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Follow me @brownnosehavanese Publisher Letter I like to give away prizes that Hello my pet pals. I’m excited that we are people send to me to try! back with even more social media profiles for you to follow! See Page 6 for an update on our social media contest. Your positive response to our first issue featuring the top pets in social media was overwhelming. The feedback we received from readers included, “I added them all!” and “Thank you so much. I might never have found this profile on my own and now it brings me joy every day.” We found that if you are someone who loves animals and wants to learn more there is no single source to follow, so we are happy to research “Outstanding Animal Cuteness” wherever we can find it and report back to you. To that end, The Pet Gazette is looking to be that resource. As we have mentioned before, the information we can provide in a handful of printed pages is only the tip of the iceberg. Our goal is to peak your interest and help you discover new ways to enjoy the world of pets, whether through health, advocacy, gifts or just for fun. In this Issue we explore more than just interesting pets with lots of followers (which on its own is pretty cool), but also social media profiles of everything pet related in order to deliver more entertainment and education for you. As exemplified by our (spare-no-expense) printing of this magazine, we strongly believe there is still a place for print media in this new Internet driven world. For instance, your vet office is an ideal spot to grab The Pet Gazette to pass the time. In addition to finding the The Pet Gazette in pet friendly locations, you can also find resources and more on and via our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You can also download our app. I guess we could consider changing our tagline to: “Everywhere You Think About Your Pet You’ll Find The Pet Gazette!” Or: “In Print or Online The Pet Gazette is mighty fine.” 2 • The Pet Gazette

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Lost Pet: When Social Media by Jennifer Galluzzo isn’t Enough osing your pet By partnering with leading data organizations such


is terrifying. You first turn to your neighborhood group text, hoping your furbaby is sitting on someone’s doorstep. But maybe they wandered out of your neighborhood, so you start posting online and all over social media. You are comforted by the fact that your pet has a microchip, but then you learn that not every chip reader can identify your chip, so panic sets in. Enter Peeva - the company with a mission to put an end to the missing pet problem. The company was started by Michael Hamilton for very personal reasons – his pet was stolen when he was a child. As an adult, Michael got a dog and microchipped her right away. He soon learned that most microchips are not being scanned and read. This is a nightmare for pet owners, but it’s about to end. Microchip Quick Facts • 1 in 3 family pets will get lost • More than 8 million pets enter U.S. shelters each year. Many are lost family pets • Today, fewer than 11% of dogs and 6% of cats are microchipped • Shelters only account for 3% to 4% of dogs being microchipped and less than 1% of cats • Shelters do not have all the right scanners for each brand of microchip • Without ID, 90% of lost pets will not return home • A microchip is the only form of pet identification that is permanent, with a unique number that cannot fall off, be altered or be removed • Extensive testing and long-term use have shown microchips as a safe and 4 • The Pet Gazette permanent method for pet identification

as VetData, Peeva is making their service free to all pet owners who already have pets with chips of other brands that are seen at their veterinary partners. Additionally, they are auto-enrolling all pets implanted with a Peeva microchip into the universal pet microchip tool. The company hopes to bring as many pets back to their families as quickly as possible. It also has an electronic health record feature for pets. Peeva also makes their pet owner data available to the lookup tool without leaving the onus on the pet owner to do so. Every other participating registry simply allows the pet owners to register their pets with the tool directly. “Not all pet owners know that the lack of standard issues is a problem at all,” says Hamilton. “Peeva wants to ensure all their users that their pet’s microchips will be read.”

