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Morning Agenda

Wake-Up with Us! 8 AM MANDALA MEDITATION Led by Anna Ramirez, Play Coach, New Haven Who said quieting your mind has to be boring? Get an early start on your creativity by joining us for a short mandala meditation. No drawing skills required!

8:30 AM EASY PEASY MORNING WALK Led by Shana Schneider, Wellness Coach, New Haven Give your body some undivided attention, with an indoor + virtual (!) walk. No serious workout clothes needed! (But do wear seriously comfortable shoes.)

10 AM Creative Workshops* PLANNING IN A PANDEMIC (a Bullet Journal Workshop) | AvĂŠ Rivera, Ceramicist, West Haven

Ave will go over the basics of bullet journaling and some spreads to get your own journal started. We'll also discuss how the practice of planning and journaling--even when everything is so unknown--can help clear the fog that is 2020. Materials Needed: Dotted or grid journal,writing supplies, and markers.

AUTHENTIC MARKETING: Sharing the Soul of Your Business without Feeling Icky | Sami Jo Jensen, Branding + Marketing Coach, Meriden If marketing your business makes you anxious, this session is for you! Multi-passionate entrepreneur Sami Jo Jensen specializes in helping women share their incredible work with an authentic, jargon-free approach to marketing. Sami will walk you through exercises on defining your brand, discovering your dream customers/clients, standing out from competition, choosing the right marketing channels, and deciding what to share on those channels.

CULTIVATE YOUR CREATIVITY: Intuitive Collage at Home | Amy Stamp, Artist, Wallingford Nourish your creativity in a way that will allow it to be present and flourish. With Amy Stamp's guidance, you'll learn ways to use materials you already have around you to create beautiful and expressive multimedia collages at home. No prior artistic experience necessary! Materials Needed: Collage surface (ex: paper, canvas, furniture, journal, tray, etc. Whatever fits your mood!); liquid glue or glue stick; paintbrush; old magazines; paper material that is either meaningful or colorful or just available; any other art materials you may have around the house

9:15 AM

welcome Join us for a morning gathering, hosted by Lee Lee McKnight, Founder of Ladymade

KONMARI FOR THE CREATIVE: Visualizing Your Ideal Lifestyle | Hana Polonsky, Organizer, New Haven Learn more about the KonMari Method of tidying and its relevance to the creative process with lifestyle organizer Hana Polonsky. You'll engage in guided reflections and exercises, so that you may visualize not just your ideal living environment--but your ideal lifestyle, too! Materials Needed: Something to write with (pen, pencil, crayon, etc.) and on (paper, digital medium, etc.) Optional: Gather and bring anything (images, quotes, etc.) that shows elements of your ideal life

FIND YOUR LOGO: An Intuitive, Guided Design Workshop | Rachel Madej, Artist + Illustrator, Wallingford What influences me? What is something I find to be truly unique? What is my product or service? These three questions will help us brainstorm a nearly endless combination of logos--and the branding that goes with--for your business. Rachel Madej will react to your responses and offer her insight as an artist, small business owner, and seasoned logo designer. No drawing skills are required! Materials Needed: Notepad, a pencil, and an open mind.

SPIRITUALITY ON THE GO: Portable Mini Altars to Create Sacred Space Wherever You Are | Lydia Mandell, Embodiment Guide, New Haven Tap into your soul with Lydia Mandell, as she guides you in the creation of a portable altar you can carry in your purse, laptop bag, or backpack. In many traditions, altars are used to honor deities, ancestors, and/or the elements. Your altar might also represent one of your values like freedom or joy. Materials Needed: A small box that closes (ex: altoids tin or matchbox), sacred image(s) that fit in the box, embellishments like sequins, glitter, decorative paper, mini figures/statues, glues, trims, fabrics, crystals/stones, a mini candle, and/or paint.

*please choose only one workshop to attend during this hour

Morning Agenda, cont.

11 AM Self-Care Workshops* STEP INTO JOY: Create Your Own Walking Practice Led by Amy Oestreicher, Speaker + Author, Westport

LOVE YOURSELF: Natural Self-Care Practices Led by Sami Jo Jensen, Herbalist, Meriden

Discover your own creative walking practice with Amy O, founder of LoveMyDetour, using her "Four Skills to Resilience." You'll pick up and practice restorative strategies that use the act of walking as a way to build connection, resilience, and discovery with ourselves, our community, and our natural environment.

When the world feels like it's crashing down around us, carving out time to care for and love our bodies is vitally important to our wellbeing. florapothecarie founder & herbalist Sami Jo walks us through her favorite self-care rituals using a homemade body oil, facial steam, and bath salt with mantras to help bring you more calm, creativity, and love (including self-love!).

DAILY COMFORT: Finding Ease in Your Everyday Life Led by Tiphani Benbow, Global Traveler, New Haven

A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING: Using Human Design + Astrology in Your Self-Care Led by Valbona, Human Design Coach, location

Take a minute to sit with Tiphani Benbow of Taste Comfort to discuss the things we can do every single day to bring more ease and comfort to our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. We'll start with the food we digest (and some cool recipes to try), then discuss some morning & night time routines that will encourage the feelings and habits we desire, and end with some ways to connect more fully with our selves--from taking a walk to positive self-talk.

In this workshop, you'll reach a deeper understanding of what Astrology and Human Design are, and how these disciplines can lead to more intuitive self-care rituals. Valbona will share about 'energy types' and you'll begin to practice these pivotal tools for a fully integrated selfunderstanding. Participants who know the time they were born will have a chance to receive a free mini reading!!

