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Tuesday 17 January 2012

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Home behind the reeds TAMMY PETERSEN


ESS than 10 metres from the clean, quiet streets of Kenwyn, dozens of homeless people have set up camp behind the reeds on the field between Chukker Road and the M5. It is unclear how long the vagrants have been using the field, which borders the local sports complex. Some say they have been secretly living there for over 10 years. However, locals say they recently noticed an increase in the number of people living between the bushes, with some claiming that there could be about 60 people currently calling the open space home. Amina van der Schyff says she spotted them while driving on the M5 during the holiday. “I saw clothes fluttering in the wind and when I took a closer look, I saw a man defecating without any shame. I was so shocked, I nearly caused an accident. I know that vagrancy is a problem in Lansdowne, but we cannot allow them to take over Kenwyn, too. Something has to be done!” Another local, who asks not to be named, says she once sent her husband to “check things out” after they noticed a trio of men walking into the field during the early evening. “He told me he saw a small fire and about 40 people standing around it. He asked what they were doing there and they said he must

SUPPER: Jackie Matthews with some of the discarded food she col­ lected over the Christmas period.

mind his own business and leave. They were argumentative and he was obviously quite scared. We phoned the Metro Police to follow up.” She says she wouldn’t be surprised if the homeless group is responsible for a recent spate of break-ins and robberies in Kenwyn. “They cause nothing but trouble. They are always begging or loitering in the streets. I would be so happy if someone could just step in and remove them from our area.” After trekking through kneelength grass and litter, People’s Post found the well-hidden settlement with only about 10 of the inhabitants at home at the time. They sat around a cooking fire while a pot boiled their water. There are no shacks as the people sleep only on mattresses with no shelter from the elements. Cheap wine bottles littered the flattened sections of grass, and most of the men were intoxicated – at noon. While the reporter was initially met with hostility, three women who have been living there for up to six years made a heartfelt plea for help. Lorraine Conradie (33) heard about the settlement while living under Lansdowne bridge. “I didn’t know that kind of life and I needed to feel safe. I have been on the street for a little over a year after I suffered a mild stroke and the woman I was charring for kicked me out,” she explains. “This isn’t a nice place to live but it’s better than being under the bridge. But once I have enough money, I want to go home to Prieska. I don’t belong on the streets,” Conradie says sadly. But people like Beverley Willemse don’t have anywhere else to go. “I previously lived at the Flamingo informal settlement but I moved out when a fire destroyed everything I had in December,” she says. “I realised I had nothing left and

that it was time to move on. I heard about this place and decided to rather come here.” Things are by no means better between the reeds. Jackie Matthews explains that they are forced to use the bushes as a bathroom, and they have to walk “a lekker distance” for water, which they get from a burst pipe. “Food is a constant worry for us. Sometimes people give us their leftovers or canned goods, but other times we have to scratch in bins to survive,” she says. Matthews vehemently denies that any of the homeless people living there are involved in criminal activities. However, another resident, who asks not to be named, confirms that “bad people” often dump stolen goods behind the reeds. “They know we won’t touch it or say anything because we are scared. People don’t want us here so we don’t like to cause trouble or draw attention to us. But we are not the ones who cause trouble. We just need a place to stay.” But Richard Bosman, the City of Cape Town’s director for Safety and Security, says the council has been trying to assist the occupants for over eight years. “In that time, various groups have been relocated to the Delft-Symphony Way Temporary Relocation Area; back to their communities, to family and friends; or to shelters,” he explains. Some occupants have also been arrested for engaging in criminal activities, Bosman continues. “Unfortunately, it is difficult to clear the area completely because just as the Unit relocates one group, another settles there. Often, people who have been moved simply move back. “The Displaced People’s Unit, with the assistance of other enforcement agencies and NGOs, carries out regular interventions on this land and, with the City’s Social Development Department, continues to offer options for relocation and provide assistance.” He appeals to locals who have any tip-offs about criminal activities in that area to phone the City’s Law Enforcement Section on (021) 596 1999.

WORRIED: Beverley Wilemse on the empty mattress she sleeps on every night. Photos: Tammy Petersen

HOME: Dozens of people call the field off Chukker Road home.

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Page 2 People’s Post Lansdowne


Tuesday 17 January 2012

‘Big school’ for little scholars W

EARING their shiny new school shoes and carrying over-sized bags, the Grade 1 class of 2012 were fully equipped and ready for the long road ahead to

matric. People’s Post visited local schools in Lansdowne, Newfields, Manenberg, Hanover Park and Kenwyn to see how the youngsters were settling in.



BUILD IT: Ethan Adriaanse, Magadiel Schroeder and Yusuf Amadu get busy.

HELPING HAND: Teacher Bonita Faro helps Shadwyn Samuels with his writing.

READ INTO IT: Jaden Prins se­ lects a book while Azraa Samuels and Yanga Katyana check out some pictures.

EXCITED: The new scholars are eager to learn.


DON’T SPILL: Teacher Carmelita Jones helps Niyaaz Williams pour a glass of water.

COLOURFUL: Kelly Vermeulen shows Jody Bailey how to colour in neatly. Photos: Tammy Petersen

IMPRESSIVE: Chadley Donough shows off his colourful mouse.

CREATIVE: Tyla Sto­ ber focuses on her colourful monkey.

DONE! Jordan Var­ rie is eager to get home.


FUN AND GAMES: A group of classmates enjoy their break.

FRIENDLY: Cheslyn Daniels and Chesny Grove get acquainted.

HANDS UP: Andrea Petersen and Naseera Miller know how to have fun.


TEAMWORK: Zaid Isaacs, Ezra Abels, Sufyaan Davids and Iryaaz Maxwell get down to business.

IN THE KNOW: Zuraan Lodewyk and Nazeefa Omar clearly know the answer.

ARTY: A focused little girl shows her artistic side.


Tuesday 17 January 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 3

Former cleaner takes to the chalkboard TAMMY PETERSEN

AS the new arrivals at Mountview High streamed into the classroom last Wednesday, butterflies filled the stomach of Peter Hendricks. He waited over 20 years to teach, and the day had finally arrived. After years of using a broom and detergents, the 46-year-old father of two finally picked up a stick of chalk and started his teaching career. Hendricks, former head of cleaning at Kenwyn Primary, completed his degree in teaching at UWC last year. The road to realising his dream of moulding young minds was anything but easy, but after years of juggling his daytime job and studying after hours, he proved that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. “It was a great feeling to greet my first class,” a proud Hendricks, who is from Hanover Park, says. “I was no longer on the outside looking in; I was finally what I always wanted to be.” Hendricks was retrenched in 2004 after working in the clothing industry for most of his adult life, whereafter he volunteered at Mountview High – his alma mater – while he struggled to find employment. He always dreamed of teaching, but without a qualification, his chances of entering the field were

slim (“From swept floors to the chalkboard”, People’s Post, 25 October 2011). Despite his age, he enrolled at UWC while working as a cleaner at a primary school in Strandfontein, after which he was a caretaker at a school in Ottery. Money was tight, but his wife and two teenaged children encouraged him to push on towards a tertiary qualification. Last year, in front of a crowd of spectators which included his own family, Hendricks officially graduated. He applied for a post at Mountview High and was officially accepted in January. “When I got the job, I was told that this school had been waiting for me for a long time. I immediately knew that I had made the right decision to come here,” he says. When People’s Post visited his classroom on Friday, he spoke calmly to the scholars, throwing in a joke or two to lighten the mood. “There is hard work ahead and I expect you to do your best at all times,” he told them. “And don’t forget: we always handle each other with the utmost respect.” He has great plans for his lessons, which he hopes will be exciting and interesting for the teenagers he will be educating. “Besides their schoolwork, I hope I will teach and inspire them to exceed their own expectations and fulfil their goals as I did. Life is full of opportunities – you just need to go out there and grab them.” He turns and starts chatting to the students – and grabs a broom and absently sweeps a dusty area.

