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Executive Director Focus When my daughters were both little, I gave each of them the book Puppies For Sale written by Dan Clark. It is the story of a young boy who chooses a puppy based on his own humble sense of need and love. To me, it represented what I did at SafeHaven and I wanted my girls to understand at an early age how important compassion was—to both people and animals. The story goes: A store owner was tacking a sign in his store window which read PUPPIES FOR SALE, when a little boy appeared. “How much are you selling the puppies for?” he asked. The man told the lad he didn’t expect to let any of them go for less than fifty dollars. The boy reached in his pocket, pulled out some change, looked up at the store owner and said, “I have two dollars and thirty-seven cents. Can I look at them?” The store owner smiled and whistled. From the kennel, a dog named Lady came running down the aisle, followed by five tiny balls of fur. One puppy lagged behind. Immediately, the little boy asked about the limping puppy. “What’s wrong with the doggie?” “The veterinarian told us the dog is missing his hip socket,” said the store owner. “He’ll always limp like that.” “That’s the one I want to buy,” the lad said quickly. The store owner replied, “No, you don’t want to buy that dog. If you really want him, I’ll just give him to you.” The boy came close to the store owner’s face and said angrily, “I don’t want you to just give him to me. That doggie is worth just as much as all the other puppies and I’ll pay the full price. In fact, I’ll give you two dollars and thirty-seven cents now and fifty cents a month until I have him paid for!”

It’s easy, affordable, and the best part is that you will be making an impact year-round as each month, over 150 new pets enter SafeHaven’s doors who need us...who need YOU. Learn more about our Inner Circle by visiting our website or by calling 541-926-2924. Thank you for making 2019 a year to remember for over 2,400 pets and the people who fell in love with them. I look forward to working with you to save many, many more lives this next year.

Chris Storm Executive Director


The store owner replied, “No, no, no. You don’t want that dog. He’s never going to be able to run and jump and play like the other dogs.” In response, the little boy pulled up his pant leg to reveal a badly twisted right leg, supported by two steel braces. “Well, sir,” he said, “I don’t run so well myself and the puppy will need someone who understands.” At SafeHaven, we understand that each pet that comes into our care is unique, special; sometimes let down by humans or misunderstood. We are here 365 days a year to help each one of them find their best lives. As we move into 2020, I ask that you consider being “that little boy” to the animals by becoming a monthly donor at an amount that works for you. When you join SafeHaven’s Inner Circle, you join a special group of donors who commit monthly to helping pets in need. You will get exclusive monthly updates about animals in our care and your commitment, loyalty, and generosity will be felt all year long.

The Albany Pet Hotel has been serving the Linn/Benton area for over 20 years. We strive to provide the best care possible for our guests for your pet's overall wellbeing as well as YOUR PEACE OF MIND.

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The Pet Press is a free quarterly magazine published by SafeHaven Humane Society in Tangent, Oregon. We are a private 501c3 organization.

We are not affiliated with any other humane organizations and we do not receive any government funding or tax dollars.

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A Happy Holiday Adoption Tale In November, 2017, Garland’s Nursery in Corvallis found themselves with an opening for a new feline resident. The full time job description included Mouser, Greeter, Entertainer and Office Supervisor. Qualifications were rigorous. Must be a playful kitten, love people, pets, treats and little furry vermin. Other positive qualities include short hair and a whole lot of charm. When Sharon Knight, from Garland’s, visited the kittens at SafeHaven, she found several candidates, but asked coworker, (and one of the co-owners), Erica Kaminskas, to go back and make the final selection. Erica went and came back with the purrfect kitten, one that Sharon had not seen during her visit. Little 8 week old Fanta, short hair with butterscotch and white patches, immediately moved in. Making herself at home in the nursery building filled to the brim with Christmas decorations, trees and plants, she soon became known as Ms. Fanta Claws. Hiding under Christmas tree skirts and various gift items cemented that name. Fanta Claws played herself to exhaustion for weeks in the thousands of spots only a small kitten can find. Sometimes she slept so soundly that the only way the nursery staff could find her was to start up the vacuum cleaner. Then, she would come running…to the vacuum cleaner. No one had any idea why she did, but it worked.

