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Surfing project rides high

A dream come true for young Tyllor Tyllor Baker, 15, is a young man facing his future with more confi­ dence after a groundbreaking procedure at Groote Schuur Hospital last week. Born without ears, Tyllor had prosthetic ears attached by specialist surgeons last week. Full story on page 10. PHOTO: LULAMA ZENZILE


All bets are off



ristina Davidson, chairperson of the Wynberg Residents and Ratepayers’ Association (WRRA), says the WRRA will continue to oppose gambling in Main Road, as they believe that gambling establishments should not be on the doorstep of residential areas. Residents have being complaining about a gambling establishment on the corner of Main and Langley roads for some time. Their main worry is that the betting club attracts unsavoury characters and has increased loitering, drug peddling and prostitution in the area (“Corner of crime”, People’s Post, 22 March 2016). Following complaints about the betting shop ward councillor Liz Brunette was in-




formed by the City of Cape Town’s problem building unit that the property, which includes the apartment building above and behind it, is not a problem building. Officials of the problem building unit found that the property is in a good, clean state and has open public space and parking bays in front of the garages. There was no dumping taking place, no unsavoury characters on site nor any illegal activities taking place at the time of inspection. The building also did not meet the criteria of a problem building so the unit decided not to take any further action. Eugene Dreyer, chairperson of the Wynberg Neighbourhood Watch, says he believes there are certain, specific criteria that classify buildings as problem buildings. “We have seen drug dealing, people loitering. If the City’s bylaws say loitering is not

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a problem then they will not find it an issue. Our main concern is the activity in the streets. When we patrol we see a lot going on. As soon as those people see a police vehicle they disappear. Most of the complaints that we had were over the weekends. It’s a hotspot where people congregate to do different activities and that is a problem for us.” Davidson says the building itself, besides the garages in the building, does not seem to be the problem; but that rather it’s the fact that the gambling establishment is there, attracting the wrong element. “I would like to suggest that the inspector comes and inspects this area at different times of the day, especially between about 11:00 and noon and around 17:00, most definitely over a weekend. Those of us living in this road see a very different picture.” V Continued on page 3.

A local programme which uses surfing to change the lives of vulnerable youth has won an “Oscar” of the international sporting world at this year’s Laureus World Sports Awards in Monaco. The award was presented on stage by princess Charlene of Monaco. Waves for Change, which is supported by Laureus Sport for Good, saw a need for emotional and mental care for young people living in violent and unstable areas. The programme was founded by Tim Conibear, an Englishman who spent time in South Africa after graduating from university. An avid surfer, Conibear spent every free moment he had surfing. At the beach, he found young people from the local township who were at a loose end in search of something to believe in. Soon, Conibear was transporting a car full of excited young people to and from the beach. The car then became a van, and then came Waves for Change. Although many of the young people who participate in the Waves for Change programme live close to the ocean, most do not know how to swim. The programme initially gives youngsters the chance to learn to swim, before engaging in group and peer-topeer therapy. Before long, the young people are embracing the ocean and pushing themselves towards getting up on the surfboard and riding out a wave. More importantly, as they learn to face their fears, they are learning to cope with their emotions out of the water and become leaders in their communities. Since its inception in 2011, Waves for Change has reached over 1000 children and helped over 50 coaches achieve qualifications and skills in surf coaching, lifesaving, child protection, trauma counselling and computer training. Conibear says: “It is an honour to receive this award from the Laureus Academy and it is further proof that what we’re doing is working.” The Laureus Sport for Good Award is awarded to an organisation or individual who has used the power of sport to overcome violence, discrimination or disadvantage.



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Raise your paw for pooches A

nimal welfare organisations took to social media last week to rally support for themselves in the #WeKPost charity campaign. And for some this strategy proves to be working as Tears Animal Rescue barked their way straight to the top of the nominations list overnight. In second place it is tie between Animal Rescue Team and Mitchell’s Plain Animal Welfare. During the month of February People’s Post is calling on all our readers to nominate an animal charity – fitting our theme for the month, “Love is a four legged word” – and then, most important-

ly, donate to our cause. The deadline for both nominations and donations is Sunday 26 February, after which the team from People’s Post will officially hand over the donations – and spend some time with our furry friends – to the charity that received the most nominations. This month’s drive is just the first leg of our year-long charity drive, #WeKPost, through which we will try to make a tangible difference in the lives of the vulnerable in our communities. Our

team of reporters, advertising representatives, administrative staff and management, as well as the staff of our sister publications TygerBurger and City Vision, are working together to help a different worthy charity every month. And it’s all paws on board with staff pledging and challenging each other to donate. Until 26 February, readers can also donate dog and cat food, blankets, litter, animal toys, tick and flea products – anything animal-related. . Drop off your donation for our four-legged friends at our office on

Abuse cases dry up Tears funding NICOLE MCCAIN @nickymccain Tears animal rescue organisation has had to suspend its services to surrounding communities after funding dried up. The organisation has instituted austerity measures until the end of March, when it will re-evaluate its financial situation. The mobile clinics are no longer visiting Masiphumelele, Vrygrond or Ocean View and the organisation is no longer admitting animals to the facility. While animals in the organisation’s care will still be provided for, veterinary care will only be given to animals if their guardians are able to pay for treatments.

Tears spokesperson Tracy Gilpin says: “By taking the situation in hand now, we hope to be in a position to re-evaluate our financial situation end March and get back to our full service offering. In the meantime, we’ve ramped up fundraising activity, using every tool at our disposal to increase our income, but we’re not going to be able to do this without the help of people who care about the worsening plight of animals across the Western Cape.” Tears’ on-site community clinic and mobile units do an average of 9000 medical procedures every year. Tears receives no government funding, Gilpin says. “As a registered non-profit organisation, we rely on donations from caring individu-

Tears’ on­site community clinic and mobile units do 9000 medical procedures every year.

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als and businesses. We generate interest through marketing and fundraising initiatives – from social media appeals and awareness campaigns to fundraising events. Another important income stream comes from our four charity shops in Retreat, Fish Hoek and Sunnydale.” The clinics generate around R500 000 every year, but this is a far cry from the R2.7m it costs to run them. “We subsidise the veterinary care of pets in low-income households by, on average, 70%. If we didn’t intervene for these animals, they simply would get no care for their illnesses and injuries. It costs about R2000 a month for each animal in our care,” she says. This is not offset by the R650 adoption fee, Gilpin says. “Whether or not we are able to keep our clinics open in the long term will depend on the support we get from businesses and corporates who care about the worsening state of animal abuse,” she says. The animal welfare organisation is experiencing financial difficulties as a result of a spike in the number of animals needing its help, says Tears operations manager Mandy Store. “Abuse of animals has shot up in the last two years. We’re seeing a severe increase in both passive abuse – which typically takes the form of starvation, untreated illnesses and lack of shelter for animals from extreme heat and cold – to active abuse: Beatings, drowning, strangulation and rape. Nothing could have prepared us for the explosion of animal abuse we’re seeing. “Our dedicated outreach staff are regularly threatened with knives, guns, machetes and hijackings in the course of their work, but the worst thing imaginable is to have to turn away an animal who urgently needs our help because we lack the funds to intervene.” V For more information visit or contact or 021 785 4482.

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the 3rd floor of the Bloemhof building at 112 Edward Street in Bellville, at Vangate Mall’s centre management office or Smile 90.4 FM’s office in Green Point. And if these are still too far to drive, donations via Takelot are welcome or give us a call 021 910 6500 to make alternative arrangements. . Nominate your paw pal charity by emailing post@peoplespost. or by commenting on the #WeKPost post at the top of our Facebook page. Join us to make our community a little better – one month, one organisation at a time. Every bit counts.

