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NICOLE MCCAIN @nickymccain

Affordable housing may replace the unsightly and underused Woodstock Hospital if a plan by the City of Cape Town is approved. The hospital currently accommodates a small clinic, which is scheduled to be closed and relocated to another site in Zonnebloem. Council has requested the provincial health department transfers the land into their hands, allowing for development of residential units, says Mayoral Committee member for Human Settlements Tandeka Gqada. “We hope to create more housing opportunities and to boost the local economy through development,” she says. After the clinic moves, the property will be completely empty.

“Provincial government has put the property out to tender, hoping it could be developed but no adequate interest was received. Rather than letting it remain unused, this land can be used to relieve the housing shortage in the area. Its use will also contribute significantly to social integration in the city,” she says. Council plans to take over the property once the provincial Cabinet makes the formal decision to “alienate” it, Gqada confirms. “The provincial government was hoping to get the private sector to develop an integrated, mixed-use project. They did not find a suitable investor, which means that State funds would have to be used for development. The precise nature of the development has not been confirmed, but whatever it is, it is limited by the availability of government funds.” The transfer process is still in the early


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from the hospital, and principal Natasha Pedro says she will be sad to see it go. “I understand the appeal of building housing, as property in the area is scarce. But the hospital has served this community for such a long time. We have a good relationship with the hospital and they always treat our children. It’s going to have a big impact on the community,” she says. Pedro adds that while some sections of the building may look dilapidated, renovations have been carried out on the sections still in use. Woodstock Outreach Community Forum spokesperson Rashaad Martin says the organisation originally objected to the move. “Now people will have to travel to the City Bowl for hospital treatment,” he says. “There is a need for housing in the area, but it will have to be affordable housing. I’m interested to see what the City has planned.”

stages, says provincial Department of Transport and Public Works spokesperson AlAmeen Kafaar. “It’s still early in the process, as the prescribed approval of the relevant authorities within provincial government and the City of Cape Town must still be obtained,” he says. A multi-million rand District Six Community Health Centre will commence construction this year in Zonnebloem. The development of a new R65m wellness centre was announced by Premier Helen Zille last year at a key handing-over ceremony in the former District Six. The healthcare centre will cater to patients from Salt River, Woodstock, Vredehoek, Zonnebloem and the CBD, as well as residents moving back to the former District Six. Mountain Road Primary is across the road

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Civic duty to protect and serve NICOLE MCCAIN @nickymccain

He is not a billionaire playboy by day and he most certainly doesn’t dress as a flying rodent to patrol the city at night. Yet Earl Fischhoff definitely qualifies for hero status. Fischhoff is a plumber but after hours he wears his blue shirt and lapels, tightens the laces on his boots and straps on his gun to do his bit to keep the city safe.


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He is one of 39 volunteer Law Enforcement auxiliary officers. The tradesman gives of his free time to swell the number of staff on duty. The volunteers boost operational capacity and put more feet on the ground without making a dent in the City of Cape Town’s budget. Fischhoff is an example of active citizenship at work.

Community first He joined his local neighbourhood watch five years ago. “One night I arrived home to find my house swarming with police. I assumed the worst, but it turned out they were looking for a criminal between the four houses and were searching mine. He fortunately wasn’t in my home and we spotted him on a neighbour’s property. I joined the neighbourhood watch the next day,” he says. Keeping his neighbourhood safe grew into a passion, and Fischhoff was hoping to become a police reservist before he heard about the auxiliary officer positions. “This has more appeal because you go on area specific patrols. You can patrol in your own neighbourhood. The police can send you anywhere.” Hands on While Fischhoff tends to cover the City Bowl, he has on occasion been called up to serve in other areas. “Council needed escorts into Nyanga after receiving reports that there would be a demonstration on the N2. We drove deep into the area to escort council workers. They found 30 to 40 portable toilets full of faeces, and we then escorted them as they removed it to a sewage facility. I’ve still got that smell up my nose. It was terrible!” There have been occasions where his schedule tinking about with cranky plumbing and keeping the city’s streets safe has overlapped. “During a beach patrol, the toilets broke. A plumber had been out to fix them but hadn’t done a very good job, so I fixed them. There I was, in my full uniform, busy fixing the plumbing in the middle of the December period,” he says. Fischhoff’s time on the neighbourhood watch prepared him well for the task he performs. While on a watch patrol, he became suspicious of a car and followed it after calling in backup. The car stopped and two men got out, attacking a pedestrian and mugging him. “My colleague chased the car and I went

ON DUTY: Volunteer Earl Fischhoff searches for stolen items during a patrol. to help the victim. When I got to him, there was blood running down his leg. They had stabbed him, and nicked a main artery. When the robbers (tried to escape), there was just a wall of police vehicles and nowhere to go. I spent two hours in the dock and they all received a sentence of 10 years,” he says. The family man Balancing family life, work and volunteering can be a handful, but Fischhoff always puts family first. “I have dinner with my family every night and spend time with them. When they all go to sleep around 22:00, I go out. Or if they’re watching a soapie, I think ‘No thanks, that’s not for me. I’d rather be out there making a difference’,” he says. He is enormously proud that his two daughters are following in his footsteps. “My eldest daughter Ashley is very involved with community work and outreach programmes at her school. She’s 17 and in the running for a gold President’s Award. My youngest, Robyn, is 14 and a bit too young for that, but she always asks me if she can join me on patrols,” he says. While he loves having the company of his daughter, Fischhoff is always careful to ensure their safety. Fischhoff’s wife of 28 years, Sylvia, does worry about his well-being, he confesses.

“But I always go out protected,” he says.

All in a day’s work Auxiliary officers tackle a range of complaints, says Mayoral Committee member for Safety and Security JP Smith. Grievances can range from barking dogs to house break-ins, and officers can receive around 12 complaints in a day shift. Although volunteers, auxiliary officers have been trained extensively in the law and are able to carry out searches and arrests. They have also been trained to carry a firearm. “We’re looking to add powers to the Law Enforcement officers which will allow them to enforce the Liquor Act, search for stolen goods and enforce sections of the Traffic Act. As is, an auxiliary officer can impound your cellphone or arrest you for declining to obey any Law Enforcement officer,” he says. Smith hopes to increase the number of auxiliary officers to around 400 over the next year or two, with an intake of 40 officers every three months. Candidates need to pass a physical assessment and a medical evaluation and are expected to work a minimum of 16 hours per month. Application forms are available at Law Enforcement and Subcouncil offices. For enquiries call (021) 444 8235.

Renewed surge in battle against TB New ways of reducing the spread of TB are being explored. This includes shortening the waiting period for results and access to treatment. The high prevalence of HIV has significant impact on the TB epidemic, says Mayoral Committee member for Health Lungiswa James. “Our target is to get patients on TB treatment within five days. This is calculated from the day sputum is taken and sent for testing until the time the patient receives their first dose of treatment,” she says. Last year 72% of patients at City clinics were started on treatment within five days. Council is now looking to increase this figure to 85%. “Cape Town has seen a steady reduction

in the incidence of TB. Reported figures of TB incidence have decreased from 877/100 000 in 2009 to 705/100 000 in 2012. This drop is particularly impressive in the light of the concomitant HIV epidemic,” James says. The first new TB diagnostic test, GeneXpert, was promoted by the World Health Organisation in 2010 and South Africa was the first country to immediately roll out the new test for all people who presented TB symptoms. James says this new diagnostic test was recently added at all State laboratories. “This test is not only more sensitive in diagnosing TB, but it also indicates whether the TB is resistant to Rifampicin, which will immediately see the patient being started on an alternate TB regimen,” she says.

“The laboratory processes the GeneXpert test within two to six hours, so patients can receive their TB test results the next day.” James says previously the smear test used for TB diagnosis failed to detect the disease in about one out of three people and a follow-up sputum culture had to be requested, taking up to six weeks for the laboratory to produce results. “To increase the value of the improved testing programme, we will be identifying and looking at ways to address bottlenecks hindering patients from receiving treatment promptly,” she says. James encourages all patients who were at City clinics with TB symptoms to return to the facility for their results within two days.

