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Harsh lessons in a tough life


THEIR bags should hold packed lunches, pens and school books but at Crystal High in Hanover Park, it’s a place to store knives, screwdrivers and dagga. While teachers watched, police officers last week rummaged through the students’ backpacks, confiscating drugs and weapons. Principal Dino Abrahams was not surprised at the police’s discovery. He removes two large boxes filled with knives, meat cleavers, knuckle dusters and toy guns from the school safe. “This is nothing new – this is reality,” he says, exasperated. The excuses for being in possession of the contraband ranges from needing it for protection, coincidentally picking it up on their way to class, and the age-old one of keeping it for someone else. With sporadic police raids and a Metro Police officer keeping an eagle eye on pupils around the clock, teachers still have to double as security guards while maximising teaching time. Abrahams chats to children as he walks through the hallways, decorated with posters promoting core values such as accountability and respect. There is no condescending tone when he addresses the pupils, encouraging them to chat and crack jokes with him. “The cards are unfortunately stacked against them, so we try to teach them the importance of making the right decisions,” he says. “All we can do is give them the tools they need to make the right choices. After that, their futures are in their own hands.” But the reality they have in the safety of their desks and what they

UNDER FIRE: This Grade 10 class was one of three random classrooms raided by police last week. face when they step out of the school gates is world’s apart, youth development worker Jaynap Rogers says. She is the mother of two sons; one holds a steady job as a bank teller while the other is in jail for gun possession. “The facts speak for themselves. Most of the people who are forced to live here chose the wrong path,” she says. Rogers points out a group of children sitting at an overgrown park. “They should be in school, get-

ting an education. Where are their parents? Where are the neighbours of yesteryear that would chase them to the gates, threatening to give them a hiding if they bunk again?” she asks. “Hanover Park is like a cowboy town; everyone does whatever they like. What we need are mothers who take an interest in their children and fathers who instil discipline. The building blocks should be laid at home, not at school.” Ridwaan Volkwyn is grateful for the firm foundation his single mother laid for him more than 20


years ago. He walked through the graffiticovered hallways and sat in a desk covered in gang markings, flanked by children who attended class because “there was nothing better to do”. “There were very few of us who dreamt of getting out of Hanover Park,” he says. “That was a luxury for people who lived in the areas with cars in the driveway and trees in the front yard.” But every night he would sit in the lounge of their council home and study until the point of exhaus-

tion. “Before I went to sleep, I would lay and think about where I saw myself in 10 years – in front of the chalkboard, teaching children science and the importance of dreaming big.” He graduated in the early 1990s at the top of his class and studied teaching on a student loan. “The day I graduated was fantastic, but the day I stood in front of my first classroom was indescribable. I had come a long way from wearing school shoes with holes in the soles. I had achieved my goal.” Today Volkwyn is a deputy principal at a school in the Eastern Cape, an achievement which has made his elderly mother exceptionally proud. “When I visit home, I sometimes bump into former classmates. It saddens me to see how down and out some of them are. But I believe we are all dealt a hand which we have to work with, and those who want to turn things around will do that one day. I am just one of a handful who can attest to that.” Community worker Estelle Blaauw says a lack of upstanding role models make youngsters think that a life of crime is the only way out of poverty. “Look around you: the only people living in luxury here are the gangsters and the merchants,” she says, nodding towards a known drug dealer’s house. “Children mull around his gates after school. Even a nod of acknowledgement from scum like him make them feel important.” The success stories of people moving out of the littered streets are few and far between, Blaauw insists. “It’s sad but it’s reality. These same children playing in the streets will one day be the ones selling tik from the corners. We as parents are the problem. We need our children to realise the importance of education – it will eventually be their only ticket out of here.”

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PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013

History explored CHILDREN were treated to an interesting trip through the country’s history when various branches of the Young Men’s Christian Association gathered youngsters from impoverished areas for an all expenses paid trip to the South African and District Six museums on Freedom Day. Over 400 excited children from areas such as Athlone, Mitchell’s Plain and Hanover Park were enthralled by the interesting stories and pieces of history on display. People’s Post’s Luzuko Zini captured the moment.

AMAZING: The South African Museum captured the youngsters’ imaginations and provided an in-depth history lesson on mankind.

GAINING KNOWLEDGE: KNOWLEDGE: The children read one of the informative plaques, later proudly boasting about the interesting facts they had learnt.

INTERESTING: Amazing artefacts from centuries ago had practically everyINTERESTING: one interested in a career in archaeology.

NO ST STONE ONE UNTURNED: The young participants soaked up all the information, eager to relay it to their friends who couldn’t attend.

THIS WAY: The Cape Town CBD was filled with young people on their best behaviour who couldn’t wait to see what the Slave Lodge had to offer.

SOAKING SOAKING IN THE BEA BEAUTY: UTY: The Company Gardens was one of the numerous landmarks the youngsters visited in their trip to the heart of Cape Town

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Family stranded after eviction


A MANENBERG family has been left homeless after being evicted from their Gail Court flat. Amsa Daniels and her husband Samodien Stemmets were kicked out last week, forcing them to squat with friends. An emotional Daniels says they heard a knock at the door last Thursday morning. “A council official was standing on my doorstep and told me to pack my things and move because we were living there unlawfully,” the mother of two says. “Law Enforcement waited outside for me to pack my stuff and leave. As I was removing my things, there were other people moving into my home.” The family had been living in the flat for seven years after Daniels’ sister, who was the legal tenant, purchased and moved into her own house. “When she left the flat we went to the council and told them that we were the ones who are living there now. We told the officials that we would continue paying the rent. They told me everything was in order,” she says. But in 2008 they started getting eviction letters. Proudly Manenberg chairperson Mario Wanza says the organisation has been communicating with council to be lenient with the family after a court order was obtained, approving the eviction. “We wrote to the City in July last year when the court order was issued and asked them not to proceed with the eviction. We gave them a number of reasons for this, such as her willingness to continue with the rent payments,” he says. Tandeka Gqada, the Mayoral Committee member for Human Settlements, confirms that Davids has been living at the house unlawfully. “They moved in after the cut-off date as set out in the City’s policy on Unlawful Occupation. The cut-off date to be considered for regularisation was 1 March 2006 and Davids and her family moved in a year later. This meant that she did not qualify,”she says. Wanza says it is the government’s responsibility to provide houses and not take away the roof over residents’ heads. “What the City is doing is illegal. Where do they expect the people to go? They just show up and start evicting people,” he says. Daniels says ever since her eviction her health has deteriorated. “I have a heart problem and have been in and out of hospital since I was kicked out. I don’t have anywhere to go – that house was

Show you CARE THE Civic Association of Rondebosch East (CARE) will host their annual general meeting at the Vera School in Anglesey Road,

NOWHERE TO GO: An emotional Asma Daniels and her husband Samodien Stemmets deep in discussion with Mario Wanza to establish a way forward after their eviction. PHOTO: LUZUKO ZINI the only home I knew,” she says. Gqada says Davids and her family were notified of their pending eviction. “On 4 May 2012, Davids appeared in court with her legal representative asking for a three month extension in order to secure alternative accommodation for herself and her family. This was duly granted. It was further confirmed that this extension would become an order of the court. She was fully informed by her legal representative that should she fail to vacate as agreed, she would be evicted.”


SUNDAY, 12 MAY 2013

Rondebosch East tonight (Tuesday 7 May) at 19:00. All residents are welcome to attend. For more information contact Merle on 0 078 517 9483 or 0 (021) 696 6352 or Christopher on 0 074 631 9151.


Be on the alert THIS WEEK marks the United Nations Global Road Safety Week. NGO Child Safe, based at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, along with the City of Cape Town’s Traffic Department will join other organisations around the world to take action during this period, which runs from 6 to 10 May. The campaign is dedicated to pedestrian safety and aims to draw attention to the urgent need to protect them. This year the goal is to save five million lives globally. Every year 1.3 million people are killed on roads across the globe. Worldwide, road fatalities are overtaking the number of TB and malariarelated deaths. In 20 years more people will die on the roads than of HIV/Aids. V For more information phone Child Safe on 0 021 685 5208.

