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Issue 4 June 2016


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Gourmet Gentleman An Introduction to Cigars


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Stylish Gentleman Summer Suits & Shoes


Groomed Gentleman Summer Grooming Guide


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Business Gentleman

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Romantic Gentleman The Language of Flowers

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Mannered Gentleman Summer Party Etiquette


The Perfect Lady

From the Desk of #1PG

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to the fourth issue of The Perfect Gentleman Magazine, we do hope that you are enjoying this journey as much as we are. We are learning a great deal about running a monthly magazine & all the other content we put out. We could not do this without you our fabulous readers, we thank you wholeheartedly. This is the June Issue and naturally our thoughts turn to Summer so does this issue: we talk about Suits & Shoes for Summer; we tackle the naily issue of why men don’t manicure; we learn the language of flowers; get an introduction to cigars; get a guide to Summer party etiquette and much more. Our Gentleman Talks interview is the the fantastic Ray Gelato, he is stylish gentleman who happens to have a Toe Tapping new album out with the great jazz singer Claire Martin. It is an action packed issue, and you have the whole month of June to peruse it. We also have some fantastic new contributors along for the ride. Manny Brefin, who is a quiet legend in the cigar smoking community around the world, gives us his very personal introduction to cigars. We have a fabulous new lady joining our team, the elegant Lorella McDonald. She is amongst her many talents, is an excellent writer as you can see as she discusses the Language of Flowers. They join our regular team of James Marwood, Ruairidh Bulger, Paul Ernst & Leah Morrigan. In thinking about this issue, I got to thinking about the Summers of my youth, you know those days when we school broke for the holidays and you had weeks ahead of you to do what you wanted. There was an unbridled sense of joy in those heady days of our youth. A sense of adventure, a sense of the fun yet to come and hopefully some good weather as well. Those days we reflect on with nostalgia. But why? Why, do we have to look at those days as past and Summer is just another season that we have to plod through as we get older, except for that quick trip on ‘holiday’ which frequently is a small break in the chain. Perhaps we should embrace that attitude from our younger selves. We should look at the months of summer as a time for adventure, a time for fun and joy. Why not view this summer like that and commit to an adventure, make each day joyful and seek out fun in whichever place you can find it. In fact, let's take that attitude into every season and every day. Go on, your younger self will admire you for it. On a final note, please don’t forget to listen to the weekly podcasts or from our Media hub. They have the same titles but a whole heap of different and unique content. I am off to prepare the BBQ, find an adventure and perhaps light a cigar, till I see you in July.

Most Gentlemanly Yours,

Zach Falconer-Barfield #1PG



Men's Fashion Weeks Hit Town The Triumvirate of Mens Style weeks are upon us again in June. London Collections Men's in unsurprisingly London; Pitti Uomo in Florence & Mode a Paris in naturally Paris. We shall be reporting on those events in the July Issue.

Grooming Pays A Pair of University professors have conducted a study that in principle shows that the better groomed you are, the more likely you are to earn more, up to 25% more!

Good Manners Pays

Hairy Chest are Back! Gentlemen, no need for waxing or ruining the clippers - Hairy chests are back in fashion. Though open to the waist denim shirts & medallions are not!


A Chinese University has established a rule that if you use good manners & politeness, you can get up to 50% of your meal in the canteen. When will Starbucks institute this rule?


AK47 Makers are going into Fashion

Once Again Clooney Rules the Red May sees Cannes dominate the Glamour stakes & once again George Clooney ruled the style stakes on the Riveria with always an understated glamour.

It seems that Kalashnikov are shooting their way into the style stakes buy launching a clothing line. We hope that it's as versatile as their guns!

New Contributors - Manny Brefin & Lorella McDonald We welcome our newest Contributors to the fold, Manny Brefin is a bon vivant & Cigar legend. Lorella is a guru who is currently her passion for Art with a History of Art Masters.



Summer Suits By James Marwood Many men spend summer dressing less casually than they would the rest of the year. For most occasions that’s not a problem, but there so many ways to stay smart and beat the heat. In the UK we tend not to buy summer suits in the way out brethren in the US and continental Europe do, which is a real shame. Summer suits are fun, comfortable and stylish. Just the thing for heading out from the office for post-work drinks or for a weekend dinner. More casual and playful than the traditional 3-season suit, this gives more opportunity to wear unusual colours and patterns. With the right cloth, cut and careful dodging of standing in direct sunlight you can still cut a dash whilst keeping cool. Summer gives us the opportunity to go for suits and jackets made from cloths we wouldn’t normally wear


Seersucker is favourite. Made from alternating stripes of smooth and rough cotton, it has a distinctive look which is perfect for a more casual summer suit. Being made of quite an open weave and being light in weight it is pleasant to wear when the weather gets hot, which explains it’s prevalence in hotter climates. You can wear more normal cottons, but that seems a shame when seersucker is such fun. In the UK we’re more often to be seen wearing linen. This is the oldest of all cloths, and comes in a wide variety of weights and colours. Although we most often see the lighter weights, don’t be afraid to go a little heavier for suits. Linen’s main weakness is it’s tendency to wrinkle and a heavier linen will resist this, whilst draping bette and offering a more resilient suit.

STYLISH GENTLEMAN It looses little in coolness for this advantage and can make for a wonderfully stylish summer suit or coat. Think of the summer sportsmen of the 1930s for your inspiration. Many of the fine Italian tailors make frequent use of blends of wool and silk to make light weight and cool suits, without sacrificing style. Indeed, a good wool and silk sport coat can be worn on all but the coldest days. These are often to be found on the rack at independent menswear stores, where they cognoscenti will look for patterns and colours that can work with everything from denim to linen and flannel. Another versatile cloth is hopsack, a loosely woven cloth normally made from wool. It drapes beautifully and is very forgiving of both travel and heat. My navy blue hopsack blazer is normally the first thing I pack when travelling in summer. It ’s colour and texture means it sits right on the edge between casual and smart. Perfect for wearing with grey flannel for the office and jeans for the weekend. The final summer cloth is probably the king of them all. The fantastic Fresco produced by JJ Minnis in England’s weaving heartland of Huddersfield. It’s a worsted wool cloth, made in a rough and open weave. This gives it a great texture and means it feels very cool to wear. Indeed, I’ve worn it on usually hot and humid days in India and felt as cool as my colleagues in loose cottons. Being made from worsted wool it is incredibly resilient, making light work of humidity or being folded into a suitcase. This makes it the ultimate travel suit material.

Even a suit cut from an open cloth like this can still be hot to wear if made traditionally however. In a normal suit there are thick layers of padding inside the suit. Called interlining, these are glued or stitched into place to help turn the two dimensional cloth into a three dimensional coat. This is great on a cool day or in an air-conditioned office but less pleasant at a summer garden party.This is where the various unlined, half or buggy-lined jackets come into play. Made without interlinings and often with no lining at all, they allow for a very smart suit, yet without any of the weight and heat of a normal cut. They can also be used to make heavier wools, such as cashmere, into wonderfully cool and relaxed jackets. Italian and American makers often have these as part of their spring and summer offerings.



