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Tuesday 19 July 2011

New houses for Retreat TAURIQ HASSEN


HOUSING project expected to cost about R14 million to construct is on the cards for Retreat. The project is earmarked for Velma Road, Sasmeer Estate, on an open plot estimated at around 9 000m² in size. The plot, situated next to the M5, is zoned for single residential use. Abdool Bassa, a director for SQN Properties and the applicant for the development project, says it took five years to be approved by the City of Cape Town. The proposal includes the construction of 18 Tuscan housing units, each 75m², with proposed landscaping comprised of “natural vegetation”. According to Bassa, the houses are being placed on the open market. The development will be a gated estate with remote-controlled entry. The single residential units are set to cost around R800 000 each. Rayaan Rinquest, also a SQN Properties director, says the target market for the development is “emerging youngsters or professionals” or households with a joint income of between R18 000 to R25 000. But residents have in the past raised the alarm about the project, and have mixed emotions about the introduction of the development into the area. Complaints included that the development would devalue their properties, that construction work would inconvenience locals and a general lack of communication about the project. “We are aware that there have been some concerns from the community, but they need to understand this project properly and not just assume it would not be beneficial for the area,” says Rinquest. Wilfred Arendse says she did not know much about the project initially, and adds: “Surely if a development of this scale is to be introduced they must certainly address the community, because we are immediately affected.” However, Arendse agrees that the develop-

ment could also be something the area needs. “I mean, yes there is a negative spin, but that is an open piece of land which will be utilised for business purposes, so I wouldn’t also say no to this sort of project. They just need to talk to us,” says Arendse. Richard Ben Jacobs, another resident, was delighted to hear about plans for the vacant piece of land. “I understand that there have been several discussions around that piece of land, and building some new houses there not only removes a vacant strip, but also enhances the area’s image. That is just my point of view,” says Jacobs. He also suggests that there has been no real consultation between developers and the community, because he “certainly was not aware of the developments around the land”. Through the media, SQN properties hopes to reach out to the community and “educate”them on the benefits of having the development in the area. “Yes, I would have liked to know more about this project. Just as long as they promise to not create problems through this development, I’m sure everything will be good,” says Jacobs. Lisa Melany Abrahamse, a concerned resident, felt that due to the lack of communication she would not give the development the thumbs-up. “This is my community, and if they plan to build some block of flats, then surely we should know about it and that is what they failed to do, so they can just take their development somewhere else,” says Abrahamse. Bassa says such concerns had initially hindered progress. “This was a major hold-up when we initially applied, but we can safely say that these concerns were addressed, as the community just needed to be aware of the positive aspect of this project,” says Bassa. “These units will be of real high quality, and this development is all for the community. We are attempting to win back the community by filling them in on the reasoning be-

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Madiba Magic

The vibrant smile of former president Nelson Mandela looked over the Ubuntu market held on Saturday 16 July at the Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel. Thousands of Capetonians gave more than 67 minutes of their time at the event, where they chopped and peeled vegetables to make soup for the underprivileged. Photo: Jaco Marais

hind the development,” says Rinquest. A percentage of their profits will go to the Cafda School and Lighthouse Centre drug rehabilitation facility in Retreat. According to Rinquest, the application is “currently in order” and has been approved by council. SQN Properties was made to wait for a rezoning and clearance application before heading to the markets. “Everything has been approved by council and all the services are in, so we are currently taking the houses to the market where it will then be sold,” says Rinquest. Ward councillor, Jan Burger, confirmed the approval of the project and feels the area is in need of housing. “If the community is happy with the project, then I would have no objections on my side,” he says. “We were on site with the developers and council when the project was approved,”

Burger confirmed. He said the project could have some “positive spin-offs”, including employment opportunities when the houses are built. “Somewhere there will be a family being fed by someone working on this project, so that is exactly what we are looking for in the area,” says Burger. Rinquest confirmed that construction is slated to begin in the next three to four months, after the advertising for the sales process has been completed. “We are placing the houses on the market, so once that stage is complete, the construction can then begin,” Rinquest concludes.

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Page 2 People’s Post Retreat

Dedicated Red Cross staff recognised ALMOST 60 employees of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital have received awards for prolonged years of service to the Western Cape Department of Health. Three of the 56 recipients were recognised for 40

years of service, 17 received 30-year service awards and 25 were rewarded for 20 years of service, exclusively to Red Cross, and 11 for 20 years of service to the Western Cape Department of Health. . STALWART: Jeffrey Isaacs of Mitch­ ell’s Plain (centre), receives his certifi­ cate for long service (40 years) from Western Cape Health MEC, Theuns Botha (right) and the Deputy Director­ General of Emergency Services, Dr Beth Engelbrecht. Isaacs started his career as a mason and labourer at the hospital in February 1971. He was pro­ moted to general assistant in the 1980s, then to a messenger and even­ tually senior messenger in the 1990s. He retired in February this year. Photo: Supplied

VETERAN: Shirley Ad­ ams of Mitchell’s Plain (centre) receives her certificate for long service (40 years) from Western Cape Health MEC, Theuns Botha, (right) and the Deputy Director­General of Emergency Services, Dr Beth Engelbrecht. Photo: Supplied

ALL ROUNDER: Martha Brink of Rondebosch, receives her certificate for Long Service (40 years) from Western Cape Health MEC, The­ uns Botha, and the Deputy Director General of Emergency Services, Dr Beth Engelbrecht. Brink started out as student nurse at Tyger­ berg Hospital in 1971. She completed her mid­ wifery training at Frere Hospital where she worked from 1974 to 1975. She then worked at Swartland Hospital from 1976 until 1978 when she moved to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. She is currently employed as a specialist paediatric nurse in the cardiac ward. Brink is also a trained midwife and has training and nursing experience in theatre nursing, ICU nursing, trauma nursing and ear nose and throat nursing. Photo: Supplied ATHLONE 18 Old Klipfontein Rd

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They talk in percentages but we pay in rands, lots of rands. And they have made it extremely difficult to make direct comparisons by changing the tariffs blocks, by using and then discarding daily service charges and changing the rules to use combinations of tariff blocks. It all makes the story about as confusing as a cellphone contract. To get an idea of the impact in real terms, I dug out some of my old electricity accounts so I now have the actual figures in black and white. They may not be completely representative but I’m doing the best I can. So here we go: In a 29-day period over July and August in 2008 I used 745 kWh or units of electricity. Before VAT that cost R425.48. At today’s tariffs the cost would be R815.80. So in three years the bill has almost doubled.Now if you’re a councillor earning about R30 000 a month for a part-time job, that is small potatoes. And if you chair a subcouncil or have risen to an exalted position on the Mayoral Committee, it is petty cash. And at Eskom, where the average salary is nearly R500 000 a year, it must be really difficult to understand why people are complaining. Now let’s look at where the money goes. To do that we need to know what the City pays for the electricity it buys from Eskom. In July 2008, Eskom’s average selling

price was 24.4 cents a unit, but Eskom has wholesale and retail customers and Cape Town, as one of the biggest wholesale customers, pays less than the average. We don’t know how much less, so 24.4 cents a unit is the best figure we have. So, in July 2008, my 745 units netted R181.78 for Eskom, and the City grabbed the other R243.37. Three years later Eskom’s average selling price is 50.37 cents, so its share of a bill for 745 units would be R375.26. The City will get the other R440.54. So the City is still getting more than half the money. We know that Eskom is spending massive amounts on new power stations, but what is the City doing with its share? The City’s distribution and service costs should be rising in line with inflation, but Eskom’s are rising in line with the inflated cost of their overpriced power stations. Last year, when Eskom tariffs went up by 26,3%, the National Energy Regulator said municipalities should increase their tariffs by just 15%. But Cape Town and the other municipalities more or less told Nersa to get knotted, and bumped up prices by 25% and more. Electricity is Cape Town’s biggest source of revenue. The City expects revenue of R8,1 billion from electricity sales this year, nearly twice as much as the R4,6 billion from property rates. So you can see just how profitable it is to use the Eskom increases as an excuse to hike our tariffs over and above what is reasonable. And we pay VAT on top of that!


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I’M beginning to think that Eskom employees and city councillors are too well paid to understand the impact of the electricity price increases.



Inner Spring


The nasty electricity price shocker

RETREAT MITCHELL’S PLAIN Cnr 2nd Ave & Retreat Rd 6 Alpha Rd, Mitchells Plain industria

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Tuesday 19 July 2011

3-Door Robe

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FAREWELL: People’s Post bid a fond farewell to Annelien Dean , former editor of People’s Post on Thursday 30 June. Annelien has been appointed editorial publisher of the Ga­ zette, a division of Media24’s Boland Newspapers Group. Feroza Miller­Isaacs (right), People’s Post editorial team leader, has been appointed acting editor. On the left is Adri­Ann Peters, editorial team leader at People’s Post. Photo: Chad Chapman

Ratepayers’ meeting THE Coniston Park Ratepayers’ Association will be having a general meeting on Tuesday 26 July at 19:30 at the Coniston Park Recrea-

tion Centre, Military Road, Steenberg. For further information or queries, contact 082 852 8458.

Networking for all THE Greater Retreat Youth Forum (GRYF) will be having a Network Workshop held on Wednesday 27 July, from 17:00 to 19:00 at the New World Foundation. GRYF would like to

extend an open invitation to all surrounding community leaders to attend this exciting workshop. Please contact the office on (021) 701-1150 to reserve your seat.


Tuesday 19 July 2011

People’s Post Retreat Page 3

Communities to recycle MELISSA LE ROUX

LANDFILL sites across Cape Town are quickly filling up to capacity, and in an effort to salvage what is left of the sites, the City of Cape Town has implemented a Waste Wise Programme. There are six landill sites in Cape Town, but only three of the sites are currently operational – Coastal Park, Vissershok and Bellville South. The other three sites – Swartklip, Brackenfell and Faure – are at capacity. Coastal Park – the landfill site that sits off Baden Powell Drive in Strandfontein/Muizenberg – needs capping – a cover and a liner – which will enable the landfill to go up by another 15 metres, prolonging its life. This site will be operational until between 2016 and 2022. The City implemented the Waste Wise Programme in three focused areas: Subcouncil 12 – Mitchell’s Plain, Subcouncil 5 – Central Cape Town and Subcouncil 18 – Rondevlei. The programme was started to encourage members of the community to take ownership of their area – by recycling their waste – to prolong the capacity of the landfill sites. The programme was implemented in July last year and will run until June 2013. Since June last year, the programme has encouraged people in the community to think twice when littering, and also to create awareness about the importance of recycling. The City has started many clean-up campaigns around the Peninsula to alleviate dumping. The aim of the programme is to encourage members of the public to minimise waste in their households, to encourage recycling, and to raise awareness about the importance of waste minimisation. “We want to encourage each and every household in the city to help reduce the amount of waste that is entering landfill sites,” says councillor for ward 72, Jan Burger. Ward 72 includes areas such as

parts of Southfield, Windsor Park, Diep River Industrial Area, Elfindale, Punts Estate, Tumbleweed Estate, Heathfield, Somerset Park, Lakeview, Retreat, part of Steenberg and part of Grassy Park. The City will implement the Waste Wise Programme through campaigns that are aimed at engaging with communities, schools, businesses and the general public. The campaigns will be community-friendly and easy enough for children to grasp the importance of keeping their communities clean. “People don’t realise the opportunities that can be presented when recycling waste. If we don’t recycle, all of the waste will end up at the landfill sites, and we’re running out of space. “If we recycle, they can last up to 60 years,” said Burger. The project also seeks to identify 50 schools within the three focused areas to take part in the Waste Wise Programme and become eco-friendly schools. To reach children and educators at the various schools, the Waste Wise initiative is aimed at: . Raising waste awareness among teachers, students and their families. . Enabling teachers to raise awareness of the cause and effect of poor waste management, and the benefits of integrated waste management. . Providing environmental tools to enhance quality of life. . Assisting schools with portfolio development and waste-minimisation projects. To further encourage an eco-friendly environment, Burger says recycling igloos at schools and shopping centres would assist communities with recycling. Waste varies in the length of time it takes to degrade within a landfill site, depending on the type of waste, the moisture content within the landfill and other variables. In an effort to try and salvage space at the three operational sites, the City actively recovers waste, in order to make more efficient use of available airspace.

NUMBERS BOOST: Nine hundred students were officially sworn in as police constables at a graduation ceremony held at the Good Hope Christian Centre in Ottery on Friday 15 July. Western Cape police commissioner, Lieutenant Gen­ eral Arno Lamoer, aims to get more women trained for the specialised services such as the Task Force and Air Wing, and to enhance service to the community. Pictured here is Constable Benita Campher. Photo: Jaco Marais


Cnr. Retreat & 11th Avenue Retreat. 079 673 7171

Eco warriors acknowledged


A SPECIAL awards ceremony, marked by a glitzy “Oscars” theme, was held at Rondevlei Nature Reserve on the evening of Thursday 30 June to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the False Bay Ecology Park Skills Development Team. Honoured guests at the event included participants in the False Bay Ecology Park Skills Development Programme, staff from the False Bay Nature Reserve, representatives of the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET) as well as members of the community and


of the False Bay Ecology Park Steering Committee, namely Stephen Granger and Joanne Jackson (City of Cape Town Environmental Resource Management Department), “who have contributed tremendous support to the operational and financial sustainability of the False Bay Ecology Park as a whole”. The awards ceremony placed particular focus on participants in the 2010/2011 False Bay Ecology Park Skills Development Programme, who received certificates for various training courses completed during the programme.