During the day, Fanta has the run of the buildings and grounds, but at night she stays indoors to patrol and stay safe. From the very start, Fanta was successful at her main occupation - organic mouse control. Of course, this also includes voles and pretty much anything else that crawls through the inventory. Most of the time she consumes her prey, rather than sharing with staff, which is fine with them. 3

While Fanta is a working cat, she is also a celebrity of sorts. Sharon soon discovered that Fanta is seriously treat driven and willing to use her paws to request them, so Sharon taught her a few tricks. Fanta will ‘Shake Hands’, do ‘High Fives’ (right or left paw), ‘Low Fives’ and ‘Patty Cake’. Sharon says the Patty Cake is a work in progress, but Fanta is good for three or four. Fanta also dons costumes for the holidays, to cheer for the Beavers, and just to be adorable. Her favorite napping spot is her basket on a shelf in the busy office area where she can supervise and sometimes ‘help’ with filing. She happily accepts pets from customers and keeps a watchful, commanding eye on their canine companions. It is, after all, her territory. The whole staff at Garland’s seems excited to have the Christmas holiday decorations back, none more than Ms. Fanta Claws. If the occasional pot of African Violets or a Christmas tree skirt hits the floor, everyone knows Fanta is just in pursuit of a tiny trespasser. When the nursery closes for the holiday, Fanta will go home to spend those days with Sharon. Because, after all, Fanta is family.

Written by Pat Martin, longtime supporter of the animals at SafeHaven

Happy Tails FITTING RIGHT IN When Ranger’s adopters stopped in for a visit in June, they weren’t quite sure they were ready for another companion after losing their dog just a year prior. When David Wilfong walked up and down and saw each dog in their kennel, something about Ranger, then named Almond, made him and his wife stop. They said that Almond was calm and just laying down, waiting patiently for attention. They circled around and ultimately came back to Ranger, who was on hold until 5:00 PM that evening. David called the shelter at 5:00 and was told that his hold fell through. Happily, he came in to adopt Ranger the very next day as soon as the doors opened. He told SafeHaven that Ranger pretty quickly made himself right at home. He is one year old and is “still a big puppy”. “I just don’t understand how he was at SafeHaven for over 2 months. He is so sweet, great with other dogs and kids, and is overall a wonderful companion!” said David. He told us that Ranger felt like his late dog reincarnated. The Wilfongs came in to SafeHaven to visit this fall and Ranger lit up when he saw a few of our staff members as if he remembered them. It was great to see him looking so happy and fulfilled. We think Ranger ended up exactly where he was meant to be!

SENIOR PETS FINDING HOMES Huckleberry (now Ava) was one of the 35 cats rescued from the Albany hoarding case. Being 13 years old, we feared it would take Huckleberry quite a while to find her family, especially with kittens still appearing left and right. This was not the case though, as she was adopted into a loving home after just a few days of being on the cat floor! Huckleberry’s adopter, Karmen King told us,”It just breaks my heart that people ‘tend’ to pass by the seniors.. Especially when this one has so much love left to give!”


