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Residents’ road rage NICOLE MCCAIN

It’s a nightmare on Donald Street. Residents are on edge after a spate of petty crime. They claim the culprits, whom they believe to be a trio of a child and two young men, live in a house on Donald Street. In a Facebook group titled “Woodstock”, several residents have claimed the street is a hotspot for criminal activity. One Facebook user alleges: “There is a group of (men) and one kid that are breaking into the cars on Kitchener Road. My partner followed them back to (a house in Donald Street).” She adds that the child is about 10 years old and the men in their 20s. “They look dangerous and high most of the time,” she comments.

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Another Facebook user says she has had constant problems with the same group of youngsters. “I’ve caught them on my property a number of times smoking drugs and having sex. When I reported it, the police said they were aware of the youngsters, but still nothing has been done. I’ve also seen them fiddling with cars in Fairview Avenue.” A third resident appealed through Facebook for locals to be vigilant. “There are criminals who are responsible for crimes in our area living in that house. Please keep your eyes on this house and make yourself aware of who (lives) in this house,” he comments. The owner was not available for comment, but Martin Jones, the letting agent, said he had never received any complaints.

“The tenants have been there for several years and their rent is always paid,” he says. “It’s very difficult to do anything from a legal perspective without a case. We would have to wait for police action.” Acting station commander of Woodstock police Colonel Jan Alexander says the house was visited after a People’s Post enquiry. “One of the occupants is currently on parole for drug-related offences and is performing community duties at Woodstock police station over weekends. With regard to complaints of drugs on the premises, this office is not in possession of any official reports or complaints. However, any illegal activities will be followed up on,” he says. “We are aware that there might be drug houses in that vicinity, but would appreciate any information regarding these hous-

es. This can only help us in our collective fight against crime.” Richard Bosman, the executive director of safety and security for the City of Cape Town, says the City has not received any reports about the building. However, council can declare it a problem building. “A problem building does not only refer to a vacant, derelict building. The occupants of such a building can also be a problem. This might result in it being declared a problem building,” he says. Residents are urged to report incidents to Law Enforcement, while the building will be monitored for illegal activities.


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A heartbreak that lingers


He was supposed to be out for less than a minute. But 16 years later, his parents are still waiting for Matthew Ohlson to walk through the front door. If he should, it will be as a 25-year-old man. His parents haven’t seen him since he disappeared on 24 March 1997. The then nine-year-old boy had gone into the street outside his home to collect the dirtbin and never came back. Statistics reveal that a child goes missing every six hours in South Africa, according to the Bureau of Missing Children. In the Western Cape, most missing children cases are reported in Mitchell’s Plain, Nyanga and Delft, police officials confirm. While the number of children reported missing has decreased over the years, incidents of little ones who have still not been found in the province have increased. Last year, 164 children were reported missing in the Western Cape. Of these, 147 were found, while 16 families are yet to gain closure as the whereabouts of their children remain unknown. This year alone, 58 children have already been reported missing in the province and only 42 of them have been reunited with their families. Matthew’s mother Michelle Ohlson describes her ordeal as a long journey with few answers. “It never gets easier; you just learn how to better deal with the situation,” she says. Michelle remembers her second eldest son as being extremely inquisitive and always trying to help fix appliances. The Ohlsons have since moved from their Westridge home in a bid to make a fresh start for the sake of their three other children. “But I don’t know how to put this behind


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WATCHFUL EYE: Parents are urged to know their children’s whereabouts at all times, especially during the holidays.PHOTO: PEOPLE’S POST me. I will never stop having faith that he is still out there. While other people will stop looking for your child, as a parent you never give up.” The experience has urged her to reach out to others in the same situation. The Ohlsons started Concerned Parents of Missing Children, an organisation which helps families come to terms with the disappearance of a loved one. The group also assists in tracing the person’s whereabouts. “I do it because easing the pain of other mothers comforts me,” she explains. New cases arrive on the desks of children’s organisations daily. As the school holidays see children running around unattended in search of excitement and adventure, parents are urged to keep constant tabs on the whereabouts of their offspring. The most important point to remember is to report your child missing as soon as possible. There are no waiting periods, Pink Ladies director Dessie Rechner stresses.

“Immediately report a missing person to the police and contact Pink Ladies who will assist the police in finding the missing person,” she urges. To prevent them from disappearing in the first place, Pink Ladies spokesperson Louise Botha encourages guardians to know their children’s comings and goings at all times. “Parents should know their children’s friends and really involve themselves in their child’s life.” There are no easy answers on dealing with the trauma of a child who has been abducted, says Trauma Centre director Valdi van Reenen-Le Roux. Reaching closure is a personal process which may never become a reality, she explains. “At best, parents can be supported by focusing on practising positive, appropriate coping mechanisms. It is important to seek the assistance of a psychologist for support in coming to terms with a missing child.” Gnawing uncertainty further retards healing. “They may continue hoping the child will

return and will be hesitant to make life changes that would make it difficult for the child to find them. Given the complexity of the situation, it is crucial to use the services of a psychologist,” she says. “It is important that every immediate family member feels comfortable with the way in which closure is intended to occur. It will mean discussions and open communication are needed.” Parent neglect, while the primary cause of children going missing, is not the only cause, says Child Welfare’s Niresh Ramklass. “Children sometimes run away. This is something that can be addressed if a parent is truly listening. It is important that parents communicate effectively and make them feel safe and loved in their homes,” he says.

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Online users will from this week enjoy a new-look People’s Post. The new website went live yesterday afternoon. This format makes it easier to navigate the website and gives People’s Post readers the latest news and content at first glance. The changes also allow for more space for articles on the home page. This space will include the latest content uploaded by users such as blogs, content from schools and groups, and articles written by citizen journalists. The PDF version of our newspaper has also been moved and will now be visible on all the pages along with the new citizen journalist tab. The citizen journalist tab allows users who are logged in to upload their own articles and photos, add events and

report crime incidents in their areas. Registering and logging in is now also easier than before with the “Log in via Facebook” option being the preferred

method. Online users who do not have a Facebook account can still opt to register the normal way by filling out a form and waiting for a confirmation email. Visit and let us know what you think of the new look by leaving a comment on the website. You can also email with the words “New website” in the subject field. Or send an SMS to 32516. SMSes cost R1. . Want to become one of our citizen journalists? Read the citizen journalist guide on the website and then write and upload an article on someone or something interesting in your community. Approved stories will be published on the website under your name. The best stories also stand a chance to be published in the newspaper.



DIRE STRAITS: Jimmy Xalipi and Livingstone Tasana inspect the flood damage. PHOTOS: NICOLE MCCAIN

DRAINAGE NEEDED: Puddles of flood water take ages to evaporate after heavy rains lash the Cape.


