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The Pet Gazette Hot Holiday Giveaway! To enter the contest you just need to let us know where you picked up this copy of The Pet Gazette. That’s it! There are 5 ways to reach out to us. Mention all 5 in your entry and if you win we will double your prize! A $100 gift card from Tuft and Paw, makers of the Sphere Bed

Edye’s Face & Body Butter

Nature’s Blend Dog Food (3 bags to each winner)

Rescue Runts (KD Kids)


drmartypets An Echo Dot with FREE 6-month MyPetDoc subscription that will allow you to talk with a veterinarian live, 24/7 with at no cost.

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool therealaquapaw

EdyesNaturals tuftandpaw


Funny Fake Rat in a Box from The Gifted Rat

Aquapaw Slow Treater therealaquapaw

Benebone Maplestick mybenebone

eCloth Pet Bowl Scrubbers eclothUSA


STICK-AMIS mobile phone stickers for hands-free selfies stickamis

A Puppy Cake Gift Pack puppycakemix


1. Entry: No purchase necessary to enter or win. Contestants will enter by submitting an answer as a comment to the Facebook post. Void where prohibited. 2. Eligibility: This contest is open only to legal U.S. residents, over the age of 18. Void where prohibited by law. Contestants residing in those areas where the contest is void may participate in the contest but may not win any prizes. 3. Winner Selection: The Pet Gazette staff will administer the contest. The contest will be conducted on an intermittent basis, each time beginning with the posting of a prize and concluding with an announced time. The winner will be chosen at random from answers in the comments. Odds of winning in any contest depend on the number of entries received for that drawing segment 4. Winner Notification: Winners will be notified within 14 days after the determination date via Facebook. Inability to contact a winner may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner. 5. Use of Contest Information: The Pet Gazette reserves the right to use any and all information related to the contest, for editorial, marketing and any other purpose, unless prohibited by law. 6. Not Endorsed by Facebook: By participating in this contest, you acknowledge that this contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook and release Facebook from any and all liability arising from or related to this contest. The information you are providing for this contest is being provided to The Pet Gazette and not to Facebook and will be used to notify you if you have won. 7. Conduct: All contest participants agree to be bound by these Official Rules. The Pet Gazette in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person it finds to be tampering with the entry process, the operation of its website or is otherwise in violation of these rules.

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LIVS Integrative Medicine Department

East Meets West...The Best of Both Worlds...One Medicine

Dr. Michel Selmer is an Integrative Veterinarian and one of only a handful of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Practitioners that holds a Master’s Degree in the World. Dr. Selmer is a certified TCVM practitioner and provides the following Integrative Medical Therapies: • Acupuncture • Herbal Medicine • Food Therapy

• Tui-na • Nutritional Consults • Cold Laser Therapy

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Selmer call 516-501-1700 or visit

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Publisher Letter We are so excited you have picked up this copy of The Pet Gazette and to thank you we want to give you free pet stuff!! As you can imagine, it took a lot of time and work to have this copy magically appear in your hands and we want to reward it’s successful arrival. To enter the contest you just need to let us know where you picked up this copy of The Pet Gazette. That’s it! There are 5 ways to reach out to us (the email option is below). Mention the 5 ways in your entry and if you win we will double your prize! Even more exciting than free stuff is that you picked up this copy of The Pet Gazette because you have some love for pets in your heart. We want to fuel that love with more overwhelming cuteness and here we can only offer you 32 pages. I am here to remind you that this printed copy of The Pet Gazette is just the tip of the iceberg. Are you following us on social media? In our last Social Media Report Issue we featured over 100 pets, many with over 100,000 followers. The best way to unlock all the extra content about these pets is to visit our website. We have the whole list for you there! At the end of the day, the goal is to be smiling, while we cuddle with our pet, while watching other pets make us smile even more. To help facilitate this big smiley goal, I am working to assemble a team of pet ambassadors who are looking for ways to contribute to the pet community. Many people have reached out, so if we haven’t coordinated a role for you yet, please don’t be discouraged, we are excited to figure out something with you together. Finally, if you’d like (we would certainly like it) please reach out to us. Send us a picture of your pet and a little story about how you two met. Share with us your social media page so we can follow you. Share with us any products you and your pet like. Share with us your favorite social media pets. Any health tips you know about or want to learn about. Really, anything pet related…for instance, in this issue, check out 7 year old Oriana, who sent in her pet inspired dress that she designed!! Keep up the good work! 4 • The Pet Gazette

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The Pet Gazette’s Hot Holiday Giveaway Crowdfunding Your Pet Idea Hot Holiday Gifts for Pets and Paw-rents Pets Are Foodies,Too Purrfect Pet Products Healthy Paws Smart Safety Digital Delights Google Your Way Into a Fun Job Out & About Pet Tech News & Tracks & In Memoriam About the Cover

Catering to US pet owners and pet businesses. New features now available daily online at and via The Pet Gazette App. Editors: Jason Klatsky, Rachel Law, Jeremy Sage Writers: Jennifer Galluzzo, Wendy Crawford, Korell Constable Graphic Design: InMotion Media Digital Publication Founder: Jim Dempsey Publisher: Jason Klatsky PO Box 432, Somers, NY. 10589, 914-273-9721 If you would like your business to be a part of our distribution, send a request to: Jason Klatsky, We accept photos, opinions, short articles, stories, poems and drawings from the general public. We assume no responsibility for failure to publish a submission or for typographic errors published, or incorrect placement. The content of the magazine consists of copyrightable material and cannot be reproduced without the expressed permission of the publishers.

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Crowdfunding - A Penny for Your Ideas A Little Help Online Can Go a Long Way by Korell Constable


and small businesses, allowing specific goals to be set for funding. The most famous donationbased crowdfunding site would be “GoFundMe.” Its versatility has allowed it to become the go-to method for any fundraising situation.

here is nothing worse than having a wonderful unique idea and letting it waste away. Our pets inspire us to become innovators, even if it’s just for a brief period of time. Fundamental inventions such as a retractable dog leash or even the scratching post all came from something astounding that our pets did. And now, thanks to social media, reaching out to like minded individuals is as simple as sending out a text.

