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LEGGY VISITORS: This flock of about 60 flamingos settled in the old Kom tidal pool on “bird island” in Kommetjie recently. They have been identified as Greater Flamingos by Dr Rob Little, manager of the Centre of Excellence at the FitzPatrick Institute at UCT. Greater Flamingos are identified by a beak which is half pink and half black. He adds: “They are classified as near­threatened nationally, according to the red data list, with a possibility of becoming vulnerable in the near future.” To ensure their survival, Little says disturbance, particularly by dogs, should be kept to a minimum. PHOTO: JACO MARAIS/PHOTO24


Armed assailants strike TERESA FISCHER


REPORT of an armed mugging at Silvermine East gate which took place in March has only emerged now on an online forum for climbers. The victim describes it as a “relatively unusual” incident, but adds caution would not go amiss. The man, who could not be reached at the time of going to press, writes he had been encouraged to write an account of what happened to keep people informed. The email group Table Mountain Watch circulated his email. He says on Thursday 21 March he had been bouldering at Topside with a friend. As they were driving out of the Silvermine East parking area, they noticed that the parking official was gone and the boom was closed.

He says initially they thought they had been locked inside and so tried to make a call from a cellphone. While he was doing this a man came up and asked them if the gate was locked. After a short exchange the man told them he was “high” and went back to his car. He noticed there were two other men in the back and a woman in the front of their car. He says: “A little while later they drove up to us, and two men jumped out the back, with one of them pointing a gun (at us). They told us to kneel down behind the low wall and searched us, and then our car, before speeding off.” He adds they were not isolated as cars were driving past on Ou Kaapse Weg and two groups of hikers walked up to the boom seconds after the robbers had left.

They managed to get the numberplate and make of car, and went straight to the Muizenberg Police Station, where it was found to be a hijacked vehicle. He says there was some confusion before they could report the incident as they were told Silvermine East fell under Kirstenhof’s jurisdiction and “we had to go to that police station”. He adds: “This may be helpful to know in the future.” Fish Hoek Police Station spokesperson Warrant Officer Peter Middleton confirmed Silvermine gates fall under the jurisdiction of the Kirstenhof Police Station. The climber continues: “However, because firearms were used in the robbery, we should ideally not have moved the car from the scene for the sake of getting fingerprints.”

He adds two suspects were later apprehended, but says he could not positively identify either in an identity parade. “When a gun was pointed at me my immediate reaction was to look down so that I was not confrontational. Although I feel that this is the priority it would have been good if, surreptitiously, I could have memorised some unique and unchangeable feature of the men.” His opinion of the incident is that it was a relatively unusual incident as the suspects were on a “brazen crime spree”. He explains theirs was the third of four groups who were robbed by the men in the same car that same day. At the time of going to press, Kirstenhof Police station spokesperson could not be reached for comment about the incident. V Phone Kirstenhof Police Station (021) 701 2426.

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Twilight time turns to worry years TAMMY PETERSEN


HEY should be leading a comfortable life, sipping tea while surrounded by family and grandchildren. Instead, thousands of elderly people face dire financial straits, loneliness and circumstances so bleak, they are simply waiting to die to be free of their worries. With World Elder Abuse Day a week away, no end seems in sight to decrease the worry lines forming on the faces of the aged. More needs to be done to develop activities and opportunities for the elderly so that they aren’t “simply treated like dead wood”, elder care activists say. But while lobbyists try to shed light on


Cultural explosion MULTIMEDIA

Engen KO kicks off PeoplesPostNewsPaper


this reality, older people continue to struggle on, not very hopeful of a change in their situations. With a monthly income of just over R1 200, Moira is amazed that she manages to eat every night. She has only one cup of bitter black tea a day because sugar and milk is too expensive. To save on electricity, she bathes in cold water. “I gave up luxuries many moons ago,” the 68-year-old says. “Now I just live from day to day, hoping there’s going to be enough money for me to buy something to eat tomorrow.” Moira worked as a child minder for a Sea Point couple for 40 years. She gave up her job when her husband was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. At that point, she was the breadwinner in her home. Her partner of 50 years was retrenched when he turned 52. He had been working as a casual labourer for over 30 years at a printing factory. “He didn’t have a pension plan and all his boss gave him on his last day of work was an extra R2 000 and a pat on the back. He never had a job again – nobody wanted to hire a man so close to retiring age.” He died in 2005. Moira has been on her own since. She pays R600 a month to live in the tiny wendy house in the backyard of a church member. An old black and white TV is her only source of diversion. She hardly has any furniture as there is only space for her bed, a dilapidated cupboard and a broken fridge in which she stores her perishables. After she has paid for the roof over her head, she starts working miracles with the remaining money. “I pay R200 for electricity to my landlord. Once I skipped a payment because I had to pay for my burial fund and they left me without light for a month. I don’t like the dark,” she shudders. The remaining R400 is used for vegetables and other staples. Her supper consists of rice and vegetables because she can’t afford meat. The change goes towards odds and ends like rat poison and insect killers to get rid of the critters who have infested her modest home. “I don’t know when last I bought myself a treat like cake or my favourite sugar-coated sweets,” Moira says sadly. “But that’s okay – the Lord still provides me with food every night.” Government should be ashamed of the pittance granted to pensioners, says Derek Kloppers, spokesperson of the Concerned Pensioners Organisation. The group, supported by hundreds of aged residents from across the city, recently took to the streets and handed over a memorandum to parliament demanding a review and increase of the grant. They are still awaiting feedback. “It is a disgrace that, at our age, we should be worried about where our supper is going to come from,” an incensed Kloppers says.

TRAUMA: Financial worries and loneliness are but two of the countless issues facing the elderly. PHOTO: TAMMY PETERSEN “The people who built this country and who were the backbone of the economy are now being treated as a liability. After being independent and self-sufficient all our lives, we are now forced to beg and borrow to sustain ourselves. It is despicable that we are being deprived.” Desperate pensioners have resorted to eating pet food or dry bread to survive, he continues. “It is a shameful secret, but a reality that needs to be exposed. People are dying not of old age but of hardship. Give us back our dignity. We are the people who have laid the foundation of this country.” A lack of finance has also led to people no longer able to afford private healthcare as more pensioners head to State facilities to save money. Beatrice (73) suffers from high blood pressure and arthritis, but says she hasn’t been to her local day hospital in months as she can no longer manage to stand in endless queues while waiting for assistance. “My knees can’t handle the strain,” she says, rubbing her legs through her threadbare trousers. “We elderly people don’t get any special treatment – we also have to wait more than 12 hours for help. People push and shove us out of the way so that they can get done quicker while we sit on the hard benches or lean against walls for support, patiently waiting our turn. I can’t take it any more,” she says. Elizabeth Bantom, a public health activist who has been lobbying for improved services for over 30 years, says it is essential that all people speak up about the long wait. “It is understandable that emergency cases be handled as a priority, but people such as the elderly should also be given preferences as they cannot be expected to wait so long,” she says.

But apathy and an unwillingness to speak up is the reason service delivery is at such a low level. “If you are unhappy, make your voice heard. If you feel you need assistance urgently, say so. If you don’t inform those in charge that the situation is serious, how do you expect to be helped?” But money and healthcare are not the only factors adding to their gray hairs. Agatha (69) lives on her own in a retirement village. Despite suffering from dementia and arthritis, she cooks, cleans and does her own washing. Although they live less than 10km away, her two children visit only twice a month. “I love seeing them,” she says. “I just wish they would come around more often.” The only time Agatha ventures further than her front gate is to go to church or to collect her high blood pressure medication at the local day hospital. Most of her time is spent listening to the radio. “My husband died six years ago so it’s just me now,” she says sadly. “It’s not nice being on your own.” She lives for every second Tuesday for her church’s pensioners’ group get-together for tea and biscuits. “Jinne, chatting to them makes me feel so alive!” she laughs. “We joke and skinner while swopping recipes and huisraadjies. I never want those days to end.” She admits to sometimes feeling intense loneliness, but she gets over it with her “friends on the wireless”. “I don’t want to be a burden to my children. They have their own lives now, their own families to raise. But I love seeing them. They make me so happy and proud and my grandchildren are so beautiful! It’s like I don’t even want them to leave.” Berniece Lourens, a community worker who works with the elderly across the peninsula, says it is “a travesty when the offspring of the backbone of society turn their backs on the people who gave them life”. “There is nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing an old person shed tears of loneliness. Their own children don’t have time for them. They are supposed to be in the prime of the lives, but instead they are neglected and sidelined to fend for themselves. It is a shameful reality no one speaks about,” she says. Some even consider pension day as an outing, Lourens explains. “You will find them dressed up in the queues, desperately trying to make conversation with the other old people waiting for their turn. Communication is a human need. These people have stories to tell and memories to share. All they want is someone to listen.” A organisation is hoping to put the pensioners’ plight on the table and fight for solutions. The Metro South Older Persons’ Forum will be launched on Tuesday 11 June at the Athlone Community Hall at 10:00.