The cost of having another brand of microchip implanted into a pet is typically around $60, and the pet owner is required to register the pet for an additional fee usually annually. Peeva microchips are implanted and registered on site for a one time fee of $80 for the lifetime of the pet. TPG How Peeva Works • Peeva’s system begins with a microchip with a unique ID number that is injected between the shoulder blades of your pet by a veterinarian • Pets are registered on site when the chip is implanted • All microchip ID’s are scanned into the system and copied into the hospital PIMS to minimize human error that often occurs when a microchip ID is manually entered • Pet owners are instantly notified by mobile SMS and email notifications whenever their pet is scanned with the name of the practice where their pet was scanned, the address, telephone number and exact location on a map in seconds • Peeva microchips are universal and can be read by all pet microchip scanners • Peeva is the first and only company to read, record, analyze and catalog any brand of microchip regardless of the manufacturer

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Wanna Smile?



t has been a year since we launched our #pets Wanna-Be-A-Celebrity Contest and the race to win a GoPro Hero camera. Our contestants are amassing followers, but remember it is a hard and steady road to “going viral” requiring ongoing posts filled with ever more interesting content. Although it “only takes one” viral post to get to the next level, your likelihood of success is greater if you have a solid and varied foundation of content. This enables your posts to appear more often to those who might follow you. Our Social Media Spotlight Report reveals more tips, tricks and pitfalls directed to increasing your social media following. We have highlighted 5 of the best stories to come our way and have given plenty of shout-outs to many others. Our contest continues, so keep plugging away and follow these profiles. The pet lover inside you will thank you! triggers and more. Check out her website www. and click on “healing”.

#1 Ricochet How did your pet become an internet star? One of our videos went viral It currently has 6.5 million views. In addition, we’ve had a lot of stories done by the media, tv, and movies. Ricochet is one of five dogs that have been cast in an IMAX film called Superpower Dogs. How much of a time commitment is it for you? At least 12 hours a day!

Name: Ricochet Age: 11 Location: Escondido, CA Breed/Type: Golden Retriever Facebook: @SurfDogRicochet (253k) Instagram: /surfdogricochet (99.7k) Twitter: @SurfDogRicochet (17.2k) Youtube: /docchat Ricochet’s Favorites: Activity – Chasing squirrels, lurecoursing Toy – A blue bird Food – Cheetos

Does your pet have any special or funny talents? Ricochet surfs with kids with special needs, people with disabilities, veterans with PTSD and wounded warriors. She is also a master healer who makes extremely deep soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart connections. She’s able to alert to anxiety, pain, 6 • The Pet Gazette

What do people love most about your pet? People are drawn to Ricochet. So, I think what they love most is the connection she makes with them. The veterans with PTSD tell me what they love most is that she believes them about their symptoms, triggers, etc. when nobody else does. Is your pet making money from being an internet celebrity? How much? No, but she has raised over $500,000 million dollars for human and animal causes. Has your pet helped anyone along the way through social media that you know about? She has helped millions of people!! Whether it’s through fundraising, support, stories or face-to-face interaction. How did you decide on their online persona? She was doing a fundraiser for a boy who is quadriplegic. So I initially started her pages for that purpose. But, since then she has provided much support to people all over social media.

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What do people love most about your pet? Rufus is famous for his happy-go-lucky attitude. He is good with other dogs and children. He is very well socialized and well traveled. Rufus is one of the few hounds to be allowed in Graceland. He’s been to 20+ different states including the Grand Canyon twice, Mount Rushmore, and many national parks.

#2 Rufus

Name: Rufus Age: 14 Location: Oxnard, CA Breed/Type: Miniature Dachshund Facebook: @DOGSnonprofit (1m) YouTube: /JohnBoi346

How did your pet build their following? It’s been our mission, mostly Rufus’s Favorites: on Facebook since 2012, but Activity – Frolicking on a beach or hiking in the slowly on other social media mountains platforms, to engage, entertain Toy – Anything that squeaks, because it and educate our Dachshund won’t squeak for long. loving public. We want to be a Food – All. Our dogs are big chow resource of entertainment and hounds. Our pack also education. We simply try to likes it all. They’re not discriminating. lead by example and encourage our friends to include their Dachshunds as part of their daily and weekly routine. Get out. Go exploring. Enjoy an adventure with your best four-legged friends. Dog socialization is our biggest endeavor. We advocate that we stimulate their bodies and minds by getting out of the house together. Good for humans and good for hounds.