The second most popular type would be Rewards Crowdfunding. This is a similar method to the donation based crowdfunding but it offers a variety of incentives as “rewards” for helping. People who donate are offered a reward which can range from a heartfelt “thank you” to specific perks or discounts towards the product itself. Kickstarter is a great example as it allows inventors to set realistic goals for their campaign, cementing the foundation for their vision.

Crowdfunding is the newest trend to actually help turn dreams and innovations into reality. It’s The final two types are Equity and the process of raising money for a project Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding which are or product online in small donations. People who donate toward a more specific audience. The best thing about crowdfunding is are offered a reward tailored With Equity Crowdfunding, small anyone can, and they do, help bring your which can range from businesses can offer financial backers idea to life. Family, friends, strangers and a heartfelt “thank the opportunity to become shareholders even celebrities can donate money to you” to specific within the start-up company. For Peer-tohelp you create the perfect day spa for perks or discounts Peer, you would reach out mainly to those dogs. You’re probably thinking, “There towards the product in your social networks in order to raise has to be a catch or con somewhere,” or itself. funds. This creates a more personal bond “nobody gives money out for free these between the brand and its supporters. days,” and you’re not entirely wrong. There are four different types of It may seem a little complex at first, but crowdfunding you can use crowdfunding is the best way to create and to help start your business. maintain your idea as your own. Rome was not What donors receive in built overnight, and neither will a successful exchange for helping your start up campaign. You will exhaust your social cause varies based on the networks, the process will be time consuming and type of Crowdfunding you there will be some type of cost as your idea slowly, choose to use. but surely becomes a reality. Trust the process because the success at the end of the road is The first and most commonly used type is worth the effort. For reassurance just ask your pet Donation-Based Crowdfunding. This method who will be with you every step of the way! TPG is tailored more towards the “pet-entrepreneurs”

List of Top Crowdfunding Sites for your Pet Projects

6 • The Pet Gazette

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for Pets and Paw-rents by Jennifer Galluzzo


ith the holidays around the corner, The Pet Gazette went in search of the most unique, practical, and entertaining products for you and your pet. From tasty treats to tech, toys to tools, we found some of the most outrageous and adorable gifts for every animal lover and their fur babies to enjoy!

Pets Are Foodies,Too With an array of fresh, all natural, freeze dried and human grade food available today, you can now treat your pet to a delicious and healthy meal. Here are some of our favorites...

YaDoggie Kibble:

This delicious premium grain-free kibble available in three recipes buffalo & duck, lamb & sweet potato and turkey & pea. Delivered directly to customer’s doors, YaDoggie customizes the experience according to each user and their dog, considering breed, size, activity level and more to ensure your pup has the perfect plan for their unique needs.

8 • The Pet Gazette

Just $5 to try, 7lb bag is $30, a 14lb bag is $45 and a 26lb bag is $69 |

YaDoggie Fresh:

You’ve probably tried a meal service for yourself. How about one for your pup? YaDoggie Fresh is human-grade fresh dog food delivered right to your door, ready to cook in minutes. Users simply open the pre-portioned package, pour the contents into an Instant Pot and 20 minutes later they have an ample supply of homemade dog food. YaDoggie Fresh is available in turkey and salmon formulations, both of which were carefully designed by a licensed veterinary nutritionist. For subscribers who don’t own an Instant Pot, YaDoggie’s human-grade dog food can also be made in any standard pressure cooker or stove-top pot. For a 35lb dog you’ll need 2 bags per week, so that’s $30 per week + shipping which equates to roughly $150 per month. If you’re using it as a mixer it would be about $75 per month. If you’re using it as a topper it would be about $40 per month. Pet parents can order YaDoggie Fresh at

HempBone Bacon-Apple Donuts

When we first opened the bag of these dog treats, we wanted to eat them ourselves. Then our 3-yearold golden retriever tried them out. At first, he was unsure of the delicious scent of cinnamon and apples. But once he tried it, he was an instant fan and wanted more. Your dogs will too with Phyto Animal Health HempBone Bacon-Apple Donuts cannabidiol (CBD) pet treats. These allnatural CBD-infused soft chews are not only tasty, but they are healthy too! CBD can help provide support to your dog’s cardiovascular function, fight anxiety, support joints and hips, and provide other desirable side effects such as glowing skin and hair. Triple-Lab-Tested for quality and safety, these Bacon-Apple Donuts are recommended by veterinarians across the U.S. $25.50 |

Caru Cat Stews

Let’s face it – most cats love human food. Now you can treat your cat to a festive feast with Caru’s new Cat Stews. Made with all natural, human-grade ingredients to cater to every cat’s personal taste, they look, smell and taste like homemade meals. They are packed with added vitamins, minerals and taurine, and contain no GMO ingredients, grains or gluten. With flavors like Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, and Chicken with Crab, your cat will have something to be thankful for this holiday season. $2.69 |

Nature’s Blend Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Nature’s Blend premium freeze-dried dog food is all-natural and made of high quality ingredients with zero negative additives, chemicals, preservatives or fillers. A huge hit! The nutritionpacked formula is designed to give your dog a healthier, happier life. All of the ingredients are received fresh, then gently freeze dried, so they’re bursting with flavor and nutrition. $59.95/bag |

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Puppy Cake Holiday Cookie Mix

Share the joy of homemade “sugar” cookies with your dog this holiday using Puppy Cake Holiday Cookie Mix. This all-natural cookie mix is made with healthy and dog safe ingredients. These cookies bake just like regular cookies, by adding 1 egg, water and oil to bake. A bone-shaped cookie cutter is included in the bag to make bone-shaped “sugar” cookies. These cookies are wheat-free and gluten-free. $6.99 |

Puppy Scoops Candy Cane Ice Cream Mix Share the love of one of your favorite desserts with Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix. Just add water and freeze to make creamy, peppermint ice cream specially for your dog! This ice cream is designed for dogs and is lactose free.