Once we have our cloth and cut decided we must then settle on colour. If winter and autumn is the time of dark blues, greys and browns then summer is where we can let our senses bloom. White (Traditionally not worn after Labor Day in the US), creams, light tans and even more unusual light blues and mint greens can all be used for summer suits. Accessories can also become lighter and brighter. I often wear a bright yellow knitted tie that often gets me complements in the summer months. If you are wearing white and cream then it is usually best to break it up somewhat, putting another colour between them. A buttoned jacket can do this especially effectively if you’re wearing cream trousers and a white shirt, or a tan belt if you’re likely to take the jacket off. Cream trousers are traditional day-time formal party wear in much of the world, paired with a blue blazer, like the hopsack mentioned above. I like both linen and flannel for this, with a little fleck in the cloth to break up the solid mass of cream. Such trousers are not forgiving of dropped food however, so be sure to keep your napkin handy if you’re enjoying a buffet or picnic. Wearing suitable footwear also helps one both feel and look cool, and so summer shoes are an important choice. All the above comments on colour go for footwear as well, with the usual caveat that shoes generally look better when they are a shade or two darker than the outfit they’re being worn with.


Texture is more flexible in summer, with unlined suede being the traditional choice in much of the world. These can be cut in almost any style and come in a wonderful array of colours. A more continental choice is the loafer or moccasin. With or without a metal bit, these are fantastically comfortable and be worn with fine socks, half socks or, for the reckless, no socks at all. Driving shoes are similar to loafers, but with a soft rubber sole that extends around the heel. These do wear quickly, so they’re not recommended for long walks or extended periods on stone or concrete. For summer lounging however they cannot be beaten. So there you go. Put on your half-lined summer suit, playfully coloured loafers and a light linen shirt and you’ll look fantastic and stay cool. Just remember to top it off with a magnificent hat, like a panama and you’ll beat the heat and look great doing it.



in praise of

Summer Shoes by Zach Falconer-Barfield

Summer is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and hopefully the good weather, we are keeping our fingers crossed, is here and our clothing is changing to the lighter materials and colours. Our thoughts turn to holidays and casual clothing, but relevant footwear is but a secondary thought to some. But it should not be as for summer Gentlemen now have a dizzying array of choice for the warmer months. There are everything in all forms that you can put on your feet from design and style to a panatone of colour. Therefore, we here at the PG Magazine have come up with our quick guide and ode to summer shoes. We tell you a little about the shoe, what to wear it with and even where to wear it. We have structured the guide moves from the heaviest to the lightest shoe styles. We hope you have a great summer and go one be brave expand your shoes for summer.



The first and original casual shoe, invented in 1847 by Wildsmiths in London, but then taken a stage further in 1930 by a Norwegian shoemaker called Tveranger. These shoes are made in a variety of materials from leather to suede and various other materials and combinations abound. They mostly have leather or heavy duty soles. Loafers can be worn all year round especially in a casual or semi-formal setting, though it is in Summer months that they come into their own. As our formal clothing changes to lighter fabrics and softer cuts, sometimes the more formal dress shoe looks out of place. The Loafer fits in.

STYLISH GENTLEMAN Generally, the heavier the material you are wearing, the heavier the material of your Loafer. Loafers generally do not come in the variety of colours of the other summer shoes, so the same rules for colour matching apply as they would do for Formal or Dress Shoes. Comfortable, flexible and stable - the loafer is the dependable all rounder. The Stylish Gentleman says The Classical Gentleman’s Choice

If you are feeling very daring you can get bold coloured Moccasins to match and highlight your outfit. Most men choose not to wear socks with these shoes but if you want or have to wear them, go with invisible socks or if a little nippier perhaps a single colour sock that match your overall colour scheme. The most flexible of all the summer shoes and the most stylish - a staple for your summer feet. The Stylish Gentleman says The Bold Gentleman’s Choice

Driving Moccasins Boat/Deck Shoes

As with the loafer, they descend from the Native American Moccasin, but they have developed into a major stylish summer shoe subset. They are made from soft leather, such as suede or deerskin, with a rubber sole. Due to their thinner, lighter material and solid sole, they were originally adopted, as the name suggests, for driving. This was so that the driver could feel the pedals with more accuracy, or so the rumour goes. They have now become a fashion staple of Summer Male footwear. Flexible enough to wear with everything from a summer suit to a pair of shorts, they are the ultimate flexible shoe. They are now available in a vast array of colours and detailing from coloured stitching to tassles.

The Boat shoe, as with most Male fashion clothing, was started from a very practical place. Modern Boat Shoes were invented by a gentleman named Paul Sperry in 1935, a keen sailor, who was inspired by his Spaniel’s ability to run in the ice and across his deck without slipping. His inspired sole design for the shoe was rapidly taken up by other sailors and his company Sperry Top-Sider was born (hence it’s other name Top Sider). The shoe became fashionable in the 1980s, stemming from the Yachting culture of the Preppy Universities that was adopted as a look by a number of brands such as Ralph Lauren, who took the style across the world.


STYLISH GENTLEMAN Boat shoes traditionally were made with White rubber grooved soles and leather uppers with durable stitching, though now they come in a variety of styles and different soles and uppers. They are quite a traditional shoe and tend not to come in the range of garish colours that the Driving Moccasin does. Like that shoe they are traditionally not worn with socks, though it has started to creep in occasionally. More casual than the previous two shoe styles, they are best suited with very casual trousers and preferably shorts.

It is a flat shoe made with a flexible jute rope sole with a canvas or cotton upper.

This is the summer casual shoe of North America and a great choice for the Traveling Gentleman as the shoe is hard wearing.

Traditionally, they only came in black & white or natural colours. They now come in a range of colours but not as wide a range as the moccasin or Loafer. The should never be worn with socks but can be worn with any clothing, dressing down that summer suit or just with shorts to the beach. They are more a holiday shoe rather than a summer city shoe as they will dirty and wear too quickly in that environment.

The Stylish Gentleman says The Preppy Gentleman’s Choice Espadrilles

Espadrilles are a unisex shoe, though the ladies’ version frequently has straps to secure them to the ankles and sometimes heels. Like the Boat Shoe this shoe shone in the 8os. The espadrille came to the attention of men everywhere as the stylish footwear choice when Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson), in the globally popular TV show Miami Vice, wore them all the time. With this endorsement they spread across the globe.

As very fashion conscious shoe and with a broad appeal, certainly one should pack a pair for that trip to Miami or the beaches of Bali. The Stylish Gentleman says The Cool Gentleman’s Choice

Summer shoes seem to come from history more than any other shoe style. Espadrilles have been made in the Pyrenees since the 14th century, originally worn as peasant footwear because of their easy and cheap construction.



