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Tuesday 3 May 2011

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DEVASTATION: Three girls walk through the burnt rubble that remained after a fire wreaked havoc in Masiphumelele yesterday. An estimated 5 000 people were displaced after the fire destroyed 1 500 shacks and 15 houses. The fire claimed the life of one man. Photo: EMT/Chad Chapman

Blaze devastates Masiphumelele DALEEN FOUCHÉ


MASSIVE fire swept through Masiphumelele in the early hours of yesterday morning, destroying over 1 500 shacks and 15 brick houses and claiming the life of an unidentified man. It left another man seriously injured, and two firemen suffered burn wounds and were transported to Vincent Palotti Hospital. The fire displaced about 5 000 people. The blaze started at midnight on Sunday in the wetlands informal settlement, and initially moved into the reeds of the wetlands, but when the wind direction changed the fire burned its way into the formal areas of Masiphumelele.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. Wilfred Solomons-Johannes, head of the City of Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management, says more than 20 fire engines attended the scene. “It took fire fighters five hours to get the fire under control.” Solomons-Johannes says this was the biggest fire in Masiphumelele to date. He says the wetlands informal area cannot be reached by car, and densely-built shacks also made fire fighting efforts “difficult”. Pastor Mzuvukile Nikelo, a Masiphumelele community leader, says fire fighters had to wait for the fire to burn a way open before they could reach the affected area. Solomons-Johannes says a group of men also disrupted fire fighting efforts and threw rocks at fire en-

gines before police brought the situation under control. Nikelo says the group of men had been drinking during the night at a local shebeen and accused fire fighters of not acting promptly enough. “It was a group of misbehaving, drunken men.” Nikelo adds that fire fighters acted very promptly and arrived at the scene within minutes of the first call. Siabonga Ngingana, a security guard for Lake Security, was seriously injured in the fire, but is currently in a stable condition in Tygerberg Hospital. Leon Halliday, owner of Lake Security, says Ngingana escaped through the wetlands, via a recently-cleared fire break at the back wall of Lake Michelle. He says if the firebreak had not been cleared, Ng-

ingana would not have had an escape route and would have died in the fire. Halliday praised Emergency Medical Treatment (EMT), who attended the scene and treated Ngingana. Robert de Wet, spokesperson for EMT, says members of EMT treated Ngingana for severe burns to his hands, feet and face. Halliday says Ngingana’s lungs were also burnt in the heat of the fire, and he is on a ventilator. Solomons-Johannes says City infrastructure in the affected area, including water pipes and newlybuilt electricity lines, were “completely destroyed”. Area councillor, Felicity Purchase, says two warm meals were provided on Monday in the Masiphumelele hall to

people affected by the fire. They will also be fed today (Tuesday). The Masiphumelele hall will be made available to be used as a shelter. Purchase says the City will register all people who were affected by the fire and hand out disaster kits to help them build a “simple structure”. Mayor Dan Plato and Patricia de Lille, the MEC for Social Development in the Western Cape, visited the devastated area yesterday, while local councillors and Member of the Provincial Parliament, Mark Wiley, assisted with relief efforts throughout the day. . Read more on Page 3.


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Page 2 People’s Post False Bay

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Lotus River family live in hope were driven to the harbour at 04:00 that day by Adams’ father, RiedeHE family of James Fisher, a waan. Lotus River teen who is beDarren Zimmerman, the Nationlieved to have drowned off Kalk al Sea Rescue Institute’s Simon’s Bay last week, held an emotional Town station commander, said vigil at the Kalk Bay harbour Fisher fell off the breakwater while yesterday. casting his line into the sea. “The teenager Fisher (14) has then swam into the been missing since harbour to up last week, when he against the harfell off the harbour bour wall, but was wall during a fishunable to climb up ing expedition and the steep and high disappeared into harbour wall. the ocean. “While holding Desiree Wilonto the fender liams, Fisher’s tyres he passed his grandmother, said friend his fishing the family were rod, which he had hosting the vigil in hung onto, and hopes that it would then he informed somehow lead to his friends that he her grandson bewould swim out ing found. through the har“We are here tobour entrance to day because I want the beach.” to show him that Zimmerman addwe are here for ed that Fisher’s him and then may- MISSING: A younger James friends saw him disbe he will come Fisher posing with a snake. He appear below the back,” said Wil- has been missing since April waves while trying liams. 27. Photo: Nasief Manie to swim to safety. “We’re going to “The last sight call his name and that the friends had throw flowers onto the water to of him was in the harbour enshow him that we are there for him, trance,” said Zimmerman. to show him that we aren’t going to “It appears that the teenager may abandon him.” have grown tired and been swept Fisher had been fishing with two out to sea by currents and may have friends at the harbour at about 05:00 succumbed to hypothermia.” on Wednesday 27 April when he fell The search for Fisher is currently off the harbour wall and disap- being conducted by the SAPS. peared into the ocean. According to Brigadier Billy Fisher and his friends, Moegamat Jones, SAPS provincial spokesperAdams and Chandre Hendricks son, the focus of the search could LIAM MOSES


soon move away from diving and on to patrols along the coast. “The police will continue searching for him, but they won’t be diving any more,” says Jones. “They’ll be searching along the beach. That will continue until they make a breakthrough. But that will still take some time.” Jones could not say exactly at what point the SAPS would stop diving. Fisher had been living with his grandmother for the past nine years, as his mother and father died nine and eight years ago respectively, and it was Williams who bought him the fishing rod he was using on the day. Williams said she felt hopeful that her grandson would be found alive, as her daughter had dreamt that he would be. “I am very, very hopeful that he will be found alive,” said Williams. “My daughter had a dream that he would be found if we just come here and call his name.” Williams added that the grief of losing her grandson was at its worst when she was alone. “I feel at ease until I’m alone – then its gets to me, because we have photos of him in the house, large photos. “There’s one were he is laughing and the other is where is near the water. He loved the ocean very much and he loved fishing very much,” Williams says.

BY AIR AND SEA: An NSRI boat and helicopter comb the sea around Kalk Bay in the hope of finding Fisher. Photo: Chad Chapman

HOPEFUL: Desiree Wil­ liams (left) and Crystal Moses, the grandmother and aunt of James Fisher, wait at the Kalk Bay har­ bour. Fisher has been missing since Wednesday 27 April when he fell off the Kalk Bay harbour wall into the ocean.Photo: Liam Moses

SEARCHING: NSRI boats search the area where James Fisher was last seen. Photo: Cassie Carstens

Le Diamante development still going slowly DALEEN FOUCHE


HILE work on the Le Diamante building in Muizenberg seems to have slowed down, its developers remain confident the project can be completed within months of the City of Cape Town approving its plans. Rika Lourens, director of Demindex Properties and developer of Le Diamante, is confident that once the City approves the sketch plans for the development, it will take a mere three months to complete this “ambitious” project. Andrew Price, quantity surveyor for the project, says although they are still working on the building, work is being carried out by a team of skeleton staff, particularly on older parts of the building and the exterior. This will be the case until the sketch plans are approved. The once dilapidated slum on Main Road is to be transformed into an up-market housing development with 35 apartments, a gym, an outside and inside pool and a spa. “It will be a lifestyle building,” says Lourens. People’s Post met with Price on site. He says all the major logistic hurdles of the development have been resolved. Previously, People’s Post reported on problems faced by the developers, including the “troublesome” issue regarding parking (“Le Diamante at a standstill”, People’s Post, 19 October 2010). However, Price says that this problem has been solved. “We managed to create 35 parking bays for the 35 units in the building.” He says they had a verbal agreement from City officials that this would be acceptable. It was also reported that construction on the development started before any plans were submitted to the City. But Lourens says that when she bought the building, she was “caught between the devil and deep blue sea”. She says the engineer working on the project warned her that if she did not stabilise the building immediately, it would literally fall apart.