Allan Gray Foundation helps shape futures Do big dreams of a successful business fill your head day and night? The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation is offering candidates that show potential in entrepreneurial talent an opportunity to develop as responsible entrepreneurs by applying for the Allan Gray Fellowship opportunity. The programme provides participants access to a community of like-minded individuals. It also presents exposure to thought lead-

ers, mentorship, entrepreneurial mindset development and full university funding. Students who qualify for this opportunity are Grade 12 pupils and first year students. Allan Gray Orbis Foundation CEO Anthony Farr believes untapped resources can revolutionise both the economy and communities. The foundation aims to assist and develop a new generation of entrepreneurs who are ethical leaders.

This will bring about a positive outlook on the future of job creation in South Africa, the foundation’s leaders say. Fellowship applications for Grade 12 pupils and first year students opened on Monday. Applications close on 30 April for Grade 12 pupils and 29 August for first year university students. V Visit for more information, application forms and to see if you qualify.


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Decaying dwellings for sale

NICOLE MCCAIN @nickymccain

“This house is vrot! I can’t buy a house like this.” Lugmag Avenue Janet Dick is nothing short of offended. She is one of many Factreton residents offered to buy their council-owned homes. The City of Cape Town made the offer to 108 families living in the area. And not all are enchanted with the notion of buying decaying dwellings from the City. Cracks, loose bricks, damp foundations and leaking roofs are common problems. And residents are angry. Matilda Patterson has lived in her Albacore Road home for 57 years, dutifully paying rent to council every month. However, she lives in fear that the walls will collapse and injure, if not kill, her family. “The walls are crumbling. You can take the bricks out of the wall, they’re so loose,” says the seething grandmother. “I’m worried because we have small children living in this house. When they open the door the bricks could fall on them.” Patterson says she has reported the wear and tear to her local rent office on numerous occasions, but they are yet to be attended. Crumbling walls are only one of the risks. Dick blames her deteriorating health on her council-owned house’s poor foundation. “The foundation is not right. It gets damp and it stinks. It makes us all sick. There are also broken doors and windows. I’ve reported the issues, but they never get repaired,” she fumes. Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements Tandeka Gqada says each time a complaint for repairs is received the Department of Housing Maintenance investigates the matter and arranges for the necessary repairs to be made. There are 108 saleable rental units in Factreton, says Gqada, and the selling prices range between R5 000 and R17 500. Community leader Jimmy Xalipi estimates that over 100 of the houses in the area are in a deplorable state and although the houses are up for sale, many have not been renovated since they were built. “Many have the old asbestos roofs, which


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have now cracked. There are problems with foundation, cracks in the walls and broken windows and doors. The tenants pay their rent every month, and report the problems, but it seems difficult for the City to come fix them,” he says. A large proportion of the council house tenants are elderly or do not have a steady income, Xalipi says. “They are old and poor. They don’t have money to buy houses that are falling apart. I’ve submitted a report of council to make them aware of the situation and am waiting for a response,” he says. Xalipi believes the houses should be handed over to the tenants for free, with the proviso that they carry out any necessary renovations themselves. Residents say the ongoing maintenance problems keep them from buying the houses. According to Gqada, the prospective purchaser must be the registered tenant of the property, and must occupy the dwelling when applying to purchase and may not own any property or vacant land. All renovations will be added to the cost of the council house, she adds. “Should renovations be carried out to a dwelling prior to the sale of the property, the cost thereof will be added to the selling price.” This response has left Patterson fuming. “I’m angry. They say we must pay for it in the cost of the house, but these are things they are meant to repair for free because it’s council’s house! Would I buy this house? No way!”

FALLING DOWN: Factreton residents, such as Matilda Pattersen, say the poor conditions of their council houses are preventing them from purchasing the homes. PHOTO: NICOLE MCCAIN

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Listen to your heart


The toddler is a social butterfly, but while those who know her consider her a chatterbox, the words she utters are barely distinguishable. Azraa Jacobs (3) is deaf. Only about R40 000 stands between her and the ability to hear. Her single-mother Mareldia Adonis (27) has to dock up the money to have her toddler fitted with a cochlear implant. It is hoped the operation will be done later this year. The procedure will cost R218 000 for one ear, and Mareldia is forced to host fundraisers for the deficit as the medical aid will only cover R170 000 for the operation. The cochlear implant will have to be done on both ears of the little whirlwind, who was declared deaf at the age of two. However, only one will be done this year. Mareldia initially noticed her daughter wasn’t developing as fast as her other tots her age while watching her interact with a cousin. “I got really worried when I saw my nephew and her playing together. He would speak in longer sen-

tences than her and they were the same age,” she says. After having tests done and being referred to Red Cross Children’s Hospital, it was confirmed that she was deaf, more so in the left than in the right ear. Hearing aids were then fitted to Azraa in April last year when she was two years old. The tot has since been enrolled at the Carel du Toit Centre in Parow where she receives speech therapy and help is given to help her improve her oral communication. Mareldia says since her daughter started at the centre her speech has definitely improved. “She uses small words and will communicate in one or two words. It’s much easier to understand her now,” she says. Since Azraa has been at the special needs school, her mother feels more equipped and confident in helping her daughter develop. The Carel du Toit Centre hosts parent classes and all caregivers are given support on how to help the child develop away from the facility. Although she knows there is a long road ahead before Azraa is able to communicate and listen with ease, Mareldia is optimistic. “The sooner she is able to hear, the

sooner she will then also be able to speak, read and write. This, in turn, means she will be able to attend a mainstream school,” she says. Mareldia will be hosting fundraisers in the buildup to Azraa’s operation and urges all to attend to help raise the required funds. So far she has only been able to raise R10 000 through various events. Carel du Toit Centre principal Ruth Bourne explains that a cochlear implant is very different from a hearing aid. “Hearing aids amplify sound whereas a cochlear implant changes the sound signal into an electrical signal which is sent to the brain so the person can ‘hear’,” she says. Children who have a cochlear implant done, Bourne explains, are those children who are so deaf that they cannot benefit from the most powerful hearing aids. The implant, however, is not a “magic formula”. “It provides the basic sound information and a lot of work is needed to help the child to use that information. Left without any intervention, the implant will make no difference,” she explains. Conditions for eligibility is that an implant must be done before the

HEAR’S YOUR CHANCE: Azraa Jacobs is set for a cochlear implant but needs funds to have it done. With her is her mother Mareldia Adonis. age of three years if a child has been born deaf. Parent involvement and therapeutic support are also very important. “Unfortunately many children cannot have an implant done due to a lack of finances. Acquiring spoken language is then very difficult for them – although not impossible – as they have to rely solely

on lip reading. Sign language would be a good alternative,” Bourne adds. V Stellenbosch University opened a trust for Azraa. To donate, make a deposit using these banking details. Name: University of Stellenbosch; Bank: Standard Bank; account number: 073006955; branch code: 050610; reference: Cochlear Implant Unit – Project Azraa Jacobs.

Pedal power at work VACANCY BULLETIN EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES FOR PERSONS WHO WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE DepArtment oF heAlth Groote schuur hospItAl, observAtory Artisan Foreman Grade A (Plumbing) remunerAtIon: r 201 810 per Annum servIce beneFIts: 13th cheque, employer’s contrIbutIon to the pensIon FunD, housInG AnD meDIcAl AID AllowAnce. requIrements:mInImumeDucAtIonAlquAlIFIcAtIon:AppropriateTradeTestCertificate.experIence: 5 years’ experience as Artisan after obtaining the Trade Test Certificate. Inherent requIrements oF the job: A valid driver’s licence (Code B). • Perform standby duties and attend to emergency breakdowns after hours. competencIes (knowleDGe/skIlls): Conversance with the requirements of the machinery and Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993). • Ability to communicate in at least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape. • Computer literacy. • Excellent report-writing skills. • Planning, organising and people management skills. DutIes (key result AreAs/outputs): Repair and install systems in the plumbing field. • Responsible for the control over equipment, stock and other tools used within the workshop. • Supervise work schedule for the division – fill in job cards/requisitions and data capturing. • Render assistance to Chief Artisan with regard to all functions (including admin work) of the division, attending site meetings with contractors within the institution. • Draw up tender specification against the needs of the institutions as guided by Supply Chain Management Act and Treasury Regulations. • Give feedback to Chief Artisan and management on maintenance issues. • Supervise, train and develop staff. note: Potential candidates may be subjected to a competency test. enquIrIes: Mr NK Mbobo, tel. no. (021) 404-6230/03/6314 pleAse submIt your ApplIcAtIon For the AttentIon oF ms n mbIlInI to the chIeF DIrector: Groote schuur hospItAl, prIvAte bAG, observAtory, 7935. InstructIons to ApplIcAnts: Z83 forms (obtainable from any Government department or must: Be completed in full, clearly reflect the name of the position, name and date of the publication (candidates may use this as reference), be signed, accompanied by a comprehensive CV, the names of 3 referees and certified copies of ID, driver’s licence and qualification/s. A separate application form must be completed for each post. Applications without the aforementioned will not be considered. Applications must be forwarded to the address as indicated on the advertisement. No late, faxed or e-mailed applications will be accepted. CV’s will not be returned. Excess personnel will receive preference. Applications, which are received after the closing date, will not be considered. Further communication will be limited to short-listed candidates. If you have not received a response from the Department within 3 months of the closing date, please consider your application as unsuccessful. It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as determined by the Department. As directed by the Department of public service & Administration, applicants must note that further checks will be conducted once they are short-listed and that their appointment is subject to positive outcomes on these checks, which include security clearance, qualification verification, criminal records, credit records and previous employment. The Department of Health is guided by the principles of Employment Equity. Disabled candidates are encouraged to apply and an indication in this regard will be appreciated.

