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Tuesday 15 May 2012

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Bullets and bloodshed TAMMY PETERSEN

TENSION has returned to Hanover Park. Parents are keeping their children behind locked doors after a bloody weekend saw four people killed in a series of gang-related shootouts between the Ghettos and the Americans. Almost all the casualties were shot in the head. Yesterday, the fifth victim was claimed, when a man – believed to be in his 20s – was gunned down in Lonston Road. On Sunday morning, a 25-yearold man was shot in Walvis Court. On Saturday, a man in his 20s was killed in Coniston Place in the early hours of the morning. At 14:00 that day, another man was shot dead in Lynberg Walk while walking home. Two hours later, a man bled to death in Oribi Court after being shot in the leg. Two cases of attempted murder are also under investigation after a man was hit in the back and another in the arm on Saturday, also in Coniston Place. All the victims are understood to be gang members. Yesterday (Monday) parents accompanied their children to nearby schools, nervously hurrying them through the gates. “I didn’t even want my son to leave the house today,” one mother tells People’s Post. “But he insisted that he couldn’t miss out on his schoolwork. My heart started thumping as soon as

CRIME SCENE: A man bled to death in Oribi Court after being shot in the leg on Saturday.Photo: Gavin Sias

I opened the front door. What if he gets caught in the crossfire?” A woman walking towards the taxi rank barely stops to talk to this reporter. “As soon as we as residents become comfortable with the peace, these rubbishes start their madness again. They are selfish and cowardly. They don’t care that they are ta-king the lives of fathers, sons and loved ones. They make me sick,” she says.

Lieutenant Lance Goliath, the spokesperson for Philippi police, says “all available forces” have been deployed to patrol and help restore calm to the area. This includes Metro Police, the Tactical Response Unit, the Flying Squad and the Crime Prevention Unit. Community worker Valerie Merton says, however, there is only so much police can do. “We should stop hiding the sins of our children. As a mother, you know when your

child is involved with wrong things. Stop keeping quiet. It is selfish to stand by, pleading ignorance, while people who grew up in front of us are slain. “Don’t cover up. Speak out so that we can stop the killing.” Weldon Cameron, the spokesperson for the Hanover Park Community Police Forum, agrees. “Every scene I have been to has witnesses standing around, but their body language alone tells you they are not willing to speak. That

is not how we are going to solve this situation. “Hanover Park is aan die brand. The police are doing all they can – now it is up to us to help them. Don’t be intimidated by the perpetrators.” He says the forum, which has been instrumental in developing peace agreements between various warring gangs in the past, is in the process of formulating a plan to develop a bloodless, amicable solution.

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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Humbled by your journey

SHOPPERS’ EXODUS? The Gatesville in­ formal market, usually at its busiest on Saturday, was hardly the hub it used to be. Photo: Tammy Petersen

Historic market’s grave condition TAMMY PETERSEN

THEFT, grime and disorder – this, shoppers and traders say, is the norm at the Gatesville informal market. Locals claim that the facility is deteriorating and becoming a slum, much to the dismay of people who remember the glory years of the iconic trading area. Shoppers are known to come from as far as Elsiesriver and Wynberg, but hawkers fear that the amount of feet are decreasing owing to the unsavoury characters lurking between the stalls. A trader, who sells toiletries at the informal market, says she loses hundreds of rands to petty thieves who steal her wares. “You would think that it would be impossible to snatch something as big as a bale of toilet paper but they manage to do the impossible here,” she says as she serves a customer. “Traders have to act as security guards and sales people at the same time. Where is the order? Where is law enforcement? This place is a madhouse!” Another vendor, selling women’s clothes, says the crime and “messy state” of the trading area has had an impact in the number of feet making their way to the

CAPE Town’s water is safe. Residents have recently raised concerns about the taste and smell of their tap water. Moenieb Martin told People’s Post the water tasted funny and when heated it would smell. “The water was murky, smelled strange when cooked or boiled and I considered calling the council, but knew I would wait long for a response,” says Martin. The City of Cape Town responded by stating that the water has been contaminated by Geosmin and the compound MIB, but reassures the water is perfectly fit for human consumption. The two compounds are naturally found in rivers and dams and are produced by blue-green algae. An independent water treatment specialist told People’s Post it normally occurs this time of the year when water levels drop and algae is exposed to more sunlight. The specialist says: “The two elements are byproducts of the algae and the physics of removing it from water is complicated, but making

once thriving market. “We face great competition from malls and shopping centres so we have to make it worth a shoppers while to come buy from us. But this area is getting worse by the day – the skollies walk around like they own this place, grabbing people’s bags and fighting whenever they want to. “This market is historic and people come from all over to support it. But over the years, all sorts of skelms have started making a voetpaatjie here. People don’t want to be hassled by little beggars or have to hold onto their bags when a suspicious-looking character walks past. If this continues, I foresee it becoming like the Cape Town flea market – practically a ghost town.” Amina Steyn from Heideveld says she was pickpocketed four times this year while doing her monthly shopping. “Probably one in every four people who come to Gatesville come with the wrong intentions. They slither between the people and steal things so fast you only realise an hour later that you have been a victim. “I know of dozens of people who have chosen to rather go to a shop rather than face the nonsense that goes on here. But nobody can

deny the bargains here are unbeatable – I can’t afford to pay shop prices so what else can I do?” she asks. But ward councillor Magadien Davids says there are plans to restore the market into the bustling bazaar of yesteryear. On Thursday, council officials did a walk-about of the trading area to assess the situation and find ways of improving Athlone’s informal business hub. “We are planning to turn the market into a safe haven for shoppers and traders by developing this space and giving it a bit of a spruce up,” he confirms. He says last week’s inspection was the first step in pointing out which areas need to be focused on and distinguishing which needs are urgent. “However, before any concrete decisions are made, we will meet with registered traders doing business here for their input on what is needed. They are the ones who are working under these conditions and will be able to list their needs in order of importance.” Davids adds that while a date for the meeting has not yet been decided, confirmation will be received soon and communicated to hawkers accordingly.

Dear reader, Thank you for your heartwarming, inspirational response to my column last week. As touched as you have been by my story about my mother’s life with cancer, so too have I been moved and inspired by your personal accounts. Your triumphs, challenges and the noble work many of you are doing in raising awareness about cancer, and funds for the treatment of this disease, are truly inspirational. I commend you for the courage and strength you have shown in your own personal experience of cancer and the journey you have walked or continue to undertake with those you love, in the face of a very challenging illness. I have drawn much strength and inspiration from your emails, letters and SMSes and feel humbled by your kind feedback. Enlightened by your prayers and positive thoughts which I have conveyed to my mother, I have learnt much in a short time, and my acceptance around the process of life and loss has begun to grow. The “now” matters more than anything else and realising this, helps to enrich my interaction with my mother and other people who share my life. I continue to regard myself as very blessed to have both my parents. All of us at People’s Post have been so touched by our readers’ responses to “My mother, my hero” that we are publishing them elsewhere in this edition of People’s Post. An issue close to my heart is the welfare and empowerment of women and I am looking forward to attending the 1 000 Women United Against Domestic Violence luncheon, organised by the Wheat Trust this week. This annual event takes place on Thursday at the Cape Town International Convention Centre and will see 1 000 women from different backgrounds take a stand against domestic violence; together with the Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor, Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, Lulu Xingwana and poet Bulelwa Basse.

Decent marks for Cape’s water quality use of the activated carbon will take care of the problem, even though it does cost quite a bit.” The smell is musty and persistent, especially when water is heated, but the City says they are fully equipped to deal with the problem after being presented with a Platinum Award in the Blue Drop Awards Programme. The Programme is run by the Department of Water Affairs across all municipalities in the country and the City has won the award for four years in succession. Importantly, the City’s score for this year increased from the 2011 score of 97.61 percent to 98.14 percent, despite moving from 2nd to 6th position in the overall rankings. City Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, Councillor Shehaam Sims says: “The City can take pride in this achievement, which reflects our commitment to service excellence and the sustainable provision of drinking water of

the highest quality to the community at all times.” The top positions are fiercely contested, with fractions of a percentage separating each spot. This is also in the context of a significant increase in the standard applied to the Blue Drop Programme. The City received the award for Best Performer in the Western Cape Province and the Wemmershoek Water Treatment Plant received the award for the Best Large Water Treatment Plant in the country. The Manager of Scientific Services, Mpharu Hloyi, was recognised by being named as the Runner-up for the Women’s Award. In addition, the City received four other Blue Drop Awards as the bulk provider to areas in the Stellenbosch and Drakenstein Local Municipalities. The City did exceptionally well in the Regulatory Performance Management System (RPMS) and was recognised as one of the top per-

formers in the country by means of the RPMS Appreciation Award. The Blue Drop incentive-based regulation programme endeavours to facilitate and drive continuous and sustainable improvement in service delivery and drinking water quality and to ensure steadfast coverage of un-serviced areas. The Blue Drop process measures and compares the results of the performance of water service authorities and their providers, and subsequently rewards or penalises the municipality upon evidence of their excellence or failure according to the minimum standards and requirements that have been defined in the assessment process. It was noted in the 2012 Blue Drop Certification Report that, “the De-

Domestic violence is cited as the second biggest pandemic women in South Africa face after poverty, with 90% of South African women experiencing physical or emotional violence in their homes every day. When confronted by this alarming statistic, I believe that it is encumbent on all communities to concern themselves with the safety, security and wellbeing of every woman and child in this country. To this end, the work and continued survival of organisations such as the Saartjie Baartman Centre (SBC) for Women and Children, is of paramount importance. I had the privilege of working at this centre a while back and witnessed firsthand the extent of love, support and empowering opportunities given to the many abused women who find their way find there. Organisations such as SBC are often the only lifeline for countless abused women and their children, most of whom have nowhere else to go. Of the many heartbreaking stories I’ve heard, I was most saddened by the story of an elderly woman whose husband began using tik and started beating her relentlessly. I’m familiar with the facts around domestic abuse; that it not only affects young, poor and unemployed women, but hearing this woman’s story was particularly painful. How sad to see your golden years out this way. I apologise if my column tends towards more serious issues presently, with my only light observation this week being an admission of guilt: I have not been running for two weeks and know that I’ll be huffing and puffing through my planned 10km race on 27 May. Let the games not begin. Till next time, go well! ConnectED is a weekly column, by People’s Post Editor, Feroza Miller-Isaacs who can be contacted on People’s Post is online. Visit

partment wishes to commend the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality for being consistent in complying with the regulatory requirements of the Blue Drop Certification Programme. “The constant communication between the municipal officials and that of the Department speaks of a remarkable dedication towards effective drinking water quality management. “This would not only be to the benefit of the Cape Town community but also to that of the Stellenbosch and Drakenstein Local Municipalities who are beneficiaries of the Metro’s bulk supply.” The Lead Inspector noted the City has again returned an impressive performance in this assessment cycle, the water quality team has demonstrated their commitment to excellence and have achieved the bulk of the goals set.