On October 5th, 2019, SafeHaven hosted their annual fundraising event, Rescue Roundup. We are so excited to report that this night broke many records and raised more money than ever before for the animals at SafeHaven. With over 450 attendees, the night raised over $200,000 to continue the lifesaving work that we dedicate each day of the year to. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all who supported, attended, and volunteered their time at the event held at the Albany Boys & Girls Club. This event helps make it possible to care for and find homes for more than 2,000 animals each year, as well as helping to support the many important programs SafeHaven offers in our community. Humane Education, Pet Therapy for Seniors, Meals on Wheels, Pet Food Pantry and other community outreach opportunities benefit as a result of the generosity shown by our supporters. We would especially like to acknowledge and thank our presenting sponsor, Rebecca Swanson and The Swanson Agency, and a special thanks to our other generous sponsors: The Rist Group, Al and Dixie Sullivan, Republic Services, Central Willamette Credit Union, Healy & McCann, PC, Albany & Eastern Railroad, Linn Veterinary Hospital, Remax Integrity Foundation, Gillott Home Team, R.L. Reimers Company, KW Mid-Willamette, Mike’s Heating & Air, Shirley Corbett, Xtreme Grafx, Tradewinds Transportation, Rhodes-Warden Insurance Agency, Albany Box Company, Linn-Co Federal Credit Union, Edward Jones/Chris Scariano, Midway Plumbing Inc., Hanson Insurance Group, CoEnergy Propane, Spirit Espresso, Orangesky, North Albany IGA Supermarket, Hurd’s Hardware & Custom Machinery, Hendrix Heating & Air Conditioning, River’s Edge Pet Medical Center, Made in the Shade, Key Bank of Albany and Corvallis, Smith Glass, My Little Dog Training Academy, Bob Barker Trucking, No Dinx, Denise and Jim Manning, Laura Ouellette and Louis Weinstein, Osalyn Houser and Larry Falk. Without such strong community support, SafeHaven Humane Society could not fulfill its mission of “Finding Homes, Opening Hearts, and Educating Minds”! 5

Holidays at SafeHaven GIVING TREES SUPPORT PETS IN NEED While you are out shopping this holiday season, you may run into one of SafeHaven’s Giving Trees. Each year, multiple businesses open their doors to SafeHaven by allowing us to use their space for one of our trees to support the animals. These trees all have ornaments with a photo of one of our shelter animals and items on our Wish List. If you see one of these trees and wish to participate, select your ornament and simply return gifts and ornaments to SafeHaven Humane Society or place under the Giving Tree. There are a total of 21 trees out in the community at Heritage Mall, Albany Acupuncture, Albany Senior Center, Cascade Ridge Apartments, LBCC Bookstore, Wilco in Lebanon, Sully’s Stay and Play, Albany Eye Care Team, Corvallis Feed and Seed, Haven’s Urban Movement, Coldwell Bankers, Stor-N-Lok, Supercuts in Albany and Corvallis, Willamette Community Bank, North Albany IGA, Luminous Salon , Timber Ridge Place Apartments, and both SafeHaven Gift & Thrift locations. You’ll also find a tree in SafeHaven’s lobby! In-kind donations, or donations in the form of goods and services, is one of the major ways we sustain our shelter. Because of supporters like you, we receive thousands of bags or cans of pet food each year, which we would otherwise have to purchase. We also receive blankets, toys, cat litter, office supplies, cleaning supplies, and more! These items directly affect the time that our shelter animals spend at SafeHaven and ensures they are as comfortable as possible until they find their forever home! If you are interested in making an in-kind donation to SafeHaven, simply drop off your donations at the shelter during business hours. We hope to see you during the holidays! To view our Wish List, visit or give us a call at 541-928-2789.

AND THE WINNER IS... Our Christmas Tree Raffle is a wrap and we’re happy to report that we sold 175 of the $50 tickets available and raised $8,750 for the animals! Special thanks and recognition to Rebecca Swanson of The Swanson Agency for generously sponsoring this incredible fundraising opportunity for the 5th year in a row. We are also grateful to Toland Tree Farm for donating a beautiful tree and to the Expressions in Bloom team for adding their creative artistry to produce a spectacular Christmas tree! We are happy to announce that our lucky winner of the $500 Visa gift card and the professionally decorated Noble Fir tree is Barbara Edwards of Corvallis. To everyone who bought a ticket, thank you! We hope you will join us again next year! 6

Giving Tuesday Recap

A Global Giving Movement | December 3, 2019 What is Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday refers to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It is a movement fueled by community and kindness to create an international day of charitable giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season. To celebrate Giving Tuesday this year, SafeHaven wanted a way to share with the community some of the stories that melt our hearts and make every day worth it. On social media and through emails, we told you stories about Tesla, a kitten who came to SafeHaven as a stray with electrical tape around her and many open wounds, who is now healthy and waiting for a family. We also told you about Ellie, who has been at SafeHaven for over a year waiting for her perfect home. Each story and animal that passes through our doors is important and we are honored that you choose to support them along with us!