INSIDE: The interior of the show flat at Le Diamante. Photo: Daleen Fouché “If we had waited to submit the building plans to council, the building would have fallen apart within three weeks,” she says. The building was declared safe by a senior building inspector from the City in May 2010. When People’s Post visited the site, Price pointed out some of the disrepair and showed that parts of the building had no foundation. It was also evident that many of the old walls were crumbling away. Price says the team is currently reinforcing all the walls and laying foundations where there are none. Lourens, who also owns a mining company, says about seven developers previously attempted to develop the building, but failed. She attributes her success in solving the major problems of the building to the fact that she used her knowledge of the mining industry to overcome difficult logistic problems. “We combined the two disciplines, building and mining, to overcome the problems and save the building.” Lourens believes that there is no problem that cannot be solved. “I do not accept that there are problems without solutions. You just need to find the solution.” Demindex Properties is currently involved in a legal dispute regarding the payment of one of the contractors who worked on the Le Diamante development (“Contractor claims non-payment for work on Le Diamante”, People’s Post, 16 November

FITTINGS AND TRIMMINGS: The kitchen of the show flat. Photo: Daleen Fouché 2010). The contractor claimed that he was not paid for work done on the building and was considering a civil claim against Demindex Properties. Lourens maintained that it was a dispute over the quantity surveyor’s estimate. She insists that the development does not have a cash flow problem. She did, however, say that when she originally transferred the R10 million to pay the previous owner for the building, the money was misappropriated. “I had to double-finance the building,” she says. Lourens says the misappropriation is being investigated by the police. Demindex Properties has since placed a claim with Fidelity Insurance to recover the money. One unit has already been sold, while about 12 people are “eagerly” awaiting the building’s approval to buy a unit in the Le Diamante development, Lourens says. Lourens says she wants to finish the building and turn it into a “vibrant and lively place, with big palm trees, two giant David statues guarding the front and many flags waving in the wind”. She says this will be the last development she will tackle. “This building is challenging, difficult and very interesting.” People’s Post requested information from the City of Cape Town on the current status of the approval of Le Diamante’s plans, but no comment was received at the time of going to print.


Tuesday 3 May 2011

People’s Post False Bay Page 3

Thousands left with nothing DALEEN FOUCHÉ


HOUSANDS of people hoping to rebuild their homes and lives spent yesterday searching for anything usable in the heaps of smouldering rubble that remained after a fire cut a swathe of devastation through Masiphumelele. Sipotwana Gcinalithope (69) lost everything except for her ID – which she clutched tightly in her hands – and the clothes on her back. Gcinalithope already had the poles in place to rebuild her home on the ashes of her previous home, but said she was struggling to find material that had not been destroyed entirely. She shared her shack with three people and says she has no income aside from a social grant. And Gcinalithope is only one of many people who lost all their possessions in the fire. Five thousand people were displaced by the blaze, the biggest ever in the township. “I do not know where I am going to sleep tonight,” said another resident, who was wandering around the ashfilled site, but still greeted this reporter with a smile. Phindiwe Kleinbooi (35) said she has to rebuild her house for the second time, after a fire destroyed her shack late last year. Kleinbooi was woken up by the smoke and screams of people early yes-

terday morning. She says she gathered her three children and ran towards safety. “There was so much smoke.” She pointed to a shack, not too far away, surrounded by red tape and a gathering crowd. “A man died there.” People in the crowd could not identify the man, and only knew that he had lived alone. Wilfred Solomons-Johannes, head of the City of Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management department, says the man was trapped by the fire, which engulfed his shack. The structure fell in on him as he was trying to escape. Masiphumelele, like many other townships in Cape Town, is vulnerable to fire, especially in the winter months. The wetlands informal settlement has been the scene of many fires, but Pastor Mzuvukile Nikelo says this is the first time that it spread into the formal area of Masiphumelele. He says the fact that people build back-yard shacks between brick houses increases the chance of a fire spreading. People’s Post previously reported that overcrowding is one of the biggest contributors to fires, especially in the wetlands informal area (“Overcrowding blamed for Masi fires”, People’s Post, 30 November 2010). But Dr Lutz van Dijk, who runs a children’s home in Masiphumelele, says Masiphumelele needs a second access road, through Fish Eagle Park, for emergency vehicles like fire trucks to reach difficult areas of the township. He says he was woken

up yesterday morning by phone calls from Masiphumelele residents who said the fire engines could not reach their shacks. Councillor Felicity Purchase says the issue of a second access road has been raised and is on the table as part of the development plan for Masiphumelele. She, however, believes that a second access road would not have made any difference during Monday’s fire. Twenty fire trucks and other emergency vehicles accessed the township through the main entrance “without a problem”. Purchase, along with other local councillors, made an urgent appeal for help. She says thousands of people have been left with nothing on the eve of winter. She asks that people donate clothing for all ages, especially baby clothing; blankets, tin food, building material, household equipment, school books and stationery. “Any help and donations will be welcomed.” Financial donations can be transferred to the Fish Hoek Valley Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association’s bank account: Standard Bank, Fish Hoek, Branch Code 036009, Account Number 374203091. Donations can be dropped of at the council offices in Fish Hoek, or at the Living Hope gate in Capri. For information André Olivier from Historically Disadvantaged Individual Support can be phoned on 082 939 3353.

NEED HELP: Sipotwana Gcinalithope (69) lost everything but her ID book in the fire. Photos: Daleen Fouché

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REBUILDING: Thousands of people start to rebuild after yesterday’s fire in Masiphumelele.

Meet the candidates THE Fish Hoek Valley Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (FHVRRA) will hold its annual general meeting on Thursday 12 May at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre

at 19:00. Residents are invited to meet the Far South councillor election candidates. For more information, phone Janet Holwill on (021) 785-1328 or 082 920 7306.

Business talk THE Simon’s Town Business Association will hold its annual general meeting today, Tuesday 3 May, at 18:00 in the Simon’s Town Town Hall.

Simon Liell-Cock, a business consultant, will speak on “Lean Thinking for Small Businesses”. All are welcome to attend.

Residents meet THE Kommetjie Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association is holding its AGM in the school/community hall in Kommetjie on

Wednesday 11 May at 19:00 for 19:30. All are welcome to attend. For more information phone (021) 783-2509


THIS NOTICE IS FOR YOU! The Fish Hoek Ratepayers and Residents Association (FHVRRA), in association with the Far South Peninsula Community Forum (FSPCF), are dedicating their next Quarterly General Meeting on Thursday May 12th 2011, at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre (commencing at 19h00), to Election Candidates who would like a public platform from which to address our local community prior to the elections on May 18th.

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Page 4 People’s Post False Bay

Tuesday 3 May 2011

‘Exceptional’ work awarded T

HE City of Cape Town bestowed civic honours on 37 exceptional individuals and Thursday 28 April. The individuals and organisations were honoured for their out-

standing service or contribution to the City and its residents. At the ceremony, City of Cape Town Executive Mayor, Alderman Dan Plato, explained that the awarding of civic honours was important for a city’s progress and

growth. “We bestow civic honours on certain individuals and organisations to acknowledge their varied contributions to our collective development and to encourage them to continue their outstanding efforts. Our support is important be-

cause these contributions will achieve real, lasting development in this place we call home. “As we build our new democracy, we must do all we can to promote the values of civic-mindedness,” said Plato.

Civic honours were conferred in three categories this year, namely Signing of the Civic Honours Book, one of the highest accolades that the City can confer on its residents, Honorary Title of Alderman and the Mayor’s Medal.

