtually no excuse for not popping over to this at Awesome's work shop. In fact for those don't know Awesome specialise in modifying and customising anything from the VAG family album, and this was its annual open day.

I’ve been to this a few times (2012, 2010) and the quality of cars on the main car park were just staggering and stance and air was the common thread throughout. The cars from DubFiction highlighted were the VAG scene is at the moment, just like they did back at this year’s Alltypes. The quality and detailed on most, if not all of these cars, was breath taking from the air installs, interiors (the A3 with Bentley seats and wheels), subtle tweaks here and there and paint.


With it being an open day means you got to walk round the Awesome facility with its four wheel dyno set up. The sound of the Seat Leon racer running up to speed was mesmerising and that was from outside in the overflow car park!!!!!!


It was also great catching up with Matt the man behind the re-launch of Trimsport and the Trimsport Audi TT parked up inside. The invited cars and clubs in the main car parks out front are only part of this open house, the car park opposite is transformed into a rolling car show as forums, clubs and individuals drop in to show off their cars and take a look around and catch up. Unfortunately this part, which usually provides a vast array of cars and scenes seemed to be lacking this year. The turn ourt of aircooled and retro metal seemed to be missing, a quick internet search and it turns out this open day was on the same day as Modified Live at the local Oulton Park and the mecca of the dub scene BugJam at Santa Pod. Fingers crossed it will fall on another weekend next year. There were two cars that just stood out for me and both were in the car park, the VW Passat to the right and the Seat Toledo below it, I do have a soft spot for these but the stance and work done on this for me was perfect-


Hall, Classic Car Show

28th July



Just like I did a few months ago I headed over to Capesthorne Hall in Macclesfield the difference this time was had my Scirocco on the Retrobeutes club stand. This was a one day show that although not massive had an awesome mix of cars, from a Renault Fuergo, Aston Martin DB5, XR4I, Fiat 500 Abrath, Ford Falcon, Mini’s etc


Although the turnout of cars and clubs was fantastic and a credit to all those who made the drive, the public though seemed to be seemed to be staying away. Probably due to the forecast rain that held back with sunshine until about 3pm when the torrential rain arrived. The picture below illustrates this, that’s me by the way going to the show arena!!!! The rain though didn’t stop the show.

Another great relaxed show from the Andrew Greenwood team despite the end weather in a fantastic venue. The green in front of the house really adds to the whole atmosphere with people milling around chatting and taking in the variety of cars. Car of the show, hands down it was the Low Rider Ford Consul Capri, which was a work in progress and I can’t wait to see it finished. 51

In 2013 The Petrol Stop went to the

Read all about the adventure over on 52

Northwest, Tatton Park

4th August



It’s the first weekend in August which in the northwest of England means its Volkswagen Northwest and the early start to a Sunday morning. I was there for the day as I had arranged the Scirocco Register’s club stand so had plenty of time to take it all in. Well if the rain that was forecast held off. 54

Like previous years (2012, 2011, etc) there were club areas, concours area, auto jumble, for sale area and general sales for anything from tools and parts to plants and cupcakes. All the usual suspects were in attendance.


A few of the hundreds of car did catch my eye; you don’t see many Jetta Mk1’s let alone one with only 12000 miles on the clock!!!!! This was its debut outing and it looked like it had just left the factory.


When was the last time you saw an Audi Coupe?? To be honest this was the first in the flesh and was a proper treat.

And this odd looking Beetle, pit smiles on lots of peoples faces.


The car of the show hands down was this chopped and lowered custom Speedster, it was just something to behold due to the audacity of it but also the fantastic finish. The rain held off until 3pm thankfully allowing the large numbers of public milling around plenty of time to take in this huge show, seriously you need a good 3-4hours to do it justice. Another great event which is down to the professional management and all the clubs that turned up meaning there was sea of German metal across the huge show field.


Register National Meet, RAF Cosford

10th August



This day followed the same format as the 4 previous ones I’ve been too. That means an early start to meet up for the 100 mile convoy down from Manchester via Lymm Services and Stafford Services picking up cars on the way before the main rally point at Telford Services. After meeting up with 30 or so other Scirocco enthusiasts it was time to make the last 5 mile run to RAF Cosford the location of the meet.

It was a great day meeting up with new faces and catching up with old friends as well as seeing what everyone’s been up to with their Sirocco’s. The variety of styles was as always perfect from perfectly maintained stock cars to full modified monsters.


The biggest surprise though, unlike last year when only a single Mk1 turned up and only for a few hours, was the attendance of 13 Mk1’s which was just awesome to see so many in the same place. It was jokingly mentioned that they seemed a little too common!!!!


The Petrol Stop

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Performance Car Show, Tatton Park

17th August

Classic and


Well the car show season is well into swing of things and this weekend was the turn of the Classic and Performance Show at Tatton Park. This show is huge with loads of clubs and stalls and autojumble where you could just about buy anything. Like lastyear I was here for the day with my Scirocco on the Retrobeutes stand. Unfortunately due to the forecast weather punters were thin on the ground for the whole day, which did mean I got to have a really good look round at the cars attending the first day of the weekend show. And there were some fantastic cars in attendance over the various club stands with a really good mix of cars from vintage through classic to retro.


