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A Quarterly Magazine for Rescue Animal Lovers | Compliments of SafeHaven Humane Society

Executive Director Focus Remembering: A Day In the Life of Animal Rescue JULY 2009 7:00am: Saturday morning. We begin loading the van with crates, blankets, gloves, canned cat food, nets and traps. We are not sure what we will find when we get there, so we prepare for the worst. Staff begin setting up kennels and crates at SafeHaven for our return. The shelter is already full so there is some concern: “Just where will we put them all?” We grab our boots and a rescue begins….. 8:00am: We arrive along with law enforcement at the residence. Although this is a law enforcement matter, we’re there to help gather and care for the cats. We wait in the van for the OK to proceed. While sitting there, we notice 10 cats roaming the outside of the property. We have been given an estimate of 30+ cats inside the residence. 8:10am: We are given the green light to begin gathering up the cats. We begin with the cats outside first. As we are approaching the house, we notice the smell coming from the inside. We grab our boots, gloves, and masks. 8:50am: Inside the house, there are cats everywhere; the house is cluttered and the cats are running, hiding in cupboards, under the furniture, running up the walls and doing their best to hide. The floors, walls, and the cats are covered in urine and feces. We have crated 15 so far; there are just so many….. 9:10am: Two 3-week-old baby kittens are found in the pocket of a bathrobe hanging in the closet. I think the owner tried to hide them in hopes of us not finding them. We have no idea who Mom is, so we wrap them in blankets and know we must get them back to SafeHaven soon for bottle feeding. Just caught cat #25.

1:00pm: Volunteers begin driving the cats to the other shelters who have agreed to help. SafeHaven staff continue to intake the cats; all need spayed and neutered, some need extensive medical attention, some are so feral they need barn homes, and others need foster care. It is overwhelming and stressful, but in the end….today we made a difference!

JULY 2019 Ten years later, and SafeHaven is still here…..quietly saving lives every day! I reflect on all that we have accomplished in these past 10 years; a new facility, thousands of lives saved, and a community that continues to support the work we do. I could not be more thankful! Your support allows us to continue to save lives 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Below are just a few of the lives you saved just today!

Chris Storm Executive Director

10:00am: Most of the cats inside have been caught…3 left to go. We found another litter of kittens in a box in the living room. This brings our count up to #42. We are running out of crates and the smell inside the house is nauseating. We take turns going outside for fresh air. 10:45am: All the cats are caught and loaded into the SafeHaven van, except one the owner refuses to release. We are tired and dirty, but we know we have a full day ahead of us with doing intake, medicating, bathing, and vaccinating all the cats now in our care. 11:00am: We arrive back at the shelter. Phone calls are made to other shelters to see if they might be able to help us by taking some of our new additions; Oregon Humane in Portland agreed to take 5, Willamette Humane in Salem agreed to take 9 and Heartland Humane in Corvallis agreed to take 3, leaving us with 32 more cats in one day than we have total in the shelter at any one time! 1

In July, we received a START transport with many families of cats and kittens and 5 expectant momma dogs. This was in addition to several cats and dogs who came in on their own, escaping a tragic fate, had they not been included in the trip to SafeHaven. Thousands of animals arrive at SafeHaven each year from shelters around the country with low adoption opportunities and high euthanasia rates. We’re so happy we can say “YES” to these loving pets.

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Tzipora’s Perfect Fit After months of her husband begging for a new dog, Hillary Gammon was finally ready to relent. However, she wanted to surprise him with the decision, so she secretly searched the local rescues in Lane County. Her search finally led her to SafeHaven’s website where she found a beautiful companion that could work for their family. She discussed her findings with her husband and he was elated to hear that she had come around to the idea of a new family member. In January 2019, they trekked up to SafeHaven from Eugene and inquired about the potential companion that Hillary saw on the website. With this particular dog’s history, they were told that having 3 young children and a cat may not be the best fit for the dog. Disappointed and feeling slightly defeated after roaming the kennels not finding their match, Hillary stopped a volunteer in the aisle and asked about Daisy, a German Shepard mix that she also saw on the website, but didn’t see in the kennel area. An employee arranged for the Gammons to meet her, but warned that Daisy may not do well with small children or cats, and to be cautious during the meet and greet. “As soon as Daisy walked out from the back kennels, I was instantly in love with her!” Hillary told us. They were told about her past in a foster home, her history with cats, and that she was a flight risk, and may need to be contained and leashed at all times. Despite this, Hillary’s family knew she was the one. “The staff was amazing to work with and helped us through the adoption process and helped us pick out her new harness and leash too.”

