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WHO WE ARE The Perfect Light is a professional lighting company founded on integrity and exceptional service. As a Christian-based business, we have developed successful relationships with our customers, business partners and employees because of our dedication to excellence. Since 2001, we have experienced exponential growth while serving communities in the DFW, Houston and San Antonio areas. We look forward to serving you with the same values that have made us a reliable business for thousands of homeowners.

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The Perfect Light offers a variety of products–all designed to help maximize the beauty and enjoyment of your home and outdoor living space. From permanent outdoor and holiday lighting to mosquito and water misting systems, each product we offer is customized to your individual needs.

WHAT TO EXPECT The Perfect Light has helped more than 6,000 customers in Texas illuminate their lives with stunning outdoor lighting solutions over the last 12 years. Our team of experienced lighting designers and installers apply creativity, know-how, honesty and professionalism to every job, and our standards are high. We use solid design principles that stand the test of time and we use only the most durable energy-efficient materials for every job. As a matter of fact, we personally guarantee all of our work. When you choose The Perfect Light, expect professionalism, honesty, artistry, creativity, unique designs, value and quality workmanship.

Free Consultation/Estimate During our initial consultation, we will send out a qualified designer to guide you through our process. Our goal is to collaborate with our customers to find a lighting solution that is the best fit for your home and provide you with an estimate of the investment.

On-site Management The Perfect Light is a structured organization that has a qualified team in place to ensure that all aspects of this process are taken care of properly. All of our crews are supervised by an on-site manager capable of handling all your questions and concerns.

Service After the Sale Our commitment to you is more than a business transaction. With a 10-year warranty on all features and a variety of maintenance options, we can ensure that your lighting system looks and works as well as it did the first day it was installed.

A Company with Character The Perfect Light has a relentless desire to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. We apply Biblical principles to our decisions, and the results are honesty, integrity and dependability.


OUTDOOR LIGHTING INSTALLATION There is no “one size fits all” lighting system. All homes are unique in some way, and our professional designers are capable of creating a custom design that is perfectly tailored to your home.

We use a variety of lighting options for crafting the evening b ackdrop for your home: Low Voltage Lighting LED Lighting Security Lighting

Line Voltage Lighting Moon Lighting Service of Existing Lighting

LIGHTING PROCESS Our process starts with a free consultation with one of our experienced lighting designers. We will come out to discuss ideas and options before we give you an estimate. Once we have established a design plan, we will do a free demonstration to show you the difference our system can make for your home. Once you have chosen the items you want, we will give you a final price and a “promised-by date” so we can coordinate an installation time. After installation, we will send the designer back for a nighttime adjustment to ensure everything is as we originally planned. At that time, we will give you a tutorial on the system, its functionality, and its timers and controller. After the adjustment, you will be all set to enjoy your new system. We will warrant the system for the next ten years. Our warranty will cover all parts and labor excluding light bulbs. All light bulbs will be covered under our maintenance program.


LIGHTING MAINTENANCE Service and maintenance is easy with The Perfect Light. Because of our customer base, service makes up a large portion of our business. Most companies neglect service calls, but we embrace them. Our business has been built mostly on referrals and we know our best advertisement is a beautifully lit home with a happy customer inside. We offer a variety of maintenance options, but like all of our products and services, we can customize a plan just for you. We also provide service on existing systems. When you purchase lights and or service from The Perfect Light, we want to become your “lighting company�, one company that can solve all your lighting problems and service all of your lighting needs. You will find that we are passionate about making our relationship one that will last a lifetime.


CHRISTMAS LIGHTING Transform your home for Christmas with one of our custom designed lighting and décor packages. We will provide everything: the design, lights, garlands, wreaths, wiring and timers. The Perfect Light is one of the largest Christmas light installers in the country. Each year we service over 2,500 homes in Texas alone. What this means to our customers is that you get the most experienced and professional staff in the business. Over the past 12 years, we have worked hard to create the most comprehensive and customer-friendly Christmas program available.







• FREE consultation and design for every new home. • A la carte, no hassle pricing. Pick only the items you absolutely want. • Incredible discount options, up to 50% off for reinstallation. Additional discounts for early commitment. • Your own customer service representative—a real person to help you throughout the season. • Licensed electricians to design and install additional electrical outlets and timers as needed. • A well-trained and supervised installation crew.