WINNERS: Stephen Granger from the City of Cape Town, Joanne Jackson from the City of Cape Town and Victoria Day from the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET). Photo: Supplied




Page 4 People’s Post Retreat

Tuesday 19 July 2011

‘Taxi industry victimised’ Taxi bosses feel the industry is being milked to boost the City of Cape Town’s coffers TERESA FISCHER


HE City of Cape Town Traffic Services’ recent announcement that it has impounded 755 minibus and sedan “amaphela” taxis this year, has been criticised by role players in the taxi industry, who allege they are being victimised. While the City says these operations are part of its ongoing enforcement programmes across the metro, taxi bosses maintain this is a revenue-generating exercise for the City. Spokesperson for Cape Town Traffic Services, Kevin Jacobs, says the operations focus on unroadworthy vehicles and offences, reckless or negligent driving, unlicensed drivers and taxi permit violations. Leon Williams, chairperson of the Greater Cape Town Region, which includes five taxi associations, including the Maitland Taxi Association, also maintains the City is targeting the taxi industry

to generate millions. Williams says that minor route deviations of a few hundred metres results in the impounding of taxis. Furthermore, Williams says the City and province are working against each other. “The City had embarked on a process to legalise those with no operating permit, but Robin Carlisle [MEC for Transport and Public Works] has instructed that taxis without operating licences be impounded,” says Williams, who adds the City is three months behind with its process of re-examining dormant licences. However, Jacobs says that permits are issued by province not the City, and that road safety is its primary function. “It is just a matter of steamrolling MyCiTi bus operations,” says Williams who is critical of Cape Town’s new integrated rapid transit system, adding it is “robbing the taxi industry of its livelihood”. He alleges the City has mismanaged taxpayers’ money by run-

ning a service that is not profitable, and in the process is also taking jobs from the taxi industry. But the City’s Kylie Hatton, says: “The City knew that when it launched the service it would require an operational subsidy to begin providing a public transport service. This was factored into the budget that was approved by the both the City council and national Department of Transport.” Congress of Democratic Taxi Associations’ (Codeta) general secretary in Cape Town, Mzoxolo Dibela, also says the minibus taxi operators are being “deliberately victimised on a daily basis”. Dibela says the City is lying when it says its operations focus on traffic offences and unroadworthy vehicles. He says minor deviations from the agreed routes result in taxis being impounded “out of the blue”. He says the fee of R5 000 to get taxis back is a way of growing money for the council. There is an additional R2 500 fine.

Concurrently, the R7,7 billion rand Taxi Recapitalisation Programme, implemented by national government in 2005, gave taxi drivers the option to scrap old or unsafe taxis, for which they received R57 500 to be used towards a deposit for a new vehicle. Dibela says the programme is still continuing, and that its members support the programme, despite initial resistance. “Forty-four vehicles were scrapped this month in the Western Cape,” he says, but adds that many drivers have difficulty financing their new taxis, and are then saddled with a large instalment to pay off every month and many then exit the industry. According to Dibela, in order for drivers to qualify for the scrapping allowance, they need a permit and a valid operating licence. Because of overtrading in the industry, some drivers are not able to get operating licences. However, he says this is why the City was examining “dormant” licences in an attempt to

legalise these taxi drivers. According to Williams, the City promised to include taxis in the integrated rapid transit system, but alleges it is instead dividing the industry. Williams concludes it is a process designed to eliminate the taxi industry from the City of Cape Town, which he says is running a monopoly, because it owns and runs the buses. Hatton says the City bought the MyCiTi 43 12m and 18m buses in December 2010 in an open tender process and that it currently also has a tender out for the purchase of approximately 200 9m buses. “The taxi industry is the only BEE industry that is 100% owned by blacks, by which I include coloureds,” says Williams. Comment could not be obtained from Carlisle by the time of going to print.

Last chance to buy beanies in support of The Beardly Bunch TODAY is the last day to purchase a coupon for two beanies in support of the Beards for Beanies campaign. The Beardly Bunch aims to raise

funds for the GOGO Trust, an NGO that supports elderly unemployed people. Steve van Aardt, co-founder of

The Beardly Bunch, said: “We would like to encourage people to buy their beanies on and show your support by buying

a beanie for someone in need during these cold and harsh winter months.” The cost of the beanies is R160, and includes packaging and

post. All proceeds go towards the GOGO Trust. For more information on The Beardly Bunch, contact Steve van Aardt on 083 409 7047.

EQUAL RIGHTS: Pupils and pressure group Equal Education camped outside Parliament from Tuesday 12 July to Wednesday 13 July, braving the cold in an attempt to get Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, to sign an agreement on norms and standards for schools infrastructure. They say this will allow all public schools to have the same standards in terms of resources, infrastructure and basic facilities, such as running water and proper toilets. Photo: Jaco Marais

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Tuesday 19 July 2011


People’s Post Retreat Page 5

Hopes flushed away officials from the City of Cape Town had promised the community each a toilet that ILLAGE HEIGHTS residents are up would be capable of flushing. in arms over 70 mobile toilets that “Another thing is that when the toilets arwere sent to their informal settlement rived, they were in a poor state, and we canlast week. not accept that, because that is not how we live,” says Davids. After seven years of negotiations with She said that a strong smell of urine emacouncillors and the City of Cape Town, resi- nated from some of the toilets that were delivdents hoped to see “clean toilets that are able ered, and some also contained used condoms to flush” installed at their location. and dirty nappies. But community leader, Aysha Davids, says Another resident, Caroline Smith, was fushe was frustrated rious that their deto see the toilets of mands were not met, inferior quality beand felt that council ing delivered . “did not want to give us “We could not acexactly what we wantcept those toilets, ed”. because it is not “They expected us to what we wanted in keep our mouths shut the first place.” and just be happy with The first batch of those toilets, which is toilets was delivsimilar to a smack in ered on Wednesday the face,” says Smith. 13 July, with a secDavids highlighted ond batch arriving that residents around the following the settlement are curmorning. rently using a hole in But soon after the ground as their toithe toilets arrived, let, and says the toilets a wave of anger are “essential for the spread through the community”. community. ResiHenry Barker also dents threatened to displayed his concerns burn down the moby threatening to burn bile units and some tyres in the road, as he tyres, but they had reached a point of were stopped by “disgust and anger”. the local ward “We are not animals councillor, Shaun DISGUSTING: Bernie Peters, a resident in the living here, and when August. community, shows where residents have to the toilets arrived in However, no use the toilet. the condition they scenes of violence were in, it made a lot were reported at the settlement. of us feel as if we are being treated like ani“We have been waiting for these toilets for mals and that is not right,” says Barker. a very long time and nothing came about, but He added that although the councillor was eventually something happens and then it’s willing to work with the community, their denot what we were promised,” says Davids. mands were not being met and “something She explained that previous councillors and must be done urgently”. TAURIQ HASSEN


HONOURING MADIBA: On Friday 15 July, City of Cape Town mayor, Patricia de Lille, official­ ly renamed Eastern Boulevard, Nelson Mandela Boulevard. The event took place just be­ fore the former president’s 93rd birthday, and forms part of a series of activities that were held around the country in honour of International Mandela Day (yesterday 18 July). Photo: Leanne Stander

August confirmed the “mayhem” that took place at the settlement, but was “thankful” to the community for not engaging in any sort of violence. “I am willing to work with the people of this community and I am willing to find a solution to their problems, [but] I am only in this ward for around two months now,” says August. He explained that he initially identified the need for toilets during his campaign process and was aware that the community had been made promises by former councillors. According to August, residents from the settlement each wanted a toilet at every shack in the settlement, because the current national policy states that in a settlement, five shacks are assigned to one toilet. In Village Heights, there are currently 354 shacks erected. “There is nothing I can do about the national policy, but I can focus on the proposed pilot project for that community,” says August.

He explained that a pilot project is currently on the cards for the settlement that will include an upgrade of services, including piping, toilets and roads. “We would still have to meet up with officials and nothing has been confirmed at this stage,” says August. Davids, along with the community, will now draw up a memorandum that will be handed over to the councillor. “We will be requesting an agreement to be handed over to the resident in black and white. That is all that can be done for now,” Davids confirmed. The community is due to meet with August in a public meeting this evening at the Seawinds Multi Purpose Centre starting at 19:00. August concluded by saying: “We can only get a better idea of the problems in that settlement after we have met and they will speak to me directly.”

Page 6 People’s Post Retreat


Tuesday 19 July 2011

Well­wishers provide a silver lining for the aged ANDRE BAKKES

NEARLY every morning the angelic voice of 85-year-old Stella Wolhuter fills the halls of Beit-ul-Aman Home for the Aged.

HARD WORK: The winners of this year’s Fulton Awards, presented by the Concrete Society of Southern Africa, were recently announced. The Hospital Bend overpass bridges won in the Con­ struction Techniques category. The project was submitted by consultants BKS Engineering and Management, who designed the bridges. Councillor Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater, says: “Cape Town’s role as a world leader, particularly in the fields of design and infrastructure, is evidenced by the City being short­listed for the World Design Capital award 2014, and also by winning awards such as the Fulton Award.” One element that impressed the judges was the attention given to building materials that have improved resist­ ance in coastal conditions, but also reduce carbon emissions. Photo: Bruce Sutherland

PUBLIC NOTIFICATION OF THE 2011/2012 SERVICE DELIVERY AND BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION PLAN (SDBIP) Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 53 (3) (a) of Act No. 56 of 2003: Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) that the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan for the 2011/2012 financial year will be available at all Subcouncil offices (as listed below), libraries and the City of Cape Town’s website from Wednesday 20 July 2011 on weekdays between 08:30 and 16:30 up to and including Monday 22 August 2011. AREA Cape Town Libraries Subcouncil 1 Blaauwberg 2 Bergdal 3 De Grendel 4 Tygerberg 5 Central 6 Bellville 7 Koeberg 8 Helderberg 9 Nxele Makana 10 Charlotte Maxeke 11 Looksmart Solwandle Ngudle 12 Mitchells Plain 13 David Mthetho Ntlanganiso 14 Miranda Ngculu 15 Pinelands 16 Good Hope 17 Athlone and District 18 Rondevlei 19 South Peninsula 20 Protea 21 Oostenberg 22 Lizo Nkonki 23 Adelaide Tambo


ADDRESS Reception Desk, Concourse, Civic Centre, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town All Libraries Municipal Offices, Royal Ascot, Bridle Way, Milnerton Municipal Offices, Brighton Way, Kraaifontein Municipal Building, Voortrekker Road, Goodwood Municipal Offices, 1st Floor, cnr Voortrekker and Tallent Roads, Parow Municipal Offices, cnr Jakkelsvlei Avenue and Kiaat Road, Bonteheuwel Municipal Building, Voortrekker Road, Bellville Municipal Offices, Oxford Street, Durbanville Municipal Offices, cnr Fagan Street and Main Road, Strand A Block Stocks & Stocks Complex, Ntlakohlaza Street, Town 2, Village 1, Khayelitsha Site B, Khayelitsha Shopping Centre, Khayelitsha Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu Parks & Bathing Building, Merrydale Avenue, Lentegeur Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu Pinelands Training Centre, St Stephens Road, Central Square, Pinelands 11th Floor, 44 Wale Street, Cape Town Athlone Civic Centre, cnr Protea and Klipfontein Roads, Athlone Cnr Buck Road and 6th Avenue, Lotus River Fish Hoek Civic Centre, Central Circle, Recreation Road, Fish Hoek Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road, Constantia Oostenberg Administration, cnr Van Riebeeck and Carinus Streets, Kuilsriver Oostenberg Administration, cnr Van Riebeeck and Carinus Streets, Kuilsriver Cnr Delft and Fort Worth Roads, Delft

“Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, we are so blessed and contented, everything’s coming our way,” she sings. Her uninhibited proclamation is contagious, and soon everyone within earshot hums the tune to themselves. The 72 residents have been given a chance to live out their golden years in relative comfort. Most of these frail residents are of the Islamic faith, so the home is run on Islamic principles, though it prides itself on being multi-cultural. Beit-ul-Aman has been serving the community since 1979, and was initially created to provide specialised care for Muslims in particular, since there wasn’t a similar place for poorer seniors to go to. Thirty years later and the home is still the only facility of its kind in the Western Cape. As a result, the demand for residency is high, so the representatives of the home have to first do house visits to see if there isn’t any other alternative for the person seeking accommodation. “We don’t want to be a dumping ground,” says Naadir Agherdien, the current chairperson of the board. “In our community there is a strong feeling that there shouldn’t be old age homes, since the family must take care of them, but these days it is difficult. Some even forget about our elders.” Living life in the fast lane has its drawbacks – the most tragic of these is that many families can also not give the necessary care to its oldest members. The options for those who need special care is very limited, especially if they are Muslim. While Beit-ul-Aman receives a monthly grant from the Department of Social Development, it mostly relies on donations from the general public to help make ends meet and keep its doors open to those in need. Their operational costs alone are more than R1 million rand a year, so these donations are essential for the running of the haven. “The average shortfall for operational expenses comes to about R80 000 or R90 000 a month,” says Agherdien, before adding that they have to raise the money themselves by having at least one fundraising event a month. The next fundraiser is a golf day in October, a popular event and a highlight on their calendar. In 2009 the home very nearly had to close its doors, since the economic downturn saw donations drying up. The Oasis Crescent Fund Trust intervened not a moment too soon, and stepped in to make a generous donation of R1 million. This ensured that the home could build up a reserve of funds, but they are always in need of help from the community. Agherdien says many old age homes have not been completely fire-compliant, so after one home was ravaged a few months ago, all were ordered to bring in sweeping changes. They must now become compliant by the end of July or August, which means they must dip into that reserve fund. It will set them back about R300 000. This is just a once-off payment, but their biggest expense is for adult nappies. All of this just serves as extra motivation for their valiant sponsors, who will undoubtedly come to the home’s rescue once again, says Agherdien. Its dependence on the private sector is the lifeblood of the home, since companies have to date not followed the sterling example set by Oasis or the well-wishers within the community. Funds are, of course, not the only thing the residents need. Some of them have no

A FRIENDLY HAND: Gadija Basardiens (87) talks about days gone by with volunteer Re­ hana Majal. Photos: Andre Bakkes

SINGING TO HER HEART’S CONTENT: Stel­ la Wolhuter (85) makes up for her lack of eyesight with a singing voice that moves the world.