Tuesday 15 May 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 3

Safety stops here TAMMY PETERSEN

IN THE time it took her to check her watch, a woman was robbed at a bus stop in Racecourse Road, Kenwyn. Commuters say the shelter is a robbery hotspot, but police say Racecourse Road in general has become a crime haven. The victim, who lives in Leafmore Road, says she was waiting for a Claremont bus on Tuesday morning. “The bus seemed to be running late. I pushed up my sleeve to check the time and when I looked up there was a guy standing in front of me, holding a knife to my neck. “He calmly removed my gold watch – a gift from my husband – and took my bag. I just prayed that he wouldn’t hurt me,” she says. The man, who she says couldn’t be older than 20, stuffed her belongings into a yellow shopping bag and ran off. “He disappeared through a hole in the wall between the bus stop and the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I started to cry – this bus stop is next to a busy road and dozens of cars drove past me. Nobody noticed anything.” The man’s escape route separates an open field from Racecourse Road. Piles of dumped household waste, clothes and even condoms are scattered across the piece of land, and vagrants pick through the rubbish in search of items which can be resold. People living near the field say numerous residents have been hit by thieves at the bus shelter. Some say that because that section of Racecourse Road is a one-way, motorists can’t even turn around to assist victims. “Closing the hole in the wall would not solve the problem,” an elderly woman points out. “The wire fence further up the road has also been cut through. The skollies are like rats – they will scurry through any hole to escape.” Commuter Lillian Arends claims the vagrants sleeping under the nearby bridge is the problem, but Beryl Jones counters that Kenwyn has its “own breed of scoundrels”. “I have lived here for 15 years and whenever something bad happens, everyone points a finger at the bergies. People should open their eyes; our children are also catching on to this nonsense. But because this is supposed to be an area of higher income families, everyone denies that even our young people are involved in this funny business.” Mark Kleinschmidt, the chairperson of the Kenwyn Safety and Security Association, says the community organisation’s bicycle patrols extend to this section of the suburb. “However, no one has raised the red flag about this being a problem area. It is impor-

Phone reporter Tammy Petersen on (021) 713 9461 or email

15 Carrick Crescent Athlone Industria Tel (021) 633 6156 / Fax (021) 633 8603




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EXPOSED: Racecourse Road – specifically the area around the bus stop – has been fingered as a theft and robbery hotspot. Photo: Tammy Petersen tant that people report such incidents to the police and other agencies so that awareness can be raised. There is a general sense of apathy when it comes to crime. But if people don’t bring such matters to the authorities’ attention, all we can do is be reactive instead of proactive.” Captain Allan Manuel, the operations manager at Lansdowne police, says most of the incidents which happen on the highway are opportunistic crimes. “Regular patrols are conducted on Racecourse and Turfhall roads, but because there are three lanes which lead towards Claremont and no yellow lane allowing vehicles to stop, it’s difficult to pull over and follow up on suspicious activity,” he says. For this reason, sporadic stop and search operations are conducted by officers on the road and a police vehicle regularly patrols the stretch from the foot of the bridge to the Chukker Road intersection to increase visibility. “People should take precautionary measures by travelling in groups as far as possible. We will continue our visibility operations, especially during peak times when most of the incidents happen.”







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Page 4 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Safe ride or fresh air? SUMMER JACOBS

RAIL commuter safety is in question after an incident in which a Dutch man lost an eye after being struck by a rock thrown through an open train window. According to the Passenger Rail Agency of SA, travelling with an open window is a matter of commuter comfort and not safety. People’s Post took to the street to find out if people echoed the sentiments of Prasa.

BETTER EQUIPPED: Busisiwe Sikhayi says: “If air conditioning was installed in trains we wouldn’t have the problem of people getting in­ jured due to open windows. We can't prevent the actions of those outside the trains, but if we had proper facilities on board it would be a much saf­ er and smoother ride for commuters.”

SAFETY OVER COMFORT: Charles Abrahams says: “Windows should be up at all times. Sometimes people don’t think and they do silly things like throwing stuff at moving trains. Sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for safety and this is one of those times.”

Photos: Summer Jacobs

NO CHOICE: Commuter Calvin Tofu says: “I think the windows as well as the doors should be closed at all times because peo­ ple throw dangerous objects like stones and rocks through it. But sometimes the windows are broken and you don’t have a choice but to travel with an open win­ dow.”

HEALTH HAZARD: Sidney Adams says: “In the old days the Metro Police were always visible on trains. They built small police stations on many stations but they are not being utilised. Also, the windows can’t be closed at all times due to air­ borne sicknesses such as flu and TB. There should be constant fresh air coming in to prevent health hazards.”

PERSONAL CHOICE: Ivor Britz says: “It’s a mat­ ter of preference. I would prefer an open window for fresh air.”

KEEP IT FRESH: Cheryl Wessels says: “I don’t like a closed window on a train. When it gets full it can become quite claustrophobic in there. So for my person­ al comfort I prefer an open window with a fresh breeze blowing through.”

SAFETY FIRST: Tulile Mzinyati says: “For safety purposes I feel that the windows should be up at all times, especially during winter.”

Medication problems persist

Slave Route Challenge Sunday 27 May 2012

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Start: Darling Street Finish: Grand Parade Half Marathon 21.1km 10km Run 5km Fun Run/Walk 10km Big Walk

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Online Entries for 10km Run and Half Marathon only | - close 19th May Race Number Collection: City Hall Friday 25th May 4pm - 8pm | Saturday 26th May from 10am - 5pm Entry locations for all events Saturday 19th May | Sportsmans Warehouse | Rondebosch and Tygervalley 10am until 5pm Friday 25th May | City Hall | 4pm until 8pm | Saturday 26th May | City Hall | 10am until 5pm

Market Toyota Athlone

Presented by

Race run under the auspices of Western Province Athletics and ASA

For further information contact Itheko Events Management | 021 762 8934 | |

DISTRIBUTION of chronic medication is still not up to speed. The Department of Health has outsourced delivery of chronic medication to a private pharmacy company, UTi Pharma. In a statement, the department says, however, the packaging and delivery of chronic medication to health facilities – especially in the Metro – is still not operating at full capaci- TEETHING PROBLEMS: Minister Theuns Botha reassures the prob­ ty. These delays have lems in the chronic medication delivery system will be rectified led to long queues at promptly. Photo: Stefni Herbert some clinics, says the department. clear sense of progress and formulate specifIt says the transfer of the chronic dispens- ic stra-tegies to address specific problems. ing unit which handled around 180 000 preThis includes a daily assessment of waitscriptions to a new service provider UTi ing times. Pharma is “an enormous undertaking” posBotha says with the inception of the chroning many challenges, particularly the trans- ic medication dispensing six years ago there fer of patient prescription data from the pre- were similar and worse problems which had vious provider to the new provider. to be managed in the first year. Progress is being made, the department He instructed the health department to says, but it is anticipated that the process contract further locums to assist the process will only be fully completed by the end of Ju- until all the challenges have been addressed ly. because “until this issue is resolved, it canWestern Cape health minister Theuns not be business as usual.” Botha stresses this will be the first province All health facilities have been affected to in the country to roll out a medication deliv- a degree, and in some instances clinicians ery service. He points out that breaking new have had to re-prescribe medicines. ground comes with teething problems. “This Some clinics experienced insufficient is such an exciting project because it repre- stock, while at others with no pharmacy onsents our government motto of ‘Better To- site patients were transferred to alternate gether’.” sites, adding to the workload. Once up to full capacity, says Botha, “the These and other factors have contributed system will create the opportunity for pa- to long patient waiting times. tients to live their life to their full potential Uti Pharma has put in place additional instead of waiting hours for medication and quality control measures and brought in a free up much-needed capacity in our over- team of engineers from Belgium to work on crowded facilities”. the automated dispensing machine to preTo this end, the provincial health depart- vent picking errors made during the automent is adopting a hands-on approach and mated dispensing process. monitoring the process closely. They have worked extended hours – incluManagement receives daily progress up- ding weekends and public holidays – to addates on progress enabling them to get a dress the backlog.

Tuesday 15 May 2012


People’s Post Lansdowne Page 5

Upset over ‘illegal structure’ TAMMY PETERSEN

A WOMAN sidestepped a demolition order last week – but is still “disgusted and very upset” by the treatment she received by the City of Cape Town. Monica Martins has lived in her one-bedroom maisonette in Rhenoster Walk for 25 years. Despite applying to the City of Cape Town to be transferred to a bigger rental unit, she has yet to receive a new address. “We have been living like cooped-up chickens for too long,” the incensed tenant says. “My two grown daughters, three grandchildren and I all sleep right here, in this tiny room. After all these years of waiting, I decided to take matters into my own hands.” Martins (51) says she went to the Civic Centre in Cape Town in January, where she spoke to a clerk in the housing section.

CHALLENGE: Monica Martins with one of her grandchildren in front of her “illegally extended” home. Photo: Tammy Petersen

She claims that after explaining her situation to the woman, she requested permission to build “a neat extension” onto the front section of her ground-floor home. “The woman told me I could go ahead and I had authorisation to build. I didn’t request this in writing – I thought our verbal agreement was enough.” In February, the vibrecrete extension was erected. Martins’ daughter is financing the R40 000 building, and pays R277 a week to cover the loan. The family started renovating their new space and they received no complaints, she continues. Two weeks ago, Martins visited the Manenberg rent office to query her arrears when she was asked if she had any illegal structures on her property. “I told them the story, but the woman hit back that no formal permission had been giv-

en. I refused to stand down because I had nothing to hide.” The next day, members of the City’s Land Invasion Unit came knocking at her new door. “They told me they were going to return to throw down the new section because I didn’t have authorisation to put it up. I told them I was not squatting and I had informed the council, but they refused to listen.” Martins then approached community organisation Proudly Manenberg, and when the unit’s officers returned the next day, they were met with dozens of members and residents who refused to allow the extension to be destroyed. At one point, residents threatened to tip over the council vehicle if the officers did not leave. “It was great to see neighbours taking a stand in support of one another. The message which needs to be stressed is that people need houses to be built, not broken down,” Proudly Manenberg chairperson Mario Wanza says. A meeting was held on Wednesday with Mayor Patricia De Lille and Proudly Manenberg. The City agreed not to demolish the structure. “We agreed that the merits of each case has to be looked at and it was decided that Mrs Martins’ property would not be destroyed. We are open to engagement to find beneficial solutions to help protect the poor.” Solly Malatsi, the mayor’s spokesperson, confirms De Lille is having “ongoing discussions” with residents surrounding the demolition. Martins countered that “almost every rental property in Manenberg has a hokkie built on. I at least tried to follow the correct channels, but this is the treatment I get. You wait forever for the council to follow up on complaints and concerns maar hulle is gou om aftebreek,” she says. Mayoral Committee member for Human Settlements Ernest Sonnenberg says structures may be erected on council property, but only if permission has been obtained.

“The tenant must apply to the local Housing Office and submit a sketch plan that will be forwarded to the Planning and Building Development Management Department for evaluation,” he explains. The sketch must show, among others, the location of existing underground municipal services. The structure must not be built over services where connections will be required in terms of the City’s future backyarder programme and no structure must be built in permanent material.

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Page 6 People’s Post Lansdowne


Tuesday 15 May 2012

Kat and the Kings are back!