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PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bye-bye holidays?


OUTH AFRICANS face the possibility of having fewer mid-week breaks and long weekends. A government task team has reportedly been set up to investigate a possible reduction in the number of public holidays. This is after some religious groups said the South African calendar was discriminating against them. Some of the holidays that could be scrapped include Day of Reconciliation, Day of Goodwill and Family Day. People’s Post polled readers for their thoughts on the possibility of having fewer public holidays.

YENTL KOHLER KOHLER says every holiday is significant. “It is not just a random day off. We live in a diverse country with different cultures. It will be good if other cultures and religious holidays are also embraced.”

TASMEED ABR ABRAHAMS AHAMS agrees that more holidays should be added to honour other religious groups. “No holiday should be scrapped, but every religious holidays should be celebrated as we have more than one religion in our country.”

WAYDON WEBER says religious holidays are important. “No public holiday should be scrapped because they are all significant. Instead, they can add more holidays to accommodate other religious groups.”

ZANDILE MA MAQHO QHOSHA SHA says public holidays bring people from different backgrounds together. “Every holiday has a meaning attached to it and more holidays should be added to accommodate other religions instead of scrapping a few.”

LINSDAY C CAMER AMERON-DOW ON-DOW says all religions should be taken into account due to our cultural diversity. “All religions are important and every religion should benefit from the holiday. They shouldn’t reduce the holidays, but they can add more.”

NICK OLIVIER says the issue is a controversial one and many people will disagree. “There are a few holidays I think should be reconsidered. But those days also have history attached to them and if I name them I might upset a few people.”

JADE JJANSEN ANSEN says more holidays should be added. “It is only fair that other religious celebrations be recognised as holidays. But none of the existing holidays should be taken away as they have a history that comes with them.”

Habana wings it for FoodBank

BEST known for his feats on the international rugby stage, Springbok Bryan Habana is putting his weight behind FoodBank South Africa. The winger is the patron of the organisation, it was announced at the recent launch of the NPO’s new warehouse in Epping. Habana, who has already been awarded SA Rugby Player of the Year three times, says the opportunity to work with FoodBank SA, as well as the thousands of other charities the NPO supports, was too big an opportunity to turn down. “I am honoured to lend my support to FoodBank SA in its fight against food insecurity in South Africa.” FoodBank SA was established in 2009 through the merger of a number of hunger relief schemes. Their Food Rescue Programme rescues thousands of tonnes of food each year, which would otherwise end up in landfill sites. Supported by most lead-

ing local food suppliers, FoodBank SA supplies food to more than 1000 non-profit and community-based organisations nationally. Recipients include crèches, educare centres, old age homes and residential care facilities. FoodBank SA board member Crispin Sonn says one of the biggest challenges for the NPO is awareness and getting more and more South Africans to understand and to become aware of the extent of hunger and wastage of food in the country. “The announcement of Bryan Habana becoming an ambassador for FoodBank SA is magnificent in helping to raise awareness of what FoodBank SA does and, more importantly, profile the issue of hunger and the ability of all South Africans to contribute to solving it,” Sonn says.

PATRON: Springbok rugby player Bryan Habana chats with FoodBank SA staff.

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Watchdogs on patrol TAMMY PETERSEN

“There is not half as much ‘working girls’ and skollies walking around as there was a FOUR-FOOTED crime patrollers have tak- year ago. Had I not had two screaming toddlers, I would have joined them on this cruen to the streets of Lansdowne. A trio of dogs are now walking the beat sade.” Pensioner Yusuf Dreyer with the Wetlands Neighhas nothing but praise for bourhood Watch to step up the group that is “slowly the service the volunteers turning [his] hometown provide. around”. The pack of German Shep“Things are moving in the herds, led by a sturdy pooch right direction,” he says. “It named Hunter, is currently makes me so happy to see on training and should offithis area starting to look cially be on duty later this like the dignified suburb it year. was 20 years ago.” Saawmiet Moos, the Moos encourages anyone spokesperson of the group of interested in joining their crime-fighting locals, says ranks to step up. while the dogs are still in “There is still a long way training, they are joining the patrols to get a feel of the ar- ON GUARD: Hunter is the leader to go but things are looking ea and get used to the vari- of the pack. PHOTO: FACEBOOK good. However, should we have more committed memous watch members. “Once they have completed the course, bers, we can make an even bigger difference.” The 36 members are also appealing to busithey will be as diligent as trained dogs used nesses for sponsorship of equipment such as by security companies,” he explains. “Our members have purchased these torches and winter jackets. To assist, email dogs and are also paying for the training out of their own pockets.” With its keen sense of smell, this breed is able to identify strangers or intruders from a distance away. Moos says the new members should go a long way in making an even bigger influence on safety in the suburb. Captain Allen Manuel, the operations manager for Lansdowne police, says he has the world of respect for the watch, which comprises of young men aged between 20 and 30. “They have made a real dent in the crime rate in this area,” he says. “In comparison to last year’s statistics, burglaries, robberies and theft from cars has decreased significantly thanks to their additional visibility.” The prostitution scourge has also plummeted since the watch took to the streets, he says. “Hopefully, people from neighbouring areas will follow their lead and do their bit in the fight against crime.” It has been just over a year since the group’s inception and residents have nothing but praise for the watch’s performance. Tricia Samuels has been living in Lansdowne for seven years and says she has never felt safer. “You can see the little changes in these streets,” she says.

SAY AAH: The Islamic Council of South Africa recently provided free medical and dental checkups for the Hanover Park and Mountview communities at the Masjidul Mansoor Mosque. A team of four doctors and two dentist assisted health-conscious locals on the day.PHOTO: SUPPLIED


PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Congestion as strike drags on


mass action more than two weeks ago. “My staff have indicated there has been an IT IS 18 days into the national bus strike and increase of between 25% and 30% traffic on the train and main routes remain persistent- the main routes of the R27, the N1 and N2,” Bosman says. ly congested. About 200 000 Golden Arrow commuters No consensus has yet been reached between bus drivers and their employers, and are being affected by the strike. Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott says there is no end in sight to the strike. Richard Bosman, the City of Cape Town’s the rail service transports about 16 000 addihead of Safety and Security, says traffic con- tional commuters daily. All 47 MyCiTi buses, which stopped rungestion has increased since the start of the ning last Friday, remain stationary. Gary Wilson, the secretarygeneral of the South African Road Passenger Bargaining Council, said a new proposal had been conveyed to all the relevant parties. He would not elaborate on the content. But Satawu spokesperson Vincent Masoga said the proposition had been rejected and the strike would continue. Barry Gie, from the Commuters Bus Employers’ Organisation and the spokesperson of the employers, said they are concerned about the impact the strike is having and is aiming to resolve the matter speedily. “We cannot offer the douNO INCREASE: Taxi driver Anele Mpalala says taxi drivers have not particularly benefited from the bus strike. PHOTO: LERATO MADUNA ble-figure increase,” he said.





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IN A JAM: Traffic on the Mother City’s main routes has been even more congested than usual, officials say. PHOTO: LEANNE STANDER Anele Mpalala, a taxi driver with a route between Philippi and Cape Town, said he is not really benefiting from the strike. “I am not transporting more people. It’s basically just one more trip for each driver. The bus commuters are opting to use the train.” Since the start of the strike, some businesses have indicated they had not yet been hit hard by it. Fred Jacobs, the president of the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said a survey had found that eight of the 15

members polled said they had not been overly adversely affected by the action. The members were also questioned about their workers’ attendance. “Two of the 15 said they were not affected, while the remainder indicated their workers do arrive late. The employers have been organising transport for their staff.” They were also asked about staff productivity. “Eight companies said they had to ask their employees to work over weekends and extra hours. In some cases, management collected their workers themselves.”