City gives the cold shoulder NICOLE MCCAIN

Heavy rains have left residents of the Sixth Avenue Informal Settlement soaked in their rundown homes. They say they need the City of Cape Town to supply them with materials to fix their shacks before more rain lashes the city. Community leader Jimmy Xalipi says he

AT HIS WITS’ END: Lawyerce Ntzaba ties buckets to his roof to try to stem the water.

approached the City of Cape Town’s human settlement’s directorate in May about the 55 families in need of building materials. He says he is still waiting for a response. “We need the City to provide these families with building materials. They are getting sick. Many of them have TB and the children get sick from the cold,” he fumes. However, the City says the requests were submitted to the wrong department. “The City usually receives flood or fire kit requests via the City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre. The centre can confirm that the department did not receive a request for flood kits. It is assumed that Xalipi delivered the list directly to the Mayor’s office,” says Tandeka Gqada, the Mayoral Committee member for Human Settlements. However, help is far from available. The City says there will be no flood kits issued to the residents. “An investigation by Informal Settlements Network officials revealed that no roofs within the settlement have blown off or have serious damage. Leakages were detected but this does not warrant the issuing of flood kits as the leaks could have been prevented by preventative maintenance and repair work by the respective owners,” she says. In many of the homes, water gushes through holes in the roof, dripping down walls. The water residents are unable to catch in the numerous buckets they use, form puddles on the ground. Even once the sun comes out, it takes several days for the puddles to properly evaporate. “The roof is leaking,” explains Livingstone Tasana, who has been living in the same shack for 21 years.

“It’s the whole house. I have no money to buy new materials. It would be wonderful if the City could provide us with just some plastic sheets, a bit of wood and some zinc.” Another resident, who asked not to be named, is fed up with her home constantly being flooded. “ I have to use buckets to try and stop all the leaking. My neighbours have to scoop the water out of their house with a bucket when it rains,” she laments. She says they have to save what little money they do have to buy materials at the scrapy-

ard, as most residents depend on grants. Xalipi says the community has been waiting for proper housing from the City, but Gqada says there are no immediate plans for relocation or building houses. Squatters at Maitland Cemetery also have flooding woes. “We were told we are going to be moved, so I haven’t made any repairs to my house. The leaking is so bad that I can’t lie on my bed. I have to sleep sitting up,” says Lawyerce Ntzaba. He has had to secure buckets to his roof to try and stop the water leaking into his house.



Get well soon, Tata

BEST WISHE WISHES: S: Alice Cooke (left) says: “Everybody will always remember a man who fought for everyone’s rights and equality and who loved South Africa. We wish him well and he will remain in my prayers.” Beatrice De Wett (centre) says: “My greatest memory of Madiba is when I worked for the City of Cape Town many years ago and he visited. I actually got to meet with him and that was a very special moment for me. He was very down to earth and very decent. I wish him all the best.” Valda Willemse (right) says: “I met with Nelson Mandela in Mitchell’s Plain and I must say it was a real honour. I felt really proud to meet the man behind many people’s freedom. We need to keep him in our prayers and we hope he can still spend many more years with us.”

GREAT MEMORIES: MEMORIES: Derrick Coetzee had some very close encounters with Nelson Mandela after sharing a prison cell with him on Robben Island in 1976. “I used to collect the newspaper for him every morning before we sat at the table eating breakfast. I knew then already he was going to be a great leader. When he left prison, I knew he was going to achieve big things.”

CHRISTINE LOWE CHRISTINE LOWE says Mandela’s legacy is something she will always cherish. Asked what she admires most about him, she says: “His full laughter that warms hearts.”

JACKS CKSON ON MJODO is convinced South Africans don’t have to worry about the future when Mandela dies. “People are scared about what may come once Madiba passes, but for what?”

GREG ASHLEY ASHLEY-C -COOPER OOPER says whenever he hears the former president’s name, he can’t help but conjure up a specific image. “All I see is his face and his famous Madiba shirts.”

HOLDING ON: As the country holds its breath for news on former president Nelson Mandela’s health, Tatiana Calligeris (2) held his hand. She spent some time at the statue of Madiba at the V&A Waterfront as the icon entered his third week in hospital. PHOTO: NICOLE MCCAIN


Madiba could stand tall in Grand Parade NICOLE MCCAIN

Madiba will not only live on in the hearts of Capetonians, but may be immortalised if a proposed statue of the former president is approved for the Grand Parade. The earmarked site is opposite the City Hall, from which Mandela made his historic speech shortly after his release from prison in 1990. The proposal appeared before the City of Cape Town’s Naming Committee last month. “A number of sites were considered, in-

cluding the Grand Parade as well as the Company’s Garden. Comments were received from a number of departments on the merits of each proposed site,” says Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee member and chairperson of the Naming Committee. The Company’s Garden was soon dismissed as having too much “memorial clutter” and very little space for a new statue. Proposed locations also included Government Avenue and Station Square. Capetonian Sizo Mahlangu says the

Grand Parade is the right spot. “It’s perfect because he spoke at City Hall. The timing is right. It’s the time to be supportive,” Mahlangu says. Another Cape Town resident, Rehan Choudhry, says there can never be enough tributes to the freedom fighter. “There is quite a bit of tribute to him, but there is the need for something permanent in the city centre.” Another suggestion put to the committee was that the statue should have a “more creative approach” as there are many “typical” statues scattered around

the country. “The Naming Committee has not made a final determination on the possible site of such a statue yet. As chairperson of the Naming Committee, I will meet with the mayor and the deputy mayor to discuss the proposal,” Herron says. The project would be ideally funded through public donations after a public participation process.




Dirty business in Albert Road


Plastic bags crammed with dirt and boxes of refuse lining Albert Road have Salt River residents holding their noses. Warda Rahim, the chairperson of the Salt River Ratepayers’ Association, says residents are fed up with the bags and boxes left on the pavement on refuse collection days, and suspects many businesses in Albert Road do not have wheelie bins as issued by the City of Cape Town.

“It seems only a handful of the established businesses have bins. The others put their trash out in boxes and bags on the pavement. People have to walk there and dogs scratch in the bags. It causes a terrible stench,” she says. A lack of proper refuse removal can lead to the pollution of neighbourhoods. The degradation of the central business districts and surrounds has been identified as a serious problem, says Ernest Sonnenberg, the Mayoral Committee member

DUMPED: Refuse tossed into plastic bags and left at the side of the walkway for collection is causing a mess, business owners say. PHOTO: LUZUKO ZINI

for Utility Services. “There are a number of causes. One of these is the inadequate use of refuse removal services. In some areas, many owners do not use a refuse removal service or, where a service is used, it is insufficient in terms of the number of bins or frequency of removal.” Kenny Lewis, who works at a convenience store in Albert Road, says the business does not have a wheelie bin and he uses blue plastic dirt bags to dump his refuse. “I’ve never seen any of the businesses on this block use a bin. They all put their refuse in bags or boxes, and put it on the corner of the block.” But Lewis says the system is causing chaos. “It’s always a mess on collection days, and the refuse standing on the pavement brings flies. The wheelie bins would be much better.” But some say the problem doesn’t lie with the lack of refuse facilities. A number of the shops in the area do have wheelie bins, says a business owner who does not want to be named. “They do have bins, which they keep at the back of the shop,” he says. He blames laziness as the reason for businesses not making use of their bins. The City has been cleaning the refuse despite the lack of wheelie bins, but Sonnenberg says the City is entitled to prosecute owners who don’t use their bins, and encourag-

STENCH: Refuse left in bags and boxes on Albert Road is spread by passing pedestrians and dogs. PHOTO: NICOLE MCCAIN es businesses who don’t have any to contact the City. According to the City’s Integrated Waste Management Bylaw, all business owners must make use of the City’s refuse removal service provider. If they do not, the owner will be liable for the payment of a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years, or both a fine and imprisonment. Owners who do not have a con-

tract or dustbin can make use of the City’s refuse removal services by completing the required application form. It can be requested from Solid Waste: Revenue Management by fax on 021 400 4302 or email at If bins are damaged or stolen, it must be reported to the City’s Call Centre on 0860 103 089 for replacement. An affidavit is required to process a claim for a stolen bin.




