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Hope for homes dies TASMIN CUPIDO @TazzCup


forgotten and abandoned community. Ignored by municipal authorities with regard to service delivery and home ownership. Placed in experimental homes more than 20 years ago, “Sakkiesdorp” residents say they are at their wits’ end. Calls for transfer of property ownership have fallen on deaf ears, they claim, as they wait for the City of Cape Town’s housing department to deliver on an undertaking agreed upon on occupation of the St Montague Village homes in the late 1980s. The area developed through a job creation initiative by the national Department of Labour. “It enabled the City to obtain free houses if we provided the land,” says Mayoral Committee member for Housing Tandeka Gqada. At the time, the stack-sack method of construction was new and not yet approved by the Agreement Board. “Therefore, we regarded the houses as experimental, with a good chance of success. However, the Housing Committee decided not to sell for several years, so as to assess the performance of the new type of construction.” The houses are still owned by the City and leased for just over R380. Gaironesa Mtanbo has been living in Sakkiesdorp – a name derived from the material used to construct the houses – for 28 years. She complains of little to no service delivery and a 30-year wait on council’s housing waiting list. “Council never comes out to attend to complaints, but I pay my rent every month. I have alerted them to numerous complaints, but nothing is done,” Mtanbo says. “I can’t close any windows as it’s all broken and only one tap in the house is in working order; these complaints are all ignored.” The 69-year-old, who shares the home with her young daughter, says her husband’s dream of being a homeowner will never be realised. “He passed away four years ago. He waited so long for the house to be ours. “So many people are just being given homes; why must we struggle to get homes we were promised?” Similarly 59-year-old Gairunisa Fredricks questions why they “have not heard any-

FIGHTING FOR OWNERSHIP: Sakkiesdorp Association secretary Karen Doralingo points out the boundaries of Sakkiesdorp. thing from council” regarding the transfer of property. “Ons is baie ontevrede; ons het lank genoeg gewag,” she says. “Across Cape Town and the province, people are getting homes, but we have to wait. The City just ignores our plight.” Fredricks lives with her husband and two sickly daughters. She, too, is no longer healthy. “The doctors have said I developed arthritis because of the conditions we live in – and things will only get worse in winter,” she says. A despondent Lenore Nkoha believes the people of Sakkiesdorp are “neglected”, have been “thrown away” and are forgotten. She fears her children will one day continue her 26-year battle for house ownership. Nkoha was one of the labourers on the

project many years ago. “I am tired of struggling, while others are just handed the deeds to their homes,” she says. “The City must just tell us whether or not they will be giving us the houses or not. We are tired of waiting and being tenants.” The Sakkiesdorp Association, a committee formed by residents, has addressed residents’ concerns with council, says chairperson Bernard Gorridon. “Although we received telephonic acknowledgement from a City official, we want answers to our questions,” he says. “I have been living here for 28 years. When I moved in, I was told I could buy the house in five years. I am still waiting.” Gorridon adds they have approached the Legal Resource Centre for assistance. Gqada confirms they were informed of res-


idents’ requests in 2011. The matter was also raised with the then-administration in 1993. She further says the City is considering the request, which is being “expedited”. “There are regulatory and policy requirements we must comply with before the sale of the dwellings to eligible legal sitting tenants can be considered,” Gqada says. “Once all the necessary requirements have been satisfied, we will contact all legal tenants to advise them of the opportunity to purchase their homes.” Contradicting residents’ claims, Gqada says they last met with residents in September last year, adding there is “a high percentage of rental arrears” and some residents paying indigent relief rentals. V Share your thoughts. Starting with the word “Post” SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.


PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 1 May 2014

Last-minute scramble for votes


uge colourful posters on lamp posts, inspiring T-shirts at street corners and stationery with your favourite political party logo everywhere you turn. It’s national elections day on Wednesday 7 May. All political parties are rallying to secure last-minute votes. Are people’s votes and loyalty to a political party cemented or is the extra campaigning changing voter views on who they want to lead this country? This is what People’s Post readers have to say.

SIVENATHI SIMANDLA says she won’t be voting in the elections and feels money spent on campaigning is a waste. “I’m a born-free. I wasn’t part of the struggle so I have no reason to vote.”

DANERICE BLAAUW says the extra advertising influences people’s voting opinions. “The lastminute posters are like propaganda. If parties go all out on campaigning, people will listen.”

DELMAIN DAVIDS says before the election campaigning started people already decided who they would vote for. “Last-minute campaigning for votes won’t make a difference.”

MARIANA HANIBALL says the advertisements fascinate people and make them curious. “If all the posters and T-shirts are in your face, it changes people’s views. They will want to know more.”

KENNETH MALEFO thinks people’s opinions will never change. “Voters still have the black versus white mentality, so they stick to what they know. People are afraid of change and superiority.”

DOMINICO BEUKES feels last-minute campaigning influences the public’s opinion. “I work in catering and if people see nice food they want to eat it. The same goes for election campaigns.”

PAM MASIZA won’t be thinking twice about who she will be voting for. “I knew a year ago already who will get my vote. I think most people have already made up their minds.”


Something fishy at Ocean Basket

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Birth and midwifery conference The second annual Midwifery and Birth Conference will take place in May at the Observatory Community Centre from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 May. It is open to professionals and the public. The conference starts at 18:00 on Friday with an evening programme, and continues on Saturday with various workshops, films and talks. Sunday will consist of panel discussions with relevant speakers on issues regarding birth in South Africa.

There will be opportunities for discussion, questions as well as debate. Speakers include local doctors, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, childbirth activists, health professionals, lactation consultants and mothers. Panel topics will focus on positive birthing experiences and stories, babies in the womb and post partum, midwifery and midwifery education. Saturday’s workshops and talks will cover topics like water-

birth, obstetric emergencies, herbs in pregnancy and birth, trust and stillness, doulas, home birth, rebirthing, cranio sacral therapy, shiatsu, art, yoga, dance, birth films, surrogacy, third stage management and baby wearing. V Meals, snacks and beverages will be available for sale at the venue. Tickets cost R650 and can be booked by emailing or calling 081 753 7746. For more information visit

Male cyclists needed for UCT study Are you a male cyclist who follows a low-fat, high-carb diet? Then keep reading and find out more about what happens to your physiology during training. The University of Cape Town is recruiting volunteers to participate in a study titled, “Glucose production during exercise in athletes on a very low or high carbohydrate diet”. The main aim of the study is to determine how the amount of carbohydrate in the diet affects fuel utilisation and glucose production during exercise. Eligible volunteers must have followed a low-fat/high-carbohydrate

diet for at least the past six months. The volunteer must be male between the ages of 40 and 44 and must be able to ride at an intense pace for two hours. Volunteers will not be able to participate if they have significantly changed their diets or weight in the past six weeks, have been diagnosed with any metabolic or cardiovascular diseases, have used any chronic medication within the last six weeks or smoke regularly. During the trial, volunteers will be required to perform a dietary and body composition assessment and fill in a questionnaire. Volunteers will have an oral glu-

A mountain of fun Take advantage of the Table Mountain Cableway’s Kidz Season special. This special provides the perfect reason to get the family outdoors to enjoy the Mother City’s best feature. From Thursday 1 May to Friday 31 October, two children travel free

of charge when an adult return ticket is purchased over weekends, public and school holidays. The ride to the top of the mountain is an adventurous treat and children are provided with a treasure hunt map they collect from the ticket office. The hunt map encourages explo-

cose tolerance test to measure insulin sensitivity a peak power output and VO2 max test. They will also have to do a familiarisation two-hour submaximal ride and a two-hour submaximal ride. During the two-hour submaximal ride, UCT will be measuring the glucose production by the liver, blood hormones, fuel substrates, muscle fuel substrates and muscle enzymes. Participants will receive feedback from all individual and group results obtained in this study. V For more information and to apply phone Jamie Smith on 083 305 7593 or email before Friday 30 May. ration of one of the most diverse floral kingdoms in the world. Kidz Season sees two children under 18 ride for free (normal child rate is R105). The price is R215 per adult return ticket (valid until Tuesday 30 September) and the special is only valid on return fares. V The Cableway operates weather permitting. For more information visit or phone (021) 424 8181.


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Madiba’s magic still strong TASMIN CUPIDO @TazzCup


early 60 years after a Retreat early childhood development centre opened its doors to learning, it is receiving a much-needed revamp. The upgrade of Blouvlei Nursery School will form part of Parliament’s Nelson Mandela Legacy Projects. It was initiated by MP Freddie Adams and commenced late last month. The major improvements to the structure, which was first built in 1955, are expected to be complete next week. The refurbishment project is welcomed by staff, pupils and parents, says principal Fatima Elloker. “We are all very happy and cannot wait to move into our new school – everyone is very excited,” she says. “We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of Mr Adams and all the sponsors. After nearly six decades, the building was in dire need of improvement. We are really grateful.” Over the years, the school has also fallen victim to crime, as vandals and burglars stripped and ransacked the building in “countless incidents”, Elloker says, adding financial constraints restricted them of attended to much needed maintenance. “Just a week before the commencement of the project, we were targeted again – they stole the kitchen sink,” she says. “While we have wanted to do upgrades, it was never possible, as vandalism has always kept us on the back foot. The school is run only on the funds received from fees, which in turn had to be used for repairs.” The school, on the corner of First Avenue and Retreat Road, has been the first stop for children from the community to begin their

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Blouvlei Nursery School is being renovated. schooling career. It was the brainchild of Dora Tamana, a woman who later played an important role in the struggle for freedom and against the apartheid government. In 1948 she saw the need for the establishment of a daycare in Blouvlei, the then informal settlement which is now Retreat (“Blomvlei continues to grow”, People’s Post, 17 August 2010). Tamana started a creche for children for working mothers from her shack and fed each child a slice of bread and a cup of soup or milk for just a penny a day. Tamana, Jean Bernard and Margaret Molteno, both from the Athlone Group for Nursery Education, then canvassed for funds. The Cape Flats Development Association


donated £100, the UCT Rag Fund donated £500, parents of Buxton Nursery School in Wynberg gave money and building materials and council agreed to award the school a 90-year lease on the land. The school was officially opened in May 1955. And since then no significant alterations have been made to the building – until now. “I was searching for a project to form part of the Nelason Mandela Legacy Project and came across the school,” Adams says. “I was told that many of the kids attending the school often get sick due to structural leaks and damp. After sending in a structural engineer, I was informed major structural work would needs to be done to successfully

renovate the building.” The hunt for funding began with businesses from across the country agreeing to support the project. The Department of Correctional Services also showed its support with funding, while trained inmates from Pollsmoor Prison are responsible for brickwork and carpentry. “Since the commencement of the upgrade, the children have been housed at a neighbouring church hall,” Adams says. The upgrade of the facility includes replacement of the roof and flooring; the extension and renovation of the administration offices, classrooms and playrooms; the upgrade of plumbing and electrical wiring; and the construction of a sheltered stoep. They are also searching for more funding for the installation of a new alarm system. “The structural work is expected to be completed by next week, while the smaller improvements such as the painting will be done in the next couple of months,” Adams says. He, however, could not provide the exact completion date. Meanwhile, Elloker, staff and the children of Blouvlei Nursery School are eagerly anticipating the day they are able to move into the renovated building. “We took the children to watch when the old roof was removed and they were all sad, asking whether they still have a school,” Elloker says. “They have all seen the progress of the construction and cannot wait to move into the school; even the staff are excited. We cannot wait to give the children a better environment for education and play.” V Share your thoughts. Starting with the word “Post” SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