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Cash clashes


RADIO 786 claims it narrowly missed being swindled of almost R2m by a former board member. According to Ali Chicktay, an executive committee member of Radio 786, Mogammad de Vries, the former chairperson of the Islamic Unity Convention (IUC) – under which the committee falls – was replaced after a vote of no confidence in September 2011. Chicktay says that in early January this year, De Vries sent a letter to the investment company holding a beneficiary account for Radio 786, “pretending that he was still the chairperson of the IUC”. Chicktay declined to name the investment company for fear of “causing negative publicity”. The radio station has an investment account, from which it can transfer funds into a current account, or beneficiary account, belonging to Radio 786. The letter, which Chicktay says was on an “IUC letterhead, (with) changed address and telephone numbers on it”, requested that De Vries and an associate be named the new signatories, and “changed the beneficiary account, which was always the Radio 786 account” from the station’s current account, Chicktay says. The committee discovered the changes about three weeks ago when they contacted the investment company to obtain a report, he says. “At that point the company informed us the current signatories to the Radio 786 investment account were no longer signatories to the account on the basis that De Vries had written to them in early January that the signatories and beneficiary bank account must be changed,” Chicktay says. “Fortunately, no monies were withdrawn or transferred from the investment account. The account has, however, been frozen by the investment company.”

De Vries, however, counters that the accusations “are all lies”. He says he still held the position of chairperson in January, as the September meeting had been unconstitutional and the vote had taken place in his absence. However, according to Chicktay, complete protocol was followed and an officer of the court presided over the meeting. “I was mandated to do it by the committee, and the mandate and resolution were given to the bank,” say De Vries. Chicktay responded, saying: “What committee? He was booted out in 2011 (and) has done no work for the IUC since.” While the matter is being attended to, the station’s investment account has been frozen, leaving Radio 786 to tighten their belts. The investment account is kept in reserve for future development and for unexpected costs, such as legal fees. The station’s current account, the original beneficiary account, is still operational and is used to pay salaries and day-to-day expenses. “We managed to pay salaries at the end of April, but it wasn’t easy,” Chicktay says. Radio 786 is mired in a costly legal battle about an Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) complaint hearing involving the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and the IUC. “This situation can have dire consequences for our cash flow and meeting our monthly expenses, including staff salaries and contributions to their provident funds. Funds will also be required for the continuation of the Icasa hearing coming up shortly as well as some capital expenditure we were intending to make.” Chicktay says no criminal charges will be pressed. “Because this situation arose as a result of an internal dispute and no money has been lost, our only intention currently would be to regain control of the investment account.”


GETTING GETTING IT RIGHT: Boebie Cassiem from Sports Stepping Stones ensures that everything goes according to plan. PHOTOS: LUZUKO ZINI

PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013

In pe peak ak condition

EASTER Peak Primary in Manenberg has been given a bright blue facelift. A local NGO stepped in and treated the fading building to a fresh coat of paint. Sports Stepping Stones, an organisation based in Sherwood Park, donned their overalls and got down to the colour-coded job at hand. The organisation hosts sports coaching clinics in various communities but some of its members spent their Workers’ Day giving the school a new look as part of the Balls to Poverty programme, which aims to improve facilities in needy areas. These facilities include schools, orphanages and old age homes. The paint was donated by People’s Helping Project Building Supplies in Philippi East.

FRESH COAT: One of the energetic volunteers pays attention to detail, fully FRESH focused on giving the project a professional look.

ROLLING ALONG: ALONG: Fatiemah Albertus played her part in giving Easter Peak Primary a new lease on life.

IMPRES IMPRESSIVE: SIVE: Ruwaydah Davids focuses on the finishing touches after a long day of hard work.

Learn all the right moves DO YOU have two left feet? Couples are invited to attend dance classes for beginners at the Lansdowne Methodist Church hall

from the first Monday in June from 19:00 till 21:00. The monthly fee is R60. Phone Rae on 0 072 229 8518.


PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Green day Hundreds of people walked through the streets of Cape Town on Saturday as part of the Global Cannabis March, rallying for the legalisation of dagga. Protesters seek to claim equal rights to adult users of alcohol and tobacco so they may produce, consume and trade with marijuana without fear of criminal prosecution. PHOTO: LULAMA ZENZILE/PHOTO24


Brakes pulled on drag racing


A BELGRAVIA business owner is putting his hand in his own pocket to resolve the illegal drag racing which has been revving locals’ engines for years. Abdullah Gangraker, the owner of the Wembley Group, has met with the City of Cape Town to find resolutions to the late night racing in First and Second Avenues as well as Denchworth Road. Gangraker says he is awaiting a quote from council officials indicating how much the erection of speed bumps will cost after attempts to stop the joyrides have to date been unsuccessful. The action has tyred-out residents breath-

ing a sigh of relief. An elderly woman, who asks not to be named, says weekends are a nightmare in First Avenue. “The racing causes my windows to vibrate,” the pensioner says. She is too scared to chase the groups of spectators away as there are too many of them, she explains. “They come here to buy food then the drivers race to show off to their friends. They play loud music and some even smoke drugs outside my house.” Richard Bosman, the City’s head for safety and security, says numerous illegal street racing operations have been conducted by the Traffic Services’ Ghost Squad as well as

other units to address the situation throughout the Athlone area. “This has resulted in a number of arrests for reckless or negligent driving,” he says. Another resident says he barely has any shut-eye over weekends as the dragsters wreak havoc on the already busy road. “Every weekend I go to bed at about 04:00 because of the racket. We as the community have had enough. The City of Cape Town has not done anything about this,” he says. While officers do sometimes stop by to monitor the area, the action continues as soon as the blue lights disappear. “This has been going on for five years. Our cries have fallen on deaf ears. We are ratepayers and we need to be respected.”

However Brett Herron, the Mayoral Committee member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater, says installing traffic calming measures will not prevent the problem. “Physical traffic calming measures are not recommended as a solution because of the transient nature of such racing. Installing measures on one or a group of roads will not prevent it, but simply displace it to other roads in the vicinity,” he says. Traffic calming measures also don’t come cheap. “Speed humps costs vary between R20 000 to R30 000 each; raised pedestrian crossings range from R25 000 upward. Traffic signals cost about R500 000 per intersection, depending on the size of the intersection,” Herron explains.


PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Act decisively

AS WINTER approaches, some ugly and discomfiting certainties remain. Year in and year out, Cape Town shacklands are flooded, stormwater drains overflow – often with raw human waste – and fires in informal settlements claim innocent lives. These are the realities for those people living in poverty on the Cape Flats and in backyards of parents, siblings and landlords. Electioneering promises at the inception of the birth of this country’s democracy have failed persistently to produce those “houses for all”. It should be borne in mind that there is no quick fix to addressing the incredible housing backlog, coupled with population expansion and a flux of citizens relocating from rural areas in search of work, as well as foreigners seeking a safe harbour. But perhaps houses for all alone is not the answer. At least, in the case of curbing fires. In many informal settlements there is simply no way for vehicles of fire fighters to get close enough to a blaze. The dwellings are built close to each other and there are no real roads. The battle could be fought – even won – on the part of residents and government through education. Each year, too many people are left homeless after a blaze which started in one dwelling spreads like a proverbial wildfire to neighbouring shacks. The tally of lives lost is heartbreaking. What few possessions some people own are quickly burnt to cinders. At the weekend a pregnant woman and her daughter (2) died in a fire in Vrygrond. The blaze was reportedly caused when a candle lit bedding after falling over. The time has come for those individuals, private companies and government departments with the will to source safer options for burning candles, cooking and heating in informal settlements to step up to the plate. One death is one too many. In a country that has been at the forefront of innovation and intelligent concepts, it would hardly take a few sharp minds to produce safety mechanisms that would astound in its simplicity.