Councillor Demetri Qually from the South Pe­ ninsula Subcoun­ cil was one of six coun­ cillors to be awar­ ded the ti­ tle of Al­ derman. Brent van Rensburg (right), was recognised for his achieve­ ments as the co­founder and artistic director of the Zip Zap Circus. On the left is Mayor Dan Plato. Photo: Carl Fourie

Alvon Collison, a well­known theatre and television personality, re­ ceives his civic honour from Dan Plato, executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. Photo: Carl Fourie

Dave Dewar was honoured for his work as the current emeri­ tus professor of medicine at the University of Cape Town (UCT), director of the UCT Bio­ethics Centre, professor in public health sciences for the University of Toronto and an international member of the standing committee on ethics for the Canadian Institute of Health Research.Photo: Carl Fourie

David Kramer (right), a highly acclaimed playwright, musician and thea­ tre director, is congratulated by Dan Plato, executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. Photo: Carl Fourie

Franklin Sonn the former South African ambassador to the USA, the current rector of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and a trustee for the Worldwide Fund for Nature, the Desmond Tutu Peace Trust and the Impumelelo Innova­ tions Awards Trust, receives his civic honour from Mayor Dan Plato (left). Photo: Carl Fourie

Professor JC de Villiers receives his award from Dan Plato, executive mayor of the City of Cape Town (left). De Villiers is the former chairman of neurosurgery at the University of Cape Town (UCT), and currently devotes his time to writing about medical history. Photo: Carl Fourie

Clive Fox (right) receives civic honours on behalf of the Lions Club International from Dan Plato (left), executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. The club, which is one of the world’s largest and most active voluntary humanitarian service or­ ganisations, received the award for community work around the city. Photo: Carl Fourie

Ian Weinberg (right) accepted the civic honour on behalf of the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) from Dan Plato, executive mayor of the City of Cape Town (left). Photo: Carl Fourie

Zackie Achmat re­ ceives his civic hon­ our from Dan Plato (left), executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. Achmat founded the Treat­ ment Action Cam­ paign (TAC) and the National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality. Photo:



The City also conferred civic honours on the late Prima Ballerina Assoluta Phyllis Spira. Spira’s artistic achievements and her contribution to dance development were acknowledged in a moving citation. Philip Boyd, the head of Dance for All in Athlone, an organisation that has been teaching ballet and various other dance forms of dance to children since 1991, accepted the prestigious award on behalf of his late wife. Seen here are Boyd (left) with Mayor Dan Plato and entertainer Alvon Collison (right). Photo: Alison Foat

Photo: Own archive

The Western Cape Emergency Medical and Rescue Servic­ es (EMS) was honoured for its services to the people of Cape Town for the past 31 years. Dr Cleeve Robertson (right) accepted the award on behalf of the organisation from Dan Plato (left), executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. Photo: Carl Fourie

Koos Bekker (right), the chief executive officer of Naspers, with Dan Plato, executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. Bekker received the accolade for his contribution to the financial and business advances of the media in South Afri­ ca and Africa. Photo: Carl Fourie

Allan Perrins (right) accepted an award on behalf of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, one of the oldest and largest animal welfare organisations in South Africa. Photo: Carl Fourie


Tuesday 3 May 2011

People’s Post False Bay Page 5

Alleged conmen skip town Former coffee shop managers believed to have stolen money from business DALEEN FOUCHÉ


HE former managers of a Fish Hoek coffee shop have been accused of stealing about R30 000 from the owners before “suddenly” skipping town on Sunday 17 April.

It is believed that the owners of the coffee shop have laid a case of theft at the Fish Hoek Police Station, but police could not confirm this. The co-owner, who did not want to be named, tells People’s Post that the two men, who spoke with Australian accents and managed the coffee shop for over a year, allegedly stole money from the shop and even claimed to be the owners on one occasion. The owner says the men were paid on a commission basis. The owner became suspicious about the two men after they began displaying “strange behaviour”. She says they always made excuses for not showing their ID or passport documents and refused to have their photos taken. But the owner says she gave

them the “benefit of the doubt”. The owner believes that the two men did not use their real names in any of their dealings in Fish Hoek. She says the men previously worked for Triangle Square Market in Fish Hoek, before it moved to Longbeach Mall. They approached her regarding work when the market moved to the mall. Now it is alleged that the two men are also wanted in Australia and New Zealand – under different names – for fraud. Although People’s Post could not confirm if the former managers of the Fish Hoek coffee shop are the same two men who are wanted for fraud in these two countries, Jonathan Dubb, a former member of the Melville Community Policing Forum and owner of a security company in Johannesburg, believes they are. Dubb wrote about the two men on a community website in 2009, warning people to stay clear of the men after they allegedly conned two clubs and several individuals. Dubb says two clubs in Johan-

I have been chasing these guys for over two years

nesburg were “conned out of money” in 2008 and 2009 by two men who fit the description and behaved similarly to the former managers of the Fish Hoek coffee shop. Dubb only learned of the Fish Hoek incident when People’s Post phoned him. He says the men, one in his thirties and the other in his twenties, spoke with an Australian accent and hosted regular karaoke events in Melville. He says they were employees of one club, but claimed to be the owners and stole from the business. They allegedly also took money from clients who believed they were investing in the business. They also pretended to buy another club with fraudulent documents. He says they have been known to target victims within the “gay community”. “I have been chasing these guys for over two years now,” he says. Dubb introduced the two men to the owner of a club in Johannesburg, which was subsequently conned. Dubb says he lost a contract because of their actions. One of the clubs laid a charge at the Brixton police station in Johannesburg. Dubb, however, says the men convinced the owner that they would repay the money that had been stolen if the

charges were dropped. The owners dropped the case, but the two men left Johannesburg and the owners of the club never saw them again, he says. Brixton police station confirmed that a case of fraud had been lodged against the two men and subsequently withdrawn. Dubb recently received phone calls from friends in Cape Town, who told him the two men were working in a coffee shop in Fish Hoek. He says one of his Cape Town friends was trying to gain a photograph of the two men to confirm that they were the same people, but failed to do so before they left Fish Hoek. Dubb says he has also been in contact with a man from New Zealand, who claims that the two men have conned several people in Australia and New Zealand. According to a Johannesburg community news site, one of the men was convicted in New Zealand of being in possession of over 1 000 pornographic pictures of young boys and fined $8 000 in 2001. According to the site, he appeared in the Auckland District Court on 14 charges of possessing objectionable material and 13 charges of making copies for distribution.

The science of creation THE international astronomer, Dr Danny Faulkner, will be giving a talk on “Cosmology and Creation” at Fish Hoek Senior High School hall on Thursday 5 May at 19:00. Faulkner has a PhD in astronomy from the University of Indiana, and has been on the faculty of the University of South Carolina – where he holds a professorship, teaching astronomy and physics – since 1986. In addition to Faulkner’s work in creation studies, his research interest is stellar astronomy, particularly eclipsing binary stars. He has published nearly 100 peerreviewed scientific papers in his field of expertise, a number of popular articles in creation journals, a popular creationist book – “Universe by Design” – as well as featured in a popular DVD, “The Young Sun”. There is no charge for the talk and various resources will be on sale. For further details, contact Johan on (021) 975-0107 or visit the website

Free health talk A FREE talk on health questions is given every Saturday at the Kitch Kombuis Coffee Station in Albertyn Road, Muizenberg, at 10:50. The talk is given by Moumina Wagner – a German homeopathy and natural medicine practitioner who has worked in several clinics in Germany and Spain since 1997. A different topic will be discussed each week. The next talk will be on “Body – detox: The first step to a better feeling”, on 7 May. Coffee, tea and eats will be available. For more information, contact (021) 709-0310 or email


Page 6 People’s Post False Bay AIRBORNE: Daniel Grebe took some photos at Long­ beach in Kom­ metjie on Tuesday 26 April. He says: “There was a whole bunch of kite­surfers down there doing big airs over the waves. The westerly wind was howling, which made great kite­surfing condi­ tions ... and photo opportunities.” Pictured is Patrice Hartmann, from Muizenberg, own­ er of Surfstore Afri­ ca, getting air off a wave and doing a “tail grab”.