LISTEN UP: Peter Hendricks during a lesson. He recently started teaching history, natural scienc­ es, Afrikaans and arts and culture at Mountview High. Photo: Tammy Petersen

Enrol your child for Grade R MORGENSON Primary in Hanover Park still has space for 30 Grade R pupils, and will be accepting local children on a first come, first served basis. Enrolment and

tuition is free. The child has to turn six within the year, and should have been born in 2006. For more information, phone the school on (021) 691-9164.


TO ALL 2012 STUDENTS! ______________________

A meeting of the Council of the City of Cape Town will be held on Wednesday 25 January 2012 at 10:00 in the Council Chamber, 6th Floor, Podium Block, Civic Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town.


Please note that limited seating is available in the public gallery of the Council Chamber, and therefore seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Should you wish to attend the meeting you are requested to contact Ms A Curtis on 021 400 3342 between 09:00 and 16:00. All requests for attendance must be received by no later than a day before the meeting. You will be required to provide your surname, initials and contact telephone number. Visitors are kindly requested to be seated by 09:30.









per sheet

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95 m2


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51 Paarden Eiland Road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Tel: 021 510 5500 • VAT included • E&OE • Website:

19365 E.&O.E.




E L A S N 2 JA 2 L ‘TIL

Page 4 People’s Post Lansdowne


BRIGHT AND BEAU­ TIFUL: As minstrel fe­ ver sweeps through Athlone, lo­ cals came to show off their tal­ ent. Pic­ tured at Athlone Stadium is the juve­ nile choir of Die Burg­ er Happy Boys. Pho­

And the beat goes on TAURIQ HASSEN

THE 2012 season for the minstrel competitions has kicked off at the Vygieskraal and Athlone Stadiums, with several teams hoping to get their hands on the coveted Carnival Trophy. Teams started their quest on Monday 2 January with a road march through Darling Street into Adderley Street, up Wale Street and then into historic Bo-Kaap. People’s Post covered the story of the minstrels’ battling to re-enter Bo-Kaap, after they were refused entry due to complaints by local residents about noise, minstrels urinating against mosques and teams making a noise into the early hours of the morning. This year’s road march drew thousands of


tos: Azme Hen­ dricks

Tuesday 17 January 2012

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people to the CBD, where they lined the streets to catch a glimpse of favourite teams. The day did not get off to a great start, as teams were meant to start walking at 10:00, but the first team only began making its way up Wale Street just before 15:00. To the crowd’s relief, a string of teams followed, entertaining the crowds with their bright colours, striking dance moves, fluent sounds and their joyous celebrations. Kevin Momberg, executive director of the Cape Town Carnival Minstrel Association, was delighted at the outcome of the Tweede Nuwe Jaar celebrations, but emphasised that the action was only beginning at the stadiums. “We feel that the day was a success, despite a hiccup in the early stages of the event, but the rest of the day was a complete success,” says Momberg. Amongst the teams, old and new, were the Shoprite Pennsylvannian Crooning Minstrels, Santam District Six Entertainers, Fabulous Woodstock Starlites, Saltravannian Crooning Minstrels, Die Burger’s Happy Boys, Ashwin Willemse Orient Community Entertainer, Golden Dixies and many more. Rashiedah Abrahams from Woodstock supports the minstrels “fully”. Every year, along with her family, she sets up her gazebo on the Parade in Cape Town early in the morning. “Klopse is in my blood, I have grandsons, sons, cousins and many other family members walking in various troupes. Every year, I make this a special day to go out and support them,” says Abrahams. Many of the teams headed to their respective stadiums, where they took part in their first vocal items for the 2012 competition, which will continue until the end of the month.

Be a sport against crime Manenberg Helping Hands, a community organisation, will host a “Sports Against Crime” day on the Saturday 11 February in conjunction with Manenberg police, Manenberg Community Policing Forum and Cape Flats Soccer Development. The sports day will feature five-aside basketball, cricket, netball and soccer, and will take place at the Heideveld Sports Ground from 08:00 to 18:00. For more information contact Jenna on 082 936 5679, Soraya on 071 123 5037 or Faizel on 084 952 4277.

“ Te l l i n g

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The exchange period will run from November 2011 to January 2012.

i t

a s

i t

i s ”


Tuesday 17 January 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 5


Golden Bananas

6.99 per kg

ASSORTED SUMMER FRUIT: Yellow cling peaches, large dessert peaches & large red plums

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Page 6 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 17 January 2012

False fail for local matric HANRIE BOSCH

THURSDAY 5 January was a joyous day for numerous matrics who celebrated the end of their school careers as their names were published in newspapers. But at least one Cape Town matric was left distraught for more than a week, thinking she had failed, after a blunder at the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

PASS OR FAIL?: La­eeqah Stoutz can now finally brag about her results. Photo: Supplied

WCED “lost” La-eeqah Stoutz’s second maths paper and omitted her name from the paper. “In our family we have a tradition: when you pass matric and your name is in the paper we keep it. Now La-eeqah has lost out on this,” said her mother, Abeda Abrahams, from the family home in Kewtown, Athlone, “It was very traumatic for her, as all her friends and family came to sympathise. Every second we had to console her. There are just so many ‘what ifs’. “What if we had not consoled her and she decided to do something stupid? What then?” But luckily for Stoutz her mother double checked on the internet and

IDYLLIC: A packed Camps Bay beach in January. Photo: Michael Hammond

found an “incomplete” next to her name. She discovered that Stoutz had not written her second maths paper, according to the WCED. “I took her to school every day to write exams and we both knew that this could not be true.” Abrahams was then told to phone back three weeks later to get an update. Stoutz’s teacher at Rylands High School in Athlone sent her the results on Thursday 12 January and she could finally

relax. But many questions remain unanswered for the family, and they feel that their daughter has been robbed of the joy of seeing her name in the paper and having everyone know that she passed, and wonder how many other pupils are in the same boat. People’s Post contacted the WCED and was told that: “According to our records, the candidate has a full result. She can collect her results from the department if she does not already have them. Meanwhile, the department is investigating the claims.” They were also unable to comment on how often these “errors” crept in and a name was omitted from the paper.

Possible load-shedding ESKOM has told the City of Cape Town there is a possibility that Cape Town could experience loadshedding in the next few weeks. This is due to Eskom’s inability to meet rising demand for electricity throughout the country. The risk of load-shedding has been exacerbated by on-going maintenance work that Eskom has undertaken as it grapples with boosting supply capacity in order to avoid sustained power outages. As the load-shedding in 2008 re-

vealed, the process is a difficult one. However, as responsible citizens, we can all do our bit to avoid the negative impact that load-shedding would have on our country by reducing electricity usage. Eskom urged Capetonians to use electricity sparingly in order to avoid power outages. It said switching off all unused electrical appliances or using alternative energy would help to conserve electricity. Eskom said it was putting measures in place to avoid load-shedding.