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I WOULD like to bring some understanding to the system of law and justice many of us uphold. Firstly, the word “justice” comes from the word “just”, “to be fair”. What we have is a system based on “revenge and punishment” upheld through attack. If you don’t do as we say we take revenge, and punish, either through taking your freedom or taking your money. All mystical teachers including Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed taught the law of God is the only true law. Do unto others as you would have done to you, love thy God, because each of us carries the essence of God within us. We are, each and everyone, a child of the Great Spirit. So all attack is an attack on God. When we judge another we do so from ignorance of who we are. When we take revenge, we attack God. The Great Spirit has placed justice in creation – what you sow you reap, eye for an eye, the laws of karma. It’s not for us to judge or take revenge as this is perfectly in place already, it is only for us to correct our mistakes through understanding. By revenge, attack and punishment we create “hell”. So the system of law and justice we have is in opposition to the will of God. Therefore it is “evil”. And as long as we keep systems like this in place we are “doomed” to remain

in a state of “hell”. We are born to be free, and have free will, and this very thing that gives us the opportunity to become enlightened is forcefully taken away by a corrupt system that seeks only separation and power for itself. All those who uphold it, though in ignorance, are in fact in with the “devil”, so to speak. It is through forgiveness, born of understanding, that all is healed and the heart opens and the grace of God is felt through the presence of love, peace and oneness with every living being in the entire universe, and far beyond our death it sustains. We are in a truly transformational time so it is now we can make changes to our lives by taking off those veils we set upon our eyes and seeing what serves us and what does not and making choices based on our free will, a mighty power given by God, to bring about a mighty change to our lives, our world and the future lives of our children. It is a selfish man, an ignorant man, an evil man who seeks only money and power for himself and cares nothing for tomorrow and tomorrow’s children and tomorrow’s world. Build temples where once you threw rubbish, that the Great Spirit may use that rubbish and turn it into an altar for you to bring your prayers to. Martyn Taylor

Will this province remain attractive? BESIDES Table Mountain and the sea, the Mother City has enticed many non-Capetonians to its bosom. My interaction with colleagues born and bred in Gauteng and the other provinces have often (resulted in them expressing) their desire to be relocated to Cape Town. The sporting fraternity has been no exception, with the Stormers’ acquisitions of Springbok rugby players winger Bryan Habana and Elton Plaatjies from Gauteng and the Free State respectively. Cricket enthusiasts will be enthralled to learn that World No 1 Test and one-day batsman Hashim Amla has been lured by the Cape Cobras, and the offing of the Newlands spectators and his thousands of Capetonian fans. Our gain is KwaZulu Natal’s loss, since Amla will be purchasing a home in Cape

Town for his young family. This province is by far one of the best-run city’s in South Africa, and the record books bear testimony to same. The DA-led provincial government has made great strides in respect of its blue blitz campaigns in the townships, and with the 2014 local elections hopes to capture 30% of the national vote. The Know your DA campaign depicting Mandela and DA founder Helen Suzman has resulted in a sour grapes attitude from the ANC. The election battle by the ANC to gain control and the DA to retain Cape Town will be the most fiercely contested. Depending on the results at the polls, the burning question is: Will the Mother City retain its attractive influence after the 2014 elections? Mark Kleinschmidt

. Please, Christians in Christ, let us fast and pray about these evil spirits deceiving our people in the Western Cape. Let our Lord God’s full fury fall upon the wicked men who roam our province. . There are so many gangster killings in Coloured communities. Why don’t they get an army truck to pick the gangsters up, give them guns and they can go shoot there – instead of killing in their communities? There’s good, decent family men in the army who can come home to their families. . My thoughts on Facebook: A lot of bad (things are) happening. Married men are cheating. My relationship of 20 years ended because of (social media). . South Africa should be changed. To strike will cripple our country. Concerned citizen . To the idiot who wants the country to be progressive and legalise marijuana: Have you seen what happens to users? Believe me, they certainly don’t progress in life. I know. I have a son who has messed up his life, his career and marriage because of dagga! Carole

What a dirty business I WRITE this as an unhappy ratepayer and citizen. I feel council is failing us and those that contribute towards our area. It’s for months or maybe more like years now that the “trolley brigade” has roamed our streets and leave the bins in a mess, making our area look like a dump. It will help if people place their bins outside on the day of collection only. This trolley brigade is also an opportunity for crime as these collectors often have no alternative but to steal to survive. Pity, but it’s reality. I feel council must control this as we pay to live in a safe and clean environment. I trust I am only one of thousands that feel enough is enough. Please do something. Charm Wagner


PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013


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CHEAPEST in Cape Town! Free delivery within 10km ra­ dius. Call Donna: 084 804 6582 Wendy Houses SPECIALS 6 x 3m, R6 000 cash. 082 621 4441/ 021 393 5475


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DECKSTER'S CATERING DECOR / HIRING Menu's from R110,00. Includes: crockery, cutlery, white tableclothes, white chaircovers and organza backdrop, arch, red carpet. (Ielaahm or Rene 021­371 4507/082 324 9486 ICE CUBES & blocks for sale. 100 Ruth Road, Rylands. ( 021 638 7394


Savoury packs to order. Tel: 021­706 2987


Children’s Entertainment AHMED'S jumping castles for hire. 072 344 6977 HIRE A CASTLE from R150. Kidies Chairs, tables & linen. Ph 696 3791/ 084 209 1313 JUMP 4 JOY castle hire. ( Ricky on 073 268 7546


sms WENDY to 41911 and we’ll call you back. R1.50/sms


CARPORTS / VIBE WALLS + WALL NUTEC HOUSES / TOILET + ELECTRICITY MITCHELLS PLAIN 021 397 8388 / 078 536 2678 WYNBERG - 021 761 1289 / 074 732 2216 ATHLONE - 021 696 4183 / 072 144 4639 LANSDOWNE - 021 797 6569 / 079 553 3155

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74 Electrical Appliances

All Fridge Regassing and geyser repairs. 021 3715362 Fridge Regassing on all types fridges. All jobs done at clients home. 072 363 1530



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Backdrop poles, chair covers, table cloths,organza tie­backs overlays, vases, mirrors, charger plates, red carpet for as little as R80 or R150 for 2! 021 637 0133/083 453 9021 HOUSE OF HIRING Call us for your hiring needs plus kids party items. (021 3711 588/082 503 9026


Crockery, cutlery, glassware & linen@ 10c per item. Ph 021 371 7229 / 072 443 6695

A CASH LOAN UP TO R100 000 Blacklisted welcome. 10 min phone approval. Same day payout. Ph

Christian programmes, no monthly fee. Ruth 084 847 0362

General Services

Garden Services FREE WATER. Wellpoints / mini boreholes. No water, no charge. Improve your existing wellpoint. ( 021 637 5677 or 021 701 4522 / 072 825 9586 GARDENING We cut lawns, weed flowerbeds, plot clearing refuse removal, tree felling, irrigation. 7 days a week. Ph 073 492 3255 / 021­694 4707


Building and Construction A BARGAIN FOR ALL SAND, STONE, RUBBLE. 3­6 METRE. PH: 073 113 4221 OR 021­ 824 8993 OR 083 273 6083


Home Improvement Interior

GARAGE DOORS & automation. 076 523 0306

Clothing/Shoes A A+ CASH PRICE PAID for good used 2nd hand clothing, shoes, linen, etc. 021 761 3083 or 084 9733 899


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strangling you?

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I have tenants for the following areas, Ottery, Lansdowne, Wetton, Athlone, Contact Riyard on 083 420 8989


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BLINDS AND CURTAINS. All types. Free quotes. Less 10%. ( 021 371 8627/ 082 516 0030

AA paving, vibracrete walls, plaster, Raise­It, Spike­It. Ph 021 705 5372 / 072 425 5111 ALTERATIONS, brick, plas., skin., tiling, etc. Good Refs. 076 124 4713 ARTHUR'S SLIDING GATES, b/bars, vibracrete & steel fencing & automation. 021­ 691 1936 or 084 921 5364


Painting PAINTING & WATERPROOFING Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713


Electrical Repairs AA APPLIANCE repairs to all makes of washing machines, tumble dryers, etc. 40 yrs exp. Ph Alwyn West 021 671 5786 or 082 705 8103.