RETREAT OR RE-POST? Self-Care in the Age of Instagram Led by Megan Wooding, Speaker + Author, Wallingford Need permission to take a social media break? Author and self-care aficionado, Megan Wooding is happy to grant it! This workshop, centered on a topic that's often missing from social media discussions--Sustainability--will explore the ethics behind social media marketing, and allow you to create a social media plan that serves your business and soothes your soul.

SOCIALLY SAVVY, or How to Keep Social Media Social Led by Jessica Nana, Social Media Coach, Branford In this fun & freeing workshop, social media maven, Jess Nana, will share her top tips to for growing your business while keeping in tune with your self-care needs as a Creative. You'll hear about skipping imposter syndrome, stopping the competition, and finding your own version of balance between life online and life IRL. Affirmations will be adopted!

*please choose only one workshop to attend during this hour

All events throughout the day are optional and dependent on your schedule! We welcome you to come & go as you need or want to.

1 PM Gentle Movement

Afternoon Agenda

*choose the movement you'd most like to take part in INHALE, EXHALE, SHAKE IT OFF Led by Lydia Mandell, Coach/Instructor, New Haven Lydia Mandell, Breathworker, Coach, & Embodiment Guide will guide you through movement and breathwork exercises to release what is no longer serving you in a fun and dynamic way. Get ready to move your body, breathe in a new way, and refresh for the afternoon sessions.

HOOPLA FITNESS & FLOW Led by BringtheHoopla, Hula Hoop Instructor, Shelton Get into the spin during this energized hooping class designed for letting loose, finding your flow and burning up to 500 calories. A perfect place for any level to work on toning and strengthening core while expressing their inner self through dance; increasing flexibility, focus and stamina while toning flutes, thighs and arms.

ROMANCING THE FASCIA Led by Lillee Chandra, Bodyworker, New Haven In our time together, we will move our bodies gently using our intuition to discover new ways for the hips, shoulders and neck to experience what so many of us seek in movement classes… Tension Release! Learn to feel into the many kinds of HUGS this omnipresent soft tissue web (aka Fascia) has for us and find out how to fall in love (all over again) with your amazing body!

Intimate discussions, though restorative, may require processing time. Feel free to request to join our Quiet Breakout Room at any point throughout the day.

1:45 PM Like-Minded Ladies

2:45 PM "Real Talk"

(Small Grp Discussions*)

(Small Group Discussions*)

*choose the topic you'd most like to discuss

*choose the group that speaks to you most

"WE'RE ALL WEIRD: SO WHAT!?" Moderator: Jenny Barnett, Manchester

MULTIPASSIONATE MILLENIALS Moderator: Megan Wooding, Wallingford

"LOST IN CONNECTICUT." (for transplants to the state!) Moderator: Jaclyn Carter, Hartford

CREATIVES OVER THE AGE OF 45 Moderator: Ella Calcote, Milford

"CREATIVITY IS MY GO-TO! BUSINESS? ...NOT SO MUCH." Moderator: Ayesha Mohyuddin, New Haven

BADASS BRIDGE BUILDERS Moderator: Anita Sharif-Hyder, Cheshire

"CREATING A CLEAR LEGACY IN A CONFUSING WORLD." Moderator: Angelina Carleton, Branford

NEW BIZ LADYBOSSES Moderator: Samary Polnett, Hamden


WOC WHO MAKE THINGS Moderator: Ayesha Mohyuddin, New Haven

"WHO ARE YOU BECOMING?" (a Covid-centric discussion) Moderator: Jeanette Harris, Bridgeport

CONSCIOUS MOMPRENEURS Moderator: Kristen Miller, Location

"I"M GOING TO STOP PROCRASTINATING RIGHT AFTER THIS...." Moderator: Jennifer Smithberger, Canton

DREAMERS WHO DO Moderator: Angelina Carleton, Branford

Mentorship Talks 4:15 PM

CHOOSE THE TALK YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND ON THE DAY OF THE FESTIVAL All of the talks will be recorded, and anyone registered will receive all the recordings after the day is over.

erica tannen The E-List

Success, Failure & The Compulsion to Create In this talk, lifetime entrepreneur Erica Tannen, founder of The E List, will share the key practices she's employed, including finding a niche that's not already over-crowded, doing massive research, learning technology (and not being afraid), sticking-to-it for as long as necessary and also recognizing when to quit or pivot.

annie white

Natural Annie Essentials How To #LiveYourBrand and Still Have Fun Candlemaker and Branding Queen, Annya White (Annie) from Natural Annie Essentials, has a personality that shines through everything she does. She lives and breathes the messaging & design of her soy candle brand to the point that even her house reflects the same fun, vibrant, and organic aesthetic. In this talk, Annie will discuss the intersection of work/life/home/identity, including details of her own story and wisdom she's learned along the way.

Shirley Ha Chock Aiping Tai Chi Overcoming Fear and Gaining Confidence as a Woman Leader While studying economics at the Univ. of Chicago, Shirley Chock struggled to succeed in a male dominated environment--often being one of only a few women in her environment, a trend that continued in both work and her personal pursuits for some time. Fortunately, Grandmaster Aiping Cheng, one of the world's most renowned Chinese martial artists, male or female, took her in as her disciple and showed her how to be a successful female leader in a male-dominated field. In this mentorship talk, Shirley will share the lessons she's learned about feminine confidence and how she's succeeded in her career.

Evening Agenda


5:30 PM | Happy Networking!

val mckee

Break for Dinner 8 PM | Musical Celebration

Sarah Dunn

ro goodwyn

10 PM | Afterparty

elise + holly

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CT Ladyfest 2020 Agenda  

CT Ladyfest 2020 Agenda