DAVID KRAMER and Taliep Petersen’s hit musical Kat and the Kings opened to the media and VIP’s on Thursday 10 May with a festive atmosphere and to great acclaim. The show, with a new, young and local cast

KAT AND THE KING: Director David Kramer with Dean Balie who stars as ‘Young Kat’ in the show.

of six, along with a live band onstage, runs until August at the Fugard Theatre in District 6. Show times vary between 17:00, 20:00 and 20:30, depending on the date. Tickets are available from R100 through Computicket or The Fugard Theatre’s box office on (021) 461 4554.

THEATRE FANATICS: Grant Isaacs and Natalie Damain­Harris with Good Hope FM’s Guy McDonald and Emma Ress . Photos: Allison Foat IN THE DISTRICT: Megan Galloway with Daniel Galloway, the General Manager of the Fugard Theatre.

BROAD SMILES: Grant Peres who plays Bingo, musician Mark Fransman and Carlo Daniels, who plays Ballie.

WAY BACK WHEN: The ushers from the Fugard with Front of House manager Iris Bolton (centre back), all dressed up in their ’50s outfits, in keeping with the period in which Kat and the Kings is set.

FOND MEMORIES: Family members of the late Taliep Petersen came to show their support as well. Aeesha Petersen, popular entertainer Emo Adams, Jawaahier Petersen, Fatiema Petersen and Ashur Petersen.

JAZZ HANDS: Director David Kramer (centre) with the members of the Kat and the Kings cast and band, and friends.


Tuesday 15 May 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 7

Mother’s crusade to find missing daughter TAMMY PETERSEN

IF heartache could kill, she would be dead by now. These are the feelings of Tofeegka Jabaar who has endured more tragedy in her 51 years than she thought she could ever handle. For the past 16 months, she has been waiting for her 26-year-old daughter, Afeefa Johaardien, to come home. She has even gone from Retreat to Gugulethu to find her child. Johaardien disappeared in January last year, leaving her three children – aged two, four and six – pining for their mother. “She went to the shop at 22:00 that night and when she got home, she told her brother she would pop out for a minute. She never came back,” Jabaar says, her voice breaking. Since that day, she has searched across the city for her second youngest child. Despite no-one seeing her since the day she disappeared, the hope in the woman’s face is evident when she speaks of her daughter. “I will never give up on finding her,” she says, wringing her hands. “I know the type of person she is. She would never leave her children. She would never leave me. Afeefa lived for her family.” Jabaar’s grief at Johaardien’s disappearance is twofold. Johaardien is also one of only two witnesses to her eldest sister’s murder. Jawaya Salie was shot in the head in Newfields in 2008, a week after giving birth to her youngest child. Meanwhile, Johaardien’s children are under the impression their mother is in hospital. Jabaar says until she has clarity on her daughter’s whereabouts – and whether she is dead or alive – it will be the best answer she can give them. “These are young, innocent children and I honestly don’t know what else to tell them. I walk all over Cape Town, following up on whether anyone might have seen her. I still see her in my dreams. She didn’t just vanish. She is out there somewhere and until I find her, I will never rest. “All I can do is pray and keep looking.” Officers have followed all leads, but have

HEALTHY CONVERSATION: Palestine’s Minister of Health, Dr Basem Naim, recently visited the Gatesville Melomed Hospital, praising the facility and referencing the financial, social and economic struggles currently experienced in Gaza. Here patient Linda Maqutyana spends time with Dr Naim. Photos: Supplied

SEEN HER? Afeefa Johaardien’s mother is desperately searching her daughter. not yet been able to ascertain her whereabouts, says Philippi police spokesperson Lieutenant Lance Goliath. “We need anyone with information on Afeefa’s location to phone the station,” he appeals. “All tip-offs are treated confidentially and any details that can be provided may be pivotal to the case.” Jabaar bursts into tears as she looks at a pamphlet depicting her daughter’s face. “All I need is closure. As sy dood is, sal ek een keer huil en dit aanvaar. But right now I am crying because I can’t stand the uncertainty anymore. I must focus on finding her.” . Police are also searching for Mark Henry, who has been seen in Gugulethu, Vrygrond and Plumstead. He is understood to be able to shed light on the case. Anyone with information on his location is asked to phone Warrant Officer Philander on (021) 690 1500.

Brazen burglars hit hospice TAMMY PETERSEN

COWARDLY crooks have given a local hospice a crippling blow. Despite having an alarm system as well as burglar bars, thieves managed to make their way into St Luke’s Hospice’s temporary quarters in Penlyn Estate last Monday. The intruders made off with crockery, cutlery, a microwave, fan, heater and a copy/fax machine, together worth thousands of rands. The home, which cares for AIDS and cancer patients, moved to Doric Road four months ago while the premises they shared with the Honeyside clinic in Crawford is upgraded. Pat Gelderblom. the non-profit organisation’s volunteer services manager, says this is the first incident to occur at their temporary location. “The culprits managed to bypass the security system and cut through the burglar bars to gain access to the premises,”

she says. “Since the incident, we have been trying to think of ways to replace the things we lost. This is a real setback.” Gelderblom explains that St Luke’s is dependent on public donations to keep its doors open. Their services cost more than R20 million per year, and corporate sponsors also play a major role in keeping the hospice’s books balanced. “While this has taken us a few steps back financially, we continue to do our best by giving our residents the best with what we have. We are blessed in many ways, and we hope good samaritans will come forward to help us get on the right footing.” The 40 patients at the home are all from Athlone, Lansdowne and Rondebsoch East. Anyone able to make a donation, either in terms of cash or goods, is urged to phone the fundraising office on (021) 761 2938.

WELCOMED: The visit commenced with a warm welcome by the Islamia College choir. Pic­ tured here from left are Sheik Mohamed Mezzi, Sheik Isgaak Taliep and Shiek Ismail Isaacs, and students Taahir Isaacs, Abdul Qaadir Kafaar, Azhar Kagee, Farouk Stemmet, Hazaifa Valli, Yunus Khan and Taufeeq Christian.


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Man hit in gang-related crossfire A MAN visiting his grandmother was shot in the head while sitting in a Manenberg house. Yesterday (Monday) at about 10:15, the 20year-old was speaking to family members in the second-floor bedroom of their Madge Road maisonette when he suddenly fell from his chair. His head was bleeding and he was rushed to hospital.

Lieutenant Ian Bennett, spokesperson for Manenberg police, says the man, who is from Graaff-Reinet, is in a critical condition. “It is suspected that members of rival gangs were shooting at each other when a stray bullet came through the window and struck him,” he says. Anyone able to shed light on the incident is asked to phone the station on (021) 699 9400 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.



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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Save our seas MOST of our country is surrounded by the ocean, making the coastline a precious resource. The shores provide us with pleasure, food and income. Originally traversed by the indigenous peoples – the Khoi and San – it has become a vital revenue source. Historically, our harbours offered a safe haven and replenishing station for seafaring nations, including the Portuguese, English and Dutch who plied the Spice Route. Durban has one of the country’s busiest harbours. Given the sea’s dwindling resources in meeting international demand, the Japanese fishing trawler Eihatsu Maru, stranded at Clifton’s First Beach, brings the ability to protect our maritime border into question. There has reportedly been no communiques between the SA harbour authorities and the captain of the Japanese trawler. When the mist cleared, the trawler was already stranded. The NSRI is investigating how the trawler missed the harbour to get trapped on a sandbank about 35m offshore. Two years ago, the ocean in the US’s Gulf Coast was threatened when an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig killed 11 men and gushed millions of tons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Attempts – and frequent failures – by BP to contain the spill led to the unfolding of an environmental disaster and a political spat. The spill put the sea out of bounds for humans and animals. With 90 tons of fuel and ammonia and 50 tons of tuna on board the Eihatsu Maru, marine and coastal services have much to contend with.

Your SMSes Nothing fun about slave route DO the organisers Itheko and People’s Post have no shame to sponsor the Jive Slave Route Challenge? Are the memories of our forebears now being remembered in a fun run and walk? How do you tell your children about slavery? That it was a fun thing? Do you have the guts to do the same for June 16? I do not think so. ANONYMOUS Farouk Meyer of Itheko responds: How incredibly sad that the author of the SMS has tried to turn a hugely positive celebration of everything the slaves endured and died for so we could be free, into bitter recriminations about the past. How sad that the writer cannot relate to the wonderful experience of walking freely and gazing at the wonder of the mountain, the beauty of the trees and the joy of birdsong of our Fairest Cape that was so cruelly de-

nied to our forebears. Itheko has been one of the driving forces behind this event which celebrates the freedom we now enjoy and which is a tribute to the sacrifices of all who have gone before us. We would, therefore, like to invite the writer to join us on this trip which pauses at each of the critical monuments to the history of the slaves and pray with us at each stage as we remember the massive contribution of the slaves to our heritage. And, as we do so together, may we take time to reflect on the words of Nelson Mandela, who said: “Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will experience the oppression of one by another”. People’s Post editor Feroza Miller-Isaacs responds: I fully echo Farouk Meyer’s views and reiterate that our publication is proud to align itself with this positive event. I hope the writer will accept Meyer’s invitation.

Trains of thought . Where does Donald Grant live? Some of those students have to get up a lot earlier than him to get to school. What time does he venture into his office? . All good and well for someone not using public transport. Has he noticed that it is still pitch dark at 6.45? You want our children to get up an hour earlier to do what – be attacked in the dark? On the days they are early and transported on time, what would the suggestion be for them to hang around on stations or to be waiting in the dark outside locked schools? Are you going to provide security at stations and at schools? Then, perhaps, it will work well. . I don’t think Metrorail should fight against the guy who lost his eye because of a stone thrown through an open or broken window. The train I catch is being thrown at all the time. Where should we hide if the trains are over full?

And not to mention poor service, and now the poor scholars have to wake up an hour earlier. It is dark and cold and not all parents have cars. These children have to walk to the station. It is dark and dangerous out there. General . The DA sees to the needs of whites and blacks only. Don’t expect coloured votes. Let the ANC take the Cape, it makes no difference. . Do the wives and family members of Eskom staff have the privilege of driving Eskom vehicles for private use? Please clarify. Taxpayer . Electricity reply to your comment. Try living in Musgrave Park. We don’t even get 50 free units! . I’m not a racist person, but a mother of three children who just want the best for them through school. It is hard due to the fact I can’t find a job. I would love to get more education, but don’t have the money for it. If I was a black woman I would have gotten my education for free. Not fair, I’ve got so much to give.

Are prisoners being released to desperately garner votes? I THINK it is extremely generous of President Zuma to have a lot of criminals’ time shortened and many of them released. I just wonder what the mothers of raped or murdered children feel and the sons of mothers who have been beaten to death? How kind of Zuma to play God!

