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Kirsten Graphic Design Kirsten Eike is a creative entrepreneur with a love for food, photography, and design. When she's not curling hair for her bridal clients, she spends time dabbling in hand lettering, food photography, and yoga. She is a true homebody and enjoys relaxing with a glass of wine and a good movie. You can peruse her lifestyle photos on Instagram or her beautiful hair styles @kirstenmariedesignllc.




Photography Maya, of MOJALVO, is a cinematographer and photographer, capturing moments in hopes of telling rich stories of the world around her. On most days you can find her either: behind the camera lens, snuggled up with a big mug of coffee, baking something paleo, or exploring the northeast. See her work at or on IG @mojalvo.

Kylie Graphic & Web Design Kylie Flaskos is a multidisciplinary Brisbane-based designer with a passion for organic food, animals and exploring Australia with her family. You can find her on Instagram @inkandpapercreative or experience more design here.

Desha Peacock is an Author, Retreat Leader & LifeSTYLE Design Coach. She’s helped hundreds of people find their “Sweet Spot,” a self-defined place of success & beauty. Her first book Create the Style you Crave on a Budget you can Afford, was listed in the Huff post as “the book to give your girlfriend” & sold out in less than 20 days. She’s been quoted in the Huffington Post, Yahoo, Career Rookie, US News Money & has made radio & TV appearances across the nation. Get your free Sweet Spot Style Life + Biz Guide or join her on retreat.

Sarah S. Krystal

Editing & Proofreading


Sarah Sandidge can often be found reading a book. When she’s not reading for fun, she’s reading for work as a freelance editor, which is also fun. Her love for language, cultures and sociology makes people fascinating to her even though she’s a bit of an introvert, albeit a chatty introvert. When she isn’t glued to a written sentence, she is spending time with her family, mostly taking care of her two beautiful children somewhere in the heart of Missouri. See how cute they are on Instagram @LulainLondon.

Krystal Brandt, Authenticity Coach, is a soulful, sensual siren who lovingly and powerfully guides highachieving women back to their innermost desires by reintroducing them to their own intuitive whispers of wisdom. She brings a provocative, feminine and powerful edge to creating deeply connective experiences where vulnerability is invited, divisive walls come down and your truest self comes out to play.

Susanna Editing & Proofreading


Susanna Brown loves traveling through time with words and often has her head buried in a good book. She enjoys trying new vegetarian dishes, shopping, and going places she's never been. She is a writer of both historical and contemporary fiction for young people of all ages, as well as an editor and proofreader. She lives in Memphis, TN with a Yorkie named Boston.

Editing & Proofreading Our resident proofreader, P.K. McGill can typically be found on her back patio—enjoying a cocktail, talking with friends, yelling at her puppies, cavorting with her husband—or all of the above. Her better-known alias is Nani: she has four amazing, smart, & talented grandchildren, who all take after her. Connect with her on Facebook.




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Create Ease by Embracing Beauty  

Create Ease by Embracing Beauty