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PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Help to team up against crime – CPF TERESA FISCHER APATHY was a recurring theme at the Fish Hoek Community Police Forum (CPF) meeting held at the civic centre on Wednesday. The various neighbourhood watches debated how to attract more members, noting areas without active neighbourhood watches soon become easier targets for criminals. Fish Hoek’s neighbourhood watches are open to residents of any age, and they cited the example of a particularly observant 85-year-old woman, who did sterling work for the community. Chairperson Tony Bullock pointed out that joining the neighbourhood watch did not mean patrols are compulsory. The neighbourhood watch’s role was described as to be the “eyes and ears” of the police, and its function is to be a “force multiplier” for the police. “We need more people,” said one Clovelly resident, who adds the suburb is being targeted by criminals, including the notorious balaclava gang. When the task seemed to become overwhelming, sector one chairperson Mark Prowse suggested focusing on simple steps, which would make a big difference. Top of the list was the importance of not leaving refuse bins out the night before collection day. According to the CPF, this can alert criminals to numerous things about your household, such as whether you are at home, whether you have dogs, how many people live inside the house and whether you have bought any new electronics. Bin picking is also said to provide an excellent cover for suspects to have a reason for loitering near your property. The allocation of police resources, said to be inadequate, was also discussed. DA Member of Provincial Parliament, Mark Wiley, who also chairs the Community Safety portfolio committee, has recently been quoted in the media saying there were “serious staff shortages” at some key police stations in the peninsula especially at weekends. He added in the south peninsula, three police stations lost 23 officers over the past 12 months and none of them had been replaced. Fish Hoek station commander Lieutenant Colonel Nico Franken says the numbers reported by Wiley were figures based on “an ideal world” scenario. V Neighbourhood Watch contact numbers: Highway mountainside 076 276 7546; Milkwood Park 082 519 2112; Peer’s Hill 083 673 3952; Ranger 3 and Lower Berg 082 411 3129; Rissi Road 074 155 6713; San Michel 082 450 3256; Sunnydale 076 053 1880; Sun Valley 084 510 9112; Valyland 073 165 1395; Early Avenues 073 796 6939; Capri: 083 384 8635; Central Avenues (021) 782 2476; Clovelly 082 782 6333; Danieldale 072 538 9664 and Dascro 082 550 3532.


And no approval without assessment



HERE can be no moratorium on further development in the South Peninsula as was requested by the Far South Peninsula Community Forum (FSPCF). Last Monday Mayor Patricia de Lille visited Fish Hoek with a team of Mayoral Committee (Mayco) members to address concerns raised by the FSPCF (“Plans to unravel traffic snarl”, People’s Post, 14 May). Forum spokesperson Lesley Shackleton says in early May representatives of civic organisations had presented De Lille with a list of outstanding issues “resulting from the City’s ongoing lack of response to letters and representations by civil society over the past years”. The mayor had promised to investigate. Nicki Holderness, chairperson of the FSPCF, says: “The mayor’s response was encouraging. She started by acknowledging that the City had indeed not responded as it should have and apologised for this.” Holderness says De Lille and City Manager Achmat Ebrahim, who was also present at the meeting, proposed in future all concerns should be channelled through the Subcouncil chairperson, Felicity Purchase, to both the City Manager and mayor, and also copied to the relevant Mayco

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member. She says it is hoped this would ensure proper responses in future. De Lille then called on the Mayco members present, Councillor Brett Herron, Councillor Gareth Bloor and Councillor JP Smith, to respond to the issues the Far South had been raising over the years. Holderness says: “A number of significant promises were made.” But Shackleton says although both De Lille and Bloor admitted infrastructure was already over-capacity in the South, civics were told there could not be a moratorium on further development in the area as had been requested. She says the mayor assured them each development is considered on its own merit, taking into account the availability of bulk infrastructure. “However, Councillor Bloor undertook to carry out the long-requested Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Far South, which despite being required by national legislation as a prerequisite to local planning processes, had never been done,” says Shackleton. She says Bloor said this would be com-



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pleted within six months. She adds Herron promised traffic engineers would participate in a workshop with informed locals and experts to jointly investigate which measures could be taken to improve traffic flow. “It was recognised by all that there were not the funds available for major new road construction projects, but, as the civics had been pointing out, there was much that could be done with limited expense. A key aspect of this would be improving visible policing, and exploring the many improvements suggested by locals for Ou Kaapse Weg and Kommetjie Road,” adds Shackleton. The civics had also raised the issue of the impact the limited access routes to the Far South has on disaster management. Smith reported on the City’s approach to managing disasters and promised a workshop between civics and City Disaster Management to look at the specific constraints experienced by the Far South. Shackleton concludes the commitments made by the City were welcomed by civic representatives. She says the meeting concluded with a “key quote” from the mayor, assuring them that until these strategic issues had been properly addressed, any major developments in the South could not be approved.

Fish Hoek Methodist Church

Welcomes you to their Sunday Services 08:30, 10:15 & 18:00 Sunday School 08:30 Minister Ronnie Cawood Further enquiries phone Church Office Mon. – Fri. 08:30 – 15:00 Telephone 782-1569 Sunday School Grade 0 – 12 All children welcome

Creche/Mother’s room available.

The next 3 weeks we invite you to the last 3 sessions of “Not a Fan but a committed follower of Jesus” at our Sunday service Luke 9:23 May the joy and peace of Christ fill your lives.


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Warm hearts

WINTER has exposed her frilly underskirts as Capetonians huddle by fireplaces or in airconditioned offices. That is, however, not the reality for many of the Mother City’s citizenry. There are countless people with hands outstretched over dangerous braziers to keep warm and dry. For the homeless, washing day will come when the sun shines. In Cape Town, we know this hardly happens during the rainy season. The harsh elements – compounded by our wet and windy season – is no friend to the homeless, man or animal. It is for this reason that Joe and Joan Ordinary are asked – nay, begged – to reach into the recesses of their cupboards for food items, clothing curing under mothballs and a little bit of empathy for others less fortunate. And there are enough good causes where you can spend your time or resources and discard of your “thin” or “fat” clothes. Even the animal shelters have started appealing for help. The appeals vary from requests for blankets for animals in shelters to food for the cats and dogs, and the Cape of Good Hope SPCA has asked that you give them a call if you see an animal in distress or which has been left out in the cold by an uncaring owner. NGOs, the religious fraternity and people with spare time and big hearts are stepping up to the plate to help others. As you snuggle up in your warm bed or start your day by getting dressed, cossetted in a winter jacket and driving in your car, you might want to spare a thought for others who have so much less than you do. You might even be moved to part with your hardearned cash to support appeals for tinned goods for shelters where other people are housed. The coffers perpetually run dry. There is always a need. You could be the difference.

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Show some patience to the youth I DID not know how to start this (letter), but to keep it short and simple it all comes down to adults leading by example, as the youth look up to us as parents and senior citizens. Our daily interactions with one another can say a lot about this beautiful country and valley we live in. We take life for granted and are self-centred, and do not take another person into consideration in many ways. We take for granted that once we were young adults as well, having to go through the aches and pains of becoming adults and progress through different stages to be completely independent. I write this letter to the people for whom the shoe fits. To the other adults I can say “thank you” for all your patience with our children while in training as learner drivers on the road. Life does not just come easily, you have to work for it. I would expect adults, who themselves are parents and have children who still have to obtain driver’s licences, to be a little more polite on the road. We all want the best for our children and an inconsiderate road user is just not acceptable. My daughter had her driver’s licence test and, while on the road, had a very abrupt, ill-mannered woman behind her. (She) got out of her car shouted at my daughter who already had the stress of a traffic officer next to her. She even shouted at the traffic officer. To me this is a sign of disrespect to our laws. I really hope that woman does not have children or grandchildren who have to go through all these phases of growing up. Your action spoke louder than words – even though your words, together with your actions, were heard. I really do not want my children or any other young adult to make a mistake on the road that could (cost) them their lives because you bullied them on the road with your arrogant attitude and selfishness. We are taught when obtaining a driver’s licence that you need to be polite towards other road users.

Friendly Fish Hoek IT IS now three months since we relocated from Durban. My wife Maureen was chatting to our daughter on Skype, and I heard her saying that the has made more friends

With so many accidents and deaths caused by accidents, please support the young person behind the steering wheel who is still either a learner and your fellow road user by having the patience and obeying traffic rules. Do not take life for granted, especially if you do not have respect for your own. I wonder if we would pass the stress and compliance if we were to re-do a driver’s test again. I doubt half of us would be found competent to be on the road. I think the traffic department must do an analysis of the age groups of drivers causing all these fatal as and day-to-day accidents. It might be very interesting. I could be arrogant enough to say “let’s look and learn from the young drivers, because that’s the way we are supposed to drive”. Perhaps it would bring down the death totals on the roads. We, as adults, think we know everything. Just take three steps back and think how you would want to be treated if you were young again. I am sure you would not want your child killed due to a person behind a steering wheel who was bullied on the road by another impatient road user. Let’s build mutual respect for one another on the roads of South Africa, especially in Fish Hoek. We are constantly giving criticism to taxi drivers while we are at fault ourselves. I do not want my child in an accident because of a disrespectful and impatient woman. Dear woman, for your information, you would have failed your driver’s test today even before you started your car. Maybe my daughter needs to give you some driving lessons and teach you some manners. It will be free. I will give my support to all young people behind a steering wheel in this valley and I hope my letter would change the attitudes of some impatient adults on the road. Mitzi Conradie, Fish Hoek in three months here in Fish Hoek than she made in 70 years in Durban. “Such lovely people,” she said. We went to the concert at the high school on Friday evening and really enjoyed the SA Navy Band and the Quarrymen. Ron Clark, Fish Hoek