closing date: 21 February 2014 TBWA/H400954/E

The Sunflower Fund is opting for a different vehicle to get the message across that their coffers need your help. They’ll be chewing up the miles on bicycles to also create awareness of their work by taking part in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour on Sunday 9 March. And they’re hoping other Capetonians will do the same. The Sunflower Fund raises funds to PEDAL POWER: Rasheda van den Hurk is supportenable the South Af- ing The Sunflower Fund in the Miles4Marrow rican Bone Marrow Campaign. PHOTO: SUPPLIED Registry to expand its database of potential bone sible for educating the public on marrow stem cell donors to help the plight of leukaemia sufferers patients suffering from leukae- and help raise the necessary mia and other life-threatening funds to meet the cost of tissue blood disorders have the chance typing new donors to grow the of finding a matching donor. registry. Rasheda van den Hurk, who If everyone raised a small recently joined the Sunflower sum, collectively it could Fund’s public relations team, is amount to enough to help pay appealing to any interested cy- the cost of R2000 for each donor clists taking part in the Cycle willing to join the registry. Tour to offer their support and V To get involved or obtain a sponsor help raise funds as part of the form, contact Van den Hurk on Miles4Marrow Campaign. (021) 701 0661 or email rasheda@sunVan den Hurk will be respon-

Wrap a little fighter in love After delivering close to 700 Christmas gifts to children with cancer across the country, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust is starting 2014 with the Get Wrapped Project. This project aims to provide new, single bed-sized blankets to every child in 11 paediatric oncology hospital wards, as well as bedding to over 30 individual childhood cancer-affected families. The reach of the project will stretch from Cape Town to the Free State. The public is asked to donate newly bought, single-bed, soft blankets. Donations will be ac-

cepted until the end of March. Distribution of the blankets will be done in April. In Cape Town, 120 blankets will be distributed to the Red Cross and Tygerberg hospitals. “Children with cancer have very low immune systems due to the treatment they receive. No second-hand goods will be delivered to the Little Fighters, as this is the only way to prevent the risk of infection,” says project manager Mandie Erasmus. V If you would like to donate towards the Get Wrapped Project, contact Eileen van Zyl on 071 384 6573 for delivery arrangements.


PEOPLE'S POST | WOODSTOCK | MAITLAND Thursday, 30 January 2014


Housing for derelict property NICOLE MCCAIN @nickymccain A rundown public facility is making way for new housing and a childcare centre in Royal Road. The land currently houses the Maitland swimming pool, which had been closed for several years. It was recently sold and will be converted into a development named Mountain View Villas. Cape Town Community Housing Company spokesperson Faizel Moos says 300 sectional title apartments will be built on the site, ranging from studio to two bedrooms. The complex will be enclosed with security on site, he says. The development falls under affordable housing, Moos says, which includes those who earn between R9 000 and R18 000. “The land was subsidised by government, and because it was basically free, we’re able to make the housing available at lower prices,” he says. The property was sold with the agreement that the pool would either be restored or a Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre would be built on the site, with the façade of the pool preserved, says ward councillor Derrick America. The decision to build an ECD centre was an easy one, as the pool had been con-

demned, Moos explains. “The pool was condemned because of the condition of the building. Vagrants had occupied it previously, and it was burned, with a section of concrete ready to fall in,” he says. The Cape Town Community Housing Company will instead work with Heritage Western Cape to preserve the exterior, and money is set aside to build the ECD centre, Moos adds. Council plans to outsource the running of the centre, America says. “There is definitely a need for this kind of facility with the demographic living in the area,” he adds. Resident Cheryl Gain believes the ECD centre will benefit the community. “It’s a good idea. There are quite a few little ones in the area. Many parents work and need a safe place for their kids,” she says. Heritier Kibwila would have preferred to have the pool restored. “A pool is nicer. It gets very hot and it’s far to travel to the beach or nearest pool. All the other suburbs have a pool. We should have one too,” he says. But Pardon Musiyakuwi believes there are enough swimming facilities in the city, and thinks the education centre will be of greater benefit to the community. “A creche is the right idea. There are lots of places to go swimming, including the beach and other swimming pools,” he says.

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Money wise With the festive season behind us, many Capetonians have been trying to stretch their pennies to recover from excessive holiday spending. Experts say more people have requested debt counselling and in some cases consumers spend their entire salary fulfilling debt obligations. People’s Post readers share their thoughts.

WALEED DU PLESSIS PLESSIS believes credit cards and accounts lead to the financial downfall of many irresponsible spenders. “It allows you to buy now and pay later, but all you get is debt for a very long time.”

RUBY MADLA MADLATHU THU says people should save and budget for the festive season so that they don’t need to borrow money when the holidays have passed. “I had no worries in January,” she says.

CARLOS BANANGILE BANANGILE says previous experience has taught him to spend wisely during December. “I saved my bonus and now I am much better off financially than I was last year January,” he says.

LOWRISKA KLEIN says it’s hard to always pay cash. “We try, but when you need something and you have no choice, you buy on credit. Once you buy on account, you are stuck for a long time”

KEITH P PAPIER APIER says he avoided buying items on credit in December and is reaping the benefits of planning his festive season budget ahead. “You have to use your bonus and plan or you will find yourself in debt.”

ANDILE NC NCUBE UBE says he is very stressed this month as he spent a lot of his salary during the festive season, especially on entertainment. “I could have been wiser because I spent all my money without considering the consequences,” he says.

MARLISE D DANIEL ANIEL says January has been a long month for her because she overspent in December. “As much as I want to deny it, I had to resort to credit. My son started creche this year and that also added to my financial stress.”


PEOPLE'S POST | WOODSTOCK | MAITLAND Thursday, 30 January 2014


United front against crime

NICOLE MCCAIN #@nickymccain

Woodstock police and members of a defunct Observatory Community Police Forum chapter are willing to bury the hatchet to tackle crime. A Woodstock CPF annual general meeting will be held in the next quarter to elect a new Observatory subforum. The chapter, which falls under the Woodstock CPF, was disbanded last year after several resignations left the organisation with an unconstitutional amount of members, explains chairperson Howard Smith. “As an interim measure, we have a small number of members working towards holding an annual general meeting in which new members will be elected,” he says. The Woodstock CPF still functions and meets with police and sector representatives monthly, says Woodstock police spokesperson Sergeant Hilton Malila. “The deputy chairperson of the Woodstock CPF is also the chairperson of the Observatory subsector forum, and as we speak she is busy mobilising the relevant roleplayers in order to get the subforum up and running again as usual,” he says. The Observatory chapter and Woodstock police experienced a troubled relationship, with allegations flung at police that they were unwilling to attend meetings. However, Smith believes the lack of cooperation stemmed from both sides. “There were instances where the police missed meetings, but there were also individuals on the CPF who didn’t hold their end. It cuts two ways. For instance, there was an occasion when police officers arrived 10 minutes late to find the CPF members had left the meeting. I don’t condone arriving late to a meeting, but one must be willing to make allowances,” he says.

