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An Introduction to Niko Niko is 13 years old and lives in Sante Fe, Texas. Sante Fe is a country type place. For fun, people ride dirt bikes and 4 wheelers, and they eat at Sherry’s Diner. I’ve lived here since I was about 6. I like living here, but someday I might go back to California where I was born. Some things you need to know about me are: I’m a Rockets fan, and my favorite players are Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. I like the Texans, and I’ve been to one of their practices. I have a Honda dirt bike that I ride with friends in the fields by our house. I’ve got 2 sisters and a bunch of stepsisters and stepbrothers. My favorite place to eat is Olive Garden, and I usually get fettuccini alfredo.

I wear a blue rubber band with the word B E L I E V E on it. My dad got it for me. It means I’ll beat this cancer. By Niko, 13

Genesis My name is special because it is the first name in the Bible. I love my name! My mom and dad named me when I was born. I was a happy baby. I like to sing, and my favorite song is “She Will Be in Love” by the group Marroon 5. I listen to it and sing along on my Ipod. My favorite TV show is a cartoon named “Luca, Luca.” It makes me laugh. I like to bake cakes with my sister. I love vanilla cake with white icing. Sometimes we put rainbow sprinkles all over the top. I like to go to the kids section at the mall. I enjoy riding in the cars and watching the people that walk by. There are so many things that I like about myself, but my name is my favorite.

By Genesis, 6

School at Home Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I wake up at 9 o’clock. This means that I get to sleep in a little. I eat oatmeal or cereal for breakfast. Then I get out my school supplies and complete my homework. When my teacher arrives, we go to the kitchen table.

She asks me how my chemo treatment is going. My answer depends on what chemo I had. Some make me feel sicker.

Then I give her my homework. First we do English. I like it. Then we read a novel Where the Red Fern Grows. After that, we do Math. Then we do world cultures. Next, we do science, which is my least favorite. All of this takes 2 hours. After she leaves, I read my book. That’s how my homeschooling goes.

By Kristan

I love

to learn. Math is my favorite subject. When I do math, my brain feels ready. It’s a little hard, but I like it.

When I finish math, my mind is full of thinking. I tell my teacher, “Can I rest now?”

By Ana, 7

My Specialty I’ve been making art since I was 5 years old. I used to have competitions with my cousin to see who could draw the best cartoons. He’d usually win, but I got better and better and eventually left him behind. Now my main competition is my uncle. He still draws better than me. Whenever I visit him in Mexico, I look through his sketchbooks. He draws real people—young children, beautiful women, old people. He also draws all kinds of animals, especially birds.

Drawing never makes me bored, so I always do it in my spare time. It relaxes me. It also helps me get through my sickness and lets people know me better.

By Juan, 12

My Big Birthday My birthday is April 3Oth. This year it’s on a Friday. I am traveling by car to Michoacan, Mexico. It takes 2 days to get there. We are going to visit my grandmother. I have already visited her 3 times before. Her house is made of cement blocks. It is painted blue on the outside with a dark green door. In her garden my grandmother grows mangos and oranges. I like to pick the fruit off the trees. Sometimes it tastes sweet and sometimes sour. On my birthday my grandmo ther will make a barbeque for me. My dad is buying me a bicycle.

I like my birthday because it makes me feel special! By Jarier, 11

My Strange Family I come from a family with more uncles and aunts than I can name. My little, little, little, very little cousin wants to marry me—he’s got problems! What else about my family? My grandmother is dating a short, skinny man. My brother has a 3 year old daughter who I helped raise—I did everything but breastfeed her! Whenever my little sister snores, I stick a sock in her mouth. One time I shaved my big brother’s head—he looked like a porcupine. My sister is the unusual eater—she dips French fries in cherry icees. Sometimes I wake up at 4 AM and go around the house screaming to wake everyone else up. Once I painted my stepfather’s nails red. I’m the only girl in my family who plays video games—my favorites are Mortal Combat and Final Fantasy.

I’m the first (and hopefully LAST) member of my family with cancer.

By Carmen, 14

A Life of Baseball I started playing baseball when I was 4 years old. It was a T-ball team called the Angels. I didn’t know too much about baseball then. I would pick flowers, catch bugs, wear my mitt on my head. Since 1996 I’ve played spring and fall ball every year. Now I play baseball year round. I play shortstop and catcher. I like these positions because they’re active. I play for a select traveling team called the Kingwood Mustangs. Last weekend we got 2nd place in a tournament in Louisiana, and we earned a berth in the Nationals, which we’ll play in July.