Your SMSes

. I’m excited about this great opportunity for Ocean View, Felicity Purchase. There will be potential business and employment growth, which will create a sustainable development environment. All business people, whether it be micro business running from home, should be invited to a meeting. Ocean View seems neglected, but we as a community with business mindsets can bring great changes. We just need government support. Lucille Constant . I have no objection to the proposal for development in Ocean View. In fact, it’s a good idea. However, please be direct about the motive of why the garage is not wanted in the Kommetjie area. Please do not disguise intentions and be honest; it will go a long way in developing the divide between people instead of material matters. JAD . I would welcome a new convenience store and petrol station in Ocean View, then the one in Kommetjie can be closed down. This way it will keep the bad elements out of Kommetjie. . About legalisation of the “rights” of ladies of night. I think sex is not about work – it is about something else. Grace R . I fully agree that the Glencairn Tidal Pool should be upgraded. God willing, I’ll be 64 in September. We lived in Dido Valley. I remember, as a child of a young age, how we swam there because it was the only tidal pool we could swim in. It is still the same as back then. It would be a pleasure to go back there – should they upgrade. Philda Truter . Please ensure our beaches are safe. As fishermen on the coast, our cars are broken into daily. Please beef up the security. . I love Fish Hoek and, most of all, the total strangers who greet so warmly. It makes the heart beat well. But what angers is the could-not-be-bothered attitude of some dog owners and the turd their animals leave behind. Should one take such an owner by the arm and say: pick up! Peter Voges . Fish Hoek beach is filthy with papers, bottle tops and plastic containers! Was that thrown into the sea by trawlers in bay? Why have authorities allowed this? Never mind being taken by sharks, you could drown with a bottle top in your lungs or plastic bag around your neck. What of the poor marine life? Jane


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Euthanasia is set to continue



HE euthanasia of another male baboon has been approved. This comes in the wake of a number of baboons having been killed in recent months, three as a result of human-induced injuries and five – including one alpha male – due to the raiding protocol. Critics say the killing of the alpha males is proof the authorities’ strategy is not working. Julia Wood, who heads up the Biodiversity Management Branch at the City of Cape Town, says: “Three females from the northern troops (Tokai/Constantia) were euthanised on humane grounds, two of them as a result of human-induced injuries.” She adds in the Far South three females were euthanised according to the Raiding Protocol and one female was euthanised as a result of human-induced injury. Jenni Trethowan, of Baboon Matters, says one of the females was Tammy of the Da Gama troop. Trethowan says her full name – Thamsanqa – is from a Xhosa word which means “lucky one”. She was so named by monitors after she had previously been shot four times by an angry resident. As a result of her injuries her leg has had to be amputated. Two other bullets landed in her shoulder and one in her jaw. Trethowan adds: “There is a further, deeply worrying, assertion from the Baboon Technical Team that the crippled baboons are the worst raiders and must, therefore, be removed. At the moment there is no evidence at all to correlate crippled bodies with extreme raiding.” Another female was injured, subsequent-

ly darted and treated. She was then released back into the wild and has subsequently disappeared. Wood confirms CapeNature has approved the euthanasia of baboons SK2 and GOB5. SK2 (known to activists as Jesse) of the Slangkop troop was euthanised on Thursday 4 April. Activists say he took over after Split Lip disappeared. Wood says: “SK2 was an habitual raiding male baboon that ignored all forms of aversive conditioning and took young males into the urban areas to raid. He was also a risk for starting a new splinter troop.” Wood says GOB5 (known to activists as Slumko/ Slimkop) of the Misty Cliffs splinter troop is still alive and will remain so until he can no longer be controlled by management actions. An activist, who asked not to be named, says SK2 became the alpha male of the Slangkop troop after Lucky/Jason was killed in November. Wood says: “GOB5 is a baboon that is adept at breaking doors to enter houses. He is not afraid of humans at all, and is very confident approaching them. “He is, however, the only adult male of the splinter troop, and therefore he has not been euthanised yet.” She adds that baboons have been euthanised according to the raiding protocol, saying there has been no culling of baboons as culling is an “entirely different process whereby you want to reduce the population and has very different implications”. V Details are contained in Human Wildlife Solutions monthly reports available on the City and CapeNature’s websites at and





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THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN’S APPROVED 2013/14 INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT PLAN (IDP) AND BUDGET Notice is hereby given in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act No. 32 of 2000, the Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003 and the Municipal Property Rates Act No.6 of 2004, that the City’s Approved Integrated Development Plan document and Approved Budget for 2013/14 will be available for information at all municipal administrative buildings, subcouncil offices (listed below) and all municipal libraries from 31 May 2013 up to and including 5 July 2013. The documents can also be accessed through our website from 31 May 2013 at the following link: The following table contains a list of venues where the IDP and Budget document will be available for perusal: SUBCOUNCIL MANAGER Municipal Offices, Royal Ascot, Bridle Way, Peter Deacon Milnerton Tel: 021 550 1001 Municipal Offices, Brighton Way, Fred Monk Kraaifontein Tel: 021 980 6053 Municipal Offices, Voortrekker Road, Johannes Brand Goodwood Tel: 021 590 1676 Municipal Offices, cnr Voortrekker and Ardela van Niekerk Tallent Roads, Parow Tel: 021 444 0196 Municipal Offices, cnr Jakkelsvlei Avenue Martin Julie and Kiaat Road, Bonteheuwel Tel: 021 695 8161 Municipal Offices, Voortrekker Road, Pat Jansen Bellville Tel: 021 918 2024 Municipal Offices, Oxford Street, Carin Viljoen Durbanville Tel: 021 444 0689 Izak du Toit Municipal Offices, cnr Fagan Street and Tel: 021 850 4149 Main Road, Strand / 50 Site B, Khayelitsha Shopping Centre, Johnson Fetu Khayelitsha Tel: 021 360 1351 Stocks & Stocks Complex, A Block Goodman Rorwana Ntlakohlaza and Ntlazane Roads, Tel: 021 360 1267 Khayelitsha Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Kayise Nombakuse Road, Gugulethu Tel: 021 630 1615 Alesia Bosman Parks & Bathing Building, Merrydale Tel: 021 371 8199 Avenue, Lentegeur / 5021 Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Lunga Bobo Road, Gugulethu Tel: 021 630 1619 Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Christopher Jako Road, Gugulethu Tel: 021 630 1643 Pinelands Training Centre, St Stephens Mariette Griessel Road, Central Square, Pinelands Tel: 021 531 3437 Marius Coetsee 11th Floor, 44 Wale Street, Cape Town Tel: 021 487 2055 Athlone Civic Centre, cnr Protea and Edgar Carolissen Klipfontein Roads, Athlone Tel: 021 637 9757 Cnr Buck Road and 6th Avenue, Okkie Manuels Lotus River Tel: 021 700 4025 Municipal Offices, Central Circle, Off Desiree Mentor Recreation Road, Fish Hoek Tel: 021 784 2011 Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road, Brian Ford Constantia Tel: 021 794 2493 Municipal Offices, cnr Van Riebeeck and Pieter Grobler Carinus Streets, Kuilsriver Tel: 021 900 1503 Municipal Offices, cnr Van Riebeeck and Richard Moi Carinus Streets, Kuilsriver Tel: 021 900 1578 Parks & Bathing Building, Merrydale Raphael Martin Avenue, Lentegeur Tel: 021 371 4550 Anthony Mathe Cnr Delft and Fort Worth Roads, Delft Tel: 021 956 8000 Click on ListofLibraries.aspx for a list of all libraries Concourse, Civic Centre, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town

8001 8501 9001 9501 10001

Subcouncil 2 Subcouncil 3 Subcouncil 4 Subcouncil 5 Subcouncil 6 Subcouncil 7 Subcouncil 8 Subcouncil 9 Subcouncil 10 Subcouncil 11 Subcouncil 12 Subcouncil 13 Subcouncil 14 Subcouncil 15 Subcouncil 16 Subcouncil 17 Subcouncil 18 Subcouncil 19 Subcouncil 20 Subcouncil 21 Subcouncil 22 Subcouncil 23 Subcouncil 24 All Libraries Cape Town South Peninsula

Municipal Offices, cnr Main and Victoria Roads, Plumstead

NB: Information provided is an extract from the draft Tariff Book. For the full version consult Annexure 6 of the 2013/14 Budget Document.

1. PROPERTY RATE (reflected as Rand-in-the-rand): Property Rates are zero-rated for VAT 1.1 Residential Properties - R0.005900 (The City will not levy a rate on the first value up to R200 000 of the market value as per the Valuation Roll). 1.2 Industrial / Commercial Properties – including all Undeveloped Land R0.011800. 1.3 Agricultural properties (including farms and small holdings) fall into three categories; (a) those used for residential purposes – R0.005900; (b) those used for bona fide farming purposes – R0.001180; (c) those used for other purposes such as industrial or commercial – R0.011800 1.4 Public Service Infrastructure - R0.002107. 1.5 Any property that meets the public benefit organisation criteria included in the Amended Municipal Property Rates Regulations, yet does not qualify for the 100% rebate in terms of Council’s Rates Policy, shall be rated at 25% of the residential rate - R0.001475. 1.6 The special rebates for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons for the 2013/14 financial year are reflected in the table below: The proposed gross monthly household incomes and rebates for the 2013/14 financial year are as follows: GROSS MONTHLY HOUSEHOLD INCOME R 2012/13 0 3000 3001 4500 4501 5500 5501 6500 6501 7500 7501 8000

% REBATE 2012/13 100% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%

GROSS MONTHLY HOUSEHOLD INCOME R 2013/14 0 3500 3501 5000 5001 6000 6001 7000 7001 8000 8001 8500

50% 40% 30% 20% 10%

8501 9001 9501 10001 11001

9000 9500 10000 11000 12000

50% 40% 30% 20% 10%

1.7 Special rebates will be considered for certain categories of property upon application before 31 August 2013 as described in Annexure 5 of the Budget Document. Highlights • • • • • • •


8500 9000 9500 10000 10500

Guest Houses and Bed & Breakfasts are now defined. Senior Citizen criteria for Trusts softened. Liability for the payment of Rates when municipal properties are purchased, rests with the purchaser. Gross monthly household income qualifying criteria for indigent relief was increased from R3 000 to R3 500. Rates Rebates for gross monthly household income are as follows: Income R3 501 to R4 000 = 75%; Income R4 001 to R4 500 = 50% and Income R4 501 to R5 000 = 25% Whilst an indigent status is valid on the City’s billing system no application for a Senior Citizen rebate will be considered. Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons gross monthly household income threshold increased from R10 500 to R12 000.