NEW BEGINNINGS: Woodstock police and the nascent Observatory chapter of the Woodstock Community Police Forum are willing to set aside past issues in order to effectively combat crime. PHOTO: NICOLE MCCAIN The drastic turn in the relationship came as a surprise to police, Malila says. “There was always communication between the Woodstock police and Observatory Subsector forum. At monthly CPF meetings held at the station, Observatory was represented throughout the year. At the last

subform meeting we attended in Observatory in November, the relationship was still good. We don’t know what happened after that, but we found out that some of the roleplayers pulled away from the subform,” he says. Smith believes the reconstituted chapter

is essential to a lasting solution to combat crime. “I don’t think past problems will happen again if we have commitment from both sides. We’re looking for members who are willing to build cooperation and not assume it is a given,” he says.


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Back to the drawing board

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The economic climate has caused ambitious developers to scale back on a planned office development for the corner of Bree and Pepper streets. The original plans featured a 12-storey office block with an ultra-modern parking lot, but owing to an oversupply of office space in the city centre, developers have gone back to the drawing board. Developer Dan Steyn says the land was purchased with the intention to redevelop. “Our initial scheme was a full bulk development of approximately 5 000m² of office space with a mechanised parking garage which would have provided 150 parking bays. However, the current economic climate resulted in an oversupply of office space in town, as well as new developments such as the Portside building coming onto the market. This forced us to reconsider.” The building was intended to be the first of its kind, housing the city’s first automated parking garage. The parking garage, accessed from Pepper Street, would have allowed drivers to park their cars in one of three mechanised parking slots. The automated trolley system would then transport the car to one of the eight parking levels. One of the former buildings – on the corner of the two streets – has been demolished, while the other is being extended. Approval for the redevelopment was granted in August, says council’s Department of Planning and Building Development Management director Cheryl Walters. “Ultimately, the owners elected not to proceed with the approved development and not to demolish the building at 21 Pepper Street. Instead, they obtained approval to add one light-weight storey to the building,” she says. “A demolition permit was obtained for the buildings at 177 Bree Street. The buildings were demolished and building plans have been submitted to the City for a new, single-storey retail building on the corner, attached to the building at 21 Pepper Street.” The extension was decided on as the exist-

STALLED: The economic climate has caused developers to shelve their original plans for the corner of Pepper and Bree streets.PHOTO: ing structure could not accommodate a conventional expansion, Steyn explains. “We have redesigned the Pepper Street property using the existing structure with a lightweight roof extension, and an internal mezzanine to increase the parking capacity. The 177 Bree Street property has been demolished and will make way for a new retail shop with a roof garden serving the office areas in the existing building.” The demolition of the Bree Street building and excavations for a new building are being recorded by archaeologists, and their findings will be documented and submitted to Heritage Western Cape. The Pepper Street façade was retained, Steyn says.

A heritage impact assessment found that none of the buildings were of heritage significance, Walters confirms. However, it is likely that undisturbed archaeology exists below the current floor level of the Bree Street erven.


“It was therefore a condition of approval that archaeological monitoring takes place during demolition and that the foundations be recorded by an archaeologist,” she says. Sections of the modern, open-plan offices will be ready for occupation in March.

HAVE YOUR SAY! DRAFT CCTV POLICY The City of Cape Town is in the process of finalising a CCTV Policy. In terms of section 17 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000, the public and interested parties or groups are given the opportunity to submit comments, input and recommendations on the Draft CCTV Policy from 1 February 2014 to 4 March 2014. Comments, input and recommendations may be submitted by: • • • •

Fax: 086 542 0630 E-mail: Written submission: PO Box 6955, Roggebaai 8012 (For attention: Director of CCTV) Facebook:

The City’s Public Participation Unit will assist people who cannot read or write, people living with disabilities and people from other disadvantaged groups who are unable to submit written comments to have their comments, input or recommendation recorded and submitted to the City. Contact the following: For general public participation: Ruché Daniels at 021 400 1766 or For disadvantaged groups: Anele Viti at 021 400 1652 or The draft policy is available at, at subcouncil offices and at libraries. For enquiries relating to the draft policy call 021 417 4150. ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER


ON HOLD: An artist's impression of the proposed retail and office block.


Long walk – for half a movie

Almost all pirated copies of the film, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom which have been circulating in South Africa do not have the complete film. This is according to the South African Federation against Copyright Theft (SAFACT) who discovered when watching a pirated copy that the DVD starts with the first 15 minutes of the film, but thereafter continues with Invictus, which was released four years ago. The pirates have used the same cinema poster artwork of the film Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom as the inlay or cover for their pirated discs to make it appear legitimate. The film was released in November last year at cinemas in South Africa and has subsequently been released in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Holland, Portugal, Israel, Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium and the Middle East. Germany, Finland, Norway, Spain, Denmark, New Zealand and India will release the film later this month. The film is not legally available in a

DVD format anywhere in the world and the pirates are defrauding the public. Producer Anant Singh says: “We have taken every possible measure to ensure that Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is not pirated. It is extremely disappointing that the film is being targeted by pirates who are passing off their fake DVDs as the complete film. We urge the public not to support pirates by buying the fake DVDs.” Piracy kills jobs, opportunities and sustainable income for honest workers. The CEO of SAFACT, Corne Guldenpfennig, has warned pirates that the federation is vigilant in the enforcement in cinema theatres and on the streets throughout the country. She also warns that criminal action will be taken against all perpetrators whether for fraud or under the copyright legislation. SAFACT calls upon the public to do the right thing and blow the whistle on any person taking part in piracy. V Contact Crime Line by SMSing 32211 or phone CrimeStop on 08600 10 111.


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Walk this way

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A new pathway is being prepared to bring more feet to the wetlands along the Liesbeek River and increase awareness of conservation efforts. The Friends of the Liesbeek are in the process of building a woodchip path, hoping that it will make the area more user-friendly, chairperson Nick Fordyce says. “We hope that the path will increase the human activity in the area. We have noticed that people become invested and committed to helping restore these green urban spaces when they start to use them. We also want people to be able to see the changes that are happening in the area for themselves,” he explains. The long-term vision for the pathway is to create a circular track around the wetland next to Valkenberg Hospital which will link up with the river bank on the other side of the N2 in Mowbray, Fordyce continues. “This project is still in its early days and presently we are creating the path in the most strategic areas – along the berms which separate the wetland from the river. There is a lot of invasive grass in the area. We spend a lot of time removing the grass from areas where we have rehabilitated and replanted,” he says. “It is hoped that the pathway will create a ‘buffer’ between the replanted areas and the adjacent areas which are invested with kikuyu and other invasive species.” The project has no budget, and the Friends of the Liesbeek are using the cost-effective option of woodchips. “We believe a woodchip pathway, as opposed to just a dirt pathway, is far more inviting and will hopefully bring more people down to the wetland. The woodchips will help in preventing the invasion of invasive grass into rehabilitated areas,” he says. The woodchips also have historical relevance. “The majority of the woodchips come from Table Mountain National Park near Hospital Bend and are pine tree chips. Cecil John Rhodes planted the pines on the mountain slopes many decades ago and they really shouldn’t be here. SANParks have a management plan that involves removing all baby pine trees. The old established trees are being left until they die from natural events.” A fire near Rhodes Memorial a few years ago resulted in the death of a number of pine trees. It is these trees which now make up the woodchip pathway. “So we are finding a good way to recycle wood which really shouldn’t be there,” he says. The pathway should be wide enough to accommodate cyclists and horse riders, and the chips will be laid 5cm deep to prevent

TIME TO GET ECO-WISE: The Friends of the Liesbeek have extenisve plans to upgrade the wetlands area next to the river.


plants from growing through the chips. “We are removing all the vegetation along the route planned for the path. This is predominantly kikuyu grass. The wood chips are then spread out over the clear surface. Along certain sections of the path we are propagating sour fig plants. This is an indigenous succulent vygie which is good for stabilising banks and which grows fairly rapidly and is quite drought tolerant. There is a risk of erosion in some places so we are planting to prevent this from happening,” he says. However, there are more plans for the wetlands. “We will be building at least one bridge in the area. We plan to rehabilitate and replant some of the remaining areas that have not had this done before. We may also be putting in some benches, constructed from pine wood and we also want to create a 5km time trial for the area. This is a longer term project though,” he says. Resident Bridget Impey often walks her dogs along the river, and has mixed feelings about the construction. “It doesn’t really need a path, but I suppose it would be nice. Upgrades are always positive. The path must just be well demarcated for people to see, then they will make use of it,” she says. The pathway will boost visitor numbers, says Abdul Hafeez Ebrahim. “Having a nice path will bring more people to the area. If the Friends of the Liesbeek build bridges to connect the two areas which are divided by the highway, it will become a through route. That should bring quite a few people here and create more awareness. More people will grow to appreciate the area,” he says.