Probably the oldest type of footwear in the world dating as far back as 10,000 years ago. There are many different types of sandal, but they all consist of a sole and strap (or straps) that pass over the instep and sometimes the ankle. They are certainly shoes for a summer climate. A sandal can be made from any number of materials, and come in many styles, shapes and colours, but mostly they come in very plain colour palettes. They range in style from sporty to sophisticated. Generally they should be worn with shorts, casual and semi-formal summer clothing and should match style of clothing; don’t wear sporty sandals with linen trousers. They can also be worn in cities as well as on the beach. Some Gentlemanly rules for wearing Sandals Firstly, they are never to be worn with socks (unless you have a medical reason). Secondly, as you are exposing your feet and toes to the world, make sure that you have taken care of them before exposing them - trim your toenails and make sure feet are clean. These are the classic choice for Summer footwear, a comfortable thing to have at hand. No matter what #1PG says about them. The Stylish Gentleman says The Scholastic Gentleman’s Choice


We will not list the thousands of different names that this summer staple is given around the world, but this casual shoe is a flat soled, open toed sandal, held loosely to the foot by a y-shaped strap that passes between the toes. Though an ancient shoe, it was made popular by American soldiers returning from Japan in WWII with native sandals from that country. They were then adopted and transformed into bright beach footwear in the 50s & 60s. Flip-Flops are completely unisex footwear. These shoes can be made from any material and come in the widest range of colours. As with the Sandals above, the rules remain; no socks and take care of your displayed feet. They are also not suitable city/street footwear for the gentleman as they should really only be worn with very casual summer clothing or beach wear, they are certainly not suitable footwear for smart casual encounters. In fact, let's keep them for the beach or the pool shall we? Though they are the archetypal beach footwear and one should always have a pair when walking the sands of Waikiki!

The Stylish Gentleman says The Beach Gentleman’s Choice


Groomed Gentleman

Summer in the City A Grooming Guide

by Zach Falconer-Barfield

Dark patches under the arms, the sickly smell of sweat, lobster pink skin, the layer of grime, these are some of the potential joys of a Summer in the City for the Groomed Gentleman. But have no fear, the guidance of the well groomed guys here at PGHQ are on hand to give you some advice to stay cool, fragrant & on tip top form for the summer months ahead.

Two Showers

Clean & Fragrant The summer is all about fragrance. The Flowers bloom, the air gets cleaner and there is that scent of sun in the air. We always recommend you should have different fragrances for different seasons. Therefore you should also change your scent when the summer comes. Look towards lighter notes in your fragrances, such as Citrus. Experiment with a couple of new scents and see how they work with your skin over the course of the day and also how they work with perspiration.

Extravagant we know, but sometimes the best solution is the simplest. During the heat of summer months in the city and quick rinse between the day & into the evening is best. We are not talking a full on battery of ablutions but One thing that ladies know well, is layering this just a quick rinse before stepping out into the not only applies to clothes but also scents. night. Think about what you are putting together, from the wash you uses for your body, the Also when you shower, finishing your shower shampoo, the moisturiser and especially the with a blast of cold water, will close the pores deodorant. You want to make them all work and help you regulate temperature and help well together and not against each other. you to sweat less.


Groomed Gentleman A final tip is that hair traps fragrance so place the cologne on the back of the neck, it will last longer.

Hairly There

Feet & Hands

Hair traps air and therefore that traps heat. Beards, long hair and thick hair will make it hotter for you.

Firstly let's deal with the hands, you forget how much you use your hands and in the summer months they get abused. So take a little care of them. Keep them clean, keep a little bottle of antibacterial gel on you. It will make you feel better if you happen to touch something sticky & yucky in the city. Moisturise, yes your hands need to be kept supple as well and though they are harder wearing than the face it doesn’t hurt to have a little sunscreen in their too.

We are not suggesting a all over body wax but do think about lightening the load, maybe go for a lighter shorter hair style. Perhaps even contemplate taking of the beard or at the very least trim it down a peg or two. If your hair is prone to being oily then you will be suffering a bit more during the summer months as your body will produce more of it. Find a good shampoo that counters it and look to products that balance the scalp, they can be expensive and primarily found for the ladies but the can help. We have found Christophe Robin are particularly good.

Gentleman Hack Body Wipes If you haven’t time for a shower and you have a date, time for emergency measures. Body Wipes. Now you can get specific brands such as Niche for Men; Equip or Big Body Wipes but even a packet of Baby Wipes will do the trick. Wipe down the worst parts and then top up the fragrance (if you have deodorant then use that too). In fact my daily bag always has a packet, just in case.


In the heat, the feet will suffer and frequently sweat, especially if they are enclosed in footwear. Think lighter socks such as light cotton, odour reducing insoles and even spray regular deodorant on them. If you do insistent on walking around the city with your feet open to the elements, please keep your feet clean. The amount of times I have seen men with dirty grimy feet in flip flops in the city we cannot tell you. There is nothing less stylish or more off putting. Nails, gentlemen as our Perfect Lady discusses at the end of the magazine, we need to do a better job with our nails, especially our feet. If you can go & get a manicure & pedicure. You can even do it at home yourself. It is one of those details that people do notice.

Groomed Gentleman Always Wear Sunscreen As the Baz Lurhmann song goes “Wear Sunscreen”. No matter if you live in the muggy cities of New York or London or the sun filled towns of Miami or Barcelona. Never forget the sunscreen. Now you don’t have to be lathered in the exceptionally pungent Hawaiian Tropic, which will make people think you are desperate for your vacation, but a find either a moisturizer with a good SPF factor. Or use an unscented or less odorous brand. Apply it to you face especially as well as any exposed skin. Like your mother used to say don’t forget the neck and behind the ears.

Gentleman Hack The Linen Handkerchief Back in Elizabethan times, they were not frequent bathers as clean water to bathe in was difficult to come by, but they were very conscious of their grooming. What they did was clean themselves with strips of Linen. In fact up still to this day Linen is used for nappies for babies in summer as it keeps them cool but absorbs the water. Taking this into the modern era, you can use a piece of Linen (disguised as a handkerchief ) and use it to wipe away the sweat wherever it may lurk. And you can look stylish doing it.

Gentleman Hack Undershirts Now this may seem completely counter intuitive, wearing an extra layer when you are hot. But I would say it has specific benefits and with technology today you can get undershirts that even keep you cool. They are really useful when you are wearing suits or your shirts are exposed and want to avoid all those dark patches. They absorb the sweat first and give you a chance to deal with it before it comes to noticeable. Even there are undershirts, such as Uniqlo’s Airism range that are perfect for this as they have been designed for warmer climates and to combat this problem.


Our Man in...