2. CONSUMPTIVE TARIFFS AND CHARGES Water, Sanitation, Electricity and Solid Waste Management attracts VAT at 14%. 2.1 WATER Three sets of Water tariffs are proposed (10% Reduction tariff, 20% Reduction tariff and 30% Reduction tariff). Each tariff is linked to the level of water reduction imposed. Due to the 10% Reduction tariff being incorporated into the Water Bylaw as the norm it will be the applicable tariff, but may be revisited at a later stage should further restrictions become necessary. 2.1.1 Domestic Full - Water which is used predominantly for domestic purposes and supplied to single residential properties. 2013/14 EXCL. VAT 2013/14 INCL. VAT 0<6 Per kℓ R0.00 R0.00 >6 < 10.5 Per kℓ R7.60 R8.66 >10.5 < 20 Per kℓ R11.61 R13.24 >20 < 35 Per kℓ R17.20 R19.61 >35 < 50 Per kℓ R21.24 R24.22 >50 Per kℓ R28.02 R31.95 2.1.2 Consumptive Tariffs for Backyard Users, including council property. 0<6 >6 < 10.5

Per kℓ Per kℓ

2013\14 EXCL. VAT 2013/14 INCL. VAT R0.00 R0.00 R7.60 R8.66

2.1.3 Commercial - Water supplied to premises predominantly of a commercial nature: R12.51 (R14.27 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.1.4 Industrial - Water which is used in manufacturing, generating electricity, land-based transport, construction or any related purpose: R12.51 (R14.27 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.1.5 Schools / Sport bodies / Churches / Charities - Any educational activity and/ or sporting body: R11.06 (R12.61 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.1.6 Domestic Cluster - Bulk metered flats, cluster developments including single title and sectional title units, including council property. An allowance of 6kℓ per unit per month at zero cost upon submission of affidavits stating the number of units - refer Annexure 7 of budget document. 0<6 >6 < 10.5 >10.5 < 20 >20 < 35 >35 < 50 >50

Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ Per kℓ

2013/14 EXCL. VAT 2013/14 INCL. VAT R0.00 0.00 R9.93 R11.32 R11.61 R13.24 R17.20 R19.61 R21.24 R24.22 R28.02 R31.95

2.1.7 Government - National and Provincial Departments: R11.88 (R13.55 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.1.8 Municipal / Departmental use: R11.06 (R12.61 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.1.9 Miscellaneous - All consumers who do not fall within the above categories: R11.88 (R13.55 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.1.10 Miscellaneous External - All consumers supplied outside the City of Cape Town: R14.19 (R16.18 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.1.11 Bulk Tariff - Exclusive of the Water Research Commission Levy. Only for Bulk Supply to other Municipalities and for cost recovery from Water Services Reticulation of the City of Cape Town: R3.42 (R3.90 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.1.12 In line with the adoption of the Urban Agriculture Policy a free allocation of 10kℓ per month is in place, exclusively for subsistence farming by defined Vulnerable Groups. 2.1.13 Households residing in Residential units on mixed use property may apply for a free allocation of 6kℓ per unit per month. An affidavit will be required and the application will be inspected and considered on the proportion of predominant use. 2.1.14 Existing Homeless people shelters – Accredited shelters registered with the City of Cape Town. Updated to incorporate the Consumptive Tariffs for Old Aged Homes (other than those classified as Domestic Cluster) as well as Homes catering for the health of the physically or mentally challenged. 0 < 0.75 >0.75

Per kℓ per person Per kℓ per person

2013/14 EXCL. VAT 2013/14 INCL. VAT R0.00 R0.00 R11.06 R12.61

Highlights • • • •


2013/14 100% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%

Indigent grant increased from R53.27 to R67.42 (i.e. R40.36 Water + R27.06 Sanitation). 10.5kℓ per month free water for properties valued up to R300 000. 6kℓ per month free water to all residents. The percentage increases on Step 2 of the Domestic Full category exceeds the standard increase due to the reduction in the subsidy level on this step necessitated by the usage patterns and water demand strategy. The next phase to increase the number of steps of the Domestic Cluster category has been taken to further align it with the Domestic Full category as requested by customers during the 2012/13 consultation process. Changes to Miscellaneous tariffs and procedures, including the increases to treated effluent (specifically golf courses), industrial effluent and hydrant standpipes are specified in Annexure 4 of the documentation.


Three sets of Sanitation tariffs are proposed (10% Reduction tariff, 20% Reductio tariff and 30% Reduction tariff). Each tariff is linked to the level of water reductio imposed. Due to the 10% Reduction tariff being incorporated into the Water Bylaw as the norm it will be the applicable tariff but may be revisited at a later stag should further restrictions become necessary. 2.2.1 Domestic Full (Standard) – Single residential properties: 70% of water consumption to a maximum of 35kℓ of sewerage per month (70% of 50kℓ water equals 35kℓ of sewerage) 2013/14 EXCL. VAT 2013/14 INCL. VAT 0 < 4.2 Per kℓ R0.00 R0.00 >4.2 < 7.35 Per kℓ R7.20 R8.21 >7.35 < 14 Per kℓ R13.56 R15.46 >14 < 24.5 Per kℓ R14.82 R16.90 >24.5 < 35 Per kℓ R15.56 R17.74

2.2.2 Domestic Full (CoCT Oxidation Dams) – Single residential properties: 70% o water consumption to a maximum of 35kℓ of sewerage per month (70% of 50kℓ of water equals 35kℓ of sewerage) 2013/14 EXCL. VAT 2013/14 INCL. VAT 0 < 4.2 Per kℓ R0.00 R0.00 >4.2 < 7.35 Per kℓ R6.70 R7.64 >7.35 < 14 Per kℓ R11.90 R13.57 >14 < 24.5 Per kℓ R13.01 R14.83 >24.5 < 35 Per kℓ R14.80 R16.87

2.2.3 Domestic Cluster – Bulk metered flats, cluster developments including sectional and single title units, Including council property - 90% of Water Consumption (* see note) up to a maximum of 35kℓ per household. An allowance of 4.2kℓ per unit per month will be made available at zero cost upon acceptance of a sworn affidavit stating the number of units supplied from that metered connection. Consumption above the free allocation will b charged as follows: 2013/14 EXCL. VAT 2013/14 INCL. VAT 0 < 4.2 Per kℓ R0.00 0.00 >4.2 < 7.35 Per kℓ R9.05 R10.32 >7.35 < 14 Per kℓ R13.56 R15.46 >14 < 24.5 Per kℓ R14.82 R16.90 >24.5 < 35 Per kℓ R15.56 R17.74 2.2.4 Consumptive Tariffs for Backyard Users, including council property. 2013/14 EXCL. VAT 2013/14 INCL. VAT 0 < 4.2 Per kℓ R0.00 R0.00 >4.2 < 7.35 Per kℓ R7.20 R8.21

2.2.5 Industrial and Commercial (Standard), Schools, Sport bodies, Churches, Charities, Government: National / Provincial, Hospitals and other - 95% o water consumption (* see note): R9.62 (R10.96 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.2.6 Industrial and Commercial (CoCT Oxidation Dams) - 95% of water consumption (* see note): R9.04 (R10.31 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.2.7 Departmental - 95% of water consumption (*see note) excluding facilitie not connected to the sewer system: R8.85 (R10.09 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.2.8 Miscellaneous (Standard) - All consumers who do not fall within the abov categories – 95% of water consumption (* see note): R9.62 (R10.96 incl VAT) per kℓ 2.2.9 Miscellaneous (CoCT Oxidation Dams) - All consumers who do not fall within the above categories – 95% of water consumption (*see note): R9.04 (R10.31 incl. VAT) per kℓ 2.2.10 Households residing in Residential units on mixed use property may apply for a free allocation of 4.2kℓ per unit per month. An affidavit will be required and the application will be inspected and considered on the proportion of predominant use. 2.2.11 Existing Homeless people shelters – HOMAC Accredited shelters registere with the City of Cape Town. Updated to incorporate the Consumptive Tariffs for Old Aged Homes (other than those classified as Domestic Clust as well as Homes catering for the health of the physically or mentally challenged. *

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Director of Water and Sanitation Services may adjust the percentages of water consumption (see above) as appropriate to the consumer. This is not applicable to the domestic full category.

0 < 0.525 >0.525

Per kℓ per person Per kℓ per person

2013/14 EXCL. VAT 2013/14 INCL. VAT R0.00 R0.00 R8.85 R10.09

Highlights • • • • • •

The percentage increases on Step 2 of the Domestic Full category exceeds the standard increase due to the reduction in the subsidy level on this step necessitated by the usage patterns and water demand strategy. The next phase to increase the number of steps of the Domestic Cluster category has been taken to further align it with the Domestic Full category requested by customers during the 2012/13 consultation process. Changes to Miscellaneous tariffs, including the increases to treated effluent (specifically golf courses), industrial effluent and hydrant standpipes are specified in Annexure 4 of the budget document. Indigent grant increased from R53.27 to R67.42 (i.e. R40.36 Water + R27.0 Sanitation). 7.35kℓ per month free sanitation for properties valued up to R300 000. 4.2kℓ per month free sanitation to all residents.