It has been 8 months since the Gammon family brought Daisy home and they tell us she has grown leaps and bounds from how she was at the SafeHaven. “We have worked with her slowly and she has grown attached to all of us in the family, even the cat! She now can walk off leash with us and all her concerning/nervous behaviors have subsided (barking, reacting, etc). She is playful, silly, adventurous, and impatient (just like our whole family!), I love her snuggles (even when she thinks she is a small dog sometimes jumping in your lap), and her smile (that comes with a giant tongue hanging out, too!) Our family has been blessed by this amazing beauty we now call Tzipora and life would never be the same without her. Thank you SafeHaven!” Hillary also shared that while Tzipora may have been an escape artist in her past life, she finally has a home that she couldn’t dream of running from. She has learned to walk off leash. She loves hikes and nightly runs with her dad and cuddling with mom on the couch. Stories like Tzipora’s remind of us of how important it is to give shelter animals as long as it takes to find a home. Tzipora was at SafeHaven longer than some but had the time to find her perfect fit and live happily ever after.


Happy Tails BAGHERA’S GOTCHA DAY Morgan Grant, a Corvallis resident, recently posted about her kitty’s one year adoption anniversary, a Gotcha Day! We reached out to learn more about how Baghera is doing and this is what she shared with us: I adopted Baghera a little over a year ago from SafeHaven and he has been such a huge blessing in my daily life. I circled the cats for a long time, and I finally ended right where I knew I needed to be - in front of Baghera’s cage. I knew he was mine, and I knew I wanted to bring him home to a warm blanket and cuddles. I brought him home and he hid in the corner of the bed facing away from us for hours. I layed beside him and patiently waited and before I knew it he made his way over to me and ever since then, he has bloomed into the sweetest, smartest, 17 lbs. of joy! Baghera follows me around the house, and when he’s outside for his sunbathing, he has never left the driveway. He knows where home is! He gives me and his dad a million kisses (more than most dogs). He comes running when he hears the treat jar shake, and beware, he will try stealing your noodles and bread! I love it when he gets vocal because he only yells at me when he wants inside a door, or when I get home from work he comes running to me screaming his heart out. I can’t sleep without his warmth next to me and that’s fortunate because he prefers to be halfway on me as he sleeps. I wouldn’t trade him for a million dollars. Thank you SafeHaven for giving me this little blessing.

THULE ‘FETCHES’ A FLIGHT TO A FAMILY Great things happen when you least expect it! I first met Honey, a two year old Welsh Corgi Mix, when I pulled her off the Fetch Fido A Flight airplane back in March, along with her puppies and 40+ other rescued dogs. Honey was one of the fortunate dogs that escaped the euthanasia line in Oklahoma and that thought still chills me now. As we were unloading all the rescues back at SafeHaven, I ran to the back intake desk to find a dozen wonderful people ready to become foster parents. Honey’s newly weaned puppies were a huge hit, being passed from person to person as Honey, overwhelmed and scared, wouldn’t leave her crate. I scooped her up and took her to my office. It took me a whole 2 minutes to know there was no way I was going to leave her at the shelter for the night, so I took her home to be her temporary foster family. Honey was still heavy with milk, exhausted and scared. She would hardly eat, I had to hand feed her for the first few days. We have a golden retriever named Finnikin at home and Honey being our 18th foster friend, he instantly welcomed her. It was a week of her still hiding with her ears back and tail tucked when we took her on her first hike. On the trail she lit up! She started chasing Finnikin, darting everywhere on the trail, and that is when her ears perked up and we got to see her tail completely curled and wagging. We laughed so hard we cried and we decided right there that she was staying home with us. We named her Thule and since then she has been an absolute joy. We can’t get enough of her! Thule’s relationship with Finnikin is so special. We really had no idea how badly we needed her to complete our family. Thule loves hikes, can’t get enough of the coast (but has zero interest in the water, thank you very much) and would chase seagulls all day if we let her. Thule adores hanging outside in the backyard with her new brother, snuggling on the couch with kids, and any chance she gets she wants to be in our arms. Her ears and tail never come down now. -Steph Lesire, Shelter Manager at SafeHaven 4