KEEPING THEM ON THEIR TOES: “Domino convener” Amien Nieftagodien (80) plays dominoes with some of the residents on a regular basis. family to speak of, and become desperately lonely. Volunteers come in to keep them company, but there is always space for more. On 1 July superintendent Zulphaa Hassen was appointed, but apart from her, the staff is almost solely made up of contracted volunteers. “The need for volunteers will continue, but they can’t run the place. So there is a need for qualified personnel to address the residents’ needs. Now with Zulphaa, most of this will be managed and we will run the place better,” says Agherdien. On Mandela Day (yesterday July 18), Islamic Relief sent 10 doctors to the home to hold a health programme, and do some much-needed exercises with the residents. Agherdien says he cannot thank donors enough, but in the same breath he implores everyone who can lend a hand to step forward and make a difference. Contact Beit-ul-Aman on (021) 761-1540.


Tuesday 19 July 2011

Springbok support for Table Mountain T

HE mighty Springboks have thrown their weight behind the campaign to have Table Mountain named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. “I promise we’ll win the World Cup if you promise to vote for Table Mountain,” said coach Peter de Villiers after members of the Springbok rugby squad pledged their support for Table Mountain and became official ambassadors for the Vote for Table Mountain campaign, on Monday 11 July. Table Mountain is in the running to be named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, a global election that predicts over a billion votes worldwide. South Africa’s flat-topped wonder needs to beat 27 other natural sites from around the world such as the Amazon River, the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef to make it into the final seven. The new Springbok ambassadors include Captain John Smit, Schalk Burger, Tendai “Beast” Mtawarira, Butch James, Bryan Habana, Jean de Villiers, Jaque Fourie, Andries Bekker, Morne Steyn, Jannie du Plessis, Gurthro Steenkamp and coach De Villiers. The Springboks will fly the Table Mountain flag high ahead of the Castle Tri-Nations tournament starting on 23 July in Sydney, Australia. Their sup- CHAMPIONS: Springbok captain John Smit shows his port will continue through to the 2011 Rugby World support for Table Mountain alongside New Seven Won­ Cup, where they will represent their country, and ders Campaign Manager, Fiona Furey. Table Mountain. Photo: Supplied “I urge all South Africans to put some time aside once-in-a lifetime opportunity to create a legacy, an to vote for Table Mountain,” said Smit. opportunity that we can’t ignore – there will never An independent impact report, conducted by be another election like it. Grant Thornton, has predicted an R1,4 billion annuOnce the final seven are decided, that’s it,” says al tourism bonanza for South Africa if Table Moun- Sabine Lehmann, chairperson of the Table Mountain is named one of the New Seven Wonders of Na- tain Bid Committee. To see a full list of celebrity amture. bassadors, and to vote for Table Mountain, visit “South Africans have to make sure that our flat- or SMS “table” to topped wonder makes it into the final seven. It’s a 34874.









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Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm

OTTERY MEGASTORE Open Sundays 9 am - 1 pm

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Get sewing now CLOTEX has opened a technical support centre, the first of its kind in the Western Cape. The Technical Centre is based at MC Thompson in 170 Voortrekker Road, Maitland, and officially opened its doors on 16 August 2010. Clotex says the centre is needed to help small manufacturers and designers finish their

garments professionally. The machinery at the Technical Centre can be booked either via email or telephone. There is fee of R30 for the maintenance of the machinery. For further details, contact Natasha Carelse at Clotex on (021) 637-3648 or fax (021) 637-3647 or email

Prostate cancer support THE Prostate Cancer Support Action group will meet at 17:45 for 18:00 on Tuesday 19 July in the auditorium of the Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic, Burnham Road, Plumstead. Newly-diagnosed patients and their partners or carers from all

over the Cape Metro are welcome to attend, meet prostate cancer survivors, and share details of their experience. Conray Moolman will talk on new drug therapy for advanced prostate cancer. Phone 073 560 3067 for more information.

Steenberg High 1986 reunion THE Steenberg High School Class of 1986 is planning a reunion for all students and teachers of that year. They are planning

a spring event. All interested can call Berenice Barron on 082 314 6413 or Owen Simons on 078 199 3555.

Help at hand

loneliness, as well as advice on how to positively change your situation. All are welcome and for no cost. The group takes place at College of Cape Town Campus, 31 Broad Road, Wynberg. For further information, contact Glenda at 076 626 1024 or

SINGLE parents seeking constructive advice and support are welcome to join Dr Lesly Uys and the Single Parent Group “In Their Shoes” on July 23 from 09:00 to 11:30. Discussion will focus on the effects of depression, despair and

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Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Big band a big hit GARY VAN DYK


he Big Band sound is starting to spread across the Cape Flats with the launch of a group in the Grassy Park area last week, and it’s got the beat to fight off the bad influences affecting the youth. On Thursday last week the hall of Hyde Park Primary in Parkwood came alive when the Grassy Park Youth Development Big Band was launched with some performances that almost got the school calling for repairs to their roof. William Rezant, of the Western Cape Musicians’ Association (WCMA), said that this project was inspired by the success of the achievements of the Delft Big Band, and was a partnership between them, the Department of Education, especially Franklin Lewis, the head curriculum advisor for music, as well as the Lotto, from who they are receiving funding. “In 2009 WCMA applied for funding from the Lotto for youth development in music in the Western Cape pointing out the success of the project in Delft. “Thankfully we received some funding this year and launched Kidz Can in the Retreat, Lavender Hill, Grassy Park and Lotus River areas, and the band is part of this project. “For the band we initially targeted all or most high schools in these areas, but to our surprise some of the primary schools also wanted to be part of this project. “As you can see these youngsters are all excited about being part of it,” he said. Rezant added that the idea behind the project was more than just helping youth develop themselves through music. “We also want to stop our youth from getting involved with drugs, gangsterism and all these negative influences that plague them in their areas. “Over the past few years we have seen the success of the Delft Big Band under Ian Smith, who has grown the talents of those youngsters to a phenomenal level, and we are using his skills to help us with

this new project as well. “During these recent school holidays we got going at the Battswood Arts Centre, where 130 children got into learning to read music and playing instruments ranging from marimbas and steel pan drums, to all the wind instruments featured in a big band.” At the launch last week Smith demonstrated and explained how the teaching in the big band format takes place with the new learners showing off their talents. Then it was the turn of the Delft Band to give the learners a taste of what they will be doing in a few months time, and they were blown away. Tamryn Marcus (17) is a trombonist from Grassdale High, who was very excited about what she heard. “I feel very inspired when I listen to them, and excited to know that we will also be getting to that level if we work hard. While I have been playing at school for some years, the music that they are doing is something else,” she said. Timothy Mathlay (13) from Hyde Park Primary is a saxophonist who was still wide-eyed long after the Delft band performance. “That band gave me goosebumps! It is totally different to what we have been doing at school. “I can’t to get going seriously to get to that level.” Clarinetist Allison Davids (18) is at Grassy Park High and always knew she wanted to do music, but hearing the Delft group has inspired her more. “I have been playing for a number of years, but this is the first time that I have heard band play together like that. Wow!” Lance January (17) is a trombonist who also has playing bass guitar as an option. “Why don’t we hear music like this more often? This is exciting and I love the energy of the music. “I know that with this project we are going to discover lots of new music to inspire us.” Rezant concluded by adding that similar projects are planned for more areas in the Western Cape. “We also like to appeal to anyone who has spare instruments and would like donate or contribute to these projects to contact me on 073 399 0244, (021) 4479936 or via email”

MIGHTY APHRODITE: Pop singer Kylie Minogue had the audience dancing in the aisles at the Grand Arena, Grand West Casino, on Wednesday 13 July, as she brought her Aphrodite tour to Cape Town fans. Photo: Jaco Marais

Belly dancers to tantalise A BEVY of beautiful dancers will take audiences on a journey to faraway places as they shimmy and undulate to the sensual rhythms of the Middle East. The Feminine Divine Annual Studio Show takes place at Bergvliet High School on Saturday 23 July from 19:00. The Feminine Divine is one of Cape Town’s largest belly dance studios, with three passionate and skilled teachers teaching over 300 students in and around Cape Town. They are led by Tenille Lindeque, one of Cape Town’s most sensual dancers, who is well respected in the belly dance community. Tickets cost R55 per person and bookings are essential. For inquiries call Tenille Lindeque on 083 760 8499 or email

THE BAND: Fresh off a series of sold­out shows across the Cape Peninsula, Sixgun Gospel will showcase its extensive catalogue in preparation for re­ cording its EP this month. The EP blends blues, country, rock, bluegrass and funk. The band will play at Muizenberg’s Melting Pot with up­and­coming songstress, Natasha Meister, on Friday 22 July. Photo: Supplied

SENSUALITY EPITOMISED: Tenille Lindeque opened the Feminine Divine studio in 2003 and has since been featured on Top Billing and Spirit Sun­ day. Photo: Supplied

Hobnob with hotshot directors IF YOU want to get up close and personal with directors of the calibre of Malcolm Purkey, James Ncgobo, Janice Honeyman, Geoffrey Hyland and Aubrey Sekhabi, and actors such as Dawid Minnaar, Diane Wilson and Faniswa Yisa, this conference is for you. Directors and Directing is hosted by the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July.

Featuring several performances in addition to panels and talks, this groundbreaking event will take place at Hiddingh Campus, UCT. The conference will explore “thoughts around directing by some of the nation’s leading theatrical and critical minds, in carefully-staged conversations that will be intimate as they promise to be illuminating and insightful”.

Tickets are available through Computicket and cost R120. This includes all talks and performances, the opening function, coffee and tea, a Sunday brunch and closing drinks. Single-day tickets are R60. Student rates are R80 for the full conference. The full programme will be available from from Wednesday 6 July. Contact (021) 480-7156 or

ROCKING: The Dirty Skirts will hold their album launch at Zula Bar in Long Street in the city centre on 23 July from 21:00. Entrance is R50.Photo: Supplied


Tuesday 19 July 2011

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Proud partner THE nation celebrated Mandela Day yesterday as former president Nelson Mandela turned 93. In keeping with the worldwide gees of making the world a better place by volunteering just 67 minutes of your time, People’s Post partnered with Proudly South Africa (PSA) in a campaign to create 93 000 jobs within a year. The 93 000 Jobs for Mandela Day campaign was launched on Saturday 16 July, a partnership between selected Media 24 titles such as People’s Post, Tygerburger, City Vision and Die Burger. The campaign aims to drive job creation through guiding and mobilising state organs, the business sector and citizens on how they can assist in creating 93 000 jobs for Mandela from his 93rd to 94th birthday year. South Africans have shown that they have the power to unite as one in their indefatigable quest for democracy and, with equal gusto, in achieving world glory through successfully hosting the World Cup. Here is our chance to take centre stage again in shaping our economic destiny; our chance to soar above unemployment, poverty and despair. The statistics speak for themselves; with about a quarter of our population jobless, our unemployment rate ranks as among the highest in the world. We have the power to turn that statistic around and make Madiba proud. For 67 years, he fought oppression. Oppression has many guises and being poor subjects one to the most damaging, humiliating, soul-destroying oppression. The responsibility for job creation rests with government, industry and each individual. We are playing our part by creating a platform for business and the unemployed to connect. Regardless of how small the job is that is created, each job is a giant step towards empowering an individual, a family, a community, a nation. The platform is here. All you have to do is step up!

