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Tuesday 3 July 2012

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House a ‘horror haven’ TAMMY PETERSEN

OUTSIDE, the windows have been boarded shut, the paint is peeling and the front “garden” is more of a dumpsite. But, residents say, this is a mere “voorsmakie” of the filth and “disgusting activity” taking place between the corrugated iron sheets of the house in Lansdowne Road. A notice of intention to declare the property a problem building was issued to the owner’s son. The City of Cape Town’s Problem Building Unit is now awaiting representations from a family trust, which owns the house. Locals are unsure of how long the vacant house has been empty and the derelict property wasn’t much neater when the previous tenants lived there, one particularly clued-up neighbour says. The house stands out amongst the wellmaintained properties in the business hub. Lillian Paulsen says “dirty-looking people” frequent the house, and she regularly spots them entering through the stripped fence. “I walk down Lansdowne Road every day

and there are always different faces,” she says. “I have no idea who owns the house, but they are leaving their property – and neighbours – vulnerable to all sorts of ruffians who are undoubtedly using it for bad deeds.” Resident Mark Overmeyer claims the house is being used by prostitutes who ply their trade near Wetton Circle. “Those women seem to have settled in quite nicely,” he says. “When I drive past there at night, I see cars parked on the grass in front of the property with their lights off. I am sure those drivers aren’t standing there watching traffic go by,” An elderly resident, who did not want to be named, says the house is believed to be for sale. “Now isn’t that funny,” she says. “Who is their right mind would want to buy that? It’s a horror haven.” When People’s Post visited the ramshackle house last week, two men and a woman – one carrying a bag which made a distinct clinking sound – emerged from the side “gate”, which is a mere frame which seems to have been stripped. When asked who the house belonged to,

they shrugged their shoulders. “It’s empty,” the woman said. “I think they’re trying to sell it.” Lansdowne resident Rafiq Shabodien says the house will “probably be occupied” by vagrants by the end of the year. “The homeless problem is no secret in Lansdowne. I’m surprised that no one has illegally moved in yet,” he says. Richard Bosman, the director of the City’s safety and security division, says after People’s Post enquired about the property, an inspection was carried out at the site. At the time, vagrants – believed to have gained access through a hole where a window once was – were found inside the house. Bosman says the overgrown state and the household rubble strewn on the property is cause for concern. The notice has since been delivered to the owner’ relative. “In addition,” Bosman says, “the by-law gives the City the authority to implement any remedial action necessary if the owner fails to comply with the instruction. The owner will be liable for any cost which the City may incur whilst implementing remedial action.”

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Tuesday 3 July 2012

When reality bytes back Dear reader, Like the thousands of hopefuls who enter Idols each year, most of us believe we’re stars. And why not? After all, each of us has an interesting life story to tell and if movies were made of these, we would all be stars. Real life tales aside, there’s nothing more powerful than having a dream, or in the case of most Idols contestants who clearly can’t carry a tune, more misguided. Despite being told in the most candid manner by the show’s judges that they can’t sing, the delusional masses return, year after year. And suckers for punishment, such as I, allow them to assault my senses, year after year. Idols is one of many reality shows followed by millions of voyeuristic TV viewers, greedy for full-on glimpses into others’ lives. It’s hard to believe that with the advent of TV back in the 70s, riveting viewing was

provided by the sedate likes of shows like Dallas and Kojak and truly innocent children’s programmes such as Heidi and Black Beauty. Back in District Six, my parents were among the first to acquire a black-and-white Blaupunkt telly, for which my mom paid all of R450 cash; impressive! This meant that on Dallas nights, relatives from as far as Walmer Estate traipsed to our home to keep up with the doings of the Ewings. It’s painful, but I still remember the theme music to this and other 70s TV programmes; almost as well as I remember my older cousin loudly crunching his way through a bag of carrots while the rest of us strained to hear every word coming out of this wonderful wooden box. Now we are spoilt for choice and consumers seem content with nothing short

of a full menu of reality viewing, the full bouquet served instantly. This is symptomatic of human behaviour, seldom satiated. And despite the endless options 21st century technology has ushered in, we don’t stop wanting the next new cellphone or computer. The big old brick-of-ablock Nokia cellphone everyone had to have when cellphones were a novelty, is now sneered at. Facebook and other social network sites have given truth to the term “imaginary friends” as some people clock up thousands of “www friends”; while at the same time professing to leading very lonely (meaning real) lives. And when you’ve had enough of your virtual friends, after a virtual tiff, you simply boot them off BB or FB - no questions asked.

Hip Hot Happening

Get down to the Vangate Mall Youth Expo from 2 to 14 July and experience a feast of fun and fashion, song and dance, science and technology, sport and recreation. “Two Minutes to Fame” Talent Search 8 July, 2 - 5pm. To enter, contact Hilton Carlse on 083 751 5787 Goodhope fm “Teen Show” 7 July, 12 - 3pm Matric Dance Fashion Show 14 July at 2pm With “The Black Ties” featuring Chad Saaiman, Lloyd Jansen and Keeno Lee Chess demonstration 2 - 4 July, 10am - 4pm Putt Putt 9 - 13 July, 10am - 5pm “Heavenly Bodies” interactive display with the SA Astronomical Observatory 10 - 11 July, 10am - 2pm Choo Choo train 2 - 8 July Story Hour 5 July, 1 - 1.45pm

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of technology and its many benefits such as cost-effective communication, access to information and connection to others. I have no desire to return to the days of penpals and handwritten letters, but where do we draw the line? Some people take social networking to scary levels; broadcasting their painful experiences on a myriad of digital platforms. Others cowardly end relationships via email. Then there are the inherent dangers this exposure brings, to the impressionable and vulnerable. But who am I to judge when I too have become enslaved to modern technology and cannot imagine being without my nifty gadgets and the endless possibilities it brings? ’Til next time, go well! ConnectED is a weekly column by People’s Post editor Feroza MillerIsaacs who can be contacted on People’s Post in online. Visit


Tuesday 3 July 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 3

Sick of police ‘incompetence’ TAMMY PETERSEN

AN 80-YEAR-OLD senior citizen is taking the law into her own hands. Iris Poole, a pensioner from Athburg Walk in Hanover Park, says she will rather walk the streets and find her property herself than “become another case number” at Philippi police station. The widow says she has been a victim of umpteen house burglaries after her husband died in 2005. “I have had nothing but grief from those officers,” she says. “Not one case that I have reported has resulted in anyone being sent to jail.” Last Tuesday, she woke up to find her entire picket fence had been carried away during the night. “I threw up my hands in despair because it’s just another thing that I will never get back – or get justice for,” the feisty woman says. “I walked around and asked people if they had seen what had happened but no one could give me any answers. By that time, the wood was probably burning in someone’s galley.” Everything from her clothes to her taps have been stolen, causing thousands of rands in damages. “How must I afford to replace these things? I’m just a pensioner. Don’t they have any respect for the elderly, or is that why they are targeting a defenceless woman?” But the most upsetting theft to her was when her “little pets” were stolen last year. “I had a beautiful fish pond in the front of my house. First they stole my nets, then the steel pegs and eventually my little fishes. I was so upset – that was just a spiteful move.” But Poole isn’t the only one complaining about the service provided by Philippi police. Rafik Ridder says he reported the theft of

his cellphone a few months ago, but police were unable to make any arrests – even after he fingered a neighbour for the deed. “The guy tried to sell my phone a few houses away. When I cornered him, he told me he didn’t have it – it was probably sold an hour after he took it,” he says. Despite telling the policeman at the charge office that a resident was willing to confirm that the man had tried to paw the cellphone off on him, he was told that he “needed more evidence”. “It’s not my job to solve the case,” he says angrily. “I watch enough CSI to know how real policemen are supposed to work.” Another resident, Sarie van der Vent, says many of her neighbours have rather gone to find their stolen things themselves, without reporting it to the police. “It’s easier to find it yourself,” she says. “Ons weet wie die tikkoppe en skelms is. By the time the police arrive, the stuff already has a new owner.” Warrant Officer Ettienne Conradie, the spokesperson for Philippi police, says residents who feel their cases are not getting the attention it deserve should report their complaints to the station commissioner. “These claims will then be investigated and action will be taken should they be founded,” he says. “The police has a responsibility to the public to follow up on every charge laid, but victims also have the responsibility to speak up if they feel they aren’t being assisted as they should be.” Conradie says complainants have to “understand the way the law works” before claiming police incompetence. “Investigation is needed to build a case before an arrest is made. While we work as swiftly as possible, it takes time to gather information to build a rock-solid case. While all details provided are taken into consideration, it needs to be substantiated.”

A GOOD CAUSE: Turfhall Chesh­ ire Home in Lansdowne held their raffle on Fri­ day in order to raise funds for the home. A lucky winner from Strandfon­ tein walked away with a new Lexus IS 250 worth R450 000. From left, Ivan Charles, ad­ ministrator of the home, draws the winning tick­ et with Aden Thomas, MC for the evening and Joe Ludski, a regular sponsor, looking on. Photo:

FENCE OFF: Iris Poole next to the area where her picket fence used to be. She has been try­ ing to find the stolen wood the past week, and has decided against reporting the theft. Photo: Rashied Isaacs


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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Consumers shocked at steep price hike LILLIAN AMOS

WITH the new financial year in full swing, the City of Cape Town’s electricity tariff increase has become a reality.

YOUTH­FULL: Young and old from Hanover Park were treated to various events during Youth Month. Kaprinos in Belgravia recently treated 40 youngsters to a hearty meal; Lady Bee in Athlone donated a 100­litre pot of food to Community Workers for the People who then distributed it to the hungry, along with snacks for children; and the Hanover Park Health Committee also treated patients to a hot meal at the local community health centre. Here Kaprinos owner, Shamshad Kaprey, checks on some of his little guests. Photo: Gigi Richards

PUBLIC NOTIFICATION OF THE 2012/2013 SERVICE DELIVERY AND BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION PLAN (SDBIP) Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 53 (3) (a) of Act No. 56 of 2003: Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) that the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan for the 2012/2013 financial year will be available at all Subcouncil offices (as listed below), libraries and the City of Cape Town’s website idp from Thursday 5 July 2012 on weekdays between 08:30 and 16:30 up to and including Monday 6 August 2012. AREA


Cape Town

Reception Desk, Concourse, Civic Centre, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town

All Libraries

Click on for list of all libraries.


Since Sunday, consumers have to cough up, on average, 11% more for electricity. The City says the tariff hike has been put in place to “construct and maintain” equipment that transforms the power supply so it meets customer’s needs, supplies public lighting and provides secondary support services. The electricity services department is the link between electricity supplier Eskom and consumers. The City has two different tariff structures for residential properties – lifeline and domestic. The lifeline tariffs apply to households using 450 kilowatt hours (kWh) or, as it is more commonly known, 450 units on average a month. Residents who qualify for the lifeline tariff receive free basic electricity allocations each month. Those who use on average more than 450kWh a month are charged the domestic tariff. In essence, the more electricity you use, the more you pay. There is a sliding scale attached to the cost of electricity in the lifeline category, engineered to drive down electricity consumption. With the price increases, residents who fall into the lifeline tariff category will pay just under 65 cents a kWh/unit for the first 150 units they buy. The City effectively pays for the first 50 units which are free under the lifeline tariff.

If you buy between 150 and 350 units, the price a unit is just under 90 cents, which is an 11% increase. If you buy between 350 and 600 units, there is a 9.9% increase, and If you buy more than 600 units it will cost 18.7% more. The City has urged consumers to buy only the amount of electricity they anticipate to use in a month, because excess electricity will be charged at a higher rate. It has also urged customers to try and save electricity where possible to minimise their consumption. Silvia Grove says she can’t afford giving out more money on bills. “Everything is becoming more expensive; last time it was the petrol, then Metrorail and now the electricity. It is becoming too much to keep up with.” Gadieja Ismail makes soup for the children from her community every week. She also runs a catering business and says the new price hike will leave a hole in her pocket. “I have been cooking for many years, and now it seems my passion has to be curbed because I already spend so much on electricity. I’m going to have to scale down drastically.” Save on electricity by: . Turning the geyser temperature down to 60 degrees Celsius. Maintaining this temperature uses less electricity than maintaining a temperature of 70 degrees C. Don’t drop it below 60 degrees Celsius for health reasons. . Using less hot water by taking showers instead of a bath. Also, take shorter showers. Fill the kettle with only the water you need. Wash a full load of dishes rather than one dish at a time. . Switching off equipment not in use. Turn appliances off at the wall plug, rather than leaving them on standby as this can still draw 20% or more of normal electricity use.