Is your pet making money from being an internet celebrity? How much? Rufus has helped to raise money for charity and to produce many community outreach events - like Canine Dental Presentations, monthly meetups, and annual dog-centric celebrations. Has your pet helped anyone along the way through social media that you know about? Yes. We have inspired and encouraged many people both near and far to be active with their pets. We have helped hounds and their humans to manage their weight properly, stimulate their minds and bodies via regular walks and outdoor exploration, and to keep those teeth clean, all in an attempt to ensure a long, good quality of life.

How did you decide on their online persona? Our red regal Miniature Dachshund is our inspiration. Rufus is my first dog as an adult and he has been my mentor. Living in Los Angeles (when we first got Rufus) we discovered it can be a big lonely city, and Rufus made it less lonely. He introduced me to a world of people that I would have never known had it not been for him. He has taught me to live in the moment and not be preoccupied with the future. He has helped me to destress and be happy. Rufus is a great ambassador for the Dachshund breed, by simply being himself and not a caricature of himself. Rufus and his How much of a time commitment is it for you? mannerisms are an honest and accurate portrayal of It’s truly a job for us; we often dedicated 20-35 hours a the dog many of us love and adore. week. We have pulled back in the last several years, to focus on an aging Rufus. We’ve stopped living behind the lens and have focused on enjoying the moment, and not having to share everything with everyone all the time. And now we’re trying to find a happy balance. Does your pet have any special or funny talents? Rufus is famous for “hands against the wall.” He’ll put his paws on the wall, and then with a finger gun gets shot and plays dead, only to be resurrected and do a whirling dervish. It’s a sight to be seen. 8 • The Pet Gazette

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#3 Waffles

How did your pet become an internet star? Slowly over time we just noticed more and more strangers commenting. How much of a time commitment is it for you? At first very little but I try to spend more time now.

Name: Waffles Ages: 6 Location: Campbell, CA Breed/Type: Scottish Fold Facebook: @wafflesCat (2.4m) Instagram: /waffles_the_cat (775k) Twitter: @wafflesCat (12.7k) Youtube: /wafflesCat What are Waffles Favorites? Activity – Sleeping Toy – String Food – Cat Food

Does your pet have any special or funny talents? Waffles is very patient and will wear costumes without complaining. What do people love most about your pet? Waffles has a cute face with big eyes.

Name: Lilo, Infinity & Rosie Age: 5 Location: San Jose, CA Breed/Type: Husky

#4 Lilo, Infinity & Rosie

How did your pet become an internet star? A video of Lilo cuddling with our then foster kitten, Rosie, went viral after we posted it on social media. How much of a time commitment is it for you? It varies depending on the projects we work on. Does your pet have any special or funny talents? Rosie does tricks, just like the dogs do!

Instagram: /Lilothehusky (503k) Facebook: @Lilothehusky (187k) Twitter: @Lilothehusky (7k) Youtube: /Lilothehusky (30k) Lilo, Infinity & Rosie’s Favorites: Activity – They love hiking! Toy – Anything that squeaks Food – Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream Flavor

What do people love most about your pet? They love the relationship between Lilo and Rosie. Is your pet making money from being an internet celebrity? Yes, but we’re not at liberty to say, our sponsors have privacy clauses. 100% of money earned through social media goes directly into our nonprofit kitten rescue! Has your pet helped anyone along the way through social media that you know about? We get emails from people telling us that our photos help to ease their depression, which is great! How did you decide on their online persona? We got a dog named Lilo and she is a husky, so Lilothehusky it became!

10 • The Pet Gazette

Does your pet have any special or funny talents? She has learned to play dead when I use the “killing curse” from Harry the Potter.

Name: Daisy Rey Age: 2 Location: Brisbane, Queensland Breed/Type: Miniature long haired Dachshund

#5 Daisy Rey How did your pet become an internet star? A few successful viral videos, some original ideas, and a very cute face. How much of a time commitment is it for you? Creating new content can take as little or as much time as you allow it. I consider the social media work as a part time job.