Sometimes I go to Astros games at Minute Maid Park. I like to watch the team play. I usually go

with my dad to the games. He doesn’t know so much about baseball so he usually sleeps! I want to play baseball until I grow old.

By Colton, 13

A Day at JROTC Every Wednesday morning I wake up, and the first thing I do is put on my camouflage uniform and shine my boots. At 6:3O Am I go out to catch the bus. When I get to school, I go to the commons and talk to my friends. When the bell rings, I go to my first class, which is JROTC. In this class I learn a lot because they teach you what it’s like to be in the st Marines.

I am a 1 Gunnery Sergeant. In class we learn about good manners, saying “Yes, sir, No sir” and respecting our elders. We also go outside and drill. We do physical training like push-ups, marching and pull-ups. I think if everyone had a chance to do JROTC, they would learn some very good lessons and make the world a better place.

By Jorge

If You Were Me I’m the oldest of 10 kids. It gets tiring to be the oldest sometimes. I do the dishes, My name is Kellie, and I’m 15 years old.

wash the clothes, pick up after them. It’s a lot of work. As soon as I get home from school, I have to watch my littlest brother so my mom can go to work ‘til 10 PM. I have to fix my little brother’s bottles, feed him, change his diaper. If you were me, you’d know it’s a lot of work to take care of kids.

By Kellie, 15

Marvin’s Life and How It Changed Who wears size 11 shoes, Astros baseball caps, and a gold bracelet? Marvin Chavez. Marvin was born on Father’s Day. He grew up in south Houston where they listen to rap and do graffiti. He moved to the north side when he was 2 or 3. It’s kinda the same there. It can be scary sometimes at night because there are drive-bys. Marvin is 13 years old. He plays video war games like Medal of Honor and racing games like Midnight Club II. Marvin knows how to make mixed CDs on the computer. The stuff he listens to is mixed Spanish and English. Marvin speaks both. At home he speaks Spanish and at school English. He likes math and science because he’s good at them. He plays football. He’s a linebacker and a guard on varsity. He also plays center and right wing on the basketball team. Plus, he lifts weights. He used to be able to lift 185 and squat 200. When Marvin goes through tough times like chemo, he talks it out with his family. When he’s sick, he doesn’t eat. When he’s well, he eats everything. Marvin’s got 1 brother and 1 sister.

He’s the oldest, which means he’s got to set the example and look out for them. Marvin is a nice, caring, good guy. His life changed on September 3, 2004, when he found out that he had leukemia T cell. Since then, he can’t play sports, can’t go out, can’t see his friends. He doesn’t go to school anymore. He does home school. Life is tougher.

By Marvin, 13

All about Me My name is Twyla. My mom and grandma were looking through a book and decided to name me Twyla Monique because it was unique. I’m a tomboy so that’s why I like wearing hats…caps, sun visors, kangos, dress hats.

Hats bring your whole outfit together and make you stand out. They bring out your complexion and show your attitude. I have a watch fetish. I wear all the characters in SpongeBob—Patrick, Squirrel, Mr. Crab, Squigwirt, Ms. Puff. I watch lots of cartoons. You’ve got to if you have 5 kids. Kids give you wrinkles, but they also keep you young. You’ve got to get on their level to relate. You wrestle with them, play video games, take them to Chuck E. Cheese. You have good days and bad days. My fiancée says I’m a good person who understands others and would do anything to help them out. That describes me to a “T.”

By Twyla

New Shoes On a very sunny day my brother and I went on a shopping spree. We went to the mall. My brother went to the Foot Action store. I had seen a very neat pair of shoes that I had seen on TV and wanted for the longest time. They were Reebok Pumps. So, I walked over and asked my brother for them, and he said I could have them, After that, he let me get another pair too.

so I walked out of the store as jolly as I could be. By Willie, 13

My Basketball Life I picked up a basketball in 2nd grade and started playing. In 3rd grade I joined the HF Little Dribblers. We learned the rules and had practices. I played guard and did good when I got the ball. After that, I played weekly.

I play pick-up games at my house and at the park with my friends. I also watch professional basketball

on TV. My favorite teams are the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat. My favorite player is Carmelo Anthony, a shooting guard. He’s got perfect form. This year I’m going to try out for a league team and next year maybe the school team. I feel prepared. I come from an athletic family.

