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Tuesday 11 October 2011

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Centennial cheer Radiant and col­ ourful, these UCT students pulled out the stops to showcase their Taiwanese herit­ age while that country celebrat­ ed the 100th Na­ tional Day of the Republic of China yesterday. With the students are hosts Simon and Tracey Tu.

Little hope for local school TAURIQ HASSEN


HE Salt River Moslem Primary School has been informed of its impending closure by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED). The school received a letter from the WCED on Thursday 29 September, saying that, as of 31 December, it will be shut down. People’s Post highlighted the issue earlier this year, when the WCED first put the school’s closure to the public (“Local school closure on the cards”, 28 June). At the time, the WCED said a letter had been sent to the school explaining the reasoning behind the move. The department said the school was not deemed fit for teaching and learning, as its building was dilapidated and “not well maintained”. The WCED said it had also found that surrounding schools had the space to accommodate the pupils of Salt River Moslem Primary. Now, the newly formed Salt River

Moslem School Working Committee is calling on the public to help keep the school open. “There has been a small yet committed group of stakeholders doing steady and sterling work on developing a plan for the sustainable future of the school over the last six months,” says committee chairperson Jihaad Boltman. He says the community rejected Education MEC Donald Grant’s “misinformed” decision, and claims Grant has acted in “bad faith with a community he has made no attempt even to listen to”. “Donald Grant, in his capacity as a servant of the people, has abused his position, and he and his entourage of incompetent cronies have shown their utter disrespect for a community, and an institution that has delivered enlightenment for 94 years,” says Boltman. The school, originally situated in Kingsley Road in Salt River, was established in 1917 by Ebrahim Norodien. It started with just three classes, and was funded by contributions

from the public. In later years the school received financial support from the government. Asked for the WCED’s response to Boltman’s statements and the school’s closure, Bronagh Casey, spokesperson for MEC Grant, said a senior official from the WCED hand-delivered the letter indicating the MEC’s decision to close the school. “We are currently renting the building from the Salt River Muslim Educational Board, but the letter confirmed the termination of the lease agreement,” says Casey. She went on to say that the department is now finding place for Salt River Moslem Primary’s 230 or so students in other schools nearby. The four schools identified for this are Dryden Street, Cecil Road, Wesley and St Agnes Primary Schools, all of which are located around 500m away from Salt River Moslem Primary. “Many of these schools received better literacy and numeracy results in the Grade 3 systematic testing last year,” Casey continues. The school will not be able to ap-

peal the closure as “there is no legal provision in SA Schools Act for an appeal”, she says. Undaunted, Boltman says he will continue to fight for the school’s survival, and has invited locals – as well as representatives of the WCED – to a public meeting at the Blackpool Hall in Shelley Street, Salt River, from 14:00 until 16:00 on Saturday to discuss the matter and find a way to keep the school open. “The purpose of this meeting will be to inform the public about the real and true facts of the situation, and then, together, to develop a plan for the future of the school,” Boltman says. The committee has made several prior attempts to derail the impending closure; members have appeared on local radio to call for assistance, and have found building contractors willing to provide the labour required to fix up the school, but the materials to do so are still required. If you are interested helping the school’s cause in any way, contact Iemeraan on 082 745 3106 or Jihaad on 072 405 9695.


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Sharks and lions – and we’re not talking rugby EVER since they banned seal hunting (clubbing, actually), the seal population has been on the rise, and that has attracted numbers of great white sharks. They are particularly fond of the pups, and the message seems to have spread far and wide that seal veal is on offer in False Bay. We’ve also seen the return of the jackass penguins, and they seem to make a good between-meals snack. Then we have all those people pouring blood and guts into the sea in a sort of ritual sacrifice to the gods of tourism. That really gets the sharks going, and provides plenty of thrills for cage divers. And on the fringes of our territorial waters, we have those terrible Chinese fishermen who catch sharks, cut off their fins for soup and throw them back alive to spread the word about cruel humans. And last, but by no means least, we have the shark huggers who can see no wrong in the monster predators. Their campaigning has ensured that the great white is now a protected species that features regularly in starring roles on the National Geographic channel. Is it any wonder that the confused sharks have turned on us? So we are stuck with the results of over-fishing and under-sealing and then, to make matters worse, we taunt the sharks by dangling tasty humans in cages in their favourite hunting grounds.’n No wonder they get excited when an unprotected bather ventures beyond the breakers.

It really is a mess. Have you ever thought of what would happen to the tourism industry if the Shark Spotters went on strike? The situation is not okay, and no amount of soothing talk by the shark huggers will make it okay. If the argument goes that the sea is their territory and we should respect this and enter at our own risk, then we might as well bring back lions to Cape Point and take our chances there too. At least they might take care of the baboons. Or drive the troops into the suburbs. We could even tether a goat and lock tourists in nearby cages so that they can observe the born-free lions move in for the kill. National Geographic might film that too. It would also teach the lions to associate tourists with food. Baboons and lions in the streets would be very exciting. That’s what most tourists expected to find in Africa, and we should not let them leave disappointed. The truth of the matter is that we have upset the balance of nature, and we are responsible for the consequences. We might have to do some culling, just as they do in the game reserves, to retain the balance between predator and prey, between grazers and vegetation. The other approach is to sit back with the shark huggers and let nature takes its ugly course. What’s a life here or there? After all, we’ve overpopulated this planet, and we should expect a correction, as they say on the stock exchange.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Making your money work SOUTH AFRICA’s leading investment publication, Finweek, is about to shake up the local business news market as its new product offering hits shelves in early October. A combination of award-winning financial and business journalists, cutting-edge content from leading providers including the Harvard Business Review, and a blend of print and digital content will provide a one-stop shop for those interested in taking control of their money. “The last couple of years have been incredibly volatile for people trying to manage their money, and investors at all levels are trying to be in a position where they feel like they have some MONEY MATTERS: Finweek is set to shake up the business control,” says Fin- world with its new offerings. Image: Supplied week editor Marc Ashton. variety of digital and mobile solutions to With the global financial crisis knock- work alongside its well established print ing investor confidence, businesses hesi- offering. tant to add jobs and a spirit of entrepreFrom October, this includes an interacneurship hitting South Africa, the rede- tive website (, which signed Finweek will offer more of includes podcasts, video content, webieverything: more experts talking about nars and the opportunity to follow expert your money; more columnists providing portfolios. breaking views on the economy and inAshton concludes: “We won every mavestment landscape; more personal fi- jor financial journalism award in 2011 nance aimed at making finance less with our coverage of investment-related scary; more suggestions on how to earn, matters, and when somebody picks up a save and spend your moneyFinweek’s Finweek magazine they know that they new positioning will see it embracing a are making an investment.”

