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House of fears TAURIQ HASSEN


ears for their personal safety have residents giving a Langevlei house wide berth. The complaints – made to ward councillor Jan Burger and the Steenberg Community Police Forum (CPF) – range from alleged drug dealing to smoking dagga and overcrowding. Residents also allege criminals use the house as a hideout. These complaints have also been lodged with various City of Cape Town departments, but, say residents, to no avail. A resident, only known as Sam, says she passes the house regularly and has seen the situation go from “bad to worse”. “There are always people hanging around that place, talking in some gangster language and making stupid gestures when people pass by. They smoke dagga in the open for all to see,” she says. “It has been going on for long now and it seems like nobody cares.” Sam says school children are also going into the house, with many going in groups to make “quick visits”. “They (could be) starting to sell drugs to school children or may even be using the children as runners. This problem must be highlighted because places such as these are the cause of the bigger problem (of gangsterism) our community faces,” says an angry Sam. Jason Adams has worked in Retreat for the last 12 years and regularly passes the house on his way to Retreat station. He says there is always a group of men on the front porch of the house either drinking or smoking dagga, which often leads to passers-by being harassed. “They will sometimes ask the people for money (and ) get upset if you say ‘no’,” he says. While he does not fear the men, Adams says he is concerned as more and more school children frequent the house. He says this also happens during school hours, and the school children “will be among these men, which is not right”. Adams adds: “How can they can do things so openly and not be caught?” A group of men huddling on the premises questioned why this reporter was at the house.

A CONCERN: Allegations have been made of illegal activities at a house in Langevlei. Complaints have been made to the Steenberg CPF and the local ward councillor, but residents say they fear for their personal safety. PHOTO: TAURIQ HASSEN For Burger these are not new complaints. “I have received numerous complaints from the community about this problem house and it has been forwarded to the relevant departments for action,” he says. A further worry for Burger are allegations of school children going to the house. This has prompted Burger to conduct an inspection of the property. According to Burger, school children have pointed to the house as the source of alleged illegal activities. “I can believe what people are saying and I have seen it myself. This is not solely a City of Cape Town matter, but the police must also act on complaints,” he says. Concerns about the Langevlei house have also reached the Steenberg CPF. CPF chairperson Kevin Southgate says while they’re aware of the complaints, “there is nothing more the community can do”. He calls upon police to properly address the matter. “This house is a known outlet for illegal activities and police have in the past conducted several raids on a number of occa-

sions. “Certainly this is not enough because the problems still persist and the community is suffering (as a result),” he says. Southgate says the public fear for their lives and will choose not to approach Law Enforcement agencies to report these activities. “The police must take this matter further and they have to take responsibility for this house. They (police) must do their jobs and protect the community from these illegal activities,” he says. Mark Russouw is the media liaison officer for the Sector 2 Neighbourhood Watch and is familiar with the alleged activities at the house. “That is a known drug den in the community and police have raided that house on a number of occasions,” he says. Russouw explains that last year, the Retreat community was rocked when a driveby shooting targeted at the house claimed three lives over the Easter weekend. “That place is really dodgy and there are all sorts of characters walking in and out of the house,” he says.

Steenberg Police Station acting station commander Lieutenant Colonel Adriaan Saulse, in turn, calls upon the community to provide police with “direct and accurate information”. Confirming that the police had previously searched the property, Saulse adds: “We sometimes find things (contraband) and there are times we leave with nothing. That is why it is important for the public to give us proper information, like exactly when the activities are taking place.” Saulse confirms the house has been on police’s radar for some time. “We have a full profile on that house and there are frequent operations conducted, but it will certainly help if the public (assists),” he says. People’s Post attempted to track down the owners of the house, but were unsuccessful at the time of going to print. V Anybody wishing to report any alleged illegal activi­ ties at the house can contact Steenberg Police Station on (021) 702 9000. V Share your views. Starting with the word “Post”, SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.


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The ABC of adult education TASMIN CUPIDO


ou’re never too old to learn the alphabet, algebra, the anatomy of humans and plants and the ins and outs of apart-

heid. This is being proven by adult pupils from across the country who have taken the bold decision to return to school benches to complete their primary and high school education. With a total of 119 Adult Education and Training (AET) Centres in the province, and several satellite campuses, the doors to education have been thrust open for young and old. Hester de Klerk was 12 years old when she left school and entered the working world. She was “forced” to drop out after her father left their family home “in search of greener pastures”. “My mother told me I had to leave school and start working to help support the family,” she recalls. “In those times you did as you were told – you didn’t ask questions. I wanted to stay in school. I wanted to make something of myself. I wanted to be somebody with an education.” The 66-year-old started working as a farm labourer and soon excelled in the field. “I really enjoyed working, but I missed being around children my age. I missed being at school, homework, playing... But I knew I had to help bring food to the table, so I made the most of my situation,” De Klerk says. “I was a little girl in a grown-up world; I had to grow up before my time.” After marriage and bearing four children, who have all achieved degrees and excelled in their professions, she retired six years ago. “When I finished that chapter of my life, I realised there was something I needed to finish. I wanted something to show for my


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years of dedication to my family,” she says. “A friend of mine encouraged me to enrol in the AET programme. Since starting, I have been having so much fun and I feel I am fulfilling my life-long dream.” Similarly, 60-year-old Judy Klaasen is living her dream, after enrolling at an AET Centre this year. Growing up in a rural area, she never had the opportunity to attend school. “I was the oldest of eight siblings. My father passed away when I was only seven and my mother went out to work,” she says. “I had to look after my brothers and sisters. With my mother working really long hours, I was like their mother. I cooked, cleaned, took them to school and made sure they did their homework. “But I always dreamt of what it would be like to be in school; to read a book and write a poem; to have friends.” When she moved to Cape Town with her son and his family three years ago, she undertook a “pledge” to herself. “I wanted to be able to read a story to my grandson, so I enrolled and took the first steps to achieving my dream,” Klaasen says. “For the last two years I have been a normal school pupil, diligently doing my homework and assignments, and studying for exams. It has been unreal. I feel like a little child – I am so excited to go to school. ” And although she has a long way to go before graduation, she is determined to make the most of her opportunity. “When I look at words these days, nothing is foreign – I understand everything. I constantly read and learn every day.” But adult education is not just for people older than 50. Across the country, youths have been dropping out of school due to socio-economic problems. Addiction to drugs and alcohol, absent parents, teenage pregnancies and gangsterism are some of the reasons provided by school leavers. Gail Botha* fell pregnant at the tender age of 15. At the time she was in Grade 9 and her single-parent mother decided she should drop out of school. “I was devastated, but I realised I made a mistake and had to man up – there was a baby that needed to be clothed and fed,” she recalls. After giving birth to the child, she was employed as a cleaner at a supermarket. She raised her now eight-year-old son without the help of his father and decided to “better her life” in 2008. “It was a tough decision – my son needed attention and work was demanding, but I had to do something for myself today. I am not sorry, it was the best decision I have ever made,” the 23-yearold says. “I am proud to say that I have my matric and I’m planning to further my studies in business management.” Provincial education department spokesperson Paddy Attwell says there are 65 AET Centres across the Cape Peninsula. A total of 31 444 pupils are currently enrolled in the programme, while the province currently boasts with a 66.7% pass rate. “(Future pupils) can register at a centre closest to their homes. Centre managers and

EAGER TO LEARN: Mary Meyers from Kensington was the oldest woman to enrol in the Adult Basic Education and Training (Abet) programme in the province in 2005. PHOTO: PHOTO24 their staff will help them to register at the appropriate level – there are four levels in the programme,” Attwell says. Level 1 – equivalent to Grades 1, 2 and 3 – is for basic literacy and numeracy, while Level 2 is slightly more advanced and includes Communication, Numeracy and Integrated Studies learning areas. This level is equivalent to Grades 4 and 5. “Level 3 offers the same three learning areas, at Grade 6 and 7 levels, while Level 4 offers courses equivalent to Grades 8 and 9. Pupils earn credits per course – 120 credits is needed to obtain a General Education and Training Certificate,” Attwell says. “They can choose from a wide range of courses, but the credits for courses differ. They can obtain 120 credits by completing five to seven courses.” Pupils can choose between the academic and vocational stream, while those who previously registered for matric, and need to rewrite subjects, can complete the course based on the old curriculum.