$6.99 |

Canna-Biscuit Dog Treats

Canna-Pet’s bite-sized biscuits are perfect for any size pet and are super convenient to bring along traveling. Canna-Pet’s Canna-Biscuits are allnatural and organic CBD pet supplements for dogs made from industrial hemp, (not marijuana). This means that it contains CBD but not THC, so it won’t get your pet high. Perfect if your pet suffers from pain, allergies, anxiety, seizures, cancer and more. Canna-Pet’s Canna-Biscuits come in Turkey Dinner, Maple Bacon and PB&A (peanut, banana and apple) flavors! $16.99 |

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is at the forefront of the real food movement for man’s best friend. The Farmer’s Dog is a service that delivers balanced, freshly made pet food with simple recipes, guided by science, and driven by love. The Farmer’s Dog has developed an algorithm that could actually save our dogs through what we feed them. Their proprietary technology considers everything from a dog’s breed and age to ailments like allergies, lethargy, and tear stains to create customized, fresh, human grade food with the goal of added years to a dog’s life. $18.07/week (topper) to $90.77/week

10 • The Pet Gazette

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Purrfect Pet Products There’s no shortage of products for pets. Here are our top picks for practical presents, extravagant luxuries, and downright unique items.

Wagz™ Explore Smart Collar

Keeping tabs on your dog has never been easier. The Wagz™ Explore Smart Collar is the centerpiece of the completely connected pet lifestyle. It is the first smart dog collar of its kind that combines real-time data for activity monitoring, nutritional intelligence, GPS tracking, temperature alerts, ability to set customized safety zones with humane corrections, invisible leash, and HD video streaming with bark alerts to help owners manage their dogs’ lifestyle - from anywhere, at any time. As an added bonus, it communicates with the brand’s high-tech suite of products including the Serve Smart Feeder and new products: Go Smart Door, Play Smart Treat Dispenser, and Drink Smart Water Dish. $495 |

Wagz™ Serve Smart Feeder and Whello™ Food

Gone are the days of worrying about your dog eating all of his food at once when you go out and leave him home for the day. The Wagz™ Smart Serve Feeder is part of the Wagz connected lifestyle system and is the only dog feeder that delivers the right nutrition at the right time while keeping you remotely connected to your pup. When connected with the smart collar, it allows pet owners to automate mealtime based on activity levels, eliminating concerns of overeating with intelligent serving technology that allows pet owners to control mealtimes from their smartphones. It can be loaded with any food, but also accepts new Whello™ smart food boxes that easily snap into the feeder - a premium quality dog food that has adopted a “Keurig™-like” food delivery system with stay-fresh premium food cartridges that snap directly into the feeder to eliminate waste and hassle. It offers a built-in replenishment system that monitors and detects when food levels are low, then automatically reorders food to be shipped to you. How cool is that! $345 |

Petzi Treat Cam™

Finally, a remote treat dispenser that has a companion app and pet data collection platform that uses audio, video and rewards to allow pet lovers to see, speak to, and snap photos of their pets from anywhere! The Petzi Treat Cam allows users to immediately share photos and engage with like-minded pet lovers. During this season of joy, it brings an extra layer of connectivity, love and playtime so dogs and their owners can enjoy each other’s company - even remotely. $169.99 |

12 • The Pet Gazette

“If My Cat Could Talk” Personalized Book

Create a personalized book with cattitude! Customize the illustrated cat in the book to look like your own pet by choosing from numerous illustrated cat styles and colors. The cat’s name and the names of up to four family members are also included throughout the story and illustrations, which is the part we fell in love with most! Include a special message for the dedication page and two photos, one in the front and another in the back of the book, to make this a purr-sonal gift. $29.99/$39.99 for Gift set with holiday ornament. Use code ACR10 to receive 10% off your purchase, and a percent of proceeds are donated to Anjellicle Cats Rescue in New York City. You can order at

Petlandia Personalized Story Book

Make your pet the star of a personalized, custom storybook. Using a simple online tool at you can create an adorable lookalike of your dog or cat in just a few clicks. This likeness of your pet will then star in its very own 36-page personalized storybook. Each illustrated book also includes the name of the pet’s owner and hometown. Simply enter the name and details of your pet(s) to fetch your storybook. We tried this out and now have a new daily bedtime ritual. The kids (and adults) love it! Plus, it was super easy, and it is personalized through and through in really unique ways. $29.99 |

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Benebone Pawplexer

Ever wished you could make those expensive treats last longer? Prefer not to have bully stick stink rubbed all over your carpet? Try the

City Gypsy Wristlet Pet Carrier

The City Gypsy Wristlet Pet Carrier comfortably and safely holds your pet, and can be folded into a small compact wristlet bag that fits easily inside any tote or bag that you are carrying. It can even be used as a wristlet on its own with pockets to hold your necessities. Whether taking your pup to work with you, seeing that sale sign at your favorite store while walking your fur baby or simply experiencing your four-legged companion run out of steam, these carriers can be used to hold your pet, to be your purse, or to be stowed away. $195 |

Benebone Maplestick Chews

Benebone Maplestick chews are cleverly designed so your pup can get a good chew! They use only 100% real flavor in their nylon chew toys, 100% USA-sourced nylon and real maple wood. Did you know the Sugar Maple is New York’s state tree? Every Maplestick is Made in New York. They are fully committed to Made in USA, including packaging, tooling, and all material and ingredient sourcing. They are also fully devoted to the welfare of dogs through product donations and community involvement.