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Kicking bad habits in the butt


It’s the most common new year’s resolution after joining the gym. But as the first month of 2014 draws to a close, most smokers have forgotten their pledge to throw away their cigarettes. Taking a couple of drags while on a tea break may seem harmless, but even a few puffs on a “light” cigarette could prove detrimental to your health. The hardest part is deciding when to become a quitter. But sticking to a plan of action is not easy. Much like other resolutions, deciding to quit requires willpower and realising you are doing more serious harm to your body than good, says family doctor Ellapen Rapiti. “Smoking is an unnecessary and expensive habit. People smoke because they don’t know how to relax. Quitting is difficult because the cigarettes are freely available, not frowned upon by society and the cigarette companies market it as something ‘cool’ to the younger generation,” he says. Smokers also aren’t always ready to admit they are struggling with an addiction because it is “just” cigarettes. “Most people do not understand the concept of addiction. They need to know that the moment you can’t do without a cigarette, it is an addiction,” Rapiti insists. Law-abiding smokers step out of a building to puff on their smokes, but even this act of consideration affects non-smokers. “The effects of smoking does not stop with you. You are not only doing bad things to your own body, you are doing bad things to a community with the negative effects of

BUTTING OUT: The benefits of quitting outweigh the habit of smoking, a family doctor says. smoking,” he says. Many smokers justify not quitting by comparing their lifespan to that of a family member who may have smoked for years and is still alive. Rapiti says that although some people live longer than others, considering that both parties may have been smokers for years, they still suffer negative effects in the long

run. Aside from the health implications, smokers create a financial burden due to their addiction. “Over the next 30 years, tax and VAT included, cigarettes could easily cost a consumer R700 a packet,” he predicts. To smoke 20 cigarettes a day, a smoker could spend R1000 a month. “This is a scary sum considering on what most people could be spending that R1000. They could have contributed the money to school fees, life policies and other necessities in the household.” Smoking cigarettes could open a doorway

to experimenting with other addictive substances and, he says, if cigarettes and alcohol are consumed together, they increase the risk of mouth cancer. At last year’s Lung Cessation Symposium held at the University of Cape Town, Dr Ian Lewis pointed out that smoking goes through three stages. Lewis, a psychiatrist at Groote Schuur Hospital, says the first stage is experimental. The second stage escalates to it being recreational. The final stage is problematic substance use which is categorised as problematic substance abuse or substance dependence. Dr Richard van Zyl-Smit, a pulmonologist at the UCT Lung Institute, says half of the people who are smokers die prematurely. “Smoking also increases your risk of lung, bowel, breast and bladder cancer,” Van ZylSmit says. Sylvia Daniels quit smoking more than 16 years ago. “I was in hospital (at the time) and because I was in a cast and ordered not to leave the hospital, I decided to stop at once,” she says. Although she has to cope with a lot of stress, Daniels says she has never felt the need to start smoking again. In an attempt to kick the habit, Candice Taylor has recently started smoking e-cigarettes. “It has helped me stop smoking for the three months that I’ve been on it,” she says. Quitting has not been easy for Brandon Tala, a smoker for more than 20 years who says he has tried many methods to stop. “It just doesn’t work. Years ago, while I was sick, I stopped smoking. It just lasted for a week,” he laments. While most people grasp the concept that smoking is an addiction, Rapiti says quitting is very hard as the habit has ingrained itself in consumers for many years. He says smokers fail to address the core issue: the need to learn to relax properly.

Headline acts for Mardi Gras

A star-studded list of headline acts will perform at the Mardi Gras. This calendar event will be held from Wednesday 29 January to Saturday 1 February at the William Herbert Sports Grounds. People’s Post is the print media partner of this event and also hosts the People’s Post Miss Mardi Gras beauty pageant. The entertainment line-up is enough to whet the appetite of festivalgoers as all the Cape Town favourites will perform. A highly sought-after musician, Richard Ceasar studied classical guitar at UCT and is a well-know guitarist, singer/ songwriter and keyboard player. Cape Town born actor, singer and choreographer Luqmaan Adams is best known for his collaborations with David Kramer and the late Taliep Pietersen, specifically his roles in the musicals District 6: The Musical and Kat & the Kings. Adams was nine when he played the role of Broertjie in District 6. Boogie Wonderland is a throwback to the disco dance floors of the ’70s and ’80s where afros and bell bottoms were high

fashion and big plastic earrings and shoulder pads reigned supreme. Seasoned showman Alistair Izobel is set to rock at this year’s Mardi Gras. Capetonians, brace yourselves for this sensational entertainer. His career began when he was five and Alistair believes on his journeys he makes it his goal to impart his knowledge and to uplift young South Africans. His performance is inspirational to do just that. Wayne Mckay will be the MC. He has a long history in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian, actor, radio and TV voiceover artist. There will also be plenty local community talent, including the Belly Funk Belly Dance group. The fun activities awaiting festivalgoers include the People’s Post Miss Mardi Gras beauty pageant, the Car Show and the Teen Party Winder Wonderland. V The operating times on 29 and 30 January is from 18:00 to 23:00, on 30 January from 18:00 to 24:00 and on 1 February from 12:00 to 23:00.

Friday 31 January V Observatory: A public meeting will be held by the Observatory Improvement District to discuss a proposal for an upgrade to the kids’ park in Station Road. The meeting starts at 14:00. For more information call Siphesande Mtongana on (021) 448 7090. Tuesday 11 February

International Council of Societies of Industrial Design A Partner of the International Design Alliance

V Observatory: The Western Cape Branch of the South African Archaeological Society is holding their next meeting at 18:00 in the South African Astronomical Observatory auditorium. Lauren Schroeder will deliver a talk which will give insight into evolutionary processes. Entry is R10 for non-members. For more information, phone Connie Feast on (021) 689 5921.

Saturday 22 February V District Six: A District Six reunion will take place for all former residents of Virginia Street and surrounding areas. The event will include ex-Zonnebloem pupils who matriculated between 1950 and 1957, as well as ex-YMO members. Bring your own platters and refreshments as braai facilities will be available. The reunion takes place at YMO St Luke’s Club House in Upper Cambridge Street from 13:00. Contact Derek Kloppers on (021) 761 7133 or 073 521 0431.


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GET READY FOR MYCITI Hout Bay services launch on 15 February 2014 On Saturday, 15 February, MyCiTi will launch two new routes linking central Cape Town via Sea Point Main Road with Hout Bay, Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg.


he new services will replace Golden Arrow bus services and minibus taxis currently operating along these routes, including along Main Road in Sea Point. This means that users of these public transport modes need to get ready to use MyCiTi by getting a myconnect card loaded with enough money to travel. The new routes are: 108 Hout Bay – Hangberg – Sea Point – Civic Centre 109 Hout Bay – Imizamo Yethu – Sea Point – Civic Centre Both routes will run from Civic Centre station in the city centre along Main Road through Green Point and Sea Point, Clifton and Camps Bay and on to Llandudno

and Hout Bay. Once in Hout Bay, one route (109) will serve Imizamo Yethu and the main commercial and beachfront areas in Hout Bay. The other route (108) will serve the harbour and Hangberg. Passengers travelling to Camps Bay, the upper city bowl and central city area will also have the choice of transferring at two beachfront stops in Camps Bay to the MyCiTi routes that travel over Kloof Nek (106 and 107). “We would like to thank everyone for making the change to MyCiTi and welcome you aboard our buses,” says Councillor Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town.

MyCiTi continues to expand across Cape Town and improve access to opportunities, with the launch of routes to Hout Bay, Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg.

Withdrawal of bus and minibus taxi services

What’s coming in 2014?