By Willie, 17

I started

playing basketball when I was 7. I was supposed to start playing at 5, but the doctor told me I couldn’t because of the cancer. I played power forward because I was one of the tallest on the team but as I got older I started to play guard. The name of my first team was the Raptors, then the Rockets, then the Kings, then Blazers, then the Raptors again. I think basketball is in my genes because my papa and my dad played.

I like shooting the best because when you make a point it feels good. When I first go on the

court, I feel a little nervous but then it disappears. Then I feel comfortable. This year my team made it to the semifinals.

By Jacobe

Superstar Kobe Bryant is an awesome shooter. He is one of the best shooters in the league. He makes a great player.

Every night he scores big, more than 20 points a game. That’s why he’s my hero. A legend is what Kobe Bryant is. He shows kids the right way to go. The special thing about Kobe Bryant is he’s a superstar, and I know he is.

By Anthony

Thursday, 11:15 p.m. As I lay in the cold white empty room, waiting for an opportune time to eat, the sound of the electrical pump, attached to clear tubing that runs into my chest, has started to sound familiar again. A different world has become normal for me now. A routine that I would have thought impossible two months ago is being followed.

My family is the most helpful that they can be in all ways possible.

My environment is no longer nature, but one that is new to me. The sound of constant beeping, and crying, is unrelenting. Strangers take care of me every day. This is what I deal with.

By Charles

An Autobiography My name is Megan, and I’ve lived in Sealy my whole life. It’s a small town atmosphere—all about football and school sports. At school I was on the yearbook staff, working on the computer and doing spreads. I’m more into friends and social life than academics, but I get good grades. I always wear my class ring. I like hanging out, playing pool, and shopping. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I’m the youngest with my twin sister. I admit I live up to some of the youngest child stereotypes! My sister and I are close. We share everything.

Other things about me are I hate seafood, and I like salt better than sugar. I’d pick chips over M&Ms any day. I found out last June that I was sick. To get through the bad times, I usually go to my room to be alone. Some things have changed, but inside, I’m still the same person.

By Megan, 16

Divine Energy Mariely was born in Monterey, Mexico. When she visits with her family, she likes the food, especially the tacos, bisteck, tacos grandes, muecas, Doritos, and elote. She likes to visit her family, grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, and lots of cousins. She visit the rancho when she’s there. It’s in a territory out of town. When her grandpa died, all the horses, pigs, and chickens were sold. So now she just climbs the cement blocks, plays hide and seek, and barbecues. Mariely moved to the U.S. about 7 years ago. Her school in Pasadena was bilingual. Her sister was older and had to speak only English in school. She’d come home and teach Mariely words, so she caught on fast. Mariely’s name rhymes with her older sister’s name Nallely, which means “I love you” in Nauthl. One interesting thing about Mariely is her jewelry collection. She wears a fork that she bent into a bracelet and a necklace with 3 medals. Her godmother gave the one with the Virgin of Guadalupe on it. An aunt gave her one with5 the Virgin of Shrinestan. Her mom’s cousin gave her the last one. Mariely also wears a quartz that was given to her by her reiki master.

Reiki is an energy. It comes from God and is channeled through you. It purifies you. It’s divine. By Mariely

About Abel When my mom is not at home, Abel takes care of me! He plays soccer with me and is not just my cousin but my friend too. When I am older I would like to play basketball just like him. Abel makes me laugh all the time. When we see a funny movie, Abel tries to act like the silly character.

I want to be tall just like Abel with the same style hair. Abel is staying in my home because I am sick, and I do not want him to ever go back. By Eric, 7

Why I Love Music My name is Adam, and I come from a musical family. My dad plays percussion and my sister plays violin. I’ve been into music since I was 6. That’s when I started piano. I took lessons for about 5 years and picked up guitar. I wanted to be able to play more contemporary music, and I wanted to be able to carry around my instrument. I took guitar lessons for about 1 year and then taught myself with help from a friend at church. That’s where my talent bloomed, playing praise music and in the church worship band. I’m the youngest member. Twice I’ve played for a 2-week Christian tour band. The first time we started in Dallas and went all the way to Chicago. I played guitar the first year and the next year sang in the choir. This year I’ll do the tour again starting in June.