Dog’s removal unexplained EARL HAUPT @EarlHaupt Ronald Mouton’s eyes well up with joy when he starts speaking about his beloved dog Trudy, but last week he felt as if his world came crashing down around him. Mouton lives on the streets of Athlone CBD and, with his partner Jackie, takes care of Trudy with the help of good Samaritans who work and live in the area. Trudy has been by Mouton’s side for the last two years, since she was a puppy. Mouton says officers of the City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement took Trudy away from them last week. The couple were inconsolable in the days that followed, but thanks to the help of Roderick Krieger, Trudy was returned to them soon after. “Last week, I came here to feed the dog and they were crying,” says Krieger. “They told me that Law Enforcement took the dog. The next day I went to the SPCA in Grassy Park and there was no paper trail. They must fill in why they took the dog, but there was nothing filled in. “I then asked the lady there if they were allowed to take the dog and she told me that there is nothing wrong with the dog, because it is healthy and well taken care of.” He adds that Trudy is always on a leash. According to City officials, their animal control unit dealt with 443 complaints about pets in the second half of last year. The majority of the complaints involved dog attacks – 60% of which related to attacks on humans and the rest were attacks on other dogs. During the period, the unit impounded 136 dogs and opened 70 cases for investigation. According to the City’s animal bylaw, dogs in public spaces have to be kept on a leash at all times, and can be taken away if not looked after properly, says JP Smith, Mayco member for safety and security and social services. City officials maintain that free-running dogs are a particular concern, both in residential areas and public open spaces – especially on beaches. Mouton questions why Trudy was taken away in the first place since, he says, they obeyed all of the laws as explained to them by Law Enforcement officers. “Why do these people want to take my dog away from me? This dog does not harm anybody. She is friendly with everybody and she is smiling with everyone. She is not doing anything wrong and I keep her on a leash all the time,” he says. The bylaw stipulates that a dog is not allowed to be in a public place except when on a leash and under control, unless the dog is in an area designated by the City as a free-running area. “Should our staff come across an unsupervised dog with no form of identification, they are compelled to impound the dog,” adds Smith. V Report animal-related incidents to the City’s public emergency communication centre by calling 021 480 7700 from a cellphone or 107 from a landline.


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Cycling to save more lives



tarted in 1979 with a single skiboat as a rescue vessel the Station 8 Hout Bay has gone from strength to strength saving lives of those that are stranded in the sea. Station 8 Hout Bay is one of 35 national Sea Rescue (NSRI) stations in the country. It is located in Hout Bay Harbour and operates from Cape Point to Table Bay. The station is manned by volunteers. Over the years they have done well to save the lives of those in danger. One of their biggest incidents was when the sightseeing boat Miroshka capsized with 41 people on board near Duiker Island in 2013. Two people unfortunately lost their lives, but 39 people were rescued that day including three women who were trapped under the capsized hull for four hours. Over the years they have managed to go around their duties through the help that they got through fundraising efforts and donations from the public or corporate sponsorships. Now they have hit rock bottom and they are pleading for help so that they can buy Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which includes jumpsuits, lifejackets, wetsuits, helmets, booties and foul weather gear. They are in dire need of PPE so that they can do their work effectively. Paul Leong says safety is the highest priority at NSRI and there-

fore all crew have to wear. “Because we often operate in very harsh conditions, ongoing maintenance is required and gear and equipment often needs to be replaced. However, because we rely on donations if we don’t have the funds we simply have to do without,” he says. Having the protective clothing is t is vital to their safety and they cannot operate without it. “While we have the right type of equipment at our base, we do not have enough for each person and equipment has to be shared. This means that equipment fatigues more quickly and sometimes crew members have to make do with equipment that isn’t the right size for them because there is no alternative. “Our current need is to be able to equip all our crew with personal lifejackets, wetsuits and helmets, rather than have to share what resources we have. Ideally, each crew person should have their own wetsuit and safety equipment that is the right size for them. If we can achieve this crew members will be able to operate more effectively. So we are putting a call out there for anything that can help us to do so,” says Leong. Doing it out of passion, they put their lives in the line as there are many dangers associated with being at sea. “This isn’t a job, it’s a passion because it’s something we do as volunteers. We all have full time ca-

Some of the Station 8 members that will be tacking the Cape Argus Cycle tour to raise funds to buy protective equipment. reers outside of Sea Rescue. NSRI often operates in very adverse weather conditions because typically that is when emergencies occur. We can never really know the full situation until we are on scene and situations can escalate quickly. “Anything can go wrong and there is always risk of hypothermia, fatigue or injury. This is especially true at night because the whole dimension of the sea changes when you can’t see every-

thing around you,” adds Leong. To help them raise funds for the much needed protective equipment seven of the Station 8 crew members will riding the Cape Town Cycle Tour and have set up a GivenGain profile to raise funds. They are still asking for more so that they will be able to get the equipment. V To donate towards their protective equipment on GivenGain search for Station 8 – Hout Bay: Personal Protective Gear or call 082 990 5964.

FROM PAGE 1 Davidson adds the gambling establishment is of great concern because it aggravates the existing drug and alcohol problems in Wynberg. “Main Road is an inappropriate location for gambling outlets, given that the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Act states that applications for a licence will not be approved if the development is undesirable from ‘social, religious, educational, cultural, economic, environmental, transport and landuse aspects’. “Wynberg ticks all these boxes: It is a civic hub, containing the greatest number of public facilities in the district, including the Wynberg Library, Maynardville Park, the cluster police station, the magistrate’s court and health clinics. “It is a transit hub, containing a public transport interchange around the train stations that is used by thousands of commuters and learners who attend schools in Wynberg. “Main Road is heavily frequented by underaged children from the many schools in Wynberg who visit the library and who walk between their schools and home or the transport interchange. “It is also used by the many people who attend churches and mosques in Wynberg, some of which are just off Main Road,” says Davidson.


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017





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Kronendal kids hold family picnic

Bayden McCarthy at the Kronendal Primary School picnic.

Learners in the Foundation Phase of Kronendal Primary School in Hout Bay had a family picnic on Friday 10 February. The field was a cheerful sight with brightly coloured bunting, balloons and picnic baskets. This year’s picnic included food stalls, games, pony rides, a petting zoo, face painting, cupcake decoration, go carts and jumping castles. There were also prizes to be won at the tombola stand and in the big balloon pop game. The children had fun while parents could enjoy each other’s company.

Left: Jessica Senior, Daumelt Goldberg, Hannah O’Riain, Molly­Rose O’Brien and Oliver Hartgers at the family picnic.