Municipal Offices, Royal Ascot, Bridle Way, Milnerton


Municipal Offices, Brighton Way, Kraaifontein


Municipal Building, Voortrekker Road, Goodwood


Municipal Offices, 1st Floor, cnr Voortrekker and Tallent Roads, Parow


Municipal Offices, cnr Jakkelsvlei Avenue and Kiaat Road, Bonteheuwel


Municipal Building, Voortrekker Road, Bellville

The cut-off date for registration is 20 July 2012. This data base will constitute the voters’ roll for the establishment of ward committees. The data base will receive new registrations again after 3 November 2012.


Municipal Offices, Oxford Street, Durbanville

Please call your nearest subcouncil for further information regarding this process.


Municipal Offices, cnr Fagan Street and Main Road, Strand


A Block Stocks & Stocks Complex, Ntlakohlaza Street, Town 2, Village 1, Khayelitsha


Site B, Khayelitsha Shopping Centre, Khayelitsha


Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu


Parks & Bathing Building, Merrydale Avenue, Lentegeur


Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu


Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu


Pinelands Training Centre, St Stephens Road, Central Square, Pinelands


11th Floor, 44 Wale Street, Cape Town


Athlone Civic Centre, cnr Protea and Klipfontein Roads, Athlone


Cnr Buck Road and 6th Avenue, Lotus River


Fish Hoek Civic Centre, Central Circle, Recreation Road, Fish Hoek

20 21 22

Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road, Constantia Oostenberg Administration, cnr Van Riebeeck and Carinus Streets, Kuilsriver Oostenberg Administration, cnr Van Riebeeck and Carinus Streets, Kuilsriver


Parks & Bathing Building, Merrydale Avenue, Lentegeur


Cnr Delft and Fort Worth Roads, Delft


On 28 September 2011 Council approved rules for the establishment of Ward Committees. This includes provision for the registration of Community based organisations on the City’s data base. Only registered organisations are eligible to nominate a representative to serve on a Ward Committee.

Subcouncil 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24


Manager Peter Deacon Fred Monk Johannes Brand Ardela van Niekerk Martin Julie Pat Jansen Carin Viljoen Izak du Toit Thando Siwisa Fezekile Cotani Kayise Nombakuse Kennith Snippers Lunga Bobo Christopher Jako Mariette Griessel Marius Coetsee Edgar Carolissen Okkie Manuels Desiree Mentor Brian Ford Pieter Grobler Richard Moi Raphael Martin Anthony Mathe

Contact no 021 550 1001 021 980 6053 021 590 1676 021 938 8050 021 695 8161 021 918 2024 021 970 3002 021 850 4149 021 360 1351 021 360 1267 021 630 1600 021 371 4550 021 630 1600 021 630 1600 021 531 3437 021 487 2055 021 637 9757 021 700 4020 021 784 2011 021 794 2493 021 900 1502 021 900 1508 021 371 4551 021 956 8000


Tuesday 3 July 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 5

Kenwyn commuters ‘targeted’ TAMMY PETERSEN

HE HAS been using the same route for the past three years without incident. But last week, a student became the latest victim of crime. Residents believe that a group of men are lurking in the streets of Kenwyn, targeting commuters walking home from Wetton station. The 24-year-old says he was walking home on Wednesday when he was approached by a well-dressed man who asked him for a cigarette. “I told him I don’t smoke as I continued to walk,” he says. He had barely taken his next step when he heard the man mutter into his ear: “Shut up, of ek skiet jou in jou bek”. “I stopped dead in my tracks and put up my hands. He started searching my pock-

Fight addiction THERE is help available for anyone struggling with addiction. Narcotics Anonymous meets Mondays at the Moravian Primary School, at the corner of Church Street and Albert Road in Lansdowne, at 20:00 and Thursdays at the Sherwood Park Community Centre in 4th Avenue, Manenberg at 20:00. Call 0 083 900 6962 for more information.

ets, keeping his hand under his jacket. I was too scared to move because I was convinced he was going to pull out his gun and kill me,” he says. Once the robber had removed the student's cellphone from his pocket, he grabbed his book bag and ran. “He scooted up the pedestrian bridge which leads toward Wetton Road and disappeared. I think I just stood there, frozen, for 10 minutes. I was so shocked.” Although he isn’t sure if his assailant indeed had a gun, he wasn’t prepared to put up a fight and “find out once bullets have been pumped into [him].” “I have heard that there are guys attacking people at the station because it’s so deserted, but I didn’t think it would happen in broad daylight,” he says. “I’ve been living in Kenwyn for 10 years – I always thought this place was pretty safe.”

HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED? If you have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, train accident, police shooting, or due to medical negligence, you may have a claim against a government department for compensation. We are personal injury attorneys, who specialise in serious injuries. We are prepared to work on a no win-no fee basis. For further queries, contact


021 423 4601


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• Alarm • Stop Watch • Flash Light

A resident who lives near the station, who asks to be known only as Mrs Isaacs, says that a few weeks ago, a woman frantically knocked on her door and claimed to have been robbed. “She said two guys had stolen her wedding ring and gold chain. I let her use my phone and her husband came to fetch her,” she says. “A few days later my neighbour told me that someone else had been robbed near the station. It is really unsettling because this area is really quiet.” Mogamat Adams says he was almost accosted by a knife-wielding man in February while walking home via Range Road. “He chased me all the way to Sunlands Avenue before giving up,” the 50-year-old says. “I had only been using the train for a few weeks because the price of petrol had

been crippling me financially. But since then, I gladly use my car – it’s safer.” But Captain Allen Manuel, the operations manager at Lansdowne police, says while “a few” incidents were reported in the past, no robberies have been reported in recent weeks. “It could be that the victims simply didn’t lay a charge. I strongly urge people to come to the station and lodge the complaint so that we can place this on our list of priority areas,” he says. Manuel adds that should the vicinity be labelled a hot spot, foot patrols and surveillance teams will be stationed nearby to monitor the situation.


Page 6 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Money matters AS THE cold weather settles in, expected midyear price hikes will, at best, get a lukewarm reception from Capetonians. Following the consistent rise and fall – to the lesser – of fuel, residents are already battling to keep head above water for the basic essentials such as food and a decent roof over their heads. Some, trapped by arrears of City Council rental units for years, have ceremonially buried their letters of demand for payment before setting them alight. The demands for housing, as well as adequate government services in the health, education and social services sectors are not being met. This is contrary to election promises. There are no houses for all. Education is free only to those at “no-fee” schools. To many, refusing to admit to diminished income – or outright poverty – is a matter pride. While many want to work, they’re not getting jobs. The reasons are varied. Globally, attempts at rebuilding the economic house of cards are still a work in progress. There aren’t enough employment opportunities in the private sector. In SA, not everyone who knocks on the Red Door programme for help gets financial aid. And some people may simply not be employable – they don’t have the skills, experience or the education to do the job. In the first quarter of this year, the national unemployment rate stood at 25% – a 2% increase, says Statistics SA. The average 11% price hike in electricity will have consumers thinking about their pockets before flicking that switch. And rail commuters are already nursing the pain of price hikes ranging from R1 extra for single tickets to up to R42 more for monthly tickets. There are many Capetonians living in expensive properties, but have less disposable income. For them, the simple act of moving house is costly. It is not just a simple matter of relocating to a cheaper residence – or even renting – as this, too, comes at a higher price. It is a case of too expensive to live, too expensive to die.

Your SMSes Proper policing is essential INTERNATIONAL Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on Tuesday was established by the UN general assembly in 1987. It serves as a reminder of the goals agreed to by member states of creating an international society free of drug abuse. South Africans have been found guilty of being drug mules in various incidents recently. In Cape Town, where the drug pandemic has grown, Mayor Patricia de Lille launched the City’s Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programme. It took place at the Proteaville Recreation Centre in Bellville South, where more than 1 200 youths at risk were bused in and given information focused on prevention and alternatives to substance abuse. The campaign slogan Be smart, Don’t Start was the name of the rap jingle recorded by De Lille, under the guidance of popular rap artist DJ Ready D and Khayelitsha hip hop artist, Kanyi Mavi. The programme is imperative amid fears of youths – especially those with working parents – being tempted by drugs during the winter school holidays. With seven visible community policing sector forums under his command, Nyanga police Cluster Commander Major General Robert Robberts launched a series of

public meetings or imbizos. These were held in, among others, Athlone, Kenwyn, Rondebosch East, Lansdowne, Manenberg, Gugulethu and Langa. The aim is to engage all stakeholders – including law enforcement agencies like the Metro and traffic police; school communities, educators, learners and parents; faith-based and civic organisations; crèches; residents and businesses – to participate positively in discussing anticrime strategies and current trends in criminal activities. During question-and-answer sessions the community has the opportunity to voice their grievances and comments directly to senior police management. When previous national police commissioners Jacki Selebi and Bheki Cele displayed a poor public image through their misconduct and subsequent dismissal, the imbizos and the appointment of new National Police Commissioner General Riah Phiyega is welcome. It heralds a new season of credible visible community policing to regain credible public confidence in the essential services rendered by police. MARK KLEINSCHMIDT Chairperson: Kenwyn Ratepayers’ and Safety and Security Association Kenwyn Kenwyn

. The (GF) Jooste “upgrade” (“Jooste to be demolished”, People’s Post, Tuesday 19 June) is just another cash injection for the rich construction companies. Why can’t they upgrade in stages and keep it open? . Regarding the article “Jooste to be demolished”.

Why should we, Heideveld residents, have to go to Mitchell’s Plain when we have our own day hospital? Why can’t some of the Jooste doctors and nurses work from there? Eish, what a stupid health department we have. . Is there any way that

Alistair Izobel can stage Music Alla Kaap again – perhaps another two or three shows? Kathy Booysen . Emo’s DVDs can be bought at Muizenberg flea market on a Sunday. His father sells it at a stall there. . If you lost a helmet please contact me on 079 467 8687.

What’s in this new name? I READ in your cartoon there is a proposal to change the name to something unpronounceable. I take exception to this, as I am a born and bred Capetonian of 75 years. Why must we change the name that is so well known

throughout the world? And what about the cost involved to bring it about? All this for the whim of a few. Why not test the public opinion on this before implementation? CAPETONIAN

Commerce keeps holidays going COMMERCE will never permit the demise of Christmas or Easter. It is commerce that keeps these holidays going – not the church. The day of Ascension was removed because it had no real commercial value, it was seen as just a holiday. Admittedly, a small percentage of people went to church.

There are seven ANC holidays: Human Rights Day, Freedom Day, Workers’ Day, Youth Day, Women’s Day, Heritage Day and Day of Reconciliation. None have any commercial value. It is obvious, therefore, which days should go. RALPH

Did anyone witness this accident? WOULD anyone who witnessed a traffic accident at the traffic lights of De Waal and Princess Vlei roads on 20 June between 14:30 and 15:00 please contact me on (021) 762 3798. The

vehicles involved were a silver Conquest and a red truck. JT HINRICHSEN Plumstead


Tuesday 3 July 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 7

Man shot in gang violence A MAN has been hospitalised following a gang-related shooting in Hanover Park. The attack happened between members of the Americans gang and a member of the Fancy Boys on Lansport Road on Monday evening. Police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Ettienne Conradie, says: “The victim, a member of the Fancy Boys, had been walking in the

street when he was approached by four unknown men. “The suspects opened fire, shooting the victim in the leg. The victim who was transferred to Groote Schuur Hospital has identified one of the suspects as an Americans gang member.” A case of attempted murder has been opened and no arrests have been made.

More cash to remove your trash YOU ARE now paying 7,06 % more for your refuse removal. The City of Cape Town announced the tariff increase last week and it was implemented on Sunday. The new tariffs has been put in place to develop new landfill sites because the existing sites are almost full. Over three million Western Cape residents generate between 5 000 and 6 000 tons of domestic and industrial waste per day. As older landfill sites reach capacity, waste has to be transported further away to new landfill sites and refuse trucks

have to be replaced. According to the City, these needs are driving up costs for both the collection and disposal of waste. The City is running a series of waste minimisation campaigns, but still, it is becoming more expensive. While the City has increased the average charge for refuse removal, it is also putting money aside to assist those in need by providing a rebate. Subsidies worth almost R2 million have been allocated for the new financial year. The rebate categories depends on the value of your property. If your property is between R0 and R100 000 you get a 100 percent rebate. Between R100 000 and R150 000 = 75 % rebate. Between R150 000 and R350 000 = 50 % rebate Between R350 000 and R400 000 = 25 % rebate. For more information on any of the new solid waste management tariffs, contact the City’s call centre on 0860 103 089.