In the academic stream pupils can choose normal subjects, while the vocational stream offers subjects such as Travel and Tourism and Ancillary Healthcare. Attwell says pupils enrolling in the programme must be 16 and older. “They need to have an identity document and copies of their highest grades or standards passed, if available. Centres will also assess them to place them at the appropriate levels,” he says. “Those registering for Levels 1 to 3 do so at the beginning of each year, while Level 4 has two intakes, at the beginning of the year and during the last two weeks of July.” If you want to register for the mid-year matric exams in May and June next year, you need to register by the end of September. *Not her real name. V For more information on the AET programme visit V What are your thoughts on adults returning to the classroom? Starting with the word “Post” SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

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The City of Cape Town uses R880m of the money which people pay for their electricity to deliver other municipal services. Deputy mayor Ian Nielson confirmed that 10% of the City’s budgeted sales of electricity, or R880m, is used to finance services such as roads, public transport, clinics and libraries. The City pays 65% of the income from the sale of electricity, which it distributes on behalf of Eskom, to Eskom for the wholesale electricity account. In addition to the 10% fee which is used for “other services”, the City uses 25% of the amount which people pay for their electricity to maintain the electricity infrastructure. Imraahn Mukaddam, national director for the organisation Consumer Fair, said that charges of corruption have been submitted against the mayor, deputy mayor and City Manager of Cape Town. Mukaddam argues that the additional

costs which municipalities add to Eskom tariff increases to make money from taxpayers, is corrupt. He argues further that the formula used by the City to increase tariffs from Saturday 1 June is unfair and some households must pay more than 56% more for electricity. Neilson says the 56% only applies to “one specific block of tariffs”. In households which receive subsidised electricity because they are part of the “lifeline tariff block”, the monthly electricity account will show that true increase is “only 17%”. This is how electricity increases for the poor. . The lifeline tariff for electricity usage less than 350kWh a month is 79.7c/kWh. . As soon as a household on the lifeline tariff uses more than 350kWh a month, the tariff shoots up to 185c/kWh. . Consumers must pay VAT on top of this tariff, which pushes the 79.7c/kWh to

90.86c/kWh and the 185c/kWh up to 210c/ kWh. . Neilson says it gets confusing because consumers on the lifeline tariff which use less than 250kWh a month get 60kWh for free and thus only pay for 190kWh. . The consumers who use between 250 and 450kWh get only 25kWh for free and they then also pay 185 c/kWh for electricity usage if they use more than 350kWh. Nielson says the National Energy Regulator (Nersa) requested that the City restructure its tariff scale. “It has a negative impact on consumers, in particular consumption levels, and for this reason the City decided to adjust the scale of free electricity.” Poor families fall mostly in the scale which uses less than 250kWh a month and the City has increased the amount of free electricity from 50kWh to 60kWh. “It is higher than the national average which requires consumers that use less than 150kWh receive 50kWh for free.”


PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Big dreams for Zandvlei



onstruction of a wooden wheelchairfriendly walkway is included in the plans for a revamped Zandvlei. The revamp is expected to cost an estimated R1m, but the Muizenberg/Lakeside Residents’ Association hopes the City of Cape Town will join in a partnership. This dream for the Zandvlei Trail was revealed at the annual meeting of the association held at the False Bay Rendezvous in Promenade Road on Thursday evening. Phase one would be a laterite pathway from the caravan park to the yacht club, but the dream for the future is to extend the walkway through the Westlake wetlands, the upper reaches of Zandvlei Nature Reserve and Park Island. Extensive planting of strandveld vegetation is envisioned for the east bank. Association chairperson Robin Solomon describes parts of the vlei as a “windswept wilderness”. He adds these improvements would enhance the usage of the vlei, which he notes has already increased dramatically. “It’s not going to be quick and it’s not going to be cheap,” he adds. The laterite pathway would make the vlei accessible for the elderly, as well as bicycles and prams. The vision includes using benches which look like wood but are made of plastic to reduce maintenance and for the com-

TAURIQ HASSEN Village Heights residents will soon be able to enjoy their own urban park which will replicate the one in Green Point. Called The Other Side of the Fence, the initiative is a pilot project by the False Bay Ecology Park and aims to improve the public open space. But this will be a green space with a difference. The Village Heights community garden will include a flower garden, vegetable garden and a children’s play area which is to be established within a proclaimed road reserve. While it would be expected of Village Heights residents to welcome the urban park, set to cost the City of Cape Town about R300 000, this is not the case. Ayesha Davids, a community worker in Village Heights, says many residents are frowning at the lack of communication from the City of Cape Town. “We only heard about this project (about) two months ago and there are some community members who are upset at what is currently unfolding at the site,” she says. Construction of the play area is near completion. And work has already started on the vegetable garden. Work on the garden itself has yet to com-

munity to design “more exciting” playgrounds. Bird hides, more educational murals and signage and a simple outdoor exercise circuit are also mentioned as possible inclusions in later phases in a poster about the Zandvlei Trail. Special thanks was extended to the Roland and Leta Hill Trust for providing R35 000 for the initial planting. Solomon says the wetland at Clovelly would be their guide for the design of the Zandvlei Trail. Asked when this would commence, Solomon says “as soon as we have the money”, adding an Environmental Impact Assessment Process would need to be completed. A specialist will be appointed to manage the planting. Ward councillor David D’Alton says: “It’s an excellent idea by the association. I am prepared to work closely with them to make it a reality.” D’Alton also answered a barrage of questions in a detailed question and answer session, which lasted over an hour. Issues covered included the regulation of the market at Sunrise Beach and the upgrade of balustrading on the St James walkway. V Have your say about this vision for the Zandvlei Trail by or phone Robin Solomon on (021) 511 7292. V What are your thoughts on the plans for Zandvlei? Starting with the word “Post”, SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

SET FOR REVAMP: The Muizenberg/ Lakeside Residents’ Association has unveiled a big dream for Zandvlei. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A community garden to be proud of mence, but it is earmarked to begin during the current financial year as funds become available. Davids says the community was not properly consulted on the project and adds several residents would have loved being involved in the planning stages of the development. “We are not saying we don’t want any developments in our community because we know a garden would certainly benefit the community,” she says. “Some community members would have liked to have been more involved.” Village Heights resident Allan Noble has no issues with a community garden being established and hopes the facility could bring some “much-needed positivity” to the area. However, he says only a few weeks ago some residents heard of plans to introduce a community garden. “One does not mean to sound negative, especially seeing that this project sounds great for our community. It’s about respecting the people who live here and they (the City of Cape Town) cannot just do as they please with us,” he says. “It is a nice idea, but all some of the resi-

dents wanted was to be a bit more involved so they could also feel as if they contributed towards improving the community.” The aim of establishing a community garden is to provide a space for interactive environmental education; showcase indigenous flora unique to the Cape Floral Kingdom; create a place of community pride, and to relax, recreate and reflect on what happens on The Other Side of the Fence. However, Stephen Granger, manager for Strategic Projects at the City’s Environmental Resource Management Department, maintains comments from Village Heights residents were sought through workshops and meetings with the local community. “The project is a pilot initiative that seeks to draw the managers of protected areas into partnerships with communities which make up the social system outside of the protected area,” he says. Granger adds that the community garden “cannot overlook the socio-economic challenges” which are prevalent in Village Heights. “This is a unique opportunity to build positive relationships between the nature reserve and community which can demon-

strate the value of nature conservation to local communities,” he says. He confirms the project currently is not a dedicated City budget item, relying instead on improvised funding from the City and contributions from both City departments and civic society volunteers. There is also a vision that the community garden would create local employment opportunities in the form of community conservation officers, who would act as liaison officials between the community and nature reserve. They will also promote integration of the community into the nature reserve, manage and maintain the garden, as well as persons to be employed to enhance visible policing of the project. “The contribution of wider parties or organisations is welcomed to ensure the development of a sustainable project that can be transferred to other communities along the False Bay Ecology Park and other nature reserves in the city and across the country,” Granger says. “This is a unique opportunity to build positive relationships between the nature reserve and the community.” Work on the new Village Heights community garden is likely to be completed before December.


PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Keeping city warm The Cape Flats Development Association (Cafda) will host a Mandela Day activity during which blankets and soup will handed out to the community. It will be by invitation only.

Donate a new blanket for the cause and help Cafda reach their target of 400 blankets. For further information contact Josephine Joseph on (021) 706 2050.

Business course New World Foundation will be offering a business training course for people interested in starting their own business and those with small businesses.

Interested parties can submit their names, ID numbers and contact details by phoning Greg Philander on (021) 701 1150 by Friday 26 July.

ALL SMILES: A women’s youth programme proved to be successful in Cafda Village and was well received by the community. The group take a breather after a day of fun, games and learning.