Instagram: @daisy_rey_dachshund (70.2k) Facebook: @daisyreydachshund (38k) Daisy Ray’s Favorites: Activity – She likes me throwing a toy which she will chase, but not bring back. Then I walk over and throw it again, and she chases it again Toy – Stuffed squirrel Food – Anything on my plate

What do people love most about your pet? I think how small she is and the obvious amount of attitude she has tends to win people’s hearts. She’s made 4 people cry upon meeting her (tears of joy haha). Is your pet making money from being an internet celebrity? Yeah, we make money with sponsored jobs every now and then. I couldn’t give an exact figure, but the bigger the company the bigger the paycheck. Has your pet helped anyone along the way through social media that you know about? A number of times we have put the call out to help other animals in need of donations for life saving surgery or to put an alert out if a family pet is missing. If you can’t use your influence to help others than you’re missing the point. How did you decide on their online persona? I didn’t really. I merely took her existing personality and put it into words. TPG


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1 Christian Vieler / 127k ӹӹ Lives with Lotte the Labrador and Anni the Doberfräulein in Waltrop ӹӹ Full-time dog photographer since 2016 ӹӹ Takes funny snapshots ӹӹ Loves to get very close to dogs with intense head portraits ӹӹ Strong focus on fun for everyone involved - no matter if two- or four-legged friends

5 Sema Martin /semamartin.petportraits 14.3k ӹӹ Lives in Wales, UK. ӹӹ Self-taught fine art artist and love to explore realism style work ӹӹ Professional fine art artist, providing unique and highly detailed hand drawings for people all over the world ӹӹ Client in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand

12 • The Pet Gazette

2 Claire Milligan /clairemilliganartist 88k ӹӹ Professional pet portrait and wildlife artist specializing in a very detailed and realistic style of drawing, of pets and wildlife art ӹӹ Self-taught professional freelance artist living and working from Yorkshire, UK.  ӹӹ Pet portraits are created on a commission basis for clients all over the world ӹӹ Large client base fromall over the globe including Canada, United States, Japan, and Fuji

6 Rey /rey.fritsch 12.3k ӹӹ A (human) portrait artist, who never thought she would be painting dogs ӹӹ Rey’s artistic work ethic is unrivalled; she is devoted wholly to the art life ӹӹ Will sometime forgo sleep for several days in order to finish painting (or paintings) ӹӹ “Paint now, sleep later” ӹӹ Believes the desire and need to create came with her body, heart, and soul the day she was born

3 Patricia Otero /patricia.otero 20k ӹӹ Professional canine and wildlife artist ӹӹ Dog lover and Graphic Designer turned professional portrait artist ӹӹ Award winning professional artist specializing in pastel paintings ӹӹ Based in the mountains of Northern Spain ӹӹ All commissions accepted

7 Aja Trier /sagittariusgallery 10.4k ӹӹ Works out of Scotia, NY ӹӹ Focuses primarily on the female figure and how she reacts with her surroundings ӹӹ The current body of work utilizes mixed media such as acrylic, ink, enamel, spray paint, and even glitter encased in resin on cradled wooden panels ӹӹ Sagittarius Gallery showcases the fine art of Aja Apa-Soura

4 Her Art Beat /rausch.inga 14.2k ӹӹ German artist, creates bold and colorful paintings of Instagram-famous pets ӹӹ Grew up at her grandma’s house with an array of animals ӹӹ Fell in love with cats, dogs, and horses ӹӹ The artist credits her ‘childish’ style of wide brush strokes and bright colors as her way to prove the worth of her “sweet little fairytaleworld”

8 Rachel Dickison /rachels_ink 4.9k ӹӹ Artist from New Zealand ӹӹ Self-taught 21 yr old who loved drawing since youth ӹӹ Recently became much more passionate about art, especially drawing ӹӹ Likes sharing her work and seeing other artists which inspires and helps her aim to improve ӹӹ Never content with her skills and always practices to better herself ӹӹ Offers commission drawings

9 Alicia VanNoy Call

/dawgpainter 5.1k ӹӹ Pet portraits and animal art ӹӹ Canvas, metal and framed prints, posters, and greeting cards ӹӹ The perfect place to find something to brighten up your home or find a great gift ӹӹ Specializes in pet portraiture, using her skills to unleash your pet’s colorful personality!