OUT OF POCKET: Metrorail commuters are now paying more for monthly tickets.Photo: Stephen Williams

Commuters to cough up NATHAN ADONIS

RAIL commuters are being hit in the pocket as monthly train fares have gone up. Athlone commuters are among those to feel it the most. They have to fork out an extra R16 for MetroPlus monthly tickets from to Cape Town. That means from this month to December they will have paid a total of R96 more to get to the city on first class. Metro commuters from Crawford, Heideveld and Lansdowne have to budget for R12 more on train fares. The price hike came into effect on Sunday. Sound engineering student Kenneth Mokoatsi catches the train from Retreat to the city each day. This MetroPlus commuter paid R200 for a monthly ticket, but he now has to fork out an additional R16. Mokoatsi says: “It puts more pressure on the average working person. Travelling every day is something you can’t avoid. People are struggling financially already and rely heavily on the trains.” The option of using taxis, he says, would come at a higher price.

“The average person earning a minimum wage, such as cashiers and petrol attendants, will be some of those hardest hit by the end of the discount,” says Mokoatsi. He was referring to a 15% Metrorail discount for monthly ticket holders from April to June. The price hike would have set in on 1 April, but labour federations negotiated for a delay in the increase. Mokoatsi says the increase will “cut into other costs, such as food and clothing”. Duncan Hanekom, an electrician, commutes daily from Retreat to Wynberg. Hanekom says: “I am not happy with the Metrorail service and I know other people are not happy either. The train is always late or full because of carriages that are short.” He believes commuters will be upset with the increase. “I don’t know if they will use this extra money to fix the trains,” says Hanekom. “We will have to wait and see.” He added that people who earn weekly wages will feel the increase more. Metrorail marketing and communications manager Riana Scott says: “Monthly tickets valid from July onwards will revert to the original increase, irrespective of the date purchased.”

Page 8 People’s Post Lansdowne

People's Post Page 8 MILESTONE: The hit musical Kat and the Kings, created by David Kramer and the late Taliep Petersen, recently celebrated its 50th performance at the Fugard Theatre in District Six. The dy­ namic and entertaining show, set in 1957, has a live band on stage and has been well­received in Cape Town. Back row, from left, Zak Toerien (Magoo), David Kramer (director), and Amy Trout (Lucy). Front row, from left, Carlo Daniels (Ballie), Danny Butler (Old Kat), Dean Balie (Young Kat) and Grant Peres (Bingo). Photo: Allison Foat


Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Cabinet with a funny twist MASS HYSTERIA featuring funny men such as Nik Rabinowitz, Marc Lottering, Kurt Schoonraad and Casper de Vries, will tickle you funny at GrandWest’s Grand Arena on Saturday 28 July at 19:00. The stand-up comedy show, co-produced by producer John Vlismas (who also forms part of the line-up), sees the featured comedians taking on a comic portfolio in Cabinet. Rabinowitz stars the Minister of Samp and

Kosher Beans, Lottering is the Minister of the Interior Design, Schoonraad the Minister of Flats, Boxed Wine and Wind and Vlismas the Minister Who Swears to Tell Truth and De Vries is the Minister of Twitter). Other comedians included is Tumi Morake (Minister of International Affairs and Pan African Children), Ndumiso Lindi (Roosta in Chief) and Mark Banks (Minister of Environment, Bungalows, Pest Control and Barcodes) will join the line-up. Tickets prices range from R140 to R165 and are available from Computicket (0861 915 8000). For more information contact André Gilbertson on 021 447 1937, 083 448 7047 or email

MINISTER OF FUN: Outrageous comedian Marc Lottering forms part of the Mass Hyste­ ria comedy line­up. Photo: Google Images

CONTROVERSY: An adaptation of Au­ gust Strindberg’s Miss Julie, renamed Mies Julie, runs at the Baxter Flipside from Friday 13 to Sunday 26 July at 19:00. The play sees Thoko Ntshinga (Christine), Bongile Mantsai (John) and Hilda Cronje (Julie) in the lead roles. Di­ rector, playwright and creator Yael Far­ ber tackles the deeper complexities of society and sets the play against the remote beauty of the Eastern Cape Ka­ roo. Book through Computicket on 086 1915 8000 or visit­ Photo: Mark Wessels


Tuesday 3 July 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 9








RRP R799



TAKING IT EASY: Members of the Druiwevlei Ladies Club in Manenberg keep a steady pace as they near the end of the funwalk. Photo: Summer Jacobs


White & Ivory Colours extra


SENIORS TRADED in walking sticks for takkies to take part in annual funwalk.

RRP R1799



Seniors show stamina Gout-ridden joints, back pains and wheezing lungs were just some of the qualms ignored by senior members from the Druiwevlei Ladies Club as they participated in the fourth annual Druiwevlei Community Centre Funwalk on Thursday. Starting at the community centre in Ruimte Road, about 30 members walked the streets of Manenberg before returning to the Centre. The ladies agreed unanimously that the walk keeps them “feeling young”. Club leader Gwen Jacobs says the funwalk is an excellent way to keep the “joints moving” and the “spirits high”. The walk was celebrated with snacks and drinks in the Centre’s hall where all the participants

92 cm wide

White / Ivory Pedestals, Colours and Mattress optional extra



RRP R3799



RRP R2999




RRP R3999

RRP R7799








FIT AND PROUD: Mymoena Mat­ thews, left, and Fatima Simons cel­ ebrate their medals.

RRP R3999


wings optional extra mattress optional extra colours extra

RRP R1399


RRP R5999




were also awarded medals for their effort. One of the senior members says many don’t realise the value of a simple walk. “It keeps you feeling young and fresh,” she said. “I’m already anticipating the next funwalk.”

WHITE/ IVORY Colours & mattress optional extra

RRP R7999


TEL: 021 903 5254 TEL: 021 595 2909 TEL: 021 704 0349 TEL: 021 703 8622 MITCHELLS PLAIN INDUSTRIA TEL: 021 376 5699 Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm

RRP R7199


WHITE/ IVORY Colours & mattress optional extra



Purchase any yogi sip 300g and stand a chance to win one of 10 Freshstop voucher prizes to the value of R1,000 each. Sms the barcode on your yogi sip 300g to 33389 with your name, as well as the region you live in. Vouchers are accepted at any one of your favourite Freshstop stores nationwide but may not be exchanged for cash. Sms’s charged at R1.50. Competition dates: 4th – 29th July 2012. Terms & conditions apply.



French Eclairs


Pieman’s Pie, Pasty or Sausage Roll (Excludes Burger Pies)


R10 COMBO: Danone Yogi Sip 300g & Risi Gluco Fruit 45g

Halls 9piece

2 R10 for

Ferrero Kinder Joy T1 20g

Buy a Willards Crinkle Cut Chips 125g & a Nestlé Slab 80g FOR ONLY

3 R20 for


ONE Juicy Pineapple, TWO Avocados, ONE Sunripe Tomato Thriftpack & ONE Large English Cucumber


R20 VEG COMBO: ONE Carrot Thriftpack, ONE Broccoli Prepack & ONE Cauliflower Prepack

Bonaqua Pump 750ml

2 R15 for

Blue Ribbon Premier 1 White Bread 700g



Nestlé Chocolate Bars (Nestlé Bar-One 55g, Kit Kat Chunky 45g, Kit Kat 4 Finger 45g, Kit Kat 4 Finger Dark or White 45g or Tex 40g)

2 R10 for

R20 FRUIT COMBO: ONE 1kg Assorted Apple Thriftpack, ONE 2kg Orange Thriftpack, ONE Paw Paw & ONE Banana Thriftpack

Open 24 hours for your convenience Specials Valid: Wednesday 04 - 15 July 2012 NOW OPEN: NICOLE’S, Cnr Nooiensfontein & Grove Street, 3 Grove Street, Oakdene, Kuilsriver



Page 10 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 3 July 2012


eksklusief aanlyn by

Waar koper en verkopers mekaar ontmoet

: 0860 11 69 18

“ Te l l i n g i t a s i t i s ”

ALL Occassions videos and photos. (021 705 7289 or 081 347 7984 DVD/Photos/Slideshow ( 021 422 0472/083 513 6906

084 385 1466

Using strong duas and medicine to heal his clients.



* Powerful muti * Arabian oil to win lotto instantly clear your debts. * Bring back lost lovers 24h

074 731 0647 DR ZAID


Win Lotto. Troubled marriage & lost lovers. Pregnancy and financial problems

PROF. NASIFU­ ALI SPECIALIST IN * Win lotto & at casino * Financial problems * Pregnancy problems * Lost lovers (Results 4­12 hrs) Call / SMS your problem 078 3123 119

Steenberg Grassy Park Call: 083 7440 418 22

Personal An informed lady doctor with her Muti Shop Maama Amida Furtune Pay after happy 083 690 8515 /021 838 2737 Mitchells Plain Promenade Mall

DR RUBIE PAY AFTER PROBLEM IS SOLVED * Pregnancy problems * Court cases, lotto, casino * Financial problems * Lost lover, bad luck * Clean homes & protection Consultation fee: R50 Mitchells Plain, Promenade Mall. Call 073 114 4226 DR. YUSUF KELLY FOR STRONG HEALING POWER IN: * Tr o u b l e marriage, lost lover * Cour t case, lotto, casino * Financial problem,bad luck, debt * Pregnancy problems, infertility * Bad diseases, witchcraft CONSULTATION FEE: R50 CALL: 078 764 9913 Athlone, Gatesville, Mitchells Plain Results 0­3 days. Pay after job done

FIND OUT AND SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS TOO I can't go on without thanking Dr. Sheik Abdul Kariem for the work he did for me. My friend who had been helped directed me to him, so I met him concerning the voices I was hearing at night and the witchcraft that was possessing my whole family. He made me understand why I had them, because I thought I was bad luck, but after meeting him I got to understand that it was the power of the bad spirits that were chasing me. He removed it and solved the problem I never thought could be solved and now I am happy. Call Dr. Sheik Abdul Kariem for help ­ 021 705 5623/07 2 243 9136­ 5th Ave, Grassy Park (opp. Nando's)



ADVANCE DRIVING ACADEMY c.c. * 28 YEARS EXP. * K53 SPECIALISTS * 100% PASS RATE Nervous Ladies! Our Speciality Ph o/h: 021­ 705 4413 / 021­ 836 9151 Cell: 084 415 2622 SNOWDON DRIVING SCHOOL K53 specialist, 35 years experience, learner classes Monday ­ Thursday , Code 8, pick up and drop off. Tel:021 391 2728/ 082 070 8000




15 Years exp. R100 per hour.

EDUCARE from 3 months to 5 and half years old. Transport

Special packages avail. Ph 078 930 3267 / 071 643 1167 email:

avail. Mitchells Plain area only. ( 021 392 0633 EDUCARE FROM 3­5YEARS OLD Ottery ( 074 5228 510

BSI DRIVING ACADEMY K53 driving lessons Competitive Rates Packages available Call Sharon / Bernie on 021 638 3649 or 074 133 0069 or 021 824 8741 www.bsidriving.c


Health and Beauty DRINK TEA AND SHRINK Lose 4 ­ 8 kg per month and still enjoy your favourite foods. Abeda ( 072 806 5399


Catering ADELAH'S SAMOOSAS & PIES R120 per 100, Budget Pack ­ 120 items R150. fancies. We deliver Ph 021­ 376 2506 or 076 450 2910

HABITS DRIVING SPECIALS LIMITED PERIOD: 7 lessons ­ R750 upfront 10 lessons = R1 100 upfront Call 076 649 1956 or 021­393 5063 a/h LEARNER DRIVER (THEORY) TORQUE DRIVING ACADEMY FREE car hire with every 10hrs package!! (t&c apply) All areas with free pick up and drop off Ph Hassan 082 992 2827 / 637 1809

AKHNI & CURRY'S, BREYANIS 40L­ 100L +. Delivering on request. Full catering on request Ph Jasmine on 021 391 2763/ 083 582 6618

ALPHA CATERERS Menus from R60 p/p. ( 021­703 6495 or 082 742 7098

CLC BESSICK HIRING Crockery, cutlery, glassware, trestles and chair covers. ( 021 371 9464 or 084 974 6176 or 072 381 4784


Menus from R69 p/p. Price includes basic decor. For all your hiring needs and stage decor, incl bouquets. Crockery and cutlery from 10c. Chair covers with bows also available. We also offer sound! Ph Rashieda or Shafiek 021­372 5921 / 084 566 0087 / 082 660 0876 DECKSTER'S CATERING Menu's from R100,00. Includes: crockery, cutlery, white tableclothes, chaircovers and organza backdrop, arch, red carpet. We do decor only as well (Ielaahm or Rene 021­371 4507/082 324 9486 ICE CUBES & blocks for sale. 100 Ruth Road, Rylands. ( 021 638 7394


BUSSES & LATEST BMW'S FOR HIRE For all your special bus trips & weddings, matric balls & junior proms. (Evan on 084 585 6080 CATER SUPPLIES 021­696 2394 or 084 588 0686 Plastic chairs R2. Round Table: 10 seater R10 Long Table: 10 seater R10. CHAIR COVERS FROM R3 Round table cloth XL R15 Long Table Cloth XL: R12 Organzas: From R2. We Deliver & Collect CHAIR COVERS Black, white & light gold: R3.50 each. Tressle & round table cloths, bows. Ph Florence 021 371 5683, 079 469 7671



JUMPING CASTLE for hire. 021 393 8528, 083 890 4793

CONTACT DETAILS: 021 836 8955 O/H, CELL: 078 961 6371 BBM Pin: 27135EB2

OFFICE ADMIN & CALL CENTRE JOBS We train you for two weeks and place you in a job afterwards...