2013 National Teaching Awards


The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is proud to be associated with the National Teaching Awards, which recognise excellence in education.

The presentation of the National Teaching Awards is one of the premier events on the education calendar. The WCED would like parents, WCED officials, unions and school governing bodies to encourage all schools and centres to nominate deserving teachers.

Nomination forms will be available at schools by the end of June 2013. The closing date for nominations is 31 July 2013. Teachers can be nominated in the following categories: • • • • • • • • • •


Excellence in Grade R Teaching Excellence in Primary School Teaching (Grades 1 – 7) Excellence in Secondary School Teaching (Grades 8 – 12) Excellence in Primary School Leadership Excellence in Secondary School Leadership Excellence in Special Needs Teaching Excellence in Information and Communication Technology – Enhanced Teaching Excellence in Mathematics Teaching Excellence in Science Teaching Lifetime Achievement Award


Appropriate prizes will be awarded to cluster and provincial finalists. In addition, winning schools will each receive a cash award to the value of R5 000 (cluster) and R7 500 (provincial) to be used for professional development of the teaching staff to improve classroom practice.

For further information, please contact the Directorate: Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute at tel. no. 021 900 5062/5035.

July 2013 Registration Now Open by supported distance learning


BCom (3 years)

a ff o r d a b l e


CM (1 Year)

Certificate in Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resource Management Management Studies - Marketing Management - IT Management CIBM (1 Year) Fu l l -T i m e I Pa r t-T i m e I D i s t a n c e - Supply Chain Management Certificate in Business Management

BBA (3 years)

Bachelor of Business Administration

BPA (3 years) Bachelor of Public Administration

Helping teens shape the future

LG (1 Year) Certificate in Local Government & Development Management

DBN: Tel (031) 300 7205 email: JHB: Tel (011) 853 3000 email: CPT: Tel (021) 685 9072 email: Accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and Registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Registration No. 2000/HE07/003.

hining bright through the dark clouds hovering above Cafda Village is a group of teenagers hoping to create better futures for young women in their community. Last week, the group of UWC students hosted a women’s youth programme at the Sharon Assembly of God Church in Cafda Village. One of the organisers, secondyear Law student Meche van der Vent, says the idea first came about when they spotted a number of teenage girls hanging around aimlessly in the community. “We felt something needed to be done because we kept seeing girls hanging out on corners and in the streets, doing nothing constructive,” she says. Van der Vent hoped their event would teach the girls some self-respect as well as offer some career guidance. The church hall was filled with teenage girls who engaged in a number of life-skills exercises, while also participating in a host of fun and games. Fellow organiser, Nicole Richards, a Psychology student, explains that the programme is aimed

at shaping a better future for the girls. “Most of these girls come out of very difficult situations and this area always has so much negativity. Through our programme we hope they can see a better future for themselves,” she says. Van Rensburg says she also hopes others would be able to pick up from their valiant attempt to change the fate of their community by also trying to spread some of the positive energy in Cafda Village. “We also live in this community. We grew up here, so we know exactly how it is to be living in this type of community,” says Richards. “All we are doing is looking after our own people and making sure they get excited for their own futures.” The programme was underpinned by fun as screams of excitement could be heard from outside the venue. Passers-by could also not resist checking out the activity inside the hall, which sums up the effort put in by the young organisers. Lucinda Jacobs (14) from Cafda Village hopes to one day work in the field of tourism. When asked whether she was ex-

cited about her future prospects, she said: “This is a very difficult area to live in because you will see people dying all the time. How do I know the next bullet will not have my name on it?” But for that time and at that event she cast her doubts aside as she danced away and took part in every game, giving the thumbs up for the organisers of the event. Nadine Daniels (13) from Retreat has ambitions of some day standing in front of her own classroom. She has always dreamt of being a teacher. Nadine expressed her gratitude towards the organisers for taking an interest in the community and especially teenage girls. She also encourages others to start similar initiatives. “We have very little to look forward to because our area is always just about the gangsters. “If we don’t do things for ourselves, then things just won’t happen for us, which is why we are so grateful for programmes such as these,” says Nadine. “I hope the (organisers) sent out a solid message and we hope there are (many) more (groups) that could act like them.”

PUBLIC NOTIFICATION OF THE PERFORMANCE AGREEMENTS AND SCORECARDS OF CITY OF CAPE TOWN SECTION 57 EMPLOYEES Notice is hereby given in terms of 53(3) (b) of the Municipal Finance Management Act, No 56 of 2003, that the performance agreements of Section 57 employees (the City Manager and officials directly reporting to the City Manager) of the City of Cape Town in respect of the 2013/14 financial year are available for perusal on the City of Cape Town’s website ( Copies of these performance agreements are also available at the HR offices on the 5th Floor (4-bay side), Civic Centre, Cape Town. Enquiries about the performance agreements may be directed to: Charl Prinsloo Tel: 021 400 9150 E-mail: ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER 118/2013

NWF seeks 100 men New World Foundation (NWF) is recruiting 100 unemployed men to be trained and to work in the security industry. Applicant need to have passed Grade 10, have no criminal record and no visible scars or tattoos. Interested parties must drop their CVs and a certified copy of their ID at the NWF reception. For further details phone NWF on (021) 701 1150.


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Vrygrond taxis ‘won’t leave Kirstenhof’ CHRISTELLE WIESE


he Vrygrond Taxi Association (VTA) and Law Enforcement are on a collision course. “We won’t stop!” So says Makhosanjile Tumana, chairperson of the VTA. This follows the arrest of one of their drivers, the impounding of one of their taxis and the issuing of several fines. “We are the victims. They are impounding our taxis and giving us big fines. It’s an insult. We need help. We need someone to intervene,” he fumes. This comes after the Kirstenhof police held a joint operation with the City of Cape Town’s Metro Police and Traffic Services and the provincial traffic department across the precinct on Friday 28 June (People’s Post, 2 July 2013). Kirstenhof police spokesperson Constable Sandy Wilson says 30 fines and the impounding of an illegal taxi totalled R13 500. However, VTA secretary Gcobani Nombewu insists their drivers received “three lots of fines of R11 000 each”. “We also had to pay R5 000 to get our taxi back, R2 000 to bail our driver out after his arrest for driving without a permit and another R2 000 fine when he was found guilty in court.” Wilson says other fines may have been given to the VTA in operations held in other precincts on that day. But disagreements regarding the money paid during and following the operation are not the biggest bone of contention between police and the VTA. Wilson says the fines were mostly given because the VTA are operating illegally in the precinct where only the Steenberg Taxi Association (STA) and Retreat Taxi Association (RTA) have permits to operate. RTA operates from either side of the Retreat Transport Interchange and STA operates from Steen-

berg train station. However, Gcobani says according to the minutes of a meeting held between them and the province on 7 July 2010 (before the group was officially registered as a taxi association), they were assured that they were allowed to operate on the routes between Vrygrond, Blue Route Mall, Tokai, Pollsmoor Prison and Wynberg and they have never received any documents or instruction to the contrary. “We will not stop,” he says about VTA operations in Kirstenhof. Robin Carlisle, provincial minister for transport and public works, says the VTA has been warned on several occasions to stop operating in the Kirstenhof precinct. “They do not have permission to operate there. It was never even discussed,” he says. “They have certain routes accounted to them and they must operate there.” He explains that once a certain routehas been registered to an association, it can never be given to a second association or taken away from the first and then given to another association. “These routes (in the Kirstenhof precinct) were given to the STA and RTA long before the VTA even existed and the VTA are operating there illegally.” Wilson says the Kirstenhof police will continue to conduct operations focusing on any illegal taxi activity in the area and adds that this includes associations with permits, such as the STA and RTA, which deviate from their allocated routes. This is not the first incident involving the VTA, RTA and STA. Two people died in an a taxi route dispute in 2009 and another two the year after. Several people have also been injured in an ongoing taxi war between the associations which flares up periodically.

Send us your Mandela Day photos What are you planning to do with your 67 minutes on Thursday? Will you be reading to the elderly at your local old age home, feeding children at an orphanage or playing with four-footed friends at an animal welfare society? Send

us your Mandela Day photos! Email your submissions to and show your community your good deeds. Alternatively, tweet your photo @ThePeoplesPost or share it on our Facebook page.

ll Wishing a m our Musli clients a n Ramadaa Kareem!

