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Tuesday 26 April 2011

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The blame game continues TAURIQ HASSEN

A PIECE of land in Maitland is being destroyed by dumping and fires. Residents are pointing fingers at an informal settlement, made up of around 12 families living in seven shacks on the site in Royal Road. However, residents of the settlement are not accepting the blame, saying surrounding residents use the land as their “own dumping spot”. One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says activities taking place at the informal settlement are “destroying the image of the community”. “Daily we have motorists, tourists or even prospective buyers passing through Royal Road, and this is the sight they see and as a result, our properties lose value due to this situation,” says the resident. She also added that “strange characters” involved in stripping and burning wires are regularly seen hanging around the settlement. “Guys hang around opposite my home on the corner waiting for others coming from the settlement as some of them probably do not want to get caught there, should the police pass during their patrol,” says the resident. She has already contacted police on numerous occasions, even inviting a captain to her home to discuss the problem, but received no response. Mohammad Njuru has been running a shop close to the site for 22 years and has seen the situation becoming worse over time. “We all know the site very well and they have been there for a long time, but it’s not right to live like that. It makes our whole area look ugly,” says Njuru. He explains that although the land has been destroyed by dumping and fires, the settlement cannot be blamed for everything. “There are times you see people dumping their things on the field. That’s only because it looks like a dumping site and nobody ever cleans up the mess,” says Njuru. Faghmie Salie, a Maitland resident, regularly drives through Royal Road where he “never spots a change in the situation”. “This is a battle that is ongoing, because I don’t think anybody wants to take responsibility and there is so much happening around this site,” says Salie. People’s Post visited the settlement and saw large quantities of building rubble, domestic waste, wooden pallets, broken toilets and furniture littered across the piece of land.

Just outside the settlement, a black burnt spot indicated the portion of the land used to strip and burn allegedly stolen cables. Residents at the settlement have different feelings regarding the ground they live on, blaming surrounding residents for dumping and claiming they are responsible for cleaning. Elton Cloete, a long time resident at the settlement, says the people living in the settlement do everything they can to keep the site clean. “You will see the black bags filled with dirt on the pavements. “That is because there are people living here who actually go around and pick up the dirt, without even being paid for it,” says Cloete. He says the rubbish is being dumped by “horse and cart drivers”, as well as the residents. “They just pull up next to the road, unload their dirt or rubble, then dump it here and drive off. There are times we don’t even see them, but you just see the mess they leave behind,” says Cloete. Another woman in the settlement, who has been living there for 30 years, blamed occupants of the houses lining the side of the settlement, who are regularly seen throwing items over the wall. She says when confronted they simply reply by saying: “What the hell do you guys know? You cannot tell us what to do.” In the past, she rounded up her friends to clean the land by removing the rubble piles and dirt from the field, but the “situation never stays the same”. “You can clean up this land now and not even tomorrow, but minutes later, you will find people dumping here again,” says the woman. Warrant Officer Siyabulela Vukubi, spokesperson for the Maitland Police Station, was aware of the “health hazards” around the settlement, but could not confirm whether crime is a real problem at the site. “We haven’t received any complaints where crime is concerned at this settlement, but we do continue to monitor the situation around the settlement,” says Vukubi. He added that there is “very little” that can be done regarding the people living on the land, but urged the public to “be the eyes and ears for police. Police cannot be everywhere at the same time and we need to get the community to report these matters to police,” Vukubi added. Anyone can report illegal activities at the settlement to the station on (021) 505-9400. People’s Post forwarded a detailed query to the Cape Town Housing Community Company, but it failed to respond by the time of going to print.

WHAT A MESS: Elton Cloete points out the dirt found alongside the set­ tlement. Photos: Tauriq Hassen

DISGUSTING: Toilets at the site are dirty and still get used regularly by the residents.

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Tuesday 26 April 2011

Your ward candidates FOLLOWING on last week’s introduction of ward candidates in People’s Post, we this week publish more profiles of political par-

ty members who are making themselves available as ward councillors. Elections for local government

representatives will take place on Wednesday 18 May – declared a public holiday – and residents will have the opportunity to vote

Ward 56/66

Ward 57

Ricar­ do Se­ dres is a repre­ senta tive for the Inkat ha Free­ dom Party in Wards 56 and 66 and has long track record of selfless community service. He is well known in his home suburb of Hanover Park where he is in­ strumental in fight for the rights of backyard dwellers.

The Afri­ can Chris­ tian Dem­ ocratic Party’s Cheryl Howie (Ward 57) is a teacher and has been a loyal member of the ACDP since its inception in 1993, serving in various senior posts. She has the energy and commitment to serve all residents and strives for righteous gov­ ernance and justice for all.

SPOILT GUESTS: The UCT RAG annual Golf Day in aid of SHAWCO was held on Friday 15 April at the Rondebosch Golf Club to raise aware­ ness and funds for the or­ ganisation. UCT RAG is a student­run organisa­ tion that serves as the fundraising arm of SHAWCO (The Stu­ dents’ Health And Wel­ fare Centres Organisa­ tion), which is the larg­ est student­based volunteer organisation in the southern hemi­ sphere. At the Golf Day the players were treated to goodies to the value of R160 000.

New singers sought THE Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town, a prestigious oratorio choir, is seeking new singers in all voice parts, especially tenor. The choir’s programme for the second half of 2011 comprises performances of Sir Edward Elgar’s great oratorio, “The Dream of Gerontius”, on Thursday 4 August, and of Johannes Brahms’ “German

Requiem”, on Thursday 24 November. In both cases the performances will form part of the official concert series of the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra. Auditions for prospective new members will be held on Saturday 30 April and Saturday 7 May. Applicants should contact Di van der Westhuizen by emailing or call (021) 788-5159 to make an appointment.

into power a representative they believe will represent their community’s interests within the City of Cape Town.

Cast your special vote VOTERS will be able to cast a special vote in the municipal elections for the first time. The application process for special votes opened on Friday 15 April, and will run until Wednesday 3 May at 17:00. South African citizens whose names appear on the Voters’ Roll but cannot vote on election day at the voting station in the voting district where they are registered, qualify for a special vote. Voters have to apply for a special vote – in person – at a local Municipal

Electoral Officer or someone else can submit the application on their behalf. Those applicants who cannot vote on Wednesday 18 May will cast their special votes on Monday 16 May between 08:00 and 17:00 at the voting station in the voting district where they are registered. Those who are physically infirm or disabled will be visited by IEC staff on 16 or 17 May at their homes. Voters may only vote in the voting district where they are registered. For more information contact the Independent Electoral Commission’s on its tollfree number 080 011 8000.