10 Dasha Baranova / 4.8k ӹӹ Self-employed freelance artist ӹӹ Majority of customers discover this profile through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Deviantart ӹӹ Consistently applying social media marketing to build a brand image and connect with many individuals and businesses worldwide

The Pet Gazette • 13

1 Boo @Boo 16.5m ӹӹ A Pomeranian who became an Internet sensation ӹӹ Belonged to a San Francisco-based Facebook employee who created a Facebook page for the dog with the statement “My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good” ӹӹ Favorite foods: chicken, cheese, flowers, grass and dirt ӹӹ Favorite games: running outside, following around big bro, squeaky toys!

5 Oh My Corgi! @OhMyCorgi 3.28m ӹӹ Critiquing the cutest Corgis online ӹӹ Offers Corgi Care Packages, through Cute Dose, which include everything from socks, shirts, pillows and mugs to stuffed animal Corgi’s with customized greeting cards

14 • The Pet Gazette

2 Cute Emergency @CuteEmergency 10m ӹӹ The purpose of creating the @CuteEmergency was a single place to find the cutest pictures of animals ӹӹ Love sharing pictures with the world ӹӹ In a world where so much is going on, sometimes all it takes is a cute picture of a dog to make someone smile

3 Jiffpom

4 We Rate Dogs

/jiffpom 9m ӹӹ Another Pomeranian who became an Internet sensation with over 8 million followers on Instagram ӹӹ Jiffpom is the most famous animal in the world with over 30 million followers across all social media channels ӹӹ A three-time Guinness World Record holder, he holds the record for most Instagram followers by an animal with over 8.9 million and counting

@dog_rates 7.92m ӹӹ WeRateDogs rates people’s dogs with a humorous comment about the dog ӹӹ Started in 2015 by college student Matt Nelson ӹӹ Received international media coverage for the attention drawn to social media copyright law when it was suspended by Twitter ӹӹ Ratings are typically higher than a “10”

6 Crusoe Dachshund

7 Dougie The Shih Tzu

/crusoe_dachshund 715k ӹӹ My name is Crusoe and I am a miniature black and tan Dachshund. But don’t take ‘miniature’ too much to heart. My tagline is “the wiener dog who thinks he’s more of a celebrity than he really is”, but I think at this point I pretty much am a celebrity! ӹӹ Winner 2018 People’s Choice Award ӹӹ Wiener Dog Extraordinaire

/dailydougie 521k ӹӹ Photogenic Shih Tzu known otherwise as Daily Dougie ӹӹ Has become an Instagram sensation and has a self-titled YouTube channel where he has earned more than 4,000 subscribers ӹӹ The account features frequent photos of his everyday life and the occasional short video clip ӹӹ Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area

8 Harley @harleyfreighttraintaylor 141k ӹӹ Spent 10 years living in a cramped, filthy cage in a puppy mill ӹӹ Lost an eye when his cage was power-washed ӹӹ Once finally freed, Harley found a loving home and became a spokes-dog against puppy mills ӹӹ For five years following his rescue, Harley worked hard educating children and adults alike about puppy mills

The Pet Gazette • 15

1 The Official Grumpy Cat @TheOfficialGrumpyCat 8.3m ӹӹ Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation after her photo was posted on Reddit on September 22, 2012 ӹӹ She is known for her permanently “grumpy” facial appearance, which is caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism ӹӹ The Bundesens have not disclosed the Grumpy Cat brand’s net worth, though online speculation estimates it between $1M and $100M

5 Coby The Cat /cobythecat 1.5m ӹӹ 3 yr old British Shorthair boy (yes, a boy...don’t be fooled by the eyeliner) ӹӹ Enjoys canned tuna and long walks on the countertops ӹӹ Named Coby after his cobalt blue eyes ӹӹ Larger than life personality ӹӹ Loves tuna treats ӹӹ Likes to steal covers from his humans