I like the versatility of music because it can express any type of emotion—happiness, anger, sadness.

That’s why I love listening to music so much too. There’s always a song that says how someone feels. I like music because it enhances life.

By Adam

Music and My Moods I listen to R&B, rap, and hip hop. What I listen to depends on my mood. When I’m up, I listen to Ludicris, Usher, and B2K. The beats bring the joy up. When I’m down, I listen to slow songs like “Girlfriends” by B2K.

The song has a good rhythm, and it tells how to treat girlfriends right. If it’s a song I can relate to, it goes to my heart.

By Amber, 17

A little bit of everything SHORT POEMS & MORE

Do You Know the Answer? Why is the sky blue during the day and dark blue at night? Why do leaves float in the air? How do stars sing to the moon? When do horses talk to us? When do books fly? Who made rain red? Who falls in love with the storm? Where does the sun hide?

Does the day kiss the night? Does the mountain run to the ocean? How can we dream of the future?

Monica, 9

Enough Being a big brother is hard and easy. The hard part is taking care of Leonardo—watching him so he doesn’t get hurt, taking him in his stroller so he can sleep. The easy part is making Leonardo laugh and playing with him.

I’m the oldest in my family and I like it, but I think 1 brother is enough. Daniel, 10

Gospel Every Saturday morning, early, I go to my church to practice with the choir. It’s crazy there. Everyone’s laughing and joking and singing. We sing gospel songs, and we do steps with each one. When I sing it, I feel overwhelmed. I get lost in the happiness.

I like gospel music because it speaks to my heart.

By Tenicka

My Head Leaves Me When I go to sleep, my head leaves me. It bounces down the stairs and jumps on my mom’s bed. It rolls out the door to other people’s houses. It growls with its teeth to scare people. It bounces on people’s heads-

boing, boing, boing! Then it flaps its ears, flies home through the window, and jumps back onto my neck.

By Brandon, 8

Problems How problems feel depend on the day. Sometimes they are a storm dark and noisy. Sometimes they are the wind when the air blows.

Sometimes they are airplanes flying in the air. Sometimes they are the books that I read.

By Kayla

The Butterfly and the Strawberry Once upon a time there was a butterfly and a talking strawberry, and they became friends. They played and talked, but one day the butterfly was so hungry that he ate the talking strawberry. So then, the butterfly made another friend, and now they play.

The end. By Ava, 6

Hair My hair is dark brown with a little black in it. My hair stinks when my mom smells it. Maybe it’s because I don’t scrub it enough. I’m trying to let it grow long and shaggy. I put gel in it almost 5 times a week. When I get a haircut, I get a military cut. My hair is growing. In the summer, it gets oily. When it’s soaked, it is flat like the shell of an egg.

long, people think it’s cool.

As it gets

By Christian, 12

Rain Here comes the rain, blowing against the tree, beating down on the tin roof. My clothes are soaking wet!

The rain is telling me that a storm is coming! It’s telling me that I need to change my clothes. Hurry!

Hannah, 12

Shhhh‌ I am the RAIN, falling from the sky, making the world sad. I make puddles and splashes. I sound like a whisper shhhh. I shine cars, windows, and stars.

I make big thunder. Boom!

I make glowing lightning. I am the RAIN.

By Ayana

Sometimes Sometimes we are happy Sometimes we are mad Sometimes we are joyful Sometimes we are furious Sometimes we want everything

Sometimes we want peace Sometimes we need quiet Sometimes we feel depressed Sometimes we know we can do it Sometimes we change our minds Sometimes we change our feelings Sometimes we think about life Sometimes we think about our family Sometimes we forget to be strong Sometimes we remember stories

Sometimes we are thankful for our lives Sometimes we are sure that we will achieve our goals Sometimes we dance with love

By Valerie, 9

It ain’t brand new So come on everybody Let’s get on with the beat

Dance all day Get up off your seat.

By David

My Horse I have a paint horse named Valentine. Her colors are brown and white. She just had a baby, and named her Rain because she’s scared of the rain. She’ll let me stand on her back and do all kinds of things.

I like to ride Valentine with a saddle or without one.