A whale of an equation A CONFERENCE titled “A Whale of an equation”, which is a dive into the watery world of whales and dolphins to promote mathematics and science, will be held at Muizenburg on Tuesday 7 June. Mature female Southern Right Whales arriving now to calve in the False Bay “nursery” weigh the equivalent of about 10 elephants. Clem Sunter, the game-playing strategist in his entertaining talks touches on South Africa’s position in the world according to The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report. In this regard South African school mathematics ranks 137th out of 139 countries. In contrast

Photo: Daniel Grebe

Sailing ship launches dreams of the sea THE 180-foot rigged sailing ship, Bark Europa, arrived in Cape Town harbour from Antarctica on Thursday 21 April after a gruelling 55 days at sea sailing around Cape Horn and across the southern ocean. The ship is readying for the next leg of her world voyage to Europe via Ascension Island. A trainee from the Cape Windjammers Education Trust (CWET), a section 21 public benefit organisation doing youth development and leadership training through sail training, will join the Bark Europa on its next leg to Europe, South America, Antarctica and back to Cape Town – a year-long journey. Marx Mohr (18) sailed on the sailing vessel Concordia in 2009 with Monde Sitole and eight other South African youths, together with 25 youths from Canada, Mexico, USA and Germany. For those who wish to experience a chance of a lifetime voyage at sea, CWET will benefit from any bookings made for the Bark Europa’s 2011 itinerary. CWET is also planning a Winter Sailing Programme for 27 learners from three Cape Town schools over the June/July school holidays, in collaboration with the Izivunguvungu Sailing School in Simon’s Town. Training will be conducted aboard the well-known “STY Howard Davis”, kindly made available by the owners of the vessel. Dennis Stevenson, chairperson of CWET says: “She was purpose-built as a sail-training vessel for the merchant marine, the brainchild of Captain Phil Nankin, himself a tall ship sailor, having been mate of the Lawhill.” During the Winter Sailing Programme, 27 youths gain invaluable life skills experience in seamanship, environmental awareness of the sea and vocational training in navigation and vessel management. “It is our aim to train SA youth in seamanship, but more importantly develop leadership and responsibility amongst our youth via this unique and exciting method,”

however, consider an individual pocket of excellence such as Siya Xusa, the young rocketeer from Umtata and St John’s College who now has a minor planet named after him for the advances he has made in rocketry science. The conference is a joint initiative between the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences School’s Enrichment Centre (AIMSSEC) of Muizenberg, the Cape Town Science Centre and A Whale Of A Heritage Route who are calling for imaginative and intellectually stimulating 20minute contributions from anyone on topics such as Pollution, Water Quality, Biomimicry, Biology, the Impact of Noise, Navigation, Echolocation, Whale Songs,

Friday 6 May

Wednesday 4 May SAIL AWAY: Marx Mohr (18) will be aboard the Bark Europa, on its next leg to Europe, South America, Ant­ arctica and back to Cape Town – a year­long trip. says Stevenson. CWET is relying on companies to sponsor the cost of a learners’ training, which amounts to R5 000 per trainee per week. There are 26 countries representing Sail Training International, and South Africa is currently the only member country without its own tall ship. CWET has identified the staysail schooner Clan Mackenzie as a possible sailing platform to seriously embark on its programmes. This 76 foot, 65 ton vessel was designed by Brian Lello and built in Noordhoek. In it present configuration it is not the ideal sail training vessel, but conversion to a brigantine is a possibility, making it more suited to CWET objectives. Interested parties or would-be sailors wanting to book on the Bark Europa can contact CWET on (021) 685-4013 or email, call Dennis Stevenson on 082 499 1537 or Will Gubb on 071 602 5793 or email

Fish Hoek: The Women’s Agricultural Association will be holding their monthly meeting at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre at 09:30. The topic for the month is “Needlework”. Visitors are welcome. Cover charge is R5, which includes tea and cake. Contact Pat James on (021) 782-2379.

Thursday 5 May Muizenberg: The University of the Third Age in False Bay will be hosting a presentation by Lilian Birch and Di Whiting titled “Two to Peru” at the Muizenberg Pavilion at 09:30 for 10:00. All are welcome and entrance is free. Contact Peter Rickards on (021) 788-9469.

Fish Hoek: The support group for families coping with Alzheimers and other dementias meets every month on the first Friday at Nerina Gardens in Recreation Road, Fish Hoek. Come at 10:00 for a cup of coffee and the meeting starts at 10:30. Contact Bridget on (021) 7863279 or 082 340 7611.

Saturday 7 May Simon’s Town: The Homemade Shoppe morning market will be held in the old library hall, opposite the Simon’s Town Police Station, from 09:00 to 12:00. There will be cakes, food and crafts on sale. Contact Susan on 073 213 8887 or (021) 783-2244. Fish Hoek: The Methodist Church in First Avenue, will be having a craft market from 08:30. There will be lots of home crafters and plants on sale. Contact Yvonne on (021) 782-2687 or 082 685 2099.

Panoply of dance at civic centre A MEETING of the Fish Hoek North Neighbourhood Watch will be held on Tuesday 3 May at

19:30 in the Moth Hall, Central Circle, Fish Hoek. All interested persons are invited to attend.

Marina Da Gama: The Eastlake Craft Market – where Marina Da Gama crafters will be bringing out the winter range this month – will be held at the Eastlake Village Centre from 09:00 to 15:30. Contact Iona Spalding on 082 896 1499. Fish Hoek: The White Heather Club will be hosting its monthly dance at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre at 20:00. Music entertainment will be provided by Edna. Contact Anni on 083 241 1550.

Sunday 8 May Cape Point: Join the Cape Point Volunteers for a hike along Oliefantsbos Road, through to Sirkels Vlei and back. Meet inside the Cape Point pay gate at 09:00 and the walk should finish by 12:00. Hikers should wear boots, have a hat, snacks and rain gear. There is no charge but bring a Wild Card or pay Cape Point admission. Contact Des on (021) 782-1375.

BLOWN AWAY: The Izivunguvungu Youth Band performed their Freedom Day Con­ cert at Schotsche Kloof, Cape Town, blowing away the rain as well as the au­ dience. After first braving the showers to visit the stadium in Green Point, which some had not yet seen, the young musicians managed to perform their hour­long repertoire under almost blue skies, before a 15:00 cloudburst. Most of the members are from the Ocean View area, with a few from Red Hill and some even originally from Zimbabwe. Thanks to the partial assistance of the Navy, the band is able to travel occasionally, even as far as Knysna, where they have been a very popular feature at the annual Oys­ ter Festival for the past two years, ac­ cording to Commodore Mike Oldham, their director. Photo: Supplied

plate of treats to eat and your own drinks. For more information contact (021) 782-1558.

Crime fighters meet in Fish Hoek

Energy Conservation, Whale Identification and Whale Sightings. Over and above these options there will be a slot for a creative paper titled Whales, Foxes or Hedgehogs and, a presentation on the History Of Whaling In False Bay. Specific slots will also be available for contributions by a learner, a college student, a teacher, a business person, a whale spotter and a tourist guide.Send 200 word abstracts to Alan Lindner at by Friday 6 May. The speaker line-up will be confirmed on Saturday 9 May. Inquiries may be directed to Alan Lindner of A Whale of a Heritage Route on 079 391 2105 or to Jai Grover of AIMSSEC on (021) 787-9320.

SWEET GESTURE: Businesses in Fish Hoek facilitated an Easter egg drive for needy children, culminating in a hand­ over of the eggs last Saturday (23 April). Members of the public could drop off do­ nations of Easter eggs at various partici­ pating businesses in Fish Hoek. Seen here are, from the left, Bev Paradine from Copy Wizard, who assisted in driving the campaign; Adrian Lawson, president of the Fish Hoek Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and Pat Moatse, chairperson of the Ocean View Community Police Forum, who volunteered to distribute the eggs in Masiphumelele and Ocean View. The busi­ ness community thanks residents of Fish Hoek for thinking of the less fortunate at Easter time and making the effort to do­ nate the treats. Photo: Iain Groom

Dance club gathering THE White Heather Dance Club will be holding its next meeting on Saturday 7 May at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre at 20:00. Bring along a

Tuesday 3 May 2011

THE Fish Hoek Friends of Music organisation will present 15 UCT students in a showcase of a variety of dances – including classical ballet, Irish, Spanish and contemporary – with matching music on Friday 6

May at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre at 19:30. The compere will be lecturer Lindy Raisenberg, and Daniel Fourie will accompany a performance by Spanish dance teacher, Mavis

Becker. Tickets cost R50 for adults and R10 for children. Tickets can be purchased at Valley Boutique in Valyland, the Biltong Bars in Main Road or Longbeach, or at the door. For more information contact Pat on (021) 782-2252 or Carole on (021) 782-2282.