With some newer metal now starting to show up which indicates where the classic movement may be heading now the 1990’s are getting close to 25 years old.


Some cars though just stood out from the crowd, the Aston Martin Lagonda was such a fantastic surprise. 66

Manchester Classic Car Show, Eventcity

21st September

Footman James


Although there had been indoor classic car shows staged at Eventcity in Manchester, Passion and Power was earlier this year, this was the first outing for the “Manchester Classic Car Show�. Looking at the adverts for it in the local press and on the web it looked like it was going to be a good inaugural event. Ran over the weekend I dropped in on the Saturday morning and I knew I was in for a treat when in a fenced off area six or so classic rally cars came driving past the entrance, including a shot wheel based Audi Quattro!!!!


First impressions weren’t the best on getting in as it looked like it was only two halls of cars and for £15 that wasn’t looking the best value. Thankfully walking round I found a third hall, that will teach me to look at the map that was handed to me with the tickets. Everything you’d expect to be there was, great club turnout with some I’d not seen previously such as the Rochdale Owners Club, and Lamborghini Club who had an amazing stand, individual entrants, autojumble and even a restoration stage giving demonstrations all in an awesome quality venue.


The variety of cars from vintage to the odd modern was fantastic with a few rarities that made the trip worth it, the T16 Peugeot 205, the Lamborghini Jalpa, the Hustler, Ferrari Daytona and the TVR concept, all of which will be getting a full write up on here over the next few months with lots of additional pictures and video. I spent 3 hours taking it all in, getting pictures and chatting to people and thoroughly enjoyed my morning. The stand out car of the show has to that TVR concept above, I just wasn’t expecting to see something like that and its condition was simply stunning following a full restoration. I’ll be popping along to this next year just to what else comes out of the woodwork.


Insurance Classic Car Show, NEC

26th March



Thanks to Lancaster Insurance I headed down to what is probably the largest indoor car show in Europe, the first time I’ve attended since 2008 and how it’s grown. Over those years it’s gone from filling three of the NEC’s massive halls to now spanning five. The quality and abundance of metal now on show has also improved from “just a classic car show that’s in doors” to showcasing the best of the best as well as club projects, rare gems and concept cars. Enough to make walking round this colossal show take six hours, and some of that was at some pace!!!!


Where to start, where in deed with 1500 cars to look at (and no doubt I missed some) there was quiet literally something for everyone from classic Fords, MG’s, Vauxhalls, Rovers, Citroens, Renault, Peugeot and Volkswagens. To Bitter, Rochdale, Morgan, Riley, Jensen, Bristol, Ginetta, countless micro cars, American Muscle and customs and everything in between.



Mixed in with this mass of vintage and classic metal here and there were some truly spectacular cars that just got me excited to see some really rare machines. Firstly on the Panther Club stand there was the Solo, looking epic in its recent yellow paint job, a car that reportedly only one of three that was sold to the public. The owner of this one also has another!!!!

Next from a few rows over I just caught site of the rear of this one off “Special” the Ogle “Sotherby Special” Aston Martin, with that bank of rear lights.

With thanks to the Bugatti Owners Club for letting me on the stand, next on the list of super rare cars was this Super Sport Veyron that I was allowed to photograph up close. Keep an eye out for a full write up soon on the website.

The Lamborghini stand also impressed with its cars, there may not have been many on it but a Countach, LM002 and Murcielago SV certainly made up for it.


The stand of the show though has to be that of Ferrari, how often do you get to see an F40, F50 and Enzo all parked next to each other, just astounding.

Although the De Tomaso stand was also fantastic and the Pantera’s were stunning the Ferrari’s just piped it.

Other rarities included Jaguars ill-fated XJR 15 production/race car, with both the original as well as a reproduction on show. And talk about ill-fated production cars there was also the recently cancelled C-X75 supercar, although to be honest when I first saw it from the side I was wondering why there was a Lamborghini on the Jaguar stand!!!!!

The cars are only about three quarters of the event, the rest is full of traders who will sell you everything from driving gloves, tools, books, replacement panels, memorabilia, pictures etc if you needed something chances are either you’d find it or a company that could supply it. If you had the time there was even the Drive for Charity where you could choose on of about 50 or so classic and performance cars to be taken out in for donation. Also the Silverstone Auction had, from all reports, a good first outing with some exceptional cars going under the hammer. What a day exploring all these cars, and thanks have to be given to the clubs and people who give up their time to show and highlight all the marques that were in attendance, it was well appreciated.


Highlight of the show, hmmm now that is tough I’ve already mentioned the F40, XJR15 and the Ogle but one that stood out, way beyond all the others and also had my Dad who attended with me saying “have you not got enough pictures of that one yet” was the superb Lamborghini Miura S. This example on the Meguiars stand was flawless and resplendent in its green paint and awesome to





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The Petrol Stop 2013 Events and Shows  

Its been a good year on the show front over at The Petrol Stop with attendance at both large (NEC) and small shows, as well as some club nat...

The Petrol Stop 2013 Events and Shows  

Its been a good year on the show front over at The Petrol Stop with attendance at both large (NEC) and small shows, as well as some club nat...