TEE OFF: Vol­ unteers and trustees of The Friends of Valken­ berg Trust at a charity golf day where 72 golfers took a “Mental Health Day” on the course at Rondebosch Golf Club on Thursday 14 April. This was to show their support for patients and staff at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital, as well as improving their mental health. According to the Trust, a 2007 study by the Medical Research Council revealed that, in any one year, one in six South Africans suffer from a mental illness – the most common being Anxiety, Depression and Alcohol Abuse. The funds raised will be channelled into volunteer projects to bring hope and com­ fort to patients and to increase their chances of a permanent return to health. Phone (021) 447­2092 or email Photo: Supplied

Women doing it for themselves THE Business Women’s Showcase will be held on Monday 21 May at SMG BMW Century City. The event offers exhibitors of women’s services and products a fashion show by Danielle Margaux, hair and makeup stylists Reto of Style lounge, a top international speaker and author on the personal brand, Timothy Maurice Webster, Nomfusi and the Lucky Charms, and the Black Orchid Burlesque dancers. Stacey Norman, of Kfm, will be the mas-

ter of ceremonies for the event, which is a fundraiser for the Excelleration Bursary Fund, a Section 21 company offering bursaries to young women in job skills or career-related courses. Tickets are available from Computicket at R130 each and there are no tickets available at the door. Exhibitors are welcome to contact or 083 310 9765 before Saturday 30 April. You can also visit

Special school for special youth launched

Open 1 May 2011 - 08:30 - 13:00

A DEVELOPMENT project for young adults with autism and special needs was opened in Lakeside recently by The Academy for Adults with Autism. However, they need help to keep their doors open and run optimally. The Enrichment Centre Project provides a safe and caring environment for young adults and school leavers with autism, special needs and development delay who would otherwise have no place to go during the day. The structured daily programme incorporates craft activities, encouragement of independent life skills, constant supervision by qualified and experienced staff, behavioural management, exercise with supervision and advice of therapists and a trained facilitator, as well as supervised leisure time and opportunities to socialise and practise communica-

tion. Constructive activities such as puzzlebuilding and gardening are also on the list of activities, as these are used as learning tools. Occasional outings to places of natural beauty like the beach, forest or parks are also a highlight for the youth. However, the centre still requires educational games, puzzles, books, art materials and a 3x3 m carpet. The centre welcomes donations as well as items which can be sold at fundraisers to purchase materials for the centre. Anyone willing to assist the non-profit organisation, or for more information, phone Debbie on (021) 788-7652 or 071 933 0535. Alternatively, email or visit


Tuesday 26 April 2011

People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland Page 3

‘I’d rather pay for my son’s drugs than lose him’ Valuable belongings are hidden in every corner of the house to ensure these items are not sold off habits. In her three-bedroom house there are several padlocks guarding cupboard doors, and multiple locks can be seen on each door around the house. Valuable belongings are hidden in every corner of the house to make sure these items are not sold off for money to buy drugs. “Nothing is safe in this house, because you can wake up tomorrow and find that your whole kitchen was carried away during the night, just so that they can get their next fix,” says the woman. The mother says she literally took the battle to the streets, fighting off drug peddlers and merchants, gangs on the corner and thieves attempting to steal from her home. “This was my life and I fought for my children’s safety, but it’s too late now, because they are all way too deep in it and I don’t believe there is a way out for them,” says the mother. Her attempts to steer her family away from the drug life were all in vain. She says she has now reached a point of “not caring”. “If this is the life they



T THE end of every month, a Factreton mother meets her 17-year-old son on the front step of their house and hands him R1 000 from her salary to feed his tik habit. She says she gives him the money because she cannot bear the effect withdrawal has on him. “It hurts me to see him the way he is when he is not using drugs, and while I do know that the drugs will hurt him even more, he is my baby and I will not lose him to anything.” The woman has three sons, aged between 17 and 28, four nephews, aged between 19 and 27, three brothers, aged between 24 and 42, all living under the same roof. They are all addicted to various drugs. In the beginning of the year, her two oldest sons left home and joined gangs in order to feed their drug

choose to live, then there is nothing more I can do but support their habits, as I don’t want to lose my last child and any more family members,” she says, a tear rolling down her face. In the past, she sent all three sons and two nephews for rehabilitation at various clinics around Cape Town, but says: “The minute they return to this area they go back to their old state or end up not even attending these clinics for help, so I’m forced to stop caring.” Dale Sampson, a former social worker in the Factreton area, worked with teenagers addicted to drugs and his story echoes the pain felt by this Factreton mother. Last year, he says, he had four cases in the area, where it was required of him to assess the living conditions of the family. One particular case was “truly shocking” and made him understand the difficulties many youngsters face today. “I arrived at the home and found people dealing drugs right in the open. Upon entering the house, there were three people using drugs in the living room, with four more family members smoking dagga in

the back yard,” says Sampson. The people in the living room did not even notice that there was a stranger in their home. Sharon Alexander, social worker at the Shawco Community Centre in Kensington, said drug use remains a “major problem in the area”. “There have been no changes in the situation and drug dealers are still dealing on a large scale,” says Alexander. In the past, Alexander had several meetings with the local Community Police Forum and Kensington Police, but is sad to see the drug trade increasing despite such efforts. “The people, especially the children are easily influenced and become quickly hooked on the drugs,” says Alexander. Colonel Natasha Thomas, station commander at the Kensington Police Station, also regards the drug problem as “very serious”. “The drug problem, especially around teenagers, is very serious in the area, but we are doing everything we can to address the problem,” says Thomas. She confirmed that during last

year, arrests for drug-related crime increased by 13,3% in the 2010/2011 financial year. The Kensington SAPS are now working closely with the area’s Community Police Forum. They are currently initiating two projects which will see firsttime offenders (youths found in possession of drugs) referred to community organisations for help, and the Adopt a Family project, where churches and mosques in the area are encouraged to work with, and support, families who are affected by drug abusers in the household. “Members of the community are encouraged to work with Kensington SAPS and CPF to collectively address the problem in this community,” says Thomas. She says police officers are conducting several operations in the precinct to address the drug problem at different times during the year. “This constitutes the execution of search warrants and also stop and search operations,” Thomas explained. Members of the public are encouraged to contact the station on (021) 594-7020 or radio control on 10111 or Crime Stop on 086 001 0111 to report any illegal drug activity.