T&C apply

R R R1 R2

500 900 500 800

pm pm pm pm

BLACKLISTED WELCOME CONTACT NOW Audrey : 079 395 4709 Shana : 073 775 2977 Charlotte : 072 828 9431 Erica : 074 626 4550 Peter : 021 836 6573 OFFICE : 021 917 1938

PLUMBING, Tiling & Electrical Tel:079 018 2091


Swimming Pool Services CLEAN & MAINTAIN pools. Ph 083 494 3939 or 836 8208 POOL SERVICE and maintenance. Ph Michael 073 104 3575 or 021­ 705 8851


TILING + Lam. flrs. R40 p/m (084 978 9175




Innovative solutions to your financial problems

CALL: 021 697 5566 / 021 696 4912

FAX: 086 234 5180 e-mail:

NARRIMAN : 082 34 33 919 /SHAFIEK: 074 1343 371


AVON reps needed contact 021 696 5866/ 079 0538019 Avon Reps Required: Contact: Nolene Cell: 081 271 3789 / Watzapp BB: 27ACB23E E­mail: FREE INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER COURSE Data Capture Typing Word Excel IT Int. Email CV. Pay 4/wbk. 021­683 8875 & Call Centre , Tele skill, Office Accounting At Kenilworth Centre Mall

Jobs!! Jobs!!!

Earn + R6000: When you train with us for two weeks in: ­Call Centre ­Data Capturing ­Office Admin (1 Month) ­Office Computing (1 Month) **Guaranteed Job Placement after Training*** Deposit fee of R550 Visit 68 Bree Street, 2nd Floor,Cape Town, Office 204 Call : 021 424 1230 / 1 or 084 267 1014 or 072 381 6878 or 072 918 2000



HOLY LAND TOUR July • August 2014 (021 713 3809 after 19:00

Justine Cosmetics

Earn extra, sell Justine. SMS name and area to

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Repairs – Vehicles

ALL GEARBOX REPAIRS AND DIFF RECONS CONTACT BRUCE 072 862 9882 ENGINE OVERALL, R1 800 Clutch overalls, R850. Gearbox repairs from R950. Parts & labour incl. (021 376 6014/ 078 875 4394



Aluminium Windows, Doors , balustrades and trellidoors. Contact Niteproducts ­ free Quote (Shafiek: 076 185 2165 13 Sandra Street , Colorado Park

General Vacancies


Installations and Maintenance Tel: 021­705 5922 Cell: 083 311 7195 Email:

General Services


ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713

Ronald George Electrical


ADMIN. Data typists/listing workers needed. E­mail to: or sms name /address to: 074 927 5124

ALL PLUMBING, good ref.. 076 124 4713

FRIDGE AND FREEZER REGASSING & REPAIRS Reasonable prices! ( 076 164 0700


Business Opportunities


TV/DVD/Video Services

DSTV packages fully installed for R599. HD PVR installations from R2 299. Service call repair charge of R150. 083 268 1213/083 288 2757

DMI: 021 906 8032 081 537 4973

from from from from


Removal of furniture ? Cell no : 079 769 1442



000 000 000 000

SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952


BUDGET TV repairs, microwaves & Hi­Fi'S. Collect & Deliver 18 Linaria Crescent, Silvertown 7764 Steven on 021 633 1802 / 083 486 5394.


BUILT IN CUPBOARDS repairs & alterations. ( 072 695 9738




R 20 R 40 R100 R200


''LET'S MOVE IT!" Glen : 079 079 2323

LOANS We come to you. ( 021 558 6648 / 082 957 3251

terms & conditions apply


Moving and Storage

FURNITURE REMOVALS. Ph 078 6113 627.


Home Improvement Exterior


4 TON TRUCK avail for garden refuse and furniture removal. 076 124 4713



CARPET & UPHOLSTERY STEAM CLEANING SPECIAL! 95% DRY. PH: 071 951 4046 OR 083 687 3545 M&M INTERIORS ­ Blinds, curtains, rods, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. All blinds less 10%. Phone Moosa 021 371 8917 or 083 4931 495

076 833 6676 OFFICE HOURS MON - FRI 08:30 - 16:00





AA's BUYS good quality furniture and appliances. We collect. Ph 021­374 6060 or 083 948 2804



A CASH LOAN UP TO R100 000. B/listed + Garnish + Govt employees welcome. Same day payout Call/Sms Anshaaf 083 649 5826


(073 272 6117


Waiting for Pension/package payouts? SMS or send “please call me” 082 301 7856 Ph: 0860 105 546

Wanted to Buy


JUMPING CASTLE for hire. 021 393 8528, 083 890 4793


Call back 073 609 9307 078 8897 038


Menus from R69 p/p. Price includes basic decor. For all your hiring needs and stage decor, incl bouquets. Crockery and cutlery from 10c. Chair covers with bows also available. We also offer sound! WAITERS NEEDED! Ph Rashieda or Shafiek 021­372 5921 / 084 566 0087 / 082 660 0876

We specialize in:  Nutec houses  Vibracrete Houses  Carports  Bathrooms and Electric


BBM 2717A6B7



AFFORDABLE LOANS ­ R100 000. ( Miss Beukes 084 542 6864 /SMS name, Id no, Nett salary,Company.

Catering AADELAH AND SHAKIER'S SAMOOSAS & PIES SPECIAL: Mince samoosas ­ R95 per 100. Pies ­ 130 per 100, Fancies. We deliver. Ph 021­ 376 2506 or 076 450 2910

VIBRACRETE AND EXTENSIONS Ph: 074 321 9215 / 021 820 4384






Free Delivery!


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A BETTER BLOCK 190/140/90

BELIEVE IN CHRIST SERVICES Vibracrete, tiling, carports, paving, laminated flooring. Contact Albert 073 545 6994 /

Houses for Sale EASTRIDGE: Fully secured semi, 3 beds, garage. R285 000 Phone 083 660 3495, a/h (021) 374 3786 PORTLANDS: F/s, 3 beds, corner plot, big yard. R430 000 Phone 083 660 3495, a/h (021) 374 3786


Properties Wanted I AM LOOKING FOR RDP HOUSE to buy for R96 000. Ph after 7pm 076 182 4985 Shamiela LOOKING FOR RDP HOUSE to buy for R96 000. Ph after 7pm 076 182 4985 Shamiela

SALES REPS REQUIRED No previous sales experience needed Free Training Provided


Victorious Driving School From R110 p/hour Free yard lesson on test day 0213933560/072 6946817 Victoriousdriving m





Individual tutoring. Ensure success. All hours. Contact 074 142 3392

PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013


021 930 8491 021 200 8437 104 Voortrekker Road, Parow Terms & Conditions Apply


Community of Christ

CHURCH IN AFRICA Invites you to a miracle service!!!!!!!! Every Sunday @ 09:00 Weltevreden centre, Rocklands, Mitchells Plain Pastor Allan & Mary Africa Tel: 021 392 1973


PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013

ANTHONY ARENDSE 021-704 0289/ 082 673 1503

Friendly quality service! en l Emamdi Shaamie723 1118 082


Grassy Park: 021 705 8961

Lentegeur 379 000

Strandfontein (Bayview) R469 000

3 bedrooms, fully-fitted kitchen, dining-room + sunken lounge, garage +++ seperate entrance

3 bedrooms, spacious fully-fitted kitchen, lamenated lounge, toilet + shower, free-standing with nice grounds and fully enclosed

List your property with a leading real estate group in residential property sales and rentals D OL S R345 000 ZEEKOEVLEI:

R255 000 EASTRIDGE: Fully Enclosed 3 Bedroom House with a Lounge, Kitchen & Fam Bath. Also has Enclosed Parking & Close to All Amenities. SHIHAAM 072 192 1411

R209 000 TAFELSIG: Enclosed 3 Bedroom Maisonette House with a Lounge, Kitchen and Bathroom. Parking for 3 Cars. FAZLYN 073 184 2535


R199 000 TAFELSIG : 3 Bedroom House Consisting of a Lounge, Kitchen and Bathroom. FAZLYN 073 184 2535

R285 000 MORGENS VILLAGE: Fully Enclosed 2 Bedroom Maisonette with a Lounge, Kitchen and Family Bathroom. Close to all Amenities and Westgate Mall. FAZLYN 073 184 2535

R315 000 LENTEGEUR: Fully Enclosed 2 Bedroom House with Lounge,Tv Room, Dinette, Fitted Kitchen, Fam Bathroom & Carport. Also Situated Close to all Amenties. CANDICE 071 156 5672