GUARANTEED JOB AFTER TRAINING Deposit fee of R600 Visit 68 Bree Street, 2nd Floor Cape Town

Call: 021 424 1230/1 or 072 918 2000

JUMPING CASTLES for hire. We deliver. Ph 083 377 5564. JUMPING CASTLES & waterslide for hire. Ph 021 704 0859, 083 281 7930


Entertainment DJ with sound and lighting.(083 369 6768


Hiring Services ALLEN OCCASIONS Catering form R75 per head WINTER SPECIAL ­Chair covers from R3.50 ­ Center pieces from R10 Contact : 084 670 2240 / 071 361 5793

Unit 12 Bravo Industria Bravo Street, Mitchells Plain



021 839 1942 072 771 7451

021 397 8388 078 536 2678 072 542 7217 ATHLONE

021 696 4183 072 542 7217 LANDSDOWNE

DECOR Backdrop poles & curtains. (021 396 2526/073 653 0952

021 762 1252 072 542 7217 AFTER HOURS


Backdrop poles, chair covers, table cloths, organza tie­ backs and over­lays, charger plates, red carpet. 021 637 0133/083 453 9021

HOUSE OF HIRING Call us for your hiring needs plus kids party items. (021 3711 588/082 503 9026

021 797 6569

WE NOW SPECIALISE IN ALL DIY PRODUCTS 021 824 9567 072 144 4639


THAT HIRING PLACE Cutlery, crockery, linen, tables and chairs to hire. Contact 021­371 9175 or 076 722 1083


Photographic/ Video Services A DVD, FOTOS & VIDEO 082 738 1166/021 372 6950 N.C. WEDDINGS AND PARTIES PHOTOGRAPHY 073 359 9009 PHOTOGRAPHER for weddings, birthdays, special events, websites etc. Ph 021 692 0221, 084 562 0811

For Sale

74 Electrical Appliances

All Fridge Regassing and geyser repairs. 021 3715362 I BUY / SELL AND REPAIR ALL FRIDGES /FREEZERS & APPLIANCES DEAD OR ALIVE. 021 591 1699/084 985 7425


Garden Services SPECIAL WINTER PRICE: Free water. Wellpoints / mini boreholes. No water, no charge ( 021 637 5677 or 021 701 4522 / 072 825 9586


Clothing/Shoes A A+ CASH PRICE PAID for good used 2nd hand clothing, shoes, linen, etc. 021 761 3083




A BETTER BLOCK 190/140/90 BLOCKS, MAXIS, SAND, STONE BEST PRICES 0861 33 3314 021 704 3636 021 391 6330 A BAKKIE rubble, sand and stone. Ph 078 6113 627.

A BARGAIN BLOCK: 190, 140 & 90. Ph 021 692 1209 / 021 374 2053 / 083 384 7144 all hours. Free Delivery.


90s, 140s, 190s, Sand, Stone. Tel: 021 376 1793 021 704 6932 021 836 8544 175 Plantation Rd Ottery

Also Nutec and Vib-houses

Crockery, cutlery, glassware & linen@ 10c per item. Ph 021 371 7229 / 072 443 6695

BJUMPING castles for hire. Cartoon characters & purple dinosaur castles available. Excel. rates.(082 938 5342

JUMP 4 JOY castle hire. ( Ricky on 073 268 7546

Tel: 021 376 6364 Cell: 072 651 5656


Children’s Entertainment

HIRE A CASTLE from R150. Kidies Chairs, tables & linen. Ph 696 3791/ 084 209 1313

beds and lounge suites

COLORADO HIRING Crockery, cutlery, glassware linen and backdrop. Ph 021 374 7104 / 0822278968

AHMED'S jumping castles for hire. 072 344 6977

Former traffic officer & Driving licence examiner


or 084 9733 899

AFRI BLOCKS 190 &140's ­ Sand & Stone Call 021 393 0661/ or 073 186 2991 (a.h.) WILDCATS TRANSPORT Bakkie Sand ­ R140 (Bags R7,50) Bakkie Stone ­ R360 (Bags R15.00) Blocks and Bricks ­ 190/140/maxis Vibracrete Slabs ­ R31.00 each CEMENT R72.00 EACH We also do truck loads and rubble removals Ph 021­820 4068 or 084 467 7507


CIRUS WENDY'S 3x3 d.i.y ­ R3 300 3x6 d.i.y ­ R4 300 3x9 d.i.y ­ R6 400 3x7 d.i.y + toilet, basin ­ R7 300 3x10 d.i.y + toilet, basin ­ R9 300 Tel: 021­ 829 7105 Cell: 078 822 1312 Wendy Houses SPECIALS 6 x 3m, R6 000 cash. 082 621 4441/021 393 5475

Building Material 1A BARGAIN PAVING SLABS 400 x 400 = R11,50 450 x 450 = R13,50 500 x 500 = R14,95 VIBRACRETE R27,50 ( 076 382 6711


Wanted to Buy AA's BUYS good quality furniture and appliances. We collect. Ph 021­374 6060 or 083 948 2804

5M, SAND, STONE, RUBBLE ­ Bakkie loads also 021 397 6413 or 082 709 6443

General Services

A 6 cubic meter sand, stone & rubble removal. (John at 072 407 4289. A bakkie sand ­ R210 A bakkie stone ­ R400 Paving slabs 300x300 ­ R6.90 400x400 ­ R11.90 per slab 450x450 ­ R13.90 per slab 600x600 ­ R21.90 per slab Colour cobblestone ­ R2 each. Rockface 450x450 ­ R23.90 per slab. Contact 073 182 1491 o/h or 021 372 2961 a/h




.Lost lover .Financial problems .Business Boosting .Drug addiction .Marriage Problems .Job hunting .Protection and removing bad luck .Pregnancy problems Call or Sms your problem


Individual tutoring. Ensure success. All hours. Contact 084 803 5448

AMY’S WENDY 05-06-12-1BIZ0GF


076 493 5787


A FAMILY DRIVING SCHOOL Code 08,Man & Auto. K53. ( 021 633 7402



GENT 54 MUSLIM INDIAN DEAF + DUMB would like to meet a slim sincere lady 41 ­51 years old for a longterm friendship. SMS 072 200 9974

AC DRIVING 5X2 03-07-12-1BL0D3K


In Belgravia Herb Centre For strong herbs * Marriage Problems * Court Cases/Divorce * Financial Problems, etc * Pensioners free Be a witness A miracle will happen


Rooms to Let LOTUS RIVER Suit single person with sober habits. Ph 071 999 3333


Tuesday 3 July 2012

Mahindra XUV 500


FROM R2 999pm FROM R2 499pm Models shown may differ.

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 11

Mahindra SCORPIO D/cab

Mahindra XYLO MPV

Mahindra XYLO p/van

Mahindra SCORPIO s/cab

FROM R2 799pm

FROM R2 199pm

FROM R1 899pm

FROM R2 199pm


McCarthy Mahindra

• Alfred 084 349 0009 • Stephan 078 945 8013

343 Voortrekker Rd, Parow • Tel. 021 929 3980







Mahindra Osman 10 x 8.cdr

2011 Chery Tiggo 1.6TX

2012 Chery J1 1.3 TE

Extra's Leather, Smash & grab tint Bal/s/plan & warranty

Extra's Side steps, Nudge bar, 18" mags, Sound System, 28 000 km, Smash & Grab Tint Bal/s/plan & warranty

R179 900

R106 900

*UP TO R20 000 cash back

up to R5 000


QQ3 0.8 TE A/C

Tiggo 1.6 R179 900

cash back

3yr/100 000 km warranty & 3 yr/75 000 km service plan

*UP TO R10 000 cash back Tiggo 2.0 TXE from

Tiggo 2.0 TXE (A) from

*UP TO R10 000 cash back

J1 1.3 TX FROM

R199 900

only on CV MODELS

R1 799 pm*

R199 900

Chery Parow 343 Voortrekker Road, Parow Tel: 021 937 7200

• Brendon - 084 407 7096 • Lee-Anne 084 520 5021 • Wanda 078 299 0545 • Asheigh 071 465 8736 MAHINDRA MCCARTHY cherry 10x8 24 4 12 1BG20RF.cdr


> > > Live the freedom

Double the action...Double the Sports Utility

McCarthy SsangYong Parow

343 Voortrekker Rd, • Tel. 021 929 3980

• ALFRED 084 349 0009 • STEPHAN 078 945 8013

Live SUV | Live SsangYong


From an affordable

R109 900* R169 900*

2.2i CV *basic model 2.2V not shown


YEAR/100 000km


*R10 000 Cash Back


*Comfort model 2.2i CV not shown

5 Speed mamual gearbox Power steering Affordable running costs 3 year Roadside Assistances


YEAR/100 000km


*R20 000 Cash Back


2.8TD XV

5 Speed mamual gearbox Power steering Affordable running costs 3 year Roadside Assistances Service Plan

Call Foton Parow on 021 937 7200. Brendon: 084 407 7096 • Lee-Anne: 084 520 5021 • Ashleigh: 071 465 8736 • Wanda: 078 299 0545 *Terms and Conditions apply

Mahindra.McCarthy Osman 7 2 12 1BACZ7Z.cdr

0861 644 446 •

Petrol and diesel models • Single and double cab available • E&EO. Prices Subject to change



Page 12 People’s Post Lansdowne 102

Miscellaneous Services ANYTHING IMM. DONE Quality 24/7 Cheap. Call: 021 797 4239/ 073 614 5776

AFFORDABLE LOANS Monthly earners only Up to R15 000 Call or sms:082 934 9614


Bridging cash for PENSION/PACKAGE Lumpsum/Payout same day



Building and Construction ALL BOUNDARY WALLS WITH STEEL RAILINGS, STEEL GATES BUILT AND GALVANISING (021 701 6276/082 863 9133 ALL Building plans drawn and submitted. Call Dominick on 021 396 2115 or 078 085 2067 ALL BUILDING plans drawn up and submitted to council. (021 701 6276/082 863 913 3 ALTERATIONS garages, carports, brickpaving, tiling. (082 409 0592/392 5501


Supplied & fitted.

( Chris 082 570 5686 021 638 5292 ARCHITECTURAL EXPERTS Building plans. Construction / Estimating ( 021 903 9166 ARCHITECTURAL EXPERTS Building plans. Construction / Estimating ( 021 903 9166 M&S BUILDERS All building works, Paving, All carpentry work and Carports. Ph 084 260 5610 or 021­397 3083 VIBRACRETE WALLS, PAVING, PLASTERING. (021 392 1433 083 539 5478


A1 BLINDS For quality blinds & free advice. We have the Widest range in the Western Cape and beat any written quotation. (072 691 0050

 021 949 3402/3 Call back 073 609 9307 078 8897 038



APPLY NOW loan up to R50 000. Same day. Sms/call 081 449 6824




on a Pension/ Provident/ Package / Lumpsum Payout? Cash same day. Sms/Call: Chantal 076 886 7655 BOND PROBLEMS SOLVED Arrears, Summons, Auctions. We stop them here! No Upfront fees, No False Promises Ph toll free 0800 204 987



R500 000 = ± R 3000 p.m

while waiting for:

072 103 5339 021 421 4991


Payout (lumpsum only) Cash same day Tel: 021 949 0930/1/2



With basic expenses and increased prices of petrol, groceries, electricity and even train tickets hiking up by 50%, there is just no way you can manage to pay your debt, as you cannot negotiate on those prices. However, with us you can consolidate your debt and pay less on your account instalments, and even

Is your house going to be repossessed? I will buy your home. And advance you money. ( Riyard on 083 420 8989


Go home with more MONEY Pay one instalment for all your debt! You will breathe easier at the end of the month!

pay less interest. Call us now on 021­788 4485 24/hrs: 078 221 0193 SCM DEBT CLEARANCE

FURNITURE REMOVALS. Ph 078 6113 627. ''LET'S MOVE IT!" Glen : 079 079 2323

117 Loans up to R150 000 ( ESMERALDA P Cell: 079 521 1184 Fax: 086 633 7403


Home Improvement Exterior


Renovations, carports, paving, vibrecrete walls. Free Quotes. Finance available. ( Ivor on 076 111 7300/ 021 762 7077


Repairs/ Miscellaneous FRIDGE/FREEZER REPAIRS Done in the comfort of your house. All work fully guaranteed. Ph 021 396 2457 or 083 725 3384


Money/Loans 123 EAZY LOANS Blacklisted welcome 5 min approval. Tel: 021 820 4071


Consolidate your debt. Regardless of your credit history, debt counselling or Administration status, Bondpro Finance can use your property to consolidate your debt and clear your credit record.