Dear Gentleman, Are you ready for the summer season? Here at PG Switzerland we celebrated with our first Rum and Cigar pairing event together with Pernod Ricard and actively arranging our second event. During the Rum & Cigar pairing, our gentlemen experienced a range of The Havana Club rums (some rare ones too) paired with specially selected Cuban cigars. Our ambassador from Pernod Ricard was present to share his knowledge related to the rums, which was extremely interesting, and an eye opener for our group of gentlemen. For those who could not attend our first event, the next one will be on 9th June at the Puros y mas Lounge, Basel. This time will bring to you a unique Gin Tasting experience. I look forward to meeting some of you then. In the meantime, keep in touch on our Facebook page and stay tuned for more exciting news next month. Your sincerely,

Paul Ernst 1st Swiss Gentleman


Romantic Gentleman

f o e g a u g n s a r L e e w Th Flo

By Lorella McDonald Quite often when we want to tell someone we love them very much, we set out with a burning desire to do so. Our heart beats wildly as we approach the love of our lives and then suddenly when it comes to saying those famed words ‘I love you’ we come out with something like, “Awawawawa…”, which may leave our beloved looking somewhat perplexed to say the least. However, not to worry gentlemen there is a wonderful solution to this tricky predicament, the language of flowers. Say it with a bouquet! Flowers have been used for centuries to heal, create perfumes and attract bees and insects into our gardens. They are often associated with special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and even funerals. They add a pleasant, soothing and vibrant presence to the room or place where they are displayed or even better grown in an enchanting garden.


Romantic Gentleman

In the Middle Ages, many flowers were often used in the medicine of the time and a ‘pocket full of posies’ was used to ward off the deadly plague. In short, where there are flowers, there is life. The life of a relationship can be nurtured and created with flowers and in this article, I shall attempt to give you an insight into the wonderful world of floriography and how you can make the perfect romantic statement with a perfect, special bouquet of beautiful flowers, designed by you just for your beloved. To help you with this, I shall include a very whittled-down list of flowers with their meanings at the end of the article, so that you can have fun making up a floral lexicon for your beloved. It might even inspire you to grow your own garden of love!

In order to set the scene a bit, I shall attempt to give you a brief history of this beautiful horticultural language. Back in the 1900s, the Victorians used to refer to the language of flowers as Floriography, which essentially means sending secret messages which were forbidden to be said out loud at the time to your beloved through the arrangement of flowers. The lady who brought the language of flowers to England in the year 1717 was Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762).


Romantic Gentleman These artists portrayed classic notions of romantic beauty in their work often with chivalrous knights and graceful maidens. The subject matter is often an ideal portrayal of a woman with an emphasis on nature and morality and the artists looked to literature and mythology for their inspirations. Flowers laden with symbolism bloom abundantly in the artworks of the Pre-Raphaelites. The founder of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood (group of artists) was the artist John Everett Millais. In his painting Ophelia (1852) he uses oils to create an artwork imbued with naturalistic elements and rich in Floriography. In his painting, he depicts the tragic heroine Ophelia as a drowned stargazer floating amid the flowers she describes in Act IV, Scene V of Hamlet. From this, we can definitely say that Floriography has always had a romantic connection. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762)

Lady Montagu was married to the British ambassador of Turkey and she was known for her essays and letters from her travels to the Ottoman Empire, where the language of flowers finds its roots in Ottoman Turkey, specifically in the court of Constantinople at the time. The court of Constantinople was apparently obsessed with tulips during the first half of the 18th Century, then this obsession spread to Victorian England in the 19th Century where this beautiful floral language came into being just at the time when the craze for botany during the Victorian era was in full bloom. During this era, the Victorian Pre-Raphaelites which were a group of 19th-century painters and poets who aimed to revive the purer art if the late medieval period also captured the beauty of flowers in art.


Romantic Gentleman Another artist who enjoyed spending most of his time outdoors inhaling and absorbing the English Countryside was the Edwardian artist John Singer Sargent. Sargent also used floral symbolism in his paintings of a regular basis. His first major success came in 1887, with Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, a large painting painted on site in the ‘plein air’ manner, outdoors, of two young girls lighting lanterns in an English garden. You can go and visit this artwork at the Tate Britain in London.

In order to help you pick out some blooms for you beloved, here are a few flowers with their meanings which I have picked out listed below whilst searching on the internet to give you an idea of where to start:

Arbutus: Thee only do I love Bittersweet: Truth Clover (Four-leaf): Be mine Dragon’s Blood/ Dragon Lily/ Dracaena: Inner power Elder flower: Zeal Fuchsia (scarlet): Confiding love, taste Gooseberry: Anticipation Honeysuckle: The bond of love Iris (yellow): Passion Jasmine (Spanish): Sensuality Kennedia: Intellectual beauty Lavender: Love, devotion Marigold (common): Sacred Affection Orchid: Chinese symbol for many children Peach blossom: I am your captive Reeds: Music Snapdragon: Gracious lady, strength Tulip (yellow): There is sunshine in your smile Vine: Intoxicating

It would seem that flowers have a special, mystic power of their own with their colours ranging from vibrant purples and reds as in the English Rose to and delicate pale shades of Lillies. They come in several different shapes and sizes aswell and it is this arrangement in a special, tailored bouquet which makes the gift of flowers so much more personal. So remember gentlemen, take some time out with your local florist and ask them about the different kind of blooms they have. Think about your beloved and what kinds of colours she likes and say something really special and meaningful to her though the language of flowers.


Mannered Gentleman

Summer Party Etiquette by Ruairidh Bulger “Sumer is icumen in� as the song goes, and the summer has long been a vital part of society in the UK. Back in 1780, George III threw a ball to celebrate the birthday of his wife Queen Charlotte. This ball became the inaugural event at which young girls of seventeen or eighteen were presented to the royal family to mark their 'coming out' into society. This was the original debutante ball, and the practice continued until it was abolished by Queen Elizabeth II in 1958.

In the summer, they would journey to London for the presentation of the debutantes, and in order to make the trip worthwhile (i.e. having a good chance of finding a suitable match for your son or daughter) a number of other parties and events sprang up around the debutante ball, spreading with time from the centre of London to the surrounding towns and cities.

During the span over which the debutante balls ran, the lords and ladies would winter in their country estates, managing their own affairs, and overseeing their lands and those of their tenant farmers.

In the 1940's the number of ladies being presented to the Royal family became so great, that the Palace had to introduce the Royal Presentation Garden Parties to present debutantes at.

This became known as the summer Season.


