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Tuesday 16 October 2012

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New crime centre opens


IT HAS taken eight years to establish a crime prevention centre in the Far South. Subcouncil 19 chairperson Felicity Purchase officiated at the opening of the centre on Wednesday and welcomed the step forward against crime. “The centre is a wonderful achievement which has been a long time coming and we finally managed to get cohesion. It will be better for the CID, the neighbourhood watches and police forums. The centre will go a long way towards improving the safety and security in the CBD and we hope to eventually extend the cameras to cover the whole valley.” The opening was attended by leaders of the 22 neighbourhood watches, CPFs, civic associations and police commissioners from Simon’s Town, Noordhoek, Kommetjie, Ocean View and Masiphumele. Mark Wiley, DA MPP, and Ward 64 councillor Dave D’Alton, welcomed the initiative. The opening of the centre represents eight years of hard work by five concerned residents – Frank Johnstone, previous manager of the Fish Hoek CID; Janet Holwill, chairperson of Fish Hoek Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association, the late Clive Wakeford, Herbie Eichel and Manu Choudree. Holwill, who was one of the original directors and motivators of the CID, is delighted. “It was a big undertaking to move the cameras and equipment, and the house is centrally placed.” She says it is appropriate that the house was chosen as it was paid for by levies raised by the businesses. Holwill paid tribute to Johnstone who was the manager of the CID for 10 years and recently retired. “He was a powerhouse in the business world, and ran the CID from his own home.” Johnstone, who retired in January and moved to Johannesburg, says: “When we set up we had to get 51% of the property owners to agree, which took four to five months. We had to register as a Section 21 company which meant property owners had to pay extra on their rates. I was near despair in the early days as the cost of the cameras was in the millions. However, thanks to Manu Choudree’s contacts we managed to buy 14 cameras.” Johnstone used to patrol the streets early in the morning and late at night. He was committed to making Fish Hoek a safe place to

In living colour The Fish Hoek shore was more beautiful than ever when hundreds of blue bottles washed up last week. Bluebottles are jellyfish­like marine Cnidarian. Their venomous tentacles can deliver a powerful sting. If you are stung by a bluebottle, make sure not to touch the affected area as this releases more venom. The best thing to do is wash the area without touching it and to consult a doctor. Photo: Ian Varkevisse

live and trade. Holwill says: “Fish Hoek was the first place in Cape Town to install and monitor cameras which were paid by the CID. The CID was founded to improve the CBD shopping experience and attract trade to Main Road, so people could shop safely. We wanted to get rid of crime and grime – and monitor loiters. Fish Hoek was one of the original CIDs and it operates on a very small budget.” Choudree, manager of the centre, commented that Fish Hoek was the first area in Cape Town to get vehicle recognition cameras to monitor incoming traffic. Choudree says he is “passionate” about combatting crime, and looks forward to pooling resources with the entire area to assist the police in their battle against crime.

“When the neighbourhood watches, security companies, law enforcement and traffic officers all provide information and knowledge, we can be proactive in the prevention of crime.” The centre needs to attract dedicated volunteers who will sit in the control room for an hour or more to monitor the cameras. Volunteers will have to join a neighbourhood watch, and be cleared by the station commissioner to be eligible. Mark Prowse, chairman of Sector 1 (Kalk Bay to Ou Kaapse Weg) says the women of the valley have proved to be a great source of information. “Women who are at home and on the radio network see everything that’s happening; and they can call in immediately. This has been a great help.”

Prowse estimates that there are 500 radios in use in the area. “The CCTV cameras which have been sponsored by businesses have been an incredible investment and have provided valuable evidence which has helped to catch many suspects.” He praised the neighbourhood watches, police and security companies for their cooperation and stressed the importance of the committed volunteers who continue to make sure that the crime in Fish Hoek is under control. Sector 1’s contact number is 082 522 2745.


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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Recovering from grief’s wounds Dear reader, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to every one of you who sent me emails in response to last week’s ConnectED. Thank you for your love and compassionate, inspiring messages and thank you for sharing with me your personal stories of losing loved ones. Your words have touched my heart so much that we are publishing some of your letters this week – and more in future editions of People’s Post. I hope that sharing these stories might give others the comfort, hope and strength that I have drawn from them. Anyone who has been through grief will know that it is all-consuming; it takes over your existence and stops you in your tracks. You feel as if you will never overcome how you feel. There are times you need only solitude and other times you find your loneliness unbearable. I’ve learnt that I need both and have let my family and benevolent friends tug me along – to

an extent. Last week, a good friend of mine succeeded in convincing me to visit Lotus River Place where he was hosting a karaoke for the more than 100 seniors there. Not knowing what to expect and how I would respond to attending an event of this nature so shortly after my loss, I was happily surprised to find a homely, clean, comfortable and joyful place. Several of the smiling elderly residents were singing and dancing, some on the dance floor, the rest in their chairs. They were celebrating life, forgetful of their ailments and age. The eldest resident there is 102 years old and she walks with the aid of only a walking stick, smiles, and gladly poses for photographs. She sports thick, shiny grey hair. Lotus River Place is also where many older people have found love and a wedding is on the cards for one such couple, as I was informed by Josephine Frenchman. She is one of several amazing volunteers who give of their time and love to create the homely atmosphere that makes this residence different

from some others. Unfortunately, and despite my friend’s noble intentions to distract me from my grief and see me smile again, I ended up searching for my late mother’s face among the crowd and ended up fleeing to my car. Hearing about the death of a resident in one room while a karaoke party was in full swing elsewhere in the home, contributed to my sadness. It also awakened my realisation that this is life and that death is the final chapter in the book of life. Knowing this does not in any way diminish the pain, but helps to teach acceptance – in tiny parts. I feel very blessed for all the support I am getting and to have the platform in which to – through my writing – process my emotions. I pray and wish for everyone who is going through bereavement the same love, support and strength I am getting. ’Til next time, go well! ConnectED is a weekly column by People’s Post editor Feroza Miller-Isaacs who can be contacted on People’s Post in online. Visit

Readers’ condolences A ‘different’ place Prayers are with you

Boat fest

THE pastors and members of Lofdal Church, Downberg Road, Hanover Park wish to convey sympathies to People’s Post editor Feroza MillerIsaacs and her family at this time of sad bereavement.