Regular public transport users should take note that from 15 February, the following services will be withdrawn: • 92 Golden Arrow bus trips serving Sea Point, Camps Bay, Llandudno and Hout Bay. • 79 minibus taxis currently operating along the new 108 and 109 routes from the city centre to Hout Bay. Minibus taxis and buses from Khayelitsha and other parts of the metro south east will still operate along these routes.

• Extension of the T01 main route from Wood station in Table View to Dunoon • Extension of the T03 route from Melkbosstrand to Atlantis and from Omuramba to Century City • Express services from Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain to the city centre • New main route from Atlantis to the city centre, via Melkbosstrand and Table View • Nine area routes in Atlantis, Mamre and Pella • Main route from Dunoon to Century City

For help visit or call 0800 65 64 63 (available 24/7 in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa, and toll-free from a landline).

Get your free myconnect card Everyone four years and over needs their own myconnect card loaded with money for fares. Load any amount of money and pay the Standard fare, or load Mover points and save at least 20% on fares at all times. For a limited time, anyone can get a free card. The free card comes loaded with 30 Mover points, so you only pay R30 and save on the usual R25 card cost. Visit the Hout Bay public library from 1 February 2014 with R30 in cash and proof of identity (ID book, passport, driver’s licence or birth certificate). With Mover points, a journey between Hout Bay and the city centre costs R9.80 in the more expensive peak periods of 06:30 to 08:30 and 16:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, and R8.00 at all

other times. The same trip on a Standard fare will cost R12.70 in peak and R10.50 at other times. Mover packages are available from the free card venue, MyCiTi station kiosks and cash-accepting Absa ATMs around the city in the following amounts: R80, R100, R150, R200, R400, R600 or R1 000. Remember to tap in by holding your card against the validator when you start your journey and tap out by doing the same at the end of your journey to pay your fare and avoid penalties.

What MyCiTi passengers have to say

Mutsa Chiromo

“MyCiTi offers me a reliable way to travel. I have been using MyCiTi since its early days.”

Fundiswa Dyantyi

“This is an excellent way to reach wherever I need to go.”

Barnabus Mubarra

“I look forward to Hout Bay starting. The best just got better!”

For more information call the Transport Information Centre (toll-free 24/7) 0800 65 64 63. Visit


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Your vote

In the past few years the political landscape has shifted in step with a blurring of the racial defines of the old, unwelcome South Africa. This new SA is no longer a simple black and white affair. Come the general elections many South Africans will be scratching their heads before crossing that ballot box. The decision over which party to vote for can no longer be a “been there, done that” issue. Voting habits of the past will not come to bear on this year’s elections. You cannot vote by rote. And that could be the clincher that decides the way forward for post-Mandela SA. Your vote will have to be a calculated, well thought through matter. You’ll have to vote with your head and not your heart. And, to do that, the average South African will more than likely have to come face-to-face with the issue of identity. The announcement that Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele is the DA’s presidential candidate was more a whimper than a bang, thanks to rife media speculation which let the cat out of the bag the day before. Old and new bedfellows are finding patriotic vigour in their joint muscle as they vie for your vote. How the political pendulum has swung. And, with it, the mudslinging has begun as parties compete for your precious vote. Depending on what you believe, the announcement could forge the path towards “putting the race card in the dirtbin”, as Ramphele says. Or, in the words of ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe, Agang SA is a “stillborn” party and the DA/Agang SA deal is described as a “rent-ablack” or “rent-a-leader”. The political smoke and mirrors already have some voters questioning the new bonds forged between Agang SA and the DA, and their loyalty towards the ANC. History will remind us that bedhopping and floor swopping is not so new in SA politics. But how will the voter react? Let’s wait and see.

WRITE TO US | email | fax | post | fax: 021 910 6501/06 Third Floor, Bloemhof Building, 112 Edward Street, Tyger Valley, Bellville

Preference will be given to letters of fewer than 350 words. The deadline is Thursday at 13:00. Please give your full name, address and phone number (for our records, not for publishing).

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Prick only with consent One prick may save your daughter’s life, or it could just kill her (“Shot in arm to fight cancer”, People’s Post, 16 January). The Department of Health will in the next three years vaccinate all girls in Grade 4 with the HPV vaccination. What the (health) department doesn’t tell you is that there have been many thousands of deaths, disabilities, cases of girls going blind and even young girls getting early menopause. What the department doesn’t tell you is that a very large percentage of young women who get cervical cancer have had unprotected sex with multiple partners and have contracted a number of STDs. There are a number of states in America as well as Japanese medical institutions which have spoken out strongly against the vaccination, and some have even banned it. Should we not rather be spending all this money on educating young women and men about the dangers of unprotected sex and the consequences of having sex at a very young age? Parents, please do your research before allowing your daughters to have this vaccine. SARAH, EMAIL Department of Health spokesperson Mark van der Heever responds: (The provincial) health department recently received concerns from the public around the safety of the vaccine. Published analysis regarding the safety of HPV vaccines provides evidence that autoimmune conditions, neurological diseases and thromboembolic disease are not triggered by the quadrivalent HPV vaccination. Statistics show that one in every eight women who die in South Africa, die from complications as a result of cancer of the cervix. Almost 80% of cervical cancers are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The vaccination prevents the infection of the virus from developing on the cervix. Serious conditions such as these, which are largely of undetermined cause, are sometimes falsely attributed to vaccination when population-based vaccination programmes are implemented, giving rise to this fear. The department notes the claims made by the public, but believe the benefits greatly outweigh the risks, and are committed to

providing ongoing monitoring of the programme to urgently identify safety concerns should they arise. This is a national campaign and it is important to note that South Africa is using the vaccine Cervarix and not Guardasil. With Cervarix there were no adverse reactions during trials. There has been a decrease of 70% of cervical cancer in one of the test areas in America. The adverse effects reported are often due to mis-administration such as fainting because the girl does not sit for 10 minutes after the injections; inflammation of the site due to rubbing; and/or nervous reactions due to fear of needles. There is no ingredient in the vaccine that can affect fertility, menstruation and/or hormonal activity. The vaccine prevents the HPV strains 16 and 18 (which are the most virulent and cause 70% of all cervical cancers) from “settling” in the cervical cells, thus possibly resulting in cancer. During the next three years, Grade 4 girls will be vaccinated annually. It is, however, of vital importance that parents/caregivers and teachers play their role in this campaign as only those girls who have written consent from their parents/ caregivers will be vaccinated. If parents do not want to have their child vaccinated, they should not sign the consent form, which they will receive from the school which their child attends. The consent form will only be given to those parents whose girls are eligible for the vaccine. These are (girls who) attend a public or specialised education school, are in Grade 4, will be nine years old or older by the time the campaign starts (on Monday 17 February); and has a signed consent form. Parents who wish to vaccinate their daughter and she does not fall into these criteria can speak to a pharmacist as the vaccination is available at pharmacies. However, you will be charged for it. Vaccination remains one of the most effective manners in which to prevent illnesses in our children. The health department already offers many vaccinations which help keep your child healthy. Protection against HPV is the same as these vaccinations; you are protecting your daughter’s health.

Clean sweep: my right to complain I am a decent, law-abiding citizen of this country. I am a conscientious and considerate citizen of this great city of ours. I take great pride in my sense of responsibility towards my country and city. I live in an economically poor community, where the services of the national and provincial government, as well as the City of Cape Town, often do not reach the poorest of the poor. There are community organisations, NGOs and individuals who genuinely try their best to assist the poor and resourceless. I take my hat off to them. When I see something wrong in our community, be it an electricity light not working or the dirt heaps become too much opposite my home, I find a way to alert the City. I speak to the loiterers, especially the mischievous ones, for them not to loiter in the lane which I share with my neighbours. More often than not, they listen. I have had to threaten some of them with the police as well. I am prepared to do this, and have done this in the past. I also talk to them, since one must never forget the love which one is meant to have for your neighbour. I have recently laid a complaint about City electrical workers who have, what appeared to me, abused and wasted City resources. Upon further investigation, it was found that these “Umbane” workers were in remiss. It is up to the City, and not me, to decide what action is taken. I have received prompt feedback from the City on the progress of my complaint. However, I take responsibility for reporting this. I am appealing to residents: if you see any kind of abuse by any government or local government (employee), report it. It is your right. In effect, these errant workers are stealing from you and I, the poorest of the poor. I have been threatened because of my complaints to the City. I have taken this up with the courts and police, as well as informing the City of this. I will not be intimidated, and will continue to look out for each and every one of my neighbours. I cannot do it alone. OWEN SIMONS


