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Church Chur ch is ‘here ‘here to help’ ASTRID FEBRUARIE @FebAstrid


nstead of being a place of worship, Lavender Hill residents believe the development of a new church would create the opportunity for criminals to hide out and use as a place to rob people. Revival Evangelistic Ministries currently hold their services in a tent on land bordered by Blode Street and Grindal Avenue. The Reverend Peter Bougardt, spokesperson for Revival Evangelistic Ministries, says the land is privately owned. It was bought from the Roman Catholic Church and is in the process of being transferred to the name of the ministries. “The tent has been on the property for almost two years and many residents are happy with the tent and the church being there,” he says. It is understood the tent is a temporary structure to be replaced with a building. Bougardt says Lavender Hill needs more places of worship and not shebeens and drug houses. “The tent has been there while people where killed in Lavender Hill and many residents came to the tent and church for spiritual guidance and help. Young children joined spiritual dance groups, (while) gangsters, drug addicts, alcoholics and (criminals) came to repent and turn to Christ,” he says. A resident, who does not want to be identified, says she does not have a problem with the church, but with the construction of a “permanent structure”. “The property where the pastor wants to build the church is where our children and grandchildren played. Now it has been taken away (and) our children play in the streets,” she says.

SAFETY: This tent is currently being used by the Revival Evangelistic Ministries to host their church services. Some residents say the tent has, however, created the opportunity for criminals to use it as a hide­out. PHOTO: ASTRID FEBRUARIE She claims to have seen gangsters hang around the tent waiting for people to rob. “A gangster approached a taxi full of people when the driver stopped to drop off a passenger and he robbed all of them,” she says. She brands the tent a “hide-out for gangsters”, adding people are often caught off guard. She also says children living in Grindal Avenue have to play on the field in Blode Street. But Bougardt says the structure will be a community building, staffed with counsellors to assist those in need. “How can we say ‘no’ to a church and do nothing about shebeens and drug houses? This is a religious issue because people who object to the building are of another belief,” he says.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a resident cannot understand why anyone would have a problem with a church. “I have lived here for many years and gangsterism and crime is rife. We need God in our lives. We need something positive to help us through the things we experience in our community,” he says. Bougardt says a resident informed him she does not want the church opposite her house because of the noise during services. “There is land opposite the tent which is never used by children as a playground. A handful of people do not want the church here, because they see it as a nuisance,” he says. Bougardt adds the community needs to accept the church is there to add value to their

lives. “It’s strange the community we try to help has a problem with a church. The area is saturated with drug houses, shebeens and gangsterism, but we don’t see people drawing up petitions to close shebeens or drug houses.” Building will commence after transfer. The church aims to offer various services, including trained counsellors and a feeding programme, he says. “We are trying to combat crime (through) open air services and prayer walks. Those who complaint do not want a safer community,” he says. People’s Post attempted to gain comment from ward councillor Marita Petersen, but could not do so at the time of going to print.

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Breaking the spell of silence CHEVON BOOYSEN @ChevonBooysen


very 26 seconds someone is raped in this country. But this statistic is inaccurate as many cases go unreported. In South Africa, as few as one in 13 people report rape – mostly due to the harmful myths and stigmas which cling to rape. In the wake of National Women’s Day on Saturday 8 March, Rape Crisis has launched a new campaign, called Don’t Hide, Speak Out to help survivors of rape. The campaign was initiated for rape victims to take a stand against the silence around rape. This month a series of portraits are to be launched showing the faces of rape survivors and a motivational message alongside their pictures to encourage others to speak out against this evil. Making their voices heard are Busiswa Ntsadu (38), Monique van Vuuren (27) and Dave Luis (39); survivors who, through the


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campaign, are speaking out against rape and the persistent myths. Ntsadu, a mother of four, was raped three times. “The first incident happened when I was six years old. I was raped by my stepbrother. I did not want to tell my mother what happened because I wanted to keep the peace at home; I was also threatened by my stepbrother,” Ntsadu says. She moved to Cape Town some years later. Shortly after, she was raped again by strangers. After living with her secret for years, Ntsadu started speaking about her experiences last year. “I spoke to my mother about it because I decided enough is enough. My brother raped my stepsister a few years ago and he is up for parole in a couple of months. My mother did not believe my brother was guilty or capable of what he had done to my stepsister. I had to sit her down and tell her what happened to me,” she says. “That was the start of my healing process. Since the moment I decided to tell my mother I knew I had dealt with my pain and I am able to tell others.” Her mother showed scant emotion. “My mother is not an emotional person and will not easily talk about anything. After I told her she didn’t say anything and also did not want the ‘secret’ to come out. I decided to move from her house before my brother is released from prison,” she says. Ntsadu sees the move as a coping mechanism for herself and stepsister, with whom she shares a house. “I do not want her to be around her perpetrator again. That can be quite daunting. It will also do me good because I do not want to be reminded of my trauma and I’m afraid all those memories will have a negative effect on me. My healing process has come too far for me to go back.” She signed up to speak out and let other survivors know the rape is not their fault. “I wanted to be a part of this campaign to tell other men and women they aren’t alone. They need to speak out so they can deal with their pain and to bring those perpetrators to justice,” she says. Van Vuuren wrote a book to help facilitate her healing. “It was a therapeutic process. I wrote about my rape, but it was all just the hard facts about how it happened. I didn’t really write about how it made me feel. In this sense then I don’t think I completely dealt

school from Monday to Thursday 09:00 until 14:00, and from 09:00 until 11:00 on Fridays. Registration closes on 28 March 2015. For more information on the centre or registration phone Sam Williams on (021) 701 1235 or (021) 701 2281.

