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Tuesday 31 May 2011

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Evicted family moves back in TAMMY PETERSEN


EGAL action will be taken against two Manenberg families who disregarded an eviction order, as well as a community organisation that assisted them by moving their furniture back into a council flat after it was removed by City of Cape Town officials. But the tenants say that while they expected this outcome, they have no other choice but to stay where they are. Beverley Pedro (42) says she literally wet herself when City employees marched into the home she has lived in for almost three years on Wednesday and started carrying out her furniture as she watched helplessly. The mother of three, who suffers from TB, asthma, depression and chronic arthritis, describes the day as the “worst in [her] life” and says she lives in fear that the officials will return and forcibly remove her and her family. Pedro and Falzielah Jacobs moved into the Colleen Court flat in August 2008 to care for their neighbour and legal tenant, Gairoenisa du Toit, who was dying of lung cancer. The 63-year-old died three months later and the two continued to live in the flat, and were later joined by their families. The house is occupied by Pedro, her daughter Mishqah (22), her two sons aged 18 and 14 and her grandson, who is only two years old. The family lives in the bedroom of the flat, while Jacobs, her husband Shaheed, and their year-old baby live in the lounge. A week after Du Toit’s death, City officials visited the flat and told the two that they had to vacate the rental unit but, says Pedro, this was not an option as she had nowhere else to go. “If they had offered us alternative accommodation it would have been a different story but they didn’t. We stayed put and our families also moved in because they had nowhere to live.” Despite numerous letters addressed to Pedro and Jacobs being delivered, the two still did not move out. “We went to the rent office to explain our situation on numerous occasions. I took medical certificates which confirm that I am a sick woman, but the rent officials didn’t want

to hear any of it. They kept telling us we must get out,” Pedro explains. Jacobs says the two families had no choice but to stay as they had no alternative. “Where must I go with my baby? You cannot toss people out on the street if they will be stranded and homeless with a perfectly suitable home standing open. Do they really think we are the only families living in a council flat illegally? There are dozens of others!” The letters continued to stream in, but the family stayed put. “Then in November last year, the sheriff of the court came knocking and delivered a summons for us to appear in court in January,” Pedro says. “I was not feeling well at the time, but when the date arrived, I was willing to go and represent myself.” But, she says, they arrived half an hour late at the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court that day. “We travelled by taxi so we got there a bit late. We also didn’t know exactly where to go, so finding the correct courtroom also proved to be a mission. “But when we eventually got there, we were told that because we weren’t present at the proceedings, the judgment was in favour of the city council, and there was nothing we could do about it,” Mishqah says. In February, council officials again visited the flat. “They found me flat on my back in bed, sick as a dog. But the kind officials who came that day said they would report that I was ill and that they would come back at another time,” Beverley says. The family, however, contacted Proudly Manenberg and informed them of the situation. The organisation then took it to Communities for Social Change, who met with former mayor Dan Plato and council officials in April. However, the City stuck to their guns and reiterated that the families were living in the flat illegally. “The day after the meeting, one of the ladies from the rent office came here and told me they would be moving us to Blikkiesdorp. What do they want me to go do there? Die?” she asks. “The conditions in that settlement are inhumane. I will not last six months in that sandy, filthy place. They will carry me out in a casket.” Beverley says the situation was quiet until

We had nowhere to live

TRAUMATISED: From left are Beverley Pedro, Shaheed Magerman, Mishqah Pedro and Magerman’s wife, Falzielah Jacobs. Photo: Tammy Petersen

Wednesday, when a convoy or policemen and removal employees arrived on their doorstep. “About 30 of them came into my house just before 09:00 and started walking around in the flat. I was standing there in my pyjamas, confused about what was going on. “One of the men told me I could get dressed in the bathroom, and when I came out, half of my furniture was standing in the courtyard,” Beverley says, close to tears. “When I looked outside, people were standing and watching, unable to do anything because the police were standing there, armed with long guns




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like they were waiting for people to make a wrong move. “Once they were done, they told me to get out of the flat or they would remove me like they had removed my furniture. I didn’t have a choice – I left.” The locks were also removed and the door was boarded shut with a metal sheet. However, the convoy had barely left when members of Proudly Manenberg broke open the door and started carrying the families’ furniture back into the flat. Richard Mathee, the deputy chairperson of the organisation, says evictions “will not be tolerated”. “There is a huge housing backlog and until the authorities can solve it, they have absolutely no right to throw people out of homes. Where do they expect these families to go? The people are desperate!” Members of the organisation also formed a human chain around the stairs leading to the flat after the family moved back in. “Die DA government het mooi gewag totdat die voting klaar is, nou treat hulle die mense so. Hulle is soos varke!” a woman screamed. Grace Blouw, the City’s manager for Existing Housing, confirms that Proudly Manenberg requested a moratorium to be placed on all evictions, especially for the Pedros, but that it was explained to them “on a number of occasions” that a court order had already been obtained “At a meeting on 7 April, Proudly Manenberg once again requested that the City stop the eviction at 28 Colleen Court. “Proudly Manenberg refused to accept that it could not be done. At a later stage, alternative accommodation was offered to the family, which they initially accepted, but after consultation with Proudly Manenberg they decided against our offer.” She says the Sheriff then carried out his duty as instructed by the court. Blouw says illegal tenants will only be allowed to stay in a unit if they have been in occupation prior to 1 March 2006 and qualify in terms of the City’s set criteria. “The next qualifying applicant from the database will be allocated the dwelling,” she adds.

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Page 2 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Eyesore a ‘security risk’ Wanza dismisses campaign funding claims



BOARDED-UP, unattractive house situated between two Lansdowne schools has raised the ire of residents living near the property who fear that the property may put children’s safety at risk and cause an influx of vagrants into their streets. The house, situated in Lansdowne Road, has, according to locals, not been empty “that long”, but fears are “growing daily” that the minimal activity noted on the site will escalate beyond control. The property is owned by Islamia College, and was previously let to a man who died at the beginning of the year. The front doorways of the house have been secured and the gates have been locked with wire. Shameela Johnson says that in light of the vagrancy problem within the area, it is only a matter of time before the seemingly desolate property becomes a haven for the homeless. “The metal sheets which cover the windows and doors can easily be ripped out and put back up once they are inside. Before long, we will see that place infested with drunk hobos and there will be little we can do about it.” Another resident, who asks to remain anonymous, says her husband recently caught a prostitute and a client in a compromising situation behind the waist-high gate of the property. “It was dark and he was just taking a walk to the shop. When he asked what they were doing, the woman swore at him and asked him if the property is his. What a cheek! I would like to see what the council will do now, because it looks like the invasion has already started.” She says the house gives a bad impression of the area. “This isn’t an area where you can buy a house for a couple of thousands. We pay good money for our properties, and we are decent people who live here. We don’t have place in Lansdowne for suikerhuisies where the


CLAIMS that Proudly Manenberg funded its chairperson’s bid to become a ward councillor from the salaries of its workers have been rubbished by the independent candidate. Mario Wanza stood for election in three wards, spending R60 000 on T-shirts, posters and registration with the Independent Electoral Commission. He stood as a candidate in wards 42 and 46 after being elected by the organisation through a nomination proc- FAMILIAR FACE: One of Proudly Manenberg chairper­ ess. son Mario Wanza’s election posters. Photo: Supplied He received a total of 411 votes. Manenberg election campaign was reLast week, residents contacted People’s ceived via donations and other funds the Post claiming that workers involved in a organisation has,” he says. cleaning and greening project were paid Caroline O’Reilly, the project manager short on their May salaries, receiving less at Teba Development, an NGO contracted than half of their R1 000 monthly pay- by the Department of Co-operative Goment. “The people must suffer while he vernance to roll out the public works prosmiles on the posters, trying to get votes,” gramme, confirms that workers’ salaries one woman told People’s Post. “His pos- are paid directly into their accounts. ters don’t put food on the people’s tables. In November last year, when Wanza Is this how a community worker acts? was appointed chairperson of Proudly Shouldn’t he be more worried about the Manenberg, People’s Post reported that wellbeing of the residents?” the executive committee of the organisaAnother woman who contacted the tion also decided to have a representative newspaper claimed money allocated to run for ward councillor (“Finance factor the workers was being used for “big clouds conference”, 16 November 2010). glossy posters, flyers and T-shirts with Wanza says the organisation was transhis face on it”. She further claimed the parent throughout its election campaign, first-time candidate was also paying for and that members were informed that the cars and bakkies to be spray-painted and bid would cost R60 000. that Proudly Manenberg workers were “The money was taken out of the Proudtold to raise R50 000 to cover the costs of ly Manenberg funds, and fundraisers will the campaign. “Workers got paid only be held by the various zones so that the R120 as a bonus in April to buy onions and money can be pushed back into our acpickled fish, and R360 in May. Where did count. Private partners also gave us mothe other money go? Is he campaigning on ney for the campaign,” Wanza says. the backs of the poor people in ManenHe adds that complaints surrounding berg?” she asked. the organisation’s move to run in the elecBut Wanza responds that the organisa- tion are being made by people who are tion does not have access to the workers’ “trying to cause divisions within Proudly money, as the project locals are involved Manenberg”. “We are not here to enterin forms part of the Extended Public tain individuals spinning negative stoWorks Programme, which is run by na- ries about us. If they have questions, they tional government. “Workers’ salaries can come take it up with us. There is too are deposited straight into their bank ac- much work to do to waste time on such counts. The money used for the Proudly things.”

The house is situated on Lansdowne Road, op­ posite Civic Road. Photo: Tammy Petersen house looks like a spectacle. Someone must fix it up immediately or have it demolished.” Resident, Robert Jack, says he regularly takes walks on Lansdowne Road and has started to keep an eye on the children when the school bell rings. “There are lots of sick people in the world and it would be so easy to snatch a child and drag him or her onto that property to do something twisted. That house is isolated and creepy – it’s a crime den waiting to happen.” Islamia College principal, Shaheem Galant, says the college is “sensitive to the security of the area”, and that it does not wish to cause any problems for the surrounding community. “We are in the process of turning the house into a cafeteria and coffee shop, and work has already started from the back section of the house. I would like to set residents’ minds at ease that we are aware of crime and vagrancy in our streets, and we have security measures in place to keep the property secure.” He says that while it is not yet known when the renovation will be complete, the school will make every effort to see the building restored to fit in with the rest of the area. Galant adds that the safety of the scholars is given top priority, and “everything is being done to ensure the plans don’t compromise the safety of the learners”.

Who are you going to call? DO YOU have a problem you would like your ward councillor to fix? Residents living in Ward 60, which comprises Crawford, Kenwyn, Lansdowne, Rondebosch East and Sybrand Park, can phone Councillor Anthea Green on 083 513 6269. Those living in Ward 46, which consists of the western part of Manenberg, a section of Hanover Park and Newfields, can call Councillor Junade Hoosain on 079 893 7806.



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Ward 47 residents, who live in Hanover Park, can phone Antonio van der Rheede on 084 751 3056. People living in Ward 41, which is made up of Sherwood Park and sections of Gugulethu, can phone Councillor Maneli Msindwana on 083 329 4110. If you live in Ward 42, which covers Tambo Village and Gugulethu, contact your councillor, Coetzee Ntotoyiyane, on 074 1433 375.