Cape Town a hit with tourists HANRIE BOSCH

THE city was truly packed and fully booked during the festive season. Some residents said it took 45 minutes to drive from Table Mountain Cableway to the Kloofnek intersection, while others jostled for a spot on Camps Bay or endured endless queues at popular eateries. The Waterfront estimates that during December alone it had nearly three million visitors. Table Mountain Cableway recorded a new visitor record: “From 1 to 31 December 116 000 visitors made use of the cableway, beating the previous record of 112 000 in December 2006,” says Collette van Aswegen, Marketing Manager. Table Mountain National Park also saw an upswing in tourists. Boulders beach saw a 29 percent increase and Cape Point a 23 percent increase in tourism, says Park spokesperson Merle Collins, adding : “We still don’t have the stats for the open access part of the park but all indications are that there was an increase this season.” And it was not just the tourists hotspots that where crowded. Getting there proved just as much an adventure, said traffic spokes-

person Merle Lourens. “Table Mountain Road proved to be one of the busiest traffic spots, with the road being closed on occasion due to high traffic volumes and no available parking”. The same rang true for beaches across the Cape, most notably Camps Bay. Lourens said there were apparently fewer motorists on the road, probably because many people made use of buses and arrived by plane. Cape Town International Airport noted a sharp increase in visitors arriving by plane, although actual statistics across the board are not yet available. Cape Town International Airport reported an earlier start to the season with a 14 percent increase in international arrivals compared with November 2010. An 11,7 percent increase was seen in regional arrivals and a 3,6 percent increase in domestic arrivals during November. January and February are traditionally peak months for international arrivals and a steady year-on-year increase in international tourists is expected too. Cape Town Tourism adds that: “Due to increased supply in the accommodation sector, some Cape Town hotels were not run-

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0860 103 089


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ning at full capacity. However, many establishments on the Atlantic Seaboard, particularly in Camps Bay, as well as in the City Centre were booked to capacity between Christmas and New Year”. Red City tour buses were running at full capacity in December and rental cars were fully booked. Councillor Grant Pascoe, mayoral committee member, tourism, events and marketing, says that although this season has been busy and an improvement on last year, “Cape Town is still not back to its 2008 boom figures”. He attributed this to a slump in the global economy from main source markets like Germany, Britain and America. “The city has learned the importance of the domestic market to sustain tourism numbers. In addition, the growing middle class in South Africa is a very accessible market for focus in the future.” Pascoe adds that Cape Town’s numerous accolades in 2011 – World Design Capital, One of the New Natural Wonders and being named Tripadvisor’s number one destination in 2011 – meant that “Cape Town is high on the priority list for travellers and those with the resources to do so are making their way to our shores”.


Tuesday 17 January 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 7


eksklusief aanlyn by

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Tiling/Flooring ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713

Curtains/Carpets/ Upholstery

All glorious 11 day sea cruise to Walvisbay and the Island of St Helena 14­25 January 2013 Call: 021 712 4756( after 7pm)


1146 LOANS We come to you. ( 021 558 6648 / 082 957 3251

GARAGE DOORS & automation.

BUSY CORNER TV REPAIRS Efficient repairs to all tv's, lcd's, led's & microwaves. 021 705 4222 / 083 861 0418

Is your house going to be repossessed? I will buy your home. And advance you money. ( Riyard on 083 420 8989

M&S BUILDERS All building works, Paving, All carpentry work and Carports. Ph 084 260 5610 or 021­397 3083

Home Improvement Interior

TV/DVD/Video Services

ALL PAINTING WORK. Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713


Children’s Entertainment

JUMPING CASTLES for hire. We deliver. Ph 083 377 5564.

WILDCATS TRANSPORT Bakkie Sand ­ R140 (Bags R7,50) Bakkie Stone ­ R360 (Bags R15.00) Blocks and Bricks ­ 190/140/maxis Vibracrete Slabs ­ R31.00 each CEMENT R72.00 EACH We also do truck loads and rubble removals Ph 021­820 4068 or 084 467 7507

021 839 1942 072 771 7451


JUMP 4 JOY castle hire. ( Ricky on 073 268 7546





BJUMPING castles for hire. Cartoon characters & purple dinosaur castles available. Excel. rates.(082 938 5342

AA BARGAIN PAVING SLABS 400 x 400 = R11,00 450 x 450 = R13,50 500 x 500 = R14,95 Vibracrete = R26,00 ( 076 382 6711


For Sale


911 MOBILE DISCO for all occasions. Ph 082 337 0911


VIDEOS & PHOTO'S for all occasions. Ph 021­706 5081 or 073 788 2260

AMY’S WENDY 17 01 12 1B8SAWF.cdr

DIVORCES From R3 200 Renette Rauch Attorneys 021 418 1337/8 or e­mail: renette.rauch@


Holiday Accommodation

WEEKEND SPECIALS AT CLUB MYKONOS STARTING AT R600 PER NIGHT! Contact Suzanne 021­448 2717 office hours only

AVON REPS NEEDED (Michelle 021 396 2115/08 2 637 6559 EARN CASH NOW Sell tupperware full or part time. ( Narriman 084 414 7444 or 021­637 5932 or Zainoe 084 530 0300 WE DON'T REPLY TO PSE CALL ME

AVON &JUSTINE reps needed. (Mildred 021 696 5866/ 079 053 8019


133 115

Moving and Storage BAKKIE AND TRAILER Removals. Ph 021­836 9460 or 082 439 2463 NO SMS'S! FURNITURE REMOVALS. Ph 078 6113 627.

Tours A LONG WEEKEND TRIP TO MOSSELBAY 21­25 March 2012 Accomodation and transport and Sunday lunch included . R800 per person Contact Betty: 073 188 6942 / 021 633 7207 or Beatie 083 5599 415 / 021 392 9994

Needed in Grassy Park area. 021 797 1936 after 6pm


Vacancies Wanted DOMESTIC Sleep in or out. 7 years exp. Can cook.Veronica 078 737 7157. Refs ­ 761 2069


Page 8 People’s Post Lansdowne 401

General Vacancies

Avon Reps Required: Contact Nolene A/Hrs 0794912042 or 0213933546

FREE ICDL COMPUTER COURSE ­ Typing, Data Capture,Word Excel, IT,, Win, Internet, Email.Job Search & CV design. Pay 4 w/book. (021 683 8875 ­ At Kenilworth Centre Home study available

MANAGERS & SUPERVISORS URGENTLY WANTED !!! Earn R15 000 ­R 30 000 p/m No Boss! Own hours! Work from anywhere! Exclusive support! Sms YOBA BIZ to 40935 for info


SUMMER JOBS IN 5 ,, 4 , HOTELS , BIG SUPERMARKETS & BIG COMPANIES URGENTLY NEEDS! .20 Receptionists .30 Cashiers .20 Barmen .30 Waitrons .20 Porters .50 Cleaners/ Housekeepers .10 Cruiseship Attendants .10 Flight Attendants For More details please contact Zetaweb or visit our offices on 112 Long Street, 3rd Floor, room 311, Cape Town, or CALL: 021 426 7615/ 021 820 3654/ 073 219 8380

VIBRANT SALES CONSULTANTS NEEDED No transport or previous sales experience needed. Free training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives. For appointment, call Aileen on 021 465 7852 Terms & Conditions Apply

Tuesday 17 January 2012


ATHLONE / MITCHELLS PLAIN BUYING / SELLING Free Valuations Free Property Advice Our Marketing Makes The World Of Difference Superior, Discreet and Professional Service by Your Area Specialist


Community of Christ


Call our area specialists 021 696 4114


RONDEBOSCH EAST: OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED FROM R1 350 000 MIL NEG D/storey, cnr plot 3 beds, all BIC, main ensuite, lounge, d/room, fully kitchen, garage + carport, parking for cars, big yard with lovley pool. Sep entrance upstairs (potential income R4500) with o/plan, lounge, 1 bed, bath RONDEBOSCH EAST: R1 495 000 MIL NEG 3 Beds, BIC, MES, fam bathroom, lounge, FFK, pool. All appliances & furniture being sold with property. Additional income from 3 separate entrances Call Fadia 082 560 6194 WALMER ESTATE R1.180 000 MIL NEG Harbour View, lose to public transport, 5 min to CBD, semi ,4 loft bedroom house, lounge, d/room, bath, scullery, fitted kitchen, offstreet parking. Shihaam Buffkins 083 516 2140 9b Eike Avenue∙ Sybrand Park ∙ Rondebosch

EVERY SUNDAY 09:00AM ­ 12:00PM

AT WELTEVREDEN CENTRE ROCKLANDS (Pastor Allan & Mary Africa 021 392 1973


Young Vibrant Telemarkerters Between ages 18­ 25. Needed to join our fast growing industry. No experience needed full traning provided. Basic and Good commission.