MISSING: Muizenberg police are looking for Renaldo van Wyk (14) who went missing on Wednesday 5 June. He was last seen at his house at 88 Military Heights in Seawinds about 11:00. He is described as being of slender build with short curly brown hair, is about 1.5m in height, has brown eyes and is brown of complexion with a chin cleft. At the time of his disappearance, he was seen wearing a grey hooded top, blue jeans and blue Vans takkies. If anybody has information on the whereabouts of the boy, contact Captain Stephen Knapp on (021) 787 9020 or 071 604 8348. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


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PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Tuesday, 16 July 2013


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For strong muthi * Marriage problems * Love problem * Men's Natural healing * Financial problems * Sell properties quickly * Clean and destroy

TEL: 021 761 9891



20m from R69/week 30m from R99/week

T’s & C’s apply



SHEIK ALI in Gatesville * Natural healing of health issues * Natural healing problems * Love problems * Troubled marriages * Financial problems * Financial growth * Evil spirits Roymo Butchery, Unit No. 6 (upstairs), corner Klipfontein and Ruth Roads, Rylands Estate Tel: 078 624 2450or 021­633 2103 ADAM & MAMA SIFA Pay after job is done

• Lucky stick for riches • Help to clear debts and accounts • Marriage problems • Evil spirits M/Plain – Cape Town

SMS/CALL 073 160 5599 HAPPY HERBALIST-4X1 02 07 13-ILL

JUMP 4 JOY castle hire. ( Ricky on 073 268 7546 JUMPING CASTLE for hire. 021 393 8528, 083 890 4793 JESSE'S DRIVING SCHOOL K53 Specialist Book online today for a Free lesson with every package and car hire purchased call 021 827 1049 / 082 430 4819


Individual tutoring. Ensure success. All hours. Contact 074 142 3392


Health and Beauty DRINK TEA AND SHRINK Lose 4 ­ 8 kg per month and still enjoy your favourite foods. Abeda ( 072 806 5399


TORQUE DRIVING ACADEMY FREE car hire with every 10hrs package!! (t&c apply).Manual & Auto All areas with free pick up and drop off Hassan 082 992 2827 / 021­827 1300

Catering CLC BESSICK HIRING Crockery, cutlery, glassware, trestles and chair covers. ( 021 371 9464 or 084 974 6176 or 072 381 4784


Menus from R69 p/p. Price includes basic decor. For all your hiring needs and stage decor, incl bouquets. Crockery and cutlery from 10c. Chair covers with bows also available. We also offer savory platters. Ph Rashieda or Shafiek 021­372 5921 / 084 566 0087 / 082 660 0876

ICE CUBES & blocks for sale. 100 Ruth Road, Rylands. ( 021 638 7394




AHMED'S jumping castles for hire. Ph 079 491 4440



BUILDING MATERIAL/DIY/ CASH LOANS 078 185 1406 ALL HOURS 072 542 7217 021 797 6569


Hiring Services CATER SUPPLIES 021­696 2394 or 084 588 0686 Plastic chairs R2. Round Table: 10 seater R10 Long Table: 10 seater R10. CHAIR COVERS FROM R3 Round table cloth XL R15 Long Table Cloth XL: R12 Organzas: From R2. We Deliver & Collect


Crockery, cutlery, glassware linen and backdrop,Jumping castles, kiddies chairs Ph

021 374 7104 / 0822278968

DECOR Backdrop poles & curtains. (021 396 2526/082 212 8949 HOUSE OF HIRING Call us for your hiring needs plus kids party items. (021 3711 588/082 503 9026 MOUNTVIEW HIRING for all functions. Ph 021­692 2497 or 072 854 3966 THAT HIRING PLACE Cutlery, Crockery, Tables, Chairs and Linen for Hire 021 371 9175 / 076 722 1083



Fridge Regassing on all types fridges. All jobs done at clients home. 072 363 1530 I BUY, SELL AND REPAIR ALL FRIDGES, FREEZERS AND APPLIANCES DEAD OR ALIVE. PH: 084 985 7425 / 021­ 836 6678

Clothing/Shoes A A+ CASH PRICE PAID for good used 2nd hand clothing, shoes, linen, etc. 021 761 3083

CASH 4 used clothes, linen, etc. I collect. Ph / sms Lorraine


Photographic/ Video Services A DVD, FOTOS & VIDEO 082 738 1166/021 372 6950 PHOTOGRAPHER for weddings, birthdays, special events, websites etc. Ph 021 692 0221, 084 562 0811

For Sale


We specialize in:  Nutec houses  Vibracrete Houses  Carports  Bathrooms and Electric sms WENDY to 41911 and we’ll call you back. R1.50/sms


A BETTER BLOCK 190/140/90


021 703 3121 021 704 3636 021 391 6330


or 084 9733 899


Children’s Entertainment

MITCHELLS PLAIN - 021 397 8388 072 542 7217 / 073 997 4312 WYNBERG - 021 761 1289 / 074 732 2216 ATHLONE - 021 696 4183 / 072 144 4639 LANSDOWNE - 021 797 6569 / 079 553 3155


(021 633 9585 / 021 824 2810



911 PRO DISCO for all occasions. Ph 082 337 0911

Ramadan specials Savories assorted at special prices



JUMPING CASTLES & . Ph 021 704 0859, 083 281 7930


DECKSTER'S CATERING DECOR / HIRING Menu's from R110,00. Includes: crockery, cutlery, white tableclothes, white chaircovers and organza backdrop, arch, red carpet. (Ielaahm or Rene 021­371 4507/082 324 9486



HIRE A CASTLE from R150. Kidies Chairs, tables & linen. Ph 696 3791/ 084 209 1313



True Miracles Do Happen PROF B.K. ABRAHAM Powerful Herbalist Healer & real African medicine helps to solve your problems, no matter how serious they are! *Remove bad luck and get more luck *Help to get a job and better salary *Financial problems *Family problems/curses/ Tokoloshes * Clean homes *Hire short boys, Magic sticks, magic wallet & Amagundwane *Unfinished/delay ed work by other dr's FOR HELP CALL OR SMS 076 103 0734 703 Pier House, City Centre, C/Town

BBM 2717A6B7


HEALER WILLIAM • Marriage problems • Evil spirits • Family• Financial problems • Lost lover • House cleaning • Finish unfinished jobs for free !! CALL: 081 004 7711 ATHLONE

on 076 118 5384


Building Material 1 m SAND, STONE AND RUBBLE. Ph 079 776 8185 A BAKKIE rubble, sand and stone. Ph 078 6113 627. A BARGAIN BLOCK: 190, 140 & 90. Ph 021 692 1209 / 021 374 2053 / 083 384 7144 all hours. Free Delivery.


190's, 140's & 90's and cement . Ph 021 7055 886/ 021 706 4116

Free Delivery!

AFRI BLOCKS 190 &140's ­ Sand & Stone Call 021 393 0661/ or 073 186 2991 (a.h.) WILDCATS TRANS­ PORT

Bakkie Sand ­ R160 (Bags ­ R7,50) Bakkie Stone ­ R400 (Bags ­ R15.00) BLOCKS AND BRICKS 190/140/MAXIS Vibracrete Slabs ­ R32 each CEMENT ­ R73,00 We also do truck loads and rubble removals Ph 021­820 4068 or 084 748 7122

BLUEDOWNS WENDY HOUSE FOR SALE 3X3 R5000.00 Call: 078 7728 988

Wendy's 6 x 3m ­ R6 000 cash!!!! 082 621 4441/ 021 393 5475 74 Electrical Appliances All Fridge Regassing and geyser repairs. 021 3715362

General Services


Building and Construction A BARGAIN FOR ALL SAND, STONE, RUBBLE. 3­6 METRE. PAVING SLABS ALSO. PH: 073 113 4221 OR 021­705 4652 OR 083 273 6083


ALL BUILDING plans drawn up and submitted to council. (021 701 6276/082 863 913 3 Vibracrete Walls, Paving, Plastering, Carports. (021) 392 1433 / 083 539 5478


Home Improvement Interior



on a Pension/ Provident/ Package / Lumpsum Payout? Cash same day. Sms/Call: Chantal 076 886 7655


BELIEVE IN CHRIST SERVICES Vibracrete, carports, paving, gates. Ph Albert 073 545 6994 VIBRACRETE AND EXTENSIONS Ph: 074 321 9215 / 021 820 4384

4 TON TRUCK avail for garden refuse and furniture removal. 076 124 4713 FURNITURE REMOVALS. Ph 078 6113 627.

076 833 6676

TV/DVD/Video Services

BRIDGING CASH while waiting for:


Payout (lumpsum only) Cash same day Tel: 021 949 0930/1/2 CASH LOANS AND CONSOLIDATIONS. BLACKLISTED WELCOME! SAME DAY PAYOUT CONTACT SHARLENE: 021 7060185 / 083 5061092


Don't struggle with your debt, let us sort it for you by calling SCM DEBT CLEARANCE on 0861 NODEBT (663327) 24/hrs: 078 221 0193

AA APPLIANCE repairs to all makes of washing machines, tumble dryers, etc. 40 yrs exp. Ph Alwyn West 021 671 5786 or 082 705 8103.