May the Almighty be your strength and comfort and sustain you in your time of pain and heartache. Our prayers are with you. ANN ABRAHAMS Email

MY THOUGHTS and prayers are with you and your family. When my mother died a colleague said to me “the world

is a different place without your mother” and how right she was. JOSEPHINE

Hard to lose a mother I DON’T know you personally, but I read your column every week. My deepest sympathy to you and your family at this

time. I know it is not easy losing a mother. Stay strong. CLIVE ABRAHAMS Email

She is your role model YOU are very blessed to have lived with such a beautiful person, as you describe in People’s Post of Tuesday 9 October. Cape Town needs so many more such mothers to help the youth avoid gang-

sterism, drug and alcohol abuse. Go well, as I believe you will be a similar role model for your own children as your mother was to you. GERRY Hout Bay

Uit die hart geskryf JOU rubriek is pragtig ek het net begin huil. Dit is so waar en uit jou

hart geskryf. MARISA NAUDE Simonstad

She’s always with you MY SINCERE condolences on the loss of your amazing mother. I read your dedication to your mom and it brought tears to my eyes. You are so lucky to have such a

wonderful family. Your mom will always be with you. I know; I lost my mom many years ago. Be strong and take care. ANDRÉ GILBERTSON

Peace to you and your family I REGULARLY receive People’s Post and always find it interesting reading your column. I am sorry to hear of the demise of your beloved mother. Although I have never met her I gathered from your articles she was an extraordinary person. May Allah grant her

Moving tribute I HAVE just received People’s Post and read your beautiful column about your mother. What a moving tribute to a very special woman. I am sure it will have touched

the highest place in jannatul fierdouz, nur in her qabr and reward her for all her good deeds. May Allah grant to you and your family sabr, contentment and make things easy for all of you. Insha-Allah. LATIEFA NORDIEN many readers’ hearts just as much as it did mine. My condolences to you and your family. Wishing you all much strength as you mourn her passing and celebrate her life. PIPPA HUDSON


Tuesday 16 October 2012

People’s Post False Bay Page 3

New bottle store for Noordhoek? THE Pick n Pay outlet at Longbeach Mall has applied to Fish Hoek police station for an off-consumption liquor licence. Warrant Officer PJ Middleton reports that he received the application on Friday 28 September. The community has 28 days in which to comment. The deadline is Thursday 25 October. Middleton says Pick n Pay intends to convert the space vacated by a clothing store into a liquor store with a separate entrance on the Noordhoek side of the supermarket. He described the space as

about “four aisles”. Comments and objections can be sent to him at Fish Hoek police station or faxed to (021) 782 1457. These will be forwarded to the Liquor Board. He warns that objections be based on “a valid reason, and objectors must be prepared to speak at a Liquor Board hearing, if necessary”. The Act requires that copies of the comments be sent to the Liquor Board in Cape Town. Councillor Felicity Purchase says she hasn’t received any notification of the application which has to be submitted to subcouncil 19. Submit comments to Middleton via email at

REVVING IT UP: Theo Erlanger rides during the Cape Town Urban Assault downhill mountain bike race from Signal Hill on Sunday. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

Warning of low water pressure RESIDENTS of the Far South be warned. The area will experience low water pressure tomorrow night. This is as a result of the City’s Water and Sanitation Department installing a new valve on the bulk water supply main feeding Kommetjie, Noordhoek, Ocean View, Masiphumelele, Scarborough and surrounding suburbs. The installation work will commence at 22:00 on Wednesday 17 October 2012 and will be completed by 05:00 on Thursday 18 October 2012. The installation of the new valve forms part of the new Fish Hoek water pump station and pipeline project that is currently in progress between Clovelly and Sun Valley. This project also forms part of the City’s master planning programme to ensure the continued supply of high quality drinking water. Careful consideration has been given to the planning of this work to ensure minimal disruption to the water supply in the affected areas. This includes conducting the repairs during a period when the demand for water is low, and redirecting the water supply from other network sources whilst the work is in progress. It is envisaged that only the high-lying properties in the suburbs listed above will experience low water pressure during the period of installation and during the commissioning process. Residents in these areas are therefore kindly requested to reduce their water consumption during this period. They should please note that when the supply is restored, the water will be slightly discoloured for a

Independent Electronic Security & Guarding Approved by

ADT, Chubb, Scarborough Security

We Install/Upgrade/Maintain Electronic security brief period. The City wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused. It is imperative that we maintain and improve our water supply infrastructure to ensure the continued supply of good quality drinking water to our citizens.

Alarms/Outdoor beams/ Intercoms/CCTV/Gate motors/ Locksmith

Tel / Fax: 782-2661 e-mail: • PSIRA: 1346048

Stockists of Steel Tubing, Flat Bars & Angle Irons. Wholesale to the public

Carport Posts

Roof Sheets in Store

338 HALT RD, ELSIES RIVER 082 490 5225


021 933 1634



3 me eals 3 ga ames 3 tim mes the fun

Why no ot bring 3 frie ends? 31 Octobe ber 2012 at King o of Kings Baptist Church 17h30- 20h00




1 Security Solution

PH 021 7 785 4200 for mor re info

Do you know that one light can help change a life? Buy a light and help us switch on hope. For every light that is purchased, Living Hope will shine a light for the whole month of December in remembrance of all the people we have helped since we opened our doors. By purchasing a light you can help us to shine the light of hope this festive season.