Metrorail to pilot ‘safe carriages’ TERESA FISCHER

ACTIVE PAR PARTICIP TICIPANT ANTS: S: Locals queue for their meal and HIV test at the Maitland Town Hall.

Helping hand ffor or the homeless homeless The cold weather was kept at bay as street people were recently given a warm meal at the Maitland Town Hall, as well as free HIV testing. The event was organised by the Haven

Night Shelter, the Health Committee of the Maitland Day Hospital and the MaitCID, who are in a partnership to find inclusive ways of working with the homeless in the community.

HUNGRY TUMMIES: TUMMIES: Lorna Ludick accepts her meal from Haven Night Shelter manager Chrislene Sadan MAN’S BEST FRIEND: Mary Arendse and Achmat Slamdie brought their dog, Lucky, to the event.

A plan to have children-only carriages on Metrorail’s Southern Line has been amended to not be restricted to only pupils. The pilot project came after a determined trio of mothers rallied Metrorail to make trains safer for children. It resulted in an agreement that will reportedly ensure children are allocated two reserved carriages with security. But the move is being questioned by a rail action group which points out that the chosen line is not a crime hotspot in comparison to other train routes. The pilot project will be tested from Monday 15 July. Mara Fleischer, Larraine Munro and Wendy Edwards decided too many school children had been mugged on trains. Following a third meeting with Metrorail representatives, Fleischer says: “They will go ahead with two safety carriages, but these will not be reserved for [only] pupils.” Metrorail regional manager Mthuthuzeli Swartz confirms representatives of Metrorail Protection Services, Customer Operations and the Railway Police met with the group of parents to establish how existing rail security resources could be optimised to safeguard pupils using off-peak trains. He says about 60 pupils regularly use three specific trains between 14:00 and 16:00 in the week to commute between Rondebosch and Fish Hoek. Swartz says an arrangement where pupils will congregate in two adjoining carriages in the centre of these three specific trains will be tested from mid-July. He adds “security resources ordinarily deployed on these trains will keep an eye on them”. Although the carriages – one Metro and one MetroPlus – will be informally designated to pupils, these may be used by any fare-paying commuter. He adds the Railway Police and Metrorail Protection staff deployed at stations between Observatory and Fish Hoek would also be alerted to these trains and would monitor them as they draw into stations en route. But prominent railway safety campaigner Leslie van Minnen expresses doubts about the legality and implementation of the proposal. Van Minnen founded the Rail Commuters Action Group in 2001 after his son Juan (20) was stabbed to death in an attack on a train that June. He says: “This would be an admission that Metrorail can only protect one or

two coaches on a train.” Van Minnen says although he commends the women for their initiative, he is unsure how the practicalities would work. Furthermore, he says, it has potential legal implications. “It is a lovely gesture, but who will be allowed in the safety carriages? And what happens when hundreds of people are trying to get on the same carriage? It is not a logical solution.” He says while this may generate “wonderful publicity” for Metrorail, he questions why the pilot is only being rolled out in the more affluent suburbs. “Whether you are from Constantia or Kapteinsklip,” the Constitutional Court has ordered Metrorail to provide for the safety of commuters, Van Minnen says. The Southern Line from Fish Hoek to Cape Town is not a “hot zone” for incidents, compared to the Central and Northern Lines, he explains. If someone were to be injured in a carriage other than the safety carriage and could prove they were unable to access this carriage, Van Minnen says a “smart lawyer could milk it in court”. He adds he does not wish to be negative, but claims over the years he has experienced “lies, deceit and false promises” from Metrorail. Van Minnen says statistics issued by the Rail Safety Regulator record over 5000 incidents annually. Incidents include mugging, deaths or derailment. Swartz says reporting each and every incident contributes to a bigger picture which enables police and Metrorail to respond appropriately. “All reported incidents are taken into account when deploying resources.” Meanwhile, the mothers are trying to determine how many parents would be interested in participating to make this a long-term reality, which will “optimistically be extended to all commuters and railway lines”. Fleischer, a mother to two teenagers, adds: “Metrorail has been so supportive and amazing. They are very enthusiastic to promote this and make it happen.” V Let them know if you use or would use Metrorail regularly, what school your child attends and the time and direction of travel (afternoons only at this point). Send an email, with “Metrorail safety coach” in the subject line, to

WALK THIS WAY: A pilot project consisting of two reserved carriages with adequate security on Metrorail’s Southern Line will be tested from Monday 15 July. PHOTO: PHOTO24




Pensioner left high and dry


A pensioner is startled by a water bill nine times her usual amount, and claims the water has been stolen from a tap outside her Factreton home. Eunice Abrahams (85) says three months ago she received a water bill for R900, a staggering amount as her usage has never come to more than R120. As a pensioner living alone in Waarnemer Square, she says her water expenses are minimal. Thinking that there had simply been a mistake on the account, she approached the City of Cape Town. The City investigated and found that the bill and the meter reading matched up and she would be liable, says Abrahams. Ernest Sonnenberg, the Mayoral Committee member for Utility Services, says the District Water Inspector did an investigation and interviewed Abrahams. No leaks or defects were found on the plumbing system, and the meter reading was confirmed as correct. As a pensioner, she is fretting that she will have to scrimp and save to pay off the bill over several months.

She says she can only assume someone has been stealing her water from her tap in her garden at night. “I go to bed early, and I can’t hear if someone takes the water out of my garden,” she says. “And even if I did hear a noise, I wouldn’t have the courage to go outside.” Abrahams is reluctant to point fingers, but says there are no homeless people in her immediate vicinity that may be using the water, and the water is most likely being taken by another resident in the area. “It upsets me. It hurts me that someone would steal my water. I’m always kind to people around me,” says Abrahams, saddened by the experience. Neighbour Sandra Isaacs confirmed that no other houses had had water stolen, but said it was more likely because their gardens were secured by fences. But there is little recourse for Abrahams but to install security measures. The taps on the erf are private property and are the responsibility of the homeowner, Sonnenberg says. “Ultimately, the same security applied to any other assets on the property will be applicable. A lockable cover can be purchased from most hardware stores.” Alternatively, the customer can take readings in the morning and in the evening to verify the movement in volumes, Sonnenberg adds.