Contact Jolene 021 001 1013/ 078 432 9174


Staff Vacancies


eksklusief aanlyn by

Waar koper en verkopers mekaar ontmoet

: 0860 11 69 18

“ Te l l i n g





CAPE TOWN BASED COMPANY IS OPENING UP A NEW BRANCH & NEEDS TO EXPAND IT'S SALES FORCE! No transport or previous sales experience needed. All training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives. For appointment, call Andre on 021 930 9068 Terms & Conditions Apply. QUALIFIED PAINTERS NEEDED fax CV & copy of ID to 086 751 9317

ed classifi tion informa

the secret is out. don't miss it ! ! !



Tuesday 17 January 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 9 KAYS 17JAN12 1B8QWNK.cdr


MARK ANTHONY 021 704 2160 083 482 4250 GRASSY PARK R699 000

HOUSE + GRANNY FLAT Large 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, enclosed +++ 2 Bedroom Granny Flat



PAVED YARD 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, drive-way.




Towards Marketing Excellence


NICE AREA What A Bargain!!!!! Cute 2 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom.


FREE-STANDING 3 beds,lounge, kitchen, bathroom, nice size yard. Close To Kwik Trip.

3 Bedrooms, Lounge + Dining, family Bathroom, and fitted kitchen

R680 000 WYNBERG


Maisonette, 3 beds, Fitted kitchen, lounge, family bathroom and carport.

R480 000 PELICAN PARK, Freestanding three bedroom house, dinning room, kitchen, family bathroom with shower, separate toilet. SHAHIED 084 832 9188

Semi detached 3 bedroom house, lounge, tiled fitted kitchen.

Free Pre-Approvals

OWNER Furniture Removals FAZLOODIEN 082 495 8989




LOVELY LOCATION! 3 beds,lounge(Fire-Place), kitchen, separate bath & toilet,tandem garage,enclosed,very large grounds right around house.What A Bargain!

073 929 3221

FREE-STANDING 3 beds,lounge fitted kitchen, tiled bathroom, tiled lounge,covered yard area, +++ Garage.Close to local Shopping Centre and CANAL WALK. MARK ANTHONY 2 10X4 170112 1B8R6AQ


SHAAM 074 217 4190

R330 000 HILLVIEW Freestanding 3 bdrm one with en-suite, 1 bathroom, lounge, kitchen, family bathroom and parking for one car. PETER 072 095 9876.



Freestanding 4 bdrm, Lounge, Dining room, F.F.K, Family bathroom, separate toilet, massive loft and garage, lots of potential.

SO KASHIFAH 073 929 3221


4 bdrms, 3 bathrooms, sunken lounge & dining room, fitted kitchen, tiled throughout, double garage tiled, sub divided for rental potential.


Freestanding double story house. 4 Bedrooms and guest toilet, 2 x fitted kitchen, 2x family bathrooms, 2x lounges, large dining room, garage and parking for four cars.

THURYYA 074 194 0925 PETER 072 095 9876. R500 000 RETREAT R380 000 WOODLANDS Freestanding, two bedroom house, 3 Bedrooms, open plan Lounge, Kitchen, lounge, dining room, garage and parking family Bathroom + toilet, Carport for 2 cars with business potential for four cars on large 768m² plot. DOERRIEYAH 084 055 3877 SHAHEED 084 832 9188. R 290 000 LENTEGEUR R270 000 SEARIDGE PARK, 3 bdrm house, lounge, fitted kitchen, Freestanding 3 bedroom house, lounge, family bathroom, and parking kitchen, Family bathroom, modern ceilings throughout and enclosed. for 2 cars. SHAAMIEL 082 723 1118 SHANAAZ 071 203 6341 R180 000 SANDPIPER MANSIONS R650 000 ZEEKOEVLEI Neat 2 bedroom house, Bics, Lounge, 2 Bedroom house, Family bathroom, Kitchen, Family bathroom, Fire place, Kitchen, Lounge, Close to Schools and parking for 5 cars with foundation for Public Transport, investment opportunity. approved plan. THURYYA 074 194 0925 THURYYA 074 194 0925




'CASH ONLY'Incomplete Freestanding House, 4 Bedrooms, lounge, Kitchen, on a 350 square meter plot, Potential for Rental


3 bdrm house, Lounge, Fitted kitchen, family bathroom, fire place, Jet master, garage for 2 cars, garden and built in cupboards in 2 rooms.

PETER 072 095 9876

R220 000 LAKESIDE MEWS Open plan Lounge and kitchen flat, one bedroom, family bathroom situated on the top floor. THURYYA 074 194 0925 R220 000 EASTRIDGE Standard three bedroom Massonett, Lounge, Kitchen, Family bathroom, Enclosed carport. SHAAM 074 217 4190

Everything we touch turns to SOLD

GRASSY PARK: R1.150mil D/s, 4Beds, D/Garage, Pool, F/Pond, Garden Furniture, FFK, Intercom ASHBY 072 777 6316

MAYNARD VILLE WYNBERG R599.999excl Flat, 2Beds(1xBics), Bath, S/toilet, Lounge, FK, Garage (1xCar). IRFAAN 083 947 4327 EAGLE PARK: R595.000excl Vacant Serviced Plot 1100m². SHEREENA 072 435 4085

PELIKAN PARK: R500.000 Plot with incomplete house 1084m² KEITH 084 888 2526

MAITLANDS: R530.000excl 2Beds Flat, 2xBics, FFK, T/Floors, Carpet on Bed/Floors, Sec. Parking. JENNY 073 247 3815

WETTON: R740.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Lnge, F/Bath, FFK, Laundry, Carport, P(4xCars) Lawn, Encl, 322m² ABDULLATIEF 074 526 6518

WYNBERG: R899.000excl D/s, 4Beds, Lnge, 2xF/Bath, G/Toilet, FFK, Storerm, Garage, E/Garden. MARIAM 082 641 2157

BONTEHEUWEL: R260.000excl Semi, 1Bedroom, F/Bath, Kitchen, Asbestos roof, Encl. MARIAM 082 641 2157

VANGUARD ESTATE: R520.000 Flat, 2Beds(Bics), Lounge, OPFFK (Granite Tops), Family Bathroom. SHEREENA 072 435 4085

OTTERY: R370.000 Encl. Complex, Comm. Pool, P/Bay, 3Beds(2xB), FFK, Lounge, F/Bath. MARIAM 082 641 2157

RETREAT: R750.000excl 4Beds, F/s, FFK, Lnge with KPC, Mes, Pool(3x6), F/Garage, G/Flat ADOLPH 073 193 5878

ZEEKOEVLEI: R850.000excl F/s, 4Beds(2xB), Lounge, Drm, Bath, S/toilet, Mes, FFK, Laundry, 711m². KEITH 084 888 2526