Tuesday 3 May 2011

People’s Post False Bay Page 7

Golfing excellence celebrated THE Clovelly Golf Club hosted its Club Championships over two weekends on 26 and 27 March and 2 and 3 April. This annual event was held at the club and served to recognise top performers in the tournament which tested the mettle of the club’s male golfers. Club captain, John Spyker, with Mark Barrett, winner of the Pinn Cup for scoring 36 holes nett. Photo: Supplied

Club captain, John Spyker, with Paul Barrett, winner of the C Division.

Club captain, John Spyker, with David Van Eyk, winner of the B Division. Photo: Supplied

Club captain, John Spyker, with Mark Ber­ rett, winner of the Monty Dembrovsky Trophy for scoring 72 holes nett. Photo: Supplied

Club president, Raymond Ackerman (left), with Stephen Bar­ nard, the new Club Champion. Photo: Supplied

Club captain, John Spyker, with Brett Eagle, winner of the Junior Trophy. Photo: Supplied

Rohan Fraser, winner of the Veteran’s Trophy.

UPDATING OF ARTS AND CULTURE DATABASE The City of Cape Town’s department of Social Development: Arts and Culture is updating its database and calls on all arts, culture and heritage organisations and practitioners to register. Registration forms are available from all local libraries or the City’s website below and may either be handed in, faxed, or e-mailed to: Address: Website: Fax: E-mail:

Room 27, 1st Floor Paul Sauer Building, 1 Adderley Street, Cape Town 021 400 1660 Melissa Hendry at

The closing date for submission is Wednesday 15 June 2011. Further enquiries may be directed to Melissa Hendry on tel 021 400 1581. ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER

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Page 8 People’s Post False Bay

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Protect and serve THE South African Police Service (SAPS) is under scrutiny after violent attacks, two of which ended in the death of civilians by shooting. The most recent attack occurred on Saturday, when police were caught on CCTV kicking a Pretoria man in the stomach, hitting him in the face, and trampling on his head. After this assault, the man was arrested for being in possession of an unlicensed firearm, pointing the firearm and resisting arrest. In Woodstock, a sports bar owner and his patrons were allegedly manhandled and assaulted by the Woodstock police at the Easter weekend. President Jacob Zuma, who has expressed “concern” about excessive violence used by SAPS members, called on police to rethink their strategy in containing volatile situations. This came after the death of Ficksburg resident Andries Tatane, who was assaulted and then shot in the chest by police during a service delivery protest in April. Last week, Kempton Park resident Jeanette Odendaal was shot dead by an officer outside a police station after she bumped a parked police car. Much is left to be desired when it comes to the expressed sentiment of the police’s top brass on the point of excessive use of force by officers in the execution of their duties. National Police Commissioner, Bheki Cele, said that recently reported instances of police brutality are mere “isolated cases”. But incidents of excessive violence hardly seem sporadic, with the steady influx of reports at community newspapers alone about officers exerting excessive force. Police brutality sabotages attempts by the force to build stronger relationships with the communities they serve. And a breakdown in trust works against efforts such as the establishment of community police forums and social crime prevention initiatives. Our men and women in blue must always be mindful to first to do no harm.

Metrorail blues

Poor management at Long Beach THIS photo of a group of people from SanParks was taken on Friday morning 8 April on Long Beach Noordhoek. They were supposedly there to pick up litter on the beach. I make this assumption because each was holding, as they always do on their routine outing, a large plastic bin bag. They spent no less than 15 minutes standing and talking as a group as shown in the pictures, then strolled the length of the beach, as a tight group making no attempt to collect litter. I might add it would be unlikely for this lot to find much litter since they were clearly more intent on sticking together. They also strolled at the very back of the beach, perhaps not realizing that the recent strong South Easter would have moved litter closer to

the shore line. Where is management, what about supervision and controls? What a waste of taxpayers’ hardearned money. ALAN BAXTER Noordhoek

GERHARD PRETORIUS, TABLE MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK’S PROJECT MANAGER FOR “WORKING FOR THE COAST”, RESPONDS: The team in the photograph is employed by the Working for the Coast Table Mountain project. The project has to date operated with four contracted teams of about 13 people each. Each team comprises a contractor and a number of workers, with 13 being the maximum size for any team. The reason for this is that a maximum of 13 workers can be transported using the contractors’ transport. Working for the Coast technically employs all the beneficiaries via these four contractors, with each contractor being an independent business – all wages are paid through the contractor’s business and the costs for transporting beneficiaries are paid in the same fashion. In February 2011, one of the conSTANDING ABOUT: A group of workers from TMNP tractors was permabunch up instead of spreading out to pick up litter. nently employed in the Department of Photo: Alan Baxter

Correctional Services, and virtually left overnight to attend training in Bloemfontein. This effectively left his team of 11 unemployed and is one consequence of the contracting system, although this doesn’t happen often. The current financial cycle (June 2008 to 31 March 2011) was drawing to a close, with no certainty of new funding from April 2011, if at all. Setting up a new contractor includes various legal registrations as well as the acquisition of transport. It was due to the uncertainty with regard to the new funding cycle that a new contractor was not appointed. Instead, we employed the remaining team through one of the existing contractors – logistically, it means double trips for one contractor (2 x 13 people), as opposed to doubling the transport for all three contractors (if we’d spread the remaining workers across the remaining teams), and was thus the most costeffective solution. With the beneficiaries of one team living in Masiphumelele, and the other team living in Red Hill, this adds further logistical challenges. Ultimately it was the most effective way that we could keep the team employed. The team in the picture is this remaining team. On the morning in question, just before 08:00, the team (from Masiphumelele) was waiting for the supervisor who was collecting the

relevant paperwork required for the day from the contractor, who was at the Noordhoek Beach parking lot. The contractor then left to get the other team from Red Hill. The team maintains that they had started working once the paperwork had been collected and had indeed spread out in a line across the beach as they proceeded with the specific site. They would admittedly, however, have failed to cover the area north of where they were standing. I acknowledge that the work methodology is less than desired, and that the administration should have been completed before the team started on the site, but currently this team is working without a dedicated contractor. Furthermore, roughly half of the beneficiaries have had to attend compulsory accredited training that our funder is currently conducting, and notably this team has lacked a supervisor for portions of the working month as she had been on training. It should also be noted that this project has only had a full-time project manager since 1 April and that the field assistant position is currently vacant. The field assistant post will be filled in May 2011. I personally haven’t been out to site since I’ve started.

I TRIED to take the 09:00 train service from False Bay station to Cape Town. The cashier refused impolitely to issue me a pensioner ticket not a second before 09:00, because the system wouldn’t allow it. This time the train was on time (by exception), so I missed the train and my appointment in town. Why is it not possible to start issuing tickets five minutes before 09:00? This really is a ridiculous system and an abuse of my right to take trains from exactly 09:00 on a pensioner ticket. ALPHONS NYPELS Muizenberg PEOPLE’S POST sent this letter to Metrorail for comment on Tues­ day 12 April, but to date has not received a response. – Ed.