2.3 ELECTRICITY The tariffs below are based on an average 7.86% increase. RESIDENTIAL TARIFFS

LifeLine (for qualifying customers receiving 450kWh per month on average or less) Domestic

2012/13 2013/14 2013/14 %Incr Excl VAT Excl VAT Incl VAT Block 1





90.86 22.75%

Block 2

>150<350kWh c/kWh



90.86 -11.40%

Block 3

>350<600kWh c/kWh



210.90 56.63%

Block 4





210.90 31.97%

Service Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4

R/day 0<150kWh c/kWh >150<350kWh c/kWh >350<600kWh c/kWh >600kWh c/kWh

0.00 113.20 118.11 118.11 140.18

0.00 125.00 125.00 125.00 152.00

0.00 142.50 142.50 142.50 173.28

n/a 10.42% 5.83% 5.83% 8.43%


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Demand Service

me of Use


101.25 -3.13%




52.49 -49.79%

R/Day c/kWh

19.16 103.40

20.67 111.52

23.56 7.88% 127.13 7.85%




198.79 7.86%






R/day 62.55 70.59 80.47 12.85% c/kWh 57.09 64.43 73.45 12.86% R/Day 31.91 34.42 39.24 7.87% c/kWh 54.21 58.47 66.66 7.86% R/kVA 161.31 173.99 198.35 7.86% R/Day 31.91 34.42 39.24 7.87% c/kWh 50.39 54.35 61.96 7.86% R/kVA 150.03 161.82 184.47 7.86% R/day 5210.00 5619.71 6406.47 7.86% High-Peak c/kWh 255.46 255.46 291.22 0.00% High-Standard c/kWh 67.55 72.86 83.06 7.86% High-Off Peak c/kWh 36.77 39.66 45.21 7.86% Low-Peak c/kWh 72.53 78.23 89.18 7.86% Low-Standard c/kWh 45.00 51.59 58.81 14.64% Low-Off Peak c/kWh 31.91 34.71 39.57 8.77% R/kVA 81.03 87.39 99.62 7.85% R/day 5210.00 5210.00 5939.40 0.00% High-Peak c/kWh 255.46 255.46 291.22 0.00% High-Standard c/kWh 67.55 67.55 77.01 0.00% High-Off Peak c/kWh 36.77 36.77 41.92 0.00% Low-Peak c/kWh 72.53 72.53 82.68 0.00% Low-Standard c/kWh 45.00 45.00 51.30 0.00% Low-Off Peak c/kWh 31.91 31.91 36.38 0.00% R/kVA 81.03 81.03 92.37 0.00% R/day 5210.00 5619.71 6406.47 7.86% High-Peak c/kWh 247.80 247.80 282.49 0.00% High-Standard c/kWh 65.52 70.67 80.56 7.86% High-Off Peak c/kWh 35.67 38.47 43.86 7.85% Low-Peak c/kWh 70.35 75.88 86.50 7.86% Low-Standard c/kWh 43.65 50.04 57.05 14.64% Low-Off Peak c/kWh 30.95 33.67 38.38 8.79% R/kVA 81.03 87.40 99.64 7.86%

Demand HER TARIFFS Firm heeling Energy iff Surcharge Non-Firm GHTING TARIFFS eet hting & R/100W/burning hour ffic Signals vate Lights R/100W/burning hour

c/kWh c/kWh

14.07 8.64

15.18 9.32

17.31 7.89% 10.62 7.87%



0.1394 7.85%



0.1522 7.84%

ghlights RESIDENTIAL TARIFFS: Completely restructured. Overall revenue increase from the group is 7.86%, but individual customers will likely see different values based on actual consumption. FREE BASIC ELECTRICITY: Lifeline tariff customers receiving less than 250kWh per month will receive an increase in the free basic supply to 60kWh, with those receiving between 250kWh and 450kWh per month receiving a free basic supply of 25kWh per month. NET METERING TARIFF: The energy component is now split into consumption and generation components and renamed RESIDENTIAL SMALL SCALE EMBEDDED GENERATION. COMMERCIAL SMALL SCALE EMBEDDED GENERATION TARIFF: New tariff introduced to facilitate embedded renewable energy generation for nonresidential applications (not available to Small Power 2 consumers). New TIME OF USE TARIFF: A new Medium Voltage Time of Use tariff is introduced for the Atlantis area only. SMALL POWER USER 1 with Off Peak combination is restricted to existing customers from 1 July 2012. The Off Peak components also increase by an above average amount as a step in the phasing out of this tariff.

OTE: Monthly Service Charges calculated as Daily Service Charge multiplied by mber of days in the billing period.



2012/13 2013/14 2013/14

(excl. VAT) (excl. VAT) (incl. VAT)


SIDENTIAL COLLECTIONS RMAL 0l Container luding Lockable Rand per month R 85.21 R 90.61 R 103.30 6.32% ntainer DIGENT REBATE - 240L CONTAINER INCLUDING LOCKABLE CONTAINER ock 1 (100% bate) – property Rebate Rand per -R 85.21 -R 90.61 -R 103.30 6.32% month ue up to 00 000 ock 2 (75% bate) – property Rebate Rand per -R 63.91 -R 67.98 -R 77.50 6.32% ue from month 00 001 to 50 000 ock 3 (50% bate) – property Rebate Rand per -R 42.61 -R 45.26 -R 51.60 6.32% ue from month 50 001 to 50 000 ock 4 (25% bate) – property Rebate Rand per -R 21.30 -R 22.63 -R 25.80 6.32% ue from month 50 001 to 00 000 As determined by the Credit Control 0% Indigent -R 85.21 -R 90.61 -R 103.30 6.32% & Debt Collection lief Policy

ENHANCED SERVICE LEVEL INCLUDING LOCKABLE CONTAINER 240l - Additional Rand per container R 85.21 R 90.61 R 103.30 6.32% Container per month 240l - 3x per week Rand per container R 255.60 R 271.75 R 309.80 6.32% for cluster per month INFORMAL Basic Bagged Rand per month Free Free Free service NON-RESIDENTIAL COLLECTIONS 240 LITRE CONTAINER INCLUDING LOCKABLE CONTAINER 1 removal per Rand per container R 101.83 R 108.25 R 123.40 6.32% week per month 3 removals per Rand per container R 297.91 R 316.75 R 361.10 6.32% week per month 5 removals per Rand per container R 483.78 R 514.39 R 586.40 6.32% week per month REFUSE AVAILABILITY All vacant Erven Rand per month R 50.46 R 53.68 R 61.20 6.32% DISPOSAL SERVICES General Waste Rand per ton R 272.98 R 292.28 R 333.20 7.06% Rand per ton or R 361.93 R 387.46 R 441.70 7.06% Special Waste part thereof Clean Builders Rand per ton R 50.00 R 0.00 R 0.00 -100% Rubble Highlights • • • •

100% rebate on refuse removal for properties valued up to and including R100 000. Rebate reduces as valuation increases (stepped) and falls away when valuation exceeds R400 000. The Tariff Policy has been rewritten in order to streamline the content, delete the duplications and ensure consistency throughout. In an attempt to curb Illegal Dumping the following changes were made to the Tariff Policy & Tariff Book: - The Builders Rubble Tariff has been reduced from R50 to R0; - The capacity of vehicles disposing of Builders Rubble at Drop-off facilities has been increased from 1,3tons to 1,5tons; - Both Residential and Commercial clients disposing of Builders Rubble may use the Drop-off facilities free of charge; - Customers disposing of Builders Rubble at Drop-off facilities may only take 1 load per day, as these facilities cannot deal with large amounts of waste.

3. MISCELLANEOUS TARIFFS AND CHARGES 3.1 A complete copy of all Miscellaneous Tariffs and Charges are available for inspection at the abovementioned Municipal Offices (see Annexure 6 of Budget Document). 3.2 All Miscellaneous tariffs include VAT. 3.3 Fines, Penalties, Refundable Deposits and Housing are exempt from VAT. 3.4 VAT is calculated at 14% in terms of the Value Added Tax Act No. 89 of 1991.

4. GRANT ALLOCATIONS 4.1 Refer to Annexure 11 in the Budget Document for a list of organisations/ bodies which were recommended to receive grants.