Learn more about your history THE Cape Town Family History Society will present a special interest workshop on the topic “Was Your Ancestor from Saint Helena Island?” by Merle Martin on Thursday 5 May at St Paul’s Church Hall, Main Road in Rondebosch starting from 09:30 to 11:30. The cost will be R50. Registration inquiries to Lois Harley on (021) 797-6537, email or visit the website on for the annual timetable.

Decipher the Rosetta Stone JONATHON DOWNS will speak on “Discovery at Rosetta: The Sword and the Stone” at the next meeting of the University of the Third AGE (U3A) Cape Town at the Baxter on Thursday 28 April at 10:00 for 10:30. For more information call (021) 531-5604.








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Page 4 People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Kensington seniors explore technology THE Kensington Library recently hosted a basic computer and social networking course for seniors. The library and the organisation, The Revelations, partnered to meet the need of the seniors of The Wom-

an’s Communicare Network. Kensington and Factreton seniors – all over 60 and with no previous exposure to computers – were able to develop their PC skills. The training started on Monday 11 April and concluded on Thursday 21 April with a certificate ceremony.

WATCH THIS: Denver Stottenkamp (trainer) shows Jo­ hanna Smith the ropes.

IMPROVING: Elizabeth Baker learns how to create a spreadsheet.

CATCHING UP: The seniors are being trained by qualified computer teachers. Photos: Tauriq Hassen

GETTING THERE: Virginia Arendse focusing hard.

WORKING TOGETHER: Roselyn Limberg (left), and Miriam Adams help each other out. PRODIGY: Cayleb van Harte (10), of Kensington, has been invited to represent his school, St John’s Primary, at soccer in a tournament in Sweden. To raise money for his trip, there will be a Mother’s Day lunch on Sunday 8 May at the Good Shepherd Church in 7th Avenue, Ken­ sington. Cayleb received the invitation from Lifezone, a non­profit organisation using soccer as a tool for per­ sonal and social transformation in schools and high­risk communities, as well as the directors of three interna­ tional youth tournaments in Sweden. Adults pay R60 and children under the age of 12 pay R35. To book or to find out more, call Inez van Harte on (021) 593­7818 or Janelle van Harte on (021) 593­7922 or 083 235 5722.

Experience biodiversity THE Biodiversity Expo kicks off at the Old Mutual Conference Centre at Kirstenbosch on Thursday 5 May and runs until Sunday 8 May. This free event is in its fourth year and attracts participants and exhibitors who want to engage with visitors on conservation issues. Schools can enjoy a host of fascinating exhibits over the first two days, while the whole family can participate

in the weekend activities, learning more about birdlife to wildlife, South Africa’s unique eco-systems and flora to an overview of how biodiversity affects all of us. On Sunday 8 May a conservation adventure leads teams through the garden to find unique treasures that are the keys to biodiversity for the future. There are prizes for the winning teams. Apply before

Support charity drive CHRISTEL HOUSE AFRICA is calling on all corporates and individuals to support their annual golf day on Thursday 26 May at De Zalze

Golf Estate, Spier. CHSA is an independent school that gives disadvantaged children in some of Cape Town’s poorest communities free

Friday 29 April by visiting Following the adventure activities Jungle Theatre will present their production Hoerikwaggo at 15:00 and the awarding of the prizes (and the treasures revealed) will take place at 16:00 to end the day (and the Expo) at 16:30. Visit their blogspot for regular updates on For inquiries go to or schooling and the chance to change their lives. The teeoff time is from 11:00 and the cost is R300 per four ball. Holes can be sponsored at R1 500. For more information contact Lizelle or Carla at (021) 704 9407/8.


Tuesday 26 April 2011

Man robbed on highway REYANA STEYN


N ELDERLY man was robbed by armed men after he went to the aid of his daughter whose car had broken down on the highway. “The incident happened on Monday 18 April at 06:00 on the N2, close to the Athlone turn-off,” says Warrant Officer Ian Bennett, Athlone police spokesperson. Douglas Minnie (61) says he went to assist his daughter, who had been taking her husband to work when they had car trouble on the N2. “She phoned me and I went to assist her. She took my car and took her husband to work while I waited at her car. “I was standing next to the car waiting for assistance when I saw two young men walking across the bridge from Athlone onto the N2. They walked towards me and asked me for a cigarette.I told them: ‘I don’t have one.’ One of them asked me where I lived, while the other one walked to the other side of the car and began scratching in the car. I asked what he was doing and he said he was taking the radio because they needed money.” Minnie says he tried to grab the man to stop him from taking the radio when the other man pushed him. He pushed back and a scuffle broke out. “One of the men took out a screwdriver, while the other had his

hands under his jacket and kept saying he was going to shoot me,” says Minnie. “Then one picked up a brick from the ground and hit me over the head with it, then threw it at me. I fell to the ground and when I looked up, I saw them running away with the radio.” Minnie says when his daughter returned she was shocked at what had happened. She returnedwith a tow-truck and the car was towed away. The injured man reported the matter at Athlone police station and received medical attention. “People must be careful when they get stuck on the road, because it could have been worse. I didn’t think when the two guys approached me that they were going to rob me.” Bennett says people must ensure that their cars are in good condition. “Cars can break down at any time, but vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition. “Criminals will target people who are in a vulnerable position, like being stuck on the side of the road. “Motorists must be vigilant especially when travelling. They should also call for assistance before they step out of the vehicle.” Anyone with information on the two men who robbed Minnie is urged to contact the police station on (021) 697-9238 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland Page 5

WANTED: The Western Cape Hawks Commercial Crimes Unit requests the as­ sistance of the public in tracing 44­year­ old Abigail Leonard, who is wanted for various crimes. Leonard worked at a company in the Brackenfell area as a credit controller. According to the Hawks, she allegedly “used her position to defraud the company and misappropri­ ate funds, gaining about R2 million”. A warrant for her arrest has been issued on various charges, including fraud, theft and money laundering. Anyone with infor­ mation on Leonard’s whereabouts can contact the investigating officer, Lieu­ tenant Colonel De Villiers on (021) 918­ 3568 or 083 708 3141.