A DEMARCHY (or lottocracy) is a form of government in which the state is governed by randomly-selected decision makers from a broadly inclusive pool of eligible citizens. These groups deliberately make decisions about public policies in much the same way that juries decide criminal cases. The Venetian Republic was well known for the demarchical aspects of its long-standing and stable government. – (


Tuesday 3 May 2011

Clashing information on baboons THE Simon’s Town Civic Association (STCA) pamphlet “Dealing with Baboons” currently for distribution to the Simon’s Town and Glencairn area is actually in conflict with the Baboon Awareness brochure put out by the authorities. The STCA pamphlet states: “Dustbins: Every resident should have the prescribed baboon-proof bin. Secure the bin by lying it down on its side. No easy pickings – No Baboons.” It does not mention that the bin must be locked. Secondly the bin is not secured by lying it down on its side, but should be firmly tied to an upright structure. On the first page of the Baboon Awareness brochure, under “Keep baboons out of your bins”, which photographically illustrates how to add locks to secure the bins, which are not baboon-proof by themselves, it correctly says: “Secure bin upright and lock for best baboonproofing.” It is proven if this advice is consistently and effectively followed it provides 100% baboon-proofing efficacy. The same cannot be said for lying the bin down on its side. When the baboon has the bin on the ground, it can pull items through the sides. With culling protocol in place for raiding baboons, including Fred of the Smitswinkel troop, it is obviously important that residents are given the correct advice to prevent raids. LORNA THOMAS

Simon’s Town LORRAINE HOLLOWAY, THE STCA’S PORTFOLIO MANAGER FOR BABOONS AND MEMBER OF THE BABOON LIAISON GROUP, REPLIES: THE STCA is working really hard to raise baboon awareness within the community, particularly good waste management practice. It needs to be pointed out that there are reasons for the differences between the STCA and City pamphlet. Not all areas in Simons Town and Glencairn have waste trucks with a mechanism which can open the bin with the locks in place. The “Dealing with Baboons” pamphlet has been distributed by way of mail drops and our email network in those areas where the truck is not mechanised. Laying the bin on its side is just one of the options to secure a bin and obviously it would be locked. The City has a plan in place to have the trucks adjusted as soon as possible. Residents will then receive a communication advising them of this. We would welcome the writer’s assistance in our efforts. However, the writer’s comment on “culling protocol” and the mention of Fred of the Smitswinkel troop is without integrity, mischievous and misleading and is not in the best interests of our baboons or our community.

People’s Post False Bay Page 9

Assumptions made by the media IN RESPONSE to the cartoon you had in your Tuesday 26 April edition, which refers to Julius Malema: Malema did not say Helen Zille danced like a monkey. He said an ugly lady in a blue dress danced like a monkey to get votes. He could have been referring to a number of women within the Democratic Alliance (DA) – admittedly, only two of them could be from the Western Cape cabinet as there are only two women in the Western Cape (WC) cabinet to my knowledge – one less than there is on a certain DA election poster! Of course, logic has it that it is indeed Zille that Malema is referring to, but in the absence of definite facts, surely you as the media should not make fact out of assumption. Another example of the media’s seeming ability to read Malema’s mind is when he called Zille a cockroach. It was automatically assumed he was using the Rwanda version of cockroach, where the

term was used to describe the victims of that holocaust. Just another couple of examples of the media’s ability to manufacture facts. GARY WEST Marina Da Gama THE Sowetan published a photo on Monday 28 March of Helen Zille dancing in a blue DA T-shirt and blue skirt at an event in Port Elizabeth at the weekend. Malema then said in Polokwane on Saturday 2 April: “Have you ever seen an ugly woman in a blue dress dancing like a monkey because she is looking for votes?” All media reports linked Malema’s statement to Zille’s dancing, and Zille and the DA were approached for comment. If the media had erred in making the link, Malema would most likely have demanded a correction and apology – something he has never been shy or slow to do. - Ed.

DID YOU KNOW that metropolitan municipalities, also known as unicities, have exclusive municipal executive and legislative authority in their areas? There are six of these: Cape Town, Durban, East Rand, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. They have a choice of two types of executive systems: the mayoral executive system, and the collective executive committee –



Luxury Office Chair



I ask you, would you rather prefer that these people resort to stealing and robbing? At least this would not be seen by the tourist trade, but somehow it would send an even worse message to the world, would it not? This selfish view is what we must get rid of, if we want to go ahead in this land. Yes, it is illegal, yes it does not look good, yes it is frustrating, but also, yes you have it all, yes you are not in that position, yes you pay your taxes because, yes you earn a decent salary and yes you have a decent place to live in. Let us not forget those that have been neglected for generations. Let us instead help in any way possible to uplift their lives, even if it means sometimes that you have to put up with such discomforts as these and have to turn a blind eye in order to let it be. Why, instead of complaining, don’t you offer one of these people a job doing your garden, or the washing and ironing? You will find much more reward out of doing this and knowing that you have acted like a real human being instead. You will suddenly realise that it is not just about the taxes you pay and what you are supposed to get for it. And I am not ashamed or embarrassed to let you know who I am. MARCOS JOSE SOLIS-PERALTA Welcome Glen


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Tony Robinson short-sighted HILARY JACOBS, thank you for the succinct letter you wrote to Tony Robinson in the People’s Post on Tuesday 26 April regarding fracking in the Karoo. I could not have said it better. It irritates me when someone like Tony Robinson, who has some clout, writes so flippantly about something as serious as fracking and in a tone that would gladden the hearts of many corporate oil bigwigs. The effects of fracking are going to be serious and cumulative the world over. In 10 years’ time people will be singing a different song, but by then it will be too late. America seems unable to regulate fracking; why should South Africa be any different? And why does Mr Robinson think the only two choices are fracking or nuclear power?

It is easy for Mr Robinson to belittle people who care about clean water and babies being born without serious deformities, just so that he can look good. I thought his article was short-sighted, not very well researched, and disappointing for a so-called “free-thinker”. He makes me laugh when he says the anti-frackers are paying people to smear the oil companies’ names, when in fact the oil companies, who actually have the money, are spending a fortune on public relations and advertising to promote their own cause. There is plenty of objective information available about fracking and its long-term effects. “Fracking Hell: The Untold Story” is one example. ULRIC CONRADIE Kommetjie




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I READ the comment by one of your readers on Tuesday 5 April on Page 10, regarding the law enforcement against wood sellers, and would like to comment on it. I would like to address this comment to the person who does not want to post his name. I find it disgusting that someone sees this as an issue in terms of the so-called message that the tourists are getting and the rest of the world. Our country and our people need every bit of help they can in order to survive and to make ends meet. This person is obviously only thinking about himself/herself and how dirty or bad the road looks on his or her way home, and therefore it causes him or her a serious discomfort which he/she is now voicing because he/she is entitled, due to the fact that he/she is a tax payer. Sir/madam, open your eyes. If you had no opportunities for a job, no hope of getting it, no education that you enjoyed while in your forming years, a family to feed, a house that leaks everywhere in winter, a house that falls apart every time the wind blows, and on top of that you have to put up with high crime rate in the place you live, would the opinion of the so-called tourist trade be in any way important to you while all you are trying to do is earn just a couple of rand to put food in your family’s mouths?




Stop whining and do something

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Page 10 People’s Post False Bay