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If you have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, train accident, police shooting or due to medical negligence, you may have a claim against a government department for compensation. If you have put in a claim directly with the Road Accident Fund without using an attorney and feel that you have been underpaid or are dissatisfied with their service, we may be able to assist you. We are personal injury attorneys, who specialise in serious injuries. We are prepared to work on a no win – no fee basis. For further queries, contact:

LESTER & ASSOCIATES ATTORNEYS On 021 423 4601 email:

with my hurt and pain in the book,” she says. The self-published book, titled Secrets: The dark suffocating shadows – A memoir for liberation, was Van Vuuren’s way of telling her story and for others to share and foster a nature of sharing. “Too many people, after they have been raped or through any personal trauma, feel they should keep the hurt to themselves. This bodes a huge injustice for the individual,” she says. Before writing the book, she had no counselling and never spoke about what had happened. This made her feel that she “wasn’t dealing with the issue properly. Self-healing is part of the process after one deals with trauma, but you also need to be open to receiving help”. This is why she has joined in the campaign. “People need to realise silence is a huge problem in society. My silence did not protect me, it protected my perpetrator. Once you remain silent, you give the power to the perpetrator,” she says. “This needs to change.” The campaign has now become a vehicle for Van Vuuren to transcend victimhood and help others realise they aren’t alone. Luis stepped up to the campaign to help eradicate the stigma of rape being a ‘womenonly’ crime. His is the only male portrait in the series. Raped at 21 years by a partner and a friend, Luis is only now coming to terms with his experience. “Being a part of this campaign is part of my healing journey. I have been writing a very public blog about my recovery from addiction that was in a very big way fuelled by my rape,” he says. Luis says, in sharing his recovery from drug addiction, it became very necessary for him to also unpack the issue of his rape in a blog ( “My blog has a small reach compared to the Rape Crisis campaign; they have a far larger audience. There is a powerful story of healing, recovery and forgiveness to be told to inspire more men to come forward so they may start their own process of recovery. I want to disarm the anger I fight internally and am also proud to say ‘yes, I was raped, but I am not a victim’.” Luis also for a very long time believed the myth that men do not get raped. “For a long time I believed what happened to me was an

Thursday 13 March V Constantia: Yaseen Al­Qadri Jamaah and Madrassatul Islamudeen in Grassy Park invites all individuals, institutions, youth groups, organisations, mosques or madaaris to a mass Thikr, Thikrul Aqsa – Remem­ brance of Allah to the people of Aqsa, at Klein Constantia after Ishaa Namaaz. The dress is black and white or gold. Take your mat and barakah. Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 March V Parkwood Estate: Christian Assemblies Church will hold its first annual conference, themed Keep the flame burning on the altar, The conference features international, national and local speakers, as well as a special guest appearance from a well­known SA rugby coach. The conference starts at 19:30 from Monday to Friday and at 17:00 on Sunday. For more information contact Lauren Howard on 071 115 5843 or lauren­ Thursday 13 to Friday 28 March V Steenberg: Registration for the Steenberg High School Grade 8 class of 2015 is now open. Application forms are available at the

Saturday 15 March V Grassy Park: Prince George Drive Primary will host A Trip Around the World fair at the school at 13:00. Pupils, teachers and parents will dress up as natives of and represent eight different countries for a coveted prize. One of the judges will be someone from the 7de Laan cast. The MC will be Mike Michaels and there will be performance by a Cape minstrel group, a marimba band and the Jodie Jackson Dance School. There will also be other entertainment and yummy goods on sale. Booklets, at R100, can be purchased at the school. Entry for cars is R2. Phone the school on (021) 701 9200. Tuesday 18 March V Retreat: The Retreat Business Forum will hold a general meeting at Norton’s Panel Shop in 10th Avenue at 18:30. The meeting will discuss security, maintenance and upgrade of 10th Avenue and the surrounding business communities. All business owners are welcome. For further details call Kevin Southgate on 082 788 1181. Thursday 20 March V St Montague Village: Steenberg police Sector 4 Subforum will hold a meeting at

I’M A SURVIVOR! A campaign helps rape survivors speak out. PHOTO: LIGHTPOET/FOTOLIA adult situation that went wrong. Beyond the stigma of ‘rape only happens to women’ there is also a secondary stigma which says rape is part of the gay lifestyle. Both of these are wildly inaccurate,” he contends. As part of his healing process, Luis wrote to his ex-partner to confront him about the rape. “I unpacked the events of that evening to him and told him ‘what you did to me that night was rape’. After the confrontation I gave myself the most important gift of my life: forgiveness. It was the only way to leave my anger and sense of revenge behind.” Sarah McLaughlin, communications coordinator at Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, says: “The Don’t Hide, Speak Out campaign aims to showcase the amazing strength of the survivors who took part and to encourage other survivors of rape to speak out in whichever way they choose. Speaking out is incredibly difficult. Some survivors never tell anyone what happened and others only do so after many years. We would like to encourage survivors to speak out by reporting (it to the police), coming forward for counselling or even telling a family member or loved one.” With Luis the sole male representative in the series, McLaughlin says the Trust hopes people will stop the silence and help spread the myth that only women are raped. V Visit to see more about the campaign.

the church in Fifth Avenue at 14:00. All residents are welcome. For more information phone the sector manager Warrant Officer Andre Petersen on (021) 702 9000 or 082 411 3535. Thursday 27 March V Vrygrond: Muizenberg police Sector l Subforum will hold an imbizo at Capricorn Primary School in Vrygrond Avenue at 18:00. Residents of Vrygrond, Overcome Heights, Costa da Gama, Capricorn Beach and Pelican Heights are welcome to attend. For more information phone the sector manager Constable Thembikosi Kili on 082 522 1217. Friday 28 March V Steenberg: Steenberg Community Learning Centre will hold a P­party at Steenberg High School hall from 20:00 until late. The dress is anything starting with the letter “P” such as princess, policeman, painter, etc. The cost is R40; take your own platter and XYZ. For more information phone Sam Williams on (021) 701 1235 or (021) 701 2281. Monday 28 April V Steenberg: Uniting Reformed Church in Banjo Street will host a day trip to Club Mykonos. Cost is R300 for adults and R225 for children under 12. The cost includes a buffet lunch at the Charlie Noble Restaurant. The departure time is 06:30 from the church. For more information on the trip phone Marion on 084 834 8230 or 083 647 5934.


PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 13 March 2014


Put brakes on speedsters LIAM MOSES LiamCPT


illview residents say their children’s lives are being put in danger by speeding motorists. The residents claim cars, taxis and motorbikes often come close to knocking over children playing in the road. They have now called on the City of Cape Town to install speed bumps. St Swithin Road resident Sadia Harrison says children could easily be killed by the speeding drivers. “It’s very dangerous for the children who play in the road,” she says. “Something needs to be done. The kids can be knocked over. If our children run out from our frontyards, they can run directly into a car. They need to build speed bumps.” St Swithin Road runs parallel to Military Road, between St Stephen Road to St Christopher Avenue. Zerilda Park Primary School and the Hillview Multipurpose Centre are both located near the St Stephen Road end of the St Swithin Road. The road is also flanked by both formal and informal housing. Community worker Ellen Zuthpen, who lives nearby, says speed bumps and pedestrian crossings are needed to protect the

road’s many pedestrians. “The taxis drivers drive like mad dogs in this road. We want a pedestrian crossing near to the school and the civic centre, because most of the children cross there,” Zuthpen says. “The cars don’t stop. They just speed past. It’s worse at night and they have burn-out sessions in the road.” Ingrid Daniels, another St Swithin Road resident, agrees speed bumps must be installed. She says children have nowhere to play, besides the road. “It’s not safe for them to go further away. They have to play in the road, because there isn’t really anywhere else,” Daniels says. None of the residents who spoke to People’s Post approached the local ward councillor with their concerns. However, Zuthpen says she and other community members raised the issue in a meeting with the City last year. Ward councillor Shaun August says he was unaware of the problem, but undertook to further investigate the complaints. “I can send it for a traffic assessment and, once it has been assessed, they will give an indication whether speed bumps can be (installed),” he says. “I would also like to request that the drivers using the road be cautious, because there are lot of (pedestrians) on the road. People should take down the registration numbers of any speeding driver, so that the matter can be addressed with them.” August says the traffic assessment could take up to 12 months before it is conducted and completed.

ROAD SAFETY ALERT: Pedestrians walk down St Swithin Road in Hillview. Residents and community workers have asked for speed bumps to be installed in the street. PHOTO: LIAM MOSES

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PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 13 March 2014

Call for better leaders in South Africa


ith the upcoming elections on Wednesday 7 May, there have been calls for better and improved service delivery from the parties who are canvassing support from the public. However, many feel enough isn’t being done in their communities and political parties have not lived up to their promises. People’s Post readers share their views.

SHAHEEMA ALLIE says her area’s infrastructure is sub­standard. “In our neighbouring community there are no street lights, which influences safety in the area. Something should definitely be done to ensure the safety of the community.”

CHUMA MLITYALWA believes government should speed up service delivery and equip poorer schools with proper technology. “When students arrive at varsity, they don’t know how to use a computer.”

LORETTA SLABBER says the promises of more houses should be followed through. “It’s very sad to see children living on pavements. There should be more shelters and homes so they don’t feel the need to break into other people’s homes.”

CHINELL LINDOOR says more should be done to keep her area safe and police should be more visi­ ble. “In the past, I have been robbed. Safety should be bulked up. There is no library in our area, so we have to go to a neighbouring community. This is a huge inconvenience.”

DOLORES OTTO says not enough is being done to keep the youth occupied and off the streets. “We need a proper soccer field in our area. Crimi­ nal elements hang around the park where chil­ dren play soccer. This endangers their safety as well.”

XOLELWA BUSIKA believes more funds should be made available for education after high school. “There are so many youths who want to study and apply for funding, but they are unsuccessful. Our education system needs to provide more bur­ saries.”

SHANNON HENDRICKS feels there should be more job creation opportunities for students who have been successful at tertiary institutions. “I know of many students who have diplomas, but they don’t get good jobs. It’s frustrating, especially if the students can’t afford to study further.”

MONIQUE DUVAL @monique_duval

Fraudsters pose as police officers

Con artists posing as police officers are operating in the Muizenberg police precinct. Muizenberg police are investigating three cases where phone calls were made to the relatives of those arrested, requesting money to “dispose of dockets”. Last week Muizenberg station and cluster commander Colonel Dorothy Xesha issued a plea for the public to come forward with information about a possible scam. Muizenberg police were alerted to the three cases, which all had the same modus operandi. In the first case, a Grassy Park

family approached the station after a relative was not released from detention. They claimed they were contacted by a detective who asked them to deposit money into a supermarket account and their family member would be released. Muizenberg police spokesperson Captain Stephen Knapp says they are investigating how the fraudsters got the details of those arrested. In another case, a woman approached police officers outside the station and informed them of a phone call she received. “She had initially agreed to pay the mon-

ey, but after thinking about it she opted not to pay and reported it to police instead,” Knapp explains. According to a police report, during the phone calls, the fake police officers ask for various sums of money ranging from R1000 to R2500. During an investigation into the claims, Muizenberg police discovered it was a scam as the names of the detectives did not correlate with anyone working at the station. On reporting the matter, Knapp says they were informed of a Gauteng syndicate run-

ning this scam across the country. “It has been run on a national scale and people are falling into the trap,” he adds. Knapp says the scam does nothing but put police in a bad light and opens people up to being charged for corruption. “You need to remember that if you agree to pay an officer to dispose of a docket, you are just as corrupt and can be charged,” he warns. V If you have been contacted by police officers asking you for a payment, phone Xesha on (021) 787 9000 or 082 522 2797. V Share your thoughts on this scam. Starting with the word “Post”. SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.


PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 13 March 2014


Two children run down TASMIN CUPIDO @TazzCup


he road safety of pupils and motorists has been thrust into the spotlight as two pupils recover from injuries sustained in accidents over the last two weeks. The accidents, both of which occurred in front of St Mary’s RC Primary School in Retreat Road, have left a Grade 1 pupil with serious injuries and a Grade 4 pupil with light injuries. The bustling street has become notorious for traffic and road safety concerns, and has been the scene for many an accident over the years. Despite the installation of a traffic calming measure – pedestrian robot – near the school’s entrance a few years ago, the road has claimed several young accident victims at the pedestrian crossing. No road markings or signs indicate the presence of a school or pupils on either side of Retreat Road.

The only sign is that of a pedestrian crossing. The recent accidents occurred when the school’s scholar patrol was off duty, says principal Teresa Muller. “The Grade 4 boy crossed the road from the one side when the motorists had indicated he could,” she says. “He was late for school; he must have thought he could cross the other road as well. Then he was knocked.” Muller lays the accident of the Grade 1 girl, who was taken to Red Cross Hospital for treatment to her leg, squarely at the door of the driver of the scholar transport. “We have always asked drivers to drop the pupils within the school’s premises; we constantly reiterate the request,” she says. “The accident was negligence on the part of the driver. It was early morning when the driver dropped the pupil off, so the scholar patrol was not on duty. The driver did not

make sure the child had reached the school premises.” Muller recalls a number of similar incidents during the 22 years of her principalship, adding staff have also encouraged parents to use the pedestrian robot when accompanying their children to school, to “build a habit of using the facility”. Since the incidents, Muller has called on the City of Cape Town for the installation of another traffic calming measure. “When motorists depart from the 11th Avenue robot, they seem to accelerate; it seems they do not realise there is a big school on the left-hand side,” she says. “While we have a scholar patrol, manned by a teacher daily, we still have problems – it’s an accident waiting to happen. Another calming device, like a speed bump, must be installed. Drivers also ignore the amber light of the robot at the pedestrian crossing. They need to

RISKY: The pedestrian robot near St Mary’s Primary in Retreat Road. PHOTO: ASTRID FEBRUARIE

be more cautious.” The matter was reported to local ward councillor Jan Burger who, in turn, reported it to the City’s Traffic Services and transport department. Officials have since undertaken to provide pupils with extra road safety classes, among others. “The departments will host road safety lectures for the foundation phase pupils later this month,

while 48 pupils were trained for scholar patrol last month,” Burger says. “The pupils of St Mary’s Primary will also be visiting the Junior Traffic Training Centre in the next academic term.” He further encouraged motorists, parents and pupils to be extra vigilant when using the crossing and when driving in the vicinity of the school.

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PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 13 March 2014



How do you honour the Earth? This is the question begging an answer from you in recognition of World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour campaign. It doesn’t require much thought, really. Perhaps just a bit of inventiveness and you can rope in family and friends. The neighbourhood, too. All you have to do is switch off your electricity. You could stay in the dark or use Earth Hour as an excuse to yield to your creative bent. And you have more than a week to think up smart ways of spending your Earth Hour on Saturday 29 March from 20:30 to 21:30. It has grown into an international movement aimed at giving Mother Nature a break from the demands we humans place on the earth. Eskom has given Capetonians a hand up with scheduled power outages in the last week. The Baxter Theatre did not escape the darkness when, minutes into the preview of renowned playwright John Kani’s play Missing, the lights went out. Earlier in the day the northern suburbs also felt the early onset of darkness, courtesy of the national electricity provider. Other parts of the Mother City did not escape Eskom’s wrath. But Earth Hour can be a load of fun. Darkness can be your friend, to borrow a phrase. And while those addicted to all things electrical – TV, computers, online gaming and appliances – will frown upon an hour away from their plugged-in fix, learning to let go of the power of wattage is a process. You might even learn to like it. Go ahead, be the change you want to see. Better yet, step into your alter ego mode, boldly go where no superhero has gone before and turn out the lights. For those individuals who still don’t know – or get – Earth Hour ask around or you can always Google it.

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People’s Post is published by WP Newspapers, a subsidiary of Media24. RETREAT 23 423 copies distributed Thursdays to the following areas: Southfield, Heathfield, Coniston Park, Elfindale, Hillview, Lavender Hill, Retreat, Seawinds, Sharedon Park, Steenberg and Cafda Village. OTHER EDITIONS People’s Post also has the following nine stand­ alone editions: Woodstock / Maitland (16 391) Mitchell’s Plain (83 340) False Bay (30 972) Grassy Park (21 838) Lansdowne (21 130) Athlone (30 252) Constantia / Wynberg (30 069) Claremont / Rondebosch (30 843) Atlantic Seaboard / City (29 246) Total print order: 318 495 WHOM TO CONTACT NEWS EDITOR: Mandy King Email: SPORT: Liam Moses Email: ADVERTISING MANAGER: Garth Hewitt Email: MAIN BODY ADVERTISING: Silvana Hendricks Tel: 021 910 6500 Classified Advertising: 0860 117 520 PRESS CODE, CORRECTIONS People’s Post subscribes to the South African Press Code and we are committed to journalism that is honest, accurate, fair and balanced. Under our editorial policy, we invite readers to comment on the newspaper’s content and we correct significant errors as soon as possible. Please send information to the editor at or phone 021 910 6500. Alternately, please contact the Ombudsman of Media24’s Community Press, George Claassen at or 083 543 2471. Complaints can also be sent to the SA Press Ombudsman on telephone 021 851 3232 or via email or