Born-frees despondent According to the Electoral Commission of South Africa only 34% of youths between the ages of 18 and 19 years old – classified as ‘born-frees’ – have registered to vote. Life Choices, a Capetonian youth organisation, hit the streets to find out what happened to the other 66% who are not making use of this privilege, says a statement. Attributing to negative publicity shad- YOUNG MINDS: The Born Free generation has expressed their owing the big politi- despondency over the upcoming elections. PHOTO: SUPPLIED cal parties, the youth of South Africa are feeling despondent to- comes with its negative publicity, South Africa is still moving in the right direction. wards voting. Simphiwe (18) a high school student from Education, unemployment and safety were some of the key areas where youth felt Gugulethu says: “I feel excited to be part of such an important moment in our country, under-served. With 20 democratic years passed, many I am excited to vote and make proud those felt that South Africa should be much fur- who died and show that it was not in vein.” Some ‘born-frees’ are trying to make the ther ahead and the government must be held accountable for not achieving this right decisions but are still undecided as to goal. Not voting is their way of taking a what they will do to make change possible. Alie (19) a varsity student says: “Having stand and making their voices heard. Sinothando (18) from Khayelitsha says: the privilege of voting gives us a responsi“The parties are just fighting against each bility but it is hard to grasp what we are other. I don’t feel there is any party that rep- voting for. Making an informed choice and resents me and has the best interests of the distinguishing between the leaders is tough.” country at heart”. This was a common feeling amongst the youth interviewed. “I am called a ‘born-free’ but I don’t feel free. I finished school last year which was a continuous struggle and now I am unemployed. Where is my freedom?” Megan (18) a high school student from May Promotions Athlone says of her peers will also not be Calamari Main R59.50 voting and this is due to all the negative reR59.50 400g Ribs ports on corruption within government. Sauce Burger R59.50 “They also feel their voices are not heard, R99.00 750g Ribs 300g Rump so what is the point?” she asks. R99.00 FUNCTION & EVENT or Sirloin However for those who did register there FACILITIES • was a strong sense of responsibility to make 021 712 6631 those proud who fought for their freedom. KENDAL ROAD, CONSTANTIABERG The youth feel that even though politics





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Into the mind of a survivor ‘My name is unimportant. There’s still fear and shame lingering about and the battle to not kill myself is hard enough. Safe to say this story is real, as is the ugly beast that inhabits the mind of those suffering from suicidal impulses. Suicide is a dreadful thing and the journey there is equally terrifying. There are still times when all appears to be hopeless and there is nothing left to live for in this world. There are times when all my efforts to not kill myself seem feeble and the tide of despair swells and rises and threatens to overwhelm. Then there are times when speaking to ones you trust is just the ticket. Sometimes you just need somebody to hold your hand when it all falls apart. I have bipolar disorder, am HIV-positive and a recovering drug addict and in my 30s. And gay. I’ve been suicidal before I began using drugs, so that is not the root of the disturbance. It certainly exacerbates the matter. I’ve been coping with these for years. Psychiatric help is a wonder, truly. One cannot accurately measure the relief granted when equipped with the tools to cope. There is a multitude of components to suicide. Such an abrupt and visceral act to depart life is not, generally, a sudden impulse. There are a multitude of factors, and identity is chief of these. My biggest battle is self-hate. I don’t acknowledge my gifts or the value of reliable friends. In essence, being disconnected from things that are supposed to strengthen us. External triggers such as bullying and abuse are, for some, easier to manage and deflect than the insidious voice in our head encouraging destructive behaviour to ultimately end in death. And this is where support is essential. I have attended support groups for my bipolar, HIV and drug addiction. I rant and rave to my friends and they understand that I’m not seeking attention. I was also quickly disabused of the notion that me struggling to cope with my life would ever be a burden. This needs to be constantly reinforced. When drowning in a sea of doubt and self-hate and terrifying hopelessness, this is a thread the afflicted cling on to for dear life. What happens in our heads is often very difficult to figure out. And with me, it’s often imagined. And then doubt seeps through and the tide rises again. It’s been an age since I’ve felt utter despair. I’ve got the tools, I have support. My life couldn’t be better, truly.

National Epilepsy Week is around the corner and it offers the opportunity for you to get informed about a condition that is still misunderstood. National Epilepsy Week will be celebrated from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 June. Even though it is the most common neurological condition in the world, people with epilepsy mostly experience stigma and discrimination from those aware of their condition.

PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 1 May 2014


The edge of reason



lame. Shame. Grief. Emotions. Questions. Anguish. Suicide: intentionally taking your own life. A taboo topic in society. An action only attempted and successfully executed by the “misfits” of society. Depressed, troubled, lonely and ostracised. Young and old. Adolescents are often seen as troubled, hormonal, complicated and difficult to get along with. Phrases such as she or he is in “that stage of their lives” are bandied about candidly, without much regard for the actual matter these young beings are faced with daily. In South Africa, children as young as seven have taken their own lives. Teenagers aged 15 to 19 are most at risk of suicide, according to clinical psychologist and DISTURBING: Statistics show 9.5% of teenage deaths in SA are as a researcher Professor asked him what was wrong and he said he Lourens Schlebusch. Statistics released by the South African was depressed,” she recalls. Bronwyn desperately tried to unravel the Depression Anxiety Group (Sadag) show that 9.5% of teenage deaths in the country snarl of dark feelings trapping Rayél and told him she was coming to fetch him. are as a result of suicide. Rayél tried to play it off that he was joking “Teens face pressures to succeed, fit in, family and financial stress, loss and trauma, and he was fine. But her “golden boy” had already decided and many struggle with self-esteem issues, self-doubt and feelings of alienation,” says a course of action. Rayél put a gun to his head. All the fertile potential of his life inSadag spokesperson Meryl da Costa. For Bronwyn Newman, questions about stantly gone at the pull of a trigger. Understandably, the aftermath of the tragwhy her 13-year-old son took his life nearly edy resulted in a suffocating grief. 10 months ago still linger. Bronwyn had difficulty coping with her Rayél was a normal boy who enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. son’s death and spent time convalescing at He liked kicking a football around and play- a psychiatric clinic. “But I want people, especially parents, to be aware how sensitive and ing with his younger sisters. He had just received a scholarship to an vulnerable teenagers are – and that suicide is not a curse,” she says. international school in Wynberg. “I have read so many articles on how teen“He had big dreams and wanted to make something of his life. He was excited about agers are afraid to share their fears and anthe future and the plans we had made,” she ger because of the stigma attached to it or judgement from peers, family and society. says. “It is scary to think that life is perfect one But in 2011, Bronwyn discovered Rayél had started cutting himself. He told her he minute, and then it can come crashing down. did not know how to process his feelings re- I never thought that I would be a grieving mother – Rayél and I often spoke about it. garding his father and his stepmother. The sudden loss of his grandfather, with Closure is something I hope I will achieve whom he had a special bond, led to several one day.” Shirley Cloete is a mourning mother and counselling sessions. “Last year he was boasting that his scars she too yearns for closure. Her daughter Nicole (23) was the embodi(from the cutting incidents) were disappearing. He said he no longer felt the need to cut ment of life’s vitality. She was independent, himself. That made me feel more relaxed and full of energy and shared everything with her mother. Nicole wasn’t shy of her creahappier,” Bronwyn says. Just four days before his tragic death, tive spirit. She dabbled in poetry and art and Rayél spent the day with his family – they her talent with musical instruments was a had a family lunch and went to the movies. marvel. She was happy. She has a to-do-list “He followed his normal routine. He went saved on her computer. Shirley’s memories of a happy life with to youth and expressed how much fun he had with his peers. It made me relax, because I her daughter are eclipsed by a rapid series of discomforting and dark events. could see he was happy,” she recalls. Nicole’s startling mood changes and a sudA BlackBerry message from Rayél would be of the last communication she had with den trip to another province made the her son. He was visiting his grandmother Strandfontein mother question what was happening to her daughter. during the school holidays. “She was living on her own with a roomThe message instructed Bronwyn to tell his sisters that he loved them and he would mate – a friend of Nicole’s and her brothers. see them in heaven. “I phoned him and She got involved with him and fell in love.

Epilepsy – helping the vulnerable Epilepsy South Africa was formed in 1967. In those years, the service to people with epilepsy was provided by mental health facilities. A few doctors, specifically neurologists, then decided that epilepsy does not form part of mental health; epilepsy is a condition totally on its own.

Sanel (South African National Epilepsy League), today known as Epilepsy South Africa, was then formed and they delivered services specifically to those suffering epilepsy. One of the campaign’s aims is to inform the public how to help epileptics when they have seizures.

result of suicide.


We were not aware of anything,” Shirley says. “A poem saved on her computer revealed this to us. But he had moved on.” Nicole was found hanging in her parents’ garage. All that remain are memories a family dare not let dim. During her trip away, she noted how much she missed her parents, Cape Town and her job. “Suicide is not a curse. Yes, it knocks you hard, but there is a reason for every suicide,” Shirley says. “There are people who judge and make nasty remarks. But in this fast-paced life, filled with so many wrongs, our children are faced with so many challenges – good and bad. We do not know the road our children or grandchildren will follow.” Da Costa says statistics show one in every five teenagers have considered suicide, while 17% have planned how they would end their lives. “People who think about suicide often feel alone and isolated, like no one understands how they feel. Life changes may be upsetting and they may want to escape a difficult situation,” she says. “Many teens who are suicidal feel out of control and they see suicide as a way to get back as a sense of control in their lives. Some feel they are a burden to their family and suicide is seen as a relief or punishment for what they think they did wrong.” She strongly encourages parents and peers to ask questions when someone is talking about suicide or showing warning signs, to listen without judgement and offer reassurance. Also, tell someone even if you are sworn to secrecy. Sadag runs a 12-hour national teen suicide prevention toll-free line and also hosts the national Teen Suicide Prevention Week during February. V Phone the toll-free line from 08:00 until 20:00 daily on 0800 567 567 or SMS 31393. V Compassionate Friends support group can help cope with the grief of losing a child. Visit, email or phone (021) 981 9540 or 084 568 8402.