Tail-wagging triumph celebrated ADOPTIONS of man’s best friend skyrocketed when the SPCA’s “No Fun Without Your Best Friend” campaign took hold of Cape Town’s animal lovers. Thanks to the awareness drive, the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA and Hill’s Pet Nutrition are celebrating a 290% increase in the number of dogs adopted at the local branch of the association during International Animal Week (which ran

from Monday last week until yesterday). The campaign, which has been supported by dozens of well-known South Africans, celebrities and media personalities since it was launched at the end of August, aimed to encourage Capetonians to adopt rather than buy a dog, the organisers explain. Driven mainly through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, the campaign aimed to dispel myths around

LUCKY LUCY: Lucy, an adult female Jack Russell­Pomeranian cross from the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, is in need of a loving home.

adoption and highlight the benefits of adopting from the 139year-old animal welfare organisation, which each year admits thousands of stray and surrendered dogs. “In the past month we attracted almost 500 new Facebook fans, and the number of people following us on Twitter has grown by 250%,” says Sarah Scarth, the CoGH SPCA’s communications manager, who had been driving the campaign. “This increased online activity has directly resulted in more animals finding loving new homes, and demonstrated the power of social networking in improving the lives of animals.” One of the first people to get on board was Rassie Erasmus, technical advisor to the Springboks; after his visit to the SPCA in Grassy Park, he said: “You have to get down to the SPCA and see the number of amazing dogs they have available for adoption – it really isn’t a sad place at all, and all the dogs are so well socialised and would make great family pets.” Among the numerous others who gave the campaign their endorsement and helped raise awareness through Twitter and Facebook were Premier Helen Zille, Jo-Ann Strauss and Roxy Louw. For more information on dogs available for adoption and how to adopt from the CoGH SPCA, please visit

SUPER SUPPORT: Roxy Louw supports the “No Fun Without Your Best Friend” awareness campaign, which has seen a 290% increase in the number of dogs adopted from the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.


Tuesday 11 October 2011

People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland Page 3

Waste service ‘stinks’ TERESA FISCHER

ACTING on numerous complaints from residents, the ward councillor of Pinelands has invited locals to voice their opinions – positive or negative – on refuse collection in the suburb. This is ahead of the next Subcouncil 15 meeting on Wednesday next week, during which alderman Brian Watkyns, Pinelands ward councillor, has promised to question the Solid Waste Department on its service delivery. The City of Cape Town has, since July, taken the reins from a tender-allocated service provider in Pinelands, a decision which residents claim has actually worsened service delivery. John Berry, chairperson of the Pinelands Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association, did not hold back in his criticism of the City, calling its refuse collection service “useless” and “pathetic”. This sentiment was echoed by another Pinelands resident, who replied in an email that Pinelands used to have a “perfect supplier” that gave Pinelands no problems. This resident writes that the “wide variation” in collection times only arose since the City took over collections. Berry says he owns a bin cleaning company that relies on timely collections, and it’s coming under strain. “People moan all the time,” he says – his staff included. Collection sometimes carries on until 21:00, and other areas, such as Kensignton, Maitland and Thornton, are also affected, Berry says. Watkyns says complaints about the service come in every week. He says these include complaints of inconsistent bin collection, varying collection times, missed collections in a whole street, and staff refusing to collect bins or attempting to get money for additional refuse. There has even been a written compliant of drunkenness on the job. “For at least 30 years the refuse collection was done by a contractor with minimal problems and no disruption when municipal strikes were taking place,” Watkyns says. Berry describes a City press release, in which the City gives its reasons for the varied collection times, as “absolute rubbish”.

The City release, issued in early October, advised residents that the City does not guarantee an exact time for refuse collection on the scheduled day. The City said collection times are dependent on a number of factors, and that the ability to collect refuse in an area is “often dictated to by conditions beyond the control” of the Solid Waste teams. The reasons given included traffic disruptions, weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns and the volume and mass of refuse put out by residents. According to the City, collection times can start as early as 06:00 and as late as 23:00, but it expects to take delivery of new rubbish trucks in the current financial year. Berry suggests that the entire waste removal system be privatised. Rustim Keraan, director of the City of Cape Town’s Solid Waste Management Department, says the City deals with about 800 000 wheelie bins every week. About 25% of these are taken care of by contractors, with each contract running for a period of three years, after which fresh tenders are put out. Keraan adds that the the City has ordered 40 new vehicles, which are due for delivery over the next nine months. Asked why the decision was taken to use in-house resources to collect refuse, he cites a number of reasons, including improved control and logistical organisation. “A decision was made to arrange the contracted and non-contracted services by, amongst others, geographical area,” says Keeran. Asked whether private services are more costly, he says the costs vary from contract to contract. In response to whether residents would pay more for rates if a private contractor was used, he explains that the City’s tariffs are all-inclusive and calculated “across the board”. “There are many variables that affect the costs of rendering the service, and the City does not calculate specific tariffs according to area,” he adds. Watkyns asks for comments on service delivery in the area – excluding complaints related to the strike – to be sent to him by Monday 17 October. Send an email to or phone (021) 5313437.

Equipping the future THE Disability Workshop Development Enterprise (DWDE) will hold its inaugural Career Fair at the WRSeta offices on the third floor at the Old Warehouse Building in Black River Park, Fir Road, Observatory, tomorrow (Wednesday). The DWDE aims to put unemployed people with disabilities – especially

youths – in the spotlight, and help youths with disabilities find employment opportunities. All students with disabilities are invited to attend the fair, which is due to start at 08:30 for 09:00. For further information email

OCEAN GIRLS: Hundreds of pupils from around Cape Town arrived to clean up Sunrise Beach in Muizenburg and take their place in International Coastal Cleanup Day; the annual anti­ trash blitz is one of the world’s largest volunteer efforts for ocean health, and the culmination of Clean Up South Africa Week. Many of the students were rallied under the Woolworths Educational Programme banner, including these York Road Primary School pupils from Landsdown: Zayaan Salie (left), Sasquia Truter, Jamie­Leigh Greckwa and Zinzi Landzela.

The benefit of bandanas THE Sunflower Fund’s National Bandana Day happening tomorrow (Wednesday), and everybody is asked to honour the day and support those suffering from lifethreatening blood disorders like leukaemia by wearing a Sunflower Fund ban-

dana, which can be bought from your nearest Pick n Pay, BP Express or Round Table. For more information on becoming a bone marrow stem cell donor, call 0800 12 10 82 or visit

APPLICATIONS FOR GRANT-IN-AID FUNDING 2012/2013: SUBCOUNCIL 12 Subcouncil 12 invites submissions for the financial year commencing 1 July 2012 from organisations in the following Wards: • •

• •

Ward 78: Beacon Valley (south-east of Morgenster Street, east of AZ Berman Drive, north of Trampoline Street and west of Alpine Street) – Mitchells Plain CBD – Portland – Rocklands – Westgate – Westridge Ward 79: Beacon Valley (south-east of Trampoline – south-west of Lord Street and Oval Street, north-west of Imperial Street and north-east of AZ Berman Drive) – Eastridge (south-east of Imperial Street, south-west of Don Street and Alphine Road, north-west of Spine Road and north-east of Yellowwood Road) – Michells Plain CBD – Portland Ward 81: Portion of Portland, Rocklands, Strandfontein, Westridge Ward 82: Tafelsig, Wolfgat Nature Reserve (Western part)

GRANTS-IN-AID Applications for grant-in-aid funding must be made on the official application form, available at the Subcouncil 12 Office, together with a letterhead and include the following details: • • • • • • •

date established type of organisation (NPO, Section 21 Company, Schools, Sport bodies, Community Organisations) details of previous funding by the City details of other funding received from the City for the current financial year purpose or aim of grant detailed description of project to be implemented utilising the funding detailed breakdown of project costs

Please address completed applications, with supporting documentation for Grants-in-Aid, by no later than 28 October 2011 to: The Subcouncil Manager (David Cedras) Subcouncil 12 Parks & Bathing Building Merrydale Avenue Lentegeur 7798 (E-mail address: * All applications for grants-in-aid will be assessed in accordance with the Grant-in-Aid Policy and must conform to the Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003. Contact Kenneth Snippers or Marilyn Meyer for Grant-in-Aid application forms on 021 371 4550, or ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER

Page 4 People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland


Tuesday 11 October 2011

Let your hard work shine WESTERN CAPE crafters and designers have until Friday 2 December to submit their entries for the 2012 Cape Craft and Design Institute’s (CCDI’s) fourth Handmade Collection, which aims to showcase the most innovative handmade products in the province. Work will be selected by a board of top designers, retail gallery owners and curators, and the products will be unveiled at the iconic Design Indaba in February next year to retail buyers and collectors from across both South Africa and the rest of the world. The works will also be shown off in a glossy catalogue and on the CCDI’s website. The products can be made of anything from ceramics, wool and textiles to glass, wood and metal; previous selections have included items CAPPING IT OFF: This basket, made of beer bottle such as mosaics, beadwork, em- caps, featured in one of the Handmade Collection’s broidery, lighting, jewellery previous showings at the Design Indaba. Photo: Supplied and even homeware made from recycled plastic, fabric waste and bottle caps. Last year’s selection, for example, ranged from a leather and steel chandelier to a collection of lifelike proteas made from cardboard, and even a crown made of recycled magazine paper, wire and cotton thread. The only limit – aside from “innovation, local distinctiveness, integrity and skill”, the curators say – is that the final product does not measure more than a cubic metre. CCDI spokesperson Marjorie Naidoo says the fact that Cape Town has been shortlisted for World Design Capital 2014 has “renewed interest from around the world in our creative people and products”. “This is a wonderful opportunity for craft producers and designer-makers to show just how bold and skilled they can be,” she says. For more information contact the CCDI on (021) 461-1488 or visit its offices at 75 Harrington Street, Cape Town. Visit

IZICELO ZOKUXHASWA NGEZIMALI ZESIBONELELO-SONCEDO KOWAMA-2012/2013: KWIBHUNGANA-23 IBhungana-23 lihlaba ikhwelo kwimibutho ukuba ingenise izicelo zoncedo-mali kumnyakamali oqalisa ngowo-1Julayi 2012, ekwezi Wadi zilandelayo: • • •

IWadi-75: Colorado Park, Highlands Village, Hyde Park, Morgans Village, Philippi, Rondevlei Park, Weltevreden Valley, Westgate, Wildwood, Woodlands IWadi-76: Ikwezi Park, Lentegeur IWadi-88: Lentegeur (south of R300, west of AZ Berman Drive, north of Highlands Drive, east of railway line), New Woodlands, Philippi, Philippi Park

IZIBONELELO-ZONCEDO Izicelo zoncedo-mali zesibonelelo-soncedo mazenziwe kwifomu esemthethweni elungiselelwe oko efumaneka kwi-Ofisi yeBhungana-23, ezineleta eshicilelwe ngokusesikweni igama nelogo yombutho lowo kwakhona ziquke oku kulandelayo: • • • • • • •

Umhla wokumiselwa kombutho lowo Uhlobo lombutho lowo (NPO, iNkampani engeCandelo-21, iziKolo, amaqumrhu ezeMidlalo, uMbutho woLuntu) Iinkcukacha zenkxaso-mali yangaphambili/yakudala umbutho lowo awathi wayifumana kwisiXeko Iinkcukacha zenkxaso-mali yalo mnyaka-mali sikuwo othe umbutho lowo wayifumana kwisiXeko Injongo yenkxaso-mali leyo Iinkcukacha zenkcazelo yeprojekthi leyo eyakuthi imiselwe kusetyenziswa inkxaso-mali le Iinkcukacha zokucazululwa kweendleko zeprojekthi leyo

Nceda ungenise iifomu zezicelo ezigcwalisiweyo zeZibonelo-zoncedo ezinamaxwebhu azixhasayo, ungadlulanga umhla wama-28 Oktobha 2011, ku: Mphathi weBhungana oBambeleyo (David Cedras) IBhungana-23 Parks & Bathing Building Merrydale Avenue Lentegeur 7798 (Idilesi ye-imeyile: *Zonke izicelo zeziBonelelo-zoncedo ziyakuthi ziphononongwe ngokungqinelana noMgaqonkqubo ongeZibonelelo-zoncedo kwaye kufuneka zithobele uMthetho ongoLawulo lweziMali zikaMasipala onguNomb.56 wangowe-2003. Ungaqhagamshelana no-Kenneth Snippers okanye u-Marilyn Meyer ukuze ufumane iifomu zezicelo zeZibonelelo-zoncedo, kumnxeba ongu-021 371 4550 okanye u-imeyilele ku-, ACHMAT EBRAHIM UMPHATHI WESIXEKO

ENCORE: Minstrel leaders are locked in discussion with the City of Cape Town over their return to Bo­Kaap. Photo: Die Burger

Minstrels work it out with City TAURIQ HASSEN

NEGOTIATIONS between representatives of minstrel organisations and the City of Cape Town over permission to march through the city’s streets kicked off last week, after the City appointed an independent mediator. Retired Constitutional Court judge Kate O’Reagan has been appointed to the lead the negotiations between the two parties. The negotiations deal mainly with the return of the annual Cape Minstrel Carnival, which wends its way through the historic Bo-Kaap, as well as permission to hold the event on the second day of January from 2012 onwards. The City hit the brakes on the massively popular carnival because the event had grown from an appearance of roughly 200 minstrels a century ago to 46 000 minstrels and more than 100 000 spectators today Though City officials said the minstrels would be allowed to walk through the area en ruote to the stadium, and decided that the annual event could be staged on 3 January (“Ghoema returns to Green Point”, People’s Post, 16 November 2010), when the time arrived the minstrels were once again prevented from moving through Bo-Kaap. The infuriated minstrel troupes then took to the streets on Monday 3 January in protest. Scores of minstrels in full uniform carried posters and umbrellas and marched on the provincial legislature (“Minstrel sound trumpet in city”, People’s Post, 11 January). The City estimated that around 2 000 people took part in the protest, while the organisers of the protest said up to 20 000 would attend. Minstrel leaders handed over a memorandum of grievances to the City and provincial government, outlining their concerns about the routes and dates of the marches. Solly Malatsi, spokesperson for alderman Patricia de Lille, executive mayor of Cape Town, said ongoing negotiations were part of the “administration’s commitment to

building an inclusive city by embracing the diverse cultures of all the people of Cape Town through commemorating culturally significant events such as the Minstrels’ Carnival”. Judge O’Reagan started the peace-making proceedings with a series of meetings between representatives of the City, Province and minstrel organisations throughout Cape Town last Tuesday. “The City is committed to hosting the Cape minstrels’ annual carnival on its original date, and will also allow minstrels to return to their historic route through Bo-Kaap to revive the historic and cultural significance of this event,” said Malatsi. Kevin Momberg, CEO of the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival Association, said he was delighted to see the City of Cape Town come to the table. He said last year’s protest by the minstrels was a “blessing in disguise” as it gave all minstrel troupes a voice and an opportunity to show the City how much the event means to their culture. “This is a fight for our rightful place, and has been going on for years, but we can proudly say that the City of Cape Town is working well with us, and we appreciate their support in this regard.” Momberg added that the Bo-Kaap Residents’ Association is also represented in the negotiations, and would like to see the minstrels return. “This is a lengthy process, and it’s still early stages, but we are confident that if we are done here, we will have better-controlled events for the future,” Momberg says. Osman Shaboodien, chairperson of the BoKaap Residents’ Association, says members of the association, along with the representatives of the minstrel organisations, are hoping to have everything resolved by the end of October. “We have to find a way forward, not only for the minstrels, government or City, but also for the people of Cape Town,” Shaboodien says. “We are sick of being kicked around like a ball.”