Mannered Gentleman The abolishment of presentation of debutantes in 1958 did not kill off the Royal Garden Parties, but actually increased their scope, and now there are at least three held at Buckingham Palace every year, as well as one at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. The garden parties recognise achievement and public service, and are invitation only. If you are lucky enough to be invited, it is recommended that you arrive early – gates open at 3 o'clock, and the Royal family arrive at 4 o'clock. They will circulate amongst the guest, and talk to a pre-assigned list of guests. During the party, there will be bands playing, tea will be served, and the guests have the opportunity to explore the gardens of Buckingham Palace, which are normally closed to the public. It is important to note that there is very little shade in the Palace Gardens, so if the weather is wet guests will be exposed to the rain, or if very hot exposure to the heat and sun can be problematic, particularly for gentlemen in morning dress. Ice cream is available in one of the tents if needed. Parking instructions will be sent with your invitation, but spaces are limited, and as Buckingham Palace is only a short distance from Victoria Station, and Green Park tube station, it might be easier to get public transport, or a taxi. It is worth noting that taxis might be hard to come by as everyone exits the party. Dress code for ladies is a smart day dress and hat, and shoes should be suitable for standing on grass (i.e. not stilettos).


If you are not invited to one of the Royal Garden Parties, there are many other events in the summer Season which you might be able to attend, or you can host your own summer party, or attend parties of your own network. These parties can vary wildly in format from formal dinners or lunches, to a barbecue or a cocktail party. If you are hosting a party, make sure that you have thought about the style of the party that you are throwing, and how that will fit with the guests that you are inviting. Make sure that you specify if children are allowed or not (it is normal that children will not be invited to a dinner or cocktail party, but might be expected at a lunch or barbecue).

Mannered Gentleman If attending a party where food is available, it is the duty of the guest to inform the host if they have any dietary requirements. Then it becomes the duty of the host to accommodate this, or to let the guest know if it is not possible for them to do so. A quick note on this; whereas it is possible for a host to prepare for a guest who is vegetarian, vegan, or moderately kosher or halal, some diets are not possible for a host to be reasonably expected to cater for. Strictly kosher or halal guests might need to bring their own food, as might a guest who has a severe allergy to nuts, or a guest who is on a special diet of other reasons. If you have food preferences, such as avoiding grains for a non-medical reason, that is not something that you should mention to the host, unless they specifically ask. It is much nicer a gesture as a guest to arrive with something rather than burdening the host with everyone's food foibles. If a guest is expected to bring a dish (side dish or desert) to the party, they would not be expected to bring a gift for the host, though it might still be a nice touch.

If you are not requested to bring food, then you would be expected to bring a gift. Flowers are accepted on almost all cultures, and a bottle of wine is almost always appreciated. Gifts that are well thought out, and specific to the host are always the most well received. If attending a party at someone's house, they might have a rule about no shoes in the house. Most of the time this would be expected to be followed, but on the occasion of a formal dinner, when a ladies accessories are as much a part of the outfit as the dress itself, those rules might reasonable be relaxed. If the host is not flexible in this regard, it should be made clear on the invitation, and as a nice touch, slippers or fancy socks might be provided for guests on arrival. As normal, table manners, general etiquette, and proper gentlemanly behaviour are expected at all times from a Perfect Gentleman, as is self control when it comes to alcohol consumption.


A Gentleman Talks with

Ray Gelato

A Gentleman Talks is our series of one to one interviews with Ladies and Gentleman about their life, work and influences, all within the framework of our mission to make the world a more respectful stylish and gentlemanly place. This month we talk to King of Swing & Saxophonist Supreme, Ray Gelato. Ray is a London Gentleman who is not only stylish, charming and funny. He is one of the best Swing Jazz musicians around. His career spans 3 decades but he is still as spritely as when he first started. There is a twinkle in the eye and a rant at the ready.


A Gentleman Talks with

We met up at the old PG Towers, to talk about his life, his love of style, romance and naturally Jazz. I would highly recommend you see Ray on tour and certifianly purchase his new album which e has collaborated with Claire Martin. We end each interview with 10 questions, which we ask every guest. These are graciously modeled on James Lipton’s questions from Inside the Actors Studio. The Video Interview is below.



Gourmet Gentleman

An Introduction to Cigars

Cigars & Time by Manny Brefin When people ask me what in my opinion the biggest luxury of all in the world is then I only ever have one answer. It is time! Time is something nobody has more off than anyone else. Time is the equaliser of everything and all people. When they then ask me how I most like to spend that limited spare time then my answer is also always the same smoke and share a delicious Cuban cigar with great friends. My love for Cuban cigars started many years ago in my in my mid-teens when I nicked (yes, I am not proud of that terrible action, but yet so glad I did it) a handful of them from one of my fathers cherished humidors. To be smoked in the woods behind our family home back in Switzerland with a couple of equally naughty but good friends. None of us really knew what to do with these beautifully hand rolled Cuban Davidoffs, other than we had to cut it in the back and light in the front.


We did not know anything about the difference between Cuban or new world cigars, construction, rolling, blends, brands or ageing. But we quickly, almost instantly knew that we had started something special here. At that point I could have never guessed that by lighting this cigar I would enter a completely new and fascinating world. A world, that over time, has allowed me the privilege of meeting and spending quality time with and in the process getting to know some fantastic people of all ages and cultures. Many of which have become great friends all around the globe. It was the beginning of, yes I would go as far as calling it a love story and a passion that has been a large part of my life ever since.

Gourmet Gentleman It really does not matter where one smokes cigars be it an elegant five star hotel such as the Bulgari and the Corinthia, reputable shops like Davidoff of London run by the always knowledgeable and wonderful Edward and Eddie Sahakian, a casual and comfortable lounge like Enfuegos in Las Vegas or on your yellow brick wall balcony at home looking at the boats passing by on the Thames river.So or so you are very likely to be able to relax and to be with or encounter like-minded cigar aficionados. The conversations normally start about where the cigars one is smoking is from, how they taste and then often leads into enjoying another cigar or more together. I have rarely met a cigar smoker that does not like to experience and share their cigars with other people. There is a very good chance when you meet a person who is a brother or sister of the tobacco leaf that they are half way to ok, very sociable and most likely are a perfect gentlemen or lady.

Smoking cigars could really be looked at as the modern equivalent of sitting around a camp fire with your close friends and family, while talking about your and the worlds current and past problems, often finding solutions in a smokey, relaxed, calm and gentlemanly way. Unfortunately over the last few years cigars have become much more of a status symbol and for showing off . For a growing number of people it is often much more important how much a cigar cost, what and how many labels it carries. We sometimes forget about that smoking these fine cigars should be about one thing and one thing only. Enjoyment! It really doesn't matter where the cigar comes from, what age it has, if it's potentially a 'fake' or what someone paid for it. It is only about how one likes it and how we want to enjoy the greatest luxury we all have and with whom we want to spend it - that it's time.