Funds could’ve been better spent So what was the DA’s motivation in deciding to change the City of Cape Town’s logo? Was it to ensure the eradication of poverty on the Cape Flats? Or was it perhaps to ensure that the poverty stricken of the Cape Flats have better access to primary health care? Apparently it was decided upon to make progress possible together – that is why there has been no public engagement around the proposed change, prior to spending in excess of R300 000 on commissioning the proposed new logo. Mayor Patricia de Lille says it is the City’s intent to form partnerships with the people so that we can collectively work together and then she starts by unilaterally, without consultation with the collective, commissioning changes to the logo at an initial cost of more than R300 000. Then she expects us to believe there will be no costs involved in the further roll-out of the logo, because it will be implemented as required. Forgive me if I laugh out loud! From the media reports, there is a

budget of R8m for the roll-out of this new logo, and I am sure there will be further hidden costs. If the City was serious about making progress together possible they would have listened to the people and provided R8m worth of services. The next generation is dying as a result of substance abuse, something everybody on the Cape Flats can relate to. Why is the City not listening to the cries of the mothers for help for their children (as a result of) this dreadful scourge? There is a great need for more facilities to fight substance abuse – R8m could go a long way toward providing those much needed additional service providers to deal with this issue. R8m could deal with so many of the challenges faced by the poverty stricken people of the City of Cape Town. However, for that to happen, the DAled City must make the needs of the still disadvantaged people a priority, but that will not sit well with their constituents, or will it? BARONISE HENRY

Strategies should benefit all The Minority Front notes with disgust the lack of research done during the planning phase of the improvement to the public transport system in the province. I refer to the article “Safer public transport – at a steep price” (People’s Post, 27 February). The research was haphazard and irrelevant. It does not ensure that the most cost effective and sustainable solution to the road carnage in province is used. While we applaud the efforts to improve road safety, we feel that key factors and key stakeholders were not consulted in the decision-making process. This lack of consideration and planning threatens both the livelihoods of service providers and the communities which depend on them. The upgrade to the Nissan NV 350 is welcomed by (the provincial) government and

while this vehicle might contribute to greater road safety, taxi drivers have cited it as too expensive. To cover the costs drivers will have to increase their fares. This will have an adverse effect on the broad suffering masses who are struggling to make ends meet. The provincial government needs to make funds available to subsidise the costs to those who cannot afford it. In this way, they will assist service providers while keeping the community safe. The (provincial) government needs to stop politicking and start serving. While it is fundamentally important to have safer public transport, all levels of government need to be synchronised so well-researched and effective strategies. which benefits the taxi drivers and communities, are put in place. ROY BHOOLA

A trend to ignore the public When knocking on an official door – through a personal visit, a telephone call or written correspondence – the public expects a very clear response. The latest trend I have picked up (when) dealing with certain departments/officials is that correspondence is not answered, telephones just ring and the (reply is in such a soft voice) you have to plea for the official to (speak up), which leads to frustration and confrontation. This, in my opinion, is the Whisper (Why Has Information Stalled Per Expected Response?) Syndrome – a deliberate tactic by someone who does not want to assist you, is untrained to assist you, has free reign (with) no command and control systems to monitor their duties, does not know how to respond to correspondence or has no communication skills. This Whisper Syndrome is an agonising, frustrating syndrome that has to be exposed and rooted out so that competent officials can respond to our communication in all its forms. I want to challenge you to phone around or send an email/fax/letter to enquire about an issue and I wish you, as one hymn’s words state, whispering hope. KEITH BLAKE, Ottery

Left in the dark On the Christian calendar, Lent is considered a holy and prayerful period of self-examination, introspection and deprivation from that which separates us from the Lord our God. I presume that Eskom is also entering a Lenten season by depriving us all of electricity. I am encouraged to remind Eskom that Christians believe that “Jesus is the light of the world, not the prince of darkness”. I look forward to the Easter celebration of the resurrection of Christ, signifying the light of the world. I pray faithfully that we may celebrate the end of power outages sooner than later. Eskom, be assured of our prayers. MARK KLEINSCHMIDT

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Monty Road to stay open TASMIN CUPIDO @TazzCup


he entrance to Southfield’s Monty Road from Prince George Drive will not be closed. This decision follows an investigation by the City of Cape Town’s transport, roads and stormwater department in January last month. The outcome of two pedestrian counts led to the department’s decision to not support the closure, as it would “restrict freedom of movement”. People’s Post reported on residents’ demands and a petition for the erection of a fence (“Residents stand firm”, 30 January). At the time, they claimed many of their homes were targeted by criminals who use the entrance point as an easy escape route. Ward councillor Jan Burger undertook to address their concerns with the transport department. Mayoral Committee member for Transport Brett Herron says the study was carried out by the department’s Network Management Department. The first count was conducted at the signal crossing at Dirkie Uys Street and the pedestrian pathway aligning with Monty Road on Wednesday 29 January. This count showed 234 pedestrians during morning peak hours and 312 during afternoon peak hours, Herron says. The study on Monday 3 February, at the signal crossing at Banier Street and the pedestrian pathway at Andrew or Lourie roads, showed 487 pedestrians during morning peak and 514 pedestrians during afternoon peak times. Morning peak is from 06:30 to 08:30, while afternoon peak is from 16:00 to 18:00, Herron adds. “Based on these counts, which were significant, a closure at the Monty Road junction with Prince George Drive is not supported by the department. A closure would restrict freedom of movement to places of employment, public transport, shopping facilities and (more) for a large number of people,” he says.

“Limiting this constitutional right to improve security of residences in Monty Road would not be justified, as there are less restrictive means which would achieve the same end.” Herron suggests the formation of a neighbourhood watch; foot, bicycle and vehicle patrols; area monitoring mechanisms such as CCTV and target hardening such as the installation of walls, burglar bars or alarms, as alternative measures to possibly ensure the safekeeping of properties in the street. But the findings of the investigation have not deterred residents, as they say they will continue the fight to have the entrance cordoned off. Resident Nikiko Splinters confirms they were informed of the findings of the City’s pedestrian counts. “But we informed them and suggested other alternatives; perhaps installing a gate which is opened during peak hours in the morning and evening,” she says. “The foot traffic to and from Monty Road is ridiculous and we are bearing the brunt, falling victim to the acts of criminals.” Splinters is also disappointed that the community was not involved in the decision. “This is something that directly affects us, so we believe we should be part of the decision-making process, albeit just in the consultation phase,” she says. “We will not stop fighting to find a solution to this problem.” But Burger encourages residents to accept the department’s decision and be more vigilant. “We have to do our part in the fight against crime; we have that obligation towards our community, our neighbours and our family,” he says. “It is time for us to step outside of our homes, look after our neighbours and their properties, be proactive and report crime to the police.” Southfield Neighbourhood Watch chairperson Fiona Schwimmbacher declined to the opportunity to comment. V Share your views. Starting with the word “Post” SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