Illuminate the night FOR THE second year running, the Cape Town Diwali Festival will light up the heart of the Mother City as it makes its return on Saturday at Ratanga Junction, Century City. The event provides a vibrant and colourful backdrop to the festive spirit that pervades the city this time of the year, organisers say, and it’s aimed at showcasing the Festival of Lights as a fun-filled occasion for all South Africans, upholding the principle of unity and harmony in a diverse community. “This is a cultural festival that has universal appeal, bringing all people together to foster triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, thus magnifying the awareness of the inner light,” says festival director Thev Pather. Eager patrons will be treated to a variety of tantalising experiences representative of the sights, sounds and tastes of India. Organisers promise entertainment for both young and old, with a talent competi-

tion for the young ones, a vibrant stage production journeying through India and the legends of Diwali, and a glamorous “Sari Queen” pageant. Lifestyle workshops, along with a “Mini India Fair”, will also be held, and the organisers say there are loads of fantastic prizes to be given away. The day will round off with a Bhangra Bash and, in true Diwali spirit, a spectacular fireworks display. Lotus FM will broadcast live during the event, and African Lotus Productions will cover it for SABC 2. The event takes place between 11:00 and midnight; tickets cost R40, with children under five entering for free. Buy your tickets at ShowCuts Video Hire in Rylands or through Computicket. • To stand a chance of winning one of 10 sets of double tickets, SMS the word “DIWALI” to 34586 by noon on Thursday. SMSes cost R1,50.



A 28-YEAR-OLD woman was arrested in Woodstock after officers seized thousands of rands worth of tik. At noon on Sunday, police on a scheduled crime prevention patrol in Wright Street noticed a woman dropping a black bag on the ground. According to Sergeant Hilton Malila, spokesperson for Woodstock Police Station, the officers approached the woman, but she attempted to flee. Police chased after the woman, and managed to corner her in a shack. The officers then searched the bag and found 101 packets of tik. “The estimated street value for the amount of tik found was around R7 000,” says Malila. The 28-year-old woman is currently in police custody and will be appearing today (Tuesday) in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court. •The Kensington police say they are battling to keep tabs on refuse bins being stolen from properties in the precinct. Warrant Officer Nqunqeka Ntombi, spokesperson for Kensington Police Station, says residents are failing to clearly mark their bins, making it hard to identify them after a theft. “We have received reports of the bins going missing, but if they are not marked, a case cannot be opened with police, because how do we identify these bins on the road?” The police urge residents to mark their bins with the residential address and immediately lodge concerns with the station if their bins are stolen. •Police arrested two people last week after catching them with unlicensed firearms, ammunition and dagga. On Wednesday, at approximately

17:30, police arrested an 18-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman after raiding a home in Malan Street, Walmer Estate. “The arrest follows after the police followed up information received and executed a search warrant,” says Malila. During the search, police confiscated a 9mm pistol, a .38 Special revolver, 16 rounds of ammunition, and a large quantity of dagga. “The firearms confiscated will be sent to the ballistics unit for further investigation, and to determine whether the firearms were used in reported shooting incidents,” Malila says. The suspects made a brief appearance on Thursday in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court. People’s Post could not determine the outcome of their court appearance at the time of going to print. •The Woodstock police are calling on the Salt River community, including businesspeople and religious leaders, to come out in “full force” and attend a public meeting at the madrassa in Colridge Road tonight (Tuesday), starting at 19:30. “We want to plead with the community to make use of this opportunity to raise all your concerns to the management of the station, who will all come out in full,” says Malila. There will also be a drug exhibition on the night, and members of the community will get a chance to ask questions about drug abuse. The Woodstock police implore the community to get involved in the fight against crime in the area. For more information about the meeting, call Errol Johns on 078 827 2942.









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Tik stash nabbed

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Tuesday 11 October 2011





Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm


Open Sundays 9 am - 1 pm


Page 6 People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Growing food for growing minds VOLUNTEERS braved the cold to set up a much-needed vegetable garden to supply fresh, healthy nourishment to the kitchen of a charitable educare in Salt River at the start of the month. The Women in Need Playhouse, a childcare facility in Coleridge Road run by Catholic Welfare and Development, was the perfect place to focus volunteers’ efforts, says Rehana Sherriff, human resources manager of the King James Group, a communication and advertising group that had been looking to support a worthy organisation near its new headquarters in Woodstock. “We are delighted to receive such a generous donation, not only of the vegetable garden, but of the time and efforts of the staff at King James, who gave up a Saturday to prepare and plant the garden,” says Lungisa Huna, director of Catholic Welfare and Development. “We are looking forward to providing many nourishing

meals for our children in the weeks and months to come.” Huna says more than 40 children in need benefit from the educare’s early childhood development programmes. The Playhouse also offers aftercare services, and runs courses to teach mothers how to maximise their children’s opportunities in life. Some of the ladies who go to Women in Need for help are also enrolled in Catholic Welfare and Development’s Jobstart training programme to “learn hospitality skills that will enable them to find employment and lead a more self-reliant lifestyle”, Huna adds. “We are truly blessed to have the support of an organisation like King James, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.” For more information about the Women in Need Playhouse and the work of Catholic Welfare and Development, contact Melanie Jackson on (021) 425-2095 or send an email to

HELPING HAND: The group of volunteers take a moment from their hard work to gather for a photo.

Ogle ready to turn up the heat

citY oF cApe toWn the city promotes and applies the principles of employment equity. people with disabilities are encouraged to apply

AccelerAted Apprentice trAining progrAm (VArious trAdes) TRADE




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To qualify for one of these excellent Apprentice (Engineering) opportunities you will require: Four Engineering related subjects relevant to the trade at N3 Level including Maths and Science passes exceeding 50% OR NCV Level 4 (Engineering) full exemption for the related trade, which is the new curriculum being offered at FET Colleges since 2007 OR Technical or Academic matric with Maths and Science passes of 50% or more on standard grade • The ability and willingness to learn • The ability to display a real interest in the Engineering field • Enthusiasm, determination and strong commitment to self-development. To qualify for one of these excellent Apprentice (Construction) opportunities you will require: Minimum Grade 11 (Std 9) Academic or Technical School qualification with minimum of 50% in (SG) Maths or 65% in Maths Literacy OR Four Construction related subjects at N2 levels including the relevant trade and Mathematics passes at minimum 50% OR NCV Level 4 (Construction) for the related trade full exemption, which is the new curriculum being offered at FET colleges since 2007 • The ability and willingness to learn • The ability to display a real interest in the Construction field • Enthusiasm, determination and strong commitment to selfdevelopment.

SINGING SENSATION something I didn’t Mario Ogle has just rewant to end! I went into leased his brand new al‘Superman’ wanting it bum, “Superman”, and to be better than the is in Cape Town for a first, and I really hope three week tour for its I’ve done that.” launch. Most of the songs on The album’s title “Superman” were track, “Superman” has written or co-written been a hit on radio staby Mario, and the altions KFM, Goodhope bum features several FM and Heart 104.9FM upbeat, feel-good dance (spending seven weeks tracks, along with a at number one), and the few soulful ballads. track’s music video is on To mark his album’s TV. launch, he will be at the The album will hit all Kenilworth Musica major stores this week, HEARTTHROB: Mario Ogle’s new album, store this Sunday at and follows on the heels “Superman” has been released. 11:00, as well as Saturof Ogle’s debut album, day 22 October. “Can’t Stop Loving You”, which was nominatYou can check Ogle out on Facebook and ed for a South African Music Award, and has Twitter, and see his music videos on sold 18 000 copies to date. Youtube. “What an awesome album to have worked • People’s Post is giving away 10 copies of on,” Ogle says in the wake production. “A lot Ogle’s new album. To stand a chance to win more of my own ideas and writing were put yours, SMS “MARIO” to 345866. SMSes cost into my second album. The process became R1,50.