Events OPEN HOUSE 2019 On August 31st, SafeHaven hosted an Open House and Resource Fair celebrating the near completion of the on-site Spay and Neuter Surgery Suite that our community worked so hard to raise funds for over the last couple years. The day was filled with adoptions, tours, crafts and games, lunch donated by North Albany IGA, Flyball demos, and visits from vendors in our community, including other local rescue groups. The day ended with 12 adoptions and about 250 attended! Days like this remind us of the support we have in our community and make us so grateful to be in the Mid-Willamette Valley. Thank you to all who volunteered, visited us, shared our event with friends, and helped us get to where we are today. WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!




Holidays at SafeHaven


The winner will receive a full-size fresh Christmas tree professionally decorated by Twila Weder, AIFD, and a $500 Visa gift card!


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SafeHaven Humane Society 2019 Christmas Tree Raffle S

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Every year, Coastal Farm & Ranch hosts a fundraiser for SafeHaven where families and their pets have the opportunity to take photos with Santa. We have so much fun meeting the pets and their families and we hope to see you there this year!


November 23rd, 11 am - 2 pm December 7th, 11 am - 2 pm December 8th, 11 am - 2 pm


Your Gift Changes Lives HUMANE EDUCATION One of our favorite Humane Education activities is our Classroom Visits. In our quest to begin animal education at an early age, as well as to continue it throughout a lifetime, we are happy to partner with schools and teachers to bring humane education to children. We visit schools mainly throughout Linn and Benton County, but are happy to travel up to an hour to meet with other animal loving classes! In 2018, we met with 25 different classes and hope to significantly grow that number in the coming years. When we visit classrooms, we let the teacher choose their topic for the day. We also bring an animal ambassador, so students can practice safely meeting new animals. Your support allows this program to have NO FEES FOR ANY PARTICIPATING SCHOOL!

PETS ARE FAMILY Our pets do a tremendous amount for us and at SafeHaven, we believe pets truly are family. Our Pets Are Family program helps to provide resources to families in need in order to keep pets with their owners. Ultimately, our goal is to eliminate the heartbreaking decision pet owners face when they are temporarily unable to provide care for their pets, and feel they have no other option then surrendering them to a shelter. When you support the Pets Are Family program, you are helping pets like Mesa, who suffered from bilateral elbow dysplasia and needed an expensive and extensive surgery. Being a full-time student and only working part-time left her owner, Meridith, in a tough spot. Through the Pets Are Family grant funding, we were able to work with Meridith and Mesa’s vet to help offset a portion of the surgery. We recently talked with Meridith to check-up on her and Mesa and she said, “Thank you so much once again for all of your help in bringing Mesa into my life and helping me with her surgery expenses. I look forward to the day when I have extra money to donate to SafeHaven because of all the great work you all do for these animals and for our community.”

Today, we ask that you make your most generous gift and continue to

Your Gift Changes Lives SECOND CHANCES Your gift gives second chances to thousands of animals each year. With your help, Poseidon’s life was saved this summer! After his family in Oklahoma lost their home, Poseidon was surrendered to a local shelter. Unfortunately, due to his age and breed, in that state he had little time to find a new home before being added to the euthanasia list. Poseidon had only one hour left to live when we got the call that he needed help. SafeHaven instantly said “YES” and he was sent to Oregon as quickly as possible. He waited a mere two weeks before finding a home. Without you, his story could have been much different. You saved him and your gifts continue to save those that face a similar sad future. With your support, we have the ability to say “YES” as often as we can! You have already helped to give 1,315 animals their second chance this year. We recently contacted Poseidon’s adopter and he told us that Poseidon is doing really well and can’t seem to get enough love!

COMMUNITY It is proven that pet companions can help expand human life expectancy and improve the mood of individuals. Many seniors who are living in nursing homes or retirement communities are unable to have a pet as a companion, so to ensure seniors get regular interactions with pets, SafeHaven Humane Society visits 14 senior communities each month with some of our adoptable animals and/or our alums. Katie Bateman, our Community Outreach Coordinator says the best part about the visits are, “Seeing everyone’s eyes light up when we come in is wonderful.” Pet Therapy is also dear to our volunteers’ hearts, who become friends with many of the residents they meet. Recently, longtime volunteer Laynee Gilbert and Katie attended a funeral for one of the residents that loved their visits and had unfortunately passed away. Katie says, “It was sad, but also very inspiring to see how big of an impact pet therapy visits had made in this woman’s life. I got to meet some of her family and friends, and Laynee spoke about their visits together.” Pet Therapy makes a lasting impact on our senior community and we are glad to be able to provide so many opportunities for animal visits.

make a difference in the lives of animals and people in our community!