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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Man killed in armed robbery REYANA STEYN

A MAN was killed during an armed robbery at a shop in Sherwood Park on Thursday, and, within four days, another store was hit, this time in the Athlone Industrial Area yesterday. “The robbery where the man was killed took place at Big D’s Supermarket in George Street at 19:10,” says Captain Wynand Muller, Manenberg crime prevention officer and acting police spokesperson. “Three armed men barged into the shop, and ordered everyone to the ground. The 54year-old man, who was in shock, didn’t move and one of the robbers shot him in the stomach.” Muller says the man died on the scene. “The robbers then took an undisclosed amount of cash, airtime vouchers and the owner’s cellphone before they left the scene on foot.” No arrests were made, but police are urging anyone with information to come forward. Randal April, chairperson of the Manenberg Community Policing Forum, says “extreme measures” will be put into place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. “Police are already visible in the area, do-

ing stops-and-searches and patrolling the area, and now we will have to do even more. “People and business owners must be aware and alert to their surroundings, and ensure that they have taken every step to ensure that their businesses and themselves are safe.” People’s Post tried to gain comment from Big D’s Supermarket, but was unable to do so by the time of going to print. .Yesterday, a group of brazen robbers went to Capricorn Panel Beaters and made off with R90 000 worth of goods and a car. “One man went to the store at 09:00 and said he got stuck and asked if he could please be towed,” says Muller. “As the workers wanted to assist him, they opened the safety gate and on doing so three armed men entered the premises. “They ordered everyone to the ground and took R90 000 worth of power tools as well as one of the workers’ cars, a red Nissan.” Muller says no shots were fired and no one was injured. “No arrests have been made and police are investigating.” Anyone with information on the two incidents and the robbers can call Manenberg police station on (021) 699-9400 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

One of the robbers shot him in the stomach

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 3

‘American’ slain by Mongrels TAMMY PETERSEN

TWO alleged gangsters have been identified as being responsible for the death of a member of a rival gang who was gunned down in Hanover Park on Sunday. The 30-year-old man was shot and killed at the field in Civic Road at 11:30. He was hit in the chest, back and hip as he was walking to the shop. Warrant Officer Ettienne Conradie, the spokesperson for Philippi police, says the man, who is believed to belong to the Americans gang, was approached by two Mongrels who opened fire on him in broad daylight. “After shooting him, the two men fled on

foot,” he says. “The two suspects have already been identified, thanks to various witnesses who recognised them, and we are currently trying to trace the alleged shooters.” Conradie says there have been numerous sporadic shooting incidents reported. However, no-one else was hit. “The activity is mainly concentrated in the vicinity of Johndown Walk and Cascade and Blinkwater Court. We need people to report any shootings or suspicious activity for us to follow up on.” He adds that regular patrols are continuing, and that extra manpower has been deployed to the station in light of the gang activity.

Couple robbed in Penlyn Estate TAMMY PETERSEN

A MAN and his heavily-pregnant wife were allegedly robbed by armed men as they prepared to leave for work on Wednesday morning. It is understood that the incident happened as the couple sat in their car outside their Bornite Road, Penlyn Estate, house at 06:40 that morning. Warrant Officer Robert Lakey, the spokesperson for Lansdowne police, says the couple, who are both 29, was parked in the driveway and were about to leave when two men apparently approached them and tapped a gun against the driver’s side window. “The men cocked the gun and told them to hand over their wallets and cellphones. They then spotted the couple’s laptops, which together are worth over R30 000, in the back seat, and demanded that they

hand them over,” he says. They also allegedly grabbed the woman’s handbag and the set of keys to their home, he says. The two then fled in an unknown direction. No shots were fired and nobody was injured. No arrests have been made. Lakey says the suspects are described as tall and lanky, and although they spoke English, both have strong Afrikaans accents. Anyone with information is asked to phone the station on (021) 700-9000.

Business breakfast in Rondebosch East THE Lansdowne Business Network will be hosting a breakfast seminar at Tashreeqa’s Restaurant on the corner of Sunnyside and Kromboom roads, Rondebosch East, on Thursday 2 June at 07:45. The guest speakers will be Ronald Bownes, the founder of Dreamworker which tackles unemployment and job creation, and Anthony Hall, the founder of RAEL which works with alcoholics and recovering drug addicts. Network members pay R80 and non-mem-

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Page 4 People’s Post Lansdowne


Tuesday 31 May 2011

Stairway to danger TAMMY PETERSEN

COUNCIL flat tenants in Mentz Court, Hanover Park, fear that they are only steps away from falling through the stairs which have been supporting them for 40 years.

BEATING DIABETES: The Hanover Park Christian Development Movement in partnership with vari­ ous churches, NGOs and the local day hospital recently held a diabetes awareness day at the community centre. About 300 people attended the event, where they were taught about the dan­ gers of diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Staff from the day hospital spoke to locals about healthy eating and voluntary testing was done. Food parcels were also handed out and the organisers want to Sasko, Albany, Sonnendal and Retail Logistics for their generous donations. The organisation hopes to host similar events – should anyone wish to contribute or arrange their own event, they are asked to phone Vernon Jansen on 078 326 2845 or email hpchrist@mail­ Here a woman has her sugar levels tested.

Sections of the staircases that lead from the first to the second and third floors have chunks of concrete missing, while others have cracks and large chips in them. “Jy moet versigtig trap,” a resident warned People’s Post when we visited the court. “It seems fine, but looks can be deceiving.” Residents make it clear that vandals and thieves cannot be blamed “this time” for the state of the council property. “This is because we have used these stairs for years, and no maintenance was done on them. Even the railings are in bad shape. They move when you hold them,” a woman says. Fagmi Abass, the secretary of the Hanover Park Civic Association, says residents’ concerns have been raised with the local rent office, but no feedback has yet been received. “This is a dangerous situation. Complaints from other courts have also been received, but the stairs at Mentz Court are the worst. Even I am not eager to walk up those stairs. Imagine how the residents feel.” He says the civic association has even approached Mayor Dan Plato about the stairs’ condition. “We have not yet received feedback from him either. The people’s safety is at stake here, and this matter is not being dealt with with the amount of urgency it deserves. When will

CRACKED: Clear cracks are evident in many of the court’s stairs.

CRUMBLING: One of the steps leading to the second floor in Mentz Court has seen better days. Photos: Tammy Petersen it be prioritised? When they collapse?” However, Grace Blouw, manager of Existing Housing in the City of Cape Town, says council’s housing directorate conducts inspections and carries out regular repairs. “Repairs to staircases are considered emergency work, which receives priority above all other maintenance requests,” she says. Blouw continues that the City’s complaints database reflects complaints about the stairs and that they were attended to. “The maintenance staff have conducted an inspection, and have already repaired some of the rails. The rails which have not yet been replaced are firmly fixed. The concrete stringers will be replaced during this financial year. “Five complete staircase flights will be replaced during the month of June. Additional flights at Mentz Court and other affected courts in Hanover Park will be repaired or replaced in the months following.” Blouw adds that the much-anticipated council flat upgrade will kick off in Area C – under which Mentz Court falls – in July 2013.

Baby Caleb trial date draws closer REYANA STEYN

THE case of a mother and her boyfriend accused of beating the woman’s son to death in her Manenberg flat last year, has been postponed to Friday 10 June in the Cape Town High Court. Chantal Booysen and Quinton Aysen, also known as “Orre”, appeared in the Cape High Court last Friday for the murder of Caleb Booysen (2). Caleb’s lifeless body was found in his Pam Court home on Friday 21 May 2010. It is alleged that Booysen and Aysen had slammed the toddler’s head into a wall. A post-mortem examination found the child did not die from natural causes, and that he had suffered abuse over time.

He had suffered multiple injuries, including brain haemorrhage, liver problems, a broken arm and wrist, and bruises all over his body (“Shock after baby bashed to death”, People’s Post, 1 June 2010). When Booysen appeared in the Athlone Magistrate’s Court for her bail application on Monday 30 August 2010, she shocked the court when she said Caleb ate Mandrax tablets he found on the floor and that he constantly cried for food. She said she would become frustrated and beat him. However, she denied giving Caleb drugs. The day Caleb died, Booysen said, she had left the house with the boy asleep in the care of Aysen. When she returned she discovered Caleb’s badly-bruised body under a blanket on a couch.

GOING GREEN: An artistic piece of gardening has been added to the entrance of the Penlyn Ser­ vice Station for a bit of “green ad­ vertising”. The shrub was cut in­ to the shape of the Caltex star, which was de­ signed by the sta­ tion owner, Lee Parker. Photo: Michelle Poggenpoel


Tuesday 31 May 2011

No help from police over ‘thieving’ son TAMMY PETERSEN


N elderly couple say they are being terrorised and repeatedly robbed by their tik-addicted son, but attempts to lay charges at the Philippi police station are rejected because they don’t have evidence. The mother (61) says her son has broken into her Hanover Park house on numerous occasions this year, but police at the charge office refuse to open dockets or investigate the incidents. On Sunday, the couple caught their son red-handed in the back yard when they got home early from church. “When I spotted him, I went straight inside and noticed that some of my cleaning products were missing. I went to him where he was standing and asked him what he had taken. I lifted his shirt and saw my toilet cleaner in his pants,” the mother says. When she tried to remove it, her son got aggressive and tried to wrestle her to the ground. “My husband then had words with him from the door, and he pushed me and tried to make his way into the house. Luckily my husband closed the door in time, but then he tried to go through the bathroom window, which he always uses when breaking in.” She managed to pull him from the window, but the incensed man allegedly threatened the couple by shouting “Ek gaan julle vrek maak” before he left. “We phoned the police, and when they arrived, we told them what had happened. They asked us to make a list of what was missing and promised to come back in half an hour. We are still waiting for them.” Her husband says this is not the first

time the police had failed to investigate a crime at their home. “In January we laid a charge after he stole my cellphone and money that was in my bedroom. When we tried to lay a charge, we were told in the charge office that we don’t have any evidence that it’s him,” the pensioner says. “He stole little things from the house, and we were forced to hide all our valuables or keep it behind locked doors. We even had to hide my pension or he would take that as well,” she says. It is understood that the man was arrested on an unrelated charge shortly thereafter and spent over a month in jail. In March, the couple say they again noticed that valuables had disappeared from their home. “We again phoned the police wanting to lay a charge, but they again pointed at the lack of evidence. Shouldn't they at least have opened a docket?” he asks. In April, someone broke into the couple’s house and stole all their groceries and detergents. Again, they say, they got the same response from the police as before. The exhausted mother says she has resorted to gaining an interdict against her son. “What else can I do?” she asks. Warrant Officer Ettienne Conradie, the spokesperson for Philippi police, says officers have to accept all criminal cases. “All complainants must be helped. There is no choice involved. Crime is a serious matter and everyone must be helped.” He says that anyone who is not satisfied with the service they received can lodge a complaint with the station’s management for investigation. “We are here to render a service, and anyone who feels they didn’t get what they came for can speak to the station or branch commander.”