Become a stitch above the rest

General information: Qualifying candidates will be required to write an assessment • Selected candidates will be required to undergo a medical examination • NO late applications will be accepted • Supporting documentation will NOT be returned • ONLY applications submitted on an official application form will be considered. Applications forms are available from: Cape Town Civic Centre, 2nd Floor • Electricity Services Training Centre, 733 Voortrekker Road, Maitland • Water Services Training Centre, Berkley Road, Ndabeni. Application forms are also available at the following libraries: Langa, Cnr Washington and Mendi Avenue • Mamre, Main Road • Wesfleur, Westfleur Circle • Masiphumelele,Motopeng Street • Hout Bay, Melkhout Crescent • Lotus River, Buck Road • Ocean View, Carina Close • Khayelitsha, Bonga Drive • Rocklands, Civc Centre • Westridge, Civc Centre • Athlone, Cnr Dobson and Klipfontein Road • Bonteheuwel Town Centre, Blue Gum Street • Gugulethu, NY 144 • Nyanga, Freedom Square • Bellville South, Kasselsvlei Road • Elsies River, Civic Centre, Halt Road • Scottsdene, Eaon Way • Lwandle, Vulindela Road • Mfuleni, Mfuleni Town Council, Main Road • Suider Strand, 60 Lower Gordons Bay Road. Telephone enquiries: 021 593-4642 ext 222. If you have not received a response within 6 weeks of the closing date, please consider your application as unsuccessful. The completed prescribed application form, as well as certified copies of your qualifications and Identity Document must be hand-delivered to the Human Resources Employment Counter, 2nd Floor, Tower Block, Civic Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town. Closing date: 17 October 2011

Human Communications (Cape) C93272E

GET KNITTING: The brand new YOU Knit Toys and Décor is on shelves now.

IT’S FINALLY HERE. After the YOU Knit baby book hit the shelves, YOU was inundated with requests from knitting enthusiasts for more, and the publication is happy to announce that the latest YOU Knit book is now available. This edition features toys and décor items, and will inspire you to create beautiful handmade knits for your kids and your home. YOU Knit Toys and Décor has 17 easy-to-follow patterns, including Humpty Dumpty, a fluffy sheep, a storage rack for shoes or small toys, a fiery dragon scarf and an adorable cat. There are also basic patterns for beginners, such as bunting for a baby’s cot and a snuggle cushion that will brighten up any bed or couch. At only R29,95, it’s a must for any avid knitter. It’s available in shops now; you can also order your copy today by SMSing “KNIT TOYS” and your name to 32113, call 0860 103 687 or emailing

Tuesday 11 October 2011


Time to be positive TAURIQ HASSEN

TAKE a group of youngsters, add some fun-filled activities and a dash of positivity from your local police station and commnity organisations, and you’ve got a pretty successful recipe for an interschool sports day. That’s the plan the Woodstock police have for the sports day they’re set to hold for local youngsters at the Blackpool Hall in Shelley Street on Thursday – all with the aim of steering the youths away from negative influences in the community. And schools like Queens Park and Walmer High, Zonnebloem Nest, Salt River High, Best Centre and Edufootball, along with various other non-profit organisations, will join hands in the attempt to create a better future for the youth of Woodstock and Salt River. “The purpose of the event is to educate and equip learners who have been involved in various negative activities with positive things, which they can use to improve their attitudes towards life,” says Sergeant Hilton Malila, spokesperson for Woodstock Police Station. The aim is also to give the youngsters a healthy environment to interact and iron out any differences they may have – “hopefully preventing violence among these learners in future”, Malila says. In addition to the five-a-side soccer tournament on the cards, the students will get a chance to join poetry recitals, dance lessons, and graffiti and DJ workshops. Salt River parent Rasheedah Abrahams says she is delighted to hear of initiatives

like this, which she hopes will curb the number of children who get involved with gangs. “Once a child drops out of school, they easily become involved in these silly gangs,” says Abrahams. “Some of them don’t even come out alive – and that is the saddest part.” Woodstock parent James Martin encourages the police to roll out these initiatives throughout the year, as he feels children are sure to forget their positive experiences without continual reinforcement. He says many children have a variety of talents, but few find the space to express themselves. This prevents them from excelling, he says, and calls urgently for this to be given the attention it deserves. “If you show a child there is interest in what they are doing, they will work harder to improve themselves at whatever they are doing – because they know somebody is watching them, and there is interest in what they’re doing,” says Martin. To make the day a complete success, the Woodstock police are calling on caring people to provide meals to feed the 250 or so children expected on the day. Malila says things like samoosas, pies, muffins, sandwiches, fruit and cold drinks for breakfast, as well as hot dogs and boerewors rolls for lunch, would be perfect. “The learners and all the role players will highly appreciate your support in this cause,” says Malila. If you’re interested in helping the station make the sports day a success by providing a tasty meal, please contact Sergeant Hilton Malila on 082 499 3871 or 082 778 7344.

APPLICATIONS FOR GRANT-IN-AID FUNDING 2012/2013: SUBCOUNCIL 23 Subcouncil 23 invites submissions for the financial year commencing 1 July 2012 from organisations in the following Wards: • • •

Ward 75: Colorado Park, Highlands Village, Hyde Park, Morgans Village, Philippi, Rondevlei Park, Weltevreden Valley, Westgate, Wildwood, Woodlands Ward 76: Ikwezi Park, Lentegeur Ward 88: Lentegeur (south of R300, west of AZ Berman Drive, north of Highlands Drive, east of railway line), New Woodlands, Philippi, Philippi Park

GRANTS-IN-AID Applications for grant-in-aid funding must be made on the official application form, available at the Subcouncil 23 Office, together with a letterhead and include the following details: • • • • • • •

date established type of organisation (NPO, Section 21 Company, Schools, Sport bodies, Community Organisations) details of previous funding by the City details of other funding received from the City for the current financial year purpose or aim of grant detailed description of project to be implemented utilising the funding detailed breakdown of project costs

Please address completed applications, with supporting documentation for Grants-in-Aid, by no later than 28 October 2011 to: The Acting Subcouncil Manager (David Cedras) Subcouncil 23 Parks & Bathing Building Merrydale Avenue Lentegeur 7798 (E-mail address: * All applications for grants-in-aid will be assessed in accordance with the Grant-in-Aid Policy and must conform to the Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003. Contact Kenneth Snippers or Marilyn Meyer for Grant-in-Aid application forms on 021 371 4550, or ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER


MANY butterflies migrate over long distances. Particularly famous for its long-distance feats of flight is the Monarch butterfly, which flies from Mexico to the northern US and southern Canada – a distance of about 4 000km to 4 800km. –

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HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE MORE When you entrust your employees’ retirement fund to a proven expert, you not only give your employees the freedom to retire with peace of mind, you also get them one step closer to reaching their dreams. And with over 165 years of knowledge and experience in retirement savings and investments, no one is better suited to help you, and your employees, make the most of their retirement than Old Mutual.