HANOVER PARK: R400.000 D/s, 3Beds(2xB + L/Floors), Lnge, Mes, FFK (G/Tops), 119m² KAREN 079 808 3877

WOODSTOCK: R830.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Lounge, FFK, Pantry, Garage, 327m², P(4xCars), B/Bars. NAZEEMA 073 924 4460

SEAWINDS: R340.000excl 2Beds, F/s, FFK with KPC, Lnge, Modern F/Bath, Carport (3xCars) ADOLPH 073 193 5878

PELIKAN HEIGHTS: R1,7 mil D/s, 6Beds(5xB), FFK, G/Flat, Pool, D/Garage, Carport , 963m². MARIAM 082 641 2157

PELIKAN HEIGHTS: R850.000 F/s, 5Beds(2xBics), D/Garage, 2x Sep.Ent. + Lots more extras, 1050m². NAZEEMA 073 924 4460

BONTEHEUWEL: R360.000 F/s, 3Beds, Lounge, Kitchen, Encl, Vibacrete, S/Gates. NORMAN 083 772 8912

BONTEHEUWEL: R340.000excl Mais, 2Beds (1xBics), F/Bath, FFK, Carport, Enclosed JESICHA 073 698 9260

HAZENDAL: R899.999neg F/s, 4Beds(1xB), Lounge, Drm, Mes, Ent.Area, MQ, T/Garage, 535m². KAREN 079 808 3877

NICE AREA! LARGE FAMILY HOME! Cute 2 beds,bics,large lounge flowing to paved yard with braai & covered entertainment area,fully fitted Large 3 beds,bics,large kitchen,bathroom with shower over bath,bars & security gates,long drive-way & carport,paved front. lounge,kitchen,bathroom,garage, large grounds

SHIHAAM 072 192 1411

R319 000 BEACON VALLEY Neat 5 bdrm house,lounge dining room, family bathroom, with shower and garage, fully enclosed. SHIHAAM 072 192 1411.

Free Valuations Free Legal Advice

Terms & Conditions Apply

PAROW R709 000

MARK 072 545 1143

Semi 3 Bedrooms, Lounge, Kitchen, family Bathroom, Carport for 3 cars

Free Credit Checks

MARK ANTHONY 021 704 2160 083 482 4250


R670 000 GRASSY PARK 3 Bedrooms BIC in all rooms, Main en-suite, FFK, family Bathroom, Lounge + Dining Room on a Large plot + free bungalow SHAHIED 084 832 9188

DOERRIEYAH 084 055 3877

MARK ANTHONY 1 10X4 170112 1B8R650



R1.500 000 PENLYN ESTATE R380 000 SEAWINDS R150 000 CAPRICORN R639 000: SAN REMO(A MUST SEE) Modern 6 bdrm house, 2 lounges,dining room, 2 kitchens, 4 Bedrooms, 3x Bathrooms, Guest Toilet, 3 Bedrooms, family bathroom, Modern free standing 3 bdrm(main ensuite) Lounge, Dining Room, Fitted Kitchen, reception area, garden, ablution block, 100 000 Liter pool, lounge, and sep-entrance fully alarmed, automated garage doors, Garage + extra Parking 2 garages + parking for 2 cars and carport. Plot size 500m². PETER AFRICA 072 095 9876 PETER 072 095 9876 FAZLOODIEN 082 495 8989 fully enclosed, aluminium windows. ffk 2 bedrm LD with bics, lounge andO dining room with fireplace, R480 000 SEAWINDS R250 000 RETREAT R695 000 RETREAT 5 Bedrooms, Lounge + Dining, f f Kitchen, main 3 Bedrooms Lounge, Dining, fitted Kitchen, Lake View large 2 Bedroom Flat, open plan study laminatedS flooring throughout, family ensuite, 2x family Bathrooms, Laundry, Study, Garage Lounge with ff Kitchen, family Bathroom, family Bathroom (shower), 1 bed Sep + extra Parking,Aluminium Widows, Tiled Flooring, bathroom and plenty of parking, Very Neat Entrance + shower, Labourer Toilet. naught pine Ceilings, Blinds & BIC in all rooms MARK 072 545 1143 SHAAMIEL 082 723 1118. MARK 072 545 1143 MARK 072 545 1143

Distress Sales

BEACH ROAD, OPPOSITE MOSQUE 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, carport.

084 832 9188

Tel: 021 705 8961 - View our Properties @

We will sell your house Or we will buy it from you PEERLESS PARK NORTH Large 4 beds, laminated floors, lovely fully fitted kitchen (including under-cover oven & hob), laundry, tiled lounge and dining room, Entertainment room/T.V. room, fully tiled bathroom(bath & shower), security gates, remote alarm, intercom system, carport + garage, close to N1 Highway.



NEXT TO BONTEHEUWEL MAISONETTE STATION 2 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, long drive-way, enclosed. If your combined 3 beds,lounge, bathroom, fitted kitchen. If your combined wages is wages is R8 000 pm you can buy this R8 800 pm you can buy this house house.


SHAAMIEL SHIHAAM SHAAM FIONA THURYYA MARK PETER NEIL 082 723 1118 072 192 1411 074 217 4190 071 952 9226 074 194 0925 072 545 1143 072 095 9876 084 588 8308


WYNBERG: R660.000neg Semi, 2Beds(1xBics), Lounge, FK, F/Bath, T/Garage (2xCars), Laundry ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

SILVERSANDS: R620.000excl D/s, 7Beds(4xBics), Mes, S/toilet, Kitchen, L/Floors, C/Fans, KPC. ANDILE 083 621 5571

OLD BELHAR: R1,3mil. neg. D/s, 5Beds(2xB), 2xFFK, 2xMes, Garage, Braai, Spanish Style, 599m². ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

BONTEHEUWEL: R270.000excl Mais on main road, 2Beds, F/Bath, Kitchen, Lounge, Encl, Big yard. DESIREE 079 875 9975


ANTHONY ARENDSE 021 704 0289 082 673 1503 MORGENSTER R349 000



Every Agent Will Promise To Sell Your Home … We GUARANTEE it HOUSE + 2 GARAGES Lovely 4 large beds, bics, mes, fully fitted kitchen, lounge + T.V. room, family bathroom, 2 garages for 5 cars.


LOVELY HOUSE 3 beds,lounge, kitchen, bathroom, garage facade.



CLOSE OTTERY HYPER 2 beds, tiled lounge, fitted kitchen, fully tiled bathroom with Geyser, carport, paved drive-way, spacious cemented yard, braai


If your Home Doesn’t Sell, Mark is Willing to Buy it Himself at a Price Acceptable to You

No Gimmicks!


Call Mark on 072 742 6963 for more info OR

Receive a Free list with pics of Below Market Value & other Distress Sale Properties Visit: Or SMS “D17”, Your Name, Email address/ address to 079 174 9961

SMS “G17”, Your Name, Email address/address to 072 742 6963


PAVED FRONT AREA 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, paved front area, Neat Inside.

FAMILY HOME 4 beds, mes, lounge, fitted kitchen, family bathroom, Garage (2 Cars), Outside room/Potential Granny Flat.

CLOSE TO KOEBERG ROAD Large 3 beds, lounge, bathroom, garage, Grounds.

SUNROOM & SWIMMING POOL 3 beds, lounge/dining, fitted kitchen, bathroom, sunroom, garage +++ Pool.