Each light costs R 100.00. Lights can be purchased at AP Jones in Fish Hoek, King of Kings Baptist Church or from Living Hope directly. For more information, phone 021 784 2800.


You can also purchase a light online by visiting


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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Drifting helps youth to stay on track TERESA FISCHER

REVVING engines and smoking tyres may have a bad-boy image, but the Ocean View Spinners are determined to prove they are a force for good. The club recently held a food drive for the Jones Safe House in Lekkerwater Road. Joined by Ocean View bikers, the procession of modified cars attracted loads of attention along the way.

3-4 November

Spinning or drifting – originally known as popping – shows off a driver’s ability to control their car through coordinated foot and handwork. It’s not about speed. “It’s an adrenaline rush and about getting the crowd’s approval,” says club founder Renzo Quickfall. He says on the day a chorus of children asked: “Uncle, uncle, are you going to spin somewhere?” The low-slung cars have shiny mags and striking paintwork, resembling those in the

TV show Pimp My Ride. Some of their names are The General, Terrible T and the BMW is Lil’ Germy. Quickfall, who came up with the idea of starting the club, says in spite of the uphill battle which followed, the dream didn’t remain a fantasy. Through a partnership with Arts Vibration, an NGO with an automotive division, Ocean View Spinners has blossomed. It is now registered with Motorsport SA. “The guys had to dig deep,” he says, “to pay the registration costs.” Quickfall says the main idea is community upliftment and to “get guys off the street”. “We want to bring money into Ocean View,” he adds. However, because of a shortage of space, the club travels to Paarl to hold events. Quickfall says because of a lack of facilities in the area, the “children have absolutely nothing to do”. He says the one event the club held in the area attracted everyone and crime that week-

end was minimal. However, he says, difficulties to obtain permission to host such events mean they have to travel to Paarl. Quickfall says children help to build and work on the cars, gaining life skills in the process. When asked by the children when the work would be finished, Quickfall says he responds: “My message to them is things can happen if one works for it, but it takes time.” “It’s not just men,” he says, adding there are women who get behind the wheel, including one teenage schoolgirl who is a talented driver. “I grew up here,” says Quickfall. “I grew to love the place, and it is sad to see the deterioration . I look at the children and there is nothing here for them, so they turn to drugs and crime. We are here; we want to help.” He adds they will struggle to do this if they don’t have space to hold events. Contact Quickfall on 083 665 5266 or Thomas Mostert on 073 430 7114.


Zandvlei, Muizenberg R20 adults / R10 children All profits go to support Cape Mental Health Festival Hotline 082 658 4537 Zandvlei, Muizenberg

GIVING BACK: The Ocean View Spinners with some of the food they donated to the Jones Safe House in Lekkerwater Road. Photos: Supplied

CROWD PLEASER: This procession of cars and motorbikes turned heads in Ocean View.


Tuesday 16 October 2012

Euthenasia continues

People’s Post False Bay Page 5

Hout Bay shattered by sea disaster

TWO more baboons have been euthanised. This is according to a joint press release by the City of Cape Town, SANParks and Cape Nature. “The euthanasia took place to reduce the frequency and severity of raiding behaviour by two chacma baboons and only after concerted efforts had been made to prevent these baboons from gaining access to dense residential areas, using a range of approved and sanctioned deterrents,” the statement says. The two male baboons, TK21 and TK22, were said to be “persistent raiders that had concentrated their escalating raiding efforts in the lower Tokai area”. Furthermore, it states the baboons were not deterred by human presence or the controlled use of paintball guns. “By contrast, the rest of the troop – including sub-adult males, adult females and their offspring – have been easily deterred by field rangers and the electric fence around the suburb of Zwaanswyk.” The Baboon Technical Team (BTT), the newly-appointed baboon monitors, aims to “rehabilitate these habitual raiders using better-trained field rangers and a wider range of deterrents.” Communities such as Zwaanswyk also has an electric fence erected. “It is not possible to endlessly escalate the use of deterrents, which are controlled by the use of approved standard operating procedures. When baboons do not respond to acceptable levels of deterrents, the BTT has little choice but to euthanise these baboons in the interests of the rest of the troop and, in particular, the younger generation of baboons,” the statement says. “Growth rates of troops in Tokai are higher than anywhere else in the Peninsula due to the abundance of exotic vegetation and the absence of natural predators. The removal of select habitual raiders does not threaten the sustainability of this population, but offers . . . reduced raiding of (residences) and improved conservation value of the majority of the Tokai baboons”.

LIFE LINE: Rescuers come to the aid of pas­ sengers of the Mirosh­ ga char­ tered whale­ watching boat, which capsized on Saturday af­ ternoon off Hout Bay.


THREE British tourists and a local man were among the 38 passengers shipwrecked off Duiker Island, near Hout Bay, at 14:22 on Saturday. John Roberts, a tour guide from Hout Bay, perished in the disaster. His fiancée Sharleen Malan broke down in tears at the news of his death. The couple were due to be married this week. The British man, Peter Hyatt, 64, died at the scene. He was due to fly to his home in Barry, South Wales, later that day. His wife Susan, 63, and her daughter, 37, were both rescued and taken to Groot Schuur Hospital for treatment. The other two UK women – Bronwyn Armstrong and Lynette Hartmann – were trapped under the boat for three hours and breathed in air pockets to stay alive. The story made headline news in major UK newspapers. Brad Geyser, of NSRI Hout Bay, says: “Volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of the local 10m Hangberg Charters charter boat Miroshga capsized at Duiker Island near Hout Bay with multiple casualties. Some survivors had been rescued by the charter boat Nauticat and by the charter boat Extravagant.” Geyser says some passengers were in the water and others clung to the hull of the upturned boat. They were rescued by NSRI boats and charter boats. The rescued passengers, which included four children, were treated by paramedics. Others were transported to various hospitals around Cape Town. Geyser says: “At that stage it was be-