By Ryan, 8

I’m better

at cursive than print I’m better at puzzles than coloring I’m better at math than reading I’m better at eating macaroni and cheese than spinach I’m better at riding a little bike than a big bike I’m better at guitar than flute I’m better at watching TV than videos I’m better at getting a CAT scan than getting blood taken I’m better at computers than recess I’m better at being with my family than making new friends

I’m better at loving my mom and baby sister than anything else in the world By Kolton, 8

Elan and the Pot of Gold Once upon a time there was a girl named Elan. One day Elan went to the park with her friends. While they were playing, Elan went into the woods and found a pot of gold. Guarding the pot of gold was a little man. Elan was startled and scared. The little man’s name was Joyful, and he was sent by the king. The little man told Elan not to be afraid and that he was sent to be her special friend. Together they traveled far and wide over mountains and rivers. They secretly had the pot of gold under the trunk of the magical old oak tree. They big bold branches would protect it until they returned. Joyful and Elan were the only two, besides the king, who knew the secret code to opening the trunk. While they traveled, Joyful and Elan made sure that all the animals and little people in the woods were doing well. Then they would report back to the king and inform him of any problems. The king then used the gold to get money to help all the little animals and people in the woods that needed help. Joyful and Elan felt special in being chosen to this special deed.

happily ever after.

And they lived

By Alina, 9

A Love Poem for my Auntie My auntie is gone, and I didn’t even know Didn’t know where she went Didn’t know if she was sick or well Didn’t know if she remembered me and my brothers My auntie is gone, and I didn’t even know Didn’t hear her call me after church Didn’t play tag with her outside Didn’t feel her kisses and hugs My auntie is gone,

and I wish she would see me again

By Ebony, 7

I am like

the sky Watching everyone that walks by I am like the road Keeping everyone company and in mode

I am shining like a star in the sky Keeping everyone safe, that’s why I’m anything that can care Wherever, whatever, anywhere But you have to do your part too Keeping everyone happy, that’s what you do So, if you’ll be a friend to me We’ll be the best. That’s what I see!

By Sara

A Prayer I wanna ask the Lord to help the ones who have cancer because God’s the only one who’s gonna give you the right answer,

and I pray every night that the little ones feel better. Come on. We’re gonna pray together because I feel the pain.

By Kristina

Among Among flowers, I am the one who cries in the rain Among wheelchairs, I am the one who glides down the hallway Among fish, I am the one who fries in a pan Among shoes, I am the pair that sparkles with glitter

Among medicines, I am the one who makes the pain disappear Among stars, I am the one who glows in the night Among birds, I am the one who sings in the spring

Corinne, 12

Give Me Give me watermelon on a hot, sunny day Give me some cherries from a big cherry tree Give me strawberries from the grocery store Give me grapes so sweet and round

Give me a doll to play with and keep me company Give me a puppy with fluffy ears Give me a cell phone to talk to my friends Give me some minutes on my phone for FREE!

By Candace, 8


planets, I am Earth Round and light blue Among buildings, I am the Skyscraper, tall as a hospital Among friends, I am the one who Cares for you when you feel bad Among enemies, I would be the Angry dragon destroying buildings Among disasters, I am the Meteor crashing to Earth Among clouds, I am a Fluffy one floating

Among futures, I am a cool One who changes everything. By Jennifer, 10

The Blues When I feel the blues It makes me want to ooze It sure is bad news It doesn’t make me amused When I feel the blues I don’t want to clean my shoes I have an excuse I have a big bruise There’s no time to lose I don’t want to choose I just want to snooze Man, I feel confused

By Brandon, 12

Used to Be I used to be the sunrise that one would awake to everyday. I used to be the bird that roams and soars across the skies.

I would be the satisfaction one would feel after a job well done. I was the buried treasure that one could only find after years and decades of exploration. I was that rare gem that glistened in rotation, the one that was maybe not worth a billion dollars, but at the same time well worth the years spent on a journey of ocean tides. I am the priceless one that may never be replaced.

By Javier, 20

All the Things My Mama Does for Me My mama combs my hair every day My mama cooks fried chicken for me My mama gives me a hug when I’m sad My mama gives me oranges, apples, and grapes My mama washes my dresses for me My mama reads books to me at the hospital My mama colors pictures with me My mama takes me to the beach

My mama named me China because she thought it was beautiful By China, 7

My Name Shazia is my name The name of a queen Who lives in Iran Who is brave and strong Shazia makes me feel Happy and beautiful My name has 6 letters With 3 vowels For short, my friends and teachers Call me Shazi It is pretty and sweet and catchy It is royal and fabulously pure

Shazia the Queen is beautiful like me As enchanting as a fairy from a magical land Shazi is special—a queen from Iran So royal and brave in every way

By Shazia

I Remember I remember when I was in the hospital I remember that I had a liver problem I remember that I was in the PICU on the 3rd floor I remember Randy in Columbus I remember I was riding in an ambulance I remember seeing too many doctors

I remember all the cards people sent I remember it was October 2004 I remember my mom being with me I remember when I got to go home I remember I almost missed trick-or-treating, but I didn’t!