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Tuesday 11 October 2011

Makes census THE time has come, again, for all South Africans to stand up and be counted. Census 2011 kicked off yesterday and will end on 31 October. Among the first to be counted were the homeless and babies born after midnight, after which census field workers took to the streets under a cloud of safety concerns about opportunistic individuals. Assurances were given that all field workers were vetted, and president Jacob Zuma urged all South Africans to be counted and “help us plan well to build a better life for all”. The UN defines a population census as “the total process of collecting, compiling, evaluating, analysing and publishing demographic, economic and social data pertaining at a specified time, to all persons in a country”. Participation in the census is a statutory obligation. Some staggering Census 2011 stats: About 156 000 enumerators will collect information for 21 days Government estimates there are 14,5 million households, and some 20 million questionnaires have been printed, each 14 pages, containing 75 questions During the 35 minutes enumerators willspend at a house, people will be asked about their income, workplace and past addresses The last census, in 2001, revealed that there were 45 million people in SA. Results for Census 2011 will be available in March 2013. Stay safe during Census 2011 by keeping in mind that: All field workers must introduce themselves as employees of Stats SA and state the purpose of their visit Official Census 2011 field workers will wear official yellow shirts, a cap and a bag, all bearing the Census 2011 and Stats SA logos, and must produce an identification card containing their photo and ID number and Verify an enumerator’s credentials by calling 0800 110 248/080 between 07:00 and 22:00, or email

Take back your teachers, South Africa THE most important thing in life – more than money – is knowledge. Yet the teaching fraternity is not allowed to reap any benefits from their dedication and hard work. When will the powers that be realise this? Don’t they hold good paying positions due to being taught by teachers? There now has been a direct instruction from National that all senior teachers, teaching Grade 12, must go on an invigilation course. This means that when the Grade 12s write their exams, both during September and at the end of the year, the senior teachers of the schools might have to invigilate. These seniors are teachers, not backup to outside invigilators! It’s all about money. They do not have to pay teachers extra, but outside invigilators will have to be paid. If these senior teachers

are taken out of their classes and made to invigilate, what happens to their other classes that they have to teach and syllabi that have to be completed? Does anybody care? Teachers are not allowed to strike, because they won’t be at school to teach the learners, but they have to leave their classes in order to invigilate matric examinations. Double standards? Parents need to know why their children might not have a teacher in the class in the future. Seems as if the other learners don’t have a right to be taught. Parents pay exorbitant fees to have their children educated, and surely deserve the best of a teacher, not an invigilator. Speak up, South Africa! VG BEHRENS Pinelands

Win a Scheaffer with the write stuff NEXT time you write a letter to People’s Post, your submission may just win you a beatiful Sheaffer pen. People’s Post and Sheaffer Pens are running a letters competition, and invite you to submit a 300-word letter for a chance to win a Sheaffer 9137 Silver Shimmer FT roller-ball pen with nickel-plated trimming. Sheaffer Pens is giving away a total of 10 pens – one for the winning letter in each of our 10 editions. In 1912, Walter Sheaffer took his idea of a pen-filling apparatus that utilises a lever system and put his life savings into founding the WA Sheaffer company in Fort Madison, Iowa. The company’s physical space was modest – filling the back room of Sheaffer’s

jewellery store – but the company’s vision was grand. Nearly a century later, it continues to offer generation after generation of innovative, reliable and stylish writing instruments. Sheaffer is distributed by Silveray Statmark Company, a Bidvest Group Company, and is available from leading stationers and pen specialists. . To enter the competition, email, fax or post your letters, marked “Sheaffer Pens”, to us by 15:00 Wednesday 19 October. The winners will be announced in People’s Post on Tuesday 25 October, and the winning letters printed in the paper. Email, fax to (021) 713-9481 or post your entry to 240 Old Mutual Building, Main Road, Tokai, 7966.

Your SMSes . Please fix the parking area at Century City. People have removed the drain covers from the drains around the station. Godfrey, Kensington In response . I matriculated in 2006, have a business computing and film-making certificate and no job; my parents are both on pension, and you want to take alcohol away? Really? . Increasing alcohol prices will not work, it just means that less money will be spent on food in the homes that need it! . I have stacks of timeshare points for sale! Contact Andre on 082 881 4149. . Your cartoon on 4 October was in very poor taste. Think of the poor victims and their loved ones. Charlotte Rugby rules 101 . Many thanks to Lynn for succeeding in teaching me the rugby rules. My husband could never succeed, and I am enjoying the rugby now. Susan . So much for People Post’s Lynn Prins being a “rugby guru”, she doesn’t seem to know or care that rugby is governed by laws and not rules. If you want

to be called a guru, at least get the terminology right. Glen A howling tail . To the person who complained about their neighbours reporting their noisy dogs to Metro Police: Have you ever considered that if you controlled your dogs you would not be a nuisance to others, and the police can put that time to better use? Try it! . Anti-dog owners, get a life. Dogs are man’s best friends. Don’t be so narrow minded. Dogs have been around for a long time. Take the time to observe them and stop passing ridiculous judgement. They have been around forever and always will be. Pull yourself together, geysers. Kris . FK, your dogs disturb your neighbours’ sleep and raise their cortisol (stress hormone) levels. It means they will die sooner. You are the worst kind of thief. You steal years of your neighbours’ lives. Metro Police, take him away! By the way . Can anyone tell me how do I, as a backyarder, apply for an electricity box? Joy . My green ring-necked parakeet is still missing. Please contact me on 072 373 8328 or It has been missing since 30 April.

Thank you! . Shame on our government for treating the Dalai Lama in the manner they did to please their corrupt ally. . My daughter’s school recently had a Whole School Panel inspection for about a school week. Apparently the government’s idea behind it is to point out areas of strength and weakness. However, as a concerned parent, and from what I witnessed, I don’t think that it was developmental at all. These Whole School Panelists are more destructive than anything else. They break down good teachers and their efforts within the space of days. The government and Department of Education need to be ashamed, and need to seriously rethink their school inspection efforts. They need to look for new and innovative approaches that work in our country. To schools that still need to get Whole School Inspection, I just want to say, refuse and fight these panels, even if they say it’s unlawful. Do not allow these Panels of Destruction into our schools. Long Live the Spirit of Defiance. We did it in the past, we can do it again.


Tuesday 11 October 2011

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Book now for Baxter’s bash THE Baxter Theatre promises a spectacular event with its fundraising extravaganza, set to feature David Kramer’s new musical comedy, later this month.

MUSICAL MUSINGS: Artscape CEO Michael Maas listens to Sang­ Woo Jun of Rondebosch and Lize van der Merwe of Bellville outside the theatre as they practise for the final round of the Artscape National Youth Music Competition. Photo: Supplied

Win tickets to musical showdown THE six finalists in the Artscape National Youth Music Competition, the third largest music competition in South Africa, will meet in euphonic battle in the fourth and final round of the competition at a gala concert on Saturday. During this last leap in the prestigious music competition, the finalists will play off against one another with the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra for more



750 ml

750 ml

than R91 000 in prize money. For more information, or to RSVP by Thursday, contact Keeno Petersen on (021) 423-7263 or email • You can stand a chance to win one of two sets of double tickets to the gala event, starting at 19:30 at the Artsacpe Theatre, by SMSing the word “MUSIC” to 34586 by noon tomorrow (Wednesday). SMSes cost R1,50.