Second chance for failed matrics MELISSA PAPIER

THE Metro South Education District (MSED) of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has announced its plans to assist Grade 12 pupils who failed last year. The MSED said last Wednesday that the department will be rolling out a programme to encourage unsuccessful 2010 matriculants to successfully complete their matric this year as fulltime candidates. Glen van Harte, the MSED curriculum manager, says the district’s matric pass rate last year was 76%. “This means that 1 600 pupils failed to receive their matric certificate. What we found was that many of these pupils failed by 1% to 3% and we can’t afford to let these pupils slip through the system. “It is our view in the district that we must allow these pupils a second chance at obtaining this precious

certificate,” he said. This opportunity is only for pupils within the Metro South District, which includes Mitchell’s Plain, Lower Crossroads, Philippi, Nyanga, Brown’s Farm, Retreat, Lotus River, Grassy Park, Wynberg, Lavender Hill, Fish Hoek, Ocean View, Masiphumelele, Kommetjie, Noordhoek, Sun Valley and Wynberg. Former pupils wanting to participate in this programme must: . Commit themselves to a fulltime study programme for 2011. . Commit to attending tutorial sessions during the holidays and on selected Saturdays and after school. . Attend all lessons regularly without absence. . Work closely with Dr John Gibbon, who is the district’s programme manager. “The district will support all pupils in achieving this goal. We

will purchase the necessary stationery and textbooks for pupils in addition to supplying pupils with good teachers and tutors. “Because some learners are waiting for the supplementary examination results – which will be available on 3 and 4 May – we will be meeting with all interested learners at a later stage,” he said. The meeting will place on Sunday 8 May and Monday 9 May at the Lentegeur Hospital Auditorium and the Ottery Hall, situated at the Ottery Youth Care Centre, at 10:00. “While the year for matriculants is nearing the half-way mark, we are confident that with the right attitude and our support pupils will not only pass, but will do well enough to continue studying further. It is never too late to start a good practice.” For more information call Edith Leeman on (021) 370-2066 or email


Page 6 People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Stars reach out to the community REYANA STEYN


OME of Cape Town’s best performers will set the Luxurama Theatre in Wynberg on fire when they take to the stage for charity. A variety of legendary, new and local performers from all walks of life will come together and bring the audience a show entitled “Alles wat mal is op die Cape Flats”, presented by RAD Promotions on Saturday 30 April. People can look forward to the likes of Zain Adams, who is famous for songs such as “Won’t you give a little love” and “You’re my everything”. Also in the line-up is Luqmaan Adams, an actor, singer and choreographer best known for his collaborations with David Kramer and the late Taliep Petersen, as well as his roles in “District 6: The Musical” and “Kat and the Kings”. Stand-up comedian Wayne McKay will

have the audience rolling in the aisles, with more entertainment by The Boyz from Athlone, Bakgat Boys from Kraaifontein and Mitchell’s Plain, 10-year-old Niyaaz, who was a finalist on “SA’s Got Talent” and Diva Connie Chung – a South African celeb impersonator. Making her singing debut will be seven-year-old Mumtaz Haroun from Belhar. “People are in for a hilarious treat,” says Dola Hendricks, the production director of RAD Promotions. “People will be entertained right through for four hours and part of the proceeds will go to Hands for the Needy, a community-based project in Belhar which feeds up to 500 underprivileged adults and children.” The project was started eight years ago by Belhar resident, Abdullah Harron. Today 10 women are involved, and their main aim is to provide meals for hungry children in Delft, Belhar and Kalksteenfontein. The organisation “desperately”

needs donations to continue their work. Guinno Abrahams, of Bakgat Boyz, says he is thrilled to perform for charity. “My partner, ‘Spuiker’ and I have been together for six months, performing around Cape Town, and it is always good to do shows for charity. People can look forward to an exciting and funny show.” Fagrie Isaacs of the Boyz – who often performs for charity – says: “We believe the source of our success is giving back to the community, especially the poor and the needy and that’s why we are excited about this show.” Sabre Gaidien, a member of Image, is also looking forward to performing for charity. The show starts at 19:30. Tickets vary in price from R85 to R100 and are available at the House of Rad in Klipfontein Road, Athlone. For discounts on block bookings, contact Mohammed on 073 417 8450, Dee on 082 580 1257 or call (021) 697-4813.

Seven­year­old Mumtaz Haroun will debut at the show.

The Bakgat Boyz

The Boyz from Athlone

Local group, Image.

FTH:K Theatre company turns six in style OBSERVATORY-based visual theatre company From The Hip: Khulumakahle (FTH:K) celebrated its sixth birthday at the Kwalapa Organics Wholefoods Centre in the Montebello Design Centre in Newlands Avenue, Newlands. The event was held on Tuesday 19 April and guests enjoyed snacks, drinks and a specially-

made FTH:K birthday cake, as well as performances by FTH:K’s trainees. FTH:K combined the birthday celebrations with its annual general meeting and the company’s committee gave feedback on some of the highlights of the previous year, including winning the Fleur du Cap and Standard Bank Ovation awards.

CELEBRATION: From left, Thobekile Mbanda, Mzing­ isi Diwu, Nodu­ mo Same and Cara Loening at the FTH:K birth­ day party at the Kwalapa Organ­ ics Wholefoods Centre. Photo: Christine Skinner

PARTY: FTH:K theatre company trainee mem­ bers, from left, Marlon Snyders, Sinethemba Mgebisa, Chris­ topher Beukes and Tomri Steyn enjoy the compa­ ny’s sixth birth­ day party

JOLLY GOOD FELLOWS: Members of the FTH:K theatre company with the cake that was made to celebrate the company’s sixth birthday. Photo: Lize­Marie Moller

Tribute to Asian icons ZINDAH PRODUCTIONS is hosting a tribute to the Asian culture icons of South Africa. The musical production will be directed by Ganie Parker to honour and remember those pioneers of the communities and past local greats of the Western Cape who kept the spirit of arts and culture alive and well.