Electrical . Plumbing Beetle Inspections

AFFORDABLE LOANS ­ R100 000. ( Tanya 084 542 6864 /SMS name, Id no, Nett salary, Company.


Bridging cash for PENSION/PACKAGE Lumpsum/Payout same day


 021 949 3402/3 Call back 073 609 9307 078 8897 038 Blacklisted?Homeowner? Cash in 3 Days We do Private Funding Talk to us ­ 0789956794

Curtains/Carpets/ Upholstery

500 900 500 800

BLACKLISTED WELCOME CONTACT NOW Audrey : 079 395 4709 Shana : 073 775 2977 Charlotte : 072 828 9431 Erica : 074 626 4550 Peter : 021 836 6573 OFFICE : 021 917 1938



Plumbing ­ Elect ­ Drains R125 p/hr. Ph 021­703 0906


Swimming Pool Services CLEAN & MAINTAIN pools. Ph 083 494 3939 or 836 8208

1146 ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713 TILING + Lam. flrs. R40 p/m (084 978 9175



For All your Building Alteration , Renovations and Roof Cleaning ­ Contact ­ 0213972630 / 0729089979






DMI: 021 906 8032 081 537 4973 OFFICE HOURS MON - FRI 08:30 - 16:00


terms & conditions apply



Holiday Accommodation Gordons Bay s/catering holiday accom. 6 & 8 sleeper frm R1000p/night 0795224309


Staff Vacancies

LEATHER ARM MACHINISTS Experience with folders & bags LA RICCI LEATHERS 021­713 0168 or 082 573 9887 461

Overseas Vacancies


WORK IN ASIA If you have a TEFL/TESOL certificate or just looking to do a gap year, we need people to teach english abroad. With or without teaching experience. Contact RUTH 021 637 8657 (Office) email:r.bester@


SPECIALISING IN: Tip Ups Sectional Overheads Roll Ups - Installation Repairs - Automation





Business Opportunities ADMIN, data typing jobs avail. Sms full name /address to: 074 927 5124 or email:

AVON REPS NEEDED (Michelle 021 396 2115/08 2 637 6559


pm pm pm pm

5 ,, 4 , HOTELS , BIG SUPERMARKETS & BIG COMPANIES URGENTLY NEEDS! .20 Receptionists/Office Admin .30 Cashiers .20 Barmen .30 Waitrons .20 Porters .10 Data Capture .50 Cleaners/ Housekeepers visit us at : 112 Long Street, 3rd Floor, Room 311, Cape Town, or CALL: 021 426 7615/ 021 424 5949 073 219 8380

082 412 5505.

IVAN FRANK PROPERTIES THE WESTRIDGE: 3bed bics in all rooms, cnr large plot 395k PORTLANDS: 3 bed house fully encl parking for 4 cars R380k ROCKLANDS: 2 bed house +1 large room can be used as sep ent or garage R300k Phone Ivan 082 469 3084



T&C apply

R R R1 R2


Houses for Sale






ONE PAYMENT from from from from

SAME DAY SERVICE Working or non working 074 490 9243

SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952

BLINDS AND CURTAINS. All types. Free quotes. Less 10%. ( 021 371 8627/ 082 516 0030 104 Voortrekker Road, Parow Terms & Conditions Apply


Justine Cosmetics

Earn extra, sell Justine. SMS name and area to



M&M INTERIORS ­ Blinds, curtains, rods, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. All blinds less 10%. Phone Moosa 021 371 8917 or 083 4931 495

021 930 8491 021 200 8437

i Vis

/ Sms LIZ 074 295 9559





A CASH LOAN UP TO R100 000 Blacklisted welcome. 10 min phone approval. Same day payout. Ph


General Services



ALL AREAS 081 270 3722.021­391 6336 021­762 8894.021­696 2516 FRIDGE AND FREEZER REGASSING & REPAIRS Reasonable prices! ( 076 164 0700

I have tenants for the following areas, Ottery, Lansdowne, Wetton, Athlone, Contact Riyard on 083 420 8989

ENGINE OVERALL, R1 800 Clutch overalls, R850. Gearbox repairs from R950. Parts & labour incl. (021 376 6014/ 078 875 4394

No previous sales experience needed Free Training Provided



Waiting for Pension/package payouts? SMS or send “please call me” 082 301 7856 Ph: 0860 105 546

000 000 000 000

DSTV packages fully installed for R599. HD PVR installations from R2 299. Service call repair charge of R150. 083 268 1213/083 288 2757

Electrical Repairs

LOANS We come to you. ( 021 558 6648 / 082 957 3251

R 20 R 40 R100 R200



LOANS R 3 000 ­ R 150 000 Blacklisted welcome Garnishees welcome 071 762 0362/Fax: 086 511 8277


Repairs – Vehicles


Is your house going to be repossessed? I will buy your home. And advance you money. ( Riyard on 083 420 8989

5 MINUTES APPROVAL Blacklisted Welcome. R1 000 ­ R200 000 ( Sisanda 084 3124 955

Relaxing boat trip Cape Town ­ Mosselbay ­ Cape Town 7­ 9 March 2014 Contact uncle Ike : 021 927 1920 / 083 4595 863




Break away trip Sedgefield Knysna 14/10 • 18/10/2013

''LET'S MOVE IT!" Glen : 079 079 2323

BOND PROBLEMS From arrears to auctions Water & Electricity Off? We can HELP, Financial & Legal Aid, No false Promises, Just Results Toll Free 0800 204 987 or 082 991 0729




isi :V

ARTHUR'S SLIDING GATES, b/bars, vibracrete & steel fencing & automation. 021­ 691 1936 or 084 921 5364

Moving and Storage



Home Improvement Exterior


Awaiting Pension/ Prov. fund/ Property Payout Get Cash Today!! Ph/Sms/Pcm Latifah

& automation. 076 523 0306



Affordable Built In Cupboards and Renovations For Free Quotation contact David (082 536 0003

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General Vacancies


021 703 3121 021 704 3636 021 391 6330

AVON REPS NEEDED Ph Marline 083 700 7082 FREE INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER COURSE Data Capture Typing Word Excel IT Int. Email CV. Pay 4/wbk. 021­683 8875 & Call Centre , Tele skill, Office Accounting At Kenilworth Centre Mall



RELIABLE, EXPERIENCED BARBER & YOUNG AND VIBRANT HAIRSTYLIST WITH GHD EXP. Required for salon in Symphony Way, Mitchell's Plain town centre. Ph Tony 021­ 391 2116/079 95 0 6747

J TECH INSTALLATIONS Your Connection Is My Priority


Do You Own a House, Car or Business? * Is your family safe? * Is your home broken into, emptied out, when on holiday or away on business? * Are your vehicles safe outside? * Do you have staff or contractors working without your supervision? * Worried about theft?

INCREASE YOUR SECURITY, YOUR PRODUCTION AND YOUR TURNOVER BY INSTALLING CCTV SECURITY CAMERAS We specialise in: * CCTV Installations * Upgrades * Satellite DSTV Installations * XTra Viewing DSTV * Alarm Systems * Electric Fencing * Repairs TV, Playstations and Car Radios



Unit 12 The Hive Mitchells plain Industria. CONTACT: Glisson Jacobs 021-376 1202 (office), 082 360 7412 (cell) Email:

• Gate & Fencing Palisade Fencing Electrified Fencing Proudly SA Boundary Walls Est 1990 • Spiral Staircase and Balustrading • Gates and Garage Automation • Intercoms, Audio & Video Security Systems

Tel/Fax: 021 706 5583 Ext:5 Merlin Payne: 073 268 1998 email:


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MARK ANTHONY PROPERTIES View pictures of houses

Mark Anthony1 16-07-13-1CBAPDK


CALL MARK ANTHONY 021 704 2160 OR 083 482 4250

(2 Large Double Storeys + Pool)

R995 000 FFC No. 2013102992

Every Agent Will Promise To Sell Your Home … We GUARANTEE it Close To Mosque. Main House: 4 Bedrooms, bics, en-suite, spacious lounge & dining room, beautiful fully fitted kitchen, downstairs shower & toilet, trelidoor bars on windows, aluminium window frame. Second House: Upstairs: 3 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, bathroom. Downstairs: bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathroom. Rental income from Second House is R6000.00 per month. Enlcosed, Carport, Garage +++ Sparkling Pool. Neat Property. Grassy Park/Lotus River R599 000

Strandfontein Only R429 000 (Close To On The Bay”)

Vanguard Villas ONLY R429 000 (Mitchells Plain)

Elsies River Only R599 000 (Norwood/Avon)

If your Home Doesn’t Sell, Mark is Willing to Buy it Himself at a Price Acceptable to You

No Gimmicks!