Your SMSes Spend the money wisely THE alleged under-spending on council budget has clearly had a positive spin-off for Retreat residents. Because of available funding, a section of Consort Road, between First Avenue and Fourth Avenue will be resurfaced. This after more than 10 years of residents and civics complaining and submitting requests to the council for the restoration of Consort Road, which has become a nightmare for residents having to daily navigate their way along a road that is filled with unevenness, potholes, patchwork and regular flooding during winter. Although we welcome the upgrade, I cannot understand why the whole of Consort Road cannot be resurfaced all at once. Surely additional funding can be sourced from other budget votes where “underspending” has occurred? It does not make financial sense that a new tender would have to be put out to resurface the remainder of Consort Road, which will include having to bring back all the heavy machinery involved with such an operation. I have also been informed that 18 speed

humps have been approved as part of the budget for Ward 72 for the new financial year. The question is: Will the council install speed humps along Consort Road before it undertakes the resurfacing of the entire road? We would not want to see a repeat of what happened in Tissot Road and Canterbury Road a few years ago when the roads were closed off at great cost and then had to be re-opened because the council failed to engage adequately with residents and civics in the area. Let us not waste the crumbs that are falling our way, but rather ensure that the money is spent in a way that truly adds value to the lives of residents in Retreat. When one considers the number of homes in Ward 72 each paying in the region of R2 500 to R3 000 per annum in rates, then we are truly being shortchanged when we look at both the quantity and quality of service that we receive from the council. KEVIN SOUTHGATE Retreat

DID YOU KNOW? Coffee berries, which contain the coffee seeds or “beans”, are produced by several species of a small evergreen bush of the genus Coffea – (

In response . Why always blame the railways? People must have seen those cutting the fences. Why didn’t they report them to the police? . Steenberg police take no notice of our calls. Why can’t Heathfield and Retreat have its own police station? . Arthur in Retreat, you do not have to live with the “baaskap”. You have the right to call your councillor to account. Or is this just another case of sour grapes? Abe, Retreat Colourful viewing . I enjoyed Colour TV. It’s nice to have some laughter and those who are not happy with the show, read a book. . Colour TV seems to be the only voice for coloured people. . This new show, Colour TV on SABC 2 is boring. Where’s the movies? Angry and bored viewer Electricity prices . I used 686 units in 7 days! I am ONE person! I went to buy another R300 and got 274 units. Somewhere I am being ripped off. Anyone else experience something similar? . I also wonder about the cost of electricity. I bought R500 at the beginning of the month and got my 50 free units but the meter ran down very quickly. Animal matters . On the 18th I will spend 67 minutes thinking of all the poor animals suffering in the townships. Pat H . Animals are like kids, they should be seen and not hurt. God bless. Liz . Wow, these rich, self-righteous “ani-

mal lovers” who live in their huge fancy houses (with often more than one inside toilets), you really are boring old farts. Did you read that little three-year-old’s mother had go out to use an outside toilet when these dogs attacked? Please shut up. Akeela . If you have seen or found a green ringnecked parakeet please contact 072 373 8328, or the SPCA. It has been missing since 30 April. . I’ve witnessed people selling live chickens, limp and half dead from heat and a lack of water. Then they are packed into a tiny box with no air. This is horrible to witness. Desiree General . Congratulations to Metrorail on the school holiday programme they had. Well done! You should cover a positive story like that. Happy commuter . I don’t think the “work from home” job opportunities are real. I’ve gone on the Internet about it and couldn’t find a number to contact them on. Zenobia . After watching “The Life and Times of Mandela”, I suggest this government get their act together regarding services to informal settlements and others, otherwise I can see an uprising that we have never seen before, and all of us will suffer. These people are the ones who have put this government in power over the years. Terry . To KFC: I am another unhappy customer! There is only batter and skin. I rather go to Fruit & Veg City in Roeland Street for value for money. Jeff


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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Down to the bare bone Gentlemen do still exist ON Tuesday 14 June I travelled by train from Fish Hoek to Observatory station. Then by foot up to Groote Schuur Hospital. This was my first visit to this hospital. Upon exiting Observatory Station I spotted a young man, Laurence Adams, from Steenberg. He very kindly agreed to show me the way to the hospital. He was a perfect gentleman, chatting about himself and listening with interest to my conversation. He took me directly to outpatients and ensured I was assisted. Saying goodbye he proceed to his doctor for his six-

month check up – he had a heart operation a few years ago. In the afternoon he saw me still waiting at another department and came over to say goodbye. May I thank him so very much for being there that day to assist me. His family can be so proud of him, so quiet spoken and truly sent by the Lord into my day. Take heart young people, there are people out their who do appreciate you. WINIFRED Fish Hoek

Thanks for the hard work THIS letter goes out to all the hard-working community workers and leaders in the greater Retreat, Lavender Hill and Steenberg. Once again it is for me an opportunity to sit in front of my computer and remember the good people and organisations that work so hard to make a difference in our wonderful community of Lavender Hill and other areas. These people you see and hear from all the time. Their transparency is so visible, as is the quality of service delivered by these people who work so unselfishly just to make a difference, no matter how big or small. Lavender Hill has gone quiet and has been taken back by the communities, and I think many people have played a part in bringing peace and stability back to our grey flats of Lavender Hill and dark streets at night. Yes, these people need to be identified and thanked, even if it is a pat on the shoulder. But sometimes we are too selfish to acknowledge other people’s good work because of jealousy. We have raised our voice, we have marched, we have spoken so the only outstanding token of appreciation is to unite in solidarity and close the gaps as a community and love each other, respect each other, and to unite and make this world a better place to live in. I want to mention a few people and organisations I feel have done so much over this half-a-year, which flew by, and the difference

they made. To Mr L Jordaan at New World Foundation, thanks for always being there, Mrs Lucinda Evans, her husband Frank Evans, and their wonderful, hard-working team in Hilary Way, Mrs Johanna Flatwell and her team of volunteers at Women Against Poverty, Ellen Pakkies and her Foundation against Drug Abuse and Outreach, Asya Davids and her Women Hope of the Nation, Aunty Mary Lotriet and her Village Youth Centre and her team, Gregory Phillander and the Greater Retreat Youth Forum and to Zain Nazier for his excellent holiday programme. To the ever-smiling Jerry and her team from St Montague Village and SAPS Steenberg for your wonderful Youth Day church service at St Paul’s Church, thanks to all the women and men in blue, you are all worthy of praise, even though we are not 100% perfect in our service deliveries. To Ruwayda Radermeyer and Farieda (Mummy) Adams, thanks for the support and outreach. Your madrassa provided and still provides. Thank you to my organisation’s volunteers for your superb work and contribution over the half-a-year. We will continue serving our communities. To those I never mentioned, continue the good work. God is looking over you all. CLIVE JACOBS Lavender Hill

The joke’s on you TO YOU, the nameless critics in People’s Post, 28 June: Grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill today because I allowed them to get to me. Also help me to be careful of the toes I step on today, as they may be connected to the bottom

that I may have to kiss tomorrow – and help me to remember that when I am having a really bad day, and it seems that people are trying to get me down, that it takes 42 muscles to frown and only four to extend my middle finger and tell them to bite me! Here’s laughing at you! VG BEHRENS Pinelands

AS a very young child many years ago we were taught that every project or invention and our rich country’s resources were to be for the benefit of every citizen. That type of statement or view reminded me of a very meaty bone that can sustain every person or household in our beloved South Africa. Every time we achieved technological progress that was to make life easier, we saw our tasty meaty bone become bigger and tastier. But in recent years and lately because of the increases passed on to us, it is becoming such a struggle to live and our meaty bone is so bare that it cannot be used. Even the marrow in the inside we also try to use in this struggle to survive is no more, and this bone is now a burden and a sad sight to behold. What made this bone bare is, in my opinion, some of the following: 1) The inventions and technological advances we applauded have now become so expensive that only the very rich can afford them, and they do not benefit the average citizen. 2) We have so much open wasted ground that could be used for farming and produce bumper crops and so drastically reduce the high food prices, but the land is still vacant, and food prices play havoc with inflation. 3) Electricity that was invented for a better life for us all is so expensive that even the rich households are suffering now, so what more the poor, who are in the majority? My opinion is that people are going to make use of open fires because this commodity is now considered a luxury and takes a major lump out of measly incomes. 4) As for medical care, we pray every sec-

ond that we stay healthy because a visit to get healing is a luxury trip few can afford, and yet the marvels of these medical inventions were invented for the benefit of one and all. 5) Petrol increases have a ripple effect that makes the struggle to live even more difficult. We produce fuel from coal, but for whose benefit? 6) There are toll gate fees, yet we pay licence fees for our motor vehicles. 7) General sales and municipal fees that keep going up and up and the bone becomes very dry as we try to manoeuvre to survive, and for every little thing a payment is attached. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is cheap or free. 8) Bond fees we never seem to pay off, and if we make calculations that house that was for sale has increased so much in payments that the end price justifies buying a castle. 9) Interest rates when buying on credit are tougher than the sinew on our once meaty bone. What a bleak picture for all of us, but the will of those in power to help to bring prices down is lacking, and that once-meaty bone feels like a hammer in our hands, a hammer we want to hit over someone’s skull and maybe then common survival policy can be implemented with nationalising, of prices coming down and so end the spiral of unemployment, and then that bare bone we once enjoyed and savoured and that gave us hope becomes meaty once again. KEITH BLAKE Ottery

DIAL-A-RIDE PUBLIC PARTICIPATION WORKSHOP ON 30 JULY 2011 Notice is hereby given that a public participation workshop will be held on 30 July 2011 to discuss the Dial-a-Ride public transport service for the Cape Town area. The City of Cape Town is appealing to all persons with disabilities to participate in the review of its business plan for this service. In accordance with the City’s policy of participative, democratic and co-operative governance, Dial-a-Ride users have a say in how the service is run. Dial-a-Ride is a demand-responsive public transport service, provided in terms of a commercial service contract, and funded by the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Administration of the Western Cape. The main focus of Dial-a-Ride is to provide an accessible transport service to those persons who cannot access mainstream public transport as a result of their special needs. Should you wish to comment, raise any concerns or attend the Dial-a-Ride workshop please contact Zanele Mabengeza at or tel 021 400 2579 by 25 July 2011 to reserve your place. Details of the workshop are as follows: DATE: 30 July 2011 TIME: 10:00 – 14:00 VENUE: Woodstock Community Hall, cnr Aberdeen and Main Roads, Woodstock ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER

RAMADAAN FEATURE 2011 29, 30, 31 JULY Stephen Reagon Sports Complex Westridge Mitchell’s Plain

To take place on 26 July 2011

To book your advertising space contact Silvana 021 713 9444 / 9440 or email


Tuesday 19 July 2011

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Photographice/ Video Services A DVD, FOTOS & VIDEO 082 738 1166/021 372 6950 PHOTOGRAPHER for weddings, birthdays, special events, websites etc. Ph 021 692 0221, 084 562 0811

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DVD/Photos/Slideshow ( 021 422 0472/083 513 6906 JEAN'S stunning Designs Bridalwear, casual wear, hire or buy & catering. Shop no.21­ Town Centre Mini Mall. (021 376 2083/078 3400 473 VIDEO, DVD'S & PHOTOS (021 695 1801/073 454 9280





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( 078 900 4797 Pay after job is done.

DR. SHEIK ABDU KARIMU (FOR STRONG DUA'S) WE ALSO HAVE HERBAL REMEDIES 4 ALL PROBLEMS . Marriage Problems . Bad Luck in what you do . Court/Divorce cases RESULTS WITHIN 3­7 DAYS! I DO HOME VISIT REQUESTS. Call by appointments or house visit­ 021 705 5623/07 2 243 9136­ 5th Ave.Grassy Park (opp.Nando's) A POWERFUL HERBAL DOCTOR ( 021 694 6755

DR RAJABU He's an experienced & qualified For­ tune Teller with powerful herbs from Carribbean Islands, Saudi Arabia, Pemba & Africa. CONSULTATION FEE: R100 Among the problems he can solve are: 1. People with financial problems 2. Troubled marriages, divorce and court cases 3. Boost customer attraction for business 4. Protection against witches 5. Get luck for money 6. People who can't have children 7. To be liked by other people 8. Protection of homes, cars & businesses 9. People with low sexual desire 10. Bring back lost lover ADDRESS: Colorado Shopping Centre Shop No. 18 Weltervreden Way (Off Highlands Drive) Mitchells Plain CELL: 082 451 5196


DOCTOR EL-SUBHIR KOI & ALBAH-LUI. Payment after problem is solved and results within three days


* Troubled marriages * Bad luck * Control over money * Removing ghost from homes * Protecting business & property * Promotion & better pay at work * Control over lovers * Help start up business and give luck to business * Pregnancy problems and all known body diseases etc. Consultation R30. FREE consultation to those above 51 years. If u tried other doctors and failed, come to me for help. Call now for appointment: 079 557 0121 or 083 245 3113 Gatesville, Athlone & Mitchells Plain

DR ASHRAF Athlone (Opp. Athlone Stadium) * Court Cases * Relationship Problems * Financial Problems * Pregnancy Problems * Win Lotto * Boosting Business & job promotion (/Sms to 072 101 2773 or 073 007 3652 100% SUCCESS Lost Love Expert SHEIK SHAMIL & HASIFA In Goodwood for strong duas and effective rubaan * Bring back lost lover * Pregnancy problems * Worried about court cases * Win Lotto & Casino * Luck from Forefathers * Quick Selling/Buying of Property using Spiritual Powers * Clean houses from evil spirits * Home Protection * Financial Problems ­ "borrow" Magic Stick and "Amagundwane" for 24 hours to get rich * Unfinished work by other doctors free * Palm reading also done here. PAY ONLY WHEN JOB IS DONE! PENSIONERS: FREE TREATMENT 245 Voortrekker Road, Goodwood (between Auto Zone and Big Apple Motors) Ph 072 915 1308 or 078 928 7219 DIVORCES from R500. ( 021 948 2161

DIVORCES R3 000 Renette Rauch Attorneys 021 418 1337/8 or e­mail: renette.rauch@

GIFTED WOMAN SPIRITUAL HEALER * Lost Lover * Financial problems * Problems with conceiving a baby, troubled marriages & many more. CALL / SMS YOUR PROBLEM (074 833 6987 SHEIK HAMIDU Pay After Job Is Done Why cry of: * Financial Problems * Lost Lover * Home Protection * Win Lotto and Power Ball * All unfinished jobs by other doctors * And many others Ph 083 745 5900 Doctor in Athlone 26

Social and Entertainment Dj With Sound & Karaoke ( 083 747 3304


Tuition A FAMILY DRIVING SCHOOL Code 08,Man & Auto. K53. ( 021 633 7402

A1 COMMUNITY DRIVING SCHOOL Nervous ladies welcome. Car hire for pass out. All areas.