Photo: Lionell van der Schyff

lieved up to six people were missing. This number was later revised to four people still missing and it was confirmed that 38 people had been on the boat when it capsized.” Three women had to be rescued from inside the hull of the upturned boat by police divers and EMS divers. “Initially EMS divers using scuba gear rescued a South African woman from inside the hull of the boat. They swam under the hull to reach the woman who was using an air pocket to breathe. “NSRI and EMS rescuers communicated with her by tapping on the outside of the upturned hull. The divers used breathing apparatus to help her swim out from the upturned boat. She surfaced about 16:15 and had been trapped inside the hull since the boat capsized at around 14:15.” At that time divers didn’t realise there were two British women trapped deeper inside the hull. They were also using air pockets to breathe. One of the women suffers from chronic asthma and a police diver gave her his breathing apparatus. He swam out of the upturned hull without breathing apparatus and returned with fresh sets of breath-

ing apparatus for himself and one for the woman. All three women had to be coaxed out of life jackets which were making it difficult for them to swim out, as they were too buoyant. The women were taken to hospitals in a critical condition. The body of the deceased man was handed into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services and 24 survivors were transported to hospital with minor injuries. All survivors were treated for hypothermia on the scene. During the rescue operation additional blankets were provided by Hout Bay’s Watch Con and medical personnel comforted survivors. “Everyone – from retired nurses to new basic first aiders – arrived to lend assistance. Survivors and rescuers received counselling and hot drinks in the harbour,” says Geyser. The South African Maritime Safety Authority (Samsa) will investigate the cause of the incident and the salvage vessel Smit Amandla is on the scene to conduct a forensic salvage operation on behalf of Samsa. Police have opened an inquest docket.


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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Awards for Fine & Country top team I ATTENDED the 2012 Fine & Country Africa, Middle East and Asia conference at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg. The weather was fantastic with glorious spring days. The Melrose Arch Precinct, situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, is quite unique and boasts a variety of up-market trendy retail shops and gourmet restaurants. Not more than 500m from our hotel is a central square offering the diner a number of classy al fresco style restaurants. The hotel was different and its website described it as being urban, contemporary and edgy. The theme of the hotel takes you back to a bygone era of Hollywood glamour. The Fine & Country conference was again very special and now that we have included our offices in Nigeria, Namibia and the Middle East it definitely has a more international flavour. The convention focused predominantly on the strategy for 2013 which highlighted Fine & Country strengths. There can be no doubt we have a leading brand when you consider that Fine & Country won the prestigious international Best Real Estate Agency Marketing Award for the third year consecutive time. As with most Sales Conferences the highlight of the event was the very special Gala Awards Dinner. I was extremely proud that the Fish Hoek office was the recipient of two awards – as a finalist in both the Technology and Online category and the Best Agency of the Year category. Not bad for a small agency situated in

TALKING SHOP: Tony Webb (left) and Regardt Lourens, the owner of the Namibia license for Fine & Country. Photo: Supplied

the Deep South Peninsula. I was also very humbled to be awarded the Top Real Estate Manager of the Year in Africa, Middle East and Asia. This award is the result of a very special team effort. Lorraine Webb who heads up sales and Liezl Rademan who is the unsung hero who handles all the administration reception and conveyance issues.

The close relationship we have with our UK parent company has provided amazing marketing and technological opportunities. Our referral system is truly international. Recently I was able to refer a client to one of our UK offices and the client has been impressed with the level of service and professionalism. You can view our amazing journey by visiting

Over the next few months there will be a subtle change to our brand identity in respect to our corporate colours. You will also see even more focus on the client and our support to both the seller and the buyer. We have some very exciting marketing targeted on behalf of the seller and overseas marketing options. - Tony Webb

Local super-agents find dream castle for billionaire IN AN orchestrated chain of events, a Russian businessman found his dream castle through the attention to detail of Noordhoek property consultants Michelle Wanless and Marie Chislett of Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty. Wanless and Chislett listed a large exclusive property in Noordhoek on the network of Sotheby’s International Realty websites. On the other side of the world, the property was viewed by a wealthy Russian businessman and he made contact with the agents. They worked hard to understand his requirements, with privacy and security being top priorities. Realising this was a unique opportunity, Wanless engaged the network of agents working for Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International in Cape Town and beyond and three

potential opportunities were identified. It soon became apparent that the Lichtenstein Castle (which had been languishing on the market for a while) had won the heart of the buyer. It has 13 ensuite bedrooms, a library, snooker room and, for the more naturally inclined guest, its own waterfall. It can only be accessed via a private road or helicopter. The women worked with a colleague from the southern suburbs to fulfil the purchaser’s requirements. Buying or selling property brings together not only the local agency but a large network of offices and agents, both nationally and internationally. This provides the essential exposure to allow you the best property opportunities in what has recently been a challenging market.

AT YOUR SERVICE: Property consultants Michelle Wanless and Marie Chislett.Photo: Karen Peiser

Tuesday 16 October 2012


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Tuesday 16 October 2012

ly is at 18:30 in the Chat coffee shop at Nerina Gardens. Phone (021) 782 6106. Fish Hoek: The Fish Hoek Garden Club meets at the civic centre at 19:00. The guest speaker will be Pippa Haarhoff of the West Coast Fossil Park. All welcome; visitors pay R10. For enquiries call (021) 785 2386.

THURSDAY 18 OCTOBER TUESDAY 16 OCTOBER Plumstead: The prostate cancer support action group meets in the auditorium of MediClinic Constantiaberg in Burnham Road at 17:45 for 18:00. Dr Karl-Heinz Jehle will talk on sex and prostate cancer. Newlydiagnosed patients and their partners or carers are welcome to attend. For more information call or SMS 073 560 3067. Kalk Bay: An exhibition of the “finest mo-

saic artists in the country” is on until Saturday 27 October at the Mel Miller Mosaics Studio/Gallery in Main Road. View the exhibitions on Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00. For more information call Mel Miller on 083 696 9931.