Your SMSes ture stock, and bear in mind that these fish are docile and easy to catch. They also drag all and sundry in their nets to the beach! Graham No sign, no fine? . Please could the “No dogs allowed” rule be enforced on Fish Hoek beach by giving people a R300 spot fine? Most of the signs have been removed. Maureen, Fish Hoek Baboons . I have three kids under three years old and live in Lakeside. We had a large baboon in our yard and four other times we had serious encounters. I must say, I’m armed with pepper spray because I love my kids. Do people value baboons above their own kids? Gerhard . Why protect baboons? Besides keeping them in a few zoos and circuses for amusement, they have no use! Merlin General . I really want to know what is wrong with False Bay Hospital. When you go there, only three patients are permitted to go in, but you have a big family. And to that female security guard, you are very rude. . To the abusive, miserable, illmannered foreigner who swore at me, hit my dog for no reason, and whose dog on a leash bit a runner’s pooch right on Long Beach. This is the man who hit his dog senseless with onlookers right there on the

beach, including securities, on Easter weekend. I hope that you are locked up, that your kid and wife dumps you, and that your dog ends up in a better home. Get out of this country. We don’t need you or your opinions in our lives. If you want my opinion, I’ll give it to you: get out of South African society. . To Leon, I think it was suggested that you share your martial arts skills and start a class. Stop moaning and issuing idle threats to people because we all have problems, or have you forgotten the important parts of practising martial arts? . Smiley thanks for your comment, but please get your eyes tested and actually read what I said. Don’t put words into my mouth. I am a great dad – are you? It’s people like you from whom I distance myself. I don’t hide my kid. I take her out into shopping malls. She is living with a dad who doesn’t drink or smoke. My kids are proud of me. Look around, there may only be a handful of those like us. And Smiley and kie, I never asked anyone for help ever. I survive with Jesus. He is always with us and we have no fear. Smiley and kie, wake up. We don’t know when the end is coming. Leon [Gentlemen, we have to close off on this correspondence. Please phone People’s Post’s editor on (021) 7139440 if you would like to link up directly with each other, and a number swap can be facilitated. -Ed.] . To Dubai Shopper, how mundane your “mall” holiday was. It is so uninspiring to those who would

ever choose to go to Canal Walk, let alone Dubai. . Come walk the kennelled dogs at Tears any Wednesday, Friday or Sunday from 10:00. Phone (021) 7854482 to book a short orientation course. See you there. . Just wondering how many others are paying Telkom for no service in return? I have been without service since November. I have even paid rental for the year, yet to this day there has been no service. Is there anyone else getting such lousy treatment? . Would film extras who have issues about outstanding fees or conditions on film set please SMS details to Eddie at 083 718 1810. .Your Treknet cartoon dated 26 April may have offended all vegetarian readers. Please print an apology. . The recent Old Mutual Two Oceans marathon was very disappointing in the way that the cameras were focused on the fore-runners and not the whole team. TV viewer Smartening up . To the people who complain about Pick n Pay’s Smart Card, it helps me, so well done Pick n Pay. . In response to Lucille, you the consumer, get R10 returned on every R1 000 you spend. . Dear consumer, both correspondents must go and do some elementary mathematics. One point per R100 equals R1. Elementary, my dear Watson! No moaners? . [No SMSes were received about moaners or moaning in Fish Hoek this week. -Ed.]




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WOULD anyone else also appreciate speedbumps in the vicinity of the intersection of Longboat Street and Ou Kaapse Weg? I live in the Milkwood Park area and have frequently been tailgated when having to turn left when coming to Longboat Street from the Kommetjie Road robot. This happens despite my indicator being on well in advance! In general, cars travelling from Kommetjie Road towards Ou Kaapse Weg like to speed down this stretch of road, which also makes it very difficult if you are trying to come out of Milkwood Park turning right towards Simon’s Town. Drivers frequently ignore the solid white line where the lane splits into a right turning lane only for Sun Valley, and use this lane to overtake cars turning left into Milkwood Park, which adds to your woes when you are trying to turn right (towards Simon’s Town). Surely something can be done? NICOLETTE LE ROUX Milkwood Park

021 405 1136 • 0860 11 69 18

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In response . The readers who are concerned about the elderly lady who was the victim of the bad estate agent, rest assured. Once the investigation is finalised her name will be published. . Don’t bother reopening Shell Fracker’s garage. We don’t need them. . The residents of Ocean View must be fined when they are caught dumping. Report them and let them pay a fine of between R500 and R10 000. . Responding to the Editor’s leader last week, “Historic holiday”, I believe we are still divided along racial lines. If not, how do you explain BEE policy, sports quotas and affirmative action? True acceptance can possibly only be obtained if we eradicate all discriminatory practices and inflammatory speeches. Smiley Treknetters . What a heart-warming story about the treknet fishermen on Page 6, and it’s even more heart warming when we see more than a few tons of yellowtail lying on the beach. Mark . To the treknet fishermen on Fish Hoek beach, maybe you are without income due to the lack of fish? You have destroyed the fish population by trekking. Pat H .Unfortunately the treknet fishermen slaughter pregnant females by the ton, thus threatening the fu-

Tuesday 3 May 2011

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Barry ready to visit his cousins ALTHOUGH he has only been to Fish Hoek “to fish”, comedy legend Barry Hilton hopes to bring a roar of laughter as big as Elton John’s pinky ring to the Far South when he hits the Valley on Saturday 7 May. Hilton will leave his local cousins in stitches when he kicks off the “Legends in the Valley” comedy series, organised by Noordhoek local and fellow commedian, Mark Sampson. Money raised will go to the Shark Spot- HOWZIT? Barry Hilton will be rolling out the laughter with his show ters. in Fish Hoek on Saturday 7 May. Hilton, who grew up in Observatory, says he looks forward to vi- quips. siting “the other end of the city”. The show will be presented in the Fish “It’s been a while since I’ve visited the ar- Hoek High School hall at 19:00. Tickets are ea, and I look forward to giving people a good R100 pre-booked and R120 at the door. time,” he says. “I love working in Cape Town There will be a full bar on the evening and and I’m sure this show is going to be just as a selection of snacks for sale. Hilton’s show lekker.” will be preceded by a support act. He looks forward to “checking out the To reserve your tickets, phone 078 174 4244 characteristics” when he comes to town la- or email ter this week, the comic says. . The show is proudly supported by PeoAnything he would like to add? ple’s Post, the print media partner of the “Two and two, which gives you four,” he “Legends in the Valley” comedy series.

HITTING THE COVER: Hot Water are, from the left: Leon Visser, Chris Bakalanga, Andre Swartz, Donovan Copley and Soubry Makupula. Photo: Deborah Rossouw

Every home should have Hot Water WITH the launch of their third album, “South”, Hot Water continue to unfold a distinctive, authentic and uplifting South African sound that will make you proud to be a part of this country. “Afro-Folk-Rock-Pop-Blues-Jive” is how band leader Donovan Copley would describe the music. And the purpose? “Upliftment, and finding a point of common identity,” says Copley. South is a multicultural exploration in music, and with song titles like “Lekker Sakkie”, “Tribal Man” and “Shushu”, the band is naturally accessible across the board.

Hot Water has performed at almost every major festival in South Africa, including Rocking the Daisies, Oppikoppi, Splashy Fen, Up The Creek, KKNK, Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts as well as the famed “House on Fire” in Swaziland and the Hague Jazz Festival in Holland. The band has toured in Europe five times; played alongside SA greats Hugh Masekela, Johnny Clegg and Freshlyground, and had their songs used in advertising campaigns across Europe and in the USA. For full tour dates and information go to

Brief Lives moves to Artscape THE Claremont Dramatic Society’s production of Patrick Garlands’ “Brief Lives” is transferring from the Masque Theatre to the Artscape Arena for a short run from Saturday 7 to Saturday 14 May. The play is a dramatisation of 17th century diarist, John Aubrey’s writings. Aubrey is depicted as an eccentric old man

in the last year of his life, sharing historical perspectives and spicy gossip about his famous friends. This adaptation is directed by Brenda Gray, with Brian de Kock as John Aubrey. Book at Computicket or Artscape DialA-Seat on (021) 421-7695.

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Classic whodunnit at Masque AGATHA CHRISTIE’S mystery novel, “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”, adapted for the stage by Michael Morton under the title “Alibi”, opens at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg, on Friday 13 May. Cecil Jakins directs the play for the Fish Hoek Dramatic Society. “The Murder FAMOUS PLOT: Nigel Stevenson (left) and Noel Pratten in “Alibi”, the of Roger Ack- Agatha Christie murder mystery opening at the Masque Theatre on Friday royd “was the 13 May. Photo: Supplied first of Agatha Christie’s novels to be staged and the play Laughton, who went on to star in and direct follows the book closely. the 1932 Broadway production. “Alibi” (with a cast of 12) is full of the usu“Alibi” runs until Saturday 21 May (exal Christie red herrings, plot twists and cluding Sunday to Wednesday). Week well-defined characters. It was first pro- nights are at 20:00 and Saturdays at 14:30 duced on the London stage in 1928, with and 18:30. Tickets are R60 for evenings and Hercule Poirot played by Charles R50 for matinees and Thursday evening.