Pawplexer from Benebone, the toy in which you can insert your own dog treat. What makes the Pawplexer unique is the rubberized center portion that is perfect for holding a bully stick, jerky, or your dog’s favorite treat. Made in the USA using the same high-quality ingredients as the rest of the Benebone family, the Pawplexer can hold its own as a chew toy but doubles as a way to challenge the craftier dogs out there. This new chew will make any sized dog a happy dog. Under $20 |


GoBone is the world’s first smart bone for your dog. It automatically keeps your dog active while you’re busy and opens up a whole new world of play when you’re together. GoBone was designed from the ground up to play the way your dog wants. GoBone is chewable, treatable, and it features intelligent software to personalize its movement for your dog. $199 |

$10.62 - $17.41 |

14 • The Pet Gazette

Dog Rocks

Bye-bye, burn marks! Offered exclusively by Podium Pet Products, Dog Rocks are a safe, non-toxic, chemical-free way to eliminate burn marks across the lawn with little effort. They’re proven to work continuously to filter out the specific impurities responsible for excess nitrate concentrations in canine urine without affecting the pH balance of the dog’s drinking water. $16.99 for 200g bag, $49.99 for 600g bag

Winter Paw

Winter walks can now be more comfortable for your pups. Gold Paw Series debuts the Winter Paw - a sleek and stylish winter coat for dogs that goes above and beyond with their innovative and thoughtfully designed product. This non-toxic and eco-friendly winter coat will keep out drafts and moisture for your pup with its extra-long fitted and insulated design. With its protective layers, Fido will remain comfortable and warm during their daily walks, even in the winter time. The Winter Paw is available in three different color combinations for any fashion sense and can be layered over any Gold Paw Series’ fleece for extra warmth and comfort. $89 - $109 |

The Handy Camel Large Bag Clips

No more messy pet food bags! What pet lover doesn’t need a giant bag clip for bags up to 40 lbs? It re-seals large bags of pet food with a carry handle and helps you control when you pour out the content if clipped on an angle to create a pour spout. Made in the USA. Get a 2pk for $21 |

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Catio Spaces

Raffi: Dog on the Floor

Beloved children’s entertainer Raffi has a new album just in time for the holidays called Dog on the Floor. The 15-song album - his 25th - embodies the qualities of fun, imagination, and learning that have always animated Raffi’s songs. Dog on the Floor has no less than three songs inspired by Raffi’s new puppy Luna: the title track, “Walking My Dog” and the self-explanatory “Luna’s Song.” “Listen to the Horses,” “Dragonfly” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb” add to the animal fun. It’s music to an animal lovers’ ears! Around $10 |


STICK-AMIS are clever phone stickers that enable complete hands-free usage of phones and tablets. No special case sizes needed! A perfect product for pet owners, as it enables hands free videos and perfect pet selfies...on the first click. Available in a variety of pet-inspired themes.

$12.99 |

16 • The Pet Gazette

Talk about luxury! A catio is a cat enclosure or “cat patio” that provides feline safety and enrichment outdoors. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, a catio can be the purrfect solution while you enjoy peace of mind knowing your cat is always safe. Catio Spaces and their DIY plans for a winwin gift any responsible cat parent will appreciate. Cynthia Chomos, founderdesigner, builds custom catios in the Greater Seattle area, and also offers detailed stepby-step plans in a variety of sizes and styles for windows, patios/decks/balconies and free-standing for yards. Cynthia donates a percentage of each DIY sale to an animal welfare organization. She also has an affiliate program, so such organizations can raise funds for their causes. Gift certificates are also available. Varies |

Elf Dog Costume by Pet Krewe

The Elf Dog Costume by Pet Krewe is a fun and festive way to get pups in the spirit too! This costume is comfortable and easy to put on. Just tie it around the mane and fit over the front legs. Costume includes a hat and attached arms which gives the impression of dogs standing on their hind legs. Grab a camera and get ready because holiday party guests are going to want to take a photo with your furball. $15.99 |

Gen7Pets™ Luxury and Deluxe Car Seat Protectors

Finding a unique gift for a dog dad may not always be the easiest task. This holiday season, if you’re shopping for a man who loves their four-legged friend, consider purchasing a unique gift that will benefit both pup and owner. The Gen7Pets™ Luxury and Deluxe Car Seat Protectors will make a fantastic gift for dog dads who love to travel and go on adventures with their pup by their side and keep a clean car interior. The Luxury Car Seat Protector is plush, quilted and stylish, and gives comprehensive coverage with protective side flaps, which offer a complete shield from dirt, pet hair, dander and moisture. $59 |

Gen7Pets™ Monaco™ Pet Stroller

Need help finding the perfect present for the pet lover in your life that seems to have everything? The Gen7Pets™ Monaco™ Pet Stroller is asplurgeworthy gift that both pet and owner will love and get great use out of! Pet strollers today are a huge trend as people enjoy life with their pets. For those who live in a city, commuting by train or subway may require pets to be put in a carrier. Pet parents have discovered that it’s much easier pushing a stroller than lugging around a carrier. Plus, you can prevent raw paws from salt, snow or ice during the winter, and burnt paws in the summer. Utilizing a stroller is a safe way to give our smaller pets a secure and comfortable place to cruise in while they enjoy some fresh air. $229.99 |

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Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

The Aquapaw Bathing Tool is the world’s first wearable combination sprayer-scrubber that can be turned on and off by simply making a fist. Stay in total control over your pet and the flow of water during the entire bathing process. Simply ‘Click’ ON and ‘Click’ OFF. Control with one-hand by making a fist and pressing button in center of the palm, allowing you to always keep one hand on your pet. Includes adapters to connect to either your shower or garden hose, Comes with 8’(2.5m) hose.

$24.99 |

Aquapaw Slow Treater

This innovative treat slow feeder helps persuade pups to get in the tub and keep them there. Simply spread their favorite treat in its center and stick it to any smooth surface. The rubber nubs will help extend how long they will enjoy it. Dishwasher safe, freezable, and can be used anywhere! $10.99 |

18 • The Pet Gazette

Turdlebag Dog Waste Tote

We all have to do it, whether we’re ready or not. Now you can pick up after your pup without making a stink about it with this tasteful tote. The Turdlebag™ conveniently attaches to your leash, backpack, or belt loop and modestly stows and transports your poo-pick-up bags until you reach a proper receptacle. A snap strap keeps the bag secure, and a pocket behind the pick-up bag dispenser provides a safe place for keys, credit cards, cash, and even your phone. Compact and stylish, this canine accessory adapts to various dog-friendly situations, including park walks, hikes, and camping. Fully lined and machine washable.