PROGRAM . • New, high quality lighting and décor, custom cut to fit your house perfectly. • FREE service on all lighting and décor throughout the season. • 100% product guarantee. All materials are guaranteed for as long as you are with us. • No additional charge for removal and clean up after the season. • Fully insured storage to protect your investment year-round.


MOSQUITO MISTING SYSTEMS Mosquitoes and other flying insects can ruin the enjoyment of your backyard. By installing one of our custom-designed Mosquito Misting Systems, we can eliminate those pests and make your backyard the most desirable in the neighborhood. Our system includes a tank with a specialized pump and timer that will automatically spray a very fine mist of botanical insecticide through a series of mosquito misting nozzles installed on your property. The insecticide will create a secure perimeter around the areas you want protected. Once a system has been installed, we will provide you with an all-inclusive maintenance program that will include service on parts as well as insecticide refill.

FAQ about Mosquito Control Does this system actually work? Yes. We have now done over 100 misting systems and have not had any complaints about the effectiveness of the system. All of our products are well tested before we offer them to customers.

What is the insecticide and is it natural? There are many different insecticides that will work in our system. Most all of them use the same active ingredient called pyrethrum, which is derived from the extract of a certain variety of chrysanthemum flower. Though pyrethrum comes from flowers, it is not completely correct to think of it as either “natural” or “organic” because it is highly refined and contains a man-made “synergist” that increases its effectiveness. When applied in a mist, pyrethrum flushes mosquitoes from foliage where they harbor and then impairs their nervous system. Shortly after application, the pyrethrum is rapidly degraded by sunlight, and leaves the yard free of residue.

Is it safe? The insecticides we use are labeled for use in misting systems designed for the control of mosquitoes. We mix our insecticide in a ratio of one part concentrate to 54.5 parts water; therefore, the insecticide is formulated to control small flying insects only. All insecticides used in the misting system should be used as directed. As with all products, you should read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Does the system help control more than just mosquitoes? Yes. Our misting system aids in the control of over 200 pests.


Event Outdoor Lighting We can make your special occasion even more memorable! We have provided outdoor lighting for many weddings and wedding receptions. We can also light up your birthday party, grand opening, benefit, holiday party or anniversary. Softly lit landscaping, palms and architectural features can provide a beautiful backdrop for your event. We can also wrap your trees in light, and create canopies of light, using clear miniature lights, creating an elegant effect. LED lighting in brilliant hues can also be used to create an unforgettable effect.

• Weddings and Wedding Receptions • Birthday Parties • Retirement Parties • Grand Openings

• Corporate Events & Benefits • Pool Parties • Holiday Parties • Anniversaries

We also provide onsite troubleshooting during the event to ensure that your special day is trouble-free.


MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to work diligently toward producing a business that achieves excellence in four main areas every day.

First – honoring God by doing business in accordance with His Word


Second – providing the most superior and comprehensive lighting, electrical products and solutions available in the markets that we serve

Third – maintaining a positive work environment that promotes our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for one another and for those things entrusted to us

Fourth – encouraging the discipleship and growth of our employees, associates and customers in those values

CUSTOMERS RAVE ABOUT THE PERFECT LIGHT From the initial consultation to the end-result, clients not only enjoy their experience with The Perfect Light, they love the outcome, like Jerry and Justin. “I was very impressed by the creativity The Perfect Light brought to the project, as well as their level of professionalism and the quality of workmanship. Plus they were punctual and the project was completed on time.” “The result was even better than I had imagined. They really exceeded my expectations, which isn’t an easy thing to do! Everything just glows. They completely changed the look of my backyard and pool area. They thought of little things I had never even considered that made all the difference.” “There’s only one thing I would change if I could. I wish all the people in my neighborhood would get The Perfect Light to do their homes. Our street would really stand out and make a statement!” -Justin

“The installers showed up on time and I was kept well-informed from start to finish. When we did the walk-through they made some small adjustments and saw things I couldn’t imagine. They really offer a good value because they know how to cast a light so you can get your money’s worth out of each light. It’s like the difference between saying, “OK, a light is shining over there” versus, “Wow, this is beautifully lit!” “My yard now has the perfect light! I would recommend The Perfect Light to anyone who wants to make a statement, discover the hidden beauty of their home and landscaping, and get quality design and workmanship along with value for their money.” -Jerry


281-296-7777 DFW | HOUSTON | SAN ANTONIO

The Perfect Light - Houston  

The Perfect Light - Houston

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