MARK ANTHONY 3 10X4 170112 1B8R6GF

FREE CALL 0800-00-00-08 24HRS, 7 DAYS A WEEK

For a Guaranteed Sale on Your Home. Seller and Mark Brickles must agree on guaranteed price at time of listing


Remaxultra 17 01 12 1B8RDBF

Pam Golding 10x8 20-12-11-1B7SLS5.cdr



BEDS: 5 | BATHS: 2 | GARAGE: 2

WEB ACCESS: ANDY 074 470 7068




BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 2 | GARAGE: 2 WEB ACCESS: ANDY 074 470 7068





WEB ACCESS:KW1062188 Pool & Entertainment area ANDY 074 470 7068

FNB Quick Sale


WEB ACCESS: KW1062065 RAZEEN 072 619 8155


Stock urgently required. Feel free to contact for a market-related valuation. Schaapkraal: 8 acres vacant land - R 1.895 000 Pelican Heights: 6beds, 3bath, 2gar s/pool, 940m erf - R1.550 million Razeen 072 619 8155 Fishermans Walk - Zeekoevlei “Under Offer” Pre Fab house 3 bed, lounge, fitted kitchen on 1 041m² plot in Fisherman’s Walk - Perfectly situated to build dream home and even work from home - SOLD BY US Grassy Park: In Rooikrans Ave, 3 bed, lounge, dining, bath – Big grounds 520m² – SOLD BY US Qualified Buyers STEENBERG/RETREAT – Stock Urgently required, please call Andy Derrocks, your area specialist Grassy Park: R830 000 – On 5th Avenue high visibility. Live and Work from Home. Modern 3 bed home, Main bed with dressing room, modern spa bath. Study, lounge with jet master fireplace. Family room with enclosed braai area. Parking for 8 cars, and lots more… Andy 074 470 7068





BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 1 | GARAGE: 1 + Swimming pool + Granny Flat WEB ACCESS: KW1069682 RAZEEN 072 619 8155

SASMEER ESTATE R1, 695 Million




BEDS: 7 | BATHS: 3 | GARAGE: 2 WEB ACCESS: KW1060525 RAZEEN 072 619 8155


BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 1 | GARAGE: 1 WEB ACCESS: KW1069687 RAZEEN 072 619 8155



BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 1 | GARAGE: 4 | 2 X GRANNY FLATS PAM GOLDING RAZEEN 072 619 8155 10x8 10 05 11-1AQ2U1F.cdr


Page 10 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 17 January 2012

PSA member makes a difference in education AS PART of its back-to-school campaign, Proudly South African has lauded three member companies making a positive difference in education, the lives of children and in job creation. This week, People’s Post spoke to Chanine Nel, owner of Rock Series, which specialises in supplying schools with mathematics and reading program software from Grades 0 to 10. Rock Series was founded in 2004 by Chanine, who was inspired to make a difference in the lives of the youth. What products do you supply to schools? We create mathematics and reading programs for the children in South Africa. All lessons are explained step by step in full colour THE Proudly South African “Buy Local” campaign has welcomed news that over 100 000 new jobs were created in December. Reacting to the results of the Adcorp Employment Index released recently, Proudly SA CEO Leslie Sedibe said: “We welcome the announcement, given South Africa’s current unemployment figures and the world economic climate. Let’s do all we can as a nation to encour-

with audio, allowing the children to work in a stress-free environment and even in the comfort of their home. The product range comprises of mathematics, reading and an electronic dictionary (with Zulu words included) and several educational games to stimulate growth and development. We also have self-marking tests which can assist parents with record keeping. We don’t know of any other program in the world that has all these three products packaged as one unit.

grow into self assured children and people.

HELPING HAND: Some of the Rock Se­ ries’ Eastern Cape sales agents, pro­ moting the Rock Series ed­ ucational soft­ ware at grass­ roots. From left are Hlengiwe Mbatha, Mem­ ory Sibanda, Khanya Ngema and Gerald Moyo.

What are some of the highlights of your business? We had the honour of helping NOAH (an Aids orphanage) alongside ABB, an international company. Why did you join the Proudly South African campaign? As a small business it is very important to have the Proudly South African brand behind us. People in South Africa want to know where products are made and want to support locally made high quality products. South African parents want to know that South African developers understand the challenges facing our children in education.

What is great about your program and business? The Rock Series program enables us to assist previously disadvantaged schools and orphanages with their schooling academic needs and this gives them the confidence to

What are your goals for 2012? We would like to employ 10-20 more agents. If they each sell 10 units they could earn R10 000-plus per month. In this way we can make

Jobs boost given a thumbs-up age this trend in 2012.” According to the index, 103 327 new jobs were created in December 2011 – the fastest rate of growth in nine months. It’s also the first time since 2009 that no sectors reported a decline in employment. The index also shows that all employment categories re-

ported growth in December, with the fastest being temporary work (15 percent) and permanent jobs (six percent). “Our campaign encourages consumers to buy local products and use local services to help create jobs. “In 2012, we continue to call on

South Africans to support local products. Let’s stand up as a nation and rekindle the passion behind local being ‘lekker’. “Last year, Proudly South African also made a call to the industry to create 93 000 jobs as part of the ‘93 000 Jobs for Mandela Day’ campaign.

a positive impact on job creation in SA. Rock Series is also a part of the “93 000 jobs for Mandela Day’’ campaign and would like to create employment through education. “Today’s news is a fitting tribute to the legacy of Madiba,” said Sedibe. Although the number of jobs in South Africa is still 850 000 below the peak reached before the 2009 recession, Proudly South African remains hopeful that an increasing number of people and businesses will buy home grown products and services, to boost job creation and promote national pride.



3 Beds, lounge, garage, 620m² plot. R925 000.



3 Beds, 2 bathrooms, lounge, 620m² plot. R995 000.

Your home sold in 99 days GUARANTEED or I sell it for FREE!!!

LANSDOWNE/ ROND EAST Near Islamia, 3 Beds, 3 baths, garage. R1 050 000

FREE VALUATIONS ALAN 082 475 6643 OFFICE (021) 674 1094

CALL OR SMS RIANA 071 769 9258

021 705 3507 / 021 705 1798 WANT A MARKET VALUATION? Fax: 0866 456 755 Let us sell your home !!!!!! Call Axis


SYBRAND PARK - R 2.9 Miln Neg RONDEBOSCH EAST - R 3.2 MILN NEG A Modern show house with 4 Main En- Brand New Modern 6 Bedrooms with 6 Main - Ensuites, Spacious modern FF kitchen, Suite, bedrooms with modern finishes, sparkling pool with so much to Offer!!! Lounge, dbl garage, Absoulute beauty that cant be missed. Available immediatelty Must View

GRASSY PARK FLATS PORTLANDS - R 585 000 LOTUS RIVER - R 380 000 NEG CLAREMONT - R 1.3 MILN R175 000 - R 250 000 Lovely Modern 3 Beds with BIC, large Lovley Corner Vacant Plot on VACANT PLOT WITH PLANS SAND PIPER MANSIONS modern M.E.S, 2 bath Kitchen ff, Corner 3rd Avneue and Zeekoe TO BUILD 3 MODERN SECTINAL 2 Beds, lounge, kitchen and bath motorised gates, secured Road, 680 sqm, Close to mosque TITLES, DUNLUCE STREET, plus parking bay, CLOSE TO CAVENDISH SQUARE and Amenties GOOD RENTAL INCOME ZEEKOEVLEI - R 1.9 MILN Neg OTTERY - R 499 000 GRASSY PARK - R 425 000 STEENBERG - R 329 000 2 bedroom with lounge, kitchen, 2 bedroom with lounge, Make a Offer,Incomplet structure 6 bedrm, 2 x lounge,ff kitch, kitchen, bath,212 Sqm, bath, 212 Sqm, Current busy 600 sqm with approved plans to 5 bathr, Sep Entr, 850 sqm Plot, KLAVIER STREET wih repairs build pool Dbl garage