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 5

A family day of fun THE Islam Discover Centre presents its first Family Day. It will take place on Saturday 4 June from 09:00 until 15:00 at the Taronga Road Masjied in Rondebosch East. The day will host various fun stalls and entertainment including sand arts, henna art, organic plants, recycling, fabulous in Hijab for ladies, bridal make-up, Indian Oils, mag-

nets, children’s beading, Sh’zen, reflex-ologist, Indonesian Masseuse and there will be Indian head massages. There will also be sports massage, prime one, 786 health products and much more. On the day the centre’s Nasheed 2011 Junior winners, Tai Chi, children’s fashion show, various presentations and many more. Entry fee is R5 and children under 12 have free entry. Call (021) 696-8375/6 or call Shamiel Slamang on 073 259 6931 or send an email to


“ Te l l i n g i t a s i t i s ”


Page 6 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Inconvenient truth THE Protection of Information Bill, also known as the “Secrecy Bill”, is nothing but bad news for transparency in government. The Bill seems to challenge the very foundation on which South African legislation is developed – the Constitution – which ensures freedom of expression and that of the press. In a shocking act last week, ANC MPs on a parliamentary committee tasked with debating and finalising the Bill made headlines when they insisted that matters in this regard be fasttracked to meet a deadline of 24 June. This despite other parties’ representatives on the committee calling for continued brainstorming, discussion and consideration of objections to the controversial legislation. Once a world bastion for press freedom, SA has now been demoted to the status of only “partially free” by the international freedom monitoring group, Freedom House. The regression is a sad state of affairs when considering the vast promise of a free and democratic country made at the very dawn of democracy. Seventeen years later, the same political party that served as the catalyst for the fall of oppression and unjust governance is now, in some ways, increasingly at loggerheads with the media, and respect for transparency of the state is under serious threat. The Secrecy Bill will serve as more than a simple annoyance and inconvenience for journalists, and has a far-reaching impact on the future of the electorate. If left unchallenged it will not only muzzle the media, but will also rob every ordinary citizen of their right to hold accountable the very leaders they elect to power. Government officials at any level will be able to classify information as secret, a privilege which, in itself, could easily be abused. The Bill also ushers in minimal protection of informants, which means that the distribution and publication of information regarded as classified could provoke imprisonment. Various organisations and individuals have publicly reiterated the effects this legislation will have on us all, and they have called for a re-draft of the proposed legislation. The truth is always worth fighting for.

Your SMSes My son is no gangster - father I, TIMOTHY HOUSTON, father of Shannon Houston, who was shot on Saturday 14 May in Hanover Park, am very unhappy and concerned about my son’s safety with regards to the article which was published about the incident (“Two killed in Hanover Park”, People’s Post, 16 May). The word “alleged” does not exist to the

narrow-minded rival gangs. My son is not an alleged gangster as stated by police. He has never been arrested as a gangster nor was he ever involved as a gangster. TIMOTHY HOUSTON Hanover Park

We hope she will attend THE Lansdowne Civic Association (LCA) takes cognisance of Ward 60 councillor Anthea Green’s response to the our chairperson, Esmé Gradwell’s, letter (“Hard work ahead in Lansdowne”, People’s Post, 24 May), which briefly noted that we have not as yet received an apology from Green for her absence from the Ward 60 candidate debate. Councillor Green states that she “contacted the LCA to explain why she did not attend”. Since Councillor Green’s response, residents have contacted the LCA management committee, requesting the reasons for her absence and why this was not communicated, as aspersions that Councillor Green did not care to attend, was not bothered to send an apology and is contemptu-

ous of our community, are implied. Bearing the above in mind, and Councillor Green’s comment that she is “tired of the Lansdowne Civic Association”, we have sent a personal invite to her to attend our 14 June executive committee meeting, where her reasons for non-attendance of the debate, who she contacted, when this occurred, which medium was used and if she is willing to have this tested, will be requested. As our interaction with her over the preceding five years has been minimal, we hope she will attend. LESTER SEPTEMBER Management Committee Member: Lansdowne Civic Association Green declined to comment.

Local government elections . With reference to the person moaning about Anthea Green. The DA won the Cape hands down, even without your vote. Dream on! DA supporter . I seriously think we should get another candidate for Ward 60 with our next election. I am a DA supporter, but not a Green fan. I am keeping her big plan outlined in the article in People’s Post until the next election. Ursula . Now that voting is done and the time has come to put the shoulder to the wheel, who can we, the voters, go to when these public servants are not doing their wellpaid jobs? . Zille, I want to see action not words. I hate shacks. Why don’t you give the people the ad in People’s Post for jobs? Wendy houses don’t have plumbing and electricity and you can’t install a fireplace. The solution is that you must give these people a proper roof over their heads, because they also have a toilet problem. I want you to live in it for a month. This is a dare. Service delivery suggestions . The City of Cape Town could save a considerable amount of money in the long term by offering electronic billing for all ratepayers who are online. Postal billing is a waste of time, money, paper, postage, energy and resources. . Now that we have voted for the DA, why can’t they scrap the rates in all the areas? Housing matters . Stop upgrading the old flats – rather

start building flats for poor people. We are in for a very cold winter and people need a roof over their heads immediately. Viva DA. Henry . When giving people good houses, give them an agreement too. They will be able to rent it out, but they can’t sell it. Only one family can stay in a house or they lose it. One member of the family must be employed. The can’t get the house if they already have a house. . To Zille and Zuma, why when buying a house and taking a home loan do banks charge us triple the amount when we pay back? They must give service and not rob us. Broadcast blues . I hope that naked news does not air, but what about that stupid “SMS and get naked pics”? Please take that off too! . A friend of mine came home to find his domestic worker watching a blue movie that she had found. Win Consumer woes . When eating from food outlets take note of what you put into your mouth, as we discovered a thread of artificial hair in a slice of pizza! Oh my, had we just munched away who knows what else could have been in that pizza. They take precaution by wearing hair nets and bandanas, but it’s a mystery how that hair got in the filling! Thank you . Thank you David Kramer and the cast of “Breyani” for an entertaining show and illustrating the history of coloureds. Taliep Petersen was missed, and we will never forget.


People’s Post Lansdowne Page 7

Pregnant woman given ‘wrong medication’ REYANA STEYN

IMAGINE battling to breathe, scared that you won’t get enough oxygen not only for yourself, but for your unborn child, and then being given medication which could harm your child.

A pregnant Ellen Less with her mother, Charmaine Less, and the medication she was given at Hano­ ver Park Day Hospital. Photo: Reyana Steyn and sent her home, but when Less checked the medication it stated that it was not suitable for pregnant women. She took the medication back to the hospital and explained to the doctor that it was unsuitable for her. The doctor insisted that it was fine for her to use the medication, and she shouldn’t pay attention to the label. “I told her I was pregnant and that the label said it was not established whether it was safe for pregnant people, but the doctor said I should ignore that and could take the medication. I refused to take the medication, even though I was in a huge amount of pain.” Less went to a private doctor on Monday morning and he told her she had done the right thing not to take the medication. Less says she “can’t understand how a qualified doctor could give me medication which could have harmed my baby”. “I specifically told the doctor I was pregnant, but she insisted it was fine to take the medication. What also bothers me is that I could have expressed myself, but what about the children who can’t. “At the hospital there were numerous mothers who brought their children and babies who had the same problem, and they were told there was no medication for them,” says Less. “How can a

THE first ever “Hanover Park Seniors Got Talent” will take place on Saturday 11 June at Rehoboth Age Exchange in Greenturf Road, Hanover Park at 15:00. Tickets will be R10 for adults and R5 for children. Auditions will be held on Thursday at 14:00 and if you are over 60 and live in the area or the surrounds, you automatically qualify. Participants can sing, dance, recite poetry or do anything which shows off their entertainment abilities. Individual or group entries (consisting of a maximum of five people) pay R10 to enter. Phone Rehoboth on (021) 690-1280.

For the ladies MASJIDUR RAGHMAAN in Ryston Road, Hanover Park, will be hosting weekly “Ladies Programmes” on Monday mornings from 10:00 till 11:30. The programmes will be conducted by Imam Abdurachman Ariefdien and will also include various guest speakers. Entrance is free and the programme promises to be informative, exciting and spiritually uplifting. Facilities are available for those in wheelchairs as well as those who have their Ghayd. For more information, phone Shafiek Allie on 072 766 1200 or Yusuf Davids on 083 268 2838.









RRP R899



92 cm wide



White & Ivory Colours extra

RRP R5999


RRP R1599






RRP R2999


SLEIGH COT White & Ivory Colours extra

RRP R3999

RRP R4999


Mattress optional extra





RRP R3999



Mattress & drawers optional extra


RRP R1399


RRP R2999



This is what a six-month pregnant woman from Athlone claims she experienced at Hanover Park Day Hospital after she had difficulty breathing on Saturday 14 May. Ellen Less (24), an asthmatic, was taken to the day hospital after her chest tightened and she had difficulty breathing. “I have had asthma since I was a baby, and I always get treatment for it, but it is even worse now that I am pregnant,” says Less. “This is my first child and I would do anything to protect him or her, but the way I was treated at the Hanover Park Day Hospital was horrible. “As soon as I had difficulty breathing my family contacted an ambulance, which came to my house. They then checked my pulse rate and tried to stabilise me, but decided to take me to the hospital.” At the hospital she was placed on a nebuliser – a device used to administer medication in the form of a mist into the lungs. After spending several hours there, at 03:00 the following morning her chest tightened again, but the doctor who had helped her had left and another doctor was on duty. When she asked the doctor to be placed on the nebuliser again as she was having difficulty breathing, one of the nursing sisters told Less that her folder was not with them. Less then told them that a folder was opened up for her the minute she arrived at Hanover Park Day Hospital. “I couldn’t believe they said my folder wasn’t with them,” says Less. “I then got infuriated because my chest was pulling tight and I need to be assisted immediately, yet they wanted to work according to a folder, which they didn’t have.” After much deliberation, a nursing sister placed Less on the nebuliser and the doctor gave her medication, “Austell Paracetamol’’,

hospital that is supposed to care of the sick treat people that way?” Charmaine Less, Ellen’s mother, is furious about the way her daughter was treated. “People are treated like dirt, and this must stop. Something must be done about this. When they become part of the medical team, they take a vow to help people, yet people get treated unfairly. I am sick and tired of this. “I wonder how they treat our elderly citizens if this is how they treat pregnant people?” Faiza Steyn, the spokesperson for the Provincial Health Department, says the facility is unaware of the problem. “It is unfortunate that Ms Less did not forward a written complaint to the facility manager or return during the week to discuss the matter with senior management as per the facility’s complaints’ route. This could have effectively addressed and allayed concerns. There are visible complaints boxes in the facility which patients are encouraged to use.” She says: “Paracetamol is the analgesic and antipyretic of choice during all three trimesters. Prolonged administration of high doses may have toxic effects on the foetus; however, therapeutic doses used for limited periods are considered safe. Paracetamol is best known as Panado.” Steyn says the actions to be taken will be for management of the facility to arrange a meeting with the patient within the required 25 days to address written complaints. “No action will be taken against the doctor for giving what is popularly known as Panado. An investigation will be undertaken to establish how the doctor gave the explanation, and should the investigation reveal that the clarification was not adequately done, the doctor will be shown how to explain and clarify these misunderstandings better in future.” She added that patients need to forward complaints about problems with the facility services when they are not provided adequately. “Hanover Park CHC also receives compliments in our compliments and complaints boxes, and these are monitored monthly and reported to management.”