ANTI-OBAMA: A group of anti-US picketers protested under the watchful eye of police outside UCT on Sunday. The protesters gathered on a narrow bridge on the M3 ahead of US President Barack Obama’s speech at the university. The noisy group of “Nobama” protesters brandished placards reading “Obama zionist puppet” and “mass killer”. Waving the Palestinian flag as a symbol of their protest against the US government’s policy on the country, some passing motorists hooted to support the cause. It has been reported that UCT had allowed demonstrators to voice their concerns in a designated area on campus. The university was on lockdown ahead of Obama’s speech. Obama and his family visited Cape Town on their second stop in South Africa as part of their three-nation African tour. PHOTO: YUSUF MAGED /OMAR IMAGES



Reflections flections of the past past

BITTER MEMORIE MEMORIES: S: Nuraan Allan remembers the injustices of the past in front of signs of yesteryear.PHOTOS: SHANI RHODA

Khoi San musicians, Zulu warriors, apartheid police and Sophiatown dancers made a recent exhibition on segregation come alive. And 100 years after the 1913 Natives Land Act, an interactive exhibition entitled Reversing the Legacy recently had visitors at the Cape Town International Convention Centre agog. The exhibition looked at the impact of the Act in creating a divided society and the consequences of displacement. Each visitor was issued a dompas, which had to be approved and stamped by apartheid security officers, and were then taken on a tour explaining the Act , apartheid and forced removals, the creation of homelands, the struggle for freedom and the transition to democracy.

RESTRICTIONS: RESTRICTIONS: An official stamps one of the hated dompasses.

NOSTAL NOSTALGIA: GIA: The interactive exhibition drew great interest from far and wide.

NO ENTRY: Nuraan Allan, Kim Allan (7) and Aamirah Stevens (10) show their passes.

TALE ALES: S: Dali Ntsobi, Unam Hogana, Vuyo Hogana, Lisa Cosa and Namawethu Mbete with the dancers.

STAYING PO POSITIVE: SITIVE: Sophiatown dancers show off their moves to the sound of live music.

UTRAGE: Protesters voicing their complaints and demands, ultimately giving rise to change. OUTRAGE:

BLEAK HISTORY: Reversing the Legacy is a searing take on the hated 1913 Natives Land Act. BLEAK HISTORY:




Cameras zoom in on hotspot


ON DUTY: Anwar Banga waits for prayers to start at Zinatul Islam Mosque. He has chased one of the suspected shoe thieves. PHOTO: YUNUS MOHAMED/PHOTO24

Shoes stolen during prayers MIEKE VLOK

Thieves have put Muslim faithful on the back foot following thefts of shoes during prayers at mosques. Abdul Gamiet, caretaker of the Zinatul Islam Mosque in Cape Town, says Muslims’ shoes are being stolen from the foyers during prayer times. The shoes were kept there during worship. “These days we keep a close eye on people who leave mosque early because they are the ones who steal the shoes when no one is in the vicinity,” Gamiet says. “The thieves steal at a number of different mosques – one after the other – and then sell the shoes on the street at R40 to R50 a pair.” Gamiet says the thieves don’t limit themselves to stealing shoes. They also pilfer copies of the Quran which they resell.

“The thefts are heartbreaking. People can’t even focus on their worship because their thoughts wander to the safety of their shoes.” Habib Bewley of the Jumu’a Mosque in Oranjezicht says the theft of shoes is also a problem at their mosque. Ameerodien du Toit from the Owal Mosque in Bo-Kaap is “upset over the trend, but do not contact the police because they do not want to drive the case to that point”. Yunus Mohamed, a photographer, is one of the victims who has had his shoes stolen while at mosque. He now wears cheaper shoes to prayer sessions. “That’s how I lost my Nikes. I had to walk home barefoot. I now wear cheaper shoes that they won’t steal.” Various mosques are now putting up additional security measures, such as security guards and lockers.

Big Brother is going to become a big bother for criminals operating the stretch between Observatory and Newlands. Ten CCTV cameras were installed along Main Road in June last year when the City of Cape Town, UCT and SAB entered a partnership to ward off crime persisting in this hotspot. The three stake holders each donated R1 million to make these cameras possible. Mowbray Community Policing Forum and Ratepayers’ Association chairperson Jonathan Hobday says the CCTV cameras are proving effective and have assisted with crime and traffic violations. Safety and Security Mayoral Committee member JP Smith says the cameras are operational and specifically placed along this stretch because Law Enforcement noted an increase in criminal activity. Mowbray Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Derek van der Merwe agrees that the cameras are very effective and have assisted them with identifying culprits and false complaints. “The cameras are monitored from the traffic management systems office near N1 City Mall and there are talks of installing more, because they’ve been so effective in combating crime,” he says. SAB’s Cape region corporate affairs manager Sanele Gaqa says they got involved with the initiative at Premier Helen Zille’s request. “The Newlands Brewery is the oldest brewery in South Africa and we’re based in the precinct where the cameras are placed. It’s only right for us to assist,” he says. UCT’s property and services executive director John Critien says the institution joined the partnership with the community to ensure that the surrounding areas are kept safe and clean. “We’re doing this by collaborating with the Groote Schuur Community Improvement District (GSCID) who monitor the precinct and provide an integrated and effective security presence,” he says. Ward councillor Matthew Kempthorne

says the initiative dates back to when Helen Zille was Cape Town’s mayor. “Policing is a national concern and these cameras are an additional tool for the police and City and will serve as more eyes in the area, adding to long term safety,” he says. “The Rondebosch Community Improvement District started their own initiative when they collected money from their members to put up cameras in their operating precinct. These cameras have assisted them with bringing criminals to book and we believe these new cameras will combat crime in Main Road too.”





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Pl Pledge edge to Drive Dry What does a mountain climber, a model, a handful of radio and club DJs, a house music band and two Afrikaans music bands, a stylist, a TV presenter, a former winner of South African Idols and a socialite all have in common? They have all publicly pledged to always drive sober by participating in Drive Dry, a national responsible drinking campaign designed by beverage company Brandhouse. Celebrities who have made the pledge include Alex Harris, Die Heuwels, DJ Olwee, DJ Roxxi, DJ S’bu, DJ Euphonik, DJ Snoop, Eda Rose, Francois van Coke, Heinz Winckler, J-Something from Micasa, Leigh Toselli, Mika Stefano, Ms Cosmo, Sias du Plessis, Smack Afrika, Sureshnie Rider and Vanessa Haywood. “These celebrities have graciously used their influence to speak to consumers of all ages and hopefully make them think twice before endangering their own lives and the lives of others,” says Michael Mabasa, corporate relations director for Brandhouse. Drive Dry calls on all South Africans to visit the Drive Dry website and make a public pledge to drink responsibly. The application links to actual Facebook events and offers consumers two options: to pledge to either “drink and not drive” or “drive and not drink”. The aim of Drive Dry is to change behaviour among consumers with regard to drinking and driving. It also encourages them to make selecting a designated driver an active part of their social culture, as well as promotes the use of taxi services and public transport when under the influence of alcohol. Visit