WEDNESDAY 17 OCTOBER Fish Hoek: The annual meeting of the Fish Hoek Association for the welfare of the elder-

Fish Hoek: The monthly diabetes support group meeting will take place at the civic centre at 14:15. The guest speaker will be Alan Walters from CMR. For details call Gerald Jefta on (021) 786 4540.

SATURDAY 20 OCTOBER Simon’s Town: The Simon’s Town Methodist Church will hold a bazaar at the town hall from 09:00 until 14:00. Fish Hoek: The Methodist Church will

hold a flea market from 8:30 to 12:30 at the church in First Avenue. Fish Hoek: In the Mood Dance Club’s monthly dance evening is at the civic centre from 20:00. Dress smart/casual and take your own XYZ. Members pay R20 and non-members R25. Booking is essential. Call (021) 782 4991.

SUNDAY 21 OCTOBER Cape Point: Friends of the Cape of Good Hope will have a walk/hike up Kanonkop to Bordjiesrif at 9:00. Meet at the pay gate. Use your Wild Card or pay R85. For enquiries call (021) 712 6004.

MONDAY 22 OCTOBER Muizenberg: The Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative (MCSI) will hold their annual meeting at George Whitfield College. The meeting starts at 19:00. Forward nominations to the committee, add a topic to the agenda or apologise for your absence by emailing

WEDNESDAY 24 OCTOBER Newlands: A Whale of a Heritage Route will host a tour of historic inns, pubs, hotels and other attractions between Newlands and Simon’s Town, starting from the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands at 08:00. The tour will finish at the Windsor Restaurant in Fish Hoek at 14:30. The tour, at R90, is a self drive trail. The cost also includes lunch at the Windsor Restaurant. For more information or to book your place call 079 391 2105 or email

THURSDAY 25 OCTOBER Fish Hoek: The South Peninsula Handcraft Centre will host an open day at the civic centre from 09:00. Various crafts and Christmas goods will be on sale. Tea and refreshments will be on sale. Entry is free. Contact Mary Ann Heibner on (021) 787 0176 or 076 334 3097 for details.

FRIDAY 26 OCTOBER Fish Hoek: A tea will be held at library at 10:00. The guest speaker will be author Peter Merrington. The tea will raise funds for the library. R20 entry includes tea. For more information phone Jeanie on (021) 784 2030.

SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER Clovelly: The inaugural Clovelly Country Club bridal fair will see wedding vendors from across the Peninsula showcase their goods and services from 14:00. There will also be a lucky prize draw on the day. To book or for more information call Jacqui on 072 257 0890 or Tammy on 082 041 9247. Sun Valley: The New Patchwork Quilting Group meets at St Brendan’s Catholic Church in Jangada Street from 14:00. For more infomation on the group call Margie Adams on 083 557 6696.

SUNDAY 28 OCTOBER Simon’s Town: The Friends of Simon’s Town Museum will host a three course luncheon at Café Pescado, the old Criterion Bioscope, at noon for 12:30. Entrance costs R120. For further details phone Yvonne on (021) 786 4404 or Audrey on (021) 786 1905.

FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER Muizenberg: M Galleries will host an art exhibition, which opens today and runs until Saturday 1 December. For more details call 082 739 7567.

TUESDAY 6 NOVEMBER Ocean View: The Ocean View Community Police Forum will hold its annual meeting at the Ocean View Civic Centre at 19:00.

Uniform shop moves THE official Fish Hoek High School uniform shop has moved off the Fish Hoek Primary grounds and from Tuesday 9 October will be operating at the amphitheatre exit at the high school from 14:00 until 17:00 every afternoon. For more information call 0 (021) 782 1107.


Tuesday 16 October 2012

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Chance to reach out to help others

n ge e En rag Ga

from M5

Tel : 021- 674 0887

Garfield Rd

Chichester Rd


Toyota Garage

Plastic Warehouse GLOSDERRY RD

Angels Shoes Factory Shop


Mr Video

Angel Shoes

Raglan Rd

M-Kem Pharmacy

Clothing City

Toys Angels R Us




Shoe City




Northumberland Rd

sence, all about prevention. Not everybody has the time to get involved in charity work, but a simple donation will help you bring some light to a family’s life and break their despair. Interested in making a change? Drop your donation into any marked box at a Food Lover’s Market outlet in greater Cape Town; at People’s Post’s office in Tokai; or at Living Hope in Capri, and consider it your good deed for the month. The food will be made into Hampers of Hope and distributed to the communities in need.For more information, call Karen Peiser on 083 456 9594.

Programme, which gives people a hand up (onto their feet) instead of a hand out. Living Right is divided into three sections. The first consists of health counsellors who educate and counsel with community members on health-related inquiries and the importance of knowing their HIV status. The second section of Living Right consists of support group facilitators, who meet with groups of people and educate them on chronic disease issues and help them work through their life issues. The third section comprises life skills educators, who teach children from a young age. The Living Right ministry is, in es-

Durban Rd

Living Hope, in conjunction with People’s Post and Food Lover’s Market, will be spreading the cheer with hampers of hope to disadvantaged communities and they need your help to make it a success. By donating dry food items or canned goods, you can spread hope to those who are

facing trying times. Living Hope has been offering help for the past 11 years. The organisation consists of four ministries – Living Grace, Living Right, Living Way and Living Care – each performing a vital role in the upliftment of the communities it works in. Living Grace is a ministry in Muizenberg, which acts as a safe haven for the homeless. It is not a shelter, as such, but a place where the needy can store their belongings in a locker, eat a breakfast and lunch, or just take a quick shower. There is also a Substance Abuse Recovery

Warrington Rd

DO YOU have canned goods stacked in the back of your cupboards because the children don’t like what’s inside? Or did you buy more groceries than you needed? Donate it to a worthy cause – there are people in your community who need it.