PEOPLE'S POST | WOODSTOCK | MAITLAND Thursday, 30 January 2014

Musical hit is back Musical back in town town The hit musical Blood Brothers has returned to Cape Town. Blood Brothers tells the story of a mother who agrees, because of absolute financial desperation, to give away one of her twin boys at birth. The moving story is set in Cape Town with a distinctly local flavour. David Kramer’s adaptation, which has been highly praised by the media, marked the first time that author Willy Russell had ever granted permission for his musical to be adapted. Singing sensation Alistair Izobell joins the stellar company and will be singing the role of the narrator from Wednesday 12 February to Saturday 22 March. Alistair started his professional theatre career as a 12-year-old street urchin in the Kramer/Petersen musical District Six. He followed that with the role of Ritchie Valens

in the South African production of The Buddy Holly Story. Alistair performed the role of Magoo on the West End and Broadway productions of the Kramer/Petersen musical Kat and the Kings, for which he received a coveted Olivier Award. Lynelle Kenned will now be playing the role of Mrs Lyons. Lynelle is a star graduate of the UCT Opera School and a member of the award-winning South African Sopranos. Lynelle became a popular TV personality as the runner-up in the Top Billing New Presenter Search. She subsequently joined Pasella as a presenter. Lynelle has been performing the role of Mrs Johnstone once a week in the Johannesburg run of Blood Brothers. Bianca Le Grange, who has been playing the iconic role of Mrs Johnstone to great acclaim and standing ovations, has impressed significantly in her musical theatre debut. Following its two successful seasons at Theatre on the Bay and Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre in Johannesburg, Blood Brothers runs until Saturday 29 March. The production, adapted and directed by David Kramer, is produced by Pieter Toerien and Eric Abraham. The show stars a talented all-local cast including 2012 Fleur du Cap Theatre Award winner Dean Balie (Kat and the Kings) as Eddie. The production opens on 12 February at the Fugard Theatre with tickets, ranging from R90 to R160, available via Computicket or the theatre box office on (021) 461 4554. Performances run Tuesdays to Fridays at 20:00, and at 16:00 and 20:00 on Saturdays. Advance booking is recommended.

MOVING: Bianca le Grange stars MOVING: as Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers, returning to Cape Town from Wednesday 12 February for a season at the Fugard Theatre.PHOTO:JESSE KATE KRAMER

A woman’s view in focus

Explore the heart of a woman in About A Certain Lady, a play based on the short stories of American literary icon Dorothy Parker. Through five interwoven stories, the play examines a woman of wit living in the 1920s and her relationships with men, whiskey and the waltz. Dry, dark and sarcastic, A Certain Lady says what we wish we could at a dinner party and what we never should say on the telephone. Directed by Greg Karvellas, the acclaimed director of Champ and The Frontiersmen, and performed by award-winning actress and member of The Mechanicals Collective Emily Child, this play is a painfully funny and unromantic look at romance, taxi rides and disobedient garters. LADY-LIKE: Based on the short stories of American literary icon The play runs form Dorothy Parker A Certain Lady explores the life of a 1920’s woman Monday 10 February to – no holds barred. PHOTO: DANIEL MANNERS Saturday 1 March at 19:00 at the Alexander Bar. bought in advance either online or at AlTickets are R90 at the door and R80 if exander Bar.

Guitar legend heads ‘West

Cape Town fans are in for an international treat when guitar maestro Carlos Santana performs in the city for the first time. The shows will be at the Grand Arena from Wednesday 25 to Thursday 27 February. It is for good reason that Santana is regarded as one of the best guitarists in the world. From his earliest days as a ground breaking Afro-LatinBlues-Rock-Fusion outfit in San Francisco 40 years ago, his music has gone on to transcend all musical genres and generational, cultural and geographical boundaries. 1969 was a breakthrough year for Santana with the release of a self-titled debut album and the band’s emergence onto the global stage with an epic set at the iconic Woodstock festival. Almost 40 albums later, Santana has sold more than 100 million records, reached more than 100 million fans at concerts worldwide and won 10 Grammy awards. He received a Life Time Achievement honour at the 2009 Billboard Latin Music MAESTRO: Carlos Santana will be at the Grand Arena. Awards and was recently honoured at the prestigious 2013 Kennedy one song featuring vocals by Santana’s lead vocalists Andy Vargas and Tony Centre Awards in Washington DC. Santana’s most recent album, titled Lindsay. Shape Shifter, was released in 2012 and is V Tickets, from R510 to R850, are available from an instrumental tour de force with only Computicket. The show starts at 20:00.

Lekk ekker er lag with Afrisnaaks Afrisnaaks Celebrate the Mother City’s colourful cultures and heritage at the 11th annual Suidoosterfees. The Cape lifestyle, cultural diversity and the inclusivity of Cape Town will be thrown into the limelight at the festival, which kicked off on Tuesday and runs to Sunday 2 February. The six-day event uses performance, music, historical tours, art exhibitions and more to pay tribute to the vibrant energy of Cape Town and all its people. Afrikaans comics are ready to blow the audience away in Proudly Afrisnaaks. Produced by Mitchell’s Plain comedian Moeniel Jacobs, the proudly local stand-up comedy show will feature Piet Potgieter, Francois van As and Dugald Pieterse. The show is expected to highlight the best side-splitting Western Cape humour.

LAUGH A MINUTE: The cast of Proudly Afrisnaaks.

Afrikaans stand-up comedy has been growing in backends of comedy clubs and restaurants and its time everyone sees the best Afrikaans comedy has to offer with the best it has produced, Jacobs says. Having performed in a tent at the Suidoosterfees a few years ago, Jacobs informed organisers that comedy should not be done in a tent where music is often played. He was then asked to write a proposal for a show for the festival. With comedians popping up everywhere, he contacted some of the best comedians that have started doing Afrikaans comedy. The show will debut at the Suidoosterfees in the Arena Hall on Friday 31 January at 20:00, with another show on Saturday 1 February at 14:00. V Tickets cost R100 and can be bought at any Computicket, Shoprite or Checkers store.


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Shooting for the stars in Salt River



fledging football club has set its sights on changing the area’s social and football landscape. Celtic AFC was founded as the social football team Kids United in 2009, but the Salt River organisation is set to become a formal club and affiliate to a Local Football Association (LFA) this year. Club chairperson and founder Rushdi Khan says the club’s aim is to make it to the professional ranks and uplift the area’s youth. “Our main objective is to take this club to another level and we hope to purchase a

Third Division franchise in the future,” he says. “We also just want to keep the (children) happy and entertained, so that they can stay on a straight path. “We want to unite the community, so that we can erase the scourge of gangsterism and drugs together.” Khan says Salt River hardly has any extra mural activities for children. “If you come into Salt River you’ll sea a lot of children just sitting around on Main Road,” he says. “There are not enough activities for children. There is one other football club in the community, but most of the kids don’t play for the club.”

Khan and a group of friends started the team to play Sunday league football as work commitments prevented them from playing for established clubs on Saturdays. He says the area’s bored children soon started to hang around their social games, Sunday matches and practice sessions, leading to the formation of under-14 and under15 teams. He says the juniors and community members eventually pressured the team into forming a club. Although Khan and the rest of the club are willing to put in the work to achieve their goals, the club is in desperate need of financial support “The juniors are the most important part

of the club; we need them to progress, so we have to build a good junior structure,” he says. “We don’t want to charge any child membership fees, as some parents can’t afford to pay (any fees). That’s why we are looking for a sponsor.” In the past, Khan says, the club’s senior members have held several fundraisers, but they have been forced to dig into their own pockets to cover expenses. Celtic have applied to join the Turfhall and Rygate LFAs. They will decide which LFA to join next month. For more information on the club or to assist in any way, like donations or coaching, phone Khan on 078 041 2732.

Top times expected at annual challenge DIVING IN: Jonno Proudfoot (left) and Thane Williams will brave sharks and rough waters when they attempt to swim from Mozambique to Madagascar to raise funds for the Cipla Miles for Smiles initiative.



