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What does whimsy mean to you? Avé The term whimsy carries a lighthearted, colorful, spirit—fun with a dash of unexpectedness.

Ann Marie

Margit In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about how inspiration stays with us if we give it the attention it needs to grow. When we cultivate our inspiration, creativity blossoms.

Kellie My parents always encouraged my artistic talents, and

To me, whimsy is simple and playful. Something that brings a

supported me in my endeavors. Instead of judging my wild

smile with little effort or thought.

ideas, they gave me love and constructive criticism. Without


their encouragement, my business would not exist.

When I close my eyes and picture the word whimsy, I picture the sun setting, in a huge field of wildflowers, with a warm breeze blowing them back and forth.

Kellie Life’s little details are what hold the most whimsy in my heart: the smell of the first crisp autumn morning, or a perfectly placed bumblebee on a watercolor wedding invitation.

In what ways are you whimsical? Avé I have a very childlike spirit. I love all the colors, watching cartoons, and finding ways to make people smile.

Ann Marie I am a dreamer who believes in fairy tale endings. I see

How are whimsy and creativity connected for you? Avé My work is often described as whimsical, and I often can’t help it. This aesthetic is a source for my creativity.

Ann Marie Whimsy and creativity are connected through feeling for me. Being creative brings me a sense of happy calm. Creating

the beauty in nature, from tiny delicate petals to sunshine glimmering on snow.

Margit I am always open to whatever creativity strikes my mind. I want to go after those thoughts and turn them into reality, even when they seem a little crazy or unrealistic.

Kellie I am whimsical in where I find inspiration and how I express

whimsical illustrations allows me to share this feeling with

myself. Much of my work is inspired by little trinkets I’ve come


across and old postcards I’ve collected. There is so much to

Margit Whimsy and Creativity go hand and hand in my mind. Our

look at when you walk into an antique store, and usually it’s the tiniest item that will catch my interest.

business is based on photographic and design creativity. Without creativity, there would be no passion in our work.

Kellie For myself, whimsy and creativity are one and the same. My creativity is reflected in the light and airy nature of my work.

Do you ever feel pressure to be less whimsical in your work or life? Avé Maybe in what I wear sometimes...“cats in space” leggings aren't always appropriate.

Where did your creative traits come from? Avé Partially, I think I got it from my mom. She also lives a very colorful life, even though she’s a chemist.

Ann Marie Absolutely! There have been days when I wonder if my work should be more heavy, more hard-hitting, with a deeper message. Ultimately, I come back to whimsy. Making people happy through art can be just as meaningful and important.

Ann Marie There is a cycle in creativity, just like everything else in life. At times, it comes easy, other times it takes more effort. continued on page 67




The Perpetual You_Joy through Whimsy  

Featuring Connecticut creatives Ave Rivera, Ann Marie Drury, Margit Fish, and Kellie Semmelrock

The Perpetual You_Joy through Whimsy  

Featuring Connecticut creatives Ave Rivera, Ann Marie Drury, Margit Fish, and Kellie Semmelrock