Cape Town

Bellville Store: opposite Clothing City and Toys R US • Kenilworth Store: off Garfield Road & opposite Builders Express


BELOW COST: FROM R179 Italy 6 was R 549

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Angels Shoes

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14 PEOPLE shall WIN their choice of Angels Shoes TO THE TOTAL VALUE OF There will be 2 x voucher prizes of R 1 500, 2 x prizes of R 1000, 10 x prizes of R 500

Competition Rules : You simply need to fill in your details and the correct answers to the questions below for a chance to win one of the 14 prizes. Then cut the cut-out and deposit it in the box at one of our two Stores during working hours. The draw will be held at our Kenilworth store on Thursday the 29th November at 3-30 pm. All absent people will be notified by sms or e mail. The first 20 people present at the draw will each receive a cash for “shoes” gift voucher for R 50 redeemable at the two Angels Shoes Stores. All decisions are final and decided by the management of Angels Shoes. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash and need to be redeemed before 15th January 2013. A maximum of two entries per person, and only one prize per person per store. Questions : What is the Address of the Kenilworth Angels Shoes Store ? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the Address of the Bellville Angels Shoes Store ? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are the Angels Shoes uppers made from? a the best quality soft silky leather b plastic c wood (tick the correct answer) Full Name_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cell Number______________________________________or e-mail_________________________________________________________________________________________ Which store is the nearest to your residence?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the Address of the Kenilworth Angels Shoes Store ? _____________________________________________________ It is opposite_______________________________ What is the Address of the Bellville Angels Shoes Store ? ________________________________________________________It is opposite_______________________________


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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Pornography is a ‘new’ drug JUANITA WILLIAMS

HARDCORE pornography is watched by 97% of child abusers, according to police statistics.

Clive Human, director of Stop (Standing Together to Oppose Pornography) blames this on easy access to porn. It is being called the new drug of our time. “Sadly, the perpetrators are getting younger and younger and the number of reported child-on-child sexual abuse cases have skyrocketed. Children today are acting out what they are exposed to on TV and the internet. The cellphone gives them instant access to sexually explicit material. Some are posting pictures and clips of themselves on various platforms of the social media, without a thought to the long-term effects it can have on their lives,” says Human. “There is a huge increase in child pornography and without adequate parental supervision there’s the risk of children posting illegal content of themselves. It is a

criminal offence to have porn on a phone belonging to a child, so the parent or guardian who has signed the contract could be charged with neglect and abuse.” A child under 18 years can be charged with manufacturing and/ or distributing child pornography, he says. “This is a serious offence, and a youngster could end up with a criminal record for life.” Human suggests parents put an adult content block on a cellphone. Easy access to sexually explicit material in shops is also a temptation. The best-seller 50 Shades of Grey, known as “mommy porn”, has outsold the Harry Potter series. Children are reading this fantasy and assume it is part of a normal healthy relationship. “Never before in history has pornography been so cruel, violent and degrading to-

wards women, and this is perpetuating violence and aggression towards women.” The real danger, says Human, is that women are being objectified by porn. “The men see these fantasy women as always available, and a real wife and mother can’t compete with these airbrushed women. Relationships are fragile and when porn is introduced they can break down from the strain of these ‘affairs of the mind’.” Founded in 1994 by Doreen Meissner and Michèle Human, Stop’s mission is to “promote a society in which children are nurtured in an environment of sound family values and in which women and children in particular are protected from sexual crime, sexual exploitation, abuse and violence in accordance with their constitutional rights”.

They started the organisation in response to the de-regulation of porn and campaigned at schools to support family-friendly stores that agreed not to stock pornographic material. They were supported by shops from Plumstead to Lakeside. Clive Human decided to get involved when men started confiding in him at meetings. He decided to take early retirement from his job in the textile/fashion business and has counselled hundreds of men. “It is an embarrassing addiction, with deep-rooted issues, and not many people really know how to deal with it. It causes devastation in a committed relationship, which often results in divorce. People have lost their jobs and we have dealt with cases of child molestation.” Based at Meadowridge Baptist Church, the office helpline has an answering machine and cellphone number for emergencies. A regular speaker at schools, he is also on CCFM Radio the first Tuesday of each month at 11:00. Call Stop at (021) 715 3216 or visit

OUT WITH A BANG: The Kalk Bay Village Market will no longer be held at Belmont Way as the venue is no longer available. Traders came together earlier this month to “Go out with a bang”. Organisers assure that the market will not die out. They are currently looking for new premises to trade.

IN WITH THE NEW: Bernard Oosthuizen, operations manager for traffic signals at the City of Cape Town, compares an old incandescent light bulb with the new, energy­efficient LED lamps which have been installed in every traffic light in Cape Town. Photo: Liam Moses

New lights a cost saver LIAM MOSES

THE installation of new energy-efficient LED lights will save the City over R2,5m a year on electricity bills. The bulbs have been installed in the traffic lights. The upgrade started in 2005 – first switching from 75 watt incandescent light bulbs to halogen lamps and switching lamps which had 70 LED’s in each. Now all 1 378 traffic signals in Cape Town have been changed to high-tech, energy-efficient lamps which have only three LEDs each. Bernard Oosthuizen, operations manager for traffic signals, says the new lights will cut the City’s electricity bill greatly. “We will pay about a seventh of the electricity bill that we used to,” says Oosthuizen. “We are saving 3 900 megawatt hours a year. Overall with maintenance and electricity together, it’s a massive cost saving.” One megawatt hour is equivalent to the average amount of electricity that 330 South African houses use in one hour. The R2,5m saving has been calculated using the bulk cost of electricity paid by the City.