PLANNING AND BUILDING DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT Development Application Management System (DAMS) The City of Cape Town will be implementing the new Development Application Management System (DAMS) from 1 April 2014. In order to migrate the existing data to the new system, a dead period starting from the close of business on 14 March 2014 and ending on 31 March 2014 will be necessary. During this period no new development application submissions or payment transactions will be possible. The business process for all active applications submitted before 14 March 2014 will continue as normal. The following services will still be rendered at the counters: • • • • • •

Pre-consultation meetings Enquiries about the status of applications already in the system General planning and building information and queries Collecting of approved/refused/amended/withdrawn plans Zoning queries Inspection notices

For more information and application requirements as from 1 April 2014, please visit our website We would like to keep you updated with the changes that we are making. Please send an e-mail to join the mailing list to Direct queries to the City’s general enquiries number 0860 103 089 or ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER


NEWS 7 Load shedding affects police stations Due to the recent load shedding telephone lines at the Muizenberg police station have been affected. Station commander Colonel Dorothy Xesha advises residents to call the sector vans to report crime.

Calling all parents An appeal is being made for all parents who have been part of the Positive Parenting training through Rapcan between November

Residents of Vrygrond, Overcome Heights, Capricorn Business Park, Costa da Gama and Pelican Heights can call 082 411 2455. To report crime in Seawinds, Hillview, Village Heights, Coniston Park and Sharedon Park, phone 082 411 2448. and December 2012, and May to June last year to come forward. All parents – even those who didn’t complete the programme – are to be at New World Foundation today (Thursday 13 March) at 11:00. Phone Tiffany Joseph on (021) 712 2330.

NOTICE OF MEETINGS OF THE SUBCOUNCILS: MARCH 2014 Notice is hereby given that the meetings of the 24 subcouncils for the City of Cape Town will take place at the times and venues indicated in the schedule below: Subcouncil Venue Council Chambers, Administration Block A, 1 Royal Ascot, Bridle Way, Milnerton Kraaifontein Council Chambers, 2 Brighton Road, Kraaifontein Goodwood Council Chambers, 3 Voortrekker Road, Goodwood Parow Council Chambers, Tallent Street, 4 Parow The Hague Recreational Hall, corner of Delft 5 Main Road and Silversands Road, Delft Bellville Council Chambers, Bellville Civic 6 Centre, Voortrekker Road, Bellville Durbanville Council Chambers, corner of 7 Oxford and Queen Street, Durbanville Strand Council Chambers, corner of 8 Fagan Street and Main Road, Strand Andile Msizi Hall, corner of Bangiso Drive 9 and Sigwele Road, Site B, Khayelitsha Lingelethu Training Centre, corner 10 of Lwandle Road and Spine Road, Khayelitsha Fezeka Council Chambers, corner of 11 Govan Mbeki and Steve Biko Drives, Gugulethu Subcouncil Chambers, Lentegeur 12 Administrative Offices, corner of Melkbos Road and Merrydale Road, Lentegeur 13 Ruth First Community Hall, Sinqolamthi Street, Philippi Fezeka Council Chambers, corner of 14 Govan Mbeki and Steve Biko Drives, Gugulethu Plover Room, Ground Floor, 15 Pinelands Training Centre, Central Square, St Stephens Road, Pinelands Council Chambers, 11th Floor, 16 44 Wale Street, Cape Town Dulcie September Civic Centre 17 (minor hall), corner of Klipfontein and Protea Street, Athlone Subcouncil Chambers, corner of Buck 18 Road and Sixth Avenue, Lotus River Council Chambers, Central Circle, 19 Fish Hoek Council Chambers, Alphen Centre, 20 Constantia Main Road, Constantia Council Chambers, Van Riebeeck Road, 21 Kuils River Strand Council Chambers, corner of 22 Fagan Street and Main Road, Strand Lentegeur Chambers, corner of Melkbos 23 and Merrydale Roads, Lentegeur Lingelethu Training Centre, corner 24 of Lwandle Road and Spine Road, Khayelitsha

Date Time

Manager Peter Deacon 021 550 1001 Fred Monk 021 980 6053 Johannes Brand 021 590 1676 Ardela van Niekerk 021 444 0196 Martin Julie 021 695 8161 Pat Jansen 021 918 2024 Carin Viljoen 021 444 0689 Izak du Toit 021 850 4149 Johnson Fetu 021 360 1351





















Goodman Rorwana 021 360 3201



Kayise Nombakuse 021 630 1737



Alesia Bosman 021 444 8696



Lunga Bobo 021 630 1619



Anthony Mathe 021 630 1678



Mariette Griessel 021 531 3437



Marius Coetsee 021 487 2055



Edgar Carolissen 021 444 0500 / 03















Okkie Manuels 021 700 4020 Desiree Mentor 021 784 2011 Brian Ford 021 444 8112 Pieter Grobler 021 900 1502 Richard Moi 021 900 1508 Raphael Martin 021 444 8722 Goodman Rorwana 021 444 7532

To access the full agenda and all supporting documentation 72 hours before the meeting go to Highlight the date of the subcouncil meeting, choose the subcouncil you require and download the agenda. Please report any difficulties to the relevant subcouncil manager. The following policies and plans are open for public consultation during March 2014 and available for scrutiny at subcouncil offices for comment by interested parties: •

2014/2015 Draft Integrated Development (IDP) Plan and Draft Budget



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Applicants should be registered with the CoCT sub council data base.