5. SPECIAL RATING AREAS ADDITIONAL RATE SRA Additional Rates are rated at 14% for VAT. Additional Rates below are reflected as a Rand-in-the-rand SPECIAL RATING AREA

Airport 2,031,031 0.001927 Industria Athlone 583,201 0.002601 Blackheath 1,300,137 0.001123 Cape Town 38,876,503 0.001878 Central City Claremont Residential 401,333 0.000456 Commercial 5,260,570 0.001456 Total 5,661,903 Claremont Boulevard Commercial 2,710,999 0.000775 Epping 5,824,768 0.001497 Fish Hoek Residential 133,019 0.000483 Commercial 467,329 0.001585 Total 600,348 Glosderry N/A N/A Green Point Residential 716,569 0.000425 Commercial 3,323,908 0.002110 Total 4,040,477 Groote 4,264,180 0.001663 Schuur Maitland 1,595,147 0.001250 Muizenberg Residential 627,261 0.000760 Commercial 516,230 0.002273 Total 1,143,491 Observatory Residential 1,948,663 0.001234 Commercial 1,328,803 0.001642 Total 3,277,466 Oranjekloof Residential 741,215 0.000578 Commercial 2,699,018 0.001925 Total 3,440,233 Paarden 2,700,165 0.001500 Eiland Parow 2,761,426 0.001837 Industria Sea Point Residential 1,368,960 0.001225 Commercial 2,102,946 0.002250 Total 3,471,906


antis Time Energy Use MV

12.08 7.83%



Demand Service




9.83 91.69


me of Use V

R/day c/kWh


Service Energy Consumed Energy Generated MMERCIAL TARIFFS Service all wer 1 Energy all Energy wer 2 mmercial all Scale bedded Energy neration Generated ot available SPU2 nsumers) Minimum Peak Energy Service ge Power Energy Demand Service ge Power Energy V Demand Service

sidential all Scale bedded neration

2,266,516 0.001787 0.002037 643,300 0.002361 0.002692 1,359,328 0.000992 0.001131 41,647,300 0.001758 0.002004 433,435 0.000450 0.000513 5,681,348 0.001335 0.001522 6,114,783 2,832,994 0.000665 0.000758 6,289,576 0.001354 0.001544 144,821 0.000550 0.000627 515,563 0.001751 0.001996 660,384 1,048,454 0.001960 0.002234 860,206 0.000456 0.000520 3,482,710 0,002217 0,002527 4,342,916 4,499,203 0.001994 0.002273 1,753,969 0.001685 0.001921 657,831 0.000760 0.000866 586,963 0.002283 0.002603 1,244,794 1,965,300 0,001059 0,001207 1,587,388 0,001532 0,001746 3,552,688

Stikland Industrial Triangle Industrial Voortrekker Road Corridor Vredekloof Residential Commercial Total Woodstock Wynberg Residential Commercial Total Zeekoevlei Peninsula Zwaanswyk Association of Property Owners Total



2,447,784 0.001765 0.002012

1,556,386 0.003415

1,651,716 0,003152 0,003593

11,106,701 0.002246

12,303,673 0.002087 0.002379

2,154,216 0.001862 54,119 0.002120 2,208,335 3,442,653 0.001725

2,337,039 0.001831 0.002087 47,436 0.002096 0.002389 2,384,475 3,743,585 0.001444 0.001646

456,842 0.000760 2,384,395 0.003187 2,841,237

516,459 0.000809 0.000922 2,571,170 0.002949 0.003362 3,087,629

361,691 0.001700

361,807 0.001667 0.001900

1,068,268 0.001350

975,515 0.001047 0.001194



6. CONTRACTED ROAD-BASED PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICES INCLUDING MyCiTi INTEGRATED RAPID TRANSIT Integrated Rapid Transit is exempt from VAT. These tariffs are in line with the Fare Policy for Contracted Road-Based Public Transport services. NB: Information provided is an extract from the Tariff Book. For the full version consult Annexure 6 of the 2013/14 Budget Document. SERVICES RENDERED AND RELATED TRANSPORT PRODUCTS


2012/13 2013/14 R R

IRT INTERIM FARE SYSTEM (Continuation of current interim system on flat fares until IRT Full Fare System starts)

MANUAL TICKETS: Premium Airport Service fares (using manual tickets) per person per trip 57.00 62.00 Premium Airport service (one way) Premium Airport concession 1: per child per trip 28.10 30.30 Children 4-11 years old (i.e. 4 and (one way) older, but under 12 years) Premium Airport concession 2: per monthly ticket 449.50 484.60 Monthly ticket SMART CARD: Fares during IRT Interim Fare System (using smart card) per person per trip 57.00 62.00 Premium Airport Service (one way) Interim Trunk (Basic) Route (Peak Flat fare. Fare for one 10.60 11.50 Period & Off-Peak Period) way trip per person Interim Feeder Route (Peak period Flat fare. Fare for one 5.30 5.80 & Off-Peak periods) way trip per person myconnect smartcard Issuing Fee per smartcard 23.00 25.00 IRT FULL FARE SYSTEM: DISTANCE-BASED FARES MYCITI TRAVEL PACKAGES MyCiTi 80: Travel package Per product sold 80.00 80.00 MyCiTi 100: Travel package Per product sold 100.00 100.00 MyCiTi 150: Travel package Per product sold 150.00 150.00 MyCiTi 200: Travel package Per product sold 200.00 200.00 MyCiTi 400: Travel package Per product sold 400.00 400.00 MyCiTi 600: Travel package Per product sold 600.00 600.00 MyCiTi 1000: Travel package Per product sold 1 000.00 1 000.00 FARE WITH ANY TRAVEL PACKAGE PEAK TRAVEL (06:30 to 08:30 and 16:00 to 18:00 on any weekday) per person per trip Journeys under 5km 4.80 5.20 (one way) Journeys of 5km or longer, but less per person per trip 5.60 6.10 than 10km (one way) Journeys of 10km or longer, but per person per trip 6.80 7.40 less than 20km (one way) Journeys of 20km or longer, but per person per trip 9.00 9.80 less than 30km (one way) Journeys of 30km or longer, but per person per trip 10.10 10.90 less than 60km (one way) per person per trip Journeys of 60km or more 15.00 16.20 (one way) Premium on Airport service in per person per trip 33.10 35.70 peak period (one way) OFF-PEAK TRAVEL (all periods other than peak) per person per trip Journeys under 5km 4.00 4.40 (one way) Journeys of 5km or longer, but less per person per trip 4.60 5.00 than 10km (one way) Journeys of 10km or longer, but per person per trip 5.60 6.10 less than 20km (one way) Journeys of 20km or longer, but per person per trip 7.40 8.00 less than 30km (one way) Journeys of 30km or longer, but per person per trip 8.30 9.00 less than 60km (one way) per person per trip Journeys of 60km or more 13.00 14.10 (one way) per person per trip Premium on Airport service 33.10 35.70 (one way) ONE-TRIP MANUAL TICKET One-trip ticket for non-Premium per person per trip 22.00 24.00 Airport service: peak and off-peak (one way) One-trip ticket for the Premium Airport service: peak and off-peak per person per trip 75.00 76.00 (one way) (This ticket includes any further trips using closed transfers) SMARTCARD ISSUING FEE myconnect smartcard Issuing Fee per smartcard 23.00 25.00

626,326 0.000456 0.000520 3,074,338 0.001968 0.002244 3,700,664 2,887,031 0.001160 0.001322 2,937,799 0.001593 0.001816 1,438,396 0.000990 0.001129 2,260,335 0.001839 0.002096 3,698,731




PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Proxy votes declared invalid THE Noordhoek Conservancy has a new chairperson, voted into office during last Monday’s eventful annual meeting. Crowds packed into the venue, in what outgoing chairperson Bridget O’Donoghue said were record numbers. Nominated candidates introduced themselves, all declaring their love for Noordhoek. Before voting could commence, the committee, however, had to address the matter of over 100 proxy votes. Some of these forms had been filled in by people who did not live in Noordhoek. Each committee member gave their own reasons for refusing to accept the proxies, including: “If those people really cared about Noordhoek they would be at the meeting.” Proxies are not covered by the constitution of the Conservancy and there were differing opinions on whether they were valid. O’Donoghue took the final decision not to accept the proxies. This was greeted with enthusiastic applause. Jeremy Wiley, of the Noordhoek Farm Village, then stood up to read an email from Sybrand van der Spuy’s lawyers threatening legal action against the Conservancy should they not accept the proxies. O’Donoghue replied that these lawyers had been unable to provide her with the “senior counsel’s opinion” they referred to, saying they said it had been “oral”. “To put it into context,” she added, committee members routinely received threats of lawsuits. The committee said they, too, had sought legal advice and came to their own conclusion, based on this advice, that the proxies were not constitutional. Wiley pointed out an independent electoral officer should be appointed to tally the votes. After a short discussion about who would be suited to this task, Wiley suggested he be the presiding officer. This was received by laughter, and then the nomination of City official Chris Bonthuis to oversee the counting. The new chairperson is Pete de Bruin, and the vice-chairperson is Paul Bester. Hazel Nason remains treasurer, as does secretary Jenny Scagell. Robyn Astl, Lou Docke, Zoë Visser, Keith Gurney, Gareth Griffiths, Leon Halliday, Kevin McCarthy and Miles Conway were elected as committee members. V Email Pete de Bruin at

LUXURY: Melinda Reed won the Longbeach Mall Mother’s Day Spend & Win competition, which will see her visit Mangwanani Spa courtesy of Longbeach Mall Flight Centre. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Harcourts Back Wave T 021 785 5227 E View


VITAL INDUSTRY: Cape Point Route recently attended the Tourism Indaba in Durban, which attracted 13 000 visitors. Their campaign targeted the so­called Me Generation. Barbara Elshove­Schmidt and Sally Grierson, dressed in bright orange wigs and armed with an orange picture frame stating “I love Cape Point Route”, roamed the show “framing” visitors and exhibitors in images. Grierson says the campaign generated awareness of the southern peninsula as a destination and led to productive meetings with international tour operators and local domestic tourism products. In this photo Elshove­Schmidt is flanked by Tsholofelo Moitobo and Lesego Dithorpe from Dusk Travel in Botswana. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Bertha’s Restaurant. Tickets cost R100 each. RSVP via SMS to 082 324 3157 or email Saturday 8 June

Wednesday 5 June

V Muizenberg: To mark the 100th anniversary of Muizenberg Railway Station, the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society will host a talk on The Stables in Main Road at 11:00. Chris Taylor will talk about the holiday train that came from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the history of the railway line from Cape Town to Simon’s Town and the history of the station. Admission, at R20, includes a glass of wine. Seating is limited, so book your place by contacting George Hill on (021) 788 5542 or

V Simon’s Town: Wine tasting, featuring over 20 vineyards and a craft beer, at the Country Club from 18:00 until 20:00. Tickets are R40, which includes snacks. Book early as space is limited. Phone (021) 786 1233.