Seniors invited to showcase their talent


Tuesday 31 May 2011




Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm

OTTERY MEGASTORE Open Sundays 9 am - 1 pm


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5695 750 ml



750 ml

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Tuesday 31 May 2011




750 ml

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2 Per Customer

6 Per Customer

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6 Per Customer












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1 Litre

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1 Litre

1895 4995 5695 16995 7695 11995 7995 7995 11995 6695 6 Per Customer

3 Per Customer


2995 6 x 340 ml







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6 x 275 ml

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4995 1995 1995 1995 2995 3995 750 ml








6 x 340 ml

3495 6 x 330 ml

3 Litre

Airtime sold at all stores!

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103 Strand Street






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Cnr.Wellington Road & Oxford Street

Old Paarl Road, Brackenfell

102 Voortrekker Road

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021 852 8842

Shop 35 Shoprite Park

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Shop 4 Value Mart, Melck Sloot Road

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43 Bird Street

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Shop1 Laborie Centre, Main road

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8am - 5pm

CUSTOMER CARE LINE: 0860 103 219




Cnr.Verdi & de Villiers Rd Durbanville

Cnr.Voortrekker & 10th Avenue

Shop 1A Cindal Centre, Van Riebeeck Road

Shop 97 Value Centre, Solly Smidt Street

Unit 8-10-11 Ashwood Centre

Shop 58 Brackenfell Centre







370 Main Road

43 Strand Street

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262 Blaauberg Road

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021 593 6878 353 Main Road, Retreat

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8 Voortrekker Road, Bellville

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c/o William Dab & Old Paarl Road

Shop 11, Bree Street

022 713 5431 MUIZENBERG

Checkers Centre Cnr Main & Atlantic Rd.

021 788 1157 RUGBY

Cnr. Koeberg & Sable Road

021 551 8176


Tuesday 31 May 2011

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Same day payout Tel: 021 949 0930/1/2 CONSOLIDATION Apply for an old mutual finance consolidation of debt or personal loan from R1 000 ­ R100 000.(Jacky/Charl on 021 706 5029 or sms your name to 082 990 4196 DEAR FRIEND, NEED A LOAN? Plz pick up the PH HOFFMEESTER ­ we give up to R50 000. Blacklisted Welcome. 072 309 1877 DEBT & MONEY PROBLEMS R10 000 ­ R100 000 We can help Ph JO 021 425 7721 EASY LOANS With affordable repayments ­ R50 000 B/listed welc. Pls call/ Sms Grasham 073 228 6148 HOMEOWNERS­Wanting to CONSOLIDATE your DEBT, but rejected for finance?. (021 982 6177

A BRIDGING loan? Waiting for Pension/package payouts? SMS or send

DSTV+ Top TV + God TV installations repairs & upgrades. callout costs from R150. (073 272 6117


DSTV packages fully installed for R599. HD PVR installations from R2 299. Service call repair charge of R150. Ph 083 268 1213


TV REPAIRS " LOW COSTS" 18 Linaria Cres,Silvertown. (Steven on 021 633 1802 / 083 486 5394 119

082 301 7856


0860 105 546 JC FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS Bonds/personal loans & consolodations. B/listed welc. (Janine­021 376 4690/ 082 439 9863 LOANS No ITC. Same day payout. Fax 086 666 4811 or call 071 512 1923 LOANS Quick & easy. Same day approval. B/listed & judgment welcome.(074 162 7630 Loans up to R15 000 & cellphone contracts Same day approval Blacklisted welcome Contact Asma 071 716 7484 Fax: 021 762 8657 ExtremePossibilites.17052011. 1AQMPYK.cdr

LOANS We come to you. ( 021 558 6648 / 082 957 3251


Curtains/Carpets/ Upholstery

R 50 000 onsolidate C or Now! R 5 million?

021 949 0458 - Fax 086 601 4207 -

SMS “POST” TO 38020 & WE’LL CALL YOU BACK!! JOHAN 082 431 9865


BLINDS AND CURTAINS. All types. Free quotes. Less 10%. ( 021 371 8627/08 2 516 0030 P & R RE­ UPHOLSTERY For Re­ Upholstery of furniture, call Rodney on 073 963 5604 / Latiefa ­ 073 431 7816 FREE QUOTES!

MR FIXIT For all maintenance like: tiling, painting, installation of showers, geysers, toilet systems, knotty pine ceilings, plumbing, electrical, etc. (Ridley on 076 705 8939 / 021 371 2231.Be blessed!


SSHAIK’S HRReliable AeliIaK ’used SseA U TO AUTO vehicles ble u dv ehicles Trade-ins welcome T rade-ins w elcome

F For or wwheels heels tthat hat kkeep eep yyou ou mmoving... oving... cnr. Of Saunders and old Lansdowne rd, Lansdowne

Carpentry ALL CARPENTRY WORK All carpentry, Hanging of all doors, fixing roofs & cupboards.(Nico 021 392 6818/076 342 1470 BUILT IN CUPBOARDS repairs & alterations. ( 072 695 9738

2002 Peugot , Diesel, only 140000 km's

1997 VW GOLF VR6, p/s, leather interior.

2008 OPEL CORSA LITE, 1.4, p/s, c/d,

2004 Vw golf 1.4, 2004, 5 spd, Bargain!

R79 500

SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952

R52 500



Same day payout Tel: 021 949 0930/1/2

“please call me”

GARAGE DOORS & automation. 076 523 0306


Clear your debt by calling SCM Debt Clearance 021­788 4485 24/hrs: 078 221 0193



Tuesday 31 May 2011

Plumbers A FREE PLUMBING quote for bathroom renovations, geysers, leaks and blocked drains. Call Joseph 073 322 4661

ALL PAINTING and Waterproofing. Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713


Electrical Repairs

A.W.A. ELECTRICAL Fully Licenced Contractor Since 1986 , Rewiring, Main Boards , Lights, Plugs , Prepaid Meters , Electrical Certificates . FREE QUOTES . ( Allan­021 392 19 73/082 708 5700

Plumbing, Electrical .24hrs . R125 p/hr ( 021 703 0906

FRIDGE repairs, all appliances.(073 922 5336


General Services

FOR ALL YOUR Gates, burglar bars or welding repairs (Xavier on 072 212 8619

1997, Alfa romeo gtv 2.0 twin 2003 Renault scenic , p/s spark, coupe, leather int. a/c. 180000 km's

R35 000


R37 500

Swimming Pool Services CLEAN & MAINTAIN pools. Ph 083 494 3939 or 702 1208



1995 Toyota camry 200i,, manual, t/db p/s a/c ,

R27 500

ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713



R 7 500




Vehicles Wanted to Buy

GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. R800p/night. Sleeps 6.(079 522 4309.


WEEKEND SPECIALS AT CLUB MYKONOS STARTING AT R600 PER NIGHT! Contact Suzanne 021­448 2717 office hours only

1985 Honda ballade 1.3 auto, a/c

Riyaad Shaik 073 000 3339 079 8181098

Holiday Accommodation

I am looking for vehicles that are no longer running, broken down or damaged in accidents.I pay cash and remove your vehicle free of charge from any area.

(021 949 6066/ 076 2111 620

WENDY ENGEL PROPERTIES Do you want to sell your house ? Do you want to buy a house ? (Wendy on 073 696 3947 1791

Granny Flats ZEEKOEIVLEI ­2 Bed , open plan kitchen & lounge + b/room. R2 500p/m + dep. (021 706 1746/079 048 936 8



Separate Entrances GRASSY PARK Avail. 01/06/ 2011. R2 400p/m.(073 188 8952


142 FRIDGE AND FREEZER REGASSING & REPAIRS Reasonable prices! ( 076 164 0700

R29 500

FOR ALL YOUR PLUMBING Maintanance and new installations. All workmanship guaranteed. (Frank 082 3544 076



R35 500

ALL PLUMBING, good ref.. 076 124 4713

Southfork.310511. 1ARNINK

Page 10 People’s Post Lansdowne

Repairs – Vehicles MOBILE AUTO REPAIRS We come to your car. 7days a week.(083 236 7274

SPRINGFIELD GEARBOX AND DIFF Best prices on all Reconditioned and Repaired Gearboxes and Diffs (021 703 8220 ext 3 / 082 772 2664


Houses for Sale



3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, plus 2 bedroom granny flat, auto garage doors, front paving, yard fully tarred, secure property. Ph Nancy 072 729 9507

WARELEY HOMES Sellers in Strandfontein & M/Plain contact us for a FREE valuation of your property. Robert 021 393 2410/08 3 427 0036


Business Opportunities ASSIST WITH FILLING IN survey/data forms with/ wit­ hout a computer. in Cape Town area. For info, SMS full n a m e / a d d r e s s t o 0 7 1 5 4 8 6 9 4 4 , JS Enterprise. Ph 041­ 360 5382. Redwing Drive, PE AVON cometics looking for unit leaders.(Naseema on 083 886 5786/Chanel on 074 258 2427 AVON REPS NEEDED Call Michelle 021 396 2115 or 082 637 6559 DATA CLERKS needed ­ Work from home with or wit­ hout computers. Sms name and address to 073 176 4267/ 021 952 4322/ 3 Flute Way, Belhar


EARN CASH NOW Sell tupperware full or part time. ( Narriman 084 414 7444 or 021­637 5932 or Zainoe 084 530 0300 WE DON'T REPLY TO PSE CALL ME EARN extra cash in your own time. For more info sms name and address to 074 208 1452 Earn R30 000 p.m. @ Home sms INCOME to 34008 EXTRA income opportunity. Data works with or without a computer. For info sms name, surname & adress to 084 062 4825 /021 704 4293­


2011 Special, Available Immediately, No Experience needed, local + International placements Training + Certificate + Job Placement Flight Attendants, Receptionists, Bank Tellers, Cashiers / Data Capturers, Office Administrators Book Keepers / Accounts Computer IT, Call Centre, Waiters & Bartenders, Home Base Nursing

Free Computer Training

Come to: Bellville, 14 Kruskal Avenue, Same Building with African Bank & PC training building on the 4th Floor. @ AH Personnel / YIES Project, Co.Reg.No.2008/129244/23 CALL: 021 820 3231, 021 829 6620 078-857-8272, 078-857-8271 Registration fee is R500 REGISTER today to avoid disappointments. 5 waterkant street, 5th flr, Rosebank College house, cnr Strand str and Erdely str, near pick n pay. Cape Town. Tel: 021 829 6621

Accommodation Available

17 Liberator Rd, Rocklands FINANCIAL FREEDOM SMS FREEDOM to 34008


STAFF NEEDED Receptionist, Office Admin, Secretaries, Bank clerks, Account clerks, Data capturers, Call Centre agents, Bartenders, Chefs, waiters, Cruise Ship/Flight Attendants We train u for 2 weeks and place you. Visit 63 Strand Str, Nedbank building, 10flr, CPT or Call us: 021 424 1913 078 088 7042 083 466 6033 073 321 2727 Training begins 13 June, Reg: R500


General Vacancies CONSOLIDATION LOAN. Call/sms us on 079 494 6118 EXTRA INCOME with DATAWORX with/ with­out computer. For info, sms Name/Address 073 145 4670 AVON &JUSTINE reps needed. (Mildred 021 696 5866 /079 053 8019 POSTIONS AVAILABLE at Fast Food Restuarant.