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eople’s Post has already received entries for eye-catching costumes as readers compete to win a chance to join the Cape Town Carnival parade. The carnival takes place on Saturday 18 March. One lucky reader will walk in the parade with the People’s Post team by entering a costume design made from newspaper with the theme “Under the sea”. The theme of the carnival this year is “Amaza – Ocean Odyssey”. The floats and costumes look to include fishermen and surfers, penguins and deepsea creatures, strandlopers, treasure and sunlit beaches. One of the judges, People’s Post editor Cecilia Hume, has some tips to help readers submit winning costume ideas. The costume has to be made entirely of newspaper, so designers should embrace working with the medium and it should show in the drawings they submit. “Simply sending us a photo of what you think would be a cool design, or a pattern that doesn’t reflect the use of newspaper at all, just won’t cut it,” she says. “We’re looking for good use of newspaper as the material. Think creative and don’t be scared to incorporate pleats, origami and papier-mâché from head to toe,” she says. “And don’t forget that you’ll have to make your design and wear it in the parade, so make sure the drawings submitted to us show that you’ll be able to create it within the timeframe.” Taking inspiration from the carnival theme, readers should look to incorporate anything aquatic, Hume adds. “Think of waves, water, shells, seaweed, fish, mermaids and even King Neptune or Ursula the sea witch – we want to see the theme stand out clearly. “Don’t be afraid to include bold pieces that are in line with the theme. After all, you’re going to be part of an ocean odyssey.” V To enter, email a drawing of your design made from newspaper with the theme “Under the sea” to by Tuesday 28 February. The top five designs will be selected by Tuesday 7 March and will need to be created. The best design will be selected and the winning designer will be announced on Tuesday 14 March.


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017

1 week left to enter voice search Do you have what it takes to perform with the stars? Then hurry and enter the Vangate Mall Local is Lekker singing competition, since there is only week to submit your demo. Vangate Mall, in partnership with People’s Post, KFM, Coca-Cola and Vodacom, will give ten outstanding singers the chance to perform live at the Local is Lekker music festival taking place at the mall on Saturday 25 March. They will be sharing the stage with the likes of Nur Abrahams and Loukmaan Adams to crown the best voice. The winner of the singing competition will go home with a R10 000 fashion voucher, a 10-inch Lenovo tablet valued at R4500 and a recording single to debut on KFM.

Friends and family of murdered Westlake mother Vuyiseka Poni gathered at court with members of Progressive Women of Westlake and the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation to oppose bail for her husband, who is accused of her murder. PHOTO: TIYESE JERANJI


‘A woman’s life is precious’ TIYESE JERANJI @jeranji


arah Kraai, a friend of Vuyiseka Poni, a Westlake mother of three, says she remembers clearly the fateful day in early January when Poni was murdered – and she witnessed her killing. Kraai says just before 10:00 in the morning she was lying in bed wondering what the day had in store for her. Little did she know that it would turn into a day she wishes never happened. “As I was in my bed and I heard cries. Poni came running into my room. She didn’t say much as she cried uncontrollably. All she said was he raped her and she ran out of (her) house. “As I was trying to understand the story and calm her down, (the suspect) was in my house with a knife in his hand. He pushed (her) on the bed and started stabbing her with the knife that he had. I was trying to stop him and shouting for help. Before I knew it there was blood all over. “When my husband came it was too late. There was so much blood in the house,” says an emotional Kraai. She adds the suspect then went home “like nothing had happened”. He was arrested in his house the same day. Kraai, who had known Vuyiseka for years as their children went to the same school, was amongst the many women who got together to protest the bail application of Vuyiseka’s husband Mzuvuki-

le, which was heard at Wynberg Magistrate’s Court last Tuesday. Mzuvukile and Vuyiseka were married for nine years and had three children. The hearing was attended by members of the organisation Progressive Women of Westlake, Kim Martin of the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation as well as friends and family of the deceased. The case was postponed to Tuesday 14 March for further bail application. The state is opposing bail because of the seriousness of the crime as well as a petition by Westlake community members and other friends and family of the deceased. It was revealed in court that Mzuvukile has previously been convicted of theft. Kraai says: “He should not get bail. If he killed his own wife, what about us? We want this case to be an example to all the people that a woman’s life is precious. We want this case to be the last in Westlake. He must not get bail because he has ruined my life and that of his children as well as the community.” Nicole Elliot, a close friend of Vuyiseka, says she was a lovely person. “We want to see justice. We have a petition going around so that people know about the case. “She was such a lovely person. She had been through a lot but she was strong. The two were already separated and were going to be divorced mid-March,” says Elliot.

To enter drop off a demo CD featuring your own voice along with your name and contact details at Vangate Mall’s centre management office or People’s Post’s office in Bellville (3rd floor, Bloemhof building, 112 Edward Street) by Tuesday 28 February. Entrants have to be at least 16 years old. The panel of judges are singer and songwriter Nur Abrahams, People’s Post journalist and music enthusiast Gary van Dyk and one of KFM’s presenters. The top 10 finalists will be selected to perform at the Local is Lekker music festival where the winner will be announced. V For more information call Gouwa on 021 633 1065 or visit the Vangate Mall centre management office. Visit Vangate Mall’s Facebook page for competition terms and conditions.















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Learners get book boost TIYESE JERANJI @jeranji


eady, steady, read ... Reading at an intermediate level is crucial. Wordworks, a non-profit organisation, is doing all it can to help new learners focus on early language and literacy development in the first eight years of their lives. Now learners of Capricorn Primary School in Vrygrond are also benefitting from the programme. The school is currently running the organisation’s Ready, Steady, Read and Write programme, in which coordinators are equipped to train and manage a team of tutors who support pairs of children for at least six months as they learn to read and write. Since 2005 the organisation has worked in poor areas with adults best positioned to help young children’s language and literacy development – parents and caregivers, family and community members, home visitors, early childhood development practitioners and Grade R to Grade 3 teachers. Tina Harcourt-Wood, project coordinator of Wordworks, says they teach Grade R to Grade 3 learners specifically because by focusing on the younger grades they hope to avoid problems that could arise later on. “A child cannot successfully complete his school career unless he is first able to read and write. We see a world where young children are supported to develop early language and literacy so that their lives are enriched and they grow to their full potential,” she says. Harcourt-Wood says the children who participate in the programme are reaping the rewards. “We are consistently seeing results in the children who attend the Wordworks lessons. Sometimes the progress is slow and steady

A literacy programme at Capricorn Primary School targets learners in grades R to 3. There is a call for volunteers to come help the children with their exercises. and other times the child only needs a six monthly ‘boost’ session with us to get them up to speed with the rest of the class again. We do assessments in June and December so that we are able to track each child’s progress,” she says. The nationwide programme is the brainchild of Dr Shelley O’Carroll, the director of Wordworks who trained as a remedial teacher and educational psychologist. “Her research for her PhD was conducted in South Africa and explored ways of supporting the early literacy development of Grade 1 children learning to read and write in English as a second language. Hence, she saw an opportunity to start Wordworks,”

Harcourt-Wood says. They are looking for volunteers. “Anyone can volunteer as long as they are fluent in English, love children and are not short of patience. No experience is required; we provide full training and all the resources that they will need. There are time slots on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 08:30 to 10:30 and also on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:50 to 12:50. V Anyone interested in volunteering at Capricorn Primary School can email Tina Harcourt-Wood at If you would like to help out at other schools, email with your contact details.