V Clovelly: Chopin Piano Recital, Polish High Tea and fun vodka tasting competition, in support of HospiVision, at Clovelly Country Club at 14:30. Buy your tickets, at R250, from Sonya on 072 972 0726.

V Fish Hoek: The Women’s Agricultural Association will hold its monthly meeting at the civic centre’s minor hall at 09:30. Liesel James, of the NPO Creating Change, will speak on her passion to introduce vegetable gardens to primary schools in Ocean View. Admission for visitors, at R10, includes tea and cake. Direct enquiries to Pat James on (021) 782 2379.

V Fish Hoek: Educational whale spotter workshops will be held from 07:30 for 08:00 until 09:30. The workshop is designed for children of seven to 12 who would like to explore the world of whales and dolphins. Participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a cellphone. There is also a workshop on Saturday 15 June. The presenters are drawn from marine biologists and special­ ist nature guides. Register via email to or SMS the Barons VW Whale Watch Hotline on 079 391 2105. Your community group, name, suburb, cellphone number, email and special dietary needs are required. The Fish Hoek venue will be given on registration.

Tuesday 4 June V Simon’s Town: Empowerment coach John Homewood presents a talk on relationships from 11:00 to 12:30 at the museum. The title is Relationships are not there to make us happy. They are to help us grow. Tickets, at R50, at the door. Bookings on (021) 786 3046.

Wednesday 5 to Tuesday 25 June V Kalk Bay: Kalk Bay Modern will host Thinking Aloud, an exhibition with works by Arlene Amaler­Raviv, Clare Menck, Gail Catlin, Gwen van Embden, Giovanna Biallo and Gerald Tabata. The exhibit opens at 18:00 on Wednesday 5 June. Phone (021) 788 6571 for more details. Thursday 6 June V Fish Hoek: The Astronomy Club will hold its monthly meeting at the civic centre’s minor hall at 19:30. Peter Laubscher will speak on Moonlight Robbery, which tells the story of how Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei went about measuring the speed of light. All welcome. Admission of R5 includes refresh­ ments and a star chart for June. For additional information contact Wolf Lange on (021) 785 3713. Friday 7 June V Ocean View: The Ocean View Association for Persons with Disabilities will launch its shop, Clothes View, at 10:00. The store, on the corner of Draco and Castor ways, will sell clothes, bric­a­brac, books and lots of other goodies. V Kommetjie: TEARS will officially open its charity bookshop at a warehouse in Lekkerwa­ ter Road. Direct enquiries to (021) 785 4482 or visit V Simon’s Town: Award­winning professional speaker Rob Caskie will speak about Scott Shackleton and early Antarctic exploration 1910­1915. This takes place at 19:00 at

V Simon’s Town: Just Nuisance Market moves indoors for winter. It will be held in the Town Hall today and on the second Saturday of every month. There will be fresh produce, olives, cheese, art, jewellery, clothing, home­ baked pies, cakes and coffee, books and more, including live music. Vendors are welcome to book with Christina on 072 691 7304 or email

Noordhoek 5

Lake Michelle Plots

From R700 000


Keen for a Project?

Are you a large family battling for space? Don’t miss this best value in Noordhoek. Wide angle sea views. 5 beds, 3 baths.

Design and build your dream home in this beautiful estate.

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Lake Michelle The roof is on!

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Lake Michelle 2

R3 400 000 3

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Lake Michelle


This house is due for completion at the end of June! If you hurry, you may still have a choice of finishes. Excellent layout with the bedrooms all in one wing and lovely open-plan living spaces, separate scullery and a wind-protected patio. Robyn C 078 618 1100 Jenny C 084 307 9256 WBW4398



House on a Waterway in Security Estate 3 bedroom house under construction on a level plot, within a secure estate. Situated close to entrance with lovely waterway in front of it. Scullery, sunroom, wine cellar or study nook and entertainment courtyard. Jenny C 084 307 9256 Robyn C 078 618 1100


Sun Valley


R1 080 000 3



Brand new family home

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Recently completed 3 bed family home, awaiting your personal touch. Open-plan living, fireplace, spacious entertainment patio with built-in braai plus second private courtyard.

This entry-level family home is situated within walking distance to a sought-after school. LARGE garden for kids and pets to roam free and loads of potential to expand. Come do a little and gain a lot!

Robyn C 078 618 1100 Jenny C 084 307 9256

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Sunday 9 June

Only two houses left

V Cape Point: Join the Cape Point volunteers for a hike. Meet at the pay gate at 10:00, then walk the Hoek van Bobbejaan trail. This walk is rated easy and should be finished by 12:30. Hikers should wear boots, have raingear, water and snacks. There are beautiful views. Rain cancels. Phone John on (021) 782 2379.


Best Value – Best Views!

V Muizenberg: Below My Feet, a collaboration of movement, modern jazz and other music takes place at the Masque Theatre at 15:30 and 19:30. Tickets are R40. Students pay R35. To book or for more information phone (021) 788 1898 or email bookings@masquethe­

V Silvermine: Take a hike with the Meridian Hiking Club from Silvermine to Noordhoek. The group will descend to Monkey Valley for coffee and drinks. For additional information contact Dolores Donovan on Dolores@projec­ or (021) 785 2191 for details.

R2 350 000

R1 650 000 3



Brand new home to be built high up in Capri Village. Modern design with lots of cupboards and granite tops. Large 1000 m² erven. On Show Sunday 2 – 5 p.m. Lindi Brougham-Cook C 071 165 8993 WBW2888

We’re urgently in need of stock. If you’re planning on selling, please give us a ring and let us help you TODAY!

Dave Rattle 083 456 7771 Anne Rattle 083 456 7772

We have a DEDICATED team of agents SPECIALISING in the following areas: Capri, Faerie Knowe ,Kommetjie, Lake Michelle, Milkwood Park, Noordhoek, Sun Valley, Sunnydale

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PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The classics get a popular twist

FOLLOWING two sold-out shows at this year’s Suidoosterfees, South Africa’s newest classical pop star Selim Kagee will be staging his live show at the Masque Theatre on Friday 14 June at 20:00, Saturday 15 June at 20:00 and Sunday 16 June at 17:00. Kagee has recently released his debut album Cry For Love (Piango D’Amore). This has been a dream that has evolved over the past 20 years and has culminated in EMI Music signing Kagee to the international label. Apart from leading roles in many musicals, Kagee has been accompanied by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded with international superstars Celtic Woman on their 2012 Christmas album. The show is a journey of self-discovery through music which is both inspiring and heart-warming. It consists of songs per-

formed by Kagee accompanied by Tuning Fork, a young, six-piece orchestra ensemble made up of South Africa’s top classically trained musicians. The show is linked with anecdotes of his life and music. Highlights from his repertoire, made up of mostly English and Italian songs, include O Sole Mio, Some Enchanted Evening, Parla Piu Piano (The Godfather Theme), Smile and his original hit song Cry For Love. . Win two double of tickets to see Selim Kagee on Sunday 16 June at 17:00. Answer this question: “What is the name of Selim Kagee’s debut album?” Email Tickets cost R120, Masque Theatre club members enjoy a R10 discount. Bookings on (021) 788 1898 or email bookings@masquetheatre.

HONOURING LEGENDS: Six Far South musicians have joined forces to pay tribute to one of the greatest pop bands, The Beegees. Musos, Paul and Mike Dirksen, Barry Buret, Dave Richards, Bianca Kaiser and Gary Deacon will take the Masque Theatre audiences on a trip down memory lane at they perform some of the group’s greatest hits, such as First Of May, Woman In Love, Tragedy and Stay Alive – the title of the show. The performances will run on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 June at 20:00. Tickets cost R80. Book your place on 0 (021) 788 1898 or 2 PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Night of violin sounds FISH Hoek Friends of Music will present Tertia Visser Downie accompanying two outstanding violinists, Jeffrey Armstrong and Nicholas Bosman, at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre at 19:30 on Friday 7 June. They will be performing works by Mozart, Schubert and Franck.

Tickets are R50 and can be bought at Kleinjan’s Biltong Bar on Fish Hoek Main Road or in the Longbeach Mall and Valley Boutique, Valyland or at the concert. Book on or phone David on (021) 782 3946. Alternatively call Carol on (021) 782 2282.

An audience revealed

CLASSICAL POP: Selim Kagee will be performing at the Masque Theatre from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 June. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

BELOW MY FEET, a collaboration of movement, music and media, will take to the stage of the Masque Theatre on Saturday 8 June at 15:30 and 19:30. The show, which features six performers, asks the audience the question: “How much


do you know about the person next to you?” It aims to give each audience member something to take home. Tickets cost R40, bookings on 0 (021) 788 1898 or

exclusively online at OLX

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Plumbers A.B.K. PLUMBERS: , Specialize in valves & geysers ,Work done personally & guaranteed. ,Leaking roofs also undertaken. ( Arnie 071 202 7744/ 021 785 7690


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PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Far South surfers brace for Durban A

T least three Far South locals will be gunning for titles at the annual Durban Surf Carnival this week. The event, a highlight of the South African surfing and water sports calendar, takes place at New Pier from Friday 7 to Sunday 9 June. Surfer and stand up paddler Justin Bing, as well as father and daughter team Gary and Chelsea van Rooyen will be three of hundreds of competitors pushing the limits to win titles. All three competitors are from Noordhoek. Bing, a Jeep Apparel Team member, was recently selected to represent SA at the World Games in Costa Rica. “I am looking forward to competing in this year’s Durban Surf Carnival, as I really enjoy the vibe and atmosphere of the contest,” he says. “I am the current SA longboard and stand-up paddle open champion, and I am ranked seventh on the World Longboard Tour and eighth in the world for stand-up paddling.” Gary and Chelsea Van Rooyen will also be competing in both events this year. Gary will be defending the over-50 longboard and stand-up paddling over-45 titles, while Chelsea will be entering the women’s longboard and women’s stand-up paddling divisions. Gary is also a former Springbok triathlete, Western Province surfer and stand-up paddler, and an avid trail runner. Chelsea placed fourth in the women’s stand-up paddling event last year and will be hoping to better her result this year.