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For one in three children growing up without their fathers, one question remains unanswered: “Why did my dad leave?” According to recent statistics, nearly half of the country’s children are growing up with an absent but living dad. There are plenty of reasons for the fathers not being a factor, such as the impact of HIV/ Aids, cultural traditions, migration from rural to urban areas, tough economic realities and other complicated social and financial explanations. Hoping to restore the value of a father in the household is the MenCare campaign. Globally, an overwhelming amount of evidence confirms that engaged, responsive fatherhood and men’s participation in their children’s lives have positive effects for women, little ones and the men themselves. MenCare is a global fatherhood campaign looking to promote men’s involvement as equitable, non-violent fathers and caregivers in order to achieve family well-being and gender quality. It is coordinated by Promundo and the Sonke Gender Justice Network. Jane Kato-Wallace is a programme officer with Promundo and coordinates the global MenCare campaign to engage men in effec-

tive caregiving. “We need to provide spaces for men to reflect on the harmful norms that cause them to stifle the future potential of their children and instead promote efforts that support equality for children, for families, for all,” she says. The campaign was recently in Cape Town, where the first meeting of the MenCare Global Fatherhood campaign took place. One father making the most of his time with his two sons is Adam Bailey, who also learnt more about becoming a better father through MenCare. He lost his wife in a car accident, but says he was left with two precious little gifts. Only aged two and seven at the time, he struggled to adapt to life as a single parent, but slowly started receiving support from his family, friends and the community. “Both my boys were still young at the time of my wife’s death and I had to deal with that as well as looking after them. It was hard and there were times when I felt like giving up,” he says. For three years, both his boys had to live at their grandparents’ home, as Bailey reached breaking point. “Emotionally, I was in tatters and I missed my wife terribly. I did everything I could, but I knew that due to me hurting, I would

Sirens: Have a say on legislation The draft regulations for the restriction of the use of blue lights and sirens, officially knows as the Draft Regulations on Restrictions on the Use of Lamps Emitting a Blue Light and Use of Sirens, were recently published in the provincial Government Gazette and are open for public comment. During this time, all are encouraged to submit written representations or objections on the proposed regulations. Section two of the draft regulation states that “a person may not operate or instruct any other person to operate – V a motor vehicle in which an office bearer or VIP is being transported; or V a motor vehicle escorting or accompanying a motor vehicle referred to in (a), on a public road while – V an intermittently flashing blue light is being emitted from a lamp fitted to that motor vehicle; or V a siren fitted to that motor vehicle is being used, unless there is an imminent identified threat regarding the safety or life of the office bearer or VIP, or there is a threat of damage to the property of the office bearer or VIP. “This regulation is in line with the National Road Traffic Act, enabling office bearers and VIPs to make use of vehicles

fitted with blue lights and sirens. We have seen the abuse of blue light brigades by office bearers and VIPs in the past, tantamount to a disregard for the rule of law and a threat to the safety of other road users. As per the draft regulations, office bearers and VIPs may not make use of blue lights or sirens on their vehicles or vehicles escorting them, unless the situation is one that constitutes a case of emergency,” said Transport and Public Works provincial minister Robin Carlisle. “Failure to comply with this regulation would result in the office bearer or VIP being subject to a fine or imprisonment. We cannot continue to have the safety of other road users threatened unnecessarily by the use of blue lights and sirens in non-emergency situations.” Submissions can be made via post to the Head of the Department, marked for the attention of Mr ML Watters at the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works, PO Box 2603, Cape Town, 8000. Alternatively, email or fax to (021) 483 2166. V The regulation will also be available on

Keep those llit ittle tle fingers fingers oc occupied cupied If you’re running out of options to keep the little ones busy this holiday, give them a creative selection. The V&A Waterfront has it covered with their Kids Ahoy holiday programme. It runs until Saturday 6 July. The focus is on edutainment, crafts and creativity and children can learn to make potato prints, grass heads, playdough craft, mobiles, lanterns and a cardboard aquarium. Recycled materials are incorporated, encouraging positive and practical ideas. Workshops cost R100 each and range from 30 minutes to an hour-and-a-half. A free Kids Ahoy cap is included. V Visit for more details or to pre-register. A maximum of eight children, between six and 11 years, can participate in each time slot.

CHARMING: Children can learn to make lovely heart charm mobiles, grass heads or an aquarium at workshops at the V&A Waterfront this school holiday. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

BE A MAN: MenCare teaches fathers how to properly love and care for children. never be able to really take care of them,” Bailey says. Thanks to MenCare, he slowly started patching things up with the boys and today


is closer to them than any other time in their lives. V To download tools, publications and learn more about the campaign, visit

More effective HIV test launched

Testing for HIV has become easier. The Atomorapid HIV test was recently launched at the sixth annual South African Aids Conference. The test, an innovation by an Australian healthcare company, is a lot simpler to perform and removes the need for manual steps requiring extensive skill and clinical training. This reduces many errors common with current test kits. The need for reliable tests in the field is desperate, with a national study finding that the actual sensitivity of HIV test kits used outside of the laboratory was on average 93.5%. With additional TESTED: CEO of the South Africa Business Coalition on Health and Aids training and quality Brad Mears joins CEO of ATOMO Diagnostics John Kelly in demonstrating control improve- the Atomorapid HIV test. PHOTO: SUPPLIED ment, this increased to only 95.1%. The effect of misdiagnosing a person who Across Africa, this potentially results in is HIV-positive can be devastating and inseveral hundred thousand people being mis- variably results in an increased rate in diagnosed with HIV every year. transmission.

Take a sho’t sho’t left left this wint winter er hol holiday iday Winter is slowly shedding its tag as a season to stay indoors as more people use this time to explore outdoor alternatives with wild winter specials. SANParks encourages all to enjoy the outdoors by using discounts of up to 40% offered at some of its accommodation and camping sites in the Cape Region. Agulhas, Bontebok, Table Mountain, Tankwa and West Coast National Parks will be offering a 20% discount on all accommodation and camping facilities. Look forward to free cableway rides for kids, as well as delicious and hearty meals at restaurants inside the national parks. In the Table Mountain National Park Kids Season offer, children under 18 years can ride free on the cableway if they’re with one parent buying a return ticket. The offer is valid weekends, on public holidays and in the June and September school holidays. There’s no better excuse to visit the West Coast than to enjoy the newly-designed

menu at Geelbek Restaurant inside the West Coast National Park. In addition to the 20% discount off all SANParks accommodation units in the park, Duinepos offers a special winter promotion for weekend and midweek getaways. In July, book a weekend stay and receive 50% off Saturday’s stay. For midweek madness, book a three-night midweek stay and get two nights free (valid from Sunday to Thursday). This offer excludes long weekends and public holidays. Bontebok National Park, just outside Swellendam, is offering guests a further 20% discount on accommodation, in addition to the 20% Wild Winter Special. The Wild Winter promotion is valid from Monday 15 to Wednesday 31 July. The special excludes long weekends, public holidays and school holidays. V For bookings and further information, visit; contact central reservations on (012) 428 9111 or email