Staff Vacancies 5 ,, 4 , HOTELS , BIG SUPERMARKETS & BIG COMPANIES URGENTLY NEEDS! .20 Receptionists .30 Cashiers .20 Barmen .30 Waitrons .20 Porters .50 Cleaners/ Housekeepers .10 Cruiseship Attendants .10 Flight Attendants/ Airhostesses For More details please contact Zetaweb or visit our offices on 112 Long Street, 3rd Floor, room 311, Cape Town, or CALL: 021 426 7615/ 021 820 3654/ 073 219 8380


Staff required: F.O.H­ Cashiers, B.O.H­ allrounders, and delivery driver with valid drivers & motorbike licence. Requirements at least 1 year proven exp. All applicants to fax 2 page CV to: 086 671 8899


CAPE TOWN BASED COMPANY IS OPENING UP A NEW BRANCH & NEEDS TO EXPAND IT'S SALES FORCE! No transport or previous sales experience needed. All training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives. For appointment, call Aileen on 021 465 7852 Terms & Conditions Apply BEAUTY THERAPIST / NAIL TECHNICIAN WITH MINIMUM 6 MONTHS EXPERIENCE NEEDED FOR SALON IN MITCHELLS PLAIN. CALL 083 270 7503


People’s Post Lansdowne Page 11

Hygiene & Bug’s ‘R’ Us (Registered PCO & Member of SAPCA)

Guaranteed Effective PEST CONTROL








ATHLONE: R380 000. Vacant land. BELGRAVIA ESTATE: R799 000. F/S, 3 beds, lounge, plus diningroom, fitted kitchen, single gar, 496m² RYLANDS ESTATE EXT 3 R700 000. Semi, 3 beds, 2 with bic, lounge, open plan to kitchen, granny flat, cnr plot RYLANDS ESTATE: R495 000. Duplex 3 beds, lounge, open plan to kitchen courtyard

Rodents, Bedbugs, Bird Removal & Proofing

“They Bug You We Bug Them!” For a FREE Quotation Call * Bellville - 021 949 5915 * Cape Town - 021 425 2363 * Claremont - 021 674 5327 * Goodwood - 021 591 5209 * Paarl - 021 872 4083 * Table View - 021 556 5601 * Kraaifontein - 021 987 6798

RUYKEYA 082 741 1109



LANSDOWNE : Flat, 2 beds, security block, R460 000 ATHLONE : Large semi, 3 bedrooms, R575 000. LANSDOWNE: OKiep Road, 3 bedrooms, R985 000. FREE VALUATIONS WE NEED PROPERTIES


ALAN 082 475 6643 OFFICE (021) 674 1094

IN SEVERAL AREAS GIVE SIMON FERNANDEZ A CALL on 083 676 2907 Coniston Park – Lovely home R795,000 Pelican Park – next to Mosque R450,000 Heathfield – 4 beds, 2 baths R1,100,000 Steenberg – 322 sq.m. plot R150,000



Tuesday 31 May 2011

R109 900



FREE 2 YEAR 45 000 KM SEVICE PLAN *Model QQ3 0.8 TE Basic Repayment - R1 299.00 pm. Price R69 900.00 Deposit 10%. Period 60 months. Interest Fixed 12% Balloon payment 21.35% (R14 923.65) Includes Initiation Fee R1 140.00 Monthly Fee R57. Total amount R92 865.15. Subject to bank credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.




*Model Chery Tiggo 1.6 TX Man. Repayment - R2 777.00 pm. Price R174 900.00. Deposit 14.05% (R24 566). Period 60 months. Interest Fixed 12%. Balloon payment 30% (R52 470).Includes Initiation Fee R1 140.00, monthly fee R57. Total amount R218 929.84. Subject to bank credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.

Chery Parow 343 Voortrekker Road, Parow Tel: 021 937 7200 Dale - 078 563 8617 Barry - 074 570 0043 Rayaan - 082 598 8885

McCarthy Osman 31 05 11 1ARNHS5.cdr


R1749.98 per month

Repayment: R1749.98 Retail price: R107 000.00 (Retail price R104 950 balance R2 050 on the road costs) Term: 60 months Deposit: 15.90% (R17013.00) Balloon: 25.50% (R27285.00) Fixed Interest Rate: 12.00% for the duration of the Term Initiation Fee: R1140.00 Monthly service fee: R57.00 Total interest paid: R37736.80 Total amount paid: R132 283.80 incl Balloon Fees and interest, but excluding deposit

Call Foton Parow 021 937 7200 · Dale 078 563 8617 · Barry 074 579 0043 · Rayaan 082 598 8885

· Petrol and diesel models · Single and double cab available · E&EO. Prices subject to change


R2690.91per month

Repayment: R2690.91 Retail price: R169 000.00 (Retail price R166 950 balance R2 050 on the road costs) Term: 60 months Deposit: 15.90% (R26871.00) Balloon: 25.50% (R43095.00) Fixed Interest Rate: 12.00% for the duration of the Term Initiation Fee: R1140.00 Monthly service fee: R57.00 Total interest paid: R59381.92 Total amount paid: R204 549.60 incl Balloon Fees and interest, but excluding deposit Mahindra.McCarthy. 06.05.11 1AQ2VN3X.cdr


Page 12 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 31 May 2011



021 705 3507 / 021 705 1798 OFFER IN HOLIDAY INVESTMENT MAKE AN OFFER A/H 021 705 3903 ZEEKOEVLEI - R 820 000 STRAND - R 799 000 Each PELICAN PARK - R 460 000 Fax: 0866 456 755 Large Cnr Dbl Stry 4 bedrms, BIC, 2X 4 bedroom Cottages, next to each Lovely 2 bedrooms, lounge, FF kitch, other, lounge, kitch,dining rm, 2 bathrms, wooden flring, ff kitch with Oven+hob family bathroom,parking for 3 cars, close to the mosque, quiet area.

1 minute frm the beach, Great Invest.

dbl garage, fully secured, lovely area.



SEAWINDS RETREAT - R 370 000 3 bedroom Semi with BIC, lounge tiled, bathroom, enclosed + Wendy.

LOTUS RIVER - R 850 000 Neg Executive Modrn home, 3Bed, loung, dining, MES, family bath, BIC, ff kitch.

FERNESS ESTATE - R 790 000 3 Bedrooms with BIC, lounge, kitch, bathrm, secured, garage, 700 Sqm.

MANENBERG - R270 000 Semi 2 bedrm, lounge, kitch + Wendy potential, large plot, needs TLC!!!

PARKWOOD ESTATE - R 525 000 3 beds with BIC, FF kitchen, lounge, FF kitchen, dining rm, knotty ceilings.

GRASSY PARK - R 320 000 Lake Side Mews, Simplex 2 Bedrm lounge, bath, yard, enclosed complex.

NEWFIELDS - R 290 000 neg Neat 3 bed maisonette, kitch, lounge fully secured, parking pay, Must view

LANSDOWNE - R 890 000 Neg Executive home near Islamia, 3 Beds, lounge / dining, MES, BIC, ff kitch, garage.

PELICAN PARK - R 460 000 3 beds, BIC, lounge, FF kitchen, fully secured, undercover carport 2 cars.

ZEEKOEVLEI - R 350 000

RONDEBOSCH EAST - R 1,3 Miln 3 & 4 Beds, carpets, loung/dining rm family bath, driveway, Larg grounds.

PELICAN PARK - R 570 000 3 bedrms, lounge, FF kitchen, 2 baths, MES, walking closet, next 2 mosque.

LANSDOWNE - R 750 000 Neg Pan Handle Property, 3 Bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, Close to Wetton Circ.

RYLANDS - Johnson Rd R 1,6 Min



GRASSY PRK FLAT - R 260 000 RADIANT MANSIONS Ground Floor , 2 beds, lounge, bath, secured complex.

Vacant Plot fully service, 450Sqm Plans 2 build Dbl St, Cnr Bottom Rd. G/PRK FLATS - R 195K - R 320K 4 Flats from R 195K, 2 beds, BIC, lounge, bath, fully secured complex.

Every Agent Will Promise To Sell Your Home … We GUARANTEE it

If your Home Doesn’t Sell, Mark is Willing to Buy it Himself at a Price Acceptable to You No Gimmicks!

DISTRESS Call Mark on 072 742 6963 for more info SALES!! OR

SMS “G31”, Your Name, Email address/address to 072 742 6963 OR

FREE CALL 0800-00-00-08 24HRS, 7 DAYS A WEEK

For a Guaranteed Sale on Your Home.

Dbl Stry, 4 Beds, lounge / dining rm walkin closet, ff kitch, Double garage.

* Seller and Mark Brickles must agree on guaranteed price at time of listing

SHAFIQA - 073 313 5819 SA-EED - 082 927 5034 ZAHIDA - 084 265 4364 ABDULLAH - 073 657 2805


Axis 10x4 31 05 11

BRANCHES: WETTON 021 761 0707 M/PLAIN 021 391 2200

EST. 1996

Receive a Free list with pics of Below Market Value & other Distress Sale Properties Visit: Or SMS “D31”, Your Name, Email address/ address to 079 174 9961 Remaxultra - 17 05 11



PROSPUR 31 05 11 1ARTGK0.cdr

Towards Marketing Excellence R379 000 LOTUS RIVER Freestanding 2 bdrm home on large plot, fully fitted kitchen, lounge and Garage. Call: Delores 076 706 0910

R4 500 000 PHILIPPI

SEAWINDS: R410.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Mes, FK, G/Flat, Carport, E/Garden, Braai + Lots more. MARIAM 082 641 2157

RONDEBOSCH EAST: R1.999 HUGE CORNER PLOT, Stunning Features, 5Beds, 2xMes, 3xF/Bath. SHEREENA 072 435 4085

WELCOME ESTATE: R795.000 F/s, 4Beds, Lnge cm Drm, Mes, FFK, Garage, F/Carport, Encl, Paved. NORMAN 083 772 8912

WELCOME ESTATE: R560.000 Duplex 3Beds(2xB), TV/room, Lnge, Drm, Laundry, FFK, Garage, Encl. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

HANOVER PARK: R264.999excl Stunning Mais, 3Beds, Lounge, Family Bathroom, Carport, Encl. NAJWA 082 377 7027

OTTERY: R300.000excl Ground Floor Flat, 2Beds, Lounge, Open Plan FK, F/Bath, Encl. NAZEEMA 073 924 4460