Bike routes a big success Since reopening, Upper Tokai trails have seen over 4000 mountain bikers. The trails were opened to mountain bikers in December last year, after finalising the cycling and mountain biking environmental management programme for the Table Mountain National Park. The revised programme confirmed existing cycling routes, proposed extra routes and updated the code of conduct. The new routes opened to cyclists are shared with other recreational users. A Sanparks official says the routes have proven to be incredibly popular with mountain bikers, especially the routes around Signal Hill and Lion’s Head, the tracks above Camps Bay and the Newlands via Kirstenbosch and Cecilia Plantation transit route to Constantia Nek. “Upper Tokai users quickly understood and accepted the terms under which Tokai reopened and there has been a positive response to the revamped trails especially on social media,” says Sanparks area manager Gavin Bell. Pedal Power Association’s Rob Vogel says the responses to the new routes have been overwhelming. “Some initial concerns were raised by other user groups. However, there has been a general acceptance of cyclists on the shared trails and everyone seems to be getting along nicely.” Philip le Roux of the National Biodiversity Institute says the decision to allow the mountain bike transit route through Kirstenbosch was a great success and long overdue. “The level of cooperation and appreciation displayed by the vast majority of cyclists has been overwhelming. The designated route is strictly adhered to and walkers are treated with respect and in a friendly manner. It is fantastic that we are able to share Kirstenbosch with another responsible user group,” says Le Roux. V The revised programme is available at


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017


New clinic does free circumcision making healthcare a priority in the city where the demand for affordable medical circumcision has grown. To date, more than 3m men in South Africa have been circumcised. Hilton Julius, a CareWorks programme manager, says many men undergo circumcision for hygiene reasons, since removing the foreskin makes it easier to keep the head of the penis clean. “Many men also undergo circumcision to prevent getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as syphilis, genital warts, herpes and HIV.” The sudden spike in demand for medical circumcisions can be ascribed to the recent-


new centre in Wynberg will go a long way to improving men’s health. The newly opened Wynberg Men’s Wellness Centre on Main Road will help ease the burden of other health facilities that are struggling to cope with the increased demand for medical circumcisions and other medical services. The TB/HIV Care Association’s new centre should significantly improve access and uptake of medical circumcision services. This is according to HIV management organisation CareWorks, who has lauded the provincial government and its partners for

ly launched “Man up! and get circumcised” campaign in the Western Cape. Julius notes that one of the main reasons why men don’t want to undergo circumcision is having to abstain from sex for six weeks. “In cases where a man’s female partner is supportive of medical circumcision, men are a lot more willing to proceed.” “Another fear is that their penis won’t work as well after the operation, when in fact most circumcised men report little to no pain and say that sexual performance has been enhanced since having the cut done. “Men have also cited the financial loss due to taking time off work as a result of the pro-


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cedure as a barrier, but recovery only takes about two to three days, which is why we recommend employed men to have the operation done on a Friday, so they can return to work on Monday,” Julius explains. The Wynberg Men’s Wellness Centre is also open on alternating Saturdays for men who do not want to have the procedure done on a working day. The clinic is close to public transport. Some of the other facilities offering medical male circumcision are located in Woodstock, Grassy Park and Hout Bay. V To book for a free circumcision men can SMS their full name to 35255 and a trained counselor of CareWorks will call them back.

Smoked Sandwich Ham

69.99per kg

Valid: Tuesday 21 - Sunday 26 February 2017 • Tokai On Main, Main Rd. Tokai, Tel: 021 712 2244





PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017



Are they poisoning us? It is my opinion that manufacturing companies of household and food products are putting products on the market that are not only of inferior quality but might also contain hazardous ingredients. Consumers assume that the products they spend money on are safe because they believe the companies won’t do anything that would jeopardise their business. How many of us think about what these products really contain? For example, a peri-peri sauce by a well-known fast food chain contains propylene glycol alginate as a stabiliser. That sounds a lot like the antifreeze we use in our cars. I have reason to believe that the products we are using and consuming in our homes are full of toxins, contaminants, poisons and all kinds of chemicals that are harmful to our bodies and even giving us cancer. If this is indeed the case, I feel it is a gross violation of human rights and an attack on humanity itself. Soon, if not already, we will be consuming synthetic or artificial food that resembles the real thing, but contains very little or no natural ingredients. I recently purchased a tin of apricot jam. After opening it I immediately noticed how wobbly the substance in the tin was. When I tasted it, I was utterly disappointed in the taste and smell. I have noticed the decline in quality of consumer products over the years, and I get the impression that manufacturers don’t have pride in their products anymore. I wonder how far companies will go in their quest to maximise profits. I cannot help but come to the conclusion that it is only about the money and that there isn’t much regard for consumer satisfaction. ANDRE BURGER Grassy Park

WRITE TO US | email | fax | post | fax: 021 910 6501/06 PO Box 747, Bellville, 7535

Preference will be given to letters of fewer than 350 words. The deadline is Thursday at 13:00. Please give your full name, address and phone number (for our records, not for publishing).

Phillipi farms are vital This is an open letter to the premier and all the people of the Western Cape. I do not think we realise the serious issue that is facing us as a community and as consumers in regards to the stupid, short-sighted, irresponsible plans to develop housing and mining in certain parts of the Phillippi farming or smallholding area. I grew up in this area and still am a neighbour of this vegetable basket that supplies affordable vegetables of all kinds to us. This area is slowly but deliberately being developed for other purposes to make certain people rich by destroying the fruitful soil for dumping and building huge factories and warehouses. If housing development and mining are allowed it will mean less fertile land to farm on and to discontinue employing the generation of farm workers. Our vegetables that are now cheap will become

more expensive because we have to import vegetables from other provinces. The concerned residents who have formed a committee to address this evil are only a handful and a small voice in the wilderness. We must wake up and support these sensible activists in a big way by making our voices heard in all the halls of authority. The excuse that land is needed for the growing population is a valid one, but to use farming land is madness as there is so much other land that lays waste in and around the Cape Flats. No-one can say it will not affect them because we all must eat and imported food is not cheap. If you keep quiet on this issue, do not cry when the vegetable prices are in line with luxury goods. KEITH BLAKE Ottery

Don’t squeeze cyclists In reply to “Cycling should be licensed” I wholeheartedly agree to this policy, as long as the money produced is put back into the cycling community for the benefit of the cyclist. However, that is the only point I agree with. Cycling is not just recreation, but a ride to work as well. You’ll be fitter for it, and your heart will love you for it as it changes your lifestyle from dormant to active, and it’ll also give you more active years later in life. One of many reasons to give cyclists room is that they may suddenly need to avoid uneven road surfaces or obstacles like drain covers, so it’s important to afford them plenty of room when overtaking. So please don’t squeeze past them or sound your horn because you’re in a rush.

Passing too closely is hazardous for cyclists and extremely intimidating; this may be due to ignorance of the road rules and carelessness, but sometimes it is done deliberately and aggressively. Two riders riding abreast (this is road legal) make it safer for them, as this should make a car driver produce a correct overtaking manoeuvre as if passing another car. Anyone encroaching inside that safe passing distance, a minimum of 1.5 m, runs the risk of being prosecuted for driving without due care and attention, so think about that cyclist more and give him the benefit of the doubt and drive by wide. They’ll thank you for it in the coffee shop. PAUL SZYMUSIK Camps Bay

Old wives’ tales to let it rain

While the drought is playing havoc in Cape Town with no rain in sight, I am led to looking back at trying out some of the remedies that some elders said you must do to bring the rain. I’ve tried some of my own: washing my car – it used to work like a dream before but sorry folks, no such luck this time around. Then there are some strange ones that I remember from my childhood. Never step on a beetle. I can’t remember if it ever worked in my youth, and yes, the naughty ten-year-old of yesteryear had no qualms about merrily squishing an errant beetle in the garden. I’ve always wondered about that one but at my age I just can’t see myself rushing around squishing beetles, even if it’s for a good cause, and never mind the prosecution I will face from environmental groups. Anyone know where that myth originates from? There’s another one involving moths flying into your home when it is dark. I’ve tried it and have the mosquito bites to show for it, but not even a slight drizzle. As for the moths – I could not see if there were any in the dark. Then, according to one of my uncles, there were some characters in our family that could make rain. They just had to get married. For fear of reprisals at the next family gathering I am not mentioning names, but he says that this particular aunt could guarantee rain when she got married – and she did it five times. My uncle reports that somewhere around the middle marriage they were somewhere in Namaqualand where it rains every 50 years. At the start of proceedings bride walked into the church with the heat sweltering and the skies a clear blue. As the couple were declared husband and wife, the heavens opened. Pity she passed away a good few years ago as I’m sure her seductive powers would have led to some needed showers. – Gary van Dyk