R2 400 000 ZEEKOEVLEI: 5 Bedroom House with 2 En-Suites, BIC, Lounge, Entertainment Area, Dining Room, 2 F.F.Kitchens, 1 with a Scullery, Double Automated Garage, Automated Gates, Swimming Pool, Pool House & plenty more... SHAAMIEL 082 723 1118

500m² Pan Handle Plot in a Nice and Quiet area situated in Zeekoevlei. GADIJA 082 823 1801

R275 000 EASTRIDGE: Fully Enclosed Neat Semi Attached 3 Bedroom House with Lounge, F.Kitchen, F.Bath, Burglar Bars Throughout, Automated Garage with Parking for 2 Cars. SHIHAAM 072 192 1411

R199 000 TAFELSIG: 3 Bedroom House Consisting of a Lounge, Kitchen and Bathroom. CANDICE 071 1565672

R275 000 MONTROSE PARK: Freestanding 2 Bedroom Corner House with a Lounge, Kitchen, Family Bathroom + Separate Entrance, Enclosed Parking for 2 Cars and Close to all Amenities. SHIHAAM 072 192 1411



R289 000 MONTROSE PARK: Freestanding 2 Bedroom House, Lounge with Laminated Flooring & Knotty Pine Ceiling, Fully Fitted Kitchen, Bath, Burglar Bars and Tandem Garage for 2 Cars. SHIHAAM 072 192 1411


KASHIFAH FAZLYN CANDICE SHIHAAM SHARIEF GADIJA 072 192 1411 073 929 3221 082 823 1801 084 739 6372 073 184 2535 071 1565 672


Rocklands R309 000

Attention sellers we have buyers for: Coniston Park, Capricorn, Fairways, Grassy Park, Heathfield, Lotus River, Marina Da Gama, Montagu's Gift, Retreat, Steenberg, Zeekoevlei.

AGENTS WANTED:Join our family and let us share our success with you!

3 beds, fitted kitchen, bathroom, lounge, enclosed, spacious yard

URGENTLY NEED PROPERTIES IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS FOR MY APPROVED BUYERS: CONISTON PARK/SHERIDON PARK, STRANDFONTEIN, SEAWINDS, GRASSY PARK, MITCHELLS PLAIN, RETREAT AND LAKEVIEW. Lovely and neat 2 beds (bics), Lovely 2/3 beds, tiled lounge, PLEASE CALL ANTHONY open plan fully-fitted kitchen, tiled fully fitted kitchen, laundry ARENDSE TODAY lounge, tiled family bathroom room, entertainment area, 021 704 0289 / (bath and shower), close to alarm, enclosed. Garage. 082 673 1503 Stellenbosch Arterial Road

Kuilsriver/Stellendale R550 000

Beacon Valley (Close to Promenade) R339 000

Need an agent to sell your house fast and efficiently? Call ANTHONY ARENDSE 021 7040289 or 082 673 1503 ANTHONY ARENDSE 021-704 0289/ 082 673 1503

RETREAT R550,000 Immaculate three bed home. Built in cupboards all rooms, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, laundry, family bathroom + guest loo, blinds and trelli doors. Single enclosed carport.

To let

SYBRAND PARK R 9,000 P/M Large refurbished, three bed home in established location. Spacious lounge, large fitted kitchen, family bathroom with bath and shower, separate loo, single garage, opposite high school and close to M5, station and amenities.


For Sale KENSINGTON R875,000 (neg) Well kept four bed home. Bics all rooms, lounge, dining, fully fitted kitchen, family bathroom, main ensuite, separate loo, single garage, enclosed parking 5 vehicles, satellite dish and alarm (monitored)

3 bedrooms (bics), fully-fitted kitchen, tiled lounge, family bathroom, indoor braai area, garaging for 3 cars and big yard


For Sale OTTERY R 720,000 Three bed home on large plot with three incomplete flats. Lounge with fireplace, fitted kitchen, bathroom and separate toilet, carport.

FURLONG 10X4 07-05-2013 1C6UH75.cdr

For Sale

Seawinds ONLY R369 00

3 beds,lounge, kitchen, bathroom, 4 bedrooms, tiled lounge, carport. Enclosed. If your fitted kitchen, fully secured combined wages is approx. R7800.00 per month you could buy this house.


2 Semi Detached Houses for R895 000. First Semi: 3 beds, lounge,fitted kitchen, bathroom. Second Semi: 2 beds, spacious lounge & kitchen, bathroom. Enclosed Parking for 4 cars

Elsies River/Salberau Only R499 000

Free-standing: Large Double Storey. MAIN HOUSE + 2X SEPARATE ENTRANCES. Lots of rental income

Heideveld R450 000

Stunning 3 beds, spacious tiled lounge, fitted kitchen, tiled bathroom + shower, double Garage, large cemented yard, Very Secure

Pelican Park (Opposite ONLY R459 000


3 beds, lounge + dining room, fitted kitchen and bathroom.

Need an agent to sell your house fast and efficiently? Call ANTHONY ARENDSE 021 7040289 or 082 673 1503

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HANOVER PARK Only R175 000


free-standing, 3 beds, tiled lounge, fully-fitted kitchen, tiled bathroom, burglar bars, alarm, large grounds, close to Westgate Mall

CASH ONLY! 1/2 beds with built-in cupboards, kitchen, lounge, bathroom, parking for 2 cars in yard. If your combined wages are approximately R6 500pm, you could buy this house.

3 bedrooms (bics) en-suite, tiled lounge, fitted kitchen, drivethrough garage + large yard

ROCKLANDS Only R319 000

Urgenty need properties for my approved buyers in all areas including Ottery, Grassy Park, Mitchells Plain, Southfield, and Athlone. Please call Mark Anthony Today 021 704 2160 / 083 482 4250


R339 000

Extended 3 bedrooms, very large kitchen, lounge + dining-room, bathroom, carport, enclosed.

Lovely 2 beds, bics, nice tiled lounge + dining room, fitted kitchen, tiled bathroom, carport, enclosed, close to Cedars Avenue. Very Neat

Need an agent to sell your house fast and efficiently? Call MARK ANTHONY 021 7042160 or 083 482 4250

MARK ANTHONY 021-704 2160/ 083 482 4250


R699 000

Cute 2 beds carpet (bics), fully-tiled bathroom with shower, laminated floors in lounge, fully-fitted kitchen, aluminum window frames, outdoor braai, garaging for 2 cars with direct access into house - close to railway station. Very nice area!

STRANDFONTEIN (off Trafalgar)

only R519 000

3 Bedrooms (bics), tiled lounge, fully-fitted kitchen, seperate bath and toilet, large grounds - front and back +++ drive-thru Garage. Safe area!


Lovely 2 bedrooms (bics), tiled lounge, open plan and fully fitted kitchen, large braai room + Garage.


Freestanding 2 bedrooms, family bathroom, kitchen and lounge

Need an agent to sell your house fast and efficiently? Call MARK ANTHONY 021 7042160 or 083 482 4250


PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Challenge to show off city landmarks LIAM MOSES


ORE than 4 000 walkers and runners of every ability level are expected to fill the streets of Cape Town for the third annual Jive Slave Route Challenge on Sunday. The event will again be hosted by Lion of Africa Itheko Sport Athletic Club, one of the largest running clubs in South Africa. People’s Post is the print media sponsor for the second year. The Challenge features a half marathon, 10km fun run, 5km fun run and 10km walk, over courses which take participants past some of Cape Town’s most historic sites. Donny Jurgens of the City of Cape Town’s department of sport and recreation, says they chose to partner with Itheko because the race’s uniqueness. “The Jive Slave Route Challenge is not an event in which you are likely to make your personal best. This is not a race for the fast and the furious,” he says. “This is not to attract the top Ethiopians to come and run in our city. This is a different kind of race. “Our department is not about personal bests; our department is about celebrating life, celebrating culture, celebrating history and celebrating the fact that people from all walks of life and all shapes and sizes participate in a mass running event.” The race will start in Darling Street, between the Grand Parade and City Hall, before winding its way around the City Bowl. Some of the landmarks passed along the way to the finish line include St Mark’s

