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vacation, I could not keep up. It was obvious my body needed to move more often. I reached the point where I needed to make a choice—complain about being out of shape and having no time to exercise or take ownership for my life. For me, this meant joining a gym and willfully inserting time in my schedule to exercise. Others may have chosen yoga, daily walks, an indoor movement plan, a strength training program...The point is not the choice itself, but making the choice.

How NOT to set a New Year's Resolution

How does this relate to you being beautiful and confident in your skin right now? Just like everything else, beauty is a choice. You can choose to continue to feel bad about yourself and look for outside gratification or you can decide right now to take responsibility for how you feel and decide to love yourself enough to make a choice in the direction of your true definition of beauty. Because—guess what girlfriend—you are beautiful, radiant and confident. These things are trapped inside you, waiting to be unlocked and set free. Now is the time to start shaking all that heaviness off so you can let the lightness of your true feelings through. What would life be like if you not only felt amazing but let that feeling shine for the world to see? I wish you the courage and confidence to set your beauty free, to let your light shine.

Tami Reagor helps women change their thoughts and perspective from a lack mindset to abundance overflowing while they create the life their soul desires. She is leading a gorgeous group of women at wellbeingis.com into a world where they practice gratitude and accept abundance together.

Resolutions allow you to reflect on the last year, but not in a positive way. Instead they serve as reminders of everything you haven’t yet achieved. This is not the way to start the New Year with love & positivity. Instead, start a celebration memory jar.


Repurpose Repurpose or buy a new glass jar that you can easily see inside of; pick up some sticky notes too.


Display Display the jar in an easily accessible place, where you will see it every day.


Collect Every time something amazing happens, write it on a sticky note and put in the jar. Start today!


Celebrate At the end of the year, go through your memory jar and celebrate all you have accomplished.


Enjoy! Enjoy the end of your year, and look forward to the next one!

With each passing day as you fill your jar with meaningful things in your life, just seeing it grow will remind you that you can do this. With these feelings, your self-confidence will grow. Each day, you will feel more comfortable with who you really are and in turn feel better in your skin.


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Create Ease by Embracing Beauty  

Create Ease by Embracing Beauty  

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