CONISTON PARK: R599.999excl F/s, 4Beds, Lnge, Drm, F/Bath, FFK, T/Garage, E/Garden, Encl, B/Bars. ADOLPH 073 193 5878

BONTEHEUWEL: R280.000excl Mais, 2Beds, Lnge, F/Bath, Extension W/House on to Fitted Kitchen, B/Bars. SDAVIES 078 123 2307

OTTERY: R1.050 millon F/s, 4Beds, Walk in Closet, Lnge, Drm, FFK, Pool, Jetmaster, Braai. NAJWA 082 377 7027

SCHAAPKRAAL: R1.600mil Small Holding, 4Beds(Bics), Lnge, F/Place, FFK, 3xF/Baths, 15.250m². KEITH 084 888 2526

L/RIVER – G/PARK: R599.000 F/s, 3Beds, F/Place, OPFFK, Mes, T/Garage, Yard (8xCars), A/Windows. ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

WOODSTOCK: R650.000excl Semi, 3Beds(1xBics), Lounge, F/Bath, Kitchen (Bics), Encl, 172m2 SDAVIES 078 123 2307

BONTEHEUWEL: R349.999excl F/standing, 3Bedrooms, Lounge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Enclosed. NORMAN 083 772 8912

HANOVER PARK: R320.000excl 3Beds, FK, KPC, Lounge, Laundry, Storerm, Garage 3Cars F/Place. ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

GRASSY PARK: R395.000excl Semi, 2Beds, Ent.Hall, Lounge, Drm, F/Bath, FK, Driveway(4xCars), Encl. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

CRAWFORD: R1.450mil F/s, 3Beds, Lnge, Drm, Modern FFK, 2xF/Bath, G/Flat, Pool, Encl. S.ABRAHAMS 072 923 1490

OTTERY: R850.000excl F/s, 4Beds, Lnge, Drm, Mes, Kitchen, MQ, F/Garage, 300m2, F/Encl, TLC PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

PELIKAN PARK: R850.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Lnge, Droom, F/Bath, FK, Laundry, MQ, Garage, Encl, 740m². SHEREENA 072 435 4085

BUSINESS PREMISES MALIBU VILLAGE: R1295.000 6 shops, 4 flats, rental income R20.000pm, fully leased SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

HANOVER PARK: R195.000excl Mais, 2Bedrooms, Lounge, Family Bathroom, Kitchen, Enclosed. GAIL 076 558 9965

CONISTON PARK: R540.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Lounge, D/room, F/Bath, Kitchen, E/Garden, Encl, 349m² LYNETTE 073 580 5059

ZEEKOEVLEI: R750.000excl F/s, 2Beds, Lnge, Drm, 2xF/Bath, Mes, FFK, F/garage, Carport, F/Encl. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

HANOVER PARK: R280.000excl Mais,3Beds,Lounge,FK,Storerm,F/Bath, Park(3xCars), Encl, A/Windows. KEITH 084 888 2526

HANOVER PARK: R250.000excl Semi, 2Beds, Ent.Hall, Lnge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Laundry, Garage, F/Encl. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688


2.65Hectres Farm,5 Beds, lounge, dining study, garage, 2 en suites, 2 separate entrances gardens, Current Rental Income R11 000. Call: Doerrieyah 084 055 3877

R350 000 WESTRIDGE 3 Beds,Toilet & Bath,Kitchen Lounge, Enclosed Parking, Quiet Area Call: Nazeem 084 2950 130 R510 000: PORTLANDS Free standing spacious 3 bdrm, cnr house, ffk, fam.bath., Lounge with fire place, dining room, garage for 2 cars and fully enclosed. Shaamiel 082 723 1118

R200 000 TAFELSIG Free Standing 2 Beds,Lounge Kitchen, Family Bathroom Call: Shihaam 072 192 1411

HOTLINE 082 495 8989

082 495 8989 082 723 1118 084 295 0130 071 203 6341 084 055 3877 076 473 7091 076 706 0910 076 509 3764 083 978 2759


072 192 1411

R320 000 NEW WOODLANDS R239 000 HILLVIEW TAFELSIG R265 000 Maisonette, 2beds b.i.c in 1 Large bedroom with ensuite, FF Kitchen, Lounge 3beds fully enclosed with alarm, lounge Negotiable one room, family, bathroom, lounge, 10m Wendy House, Carport for 2 cars, Fully enclosed fitted kitchen & fam bathroom with shower dining room, kitchen, carport, very neat Call: Doerrieyah 084 055 3877 Call: Delores 076 706 0910 Call: Shanaaz 071 203 6341 R300 000 ROCKLANDS R270 000 TAFELSIG WEST CAPE VILLAS 3 Beds,Kitchen, Family bathroom, Freestanding 3 bdrm house, FROM R339 000 Lounge, Paved back yard, open plan kitchen, Brand new 2 Beds, Only 17 Left, Fairly big grounds family bathroom, large grounds. Call our office or any of our agents Call: Shanaaz 071 203 6341 Call: Shihaam 072 192 1411 R320 000 WESTRIDGE Semi attached 2 bdrm house, open plan kitchen, lounge, family bathroom, Wendy House. Call: Shihaam 072 192 1411

R359 000 RONDEVLEI PARK 2 Beds, Fitted Kitchen, Lounge, Bathroom, Large plot with potential. Call: Doerriyah 084 055 3877.


Free Valuations Debt Advisory Services Free Legal Advice Free Pre-Approvals Free Credit Checks Furniture Removals

s& s rm on Te diti y l n Co App

R250 000 LENTEGEUR 3 Bedroom house, lounge, kitchen bathroom, fully enclosed

Call: Shihaam 072 192 1411

R230 000 TAFELSIG Freestanding 3 bedroom house, fitted kitchen, family bathroom, large grounds Call: Shihaam 072 192 1411

R299 000 LOTUS RIVER R350 000 ROCKLANDS Investors Dream Semi attached 4 Bdrm house, tiled lounge, family bath- 4 Bdrm Maisonette, bathroom, kitchen, room, fitted kitchen also tiled and enclosed driveway lounge with separate entrance Call: Delores 076 706 0910 Call: Shihaam 072 192 1411 R1 100 000 VANGUARD ESTATE R200 000 TAFELSIG 5 Beds, MES, FFK, Dining 3 Beds,Kitchen Pool Braai, Sep entrance + More Family Bathroom, Lounge, Call: Shariff 082 781 2903 Call: Shanaaz 071 203 6341 R220 000: HANOVER PARK R675 000: SAN REMO(A MUST SEE) Modern free standing 3 bdrm(main ensuite) neat 3 bdrm Maisonette, ffk, lounge, family bathroom, tiled throughout, fully alarmed, automated garage doors, fully enclosed with burglar bars, fully enclosed, aluminium windows. ffk 2 bedrm Delores 076 706 0910. R369000: STEENBERG with bics, lounge and dining room with fireplace, 2Bdrmhouse,tiledthroughout,lounge, study laminated flooring throughout, family dinningroom,indoorbraaiandfireplace, bathroom and plenty of parking, knotty-pineceilingsandfullyenclosed Delores 076 706 0910. Shaamiel 082 723 1118.

We have buyers for: Mitchells Plain, Strandfontein, Pelican Park & Heights, Grassy Park, Ottery, Steenberg, Wynberg, Athlone, Heideveld, Bonteheuwel and Surrounding Areas Tel: 021 391 4203 / 021 391 0169 - View our Properties @

ATHLONE 021 696 4114

MITCHELLS PLAIN 021 696 4114 PAMG 6X8 17-05-11-1AQLSGF.cdr


Kamroonisa Saldulker 072 370 2323


We will sell your house Or we will buy it from you CRAWFORD

KAYS-31 05 11




Cheryl Jacobs 079 195 7252


WE ARE LOOKING FOR TRULY EXCEPTIONAL AGENTS TO JOIN OUR TEAM If you are as serious as we are about property, call Nazmie to arrange for a confidential interview. 021 696 4114 / 082 630 6134


Riefqah Jacobs 083 738 7901

Pam Golding Properties An international Associate of Savills

Pamgolding.athl/mitch. 310511. 1ARKVV0

Pam Golding10x8 31.05.11



R1.8 Million


BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 2 | GARAGE: 1 Maid’s quarters, BEDS: 6 | BATHS: 4 | GARAGE: 2 | + POOL WEB ACCESS: KW1042630 1 bath storeroom, WEB ACCESS: KW1047087 SHAMEEMAH 083 335 4713 ANDY 074 470 7068



SHAMEEMAH 083 335 4713


OTTERY R675 000


SHAMEEMAH 083 335 4713


Schaapkraal: Strandfontein Road – Vacant Land – 5000m² – ‘PRIME POSITION FOR BUSINESS’ – R1.7 Million Wynberg: Top Floor Bachelor flat – R320 000 Ottery: Exeter lane- 4 bed, 2 bath, 3 garage, granny flat, workshop. Erf size +1000 m² – R1.395 000 (UNDER OFFER) Schaapkraal: Vacant Land – 8 acres – R1.895 Million (NEW RELEASE) Razeen: 072 619 8155 Retreat: 31 Ardleigh Close (R435 000) (SOLD BY US) Lotus River: Zeekovlei Mews (R345 000) (UNDER OFFER) Steenberg: R350 000 (UNDER OFFER) Grassy Park: R875 000 This beauty offers 3 beds, 2 with bic’s, family bath, en-suite, fully fitted kitchen, lounge, dining, double garage, carport for 3 cars, big ground and separate entrance with 2 bed, bath, kitchen. Situated in quiet location. Grassy Park: R675 000 3 bed, 2 with bic’s, fitted kitchen, bath, lounge tiled, very neat property on corner plot = 509m². Close to Victoria Rd Heathfield/Diep River: R650 000 Large 3 bed flat (98m²) with huge lounge, fully fitted kitchen, family bath, en-suite, balcony with full access control. This very neat flat is located close to transport and major shopping centres Retreat/Sasmere Est : R 895 000 3 bed, lounge, dining, kitchen, en-suite, family bath, garaging for 4 – 6 cars +++++separate entrance, big ground and ideal for big family or business on main road. We have buyers, ready to go. Contact us for a free market related valuation and experience the personalized and professional service and our commitment to deliver on our promise. Andy 074 470 7068



BEDS: 4 | BATHS: 2 | PARKING: 6 | 2ED GRANNY FLAT BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 2 | GARAGE: 3 | GRANNY FLAT WEB ACCESS: KW1045562 WEB ACCESS: KW1013017 RAZEEN 072 619 8155 RAZEEN 072 619 8155


SOLE MANDATE BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 1 | GARAGE: 1 | WEB ACCESS: KW1047926 RAZEEN 072 619 8155





BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 2 | GARAGE: 2 WEB ACCESS: KW1048453 PAM072 GOLDING RAZEEN 619 8155 10x8 10 05 11-1AQ2U1F.cdr


Tuesday 31 May 2011

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 13

The upside­down world of dirty old Eskom TONY ROBINSON

IN a recent column we looked at solar water heaters and how they could save R300 a month on your electricity bill. Now let’s turn all that upside down and look at it from the point of view of the municipality and Eskom. Every solar geyser installed means a saving for you and a loss of roughly R3 500 a year in income for the City of Cape Town. A thousand installations will take the annual loss in revenue to R3,5 million. Cape Town, however, has a population in excess of three million, so the idea of solar panels on 250 000 roofs is not unreasonable, but it would cost the City R875 million a year in lost revenue at today’s prices. Next year the figure will top the billion rand mark. And that will make a huge hole in the municipal budget! Less than 10% of the country’s population lives in Cape Town, so we can multiply the local figure by 10 and that means a potential loss of R10 billion a year for municipalities across the country. The Eskom share of the loss would probably be R5 billion or R6 billion. Solar water heaters are something of a nightmare for the municipalities and Eskom. Of course they have to make the right noises, so Eskom tells us to tweak the geyser temperature, use fluorescent lights and not to put too much water in the kettle to save electricity. What we are seeing, folks, are conjur-

OTTERY/ATHLONE TEL: 021 703 3466 • FAX: 021 703 3480 View photos of our properties on or

OTTERY R340,000neg

OTTERY R450,000neg


OTTERY R630,000neg





SECURE COTTAGE IN COMPLEX 1Bed, ffkitchen, lounge, bathroom, backyard & parking for 2 cars.