book”, and it sports elaborate sets and quick costume changes to keep the fun alive on stage. Led by Marc Lottering, the 13 members of the star-studded cast include Christo Davids, Alistair Izobell, For its 2011 fundraising Terry Hector, Abduraggala on Thursday 27 Octoman Adams, Larissa ber, the Baxter Theatre CenHughes and Jill Midtre in Rondebosch will celedelkop. brate the work of South AfriThe gala event kicks off can music legend David with guests arriving at Kramer with a special event 18:30 to enjoy complimenand a performance of his lattary food and drinks acest musical comedy, “Some companied by some light Like it Vrot”. entertainment. Guests The event, which “promiswill then proceed to watch es to be a mega party”, will the show at 20:00. help raise much-needed The after-party will heat funds for the 34-year-old theup (with more food and atre, an architectural and drinks) when local singing cultural icon in the Mother sensation The Black Ties, City. featuring Lloyd Jansen, “The Baxter does not reKeeno-Lee and Chad ceive a subsidy from governSaaiman, croon the night ment for operational costs, away. The trio will take so we have to come up with guests on a music journey innovative and exciting through the sounds of ways to make the theatre sus- STAR­STUDDED LINE­UP: Marc Lottering and Christo Marvin Gaye, Luther Vantainable, and we are delight- Davids will hit the Baxter with “Some Like it Vrot” dross, Earth, Wind and ed to see corporate and pri- at the end of the month. Photo: Supplied Fire, Lionel Ritchie, vate sector supporting this Frank Sinatra, Michael event,” explains fundraising and A number of prizes are up for Bublé and many more. campaign manager Johann Davis. grabs, including: a pair of romantic Tickets cost R280; book through “We would like to encourage au- two-night getaways in a deluxe Computicket on 0861 915 8000 or at diences to book early – in so doing suite at the four-star Lagoon Beach they will enjoy a jam-packed Hotel; a French perfume hamper; a If you’d like to make a donation evening of theatre, entertainment, signed Marc Lottering DVD box set to the Baxter Theatre Centre, please food, drinks and a jol thrown in; and poster; a David Kramer CD col- contact Johann Davis, fundraising they will also invest in the Baxter’s lection and signed poster, plus a and campaign manager, on success while celebrating one of our copy of the “Some Like it Vrot” (021) 680-3983 or 083 299 2604, or at country’s finest artists and musi- poster signed by the cast; and gift cians. All proceeds will go towards vouchers from Cavendish Square. • The production is not recomthe Baxter’s productions and This is Kramer’s first big musical mended for children under 12 years projects.” since “The Kramer Petersen Song- old.

9895 10995

BAIN’s scoTch whIsKY

scoTTIsh LEADER scoTch whIsKY

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Tuesday 11 October 2011

LEARN ENGLISH 1 on 1. All levels. ( 078 797 4596



Personal DIVORCES From R3 200 Renette Rauch Attorneys 021 418 1337/8 or e­mail: renette.rauch@

GIFTED WOMAN SPIRITUAL HEALER * Lost Lover * Financial problems * Palm Reader and Dream Interpretation * Problems with conceiving a baby, troubled marriages & many more. CALL / SMS YOUR PROBLEM (074 833 6987 or 073 611 4012 27

EXERCISE CLASSES in PINELANDS Have fun and get fit. Tuesday and Thursday 5:30pm ­ 6:30pm. Presbyterian Church. Ph 083 308 6677 SHAPE UP AND ENERGIZE Experienced HERBALIFE distributor. Free Wellness Evaluation. Ph Mary­Ann 083 457 1953


DAILY FOR R35 PER PLATE. PH 082 899 2000


Children’s Entertainment




At 67A MAIN RD, DIEP RIVER, Table View, also at 190 Durban Rd., Bellville (opposite Speedy)

Marshall House Room 208 Claremont

073 155 1988 021 671 1920

www.womanhealer. DR ZAID 20911 1B0KBWF

ALTERATIONS, brick, plas., skin., tiling, etc. Good Refs. 076 124 4713


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CATER HIRE 021­696 2394 or 084 588 0686 Plastic chairs R2. Round Table: 10 seats R10 Long Table: 10 seats R10. Chair Covers: R4. Long Table Cloth XL: R12. Round Table Cloth XL: R15. Organzas: From R2.

House Sitting EXP. Housesitter avail., good with animals (from horses to birds).(076 116 1592


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RP CONSTRUCTION NEW BUILDS AND RENOVATIONS Roof repairs, water­proofing, high­pressure cleaning, roof spraying, bathrooms, painting, carports. Ph Riaan 083 291 9554/ 021 556 2540


Building and Construction ALL BOUNDARY WALLS WITH STEEL RAILINGS BUILT (021 701 6276/082 863 9133


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Home Improvement Interior

ALL BUILDING plans drawn up and submitted to council. (021 701 6276/082 863 913 3

Consolidate your debt. Regardless of your credit history, debt counselling or Administration status, Bondpro Finance can use your property to consolidate your debt and clear your credit record.

115 Moving and Storage MINI MOVES by Johan T/fax 021 782 5749 / 073 973 7212



Contact Latiefa George 082 972 9682 E BUYERS MARKET

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CARBURETTOR Repair Centre Now open 6 days/week Voortrekker rd, Cnr Suffolk & Coronation Street, Maitland (082 875 9633

Enclosed. 3 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge and bathroom. R580 000. Ph 078 123 2307

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Antiqua, Bratton Ave, West Beach. R479 000 excl. 1 Bedroom flat, kitchen, lounge, bath/toilet, parking bay

I am looking for vehicles that are no longer running, broken down or damaged in accidents.I pay cash and remove your vehicle free of charge from any area.


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GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. R800p/night. Sleeps 6.(079 522 4309.

Houses for Sale GIVE ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY OR SELL YOUR CAR: Top prices & sound advice guaranteed. Contact CLIFFIE 021 788 9909/ 083 273 1384 Authorised Financial Service Provider. FSP 19811



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CASH For your vehicle. (Andrew on 021 786 2442 /083 764 4731


Holiday Accommodation

Bridging cash for

VIBRACRETE, walls, paving, plastering.(083 539 5478




A1 CAR PAWN. VINNIG, GOEDKOOP OF OORBRUG PER FAKS. (082 359 2546/021 856 4183

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Hiring Services

Dr. M Zaid And Maama Zulia • Bring back Lost Lover/Family • Men and women that can’t produce • Lucky Charms & gambling/lotto • Protection at work, home / business • Divorces & Court Cases • Unfinished job and financial problems

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Buys gold, jewellery & diamonds. (Even broken)

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AMERICAN COMPANY EXPANDING Needs people with 50% Eng­ lish. 5 candidates wanted.

video by david lazarus

VIDEO COURSES MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIES Personalized small classes Practical & hands on Part time course To enquire call David: 079 7772 772

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Available in Cape Town area Data Entry work. With/ without a computer. For info. sms name & address to 072 813 6062. J.C. Enterprise. 54 Main Road, P.E. 088 129 8601 LOOKING For motivated people to start their own business. Low capital. Low risk.(Abeda on 072 806 5399

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Wendy Houses "SPECIALS" 6m x 3m, R6 000 cash. ( 082 621 4441/021 393 5475


SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952

sms WENDY to 41911 and we’ll call you back.




Electrical Appliances AA APPLIANCE repairs to all makes washing machines, tumble dryers, etc. 40 yrs exp. Ph Alwyn West 021 671 5786 or 082 705 8103. I BUY & REPAIR Fridges + chest freezers, stoves +w/machines, Dead or Alive. 021 591 1699/084 985 7425 Cash on the spot. All areas.