“National Epilepsy Week focuses on educating the public about the rights of people with epilepsy. We decided on this theme to encourage people to question their own attitudes towards people living with epilepsy,” says Marina Clarke, national director of Epilepsy South Africa V For more information about Epilepsy South Africa and National Epilepsy Week, contact the organisation on 0860 EPILEPSY (0860 374 537) or visit


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‘Stop complaining and help’ MONIQUE DUVAL @monique_duval


axi wars and community participation took centre stage at a crime forum meeting in Vrygrond last week. The meeting called by Muizenberg police was attended by residents, taxi associations, community organisations and the community police forum (CPF). It started with a question-and-answer session where residents claimed the biggest worry was the relentless fights between taxi associations. During March and April, the provincial Department of Transport condemned members of the Vrygrond Taxi Association (VTA) for attacking a taxi from the Retreat Taxi Association (RTA). The RTA claimed despite having the necessary permits, they were being stopped from picking up passengers by the VTA. The VTA claimed because only some of their members had been granted permits, those who did not have a permit were acting out. Speaking at the meeting, women said due to these issues they could not be dropped in Vrygrond and instead are forced to walk over open fields in the early hours of the morning to catch taxis. “We walk at 04:00 and we are putting ourselves at risk. The taxis won’t come into Vrygrond and we want to know what the police are doing to keep us safe,” one woman said. In response, Captain Frank Jeftha, visible policing commander, said they had been informed taxis were afraid to operate in the area. He said the police’s role was not to mediate between associations. “The only thing we can do is continue to fine and impound taxis found operating illegally. Residents then raised concern about cable theft and other crimes which they claim is degrading the quality of life in Vrygrond. One man said after thieves stole electricity cables, Barry Road was plunged into darkness for three weeks. “People then get robbed and there are burglaries because there are no lights and no police,” he said. Jeftha said in many of these cases residents knew who the perpetrators were but did not report these thefts. “We understand that many of you are scared because you are being threatened but you can speak to your sector commander and you can call CrimeStop,” he said. However, this response was not enough for angry residents.

PLAN OF ACTION: Community Police Forum (CPF) chairperson Gerry Gordon (standing) addresses concerned residents in Vrygrond. Looking on, from left, are CPF member Donovan Seegers, Captain Frank Jeftha and Constable Thandosizwe Kili. PHOTO: MONIQUE DUVAL Members of the CPF and the subforum lashed out saying police were doing all they can but needed the help of the community. The subforum committee member and project leader for neighbourhood watches, Sydney Mabumbulu, said despite claims by residents during similar meetings to get involved in neighbourhood watches, only women attended patrols. He said men in Vrygrond did not assist and this caused problems as women were risking their lives with very little assistance from their spouses, fathers and brothers. “We are in need of patrollers but we can’t do much when the men are not interested. Stop complaining and help us,” he said. CPF chairperson Gerry Gordon took several complaints but continuously called for order. She said the CPF could not enforce neighbourhood watches and street committees but would assist those who wanted to

Concert Boulevard renaming approved Council has approved road name changes to honour community heroes. The decision was made on Thursday when the City of Cape Town adopted the Naming Committee’s recommendations to rename Vanguard Drive to Jakes Gerwel Drive and Concert Boulevard to Joe Marks Boulevard. The proposal to honour the late professor Gerwel by renaming Vanguard Drive after him was submitted by the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, of which Gerwel was the founding chairperson. Since Vanguard Drive does not bear the name of any historical figure and seeing that Gerwel was most active professionally and personally in the suburbs adjacent to this main artery, it was motivated that the renaming is geographically appropriate. More than 600 residents participated in the citywide public participation process. Those who supported the proposal agreed that Gerwel is a worthy icon to be honoured and that his achievements as a senior member of former President Nelson Mandela’s administration should be recognised. Under his leadership as vice -chancellor and rector of UWC between 1987 and 1994, a generation of professionals were educated, many of whom have taken to heart his belief in the human spirit and

community. Gerwel also had a passion for Afrikaans as a unifying language, rather than a source of racial division, and was deeply committed to artists and creative workers. He remained a child of the Karoo and the Cape Flats, commuting between Somerset East and Belhar, where he lived from the early 1970s until his death on 28 November 2012. A public participation process on the proposal to rename Concert Boulevard in Retreat to Joe Marks Boulevard was conducted in September and involved more than 1 000 participants. Those in favour of the name change stated that Joe Marks was a worthy leader and role model, a household name in Steenberg, and a man who served his community. Born on 22 April 1936, Joseph “Joe” Johannes Marks moved from Mossel Bay to Cape Town in 1950, whereafter he became actively involved in liberation politics as well as with community organisations such as the Athlone Civic Association. Marks served as vice-president of the United Democratic Front and he was a member of parliament from 1994 to 1999 for the Democratic Party. He loved spending time playing chess and was also a keen pigeon racer. Marks passed away in 2011.

participate in the fight against crime. V If you would like to join the neighbourhood watch, Phone Mabumbulu on 074 332 2883.

V Share your thoughts on these issues. Starting with the word “Post”, SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.


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Fishermen extended a lifeline MONIQUE DUVAL @monique_duval


ishermen will now have a fighting chance with a new pilot project aimed at teaching them to swim. The project, initiated by Tokai resident Caroline Isted, was inspired by the tragic deaths of Garth Adonis and Jason Johnstone who died earlier this year when their boat capsized. Their disappearance sparked a protest at Hout Bay Harbour and a week later their bodies washed up at Kommetjie Beach. Isted explains she was preparing for a swimming competition when she heard the news of their disappearance. “It struck me as ironic. Here I was an average swimmer preparing to swim a mile and there were these two men presumed to have drowned,” she says. Isted started a Facebook campaign and rallied the help of her friends to raise funds for the project. She raised R1000 and decided she wanted to host swimming classes. Isted is a member of The Military and Hospitaller Order Of St Lazarus of Jerusalem and the organisation has adopted the pilot project. She met up with Hilton Slack from Swimlab who jumped on board and together they worked out a plan for the project. Isted contacted People’s Post who put her in contact with Sharon Adonis, Garth’s

mother. “We met with Adonis and she immediately agreed it was a good idea. Many fishermen from Hangberg signed up, including Garth’s brother Lucan,” she says. The first two swimming classes were held at the Military base in Wynberg where fishermen were given basic breathing and buoyancy exercises. Marnivell Silver, who has been a fisherman for 15 years, said he enjoyed the classes. He said the dangerous conditions under which they worked made being able to swim essential to saving their lives. “Some of us know just how to stay alive, but its important that we learn how to swim properly should something go wrong at sea,” he said. Slack says while the conditions at sea will not be simulated during the classes he hoped to get fishermen more comfortable in water. He considers the project as a life skills development project aimed at equipping fishermen with a skill to save their lives and those of their crew. Isted explains the length of the project will depend on the fear levels of the fishermen. “It may take some longer than others to get used to the water and be comfortable, so it really just depends on the individuals,” she says. V If you would like to assist with funding or would like more information about the project, phone Isted on 071 895 9512.

MAKING A SPLASH: Hangberg fisherman at their first swimming class.


Capturing 20 years of democracy

“Let us not leave a legacy of selfies, lets capture moments in life that matter.” These words by award-winning photojournalist Ian Landsberg at the launch of 20 Years of Democracy: Photographers’ Perspectives. The exhibition was part of an Artscape programme celebrating the political milestone. The programme also consisted of the African dance production Nyasha and the multimedia extravaganza, Credo - We are the People of South Africa. The programme ran from Thursday 24

to Sunday 27 April. Sixteen photographers contributed their skill, talent and vision to make 20 Years of Democracy: Photographers’ Perspectives a reality. Curator Eric Miller is one of the most widely published and experienced photojournalists in South Africa. In the 1980s he documented the struggle against apartheid and since the 1990s he has covered various aspects of South Africa’s transformation. Artscape directors Marlene le Roux and Pieter Lourens opened the evening with inspirational

words. “In the 80s I never thought I would have the opportunity to stand here today, that is why we need to celebrate our journey,” says Lourens. All 16 photographers attended and continued to the process of documenting historical process, eagerly taking shots of guests. Guests also attended a the staging of Nyasha, presented by the provincial Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport. Based on a true strory, Nyasha took the the audience on a mystical voyage through the life of 24-year-old Zimbabwean refugee

CHATTING: Ruth-Anne and Tamlyn Wessels with Masixole Feni.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SA: Christelle Dreyer and Hannelie Janse van Rensburg.

PICTURE PERFECT: Terry Crawford-Browne, Steven Moolman and Ronnie Kasrills.

FAMILY NIGHT: Aisha Arnold, Lailah Hisham and Razia Hisham.


Samuel Chifamba, a professional basketball player. The programme’s crown jewel Credo We, the People of South Africa, received overwhelming applause and recognition. The once-off oratorio ( a melange of film, choir, orchestra and vocal soloists), is a chronicle South Africa’s road to freedom and the democratic principles enshrined in the constitution. “With photography, documentary and film, we can build a new South Africa brick by brick, because multimedia can touch the souls of the nation,” says Ivan Meyer, the provincial minster for Cultural Affairs and Sport. V Email

LENS MEN: Eric Miller, Dale Yudelman and Clifford Yudelman.


PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 1 May 2014


City scraps housing arrears A

lmost R2m in housing debt was written off by council on Friday. Mayor Patricia de Lille announced today that historic housing mortgage scheme debt of R160m has been cancelled. She explained that debt incurred during the previous municipal administrations, before the Unicity was formed, has been written off in an effort to ease the plight of many indigent residents battling the current economic climate. Since the modernisation of the City’s debt system in 2003, a number of these debtor books have rolled over as part of the debt to the City within these legacy cities. “We understand that a fine balance must be sought between addressing the wrongs of the past and the socio-economic conditions created by our sad history, and ensuring that we have a financially sustainable future,” she said. Council tenants and those making mortgage payments have been increasingly paying their way as a result of the City’s debt management practices. “The City has achieved this feat despite the challenging economic environment, as a result of its pro-poor debt management policies,” De Lille said. Currently there are about 12 500 families receiving the City’s Housing Indigent Grant. In the 18 months before June 2013, the number of debtors paying for Councilowned rental housing increased by more than 17%. Payments in accordance with the City’s selling scheme have increased by more than 40%. Council is actively addressing all cases of arrears through its Debt Management Policy which provides for the payment of arrears over an affordable term, as agreed with

RELIEF: Mayor Patricia de Lille cancelled more than R2m in housing debt. the occupants. The current charge or rent must be paid, plus a contribution towards the arrears. The City, the largest landlord in South Africa, manages 43 451 rental units and 19 778 selling schemes.