Church and Aspeling Mosque in District Six, the Hurling Swinging Pump in Gardens and the South Africa Jewish Museum and Parliament in Government Avenue. Runners will also pass through the Castle of Good Hope, for only the second time in history, just minutes after a miniature cannon – replacing the start gun – sends them off. This year runners will also have another reason to participate, as the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust has been confirmed as the official beneficiary. Sean Burton, marketing manager of Quality Beverages, the producers of Jive, urges all participants to donate to the Trust. “The Trust is really close to us – as a company, we have been supporting them for years,” he says. “We specifically target most of our initiatives at the youth market,” says Burton. “We haven’t confirmed an amount yet, but we have also offered the Trust as an official beneficiary for runners to donate. We are also asking that all participants get involved by donating some funds. “There has been talk of sponsoring rand-forrand value, but we haven’t really confirmed that.” Anyone interested in entering can do so on the first floor of City Hall on Friday 10 May from 16:00 until 20:00, from 10:00 until 17:00 on Saturday 11 May and from 05:30 until 08:15 on race day. The half marathon will start at 07:00 and the final event, the 10km walk, will start at 08:15. V To view a video of last year’s Jive Slave Route Challenge visit

BATTLE: Sibusiso Mbonani of Witbank Spurs and Vuyisile Wana of Santos race towards the ball during a National First Division match at Athlone Stadium on Saturday. Santos won the game 2-0. PHOTO: PETER HEEGER/GALLO IMAGES


R450 000 - F/standing 2 bed, f/f kit, lounge + dining rm, large grounds

GRASSY PARK R780 000 - 3 bed mod family home Large o/p kitchen, dining room and lounge. Family bath, large grounds with long driveway and garage


R210 000 - 1 bedrm, free standing, corner plot. Neat home


R410 000 - 3 beds, fitted kitchen. Directly opp. Mosque. Carport


R270 000 - 2 bedroom mais, family bathroom, kitchen and lounge


R375 000 - F/standing 3 beds, fam bathrm, f/f kitchen, lounge, garage


R420 000 - 3 bed f/standing secure home opp Quiktrip shopping centre Kitchen, fam bath lounge, prefab sep ent. Fully secured. Needs TLC To view, contact Ashraf on 072 060 4841 or 021-371 3806 If you are Selling,Buying or would like a Free Valuation of your home, take advantage of this opportunity to work with the world's most respected name in realty.




ZEEKOEVLEI : R1.3 Million


D/storey : 5Beds(bic),Lnge,

Safe and Secured for kids.

F/s : 3Beds(bic),Lnge,D/rm, ffk,F/bath,Study,Mes,Garage,

RUZIA : 078-354 4006

IDEAL FOR A LARGE FAMILY. F/s: 5Beds (2x showers),Mes, Lounge,D/room,Ffk,F/bath, T/garage x 2 cars. 362 sq. SULEIMAN: 071-078 4720

BAYVIEW : R469 000 Immaculate Home. F/s: 3Beds,Lounge,Ffk, F/bath,Park X 4 cars.Encl. Huge yard space. 286sq SULEIMAN : 071-078 4720

BONTEHEUWEL:R340 000 Corner Plot. Mais : 3Beds,Lnge,Ffk, Bath,Parking x 2cars, Courtyard,Encl. 108sq ALOISE : 081-304 5153


Flat : 2Beds, o/p lnge, o/p fk,

F/bath,Walk in closet, 257sq.

F/bath, Parking Bay.

Store room,T/garagex3 cars,

Prime Area.Unit = 60sq

GANIEF : 076-938 2358

ALOISE : 081-304 5153

RYLANDS: R1.55 Million Neg. D/storey : 5Beds(bic),Lnge, D/room,Ffk,T/v room,Study, F/bath,Mes,Laundry area, S/toilet,T/garage x 3 cars, INGRID : 072-409 0559

KEWTOWN : R430 000 SEMI : 2Beds,Lounge, Kitchen,Bathroom, Carport,Enclosed. Plenty yard space. 185sq STEPHEN : 076-079 7655

Jungle gym, Parking x 5 cars,M/Quarters, 495sq

Claremont Office : 021 - 673 1240 * Each office is independently owned and operated.

SHAHIEDA HALIM PROPERTIES It’s a moving experience CELL: 082 579 6281


ZEEKOEVLEI This facebrick 4 bedrmed house is situated close to the water, peaceful & tranquil. Lounge, dining & tv room. Bics in main bed & en-suite. Tiled & laminate flooring throughout. Double garage for 4 cars. Huge neat encl back yard. All on 1041 Sqm. R1,350M. KENWYN This corner property is an ideal investment for those looking to earn a passive income or can be used for a large family. Main house offers 3 beds d/stairs and 2 attic beds. Lnge, dining, fitd kitch, undercover entertainment section with braai. Sep but attached section offers 2 beds, lounge & kitch and bachelors section offers o/p kitch/bed/lnge and bathroom. R1,290M. KENSINGTON 2 bed flat in 5th Avenue, Kensington. R350 000.



0861 33 3314 021 704 3636 021 391 6330


PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNE Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Purple machine claim first victory LIAM MOSES


ETREAT RFC scored a crushing victory over neighbours Peninsula RFC in a WP Division Three derby at the Allenby Road Sports Complex on Saturday. The home side ran in five tries without conceding a single point to win the game 29-0 and avenge their defeat away to Peninsula in last season’s final game. The victory is Retreat’s first of the season, after a draw and two losses in their first three games. Retreat head coach Anthony Amalcin said it was “satisfying” to claim their first win against their arch rivals. “We have been training so hard this week. We are right at the bottom and we are holding up the log. It was very satisfying to win in that manner,” he said. “The guys believed what I have been saying to them at training – it showed today. We need to just move forward and continue. The guys came to the party and the camaraderie amongst them today was good.” The first 25 minutes of the encounter were scrappy and the both sides lined-up kicks at goal without scoring. The deadlock was eventually broken in the 27th minute when right wing Gerrard Johnson touched down to score the first and only points of the first-half. Retreat scored their second try around five minutes after the break, when hooker Roger Solomans touched down under the posts. The third try came in the seventh minute,

TRY TIME: Retreat RFC scrumhalf Donnie Petersen dives over for a try during a Division Three match against Peninsula RFC at the Allenby Drive Sports Complex on Saturday. Retreat won the game 29-0. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS through lock Freddie Nichols, and scrumhalf Donnie Petersen scored twice midway through the half and in the final minute of the game. Lorenzo Gordon converted both of the final tries to hammer the final nail into the coffin. Amalcin says he will be looking for his players to step up to another level when they

face Temperance, in another derby, at home on Saturday 11 May. “I’m still not happy because they did about 80% of what was asked of them – the game plan that we put out today,” he says. “The other 20% was just that they needed to focus and they showed some ill-discipline by talking to the referee.”

Amalcin adds Retreat is more determined than ever to make this season a successful one, as the club is celebrating its 115th anniversary in August. “I can only say (we will be successful) if the guys are committed to training and our cause, because we are celebrating our 115th anniversary this year and we are looking to get higher honours.” “But we will take it one day at a time. Nothing has been won yet – we did what we had to do and we can only improve on it.” . Meanwhile in Super League A on Saturday, UCT pulled off an impressive 21-13 victory over the Maties at home in their biggest derby of the season. SK Walmers beat Helderberg 33-19 at home, while their neighbours Hamiltons thrashed fellow title contenders Durbanville-Bellville 48-13 away from home. In Super League B, False Bay stretched their lead at the top of the table with a comprehensive 59-3 win away to Brackenfell, Villager succumbed to a 23-16 loss away against Goodwood RFC and Primrose RFC gave their title credentials yet another boost with a 39-24 victory away against Hamlets. Mitchell’s Plain side Collegians beat Scottsdene 54-35 away from home in Premier League A, while their neighbours Rocklands beat Northerns 21-6 at home in Division One. In Division Two, Noordhoek side Masiphumelele RFC secured a narrow 20-19 win at home against Blue Jets and Athlone side Temperance lost 34-14 at home to Whistling Wheels.