A curriculum vitae should be submitted to fax number 086 666 2117. The closing date for applications is 24 March 2014 at 16h00.




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SK Walmers go down at City Park LIAM MOSES @LiamCPT Green Point’s SK Walmers will be playing for no more than pride when they face Worcester Villagers in the inaugural Community Challenge on Saturday. The Challenge – not to be confused with the Community Cup – features four teams from Boland and four from Western Province, with a round-robin stage preceding semi-finals and a final. Walmers were handed their second defeat in as many matches at City Park on Saturday.


Newfields, Greenhaven, Surrey Estate

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They now have no chance of qualifying for the semi-finals of the tournament. SK started the Challenge with a 22-17 loss to Saldanha in Saldanha Bay on Saturday 8 March. Walmers managed two converted tries and a penalty, while the hosts equalled the effort and scored an unconverted try to win the game. Saturday’s fixture saw Walmers lose 26-15 to local rivals Belhar, who scored two converted tries and four penalties, while SK scored two tries, converted one and scored one penalty. The loss has left Walmers fourth in Group B with just one point. Belhar shares second place with Saldanha (both on five points) and Worcester Villagers are first on eight points. Walmers will have a tough task on their hands when they attempt to cause an upset against Villagers, while Belhar and Saldanha will fight it out for the other semi-final spot. In Group A Durbanville-Bellville top the standings on nine points, with Hawston second on eight, Ceres third on one point and Tygerberg fourth on zero. The top two sides in the group will meet to decide first place, while Tygerberg and Ceres aim to avoid the wooden spoon. Meanwhile, in SA Rugby’s Community Cup Hamiltons will kickoff their campaign against Sishen. The tournament features the top-placed team from the highest league in every province. V Community Challenge fixtures for Saturday 15 March: Durb-Bell v Hawston in Durbanville; Tygerberg v Ceres at Florida Park; SK Walmers v Villagers Worcester at Green Point Track; Belhar v Saldanha at Accordian Park. V Community Cup fixture: Hamiltons vs Sishen at Stephen Oval in Green Point at 16:00 on Saturday 15 March.

OFF THE BALL: Belhar RFC outside centre Wesley Scott tackles SK Walmers player Dawood Petersen without the ball as Marshall Boesak breaks away in a Community Challenge match at City Park in Athlone on Saturday. Belhar won 26­15. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

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PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT Thursday, 13 March 2014

BALL AND ALL: Boland forward Victor Kruger tackles Western Province’s Rayn Smidt in a Vodacom Cup match at City Park in Athlone on Saturday. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

MATCH WINNER: Western Province player Devon Williams (left) is tackled by Boland’s Christian Rust. Williams scored two tries to help Province to a 16­8 win. PHOTO: RASHIED


Ikeys clinch victory over Shimlas FNB UCT all but booked their place in the Varsity Cup play-offs with a clinical victory over FNB UFS-Shimlas at the Green Mile on Monday. The victory, the fourth in six games and the first at home this season, saw the Ikey Tigers move to 19 points and second place on the table. UCT played into the notorious wind in the first half, but it did not stop them from racking up a 18-0 half-time lead. They surged to an early lead with 10 points in the first 10 minutes. Winger Richard Stewart drew first blood,

scoring with a typically classy finish in the fifth minute of play. But the strong wind prevented flyhalf Dean Grant from adding the extras. Industrious flank Jason Klaasen doubled the scores five minutes later, forcing his way over from close range, but Grant again failed with his conversion attempt. Powerful lock Shaun McDonald crashed over shortly before the 20-minute mark and Grant sent UCT in the strategy break with an 18-0 lead, after goaling his third conversion attempt. The visitors started to string a few phases together when the first-half re-

sumed but were unable to really threaten the UCT try-line and the scoreline went unchanged. Shimlas started the second-half the stronger of the two teams, taking a leaf out of UCT’s book from the first-half. However, just as they looked close to finding a breakthrough, the ball was turned over and they were punished in a vintage Ikeys counter-attack. The ball was swung wide to Lihleli Xoli and the left wing played in fullback Ross Jones-Davies, who slid in for the crucial fourth try and a bonus point. Grant missed the tricky conversion from the left-hand side, but it seemed unlikely to

affect the match. He later added a penalty as the match moved towards the 70th minute, with Ikeys leading 25-0. Shimlas managed a late consolation try through hooker Jacques du Toit and the match ended with scores at 25-5. The five points has put UCT in touching distance of their first semi-final since 2011 – the only year they have lifted the trophy. They next face Wits in Johannesburg, for their final league match of the season, on Monday at 19:00. Thus far, Wits have lost all their matches, so UCT will be expected to pick up another five-point victory.

Saints star shines in green and gold

One of Cape Town’s oldest cricket clubs can now list a world champion among its membership, after the junior Proteas’ victory in the ICC under-19 World Cup. All-rounder Jason Smith has been a member of the club since 2012, and played an integral part in SA’s victory in Dubai. Smith, who grew up a stone-throw away from the club in Elfindale, labels the tournament victory as his “greatest achievement” to date. “The feeling was unreal. It felt amazing, because we were the first SA side to win an International Cricket Council (ICC) tournament,” he says. “I still can’t describe the way we felt. When they hit the winning runs, we all just stormed onto the field – we were all standing outside the change room and just stormed