It would increase to around R4,5m if it was calculated using the retail price. The new bulbs cost R500 each, significantly more than the R18 which was paid for each halogen lamp and half of the R1 000 which was paid for the older LED lamps which had 70 LEDs in each. Oosthuizen says the City will also save by not having to purchase as many lamps as before and because the LED lamps require less labour. “The other major thing is the lifespan,” says Oosthuizen. “The halogens and incandescent lights had to be changed every three months, so you can imagine the labour involved. “The LED’s lifespan is about five years. If this goes faulty within five years then the supplier must give us a new one with a new date of manufacture and if that goes within five years I will give that back as well.” He adds that the LED lamps will also have to be replaced less often because they are more resistant to water damage and are still able to function perfectly even if one of the three LEDs in the lamp fuses. The City announced the completion of the traffic signals upgrades at an event held at the Traffic Signals Depot in Ottery on Tuesday.

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC: The Fish Hoek High School Choir, along with some other music students, entertained residents at Peers Village. The performance included guitar, piano and clarinet solos, as well as items of song. Photo: Supplied

WEB OF INTRIGUE: A reader sent People’s Post this picture of an “unusual” flower she took at the Silvermine River wetland walk. According to the information board it is Ferraria Crispa or Sea­ spider Iris. Photo: Moira Hansen

Tuesday 16 October 2012

People's Post Page 11


Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

‘Naïve art’ at exhibition THE Irma Stern Art Museum in Rosebank was filled with colourful celebs for the opening of Carol Mangiagalli’s exhibition. It represents three years of intense painting at her Caledon studio. Organiser of the show, Penny Dobie, calls

Mangiagalli “Africa’s best naïve painter – in the genre of TS Lowry. Her paintings are a great investment.” The exhibition of colourful work runs from now until Friday 19 October, from 9:00 to 13:00.

People’s Post False Bay Page 11

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Male voices to raise the roof

THE popular male voice choir the Quarrymen’s year-end concert promises to be an uplifting experience.

The concert will be at Fish Hoek High School on Friday 19 October at 19:30. This talented choir – with members from diverse communities – will be presenting a variety of well-known numbers such as Any Dream Will Do, Climb Every Mountain, Eli Jenkins’ Prayer, Calon Lan, Battle Hymn Of The Republic and Speed Your Journey as well as new ones, including the powerful African song Bawo.

Quarrymen will also present their own Barbershop Quartet singing Java Jive, An Irish Blessing, I Want A Girl and the popular Good Night, Sweetheart. The Cape Town Concert Brass Band will make a guest appearance. The band is a collection of amateur musicians configured as a traditional English Brass Band and their repertoire varies from classical to jazz to arrangements of popular tunes. Tickets, at R50, are available from AP Jones Fish Hoek, Simon’s Town Pharmacy and James Rawlings on 083 226 1487.

FUNDIS: From left are writer Jeremy Lawrence, Penny Dobie and Sally Graaff at artist Carol Mangiagalli’s exhibition and book launch. Photos: Juanita Williams.

IN ACTION: Catch the Quarrymen in their year­end concert.

EAGER TO VIEW: The event organiser Penny Dobie is flanked by Peter and Ann Baumann..

Photo: Supplied

Tickle fest Brit­Iranian funnyman Omid Djalili will be at the Grand Arena on Saturday 27 October. People’s Post readers can win five double tickets to the show, which starts at 20:00. SMS the word “Omid”, your name and email address to 34586 by Thursday at 13:00. SMSes cost R1,50. Win­ ners will be notified by email and have to collect tickets at the venue on the night.Photo: Supplied

IN THE SHADOWS: Tribute, a six­man band, will perform a Tribute to Cliff Richards and the Shadows at the Kalk Bay Theatre on Sunday 4 November at 19:30. The band consists of Ivor Norman (lead guitar), Peter Denyssen (rhythm guitar), Mike Whare (bass guitar), Steve Dampster (drums), Roger Harrison (keyboard) and vocalist Michael Georgopoulos, who will play the role of Cliff Richards. The band, who recently released their first album, will perform hits such as Apache, Atlantis, Summer Holiday and much more. Tickets, at R95, can bought by visiting Photo: Supplied

Chance to set the stage alight FANCY yourself an actor of note? Read on. The Fish Hoek Dramatic Society is holding auditions for a new play, Arsenic and Lace, penned by Joseph Kesselling.

The auditions will be held on Sunday 4 November at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg at 10:00. For more information call Jane on (021) 782 3608 or email to

MUSICAL INFLUENCE: Pierre Malherbe’s (pictured) non­ musical tribute to music, Another Friggin’ Tribute Show will run at the Kalk Bay Thea­ tre from Wednesday 24 Octo­ ber to Saturdat 3 November. Directed by Vincent Mey­ burgh, the show is a stand­up comedy about the bands, art­ ists and musically­related ex­ periences that have shaped and influenced Malherbe’s life from his earliest recollec­ tions. From Engelbert Hump­ erdink to Pink Floyd and Prime Circle, Malherbe will take the audience on a jour­ ney through his musical li­ brary. The show carries an age restriction of 16. Tickets cost R85. To book and for more information visit Photo: Supplied

Page 12 People’s Post False Bay


Tuesday 16 October 2012

Food for thought TODAY is World Food Day and tomorrow is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The two go hand-in-hand: the poor don’t have enough food to eat. In a world with such divergent parallels – people beset by obesity, while others purge in an attempt to stay thin – the need for a day to eradicate poverty is telling. The fact is, while there are thousands of people who regularly enjoy three full meals each day, with options to spare, there are as many millions wondering where their next meal will come from. Hunger is a driver. It will drive law-abiding citizens to beg, borrow and steal. A parent will find it difficult to stomach seeing their child going without. There is no pride in the need to still hunger pangs when the cupboard is perpetually bare. Has the world run out of options to ensure food security? Is there not enough space to grow crops, or to raise animals and keep fowl? It is an indictment upon humanity that, while others shun food in the name of maintaining a dress size, others are reduced to scavenging the dirt bins of a throw-away society. Organisations such as Food & Trees for Africa work to address issues of poverty alleviation and food security. They distribute trees to disadvantaged communities to address climate change, uplift environments and quality of life. Their food gardens help schools and communities develop sustainable food gardens. They also assist and develop in organic farming by providing skills, resources and mentoring; and bringing previously unemployed people into the business of agriculture. They are not alone in the plan to feed the world. Organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the United Nations, NGOs, NPOs and ordinary individuals make it their business to put food on the table of the hungry. While we may believe that “the poor will always be with us”, it takes very little to extend a helping hand up.