Power flatlines


Patients have been left in the dark over power outages at New Somerset Hospital. An outage on Tuesday left the hospital without electricity for three and a half hours. With no generator in the main building, support ambulances were called in to transfer patients. Fortunately, no patients needed to be transported that day. In an attempt to find out what caused the outage, engineers then switched off the ON SITE: Emergency vehicles were on standby after New Somerelectricity for most of Thurs- set Hospital was hit by a power failure.PHOTO: DAMON VAN DER WALT day. The power was off from 8:00 to midnight. Hembi. “I’m unemployed and can’t afford to Ethne Julius, the spokesperson for the go to another hospital.” Another patient, who asked not to be province’s regional, specialist and psychiatric hospitals, says the cause of the power named, called for the problem to be sorted outage in the main section of the hospital out as soon as possible. “We are in danger. It’s a worry. What if is unknown at this stage. “Electrical engineers worked on the sys- one of the patients needs an emergency optem on Thursday to effect repairs to the eration? They must try to fix it as soon as transformer and compressor system and to possible because it is putting people’s lives test all parts of the system for faults that in danger.” However, Julius says the outage had no may lead to uncontrolled power surges,” impact on healthcare services. she says. “New Somerset Hospital has contingency The hospital’s outpatient department, adult Intensive Care Unit and Emergency plans in place to ensure that all patients reCentre remained fully functional on Thurs- quiring emergency care are attended to and day, with a main generator being used to referred appropriately, where necessary.” She added that patients in need of surgery supply the electricity. Additional portable generators were on were transferred to Groote Schuur Hospital, and although the labour ward remained site. Patients say they have been left frazzled functional, patients with urgent caesareans and at-risk labour were transferred to Mowby the experience. “I had to wait to have my arm x-rayed af- bray Maternity Hospital and Groote Schuter I injured my hand,” says Manbongo ur.

HAVE YOUR SAY! NAMING OF CIRCLE: COEN STEYTLER CIRCLE The City of Cape Town is finalising a naming proposal in respect of an unnamed circle on the Foreshore, Cape Town. The naming proposal entails naming the circle where Heerengracht, Walter Sisulu Avenue, Bartholomeu Dias Boulevard and Vasco da Gama Boulevard meet in front of the Cape Town International Conference Centre, to Coen Steytler Circle. Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 17 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act (Act 32 of 2000) that the public and interested parties or groups are given the opportunity to indicate support of or objections to the naming proposal for a period of 30 days, from 1 July 2013 up to 31 July 2013.


Sale Wednesday 03 July to Tuesday 09 July 2013 Normal trading hours: All Stores open Mon - Fri 8:30 - 5 pm • Sat until 2 pm Diep River will be open Thursday 4 July till 8pm All stores will be open Sat 6 July till 3pm


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Comments, input and recommendations in respect of this naming proposal may be submitted in any of the following ways:



• • •


By fax to 021 400 1465 By e-mail to By written submission posted to PO Box 298, Cape Town 8000: For attention: Acting Manager - Public Participation Unit

Special assistance will be given to people who cannot read or write, people living with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups who are unable to submit written comments, to have their inputs or comments recorded and submitted to the municipality. Such persons should contact the City of Cape Town’s Public Participation Unit: For general public participation: Ruché Daniels at 021 400 1766 or e-mail to or For assistance to disadvantaged persons: Anele Viti at 021 400 1652 or e-mail to Comment forms for the Coen Steytler Circle naming process will be available on the City of Cape Town’s website:, at subcouncil offices and at public libraries. Follow us on






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A dirty game

Politics. It is a dirty business. It may take a while for the air to clear of the pong as protesters stoop to new levels to get their point across to politicians. The frustration of some communities has reached a new low as protesters yesterday again vented their outrage. They blocked a part of the N2 in Khayelitsha with burning tyres and toilet pots filled with faeces. The remains of this early-morning action, from the R300 to Mew Way, was reportedly cleared away. But the whiff of dissent serves as a reminder of similar actions last month. Protests about sanitation elsewhere in the Mother City also resulted in road closures when residents dumped human waste on the N2 and at the Cape Town International Airport. Earlier in June, protesters flung human excreta at a bus in which Western Cape premier Helen Zille and an entourage travelled. In an ironic twist the premier was on her way to a green economy event. The mob reportedly had to be “dispersed” with tear gas. And a DA youth leader Luzuko Mngqibisa (23) has reportedly gone into hiding after his dwelling was torched early Saturday morning. He was inside the shack at the time. A portable flush toilet and a note was left in front of his home. The note reportedly contained threats to his personal safety and called him a “dog of Helen Zille”. These actions, unfortunately, show that ours is a nation still fiercely divided by the mores of “divide and conquer”. Out of the smelliest compost comes the most beautiful blooms. One can only hope the same can eventually be said of true democracy in South Africa. It is, after all, what our anti-apartheid heroes fought and died for. May their sacrifices not be muddied at the footstool of mob mentality that serves to please a select few.

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Madiba: have a heart Your SMSes

It is shameful that while Planning Minister Trevor Manuel assures international investors their investment into South Africa is not jeopardised in the light of former president Nelson Mandela’s ailing health, President Jacob Zuma’s response to the media was grossly insensitive, quipping to journalists that he was not a medical doctor to give an authentic diagnosis regarding Madiba’s critical condition. Manuel shows a deep-rooted sense of maturity in his quest to reassure investors that there is no need for trepidation in a postMandela South Africa. Juxtaposed to Manuel’s aspirations, Zuma joked and smiled

from ear to ear at the press conference on an occasion which required absolute reverence and maturity. Public perception is that Zuma uses every conceivable opportunity as a publicity stunt to garner votes in anticipation of the 2014 elections. This seeming display of lack of empathy dismayed fellow politicians, and may backfire on Zuma. The South African public remains sombre with Mandela’s deteriorating health. Hence we should display utmost compassion and respect for the iconic Nelson Mandela whom we collectively hold in our prayers. Mark Kleinschmidt

Help at hand for needy

Tauriq Hassen wrote about the problems of two young men – Ashley van Bloom and Selwin Adams – sleeping under a bridge in the rain and wind (“Winter worries for destitute drifters”, People’s Post, 18 June). I am part of Loaves and Fishes street ministry at 1 Lower Roch Street in Observatory and we have beds available. We are not just a shelter and Ashley and Selwin must

want to change and get a job. We help people off drugs and alcohol and share the good news of Jesus for a new life. The main problem we face is the fact that many of those on the street don’t want to change for many reasons. The contact numbers are 021 448 5900 or 021 447 7714. We see people leaving us with a place to stay and work and a new life. Peter Anderson

Show respect to fellow man It is very disturbing to see adults behaving like pigs. At least a pig dirties his own pen. Here we find people worse than that. Their rubbish is dumped next to another man’s house. We are supposed to love each other, care for each other and protect each other’s property. People simply have no respect for their neighbourhood, let

alone their fellow man. How can I teach my child respect and manners if I do not set an example? We talk about drugs, gangsterism and discipline, but behave like thieves to dump rubbish at night. We need divine intervention and serious prayer for these pigs to become human again. A Stride