READY TO RIDE: Noordhoek’s Justin Bing will be defending two titles at the Durban Surf Carnival this week. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Camps Bay claim tennis’ Triple Crown LIAM MOSES CAMPS BAY Tennis Club have made history by winning all three Western Province Tennis Association Premier League titles in a single season. The club claimed the men’s, women’s and mixed doubles titles, for only the second time in the history of the competition and for the second time in the club’s history. Club presiden Alan Chiat says the club’s friendly and open atmosphere is the reason they can attract and keep so many TRIPLE CHAMPS: Camps Bay Tennis Club won all three Western Province Tennis Association Premier League titles quality players “We have built a fantas- this season. Pictured, from left, are Jacqui Boyd, Gavin PHOTO: LIAM MOSES tic club spirit. We are well Smith and Alan Chiat. rounded and have quite dies out for 70% of the season, due to injustrong youth section,” he says. “It’s a friendly club so adults and jun- ries and health issues, shows the depth of iors feel comfortable, and a lot of people Camps Bay,” says Boyd. “We still managed to win the Premier are friends off-court. When you join Camps Bay you are joining a tennis family League with a pool of 10 or 12 different as opposed to just joining a club where players. Even though we are getting older, people play tennis, but don’t get on that our experience pulled us through.” The men’s team have not had as much well. That separates us from the rest and has enabled us to go from strength to success during the same period and the title is their first since winning the triple strength.” Camps Bay last won all the triple crown crown in 2003. Men’s skipper Gavin Smith says rein 2003, which was also the first time in the club’s history the men’s and women’s claiming the title was a “very satisfying achievement” after years of trying. teams won the Premier League. “We had a broad spectrum and experiSince then the women’s and mixed doubles teams have dominated the league, ence in the team, as well as one of South with eight women’s titles in the last eight Africa’s top juniors, Josh Luck, playing years and nine doubles titles in the last for us. Some of the old heads in the side also helped to get us through.” 11 years. Chiat adds the club was just as proud Women’s team captain Jacqui Boyd says the club’s depth has allowed them to of the men’s sixth team – the lowest at the club – for winning promotion from the dominate. “The fact that we had six of our top la- 10th to the ninth league.

HAVE YOUR SAY! DRAFT CONSTITUTION OF TRANSPORT FOR CAPE TOWN BY-LAW The City of Cape Town is in the process of finalising its Draft Constitution of Transport for Cape Town By-law. Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 17 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (Act 32 of 2000) that the public and interested parties or groups are given the opportunity to submit comments, recommendations or input to the Municipality for a period of 30 days, from 3 June 2013 up to and including 3 July 2013.

READY TO RUMBLE: The World Boxing Federation (WBF) international lightweight title will be contested on Saturday night. The fight forms part of a seven­fight bill and will take place at the Rotunda at The Bay Hotel in Camp’s Bay on Saturday 8 June. Here defending WBF international light weight champion Mzuvukile Magwaza (left), coach Zola Koti (centre) and African junior flyweight title contender Vusumi Tyatyeka (right) show they’re ready to go. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Golfers vie for golden glory THREE amateurs have covered themselves in golfing glory after qualifying for the national final of the 19th Amateur World Golfers Championship. Warren Goldswain from Woodstock, Alan Pearson from Cape Town and Derek Becker from Newlands booked an all expenses paid trip to the finals by finishing in the top three at the Western Cape regional elimination at De Zalze Golf Club near Stellenbosch. The trio will now compete against other golfers from across the country for a coveted place in the South African team, which will compete at the world finals in October. Pearson, who finished first, is excited about potentially going all the way to the finals. “What an exciting experience and the end prize of the World Golfers Championship title, with an all-expense paid 6-day trip, is very lucrative,” he said. Goldswain, a photographer who has been playing golf for 20 years, finished third. “This is a fantastic competition and now

that I’m through to the national final, I will be spending even more time practising for the Team SA qualifier in September,” Goldswain said. Becker, who also qualified for the national final last year, but fell short of making Team South Africa, said he was thrilled to have another shot at making the cut this year. “The competition is an adventure and caters for a range of golf levels, as you enter and compete within your handicap,” he said. Thousands of amateur golfers participate in the tournament each year. This year the world final will be played in KwaZulu-Natal for the third consecutive year. The tournament is open to any golfer over the age of 16, with an official handicap. Cape Town golfers have one more opportunity to qualify for the national finals at Clovelly Country Club on Thursday 18 July. V For more information or to enter visit

Comments, recommendations or input in respect of the Draft Constitution of Transport for Cape Town By-law can be submitted in any of the following ways: • • • • •

By fax to 021 400 1390 By e-mail to Post written submission to PO Box 298, Cape Town 8000 or to the Office of Commissioner: Transport for Cape Town, 5th Floor, Podium block, Civic Centre, Cape Town Through Facebook at Online via

Special assistance will be given to people who cannot read or write, to people with disabilities and to other disadvantaged groups who are unable to submit written comments. To have their comments, recommendation or input recorded and submitted to the Municipality, members of the abovementioned groups may contact the following officials of the City of Cape Town’s Public Participation Unit: For assistance to the general public, contact: Ruché Daniels, tel. 021 400 1766 or e-mail For assistance to disadvantaged groups, contact: Anele Viti, tel. 021 400 1652 or e-mail Enquires relating to the Draft Constitution of Transport for Cape Town By-law can be directed to Delores Meyer, tel. 021 400 1336 or e-mail The Draft Constitution of Transport for Cape Town By-law will be available on the City’s website, haveyoursay, and at subcouncil offices and libraries. ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER 99/2013

We would like to improve our delivery service

to you our readers, and have put in place an SMS service to make sure you receive your favourite newspaper regularly. Simply SMS the word DELIVERY to 32516 should you have any delivery related queries. SMS costs R1.00

SPORT TUESDAY 4 June 2013 | People's Post | Page 12 | 0021 910 6500 |

The Best Steaks in Town Award Winning Calamari

June Promotion

Calamari Main.........R 75 Catch of The Day ....R 75 200g Rump/Sirloin..R 75 400g Ribs ................R 75 1 Kg Ribs .................R120


021 712 6631


ROCK HARD: DHL Stormers prop Stevn Kitshoff is tackled by Kings forward Rynier Bernado during a Super Rugby match at DHL Newlands on Saturday. The home side won 19­10. PHOTO: PETER HEEGER/GALLO IMAGES

Challenge kicks off in icy conditions



HE opening rounds of Cape Town’s most prestigious under-17 football tournament kicked off in a stormy Manenberg on Sunday. Over 2 000 young footballers braved the icy conditions in hopes of securing their place in the finals of the 10th annual Engen Knockout Challenge. People’s Post is the event’s print media sponsor. The first play-off round of the tournament saw over 100 teams battle it out in almost 60 matches, but the teams will still have to progress through several more qualification rounds to join tournament hosts Santos FC, defending champions Ajax Cape Town and Premier Soccer League side Chippa United at the finals in August. With prize money of R10 000, tons of other prizes and the bragging rights up for grabs, the competition should be tough. Ajax will be looking to make it three-outof-three this year, and five titles in total, after dethroning then champions ASD Academy in the 2011 final and holding onto their crown with a victory over Santos in 2012. While Old Mutual, Hellenic and Vasco da Gama will be hoping to take it one step further and win the tournament this time around, after finishing in third, fourth and

fifth places respectively last year. The tournament is a highlight on the Cape Town football calendar and is well-known for its professional organisation, lively atmosphere and quality football. But not only fans and players look forward to the Knockout Challenge. Scouts from across South Africa usually flock to the tournament and, since inception, it has become a proving ground for aspiring professionals. Supersport United midfielder George Maluleka, Ajax Amsterdam and Bafana Bafana attacker Thulani Serero and Santos’ own Zairon van Beulen all made a name for themselves at the Challenge. Sunday’s play-off fixtures took place at The Greens in Manenberg and the first round continued with fixtures at the at the Rygate Sports Fields in Johnson Road, Rylands last night (Monday). Tonight (Tuesday 4 June) will see the last games of the first round played in Rylands between 19:00 and 20:00. Each one of the 16 teams which will compete in the finals will receive training equipment or a cash prize, regardless of where they finish and all the teams play the same amount of games at the finals. V For the full results from the first round of matches and to view the best pictures from last year’s tournament visit

BEATEN: Old Mutual Academy’s Mogamat May manoeuvres his way past Belhar Spurs player Cheslyn Hilario during an Engen Knockout Challenge match in Manenberg on Sunday. Old Mutual, from Pinelands, won 3­0. PHOTO: YUSUF MAGED/OMAR PICTURES

Peoples post false bay 4 june 2013  

Peoples post false bay 4 june 2013

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