PASS OUT FIRST TIME 021 397 3912/ 072 617 4472

BEADWORK And Craft classes plus many others.(021 391 4601 /083958 9360 BSI DRIVING ACADEMY K53 driving lessons Competitive Rates Packages available Contact Sharon / Bernie on 021 638 3649 or 074 133 0069 021 802 4221 bsidrivingacademy GASIENA'S DRIVING ACADEMY Pick up & drop off all areas. Patient, reliable instructor for Expert K53 tuition. "DONT BE NERVOUS, I AM AT YOUR SERVICE! " ( 021 692 3098(a/h) or Gasiena­ 073 159 6400/ Ghalib ­083 844 3813


Now has specials" 7 lessons ­ R650 upfront 12 lessons = R1 100 upfront For honest and direct tuition, call 076 649 1956 or 021­393 5063 a/h LEANER DRIVER (THEORY) At yours or mine


Individual tutoring. Mon­Sun. All hours R70 or R50 each for 2 pupils Contact 084 803 5448 SNOWDON DRIVING SCHOOL Special package available. K53 specialist. Driving lessons. Pick up & Drop off. All areas ( 021 391 2728, 071 437 1015 / 082 070 8000.

TORQUE DRIVING ACADEMY FREE car hire with every 10hrs package!! (t&c apply) All areas with free pick up and drop off Ph Hassan 082 992 2827 / 637 1809 28

Creches EDUCARE from 3 months to 5 and half years old. Transport avail. Mitchells Plain area only. Ph 021 392 0633


Health and Beauty DRINK TEA AND SHRINK Lose 4 ­ 8kg per month and still enjoy your favourite foods. (Abeda­ 072 806 5399



Advance Driving Academy Excellent Pass rate Pick-up & Drop off Qualified, Patient Instructors Code 8 only Toyota Tazz & power steering vehicle available 28 years experience

AC Driving Academy DRIVING LESSONS Code 10 (Truck) Code 8 Manual/ Automatic. Ex Hillstar Examiner Ph/sms 073 555 8410

ADELAH & SHAKIER'S Samoosas & pies, R105 per 100, Budget Pack R140 (40 pies, 40 samoosas, 20 pizzas, 20 spring rolls). We deliver. Ph 376 2506 AKHNI & CURRY'S 40L­ 100L +. Catering done on request.(Jasmine on 021 391 2763/ 083 582 6618


Catering from R50 p/p. ( 021 703 6495 or 082 742 7098


Menus from R69 p/p. Price includes basic decor. For all your hiring needs and stage decor, incl bouquets. Crockery and cutlery from 10c. Chair covers with bows also available. Ph Rashieda or Shafiek 021­372 5921 / 084 566 0087 / 082 660 0876 DECKSTER'S CATERING Menu's from R90,00. Price includes: Backdrop, Arch, Red Carpet and chair covers. (Ielaahm or Rene 021­371 4507/082 324 9486


Children’s Entertainment AHMED'S jumping castles for hire. 072 344 6977

Health Shops/ Products DR MAMMA FATIMAH Love! sex and court case & work! luck in casino, lotto, problems & short boys for money. Penis Enlarge. Amagundwane .PAY AFTER UR PROBLEM SOLVED. Bellville: 021 948 3738 072 012 0746

BJUMPING castles for hire. Cartoon characters & purple dinosaur castles available. Excel. rates.(082 938 5342 HIRE a castle, from R150 p.d. Slides, kiddies chairs & tables. 021 696 3791, 084 209 1313


J/CASTLE for hire. 021 393 4663/083 357 4008 JUMPING CASTLE for hire. 021 393 8528, 083 890 4793

Hiring Services


Backdrop poles & chair covers. Ph 021 637 0133 or 083 453 9021 ALLEN DECOR HIRE Winter special.B/drop @ R300, chair covers @ R3. New Wedding and Matric gowns avail.(084 670 2240

BUSSES & LATEST BMW'S FOR HIRE For all your special bus trips & weddings, matric balls & juniour proms. (Evan on 084 585 6080 CATER HIRE 021­696 2394 or 084 588 0686 Plastic chairs R2. Round Table: 10 seats R10 Long Table: 10 seats R10. Chair Covers: R4. Long Table Cloth XL: R12. Round Table Cloth XL: R15. Organzas: From R2. CHAIR COVERS black, white & light gold: R3.50 each. Tressle: R7, round table cloths: R12 each, bows, R1.50 each. Florence 021 371 5683, 079 469 7671


or 084 9733 899



Building Material

GUENUNE leather off­cuts @ R10p/kilo.(082 348 4703 /021 593 3986

3M/6M Sand, Stone & Rubble ( 083 292 3960

Wendy Houses "SPECIALS" 6m x 3m, R6 000 cash. ( 082 621 4441/021 393 5475




021 397 8388 078 536 2678 072 542 7217 ATHLONE

021 696 4183 072 542 7217 GRASSY PARK/RETREAT 021 762 1252 072 542 7217 LANDSDOWNE

021 797 6569 072 542 7217


021 797 6569


021 697 3530


DECOR Backdrop poles & curtains. (021 396 2526/082 212 8949


HOUSE OF HIRING Call us for your hiring needs plus kids party items. (021 3711 588/082 503 9026



Crockery, cutlery, glassware & linen@ 10c per item. Ph 021 371 7229 / 072 443 6695

L&R TRANSPORT SERVICES "Let us carry your load" For any pick up or delivery. Sand,stone or furniture removals.Give us a call on 073 963 5604/08 2 777 4234 43

Personal Services DO YOU NEED PRAYER? Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 19h30­22h00 Ph 079 806 4173

5M, SAND, STONE, RUBBLE ­ Bakkie loads also 021 397 6413 or 082 709 6443


COLORADO HIRING Crockery, cutlery, glassware linen and backdrop. Ph 021 374 7104 / 0822278968 CROCK , cutlery & linen & helium balloons Ph 021 397 8326, 073 696 7788, 083 465 3455

Garden Services

A A+ CASH PRICE PAID for good used 2nd hand clothing, shoes, linen, etc. 021 761 3083





JUMPING CASTLES & waterslide for hire. Ph 021 704 0859, 083 281 7930

DJ with sound and lighting.(083 369 6768

DSTV, Aerial Installations & repairs done. DSTV Special R599.( 072 249 1889/ 073 966 0860

GARDENING We cut lawns, weed flowerbeds, plot clearing refuse removal, tree felling, in your yard. 7 days a week. Ph 0734923255 / 021­802 6494

Amy’s Wendy 16 11 10


PAY AFTER PROBLEM SOLVED. Come to me I have your Solutions .Financial Problem .Bring back lost Lover .Clear Debts .Marraige Problems .Win Casino / Lotto .Pass Exams .Clean Home Any problem you have I will help you. R50 Consultation fee. Doctors in Bellville


WENDY 250510

TELERAMA TV REPAIRS Efficient repairs to TV's & microwaves. We collect and deli­ ver.(021 391 57 79, 021 3915819 /083 861 0418




per week

74 Electrical Appliances

All Fridge Regassing and geyser repairs. 021 3715362 I BUY & REPAIR Fridges + chest freezers, Dead or Alive. 021 591 1699/084 985 7425 Cash on the spot. All areas.




Installations, repairs & sales. Contact Terence on


DSTV+ Top TV + God TV installations repairs & upgrades. callout costs from R150. (073 272 6117 WS TECHZONE SOUTH AFRICA

A 6m 3 sand, stone, lime & rubble removal 021 691 6995 / 072 374 9801 A BAKKIE rubble, sand and stone. Ph 078 6113 627. A bakkie sand ­ R195 A bakkie stone ­ R385 Paving slabs 300x300 ­ R6.90 400x400 ­ R10.90 per slab 450x450 ­ R12.90 per slab 600x600 ­ R19.90 per slab Colour cobblestone ­ R2 each. Rockface 450x450 ­ R22.90 per slab. Contact 073 182 1491 o/h or 021 372 2961 a/h A bargain block: 190, 140 & 90. Ph 021 374 2053/ 021 692 1209 all hours. Free Delivery.


90s, 140s, 190s, Sand, Stone. Tel: 021 704 4109 021 715 2739 Cell: 084 368 8125


190 &140's ­ Sand & Stone Call 021 393 0661/ or 073 186 2991 (a.h.)

DAVID'S PRECAST We sell Vibrecrete Poles & Slabs. (021 692 3107 / 021 691 5877/ 072 106 0655 / 083 691 4449

BUILDING MATERIAL & Home Improvement

On account, no deposit 12 to 60 months to pay, Tiling, vibracrete, paving and all sorts of building material. Blacklisted welcome. Contact André 071 588 2172 CHEAPEST IN TOWN Selling sand & stone Removal of rubble. Also selling in bags. Sand R350­ 5 m3 Stone R1 300 ­5 m3 ( 078 368 9274 / 073 775 7047


Page 12 People’s Post Retreat

WILDCATS TRANSPORT Bakkie Sand ­ R135 (Bags R7,50) Bakkie Stone ­ R350 (Bags R15.00) Vibracrete Slabs ­ R29.00 each Bricks from R1.20 each CEMENT R67.00 EACH We also do truck loads and rubble removals Ph 021­820 4068 or 084 467 7507 99

Wanted to Buy WE BUY good quality furniture and appliances. We collect. Ph 021­374 6060 or 083 948 2804

BELIEVE IN CHRIST SERVICES Vibracrete, tiling, carports, paving, laminated flooring. Contact Albert 073 545 6994 /


Clear your debt by calling SCM Debt Clearance 021­788 4485 24/hrs: 078 221 0193

A QUALITY GATES AND FENCE B/bars, sliding gates, carports, steel fencing, razor wire & vibracrete. Lowest price. Ph 021­397 4079 or 082 933 6610 DAVIDS PRECAST We do all Vibrecrete Walls / Raisings / Gates & Barb Wire / Carports / Structures & Garages / Paving / Laminated Floors / Painting Waterproofing / Roofs & Ceilings. CONTACT :021 692 3107 021 691 5877 / 072 106 0655 083 691 4449




A CASH LOAN up to R180 000. Same day payout. b/listed welcome. Conditions apply.(Randee on 021 761 3995/ 083 548 7293 A1 CAR PAWN. VINNIG. GOEDKOOP (082 359 2546/021 856 4183



Building and Construction ALL Building plans drawn and submitted. Call Dominick on 021 396 2115 or 078 085 2067

Bridging cash for PENSION/PACKAGE Lumpsum/Payout same day


BIG C FINANCIAL SERVICES We do loans from R10 000 till R150 000. B/listed welcome. Fax payslip, id & 3 month bank statements to 086 658 4444 or call Gavin on 073 997 1169

" 021 949 3402/3 Call back 073 609 9307 073 439 3111

ALTERATIONS garages, carports, brickpaving, tiling. (082 409 0592/392 5501


ALL LOANS R1 000 ­ R50 000. B/listed & gov. All welcome.Call or sms Anshaaf on 072 785 0231

Supplied & fitted.


( Chris 082 570 5686 021 638 5292

on a Pension/ Provident/Package

BUILDING MAINTENANCE & RENOVATIONS * Carports * Waterproofing Contact Carl 073 920 1460 or

ARE YOU SICK & TIRED OF YOUR DEBT? Cant control it anymore? I can help you. Garnishees on payslips, summonses, dont have money for food? Reduce payments to one instalment. Stop the struggling, the help you need is hassle free. Service guarenteed. Call us now! (Audrey­ 079 395 4709 or fax: 021 421 6817. Fax your ID, payslip and all your accounts to see what you qualify for.

Lumpsum Payout? Sms/Call: Nawaal ( 076 064 0458

DEAR FRIEND, NEED A LOAN? HOFFMEESTER ­ we give up to R50 000. Blacklisted. 071 872 4941

021­374 4030 after 6pm

Home Improvement Interior

BUILDING MATERIAL & HOME IMPROVE­ MENTS ( On Account Basis Only ) ,Tiling, Paving ,Vibracrete ,BIC's ,Wendy Houses ,L/Flooring 6 ­ 60 months to pay!!! For further info contact Ashley on 072 371 6000

GARAGE DOORS & automation. 076 523 0306


Home Improvement Exterior AA paving, carports, vibracrete and garages. Ph 021 705 5372 / 072 425 5111 ALTERATIONS, brick, plas., skin., tiling, etc. Good Refs. 076 124 4713 ARTHUR'S SLIDING GATES, b bars, vibracrete & steel fencing & automation. 021­ 691 1936 or 083 229 7612


Consolidate your debt. Regardless of your credit history, debt counselling or Administration status, Bondpro Finance can use your property to consolidate your debt and clear your credit record.