Contact us today on 021 880 6000 or SMS “BOND” to 38675 (sms costs R2) t’s + c’s apply


R1 000 ­ R150 000 (Bob on 021 425 7721 Blacklisted Welcome


Curtains/Carpets/ Upholstery

BUSY CORNER TV REPAIRS Efficient repairs to all tv's, lcd's, led's & microwaves. 021 705 4222 / 083 861 0418 DSTV AND AERIAL REPAIRS AND INSTALLATIONS

CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Mattresses, cars & taxis. ( Mark­ 021 371 5277/ 082 489 2592 / 082 526 8828




CALL US: 021 697 5566 / 021 696 4912 Narriman: 082 343 3919 • Shafiek: 074 134 3371 FAX NO: 086 234 5180 E-mail:


Are you busy DROWNING in your DEBT??? Cannot Cope with your Monthly Repayments???

DSTV packages fully installed for R599. HD PVR installations from R2 299. Service call repair charge of R150. Ph 083 268 1213

STEVE'S TV REPAIRS & MICROWAVES Low cost transport 021 633 1802/08 3 486 5394. 18 Linaria Crescent, Silvertown 1140

Electrical Repairs

We CAN help You!!

FRIDGE AND FREEZER REGASSING & REPAIRS Reasonable prices! ( 076 164 0700


A BRIDGING LOAN? Waiting for Pension/package payouts? SMS or send “please call me” 082 301 7856 Ph: 0860 105 546

* Credit Card Repayments * Home Loan & Car Repayments * Personal Loan Repayments * Any other Accounts

No More Stress... No More Worries... We will Ensure: You have MORE 'Take Home Pay'

A CASH LOAN UPTO 100 000 B/listed +Garnish +Govt employees welcome. Same day payout Call/Sms Anshaaf 083 649 5826 A CHASH LOAN UP TO R150 000 B/LISTED/GOVT WELCOME Same Day payout Ph / Sms Lizzy 074 295 9559 A1 CAR PAWN. QUICK, CHEAP. ( 082 359 2546

and Legal Protection against "Rogue" Creditors and Give you PEACE OF MIND.

O/h 021 945 4062 or 023 342 3529 A/h 072 604 3293 or We also work via Fax on 021 949 3472 or via e-mail We are Registered in Terms of the NCR



PORTLANDS 3 Bedrooms, 3 car parking, Very neat. R350 000. A must to view. Ph 082 469 3084

PLUMBING, Tiling & Electrical Tel:079 018 2091 Plumbing ­ Elect ­ Drains R125 p/hr ( 021 703 0906



Swimming Pool Services CLEAN & MAINTAIN pools. Ph 083 494 3939 or 836 8208


Business Opportunities


ADMINISTRATION JOBS available. For info sms name /address to: 074 927 5124 or e­ mail:

Holiday Accommodation

AVON REPS NEEDED (Michelle 021 396 2115/08 2 637 6559



DECEMBER TOUR 26/12/2012 ­ 09/01/2013 To Kimberly,Sun City, Johannesburg, Swaziland, Durban, Bloemfontein & Lesotho (Maseru). R4 750 p/p. For more info call Enid on 021 701 4522/ 072 343 8872 or Hamish on 021 709 0117 /074 232 3739 GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. R1000p/night. Sleeps 8.(079 522 4309.

EARN CASH NOW Sell tupperware full or part time. ( Narriman 084 414 7444 or 021­637 5932 or Zainoe 084 530 0300 WE DON'T REPLY TO PSE CALL ME

DEBT 8X2-03-04-12

REGISTERED ELECTRICIAN P/paid meters, COC's, etc. Ph Jody on 081 310 7542


Tours END OF YEAR TOUR departs 26 Dec 2012 ­ 2 nights in Durban, 4 nights Maseru Sun, 2 nights Sun City and 1 night Bloemfontein. For info, call Velme 392 0148/ 073 202 5776 or Ursual 021 376 7894 / 074 2627488


Repairs – Vehicles

ENGINE OVERALL, R1 800 Clutch overalls, R850. Gearbox repairs from R950. Parts & labour incl. (021 376 6014/ 078 875 4394 GEARBOX REPAIRS FROM R850 Engine and Diff reconditioning Contact Bruce 072 862 9882 or 072 318 7265 152

Spraypainting/ Panelbeating PANELBEATING/ SPRAY PAINTING. Resprays and minor sprays NO VACANCIES! PH: 074 184 1564

Carpentry ALL CARPENTRY Hanging of all doors, repair of roofing and cupboards. Also skimming of walls and tiling done. Ph Nico 021 392 6818/ 076 342 1470 SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952


Houses for Sale LONDON VILLAGE 3 Bedroomed + granny flat. On large plot. R499 000. Phone 082 469 3084



SALES REPS NEEDED No previous sales experience needed Free training is provided We offer: Basic salary Commission Petrol allowance and various other incentives. Contact Stacy 021 201 0022 Terms and conditions apply.


General Notices

We as Factaprops 130 (Pty) Ltd (Reg no: 1996/017334/07) Are in the process of filing for the cancellation of deregistration with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission. Mr. Haraldsen on 0836972457


A BETTER BLOCK 190/140/90 BLOCKS, MAXIS, SAND, STONE BEST PRICES 0861 33 3314 021 704 3636 021 391 6330

AVON &JUSTINE reps needed. (Mildred 021 696 5866/ 076 272 0775 AVON REPS NEEDED CONTACT 0725531018



BELIEVE IN CHRIST SERVICES Vibracrete, tiling, carports, paving, laminated flooring. Contact Albert 073 545 6994 /

TV/DVD/Video Services

LOANS We come to you. ( 021 558 6648 / 082 957 3251


ARTHUR'S SLIDING GATES, b/bars, vibracrete & steel fencing & automation. 021­ 691 1936 or 084 921 5364


3 TON TRUCK avail for garden refuse and furniture removal. 076 124 4713

076 523 0306

AA paving, vibracrete extensions and spikes. Ph 021 705 5372 / 072 425 5111

M&M INTERIORS ­ Blinds, curtains, rods, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. All blinds less 10%. Phone Moosa 021 371 8917 or 083 4931 495

Loans up to R15 000 Monthly earners only Pls call or sms 021 683 6154/079 520 0981

GARAGE DOORS & automation.

AA paving, vibracrete extensions and spikes. Ph 021 705 5372 / 072 425 5111

FOR ALL types of blinds. Ph 074 259 1802 Renaldo or 082 598 2606 Wesley or 021­371 8315 o/h

Moving and Storage

INGRID 082 6477 173 OFFICE 021­931 1320

Home Improvement Interior

BLINDS AND CURTAINS. All types. Free quotes. Less 10%. ( 021 371 8627/08 2 516 0030

Tuesday 3 July 2012



Vacancies Wanted C HAR WORK in Ry­ lands/Gatesville area Mon to Fri from 9am to 5pm. Honest, reliable, hardworking. Ph Jenny (021) 934 8397 CHAR EVERYDAY 078 8112454 DOMESTIC Avail every day. Has matric. Excellent with children. Ph Ncumisa 078 922 2760 DOMESTIC WORKER ­ everyday Tel: 073 3182 676


General Vacancies 20 TABLE CHARM AGENTS NEEDED TEL: 021 371 9280 AVON REPS NEEDED PH: 072 854 3258 Avon Reps Required Contact Nolene 079 4912 042 A/hrs


Agents needed. ( Nikki 082 489 2592 /021 371 5277 FREE ICDL COMPUTER COURSE ­ Typing, Data Capture,Word Excel, IT,, Win, Internet, Email.Job Search & CV design. Pay 4 w/book. (021 683 8875 ­ At Kenilworth Centre Home study available

VIBRANT SALES CONSULTANTS NEEDED No transport or previous sales experience needed. Free training is provided.

We offer

Basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives.

For appointment, call Aileen on 021 465 7852 Terms & Conditions Apply

SECURE * STRONG * SOLID&DRY • • • • • • •


EASY TERMS & LAYBYES TEL: 021 551 3781 FAX: 021 551 3921 CELL: 082 888 1958 EMAIL:



(We build Carports)

Built in 1 - 2 days. Over 20 yrs experience Prices from R5 000 material & labour included Call Lestor or Ruth for a FREE Quotation!! 083 721 2303 / 073 137 2089 021 6911 801 / 079 552 8578


Tuesday 3 July 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 13 Shop11, Village Square, Southfield Road, Plumstead.


”We set the trend and others follow” Winter special !!!Sign a mandate with us this winter and we’ll pay your Beetle, Plumbing & Electrical Certificates (repairs excluded) T & C's apply

GRASSY PARK, “THE AVENUES ON 6TH” – 3 x 2 bedroomed flats. Neat secure block in quiet cul-de-sac.F/F kitchen. lounge, bathroom. From R395 000 each

ZEEKOEVLEI – Double-storey with access to and full view of the vlei. 4 Bedrooms. Bic. Mes. F/F new kitchen. Huge lounge and Dining-room with fireplace. Study. Solid wooden floors and tiles. Beautiful established garden. A must to view. R1,7 M Neg.

LOTUS RIVER – Bargain. Large 3 bedroomed home. Bic. Lounge + Dining-Room. F/F Kitchen. Drive-through garage + bonus double-storey granny flat. All for R699 000 neg.

ZEEKOEVLEI, Otters Greek – Cosy, 3 or 2 bedroomed home. Bathroom and separate loo. kitchen. Stunning garden with pool and double-garage. R950 000 Neg.

GRASSY PARK – Massive modern face brick family home. 4 bedrooms. Bic. Mes& family bathroom. Large lounge and dining-room. Fire-place. F/F kitchen. Garage for 4 cars. R850 000. ZEEKOEVLEI – Stunning face-brick with ultra modern finishes. 3 Bedrooms. Bic. Mes + family bathroom. F/F granite topped kitchen. Lounge. D/Room. Double garage. Large entertainment area with built-in braai. A must to view @ R899 000 neg.

ZEEKOEVLEI – Face-brick home on the water. Bargain. 3 bedrooms. Bic. New F/F kitchen. Huge lounge and d/room. Double garage. Stunning views. Great work from home opportunity. R1.4M

ZEEKOEVLEI – Bargain. TLC. 3 Bedrooms. Bic. Kitchen. Lounge. Garage. R699 000.

Grassy Park – R895,000.00 4 bed, FFK, D/room, lounge, fam bath, laundry, carport parks 4 cars & dbl tandem garage, remote access Heathfield – R1,100,000.00 4 bed, FFK, D/room, 2 x lounge and diningroom, fam bath, guest toilet, 5 x 3 swimming pool, alarm

Charles – 082 498 4725 /

Hanover Park – R270,000.00 2 bed, kitch, lounge, fam bath. Heathfield – R795,000.00 3 bed, kitch, lounge, fam bath, Strandfontein – R550,000.00 3 bed, lounge and d/room, ffk, 1 fam bath, garage Portlands – R420,000.00 3 bed, lounge , ffk, 1 fam bath, garage x 3 cars Retreat – R635,000.00 3 bed, lounge and d/room, ffk, 2 x fam bath, TV Room, gar x 4 cars Wavecrest – R600,000.00 6 bed lounge & d/room, fam bath, kitch, gar, tandem carport *Lotus River – R620,000.00 3 bed, lounge & d/room, fam bath, kitch, dbl on corner plot

Deon – 083 371 6904 /

Muizenberg – R485,000.00 2 bed, fk, d/ room & lounge, fam bath.