A request is made to friends and family for memorabilia and photos, old media clippings or any information useful for a brochure, and please send it to or PO Box 1112, Cape Town, 8000, by the end of April. Or call (021) 637-1684, (021) 696-6226 or 071 384 1237.

Calling graffiti artists HANDS OF HONOUR, a nonprofit organisation operating on the Cape Flats, is looking for an aspiring or established graffiti artist to paint their logo onto a 3x3 metre wall. Their mission is to restore

honour, dignity and self-worth to those who have been adversely affected by past injustices and present economic downturn along with its various social ills like poverty, unemployment, crime and

substance abuse. There is a chance that this work will receive exposure in the mainstream media. Anybody interested can contact Paul on 072 138 9150 or

Tuesday 26 April 2011


People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland Page 7


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Tuesday 26 April 2011

Historic holiday TOMORROW (Wednesday) South Africans will celebrate Freedom Day, a historic day for a country and people once divided along racial lines. Seventeen years ago, people of colour were not allowed to vote and were subjected to oppressive minority rule. They were forced to live, fight and die in inferior areas and evicted from their homes. Barren District 6 is a testimony to the atrocities that characterised Apartheid. Not all welcomed the changes that ushered in a new order while some elected to forget the pain of the past, focusing instead on the joy and hope of the present. Part of the present is the younger generation, and it is both good and sad that they missed out on the unrest of the ’70s and ’80s. Good, because many youth like them lost their lives in the liberation struggle, and sad because today’s youth seem to lack a true appreciation for the privileges that come so easily to them. They take for granted the privilege of having the political freedom to live where they wish, the privilege of attending schools with world-class sports and academic facilities and the privilege of having equal access to jobs. Sadly, most do not know enough of our country’s troubled political past to truly value what they have. Of greater concern though, and an irony, is that while we have the freedom our constitution and a democratic government afford us, we are not really free. How can we be when poverty, unemployment, crime and violence on women and children headline our existence? This should be the burning question as we reflect on our freedom tomorrow, as we stand united in celebration of all that we’ve achieved; of what we’ve shown the world, and ourselves. And so we should celebrate Freedom Day by also honouring the unsung heroes – the community workers and the police – who fight daily to ease poverty, joblessness and crime.

EARLIER this month, Julius Malema, ANC Youth League president, accused DA leader Helen Zille of “dancing like a monkey” to get votes from the electorate. Keeping such a keen eye on her moves,

Malema must have sat up and taken note when he heard that a field mouse had scampered up Zille’s leg under her jeans when she visited his home town, Seshego in Polokwane, on Thursday.

For Malema, the puzzle about Helen Zille’s dancing might be solved and he may now have one less wonder to ponder about her before laying his head to rest at night.

Your SMSes

Give us reason to hope again I OFTEN wondered what the driving force was behind people’s bad and destructive behaviour, and it suddenly dawned on me – hopelessness. People have simply lost the desire to even try any more – for them it has become a useless venture. They no longer possess the strength or the desire to fight back. Here I am not referring to the sluggards and lazy ones, no. Here I am talking about those who have fallen victim to the repercussions and results of a malfunctioning system. Even those who come from what was then termed “middle class” families, now have to scrape together to make a living. The imbalance which was formerly prevalent in this country never fell away as was promised, but has just taken on another form, another shade. The “scales” of injustice tilt out of sync on a day-to-day basis. The privileges and rights of particular groups of people are removed in order to “maintain the balance”. It is imperative that laws have to be set in place. If not, a country becomes lawless and ungovernable. However, what causes great concern is the fact that, in order for a country to function properly or effectively, it has to be governed by laws founded and based on facts and statistics, and

not on a whim or a trial “see-how-orif-this-will-work” basis. Over just this short period of time in this country, we have seen our laws being changed on an almost “day-to-day” basis. What happened to the term “it stands in the law”? Sadly, due to the rate by which new laws are being implemented, we cannot go by that saying any longer as it might not hold true, resulting in us misquoting law and ending up with “egg on our face”. What is the determining factor? Is it to make our country prosperous in the important areas such as trade and industry? Does it better and improve our current situation of unemployment? Does it help bring a sense of humanitarianism to those who serve in health care and the well-being of our citizens? Does it strike a balance when it comes to taking care of not only the needs of those currently employed, but also the needs and compensation of those who have been contributing to the economy and growth of this country through years of loyally serving and paying their taxes? The statement above I base on the fact that there is no compensation from the unemployment fund for those who have resigned from their

jobs. By the passing of this law it seems that no consideration was given to years of service. One by one the privileges and rights of the law-abiding citizens of this country are being taken away and given to the perpetrators of crime and fraud, who seem to be getting the better deal. There is a serious problem if we change the laws merely to benefit a particular group of people, or if we do it simply to deprive a particular group of people. The question we need to ask is: “How does this improve on the injustices of the past? And how is this beneficial to us moving forward together?” If we profess to be the “Rainbow Nation”, how is it then that some colours are becoming less and less visible while others become more prominent, even though they do not necessarily shine brighter? What this only does is robs and takes away what could be a glorious sight to behold. One with a promise, just as it was originally intended to be. When you give a man/woman a reason to believe again – you are giving him/her hope. MRS LG PRESTON No address supplied

. In response to the disqualification of our youth in the “Dallas Cup” in the USA. Apart from the weak admin on the organiser’s side for this tournament, the American embassy could have expedited the Visa application. They are too occupied sorting out who is a terrorist and who is not. It is one of the worst countries to apply for a Visa, unlike South Africa where it is so easy for foreigners to enter our borders with a smile and most not even requiring a visa. Huge blame should be placed on the embassy. Play your tournaments in other countries where you are appreciated. Cader . I fully support Mr Osman Shaboodien’s views on “we want alcohol-free Bo-Kaap” but doesn’t the illegal sale of alcohol in the area known as “The Kraal” also need

Apology LAST week’s Treknet cartoon gave the impression that a person named “Gamat” was under the influence of alcohol. While it was not the intention of the cartoonists, People’s Post apologises for offence that may have been caused to Mus-

urgent attention? Brian . You could present the other side of the parking issue. Guys who live in and around the Biscuit Mill are able to make a living parking cars, which keeps them away from crime (according to what they say). They say fewer cars are being broken into and not more. V . You get good and bad landlords and tenants. Funny thing is how people accept any place and rules, but when they can’t pay rent, they cry foul. Consumer . Pick n Pay tells you R1 equals one point on their Smart Card. However, they lie because you get 1 point per R100 spent. So generous! . The return on the Pick n Pay card is R1 per R100 spent. So its R10 for every R100 rand spent. The benefits are not similar to what Clicks offers, rather it’s money for nothing. So why do people complain? Lucille .