By Brandon

A Little Bit of Everything I like a little bit of this I like a little bit of that I like crawfish with vinegar And crabs with ketchup I like avocado with chips Salsa and cheese Tacos, burritos, and everything Please! Skirts and shirts With little designs Flip-flops and sandals With a little bit of dye

I like a little bit of this I like a little bit of that I like nails with polish And a little bit of GAP!

By Laura, 14

My Life as a Crab I want to be a grown-up crab, so I can clap people on their hands and eat soup made out of people’s legs, noses, and eyes!

Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! By Hannah, 5

Introducing Laos where they grow sweet rice where the climate is always hot and beautiful where the young and old go to the temple and chant and bring special homemade food for the monks where they celebrate New Year’s in April with fireworks, music, and fantastic food where there will always be friendly faces with happy smiles

By Jonathan, 10

Rap Rap is cool It has a great beat It’s the new hot thing It don’t go below your feet Rap is bouncy It’s catchy and true Eminem and Snoopdog It gives you something to do

Rap is freedom Expressing your view It comes from life It ain’t brand new So come on everybody Let’s get on with the beat Dance all day Get up off your seat.

By David

My Story Today I am a singer Tomorrow I am dancing Always practicing and appreciating the applause Today I am a hairdresser Tomorrow I am a barber Cutting, styling, snipping, curling Always standing on my feet Today I am a model Tomorrow I am a fashion editor Always in front of beautiful people Photographs spreading across the pages Today I am a swimmer Tomorrow I am a diver Gliding through water sometimes cold Sometimes warm, always smooth and peaceful

Today I am Isha Tomorrow a teenage girl Forever dancing and being part of the action Always a singing queen

By Isha, 10

I Am I am not who you think I am. I am a queen who is the ruler of a land so far away.

I am a soul positively motivated throughout the world, seeing the unseeable and hearing the unhearable. I am not who you think I am. Many people look at the outside of me instead of looking in. You can’t look on the outside of a tree to tell how old it is. You must look on the inside. I may look small as an ant, but I am a skyscraper as tall as can be, looking down on that special city.

By Ayanna, 13

Morning My mom does my hair in the morning She braids my hair in the morning She combs my hair in the morning She greases my hair in the morning She puts it in cornrows in the morning

She puts it in puffs in the morning My mom does my hair in the morning

By Laura, 7

The Beaver Once upon a time there was a girl named Morgan. She liked fishing in ponds. One day she went fishing and saw a beaver eating a tree. She whispered, “Cool,” so the beaver wouldn’t get scared. She watched until the tree fell down. Then she caught a tiny orange fish. She threw it back in the water and

then fell asleep under the clouds. By Morgan, 7

Ode to Watermelon In the summer I gobble down the watermelon. The outside is green with squiggly stripes. The inside is pink with black and yellow seeds.

When I eat it, it is juicy and drips on the floor. After each bite, I spit the seeds on the ground. Oh, fruity watermelon, you are better than peas!!!

By Trevon, 8

What This Means, Being a Quarter Stand up, stand down Turn around Look up at the moon Think about what You can buy— Chips, gum, lemonade.

Dance, spin, sing Until the moon Goes down.

Aletria, 12

Please Give me the light from the moon Give me the roar of the water Give me the heat of the sun Give me the taste of watermelon Give me the spring wind Give me clear water like the sky

Give me the happiness I used to have By Ana, 17

Why I Like Bubbles I don’t like it when bubbles pop on my skin… they pop all over me! I like the tiny bubbles but daddy doesn’t like them popping on his forehead. The big bubbles pop slowly. The bubbles have colors. I see pink and yellow and blue and purple. Le me show you how they pop! They pop when I poke them. I like to catch big bubbles and balance them on my wand.

Bubbles…Bubbles…Bubbles! Itsy-bitsy tiny double bubbles are my favorite!

By Chase, 4

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