Contact us today on 021 880 6000 or send a please call me to: 076 716 6191 t’s + c’s apply



BLACKLISTED? Up to R100 000. Approved by phone.(Shafiq 076 919 8933 BOND PROBLEMS Solved here. Arrears, judgements, executions. We stop them here! Real Solutions. Call us toll free 0800 204 987

BRIDGING CASH while waiting for:


Payout (lumpsum only)

PROPERTY DEALS Tel: 021 949 0930/1/2

CONSOLIDATION Apply for an old mutual finance consolidation of debt or personal loan from R1 000 ­ R100 000.(Jacky/Charl on 021 706 5029 or sms your name to 082 990 4196



R 500 000 = ± R 3000 p.m 072 103 5339 082 775 9737 021 421 4991 021 801 5883


Is your house going to be repossessed? I will buy your home. And advance you money. ( Riyard on 083 420 8989

A BRIDGING loan? Waiting for Pension/package payouts? SMS or send

“please call me”

082 301 7856


0860 105 546 LOANS from R1 000­R50 000 Blacklisted and garnishee. All welcome. Call/sms Hayley 072 064 1265 LOANS No ITC. Same day payout. Fax 086 666 4811 or call 071 512 1923 Loans up R180 000 Blacklisted & garnishee welcome ( Bongi 073 171 5142 Loans up to R15 000 & cellphone contracts Same day approval Blacklisted welcome Contact Asma 071 716 7484 Fax: 021 762 8657 LOANS up to R15 000. B/listed/Garnisheed welcome. Ph Nicole 079 179 3169 Loans up to R15 000 Same day Approval Garnished & blacklisted ( 021 418 4787 Send CALL ME to 084 366 7834 LOANS UP to R50 000. Bl. Listed and Govt. welcome, ( Shireen 078 902 5602. LOANS We come to you. ( 021 558 6648 / 082 957 3251 MONEY IS FREEDOM *fast pay ­outs *Convenient service *Confidential *Blacklisted welcome Cindy 082 673 3939 NEED MONEY 4 DEBTS R10 000 ­ R100 000 Ph LEN 021 425 7721


Curtains/Carpets/ Upholstery

BLINDS AND CURTAINS. All types. Free quotes. Less 10%. ( 021 371 8627/08 2 516 0030

R 50 000 onsolidate C or Now! R 5 million?

021 949 0458 - Fax 086 601 4207 -

SMS “POST” TO 38020 & WE’LL CALL YOU BACK!! JOHAN 082 431 9865

FOR ALL types of blinds. Ph 074 259 1802 Renaldo or 082 598 2606 Wesley or 021­371 8315 o/h

M&M INTERIORS ­ Blinds, curtains, rods, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. All blinds less 10%. Phone Moosa 021 371 8917 or 083 4931 495 P&R RE­UPHOLSTE­ RY For Re­Upholstery of furniture, call Rodney on 073 963 5604 / Latiefa ­ 073 431 7816 FREE QUOTES!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

A.W.A. ELECTRICAL Fully Licenced Contractor Since 1986 , Rewiring, Main Boards , Lights, Plugs , Prepaid Meters , Electrical Certificates . FREE QUOTES . ( Allan­ 021 392 1973/08 2 708 5700




Flats to Let

A­B TRUCK HIRE / COURIER Anything & everything. 073 339 1828


1 Bedroom, bics, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom,


Repairs – Vehicles

ENGINE OVERALL R1 800.Clutch overalls, R850.Gearbox repairs from R950.Parts & labour incl. (021 376 6014/ 078 875 4394

Carpentry ALL CARPENTRY Hanging of all doors, repair of roofing and cupboards. Also skimming of walls and tiling done. Ph Nico 021 392 6818/076 342 1470

ALL CARPENTRY Hanging of all doors, repair of roofing and cupboards. Also skimming of walls and tiling done. Ph Nico 021 392 6818/076 342 1470

BUILT IN CUPBOARDS repairs & alterations. ( 072 695 9738

Vehicles Wanted to Buy

OFFER FOR EVERYONE'S ATTENTION I am looking for vehicles that are no longer running, broken down or damaged in accidents.I pay cash and remove your vehicle free of charge from any area.

(021 949 6066/ 076 2111 620

1143 AFFORDABLE installations & upgrading of alarm systems.(078 308 9978

TV/DVD/Video Services


DSTV packages fully installed for R599. HD PVR installations from R2 299. Service call repair charge of R150. Ph 083 268 1213

REPAIRS TO TV'S and most appliances. Collect and deliver. Ph Jody on 081 310 7542


Plumbers A FREE PLUMBING quote for bathroom renovations, geysers, leaks and blocked drains. Call Joseph 073 322 4661 ALL PLUMBING, good ref.. 076 124 4713

FOR ALL YOUR PLUMBING Maintanance and new installations. All workmanship guaranteed. (Frank 082 3544 076


Swimming Pool Services CLEAN & MAINTAIN pools. Ph 083 494 3939 or 702 1208




Holiday Accommodation


Painting ALL ELECTRICAL WORK. Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713

GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. R800p/night. Sleeps 6.(079 522 4309.


Electrical Repairs AA APPLIANCE repairs to all makes washing machines, tumble dryers etc. 40 yrs exp. Ph Alwyn West 021­671 5786 or 082 705 8103. FRIDGE AND FREEZER REGASSING & REPAIRS Reasonable prices! ( 076 164 0700


SPEED QUEEN SPECIALIST 2 All repairs done on site.(Donovan on 076 612 5170


Plots for Sale SHERWOOD PARK ­ 500m plot.R190 000neg. (083 406 9136


Houses to Let PELICAN PARK (Peacock Close) Semi house. 2 bedrooms, bics, bathroom, shower, kitchen, lounge, parking available. R3 800pm, incl water & elec, preferably couple with 1 child. 2 Beds, R3 500pm. Surgrie 082 978 9016


ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713

TV & MICROWAVE REPAIRS " LOW COSTS" 18 Linaria Cres,Silver­ town.(Steven on 021 633 1802 / 083 486 5394

Separate Entrances GRASSY PARK1Lrge b/room, O/p kitch, sec. parking. R2 300p/m + dep. Avail imm. (072 574 4448 LANSDOWNE ­ 1 Big b/room, kitch, and bathroom. Pref No children. Secured parking. R2 700p/m + dep. (021 704 0256

WEEKEND SPECIALS AT CLUB MYKONOS STARTING AT R600 PER NIGHT! Contact Suzanne 021­448 2717 office hours only



Business Opportunities AVON Reps needed urgently.(071 335 5827


Reps needed urgently. Athlone & surrounding areas. Call Sumaya 072 700 1581 AVON REPS NEEDED Call Michelle 021 396 2115 or 082 637 6559


Security and Arms




SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952


balcony, 1 parking bay. Fully secured. R3 800 pm Call Surgrie 082 978 9016



Moving and Storage

3 Beds + BIC, bath/toilet, fitted kitchen, lounge, garage with remote door, remote driveway gate. R570 000. Contact Noor 072 946 2280

Houses for Sale BEACON VALLEY 3 beds, R255 000. BELHAR x 2 R370 000 2 beds. R395 000, 4/5 beds. TAFELSIG x 2 2 Beds R245 000. 2 Beds, f.standing + gar R285 000. DELFT A must to view, 2 bed, fitted kitchen + pool R270 000. LENTEGEUR x 3 R299 000­R330 000, 2/3 beds, f/kit, bic + gar. WESTRIDGE x 2 R365 000. 3 bed, 4 Bed R395 000 Call Tapee 074 2988 140

WARELEY HOMES Sellers in Strandfontein & M/Plain contact us for a FREE valuation of your property. Robert 021 393 2410/08 3 427 0036 WENDY ENGEL PROPERTIES Are you wanting to sell your property? / all areas. I have qualified buyers. (Wendy on 073 696 3947

DATA entry workers needed to fill out forms with or wit­ hout a computer. Sms name and address for a full info brochure to 079 497 2003

EARN CASH NOW Sell tupperware full or part time. ( Narriman 084 414 7444 or 021­637 5932 or Zainoe 084 530 0300 WE DON'T REPLY TO PSE CALL ME EARN extra cash in your own time. For more info sms name and address to 074 208 1452 EARN up to R720 in your first week or up to R1 440p/d within one month. Data entry workers needed to fill out forms with or without a computer. Easy step­by­step tutorials. Own hrs. Sms name and adress for full info brochure to 083 637 9906 Coleridge Rd, Salt River EXTRA income opportunity. Data works with or without a computer. For info sms name, surname & adress to 084 062 4825 /021 704 4293­ 17 Liberator Rd, Rocklands FINANCIAL PROBLEMS? THERE IS A SOLUTION Earn R7 500 p/t, R30 000 + f/t visit www.achieve­­financial­­ (NOTE HYPHEN)


AVON &JUSTINE reps needed. (Mildred 021 696 5866 /079 053 8019


General Vacancies A FREE ICDL COMPUTER COURSE. Office Typing Data capture Excel IT Email 3 wk. Pay 4 W/bk (021 683 8875 at Kenilworth Centre AVROY SHLAIN Reps required urgently. Phone Valerie 083 5004 861/ 021 371 1551.(after 1pm) Maryna on 083 411 1025


Required for butchery. Ph 021 694 7161


Tuesday 19 July 2011

JOBS! JOBS! Available now, No Experience needed @

Youth I.T Employment Skills Project & AH Personnel Skills Cc, Reg No. 2010/09120/23 " Flight Attendants " Office Administrators, Receptionists, " Bank Tellers, Book Keepers, Cashiers, Call Centre " Computer IT, Data Capturers, " Waiters & Bartenders, House keeping " Home Base Nursing Book you space or visit our branches @ Cape Town - Branch 5TH Floor, 5 Waterkant St, Rose Bank College House 021-829-6621, 084-872-0050 Bellville - Branch 4TH Floor, 14 Kruskal Avenue, Opp. Standard bank 021-820-3231, 0788578272 We train you for 2 weeks, give you a Certificate and place you into a Job immediately you finish Training starts on Mondays, Accommodation available Registration fee is R500 Hotline 24/7: 0788578271 CLOTHING Factory in Obser­ vatory looking for exp. versatile machinist only. Sms name and telephone number to (083 227 7100 EXTRA INCOME with DATAWORX with/ with­out computer. For info, sms Name/Address 073 145 4670



Staff Vacancies

STAFF NEEDED URGENTLY Recently established company needs to fill various positions: *Telemarketing *OPC/ Outdoor surveyers. If you are vibrant, goal driven & self motivated book your interviews now. Full training provided Basic + good comm. Ph: Lecrecia 074 842 3935 or 021­001 1013

Call Centre

$$ EVENING TELEMARKETING $$ BASIC + COMM + INCENTIVES (eve shift) Are you studying during the day and looking for a part time job at night?

Are you money motivated, target­driven & energetic AND have

1 yr OUTBOUND TELESALES experience???

If YES ­ WE WANT YOU!!!! Min. req: SA ID book; Fluent in Eng/Afr; criminally cleared; MATRIC, excellent verbal/written/comm skills. Monday ­ Fri 16:00 ­ 20:00 Saturdays 9:00 ­ 12:00


Send CV to or fax 086 5381 498 ASAP!


Au Pairs AUPAIR Holland, Many families. Aug/Sept. Ph 021 462 7800 or

CAPE TOWN BASED COMPANY IS OPENING UP A NEW BRANCH & NEEDS TO EXPAND IT'S SALES FORCE! No transport or previous sales experience needed. All training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives.

GRASSY PARK BETWEEN VICTORIA & PERTH ROADS R800 000 624m² A MUST TO VIEW This property with lots of potential offers 4 Bedrooms, mes, lounge/diningroom with jetmaster, study/TV room, kitchen, f/bathroom, double garage, plus parking for 6 cars, swimming pool, grounds fully paved. TEL: 021 638 4565 CELL: 083 786 5405


Ph 083 311 1859 5 ,, 4 , HOTELS , BIG SUPERMARKETS & BIG COMPANIES URGENTLY NEEDS! .20 Receptionists .30 Cashiers .20 Barmen .30 Waitrons .20 Porters .50 Cleaners/ Housekeepers .10 Cruiseship Attendants .10 Flight Attendants/ Airhostesses For More details please contact Zetaweb or visit our offices on 112 Long Street, 3rd Floor, room 311, Cape Town, or CALL: 021 426 7615/ 021 820 3654/ 073 219 8380

Call Dorothy 082 429 6722 or 021 715 9185


For appointment, call Andre on 021 930 9068 Terms & Conditions Apply.

Liquidations, Deceased Estates, Foreclosures & General Auctions Retail & residential building, RETREAT Public Auction: Tues. 26 July @ 11:30

DRIVER NEEDED With code 14 with PDP. Must have container experience and knowledge of the harbour/port.

People’s Post Retreat Page 13

• Erf 82833 measuring approx. 495 sqm. • Mixed use property: 2 retail shops, 1 x 2 bedroom house, 1 x 1 bedroom apartment & 1 studio apartment. • Double garage & ample parking available. • Tenant on a month to month basis. • Gross rental income = R118 800 PA. • Zoning: General Business B1. • Bulk factor - 1.2 Coverage - 100%, Height restriction 7 storeys. Very Rare investment opportunity. VIEW BYAPPOINTMENT Contact Yusuf Daniels on 078 874 9995 AUCTION ON SITE: 128 Victoria Road, Cnr. Flora Road, Retreat

VIBRANT SALES CONSULTANTS NEEDED No transport or previous sales experience needed. Free training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives.

Bidding Requirements: I.D. & Proof of Residence Terms: Standard Auction Terms

bathrooms, lounge, diningroom, FFK, garage & carport (3cars), large pool and maids room, large plot.