Gear up for winter Get your raincoats and wellingtons ready and keep dry this winter. And do your bit and help those less fortunate this winter, says a statement. Cape winters are harsh and the Mustadafin Foundation is appealing to the public for help. This disaster relief NGO responds to communities in need across the Cape Flats and offers great tips for keeping warm, dry and safe this winter. “Mustadafin Foundation realises the impact winter has on health and family stress. Preparing for winter does not have to be expensive as there is numerous ways BRRR: Keep warm and dry this winter. PHOTO: SUPPLIED for residents to keep warm and dry with materials at their dispos- are such firm favourites? These foods al,” says Ghairunisa Johnstone, the warm the body from the inside out and keep the cold at bay. NGO’s director. The risk of hypothermia can be re“Residents in informal settlements should be properly informed on how to duced when people on the street have nukeep warm and dry during the rainy sea- tritious warm meals. It is important to keep a flow of air in son so they can continue with their daily and out of houses, especially when using routine.” The foundation offers these easy tips fire for heating. Unhealthy fumes can to ensure the rain and cold are kept at cause respiratory disease or render sleepers. bay this winter. Falling asleep at the fire may sound coRepair leaks in roofs before the first rains to ensure homes remain dry in- sy but it is very dangerous. Fire spreads very quickly and can cause destruction side. Remain under shelter during a down- within minutes. “We all know that accidents can happour and stay covered if going outside. Layers of clothing keep the body’s heat pen very quickly. Always make sure that trapped and can even be warmer than a open flames are well attended to prevent destruction and loss,” says Johnstone. heavy thick coat. Mustadafin Foundation distributes Insulate the body with newspapers to help keep the cold out and the chest area warm nutritious meals, blankets and second hand clothing to destitute comwarm. Remove damp clothing as soon as pos- munities throughout the Western Cape sible, because wet clothing causes a rap- as part of their Winter Warmth initiative. id loss of body temperature. Warm and dry feet mean a warm body. V To join the foundation or donate warm and Repair shoes and boots before the winter comfortable equipment call Mustadafin Foundation on (021) 633 0010 or visit their website at season so that socks remain dry. Ever wondered why soup and porridge

The monies collected are used to maintain and upgrade rental stock. Ocean View Civic Association (OVCA) vice-chairperson Patrick Joseph says the flats association is overjoyed at the news. He explains with the community being de-


fined by their displacement and high unemployment rates, any financial relief is welcomed. “We are excited about this move. We believe it will make a difference for many living in council units,” he says.


PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 1 May 2014

TRAINING: The Vrygrond Community Lab in the community centre. PHOTO: JODY FORTUIN


Training for all JODY FORTUIN #JodyF13


f you’re struggling to work on Microsoft office or even having trouble working with a mouse or keyboard, there is a solution. Basic computer training is available at the Vrygrond Community Lab (VCL) in Vrygrond Avenue opposite Capricorn Primary School. VCL is co-founded by UCT and Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Mike Mwamba, the lab manager, is looking for many more people from high school and those who are no longer in school to come for computer lessons. “There is no age limit for anyone wanting to come for lessons because I believe everyone should have the right to know how to work on a computer,” says Mwamba. He is assisted by two computer lab assist-

ants. They are Yannik Rittmann and Michael Schweizer, both from Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences. They were recruited by an organisation called InitiAID, founded by students of their university, which sends two students to VCL every six months to assist with industrial engineering. “We love teaching people new things and new programmes on the computer,” says Rittman. “We also raise funds to improve the course but we still need sponsors and donations to develop and improve the programmes and software.” There are two-hour slot computer classes available five days a week from Monday until Friday from 13:00 until 15:00, 15:00 until 17:00 and 17:00 until 19:00. V For more information about the class and payments call Mike Mwamba on 072 390 7549 or email

LAB GUIDES: Mike Mwamba (centre) with assistants Michael Schweizer and Yannik Rittmann.

TAKE YOUR HAT OFF FOR THESE LADIES: The Steenberg Senior Crafties showed off their creativity with a hat parade at Craddock Community Centre, Steenberg. The event saw the members test their skill to design head gear and parade their creations, chairperson Margaret Tala says. The eventual winner was Mary Burton. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

YUMMY TREATS: It was a case of better late than never. Volunteer placement organisation Projects Abroad hosted an Easter egg hunt at Where Rainbows Meet Early Childhood Development Centre in Vrygrond last Thursday. More than 50 children participated in the hunt. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

GIVING BACK: Disgracefools Motorbike Club held a fundraising initiative in aid of 12-yearold Jarren Fernandez a bike fanatic from Steenberg who was diagnosed with Leukemia in January. The vicechairperson of the club, Johnathan Chetty, invited bikers across the peninsula and together they embarked to Jarren’s home on Saturday 12 April where the event was held. From left are Chetty, Bridgett Fernandez and Jarren. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 1 May 2014


Full potential within their grasp CHEVON BOOYSEN @ChevonBooysen


hat defines normal? Well, normal is what you know. During the month of March it was Intellectual Disability Awareness Month and the theme for this year is The Right to Education – From Cradle to Career. Communities are encouraged to step beyond the boundaries of conformity and get more informed. The theme was chosen to highlight and promote the upscaling of services to people with intellectual disabilities (PWID) and resonates with the educational needs of these individuals from birth to adulthood. The campaign is stressing the importance of the fields of care needed to support and facilitate the functioning of PWID as there is not enough available resources to focus and improve on the service delivery. There are 49 social workers and 49 school psychologists to serve over 1 000 schools. The average ratio of one social worker and one school psychologist is sent to 20 schools, but in some high-risk areas the ratio is between one social worker to 40 schools and one school psychologist to 57 schools. Throughout South Africa the needs of PWID seems to be one of lower priority and it is often poorly supported to advocate for their needs. Intellectual disability occurs when there is brain damage or poor brain development normally before the individual is 18 years old and this results in learning difficulties and development that is slower than expected. Intellectual disability may occur at conception, before or after birth or later in life through illness or injury. Intellectual disability involves impairments of general mental abilities that impact adaptive functioning in three domains. The conceptual domain includes skills in language, reading, writing, maths, reasoning, knowledge, and memory. The social domain refers to empathy, social judgment, interpersonal communication skills, and the ability to make and retain friendships. The practical domain centres on self-management in areas such as personal care, job responsibilities, money management, recreation, and organising school and work tasks. The support for health, education, employment and ongoing support are of the affected neglected areas. The major challenges that face PWID is the inadequate resources for early detection. Children often start their schooling at mainstream schools that cannot provide the necessary attention to the individual and this affects the person in the long run due to them not having the proper foundation and this could result in unemployment. There are no post-school qualifications which exist in the country at the level of understanding and with training methods and materials to suit the special educational needs of persons with intellectual disability. This hinders them from acquiring the skills for further development and to secure and retain employment in the open labour market. As a result of the limited access to education, when the young person with intellectu-

SUPPORT: People with intellectual disabilities need more resources to help with early detection so it may result in employment. PHOTO: CAPEMENTALHEALTH.CO.ZA al disability enters young adulthood, access to work and employment presents with massive challenge and PWID experience discrimination, lack of opportunities for paid employment, minimum opportunities and acceptance into supportive employment with assistance of job coaching. Deputy director at Cape Mental Health Vimla Pillay says: “Their (PWID) needs are real and immediate, especially when they live in disadvantaged communities where poverty, lack of resources, unemployment and a host of social ills present real threats to their functioning. Many live in shacks, with single mothers and grandmothers as the sole providers and caregivers.” She says few early learning centres accommodate a child with an intellectual disability and schooling is often delayed or not provided at all. “Children with severe and profound intellectual disability, often also have secondary disabilities such as epilepsy, blindness or behavioural disorders and deserve professional care and educational opportunities to ensure that they grow and reach their full potential,” she says. “The scarce job opportunities are often short term and these impact on disability grants. Many would rather not risk employment and choose to stay with their grant because, if forfeited, there is a delay in the process should they need it again.” Pillay adds that despite the High Court judgement holding all State departments responsible for the education of pupils with severe and profound intellectual disability,

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the response from State departments have only been realised in the Western Cape. “We can therefore deduce that in the other eight provinces pupils with severe and profound intellectual disability are still being marginalised,” she says. “The challenges and concerns of PWID are serious and numerous. One needs to simultaneously address the gaps between legislation and implementation, while giving due attention to poor service delivery as well as the gaps in services. “Despite progressive legislation,” she says “South Africa staggers behind in the provision of adequate and holistic care and services to PWID. (March) marked another year in the attempts to highlight the needs of seriously disadvantaged persons living with intellectual disabilities.” The shortage of resources to facilitate early detection in children make it “virtually” impossible. Intellectual disabilities may vary from mild to profound ranging in IQ levels from 70 to less than 20. “Adaptive behaviour includes skills that people learn so that they can function in their everyday lives. This delayed development is reflected in low performance across academic and other skill areas, as well as significantly lower scores on measures of intelligence and adaptive behaviour, when compared with students who are not identified with intellectual disabilities,” Pillay says. The challenges PWID experience with adaptive behaviour includes difficulty bathing and dressing, feeding oneself, their lan-

Including mattresses


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guage may be too slow to develop, they may misinterpret the intentions of others and their social skills may be poor, among other challenges. Pillay argues that many pupils with moderate to mild intellectual disability still find themselves within mainstream educational facilities. “Many mainstream schools have not adopted, adapted or redesigned their curriculum for these pupils as required in White Paper No. 6 on Inclusive Education or they simply throw their hands up in despair. These pupils invariably find themselves exiting formal education at the age of 14 years old with no hope or prospect of appropriate education.” She says it is the pupils in the 14-18-yearage group who are left without the education, support and opportunities to prepare them for adult life. “Due to their vulnerability these pupils are often drawn into the gang culture or find themselves abused,” Pillay despairs. Pillay argues that there are no schools of skills or post-school qualifications for pupils with mild to moderate intellectual disability. “It would be more effective if there could be stimulation and skills training programmes available for the children with learning disability who have dropped out of school while they await a psychometric assessment,” she says. “However, due to them being out of the school system they always forfeit their chance of being assessed by a school psychologist. Cecil Reed, principal at Vera High School for children with autism, says: “There is a long waiting list for children waiting to get into a school as there are only two schools that focus solely on autism.” Reed says he is impressed with what the provincial education department is doing because they are “the leading service provider for kids with autism”. “There is only one State school which specialises in autism in Pretoria and then one other school which specialises in Port Elizabeth,” he says. Reed admits that there is a shortfall in terms of schooling but says this is a national problem. “The problem should be tackled nationwide first to see a notable difference and to deal with the issue of resources that should be made available.” Pillay says the campaign that ran through last month was very successful. “We received excellent radio and newspaper coverage and requests for more information. People are more aware of the need for children to be assessed early and are also more aware of the symptoms to look out for.” Vimla adds that they are working towards strengthening the advocacy for the upscaling of services for PWID. “For this, we are working closely with relevant stakeholders to highlight the challenges of PWID. We are looking at involving government departments such as the Department of Health, social development and education must come on board to work together towards this goal. “It’s a long and arduous journey, but we will continue with this struggle until better conditions and resources are provided,” she says.