Call Mark on 072 742 6963 for more info OR

Receive a Free list with pics of Below Market Value & other Distress Sale Properties Visit: Or SMS “D16”, Your Name, Email address/ address to 079 174 9961

SMS “G16”, Your Name, Email address/address to 072 742 6963


Beautiful 2 beds (built-in-cupboards and laminated floors), spacious tiled lounge with open plan, fully-fitted kitchen (incl. under-counter oven, hob and extractor fan), tiled bathroom with shower over bath. Remote garage for 3 cars +++ extras incl. burglar bars, security gates + alarm

3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom. Unfinished 4th bedroom and Garage.

Lovely freestanding 3 beds, built-in-cupboards, large lounge, open plan fully fitted kitchen, family bathroom, garage + very safe environment!

FREE CALL 0800-00-00-08 24HRS, 7 DAYS A WEEK

For a Guaranteed Sale on Your Home.

Frr-Standing. 4 bedroom Home + Granny Flat. 4 beds, en-suite, lounge, fitted kitchen, family bathroom, caport +++ Grannny Flat. Large 445m2 Plot

Seller and Mark Brickles must agree on guaranteed price at time of listing


Need an agent to sell your house fast and efficiently, call MARK ANTHONY 021 704 2160 OR 083 482 4250

MARK ANTHONY PROPERTIES View pictures of houses

Mark Anthony1 21-05-13-1C7URBF

CALL MARK ANTHONY 021 704 2160 083 482 4250

Rondevlei Only R380 000

Khayelitsha (Bongweni) R520 000

New Tafelsig Only R289 000

New Eastridge R299 000

2 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, bars, securirty gates. Garage Facade.

Free-Standing large 3 bedrooms, en-suite, lounge + dining room, fitted kitchen, family bathroom,double garage, large 500m2 Plot.

Extended 4 bedrooms, en-suite (With bath), lounge, kitchen, family bathroom, enclosed,carport for 3 cars.

Newly Renovated: Large 3 beds, lounge, bathroom, fully fitted kitchen, long drive-way + Garage

Beacon Valley Only R249 000

2 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, enclosed. If your combined ewages is approx. R7000.per month you could buy this house.

R350 000 Rocklands (Close to Kapteinsklip Station)



R350 000


Urgenty need properties for my approved buyers in All AREAS including Ottery, Grassy Park, Southfield, Mitchells Plain and Athlone. Please call Mark Anthony Today 083 482 4250

Grassy Park / Ottery Of? ce 021 705 9066


We are experiencing an increased interest for properties in your area. We have clients urgently looking to buy in your area. If you are considering selling, please contact us for a


Need An Agent To Sell Your House Fast And Efficiently? Call Mark Anthony 021-704 2160 or 083 482 4250

ANTHONY ARENDSE 082 673 1503 021 704 0289 PORTLANDS R495 000



Zeekoevlei R615 000 Grassy Park R1 100 000 Malcolm Reid Malcolm Reid 072 464 0128 072 464 0128

Lansdowne R1 250 000 Royal Cape R1 900 000 Nazeem Salie Nazeem Salie 073 834 9990 073 834 9990

Friendly quality service! .

en l Emamdi Shaamie723 1118

Grassy Park: 021 705 8961


List your property with a leading real estate group in residential property sales and rentals 3 bedrooms, lounge, fitted kitchen, family bathroom, carport enclosed

CLOSE TO TOWN CENTRE 3 beds, lounge, fitted kitchen, family bathroom with large grounds



4 beds (2 bics) + walk-in closet, mes, fitted kitchen, tiled lounge, garage for 3 cars, large grounds, freestanding

3 beds, fitted kitchen, lounge, freestanding

Large 3 beds,lounge + dining room, spacious fully fitted kitchen, bathroom + Garage +++ Separate Entrance.


3 beds (bics), fitted kitchen, tiled lounge, family bathroom, fully enclosed large grounds


Newly painted 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom and drive-way

R190 000 DELFT Freestanding 2 bed Home with an Open Plan Lounge, Kitchen + Fam Bath. SHIHAAM 072 192 1411

R220 000 TAFELSIG Fully Enclosed 3 Bedroom House Consisting of a Lounge, Kitchen and Fam Bath. Carport for 1 Car. FAZLYN 073 184 2535

R339 000 ZEEKOEVLEI: 500m² Pan Handle Plot in a Nice and Quiet area situated in Zeekoevlei. GADIJA 082 823 1801

R185 000 TAFELSIG: 3 Bed House Consisting of a Lounge, Kitchen and Bathroom. CANDICE 071 156 5672

R249 000 EASTRIDGE Fully Enclosed 3 Bed House with a Lounge, F.Kitchen and Family Bathroom. Parking for 2 Cars. FAZLYN 073 184 2535

R315 000 LENTEGEUR: Fully Enclosed 2 Bed House with a Lounge,Tv Room, Dinette, Fitted Kitchen, Fam Bathroom & Carport. Also Situated Close to all Amenties. CANDICE 071 156 5672

R2 400 000 ZEEKOEVLEI: 5 Bed House with 2 En-Suites, BIC, Lounge, Entertainment Area, Dining Room, 2 F.F.Kitchens, 1 with a Scullery, Double Automated Garage, Automated Gates, Swimming Pool, Pool House & plenty more... SHAAMIEL 082 723 1118

R1 300 000 ZEEKOEVLEI: 3 Beds with MES and BIC. Also Features a Lounge with a Fire Place, Dining Room, F.F.Kitchen, Fam Bathroom, Pool & Double Automated Garage Situated on a 1041m² Plot. FAZLYN 073 184 2535




R329 000 LENTEGEUR R450 000 THE WESTRIDGE R595 000 STRANDFONTEIN VILLAGE R260 000 MORGENS VILLAGE: Spacious Freestanding 3 Bed Fully Enclosed 2 Bed Spacious Fully Enclosed 3 Bed Home Consisting of a Home with BIC in all Beds, Lounge, Maisonette Consisting of a Lounge, Freestanding 3 Bed Home with a Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen F.F.Kitchen, Fam Bath with Sep Kitchen and Family Bathroom. Close Lounge, F.Kitchen + Fam Bath. Toilet. Automated Garage for and Family Bathroom. Parking for to all Amenties and Westgate Mall. Parking for 3 Cars. 3 Cars. In a Quiet Cul De Sac. 2 Cars. FAZLYN 073 184 2535 SHAAMIEL 082 723 1118 FAZLYN 073 184 2535 FAZLYN 073 184 2535

KASHIFAH FAZLYN CANDICE SHIHAAM SHARIEF GADIJA 072 192 1411 073 929 3221 082 823 1801 084 739 6372 073 184 2535 071 1565 672


Attention sellers we have buyers for: Coniston Park, Capricorn, Fairways, Grassy Park, Heathfield, Lotus River, Marina Da Gama, Montagu's Gift, Retreat, Steenberg, Zeekoevlei.

AGENTS WANTED:Join our family and let us share our success with you!


ANTHONY ARENDSE 082 673 1503 021 704 0289 KHAYELITSHA R399 000






WebRef: 297660

KUILSRIVER, MALIBU Only R199 000 Cash Buyers Only



Valerie Martin 084

403 0380


WebRef: 296526

D. Kannemeyer 072

140 4161

R 800 000

D. Kannemeyer 072

140 4161

Grassy Park

R 630 000

Denise Walpole 084


WebRef: 293839

R 1 500 000

Valerie Martin 084

403 0380

Grassy Park

200 0097

R 300 000

Denise Walpole 084

Seeff : (T) 021 788 8279 - (F) 021 788 3444 57 Main Road, MUIZENBERG, 7945




Large 4 beds, bics, 2 baths, lounge, entertainment area, fully fitted kitchen, Garage.

Free-standing: Large Double Storey. MAIN HOUSE + 2X SEPARATE ENTRANCES. Lots of rental income


2 beds, lounge, beautiful fully fitted kitchen, Free-Standing.