SURREY ESTATE R350 000 2 bedroom flat, FFK, bathroom and parking bay. Secure complex

MAYFIELD VILLAGE ­ OTTERY R625 000. 2 bed, bathroom, open plan lounge & fully fitted kitchen, garage (2 cars)

Nazeem 073 834 9990

For appointment, call Aileen on 021 465 7852 Terms & Conditions Apply

ATHLONE 021 696 4114


WOODLANDS PARK ­ WETTON R950 000 Neat, 4 bedrooms (bic), 2

Pamgolding 6X8 12 07 11 1AV39PA.cdr


WALEED MAJIET 083 508 4611


RUKAYA WILLIAMS 083 527 7139


CHERYL JACOBS 079 195 7252



RIEFQAH JACOBS 083 738 7901 Pam Golding Properties An international Associate of Savills

Pam Golding10x8 190711 1AVIA2V



Wynberg: Top Floor Bachelor flat – R320 000 Schaapkraal: Vacant Land – 8 acres – R1.895 Million Wynberg: Broadview Apartment – 2 Beds, 2 baths, 1 parking bay – R499 000 Pelican Heights: 6 Beds, 3 baths, 2 garages, swimming pool. 940m erf – R1.550m

ANDY 074 470 7068

Zeekoevlei – 3/ 4 bed, 2 bath, 2garage, granny flat, swimming pool – R1.1million (NEW

RAZEEN 072 619 8155

SHAMEEMAH 083 335 4713



Razeen: 072 619 8155




ANDY 074 470 7068



ANDY 074 470 7068






Razeen 072 619 8155

Grassy Park: R875 000 This beauty offers 3 beds, 2 with bic’s, family bath, en-suite, fully fitted kitchen, lounge, dining, double garage, carport for 3 cars, big ground and separate entrance with 2 bed, bath, kitchen. Situated in quiet location. Grassy Park: R675 000 3 bed, 2 with bic’s, fitted kitchen, bath, lounge tiled, very neat property on corner plot = 509m². Close to Victoria Rd Heathfield/Diep River: R650 000 Large 3 bed flat (98m²) with huge lounge, fully fitted kitchen, family bath, en-suite, balcony with full access control. This very neat flat is located close to transport and major shopping centres Retreat/Sasmere Est : R 895 000 3 bed, lounge, dining, kitchen, en-suite, family bath, garaging for 4 – 6 cars +++++separate entrance, big ground and ideal for big family or business on main road. Andy 074 470 7068 PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED TO OFFER TO OUR LIST OF APPROVED BUYERS

OTTERY R1.095 Million





SOLE MANDATE BEDS: 2/3 | BATHS: 1 | PARKING: 1 WEB ACCESS: KW1050714 PAM072 GOLDING RAZEEN 619 8155 10x8 10 05 11-1AQ2U1F.cdr



WAYNE THERON IGSHAAN HARTOGH 083 483 1784 079 7352149

Stunning 2 beds, bic in main – laminated flrs, tiled lounge, ffk, garage + off street parking.



MOGAMAT JONES FAROUK MALLICK REGINA AFRICA 072 865 0061 0727317090 082 873 4815



R620 000

4 beds, lounge and dinette, fitt kitchen, family bathroom, tandem garage 3 cars + lots parking.

3 beds, tiled lounge, fitted kitchen, garage, paved yard.

STUNNING RENOVATED HOME – DOUBLE STOREY 5 beds + bic, 2 bathrooms, guest bathroom, lounge, dining area, modern ffk, pool, braai area, tandem garage 3 cars, office space 5*3 m².

WAYNE THERON 083 483 1784

WAYNE THERON 083 483 1784

WAYNE THERON 083 483 1784




WAYNE THERON 083 483 1784


3 beds, fitt kitchen, sep bathrrom/toilet, garage + parking 2 cars + seperate entrance. IGHSAAN 079 735 2149

JOE DANSTER 072 3433 442

2 beds – walk in closet, main-en suite. lounge, fully fitted kitchen seperate bathroom &toilet with shower. garage 3 cars seperate entrance 2 rooms, fitt kitchen, bathroom.

ATHLONE: R1.1million IMMAC CONDTION, F/s,4Beds (Bics), Lnge, Drm, 2xXMes, FFK, F/Bath, Laundry, G/Flat, Carport, ASHRAAF 072 945 5145.

OTTERY: R720.000excl F/s, 2Beds, Lnge, F/Bath, FFK, Carport, Encl, D/Lights, B/Bars. KEITH 084 888 2526

PINATTI ESTATE: R1.2million D/s, 6Beds(5xB), 2xF/Bath, Mes, FFK TVrm, Study, E/Garden, 507m. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

HIGHLANDS ESTATE: R820.000 3Beds, Mes, FFK, G/Flat, 496m2, Carport(4xCars), B/Bars, S/Gates SHAHMILAH 078 786 5918

RONDEBOSCH EAST: R1.900mil D/storey, 5Beds(3xB), Lnge, Drm, 2xF/Bath, 2xMes, FFK, Pool, TVrm, ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

WOODSTOCK: R1.150mil Cnr Semi, 3Beds(Very Big), Lnge, Drm, FK, F/Bath, Garage, Encl. SAEEDA 083 519 4159

BONTEHEUWEL: R280.000excl Semi, 2Beds, Lnge, Drm, F/Bath, Kitchen, Alarm, B/Bars, Sliding Gates. DESIREE 079 875 9975

KEWTOWN: R399.999excl 2Beds, Ext. S/Lounge, Drm, F/Bath, FK, 2xG/Flat, App.Plan For Carport. IRFAAN 083 947 4327


HANOVER PARK: R195.000excl Mais, 2Bedrooms, Lounge, Family Bathroom, Kitchen, Enclosed. SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

RONDEBOSCH R1.1 neg Semi, 3Beds(Bics), Lnge, Drm, Braai OPFFK, Garage, Carport, Encl RAHEEL 082 796 8137

BONTEHEUWEL: R290.000excl F/s, 2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Establish Garden, 206m2. NORMAN 083 772 8912

MONTAGUS GIFT: R799.000excl 3Beds, 3xLnge, Drm, F/Bath, 2xMes, 2xOPFK, Laundry, Study, T/Garage. ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

GRASSY PARK: R640.000excl F/s, 4Beds, Lnge, 472m2, Jetmaster, Kitchen, D/Way(6xCars), Encl. KAREN 079 808 3877

ZEEKOEVLEI: R1350.000excl D/s, 5Beds, Ent.Hall, Lounge, Drm, 2xF/Bath, Laundry, Pool, D/Garage. KEITH 084 888 2526

OTTERY: R359.000excl Ground Floor Flat, 2Beds(Bics), Lnge, F/Bath, FFK(Defy), Pool, P/Bay, Encl. NAJWA 082 377 7027

OTTERY: R295.000excl Ground Floor Flat, 2Beds, Lounge, Open Plan FK, F/Bath, Encl. NAZEEMA 073 924 4460

WYNBERG: R699.999excl Duplex, 3Beds, Ent.Hall, Lnge, Bath, Sep.T, FFK, P/Bay, Encl, Courtyard. AQEELAH 074 042 4168

GRASSY PARK: R369.000excl Flat, 2Beds, Lounge, D/room, F/Bath, FFK, Laundry, 2xP/Bay, Encl. SHEREENA 072 435 4085

PELIKAN PARK: R850.000excl F/s 3Beds, Ent.Hall, Lnge, Drm, FK, Laundry, MQ, Garage, Encl, 740m2. SHEREENA 072 435 4085

CONISTON PARK: R629.999excl F/s, 4Beds, Lnge, Drm, F/Bath, FFK, T/Garage, E/Garden, Encl, B/Bars. ADOLPH 073 193 5878

2xTOWN CENTRE : R120.000neg 2x Offices, Each consist of S/Gates, B/Bars, Toilet. KEITH 084 888 2526

HANOVER PARK: R280.000excl Mais, 3Beds, Lounge, FK, Storerm, F/Bath, P(3xCars), Encl, A/Windows. KEITH 084 888 2526

WELCOME EST: R560.000excl Flat, 3Beds(2xB), TVrm, Ent.Hall, Lnge, Drm, Laundry, FFK, Garage. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

WYNBERG: R720.000excl Flat, 3Beds(Bics), Lounge, F/Bath, Fitted K, Scullery, P/Bay, Balcony. GAIL 076 558 9965

IGHSAAN 079 735 2149

3 beds, lounge, dining area, garage + carport.

3 beds, lounge/dinette, kitchen, parking 2 cars.

2 beds + bic – dressing room, lounge / dining room, fitted kitchen +seperate entrance + garage 3 cars.

350 m² plot – 3 beds, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, sep bath/ toilet, enclosed carport 2 cars.

FAROUK MALLICK 082 873 4815

FAROUK MALLICK 082 873 4815

FAROUK MALLICK 082 873 4815

MOGAMAT 072 731 7090










072 192 1411

082 723 1118 071 203 6341 084 055 3877 076 706 0910 078 038 9059 078 234 3390 071 598 6633 076 585 8104 076 719 9893


Tel. 021 393 3359/95 • 157 A DENNEGEUR AVE, STRANDFONTEIN • TEL./FAX. 021 393 1568

Towards Marketing Excellence

R530 000 WESTGATE. R239 000 HILLVIEW TAFELSIG R265 000 R645 000: SAN REMO(A MUST SEE) 4 Bdrm house, lounge, fitted 1 Large bedroom with ensuite, FF Kitchen, Lounge 3beds fully enclosed with alarm, lounge Freestanding Modern free standing 3 bdrm(main ensuite) kitchen, family bathroom, Wendy house 10m Wendy House, Carport for 2 cars, Fully enclosed fitted kitchen & fam bathroom with shower fully alarmed, automated garage doors, with bathroom behind Virgin Active . Call: Doerrieyah 084 055 3877 Call: Delores 076 706 0910 Call: Shanaaz 071 203 6341 fully enclosed, aluminium windows. ffk 2 bedrm with bics, lounge and dining room with fireplace, R250 000 TAFELSIG R300 000 ROCKLANDS R550 000 COLORADO Freestanding 2 Bdrm house,Lounge 3 Beds,Kitchen, Family bathroom, Freestanding 3 bdrm house, main bdrm study laminated flooring throughout, family fitted Kitchen, Bathroom and large Lounge, Paved back yard, with bics, fitted kitchen, lounge,dining bathroom and plenty of parking, Fairly big grounds grounds lots of potential room and big grounds. Shaamiel 082 723 1118. Call: Shanaaz 071 203 6341 Doerrieyah 084 055 3877 Shanaaz 071 203 6341 R 630 000 GRASSY PARK R480 000 MANDALAY R490 000 GRASSY PARK R225 000 TAFELSIG Semi attached 3 Bdrm house, lounge, Freestanding 3 Bdrm house on a 525m² 625m² Plot with incomplete Semi attached 3 bedroom lounge, Family bathroom, fitted kitchen, carport plot with lounge, open plan kitchen, 120m² roof height house, kitchen,and family bathroom. close to amenities. fully enclosed and large grounds Doerrieyah 084 055 3877 Call: Doerrieyah 084 055 3877 Shihaam 072 192 14111. Shanaaz 071 203 6341. 3 bdrm house, lounge,dining room,kitchen,modern finishing in bathroom and shower, driveway, and carport,

Fazloodien 082 495 8989

R420 000 MONT CLAIR Neat freestanding 3 bdrm house, bic. in main bdrm,fitted kitchen, family bathroom, lounge, garage, carport and fully enclosed. Doerrieyah 084 055 3877

R379 000 WESTRIDGE Freestanding 3 bdrm house, carport fully enclosed, lounge, kitchen and family bathroom. Delores 076 706 0910



We will sell your house Or we will buy it from you Free Valuations Distress Sales OWNER Free Legal Advice Free Pre-Approvals Free Credit Checks Furniture Removals Terms & Conditions Apply


Semi attached 4 Bdrm house, tiled lounge, family bathroom, fitted kitchen also tiled and enclosed driveway Shihaam 072 192 1411 R680 000 RETREAT


Commercial property for sale, 2 shops , one is a running concern the other is a supermarket with the rental value f more than R6500.Great Business opportunity. Shaheed 076 585 8104

R225 000 TAFELSIG Semi attached 3 bedroom lounge, kitchen,and family bathroom. Shihaam 072 192 1411.

R379 000 LOTUS RIVER Freestanding 2 bdrm home on large plot, fully fitted kitchen, lounge and Garage. Call: Delores 076 706 0910

R220 000: HANOVER PARK neat 3 bdrm Maisonette, ffk, lounge, family bathroom, tiled throughout, fully enclosed with burglar bars, Delores 076 706 0910.