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PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 1 May 2014


Taking stock

There is nothing new under the sun. It is a common refrain from the mouths of prophets. Today, on Thursday 1 May or Workers’ Day, how are you enjoying your day off from work? That is, for the fortunate ones who do actually get to be off on this public holiday. For businesses it is not so much a day to celebrate as to commiserate. Yet another public holiday they could do without. Another day eating into their profits. These would be the sentiments muttered by companies having to pay out double time to staff whom they are forced to employ for the day. While some corporates, like the banking sector and other private companies, may not be so hampered, the same cannot be said for those in the hospitality, emergency service and food industries. If you’re looking to enjoy all your public holidays it is best to avoid jobs which keep you busy while the rest of the country turns into lounge lizards or couch potatoes. But that could just be a very selfish and shortsighted way of looking at life. Who can rein in their lives like that? The month of April and now also May are turning into nightmares in expense for businesses. And next Wednesday is yet another public holiday. It would not be remiss of companies to bemoan that they have to pay staff for being absent. Today you may very well find yourself lapping up the final strains of sunny weather. You could decide to take a drive around the peninsula or take a hike. In typical style, Capetonians will be gathering around braai fires with family and friends, discussing crime and whom to vote for. Next week, after some have voted, we will hit the repeat button on the day and hope for perfect weather in which to enjoy this holiday windfall. Just remember, you get who you vote for.

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Vote: respect everyone’s right Without its primary colours in place there is no rainbow, and South Africa’s Rainbow Nation is in danger of disintegration if our unique diversities are not acknowledged, respected and honestly celebrated. Similarly, any disrespect shown to our Proportional Representation electoral system should be regarded as a form of power-grabbing. Certain democratic measures taken to create and sustain our equal society opened us up to even more systemic abuse by a broader stream of habitual offenders and ruthless operators. The victims, as always, (are) the innocent, poor

and ignorant among us. However, all is not lost, especially not if we band together to protect not only the right of our eligible citizens to vote, but also the value of every single vote cast. The primary need of any electorate is effective voter education; not food parcels or a promise of housing, and every signatory to the electoral code of conduct commits itself to promote and support efforts towards addressing this need. Every vote counts, and any party that implies otherwise is guilty of fear mongering and deceitful electioneering tactics. VERNON WAGNER Cafda Village

Ikky’s: disappointed at disrespect I really feel disappointed (at) the disrespect (shown) towards Sylvia Pietersen and her business and family (“More time to buy your tipple”, People’s Post, 24 April). I really don’t know the person very well, but the time I have spent with her in meetings when she seeks advice I really felt she is a caring woman and has this businesses in the interest of her children and family. It is a source of income. She is of no threat to anyone as she has no (immediate) neighbours. If there was any (hint) of negativity (her liquor licence) would have been declined, but she got it because of (where her business) is situated. Giving this business extended (operating hours) will be good as she says her businesses is supported by the working class. (Upon) investigation you can really see who have become regulars at this offsales. This community must stop fighting and (hammering) on one person as this business is very well managed because of the consistency of the owner. There are so many other negative outlets operating from owned properties

which are overlooked, and so many in privately owned houses, but you never see these things brought to the attention of the media. In the case of Ikky’s Liquor Shop the owners never gave the police any (reason) to prove them wrong or fine them. In Capricorn so many RDP houses were turned into liquor outlets with licenses only they know where they got them from. Her constitutional right to manage an honest business is being hampered by people who by now should envy her. She is a coloured woman with great business sense. I am so disappointed in this community, including schools, (religious) institutions and sports groups, which do not come out in support of this individual because she supports so many charities and organisations. But when she needs (it) there is nobody to come out in her defence. She is not (doing anything) illegal and she deserves the extended hours. Let me make it clear to all: look at yourself before you point a finger. CLIVE JACOBS, Email

Your SMSes . Regarding “Plot persists to sicken” and “Filthy park sparks outrage” (People’s Post, 10 April). Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” I live opposite a public open space and after the City of Cape Town came to clean it, all I do each day is simply pick up the handful of litter gathering there. It’s annoying at first, but I’ve noticed fewer people littering, more people thanking me for what I do, more people using the public green bins to deposit their litter, and more people enjoying the clean public open space. Use it; don’t use it. Gandhi, Retreat . Mayor Patricia de Lille has helped the poor and the helpless where others have failed. She has taken the tiger (canal) by the tail and tamed it, putting the nay-sayers to shame. “Yes” to the fencing of the canal. . Fencing Lotus River Canal is a waste of money as it will be stolen. Permanently close the canal with concrete slabs or pipes. This was done behind shopping complex on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Prince George Drive. This canal runs from Rondevlei to Zeekoeivlei, under Italian Road into Princess Vlei. Stop wasting taxpayers’ money with quick fixes. . People should realise if they don’t vote, their vote goes to the current ruling party. Your vote can make a difference. Don’t refuse to vote. . Every free offer or chance to win something in our community newspapers are for those who have internet only. What about those who don’t have internet? Pensioner


PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 1 May 2014


Cashing in on opportunities


he Retreat Business Forum and business owners held a meeting to raise their concerns about issues such as crime, grime and a general degradation of the area. Alan Winde, provincial Minister for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism also attended the breakfast meeting which took place on Thursday 24 April. The focal point of his visit encompassed a breakfast meeting with the Retreat Business Forum and the local Retreat business owners and joined them on a walk-about through the Retreat industrial node. The visit was organised and coordinated by Kevin Southgate, secretary of the Retreat Business Forum, in an effort to highlight relevant concerns by the local business owners of the area. Ideas around the redevelopment, upgrade and the establishment of a possible improvement district was also discussed. Winde offered advice on issues such as a possible rezoning of the residential compo-

nent along Retreat Road, future development and the upgrade of the area to attract investment. Winde provided the business owners with comprehensive business advice on how to expand and grow their businesses. He also encouraged local businesses to utilise the Youth Wage Subsidy Initiative, which is a possible avenue to alleviate the unemployment rate with special reference to the youth of the area. Winde also visited the various vocational classes at the Cafda Skills Facility which includes hairdressing, welding and electrical training. He also utilised the opportunity to address the trainees on issues such as entrepreneurship, job opportunities, gainful and sustainable employment and the formation of cooperatives.

ROLE PLAYERS: From left are Mark Rossouw, Karen Maarman, Charles Mitchell, Peter Cato, Alan Winde, Eric Solomons and Kevin Southgate. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

20 Years of democracy

Seniors to have their say DESIREÉ RORKE @dezzierorke Senior citizens making use of grant-inaid to sustain their senior social clubs, are urged to make their voices heard on the processes used to acquiring these funds. Grant Twigg, the chairperson of subcouncil 2 says: “Although funds were allocated in the current budget to be used by senior clubs, many of the elderly say that the red tape involved in the allocation of these funds make it very difficult for them to obtain the grant-in-aid they need.” To this end, Twigg advises senior citizens to comment on the issue, while the City budget is still open for public scruti-

ny. “There are many senior clubs in this subcouncil and we want to hear from them,” says Twigg. “We want to know what they have difficulties with and why so. Without their input the City is not able to make the necessary changes to simplify the processes.” The current City budget for 2014 is R31.6bn with the financial year beginning Tuesday 1 July. It was tabled at council in March and is now open to public comment. This draft budget can be viewed at all City’s public libraries and comment can be submitted before the end of May. Twigg says senior citizens affected can merely ask for the section dealing with the grants policy.

Win with seafood restaurant In celebration of everything South Africa’s favourite chain of seafood restaurants are built on, Ocean Basket’s new menu is a true labour of love. The restaurant group has much to boast about, not least of which the opening of the most recent outlet in Camps Bay. And patrons choosing to sit upstairs will have an enviable view of the bay. The group also supports sustainable fishing practices. Grace Harding of Ocean Basket says: “When one looks at the figures it’s clear this is a massive and global problem. The Food and Agricultural Organisation reports that an astonishing 80% of global fish stocks are being fished either at or above sustainable levels. This is also evident in South African waters. Because of the different sectors targeting our resources and the many different methods used to catch fish, our fish stocks simply cannot replenish themselves fast enough.” Solving the problem is a long-standing

challenge that requires a clear ethical commitment, she adds. “We believe that supporting well-managed fisheries and aquaculture operations is critical not only to build a sustainable business model, but also to foster the long-term health of marine ecosystems, species and livelihoods,” Harding says. To this end, the 175 franchised outlets – of which 21 are international – have pledged to support and promote sustainable seafood choices. They aim to create market-driven incentives to catalyse change at sea; to protect all stakeholders and the environment by ensuring their suppliers provide legal and traceable products from sustainable and responsibly managed sources; and enable consumers to make informed decisions about their seafood choices. V Five readers can each win a R100 voucher which can be redeemed at any Ocean Basket. Visit to enter. Winners will be notified by phone and have to collect their vouchers from the People’s Post offices in Bellville.

READY TO SERVE: Fatz Lazarides, Pedro de Sambento, Nana Lloyd and Grace Harding of Ocean Basket. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

DAMAGED: A bust of the late former president Nelson Mandela was revealed in front Parliament on Monday – but was removed two days later. The unveiling formed part of Parliament’s 20 years of democracy programme, where President Jacob Zuma said Parliament would continue to live the values of Madiba’s legacy. The bronze bust was removed on Wednesday after a police vehicle drove into it. The eye-catching piece has been sent for repairs and should reportedly be back in place today (Thursday). PHOTO: LIZA VAN DEVENTER/FOTO24

RAINBOW NATION: As part of the provincial government’s 20 years of democracy celebrations on Freedom Day (Sunday), (from left) Dian Marcovecchio, Buntu Jobela and Kobus Rossouw got creative with powder depicting the colours of the national flag at the Artscape in the CBD. PHOTO: LIZA VAN DEVENTER/PHOTO24


PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 1 May 2014


Artists set to raise the roof


SPECIAL LADY: Air Supply guitarist and vocalist Graham Russel leads an audience member onto the stage during the band’s Greatest Hits World Tour concert at the Grand Arena on Thursday evening. PHOTO: LERATO MADUNA/FOTO24

group of local artists will be performing to raise the roof and more for two good causes in the city. At the end of May top talents like Natalie Johannes, 5 Levels Up, Nur Felix, Aubrey Smit and Terence Tito will all be performing at St George’s Cathedral in aid of the cathedral’s roof fund and an orphanage in Khayelitsha. Taking place on Friday 30 May the organisers are still looking for a main sponsor for the event but have already secured some great raffle prizes like an afternoon tea for two at the Mount Nelson and dinner for two with wine pairings in Bosmans at the Grande Roche in Paarl, as well as a picture cake from Nadine Ross, a 75-minute beauty treatment at the Pepper Club, six bottles of Graham

Beck Cap Methode Classique and dinner in the Conservatory at Cellars-Hohenort. The group needs to raise R11 500 to help pay for a new roof for the cathedral as well as enough to buy new shoes for the children at Baphumelele orphanage. Audience members will be asked to place R50 in an envelope under their seat, then write their name on it to be entered into the lucky draw. The concert will start at 19:00 and tickets are available from at a minimum of R100. As this is a charity concert, those who wish to, will be able to donate by paying more for their tickets. V Visit the Facebook event page for more information about the concert.