BRIDGETOWN - R 580 000 3 bedroom, lounge, kitchen, BIC, fully secured complex, parking Bay

GRASSY PARK - R 699 000 3 bedrooms,kitch,lounge + 2 Sep Entrance, family bath, 477 sqm plot

CAPRICORN - R 350 000 Vrygrond - 4 beds w / Busi, lounge, Close to Amenities, Muizemberg

PELICAN PARK - R 550 000 3 beds with BIC, M.E.S, garage for 4, lounge neatly, ff kitchen, fully secured

BONTHEUWEL From R 250 000

ZEEKOEVLEI MEWS R 300 000 2 bedrm Cottage, lounge, kitch,BIC fully secured complex,parking Bay

LAVEDENDER HILL - R 340 000 4 Bedrooms, fiited kitch, BIC,lounge, Separate Entrance,fully secured

LAKEVIEW FLAT - R 250 000 neg 1 Bed,Ground floor, kitchen,bathroom Garden,parking bay, opposite station

2 & 3 bedrms,lounge,kitchen, dining, room, bathroom, BARGAIN TO FLY garden secure

Terms & conditions apply

GRASSY PARK - R 690 000 Neg 3 bedrooms, lounge, fitted kitchen family bathrm, garage, fully secured, spacious grounds

Axis 10x4 17 01 12 1B8QDGF

SAEED - 082 927 5034 SHAFIQA - 073 313 5819 ZAHIDA - 084 265 4364 ABDULLAH - 073 657 2805

OTTERY/ATHLONE TEL: 021 703 3466 FAX: 021 703 3480

WYNBERG R499,000neg

EBUYERS 13.12.11-1B7EJ7V

View photos of our properties on or

OTTERY R480,000


HEIDEVELD R575,000neg

WYNBERG R450,000 neg Stunning Flat - Neat 2Bedsbic's,lounge,ffkitchen,bathroom & parking bay

BASIL 082 414 8232

OTTERY R650,000neg Very neat grd floor flat - 2Beds bic's,ffkitchen,lounge,bathroom +sep toilet, backyard & parking bay

Neat 3 Beds,kitchen, bathroom,lounge/diningroom, garage,alarm

ANDREA 083 536 7206

PEDRO 072 508 8023

OTTERY R499,000neg

OTTERY R895,000neg

Modern 2Beds-main bic's,lounge,ffkitchen,bathtroom,e nt area,garage facade,fully secured

PEDRO 072 508 8023

NEWFILEDS R780,000neg

Grd Floor Flat - 2Beds-bic's in main,lounge,ffkitchen,bathroo m,b/bars,private garden, parking bay

DONNIVAN 083 261 2770

HANOVER PARK R400,000neg

DUPLEX - 3Beds-2bic's, 1balcony,lounge/d/roombig,bathrm, ffkitchen, sgl garage, remgate, garden, laundry facility GRAHAM 083 741 4953

PENLYN ESTATE R1680,000neg

Priced to sell! - Duplex 2Beds-1 bic's,ffkitchen, lounge,diningroom,bathroom & parking for 2 cars BASIL 082 414 8232

3Beds,o/p lounge/ Modern Family Home - 3Bedsd/room,kitchen-partly closet,lounge,bathrm,ffkitchen, fitted,bathrm+guest toilet,sgl alarm,b/bars,pool, paved garage & stoep yard,dbl garage-automated PAM 073 344 9161 BASIL 082 414 8232

Lovely bargain! - 5Beds-2bic's & 2mes,lounge,2ffkitchens,fam bathrm,carport- 3cars, pondwater feature,rem dbl gararge PAM 073 344 9161

Just move in - 3Beds-bic's,mes,2 lounges, d/room, ffkitchen,bathrm,sep toilet,garage,2Bed sep ent GRAHAM 083 741 4953

RAWSON OTTERY 170112 1B8Q3F0 COME AND MAKE US AN OFFER!! Plumstead – R799 000 Make this one your own Freestanding 3bedroom home, lounge, kitchenbath/toilet, garage on spacious 600sqm plot

Strandfontein Village – R599 000 4bedroom home (2 x bic), lounge, dinning room Kitchen, Bath/toilet, Tandem garage, extra parking space

Steenberg – Retreat - R 329 000 Off Symphony ave, 2bedroom home, kitchen, lounge, bath/toilet enclosed

Beacon valley – 239 000 3bed home, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet, enclosed

Grassy park - R699 000excl Freestanding 3bed home, lounge, kitchen Bath/toilet, Garage ++ two bedroom seprate Entrance, with lounge, kitchen, and bath/toilet on 500sqm plot Ottery – R499 000neg Starter home in quiet close Freestanding 2bed home, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet Charlesville – close to Charlesville mall - R559 000excl Freestanding 3bedroom home, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet Wooden flooring, garage on spacious 450sqm plot Parking for 4 cars

Westridge – R 329 000excl 3bed cottage, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet fully enclosed Kalksteenfontein – Ranunculus str – R329 000 Close to Netreg station,3bed extended home lounge, 2 x kitchens, 2 x toilets Outbuilding with toilet, on spacious plot Bonteheuwel – R279 000excl 3bedroom home, lounge, diningroom, kitchen Bath/toilet, fully enclosed Bonteheuwel – R269 000excl 2bed home, lounge kitchen, bath/toilet, enclosed


Tuesday 17 January 2012

People's Post Page 11

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 11

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Tuesday 17 January 2012 FLYING HIGH: Soar like an Eagle showcases the beautiful dancing ability of both able­bodied and disabled dancers. It should be seen by all dance lovers in order to appreciate what can be done in the face of adversity. Based on true­life events, Soar like an Eagle tells the story of Mukthar Lee who is struggling to come to terms with his disabili­ ty. With a little inspiration, love, friendship and hard work Mukthar begins to challenge his limitations. Shows are on Friday 20 January starting at 20:00, Saturday 21 January at 14:30 and 18:30. Tickets are R65, Masque Theatre Club Members R55, Mat­ iness are R55 and for Masque Theatre Club Mem­ bers R45. In picture, Danielle Mathews and Muktar Lee will be performing in Soar like an Eagle at the Masque Theatre.

SUMMER NIGHTS: Crowds flooded to Kirstenbosch, voted one of the world’s best picnic spots by National Geographic, to see The Parlotones in December. It’s not too late to catch a Sunday concert, which are perfect family fun. The line­up still featuring blues musicians Dan Patlansky and Natasha Meister on 22 January. See Flash Republic and Foto Na Dans on 5 February and Going Back to the Crossroads on 12 February; Taxi Violence and Machin­ eri on 19 February; The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra on 26 February; The Blues Broers featuring Albert Frost on 4 March; Goldfish on 11 March; Freshlyground on 18 March; Hugh Masekela on 25 March and Hot Water and Wrestlerish on 1 April. Online bookings can be made at or phone (021) 761­2866. Don’t forget to pack a picnic basket! Gates open at 16:00. Concerts are held between 17:30 and 19:00.Photo: Wayne Webster

Tenor of note comes to SA CASA LABIA in association with Citadel present John Treleaven (tenor) – An evening of English and German Love Songs, with Albie van Schalkwyk (piano). Followed by John Treleaven in conversation with Jacky Folley on Wednesday 22 February. John Treleaven is among the most prized Heldentenors in the world. He is currently in South Africa to sing Florestan in Beethoven’s Fidelio for Cape Town Opera. Casa Labia has had the good for-

tune to secure his services for this exclusive gala concert which will include works by Britten, Vaughan Williams, Elgar, Wagner and Puccini. Doors open at 18:45 and the concert starts at 19:15 and Reserved seating from R500R750 per person, which includes champagne, wine and finger supper;. Dress code is formal (black-tie). For bookings contact the admin office on (021) 788 6068 or email

The Hollies tour SA, celebrate 50 years THE HOLLIES celebrates the band’s 50th anniversary with a world tour that includes South Africa. The band, first formed in the ’60s, are regarded by many as one of the most successful British bands of all time and during their heyday they enjoyed more hits than The Beatles. Like fellow British band The Rolling Stones, they have remained a tight knit group and never broke up. Their distinctive harmonies and prolific songwriting talent led the band to produce 19 studio albums, 22 compilation albums and 67 singles. After their first release in 1963, they had 30 songs in the UK singles chart and 21 on the Billboard Hot 100. A further 15 albums have appeared in the UK albums chart and 13 on the Billboard 200.