Swimming for bright little smiles A pair of local swimmers are set to brave stormy, shark-infested waters in a record-breaking long distance swim. Hout Bay’s Thane Williams and Rondebosch resident Jonno Proudfoot will attempt to swim 450km from Mozambique to Madagascar in under 35 days in March. The pair hope to raise funds for the Cipla Miles for Smiles initiative, which assists medical services organisation Operation Smile in creating awareness for the plight of children born with cleft lips and palates. It raises funds for corrective surgery. If successful, the Mad Swim will be recognised as a the longest unassisted open ocean stage swim across by the World Open Water Swimming Association. It is also the first time a South African team has attempted this record in the Mozambique Channel. “This is an unassisted swim which means no shark nets, wetsuits, cage, flippers or breathing apparatus,” Proudfoot explains. “Besides the obvious challenge of having to swim 20km in very tough conditions every day, we will also be facing the very real threats of sharks, jelly fish, currents, giant swells, dehydration and excessive sun exposure.” The gruelling journey will begin at Nacala on the central east coast of Mozambique and end at a small peninsula 200km south west of Mahajanga in Madagascar. Williams says the world record attempt will fail if they miss even one day of swimming. “This means if there is a storm, we will have to continue through rough seas to avoid costing the swim,” he says. “I have been swimming professionally

for the last 15 years and currently our training sees us swimming over 65km per week, but realistically we just don’t know what we are going to face out there.” Proudfoot and Williams, although uncertain of what awaits them on their adventure, both say making a difference to someone’s life and creating awareness for the problem of cleft lips and palates will be the thoughts that drive them to complete the swim. “One in every 750 children in Africa is born with a cleft palate or lip, and one in 10 babies born with this condition does not make it to their first birthday,” Williams says. “Malnutrition, medical and psychological problems also compound the problem. Life can be a tough and complicated place for kids and not being able to smile shouldn’t have to limit their experience of the world. I hope we are able to inspire people to help others live lives of confidence through our adventure in raising money for the Cipla Miles for Smiles initiative,” says Williams. To commence the swim by Saturday 1 March, the duo are seeking sponsorship, from corporates, individuals or brands, to fund their vessel to Mozambique. Donors are also welcome to sponsor any amount of kilometres of the 450km swim. All proceeds raised by the swim will go to the Cipla Miles for Smiles initiative. To support the Mad Swim team visit For additional sponsorship opportunities and sponsoring kilometres throughout the journey, visit

Cash, glory and a shot at the national title will be up for grabs at the Top Form Athletic Club 10km Challenge on Saturday 8 February. The 21st instalment of the annual race will double as the Western Province Athletics (WPA) 10km Championships this year and the fastest finishers will earn places at the national championships. Race director Alistair Kannemeyer says the course should allow racers to run personal bests with the WPA selectors in attendance. “It’s a flat, fast and safe route, with runners racing through a residential area,” he says. “Most people will probably be doing personal bests and the winner should finish around the 30-minute mark or possibly quicker.” The WPA Championships takes part at a different road race each year. This will be the first time it takes place at the Top Form 10km Challenge. The race will start at Turfhall Sports Complex and progress through different parts of Athlone, Lansdowne, Belthorn and Crawford before returning to Turfhall. To qualify for the national champion-

ships, racers will have to finish within a certain time. Both men and women runners from each age group will be selected. The top three finishers in all categories will take home cash, with prizes ranging between R100 and R500. The first 1 500 finishers will also receive a commemorative coffee mug. Kannemeyer says the race attracted 1 500 runners last year. He expects around 1 800 participants this year. “It’s definitely a draw card that the race is run in the area and we get a lot of participants coming from the greater Athlone area,” he says. “We would like the whole community to support this event.” He says plans are in place to make the race even bigger next year. “Our future endeavour is to make the race disabled-friendly, so that people with disabilities can participate,” Kannemeyer says. “We are excluding a large portion of our residents at the moment.” Entry costs between R20 and R55, and can be completed at Turfhall every day from 15:00 to 19:00 until Friday 7 February, and at 05:00 on race day. The race will start at 06:30. For more information call Kannemeyer on 083 403 3145.

Annual walk in honour of Tata Madiba The 27 For Freedom Walk will commemorate the 24th anniversary of the late Nelson Mandela’s release from Victor Verster Prison – now Drakenstein Correctional Centre – in Paarl on Saturday 8 February. The walk, hosted by the Drakenstein Correctional Centre, in partnership with the Drakenstein and Cape Winelands District municipalities, will feature a 50m toddlers

walk, 5km walk, 10km walk, and 27km walk. This is the fifth instalment of the annual event, which is supported by You, Huisgenoot and Drum. Over R30 000 in prize money will be up for grabs, while there will also be lots of entertainment on the day. Enter online at or at any Sportsmans Warehouse store.

MISSED: UWC Cricket Club’s Mujahied Behardien attempts a pull shot during an A1 League match against Montrose Cricket Club at the Vineyard on Saturday. PHOTO: PETER HEEGER/GALLO IMAGES

SPORT THURSDAY 30 January 2014 | People's Post | Page 16 | 0021 910 6500 |

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Glenthorne ballers on top LIAM MOSES @LiamCPT


glut of Glenthorne A’s players were named in the Western Province Softball (WPS) senior team for the annual National Provincial Championship (NPC). The squad was named last week, with 10 of the 17 spots filled by Glenthorn players. Nicole Fortune, club secretary and one of the WP representatives, says all her teammates earned their colours. “If you look at the past, when Glenthorne had just one or two players in the squad, we had teams like Westridge Yankees who dominated the WP team,” she says. “Glenthorne are the defending Super League and Knockout champions, so it can’t be said that we don’t have outstanding players. We earned our spots.” Five Westridge Yankees and two Falcons Normies players filled the remaining spots in the team. The tournament will be hosted at Turfhall Sports Complex, Glenthorne’s home turf, from Wednesday 19 to Sunday 23 March. Club chairperson Catherine Erasmus says all the players will bring quality and experience to the Province side. “They are all experienced pro-

vincial players, as they have all represented WP at some level,” she says. “They all came through the ranks – from under-12 in the provincial sides. That will bring a lot of experience to the WP side. They will contribute quite a bit.” Fortune says Glenthorne achieved the success over the last two years through hard work and a close bond. “Besides the fact that we train really hard and are dedicated, the group has also been playing together for seven years,” she says. “We are all friends, hang out all the time and enjoy one another’s company. “We even spend a lot of time together in the off-season. We are more like a family than a team. And having great coaching staff also helps, because they are just as dedicated as we are.” Both Erasmus and Fortune believe the WP team have what it takes to keep the NPC trophy in Cape Town this year. The full WP squad is: Lauren Mulder, Terri Minnies, Candice Ross, Carly Mulder, Courtney Stevens, Nicole Fortune, Alex Fortune, Carla Swanepoel, Lisa Erasmus, Deidre Sasman (all Glenthorn A’s), Megan Cable, Jacky Adonis, Lynn Lekay, Candice Bull, Nuraan Williams (Westridge Yankees), Nicky Jones and Carla Jacob (Falcons).

HEELS OVER HEAD: Mali’s Cheick Doumbia makes a spectacular clearance as Zimbabwe’s Peter Moyo looks on during the African Nations Championship semi-final between the two sides at Cape Town Stadium on Saturday. Zimbabwe won 2-1. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS


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1984 Mercedes Benz 230

Dep: R10 700 & R937 x 18 Total: R27 566


1999 Daewoo Matiz 08S

Dep: R14 000 & R827 x 24 Total: R36 248


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R84 995

R19 995



Dep: R28 000 & R1 353 x 36 Total: R76 780

Dep: R45 000 & R1 638 x 36 Total: R103 968

2010 Nissan NP 200 1.6

1994 Toyota Camry 220 SEi

R22 995

R149 995

R69 995

1995 Audi A4 1.8

2008 Opel Morano 3.5CDTi

2006 Hyundai Atos 1.1GLS

2003 BMW 318i


Dep: R10 700 & R937 x 18 Total: R27 566


Finance Available

Dep: R9 000 & R995 x 15 Total: R23 925


Dep: R36 000 & R1 424 x 36 Total: R87 264

Peoples post woodstock 30 jan 2014  

Peoples post woodstock 30 jan 2014

Peoples post woodstock 30 jan 2014  

Peoples post woodstock 30 jan 2014