Top Five tips how to enter the world of cigars: 1. Start with milder cigars – no point to jump in the deep strong end not liking the power and potentially miss out on your perfect milder cigar. Work your way up and get your palette ready for the medium and fuller flavors first. 2. Try as many different cigars as possible – it’s a marathon not a Sprint. Most likely you will not find ‘the one’ but several different cigar brands and regions that you will like in different situations like time of the day, before during or after a meal etc etc. 3. Size does not matter – you can and will find spectacular cigars of any size. 4. Get a humidor – it doesn’t have to be an expensive or big one at first but it’s the only way to keep your precious cigars nice and smokable. Let’s face it they are hand-made and not cheap, they deserve looking after. 5. Enjoy what YOU like and not what the others might say – this is the most important thing. I am not saying don’t listen to other more seasoned aficionados they will mostly have good advice and you should try it out, but in the end its you that is smoking that cigar…


Cultural Gentleman raylan by Elmore Leonard: The Review by James Marwood

For many of us summer means time to dig into a good book. Either traveling or lounging on holiday, the relaxation is enhanced by a good engrossing fiction. For that there is no-one better than Elmore Leonard, the late, great American crime novelist. His last novel, Raylan, is one of his absolute best and a gem of hardbitten American grit lit. Familiar to fans of the TV series Justified the titular hero is a rangy, gunslinging cowboyhatted US Marshal. A rough hero from the wrong side of the tracks in rural Kentucky, he is a flawed hero who frequently pays the price for his uncompromising sense of decency and honour. The hat, by the way, is very important. Leonard was very critical of the hat worn by James LeGros in the film version of Pronto. Apparently getting the hat right was a condition of him signing over the rights for the TV series. The correct hat is a Stetson Open Road, often called a Dallas Businessman’s Special. Raylan is the fourth tale involving this character, following the novels Pronto and Riding the Rap, as well as the short story Fire In The Hole. In this story elements from the TV series have been included, changing the events depicted in earlier stories.


This refined approach leads to a cinematic and slick action thriller, but all wrapped up in Leonard’s fantastic text. This was Leonard’s final novel before his passing in 2013, and it shows him at the absolute peak of his game. If action thrillers and the gritty American crime style are to your taste then this should be a book you read. It might not be high literature, but it is certainly a classic.

Cultural Gentleman Lucia di Lammermoor: An Introduction to the Opera by Lorella McDonald

Lucia di Lammermoor is an opera based on a dark Scottish tale and sung in Italian. It tells the story of a love affair between Lucy Ashton (Lucia) and Edgar Ravenswood. Even though their families hate each other they fall in love and by the end of the first act, they have taken a vow of marriage and exchanged rings. However Enrico, who is Lucia’s evil brother, has other plans for his sister. He arranges for her to marry another man called Arturo who is better suited for the good of the family. Enrico convinces Lucia that Edgardo has abandoned her and taken on a new lover, he does this by showing her a forged letter seemingly proving this to be the case. Lucia is devastated and is forced to agree to the marriage with Arturo. The wedding arrangements go ahead and Arturo signs the marriage contract as does Lucia reluctantly. Just as this happens though, Edgardo enters the scene. Here, one of the most beautiful and dramatic sextets is sung by the main characters, “Chi me frena in tal momento…” (What freezes me in such a moment….). Edgardo sees his beloved has just signed the contract to marry another man and overcome by rage and jealousy furiously throws his own ring onto the ground, trampling it before being forced out of the castle.

The final act, act 3, contains one of the most famous ‘mad scenes’ in the history of opera. It is referred to as Lucia’s ‘Mad scene’ and is one of the most challenging pieces for a singer to perform. Here, Lucia sings about her fantasy that she will marry Edgardo and live happily ever after with him, “Il dolce suono” (The Most Beautiful Dream…). This aria is long and vocally demanding, stretching the voice to its limits. Highlights to look out for are the echoes the flute (recently the Metropolitan Opera in New York used a glass harmonica for a more ethereal effect) echoing Lucia’s plaintive vocal lines. It is simply a stunning vocal coloratura performance, particularly the version sung by Joan Sutherland in 1959 and 1960 at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. It is not surprising then that by the end of this aria, Lucia (and the soprano!) collapses onto the floor. The opera ends when Edgardo learns about Lucia’s death and realizing she was indeed his only one true love, stabs himself to death hoping to be reunited with his beloved in heaven. Donizetti’s opera is based on the novel by Sir Walter Scott entitled The Bride of Lammermoor and it is set in the Lammermuir Hills of Scotland (Lammermoor) in the 17th Century. At the time when Scott was writing, there was a perceived romance of Scotland amongst the readers and audiences of the 19th Century. They viewed Scotland as a wild place with violent wars and feuds as well as strange folklore and mythology full of ghosts and curses. Therefore, Donizetti’s interpretation of the novel in an opera had particular appeal to the audience of the time.


Sporting Gentleman

TENNIS The Summer Game for Gentlemen by Henry Gentlemen

This month will see the start of the Wimbledon Championships, which first were held in those grounds in 1877. So we thought we should talk about this most gentlemanly of sports. The sport of tennis was first played in its current incarnation in the late 19th century. It was called lawn tennis, as the name tennis at the time was used to refer to the older game of real tennis. The rules have changed little since then, with only the addition of the tie breaker, and the removal of the requirement for the server to keep one foot on the floor at all times. Tennis was originally invented in the French court of Louis X as a variation of jeu de paume (game of the palm), and evolved into real tennis. Real Tennis Real Tennis, which is variously called Court Tennis, Royal Tennis and frequently the ‘sport of Kings’. It came into being in medieval Europe over the 15th century,


but had developed over the course of the previous 3 centuries. In the mid 1500s there were some 250 courts in Paris alone. It was amazingly popular in France with a number of Kings playing it. The first codification of the rules where written in 1559 but a frenchman, Fobert. Indeed a Real Tennis court played a part in the start of the French Revolution. It was also extremely popular in England with Henry V liking it, but it was Henry VIII who took to it with gusto having a court built in Hampton Court Palace. This court still exists and is used to this day. Would you believe that it has the longest run of consecutive World Champions, running since 1760? That is a heck of a history and demands a very large wall to accommodate all their names! Real Tennis is a very complex game, where cunning and skill are more valuable than strength and fitness. It is played in an indoor court that has slanted roofs called ‘penthouses’ and long openings called ‘galleries’.

Why Not Pick Up A Gentleman to Become a Gentleman

Sporting Gentleman

Lawn Tennis The Court is large, some 110 feet long by 39 feet wide, usually with an exceptionally high ceiling. It is played with wooden racquets that are asymmetrical and with a cork based ball, which is much less bouncy than a modern Tennis Ball. The scoring is pretty much the same as the tennis we are familiar with today; 6 games in a set and 3 or 5 sets in a match. Real Tennis declined over the course of the 18th/19th Century, as the simpler game of Lawn Tennis took hold. Now, Real Tennis, has been relegated to an obscure sport that few have heard of and even fewer play. Currently there are only 43 Real Tennis courts in the world, with over half of them in Britain.