Cameras in prison . I agree: no rights for offenders. They have robbed others of theirs. Cameras are a good idea. If the lens is blocked, a full investigation should be launched and perhaps a penalty can be imposed. . Installing cameras in prisons are long overdue and will dramatically reduce rape inside prison as soon as prisoners committing such crimes see how inmates are caught and prosecuted for it. . What if a youngster went to prison for a petty crime and, while incarcerated, he is raped and discovers he is HIV-positive? Have we ever done something to prevent this from happening, even though the prison authorities have been aware of the rape issue for decades? With today’s technology we can save lives and prevent crimes from happening. . Yes, CCTV must be installed after lock-up at night, because I would not want my son to be raped. He is serving time in prison. Indigenous language . It will never work! Give our children a choice. Be realistic! . It is impossible to implement an additional language when kids cannot even communicate properly in the two being taught in schools now. . It is really impossible to start with the teaching of an indigenous language next year. How anyone could suggest it is above my comprehension. . I do not have a problem with adding an African language to the school curriculum, but children already can’t cope with their workload and parents struggle to help them. How are we parents going to help them with a third language if we don’t even understand it? Give the parents the option if they want

their child to learn a third language. Stop forcing stuff down people’s throats. Drugs . I have a 36-year-old son not living with me. He used to be a heavy drinker. Now he’s on drugs and it is tearing my family apart. We can only pray fervently for those infected and affected by this terrible scourge. I wish we could start a war against this evil. . If anyone is interested in having a visual drug awareness presentation please contact Clayton Lewis on 082 687 6950. I conducted it at Pollsmoor Prison and various schools. Experienced counsellor . Addicts from leafy suburbs ruin their families financially, too. One stint in rehab is often not enough. It galls me when comparisons like these are made between the haves and have nots. Trust me: the pain and anguish of knowing it’s just a matter of institutions, jail or death cannot be different. I know this because I buried a 19year-old son almost 10 years ago. By the way . I’m a smoker and I’m excited about all these new rules. It’s a shame to see pupils in uniforms walking in the streets smoking and adults sending kids to buy smokes – so not on. . When are South Africans going to stand up against high fuel prices? . Does anyone have any artist’s canvasses to donate to a pensioner who paints beautifully? She would be very grateful, as she cannot afford to buy any. Please call Dee on 083 472 2658. . The guy looking for the tire swings can contact me on 074 358 5111 – I make it. Chris


Sul ultry try divas divas head ad w west est he

Soul divas Cece Peniston, Sybil and Robin S are planning to get audiences dancing when they perform at the Grand Arena on Saturday 6 July. R&B singer Peniston is counted among the most successful dance club artists in the history of the Billboard Hot Dance Music charts. Her signature tune Finally became one of the biggest dance singles yet, selling three million copies worldwide. Possibly her strangest gig was performing for Pope John Paul II in the Vatican as a member of gospel band The Sisters of Glory. She also performed for former US President Bill Clinton. New York singer and songwriter Robin S enjoyed chart success with hit singles Show me Love and Luv 4 Luv and American R&B-pop singer Sybil NO NOTED: TED: Soul diva Cece Peniston will perform at GrandWest. PHOTO: SUPPLIED is best known for her The Soul Divas will be supported by the covers of Dionne Warwick’s hits such as Don’t Make Me Over and Walk On By. Other all-female New York City Orchestra. fan favourites include When I’m Good and V The show is at 20:00 and tickets, between R325 Ready and her version of The Love I Lost. and R575, are available from Computicket.

SING IT! Unsigned talents are invited to release the song in their hearts tonight at Ferryman’s Tavern at the V&A Waterfront for the first round of auditions of the Forever Young Amateur Music competition. The contest is aimed at showcasing the more mature amateur musician who does not necessarily have the opportunity to play live, but has a passion for music. Only people over 40 may enter. Prizes will include a contract to play for an extended period at Ferryman’s, an eight-hour recording session from Honey Soaked Recording Studio, Shure microphones, musical instruments and accessories as well as restaurant vouchers. A R100 registration fee will be levied, entitling registered contestants to free entry to the venue on competition nights. Entry will cost R80 for spectators. This will entitle you to an R80 discount on your food and drinks bill on departure. Entry forms are available online at and enquiries may be directed to or Frank on 082 955 4390. Here one of last year’s contestants, Sharyn Seide-Kometz, lets her vocals do the talking. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

TRIP TO TO TOYLAND: YLAND: A theatre adaptation of one the most loved children’s characters, Noddy, is on stage at the Artscape. The play, Make Way for Noddy 2013, is based on the Noddy books by Enid Blyton. Nineyear-old Nicholas Haupt (left) plays the role of the title character. With him his brother, Shane (4). The show runs at the Artscape’s Foyer from 10:30 until 11:30 until Saturday 6 July. Tickets, via Computicket, cost R60. PHOTO: LULAMA PHOTO24



WIN! LOCAL OCAL SENSATIONS: SENSATIONS: The Black Ties, a crooning trio comprising Chad Saaiman, Keeno Lee and Lloyd Jansen, will bring a touch of local flavour as the supporting act to international star Tevin Campbell. The Can We Talk hitmaker will take to the Grand Arena stage at GrandWest on Saturday 27 July. The Black Ties will open for the platinum status and four-time Grammy Award nominee. Described as “the ultimate cover band”, the group will take you on a journey through the music of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and many more. WIN! People’s Post is giving away one set of double tickets every week until the superstar takes to the stage. To win two tickets to the show on 27 July, SMS the word “Tevin” and your favourite Campbell song to 34586. SMSes cost R1,50. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Mies Jul Julie ie captiv captivat ates es on planks planks

Capetonians recently gathered for the launch of Mies Julie at the Baxter’s Golden Arrow Studio. The play explores class, love and lust in the kitchen of a remote South African farmhouse, 18 years after the end of apartheid.

A black farm labourer and his white employer’s daughter share a night of passion, and the struggles of contemporary South Africa are laid bare as the couple’s deadly attraction spirals out of control. The show runs until Saturday 6 July.

CONNECTING ONNECTING FRIENDS: FRIENDS: Mfundo Tshazibane and Nikki Metz discuss their theatre experience.

THEATRE LO THEATRE LOVER VERS: S: Lana Paries and Anri Schoeman were enthralled by the subject matter.

OUT: Heinrich Rowher and Belinda Gold NIGHT OUT: were thrilled by the critically acclaimed play.

MEMORABLE PIECE: MEMORABLE PIECE: Brent Adams and Eugene Yiga thoroughly enjoyed the performance.