Garden Services


Regular garden maintenance, once off clean­ups, cutbacks and pruning Contact Steve 021­797 2442

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• Replacement on all types of roofs, eg: slate, tile and metal roofs • Residential and Commercial • Torch on Waterproofing & Maintenance repair on all roofs • Office drywalling and renovations + roof and wall spraying (internal and external) • All work carries a 10 year guarantee • REGISTERED BUSINESS • All Areas

CONRAD 082 961 8108 e-mail:  021 556 5732



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Swimming Pool Services THE Pool guy. (072 417 3012


Tiling/Flooring ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713



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Tuesday Tuesday 11 11 October October 2011 2011

People’s PostSeaboard­City Woodstock­Maitland People’s Post Atlantic Edition Page 11 15

World Cup upsets, historic moments – and rules LYNN PRINS

ON THEIR MARKS: The runners get ready.

Racing for a good cause THE ARD Athletic Club in Grassy Park pulled in over a thousand people with its 10km and 5km Fun Run in aid of the League of the Friends of the Blind (Lofob) and the SPCA. The organisers say they were overwhelmed at the positive response to the charity drive; runners reportedly raved about the “slick organisation and atmosphere” on the route and praised them for a great race. A group of blind runners from Lofob ran the 5km fun run with Irafaan Abrahams, who is also raising funds for education and has been invited to run the New York Marathon later this year. “The flat course went down well with most athletes. “Though we did not see a new Western Province 10km record, we did record a very fast time for an inaugural race.” More than R30 000 in prizes were handed out on the day, including accommodation at the Capetonian

Hotel, 11 pairs of running shoes, rugby shirts and jackets, a garage door motor, and numerous vouchers for spa treatments and gym memberships. “The members and volunteers who assisted on the day were crucial in delivering an excellent race – thanks to all for their contributions,” the club says. “We are extremely grateful for the support of the many clubs that travelled from far and wide to run this race, especially the runners from Knysna, KwaZulu Natal, Free State, Eastern Cape and Boland.” The club also extends warm thanks to the sponsors who helped make the day a success. “We look forward to repeating this event on an annual basis, aiming at improving it to be even better in future.” Both organisations set to benefit from the run are based in the Grassy Park area, and serve the greater community of Cape Town.

WHAT A SAD, distasteful and bitter moment it is for the Springboks and all their supporters after their dismissal in the quarterfinal against the Wallabies on Sunday. Statistics show that the Springboks were the dominant team, but at the end of the day the stats was evidently not important. Many feel hurt and betrayed, saying match official Bryce Lawrence favoured Australia. Supporters feel it was an “unfair” match, with 15 men against 16 – which includes the referee. Despite the negativity, the Springboks had several opportunities and unfortunately never took them – and they should rise above the excuses. History has yet again repeated itself, with not one team winning a World Cup back to back. This weekend we witnessed another historic moment as all four semifinalists were seen in the 1987 World Cup, with Australia losing 24-30 to France that year, and New Zealand beating Wales 49-3. On Saturday we will see Australia taking on the World Cup hosts New Zealand, and France will take on Wales.

Who knows? Maybe France will reach the final and punish New Zealand for shattering their dreams of winning the World Cup and lifting the Web Ellis trophy 24 years ago – or will it be the Red Dragons who punish the French? Perhaps the Wallabies will be crowned the champs of another tournament. Only time will tell. On Saturday Wales take on France at Auckland, with the game kicking off at 10:00, and on Sunday New Zealand faces Australia, also at Auckland, with kick-off at 10:00. Last week People’s Post gave insight on the rugby mark rule and hand-offs. This week People’s Post will focus on in-goals and what happens after a mark is called. After the mark The match official blows the whistle after a mark has been called, and the player calling the mark cannot be tackled. Opposition players must then run back towards their own goal line until they are at least 10 metres from the mark, andthe “marking” player gets to kick the ball from the position of the mark, or from behind the position of the mark. In-goals Grounding the ball in the opposition in-goal area results in points being awarded – this is, of course,

RUGBY GURU: Lynn Prins, sports reporter. Photo: Tammy Petersen how you score rugby tries. Grounding the ball in your own in-goal area, however, makes the ball “dead”, and play will then be restarted. There is no concept of an “own try”, unlike soccer, in which you can score for the opposition with an “own goal”. • Next week People’s Post will focus on kick-offs and restart kicks.


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DRIVEN: Dane Piedt of Old Mutual cracks off a shot during the Western Province Cricket Association’s Amateur 20/20 Group A match between his team and United at Old Mutual’s grounds in Pinelands on Saturday. United won with 98 runs at 19,5 overs. Old Mutual scored 93/7 in 20 overs. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images




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ALOHA: Nigh on 300 runners, walkers and strollers took part in the first Steenberg Vineyard Trail. The weather played its part in the event, and the par­ ticipants donned fancy dress costumes to add to the spirit of the day. Some sped through the vineyards, stopping at the refreshment stations just long enough for a swallow of water, while the less competitive stopped by for a sip or two of wine. The best dressed partici­ pants won their weight in wine, and there were more than enough lucky draw prizes to go around. The Steenberg Vin­ yards thank all the organisers, helpers and entrants who made the day a success. Seen here, from left: Antoinette Bishop, Shannon Shortridge, and Monique Gibson.

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People's Post Page 12

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Tuesday 11 October 2011

Fish Hoek hero heads to France Conrad Marais, born in Namibia, represented his coun-

READY: Conrad Marais is wing­ ing his way to France on Satur­ day. Photo: Supplied

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READY FOR ACTION: Hashim Amla will captain the Proteas in one­day international and T20 matches against Australia on Thursday at Newlands, after AB de Villiers was ruled out for four to six weeks after breaking a finger while practising with Royal Challengers Bangalore during the Champions League. SA had to search for a new wicket keeper, and turned to old favourite Mark Boucher. Photo: Rashied Isaacs


FISH HOEK rubgy hero is set to jet off to France after accepting an offer to play for Montpellier Hérault Rugby Club for a year.

ration for the World Cup. The player’s parents, Francois and Lynette Marais, are overjoyed with their son’s achievements. His mother says the World Cup has been an emotional one. “We’ve seen many World Cups before, but this one has been extremely emotional, tense and exciting. “We always wanted to know whether he would play, or whether he had injuries – it was nerve-racking because he was so far away and we were not able to be in New Zealand.” Asked about Namibia’s game against South Africa, Marais says, proudly, “It was very emotional, singing the anthem, and at that time I was looking forward to kick-off. Though Namibia were the underdogs in that match, we had as much support as the Springboks, and plenty South Africans cheered for both teams whenever we did something right.” He says Namibia has improved a lot, but feels there is still room for improvement ahead of the next World Cup. The toughest players on the Springbok side, he recalls, were Pierre Spies, Jaque Fourie, and Fourie du Preez. Though he’d like to stay in France for as long as he can, Marais has not forgotten his mother country, and wishes continue playing for Namibia.



try in the Rugby World Cup as a wing. He found his love for the game at the age of five at Paul Greyling Primary School in Fish Hoek, and throughout his primary school years he played as a scrum half. It was only when he reached high school that he took up the position of wing – and he scored the second highest number of tries in the country in this position in his years at Fish Hoek High School. In 2008, he made a lifechanging decision when he moved to the WP Institute in Stellenbosch, where he says he learned most of his rugby skills. Marais describes the move as an “eye opener”, and ever since his career has skyrocketed. “In 2009 I played for Villagers Rugby Club in Claremont,” he recalls. “I was only 19 years of age when I played in their first team, and I must add I did pretty well and scored quite a few tries.” In 2010, Marais made his debut in the Vodacom Cup, and at the end of the year he played in the Currie Cup for Pumas of Mpumalanga Province. After that, he made his first appearance with Namibia in the European Tour against Spain and Portugal in prepa-



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Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland Edition 11 October 2011  

Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland Edition 11 October 2011

Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland Edition 11 October 2011  

Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland Edition 11 October 2011