Fundraising With Fitness Bonnie Lee walks her two dogs, Annie (SafeHaven alum adopted 10 years ago) and Ashland, every single day. Sadly, Thanksgiving day of 2017 left Bonnie and her family in a state of terror. During one of their normal walks on their usual path, another dog attacked them. After paying the vet bills for her dogs and settling in court, Bonnie’s family decided they wanted to “pay it forward” and help shelter animals in need. In 2018, Bonnie and her husband ‘adopted’ a SafeHaven dog kennel with plans to continue the sponsorship for many years. Unfortunately, as we all have experienced, the new year brought a shift in finances and Bonnie was unable to continue her kennel sponsorship for 2019. She still was determined to make a difference though, so she set a goal to raise $333 for her 33rd birthday doing an exercise-a-thon and posting videos of her completing each task. She also set up two donation drop locations with help from business owners at Anytime Fitness in Albany and Pacific Bronze and Bliss.


HERE IS WHAT HER FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER SAID: “Last year, Jason and I adopted a kennel at SafeHaven for the benefit of animals in our community that don’t always have an advocate like I did for mine after they were attacked on Thanksgiving 2017. This year, a lot of financial things came into play and my heart breaks that I couldn’t quite make a full donation again without some help. So, on my 33rd birthday I’m going to be busy! I’m running 3.3 miles, I’m walking 3.3 miles, you will at one point find me at Anytime Fitness lifting heavy weights 33 times and squatting and pushups and lunges etc., all 33 times in effort to work for your

donation to a cause that holds dear to me. I will post live updates on June 13th as I’m doing all of this, so I hope you can follow along as I do my best to earn your donation to what I find important. I can’t save all these animals in our community by myself, but I sure can work my butt off to help them have bedding, shelter, food, medical care and other necessities. Thanks for your support!” In the end, Bonnie was able to raise $500 in donations through her Facebook fundraiser and provided our animals with a van full of supplies! Bonnie loves being involved with SafeHaven and thinks everyone should find their own ways to get involved. She plans on continuing to do fundraisers and invites her friends and family to join her. We love Bonnie’s story, because it showcases that, no matter what, we can all find a way to make a difference in the lives of shelter animals. In honor of Bonnie’s perseverance and support, her kennel plaque still hangs proudly in our dog area.

Giving Tuesday

A Global Giving Movement | December 3, 2019 #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. Last year, you raised $2,390 for the animals here at the shelter and the many more to come that will need our help. Many more just like Layla in this photo, who came to SafeHaven pregnant with her 8 puppies and needed a helping hand. Because of your support, Layla found a loving foster home, had her babies in a safe, caring environment, and has found her forever family!

Giving Tuesday 2018

This year, we are so excited to team up with the RIST Group of Keller Williams Realty who will help us officially kick off the giving season! Join us on December 3rd as we raise more funds to find homes for all of our animals just in time for the holidays! Visit our website and social media to hear the stories and to donate.