Or are there different reasons for his generosity, like looking for votes to be re-elected? God forbid. I would have thought that a man with a criminal record, “allegedly”, would be more circumspect of the law instead of playing judge and jury. Every day is a new shock

treatment awaiting South Africans. While I sympathise with people in prison, I am sure it is no walk in the park, but then neither is rape, murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping and stealing people’s property. They should build bigger prisons to protect people on the outside. If the government

could stop its employees from stealing, there would be enough money for proper prisons and prison care with proper prison guards. It all boils down to the dishonesty of public servants. RALPH KRALL

People’s Post subscribes to the South African Press Code and we are committed to journalism that is honest, accurate, fair and balanced. Under our editorial policy, we invite readers to comment about the newspaper’s content and we correct significant errors as soon as possible. Please send information to the editor at or phone (021) 713 9440. Alternately, please contact the ombudsman of Media24’s Community Press, George Claassen, at, or call him on (021) 851 3232 or 083 543 2471. Complaints can also be sent to the SA Press Ombudsman on telephone (011) 484 3612/8, fax (011) 484 3619 or via email to or


Tuesday 15 May 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 9

My mother my hero: readers respond More than just a Cuppa Your mom is remarkable I AM one of those people who believe in things happening for a reason. I have just finished reading your article in People’s Post and have to compliment you on the deep love and understanding you are showing your mother. I would like to invite you to our Cuppa for Cansa fundraiser at Absa Pinelands. The branch and staff sponsor the coffee, tea and cake for R20. All funds raised will be donated to the Hospice Palliative Care Association (HPCA). The HPCA advocacy officer, Eric Watlington, was featured in an article in People’s Post (“Can you lace up for cancer?”, Tuesday 31 January) around the same time I was planning my second Cuppa for Cansa event. On contacting him, he was excited to participate in the event and we raised double the amount of money

we raised the first time. The most awesome part of the day is interacting with people who have or who know someone who has the disease. Cancer affects every one of us – whether we like it or not. People’s Post played a part in establishing the relationship between Absa Pinelands and the HPCA and I would be very honoured if you would join me in having a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in honour of your mother and everyone battling this terrible disease. ANA DE SOUSA Absa Pinelands Branch Manager Thank you for inviting me to the Cuppa for Cancer last week, which regrettably, I was unable to attend. I wish you all the best in continuing your good work and commend you and Absa for creating awareness and assisting in raising funds for the care of those living with cancer. Editor

during and I agree your mom is a remarkable woman of faith. I will pray for your mom. Love your column and shake off those who misinterpreted your comparisons with Easter (“The joy of being connected”, ConnectEd, People’s Post, Tuesday 10 April). I think it was good. JENNY

Celebrate life

vious bout. He had five brain operations in five months, but eventually died the following May. He was an inspiration to all with his courage, attitude and behaviour – always full of fun. We celebrated his life on Facebook a few days ago. You and your family will be in my prayers for your walk in your mother’s trials and needs. We have much to thank God for in giving us these examples in our lives. God bless you. MAGGIE JAMES

I AM the mother of a son who, on 3 May 1983, died of cancer of the brain at 18 years old. He developed cancer of the glands (Lympathic lymphoma) when he was 11. He had invasive treatment for a while and was in remission until he was 18. In December 1982 he collapsed and was diagnosed with brain cancer – unrelated to the pre-

Bike for hope

My mother was my best friend I READ your article about your mom and was really touched. I lost my own mom a few years ago. Unfortunately I was not living in South Africa at the time, but she was my best friend as well. Your mom sounds like an amazing lady with a real zest for life. I have always been interested in alternative medicines and have read extensively on the subject. I just wondered if you have

Thank you so much for sharing about your mom (My mother, my hero”, ConnectEd, People’s Post Tuesday 8 May). Just yesterday I received a prayer request from someone whose mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I myself am a mother and grandma. I can’t imagine the pain your mom must be en-

looked at the Rene Caisse Herbal Tea. I tried finding it here in SA, but found there were added ingredients to the original recipe. If it is something you would like to look into, there is a non-profit organisation in the UK that would supply the original herbs which make up the tea. Hope this helps. RAYMOND H DAVIDS

who can’t afford treatment and prostheses. I did it last year (I had to learn to ride a 1 000cc motorbike for it) and have decided to do it again this year. Last year I dedicated my ride to one of my best friends for her bravery. She did not survive breast cancer. She sounds a lot like your mom. I would like to dedicate this year’s ride to your mom’s spirit and bravery in the face of breast cancer. It will be a great privilege and honour. You may visit the website Journeyofhope to see what it is all about. KATHY MALHERBE Rondebosch

I read your column and it really moved me. I am a breast cancer survivor (2000 and again 2010) and I know the fear and pain involved in the cancer spreading. Together with 18 other women (all breast cancer survivors) I am doing a motorbike trip called the Journey of Hope in October. We ride for a week, stopping at disadvantaged communities and teaching them about early detection and how to do self-examination. We also raise funds for people

MOMS GET SOME HEART SERVICE: Moms were treated on Wednesday as Clarence Ford from Heart 104.9 FM roamed the corri­ dors of Vangate Mall to wish shop­ pers a happy Moth­ er’s Day. Broad­ casting live from the mall, Ford asked both moth­ ers and children what the best ad­ vice they were giv­ en by their moms was, and also what their plans were for Mother’s Day. Here Clarence (left) chats to mother of four, Marcia Smith from Surrey Estate, about her plans for the special day.

Special focus on cancer I REALLY enjoyed reading the column in People’s Post (“My mother, my hero”, Tuesday 8 May). I can fully understand what you are going through as I also lost my sister to cancer seven years ago. The article highlights the challenges families face when someone is suffering from cancer. This was one of the main reasons I decided to join a ministry group, called St Francis Fire Flies. Our aim is to train people to counsel survivors of cancer as well as family members. We also actively raise funds for the Cancer Association. I just want to thank you for highlighting this disease as this country seems to be more focused on HIV/ Aids. NIGEL MAART








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MOTHER KNOWS BEST: Clarence (left) poses with mother and daughter Patricia Samp­ son (centre) and Candice Sampson from Greenhaven, who spent some quality time in the store. Photo: Summer Jacobs

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Tuesday 15 May 2012


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M&S BUILDERS All building works, Paving, All carpentry work and Carports. Ph 084 260 5610 or 021­397 3083


On account, no deposit 12 to 60 months to pay, Tiling, vibracrete, paving and all sorts of building material. Blacklisted welcome. Contact Aileen 074 559 8964


LBS 15.05.12

BUILDING MATERIAL & Home Improvement

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Tuesday 15 May 2012

O/h 021 945 4062 or 023 342 3529 A/h 072 604 3293 or We also work via Fax on 021 949 3472 or via e-mail We are Registered in Terms of the NCR

DEBT 8X2-03-04-12


“DEBT” to


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Curtains/Carpets/ Upholstery FOR ALL types of blinds. Ph 074 259 1802 Renaldo or 082 598 2606 Wesley or 021­371 8315 o/h

SUMMER R1 799 pm* J1 1.3 TX FROM


*UP TO R10 000 cash back Tiggo 1.6 TX FROM

R2 650 pm*



R999 pm*

*Up to R20 000 cash back *Up to R10 000 cash back on the Tiggo 2.0 TXE Auto & manual

Chery Parow 343 Voortrekker Road, Parow Tel: 021 937 7200 • Brendon - 084 407 7096 • Lee-Anne 084 520 5021 MAHINDRA MCCARTHY cherry 10x8 24 4 12 1BG20RF.cdr

Mahindra XUV 500



R2 999pm



Models shown may differ.

McCarthy Mahindra





R2 799pm

Mahindra XYLO MPV


R2 199pm


343 Voortrekker Rd, Parow • Tel. 021 937 7200

• Lee-Anne 084 520 5021 • Brendon 084 407 7096 • Stephan 078 945 8013 Mahindra Osman 10x8-1BHC7M5.cdr


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BLINDS AND CURTAINS. All types. Free quotes. Less 10%. ( 021 371 8627/08 2 516 0030 M&M INTERIORS ­ Blinds, curtains, rods, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. All blinds less 10%. Phone Moosa 021 371 8917 or 083 4931 495 115

AA APPLIANCE repairs to all makes of washing machines, tumble dryers, etc. 40 yrs exp. Ph Alwyn West 021 671 5786 or 082 705 8103.

FURNITURE REMOVALS. Ph 078 6113 627. ''LET'S MOVE IT!" Glen : 079 079 2323

FRIDGE AND FREEZER REGASSING & REPAIRS Reasonable prices! ( 076 164 0700

TV/DVD/Video Services

BUSY CORNER TV REPAIRS Efficient repairs to all tv's, lcd's, led's & microwaves. 021 705 4222 / 083 861 0418 DSTV AND AERIAL REPAIRS AND INSTALLATIONS

DSTV packages fully installed for R599. HD PVR installations from R2 299. Service call repair charge of R150. Ph 083 268 1213

STEVE'S TV REPAIRS & MICROWAVES Low cost transport 021 633 1802/08 3 486 5394. 18 Linaria Crescent, Silvertown 119



Electrical Repairs ALL ELECTRICAL WORK. Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713

Spares and Accessories

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ALL CARPENTRY Hanging of all doors, repair of roofing and cupboards. Also skimming of walls and tiling done. Ph Nico 021 392 6818/ 076 342 1470 BUILT IN CUPBOARDS repairs & alterations. ( 072 695 9738 SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952


Repairs – Vehicles

GEARBOX REPAIRS FROM R850 Engine and Diff reconditioning Contact Bruce 072 862 9882 or 072 318 7265

ALL PLUMBING, good ref.. 076 124 4713


PUMBING, Tiling & Electrical Tel:079 018 2091

Spraypainting/ Panelbeating


Swimming Pool Services


Business Opportunities


PANELBEATING/ SPRAY PAINTING. Resprays and minor sprays NO VACANCIES! PH: 074 184 1564


POOL SERVICE and maintenance. Ph Michael 073 104 3575 or 021­ 705 8851



Tiling/Flooring AVON &JUSTINE reps needed. (Mildred 021 696 5866/ 076 272 0775

ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713



Houses to Let


BAYVIEW Granny flat, 2 big bedrooms, kitchen, full bathroom, R3000pm. Parking available Surgrie 082 978 9016

Holiday Accommodation GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. R1000p/night. Sleeps 8.(079 522 4309.

