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Virtual Walls | Real Walls Art Exhibition



Virtual Walls | Real Walls

Madelon Hooykaas is considered a pioneer in video art, but much of her work has never been shown in the UK, nor has she ever done a solo exhibition here before, so it’s no wonder Threshold artspace at Perth Concert Hall are so thrilled to be hosting her Virtual Walls | Real Walls exhibition until the 26th of July 2018. Especially since curators Iliyana Nedkova and Laura Leuzzi have been following her work with admiration for many years.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing of course. When Madelon first started producing video art with artistic partner Elsa Stansfield it was such a new medium that it was not always seen as ‘real’ art and was often, Madelon says, relegated to a dark corner near the toilets! Added to this the fact that they were two women artists, and we can see why she and Elsa had to fight hard for recognition in their early days. There were more was also a certain amount of rather more physical wrestling, with heavy, cumbersome and primitive video equipment. Indeed, Madelon tells us that if she had to use these now, as a one woman band, it simply wouldn’t be possible. Elsa sadly died in 2004 and the exhibition piece entitled ‘Daydreaming,’ which features a hammock in which the audience can recline whilst watching calming sea and mountain scenes, is dedicated to her memory. Stansfield/Hooykaas are now widely acknowledged as pioneers of the participatory and interactive art of today.

In addition to ‘Daydreaming,’ there are eleven other pieces by Madelon on display at various points around the Threshold artspace, including ‘Virtual Walls | Real Walls,’ the piece from which the exhibition gets its name, reimagined especially as a twenty-two channel video installation showing as a silent loop in the main public areas of the Perth Concert Hall. A video still entitled ‘Virtual Walls (Venice)’ has also been produced as a limited edition print and is available for purchase.

If you are interested in seeing this fascinating exhibition you can of course view it at anytime, but here at The Perthshire Magazine we recommend taking a curators tour to get the full benefit of the work shown. ‘Coffee, Croissants and Art’ and ‘Wine, Olives and Art’ tours are available on selected Wednesdays and cost just £5.00 including the specified refreshments.

June dates are: 

Coffee, Croissants and Art- 27th June at 11:30

For more information or to book please contact Iliyana Nedkova at inedkova@horsecross.co.uk