Great value for money SUV BEN BURGER

The Landwind is good value for money. PHOTO: JMC


am not a motoring journalist. So although I had the opportunity to testdrive the JMC Landwind SUV5 for a week during November last year, this article is from the point of view of a car lover. The Landwind is a Chinese car brought to our shores by Jianling Motors South Africa (JMC). The Landwind is considered a sports utility vehicle (SUV) but it does not have four-wheel drive, so there’s no option of dune riding or bundu bashing with it yet. The biggest advantage of the Landwind is its styling and price. It is a beautiful car, especially on the outside. And the price is not bad: In November it could be bought for R249 880, although its stated normal price is R289 880. A three-year/ 100 000km warranty and five-year/ 100 000km service plan are standard and included in the price. The outside styling looks great, with smooth lines and fog lights in the front and duel exhausts with silver cover at the back. The Landwind’s looks might upset many of its more expensive rivals if it was in a beauty contest. It also has lots of room inside and the boot is huge. Speaking of the inside: The basics are all there, but the fancy bells and whistles are not. The basics include aircon, elec-

tric windows all round, electric rearview side mirrors, power steering, an adjustable steering wheel, speed-adjustable intermittent wipers, central locking, dual air bags, ABS and EBD and a single-disc MP3 radio with AUX port. It even has park distance control. There is also a central floor storage console and cup holders. The retractable cargo curtain in the boot is great. Unfortunately, there are no controls on the steering wheel, the radio does not have RDS and it does not have cruise control. But if you are willing to go without these, the Landwind is a great option. Something that grabbed my attention when I climbed into the car for the first time, is that the plastic on the inside door

handles felt very cheap. Other plastics in the rest of the cabin are fine, however. Under the bonnet, the Landwind sports a Mitsubishi 2.0-litre engine with loads of power: maximum power is 140kW at 5500r/ min and 250N.m between 2800 and 4400r/ min. But this comes at a price. JMC states fuel consumption at 8.5F per 100km, but it might be even more. The engine is coupled with a six-speed gearbox, but gear changes are not smooth – especially from second to third. I only had the Landwind for a week, but thoroughly enjoyed driving it. If you are in the market for an SUV, but don’t want to break the bank and the lack of fancy gadgets does not bother you, the Landwind should be on your shopping list.


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Prison inmates to rock ‘n roll GARY VAN DYK @gvdcapejazz


ife may be imitating art at Pollsmoor Prison with a new project to use entertainment as a tool for rehabilitation. In 1957 Elvis Presley starred in the movie Jailhouse Rock, telling the story of a young prisoner who discovers his talent behind bars and becomes a star. At Pollsmoor the project UrSlam Factor is also going to give prisoners a chance to realise the positive potential in their lives. Shirly Paulse, chairperson of the Women Taking Action organisation, is making this project a reality. “For most of them life before prison meant growing up in areas where the stench of a violent and unequal past still permeated the walls and minds of entire communities. That is when I formulated an idea to develop skills and knowledge of inmates and at the same time increase morale in prisons.” She presented her idea for a professional talent competition for prisoners and Clifford

Maketshane, area commissioner of Pollsmoor Prison, signed her up to do the project at the prison. Paulse explains that the competition is open to prisoners, parolees and officials of correctional centres. “Auditions take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00 with the top 100 contestants being announced on Saturday 11 March,” she says. “They will be cut down to 50 in April and these 50 will all form part of a mentorship training workshop programme that will be conducted on a weekly basis by professionals in the industry. “This knowledge will be applied in their subsequent performances, culminating in a semi-final on Friday 28 April and ending in an announcement at the end of the evening of the top seven finalists to perform the following day at a gala event.” Since prisoners are not allowed to receive gifts directly, their families or communities will benefit in the form of food hampers, bursaries and the payment of school fees for the children of winners. V The public can vote on

The partnership to make a difference in the lives of prisoners is, from left, Freddy Adams, Clifford Maketshane and Shirly Paulse.


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Getting ready to fill buckets SAMANTHA LEE @Samantha_Lee121

Tyllor Baker, second from left, says farewell to his former features after he received prosthetic ears at Groote Schuur Hospital. With him are his mother Deidre Doolabh, ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Estie Meyer and his father Nehemia Doolabh. PHOTO: GARY VAN DYK


New ears for teen in op

GARY VAN DYK @gvdcapejazz


roundbreaking procedures at Groote Schuur Hospital are boosting a teenager’s confidence to face life with a new look, and new ears. Fifteen-year-old Tyllor Baker from Strand is one of three in every 10 000 children in the world to be born without ears. Last Thursday specialist surgeons at the hospital revealed how much they had changed his life when they attached his prosthetic ears – the first time this procedure was done at the hospital. Tyllor has a normal cochlea which gives him the ability to hear but he was also born without ear canals, so the sound does not reach the cochlea. The treatment for this was to implant a bone-anchored hearing aid which enables him to have perfect hearing. He has such a hearing aid on both the left and right sides of his head.

Thursday’s procedure was the culmination of a process that started in November last year when the screws for the ears were fitted. Last Wednesday surgeons took the final step by attaching the prosthetic ears. An emotional Nehemia Doolabh, Tyllor’s father, says: “You can see the difference that it’s made just by looking at how he walked into the room,” he says. “His whole body language has a new confidence about it.” Nehemia adds that Tyllor always had confidence about his appearance but when he became a teenager he was more self-conscious about it. “He never let it get him down but some people and children can be cruel with their remarks,” he says. “Luckily he always had support from the family and friends who loved him.” When the family started looking at options for their son they discovered there were two options available to them. The first option was to take cartilage and make new ears, but the results vary in differ-

ent patients. The second, more costly, option was to make prosthetic ears, which give the appearance of a normal-looking ear. Luckily, Tyllor received sponsorship from the Fuchs Foundation for the procedure. “The last few years have been tough for Tyllor, with the cruelty of some insensitive people, but he never let them get to him. Now you can see a new glow in his eyes,” says Tyllor’s mother Deidre Doolabh. “We’re also looking forward to buying his first pair of sunglasses that we promised him,” she laughs. Tyllor’s constant smile was the star attraction at an event at the hospital to celebrate the successful procedure. As he stood next to a “before” picture of him, he laughed: “That’s not me anymore.” “It’s been tough for the past few years because as you become older you become more aware of people’s stares, the whispers and sometime just blatant rudeness, but I always knew that I was better than all those horrible remarks.”

March Madness

Following a successful project run between Cape Town and rural towns last year, Project Raven will return in December. Last year the project saw 5000 families fed with a food bucket each delivered in a truck from Cape Town to Colesberg, with the missionaries stopping in 10 towns in between (“Drive to spread food this season”, People’s Post, 6 December 2016). Now you too can be involved in an even bigger initiative that will see about 14 towns visited. The project initiated by Sons of God Ministries and Badisa supported by Shoprite will visit rural towns, again feeding thousands of families. The organisation is asking residents and businesses to pledge donations that can feed at least one family. Each food bucket costs R200 and includes staple food items that can feed a family of four for up to a week. Last year, the project cost R1m and the organisers aim to grow that and feed more people during the next festive season. In the last drive, little was done to allow smaller monetary donations, but this year organisers want to change that to allow residents the opportunity to feed one family or contribute money. Starting earlier this year, they hope to raise more money and feed more families. Other church groups and businesses that want to make contributions or partner with the initiative are also invited to do so. V For more information or to donate to the cause call Danny Davis on 082 709 7482 or visit or

Volunteers pass food buckets while offloading in one of the towns last year.