COVER PHOTO STORY Dave and Darlene Chambers first became involved with SafeHaven in 1994 after Darlene finished 25 years of what she refers to as the “corporate crazies”. She and Dave wanted to spend more time on their farm and began raising Pygora goats. One day, Darlene saw something in the newspaper about a SafeHaven Board of Directors meeting, noting that anyone was welcome. She decided to attend and that’s where she met board member Osalyn Houser who recognized Darlene’s love of animals and quickly convinced her to join the board. Within the next year, the Chambers adopted two dogs from SafeHaven, Poochie and Delta, and Darlene convinced husband Dave and son Eric to help with much needed yard work at the old shelter. In February 2018, Dave and Darlene adopted beautiful Shasta, our cover girl for this issue. Shasta was one of the Malamute mix puppies rescued from a hoarding case in California earlier that year and we think it is safe to say she is now living a wonderful life with the Chambers. Darlene’s advice to others considering adopting a puppy (or kitten): LOVE, PATIENCE, TIME AND TRUE UNDERSTANDING that the animal is now adjusting more to YOU than you to them. Rinse, repeat! Dave and Darlene Chambers have been dedicated and generous supporters of SafeHaven since Darlene attended her first board meeting back in 1994. If you visit SafeHaven, you will find their names on a plaque outside of the Humane Education Room. When the new facility was being built five years ago, the Chambers chose to sponsor that room to provide a wonderful space for children to learn compassion, respect, kindness and more in SafeHaven’s many Humane Education programs. More recently, Darlene helped to spear head the effort to raise the necessary funds to build an on-site spay/neuter surgical suite at SafeHaven. That important addition will be completed this fall. We asked Darlene why she chooses to continue supporting SafeHaven. Her answer? “Other than a true love of critters, I would say that SafeHaven does THE BEST job of educating people of ALL ages of the true value and love to be gained from adopting a pet. As a former teacher, I know education is THE MOST important factor in the ethical treatment and subsequent natural love of animals. So much is also to be learned from them, so it’s a WIN-WIN!”


Community COOLING DOWN IN STYLE On Saturday, July 13th, Sid Stevens Jewelers hosted a free ice cream stand for people passing by during Crazy Daze, one of Albany’s oldest traditions where downtown Albany stores offer merchandise at ‘crazy’ reduced prices. Long time board member and SafeHaven supporter Osalyn Houser rounded up volunteers to serve ice cream and shoppers could choose to donate to SafeHaven. Everyone had a great time! Who doesn’t love ice cream? And, with an extra generous donation from Sid and Susan Stevens, this ‘pop up’ event brought in $400 toward the care of shelter animals. Check out Osalyn Houser, Kathy Sonderman and Anne Gourley proudly representing SafeHaven Humane Society. Marge Tomlin, Becky Stillwell and Trudy and Carl Eikenberry also helped serve ice cream throughout the day.

PUPPIES & FAMILY FUN Saturday, June 29th was a day of family fun and client appreciation as the Rist Group of Corvallis hosted their annual Wine & Dine family event at Eola Hills Winery. SafeHaven was thrilled to be invited and even brought along some furry guests. Three loveable puppies, Crackle, Countess Chocula, and Trixie made the trek to the winery and were a big hit. The Rist Group is so much fun to be around and we are grateful to call them partners in our mission. They consistently support SafeHaven and are always happy to be a part of the happenings at the shelter and community events. These puppies and their 5 other siblings came back to the shelter from foster care in early July and all found homes within the weekend!

HEART ON THE ROCKS Earlier this summer, we were contacted by Michelle Paquet, a recently retired artist who has spent some of her time creating hand painted rocks. She had the idea to create rocks for SafeHaven and donate them so we could sell them to help continue funding our programs. We instantly loved the idea and were so impressed when she came to drop off the first batch of rocks. Designs include dogs, cats, and rocks with quotes like “I love my pet”. Just like we thought would happen, the rocks instantly started selling and our visitors loved them! Michelle always is happy to bring more and frequently checks in on how we’re doing. She also visits fairs and events as a vendor with her business, Heart on the Rocks. Thank you, Michelle! 11




SafeHaven Humane Society’s annual photo contest is back! From August 15th to September 15th, we want to see your best petparazzi photos. This photo contest fundraiser is an exciting way to celebrate your pet while helping SafeHaven shelter pets who are eagerly waiting for a home of their own. ENTERING YOUR PET IS FREE! Once a photo is submitted, it will appear in the online gallery and be open to voting by the general public. Votes are $1 each, with a minimum $5 donation for five votes.


Picture Perfect Workshop Does your dog wiggle about and not sit still for photos? Wishing to finally get great pictures of your dog? Then attend the Picture Perfect Workshop at SafeHaven. In this 2 hour workshop, you’ll not only receive valuable photography advice from an expert in Pet Photography, but you will learn clever new ways to help your dog love to sit still for the camera. You will even learn how to get your dog to pose in several cute ways that you’ll both love! Have a dog that is fearful of cameras? This workshop will cover that, too! Price: $25 to Audit (without a dog). $40 for a Working Spot (with a dog). Due to space, working spots limited to 5 dogs. Unlimited auditing spots available. Co-Hosts: Peggy Krause, owner of PhotoPaws by PKJ and trainer, Kaysha Rogers, CPDT-KA

Date: Saturday September 21st at 12:30 p.m.