Open day for aspiring dancers T

HE Cape Town City Ballet, in conjunction with UCT School of Dance and the Cape Junior Ballet, presents its annual open day from 10:00 till 15:00 on Saturday 28 May at the studios of the UCT School of Dance in Rosebank. The action-packed day promises excellent entertainment for the whole family, as well as providing a rare behind-the-scenes look into the daily life of a dancer. A special feature of this year’s event will be the appearance of the “Black Swan” during the two special fundraiser performances. Visitors can begin their visit by observing a company class taught by ballerina, Tracy Li, and then watch a rehearsal conducted by Professor Elizabeth Triegaardt of City Ballet’s production of Swan Lake, which will be presented at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown next month, as well as during its forthcoming season at the Artscape Opera in August. Young visitors are catered for and can participate in several events, which include Laura Bosenberg will show off her talent at Cape Town City Bal­ face painting and stage make- let’s Open Day in Rosebank. up by City Ballet dancers, and experience a tactile moment with costumes while the Cape Junior Ballet can be seen in a from their wardrobe. “Variations Class” conducted by former balleThe Ballet Shop will hold a special sale of rina, Nicolette Loxton. dance togs. A percentage of sales will be donatAdmission is R20 for adults and R10 for chiled to City Ballet’s outreach and development dren under 13, and enables participants to atprogrammes. tend all the activities, except the two fundraisMervyn Williams will conduct an open “In- ing performances at 12:30 and 13:30. troduction to Ballet” class and all are invited Tickets for these shows are available on the to join in on the fun. day for R50. City Ballet’s Male Development programme Refreshments will be on sale. will see former principal dancer, Johan For more information, phone Megan du PlesJooste, conduct a class for young male dancers, sis on (021) 650-2400.

Actors needed urgently TWO characters are urgently needed for a South African comedy or drama written by Ralph Kelly. The play, which is to be staged by the Companion Players at the Milnerton Playhouse on 7, 8 and 9 July, requires actors for

the parts of a Jewish wife and a detectivesergeant. Rehearsals will be held in Claremont. Anyone wishing to audition or help backstage and front-of-house, please contact Pam Burger on 082 488 0442.


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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Stormers brace for View from the beach the Crusaders PAUL BOTHA

AS PREDICTED, the ocean produced an aweinspiring display of raw power last week, with four days of Southern Hemisphere swells that saw many of the Far South’s top wave-riders heading 700km along the South Coast to Jeffreys Bay. Day after day of ruler-topped two metre waves barrelling down the 300m lava-strewn liquid runway, fanned by strong offshore winds wrote yet another historic chapter into the annals of South Africa, and arguably the world’s, best right-hand point break, prompting experts to predict an excellent winter of waves for 2011. The Far South’s younger wave-riders wrote their own history on the Easter weekend, capturing a number of titles and generally posting impressive performances in events in Durban and Port Elizabeth. The 19th annual Billabong SA Grommets Games in Port Elizabeth saw Alex Townsend claim the title in the youngest (Under 8) division while fellow WP team members Manoa Robb and York van Jaarsveld finished second and third in the u/10s, Josh Fairley was runner-up in the u/16s and Braga Jorgenson and Paul Samson placed third and fourth in the u/12s. Fairley and Robb also won the awards for the top manoeuvres on days one and two respectively, while the Western Province team clinched fourth in the Tag event and placed fourth overall amongst the eight provinces. The team was well managed by Tanya van Jaarsveld, assistant manager Priscilla Snyders, coach Craig Johnson, assistant coach Chad Herman and catering manager Celine


A CLASH of the titans can be expected when the DHL Stormers take on the Crusaders in the Vodacom Super Rugby competition at DHL Newlands on Saturday. Arguably South Africa and New Zealand’s most consistent, strongest and best teams in the competition, Allister Coetzee and Todd Blackadder’s charges will do battle in one of the most eagerly-anticipated matches of the tournament. And, following an emphatic 32-12 victory over the Sharks, their closest rivals in the South African conference, the Stormers will be look- QUICK STEPPER: DHL Stormers centre, Jean de Villiers, ing to replicate the performance manages to get past the clutches of Meyer Bosman of when they take to the field this the Sharks during the Stormers’ 32­12 victory at DHL weekend. Newlands on Saturday. De Villiers, who scored one of his The Stormers shook off their la- side’s four tries, was named man of the match. bel as a defensive team when the Photo: men in navy-blue-and-white ran in four unanswered tries and picked up a valua- happy. ble bonus point. Even the loss of flyhalf and “However, we still have a lot to work on – leading point scorer, Peter Grant, could not we created several opportunities which we deter the Stormers from playing all-round did not capitalise on. In a play-off match you good rugby – and young Lionel Cronjé need to take such opportunities.” stepped up to the plate and did a fine job reFollowing the victory over the men from placing the Stormers pivot. Durban, the Cape side extended their lead on Inside centre, Jean de Villiers, was impres- the top of the South African conference log, sive and scored one of his side’s four tries. His and have moved to second place on the comperformance also earned him the man of the bined log. The Blues from New Zealand are match award. on top with a one-point lead. The Stormers dominated at the breakThe men from Canterbury in New Zealand downs, maintained a solid defence and will be looking for revenge, after their last thrilled the 46 000-strong crowd with attack- visit to Newlands ended in a record-breaking ing and wide-spread plays. 42-14 win in favour of the Stormers. The excellent play by his side impressed The current crop of Crusaders players has head coach, Coetzee. However he maintains impressed throughout the season, despite inthat they can still improve their current form. juries to players such as captain Kieran Read, “It was a good win, and I am satisfied with Daniel Carter and stalwart, Richie McCaw. the outcome – we scored three tries in the first Read and Carter, without a doubt the 25 minutes of the match,” he said. number one flyhalf in the world, are said to “I felt that we stood up physically and again be making their return on Saturday, while did well on defence. We have been criticised McCaw played his first match for the side in for not scoring many tries, but if we are pre- their 42-30 victory over the Western Force in venting the other side from scoring tries, I am Perth on Saturday.


THE Cadiz Milkwood, an annual road race in the Soetwater National Park, will take place on Sunday 8 May. The 21,1km halfmarathon will start at 07:30; the 10km race will start at 07:45 and the 5km fun run will start at 08:00. Entry fee for the races will cost R50, R30 and R20 respectively for licensed runners. Unlicensed runners must purchase a temporary licence on race day. Competitors can enter online at or at the race from 06:00 onwards.

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Townsend. Meanwhile, in Durban Michael February grabbed third place in u/20 division in the Quiksilver Pro Junior event, where fellow Kommetjie surfers, Brendon Gibbens and Matt Bromley, pocketed R2 000 each for winning the “most radical aerial manoeuvre” and the “best ridden waves” respectively in the 20 minute Red Bull Expression Session. Kommetjie surfer, Ethan Fletcher (11), excelled at the small waves in Durban, finishing fourth in the u/12 King of the Groms before going on to win the u/14 crown ahead of third-placed Jordy Maree (Kalk Bay). Brandon Benjamin (Retreat) took the Future Stars title and a wildcard entry into the u/20 event, where he advanced to the last 16, while Papi Makonyane (Muizenberg) placed third in the Future Stars. WP Surfing has announced their team for the Billabong SA Surfing Championships at Seal Point on Cape St Francis from Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 May. Kommetjie’s Dave Richards makes a welcome return to inter-provincial surfing as the top seed in the Men’s division. Ian and Max Armstrong, from Scarborough, and Kommetjie’s Tarryn Chudleigh and Tanika Hoffman are other Far South reps in the event, which will be contested in Open and u/20 divisions for men and women. On Monday 16 May, Mikey February and the Brand brothers, Davey and Benji, will be jetting off to Peru to represent South Africa in the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Championships, which runs from Saturday 21 to Sunday 29 May at the famed breaks of Cabelleros and Senoritas.


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