Kitchen Leg 60x870

Office Leg 60x710

Valid 21 February - 27 March 2017 Jigsaw Blades 2pc

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10042 - T101B (fine) 6137 - T101D (Rough)



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Drill Bit Turbo 6103 - Concrete





Crosscut 60T


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Pearl Nickle


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R69 Pearl Nickle R69 80x710 - BSN R129 BSN

Twist Handle Chrome 4646




R1599 R1999

E&OE • VAT Included • Whiles Stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Tokai: 021 201 2496, Block 2, Unit 1B, South Palms, 333 Main Road

N1 Value Centre: 021 035 0080 Solly Smiedt Street - Goodwood OPEN ON SUNDAYS!

@gelmaronline @gelmarsa

@gelmarsa @gelmarsa


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Destination wedding for couples

NICOLE MCCAIN @nickymccain


wenty couples sailed off into the sunset, following their nuptials on Robben Island on Tuesday. The Robben Island Museum annually hosts brides and grooms at the Garrison Church on Valentine’s Day. This year, in celebration of the museum’s 20th anniversary, 20 couples’ wedding ceremonies were hosted on the island. One of the couples had the opportunity to renew their vows. Diep River couple Jonathan and Kim van As tied the knot during the mass wedding. Jonathan, a chef in the navy, and

Kim, a medical administrator, met through mutual friends at a braai in Tokai Forest two years ago. “I looked at her across the braai and started smiling,” Jonathan recalls. The 20th celebration came as a surprise to the couple, but seen as they were “looking for something different” in a wedding, it was a match made in heaven. “We’re looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. It feels right,” says Kim. Weddings have been hosted on the island since 2000, says the museum’s chief heritage officer Pascall Taruvinga. Over 280 couples have said “I do”

Family of Adriaan Erasmus and Louise Theys make sure they capture the happy moment. always said I just want an invitation to my own wedding,” she says. Jonathan Karelse and Chane Martins, who live in the CBD, met at her mother’s house. Jonathan was friends with her sister. He says: “When I first saw her I thought: ‘Wow!’ But I was very shy and pretended I didn’t like her.” “And I didn’t like him at all!” interrupts Martins. But they soon changed their minds. And when they were offered a wedding on Robben Island while at home affairs, it “was a dream come true”. “We’re looking forward to making it just the two of us and growing old together,” says Martins.

Bellville bride Adele Meyer and Parow groom Morne Swanepoel seal it with a kiss.


Diep River couple Jonathan and Kim van As share a moment as they exchange vows.

on the world heritage site since then. Every year, a couple from a disadvantaged community is sponsored. Groom Adriaan Erasmus was in love at first sight – of a photo. He saw bride Louise Theys on a Facebook photo, and begged their mutual friend for two weeks for her phone number. Although Theys “couldn’t stand him” initially, Erasmus’s persistence convinced her to give him a chance. “On our first date, I was so nervous we drove from Retreat to Table View. We never did get the coffee shop like I had planned,” he says. But the next day they attended church together, and have been an Eerste River couple ever since. A reception for all the couples was held at the Robben Island Guest House. While the newlyweds took their wedding photos on the beach, attendees were serenaded by Nur Abrahams, who also made the couples’ first dance one to remember as he performed a romantic ballad. For bride Adele Meyer, the best part of the day was saying “I do!” High school sweethearts Meyer and Morne Swanepoel decided it was time to “make it official”. The couple from Bellville and Parow has been in a relationship for 15 years. Seeing as Meyer is not one for organising events, the day on Robben Island was her ideal wedding. “I’m not one for arranging things – I’ve

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PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Last look at Logan


is face has become synonymous with Marvel Comics’ brooding character Wolverine. Now he’ll play the clawed mutant one last time. Fans of the X-Men franchise will get to see Hugh Jackman at Weapon X again when Logan: The Wolverine releases at Ster-Kinekor’s Imax theatre at CapeGate on Friday 3 March. In this film, set in the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hideout on the Mexican border. Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a

Club on Friday. Tickets are available at Computicket.

young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces. The movie also stars Patrick Stewart and Richard E. Grant.


V Ten readers can each win double tickets to watch Logan: The Wolverine in Imax at CapeGate on Saturday 4 March. The prize includes popcorn and cooldrink combos. SMS the word “Logan” followed by your email address to 45527 before noon on Monday 27 February to enter. SMSes cost R1.50 and winners will be notified by email.


BlackByrd will be at the Paarl Amphitheatre on Saturday with Alistair Izobell, Lloyd Cele, Robin Pieters, Majozi, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Emo Adams, the Black Ties, Loukmaan Adams, the Rockets, TopDog SA and the Take Note Band in this year’s Cape Town Summer Fest. Tickets cost R150 from Computicket.

Rare sighting at Reeler The Kyle Shepherd Trio will make a rare Cape Town appearance at the Reeler Theatre at Rondebosch Boys’ High School on Saturday at 20:00. The band, made up of Kyle on piano, Shane Cooper on double bass and Jonno Sweetman on drums, will be performing compositions

from Kyle’s rich and evocative repertoire of recorded and new, unreleased original compositions. Tickets cost R100 or R80 for students. Concertgoers who arrive 30 minutes before the show starts will receive a complimentary glass of wine or fruit juice. V Email or call 063 631 7836 for bookings or more information.

Kolnicks Linen S H E R AT O N T E X T I L E S

MONDAYS - FRIDAYS: 08:30 - 17:00 SATURDAYS: 08:30 - 14:00






Double / Queen 220 x 200 NOW ONLY







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PILLOWS SPECIAL OFFER Fibre Puff Pillow with Down Proof casing

Continental size

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Assorted colours From




Cotton Percale

assorted thread counts, standard size

R9 95


Flat sheets and Base covers Selected colours


V Fabrik Theatre Company will be presenting Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg until tomorrow. Tickets cost R100 or R70 for students and scholars. Call 021 788 1898 or email to book. V Rebecca Makin-Taylor and Michele Belknap will perform the drama Sillage at the Alexander Upstairs Theatre until Saturday. Visit for tickets or more information. V Twelfth Night will be staged at Maynardville Open Air Theatre until Saturday. Tickets are available at Computicket. V Riaad Moosa presents his new show Life begins at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio until Saturday. Tickets are available at Computicket. V Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat will be at Theatre on the Bay until Saturday 8 April. Tickets are available at Computicket. V Camerata Tinta Barocca will perform the music of Corelli, Handel, Vivaldi and Muffat with baroque violinists Ralitza Macheva and Annien Shaw at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church tomorrow, with a pre-concert talk by Erik Dippenaar at 19:15. Tickets cost R110, R90 (concessions) or R50 (students) at the door. Call 076 2593304 or email for more. V Tanga Zoo will be at the Crypt in the CBD tomorrow at 20:00. R100. SMS 079 683 4658. V Majozi will be at Café Roux in Noordhoek tomorrow at 20:30 (dinner will be served from 19:00). R160. Visit or to book. V The Rivertones will be at GrandWest’s Jackson Hall tomorrow at 21:00. Entry is free. V Jeremy Oliver will be at Café Roux Cape Town in Shortmarket Street tomorrow at 20:30 (dinner will be served from 19:00). R120. Visit or to book. V Comedy on Roll presents an open mic night at Obviously Armchair in Observatory on Wednesdays from 21:30. R30. Follow @ComedyOnARoll on Twitter for more. V Dylan Skews, Martin Davis (UK), Phil de Lange and Kenwyn Davids will be at the Cape Town Comedy Club tomorrow, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are available at Computicket. V Mean Black Mamba will be at Café Roux in Noordhoek on Thursday at 20:30 (dinner will be served from 19:00). R90. Visit or to book. V Adolf Thelen (piano), Michael Rossi (sax), Dave Ridgway (bass) and Mark Augustin (drums) will be playing Classics in Jazz at the Crypt in the CBD on Thursday at 20:00. R100. SMS 079 683 4658 to book. V Nur Abrahams and his band will be at GrandWest’s Jackson Hall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 21:00. Entry is free. V Marat/Sade will be staged in the Baxter Flipside from Thursday until Saturday 25 March. Tickets are available at Computicket. V Urban Blues will be at JC Brasserie in De Villiers Street, Zonnebloem on Friday from 19:00. Entry is free. Call 021 461 4594 or email V The Soi Soi Gqeza Quartet will be at the Crypt in the CBD on Friday from 20:00. R100. SMS 079 683 4658 to book.