INCOMPLETE 3Beds,lounge/d/roomo/p,kitchen,bathrm,garage, size:495m²

2ND FLOOR FLAT 2Beds-bic's, lounge, ffkitchen, bathroom & parking bay

SMART & MODERN 2Beds-1bic's, lounge, bathrm, ffkitchen-marble tops, tandem fully encl garage facade carpor t & plumbing for laundry

3Beds, lounge/d/room-f/p, ffkitchen, bathrm, gar+encl parking 3 cars, alarm, b/bars

FAHIEM 083 301 8999

BASIL 082 414 8232

FAHIEM 083 301 8999

DONNIVAN 083 261 2770

BASIL 082 414 8232


OTTERY R830,000neg

MOUNTVIEW R895,000neg

OTTERY R930,000neg

Presenting offers of R1150,000



Presenting offers of R650,000

ing tricks. A big distracting fuss over little things like keeping the fridge door closed while great and highly profitable amounts of electricity continue to be consumed by electric geysers. The national energy plan says demand side management has barely scratched the surface of the potential saving. And then it ignores the obvious benefits and predicts a huge increase in demand and the desperate need for half a dozen nuclear power stations. If the government was serious about the energy crisis there would be a plan to phase out the pure electric geyser over, say, five years. Perhaps even a tax on electric geysers to subsidise solar water heaters. The other evil in Eskom’s nightmare is gas. A combined cycle gas power station would be cheaper, cleaner and more efficient than anything Eskom is building now. Even worse is that it would open the way for a reticulated supply of natural gas to industrial areas, and make it possible for many factories to use gas for their process heat. And Eskom would lose major customers. In fact, three plans for gas power stations in the Western Cape have already been shot down. They were probably seen as the thin end of a dangerous wedge. So the upside-down picture is that solar water heaters, gas and serious energy saving are bad for dirty old Eskom, even though they would be good for the country, the climate and for us. The great truth, folks, is that the electricity you don’t use is the cheapest electricity of all.

War and the media at Labia on Orange “THE War You Don’t See”, a documentary about the role of the media in war, will premiere in Cape Town at the Labia on Orange Cinema on Sunday 5 June at 18:15, on Monday 6 June at 20:30 and on Tuesday 7 June at 18:15. This film by John Pilger is a “powerful and timely” investigation into the media’s role in war, tracing the history of embedded and independent reporting from the carnage of World War I to the destruction of Hiroshima, and from the invasion of Vietnam to the cur-

rent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The screenings will be followed by a facilitated audience discussion. This event is presented by the Labia and While You Were Sleeping, which is a Cape Town-based non-profit film collective committed to bringing progressive, non-mainstream documentaries with important social, political and environmental messages to South African audiences. Tickets are R20 and can be reserved by calling The Labia at (021) 424-5927.


The link between neuroscience and consciousness WEB REF: AE0151




3Beds-bic's & mes, lounge, kitchen, bathrm, paved with garden,garage & Sep entrance.

3Beds-bic's & mes, loungef/p,ffkitch, bathrm, scullery,study, u/c braai, por ta pool, tand c/port-automated

DOUBLE VALUE - IDEAL FOR DUAL LIVING Main H: 3Beds-mes, ffkitchen, carpor t, alarm, 2nd H: 2Beds,ffkitchen,sec fencing, big grounds

3Beds-mes, lounge, d/room,ffkitchen, fam bathrm, fam room-jemaster, dbl garage+sgl carport & b/bars.

ENTERTAINERS DREAM 3Beds+ens & 1- f/p, Off/Bed, ffkitchen-g/tops, Ent rm+BIB & bar, Spl pool, sgl gar, carpor t & lots more..

PAM 073 344 9161

DONNIVAN 083 261 2770

GRAHAM 083 741 4953

BASIL 082 414 8232


A FREE public talk titled “Can neuroscience throw light on consciousness?”, by Baroness Susan Greenfield, director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain and Fullerian Professor of Physiology at Oxford, will be held at

the SA Astronomical Observatory Auditorium, Observatory Road on Tuesday 7 June at 17:00. For more information and directions visit

PAM 073 344 9161 RAWSON OTTERY 31 05 11 1ARUK6F.cdr


CALL Mark Anthony 021 704 2160/ 083 482 4250

View pictures of houses



R799 000

(Close to Milton Road)

Large 3 beds, large tiled lounge & dining room, lovely fully fitted kitchen (including double oven,hob), tiled bathroom, separate toilet, very large entertainment room (Bar & indoor braai), large yard,garage, 495m² plot.

Ruyterwacht Only R599 000

Ottery Only R430 000 (Close to Mosque)


R499 000

(Royal Mews)

Duplex, Close to Ottery Station, M5 Highway and Ottery Hyper. 2 beds, bic, tiled bathroom, fully fitted kitchen, large tiled lounge, paved yard, parking bay + Lots of visitors parking. Westridge R339 000


Renovated, Large 3 beds, lounge & dining room, kitchen, bathroom. View more pics @

Large 3 beds,main en-suite, large tiled lounge & fully fitted kitchen (Knotty Pine Ceilings), family bathroom, drive-way, + drive-thru double tandem garage, large yard,enclosed.

Grounf Floor Flat with Front & Back Garden. 2 beds, bics, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, tiled thru-out parking bay. (If your combined gross income is R13 800.00 per month you can live in Ottery)

ANTHONY ARENDSE 021-704 0289 082 673 1503 MARK ANTHONY2 310511 1ARRF7V

Eastridge Only R249 000

Rocklands R349 000 (Close To Station)

Lakeview Only R499 000

3 beds, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom + Granny Flat + Garage.

Free-Standing, Large 3 beds, fitted kitchen, bathroom, paved yard, remote gates, CCTV Cameras.

Extended 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, enclosed.

3 BEDS, FITTED KITCHEN, BATHROOM, LOUNGE, YARD. EXTENDED. (If you earn R8000.00 per month you can buy this house

Belhar R299 000

Westgate R459 000 (Behind Virgin Active)

Crawford Only R869 000 (Nice Area)

Bishop Lavis Only R 459 000

Free-Standing, Large 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom. New tiles thru-out, newly painted inside, drive-way, large yard. (If your combined wages is R9 500 pm you can buy this house).

Lovely 2/3 beds, fitted kitchen, lounge, bathroom, big yard + Granny Flat.

Lovely 3 beds, lounge & dining room, (Fire-Place), Fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, Drive-thru garage, nice size yard.

Lovely 3 beds, large lounge (Knotty Pine Ceiling), bathroom, fitted kitchen, Double Garage, large grounds.

(Behind Shopping Centre)

Newfields Village Only R249 000


Page 14 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Pacesetting Stormers face a flyhalf crisis TASMIN CUPIDO

WHEN the DHL Stormers take on the new kids in the Super Rugby competition, the Melbourne Rebels, on Friday, they will be looking to make it three wins out of four matches on tour. But with injuries in vital positions plaguing the Cape side, the decision of who to field against the side that has impressed critics throughout the season, will determine just how the Stormers end their four-week Australasian tour. After losing the services of their point-scoring machine and flyhalf, Peter Grant, just last week, the Stormers have been dealt another blow with the loss of scrumhalf Dewaldt Duvenhage, who sustained an injury to his ankle during the side’s 16-3 victory over the Brumbies in the Australian capital of Canberra the past weekend. Duvenhage, who flew back home on Sunday, will be replaced by seasoned scrumhalf Ricky Januarie, while head coach Allister Coetzee will have a tough time selecting a suitable replacement for Grant. He opted for 20-year-old Kurt Coleman for the Brumbies clash,

and says he was satisfied with his performance. “I am very pleased with Kurt’s performance – he’s still very young, and this is still very much part of his apprenticeship,” Coetzee said after the match. “He needs to gain a lot more experience, but it really is great that he is doing so in a winning side.” Despite being impressed with Coleman, Coetzee has also asked former Lions utility back and now Griquas flyhalf, Earl Rose, to join the squad in Melbourne. He has also called on the services of Vodacom Cup flyhalf and scrumhalf, Louis Schreuder. During the match against the Brumbies it was evident that the men from the Cape tried their best to keep Coleman protected, keeping the ball away from him whenever they could. Rose, despite having more experience than Coleman, has been inconsistent over the past couple of seasons – with his career being marred by off-the-field incidents. But his natural talent and ability to read the match may be the trigger needed in the Stormers backline. However, the question of whether Rose is really the only option available to the men in navy-blue-

and-white needs to be asked. The injury list sees Grant, Gray van Aswegen, Lionel Cronjé and Sam Lane benched at the moment. But in the beginning stages of the season, who would be wearing the coveted number-10 jersey was a toss up between Van Aswegen, Cronjé and Elgar Watts – a Boland player who impressed all during the warm-up matches. Watts, who was part of the training squad since December last year, is fit and has been playing impressive rugby in a struggling Boland outfit. He has proven that he has the ability to dictate the backline while playing for the Pumas in last year’s Currie Cup, and has also notably worked on his placement and from-hand kicking. Then there’s the impressive flyhalf, Dimitri Catrakilis, from current Varsity Cup champions FNB UCT, who has also been overlooked. Talks that Catrakilis may be leaving the Cape to ply his trade with the EP Kings has surfaced. In the end, Coetzee will probably be using the match against the Rebels to test combinations and cement the strongest players to possibly take over from his firstchoice players.