R 530 000- MUIZENBERG 2 bdrm house one with ensuite, family bathroom,lounge,d ining room, parking for FAZLOODIEN 2 cars , fully enclosed and electric fence. Shahied 076 719 9893 082 495 8989


We have buyers for: Mitchells Plain, Strandfontein, Pelican Park & Heights, Grassy Park, Ottery, Steenberg, Wynberg, Athlone, Heideveld, Bonteheuwel and Surrounding Areas Tel: 021 708 8961

BRANCHES: WETTON 021 761 0707 M/PLAIN 021 391 2200

EST. 1996

PROSPUR 190711

Prop T

BAYVIEW R450 000

Tuesday 19 July 2011

PROPT 19 07 11 1AVI8XV

Page 14 People’s Post Retreat

EBUYERS 190711-1AVKU50

Kensington - Goliath Str (off 11th Ave) - R599 000 excl Don’t miss out on this: Spacious 2 bed home, with lounge, fitted kitchen, renovated modern bathroom, carport, fully enclosed on 400sqm plot Observatory - Arnold Street - R949 000 neg 3 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet, double garage

Manenberg - Letaba Str - (off Ruimte Rd) R339 000 excl 3 bed home, fitted kitchen, lounge (tiled), modern bathroom, wooden floors in bedrooms, all rooms have blinds, fully tarred, fully enclosed backyard for extra room, secured gates for parking Strandfontein Village - Spooner Str - R399 000 excl 3 bed home, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet enclosed Rocklands - North West str - R329 000 excl

Lansdowne - Ahmedeya Str - R749 000 neg freestanding 3 bedroom home, lounge/dining-room, 3 bed home, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet ++ double tandem garage ++ 1 bed room granny flat with kitchen, bath/toilet +++ granny flat on 500sqm plot corner bath, fully enclosed Ottery - Royal Mews - Ferness Estate - R499 000 excl New Tafelsig - Fontuin Str - R219 000 2 bed apartment , lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet 2 bed home, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet, enclosed Zeekoevlei Mews (apartment) - R349 000 excl 2 bed home, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet, parking, enclosed

For all the above contact : Latiefa George on 082 972 9682

- View our Properties @ Nadia's 190711 1AVJ20Q

ZEEKOEVLEI – Stunning modern 3 b/rooms, mes, b.i.c., family bathroom, fully fitted. Granite topped kitchen, garage, enclosed on 505 m plot x 2 @ R899 000.

GRASSY PARK – Neat & spotless 2 b/room flat in very good block. R290 000


GRASSY PARK – THE AVENUES – Choice of 2 neat flats, b.i.c., fully fitted kitchen. R395 000 and R450 000.

ZEEKOEVLEI – Well kept ultra modern. 3 b/rooms, b.i.c., mes, fully fitted kitchen, granite tops, garage, pool.

RONDEBOSCH EAST – RUBY PLACE – Bachelor flat. R375 000

ZEEKOEVLEI – Well kept face brick on 640 m² plot. 4 b/rooms, b.i.c., mes and full bathroom, ff/kitchen, lounge, solid wood floor throughout. Garage + lots of parking. R995 000.

PLUMSTEAD – MAIN ROAD – 2 large bedrooms, b.i.c. Large lounge, kitchen, bathroom and garage. R695 000.

ZEEKOEVLEI – Large family home + self contained Granny flat in lovely garden setting. A must to view. R995 000. ZEEKOEVLEI – Good family home. Bargain R699 000. ON THE PENINSULA – ZEEKOEVLEI – 816 m² plot. Reduced to R699 000. ZEEKOEVLEI – WATERFRONT PLOT ± 1 000 m² – R850 000 neg.

LOTUS RIVER – Extended family home. Ex-council home. Needs TLC. R299 000. LOTUS RIVER – Large family home with double storey Granny flat. R750 000. Also choice of 4 properties to rent.

For these & more, contact MICKAEEL ON 082 216 4269 or NADIA on 083 654 4234 or our office 021 706 8197

MARK ANTHONY PROPERTIES View pictures of houses

Mark Anthony2-19-07-11-1AVK3F0-ILL

ANTHONY ARENDSE 021 704 0289 082 673 1503

Every Agent Will Promise To Sell Your Home … We GUARANTEE it

If your Home Doesn’t Sell, Mark is Willing to Buy it Himself at a Price Acceptable to You No Gimmicks!

DISTRESS Call Mark on 072 742 6963 for more info SALES!!

Receive a Free list with pics of Below Market Value & other Distress Sale Properties Visit: Or SMS “D19”, Your Name, Email address/ address to 079 174 9961


SMS “G19”, Your Name, Email address/address to 072 742 6963 OR

FREE CALL 0800-00-00-08 24HRS, 7 DAYS A WEEK

For a Guaranteed Sale on Your Home. * Seller and Mark Brickles must agree on guaranteed price at time of listing


MARK ANTHONY PROPERTIES View pictures of houses

Mark Anthony1-19-07-11-1AVK3C5-ILL

Remaxultra -19 07 11

CALL MARK ANTHONY 021 704 2160 083 482 4250

Westridge (Close To Fire-Station) Only R499 000

Eastridge R259 000

Kenwyn R739 000

Observatory R939 000

Old Strandfontein R389 000

Stunning 3 beds, bics, fully fitted kitchen, lovely tiled bathroom with shower over bath, large tiled lounge, enclosed remote carport for 3 cars, burglar bars, video intercom +++ Large yard with 6x3 POOL. Seawinds Strandfontein R549 000 R299 000

3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, drive-way at side of house. (If your combined wages is R8500.00 per month you can buy this house.)

Free-Standing, Large family home. 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, needs T.L.C.

Nice area, Close to Station and Groote Schuur Hospital. 3 beds, en-suite, fully fitted kitchen, lounge, family bathroom, drive-way, small yard.

(Close To Mosque)

3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, paved drive-way, enclosed. Strandfontein Only R399 000

Ground Floor Flat with Front & Back Garden. 2 beds, bics, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, tiled thru-out parking bay. (If your combined gross income is R13 800.00 per month you can live in Ottery)

3 beds, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, tiled bathroom, drive-way, Free-Standing corner plot..

Large 3 beds, large lounge /dining (Jetmaster), family bathroom, fully fitted kitchen, garage, entertainment area, large yard, House Shop.

3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom (If your combined gross wages is R9800.00 per month you can buy this house)

Colorado R699 000

4 beds, en-suite, lounge and dining, fully fitted kitchen, double garage and more.

View more pics @

(Central Kenwyn)

Westridge R319 000

Renovated, Large 3 beds, lounge & dining room, kitchen, bathroom.

(Off Station Road)

Ottery Only R430 000

Zeekoeivlei Mews Only R299 000 (8th Avenue Lotus River)

Cute 2 beds, tiled lounge & bathroom, fitted kitchen, yard + parking bay. (If your combined wages is R9400.00 you can buy this house)


View more pics @


Tuesday 19 July 2011

People’s Post Retreat Page 15

FANCY FOOTWORK: Pe­ ninsula United’s Nazeem Attwood (left) tries to outsmart Azaad Arnold of Leeds Lentegeur during the last 128 round Coca­ Cola Cup match between the two sides at Cape District on Sunday. Len­ tegeur Leeds were 1­0 victors. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

PERFECT TIMING: Strand United’s Igshaan Bekkers manages to pass the ball before a tackle by Qasiem Essack of Silvertree RFU in the WPRFU Premier B match at Malta Park, Mowbray on Saturday. Silvertree won the match 26­18. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

Aerial action Standards Unit­ ed’s Sergio Wit­ booi heads the ball past Siyab­ ulela Tslumbana from Young Stars in the two sides’ clash in the last 128 round of the Coca­Cola Cup at Grassy Park on Sunday. Stand­ ards United won 9­8 on penalties after the match ended 3­3 after normal time. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

GREAT CATCH: Miche Bucton of Kansas City Netball Club takes a fine catch as Heideveld Netball Club’s Tarren van Eeden looks on during a clash between the under­11 sides of these clubs at Westridge Sport Grounds on Saturday morning. The match was drawn 9­9. Photo: Rashied Isaacs


4th Avenue, Maitland off Voortrekker Road


We Buy & Sell Good Used Cars, Bakkies, 4x4’s Etc.

R109 900

R49 900

Trade-ins available

crazy specials SPEEDWAY MOTORS


R67 900

Tel: Fax: Zubaid: Shihaam Shaheed Moestuqeem:

021 021 084 079 082 082

593 593 583 243 683 737

0786 8359 0050 3481 4616 2461

R35 900

R32 900

R74 900

R39 900








R42 900

R64 900

R35 900

R44 900

R69 900

R32 900

R34 900








N O D E P O S I T • N O L I C E N C E R E Q U I R E D • W E N E E D YO U R I D , PAY S L I P, 3 M O N T H S B A N K S TAT E M E N T S , P R O O F O F A D D R E S S


Mr Suit Hire

5L Supa PVA interior paint various colours R39-95 /5L Safari Gloss Enamel Oil Paint Interior / Exterior R139-00 /5L Contractors 20L PVA Interior / Exterior


Contact us for Corporate and Group Bookings Same day service ALL CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED


Three burner, self igniting stove with pipe, clamps & regulator


GAS ON SPECIAL Many more specials in-store BP Gas

BELLVILLE 021 946 3690

SALT RIVER 021 447 0143

WESTGATEMALL 021 374 4839

N1 CITY 021 595 2298

WORCESTER 023 347 8586

STEENBERG 021 701 4644


• Gas Centre • Appliances • Accessories

GEORGE BLOEMFONTEIN 044 874 4099 051 448 3370


Tableview Pick 'n Pay Shopping Centre Cnr Blaauberg Rd & Westcoast Rd, Table View

Cape Gate Shopping Centre Cnr Okavango Rd & de Bron Rd, Brackenfell

021 556 6369

Tel: 021 932 4106/5 • Address: 306 Halt Rd, Elsies River

People's Post Page 16


021 982 1563

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Positives from pulsating clash TASMIN CUPIDO

DESPITE opening their Absa Currie Cup campaign with a draw to GWK Griquas, Allister Coetzee and DHL Western Province will be positive that the young, inexperienced side was able to put up a fight. The 26-26 scoreline at DHL Newlands on Saturday afternoon proves that the youngsters in royal-blueand-white will put up a challenge in the annual competition, despite the Cape side being plagued by injury and a number of players performing international duties. Due to the DHL Stormers’ participation up until the semi-finals of the Super Rugby competition, the Province squad only had eight days to prepare for the kick-off of the Currie Cup – the Griquas had already been training together for three weeks. Coetzee says they are positive after the performance. “Of cause we are disappointed about not being able to win, but it certainly is not all negative,” he said after the match. “We had eight players making their Currie Cup debuts today, and the youngsters showed that this team has tons of potential.” He also admitted that they had missed important point-scoring opportunities during the match.

“We butchered a few chances and some of the new combinations need to settle and be refined,” Coetzee said. “But I am confident that we can take a number of positives from this match – the youngsters stood up to the challenge and impressed.” Coetzee also defended a decision to not take a shot at goal after receiving a penalty late in the match, saying that the captain had consulted replacement flyhalf, Demetri Caterikillis, about whether the shot was within his range. The kick, which could possibly have put Province in the lead, was not taken. Two young players who impressed on the field were flanker, Siya Kolisi, and flyhalf, Gary van Aswegen. Kolisi, who scored one of WP’s two tries, was impressive on attack and defence, while also showing steel at breakdown points. His ability to gain valuable metres with ball in hand was also notable. Van Aswegen, who scored 16 of his side’s points from his boot, was a real general in the back line, often taking the lead in making sure the troops were organised. His tactical kicking was impressive, while his defence has improved noticeably. . This Friday Province look to win their first match when they travel to Potchefstroom to take on the Leopards.

TO THE TRYLINE: DHL West­ ern Prov­ ince flank­ er, Siya Kolisi, man­ ages to slip through the tackle of Frikkie Spies of GWK Gri­ quas during the 26­26 draw be­ tween the two sides in the opening match of the Absa Currie Cup at DHL Newlands on Satur­ day. Photo: Nasief Manie/ Photo24


we will BEAT any quote

OPTOMETRIST Single vision Frame + lens + eye test

Bifocals Frame + lens + eye test

600 R650 R1400

“all medical aid members save with eye save”

Free eye test for kids 8-12 years comprehensive Free Glaucoma (eye pressure) test


Multifocals (No line) Frame + lens + eye test

Free eye test for pensioners

Grasssy Park Store only Medical aids and the following cards accepted


terms and conditions apply

Grassy Park

(opposite Bona Fast Foods)

021 706 7247 0861 001 326 or visit us at

Open until 7 pm Mon-Fri Sat 9-1 pm

Pay direct to us, Why wait? 17% INTEREST

95 9 9 R3


2002 NISSAN 1400 LDV Dep: 18 500 R1003 ×30 Total R48 590

95 9 R79


2001 MERC-BNZ C180 MAN Dep. R43 000 R1430 x 36 Total R94 480

5 99 9 R6


2007 NISSAN 2.7D Dep R36 000 @ R1323 x 36 TOTAL R83 628


2006 TATA TELCOLINE 2.0 TDi Dep R16 800 @ R950 x 30 TOTAL R43 300


5 99 7 R3



2005 OPEL CORSA 1.4i Dep R32 000 @ R1323 x 36 TOTAL R79 628

1997 ISUZU KB200 Dep R17 500 @ R962 x 30 TOTAL R46 360

95 9 9 R3 RELIABLE

2000 OPEL CORSA 1.6i Dep R16 800 @ R950 x 30 TOTAL R45 300


2001 KIA K2700 Dep R23 000 @ R1073 x 36 TOTAL R61 628

Interest & Service charges are included in these monthly instalments

5 99 4 R4


1994 MAZDA B2600 D/CAB Dep R20 700 @ R977 x 36 TOTAL R55 872


2000 NISSAN 2.4i 4X4 Dep R25 500 @ R1162 x 36 TOTAL R48 590


5 99 9 R5


2001 HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2.7 V6 Dep R28 000 @ R1251 x 36 TOTAL R73 036

1997 SSANGYONG MUSSO E320 Dep. R15 800 R909 x 30 Total R43 070

A/C P/S E/W 4X4


9 34


Peoples Post Retreat Edition 19 July 2011  

Peoples Post Retreat Edition 19 July 2011

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