2 bedrooms, fully-fitted kitchen, lounge, outdoor undercover area for entertainment, fully enclosed, nice grounds

WebRef: 297659


2 beds, lounge, fitted kitchen, family bathroom. If you combined salary is approximately R6 800pm, you could buy this house


R 720 000


3 beds, 2 bathrooms, fitted kitchen, lounge on large 305 sqm grounds


R 610 000

200 0097

10 SPORT Lace up for charity

PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A FINE FAREWELL: DHL Stormers wing Bryan Habana cuts past Francois Venter of the Bulls to score a try during a Super Rugby match at DHL Newlands Stadium on Saturday. The match was Habana’s last for the Cape franchise. The Stormers won 30-13. PHOTO:

Edgemead Runners will host the Jive Women’s Day Challenge at Bellville Stadium on National Women’s Day, Friday 9 August. WP Newspapers is the media sponsor of the event. The event encourages the whole family to come out and enjoy themselves. For novice and social walkers, there will be a 5km fun run/walk and for the avid runner, the 10km run can be entered. Walkers can also enter the 10km event. Men are also encouraged to participate and show their feminine side by dressing up. All pre-entrants will receive a race t-shirt. To enter visit or visit Sportsmans Warehouse in Tygervalley, Rondebosch, Canal Walk, Tokai or Somerset West. Entries close on Sunday 28 July. For more information visit or phone (021) 762 8934.


International flavour to hockey fest Wynberg Boys’ High will have to see off the challenge of 17 other teams if they are to defend their Cape Town International Hockey Festival title. Wynberg won the tournament last year after defeating the New South Wales Bushrangers, the reigning champions at the time, 2-0 thanks to two second half goals. This year’s tournament will feature teams from across the country, as well as teams from other countries. The Bushrangers will return to the tournament again and will be aiming to reclaim their title at the expense of Wynberg. Winelands school Somerset College will be the side to beat in the girls’ competition, after their emphatic 7-0 win over DF Malan High in last year’s final. The tournament will start tomorrow (Wednesday) and will feature 18 boys and 18 girls under-18 hockey teams from South Africa, Namibia, Holland, Australia, Zimba-

Hazendal 1.5 million neg 3 beds, walk in closet, fitted kitchen, lounge, d/room, f/bathroom, pool, driveway and parking - 5 cars Call Lucinda on 082 936 2849 Ground floor flat in Ottery – R485 000 2 beds with BIC, b/room, FFK, open plan lounge, yard space front & back, tiled throughout. Call Lucinda on 082 936 2849 Zhauns Corner, Unit 5, Albert Road, Lansdowne

bwe and England. Tournament director Chris Brothers says the fact that so many countries will be represented is a sign of the festival’s growing prestige. “It’s really exciting as we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of this event, which highlights some of the best junior talent on the international and local stage,” he says. “To have (teams from) five countries with us is an indication of the prestige and popularity that this festival has earned over the last 10 years.” This year the NSW Bushrangers have been joined by fellow Australian side Como Secondary School from Perth, as well as the Bancroft School and Pates Grammar from England and Kennemer Lyceum from Amsterdam, Holland. The tournament will also have a strong African contingent with Chisipite School from Harare, Zimbabwe and Windhoek

Gymnasium and Windhoek High School from Namibia also participating. They will joined by schools from the province, Pretoria, Potchefstroom and the Eastern Cape. The Cape’s southern suburbs will be represented by Wynberg Boys’, Rondebosch Boys’, Pinelands High and St Cyprian’s. Teams have been divided into four groups in both the boys’ and girls’ tournaments and each team will play six matches. The pool games will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, while the semifinals and remaining cross-pool play-offs will be played on Friday. Saturday is a rest day before the finals on Sunday. The opening ceremony will be held at Hartleyvale Hockey Stadium at 16:00 today (Tuesday). The matches will be played at various venues. V For the full list of fixtures visit www.capetownhock­

Negotiable Commision

Look who’s the NEW and EXPERIENCED Durr Estates Kromboom Property consultant in your area

FREE MARKET VALUATIONS BUYING, SELLING & LETTING Let the PROFESSIONALS take care of all your housing needs. Riyard Abrahams 083 420 8989




Do you want to sell your home or are you looking to buy a new home?

OUR SERVICES INCLUDES 1. We do Bonds and are contracted to all the Major Banks 2. We stop Auctions as well as buy Distress Properties 3. Free Beetle, Electrical & Plumbing Inspections 4. We offer Bridging Finance to our Sellers 5. Free Will’s drawn up, Ordinary as well as Shariah Compliant 6. Free Property related Advice

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Over 50 Years of Real Estate Excellence

Negotiable Commision FREE MARKET VALUATIONS BUYING, SELLING & LETTING LANSDOWNE: R1 500.000excl F/s, 4Beds, Lnge, Sunrm, FFK, Mes, 926m D/Garage, Carport , Pool, A must to view NORMAN 083 772 8912

SURREY ESTATE: R365.000excl Flat, 2Beds(1xB), Ent.Hall, Lounge, F/Bath, F/Kitchen, P/Bay, Encl MARIAM 082 641 2157

LANSDOWNE: R1 175.000 F/s, 3Beds, Lnge + Drm, F/Bath, FFK, G/Flat (3Beds, LOPK, F/Bath), Encl. MISHKAAH 079 521 4355

WYNBERG: R449.999neg Flat, 2Beds(1xB), Ent.Hall, Lnge, Drm, FK, Mes, P/Bay, Encl, Tiled roof. ISHERENE 083 350 2777

KENWYN: R649.999excl Semi, 2Beds(1xBics), Lounge, F/Bath, FK, Garage, Encl, 129m². ANTHONY 079 018 7866

LOTUS RIVER: R239.900excl Vacant Plot 468m². SAEEDA 083 519 4159

SCHAAPKRAAL: R15 000.000 40 Acre Farm process of zoning for commercial & residential, Good Location, Investors call NOW SHEREENA 072 435 4085

SCHAAPKRAAL: R1 650.000excl Vacant Plot 16000m² With approved plans. ISHERENE 083 350 2777

ZEEKOEVLEI: R1,190.000excl F/s, 4Beds, 2xLnge, 2xDrm, 2xOPFK, D/Garage + G/Flat (2Beds, FFK), 868m². SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

PRIMROSE PARK: R930.000excl F/s, Beds(2xB), Lnge, Drm, Laundry, G/Flat, Garage, Encl, Solar Geyser. YUSUF 082 783 2160

OTTERY: R650.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, Fully Fitted Kitchen. MISHKAAH 079 521 4355

GRASSY PARK: R249.000neg Flat, 2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, FK, Encl, Flat size 52m². FREDELENE 078 551 0906

WETTON: R900.000excl F/standing, 3Beds (Bics), Lounge, F/Bath, FK, G/Flat, MQ, Encl, 356m². ANTHONY 079 018 7866

LANSDOWNE: R579.000excl Flat, 2Beds(1xBics), Ent.Hall, Lounge cum Kitchen, Parking Bay, Encl. ISHERENE 083 350 2777

WYNBERG: R780.000excl 2Beds (Bics), Lnge, Kitchen, F/Bath, P/Bay, Encosed, Balcony, Very central NORMAN 083 772 8912

PELIKAN PARK: R609.950excl F/s, 2Beds(Bics), Lnge, F/Bath, FFK, Garage, Encl, 424m², Braai, Ent. Area. SAEEDA 083 519 4159

SCHAAPKRAAL: R2 million F/s, 4Beds, Lnge, F/Bath, FFK, D/Garage, Pool, Tiled roof, 8100m², Extra rooms. ISHERENE 083 350 2777

VANGUARD ESTATE: R1 050.000excl F/s, 3Beds(B), Lnge, F/Encl, FFK, Braai, F/place, Sep.Ent, Pool, 3xGarages NORMAN 083 772 8912

SILVERTOWN: R460.000excl Semi, 2Beds, Lounge, Fitted Kitchen, F/Bath, Plot 208m + House 57m, Encl. MARIAM 082 641 2157

BONTEHEUWEL: R189.999excl Semi, 2Beds, Lnge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Asbestos roof, Encl, Plot 80m². NORMAN 083 772 8912

FAIRWAYS: R1,175.000 F/s, 4Beds(2xB), Lounge, FFK, G/Flat, Pool, Garage, 496m, Encl. SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