$19.99 |

Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

From cat videos to social media, your worldly feline has got a lot of reasons to stay connected— trouble is, he gets his computer access by sitting on your keyboard as you try to type. Make your cat the most tech-savvy furball on the block with this prop laptop scratching pad. Made to look just like your own computer, this cardboard contraption features

a claw-ready keyboard for cats to scratch and an “operating system” that can be upgraded by simply printing out a new “desktop image” and sliding it in the cardboard monitor. The perfect gift for the cat who has everything, and the paw-rent who needs to get their work done! $35 |

Pet Portrait Fun

Have a whimsical portrait of your pet painted by NYC based artist Michele Cahill, the brains behind Pet Portrait Fun. Or, if you are in NYC, experience a paint your own pet portrait party. If you can’t make it into the city you can try a “DIY Pet Portrait FUN Kit” shipped to you with a custom sketch of your pet. With easy to follow instructions you can paint your pet’s portrait with confidence and look like a pro. $65 |

Subscription Form ---------------------------------------------------------If you would like to have issues of The Pet Gazette mailed to your home, all we ask for is $28, a fun picture of your pet & the information below. You can also subscribe via our App.

Name Address Phone/Email Specific location where you find The Pet Gazette

required ---------------------------------------------------------Mail to: Attn. Subscriptions: PO Box 432, Somers, NY. 10589

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Sphere Cat Bed

This piece of modern artwork is a cat cave in disguise. Its game-changing design combines metal, wood, and cotton for a well-balanced contrast of textures. Treat your cat to a vacation in the beautifully woven fibers of its sleeping compartment. A sturdy metal frame with delicately tapered wooden legs holds the sphere in place without scratching your floor. When your cat climbs inside the easy-to-access circular door, he or she is greeted with a generous cloud-soft pillow for a divine rest.

Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

This feeder gives your kitty a more instinctual eating experience. Your cat might be an eightpound purr ball most of the day, but when it’s play time, their stalk-and-pounce is a reminder that they’re ancestors of fierce jungle creatures. So, when it comes to meals, why serve them humanstyle in a bowl? Veterinarian Liz Bales designed this feeding system to look like common prey, simulating natural hunting and eating patterns. Simply add food to the dispenser, hide it, and let your kitty hunt, play, eat, and rest until hunger strikes again. Designed for one cat. $40 |

The DJANGO Pet Tote $299 |

The Gifted Rat Fake Rat in a Box

For the prankster loving gift-giver, how about a fake Rat in a Box? These loving realistic looking rats make an adorable pet & companion. Almost like a real pet with warm eyes your family and friends will love. Simple to care for and train! Free gift box and personal message. Loads of fun and amusement. Keep the fun going - place your fake rat (at home or office) in fun places for your pet – or family and friends - to find. $14.99 |

20 • The Pet Gazette

The DJANGO Pet Tote is a waxed canvas and leather pet tote designed for weekday commutes and weekend getaways. Your dog will love cozying up against the silky 230T nylon lining (water- and stain-resistant) and soft Sherpa-lined footpad (removable and machine washable). Four exterior and interior zip pockets secure your essentials, while a bag-to-harness tether ensures your dog’s comfort and security. Available in Olive Green, Navy Blue, and Black. $165 |

Rescue Runts (KD Kids)

Finally, a training tool for kids BEFORE they get a pet! Rescue Runts need a home to call their own. The super soft plush puppies arrive in their crate packaging with matted fur full of fleas, dirty paws, bruises and bumps, tears in their eyes and downturned ears. Care for your Rescue Runt using the included grooming kit to pick out the fleas, remove the cast, clean the dirt from their paws, wipe away their tears and brush their messy fur. Perk up their ears to complete the transformation from ragged runt to perfect pet! Choose a name and write it on the collar to make the adoption official. Rescue Runts include one pet, a brush, collar, tweezers and towel. Our kid testers tried it out and definitely approve! $19.99 |

Kitty Box Ramp

Kitty Box Ramp is the first Green, 100% recyclable, cat box ramp. Kitty Box Ramp allows arthritic, senior, and disabled cats to get in and out of the litter box comfortably. Veterinarian approved and made in the USA. Available in blue, lavender, and gray. $34.95 - $39.95 with replaceable tread packs ranging from $9.95 - $14.95 |

Evergreen Elf

Does your pet love to drink the Christmas tree water? Meet the Evergreen Elf - your Christmas tree water monitor. Christmas can be hectic, and it’s easy to forget to check whether the tree has enough water. A dry tree can put your home in danger. Evergreen Elf does the job for you, so you can focus on enjoying the season. This innovative monitor has both a visual and fun audio alert to let you know when the tree is dry. It works with most available commercial tree stands, and the interchangeable batteries are designed to last the entire holiday season. Your tree stays not only safer but also fresh-looking longer. $23 |

Evercare Pet Lint Roller

Let’s face it – pets are messy. As the inventor of the lint roller, Evercare experts have mastered all kinds of sticky situations. The Evercare Pet Lint Roller uses proprietary, U.S.-made, Extreme Stick tape that removes the toughest fur and debris from clothes & furniture and will aid in your tick removal cleaning process! The ergonomically designed Ergo Grip Handle makes cleaning feel more natural and allows you to clean even the most hard-to-reach areas of your furry friend. And for that hard to reach spot, the Evercare® Mega Lint Roller is an extra-wide adhesive roller that features an extendable handle that makes it easy to pick up lint, hair, and debris on floors and large surfaces. $7.89 & $12.99 |

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Healthy Paws We all want to ensure that our pet is the healthiest they can be. We’ve found everything from CBD products to skin creams to help you do just that.