In Memoriam If you’ve visited SafeHaven this summer, you might have noticed a new oasis near our Intake and Volunteer entrance. This beautiful bench and fountain were donated by family and friends of Jeffrey Scariano who, sadly, passed away in March 2018. Chris Scariano, Jeff’s brother, described Jeff as an absolute dog lover. In his life, he rescued two dogs, Alphie, who flunked out of service animal school, and Dukie, a Blue Heeler from Mexico who was with Jeff until his final days. Jeff Scariano lived part of every year in Mexico to pursue his love of surfing. He had been an avid surfer most of his life, beginning in middle school, and had a true passion for being outdoors and, of course, being in the ocean. In 2018, while Jeff was in Mexico, he tragically lost his life in a surfing accident. When the Scarianos lost Jeff, they requested donations be directed to SafeHaven Humane Society in lieu of flowers, food, or donations to the family. This resulted in over $15,000 in donations to help the animals at SafeHaven, more than any memorial in the past 10 years. SafeHaven Executive Director Chris Storm brainstormed with Jeff’s family, including dad Ralph, mom Linda and brother Chris, to find the best way to honor Jeff’s life and his love of animals. They eventually decided to combine his love of the outdoors and tending to the garden with his mother, Linda, by building a peaceful area with a fountain and gorgeous bench in Jeff’s memory. SafeHaven is deeply honored to house this stunning tribute to Jeffrey Scariano, in his memory and for his love of animals. The donations sent in his honor are a true testament to how many lives he touched during his 43 years and the funds will help many animals find a second chance, just like Jeff’s two rescue dogs, Alphie and Dukie.

SEARCHING FOR Once upon a time in the land of Albany in a little placed called SafeHaven, four friends em’barked’ on a find true love. They were all aware this would not be an easy task. You see, a spell was cast upon them by a jealous feline. Would their beauty and charm find them a family before she found hers? She could not allow that to be. Now, she reasoned, nobody would adopt them if the spell was cast. Their fate was sealed and they would remain at SafeHaven while those around them found loving homes. Her plan, it seemed, had worked.


The kitty was adopted, but many months have passed and Ellie, Jackson, Joe, and Mickey remain at SafeHaven. They dream of a life outside and a home to call their own. Will you break the spell and give one of these four friends the “happily ever after” they deserve? If you are looking to add one (or two) canine friends to your household, please consider one of the fabulous four! If you would like more information about adoption, please visit the fabulous four at SafeHaven Humane Society. Break the curse for one of these pets forever!




Gift & Thrift TIPS ON HOW TO THRIFT SHOP LIKE A BOSS 1. Give yourself a huge high five for choosing to shop at one of SafeHaven’s Gift & Thrift stores! By shopping at either location, not only are you going to find one-of-a-kind treasures, but you are contributing to the rescuing of thousands of animals each year that would otherwise have no options for a forever family. 2. Dress comfortably. Thrift shopping can take more time than going to the mall or your local Target. You’ll want to be able to spend as much time as possible scanning each section and getting through everything as there is so much to see at both of our stores. 3. Get to know the Thrift Store employees and volunteers. Our staff and volunteers are some of the nicest people in town and if you are looking for something specific, chances are, they’ll be able to help you out! If you are interested in volunteering at either store, we would love to have you! Email us at


4. Check the Daily Deals! At both SafeHaven Gift & Thrift stores, there is always a great deal to be had. Every day is a new deal and if you are looking for something specific, like furniture for example, you’ll be able to see when the best day is to shop. You can find the Daily Deals at the stores, on our website, or at the SafeHaven Gift & Thrift Facebook page. 5. Bring a friend (or two or three). Thrifting is always more fun with an animal-loving buddy. You can help each other scour for terrific finds or even laugh about some of the treasures that might not be for you. Your pet is even welcome at both stores! We ask that they be on a leash, of course but we would love to meet your furry friend.

The Albany Pet Hotel has been serving the Linn/Benton area for over 20 years. We strive to provide the best care possible for our guests for your pet's overall wellbeing as well as YOUR PEACE OF MIND.

Call 541-926-9351 to learn more!


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