PINATI ESTATE: R829.900excl KENWYN: R1 495.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Ent.Hall, Lnge, Drm, 556m² F/s, 4Beds(Bics), Lnge, F/Bath, FFK, Encl, ,FFK, Laundry, Garage, Park(5xCars), Encl. 2x Mes, Laundry, Pool, D/Garage, Carport ANTHONY 079 018 7866 SHEREENA 072 435 4085

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Let the PROFESSIONALS take care of all your housing needs. HEAD OFFICE WETTON 021 761 0707


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OUR SERVICES INCLUDES 1. We do Bonds and are contracted to all the Major Banks 2. We stop Auctions as well as buy Distress Properties 3. Free Beetle, Electrical & Plumbing Inspections 4. We offer Bridging Finance to our Sellers 5. Free Will’s drawn up, Ordinary as well as Shariah Compliant 6. Free Property related Advice



PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Tuesday, 16 July 2013

All-rounder heads for national stardom LIAM MOSES


young Cape Town sportsman has been rewarded for his hard work and determination with simultaneous call-ups to the South African under-18 hockey and under-19 cricket teams. Zubayr Hamza has quickly made a name for himself in junior sporting circles. And his rocket-like rise through the ranks reached new heights with the three biggest achievements of his young career coming in less than a week this month. The Rondebosch Boys’ High School pupil was first called up to the SA under-19 cricket squad, then lead the Western Province under-18 hockey team to glory in the Inter Provincial Tournament (IPT) on home soil and capped off an unforgettable week with selection to the national under-18 hockey side. Hamza says he felt “ecstatic and relieved” because the IPT victory and national call-ups are proof that his hours of hard work and sacrifice are starting to pay off. “My motivation makes me the sportsman I am because I have been gifted with talent. But there are several hours I put in each week before matches for both sports,” he says. “Whether it’s training, exercising by myself or taking runs; my dad and uncle always tell me that I have to put in the hours. It’s about working hard and doing what’s necessary. “What motivates me is a hunger to succeed. I have always tried to do my best in everything that I have pursued, including academics.”

The Lansdowne youngster comes from a sports-mad family and, at on stage, played eight different sporting codes simultaneously in primary school. Hamza took part in table tennis, rugby, soccer and swimming, but gradually the other codes fell by the wayside as cricket and hockey became his passion and focus. The 18-year-old loves both sports equally, for different and similar reasons, and says he hopes to continue pursuing both for now. Hamza was set to travel to Pretoria to take part in a training camp at the Cricket South Africa High Performance Centre as part of his call up, but was forced to decline the invitation to play in the IPT. With his schooling coming to an end this year, even higher honours on the horizon and the possibility of turning professional in the future, Hamza may have to make a more conclusive decision in the near future. “I don’t think I am better at one than I am at the other, but at the moment I am looking at cricket in the future. However, I would like to keep my options open,” he says. “I will go with whichever one I can take the furthest. The main goal is that I have opportunities and options after school. I was selected to the SA hockey side, so that will play a role in my future. I’m also taking cricket to the next level and seeing if I can make the ICC under-19 World Cup squad for next year.” And as for why he enjoys these two codes more than the other sports he has played, Hamza says hockey and cricket thrown him a gauntlet.

SHARP SHOOTER: Zubayr Hamza was selected to both the SA under-19 cricket and under-18 hockey sides. PHOTO: LIAM MOSES

READY TO PLAY: The Seawinds Marines Sports Club are looking to grow and enter teams in different leagues. PHOTO: LIAM MOSES

Marching to sporting glory LIAM MOSES A recently-formed sports club has called on the Seawinds community to support its goals of developing sports talent and uplifting the area’s youth. Seawinds Marines Sports Club was formed in February last year and is still in the process of building membership numbers and forming teams to compete in the various competitions it plans to enter. Norman Abrahams, a Seawinds resident and teacher at Steenberg High School, says he founded the club to keep the area’s youth away from social ills. “I established the club to keep these young people off the streets, to teach them to become positive role models in our community, to keep them active and to help them,” he says. “Most of the club members are still at school, while some of them have dropped out. Sport is something that brings communities together and will keep our children out of jail. Sport helps to bring up positive role models. It’s long overdue for this community to be built up in terms of sports.” The club aims to give men and women of all ages the opportunity to play soccer, rugby, cricket and netball, but currently has just over 30 club members.

Marines have started rugby and cricket training, but are yet to join any leagues or play any games against other opposition. Abrahams says the club aims to join leagues as soon they have enough members to form teams. The club will play any sports its members show interest in. Abrahams, who also coaches the Steenberg High rugby teams, has grand plans for the fledgling club. “The community are welcome to join. Everybody is welcome,” he says. “I want this community to grow in terms of sport. My dream is that one day we will see professional cricketers, rugby players and Olympic stars come out of this club.” The Marines were fortunate enough to have cricket equipment worth over R40 000 donated to the club by the Department of Correctional Services, but the club does not have any playing kits or equipment for any of the other sporting codes it plans to offer. Abrahams appeals to the community to assist with any donations and to also offer their time to help grow the club. Seawinds Marines train at the Seawinds Sports Complex from 17:00 to 19:00 every Tuesday and Thursday. For more information call Abrahams on 078 379 3794. Organized by:

A chance to play for the People’s Team Santos FC will host trials for the club’s under-23 side at the sports field in Poplar Avenue, Thornton on Friday 19 July at 15:00.

Players need to take along their own boots, shin guards and training kit. Call Keith America on (021) 696 8193.


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SPORT TUESDAY 16 July 2013 | People's Post | Page 12 | 0021 910 6500 |

The Best Steaks in Town Award Winning Calamari

Easy Dining July 200g Rump/Sirloin..R 75 Calamari Main.........R 75 Catch of The Day ....R 75 400g Ribs ................R 75 1 Kg Ribs .................R120


021 712 6631


BOUNCING: Crusaders AFC player Shane Essau (left) clashes with a player from Mitchell’s Plain’s Collville United during an under-17 Coca-Cola Cup match at the Johnson Road Sports Complex in Rylands on Sunday. Collville won 3-1 on penalties after regular time finished in a 1-1 draw. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

CONTROL: Southampton FC’s Donlon Ridder (left) controls a pass as Wolverhampton FC’s Engene Chrollster looks on during a Coca-Cola Cup match at the Johnson Road Sports Complex in Rylands on Sunday. Southampton won 5-4 on penalties after the game finished deadlocked at 2-2. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS


after the second goal and Noordhoek’s ill-advised and inaccurate route-one passing only invited the opposition onto them. The third goal came just three minutes after the second when Dimetre Fredericks was allowed to turn on the edge of the box and fire past a flat-footed Paulssen. Segers doubled his tally and killed any hopes of a Noordhoek comeback in the 57th minute when he lashed a shot from the edge of the box, through a crowd of indecisive defenders and beyond Paulssen’s reach. To add insult to injury, Noordhoek skipper Tristan Human was sent off after receiving his second yellow card in the 71st minute. Milano had another chance to score in the 80th minute when Fredericks was fouled in the box, but Duncan Adonis hit the post with his attempt at the resulting penalty kick.

Noordhoek out, Milano move on N

oordhoek FC crashed out of the CocaCola Cup, suffering a heavy defeat to Milano United in Rylands on Sunday. The Far South club were completely outplayed by the Grassy Park side and went down 4-0 in the round of 64 encounter. Noordhoek head coach Charles Jacobs blamed the unavailability of some of his first-choice players for the one-sided scoreline. “I am disappointed with both the performance and the result. I think we should have done better against such a young team, but they were also quicker and faster on the ball,” he says. “Our organisation was to blame. We had a problem with some of the boys arriving late, so it’s not exactly our first team. It’s a

younger team.” The older Noordhoek side were the first to settle in the game and striker Axole Tshetsha came inches from scoring in the seventh minute, when his first-time shot was parried to safety by Milano goalkeeper, Stanton Weir. But as the game progressed Milano found their rhythm and gradually took complete control. After holding out for most of the first half, Noordhoek went behind in the 40th minute when Milano’s Kyle Segers nodded home a pin-point cross at the far post. The Grassy Park side’s dominance continued unabated in the second half and Junaid Ismail doubled the lead in the 50th minute. Noorhoek keeper Ryan Paulssen cleared the ball directly to Ismail and the midfielder fired a low volley into the bottom right corner. Milano were riding a wave of confidence


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The win sees Milano advance to the round of 32, meaning just four more victories could see the young side competing in the final of the Coca-Cola Cup. Milano will find out who they face in the next round on Sunday 4 August, when the draw takes place on Thursday or Friday.


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Peoples post retreat 16 jul 2013  

Peoples post retreat 16 jul 2013

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