Modern Lawn Tennis came from many sources on the green fields of Britain. Between 1859 and 1865 Harry Gem and Augurio Perera combined elements of racquets and the Basque ball game pelota, played on perrera's croquet lawn in Birmingham. Along with two doctors, they founded the first tennis club in Leamington Spa in 1872. Just down the road, December 1873, Major Walter Clopton Wingfield, an officer in the British army, designed a game to entertain his guests at a garden party in his friend's estate in Llanelidan, Wales. He named his sport after the ancient Greek work σφαιριστική (menaing 'ball-playing) or sphairistikè. This was soon referred to as “sticky”.

Sporting Gentleman Sportsmanship Wingfield used his marketing skills, as well as the production of a starter set (net, poles, racquets, balls, and most importantly rules). He sent out sets to his friends in the clergy, legal profession, and aristocracy (over 1000 sets in the first year alone). The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) the elders of Cricket, who were custodians of Wingfield's rules & the newly formed All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (AELTC) came together to formulate the rules of the modern game for the launch of the Wimbledon championships in 1877. Since its early conception, tennis has always been a gentleman's game. Played by kings, and aristocracy, army officers of old, and clergy, the game has not only the rules of the games itself, but at the same time it is surrounded by a secondary set of unspoken rules - The rules of sportsmanship.

These rules of sportsmanship extends not only to the players, but also over the officials, ball boys and girls, and spectators alike. Spectators are expected to behave in a manner respectful to the players. They are expected to remain quiet during the points, so that the players can compete undisturbed. They are expect to keep their support for either player positive (no booing or jeering), and they are also expected to honour the looser for their quality of play, and their valiant fight and determination. In 1977 the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) set up a Sportsmanship Award. In 1978, the Women's Tennis Association started a parallel award named after Karen Krantzcke, who died of a heart attack the previous year. In both cases, the award is given to the player that has been voted for by ATP members (fellow players). The winners are selected as the players who have most demonstrated the ideals of sportsmanship throughout the year.


Sporting Gentleman The Summer Game There have also been players whose names have appeared on many occasions on their respective lists. In 1996, the ATP Sportsmanship award was renamed in honour of Stefan Edberg, who had won it 5 times over the course of the previous 8 years. Since then, Patrick Rafter has won it 4 times, and Roger Federer has won it a staggering 10 times. In the WTA Sportsmanship award, the award has been won twice on 6 separate occasions, but Kim Clijsters has walked away with it 8 times.

Tennis has established itself across the world and it played now on a variety of surfaces, but essentially it will always be a Summer game. It conjures images of Tennis Whites, Strawberries and Cream, the scent of fresh cut grass, the thwack of ball on racquet and the exceptionally smart dressed lines judges and well drilled ballboys and ballgirls. This Summer, put on your tennis shoes and enjoy the game of ‘Sticky’!

On a fun note, We are a huge fan of the antics of tennis' most famous entertainer Mansour Bahrami. Although his career singles highlights came in his younger days, and he had some successes in doubles pinnacling in the final of the French Open, he is best remembered for the 20 or so years that he thrilled the crowds as part of the ATP seniors invitational circuit. An incredibly gifted player, with a whole host of trick shots and a mischievous sense of humour, Bahrami brings the joy of the game into wonderful contrast to the intensity of the duals that are normally the focus of the public's tennis scrutiny. (Watch one above)


Business Gentleman

Business Email Etiquette By James Marwood

Whether you believe it is the glorious march of progress, or whether you are mourning the loss of a dying art, gone are the days of hand written communication, and nowhere is that more apparent than in business. The move from hand written, posted letters to the almost instantaneous flow of communication backwards and forwards that the typed email allows, has sped up the rate of business, and the development of mobile phone technology has allowed emails to be accessible at any time in almost any location. This can mean that there is no escape from work, and finding the work-life balance can become increasingly difficult. It is important that when sending a business email, you are not only representing yourself, but also your organisation. Many companies have internet usage policies, as well as email standards policies, and following these is not only a job requirement, but also reflects on your and your company's professionalism.


To this end, you should always use your business email address, not one with a questionable. When writing a business email you should always err on the side of the formal. Use correct language with full sentences, punctuation and spelling. Always address the email formally, using the full name or title (e.g. Dear Major Pierson M.D.), and only scale back that formality using the person's given name when invited to do so. Formatting should remain plain. Emails should be aligned left, thereby allowing the content of the email to be automatically re-formatted to the screen of the device that is used to open the letter. You should not use different colours, texts and emojis in an email, unless you are doing it to a specific purpose. Use a typeface that is suitable to your organisation, and if they have a specified font, make sure that you set that up as your default font when composing a new email.

When replying to emails, particularly when there are a number of different people involved in the stream, make sure that you are only using the 'Reply to all' feature when all of the people involved in the stream need to be involved in the conversation or have access to the information inclosed in the email. This is even more important when discussing potentially sensitive of confidential information. Not only might you have content that is potentially sensitive, but you also need to think about the contact details that might be included in an email stream. If you are sending out an email to a large number of recipients, it is important that you do not share the contact details of one client with another, or with people who do not yet know each other. To this end, you should either use mail merge software, or use the BCC: function on the email composer, so that the email addresses are hidden from the various different recipients.

When sending attachments, you need to be considerate to the recipient about the size of the attachment that you are including with the email. Although most web based email services have large storage included in the emails, if an organisation hosts their emails on their own servers, they might not have much storage, so sending a large attachment could overload the recipients inbox.

Business Gentleman If you do need to send a large attachment, send an email in advance to warn them, or think about a web based file sharing solution, if internet policies and firewalls allow their use. As alluded to above, you might receive at any time of the day or the night, and you might feel the pressure to respond to it immediately, thereby all but loosing the time when you are not 'on call'. It is important that you are able to find some time to have for yourself, your hobbies, your partner and your family, but for a customer service perspective it is important that you reply to emails quickly. Normally 24 to 48 hours is the limit of how long you have to respond. The subject of the email is the last thing that I write. It needs to be succinct, descriptive of the content of the email, and interesting enough that it ensures that the email is read. If the subject contains spelling mistakes, the email could end up in the bin unopened. If the subject is all in capital letters, or none at all, it might be filtered out into the spam folder. If you are continuing a conversation in a stream, but you feel that the subject of the email stream has shifted, then feel free to change the subject line to reflect that. The best advice to give, is to think it's a letter. If it is not something that you would put into a real letter, that someone could keep and hold on to for ever, then don't put it in an email. If it is not formatted in a way that you would want to see in a letter, then don't format it that way. Take the same tone, the same level of formality, the same care and attention as you would to a hand written letter, and always remain professional.