Houses for Sale


R570 000 3 Beds, + granny flat on large plot


Tours A WEEKEND TRIP TO GOUDINI SPA 27 ­ 29 July 2012 Transport and accomodation included, Self catering R800 pp Contact Betty: 073 188 6942 / 021 633 7207 or Shaun 079 844 8304(A/H)

Vacancies Wanted CHAR Mon, Tue, Wed ,Fri, Saturday. Sleep in or sleep out Sindiswa Tel: 079 8584 489 CHAR Sleep in . Kholeka 073 1967 809




CAREER DEVELOPMENT & JOB PLACEMENTS Data capture, Officemanageme nt, Bank telling, Cashiering, Call Centre operations, Receptionist, Flight attending, Waitering/ Bar attending & Till Operations, Sales & marketing. Cape Town: 8th Floor, Pier House Heerengracht Street. Tel: 021 823 6441 / 021 823 6442 / 073 409 2016 Placement assistance is provided at the end of the course. FREE COMPUTER TRAINING! 429

Staff Vacancies

CLEAN & MAINTAIN pools. Ph 083 494 3939 or 836 8208





WINDSCREENS and motorglass supplied and fitted. Ph 082 973 5536


ALL PAINTING WORK. Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713


REGISTERED ELECTRICIAN P/paid meters, COC's, etc. Ph Jody on 081 310 7542

Plumbers 117


ABACAS ELECTRICAL ALL AREAS 072 638 7237 021­762 8894 021­391 6336 021­696 2516

Moving and Storage 3 TON TRUCK avail for garden refuse and furniture removal. 076 124 4713

EGYPT & ISRAEL departs 11 Oct and returns 21 Oct. For info, call Velme 392 0148/073 202 5776 or Ursual 021 376 7894 / 074 2627488

R330 000. 3 Bedroomed, plus carport for 3 cars + entert area. Ph 082 469 3084


Semi, 3 beds, garage, opp prim school. R365 000 neg. Ph Leon Bessick 021 374 3786, 083 6603 495

General Vacancies 20 TABLE CHARM AGENTS NEEDED TEL: 021 371 9280 FREE ICDL COMPUTER COURSE ­ Typing, Data Capture,Word Excel, IT,, Win, Internet, Email.Job Search & CV design. Pay 4 w/book. (021 683 8875 ­ At Kenilworth Centre Home study available Home Care Advanced Home Care Nursing Courses, Hairdressing Course, Free Learner's License, First Aid/Childcare. Full/Part­time. Registe now! ( 021 945 4848 a.h. or 071 303 4426 E­mail:

CAPE TOWN BASED COMPANY IS OPENING UP A NEW BRANCH & NEEDS TO EXPAND IT'S SALES FORCE! No transport or previous sales experience needed. All training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives. For appointment, call Andre on 021 930 9068 Terms & Conditions Apply.

Tuesday 15 May 2012 5 ,, 4 , HOTELS , BIG SUPERMARKETS & BIG COMPANIES URGENTLY NEEDS! .20 Receptionists .30 Cashiers .20 Barmen .30 Waitrons .20 Porters .50 Cleaners/ Housekeepers .10 Cruiseship Attendants .10 Flight Attendants/ Airhostesses For More details please contact Zetaweb or visit our offices on 112 Long Street, 3rd Floor, room 311, Cape Town, or CALL: 021 426 7615/ 021 820 3654/ 073 219 8380

NAIL TECHNICIAN Must have at least 1 year's experience and be able to do mani, pedi, waxing and all nail systems for salon in Mitchells Plain. CALL 083 270 7503 VIBRANT SALES CONSULTANTS NEEDED No transport or previous sales experience needed. Free training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives. For appointment, call Stacy on 021 465 7852 Terms & Conditions Apply


General Notices We as Factaprops 130 (Pty) Ltd (Reg no: 1996/017334/07) Are in the process of filing for the cancellation of deregistration with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission. Mr. Haraldsen on 0836972457


A BETTER BLOCK 190/140/90 BLOCKS, MAXIS, SAND, STONE BEST PRICES 0861 33 3314 021 704 3636 021 391 6330








SPECIALISING IN: Tip Ups Sectional Overheads Roll Ups - Installation Repairs - Automation

Pam Golding 10x8 08 05 12 1BGYFHV.cdr

OTTERY R1.150 Million


BEDS: 4 | BATHS: 2 | GARAGE: 2

Andy 074 470 7068


Nazreen Adams Cell: 079 491 6547

FAIRWAYS R1.350 Million




Andy Derrocks 074 470 7068

STOCK URGENTLY REQUIRED. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US FOR A MARKET-RELATED VALUATION Andy Derrocks 074 470 7068 Razeen Gallie 072 619 8155 Nazreen Adams 079 491 6547 Office 021 673 4200 Schaapkraal – Cnr of Strandfontein / 7th Ave. Current rental income of R10, 000 p/m. 5000m². Selling for R1, 8 Million Andy 074 470 7068

LANSDOWNE R1.195 Million


BEDS: 4 | BATHS: 2 | GARAGE: 4 WEB ACCESS: KW1083214 RAZEEN 072 619 8155


WYNBERG R795 000




WEB ACCESS: KW1080621 RAZEEN 072 619 8155


SOLE MANDATE BEDS: 2 | BATHS: 1 | PARKING: 1 WEB ACCESS: KW1076534 PAM GOLDING RAZEEN 072 619 8155 10x8 10 05 11-1AQ2U1F.cdr

Razeen Gallie Cell: 072 619 8155

PAM GOLDING 10x8 10 05 11-1AQ2U1F.cdr


Tuesday 15 May 2012

Theo Rain ers Bradle y Thomas

Eric a Roman

Tanya Tit o

Office: 021 393 7456 •


083 784 1955


076 648 8757



People’s Post Lansdowne Page 13

083 299 9807


SOLD for R580 000 DENNEGEUR AVE. Ideal for 2 families. Neat & spacious 3 bedr fam home. Fitt kitch; Fire-place; carport; Enclosed parking for 5 cars. Big open-plan granny flat. SOLD by Tania Wyeth 084 240 0606

SOLD for R620 000 HARING WAY. Attractive, spacious 3 bedr fam home. L-shape lounge/dining; knotty-pine ceilings; FFK, lam flrs; BIC’s; undercover braai; big gar; big yard. SOLD by Erica






SOLD for R450 000 PADDOCK RD. Mod 2 bedr home with a FFK; BIC’s; tiled bathr; Lam flrs; Parking for 3 cars. SOLD by Erica




SOLD for R430 000 DISCOVERY RD. Neat 2 bedr starter home: nicely tiled lounge and kitch; lam floors in bedrms. Tandem gar; entertainment area; big backyard; Neat front garden. Asking price: R460 000. SOLD by Erica

Sold for: R400 000 CANDIAN RD. Affordable 2 bedr starter home with BIC's; Lock-up gar; spacious front & back yards; Fully enclosed. Make an offer! SOLD by Bradley







GRASSY PARK – 2 bedroomed open plan flat. Lounge, kitchen, bathroom. R350 000. GRASSY PARK, ‘THE AVENUES ON 6TH’ – 3 x 2 bedroomed flats. Neat secure block. F/F kitchen. Lounge, bathroom. R450 000 neg. LOTUS RIVER/OTTERY – 4 bedrooms. Bic. Mes + family bathroom. F/f kitchen. Lounge. D/room. Sun-room. Garage with opportunity for separate entrance. R720 000. GRASSY PARK – Massive face brick family home. 4 bedrooms. Bic. Mes & family bathroom. Large lounge and dining-room. Fireplace. F/f kitchen. Garage for 4 cars. R850 000. ZEEKOEVLEI – Choice of three 680sqm plots from R350 000.

SOLD for R600 000 NAPOLI AVE. Extremely mod 3 bedr with bic's; big open-plan lounge/dining &fitt kitch; fireplace; mod bathr; main bedr, en-suite; gar; plot: 246m2. Asking price: R650 000. SOLD by Tania Wyeth 084 240 0606

SOLD for R430 000 SILVERHURST RD. Neat & spacious 3 bedr fam home with a FFK, BIC's, lam flrs; Enclosed parking for 3 cars; close to Westridge Civic. SOLD by Erica

SOLD for R530 000 NILE RD. Neat & spaciously renov 3 bedr fam home offering a big FFK; Mod bathr; Big main bedr with ensuite; Laundromat; Neat back garden; enclosed carport for 2 cars. Built-in braai. SOLD by Bradley

SOLD for R330 000 Junker street Neat 3 bedr home; Garage; Fully secured; Close to railway station; shops, etc. SOLD by Erica

OFFER FROM R1.195 milj WEB REF: 144541 OWL STREET. Big, mod 3 bedrm home with top finishes. big lounge/dining rm; study; big, mod FFK; TV-rm; mod bathr; big main bedr with walk-in closet & en-suite; pool; d/gar. Plot size: 980m2. To view ph Theo

Need your property SOLD ?Call us today for a FREE, no obligation valuation

Sellers enter our WIN A HOME MAKE-OVER competition. Visit




ZEEKOEVLEI, Otters Creek - Cosy, 3 or 2 bedroomed home. Bathroom and separate loo. Kitchen. Stunning garden with pool and double-garage. R950 000.00neg ZEEKOEVLEI – Face-brick home on the water. Bargain. 3 bedrooms. Bic. New F/f kitchen. Huge lounge and d/room. Double garage. Stunning views. Great work from home opportunity. R1.4M ZEEKOEVLEI – Huge mansion on the water. Modern. 6 large bedrooms. Bic. Mes. Dressing-room. Victorian bathrooms. Very big lounge, d/room and F/f granite-topped kitchen. Pantry. Double garage with new bic. Large grounds. ZEEKOEVLEI – Neat double-storey with view and access to the water. 4 bedrooms. Bic. Mes and family bathroom. Huge lounge, d/room, F/f kitchen. Double garage. R1.5M neg.

ZEEKOEVLEI – Good position. Neat 5 bedrooms. Bic. Mes + family bathroom. F/F kitchen. Pool. Double garage. Large Plot. R1.4M.neg ZEEKOEVLEI – Great investment. 2 Modern homes.Live in one and rent the other. 3 Bedrooms. Bic. Full bathrooms. F/F kitchen. Lounge. Garages. Both fully enclosed and paved. R1.4M neg. ZEEKOEVLEI – Double-storey with access to and full view of the vlei. 4 Bedrooms. Bic. Mes. F/f new kitchen. Huge lounge and Dining-room with fire-place. Study. Solid wooden floors and tiles. Beautiful established garden. A must to view. R1.7M neg.


NADIAS 200312 1BDMU50.cdr

For all these and more contact NADIA at Nadia’s Property on 021 706 8197 or 083 654 4234 or MICKHAEEL 082 216 4269

Everything we touch turns to SOLD

GRASSY PARK: R275.000excl Stunning G/Floor Flat, 2Beds, F/Bath Lounge, P/Bay, FKitchen, Encl.. NAJWA 082 377 7027

RETREAT: R375.000excl Flat, 2Beds(1xBics), Lounge, F/Bath, FK, P/Bay, Encl, 53m, L/Floors. KAREN 074 535 6260

LOTUS RIVER: R1.9 million D/s, 5Beds(Bics), 3xF/Bath, 3xMes, 2xFFK, G/Flat, Pool, Doctors Surgery. KAREN 074 535 6260

OTTERY: R820.000excl F/s, 3Beds,(1xB), Lnge, Mes, Jacuzzi, FFK, Braai, Encl, 325m, Fully Alarmed, SHEREENA 072 435 4085

WYNBERG: R870.000 Neg D/storey, 4Beds, Lounge, 2xF/Bath, FFK Garage, Balcony, Park(4xCars), ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

LOTUS RIVER: R565.000excl Vacant Serviced Plot 1000m. ABDULLATIEF 082 941 7482

CHARLESVILLE: R950.000excl F/s, 5Beds(2xB), Mes, FFK, MQ, Garage, E/Garden, Encl, 425m, Sep.Entrance ANDILE 084 776 6532

GRASSY PARK: R700.000excl F/standing, 4Beds, Lounge, D/room, Bathroom, S/toilet, Kitchen, 472m. KAREN 074 535 6260

OTTERY: R999.000excl F/s, 5Beds, Lnge, Drm, S/toilet, Mes, FFK, D/Garage, Encl, 489m, B/Bars ISHERENE 083 350 2777