SANDWICHED: DHL Stormers hooker, Deon Fourie, is tackled by two Brumbies players during the Super Rugby clash between the two sides in Canberra, Australia on Saturday. The Stormers were eventual 16­3 vic­ tors. Photo: Getty Images

WP club rugby results SATURDAY 28 MAY:– Super A: UCT 55 Villager 20; Helderberg 18 SK Walmers 42. Super B: Brackenfell 44 Young Peoples 21; Collegians 27 Pniel Villagers 28; Kuils River 27 Hands & Heart 29; Primrose 30 Bellville 35; Tygerberg 25 NNK 24. Premier A: Rangers 27 Kraaifontein 17; Hamlets 31 Elsies River 21; Goodwood 26 St George’s 21; Langa 32 Scottsdene 19. Premier B: Franschhoek 10 Sir Lowrians 42; Silverleaf 12 Lagunya 17; Macassar 27 Milnerton 12; Van der Stel 23

Strand United 27. Division 1: Paarl Rangers 18 Young Stars 23; Hamediehs 27 Kylemore 7; Strand 25 Raithby 30; Eerste River 20 Northerns 14. Division 2: Blue Jets 25 Whistling Wheels 3; Temperance 9 Manenberg Rangers 10; Blue Stars 12 Rocklands 8; All Saints 10 Watsonia 25; Strand Pioneers 25 Atlantis 34. Division 3: Young Ideas 77 Bishop Lavis 5; Violets 36 Young Brothers 15; Richmond Rangers 7 Perseverance 27. Division 4: Delft 24 Thistle 7; Mitchell’s Plain United 5 Titans 40; Progress 18 Imiqhayi 19.

COMRADES CELEBRATION: Former Mitchell’s Plain athlete, Farwa Mentoor ,savours the moment after becom­ ing the first South African woman to win 10 gold medals in the history of the Comrades Marathon on Sunday. Mentoor, now based in Gauteng and seen in the colours of Bonitas, placed fifth in a time of 6hrs 35min 49sec in the 89km race from Durban to Pietermaritzburg. Mentoor was the first SA athlete to cross the finish line in the women’s race. Rusian athlete, Elena Nurgalieva, won her sixth title in a time of 6:24:11. Her twin, Olesya Nurgalieva, placed second in 6:24:35.

All set for anticipated Glenville reunion ALL former Glenville professional and amateur footballers are invited to a reunion on Friday 10 June at the Stephanian clubhouse, off De Wet Road in Ottery, starting at 19:00.

The reunion is also open to all ex-Cape Town Spurs pro footballers and fans of the 1970s and 80s. Please call Vincent Naude on 082 663 7240 or on (021) 931-7224 (office hours).

FULL CONTROLMilano United AFC’s Ishmael Maroof counters Ricardo Ndiki of Lucky Stars AFC, during Milano’ 4­1 win in an Engen Knockout Challenge play­off for under­17s at Strandfontein on Sunday.Photo: Rash­ ied Isaacs

Tuesday 31 May 2011 KICKING IT: Dillon Solomons (left) of Green­ wood Ath­ letic AFC comes in for rough treat­ ment from Sharief Said of Strand­ fontein AFC in an aerial du­ el during Strand­ fontein’s 1­0 win in an Engen Knockout Chal­ lenge un­ der­17 di­ vision play­off at the Spine Road Sports Complex in Strand­ fontein on Sunday. Photos Rash­ ied Isaacs


People’s Post Lansdowne Page 15

FOOT LOOSE: Milano United AFC’s Juraish Ahmed (right) puts a stop to the advances of Sandile Yeza and Ricardo Ndiki of Lucky Stars AFC, during Milano’s 4­1 win in an Engen Knockout Chal­ lenge under­17 division play­off at Strandfontein on Sunday.

HANDS ON: Chad­ win Pe­ tersen (left) of Green­ wood Ath­ letic AFC foils Sashin Cerfontyne of Strand­ fontein AFC, dur­ ing an un­ der­17 En­ gen Knock­ out Challenge play­off at Strandfon­ tein on Sunday. Strandfon­ tein won 1­0. PACY: Rygersdal AFC’s Waseem Amien races Tashreeq Fillies of Ajax Cape Town, during Ajax’s 3­0 win in an under­17 division Super League match of the LFA Cape Town Tygerberg at Rondebosch on Saturday.

SANDWICHED: Lugmaan McTavish (centre) of Manenberg Rangers offloads a pass as Ivan Smuts (left) and Ryan Roman of Temperance challenge, during Manenberg Rangers’ 10­9 win in a Western Province Division Two rugby match at City Park Sports Complex, Athlone on Saturday.

CHARGED UP: Temperance RFC’s Jerome Page attempts to get away from Alistair Barends of Manenberg Rangers RFC, during a WP Division Two rugby match at City Park Sports Complex, Athlone on Saturday. Manenberg Rangers won 10­9.


STOCKISTS OF PAINT 5L Supa PVA interior paint various colours R39-95 /5L Safari Gloss Enamel Oil Paint Interior / Exterior R139-00 /5L

If you have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, train accident, police shooting, or due to medical negligence, you may have a claim against a government department for compensation.

Contractors 20L PVA Interior / Exterior


We are personal injury attorneys, who specialise in serious injuries. We are prepared to work on a no win-no fee basis. For further queries, contact

BP Gas

021 423 4601

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• Gas Centre • Appliances • Accessories

Many more specials in-store



Three burner, self igniting stove with pipe, clamps & regulator

R2800 R5500 00 4.5 kg R75 00 9.0 kg R150 1.3 kg

3.0 kg

R23500 00 19 kg R310

14 kg

48 kg


Tel: 021 932 4106/5 • Address: 306 Halt Rd, Elsies River

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 31 May 2011

The Midas touch BRIAN GAFFNEY


JAX CAPE TOWN FC ace, Thulani Serero, made sure his name will be embossed in gold in the annals of South African soccer history when he won four major awards at the 2010/11 Premiership Awards ceremony held in Johannesburg on Sunday evening. Serero (21) was awarded the Premier Soccer League (PSL) Footballer of the Year, as well as the Absa Premiership Player of the Season, Players’ Player of the Season and Absa RedHot Young Player of the Season awards. The Soweto-born Serero – who joins defending Dutch champions Ajax Amsterdam

GLITZ AND GLORY: Thulani Serero won four ma­ jor PSL awards. Photo: Gallo Images

FC (which has signed him up) on 27 June for pre-season training – received a record total of R600 000 in prize money at the glittering awards ceremony. Serero’s achievement of winning the PSL Player of the Year earned him R250 000 in the face of challenges from two other nominees – Ajax defender Clayton Daniels and Orlando Pirates midfielder Andile Jali. Serero – a nominee for five Premiership awards – was denied a clean sweep when he lost out to Tlou Segolela of triple champions Pirates, who won the Absa-lutely Awesome Goal Award. Serero hit the target 11 times this past season. He joined Ajax in 2008 and won the PSL Young Footballer award for the 2009/2010 season. Jali (21), received the Nedbank Cup Young Player of the Tournament award (R100 000) on Sunday evening. Kaizer Chiefs’ Knowledge Musono won the Telkom Knockout Player of the Tournament (R250 000) and Bloemfontein Celtic’s Patrick Tignyemb walked off with the Premiership Goalkeeper award (R50 000). Dutch coach, Ruud Krol, who guided Pirates to the Premiership, Nedbank Cup and Top Eight championship titles, received the Coach of the Year award (R75 000). Serero’s domination of the Premiership awards crowned a golden season in his professional career. Serero also won the Player of the Year award at Ajax’s presentation dinner at Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday evening. Another popular Ajax award winner was Kensington-born Granwald Scott. The 23year-old Scott started out with Kensington AFC juniors and debuted for Ajax at age 17 in the PSL in 2004. Scott was preferred as a wide midfielder until Dutch coach, Foppe de Haan – during his two-year spell – switched him to a defensive central midfield position. Scott flourished in his new role until he sustained a knee injury that sidelined him for Ajax’s final two crucial league clashes. His absence hit Ajax hard, as they succumbed 4-0 to Chiefs and drew 2-2 with Maritzburg United – with the results affording Pirates the chance to snatch the title from Ajax with a better goal difference record. The other Ajax individual award winners for 2010/11 were Thembinkozi “Terror” Fanteni (Golden Boot Award) and Khama Billiat (Rookie of the Year).

GREAT SCOTT: Ajax Cape Town FC’s Gran­ wald Scott oozes confi­ dence, after receiving the 2010/11 Sportsman of the Year award at Ajax’s awards din­ ner held at Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday evening. Pho­ to:

SOS for ball volunteers THE Western Province Softball Federation needs to double its confirmed list of volunteers to 200 to ensure the smooth running of the International Softball Federation (ISF) Junior Women World Championship for under-19s in Cape Town. Province will host the 16-nation ISF championship – in partnership with Softball South Africa (SSA) – at the Turfhall Stadium in Crawford from 7 to 17 December. The participants are the defending champions USA, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Germany, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Russia and hosts South Africa. Noore Nacerodien, the head of the Local Organising Committee, says there is an urgent need for Spanish, Portugese, Mandarin, German, Italian, Russian and Japanese-speaking persons to serve as liaison

offers for the touring teams. Additional airport ambassadors, telecommunication and IT specialists, as well as marketing and hospitality staff are also required. Nacerodien says there are signs that large groups of ball fans from across the world will make their way to Cape Town for the championship. He says that about 80 New Zealand fans have already sought hotel accommodation. The USA has also already confirmed the arrival of their team and fans on 1 December. A volunteer information session will be held at Athlone Stadium (East Stand) on Wednesday 1 June, starting at 18:30. Interested persons may call Danielle Davids on 073 201 8235 or or Nacerodien on 076 566 7774.

Pay direct to us, Why wait? 17% INTEREST

5 99 9 R5 IMMAC A/C P/S

2004 RENAULT CLIO 1.4 EXPRESSION Dep. R28 000 R1251 x 36 Total 73 036

95 9 9 R3


1996 VW GOLF 3 1.8 GSX Dep: 18 500 R1003 ×30 Total R48 590

95 9 9 R6 2001 TOYOTA COROLLA 160 AUTO Dep. R36 000 R1323 x 36 Total R83 628

95 9 9 R4 SPORTY A/C P/S

1996 TOYOTA CONQUEST 16- I RS Dep. R23 000 R1073 x 36 Total R61 628


95 99


1996 FORD FALCON 4.0 GLi Dep. R14 000 R922 x 24 Total R36 128

95 9 7 R4


2000 VW CITI GOLF 1.4i Dep: R22 500 R1020 x 36 Total R59 220

95 9 9 R6 A/C P/S LUXURY

1998 LEXUS G5300 AUTO Dep: R36 000 R1323 x 36 Total R83 628

95 9 9 R4 FSH

1999 HONDA BALLADE 160i AUTO Dep. R23 000 R1080 x 36 Total R61 880

Interest & Service charges are included in these monthly instalments

95 9 4 R8 FSH A/C P/S

2000 MERC-BENZ C180 AUTO Dep: R45 000 R1537 ×36 Total R100 332

95 69


1997 VW CITI GOLF 1.6 Dep. R12 500 R848 x 24 Total R32 852



2001 HYUNDAI ATOS PRIME 1.0 Dep. R16 800 R950 x 30 Total R45 300


1999 MAZDA ETUDE 180SE Dep: R10 700 R931 x 18 Total R27 458

Peoples Post Lansdowne Edition 31-05-2011  

Peoples Post Lansdowne Edition 31-05-2011

Peoples Post Lansdowne Edition 31-05-2011  

Peoples Post Lansdowne Edition 31-05-2011