Over the past 50 years few people can claim not to have heard a Hollies song, with perennial hits from ’60s classics such as Just one look, Bus stop, Carrie Ann, Jennifer Eccles, Sorry Suzanne and their smash hit He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. Later Hollies hits that made an impact on subsequent generations include I can’t tell the bottom from the top, Gasoline Alley bred, Long cool woman in a black dress and The air that I breathe. In 2010 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Hollies will perform in South Africa on Thursday 23 February at the GrandWest Grand Arena in Cape Town, and on Satruday 25 February and Sunday 26 February at the Carnival City Big Top Arena in Brakpan. The two-hour show starts at 20:00 and tickets are available from Computicket between R160 and R460.

Westridge Yankees flirt with relegation MARK WARD

FORMER national baseball star Jason Jonathan remains steadfast in his belief that the Westridge Yankees will not be relegated from the Major league. The Yankees have lost 12 of their last 15 games and the Mitchell’s Plain based side is struggling in all departments.On Saturday things again went awry for Jonathan in his attempt to get his young side on the winning track, when they were beaten 1-11 by VOB at the Chukker Road sports fields. The team’s poor batting and shaky pitching saw them being outplayed by a VOB team who looked determined to make a serious challenge for the league title.

But Jonathan’s problems started before the match, when only 10 players arrived for the game. “This is an example of our challenges. Some players did not have transport to the game,” said Jonathan.“Another problem is that the players are young, and some are students. Others have jobs, and in many cases they have to work on Saturdays.” Jonathan, who played for the national team from 2000 to 2003, was entrusted with the coaching duties at the beginning of the season, and it has been an uphill battle ever since. According to the former international, the team’s lack of experience is one of the reasons for their poor form.“The second challenge is that there are not enough experienced players around. We need manpower

in order to succeed with our future plans,” said Jonathan.“The former great of the club must be commended for maintaining the club’s competiveness over the past 20 years since its establishment. “ I know that they have always given their best, but now it’s up to the new group of players to continue the battle in making this club the best in the Western Province.” Jonathan appealed to the team’s “former greats” to “come and lend a hand”.During the game, pitchers Dean Martin (9hits) and Luwayne Du Plessis (5hits), found it tough to control VOB’s batters. Adriaan Langeveldt (5hits) and Glen Josephs (2hits) shared the pitching for VOB. Meanwhile, Athlone Athletics beat Bothasig 4-0 with Carl Michaels credited with the shutout.

FLY BALL: Kodlin Korasie of Glenthorne A hits out against Battswood/Western Cape Sports School during a super league game played at Turfhall Softball complex. She is closely watched by Mikayla Williams of Battswood/WCSS. Glenthorne A won the encounter 11­0. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

DETERMINED: Pat Jonathan and Jason Jonathan hope to pull the Westridge Yankees out of their slump and save them from relegation.

SAFE: Jordan Stopworth, from Bothasig, slides safely into first base as Mathew Brinkhuis from Athlone A is late in tagging him. The game was played at the Parktown sports complex in Athlone. Bothasig won the encounter 12­11. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

Photo: Mark Ward

PHYSICAL: Ryan Le Roux (in white), of Wynberg Club Ikapa Sporting, tussles with Nasieg Freder­ icks of Mitchells Plain Football Club. The Voda­ com Second division game was played at the Santos Soccer Academy in Lansdown and ended 1­1. Photo: Rashied Isaacs


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Three burner, self igniting stove with pipe, clamps & regulator

• Gas Centre • Appliances • Accessories

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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Grassboots achieves against all odds LIAM MOSES


T MOST football clubs, teaching young players skills on the field is the most important objective, but at Grassboots Football Club, in Vredehoek, teaching players skills to use in everyday life is more important. The club was formed in 2009 after chairman Stuart Diamond realised that there were no soccer teams based in the Cape Town city centre. The side has since grown into an important support system for young footballers from around Cape Town. Many of the club’s players come from areas such as The Kraal, Philippi, Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha, and it is policy that no one is turned away, even if they cannot afford to pay membership or registration fees or if they do not have boots to play in. “I started this club to create a facility for kids in the City Bowl and to create a project where social change and social progress could be carried out,” said Diamond. “I believe that sport is a tool for change. That is why the club supports children who would normally be turned away because they won’t be able to pay fees. The club has a policy that those who can pay their fees must pay and those who can’t or can only pay a small amount will be supported.” The club provides players with everything they need to play the game, including boots,

GRASSBOOTS: Some of the players from Grassboots Football Club in Vredehoek.Photo: Supplied playing kit, as well as mentorship, advice and informal life-skills training. According to Diamond, the club started providing some of the players with meals. However, despite these obstacles the club has grown exponentially in three years of existance and has also racked up a few notable

achievements. Grassboots had only eight players at the team’s first training in 2009. It currently has over 150 members. Last year the club fielded teams in eight different age-groups, ranging from U7 to U17. They will be represented by a senior side for

the first time this year. According to Diamond, the club’s U15 side won the First Division league title, while the under U17 and U13 teams were both runnersup in their respective league and cup competitions. But Diamond has stressed that winning titles is not the objective of the team. “We are a community soccer team that wants to create an environment where kids can feel safe, where they can express themselves on the field and fall in love with the game again,” said Diamond. “The key for me as chairman is that we have happy kids and happy parents. If a kid comes to a game and they don’t walk away smiling then we have failed. And if a kid feels happy then you will start to see the results on the field. We teach the kids that winning and losing isn’t the important thing, sportsmanship is”. Diamond added that the team’s success can be judged on the high level of participation from members of the community. The club has made several other important strides since being formed. Three of the team’s coaches have completed South African Football Association courses and two other have completed first aid courses. Grassboots FC will be hosting an open day on Saturday 28 January and anyone interested in joining the club has been invited to attend. For further information please contact Stuart Diamond on 082 387 7315.

AIRBORNE: Waleed Samsodien, of Ottoman Cricket Club in Surrey Es­ tate, gath­ ers himself before send­ ing down a delivery against Old Mutual Cricket Club on Saturday during a lim­ ited overs game at the Diamant Road sports field in Sur­ rey Estate. Ottoman failed to reach Old Mutual’s to­ tal of 174/6 and were bowled out for 146.Photo:

SLUGGER: Josh November (6) the youngest member of the Crusaders base­ ball u/10 side, hits out against Dolphins Club during a league match played at the Parktown sports complex in Athlone. Cru­ saders won the match 13­12. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

Rashied Isaacs

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Peoples Post Lansdowne 17 January 2012  

Peoples Post Lansdowne 17 January 2012