Business Gentleman

Climb the Ladder By Zach Falconer-Barfield

The game of climbing the business ladder can be a tricky one, broken steps, slippery snakes, a unlucky role of the dice all these things and more can make you slip down the ladder of success. Whether you are in the corporate world or not, we hope some of these tips will help you climb the ladder a little faster to success, whilst always being a Gentleman or Lady. Be Nice It should really go without saying that you should be nice, thoughtful and considerate. Some people will try and drive the agenda of the likes of Gordon Gecko & tell you have to be as ruthless as Machiavelli's Prince. This might get you to the top but you will certainly be lonely, you certainly won't have built relationships that you can trust and to lead through fear or aggression never wins out in the end. So be Nice. Now people frequently confuse Nice with weak or walk over. That is not the case! You can be nice doing a difficult job. Something both Mr Marwood & I learnt working on the doors of nightclubs. It is about establishing boundaries and dealing with every situation with consideration & respect. People will always remember how you made them feel, over what you did. So being nice helps.


Remember where you Tread Following on from the above point, no one succeeds on their own, therefore remember where and on whom you tread. My Grandfather gave me some advice, he said be friends with everyone & never burn any bridge unless you absolutely mean it, then burn it well & clear. The reason for this is you never know when people might affect or come back into your life. A case in point, a friend recently applied for a position, the person who would be his boss, was someone he knew 8 years past. They had never worked together but his future boss remembered what a good chap he was and then hired him on the spot. Control what you can Control As with all things in life, you can only truly control what you can control. Which is yourself & your attitude. Therefore, always keep a positive demeanour, have a excellent work ethic, be on time, be prepared, put in the effort & go the extra mile and finally have passion for what you do and do it with energy. These things you can control.

Business Gentleman Always Be Learning

Find a Rabbi

The truly successful in any field are always learning. They read, take courses, listen to people, watch speeches & go to events. From Warren Buffett, who reads at least 2 to 3 hours a day to top Hollywood actors who take acting lessons, you should always keep fresh.

A ‘Rabbi’ in USA police jargon, originally the NYPD, is a senior officer who takes a younger officer under their wing. This is not formal, it generally just happens. So you need to find a Rabbi, someone who will guide & champion you in your field of expertise.

We are, as human beings generally learning machines, we are built to receive input. Now that input can be good or bad. Sometimes sitting back on the couch and watching a ‘House of Cards’ marathon is good for the soul but not every night.

Some people refer to this as a Mentor, in my opinion a mentor can be outside your field, a Rabbi should be within your field.

So turn off the episode of ‘Big Brother’ & pick up a book, non-fiction that is, in your area of passion.

Be Your Own Champion My Grandmother used to say, no one is going to blow your own trumpet but you. Therefore, sometimes you have to stand up & be counted. That means volunteering for things; showing people how good you are at a particular task (as the old adage goes show don’t tell). This is not about being a braggart but about being confident in your abilities, you can do this quietly as well as loudly. There are other elements, this is only a brief guide - stay tuned for more or attend one of The Perfect Gentleman workshops on this topic.


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The Perfect Lady

Gentlemen - Focus On Feet by Leah Morrigan

Do you see ratty old t-shirts and saggy cargo shorts walking around on a warm day? Have you ever had the misfortune of being downwind from a sweaty someone who has slacked off on bathing? How do you feel about men with filthy feet and grimy toe nails who wear open-toed sandals or flip-flops? In summer all over the Western world, some people seem to think that just because it's hot outside, they have license to dress like a slob and slack off on grooming, but I really don’t know why. Take feet for example. Sometimes I wonder if men (and some women, for that matter) are even conscious of the state of their feet. I once had a boyfriend who never washed his feet. For some reason, the concept of cleaning in between his toes with lather was preposterous to him; he insisted that his feet were plenty clean by the water and soap lather that trickled down his body in the shower.

Thinking about it, I'm not sure that I ever actually saw his feet; they were in beaten up Blundstones or wool socks most of the time, but if I had seen his feet, or the way I imagined his feet would look without being cleaned for an extended period of time, I'm not sure that I could have continued to date him. And that’s not me being a snob, it’s me being a human who holds tight to general hygiene. Sometimes I am astounded at the degree to which men don’t pay attention to their feet. I volunteered for a charity event recently where some lovely men raised money to end violence against women and literally walked a mile in her shoes.Men giggled and grimaced in fancy pairs of open-toed heels for the event, and guess what? Many men did not have the presence of mind to clean their feet, though presumably, they knew that they would walk in a strappy pair of wedged or heeled shoes. In other words, they didn’t seem to comprehend, or perhaps care, that their feet would be on public display.


The Perfect Lady Now many women, on the other hand, insist on doing their own feet or getting pedicures to smooth and soften their feet, and have their nails painted for the summer show of skin and toes. I spoke to a man this morning who says that he gets a pedicure in the spring and tries to keep up with foot maintenance throughout the summer, precisely because he knows he’ll be in flip-flops and sandals. Impressive. When your feet are exposed, it is common sense to keep them clean, just like your hands or your face, in an effort to be respectful to yourself and others, and make other people around you comfortable. Foot maintenance and consciousness are really imperative in the summer. To this end, a small amount of energy goes a long way. It’s as simple as lathering up and bending over in the shower – or bringing your foot up to the end of your arm if you’re flexible, to clean the top and bottom of the foot, and between the toes to ward off the sweat, dirt, dead skin cells, and sock fluff that likes to accumulate between your digits and under your nails. If you want to go the extra mile, a good scrub with a nail brush will make life better for you - and all the people in your immediate vicinity.

So what kind of sock to wear with shorts and a casual shoe to avoid looking like a silly twit? Men's ankle/low-rise/invisible socks, of course! They make a tremendous difference, keep your feet comfortable, and the inside of your shoes won’t get destroyed by your foot’s salty perspiration.

Please Don’t It isn’t just feet that many men neglect in summer, but socks as well. During the warm months when you sport shorts or cargo trousers with shoes, people can see your socks - and they will judge you accordingly. I see men wearing socks with sandals; black dress socks with summer shoes and with trainers at the gym. I’m not sure how these practises came about, but either way, it makes people cringe. Nothing looks more uncomfortable than a guy in shorts with mid-length calf dress socks. Different socks for different reasons, gentlemen: dress socks are for dress wear (i.e. suits), and for summer, wear lighter cotton socks to keep your feet cool.


When it comes to your feet in summer, gents, consider your feet as you would the state of your shoes. As a gentleman, you are concerned with keeping polished and well-kept shoes, which reads respect - self and otherwise. The same thing should go for your feet; you may grow to appreciate your plates of meat, and so will your summer companions!

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The Perfect Gentleman - Issue 4  

The Summer Issue - we talk Suits, Shoes, Cigars, Jazz & Feet

The Perfect Gentleman - Issue 4  

The Summer Issue - we talk Suits, Shoes, Cigars, Jazz & Feet