Tuesday 26 April 2011

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Baboon protectors to monitor humans DALEEN FOUCHÉ


GENEROUS private donation is the driving force behind a new initiative by the Baboon Liason Group (BLG), to protect the Chacma baboons in the southern Cape Peninsula. Apart from financing additional baboon collars, the R100 000 donation by a Cape Town couple will help fund the Baboon Protector Project which will help Western Cape environmental authority, CapeNature, enforce new legislation, in terms of an amendment made to the Nature Conservation Ordinance 19 of 1974. The amendment prohibits the public from feeding baboons in any space – private or public. CapeNature has not initiated a single prosecution in terms of the new or the old legislation, mainly due to a lack of available information which would allow it to successfully do so. Fanie Bekker, director of CapeNature, believes that things are about to change with the help of the new Baboon Protector Project. The BLG, made up of civic and ratepayers’ associations from areas affected by baboons, has worked with the Nature Conservation Corporation (NCC), the service provider tasked with baboon management on the Cape Peninsula to design the prototype of the Baboon Protector Project. “Baboon Protectors” are to focus on keeping members of the public away from wild baboons and are to inform them about baboon behaviour and the consequences of “foolhardy” interactions. Two baboon monitors employed by the NCC have been selected to become Baboon Protectors, and have already received training in law enforcement and communications. They have also been equipped with a cellphone and a camera to record and report difficult situations. If this pilot project is successful, it could be rolled out into other problem areas, such as the Tokai Forest. Dr Lesley Shackleton, who represents the Simon’s Town Civic Association (STCA) on the BLG, says the Baboon Protectors have

Dallas 2010: How it went down

been trained to identify people feeding baboons and trace eyewitnesses, which will help CapeNature prosecute such perpetrators. The project has already been launched and there is one Baboon Protector on duty from dawn to dusk every day. They will be stationed in the Miller’s Point and Smitswinkel Bay area for four months. This area is a popular spot visited by tourists, and is infamous for car raiding by baboons. The Smitswinkel Bay troop’s alleged alpha male, Fred, was recently euthanised. The relevant authorities, the City of Cape Town, CapeNature and Table Mountain National Park, said at the time that Fred’s aggressive behaviour and his ability to open car doors, led to his demise. “This is what we hope to avoid,” says Dr Graham Noble, chairperson of the BLG, “and the way to do this is to educate people that baboons are wild animals. People and baboons must be kept at a distance from each other,” he says. Bekker says CapeNature “strongly supports” this initiative. “The protectors will be our eyes and ears on the ground.” He says the current problem with enforcing the new legislation prohibiting feeding of baboons, is that people who phone with tipoffs do not have enough information for CapeNature to follow up on. But, he maintains the Baboon Protectors have now been trained to source this information. Bekker is confident that the initiative will be a success, adding that after a trial period, the authorities will aim to raise money to possibly even roll out the project to other hotspots. The Baboon Protector wears a distinctive orange vest, which distinguishes him from the monitors. The Protectors will integrate their activities with those performed by the monitors. NCC supervises the protectors, who will be fully employed by them. NCC will also employ an additional two monitors to fill the vacant monitor positions. “We hope this will be a win-win project,” says Dr Justin O’Riain of the UCT Baboon Research Unit.

Help feed young minds ISLAMIC Relief South Africa (IRSA) has dedicated April and May to books with the aim of promoting reading and improved literacy levels in their annual book campaign, themed “Unlock a Mind, Donate a Book”. The organisation is calling on the community and business sector to donate new or used children’s books for children aged four to 16 which they would like to re-distribute to orphaned and vulnerable children. They have set up a number of boxes throughout the city where people can drop off their books. Some of the drop-off points are at the Islam-

Tuesday 26 April 2011

ic Relief offices in Athlone, the Golden Feather Spur at Vangate Mall, the Kromboom Road SuperSpar in Crawford, the Boorhanol Islamic Centre in Bo-Kaap and the Radio 786 studio in Rylands. The book campaign will culminate in a special distribution ceremony for children from IRSA’s Orphans Programme and various other orphanages in the Western Cape at Marsh Memorial Home in Rondebosch on 25 May. For information about any additional drop off points contact Ebrahim Charles on (021) 696-0145 or visit


N response to your article, “Dallas tour debacle” (People’s Post, 19 April): Last year, during the same period, my family and I were part of the Dallas 2010 tour, my spouse being one of the two coaches of the team and my son playing in the team. Our team was treated first class in Dallas as we were the upcoming hosts of the World Cup. I just want to mention a few issues that affected our trip. 1. Team preparation: Mr Basil Palanyandi did not arrange practices and games and fields. Everything was last minute, which was frustrating to the coaches. The boys were also never all there as they were involved in other things. 2. Team funds: Most of our funds were deposited into one or other account of the organiser. Mr Palanyandi asked me towards the end of the year to collect outstanding monies from the parents. When I collected the money I would hand it over to him immediately. This was the trend up until the last meeting Mr Palanyandi held with the boys and their parents at a local campsite. 3. Team gear: There was absolutely no sponsorship, even though we went under the auspices of the Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s foundation. As parents we had to fork out money for everything. The boys received their gear on the last minute and the gear was not up to scratch. Jackets and bags were promised as part of the gear – this we paid for, but to date these boys and the rest of the touring party have not received any bags nor jackets. 4. Team departure: We had a farewell at a local hotel. There was not enough

Knockout Challenge on the roll YOUNG footballers can start polishing their ball skills for the premier youth tournament on Cape Town’s soccer calendar: the annual Engen Knockout Challenge for under-17s. The inter-club tournament will be played from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July at the Stephan Reagon Sports Complex in Westridge. It is the eighth edition of this popular annual youth soccer showcase. The tournament is a guts-and-glory chance for soccer players to make their mark in a hotly contested arena. The winning team gets a R10 000 cheque and a year’s worth of boasting rights. Sports wear company Umbro is the technical sponsor. People’s Post is again proud to be the print media sponsor of the tournament. This will be the fifth consecutive year that People’s Post provides the official print media coverage. “It has been an enriching partnership