Carl – 072 235 5917 / email:

Retreat – R550,000.00 2 bed Masionette. Ffk, lounge, d/ room, dbl garage Grassy Park(FLAT) – R380,000.00 2 bed ground floor flat, FFK, fam bath. Levies. *Wynberg – R739,000.00 3 bed Duplex, lounge, FFK, fam bath, Single garage +++ Wynberg (Offices ) – R550,000.00 Large office block situated in a busy part of Wynberg, office sub divided into 4 different offices, with kitchen and toilet. Ocean View – R300,000.00 2 bed, kitch, lounge area, fam bath,

NADIAS 030712 1BL29AQ.cdr

For all these and more contact NADIA at Nadia’s Property on 021 706 8197 or 083 654 4234 or MICKHAEEL 082 216 4269

Grassy Park – R695,000.00 3 bed,FFK, d/ room & lounge, Façade, large grounds. Highlands Estate – R325,000.00 2 bed house , kitch, lounge, fam bath *Knole Park – R880,000.00 4 bed with ensuite, modern kitch, lounge, fam bath, GRANNY FLAT: 2 bed, kitch, lounge, fam bath

Stan – 084 308 7816 / email:

Panorama – R1,650.000.00 3 bed, mes, TV room. FFK, lounge & d/ room, fam bath, ent area. Domestic accommodation with 1 bed, fam bath, Dbl garage, 8x4 pool,++++ *Langa – R349,000.00 2 bed, kitch, lounge, bathroom *Factreton – R390,000.00 3 bed , lounge , kitchen, fam bath *Bernadino Heights – R320,000.00 Face brick 2 bed, lounge & d/ room, kitch, fam bath, carport Portlands – R540,000.00 3 bed, 2 x bics, FFK, lounge, fam bath

Eddie – 076 148 2081 / email:

*Tafelsig – R230,000.00 2 bed Masionette, fam bath, kitch, lounge +++ Mandalay – R510,000.00 3 Bed , kitch, droom & lounge, fam bath, dble carport.

Sedick – 079 994 4623 /email:

Beacon Valley – R250,000.00 2 Bed, lounge, fk, fam bath, carport. *Rocklands–R300,000.00 3 bed, lounge , kitchen , fam bath

Edgar – 078 642 8473 / email: CHARLES EDWARDS 10x4 030712

021 762 9992





021 705 3507 / 021 705 1798 A/H 021 705 3903 Fax: 0866 456 755



OTTERY WETTON - R1 650 000 STRAND BEACH SEMI - R750 000neg Lovely holiday home 4 Beds Prime area,4 Bedroom Single furnished lounge, kitchen, 2bath, Storey modern finishes through out, braai area. 1 minute frm the beach, garage, 1000 m² plot,great potential Great Invest many extras


SPACIOUS AND MODERN R1.095 M Exquisite and ready to move in. Well located close to mosque and close to transport. This home offers 4 beds, 2 baths, 4 car garage and extra parking. Come view soon or lose out on this home. View by appointment. Web Access: KW1083214 Razeen 072 619 8155 Office 021 673 4200


SYBRAND PARK - R2.7 MIL Neg A spacious home with 3 Main ensuites, 4 bedrms with modern finishes, sauna pool. Garage for 4 cars, fully secured




GRASSY PARK - FROM - R330 000 Lovely 2 bedrms, Zeekoe Vlei Mews, lounge kitchen, fully secured, parking

GRASSY PARK FLAT - R380 000 Lovely 2 bedrms, VICTORIA MANSION, lounge kitchen, fully secured, parking

GRASSY PARK - R370 000 Lovely 2 bedrms, lounge, kitchen, bath, secured complex, parking bay plus yard

RETREAT - R380 000 Lovely neat 2/3 bedroom, lounge, kitch, family bath, big yard, enclosed driveway

CLAREMONT PLOT - R1.3 Miln Prime area, Vacant Erf 730 m², Town House Zoning + abutting erf optional

GRASSY PARK - R785 000 Neg 3 bedrooms, ff kitch, lounge + dining rm, 3 bathrms + 2 Sep Entr, Needs TLC!!


Radiant mews, 1st & 2nd f/r flat, 2 bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathroom

PELICAN PARK - R499 000 NEG 3 Beds with bic, ff kitchen, tiled through, driveway for 3 cars – OFFER IN!!!

ZEEKOEVLEI PLOT - R750 000 Prime area, Vacant, Large erf PRIME ON THE WATER FRONT

LAVENDERHILL - R300 000 4 bedrooms, fitted kitch, BIC, lounge, Sep Entrance

GRASSY PARK - FROM R150 000 2bedrms Flats, Sandpiper Mansions, lounge kitchen, fully secured, parking

GRASSY PARK - R395 000 Lovely 2 bedrooms, ROSE COURT, lounge kitchen, fully secured complex

ABDULLAH - 073 657 2805

Pam Golding 10x4 26.06.12

GRASSY PARK - R850 000 6 beds, 2 baths, undercover parking, sep own parking, fully enclosed, aliminium windows

ZAHIDA - 073 379 0400


KASHIEFA - 082 734 4909 OFFICE 021 705 3507/1798

Office: 021 712 9371/6472 Email: GRASSY PARK – COMPLEX R 369 000 neg

MONTAGUE GIFT R 620 000 neg

Grassy Park R 950,000 neg

GRASSY PARK R 850 000 neg

For Sale Mayfield Village Ottery R 710,000

FAMILY HOME WITH LOTS OF POTENTIAL & A VIEW 3 beds (2XB.I.C’s), lounge, dining room, F.F kitchen, family bathroom. Large Granny flat. Lovely Garden & parking for +-6 cars Contact: Celeste Jardine 072 112 8848

STARTER HOME WITHIN A COMPLEX This starter home is situated in a security complex close to public transport, shops & schools. Property consisting of lounge with notty pine ceiling, fitted kitchen,bathroom,2 bedrooms(1 with built in cupboards),back yard & parking bay Contact: Gareth Smart 072 966 5758

STARTING UP OR SCALING DOWN This neat starter home in quiet close consists of 2 beds, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom & garage facade. Contact: Gareth Smart 072 966 5758

I’VE BEEN AROUND FOR A WHILE Modern 4 bedroom home with 2 Bathrooms, fully fitted modern kitchen, stainless steel appliances, large gunite pool, covered Entertainment area and Garage. 1 Bedroom outbuilding with shower. Contact: Martha Jardine 076 109 3897

SPACE, SPACE, SPACE Lovely corner plot – X Large Entertaining lounge and dining area with lots of sunlight. 3 Large bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Many extras Contact: Martha Jardine 076 109 3897

RETREAT R 799,000 neg

SEAWINDS R 450,000 neg

SCHAAPKRAAL R 2 100,000 neg

RETREAT R1 600 000 neg

LOTUS RIVER R 629 000 neg

PERFECT PRICE, PERFECT POSITION Prime position – on retreat road. 1,376m² vacant land, next to catholic church Contact: Martha Jardine 076 109 3897

WHATS BEHIND THE DOOR IMMACULATE PROPERTY – Entrance hall, Modern Lounge, 3 bedrooms, fitted kitchen, Enclosed Garage, Paved Yard. A must to view Contact: Martha Jardine 076 109 3897

A AFFORDABLE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH VERY HOME IN Tap the potential of this property. Main SEAWINDS house hassituated 3 beds (MES change 3 Bed semi in theand quiet part of room), Open plan kitchen, Dining room & Seawinds Retreat. Renovate, Decorate, Bathroom. Large carport 8 cars and a lets Negotiate. Needsfor TLC.Sellers 3x7 metre pool. Complete accommodation wants an offer. DON’T DELAY, CALL for 3 families (Separate Living) – makes TODAY this property a good investment. Ideal for transport orContact: contracting business Wayne Rudolph 265 1587 Contact: Roger074 Paulsen

SEEING IS BUYING Beautiful large home, Modern fully fitted kitchen, spacious dining room with beautifully tiled floors, 5 large bedrooms, 2 full family bathrooms, Granny Flat and double garage, Driveway has parking for 4 cars, Property fully enclosed. Contact: Roger Paulsen 082 453 3963

PRICED TO SELL! This 3 bedroom home also consists of lounge, kitchen, bathroom, double garage converted into 2 bedroom living quarters. On a corner plot close to old Strandfontein Road. Contact: Gareth Smart 072 966 5758

Charming three bed home in secure freehold complex. Fully fitted kitchen, bic’s bedrooms, lam floors, garage façade,fully enclosed.

For Sale Fairways R 1.195 m Immac. 3 bed home in quiet culde-sac. Bic’s 2 rooms, ff kitch, full family bathroom, spacious lounge/dining, large family room, double gar, store, Trelli doors and alarm,enclosed.

FURLONG 10X4 260612 1BKIZDK.cdr

Retreat R 950 000 neg

For sale Crawford R 1.75 m

082 453 3963

Two neat as a pin homes on one plot. Close to station and mosque. 5 Beds, 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms, double tandem garage (remote), linked alarm and satellite dish. Fully enclosed.



Every Agent Will Promise To Sell Your Home … We GUARANTEE it

WE CAN DO THE SAME FOR Y KU! BY – ...............................................Tracey BY – ...............................................Lucille BY – ....................................................Earl BY – .............................................Lee-ann BY – ..............................................Nadine BY- .................................................Adrian BY – ...............................................Tracey BY – ..........................................Samantha BY – ........................................Chrisander BY – ...............................................Ursula BY- ................................................Meagan BY- ................................................Mark M BY – ................................................Adrian BY – ..............................................Nadine BY – ..................................................Lynn BY – ..........................................Samantha

083 073 083 083 084 083 083 073 082 082 079 072 083 084 083 073

487 1215 398 2875 739 7341 384 7139 627 7439 418 8010 487 1215 713 8274 969 5053 787 6000 542 6595 3674665 418 8010 627 7439 299 9712 713 8274


If your Home Doesn’t Sell, Mark is Willing to Buy it Himself at a Price Acceptable to You No Gimmicks!

Remaxultra 10X4 030712 1BL16HV.cdr

11 Woodale Close, Ottery – ....................................SOLD 33 Zenith Road, Rocklands – ..................................SOLD 7 Corby Close, Grassy Park – .................................SOLD 27 Ardleigh Close, Retreat – ..................................SOLD 30 Beach Road, Muizenberg – ...............................SOLD 27 Jersey Street,Westridge – ..................................SOLD 27 lakeside Mews, Lotus River - ............................SOLD 83 Bunny Street, Kensington – ...............................SOLD 10 Britain Way, Strandfontein – ..............................SOLD 91 Oasis, Hazendal, Athlone- .................................SOLD 181 Korfbal Street, Beacon Valley – .......................SOLD 11 Otters Creek, Zeekoevlei – .................................SOLD 16B Jasmine Street, Bonteheuwel – .......................SOLD 10 Finch Crescent, Seawinds – ..............................SOLD 5Trampoline Street, Beacon Valley – .....................SOLD 15 Riversdale Close,Portlands- .............................SOLD

DISTRESS Call Mark on 072 742 6963 for more info SALES!! OR

SMS “G3”, Your Name, Email address/address to 072 742 6963 OR

FREE CALL 0800-00-00-08 24HRS, 7 DAYS A WEEK

For a Guaranteed Sale on Your Home. * Seller and Mark Brickles must agree on guaranteed price at time of listing


Receive a Free list with pics of Below Market Value & other Distress Sale Properties Visit: Or SMS “D3”, Your Name, Email address/ address to 079 174 9961 Remaxultra - 03 07 12


Page 14 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 3 July 2012



3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan living area. R995 000 neg.

R650 000 Renovated 2 bed home for young couple or small family. In move-in condition. Laminated and tiled floors. Spacious kitchen. Full bathroom. Burglar bars and alarm system.


2x2 bedroomed cottages with lounges & bathrooms + granny flat on one 515m² plot. R1 350 000

FREE VALUATIONS ALAN 082 475 6643 OFFICE (021) 674 1094


R800 000 Moderate sized 4 bed double-storey. 2 bathrooms. Living room and separate family room. Kitchen and scullery. Garage. Phone Easton 082 476 1317

isi :V






082 723 1118

3 beds, en-suite, tiled lounge, fully fitted kitchen, family bathroom, carport, enclosed, large grounds.


R599 000

Primrose Park R839 000

R1 300 000 FROGMORE ESTATE Freestanding 3 Bedroom House, Main En-Suite, Lounge, Dining Room, Fitted Kitchen, Family Bathroom, Fire Place, Pool, Garden and Braai Area, Bargular Bars throughout, Single Garage plus Extra Parking. PETER 072 095 9876



Fully Enclosed Semi Attached 2 Bedroom House with Laminated Flooring in Bedrooms and Lounge, Fitted Kitchen, Family Bathroom, Secure Carport and Tool Shed in the Back Yard also with a Beautiful Garden.