This year, we also had a generous $5,000 match from the Rist Group, a real estate team based in Corvallis who has played a huge role in SafeHaven’s success in recent years. In addition to the $5,000 match, we also had an anonymous donor come in on that day for an additional $1,000 match! On Giving Tuesday this year, YOU helped raise $12,423, resulting in a total of $18,423 for the animals at SafeHaven and the many more to come through the doors that will need our help. Because of your support, each of the animals here and the many to come WILL find their forever homes, no matter how long it takes.


Ellie’s Big Day On October 26th, Ellie the dog celebrated her One Year Rescue Anniversary at SafeHaven. We decided to celebrate the many strides that she has made since coming to SafeHaven from a rough situation in Mexico. When Ellie first came to SafeHaven, her trust in humans was broken. She had physical scars from severe neglect and abuse, but also emotional scars that took even longer to heal. Her first months at SafeHaven were in a quiet place in the shelter while staff worked their way towards gaining her trust. Today, Ellie is a brand new dog! While she still takes her time getting to know a new person, she is loving, sweet, and a much happier girl. She has learned to be around other dogs and is still making progress each day. Ellie loves the staff and volunteers at SafeHaven and, while we wait for her perfect person to find her, Ellie has taught everyone a huge lesson in trust.

Each Office Is Independently Owned & Operated


Youth Giving Back SAVING BIG TO GIVE BACK When Brendan Cumbie, age 7, was asked what he wanted to do with the money he raised while saving cans, he told his parents he wanted to help animals. His parents, Michael and Melissa, told him he could donate the money to SafeHaven and they took a family trip to visit the new facility for the first time. When Brendan arrived to make his donation, he also asked his parents to include the rest of his savings, a donation that totaled $52.00 to help save animals! While this was their first trip to visit the new facility, Brendan’s family is no stranger to SafeHaven. Long ago, at the old location, Brendan’s mom, Melissa worked at the shelter and has now gone on to become a veterinarian at a clinic in South Salem. Michael recalled building fences at the old shelter for dogs when he and Melissa first met. Every year around the holidays, we see a spike in the youth in our community giving back to the animals and every year, it warms our hearts to know that such kind kids live in the area. Their contributions play a huge role in saving thousands of animals each year!

MATCHING KINDNESS In September of this year, a truly special donation came in from a young girl in our community who saved as much as she could throughout the summer to give to the animals at SafeHaven. Through chores and allowance, she was able to make a donation of $6.80. This warmed our hearts so much, we shared the story on our Instagram page, with the photo of what she made for us along with her donation. To our surprise, many of our followers chose to match her donation on our website. What a thoughtful and incredible gesture from our community! It occurred to us, if 10 more people matched her donation, it would raise an additional $68. This could provide a spay or neuter surgery for one of our animals, any number of medical treatments, and/or enrichment and training for one of our animals while they wait for forever families! It is a sweet reminder that everyone can do their part, no matter how small. 9

Business Spotlight TOLAND TREE FARM We want to give an extra big shout out to Kirsten and Craig Toland of Toland Tree Farm for supporting the animals at SafeHaven. Each year, they donate the beautiful tree that is used for the annual Christmas Tree Fundraiser. They first opened their business in 2010 and have enjoyed the Christmas tree business ever since. Each year, their two sons also help on the farm. Kirsten and Craig first became involved with SafeHaven when they adopted Rocky, a black lab mix. Rocky has since passed, but their current dogs, Maggie, Tucker, and Piper, are always ready to make new friends on the farm. Toland Tree Farm opens the Friday after Thanksgiving and will remain open until the 15th of December. They are located at 850 Nebergall Loop in North Albany. Please consider visiting them for your Christmas tree this year and support those who support SafeHaven. Thank you so much Toland Tree Farm!