Bye, Bye, Dog Breath Dental Kit

Bye, Bye, Dog Breath Dental Kit helps prevent dental disease and is the #1 health issue in dogs, yet it can be easily prevented. By the age of 3, 80-85 percent of dogs have dental disease. By age 4, it is nearly 100 percent, according to the Veterinary Centers of America. Bye, Bye, Dog Breath dental kit is vet-formulated and chock-full of natural ingredients, like cranberry, parsley, yucca and a

Dog Med Laser

The Dog Med Lazer is the only home-use certified Low Level Laser designed specifically for your favorite companion’s well-being. The Dog Med Laser will improve your canine’s quality of life without risks and can be conveniently used in the comfort of your home. The Dog Med Laser is a safe, effective, zero risk device for temporary pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and faster wound closure. It has been designed specifically for use on dogs (and cats) suffering from musculoskeletal conditions like osteoarthritis (AR), hip and elbow dysplasia, spinal disk conditions and patellar luxation. The Dog Med Laser is the solution to deliver a much better quality of life to your beloved furry friend. $500 |

CBD Dog Health

proprietary probiotic blend to help stop plaque build-up, strengthen gums and freshen breath. The dental kit consists of a powerful dental powder that you sprinkle on your dog’s food for a targeted and quick-delivery system, while the dual-layered dental sticks act as a yummy treat protecting your dog’s mouth. It is proudly made in the USA.

CBD Dog Health is a line of holistic and all-natural pet products that include CBD enriched hemp oils that can provide relief for inflammation, pain, psychosis, seizures, spasms and other common conditions such as anxiety. CBD Dog Health offers products such as CBD Oil and CBD Dog Salve. More information about CBD Dog Health’s products can be found here. $32 - $99.99 |

$49 – Enter the code PETGAZETTE for 10% off the kit (or the individual products). Good through Jan. 15, 2019.|

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Edye’s Natural’s Face & Body Butter

Edye’s Natural skin care products are made from organic, edible ingredients. They can be safely used on pets to help treat their skin conditions and relieve minor cuts, bruises and itching. Most pets weigh less than humans and their skin is thinner so it’s more penetrable. Handcrafted in New Jersey, Edye’s Naturals are gluten free, non-GMO, never tested on animals and free from all chemicals, parabens and synthetic fragrances. Edye’s Face & Body Butter; $20.00 for 2 oz, $33.00 for 4 oz |

MaxDaddy Bark Nuggets and MaxDaddy Bark Dust

MaxDaddy Bark Nuggets are dog treats made with CBD oil. They are made with 100 percent all-natural and certified organic ingredients. Available in four-ounce or eight-ounce size. MaxDaddy Bark Dust with CBD is MaxDaddy’s powdered formula that can be layered on top of food. MaxDaddy products are made specially for dogs with all natural and organic, whole food, and human grade ingredients. MaxDaddy Bark Nuggets and Bark Dust are infused with CBD from organic full spectrum hemp including naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD) extracted by efficient CO² processing. They can be used to treat anxiety, seizures, inflammation, digestion issues, pain, itching, and help with mobility. $19.99 - $34.99 |

Pet Bowl Scrubber by e-cloth

The e-cloth Pet Bowl Scrubber is a dual-sided scrubber to keep pet bowls separate from other kitchen cleaning tools. We tested it on the dog’s bowl that had been outside and baking in the sun for over a week - it worked like magic. The gray non-scratch scrubbing side easily removes stuck-on food residue and hardened debris, while the brown cloth side has 3.1 million fibers per square inch which trap, absorb, and remove grease, grime, and over 99% of bacteria. The e-cloth Pet Bowl Scrubber works using only water, helping to keep pets safe by not exposing them to toxic chemical residues. All products come with a 300-cycle machine wash guarantee. $5.99 plus free shipping |

Mary’s Whole Pet

Holiday travel means busy parties and freezing temperatures. This can be extremely stressful for our four-legged friends. Mary’s Whole Pet CBD can help. Mary’s CBD-infused Buddy Balm can be applied to the paws, nose or any weather-affected skin to protect against dryness caused by the harsh winter and help with relaxation. Plus, pet owners are reassured that the natural botanicals used in this product are high quality because Mary’s Whole Pet evaluates every product by a third-party laboratory to ensure consistency, potency, purity and safety. $30 |

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All Organic Essential Oil Spray that Repels Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitos

NHV Natural Pet Products & Supplements

NHV Natural Pet Products provide veterinarianformulated herbal supplements derived from organically grown or ethically wild crafted herbs to support the health and well-being of dogs, cats and other small animals. NHV supplements are manufactured at a state-of-theart GMP and FDA certified facility. You can select from a variety of products, including NHV Multi Essentials for overall pet health, NHV PetOmega 3 fish oil a great source of essential fatty acids, NHV Turmeric for overall support for pet health including joint pain and digestive disorders, the NHV Puppy and Kitten Starter Kit, which offers natural remedies to help get pets off to a healthy start, or the NHV Winter Health Kit, which helps pets stay healthy through the cold winter months. $36.95 - $177 |

This all-natural, organic plant-based flea, tick and mosquito repellent that is made of organic essential oils, including Rose Geranium Oil and Safflower Oil. It is a simple alternative to products that rely on DEET that can be toxic to cats, dogs and humans. Geraniol the active ingredient in Rose Geranium Oil is Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA and has been used effectively as a natural insect repellent for both animals and humans for over 15 years. The spray comes in a convenient 1.5 oz. aluminum travel-bottle to make it perfect for carrying in your pocket or bag to apply to your pets’ fur and yourself before going outside. $15 |

Veritas Farms Horse Crumble & Cat or Dog Tincture

Veritas Farms, a new phytocannabinoid hemp oil brand that is organic and fresh from the farm. Their pet line includes Horse Crumble, Bacon-flavored Dog Tincture, and Tuna-flavored Cat Tincture. The benefits of cannabininoids for animals are endless, including better mobility, reduction in pain, and of course it has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety, which is important for pets during the holidays, when they travel, when they go to the vet and so much more. We tried it out with our dog who is quite anxious in the car and it worked like a charm. $8 - $20 |

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Smart Safety We all want the best for our pets and keeping them safe is priority number one. These devices will help you do just that and put your mind at ease.