Appollis returns in salute to D6 The much anticipated one-man show My word! Redesigning Buckingham Palace will be showcased at the Artscape Arena. It will be hosted from Thursday 15 to Saturday 17 May. The production features award-winning performer Basil Appollis, who will reflect on the contested wasteland at the foot of Table Mountain and to put District Six centre stage, where it belongs. My word! Redesigning Buckingham Palace is a celebration of the life and work of legendary writer Richard Rive. It is also a salute to District Six, the heart of Cape Town ripped out because it stood in the way of grand apartheid fantasies. This one-man show borrows from an earlier work co-written with Sylvia Vollenhoven and performed by Appollis, called A writer’s last word. The new play tells the story of Rive and the district using the writer’s most memorable characters. Mary Bruintjies, the pastor’s daughter and Madame of the Casbah, Zoot the lovable gangster and Mr Katzen; all there in colourful profusion. The play moves through the time before the bulldozers. Appollis weaves into his show highlights from Rive’s life, following his journey from the rundown tenements of the district to the glare of international fame. With his own larger than life presence and unique performance skills Appollis

FULL VOICE: 5 Levels Up and Natalie Johannes are two of the acts on stage at the charity concert. PHOTO: FRANKYS FUNKY FOTOS

FLASHBACK: Acclaimed actor Basil Appollis discusses the wasteland that is now District Six at Artscape. PHOTO: SUPPLIED evokes a ghostly feeling that we are watching a formidable author who is also gone but whose presence lives on. V Tickets are R80 and R40 for pupils (from seven to 19 years). The shows start at 20:15.

Production captures Indian dance It’s Artscape’s vision to showcase culturally diverse productions in the theatre and the two dance productions to be staged at Artscape Theatre this month are no different. Jhoomkaar (Let’s Dance) highlights captivating dance routines showcasing a variety of Indian Classical dance, Indian Folk dance, Indian Contemporary dance, Bollywood, African-Indian Fusion and Spanish collaborative work. The production will be performed by a cast of seasoned dancers specialising in various disciplines within the genre called Indian dance, COLOURFUL: The Vadhini Indian Arts Academy celebrates who are dedicated to the pre- their 35th birthday with performances around Cape Town. servation, evolution and shaThis performance depicts the various obring of Indian dance and culture. The show, choreographed by the Vadhini stacles that youth encounter daily. Rich in Teaching Team and directed by Darshana culture and authenticity, the everyday lives Rama and Maya Kooverjee, will be staged at of these dancers expressed in their own mother tongue will capture and take you on a 19:30 on Saturday 3 May. Dreams into Reality, to be staged on Satur- journey of dance and music. The show is choreographed and directed day 10 and Sunday 11 May, will capture the realism of the everyday life of a young dan- by Ivy Meyer. cer in a diverse and cosmopolitan Cape V Tickets for both shows are available from Computicket or Artscape Dial-a-Seat on 021 421 7695. Town.

Exhibition of Mandela ‘at work’ STRUMMING: Sammy Webber and Friends are in residence at GrandWest’s Jackson Hall this month. The four-piece band features Webber, with Celeste Williams on vocals and keyboards, Lorendo Brown on backing vocals and guitar and Randall Cyster on drums. Entry is free and the band is in action on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 21:00 onwards. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Photojournalist Nic Bothma’s exhibition, titled A Statesman at Work, is currently on at the ErdmannContemporary Gallery. It runs until the end of May. The exhibition is a collection of images which Bothma took of Nelson Mandela during his career. Bothma is an established photojournalist who is the West Africa chief photographer for the European Pressphoto

Agency. A percentage of the proceeds of photographic sales will be donated to Hokisa (Homes for Kids in South Africa) Children’s Home. The organisation creates a safe and nurturing environment for children living with HIV/Aids. V The gallery is situated at 84 Kloof Street in Gardens. Visit for more information.


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Waar kopers verkopers ontmoet

: 0860 11 69 18 –

“ Te l l i n g i t a s i t i s ”



A FULL COLOUR ad From only R 150,00 excl. VAT per week per area* on a 4 week Special! (5cm down x 1 col across)

*Cape Flats – Mitchells Plain, Athlone, Lansdowne, Grassy Park & Retreat. *Southern Suburbs – Claremont/Rondebosch, Constantia/Wynberg, City Edition & Woodstock/Maitland *False Bay- Kalk Bay, Muizenberg, Westlake, Fish Hoek, Kommetjie etc. Contact our Consultants on 0860 116 918 or email

Ph 021 – 000 0000

for further information.







FREE car hire with every 10hrs package ! (t&c apply) Manual / Auto All areas with free pick up & drop off. TRUCKERS! Now offering Code 10 too!

Hassan 082 992 2827 /021 - 827 1300









BLINDS AND CURTAINS All types. Free quotes. Less 10%. Ph 021-371 8627 or 082 516 0030 .

Blinds, curtains, rods, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. All blinds less 10%. Phone Moosa 021-371 8917 / 083 493 1495




BE INSPIRED Earn cash now ! Part or full time Selling Tupperware. Narriman 084 4147 444 or 021-637 5932 Zainoe 084 5 300 300 or .



. AFFORDABLE HALL TO HIRE FOR ANY FUNCTIONS weddings/ childrens’ parties/ 21st celebrations, etc. NG Church Ottery. Serissa Street, Ottery Contact Louna : 021 762 1276 / 083 731 0044

. BESSICK HIRING Cutlery & Crockery Linen, tables, chairs and covers, etc Ph (021) 374 3786 or Joan 079 468 8616/ Leon 083 660 3495


L & F HIRING Crockery, cutlery, glassware & linen @ 10c p/item. Ph 021371 7229/072 443 6695


. AHMED'S jumping castles for hire. Ph 079 491 4440 . HIRE A CASTLE from R150. Kiddies Chairs, tables & linen. Ph 021-6963791/ 0842091313 . JUMP 4 JOY castle hire. Ricky on 073 268 7546 . JUMPING CASTLES & Waterslides Ph 021-704 0859, 083 281 7930 . JUMPING CASTLES for hire. We deliver. Ph 083 377 5564. . JUMPING CASTLES, kiddies tables & chairs and generators for hire. Ph 071 812 1151 or 072 025 0554


NOAHS ARK HIRES Gazebo's, Marquees, Jumping Castles, Kiddie Chairs, Kiddie Tables, Red Carpet 10m Call Donna 084 804 6582 FINANCIAL .


DO YOU NEED HELP? Is your house going to be repossessed? I will buy your home. And advance you money. Ph: Riyard on 083 420 8989 .



HEALER MUSA PAY AFTER PROBLEM IS SOLVED * Financial problems *Evil spirits * Troubled marriages *Clean homes *Love problems Consultation fee: R50 Town Centre, M/P Call 078 669 2840 .



. ICE CUBES & BLOCKS for sale. 100 Ruth Rd, Rylands. 021-638 7394 . MOUNTVIEW HIRING for all functions. Ph 021-692 2497 or 072 854 3966 .


PROFESSIONAL HEALER - 100% DR RASHID • Special herbs for all Life/Marriage problems • Bring back lost lover •Financial problems/Lucky charms for money •Natural healing of health issues/Clear bad luck



HOUSE OF HIRING Call us for your hiring needs plus kids party items. 021-371 1588 / 082 503 9026

. CATERING SUPPLIES 021-696 2394 or 084 588 0686 Plastic chairs R2. Round Table: 10 seater R10 Long Table: 10 seater R10. CHAIR COVERS FROM R3 Round table cloth XL R15 Long Table Cloth XL: R12 Organzas: From R2. We Deliver & Collect . COLORADO HIRING Crockery, cutlery, glassware linen, backdrops, tables, trestles also Jumping castles & kiddies chairs Ph Shaheed 021 374 7104 / 082 227 8968

. DECKSTER'S CATERING DECOR / HIRING Menu's from R120,00. Includes: crockery, cutlery, white tableclothes, white chaircovers and organza backdrop, arch, red carpet. Ph Ielaahm or Rene 021-371 4507/082 324 9486 Find us on Facebook

. DECOR Backdrop poles & curtains. 021 396 2526/082 212 8949

A Woman Herbalist HAWA Pay after job is done * Relationship problems * Bring back lost lover * Love potion * Financial problems * Clean bad luck Call 078 621 5335 Promenade, M/Plain .

Cassiem the Healer Magic wallet Financial problems 073 190 8882 .

CHIEF NAMBAGA * Financial problems *One day special prayer * Marriage problems * Unfinished jobs 060 444 8325 .

DR ALIE * Troubled marriages *Love problems *Financial problems * Natural healing of health problems Mitchells Plain Ph/sms 073 373 0002

PROF ALI * One day special prayer * Financial problems * Relationship problems * Unfinished jobs

078 415 6792



000 000 000 000

from from from from

R R R1 R2

500 900 500 800

Abacus Blocks & Transport

pm pm pm pm

190, 140, 90 sand, stone, grit, cement we also do 10 m3 deliveries

For IMMEDIATE Response, Fax a copy of your ID to:


WOMAN HERBALIST MARIAM Help with all problems. Athlone 078 119 2924 021 838 2737 .

PROF ABDUL * One day special prayer * Financial problems * Relationship problems * Unfinished jobs 078 947 1018

0866 266 193


083 073 083 084 079 021

T&C Apply

2277 242 775 2977 882 4801 437 2931 375 9917 917 1938


ABBA BLOCKS 190's, 140's & 90's and cement. Ph 021-705 5886 or 021-706 4116 Free Delivery!



. AA's BUYS good quality furniture and appliances. We collect. Ph 021-374 6060 or 083 948 2804 .



STRONG WOMAN HERBALIST Is here to help you with your Delayed payments Financial problems Relationship problems Sexual problems Call now for appointment. 076 180 9565 .



Awaiting Pension/ Provident/Package payouts Get Cash Today!! Ph/Sms/Pcm Latifah 076 833 6676 .


A BRIDGING LOAN Waiting for Pension/package payouts? SMS or send "please call me" 082 301 7856 Ph 0860 105 546


Are u waiting on a Pension/ Provident/ Package / Lumpsum Payout? Cash same day. Sms/Call: Chantal 076 886 7655 . BOND PROBLEMS From arrears to auctions Water & Electricity Off? We can HELP, Financial & Legal Aid No false Promises, Just Results Toll Free 0800 204 987 or 082 991 0729


. MARK'S CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Lounge suites, carpets etc Ph Nikki 082 489 2592 Mark 076 052 4806 or 021-371 5277



. DJ FOR HIRE R750 KARAOKE R850 DJ DONNY 073 359 9009

. DEBT CONSOLIDATION Up to R230 000. Blacklisted, bad credit record welcome Office 605, 18 Lower Burg Str, Cape Town % 021 837 1578 .