BONTEHEUWEL: R360.000excl Mais, 3Beds, FFK, Lounge, Family Bathroom, Carport, Enclosed. ANTHONY 079 018 7866

OTTERY: R330.000excl Flat, 3Beds, Lounge, D/room, F/Bath, P/Bay, C/Pool, Encl, S/Gates, TLC. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

HAZENDAL: R1,3million D/s, 4Beds(2xBics), Lnge, Drm, Mes, FFK, G/Pool, Garage + Many more MARIAM 082 641 2157

PARKTOWN: R550.000neg Semi, 3Beds(2xB), Lnge cm Drm, FFK, Carport, 2xF/Bath, Braai, W/Hse, KAREN 074 535 6260

PELIKAN HEIGHTS: R1,6 million Top Billing House, 1000m grounds, 7Beds, Lnge, Drm, Cellar, D/Garage MARIAM 082 641 2157

BONTEHEUWEL: R279.000excl Mais, 3Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Parking (2xCars). FATIMA 021 – 825 3795

NEWFIELDS VILLAGE: R260.000 Mais, 3Beds, Lounge, F/Bathroom, Kitchen, Storerm, Park (1xCar). MARIAM 082 641 2157

GRASSY PARK: R730.000 Neg F/s, 3Beds(2xB), Lnge, FFK, F/Bath, Garage + G/Flat (1Bed, FK, F/Bath), 552m, ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

GRASSY PARK: 260.000neg Next to Ahmed Pharmacy, Flat, 2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, FK, Encl. HENDRIEKA 082 767 8406

WYNBERG: R430.000excl 2nd Floor Flat, 1Bedroom, Kitchen, Parking Bay, Laundry. MARIAM 082 641 2157

GRASSY PARK: 260.000neg Next to Ahmed Pharmacy, Flat, 2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, FK, Encl. FREDELENE 078 551 0906

LANSDOWNE: R620.000 Neg Flat, 2Beds(Bics), FFK(Defy), P/Bay, Balcony (Immaculate Cond) , 90m GILLEAN 081 399 9584

LOTUS RIVER: R720.000excl F/s, 3Beds, FK, Laundry, Storerm, TVrm, Study, D/Garage, E/Garden, PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

SALT RIVER: R630.000excl Semi, 2Bedrooms, Lounge, Family Bathroom, Kitchen. MISHKAAH 084 064 7871

WYNBERG: R465.000excl Flat, 2Beds(Bics), Passage, Lounge, F/Bath, Mes, FK, Encl. ISHERENE 083 350 2777

Every Agent Will Promise To Sell Your Home … We GUARANTEE it If your Home Doesn’t Sell, Mark is Willing to Buy it Himself at a Price Acceptable to You

No Gimmicks!

Call Mark on 072 742 6963 for more info OR

SMS “G15”, Your Name, Email address/address to 072 742 6963


FREE CALL 0800-00-00-08 24HRS, 7 DAYS A WEEK

For a Guaranteed Sale on Your Home. Seller and Mark Brickles must agree on guaranteed price at time of listing

DISTRESS SALES!! Receive a Free list with pics of Below Market Value & other Distress Sale Properties Visit: Or SMS “D15”, Your Name, Email address/ address to 079 174 9961



MARK ANTHONY 021 704 2160 083 482 4250

MARK ANTHONY 021-704 2160 AND 083 482 4250 MARK ANTHONY 2 10X4 15-05-12-1BHFSIK.cdr

Ottery (Close To Ottery Road) R1 095 000

Silvertown (Close To Vangate Mall) R449 000

LARGE 820 m² PLOT. Large 4 beds, bics, en-suite, open plan lounge & dining, large kitchen, family bathroom + shower, massive 11x4 POOL, Approx. 72m² entertainment area, double garage, secure parking for 3 cars, alarm + outside alarm beams. Busy being renovated.

Beautiful 2 beds, laminated floors & tiled, tiled lounge, aluminium window frames thru-out, fully tiled bathroom, stunning fully fitted kitchen, burglar bars +++ Large yard.

Factreton R329 000 (Close To Wingfield Army Base)

(Close To New Hospital & R300 Highway)

Neat 2 bedrooms, tiled lounge, tiled bathroom, kitchen, large yard, burglar bars, enclosed.

Free-Standing, 3 beds, laminated & tiled floors, fitted kitchen, tiled lounge, tiled bath + shower, double tandem garage, fully enclosed front & back. Nice front garden. Close to Salaamudien Mosque.


MARK ANTHONY PROPERTIES View pictures of houses

Mark Anthony3 150512


R359 000

3 beds, tiled lounge, fitted kitchen, bathroom, drive-way, burglar bars, backyard faces Prince George Drive.


R195 000

2 beds, fitted kitchen, tiled bathroom + Garage


R559 000

(House + Separate Entrance)

3 beds, bics, fitted kitchen, tiled lounge, bathroom +++ Large Separate Entrance.


R395 000

Stunning Duplex. You are allowed to build on! Upstairs: 2 bedrooms, carpets, bics, tiled bath & shower. Downstairs: Beautiful fully fitted kitchen, lounge leading to newly built approx. 30m² entertainment room with built in braai, guest toilet, tandem drive-way, very secure complex and safe for children to play. Very modern & Neat. Just Move In.

Eersteriver (House + Granny Flat) Only R419 000

Free-Standing. 2 bedrooms, bics, tiled lounge, fully fitted kitchen + Large approx 40m² Separate Entance + Double carport. Large yard.

Old Belhar

R779 000

(Close to Symphony High School)

Lovely 4 bedrooms or 3 beds + study, laminated floors, fully tiled en-suite, built-in-cupboards, nice tiled lounge + dining room with sliding room leading to large yard with braai, beautiful fully fitted kitchen, separate family bathroom & toilet, drive-thru garage leading to large covered entertainment area, burgar bars, security gates. Very Neat. Just Move In!!!!

CALL ANTHONY ARENDSE 021 704 0289 082 673 1503

R289 000

2 beds, tiled, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, yard totally covered with built braai. Entertainers dream. Right opposite Station.


Wynberg(Close To Wittebome Station) Only R699 000

R489 000


3 beds, fitted kitchen, bathroom, garage. large plot, enclosed.


R379 000

Large Grounds

3 beds, lounge, fitted kitchen, bathroom. Large yard facing Merrydale. Enclosed.

Eersteriver Only R295 000 (Malibu Village)

3 beds, lounge, bathroom, kitchen + Very Large yard. Nice Area.

View more pics @

Crawford R995 000 (Thornton Road)

House + Separate Entrance. 3 beds, lounge, fitted kitchen, bathroom + separate toilet, Garage +++ Separate Entrance. Close To City Park Sportsfield.

ANTHONY ARENDSE 021-704 0289 AND 082 673 1503 MARK ANTHONY 4 10X4 15 05 12

New Woodlands R599 000

Beautiful Double Storey.3 large beds,bics,mes, large entertainment area with jetmaster or possible 2 extra bedrooms,lounge + dining room,fully fitted kitchen,laundry area,family bathroom, secure,enclosed,double tandem garage,very neat.

Eastridge R259 000

Large 3 beds,spacious lounge, bathroom,fitted kitchen,Yard facesand has access to Imperial Road.

Elsies River R270 000

Rocklands (Double Storey/Dual Living) R595 000

Seawinds R329 000

Eastridge (Large Plot,Greenwich Village) R359 000

2 beds, tiled lounge, bathroom, tiled kitchen

Main House:3 beds,bics,lounge + dining,fully fitted kitchen,bathroom, garage + entertainment are with braai. Double Storey:3 beds, lounge,fitted kitchen,corner bath.

3 beds,lounge,kitchen, bathroom,drive-way.

Free-Standing, Large 3 beds, lounge, kitchen,bathroom, long carport.


Page 14 People’s Post Lansdowne Page 14 People’s Post Retreat LIAM MOSES


CT claimed a hard-fought victory over Schotschekloof Walmers (SKW) after a try-filled Super League A match at Groote Schuur on Saturday evening. SKW boasted at least three players who represented Western Province in their starting line-up, but the likes of loose-forward Yaya Hartzenberg and wingers Zahier Ryland and Ghafoer Luckan were unable to see them to victory. The hosts outscored their opponents by six tries to three to win the game 36-28, but the margin of victory could have been far greater had the Ikeys’ goal kickers been on form. UCT dominated the match from virtually the first whistle and they opened the scoring as early as the fourth minute when Nicholas Holten slotted a simple penalty. However, Holten’s kick would be one of only two successful attempts in ten, as composure seemed to desert the flyhalf and his fel-

Tuesday 15 May 2012 Tuesday 15 May 2012

UCT scalp SK Walmers low UCT kickers, fullback Ross Jones-Davies and left wing Paul Cohen. Ikeys squandered 21 points from missed penalties and conversion kicks. The home team scored the first two of their three first half tries through Holten in the seventh minute and Cohen in the 20th, before SKW responded with two converted tries of their own from Ryland and outside centre Winston Williams in the 28th and 35th minutes. This came during a period of dominance from SKW, but UCT had the last say in the first stanza with another try from Cohen. The visitors started the second half on a positive note with a penalty in the first minute, but any hope of resuming their attempt at a fight-back were squashed four minutes later when Jones-Davies crossed the whitewash for UCT’s fourth try.

Just when SKW seemed out of the game, they rallied to score a try through Luckan and two penalties through fullback Adnaan Osman to claim the lead for the first time. However, the lead was short-lived and two tries from UCT outside centre Damian de Allende, in the 66th and 73rd minutes, put the match to bed. In the end SKW’s inconsistent scrums, shaky line-outs, poor decision making and ill discipline were to blame for the loss, and UCT’s ferocity at the breakdown, patience in the attacking third and composure with ball in hand gave them the victory. Zain Daniels, head coach at SKW, said that his side’s failure in several fundamental aspects of the game was the reason for their loss. “Obviously we made simple errors, like tackling errors, very basic stuff. The discipline was bad. On three occasions we were

LANSDOWNE Lockerby Rd STARTING UP OR SLOWING DOWN Semi, 2 beds, bathr, open plan living area, garden, R695 000. LANSDOWNE 3 Bedr, bathr lounge, large kit, + large 2 roomed granny flat with kit & bathr, granny flat can also be part of house, gar, 651m² plot. R850 000 neg. CRAWFORD 3 beds, 2 baths, R1.100.000

Belgravia R590 000

PENLYN ESTATE R1 680 000 negotiable


This stunning Semi can be yours 2 bedroom, Fitted kitchen, Lounge and dining room, Under cover parking for 2 vehicles, Lots of ground and well maintained garden Contact: Brian Curran 083 551 5564/021 801 8500 e-mail:

down to fourteen men. That cost us,” said Daniels. “I just felt that our game wasn’t strong enough, taking it to them. The scrums were steady, the line-outs were steady. Although we lost a vital ball, I really think it was steady. We weren’t really competitive as far the set pieces were concerned, but it was the first time tackling that let us down mainly.” UCT will play False Bay in their next match on Friday evening, while SKW have a far more difficult task in travelling to Stellenbosch to face the Maties tomorrow evening. Daniels added that he was positive of his team’s chances against the Varsity Cup finalists, despite the poor result against UCT. “We cannot do worse than this. It’s always tough in Stellenbosch, you cannot go there to lose. You must hold your head up high and go there to win. “There’s always a chance. Although it’s difficult with the side we got, barring injury, we should be competitive against any team in this league.”