SENIOR PET MONTH November was National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, a month dedicated to helping older pets find loving homes. SafeHaven sees a large influx of senior pets each year and encourages many homes to choose an older animal for their family for a variety of reasons, one being that they are typically calmer and need less training than an 8 week old kitten or puppy. During November, SafeHaven works especially hard to get our senior pets (5 years+) some extra attention. Each Saturday was Senior Pet Saturday on our Facebook page where we featured a cat and a dog looking for a forever home. Check out Watsu, 8 years old and pictured here, who found her home this month. We think the smile says it all! At SafeHaven, we believe that senior pets have so much love and companionship still to share. Please consider adopting a senior animal and add a whole lot of joy to your family! 10

Community HOWL-O-WEEN PARTY On Saturday, October 26th, SafeHaven hosted a free community event for families and their pets to celebrate Halloween. The night consisted of games for kids and animals, crafts, costume contests, and of course, candy and treats. Over 200 people came in their best costumes. During the event, dogs were able to participate in an agility course and their owners even learned some training techniques and fun games to try at home from our training staff and volunteers. It was a happy Howl-O-Ween!

PAW PAGEANT We want to send a huge thank you to Mr G. and Jenny of Mr. G and Jenny Farmers Insurance, and Ashley Mask for hosting the Paw Pageant Dog & Cat Contest on Saturday, September 21st. The day consisted of pageantry for the community’s pets, face painting, everyone’s favorite puppy loving villain, Cruella, a K-9 unit demo, and a service dog demonstration and contests. We loved seeing all the SafeHaven alumni and even some new faces too. All of the proceeds from the day benefited the animals at SafeHaven and brought in over $400! We hope to see you at next year’s Paw Pageant!

KITTEN CAFE On Saturday, November 16th, SafeHaven and Albany Public Library partnered together to host the first ever Kitten Cafe event! SafeHaven brought a litter of foster kittens to the library to enjoy some socialization with the community and there were crafts for kids, as well as beverages for all to enjoy. To our surprise, over 1,000 community members joined us and it was a blast! SafeHaven plans to continue this event in the future and hopes to bring further awareness to the many programs that make everything we do possible, including foster care, which allowed us to have some wonderful kittens there to meet everyone! 11

Answering The Call On September 20th, SafeHaven received a call from the Albany Police Department regarding an animal hoarding case that was being investigated. Without hesitation, a team of three SafeHaven staff members arrived on scene with empty carriers in tow. They were able to save 22 that day with hopes to return in the following week for more. From that day in September, SafeHaven took in 13 more adult cats in need, resulting in 35 new faces. Upon arrival, it was clear that all of the cats were in need of medical care, food, clean water, and a lot of love. We were ready to take on the task and get each kitty healthy and ready for a new life. We reached out to our supporters on social media and within a few days received $467 on Facebook alone for their medical care. After receiving the news, the Albany Democrat Herald also featured the story and the donations continued to roll in. The support from our community left us without words and with full hearts. The case brought $1,515 in total to go towards the care of these loving pets! As of mid-October, some of the cats from this case became available for adoption. The story brought in new visitors to SafeHaven who wanted to meet the cats, so we added a special sign to their kennels. Stop by to meet these sweethearts!

COVER PHOTO STORY SafeHaven ‘super supporters’ Mary Rose and her sister, Joan Jordan are the proud owners of our final 2019 Pet Press ‘cover cat’, handsome Mr. B. It was our pleasure to meet and photograph Mr. B, their blind wonder-kitty! Pet parents to numerous much loved cats and even talkative parrots, Mr. B holds a special place in the Rose/Jordan household. Mary shared that “Mr. B is our resident blind kitty. We got him when his owners were no longer able to keep him due to an illness in their family. If you were to watch Mr. B, you wouldn’t know he is totally blind. He moves without hesitation, pausing when necessary to avoid hitting or touching something, and he moves around obstacles without bumping into them. When he deems it necessary, he can streak across a room with the best of them!” Mr. B has the sweetest demeanor at all times, even when taking medicine twice a day. His best talent, according to Mary and Joan, is that he can open doors. This trick is helped greatly by his long body, tremendous stretch, natural curiosity…. and handles on the doors. Mr. B is a cuddle buddy to his kitty friends, the center in a night time sleep nestle, five bodies all twined together in slumber. According to Mary and Joan, “BOTTOM LINE: MR. B IS THE SWEETEST KITTY AROUND, NO MATTER WHAT!” Mary Rose and Joan Jordan are true animal lovers and have helped many stray and homeless cats and kittens over the years. Their compassion and generosity has also been shown in their continuous support of SafeHaven events and fundraising. SafeHaven Humane Society is fortunate to call Mary and Joan our friends!