LOANS R3 000 - R150 000 Blacklisted welcome Garnishees welcome 078 505 7696/073 5882934 Fax: 086 511 8277 STRESSED because of DEBT? Pay ONLY one affordable instalment for ALL your debt. Call us now to Ask us how. 021 713 4380/ 0861 NODEBT (663327)

. A CASH LOAN UP TO R100 000 Blacklisted welcome. 10 min phone approval. Same day payout. Ph / Sms LIZ 074 295 9559 . AFFORDABLE LOANS R250 000. For Monthly Earners only. Ph Tanya 079 55 55 208 /SMS name, Id no, Nett salary, Company.


24/hrs: 078 221 0193 .


. ARE YOU drowning in debt? I can help you. Ph Shamiela after 7pm on 076 182 4985 .

“Hereby an urgent appeal for Allan Rogers. Please contact Social Worker, Blanche Engelbrecht on 021-913 8224, regarding an urgent family matter.”

. A 6 cubic metre sand, stone and rubble removal. Phone John 072 407 4289 . A BAKKIE rubble, sand and stone. Ph 078 611 3627. .

ALUMINIUM WINDOWS & DOORS Supplied & fitted. Chris 082 570 5686 021 - 638 5292


MATHS Individual tutoring. All hours incl weekends 80/hour Contact 071 1737 138


. .



(6x3)- R6 500 CASH!!! Call 082-621-4441 021-393-5475 .


. 5M, SAND, STONE, RUBBLE PH: 021-397 1501 or 082 709 6443 .

A BARGAIN BLOCK: 190, 140 & 90 021-374 2053 021-692 1209 083 384 7144 .


A BETTER BLOCK 190/140/90 BLOCKS, MAXIS, SAND, STONE, CEMENT R75.00 DEL BEST PRICES 021-703 3121 021-704 3636 021-391 6330

083 288 2757 .

. 24/7 FRIDGE REGASSING Ph 073 4808 444 . ALL APPLIANCES repaired & Fridge regassing & Electrician For a free quote. % Angelo 073 664 3532 . FRIDGE AND FREEZER REGASSING & REPAIRS Reasonable prices! % 076 164 0700

. REGISTERED ELECTRICIAN Namely prepaid meters, plugs, geysers, stoves, lights etc. Ph Jody on 081 310 7542

. Ronald George Electrical Installations and Maintenance Tel: 021-705 5922 Cell: 083 311 7195



BUDGET ELECTRONICS 021 633 1802 083 486 5394 .



extensions: 021-705 4652 073 113 4221/083 273 6083






BUILDING PLANS drawn and submitted to Council from in-house design office of construction company. ZHAC Construction cc Cell : 074 963 0970 Office: 021 703 6365 E-mail: Web: .



FRIDGE REGAS R250 Phone: 072 497 3788


Vibracrete Slabs and











CAMERAMAN for Weddings, Birthdays and Events. 082 738 1166 /021-372 6950






LOANS We come to u. 021-558 6648 /082 957 3251

FOR ALL HEALTH ISSUES & PROBLEMS Call /Watsapp Zuku 073 249 6846




DSTV AND AERIAL REPAIRS AND INSTALLATIONS DSTV packages fully installed for R599. HD PVR installations from R2299. Service call repair charge of R150.


. All Fridge Regassing and geyser repairs. 021-371-5362 .







STOP SUFFERING!!! Mama Amina & King Omar Specialist *Troubled Marriages *Financial problems *Magic wallet / ring *Men & women clinic *Remove badluck & evil SMS your problem to: 061 476 9407


021 - 376 6364 079 - 464 4302

. PROF HAKEEM Powerful Prof Who never failed Help poor people. Expert to put money in account no matter how big problem is in only 30 minutes 074 990 0301 .




FREE WATER Wellpoints / mini boreholes. No water, no charge. Improv your existing wellpoint. Ph 021-637 5677 or 021-702 3888 / 072 825 9586


Garden Maintenance Tree Felling Plot Clearing Contact: 073 492 3255 or 021-6971460 .


. BUILT IN CUPBOARDS repairs and alterations. Ph 072-695-9738 .

DOOR HANGING SPECIALIST For all types of Doors. Ph Jody on 081 310 7542

. SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021-392 2894, 073 293 3952 .



Glass Suppliers, Aluminium Doors & Windows Supply & Fit - We beat any written quote. Faldeelah 021 397 2630 or 072 669 3599 .



. A SPECIAL CARPET CLEANING SPECIAL 3 Bdrms for R340, 6 Seater Couches for R340, Beds, Curtains & Cars. Contact Rob 079 248 4296 Web: E-mail: robertfenyes2013@




& automation. 0765230306 . TILING + Laminated floors R50/sqm. Ph 084 978 9175




. AA vibracrete garages, vib walls & raise it Ph 072 425 5111 . ARTHUR'S SLIDING GATES, b/bars, vibracrete & steel fencing & automation. Ph 021-691-1936 or 084-921-5364

. BELIEVE IN CHRIST SERVICES Vibracrete, carports, paving. Ph Albert 073 545 6994

. VIBRACRETE AND EXTENSIONS Ph: 074 321 9215 / 021-820 4384 . VIBRACRETE Walls, Paving, Plastering, Carports. Ph (021) 392 1433 or 083 539 5478 .


. PAINTING & WATERPROOFING Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713 .




For all your plumbing needs as well as Certificates of Compliance, Call Frank - 082 354 4076 Qualified & Registered All workmanship guaranteed!!

. PLUMBING repairs & installations. Call Angelo 073 664 3532 .


. CLEAN & MAINTAIN POOLS. Ph 083 494 3939 or 021-836 8208 .


. 4 TON TRUCK avail for garden refuse and furniture removal. Ph 076 124 4713 . FURNITURE REMOVALS Ph 0786113627. .



Need work Experience: Datacapture,Typing, Accts, Teleskills, Quickbooks, Win 8, Word, Excel. 021-6838875






Looking for a SALES ASSISTANT AND A MANAGER Who speaks fluent English, French and Portuguese to work in our Angolan, Gabon and South African branches. Must be computer literate (Windows and Excel) Call 021-712 0104 .




CALL TO BE EMPLOYED NOW 20 Housekeepers /cleaners, 13 Cashiers, 16 porters 10 data capturers, 8 waitrons, 12 bartenders 11 Call centres, 16 Bank tellers, 5 Cruise ship attendants, 7 flight attendants, 8 Receptionists 17 Heerengracht Street, Pier House, 7th Floor, office 701, Next to Park Inn Hotel Cape Town Call: 021 828 2416 / 081 8277 046 /079 485 5896

PHARMACY DELIVERY PERSON NEEDED Young, healthy person required to deliver medicine parcels in and around Cape Town CBD. Must have contactable references. Send CV to epharm.barrs@ or fax to 021-421 6757 .



SALES JOBS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY Let us help you to achieve your earning potential! No experience needed Free training provided No vehicle needed! We offer: Basic Salary Commission Allowance



isi :V foto

. ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713 .

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Kingsway College For Computing & Business Study


www. #Project Management # Electrical Engineering # Civil Engineering # Mechanical Engineering # Tourism # Public Management # Marketing Management # Human Resource # Business Management # Public Relations #English & Xhosa # Police & Traffic # Wholesale Trade # Information Tech (IT) # Bookkeeping # Economics & Accounting # Office Administration # Aviation courses # Vocational Courses #Retail Trade #Pastel Accounting # Flight attendant #Nursing # Database # System Support # Cert. Port E. Learning # MATRIC - RE-WRITE SHORT & LONG COURSES 17 Heerengracht Str. Pier House, 7th floor, Office 701, next to Park Inn Hotel Cape Town. Tel: 021 421 9170 / 021 481 4287 / 021 828 2416 Fax: 021 418 7909

• Sliding gates & Swing gates • Steel rail & Proudly SA Est 1990 balustrades • Gate Automation • Intercom, Audio & Video • Boundary walls & garage doors • Repair to gate motors

SPECIALISING IN: Tip Ups Sectional Overheads Roll Ups - Installation Repairs - Automation .


Tel/Fax: 021 706 5583 Ext:5 Merlin Payne: 073 268 1998 email:


. ADM. SURVEY/Data Listing clerks needed. For info SMS name/address to 079 615 8070 or email . AVON REPS NEEDED 078 888 1608

For appointment Call Aileen 021 930 9068 Terms & Conditions Apply






CELLPHONE REPAIR COURSE 3 Day Technician Certificate Course Learn to repair all type of phones, repair water damaged phones and replace damaged components, board repairs and software. Course cost: R500 Contact Details: Name: Jeff Petersen, Cell: 076 717 6309



ENGINE OVERALL, R2 000. Clutch overalls, R950. Gearbox repairs from R950. Parts & labour incl. Call 021-376 6014/ 078 875 4394 .







BEACON VALLEY - R295 000 Semi 3 beds, f/kitch, fam bath. Ph Shireen 082 5055402


Buying or Selling,

Call me first. Let my service delight you. Ronel 083 772 1113 Skyvue Properties skyvueproperties98@


CEMENT R75.00 Del.

Jobs!! Jobs!!! Earn ± R6000:


021 703 3121 021 704 3636 021 391 6330 Hygiene & Bug’s ‘R’ Us

Free Market valuations buying, selling & letting

Let the Professionals take care of all your housing needs WETTON OFFICE 021 761 0707

Riyard Abrahams Cell: 083 420 8989

1. We do Bonds and are contracted to all the Major banks 2. We stop Auctions as well as buy Distress Properties 3. Free Beetle, Electrical & Plumbing Inspections 4. We Offer Bridging finance to our Sellers 5. Free Will’s drawn up, Ordinary as well as Shariah Compliant 6. Winding up of Estates 7. Assisting in appointing an executor if a beloved partner or family member has deceased 8. Free Property related Advice

SDAVIES 073 773 5723

MISHKAAH 079 521 4355

MARIAM 082 641 2157

GILLEAN 073 551 2625

AQEELAH 074 042 4168

FATAANA 072 343 8844

FRANK 082 827 8421

KEITH 084 888 2526

NAJWA 082 377 7027

ISHERENE 083 350 2777

SHEREENA 072 435 4085

SUBI 082 336 7639

ANTHONY 079 018 7866

CASSIEEM 083 926 7822

YUSUF 082 783 2160

HEATHER 072 374 9801

NAZEEMA 072 549 0399

ZAHIDA 073 379 0400


Everything we touch turns to SOLD

MITCHELLS PLAIN 021 391 2200

SAEEDA 083 519 4159

ARMIEN 071 159 0991

JESICHA 073 698 9260

FATGIEYA 073 632 3889

Everything we touch turns to SOLD WETTON 021 761 0707

Over 50 Years of Real Estate Excellence

(Registered PCO & Member of SAPCA)

Guaranteed Effective PEST CONTROL




. RETREAT room in house for couple - non smokers of sober habits. R700 pm incl water & elec. Ph 021-701 9933 .