SELLERS!!! Your home SOLD

Large family home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 reception areas, kitchen and dining room, patio with outside braai. Granny flat with 2 beds, 1 bath, lounge and large kitchen. Parking for 4 cars. Property fully secured. Phone 083 295 0875

for the best possible price &



RONDEVLEI PARK R475 000 (Behind Westgate Mall) 4 Beds, MES, lounge, fitted kitchen, garage facade, Entire property renovated MANENBERG R499 000 SHERWOOD PARK Good Value For Money! 5 Good sized bedrooms with parquet flooring, garage, lounge, with fireplace, kit, with sep bathr & toilet, close to mosque & public transport. IN NEED OF TLC ROCKLANDS R285 000. Very neat, 2 Bed, Semi, with carport, kitchen, lounge, family bathroom, fully secured. MONTROSE PARK R250 000 F/standing, 2 Beds, good size plot. BAYVIEW R510 000. Neat, 4 beds, part double storey, fitted kitchen, lounge & diningroom, separate bathroom & toilet BEACON VALLEY R265 000 3 Bedroom maisonette, fully fitt kit, lounge, fam bathr, carport, very close to promenade To view call Ashraf 074 811 6874, 083 216 3037

ATTENTION SELLERS: SIGN A MANDATE WITH US IN THE MONTH OF MAY AND WE WILL PAY FOR YOUR BEETLE, ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING CERTIFICATES (REPAIRS EXCLUDED). T’S & C’S APPLY. 10/05/2012 Sheraton Park – R750 000 4 bed Double storey, bics in all rooms, lam floor, heated panels in all beds,TV room upstairs. FFK. Lounge and D/room combined with jet master, Entertainment area, very neat house +++ Lotus River - R850 000 Neat as a pin. 3 bed with study & large laundry room, well established garden, triple tandem c/port and double tandem gar, fk, sunroom, bics in main, sep toilet & fam bath with shower, tarred driveway, alarm, intercom, remote access. Charles 082 498 4725 /

Everything we touch turns to SOLD


STUNNING, LIGHT & BRIGHT Eye catching 3 bedroom home, 3 bathrooms, spacious kitchen, Garage. This home is a lifestyle investment Call Fathima Mahomed 082 346 0402/021 696 4114

Muizenberg – R485 000 2 bed, gated security complex, fk, combined d/room & lounge, fam bath, +++ Carl 072 235 5917 / email: Grassy Park – R390 000 Modern 2 bed ground floor apartment, ffk, living room & fam bath,parking bay. Ottery- Ferness Estate–R935-000.00 5 Bed with bics m/bed upstairs, ffk, lounge and d/room combined, fireplace, indoor braai area, parking for 6 cars, SEPARATE ENTRANCE: 2 bed, fam bath, lounge and kitchen, with enclosed back yard. Stan 084 308 7816 / email:

Sell through me and I will secure the highest possible price for your home. FREE MARKET VALUATIONS YOUR PROPERTY CONSULTANT

SELLERS!!! Your home SOLD

for the best possible price &


Karen Wilson

Visit our website: for properties for sale

PHONE 021 761 0707 079 808 3877


071 769 9258


Sharon Gerbach PROPERTIES



Neil 084 588 8308

Sharon 083 769 3577


Address: 540 Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne 7780 Tel: (021) 762 8449/ 6888 Fax: (021) 762 5777 E-mail: Website:

Gouda Vacant Farm Land

Lansdowne Pleasant Place(Flat) Ground Floor 2 Beds Secure and enclosed

Ottery Sierra Park – Neat 1st floor 2 Bedrooms

Asking: R50 000 Plot Size: ±4446m² Call Sharon

Asking: R500 000 Flat Size: ±41m² Call Sharon

Steenberg Coniston Park – Muritz Close 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms Fully fitted kitchen with separate scullery Double Garage / Pool

Lansdowne – Kenwyn – Lansdowne Range Road Road Immaculate Older home with Modern home Attached Flatlet 3 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms (Mes) Garage with three Garage with three car carporting car carporting TLC Just move IN

Asking: R750 000 Plot size: 380m² Call Sharon

Asking: R1 550 000 Plot size: 494m² Call Sharon

Asking: R450 000 Flat size: 47m² Call Sharon

Asking: R850 000 Plot size: 651m² Call Adalene

Old Strandfontein – Semi – Steamboat Street 3 Bedrooms Fully fitted kitchen Carporting Spacious ground Asking: R650 000 Plot size: 326m² Call Niell

Rondebosch Park Estate – Loch Road Townhouse 3 Beds Fully fitted kitchen Ideal Lock up and Go Asking: R1 600 000 Plot size: 373m² Call Adalene

Parow Valley – “St Augustine” – Morgan Way Cosy 2/3 Bedrooms Garage Asking: R695 000 Plot size: 300m² Call Adalene Glen Ridge – Retirement / Young & Coast loving Stone throw form the Beach 3 Bedrooms (Mes) – spacious Double garage and breath taking views Overlooking False Bay, Simon Towns naval Base Asking: R1 700 000 Plot size: 434m² Call Sharon

Ottery – Green Way Cosy 3 Bedrooms Fully fitted kitchen Carporting/ Veranda

Ottery – Mayfield Village Modern Secure Freehold Complex 2 Bedrooms Fully fitted kitchen Carport

Asking: R710 000 Plot size: 227m² Call Niell

Asking: R720 000 Plot size: 263m² Call Sharon

Kenwyn – Double Storey 6 Bedrooms (Mes) – spacious Double garaging

Your Consultant for Athlone/Thornton/ Pinelands and Surrounds Call Adalene 082 202 3309

Asking: R1 780 000 Plot size: 520m² Call Sharon

All reasonable Offers will be considered

Your Consultant for Lansdowne/Ottery/ Retreat and Surrounds Call Sharon 083 769 3577 Your Consultant for Ottery/Fairways/ GrassyPark/Retreat and Surrounds Call Neil 084 588 8308 SHARON GERBACH 15-05-12-1BHDQ4A


082 723 1118


073 929 3221


071 952 9226


084 055 3877


072 545 1143



AGENT Adalene 082 202 3309

Ck 2006/006993/23 (Established 1998)



072 095 9876


072 192 1411

AGENTS WANTED TRAINING PROVIDED....WE HAVE BUYERS FOR ALL AREAS. HOT LINE 082 495 8989 Mitchells Plain 021 391 0169/4203 Grassy Park 021 705 8961 - View pics @ R395 000 WESTRIDGE R180 000 GRASSY PARK CASH ONLY R1 300 000 ZEEKOEVLEI Fully Enclosed Alarm VERY NEAT Semi 2 Bedroom Ground floor Flat with Modern 3 Bedroom House with BIC, Attached 3 Bedroom Town House. All Lounge, Kitchen and Bathroom. Main En-suite with Spa Bath, Lounge, Bedrooms with Laminated Flooring, Open MARK 072 545 1143. Dinning Room, Huge F.F.Kitchen, Fire Plan Lounge & Dining Room, Kitchen & R360 000 PORTLANDS Place, Family Bathroom Shower + R320 000 HILLVIEW Family Bathroom, Aluminium Windows + Fully Enclosed Semi attached 3 Bedroom Toilet, Swimming Pool and Dbl 3 Bedroom House, Lounge, Kitchen, Enclosed Carport, In a Quiet Cul-De-Sac. House with Kitchen, Lounge, Family Bathroom Close to Amenities. and Parking for 4 cars. Close to Amenities. Garage on a 1000 Square Meter Plot. Family Bathroom & Parking for 2 Cars. PETER 072 095 9876 MARK 072 545 1143 SHIHAAM 072 192 1411. SHAAMIEL 082 723 1118 R720 000 SHAREDON PARK STEENBERG Fully Enclosed Face brick 2 Bedroom House, Lounge, Dinning Room, Fitted Kitchen, Put in Fire Place. Bath, Shower, Toilet with a Sep-Entrance & Parking for 4-6 Cars. MARK 072 545 1143


R800 000 GRASSY PARK Neat 3 Bedroom House, Lounge, Dining Room, F.Kitchen, Family Bathroom + Sep Toilet, Laminated Flooring, Drive Way Paved and Extra's. MARK 072 545 1143

R450 000 ATHLONE 2 Bedroom House, Lounge, Toilet + Family Bathroom, parking for 1 Car. MARK 072 545 1143

R825 000 ARDLEIGH PARK RETREAT Neat Freestanding Fully Alarmed 3 Bedroom House with Burglar Bars, BIC in all Bedrooms & Main En-Suite, Lounge, Open Plan F.Kitchen, Family Bathroom + Shower, Tiled Throughout + Aluminium Windows. Outside Parking for 4 Cars with Automated Gates + Garage for 1 Car and Neatly Paved all around. MARK 072 545 1143.

R229 ROCKLANDS Fully enclosed Semi attached 3 bedroom house with lounge, kitchen and family bathroom and parking for 4 cars. SHAAMIEL 082 723 1118

R210 000 TAFELSIG Enclosed Corner Semi Attached 3 Bedroom House with a Lounge, Kitchen and Family Bathroom. SHIHAAM 072 192 1411

R240 000 THE HAGUE DELFT Fully Enclosed 2 Bedroom House, Lounge, Family Bathroom, fitted Kitchen, Dining Area, Walk in Closet in Main Bedroom, Built in Cupboards, Spacious Garage, Entertainment Area + 1 Bedroom Incomplete Sep Entrance. FIONA 071 952 9226


R220 000 SANDPIPER MANSIONS GRASSY PARK 1st Floor 2 Bedroom Flat, Open Plan Kitchen, Family Bathroom, Lounge with Tiled Flooring. MARK 072 545 1143.

R649 000 WYNBERG 3 Beds Semi Attached House with Lnge, Kitchen, Family Bath. & Carport for 3 Cars Close to Amenities. DOERRIEYAH 084 055 3877

Semi Attached 2 Bedroom House Situated on a Corner Plot, with Laminated Flooring in Bedrooms and Lounge, Fitted Kitchen & Family Bathroom also with a Car Port, Fully Enclosed. Plus Tool Shed in the Back Yard.