REGULAR MARKDOWNS IN STORE • • Airtime & Gift Vouchers available in all stores


Cnr Princess Vlei & De Waal Rd 087 470 0381


14 Monte Vista Boulevard 021 558 0445


Cnr Klipfontein & Old Klipfontein Rd 021 696 7053

SOMERSET WEST Builders Warehouse Lifestyle Centre 021 852 4482


14 Northumberland Rd 021 946 1900

RCS Cards accepted in all stores X1TADXXM-QK210217

V Conrad Koch (Chester Missing), Martin Davis (UK), Phil de Lange and Kenwyn Davids will be at the Cape Town Comedy

V Johan Liebenberg will perform his Neil Diamond Tribute at Café Roux Cape Town in Shortmarket Street on Friday at 20:30 (dinner will be served from 19:00). R160. Visit or to book. V The Etuk Ubong Quartet with Etuk Ubong on trumpet and flugelhorn, Shakeel Cullis on double bass, Ludwe Danxa on keys and Keno Carelse on drums will be at the Hive in Palmer Road, Muizenberg on Friday at 20:00. Tickets cost R100 at the door, cash only. Email for bookings or more information. V Akhona, the Bootleggers, Albert Frost, Majozi, Jackal and the Wind and Freshlyground will be at Camphill Village on Saturday from 21:00 for the Off the Grid Music Festival in aid of Camphill Village Westcoast. Tickets are available at V Gino Lee will be hosting Woodstock open mic every Saturday from noon to 15:00 at Three Feathers Diner, 68 Bromwell Street. Email for more information. V Urban Blues will be at Fat Harry’s, 166 2nd Avenue in Kenilworth on Saturday from 20:00. Entry is free. Call 021 671 7433 for bookings or more information. V The Sweet Resistance will be at Café Roux Cape Town in Shortmarket Street on Saturday at 20:30 (dinner will be served from 19:00). R100. Visit or V The Kyle Shepherd Trio will make a rare Cape Town appearance with Shepherd on piano, Shane Cooper on double bass and Jonno Sweetman on drums at the Reeler Theatre at Rondebosch Boys’ High School on Saturday at 20:00. Tickets cost R100 or R80 for students. Email or call 063 631 7836 for bookings or more information. V Adelia Douw will be at the Crypt in the CBD on Saturday at 20:00. R100. SMS 079 683 4658 to book. V Johan Liebenberg will perform his Neil Diamond Tribute at Café Roux in Noordhoek on Saturday at 20:30 (dinner will be served from 19:00). R160. Visit or to book. V Goodluck, the Kiffness, Brett Aitken, Alice Phoebe-Lou and James Copeland will be at Shimmy Beach Club on Sunday from 15:00 for the charity concert Tutufest. Tickets are available from V Jenny Brandt will bring the stories of Pauline Smith to life at the Masque Theatre on Sunday from 20:00 in The Little Karoo. R50. Call 021 788 1898 or email bookings@ to book. V Louise Carver and violinist Galina will be at the Rumbullion, Roundhouse in Camps Bay on Monday at 17:30. Visit for tickets or more information. V The Barleycorn Music Club meets on Mondays at 20:00 at Villager Football Club, 11 Lansdowne Road, Claremont. Entrance is (usually) R30 for members and R40 for non-members. Visit V Nik Rabinowitz will be at the Cape Town Comedy Club on Monday with his new one-man show Fortyfied. Tickets are available at Computicket. V Bash, a collection of three one-act plays, will be staged at the Alexander Upstairs Theatre from Monday until Wednesday 1 March. Visit for tickets or more information. V Kurt Darren will be at Café Roux Cape Town in Shortmarket Street on Tuesday 28 February at 20:30 (dinner will be served from 19:00) with Me and Mr Brown. R100. Visit or to book.


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017


‘Include all’ in cancer recovery


Saturday 25 February


V Tokai: The Karoo Animal Protection Society (KAPS) will be holding their monthly Charity Bonanza from 09:15 to 11:30 at 7 Moorland Crescent, extension of Keyser River Drive, between Medicross and BP Garage. Goods on sale will include kitchenware, glassware, linen, bric­a­brac, pictures and frames, CDs, books and jewellery. Clothing, shoes and bags, fresh honey and plants will be available. For information call Lynne 021 794 5387.

going? Is Mommy coming home?’ Whether it was for chemo, whether it t 41 years old, and after years of gowas the radiation, that whole year ing for annual mammogram tests, was very traumatic for him. It also afAliwiyah Lagerdien went to the hospifected his work at school because I extal expecting the usual clean bill of cluded explaining to him. I actually health from the doctor. had to include everybody,” says La“He didn’t use the word, all he said gerdien. was the results came back positive. I Lagerdien has been in remission for asked him: ‘For what? I need you to say a little over a year. She involves her the word.’ Then he said: ‘Cancer.’,” family by cultivating good traits and teaching her family to nourish their says Lagerdien. “It didn’t register at first; I asked the bodies with healthy foods. doctor what the next step was. He was She is also an avid supporter of the speaking to me but I blocked everyCancer Association of South Africa thing out. I was processing what the (Cansa’s) Relay for Life event, which doctor had just said,” will be happening at Vygieskraal StaShe adds that she always had lumps, dium in Athlone on Friday 10 March. but expected the doctor to tell her that Anthea Bingle, chairperson of Canthey were benign. It was only later, sa Relay for Life Athlone and a surviwhen Lagerdien was home, that she revor of hairy cell leukemia (a rare type alised the weight of the doctor’s words. of cancer), says that after her journey “I just cried, you know that hysteriwith cancer started in 1999 she was decal cry. I go every year for the test, so termined to fight back. Bingle recalls how could this be? I told everyone that feeling like she was not just a number, it could not happen to me because I but a name, while receiving treatment went for the tests all the time,” she at Groote Schuur Hospital. Athlone residents Anthea Bingle (left) and Aliwiyah says. Bingle says her favourite activity Lagerdien knew telling her family Lagerdien have both battled cancer and will be taking during the Relay for Life event is the would be a difficult task and chose to part in the Cansa Relay for Life at Vygieskraal Stadium on luminaries ceremony. “There’s total darkness on the PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS break the news to her daughters, who Friday 10 March. were 13 and 19 at the time, first before track. We have these luminaria [lantelling her parents and siblings. Lagerdien young to understand. When I was done talk- tern bags] with the significance of rememdid not think that her third child, who was ing to them, my son came to me and asked: bering someone who’s passed on or is cureight years old when she was diagnosed, ‘Mommy, what is cancer?’ I didn’t expect rently fighting or celebrating his journey. would be able to understand the situation. him to understand but I had to explain to It’s an emotional period for healing and re“I called my daughters in because before him,” says Lagerdien. flection. It’s one of the core events for the reI spoke to my parents and my siblings, I Not understanding affected her son’s per- lay.” wanted to tell them. My eldest was crying formance at school. Every time she would Teams can register at Surrey Primary and she sat by me and asked: ‘Mommy, are leave their home, her son would fear the pos- School in Athlone where meetings are held you dying?’ sibility that she wouldn’t return. every Saturday from 11:00 to 13:00. “I did not think it was necessary to explain “It affected him the most when I would go “We are hoping to get 150 teams. Currently to my youngest because I thought he was too for tests. He would think: ‘Where’s Mommy we are on 78 teams,” says Bingle.