16 • The Pet Gazette

2 Emergency Kittens @EmrgencyKittens 7.31m ӹӹ Donald Trump followed this account on Twitter - then quickly unfollowed when people noticed ӹӹ This account critiques the cutest cats online ӹӹ Similar to @OhMyCorgi, you can buy somebody a kitten care package ӹӹ Includes everything from socks, shirts, pillows and mugs to stuffed animals with customized greeting cards

6 Cole and Marmalade /coleandmarmalade 547k ӹӹ Cole and Marmalade are both adopted in 2012 and 2013 respectively ӹӹ Marmalade (goes by Marm - cool nickname) recently survived a cancer scare ӹӹ Cole - 2012 Friskies “Catness” Winner! ӹӹ Marmalade - 2014 Friskies “Strange” Winner & Grand Prize Winner!

3 Lil Bub @iamlilbub 2.9m ӹӹ Lil BUB is a one of a kind space cat ӹӹ Since landing on Earth, she’s raised over $500,000 for homeless pets, and changed thousands of lives for the better ӹӹ She is a published author, a talk show host and the star of an award-winning documentary ӹӹ Created Lil BUB’s Big FUND for the ASPCA

7 Sam /samhaseyebrows 245k ӹӹ An abandoned cat who randomly appeared one day ӹӹ She rapidly grew a following on Instagram and has 500,000 followers on Facebook ӹӹ United States, United Kingdom, and Indonesia are where the most avid cat followers come from, with 79% of that being female

4 Venus Two Face Cat /venustwofacecat 1.7m ӹӹ 8 yr old Tortoishell with 1/2 black face & 1/2 orange face with 1 blue eye & 1 green eye ӹӹ GUND, known for their high end plushes toys since 1898, made a cuddly plush version of Venus ӹӹ There were only 1200 made so if you got one you have a collectible ӹӹ Adopted in 2009 from a dairy farm in North Carolina

8 Angel Bengal /angelbengal 150k ӹӹ Very adventurous ӹӹ A girly girl, and lover of life ӹӹ Big fan of all things like travel, food and fashion ӹӹ Besides being a Bengal Cat, I’m a mini-human with a big personality ӹӹ Like to travel the world with my humans ӹӹ A New Yorker at heart who consider herself a citizen of the world

1 The Baby Animals

2 Hamlet

/thebabyanimals 423k ӹӹ The cutest baby animals on Instagram ӹӹ Great account to follow to learn about even more unique pet social media accounts. Click on “TAGGED” to discover them all ӹӹ Tag to be featured #babyanimals #babyanimalstagram #thebabyanimals

/hamlet_the_piggy 380k ӹӹ A California stylin’, instafamous pig living in Nashville ӹӹ Hamlet is known for her unique & eccentric fashion sense ӹӹ This piggy isn’t just a cute face, she is a therapy pig ӹӹ Hamlet continues to take Instagram by storm with over 368,000 followers ӹӹ Enjoying the spoiled life, like every pig should

5 Life Of Mill

6 BuBu The Chinchilla

/lifeofmill 155k

Life of Enzo

/lifeofenzo.swe 35.7k ӹӹ Princess, a house rabbit, and Enzo, a German Shepherd, are both from Sweden ӹӹ Offers daily hello message ӹӹ Owner loves wet kisses

/cute_bubu 147k ӹӹ BuBu is a 7 yr old female Chinchilla from sunny Singapore ӹӹ Likes Starbucks lattes ӹӹ Enjoys jamming with her mates, Alvin, and the Chipmunks ӹӹ Happy girl ӹӹ Often partakes in tea parties ӹӹ Can run up stairs unbelievably fast

3 Alfie The Alpaca

/alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide 266k ӹӹ Alfie is an Alpaca from Adelaide, South Australia ӹӹ Jeff and Sophie, Alfie’s parents, took him in in September of 2018 ӹӹ According to Sophie, Jeff loved Alfie at first sight after seeing another man walking him down the street ӹӹ The one-year-old Alpaca now has more followers from all around the world

7 Fabbunnies /fabbunnies 107k ӹӹ Featuring bunnies everyday and lots of them ӹӹ #fabbunnies for a chance to be featured ӹӹ Great resource for finding more bunny social media accounts to follow ӹӹ Supports bunniesmatter. org