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for us,” comments Annelien Dean, People’s Post editor. “As a publication we wholeheartedly back the aim of the Engen Knockout Challenge to provide a credible platform for young talent to shine. We really wish all participating young footballers everything of the best for the tournament, and we encourage the community to go out to the tournament to see the energetic and exciting football that will be on display.” The four seeded clubs in the 16-team competition will be Ajax Cape Town, Engen Santos, Vasco Da Gama and Cape United FC, the defending champions. Tournament coordinator Gilbert Kruger says that the entry deadline for the play-off phase to qualify is Saturday 30 April. The play-off matches will be held during May and clubs intending to enter must submit their entries on a club letterhead to


Hygiene & Bug’s ‘R’ Us Fleas

food, and families of two boys from Stellenbosch pitched (Mr Palanyandi told us they were not in the team any longer although their flights had been for paid already). This occasion was disastrous. The departure date changed to two days later. Mr Palanyandi and the head coach did not make it to Dallas. The head coach arrived in time for the last game as Mr Palanyandi did not book his ticket. 5. Team arrival and team transport in Dallas: Mr Palanyandi never booked and paid for any team transport in Dallas. This we found out on the eve of our departure. After telephoning Dallas to confirm the booking, we were told there was no transport for us, so the coach and I had to run around frantically finding funds for transport. A player’s parents helped us out. After being at the orientation camp for three days we had to find someone to take us back to Dallas to collect the van and then to the hotel. This van was not big enough for all and put more pressure on the manager and coach. The coach had to take responsibility for driving the van without an international driving licence because the manager would not do it. To crown it all this was not the first trick. We only found out afterwards. Between my family and the manager we had to use our own funds for gas for most of the time as there was no money from Mr Palanyandi as promised. 6. We arrived in Cape Town all well after the tournament and we had a good experience, but to date we have not had a feedback meeting with Mr Palanyandi. JULIA FALKEN Sybrand Park

Call Phill NOW for friendly service & Expert advice - 082 695 9216 Office: 021 510 1636 • Fax: 021 510 1274 E-mail: Unit 24, Rosbur Park, Neptune Str., Paarden Eiland (Opposite Klooftiqua)

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Tuesday 26 April 2011

THIRD TRIUMPH: Olesya Nurgalieva of Russia wins her third Old Mutual Two Oceans Mara­ thon as Fikile Mbalula, the Minister of Sport and Recreation, follows to honour her at the finish of the women’s race at UCT on Saturday. Olesya finished in a time of 3:33:58, while her twin Elena – with three previous Two Oceans triumphs – placed second in 3:37:44, after pulling up with a painful calf after 30 km. Two other gold medal winners from Cape Town were eighth­placed Farwa Mentor and VOB’s Joanna Thomas, who placed 10th and first master overall. George Ntshiliza of Port Elizabeth won the men’s marathon.

People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland Page 11

CHARGED UP: George Ntshiliza of Port Elizabeth kept the South African flag flying high when he won the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon that finished at the UCT Sports Complex on Satur­ day. Ntshilaza (31), running in the colours of Nedbank, clocked 3:08:31 and finished 18 seconds ahead of second placed Mr Price athlete Motlokoa Nkhabutlane of Lesotho, after taking the lead less than a kilometre from the finish. The men’s and women’s marathon winners each received R250 000 in prize money. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

TOP RACKET: Elana Joubert (left) won the women’ title and Cheryl Ann Murphy placed second at the recent Western Province Racketlon open championship held at the UCT Sports Complex. Photo Supplied

FUN ON THE RUN: The tiny tots race – one of the Old Mutual Two Oceans novelty events – drew a huge entry of children and enthusiastic parents, who enjoyed the fun run at UCT on Good Friday. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

OVER THE TOP: Ethan Sampson of ASD Cape Town bicycle kicks as Matthew Rhoda of Ajax Cape Town FC closes in during a Winners Section semi­final at the Premier Cup under­ 19 championship at Belhar yesterday (Monday). ASD Cape Town won 3­1 on penalties, after a 1­1 tie.

Engen Santos launches fan walk ENGEN SANTOS FC have planned a fan walk from Langa Indoor Sports Centre to Athlone Stadium for Santos’s clash with Orlando Pirates on Saturday 7 May. Building on the success of the World Cup fan walk, which united people from all walks of life in the spirit of the game, Santos has taken the bold step of creating a fan mile to the stadium. Spectators as well as those who want to come along to enjoy the experience can safely park their cars at the sports centre as they make their way to the stadium. Spectators will enjoy a host of entertainment along the way in Lourie Street, Bridgetown. With strict security along the fan walk, fans will meet at the sports centre at noon to cross the Bhunga Avenue Bridge on their way to Loerie Street, Dr Abdurgahman Avenue and Springbok Street to enter the stadium gates. Fans are urged to purchase tickets at Computicket and Shoprite/Checkers branches before the match. No tickets will be on

sale at the stadium. The match starts at 15:00. Goolam Allie, the chairperson of Santos, encouraged Capetonians to “come out and enjoy the day with us”. “There will be great entertainment, plenty of security and return shuttles for those going back to their parked cars after the match. Add the magic of soccer, and it’s an occasion not to be missed,” said Allie. Pirates are vying for the league title this season and Santos are looking to secure its place in the top eight in the Absa Premier Soccer League – so nothing can dampen the spirits of either team or their fans. Santos FC together with its partner, Engen, will play host to the sassy La Vuvuzela, who will entertain an anticipated 20 000-strong crowd at Athlone Stadium. . People’s Post is giving away ten sets of double tickets to the game. To enter the lucky draw for the tickets, SMS “Santos” to 34586 by noon on Thursday 28 April. SMSes cost R2 each. Winners will be phoned and must be willing to collect their tickets from Santos’s office in Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne.