V Bergvliet: Lions Club of Bergvliet will be holding their monthly book sale from 08:00 to 12:15 at Meadowridge Park n Shop. Donations of books are always welcome and can be dropped off at the sale or collection can be arranged by calling Sandy on 021 762 1048. Friday 3 March V Bergvliet: Bergvliet Congregational Church in Hiddingh Road is hosting a Women’s World Day of Prayer celebration at 10:00. The theme this year is “Am I being unfair to You”. Refreshments will be served after the service. All women are invited to attend. Saturday 4 March V Meadowridge: The Friends of Meadow­ ridge Library Car Boot Sale will be held at 08:00. The Boot Sales are held bi­monthly on the first and last Satur­ days of every month. For more information call 021 712 9360 or 021 712 9382


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Men not from Mars, but Mitchell’s Plain

In Cape Town, men make up 54% of the residents who are between 20 and 34 years and single.


re you desperately seeking? You might just be looking for love in the wrong places. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Statistics SA, which compiles census data, has created a map of singles (based on marital status in the 2011 census) at street-block level. “From left field in the realm of dating advice enter the statisticians, who combine data and geography to show you where you can look for love,” Stats SA’s website says. “Mix these data up in a cauldron of computer software and add some nifty analysis (the details are not important here; finding your love is)


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and voilà! Maps showing where the unmarried are.” Using blue, the statisticians have highlighted areas with more unmarried men than unmarried women, aged 20 to 34. In the whole of Cape Town, men make up 54% of the singletons in that age group. Try looking for your eligible bachelor in Weltevreden Valley in Mitchell’s Plain, Harbour Island in Gordon’s Bay and central Bellville. If you’re a single man, the woman of your dreams could be waiting in Mouille Point, Bosonia, Bellville West or Springbokpark.

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PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Olympians in the making Hundreds of athlete’s participated in the Metropole Central Zone’s athlet­ ics championship held at Vygieskraal

Stadium on Saturday. Rashied Isaacs took the pictures at the event.

Sethu Nxele of Cedar Primary School is surprised at her victory after clearing 1.33m in the girls u.11 high jump.

Taylor Roberts of Arcadia Primary School in the girls u.11 100m finals.

Siena Anderson of Camps Bay Primary School in the girls u.12 high jump.

Alexander Newton of Jan van Riebeek Primary School in Tamboerskloof in the high jump for boys u.11. Newton placed second in the event.

Liam Buck of Pinehurst Primary School putting daylight between him and his opponents in the 100m finals for boys u.13.

ACHIEVING GOALS: People’s Post photographer Rashied Isaacs (centre) poses with the Nantes Athletics Club training group he joined in an effort to complete the 21km Peninsula half mara­ thon on Sunday. The group’s members completed the race well within the four­hour cut­off time. Isaacs used the opportunity to raise awareness for his safer sport fields initiative.

SPORT TUESDAY 21 February 2017 | People's Post | Page 16 | 0021 910 6500


R30 per person

Includes the venue, DJ and finger supper

Bounce PIZZA BAR & CLUB 155 Main Road, Plumstead Enquiries:

Baseball champ crowned batted (2/4) for Crusaders.



eeding two points to secure the Western Province Baseball Association’s major league championship, Bellville travelled to Grassy Park on Saturday in a buoyant mood. The home team, Crusaders, was not going to give Bellville the points without a fight and eventually lost 9-6. Bellville opened its scoring in the first innings with four runs, thanks to a three-run home run by Jonathan Phillips. Crusaders’ starting pitcher Jarrod Williams then settled down to keep Bellville scoreless for the next three innings. Williams pitched six innings, allowing six runs from six hits, walking seven and striking out three hitters. Other Bellville hitters who did well were Clayton Manuel (2/3), Allan Randall (2/4), Kyle Ettisch (2/4) and Josh Halverson (2/4). Bellville used four of its non-frontline pitchers, who conceded six runs from ten hits while walking seven hitters. Chad Beukes and Brent Fransman both

Giants see off A’s An awesome pitching display by US import Matt Soren helped the Maitland Giants defeat Athlone A’s 4-1 in Kensington on Saturday. Soren pitched four innings, faced fifteen hitters, struck out eleven and walked three. He was replaced by Jayde Thorne who pitched the last five innings, allowing two hits (both to Leon Dodgen) and one run and striking out nine hitters. Dean Jacobs threw nine innings for A’s, giving up four runs from five hits and two walks and striking out five. An error and a hit by pitch by Jacobs, followed by a line drive single by Brad Erasmus allowed Giants to score two runs in the first inning. Athlone had no hitting game and scored a consolation run in the ninth inning. Yankees fall to VOB Westridge Yankees came unstuck again on Saturday when they lost 13-7 to VOB. Paul Bell led the VOB batting onslaught

with figures of 4/5. Grant Robertson pitched well for VOB, keeping Yankees scoreless in the first five innings. He came a bit unstuck in the sixth inning, allowing Yankees to score six runs to bring the score to 8-6 to VOB. Yankees could not capitalise on this and allowed VOB to score a further five in the last three innings. Yankees started off with Kyle Ripepi, who pitched five innings, conceding six runs from four hits and four walks. He was replaced by elder brother Jayson Ripepi who conceded seven runs from seven hits in the last four innings. Yankees compounded their loss by making ten errors. Although out-hitting Bothasig seven hits to six, Durbanville still lost 5-2 on Saturday in Bothasig. With the game tied 2-2 in the bottom of the sixth inning, Justin Lazarus of Bothasig hit a three-run game-winning home run off Durbanville pitcher Darren Smith. Smith pitched eight innings, allowed five runs from six hits, walked three and struck out three hitters.

Keenan Clarke (2/3) also hit well for Bothasig. Jared Elario started on the mound for Bothasig, throwing seven innings, conceding two runs from six hits and one walk and striking out 8. He was replaced by Keenan Clark who closed out the last two innings without conceding a run. Josh Heroldt (2/3) and Kevin Townsend hit well for Durbanville.

Promotion league Log leaders Van der Stel mercy ruled Devonshire 10-0 in Stellenbosch. Thistle were beaten 17-3 by Helderberg. Battswood beat Milnerton 13-6. This weekend’s fixtures Major league Maitland vs Crusaders, Bellville vs Durbanville, Bothasig vs VOB, Athlone vs Westridge. Promotion league Battswood vs Van der Stel, Thistle vs Devonshire, Milnerton vs Helderberg. All games start at 15:45.




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