4 Bunnymelv /bunnymelv

196k ӹӹ Melvin and Bianca are from Sweden ӹӹ Both are cage free and litter trained house bunnies ӹӹ Melvin - (Grey Male) Mix between Holland lop and Lionhead - Neutered - Born in 2015/09/14 ӹӹ Bianca - (Blue Tort Female) Lionhead - Spayed Born in 2016/01/17 #ikeabunnyhol

8 Mr. Bagel The Chinchilla /chinnybuddy 107k ӹӹ Says no to fur clothing ӹӹ Believes in adopting before buying ӹӹ 7 yr old mosaic Chinchilla ӹӹ Potty trained and lives with the cage open at all times ӹӹ Roams freely around the house and goes back to his “Chinchilla mansion” to eat, sleep and exercise on his wheel ӹӹ Animals of Instagram HSUS 2015 Calendar

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Teddy, Age: 3 years

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In Memoriam Our Beloved Pets by Louise Suzanne Boyd, M.Div Pets help carry us through the highs and the lows as we go through life and are often attuned to how we feel during sadness and loss. They are also attuned to other emotions such as happiness. They seem to connect with us on a deeper level because they have feelings too. Maybe because they have been beside humans for so long. Our pets are always by our side showing us loyalty and trust and holding no judgment. They are accepting of who we are, and live in the moment as free spirits. Pets do help us heal through the darkest times in our lives. Oh, how I wish they could talk! My daughter, Elianna passed away at the tender age of 12 from a brain hemorrhage. Elianna’s passing was very unexpected, and it was a shock to our family and the community. We will always remember her, the young girl with the radiant smile and the most beautiful mane of red hair. She had a caring heart and inner beauty that sparkled within and radiated on the outside. She was our eldest child. The pain of losing a child is one of life’s harshest blows to a parent. The grief is unfathomable, and I would not wish it upon anyone. Several years before Elianna passed away we adopted a special little dog, Ace, from a friend of mine. Ace was a Boston Terrier. Elianna maintained a very special little friendship with Ace and had his picture on her phone. Ace was partially blind, snored rather loudly, had stinky breath and slept ALL day long. He only woke up if he could smell an aroma from the

kitchen. These imperfect traits made Elianna love him even more probably because he was not a perfect specimen of a dog. In her eyes, he was the most loving, and best dog anyone would wish to have. A tragedy does change us because, in time, we start to look at life from a new perspective as we continue. I have learned so much about my pets and how they have helped me through my grief. I would lay with all three of my dogs for hours until I had no more tears to cry. They would comfort me and listen to me in their unique way and would act as silent, loving companions giving me the love and attention I needed. I do believe to this day that Elianna was sending energy through Ace, her beloved dog. I believe all three of my dogs sensed something was different when my daughter fell ill. I feel they intuitively seemed to understand what we were going through as a family, and how sad we all were which is of great comfort in itself. I know they were sad, too. They were able to reach us through unconditional love and they were able to help fill this dark empty void within me and fill it with love. Sadly, Molly, Pepper and Ace are no longer with us, but I will never forget their loving presence and how they comforted us during the darkest time in our lives. I do miss them still, but I know my daughter, Elianna was there to greet them when they crossed the rainbow bridge and they exchanged heartfelt hugs and kisses. A pet’s love is healing to the heart and the soul. The love we have for our pets continues even after they leave us. Love is a connection to all things; love continues on from this world to the next and is the most powerful element of the universe. TPG The Pet Gazette • 23

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The Pet Gazette - Fairfield: Winter 2019  

Inside this Issue: "Lost Pet: When Social Media isn’t Enough", "Wanna Smile? Follow these 5 Social Media Profiles", "10 Pet Artists to Follo...

The Pet Gazette - Fairfield: Winter 2019  

Inside this Issue: "Lost Pet: When Social Media isn’t Enough", "Wanna Smile? Follow these 5 Social Media Profiles", "10 Pet Artists to Follo...