Perfect figure eights on the way LIAM MOSES

section, over-10s in the pre-novice category and the older skaters in the novice, SOUTH AFRICA’s best figure skaters junior and senior sections. Synchronised skating is a team event will converge on GrandWest Casino for the annual Figure Skating Champion- where 16 skaters perform in unison to music on the ice. ships next week. All these skaters had to qualify to perAround 120 skaters from across the country are expected to participate in form at events leading up to this prestigboth the team and solo skating competi- ious event. They would have earned their place in their respective provincial tions. The solo skating section, where a skat- teams. Selections for international events will er participates on the ice alone and performs required elements to music, will also take place at the championships and see the skaters compete in age groups and each skater will be focusing their goals with the upcoming international season different ability sections. This includes under-10s in the juvenile in mind. Western Province will be well represented at the champs, and will hope to retain the overall trophy, for the 15th consecutive year, by achieving the overall highest score. Some of the top WP skaters participating in the event are Lejeanne Marais, Kim Falconer, Johann Wilkinson and Ancio van Tonder The three WP synchronised skating teams have just returned from international events, while the junior and senior teams both participated in the International Skating Union World Championships in Finland and USA, respectively. The event will take place at the GrandWest’s Ice Station on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 May. Tickets cost R40 for adults and R20 for children under the age of 12. PERFECT FORM: Kim Falconer goes through her routine at the Ice V For more information visit Station. Falconer will be one of several WP skaters competing at please the annual SA Figure Skating Championships. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

BODY PLAY: Grassy Park’s Jamie Daniels (13) and Athlone’s Wade Boer (12) fight for possession during the Western Cape finals of the 2012 Kia Sporting Chance Street Soccer League. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Soccer goes back to the streets LOCAL street soccer teams are gearing up for the first round of outdoor fun, competition and gees of the 2013 Kia Street Soccer League in May. This year’s provincial champions will not only lift the trophy, but also stand a chance of winning a trip to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Conceptualised and co-ordinated by youth sports development agency Sporting Chance, the KIA Street Soccer programme aims to teach life skills to children through soccer. The communities within the 40 participating regions are hampered by poverty and crime, and lack adequate and safe facilities and stimulating after-school and weekend activities. Brad Bing, managing director of Sporting Chance, says they have seen positive results since the programme launch three years ago. “Sport can be such a powerful catalyst for upliftment. For three years, we’ve seen an incredible awakening in the children who participate in the programme,” says Bing. “They realise they have something of value to contribute and that they matter. As we get closer to the next FIFA World Cup in Brazil, I am sure the children on the street will be more inspired and determined to play their best and, in the process, make memo-

ries that will last a lifetime.” KIA Street Soccer will hit neighbourhood streets with round robin matches across the country. A total of 800 teams of six players each will be entered into the regional league and round robin matches are played for 10 weeks, followed by a week of regional finals. Provincial finals will be held in August, while the national championship final will take place in Johannesburg in September. Bing says the tournament doesn’t just benefit children. “Local coaches and co-ordinators, who were selected from each community, will receive training in coaching and crucial life skills,” he says. “In addition, 840 people are employed on a contract for the duration of the KIA Street Soccer programme. A national project of this scale requires a solid team to run and implement it on the ground, and we’re extremely grateful to be in the position where we can create employment opportunities for so many people.” The tournament will kick-off on Friday 10 May and will be played in areas such as Masiphumelele, Manenberg, Mitchell’s Plain, Grassy Park, Ocean View and Athlone. V For more information phone Bradlyn Stuurman on (021) 683 7299 or visit


GAS CENTRE STOCKIST OF PAINT & HARDWARE Tel: 021 932 4106/5 • Address: 306 Halt Rd, Elsies River

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TUESDAY 7 May 2013 | People's Post | Page 16 | 0021 910 6500 |

CLAIMED: Witbank Spurs goalkeeper Brice Msiza dives for the ball ahead of Santos FC striker Edwin Sitayitayi during a National First Division match at Athlone Stadium on Saturday. Sitayitayi scored twice to seal a 2-0 win. PHOTO: PETER HEEGER/GALLO IMAGES

• Cups, Tubs, Lids • Fomo Trays, Plates • Foil Trays, Rolls • Platters, Domes • Detergents etc Free delivery

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SKILFUL: Belgravia High School’s Dean Jones evades a tackle from Rocklands High’s Brandon Williams during a Mr Price High Schools’ League match at the Rocklands Sports Complex on Saturday. Rocklands won the game 2-0. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

Bluebells back Mondale bounce back on the field LIAM MOSES



LUEBELLS AFC played their first football matches of the season on Saturday after their suspension was lifted by the Cape District Local Football Association (CDLFA). The Wynberg club won a R81 000 lawsuit against CDLFA in December, but were subsequently indefinitely suspended from all football in February for breaching the organisation’s constitution for taking legal action. Bluebells were also banned from entering William Herbert Sports Grounds in Wynberg by the venue’s Municipal Field Management Committee after protesting at the grounds on Saturday 16 March. However, the matter between the organisation and the club has now been settled out of court, after the CDLFA general council ratified the details of the settlement agreement on Wednesday 24 March. Club chairperson Rashied Cloete says the club is happy to be back at Cape District and on the field. “We are relieved because we wanted our juniors to play. The CDLFA wanted the same,” he says. “We are satisfied, happy and relieved that

it has come to an end. We are happy that we had a committee to speak to and that we were able to put our case forward.” Bluebells sued the CDLFA in September 2011 after failing to win a tender to run the tearoom and cafe at William Herbert in 2010, alleging that the tender process was flawed. After finding in Bluebells’ favour, the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court also served a warrant of execution against CDFLA’s property in February and the club was suspended two days later. Bluebells failed in their initial attempts to have the suspension overturned and then met with a CDLFA committee a week after the protest. The LFA’s executive committee subsequently met with the delegation that engaged with Bluebells and the agreement was voted by the Cape District general council. Cloete says the club has instructed its attorney to drop the case, as per the details of the agreement. However, he refused to list what Bluebells would receive as part of the agreement. He says the agreement prohibits the club from giving any specific details to the media. Winston Engledoe, president of Cape District LFA, also refused to comment on the matter.

credit available at 0% interest

Bunks Pine R1690

DEFENDING champions Mondale High School took one step closer to reclaiming their title with a victory over arch-rivals Oval North High in the second round of the Mr Price High School’s League on Saturday. Since 2010 Oval North and Mondale have dominated the league and the Ryan Rasool Memorial Challenge, an annual knockout tournament which precedes the start of the league. However, both sides suffered shock draws in the opening round of games on Saturday 27 April. But Mondale refused to again drop points and turned their form around with an impressive 3-0 win over Oval North. Meanwhile, early-season pace-setters Rocklands High continued their fine form with a 2-0 victory over Belgravia High, to cement their place at the top of the table – and keep Belgravia hovering near the foot of the standings. Cedar High and Portland High managed to keep up with Rocklands and are currently level on points with the log-leaders, in second and third place respectively. Cedar beat Glendale High 1-0 and Portland beat Lentegeur High 3-1. Only goal difference separates the two teams from Rocklands High. Cloetesville High moved up to fourth after claiming their first victory of the sea-

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son in a 4-0 drubbing against Princeton High. Westridge High and Aloe High are currently sixth and seventh, respectively, after also winning for the first time this season. Westridge thrashed Strandfontein High 6-0, while Aloe beat Beacon Hill High 2-1. Only one draw was recorded on the day, with Spine Road High and Tafelsig High scoring a goal each. The 1-1 deadlock was the second draw in as many games for both sides and leaves them in ninth and tenth on the table, respectively. The third round of fixtures will take place at the Rocklands Sports Complex on Saturday 11 May. V Fixtures: 09:00 – Glendale vs Aloe (A-field), Portland vs Cedar (B-field), Strandfontein vs Spine Road (C-field) and Belgravia vs Princeton (D-field). 10:15 – Tafelsig vs Rocklands (A-field), Beacon Hill vs Westridge (B-field), Cloetesville vs Mondale (C-field) and Lentegeur vs Oval North (D-field).








Peoples Post Landsdowne 7 Mei 2013  
Peoples Post Landsdowne 7 Mei 2013  

Peoples Post Landsdowne 7 Mei 2013