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Tuesday 26 April 2011

Dallas tour row intensifies LIVE FROM AMERICA



HE controversy surrounding the ill-fated Dallas Cup tour for under-15s to America rages unabated following the disqualification of the 17player squad from the annual event that started on Sunday 17 April. So much so that more angry parents of the touring players have contacted People’s Post, which broke the news “Dallas Tour Debacle” in its Tuesday 19 April edition. The parents and friends also placed the report on Facebook, which was then read by the touring children in America. The article revealed the anguish the youth footballers experienced – through no fault of their own – after the team was disqualified for failing to register on time and arriving late for the tournament. Former Springbok rugby player Dale Santon, whose son plays for Wynberg St John’s AFC, and Winston Faulmann, whose son is a member of the Western Province Sports School, were among parents

who vowed to put the record straight once the team returns from Dallas. Faulmann spent over R60 000 for him and his wife to go on tour with their son, while Santon forked out over R20 000. Amid the chaos, tour coordinator Basil Palanyandi – who has been involved in several previous Dallas tours – has been targeted by the parents for not fulfilling “his duties correctly and timeously”. They blamed Palanyandi for the delay in the issuing of visas by the American Consulate in Cape Town. This resulted in the tour group leaving on separate flights on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 April, instead of on Sunday 10 April for Dallas, as had been scheduled. The controversy deepened when Dan Vaughan, the aide for Archbishop Desmond Tutu, said last Monday that the Archbishop had withdrawn his support for the Dallas tours since 2009, after Palanyandi “failed to submit audited financial statements, as well as for other conditions regarding misrepresentation that were not adhered to”. It has also come to light that no executive member of the Safa Cape Town – which has distanced itself from the tour that was endorsed by the South African Football Association (Safa) – honoured invitations to attend a farewell function for the tour

group. Palanyandi serves on the executive (head of fixtures) for the Safa CT – which has indicated it will summon him to a meeting after his return from Dallas. In another twist to the debacle, this newspaper established that Palanyandi liaised with some parents and other stakeholders involved in the Dallas Cup tours via the email address from the offices of the LFA Cape District, and not through the email address, which serves as a control point for all emails regarding soccer. It is understood that Palanyandi’s email was only supposed to be used to fulfil his duties as secretary of the Facility Management Committee (FMC) for the LFA Cape District, which is based at the William Herbert Sports Complex in Wynberg. Winston Engledoe, the president of the LFA Cape District, also serves as chairperson of the FMC. The LFA Cape District said last week that “it had not received any complaint from any parents over the last 10 years regarding the Dallas Cup Tournament”. “Like any club (Ikapa), requested permission from Cape District, Safa and Safa CT to partake in the Dallas Cup tournament. “We are, however, unaware of the financial implications as no

Ikapa United tour coordinator Basil Palanyandi is seen last week with cheer­ leaders from the Dallas Cup tournament and some youth players from Cape Town at a post­friendly match celebration. Photo: Supplied funds were directed via Cape District for this tour. “Cape District is not in a position to comment on the operational issues for this tournament or any other tournament hosted by any other club.” But Carla Goodman, whose son plays for Camps Bay AFC, was among parents who confirmed they were contacted via the email address basil@capedistrict in connection with pre-tour arrangements. She said the parents will meet to decide what action they will take regarding the tour debacle, prior to the tour group’s arrival at Cape Town International Airport on Thursday 28 April. Mohamed Shabodien, the reser-

vations manager for an Athlonebased travel agency, confirmed yesterday (Monday) that the tour group will return home via London. When Palanyandi was contacted by this newspaper on Wednesday 13 April to give his side of the story, he responded: “Your call regarding the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Ikapa United team – no comment. “You are however invited to attend the report back meeting once the team returns. Will give you date, time and venue for that meeting.” Arrangements were made for the touring team to compete in friendly matches in Dallas after its disqualification. . See letter on page 10.

Sharks crave Newlands showdown LOUIS DE VILLIERS


HE Stormers will have to stop a few sturdy players in their tracks at Newlands on Saturday if they want to stay at the top of the Super Rugby series. Not only do the Sharks sound cautiously optimistic that Bismarck du Plessis will be fit and ready to play against the Capetonians, but the storming flank, Jean Deysel, could also return to the team. In addition, John Smit delivered a tidy performance against the Hurricanes as the Sharks’ hooker. Du Plessis is a football freak that would make most teams, and the Sharks do not constitute most teams. Tendai (The Beast) Mtawarira and Willem

Alberts also looked sharp against the Hurricanes on Saturday, which will make for a lipsmacking spectacle at Newlands for those who appreciate rough and ready rugby. John Plumtree, the Sharks’ coach, just smiled at the question of whether he would consider Deysel, saying: “If he is fit.” Deysel has played the past three Vodacom Cup matches, so this requirement is easily met. The Sharks coach is preparing for a difficult mission. “I do not see much in it for us that they had a bye this weekend. It will not help to hit at them for 40 minutes – it is more difficult than that. “There is more than enough at stake – both teams will know afterwards exactly where they stand,” he said after the match against the Hurricanes. According to him, his team will not be tak-


ing a leaf out of the Reds’ book. The Queenslanders are the only team that could trump the Stormers this year and this is largely the result of tactical kicking. “The Reds’ recipe will not work for us. We will stick with what suits us. You can also not try to read too much into one match.” An area of the Sharks’ play that concerns their coach is their line-out work. The Sharks lost a couple of throw-ins – not a fatal error, but their line-out possession was sloppy on the whole and put them on the back foot. “We tried out a few options, but it did not go well. Our line-out work is currently not accurate enough, and if we don’t urgently iron it out, the Stormers will put us under ugly pressure.” The former Stormers lock, Ross Skeate, was in the middle of the line-out on Saturday,

40% - 60%


but was not an overwhelming success. No-one knows better than the Capetonians, though, what the talented Skeate is capable of, and Plumtree was also satisfied with his performance. He singled out the contributions of his replacements: Jannie du Plessis and Keegan Daniel, who were on the replacements bench for a change but performed superbly during their time on the field. “Jannie and Keegan did very well and Adi (Jacobs) was as dangerous as always when he ran on from the bench. There is healthy competition in the team.” With the Stormers doubting the availability of fly half Peter Grant, an extremely important cog in their defence, there is already the prospect this week of a few feisty Sharks specifically targeting this channel.






Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland Edition 26-04-2011  

Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland Edition 26-04-2011

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