Our First Surgery SafeHaven has been dedicated to continually improving our facility and services in order to better meet the needs of the community and the animals in our care. Since the move to our current facility in 2014, we have faced issues with the timely completion of spay and neuter surgeries. With large, life-saving transports occurring multiple times each month, it quickly became clear that outside veterinarians were not able to accommodate the number of animals SafeHaven had room for and that the community was interested in adopting. For years, SafeHaven has scheduled as many vet days as local veterinarians allowed, but it still left the adoption process lagging. At most, local veterinarians could spay and neuter 45 animals per week, however, this quantity is commonly restricted due to their own schedules filling up. With these issues in mind, in 2017 SafeHaven began the start of the Imagine the Possibilities Phase 2 Capital Campaign, in an effort to build a complete medical center, featuring a spay and neuter surgery suite, isolation and recovery area, and a nursery for the hundreds of young puppies and kittens we receive each year. Ultimately, we knew the necessary starting point was to have the ability to perform in-house spay and neuter surgeries. After over a year and a half of extensive fundraising, SafeHaven was finally able to start construction of the Spay and Neuter Surgery Suite in June of 2019. The construction process was exciting and the staff eagerly awaited the ability to complete these surgeries on-site. We knew that, not only would it be cost effective, it would mean less stress for the animals to endure without needing to travel before and after the procedure, and having the means to recover in a quiet space. On November 20, 2019, SafeHaven completed its first ever neuter surgery on site. With everything in place, veterinarians Dr. Harrison Reid and Dr. Jaclyn Reid agreed to donate their time to neuter 8 cats, along with assistance from SafeHaven Veterinary Technician, Cheiko Tomasulo. Beginning in January, a relief veterinarian will begin performing spay and neuter surgeries on-site weekly. The privilege to be able to offer these animals the surgery in-house is all due to incredibly generous donors who saw our vision and believed it was the best next step for SafeHaven, that once was just a little shelter on Highway 34 with big dreams of saving thousands of animals every single year. Thank you to everyone who made donations to this campaign. We couldn’t do it without you!


Gift & Thrift MAKE 2020 A WIN-WIN! The new year (and decade!) is right around the corner and it’s never too early to start thinking of those resolutions we all love to make. Well, now’s your chance to sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes you want to make and why not make it a win-win? Shopping and donating to the SafeHaven Gift & Thrift stores are some of the easiest (and most fun) ways to support homeless pets right here in your community. Here are just a couple ideas to make your 2020 your best ever, all while rescuing pets that need your help!

#1 GET ORGANIZED! SafeHaven offers many items to help you get organized this year, such as office supplies, bookcases, various sizes of containers, etc. Whether you want to revamp a room in your home, or the whole thing, be sure to shop at one of these locations first to get inspired. Something as simple as a new bookcase or some extra bins might be all you need to make your space feel brand new in the new decade. Plus, don’t forget about us if you decide to declutter! Both store locations take donations Monday through Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. If you have a large donation, be sure to call so we can make sure to have someone available to help you unload.

#2 GET ACTIVE! Want to get in shape but don’t want to pay those expensive gym fees or for new equipment? Check out some of the sporting equipment for those New Year’s resolutions! Working out from home is not only cost effective, but you’ll save time driving to and from the gym, and also can make being active a fun family affair! Plus, shopping counts as CARDIO! Get those steps in, even on a rainy day. We would love to see you!

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