It may not be in your city yet, but it could be soon! Ever really need to go into a store or restaurant that doesn’t allow dogs? Now, you have a safe option. A DogSpot is a smart sidewalk sanctuary, providing your dog a safe and cozy home away from home while you briefly go somewhere they aren’t allowed. Just tap your membership card on the sensor to unlock the DogSpot. Your key card is unique to you, so only you can unlock the door to retrieve your dog. You can access the entire network of DogSpots in your app. Monitor your dog in real-time and rest assured knowing your dog is safe and comfortable. And if you’re a business, it’s a great way to get those customers you may miss because their best bud is in tow. DogSpot is currently available in Brooklyn, NY, Long Island, NY, Lakewood, NY, Yorktown Heights, NY, New York service areas (10 locations). Connecticut Service Plazas (8 locations), Detroit, MI, Ferndale, MI, Kearney, NE, Hickory, NC, Anderson, SC, Ocala, FL, Bee Cave, TX and Del Mar, CA. $.30/minute for up to 90 minutes

Home8 Twist Monitoring System

The Home8 Monitoring System and Twist Camera is a great way to keep track of your pets while you’re away or just out for the evening. Using the Home8 app on your smartphone, the 300-degree pan lets you see what your pets are doing and making sure they’re safe. The camera also offers one-way communication, so if you see Fido chewing on a pillow, you can tell him to stop. Works for kids, too, as we conveniently found out when we were testing it! Twist HD gives you a motor-driven panoramic view, detects motion and sound, and triggers your siren (if you have one - optional). The Home8 cameras can start to record 5 seconds before and 25 seconds after event detection and send push notifications directly to your smartphone. Now you don’t have to wonder which of your four-legged friends got into the kitchen trash! $299.99 |

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Guardzilla 360 Outdoor/Indoor Camera

Purr-fect for every type of pet owner, the Guardzilla 360 Outdoor/Indoor camera provides a panoramic 360-degree field of view – three times wider than typical Wi-Fi security are cameras. Its live HD video they you to peek in on your pup no matter where they areodd and back interact with him via two-way talk capabilities. It’s more than a security solution, it’s an all-in-one monitoring hub that offers 360-degree live streams and full duplex audio to keep tabs on furry friends. $229.99 |

Ellie, the Smart Pill Box

Ellie is the Smart Pill Box with brains and beauty. Ellie allows you to organize all pills in seconds, set reminders, and track progress. Each compartment contains one type of medication, so you can pour the pills in rather that sorting them pill-by-pill like you do with traditional pill boxes. Ellie is great for animals because they have much different medication regimens than we do. Many times, they only need one pill a week, one pill per month, or one every three months. For this reason, pet parents forget to give their pets the correct medications on time, especially for flea & tick and heartworm. Ellie is an empowering wellness accessory that is great for pets and pet parents alike!

Fetchcoins is the world’s first ever mobile pet ecosystem. Using AI and blockchain technology, pet owners can record their pets’ medical history and identity on an immutable ledger, monitor their health, post on social media when certain products or brands have been used and earn digital coins or “bones” from the brands mentioned that can then be used to purchase products. Pet owners can also input their pets’ character traits so when preferred stores or products are passed, AI can generate comments on behalf of the pet (that the owner can approve before being posted on social media). It adds a new dimension to how people look after and care for their pets. Fetchcoins are giving away the first 50,000 pendants for free so people can test out the benefits of the pendant for their pets.

Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar

The Pawtrack GPS cat collar by Flynn Product Design is latest in reliability and feline comfort. The compact Pawtrack collar takes regular GPS positions which are then uploaded via the cellular network to our server. In addition, it tracks on demand. This location is recorded and displayed on the app or can be viewed on your computer. Pawtrack lets you know where your kitty is 24/7. $150 |

$119. Use code PETGAZETTE for a $20 off coupon!

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Digital Delights We all relish in our daily digital activities. These apps will make your life as a paw-rent easier, and our pets can have some fun, too.

Wag! On-Demand Dog Walking App

Give a busy pet parent the gift of Wag! The ondemand mobile dog walking and sitting app helps alleviate the guilt of leaving their dogs by allowing them to instantly book walks for their pups.

Gift any amount |

SpotOn Ride Hailing App for Pets

Pet parents across New York City can rejoice that there is now finally an on-demand car service dedicated just for pets! SpotOn is a brand-new app and state-of-the-art ride-hailing car service that debuted in Manhattan this August. This new pet-friendly car service will cater to pet parents who are otherwise regularly turned down by standard NYC taxis or other car services. Perfect for pet parents who can’t fit their 60lb dog into a bag to ride the NYC subway. It is not easy to get around this metropolis with your pets; SpotOn is the perfect solution for city dwellers to get to the Upper East Side from SoHo with their pets. Varies by distance

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Vet24seven—a leader in pet health technology— has launched MyPetDoc, an Alexa skill that is the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) “SmartVet.” Now pet parents with a pet health question can talk with MyPetDoc on Amazon Alexa and get veterinarian-backed answers to their concerns. Once MyPetDoc has answered the pet parents’ questions, they can then choose to speak immediately with a licensed veterinarian for more

guidance and advice. MyPetDoc takes advantage of more than 35,000 text conversations between hundreds of veterinarians and thousands of pet owners, building a very effective voice AI that helps pet parents address their critical pet concerns. MyPetDoc is available now on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and will soon launch on Google Assistant. The skill is free for download. If you are interested in speaking with a vet directly, there is a $25 associated fee. |

Pet Animal Emoji Keyboard

Easier and more customizable than the standard iPhone emoji keyboard, take your messaging to a whole new level of experience. Pet lovers will be thrilled to be able to store and share any image right from their keyboard. Features also include customizing your pet image with glasses, a cap, jewelry, or even a mustache. Silliness. Also easily search the most popular pet videos and animated images. TPG $2.99 |

a given. So why not turn your affection for pets into a pay-check? That’s why we’ve put together some suggestions to help you earn some extra cash while having a good time.