Rodents, Bedbugs, Bird Removal & Proofing


“They Bug You We Bug Them!”


For a FREE Quotation Call


* Bellville * Cape Town * Claremont * Goodwood * Paarl * Table View * Kraaifontein


Exp Shoe Repairer needed % 078 576 1679

. FREE INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER COURSE Data Capture Typing Word Excel IT Int. Email CV. Pay 4/wbk. 021-683 8875 & Call Centre, Tele skill, Office Accounting At Kenilworth Centre Mall


Negotiable Commission







When you train with us for two weeks in: -Call Centre -Data Capturing -Office Admin ** Job Placement after Training*** Deposit fee of R500 Visit 68 Bree Street, 2nd Floor,Cape Town, Office 204 Call : 021 424 1230 / 1 or 084 267 1014 or 072 381 6878

Over 50 Years of Real Estate Excellence


021 949 5915 021 425 2363 021 674 5327 021 591 5209 021 872 4083 021 556 5601 021 987 6798

10% Discount for domestic business .

(T’s & C’s apply)

OTTERY: R1 195.000 GRASSY PARK: R1 099.000excl SURREY ESTATE: R1 150.000excl SURREY ESTATE: R1 350.000 F/s, 3Beds(Bics), Lnge, Drm, FFK, Mes, D/s, 5Beds, Lnge, Drm, 2x F/Bath, FFK, F/s, 3Beds(B), Mes, FFK, Garage, Carport, Reduced To Sell, D/s, 5Beds, S/Lnge, D/Garage, Façade, Encl(3 sides), 486m. Mes, Garage, Carport, S/Ent, Encl, 633m. Drm, FFK, Mes, E/Garden, Encl, 481 m² E/Area, Workshop, Encl, 459m. FATAANA 072 343 8844 FATAANA 072 343 8844 FATAANA 072 343 8844 MISHKAAH 079 521 4355 VRYGROND/CAPRICORN: R135.000 CASH ONLY, F/s, 1Beds, F/Bath, Kitchen, A/roof, 200m, Hse 26 m². RIYARD 083 420 8989

OTTERY: R1 199.999 WYNBERG: R1 899.999 F/s, 4Beds(Bics), Lnge, Drm, Mes, G/Flat, F/s, 4Beds (Bics), Lnge, Drm, Mes, FFK, D/Garage, FK, T/roof, 481m, Braai. F/Garage, 688m, + 4xShops, 3x Storerms FRANK 082 827 8421 MISHKAAH 079 521 4355

SCHAAPKRAAL: R2 500.000neg F/s, 3Beds(B), Lnge, 2xF/Bath, FFK, Pool, Gym, Encl, 9x Stables + more. MARIAM 082 641 2157

LOTUS RIVER: R950.000excl F/s, 4Beds, Lnge, Drm, Mes, FFK, Garage, F/Encl, 551m, Hse 300 m² ZAHIDA 073 379 0400

OTTERY: R780.000excl CRAWFORD: R1 600.000excl F/s, 2Beds(1xB), Lnge, Drm, FFK(Defy), D/s, 5Beds(B), 2x Lnge, Drm, 3x F/Bath, C/pool, Garage, T/roof, Encl, 261m. Laundry, Pool, Garage, Encl, 496 m². FRANK 082 827 8421 SORAYA 083 742 6941

ZEEKOEVLEI: R465.000excl Fully serviced plot With plans, size 451sqm. FATAANA 072 343 8844

FAIRWAYS: R1 100.000 GRASSY PARK: R830.000excl F/s, 3Beds(2xB), Lnge, Drm, FFK (Defy), F/s, 3Beds, 2xLnge, Drm, 2xF/Bath, G/Flat, Pool, Garage, Carport, Encl. 467m, 2xKitchen, Laundry, Carport, Encl ZAHIDA 073 379 0400 FRANK 082 827 8421

MAITLAND: R880.000excl Semi, 3Beds (2xB), Lnge, 2x Bath, 2x toilet, FK, C/port, 204 m², Encl. SORAYA 083 742 6941

WELCOME ESTATE: R485.000excl Well Priced, Vacant Serviced Plot in ALBAN ROAD, Good Location. SHEREENA 072 435 4085

SURREY ESTATE: R1 250.000 F/s, 4Beds(3xB), Lnge, Drm, FFK (Defy), Garage, Encl, 455m, B/Bars, S/Gates. SHEREENA 072 435 4085

SCHAAPKRAAL: R1 250.000 Vacant Plot 16 000 m² Approved plans ISHERENE 083 350 2777

GARLENDALE: R1 650.000 F/s, 4Beds(Bics), Lnge, Drm, FFK, Garage, Encl, Plot 432 m² + More SORAYA 083 742 6941

ZEEKOEVLEI: R580.000xcl Vacant Serviced Plot 803m. MISHKAAH 079 521 4355

ZEEKOEVLEI: R1 850.000 F/s, 5Beds(Bics), Mes + Jacuzzi, 2XFFK, 686m, 3xG/Flat, G/Pool SDAVIES 073 773 5723

RONDEBOSCH EAST: R1 800.000 F/s, 4Beds(B), Mes, FFK, Laundry, Pool, Garage, Carport, Encl, 499 m². ISHERENE 083 350 2777

GRASSY PARK: R730.000excl F/s, 3Beds (2xL/Floors), LOPFFK, Carport, P(8xCars), 442 m², B/Bars. YUSUF 082 783 2160


Let the PROFESSIONALS take care of all your housing needs


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Club rugby heats up this weekend



he club rugby season will reach fever pitch this Saturday when Cape Town’s top sides meet in several Super League A derby encounters. Most of the teams will be in action, with six fixtures taking place and all the southern suburbs sides doing battle. The highlight of the weekend is undoubtedly False Bay’s clash against Maties at the Danie Craven Stadium in Stellenbosch. Maties will go into the match unbeaten and in either first or second on the table after three convincing victories. The defending champions opened their campaign with a 17-12 win over DurbanvilleBellville, then thrashed NNK 64-5 before cruising past SK Walmers in a 38-11 win last Saturday. Their opponents this weekend have won twice and suffered two losses since promotion to the Super League A last season. Bay narrowly beat SK Walmers 11-10 in their opening fixture, before slumping to a 45-36 loss to Victorians and responding brilliantly by thrashing Kuils River 47-10 in their next fixture. False Bay will likely chalk up the narrow win over SK Walmers and heavy loss to Victorians as part of a readjustment to the higher standards of Super League A, and head to Stellenbosch feeling capable of staging an

upset. Saturday’s other major clash will see Primrose host UCT at Rosmead, in another fixture which pits one of last year’s top Super League B sides (Primrose) against an established top tier powerhouse. Primrose currently hold fifth on the table after a 16-15 victory over Tygerberg in their first game, a 27-22 loss to Helderberg in their second and a comfortable 35-18 victory against Victorians on Saturday. UCT will go into the match in second or first on the table. The Varsity Cup champions kicked off their campaign with a 49-22 win against Tygerberg before beating NNK 64-26 on Saturday. UCT also hosted Kuils River at 21:00 last night (Wednesday). The result was not known at the time of going to print. SK Walmers host Bellville RFC at the Green Point Track on Saturday and will be looking to get their season back on track. Walmers thrashed UWC 48-28 in their second encounter before Saturday’s loss to Maties, while Bellville beat NNK 39-26 and lost 25-20 to Belhar during the same period. Hamiltons will open their Super League A account this season, after taking a two-week break following their Community Cup campaign. Hammies will host Victorians at the Stephen Oval in Green Point and will be eager to send a statement to their title rivals. V All of the fixtures will kick-off at 16:00.

OUT OF REACH: Weltevrede Netball Club’s Tanweer Brenner shields the ball from Dolphins player Riefkah Seymore during an under-13 league game at the Stephen Reagon Sports Complex on Saturday. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

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TANGLED UP: Surrey Estate Rangers player Rameez Kalan (left) and Pniel Villagers player Paul John Robyn compete at a line-out during a Super League B match in Surrey Estate on Saturday. The game finished in a 20-20 draw. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

STUDS UP: Beacon Hill High School’s Shabier Isaacs (left) attempts an overhead kick as Belgravia High’s Keanu Pasqaune takes cover in a Mr Price High Schools’ League match on Saturday. Beacon Hill won 1-0. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

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SLIDING IN: Milano United’s Moegamat Jacobs (left) makes telling tackle on Black Leopards player Moses Ramodumo during a National First Division match in Grassy Park on Sunday. Milano won 2-0. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

Play-off spot looms for Milano LIAM MOSES @LiamCPT


ilano United are just two victories away from securing a spot in the Absa Premiership promotion/relegation play-offs. Milano need to finish in either second or third on the National First Division (NFD) table to earn a crack at the top flight, and they took a major step towards achieving this at home on Sunday. The Grassy Park side secured a key victory over fellow promotion chasers Black Leopards to climb from third to second.





A loss would have seen Milano drop to fourth, but goals from Brandon Theron and Devon Saal earned the hosts a 2-0 win. The three points gleaned from the match means they lead third-placed Baroka FC on goal difference. Victories against seventh-place United FC this Sunday and Chippa United on Sunday 11 May will assure the Black and Yellow of a spot in the play-offs even if Baroka close the five-goal gap. But a draw or loss in just one of the fixtures could see Milano finish as low as fifth and allow Leopards, Jomo Cosmos or Santos to claim a play-off spot. The Grassy Park side will face United FC


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at Moruleng Stadium, but will be confident of seeing off the hosts regardless. They won the reverse fixture 1-0 in February and will be expected to pull off another win. However, Chippa United will not be as easy a prospect.4 The Philippi side were crowned NFD champions on Saturday 19 April when their lead at the top of the table became unassailable. Despite having sewn up the title and secured a place in the Premiership next season, Chippa still pulled off a 3-2 win over United FC last Saturday. The newly crowned champions will re-

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ceive the trophy on Sunday, when they face Santos at Athlone Stadium. They will hope to celebrate the event with a victory, and could also spoil Milano’s party and end their season on a high if they win in Grassy Park a week later. Black Leopards trail Milano and Baroka by just two points and can be expected to pick up wins against FC Cape Town and Jomo Cosmos in their final games. Polokwane City and Free State Stars currently seem the likely candidates to finish in second last on the Absa Premiership table and battle the NFD runners-up and thirdplaced side for a place in the top flight.

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Peoples post retreat 1 may 2014  

Peoples post retreat 1 may 2014

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