ONE FOR THE FUTURE: St Augustine’s CC player Jason Smith (left) helped the junior Proteas win the ICC under­19 World Cup title. Photographed with him is club chairperson Johnny Jacobs. PHOTO: LIAM MOSES

on.” The baby Proteas beat Pakistan by seven wickets in the final of the tournament on Saturday 1 March. The victory earned South Africa its inaugural ICC title at any level. Though Smith is the first world champion at St Augustine’s, the club can also lay claim to two of SA’s most famous cricketers. Former Proteas spinner and current Cape Cobras coach Paul Adams is a product of St Augustine’s, while Basil D’Oliveira who represented England during apartheid was also a club member. Chairperson Johnny Jacobs believes Smith can go on to emulate Adams and D’Oliveira. “A lot of development still needs to happen for him to mature into the cricketer he could be,” says Jacobs. “He has all the talent in the world and I have no doubt he will go far in cricket. It’s just about taking the opportunities at the right time.” Smith is determined to make a career of the sport, and spent three months playing in Devonshire, England before he was selected for the SA under-19 side in January. The 19-year-old may return to England at the end of the local cricket season. “The conditions were very different to South Africa – some weeks we played on wet pitches and the decks were a lot slower,” he says. “You have to adapt when you bat; playing in England has assisted me with that.” Smith scored seven centuries and seven half-centuries during his time in England. At present the youngster is completely focused on helping St Augustine’s win the Western Province Cricket Association 1B League. The club’s first team is currently unbeaten and at the summit of the table. “Our sponsor, Jive, has a lot to do with our upward movement; they have sponsored us for three (seasons),” Jacobs says. “Jason has played a huge role in (the club’s progress) and he has played most of the games.”

READY TO REPRESENT: The Western Province women’s softball team were capped in a ceremony at Sahara Park Newlands on Friday 7 March. The WP team will compete at the National Provincial Championships. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

COLOURS: The members of the WP men’s softball team were also capped at the same ceremony. The Championships will run from Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 March.PHOTO: SUPPLIED



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THURSDAY 13 March 2014 | People's Post | Page 12 | 0021 910 6500 |


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Province women ready for final LIAM MOSES @LiamCPT


ANGLED AWAY: Lee Jacobs top scored for Western Province wom­ en’s team in the CSA’s in­ ter­provincial 50­over semi­final at Sahara Park Newlands on Saturday. Jacobs scored 33 runs. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

estern Province are feeling no extra pressure ahead of the Cricket South Africa’s women’s 50-over provincial final on Saturday. Province will claim their second consecutive title if they defeat KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, but coach Cobus Roodt says this doesn’t have an impact on how they will approach the match. “We will just take it as another game. There is tremendous mental strength in the team, in each player,” Roodt says. “Cricket is 80% mental – that’s what I have been drilling into the team over the last two seasons. We are normally good in knockout situations.” Last season Roodt’s side beat Gauteng at the Wanderers to secure the title, after knocking out Northerns at Newlands the previous week. They tread a similar path this season, again knocking out Northerns in a home semi-final on Saturday 8 March. Province posted 147, with Leighshe Jacobs (33) and Yolani Fourie (28) making the only notable scores. The bowling attack took up the challenge and skittled Northerns for 74 runs. Moseline Daniels was the stand-out performer, taking 4/9,


Youth footie on show in Strandfontein

Cape Town’s top under-13 footballers will show off their skills at the Strandfontein AFC under-13 tournament next week. The annual tournament attracts some of the peninsula’s best sides and this year is no different. Teams from as far as Stellenbosch are set to mix it up with the best local amateur sides and well-drilled juniors from the Cape’s professional outfits. The tournament format will see the top two teams from each of the eight groups advance to the winners section to contest the title, while the third-placed teams fight it out in the plate section and the fourth-placed sides battle for the shield section trophy. Group A will see Sunningdale FC, Golden

United and Leeds Lentegeur take on the might of Ajax Cape Town. With their famed development structures and abundant resources, Ajax will be favourites to win the group and the entire tournament. Group B features Rockafellas, Beacon Spurs, Ashley Rovers and Chippa United. Chippa should be favourites to win the group, but the other sides will view the National First Division (NFD) log leaders as a major scalp. Metropolitan Premier Cup hosts Bayhill United are the biggest names in Group C, with Bayview, Liverpool and Westridge also challenging for the top two spots. Pinelands based Old Mutual Academy are






R129 995 2006 BMW 323i (What a car)

perennial contenders for any junior title and look likely to top Group D. Beacon Pirates, Clarewood and Standards will likely fight it out for second place in the group. Tournament hosts Strandfontein AFC have been pooled with Rondebosch’s Rygersdal, Colville and Stephanians Ottery in Group E. Home field advantage should see the hosts through to the winners’ section, with Rygersdal providing a stiff challenge for the top spot. Milano United will be keen to emulate the success of their senior team in Group F, but Safa Second Division side Salt River Blackpool could stand in their way.

R77 995

with Shabnim Ismail snatching 3/27. “The pitch was a bit sticky when we batted in the morning and we battled to get going. At least we managed one good partnership,” says Roodt. “The team showed lots of character when we went back out to defend that small total. When we examined the pitch, we expected a total of around 180, so getting close to it was good. We backed it up with the fielding and bowling. The (fight the players put up) bodes well for the future and the next match.” Roodt will have eight of last year’s title winning squad available selection for the final, but will lose Daniels, Ismail and Shandre Fritz to the national squad. He expects the team to still have enough experience and firepower to pull off a victory. “Bowling will be difficult with the national players absent, but we have good personnel taking over from them,” he says. “KZN are also losing three players – the three (batsmen) who stood out for them against Gauteng in their semi-final. I’m very confident we can do well this coming weekend. “We know it’s the home straight and the team with the most stamina will pull through.”

Masakhane and Green Point Salesians will look to cause upsets against their more well known opponents in the group. Group G looks the most open, with Morgenster United, Woodlands United, Ida’s Valley and Young Wizards grouped together Woodlands and Morgenster are the best bets for the top two spots, based on previous performances. Fish Hoek AFC are firm favourites to take the top spot in Group H. The Far South side’s organised youth structures should see them qualify ahead of Fulham, Southhampton and Holy Cross. The tournament will take place at the Strandfontein Sports Complex from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 March. The first match will kick off at 09:30 on Friday, while the final will be played at 15:30 on Sunday.

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Peoples post retreat 13 mar 2014  

Peoples post retreat 13 mar 2014

Peoples post retreat 13 mar 2014  

Peoples post retreat 13 mar 2014