Google Your Way Into a FUN Job by wendy crawford


eally and truly, pets and jobs can go hand-inhand (or should we say hand-in-paw!) You don’t have to go to veterinary school to work with animals…although you might end up inspired to do just that. Pet related jobs come in all sizes and shapes and it generally doesn’t matter whether you’re a teenager or a retiree. The only requirements are a sense of responsibility and a love of animals. These jobs range from part-time seasonal positions to full-time new careers… and everything in between Before we discuss job avenues, let’s talk basics. The benefits of a pet related job go far beyond a paycheck. For retirees, working for a dog walking service offers you a regular exercise pattern, the opportunity to meet/socialize with new people and, above all, it allows you to share the joy our pets experience while on a walk. Plus they’re darned good companions! For teens and college kids, pet related employment runs the gamut from part-time to actual internships, which can often lead to full-time employment once formal education is completed. Internships are the best way to determine if you really want to spend an extra 3-5 years going to vet school after college. This real life experience are a bonus for parents as well as for students. I write this from a personal perspective – my kid eliminated law school from her “I want to be” list after she interned with a lawyer one summer. Apparently she discovered saving the world was only a tiny part of the legal profession. Now, you are reading The Pet Gazette because you love pets. Let’s be honest, that’s sort of

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a thriving business year round. Pet owners who enjoy spending time with their friends often find themselves involved in plans that don’t always include pet-friendly spots. Similarly, a working parent may also choose to coach their kids’ sports team or volunteer for a community activity. There are all sorts of reasons that work in your favor if dog walking appeals to you. Here are two ways for you to approach this: 1. Work for an existing dog walking business. These businesses almost always need additional trainee walkers. Do a Google search for the ones that cover your area and contact them. You’ll quickly discover there might be a huge range of selections ranging from the basics all the way up to “concierge walking services.” Go for the ones that appeal to you and whatever you think is right for the dogs. 2. Start your own small part time seasonal business. Get the word out to neighbors that YOU are available. The online networking platform, NextDoor, is neighborhood specific and people across the country are using it to find local pet walkers and pet care. Whatever you choose, we suggest putting together a short resume of your skills and experience with dogs. Make sure to share your reasons for loving the job.

Client Home Pet (And Plant) Care

People travel, especially during the Summer and Christmas holidays, and are not always keen to board their pets at the family vet. Pet sitting services can be in your home or in the pet’s home depending on the owner’s preference. Everything from dogs and cats to birds and fish need to be fed and watered and played with when owners are on vacation. If you are reliable, trustworthy, and available, pet owners will jump at the chance to

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keep their beloved pet with you. Additionally, as a personal pet-sitter you ensure plants are watered, mail is brought in and the house is occupied. This offers the owner peace of mind over and above the fanciest alarm system. Do a Google search for comparable services in your area. This lets you check out your potential competition; their rates, terms, and such. Planning ahead is worth it. Then spread the word that you are available. Once again, is a great resource and it’s FREE.

Pet Grooming Services

Every reputable groomer can sometimes use an extra set of hands. Having your name on file with the ones near you makes sense. You might have to start by sweeping puppy hair and fur off the floor, but that’s the same way all great human hair stylists start as well. If you are sure this is what you want to do, check out the American Academy of Pet Grooming. AAPOG is a leading New York State licensed institution for pet grooming and offers a full range of classes teaching bathing, cutting and styling, as well as effortless and painless mani-pedis. At AAPOG 99% of all training is hands-on, which is crucial for proper training. An added bonus is that AAPOG offers lifetime placement assistance to help you get that first gig.

Veterinary Clinic Trainee

This is the ideal role for anyone considering veterinary school! You will be exposed to everything that goes on in a clinic from helping to check in pets, to helping prep for surgery. You will deal with multiple species and breeds and you will quickly learn how to communicate with pet owners, along with unlimited puppy kisses! You will learn office

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procedures (after all, vet clinics are businesses) and if you’re thinking about your future, you need this knowledge. Being an intern for a few summer and holiday breaks could lead to a job as a full time vet staff member.

Pet Day Care Facilities and/or Pet Camps

Many times these locations offer pet training, but not always. If you are keen on learning to train puppies, find a facility that includes that and make them an offer to do the most menial work available. So, back to Google you go. Visit the facilities in your area; observe sessions and see what they offer and then apply. As a side note, Pooper Scoopers do get paid and that is your fastest entry into these positions. Ultimately your goal is to observe and learn.

First Steps

Get your resume in order, this will be good whether you are applying to an existing business or persuading clients to book with you directly. If you are venturing out on your own, you will need to market yourself! These days this is easier than you might think. You can post flyers around your neighborhood or tell friends and family what you want to do and see if you get someone interested. Ultimately, you are asking people to share their contact info so you can send them marketing materials. Again, some of the best ways to get the news out, at little to no cost, is to make use of sites like NextDoor and Facebook. Now, I realize many of you know all this, but if you do a great job and that first pet LOVES being with you – you’ll get a lot more business. Who knows, your part-time job just might turn into a year-around business!

Rules of thumb:

1. Be on time. Always. 2. Agree to terms and your rates before beginning the job. TPG

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Oriana Graterol lives in NYC and is 7 years old. Her cats Bongo and Gizmo inspire her art creating and she just finished her first dress ever.

Pet Tech News Meet Aibo (pronounced “eye-bo”). This new $2,900 “autonomous companion” by Sony is not their first attempt at perfecting a robotic dog (first introduced and reported by The Pet Gazette in 1999). Aibo is obviously an upgrade, with much more lifelike movements, including artificial intelligence and a cellular connection. You will miss out on going for a walk and wet kisses, but no poopy bag required… and no fleas or ticks!

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The Pet Gazette - Long Island : Fall 2018  

Inside this Issue... - The Pet Gazette’s Hot Holiday Giveaway - Crowdfunding Your Pet Idea - Hot Holiday Gifts for Pets and Paw-rents - Pet...

The Pet Gazette - Long Island : Fall 2018  

Inside this Issue... - The Pet Gazette’s Hot Holiday Giveaway - Crowdfunding Your Pet Idea - Hot Holiday Gifts for Pets and Paw-rents - Pet...