FAZLOODIEN 082 495 8989

5 Large Beds,mes,lounge (Fire-Place), fully fitted kitchen, family bathroom, maids room, double garage +++ Pool.


R399 000

3 beds. lounge, kitchen, Large 4 beds, lounge, large kitchen + another smaller kitchen, bathroom, enclosed. family bathroom, enclosed, Large approx 551m² Plot

or possible 2 extra bedrooms, garaging for 2 cars. Good Area.

(Next To Montana)

Lovely 3 beds,lounge + dining, fitted kitchen, bathroom, double garage.



074 193 4161

R349 000

(Close To Police Station)

2 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, carport, burglar bars, enclosed. Mark Anthony 3 10x4 030712

Need an agent to sell your house fast and efficiently? Call Anthony Arendse 021-704 0289 or 082 673 1503


R350 000 PORTLANDS Enclosed 3 Bedroom Semi Detached House consisting of a Lounge, Fitted Kitchen and Family bathroom. Close to all Amenities. SHAAMIEL 082 723 1118

Only R549 000

Bayview. Main House: 3 beds, lounge, family bathroom, fully fitted kitchen, paved drive-way, enclosed, Garage +++ 2 bedroom Granny Flat. Burglar bars & security gates. Wynberg

(On Park Road)

R770 000


R199 000 SANDPIPER MANSIONS GRASSY PARK 1st Floor 2 Bedroom Flat, Open Plan Kitchen, Family Bathroom, Lounge with Tiled Flooring. MARK 072 545 1143. R550 000 LAKE VIEW RETREAT Fully Enclosed Neat 2 Bedroom House with BIC, Tiled Lounge, F.F.Kitchen, Family Bathroom, Entertainment Area and Garage for 2 Cars. MARK 072 545 1143.

R210 000 TAFELSIG Enclosed Corner Semi Attached 3 Bedroom House with a Lounge, Kitchen and Family Bathroom. SHIHAAM 072 192 1411


R999 000 GRASSY PARK 5 Bedroom House consisting of 2 Lounges, 3 Kitchens, 3 Bathrooms, Enclosed Carport for 3 Cars and a SepEntrances consisting of 2x Bedrooms, 2x Kitchens, 2x Bathrooms and Lounge in one Sep-Entrance. Ideal for Investment Purposes. PETER 072 095 9876.

R949 000 ZEEKOEVLEI Cosy 2 Bedroom Timber House, Lounge, Dining Room, Open Plan Kitchen, 2 Bathrooms, Tiled Throughout, Garden, Pool, Double Garage + Parking for 4 Cars. In Cul De Sac. PETER 072 095 9876

R380 000 SEAWINDS 3 Beds House, Lnge, Kitchen, Toilet & Bath, Tilled Floors and Parking for 4 Cars. MARK 072 545 1143

R369 000 VICTORIA MANSIONS GRASSY PARK 2 Beds, F.Kitchen, Lnge, Family Bath, Tiled Floors, Remote Control Gates and 24 Hour Security, Close to All Amenities, Located on Victoria Road. MARK 072 545 1143

R260 00 EASTRIDGE 3 Bedrooms Semi Detached with Lounge Fitted Kitchen Family Bathroom + Burglar Bar Around & Parking for 2 Cars. Mark 072 545 1143

R679 000 STRANFONTEIN Stunning 3 Bedroom Home with BIC in all Rooms + Main En-Suite, Lounge, Dining Room, F.F.Kitchen with Sculary, Family Bathroom, Laundry, Entertainment Area, 2 Automated Garages, Automated Gates for 3 Extra Cars to the Yard, Fireplace in lounge, Boast a Beautiful Garden, whole house has aluminium windows. Close to All Amenities. MAXEEN 074 193 4161

MUIZENBERG PLOTS X2 - R320 000 EACH 304 & 335 Square Meters in a 24hr Security Complex, consisting of 3 Pools, Tennis Court & Gym Area also walking distance to the beach + Approved Plans of 4 diff Designs. Ideal for a holiday house. MARK 072 545 1143



R365 000 LENTEGEUR Semi Attached, Enclosed 3 Bedrooms, Lounge, FF Kitchen, Family Bathroom with Shower plus Separate Storeroom, Façade parking for 3 cars. SHIHAAM 072 192 1411 R535 000 WESTGATE R350 000 SOUTHFORK STRAND R180 000 CASH ONLY GRASSY PARK Fully Enclosed Free Standing 3 Bedroom A 654 Square Meter Service Plot with Plans for 2 Bedroom Flat on the 3rd Floor modern finishing House consisting of a 2 Houses, in a Quiet Neighbour Hood, Consisting of a Large Lounge, Kitchen, Lounge, Dining Room, F.F. Kitchen, Family GREAT POTENTIAL. Bathroom, Garage for 3 cars and front garden. Tiled Throughout and Family Bathroom. PETER 072 095 9876 FAZLOODIEN 082 495 8989 PETER 072 095 9876 WESTRIDGE R389 000 Freestanding, 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, family bathroom, carport, fully enclosed and parking for 3 cars. FAZLOODIEN 082 495 8989

Everything we touch turns to SOLD

WETTON 021 761 0707

GRASSY PARK: R750.000excl F/s, 5Beds(3xB), Lnge, 2xF/Bath, OPFK, Garage, Ent.Area, D/way Paved, 467m. KAREN 074 535 6260

ZEEKOEVLEI: R1,6 million A MUST TO VIEW, Very Neat F/standing + S/Entrance + More. KAREN 074 535 6260

SURREY ESTATE: R570.000excl Duplex, 3Beds (1xB), Lnge cm Drm, Bath, S/toilet, FFK(Defy),96m. MISHKAAH 084 064 7871

GRASSY PARK: R600.000 Neg F/s, 2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, FFK, F/Garage, 430m, D/way Paved KAREN 074 535 6260

MONTAGUS GIFT: R680.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Lounge, Bath, S/toilet, Mes, FK, Laundry, D/Garage, 495m. KAREN 074 535 6260

MONTAGUS GIFT: R330.000excl Mais, 2Beds, Loge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Park (3xCars), E/Garden, 129m. KAREN 074 535 6260

SOUTHFIELD: R550.000excl Duplex, 2Beds(Bics), Lounge, F/Bath, FFK, Un/cover P/Bay, Encl, B/Bars. HENDRIEKA 082 767 8406

RETREAT: R400.000excl Semi, 4Beds(2xBics), Lounge, D/room, 2xF/Bath, FK, Park(10 x Cars), 363m. FATIMA 073 432 6565

GRASSY PARK: R220.000each Neg 2 x Flats consist of 2Beds, Lounge, Kitchen, F/Bath, P/Bay, Encl. KAREN 074 535 6260

LANSDOWNE: R620.000 Neg Flat, 2Beds(Bics), FFK(Defy), P/Bay, Balcony (Immaculate Cond) , 90m ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

HANOVER PARK: R260.000excl Mais, 3Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Storerm, Park (1xCar), Encl. MARIAM 082 641 2157

WYNBERG: R469.000excl Flat, 2Beds(Bics), Passage, Lounge, F/Bath, Mes, FK, Encl. ISHERENE 083 350 2777

KENSINGTON: R330.000neg Stunning Flat, 1Bed(Bics), Lnge, OPFFK, Laundry, Un/cover P/Bay, 24 Hr Security. KAREN 074 535 6260

PRIMROSE PARK: R850.000excl F/s, 4Beds(2xB), Lnge, Drm, Mes, FK, G/Flat, Garage, Encl, 496m. AQEELAH 074 042 4168

WETTON: R1,1 million F/s, 3Beds(Bics), Lnge, Drm, Mes, G/Flat, D/Garage, 446m, Carport, KEITH 084 888 2526

PINELANDS: R620.000excl Flat, 2Beds(Bics), Lounge, OPFK, F/Bath, Communal Pool, P/Bay, Encl. ISHERENE 083 350 2777

PELIKAN HEIGHTS: R1 600.000excl D/s, 6Beds(5xB), 2xF/Bath, FFK, S/Lnge, Drm, Mes, G/Pool, D/Garage, Carport. MARIAM 082 641 2157

OTTERY: R370.000excl G/Floor Flat, 3Beds, Lnge, F/Bath, OPK, Pool, P/Bay, Encl, L/Fittings. MARIAM 082 641 2157

OTTERY: R330.000excl Flat, 2Beds(1xBics), Lnge, F/Bath, K(Bics), P/Bay, Encl, Blinds, B/Bars. NAZEEMA 073 924 4460

SYBRAND PARK: R1.995 000 neg Golden Mile Sybrand Park, Opp. Golf, Mountain views, 4Beds, 959m. SHEREENA 072 435 4085

LOTUS RIVER: R565.000excl Vacant Serviced Plot 1000m. ABDULLATIEF 082 941 7482

GRASSY PARK: R720.000excl F/s, 3Beds(2xBics), Lnge, F/Bath, FFK, G/Flat, Garage, Encl, Pool. ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

OTTERY: R660.000excl 3Beds(Bics), Lnge, Drm, 2xBaths, Laundry, Garage, 4xP/Bays, Encl. SHEREENA 072 435 4085

Let the PROFESSIONALS take care of all your housing needs

MarkANTHONY Anthony MARK 021 704 021 7042160 2160/ 083 4250 083482 482 4250

Mark Anthony1 10x4 03.07.12

(House + Separate Entrance)


071 952 9226

R245 000 EASTRIDGE R180 000 GRASSY PARK CASH ONLY R1 300 000 ZEEKOEVLEI Fully enclosed Maisonette, 3 Bedrooms, all 2 Bedroom Ground floor Flat with Bedrooms with BIC, Fitted Kitchen, Modern 3 Bedroom House with BIC, Family Bathroom with Shower and enclosed Lounge, Kitchen and Bathroom. Main En-suite with Spa Bath, Lounge, Carport for 2 cars. FAZLOODIEN 082 495 8989 MARK 072 545 1143. Dinning Room, Huge F.F.Kitchen, Fire R1 200 000 MUIZENBERG Place, Family Bathroom Shower + R990 000 MUIZENBERG PRINCE GEORGE DRIVE Freestanding 4 to 5 Bedrooms, Lounge, Dining 3bedrooms, Lounge Fitted Kitchen, 2 Toilet, Swimming Pool and Dbl Room, Big F.Kitchen, 2 Family Bathrooms with Bathrooms, Granny Flat and Garage with Garage on a 1000 Square Meter Plot. Shower, Tiled Throughout, Burglar Bars Right parking for 2cars and have flat rights. Around, Garage and Parking for 1 Car. MARK 072 545 1143 PETER 072 095 9876 PETER 072 095 9876.

MARK ANTHONY 021 704 2160 083 482 4250 Strandfontein


072 095 9876

R549 000

Lovely 3 beds, bics, large lounge, Large 2 beds, bics, spacious tiled fully fitted kitchen, tiled bathroom, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, big entertainment area drive-way + Garage + Yard

Montevideo R569 000


072 545 1143

R260 000 WESTRIDGE Enclosed 3 Bedroom Semi Detached House with Lounge, Kitchen and Family Bathroom. House needs a bit of Attention, Situated on corner, a must see with lots of Potential. SHAAMIEL 082 723 1118

R450 000 ATHLONE 2 Bedroom House, Lounge, Toilet + Family Bathroom, parking for 1 Car. MARK 072 545 1143



072 192 1411

R800 000 GRASSY PARK R350 000 SEAWINDS Neat 3 Bedroom House, Lounge, Dining Room, Semi Detached 3 Bedroom House with F.Kitchen, Family Bathroom + Sep Toilet, Lounge, Fitted Kitchen, Family Bathroom and Parking for 2 Cars, On Taxi Route. Laminated Flooring, Drive Way Paved and Extra's. Mark 072 545 1143 MARK 072 545 1143


Strandfontein R550 000


Mitchells Plain 021 391 0169/4203 Grassy Park 021 705 8961 - View pics @

ANTHONY MARK ANTHONY ARENDSE 021 021-704 704 2160 0289 AND 082 673 1503 083 482 4250

(Mitchells Plain)

073 929 3221



WELL WORTH THE PHONE CALL Lorenzo 082 734 7760/ 021 762 6481

The Leagues Only R319 000






Lorenzo has opened a new office. Come visit us at our Office at 508 Lansdowne Road Lansdowne (close to Lansdowne Police station) For FREE market related valuations, advice & a cup of coffee call us now . Let's get together & discuss your reduced commission rate.


Rocklands Only R299 000 (Bronze Street)

3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, drive-way, enclosed.

Kraaifontein Only R599 000 (Main House + 2 Separate Entrances)

Free-Standing 3 beds, bics, laminated flooring, large tiled lounge, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen Belmont Park. 4 Beds, bics, fitted kitchen, lounge + dining room, + dining. Enclosed, 2 drive-ways. Very Neat. sun-room, entertainment room, 2 carports +++ 2 Income generating Granny Flats.

