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Tuesday 10 April 2012

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‘Bullets over Bishop Lavis’ hits Baxter D

AY after day people have to fight the gangs infesting their streets and killing their children.

Baxter feasts on Indian dance recital THE Vadhini Indian Arts Academy, a non profit organisation, will be hosting Amritam, a Bharatanatyam recital with a fresh approach. Amritam, meaning Divine Nectar, will include some of India’s richest and most famous poetry, emulating the divinity of the Supreme Being. Inspired by the excellent music, choreographer Kumar Sarveshanhas deviates from the conventional constructs of a Bharatanatyam Recital, to string together a performance which is accessible to all members of the audience. The aesthetics and theoretical accuracy has remained the main focus. While this has been an exploration of the spirit (and self)

for the choreographer and performers, much thought has been given to ensure that audiences are introduced to the richness of a Bharatanatyam Recital in a gentle manner, to ensure that they understand the intent of the poet and performer at all times. Directed by Shrimati Darshana Rama, Amritam is performed by a cast of dancers dedicated to the preservation and sharing of this most ancient of Arts. They captivate with their easy grace, their athletic prowess, their strength of character and their quiet dignity. The dance recital takes place at the Baxter Theatre on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 April. Tickets are available at Computicket and cost R120.

This is the reality of life in Bishop Lavis, a community tortured by gangsters. Bullets over Bishop Lavis is their story. Jerome and Ronnie grew up as blood brothers – street brothers. One night a shooting changed everything. Ronnie pulled the trigger, but it was Jerome’s face that was witnessed last. Seven years later Jerome is re- HARD KNOCK LIFE: Bullets over Bishop Lavis, playing at the Baxter Theatre from 23 April leased, looking for until 12 May, is a hard­hitting story of love and betrayal. It is directed by internationally ac­ his now traitor claimed and award winning performer Jody Abrahams. Pictured here is actor Abduragman Ad­ blood brother, ams, one of the play’s main characters. Photo: Supplied and discovers that things have changed in Bishop that will change their lives. Book at Computicket or dial Lavis. This is where the story beBullets over Bishop Lavis will be 086 1915 8000. gins. Ronnie is now a successful on at the Baxter Golden Arrow StuGroup booking discounts are criminal lawyer and Jerome an ex- dio Theatre for a limited season available and corporate bookings con. Entangled in a new life, haunt- from 23 April until 12 May. Shows can be made by visiting sharing secrets and a ghost from the run Mondays to Saturdays at 20:15 past, Ronnie has to make a decision and tickets cost from R90 to R120. For more details call (021) 685-7880.


POETRY IN MOTION: The Bharatanatyam Recital Amritam will capti­ vate audiences with their mesmerising moves and spirited perform­ ances. Photo: Mark Wessels

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Peoples Post Grassy Park 10 April 2012  
Peoples Post Grassy Park 10 April 2012  

Peoples Post Grassy Park 10 April 2012