FAZLOODIEN 082 495 8989

R995 000 ZEEKOEVLEI Neat 2 Bedroom House, Lounge, Dining Room, Open Plan Kitchen, 2 Bathrooms, Tiled Throughout, Garden, Pool, Double Garage + Parking for 4 Cars. PETER 072 095 9876

R220 000 HANOVER PARK 3 Beds Maisonette with Lnge, Fitted Kitchen & Family Bath. Whole House with Aluminium windows. SHIHAAM 072 192 1411

R400 000 SEAWINDS 3 Beds House, Lnge, Kitchen, Toilet & Bath, Tilled Floors and Parking for 4 Cars. MARK 072 545 1143

R369 000 VICTORIA MANSIONS GRASSY PARK 2 Beds, Kitchen, Lnge, family Bath, Remote control Complex, Close to all Amenities. MARK 072 545 1143

R280 000 LAVENDER HILL 3 Beds House, Lnge, Kitchen, family Bathroom, parking for 1 car. PETER 072 095 9876

R340 000 ALPINE PARK MITCHELLS PLAIN Freestanding 3 Beds, Lounge, Open Plan Kitchen, Family Bathroom + Sep Toilet, Tiled Throughout the House, Burglar Bars All-round, Carport Parking for 4 Cars, Needs TLC. KASHIFAH 073 929 3221



MUIZENBERG PLOTS X2 ATTENTION SELLERS R320 000 EACH: IN STEENBERG WE 1 Plot 304 Square Meters, the other one 335 Square Meters situated in a 24hr HAVE BUYERS Security Complex which consist of 3 R700 000 SOUTHFORK STRAND R595 000 LAKE VIEW RETREAT A 654 square Meter Service Plot, with an Fully Enclosed Neat 2 Bedroom House with BIC, Pools, Tennis Court and a Gym Area also walking distance to the Beach. Approved Approved Plan for a 60 Square Meter House. Tiled Lounge, F.F.Kitchen, Family Bathroom, plans of 4 different designs of Houses. GREAT POTENTIAL in a Quiet Neighbour Hood. Entertainment Area and Garage for 2 Cars. MARK 072 545 1143 PETER 072 095 9876 MARK 072 545 1143 WESTRIDGE R399 000 Freestanding, 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, family bathroom, carport, fully enclosed and parking for 3 cars. DOERRIEYAH 084 055 3877


Tuesday 15 May 2012

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 15

Born to run LIAM MOSES

FISH HOEK resident Edward Murdoch believes he has walked more than a million kilometres in his life. On Sunday 27 May he will add another 21,1 to his tally when he takes part in the Jive Slave Route Challenge half marathon. Murdoch will compete in the race for the first time this year, and at 79 he will be the oldest competitor in any of the events which form part of the Challenge. The determined Scot, who immigrated to South Africa with his wife in 1997, is a regular road race competitor and has collected close to 100 medals since he started participating in the sport again in his early 40s.Murdoch says the secret to his success in road races, and the reason why he is still able to compete at such an advanced age, are his natural talent, healthy lifestyle and competitive nature. “I haven’t driven a car since I was 21, so therefore I have probably walked over a million miles in my life. I have very strong legs. “I am a determined bloke. I train well, I eat sensibly and when I come into a race and get to the start, I say I’m here, it’s mental, I’m here, that’s where I’ll be.” Before moving to Fish Hoek, Murdoch lived in Plumstead and Wynberg and he says he has always loved South Africa. He currently lives a busy and active life, filling his days with gardening, cooking, bowls, snooker and ballroom dancing, his other favourite sport. In his youth, Murdoch won several major ballroom dancing competitions in Britain and Europe. He no longer competes, but says that regular practice helps him to stay fit and strong. “My other advantage is that I’ve been a ballroom dancer since I was 10 years old, and I was second in the world when I was 30,” says Murdoch. “Over here I use it for the fact that I don’t need to go to a gym because when I’m dancing I’m using every muscle in my body.” Since returning to athletics when he was middle-aged, Murdoch stuck mainly to middle and long distance running, but in his

GRAND MASTER: Edward Murdoch from Fish Hoek will be the oldest competitor in the Jive Slave Route Challenge this year. Photo: Liam Moses youth his event of choice was the 100 metre sprint. Less than two years ago he went back to his childhood sport when he competed in the 100 metre event at the Western Province master athletics championships and finished third in 16,4 seconds. Murdoch admits that he has always struggled to say no to a challenge, so it makes sense that he could not resist entering one of the unique road race challenges in South Africa. “If somebody challenges me to do something, I’ll have a go. But I’m not daft, I won’t go into danger,” says Murdoch. For more information on the Jive Slave Route Challenge or to enter the race visit People’s Post is the event’s media sponsor.

JUST VISITING: Austral­ ian Test rugby referee Steve Walsh visited the Violets Rugby Club at their home ground in Chukker Road, Kenwyn, on Thursday evening. Walsh was in Cape Town to referee the Super Rug­ by game between the Stormers and the Chee­ tahs at Newlands on Sat­ urday. In the picture are Hoosain Karriem (club ex­ ecutive member), Gam­ iem Ajam (head coach), Walsh, Junayd Karriem (1st team captain) and Anwar Davids (club presi­ dent). Photo: Supplied




TRY TIME: Shahied Latief of Caledonian Roses (in maroon and white) darts towards the try line after beating Luciano Anther of Peninsula RFC during a Division Three match at Callies’ home ground in Noll Avenue in Newfields. The hosts won the match 20­10. Photo: Rashied Isaacs


2005 City Golf 1.4i

P/s, A/c, C/l, CD F/loader, mags 138 000 km

C/l, alarm, mags 126 000 km












A/c, C/l, P/s

5-door and 3-door 3 to choose from

2003 Toyota Hilux 3.0 KZTE D/cab

2000 Toyota Millenium Tazz

Full house,

Full house

5 to choose from

188 000 km

212 000 km

Canopy, towbar, Full house 189 000 km

Kyle 076 129 1880

Faick 072 314 8385

Stephen 083 533 4017

Ashleigh 071 922 0463

Shaun 076 305 5440

Jason 079 414 2881


Mags, P/s,

Full house

233 000 km

206 000 km


2003 Nissan Almera



2001 Merc-Benz A190 Manual


1999 Honda Ballade 1.6 Luxury


1998 Golf 3 1.6 GS from






Toyota Yaris




2007 VW Polo 1.4i Trendline 118 000 km




2003 Opel Corsa Lite 1.4


THESE SHOES ARE MADE FOR RUNNING: Rocklands High School teacher Irafaan Abra­ hams, who recently made headlines after raising R100 000 by running the New York Mara­ thon, hands over a pair of running shoes to Shahiem Rogers on Sunday. Rogers, a grade 12 student at Mountview High, was selected as one of the 23 schoolchildren who will be torch bearers at the 2012 Olympics. Abrahams decided to sponsor Rogers with the shoes and some athletic wear after he found out that the youngster was struggling to raise funds for the trip. Photo: Rashied Isaacs






1997 Honda Civic 1.6i

1998 Audi Quattro Station Wagon

F/loader, A/c, P/s, CD, 17” mags 305 000 km

Full house

Latest Payslip + 3 months bank statement, copy of ID, proof of address needed. No Driver’s License needed. Blacklisted welcome. Government employees - special deals apply

260 000 km

021 820 4981/ 021 836 7866 fax 086 239 4632

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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Plum job for Manenberg coach LIAM MOSES

A MANENBERG rugby coach has the opportunity to work at the premier level of youth rugby in South Africa. Saaid Blake was appointed as an assistant coach for the 2012 Western Province Craven Week team, after 12 years of involvement with the Western Province Rugby Football Union. Blake, who is currently the head coach at Manenberg-based club MIT Rangers, says that the appointment is the culmination of decades of behind-the-scenes work on rugby fields around Cape Town. “I’ve coached at the MIT Rangers club now for the last 20 to 22 years. It’s been a roller coaster ride. “I started coaching juniors and after that, three years ago, I was appointed head coach of the club. They were promoted for three years now.” Blake added that he was selected because of the performances of sides under his guidance in other tournaments in recent years. “I was head coach of the Academy Week team last year and we were the only unbeaten high school provincial team that won the national week. There was a sorting process where they appointed coaches and assistant coaches and I was one of

the lucky ones.” During his long-running coaching career Blake has worked with some of the brightest young talents to come out of the Western Province set-up. In recent years, the likes of former Western Province centres Johan Sadie and Stephen Dipenaar, Springbok scrumhalf Francois Hougard and precociously talented young loose forwards Nick Koster, Nizaam Carr and Yaya Hartzenberg have all been under the guidance of this Manenberg mentor. Blake (41) is keen to share his success with the people of Manenberg and hopes that it will help to change the negative stigma attached to the area. “It means a lot for my coaching career and especially the rugby community of Manenberg. “Sometimes people think that Manenberg only has bad people, but there is also a lot of good coming from Manenberg. I use my coaching as a tool to get rid of crime, especially with the youth. I’m trying to help them by using my coaching skills.” Blake has been tasked with whipping the forwards of the Craven Week team into shape, but says that he is equally comfortable working with the backs. The tournament kicks off on Monday 9 July at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth.

IN CHARGE: Saaid Blake trains one of the MIT Rangers’ junior teams at Primrose Park.

Photo: Liam Moses

Interest & Service charges are included in these monthly instalments


JUSTIN 076 315 9715


5 99 9 R8

5 99 9 R6




2004 AUDI ALLROAD 2.5 TDI DEP: R48 000 & R1708X36 TOTAL: R109 488

2006 NISSAN TIDA 1.6 DEP: R36 000 & R1423X36 TOTAL: R87 228

5 99 9 R5

5 99 9 R5 1997 TOYOTA RAV 4 DEP: R28 000 & R1352X36 TOTAL: R76 672

2000 OPEL CORSA GSI DEP: R21 500 & R1084X36 TOTAL: R60 524

1999 VW CITI GOLF 1.3 DEP: R15 800 & R895X30 TOTAL: R42 650


1999 NISSAN SANI 2.4I DEP: R25 500 & R1263X36 TOTAL: R70 968

5 99 4 R13

2004 FORD FIESTA 1.4 3DR DEP: R31 000 & R1423X36 TOTAL: R82 228

1995 VW ?BUS 2.6I DEP: R40 000 & R1459X36 TOTAL: R92 524

5 99 9 R7

A/T, P/S, A/C, E/W


2008 NISSAN NP200 1.6 DEP: R43 000 & R1530X36 TOTAL: R98 080

5 99 4 R7


5 99 4 R6


2004 FORD RANGER 1800 R59 995 DEP: R28 000 & R1352X36 TOTAL: R76 672

5 99 4 R5


5 99 9 R7



5 99 4 R3

5 99 5 R4


2003 VW CARAVELLE T4 1.9 TDI DEP: R70 000 & R2528X36 TOTAL: R161 008

2005 FORD FOCUS 1.6I R79 995 DEP: R43 000 & R1530X36 TOTAL: R98 080

OPEN EVERY SUNDAY 10:30am - 2:00pm


MARIO 071 471 5249


W W W. V E L O C I T Y C A R S . C O . Z A

R99 995

R89 995



RAZA 071 471 5311

ZAID 071 471 5302


071 471 5259


R99 995 R129 995 R99 995




2012 MAYHOYA 2.4 16S

2006 BMW 120D



R189 995 R269 995 R89 995


Tel: 021 696 9292 Fax: 021 696 9677


KHAYA ZAKI 071 471 5354 071 471 5359

R94 995 R129 995


2007 VW GOLF 5 1.6

Instalments and terms and conditions apply Proof of identity & income

Tel: 021 447 5974/ 0562 Fax: 086 556 1264

R79 995 R169 995 R74 995 R124 995


All cars are sold with a 30 day warranty on engine & gearbox

No licence required


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3 months bank statements

Peoples Post Lansdowne 15 May 2012  

Peoples Post Lansdowne 15 May 2012

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