Lotus River Only R629 000 (House+ Separate Entrance)

Scottsdene Only R299 000

The Westridge Only R389 000

3 beds, tiled lounge, fitted kitchen, separate bath & toilet +++ Double Garage that was converted into 2 bedroom Separate Entrance.Large Plot. Close to Strandfontein Road.

Extended 2 beds, lounge + dining room, bathroom + carport. (If your combined wages is approx R10 000 per month you could buy this house.

3 beds, lounge, fitted kitchen, bathroom, enclosed, big grounds.

(4 beds,5 Bathrooms)

Strand Only R359 000 (Broadland Village)

Kuilsriver R785 000 (Jagtershof)

Mandalay Only R699 000

Large 4 beds, 2 en-suites + family bathroom, large Lovely 3 beds, bics, fitted 3 beds, en-suite, lounge, lounge with fire-place, dining room, spacious, beautiful kitchen, lounge, bathroom, fitted kitchen, family fully fitted kitchen with breakfast nook, outside maids aluminium frames, burglar bathroom, double garage + room with shower & toilet, long drive-way & double bars. House will be outside braai. garage +++ Very large Granny Flat. refurbished. MARK ANTHONY 2 10X4 03-07-12-1BL4BYK Need an agent to sell your house fast and efficiently? Call Anthony Arendse 021-704 0289 or 082 673 1503

Tuesday 3 July 2012


People’s Post Lansdowne Page 15

BALLET JUMP: Bayhill United player Luwayne du Plessis shoots at goal as Hazen­ dal United’s Mar­ waan Christians tries a ballet­type defend in the last 256 clash in the Coca­Cola Cup at Rygate Sports Grounds in Ath­ lone on Sunday. Bayhill were 6­3 victors. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

THE DAVE Spence Memorial 10 km race presented by the RCS Gugulethu Athletic Club which forms part of Western Province Athletics Powerade League series will take place will take place on Sunday at the NY49 Stadium in Gugulethu. According to organiser Marshall Moiloa, the popular township race was started three years after their celebrated coach Dave Spence passed away in 2009. “Dave used to be a coach and mentor not only for me, but many talented young athletes from the townships. He was the one who urged me to start up the club. He put in a lot of time and effort and played a key role in the establishment of the Gugulethu Athletic club. It’s great that his legacy can live on with a race that is held in his memory,” Moila said proudly. “A lot of people were previously scared to come into the townships. But I think that kind of stereotypical thinking has changed drastically in recent times. We are expecting a huge turnout this year because the race forms part of WPA’s Powerade League series. “The race starts at 07:30 and the 4.2 km fun run at O7:35 about 150m from the NY49 Stadium next to the Gugulethu Mall. It’s run over a fast and flat course and is perfect for runners aiming for a personal best time. “ At Manenberg police station the runners will turn left at Duinefontein Road past the Nyanga Junction Shopping Centre. The route then takes at left turn at Lansdowne road over the bridge through the township and back to the finish at the NY49 stadium. We have decided to make the cut-off time for the 10km is two and a half hours to accommodate the walkers who are also welcome,” explained Moila. Registration will take place from 05:45 - 07:00. Entry for the 10km is R35 for licensed athletes. Tem- CHAMPION: Winner of the porary licences cost R20. Spookhill race, Siythilo The first 1 000 finishers Diko. Photo: Adnaan Mohammed will get medals. For more information Contact Marshall on 084 650 8785 or Thobile on 073 318 2563. Results of Saturday’s Spookhill 15m Road Race in Somerset West Men Open: 1. Siythilo Diko (Nedbank) 49.29, 2.Dicardo Jakobs (Itheko) 49.50, 3. Neo Molema (Itheko) 50.48 40-49: 1. Dawid Pietersen (Dwarsrivier) 56.15, 2. Carlo Jacobs (Bidvest) 60.12, 3. Basil Leeman (Itheko) 60.36 50-59: 1. Friedel van der Merwe (Strand) 59.52, 2. Gerald Sullivan ( Durbac) 62.26 2. Shafiek Cassiem (Celtic) 63.57 60+: 1. Ivan Marais ( Nedbank) 72.34, 2. Ronnie Le Roux (Brackenfell) 74.03, 3. Harold Dixon (Blue Downs) 74.3 Junior Men: 1. Marius Petersen ( Harfield Harriers) 55.27, 2. Siphiwe Dlokweni (Ommiedraai) 57.51, 3. Royden Balie (Eersterivier) 56.12 Team Prize : Itheko (Dikardo Jakobs 49.50, 3. Neo Molema 50.48, 6. Sinethemba Ndzanga 53.23, Wanda Roro 56.36) Women Open: 1. Bulelwa Mtshagi (Celtic) 63.36, 2. Melody Marcus/Cupido (Metropolitan) 65.06, 3.Sheryl de Lange (New Balance) 65.48 40-49: 1. Sheryl de Lange (New Balance) 65.48, 2. Ursula Turck (Strand) 70.07 3. Nicolette Brouwer (Satori) 71.13 50-59: 1. Mariette Esterhuizen (Tygerberg) 71.35, Charmaine Cupido (Nedbank) 76.12, Anne Pool (Strand) 76.36 60+: 1. Marietha Herbert (Bellville) 81.41, 2. Pixi Sparg (Celtic) 84.38, 3. Lyn Wood (New Balance) 1:43.21 Junior women: 1.Natasha Slosberg (Brackenfell) 1: 13.19, 2. Reghana Beukes (Eersterivier) 1:19.03, Gaylin Atson (Mitchells Plain) 1:19.31 Women Team Prize: Nedbank (Candice Hall 1:07.11, Charmaine Cupido 1:16.12, Marie Vermeulen 1:19.48, Maritza Volschenck 1:20.20)

Sailing centre aims for the top

WRAPPED UP: DHL Stormers centre Marcel Brache tries to break­ through the tackle of Elton Jantjies and another MTN Lions player in the Vodacom Super Rugby clash between the two sides at DHL Newlands on Saturday. The Stormers, top the South African Confer­ ence and are second on the overall log, won the match 27­17. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

TELLING TACKLE: Sulaiman Ryklief from Caledonian Roses tries to bring Thaafier Abrahams from MIT Rangers to ground during the teams’ under­10 clash at the Ohio Street Sport Complex in Primrose Park on Saturday. At the final whistle, the scoreboard read 25­25. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

GRADUATES of development sailing in Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula are gearing up to take on the most prestigious sailing competition in Southern Africa – the Lipton Challenge Cup 2012. Two sailors from the Zeekoevlei Sailing Centre, Marco Tobin and Le-roy Rudolf, will be heading up their team of sailors from various Cape Town sailing schools at the Lipton Challenge in August. This is not the first time that sailors from the centre have competed this level– the likes of Ashton Sampson was part of Team Shosholoza in the 2007 America’s Cup campaign; Ryan Pentolfe and Roscoe Cupido won the 2010 J22 Nationals; David Jacobs competed in the 2011 RS Tera World Championship in Denmark; and 16-yearold JP Roberts qualified for the 2012 RS Tera World Championships which will take place in Italy in August. The centre was started in 1996 by the Wynberg Rotary Club with extensive and ongoing sponsorship from Metropolitan Health. The mission of the centre is to contribute to community development in the predominantly low-income areas around Zeekoevlei. Marco Tobin joined the Zeekoevlei Sailing Centre in 1998 while still a learner at Grassy Park High. The sailing centre has grown significantly since then, with school children from six local schools taking turns to train every afternoon. Says Tobin: “Since 2008 about 100 children have been taught to sail every year. The children learn valuable lifeskills and leadership lessons and are also exposed to the option of sailing or boat-building and design as a career.” A youngster who has benefited from the sailing centre is 20-year-old Morne Hardinge. He started sailing at the age of 13 and is now employed full time by the centre. “Being a part of Zeekoevlei Sailing Centre has changed my life,” says Hardinge. “It’s kept me out of gangs and drugs and all the other problems so common in the area where I grew up. Having been given this wonderful opportunity, I find it very rewarding to give back to the community.” Tobin and the Lipton Cup team are following a strict training regimen and have their sights set at a finish in the top five. Schools interested in joining the Zeekoevlei Sailing Centre can call (021) 689 1954. Organisations interested in helping with sponsorship for the Lipton Cup team can contact Tobin on 082 706 2444.

SMART SAILING: Marco Tobin and Le­roy Rudolf in action. Photo: Supplied



5L Supa PVA interior paint various colours R39-95 /5L Safari Gloss Enamel Oil Paint Interior / Exterior R139-00 /5L

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Winter Special

Contractors 20L PVA Interior / Exterior

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Three burner, self igniting stove with pipe, clamps & regulator



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People's Post Page 16

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 3 July 2012

DEJECTED: A dejected Santos striker Riaan Eugene and stalwart defender Wayne Arendse after the team’s loss to Chippa Unit­ ed. Photo: Shaun Roy/Gallo Images

Relegation shatters Santos TASMIN CUPIDO

NO ANNOUNCEMENTS of terminations of contracts has been made at Engen Santos after they were relegated from the Premier Soccer League (PSL) the weekend. This according to team manager Yusuf Gester, who stressed that the club will honour all contracts of players and staffers. The People’s Team find themselves in the National First Division (NFD) after a 4-3 loss to fellow Cape side Chippa United in the final relegation-promotion playoff match at Philippi Stadium on Saturday. It is the first time Santos will play in this league after entering the PSL in the 1996/1997 season. Santos has had a tough season for the

Lansdowne-based side, after only winning seven from a total of 30 league matches – they lost 17 and drew six. Former coach Boebie Solomons was also sacked December. Gester tells People’s Post that the mood – in both the change rooms and the office – after the loss was “tough”. “It was very quiet and we didn’t speak to them about the performance – everyone was obviously dejected,” he says. “We respected the silence of the players and let it be. We really wanted to win; going into the match we knew what was at stake, In the end the match was really close.” Rumours that coach Mart Nooij will leave the club has also been dispelled. “All players and staffers are contracted with the club and we will honour these contracts,” Gester says.

“We however cannot determine whether the players and coaching staff will be approached by other clubs. It’s football, its the nature of the game.” The squad and most office staffers have been given a break before they re-group for pre-season training and plans. Meanwhile, Chippa United has been welcomed into the PSL by CEO Stan Matthews. “This is a great achievement by Chippa United following what has been an impressive run both in the NFD and subsequently in the playoffs. They have earned their place. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the club management, the coaching staff, the players and their fans for achieving this remarkable feat,” Matthews says. “Judging from the excitement and passion

that I saw from their fans in Philippi today, there is no doubt in my mind that Chippa United will enjoy great support from the football family.”

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Georgette - Viscose. Prints & Plains normally R60 to R80



Hawkers welcome

UNIT E5 (Back of Access Park off M5) Kenilworth Tel: 021 683 6997

Interest & Service charges are included in these monthly instalments


JUSTIN 076 315 9715


1997 M/Benz C280 Dep: R18 500 & R972 x 36 Total: R53 672


2003 VW Beetle 1.8T Dep: R48 000 & R1 708 x 36 Total: R109 488

95 49 2 R A/T, GREAT PRICE

1991 Nissan Sentra 160i Dep: R11 500 & R1 007 x 18 Total: R29 626

5 99 2 R5


2007 Chevrolet Spark LS Dep: R24 500 & R1 227 x 36 Total:R68 672

95 49 2 R


1996 Ford Escort 1.4i Dep: R11 500 & R1 007 x 18 Total: R29 626

5 99 5 R6


2004 Opel Meriva 1.6 Dep: R32 000 & R1 423 x 36 Total:R83 228

5 99 2 R2 A/C, P/S, E/W

1996 VW Caddy 1600

Dep: R10 700 & R931 x 18 Total: R27 458

5 99 9 R5


2004 Ford Ranger 1800 Dep: R28 000 & R1 352 x 36 Total:R76 672

95 99 4 R


2002 L/Rover Freelander TD6 Dep: R23 000 & R1 173 x 36 Total: R65 228

5 99 9 R7 LIKE NEW

2004 Honda Jazz 1.4 DSi Dep: R43 000 & R1 530 x 36 Total:R98 080

5 99 5 7 R AS NEW

2004 Opel Astra 1.8i Dep: R41 000 & R1 459 x 36 Total: R93 524

5 99 6 R2 A/C, VERY NEAT

1994 M/Benz Ezzo Dep: R12 500 & R987 x 24 Total:R36 188

Peoples Post Lansdowne 3 July 2012  

Peoples Post Lansdowne 3 July 2012