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Three out of three for Callies LIAM MOSES


aledonian Roses racked up a third consecutive win to boost their Division Two title credentials on Saturday. The Newfields side have set their sights on winning the league this year and they confirmed their place among the front runners with a 24-17 victory over Cape Town’s TechGardens. Callies now hold third place on the table, with All Saints in second and Masiphumelele RFC in first. Coach Noor Masoet praised his team for putting together the run of victories after going through a rough patch at the beginning of June. “I feel proud because of the way the boys have fought. They played the last 10 or 15 minutes with 13 men; that shows character,” Masoet says. “Now we are on the right path, getting ourselves back together after a bad run the last few weeks. The guys picked themselves up and I must congratulate them on their performance.” Callies started the month with two defeats at home, losing 6-9 to Kylemore and 17-18 in their next game against Blue Stars. Masoet’s side rediscovered their winning touch the following week, beating rivals Watsonia 33-15 before edging out Young Wesleys 31-24. According to their coach Callies underwent an attitude adjustment to return to winning ways. “Something crept into them and they just lost composure and commitment, but they

stood up (against Tech-Gardens) and showed the right attitude and came back strongly.” Roses were fortunate to add the third victory to their record as Tech-Gardens matched them in every aspect of the game, except goal-kicking. Although both sides scored three tries each, Roses’ fullback Nur Salie also added three conversions and a penalty to the points tally. Tech-Garden’s goal-kickers misses two conversions and three penalty attempts. Despite the fortunate nature of the win, Masoet and his troops are looking to build on the performance, with the hopes of finishing in first place. “I only want first (place); there isn’t a second for me. First place is the priority for the club. We want to make the club what it once was – the best club.” In other results from the weekend’s games, SK Walmers secured a narrow 26-25 away at Helderberg in Super League A, while False Bay beat rivals Villager 44-0 in Super League B. In Premier League A, Collegians lost 10-8 to Macassar and Surrey Estate Rangers beat Paarl 57-7. MIT Rangers beat Langa 14-8 in Premier League B, while Violets beat Lagunya 33-18 and Hamediehs edged out Raithy Universals 13-12 in Division One. Relegation threatened Young Stars beat Kylemore 5-0 in Division Two, while Perseverance beat Temperance 17-11 in Division Three and Progress beat Young Brothers 2210 in Division Four.

TAKE A SEAT: Tech-Gardens RFC’s Licing Sphelo falls onto Saadiq Muller of Caledonian Roses during a Division Two match in Newfields on Saturday. Tech-Gardens lost the game 24-17. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

Stalwart aims for pole position LIAM MOSES

Peninsula Canoe Club stalwart Graeme Solomon has emerged as a title contender for the Berg River Canoe Marathon after the withdrawal of the reigning champion, Hank McGregor. Solomon, a Marina da Gama resident, won the prestigious four-day race in 2001, but failed in his next nine attempts while McGregor rose to prominence. Now a return to form, partnered with McGregor’s absence, has seen the 40-year-old move into title contention once again. Solomon isn’t reading too much into his recent victories despite winning the last two races on the Berg River. “Obviously it’s nice to win races, especially when you get to my age. You take every race you can win; it’s not like I should be winning all these races,” says Solomon. “But I don’t read too much into it, because they are one-day races. The Berg River is a four day race. The races I have won have been on a very full river, which is my preference as I am a bigger paddler than most of the opposition. “The Berg River could be medium to low if it doesn’t rain from now until then. However, it is nice to have a few wins under the belt for confidence.” Solomon claimed the Gouda to Bridgetown race on the Berg River on Saturday 1 June and won the Swartland Canoe Marathon on Sunday 16 June to add the South African K1 Championship title to the K2 title

he won with Sean Rice on the Breede River in September. McGregor, nine-time Berg River champion, pulled out of the race to participate in the inaugural Surfski World Championships in Portugal from Friday 12 to Sunday 14 July. While Solomon knows McGregor’s absence “opens up the race”, he would prefer to have the champion taking part. “You don’t want to be the guy who wins and then people say: ‘Hank McGregor wasn’t there’. At the end of the day, that’s in no one’s control you can only race the competition. It would still be very nice to win,” he says. Solomon knows he will not be the only one who could benefit from McGregor’s absence and views Lance King, Pierre-Andre Rabbie, Dusi runner-up Eric Zondi and former World Marathon champion Ben Brown from Great Britain as his biggest competitors. He has been concentrating on his “own build up” as he prepares for what may be his last chance to win the Berg Marathon. “Three years ago I thought it was the end of my career when I went through a difficult patch. “All of sudden I’ve had spurt. I am the holder of South African K1 and K2 Championships at 40, which is the pinnacle of my career. So if I win the Berg it would be a nice feather in the cap.” The Berg River Canoe Marathon will take place from Wednesday 10 to Saturday 13 July.

BEHIND YOU: Kenpark United’s Craig Hendricks (left) loses out to FC Kaapstadt’s Gary Baron during an Engen Knockout Challenge match in Manenberg on Sunday. The game ended in a 1-1 draw. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

Flexibility first at CTICC The second annual World Gym for Life Challenge will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 July. The Challenge will see over 1 500 gymnasts

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IN THE FRAME: Peninsula Canoe Club’s Graeme Solomon has emerged as a title contender in the Berg River Canoe Marathon. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

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KO Challenge finalists named LIAM MOSES


he gruelling play-off rounds of the 10th annual Engen Knockout Challenge came to an end on Sunday, with 13 teams sealing qualification for the fi-

nals. Cape Town’s premier under-17 tournament started at the beginning of June, with over 100 teams fighting to join hosts Santos, defending champions Ajax Cape Town and National First Division (NFD) side Chippa United in the tournament finals. However, with thousands of rands worth of prizes and bragging rights at stake only the best teams have qualified for the finals in August. Teams from across Cape Town have survived the cut and both the northern and southern suburbs will be strongly represented. Parow based NFD team Vasco da Gama, Kraaifontein City, Kuils River FC, Islands Rovers, Bishop Lavis FC and Atlantic Nacional make up the northern contingent, while Claremont’s ASD Academy, Cape United, Grassy Park’s Crusaders, Green Point Selesians, Hanover Park FC, Mitchell’s Plain’s Kenpark United and Pinelands club Old Mutual Academy represent the south. Should one of the qualifiers not be able to participate, Two Oceans Academy, United FC or Eastern Rovers will take their place. One of the most surprising omissions from the list of finalist is Mitchell’s Plain’s Woodlands United, who finished in seventh place at the finals last year. Woodlands finished in third place in group four after a solitary victory, with Bishop Lavis in first on nine points and Old Mutual in second on six points. Lavis were one of only five teams to finish the second phase with a perfect record, along with Crusaders, Hanover Park, ASD Academy, Atlantic Nacional. Hanover Park topped the scoring charts in the play-off rounds with eleven goals in their three games, while Crusaders were a close second with 10. ASD hit the back of the net seven times, but were the only team not to concede a single goal. While most will be backing Ajax and Santos to take the title again, Hanover Park, Crusaders and ASD could push last year’s finalists for the crown. The 10th annual Engen Knockout Challenge will take place from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 August.

TAKING FLIGHT: Eagle Wings FC goalkeeper Lyle George (grounded) sends Vasco da Gama’s Amkeliswe Skwatsa flying in the penalty area during an Engen Knockout Challenge match in Manenberg on Sunday. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

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Peoples post woodstock 2 jul 2013  

Peoples post woodstock 2 jul 2013

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