Hats off to False Bay hospice

Clear up hospital accreditation THE SMS on Tuesday 9 October in the People’s Post refers. While the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (Cohsasa) welcomes (the writer’s) enthusiasm about the Living Hope Hospice being awarded Cohsasa accreditation, the facts are not correct regarding the current status of the Mediclinic Constantiaberg. Mediclinic Constantiaberg does currently hold a three-year accreditation award from Cohsasa. It was conferred on the hospital on 12 November 2011 and is valid until 14 November 2014. This accreditation award means that Mediclinic Constantiaberg meets international quality and safety standards. The standards used are accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), the global authority on quality in healthcare. It is noteworthy that Mediclinic Constantiaberg holds a three-year accreditation award. Facilities achieve either two- or three-year Cohsasa accreditation awards. Two-year

awards are given to institutions if they are a first-time entry into the programme (as in the case of Living Hope). Thereafter, if levels of standards excellence have been maintained between surveys, the facilities are usually given three-year accreditation awards in recognition of consistently maintaining high standards – the award Constantiaberg now holds. Cohsasa has accredited a number of healthcare facilities in Cape Town and South Africa ( Cohsasa is a not-for-profit Section 21 company that has been working in the field of quality improvement and accreditation of healthcare facilities in Southern Africa for the past 17 years. The Council is recognised internationally and its standards, training for surveys and the organisation are accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua). I hope this clears up the matter about the current status of Mediclinic Constantiaberg. PROFESSOR STUART WHITTAKER CEO Cohsasa

THE Simon’s Town Museum is in the process of collecting good second-hand items for the family resource centre at Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital. The centre is in need of clothes and shoes for babies, babycare products, toys and equipment, such as prams. It is also in need of clothes and shoes for children and adults. The museum also aims to donate goods to-

wards gift boxes for traumatised children. The gift boxes are usually filled with underwear, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, face cloths and a comb. All donated items will be handed over to the hospital for the upcoming 16 Days of Activism. The museum is also running its Knit-a-Jersey or Toy campaign. These items, including donations of toiletries, are still sought and will be handed over to an orphanage on Saturday 1 December. To donate or arrange for drop-off times call Suzette on (021) 786 3046.

Donations sought

MY WIFE Clarinda Pieterse recently passed away after a long battle with brain cancer. This (letter) is to give gratitude to and salute the work of the False Bay Hospice. These folks are the unsung heroes of our time. In particular the work done by Kelly and Jeanne who truly take pride in their calling. What is also amazing to see is what hospice achieves with minimal or no funding by authorities. VIC PIETERSE Marina da Gama

Kommetjie intersection a ‘nightmare’ I WANT to comment on Bruce Clemence’s letter (“Don’t touch Kommetjie intersection”, People’s Post, 9 October). The intersection is a nightmare and it is long overdue. Maybe RDP houses need to be put up; more businesses and job creation will be appreciated by many who don’t have employment. Sitting in traffic congestion is no joke. ANONYMOUS Cape Town Letter shortened. – Ed


Tuesday 16 October 2012

People’s Post False Bay Page 13

High cost of medical care

Scam attempt by ‘contractor’ (RECENTLY) we were having lunch when the doorbell rang. My daughter (who is an adult) responded and there was a guy with a small, red, handpainted bakkie with the letters “contractor” written across the door. He informed her our electricity account was in arrears and he was here to cut our supply. When she told him she wasn’t the owner of the house and (asked) how we could avoid this from happening he said if she could give her R200-R300 to cover his expenses he would go away until (the following) week. This, he said, would give us an opportunity to pay the arrears and we wouldn’t have to pay re-connection fees. My wife immediately phoned the council to find out what was going on. She was given the run-around of incorrect numbers and eventually was told by an employee that there are contractors doing this type of work, but he had never heard of the “pay now and I’ll go away”. In the meantime (the “contractor”) rang the bell again and informed my daughter (any sum of money) would do to cover his expenses because if he doesn’t cut off the electricity he doesn’t get paid by the council. I then went to speak to him and when I asked him about the bribe money he disputed it. I told him he was a scam artist and to take a hike. He threatened to cut off the electricity and I persuaded him in a nice way not to do it.

Then followed (profanity) as he drove off. If I was a nice old lady who was threatened in this way what would I do? I would submit and pay to keep my electricity going. This guy, be he an official contracted to the council or not, looks like he should be leaning against the wall outside an off-sales and certainly not like an electrician authorised to open a high voltage electrical box. Is this what “outsourcing” has resorted to? Scum out to make a quick buck. MAX RENNIE Councillor Shehaam Sims, Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, responds: The City wishes to express its regret over this incident. Officials involved in the disconnection of supply have clear instructions to disconnect unless proof of payment is presented. In trying to accommodate the occupier the situation got out of hand. This matter, together with the allegation of the financial claim or bribe, will be subject to an internal enquiry and will be appropriately dealt with. The City’s contractor has indicated his employee received very threatening remarks, which were witnessed by his assistant. It is alleged by the contractor that the complainant threatened “to break every bone in his body” and that “he looked like a person who should be leaning against the wall of an off-sales and outsourced scum”. If these allegations are correct then an apology is due to the contractor.

All should fight corruption THE National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) should go after all corrupt politicians and officials regardless of the positions they hold in government. It is unacceptable that these individuals rob the state coffers and, by extension, the poorest of the poor, through their selfish, thieving and corrupt activities. It is sickening to read the extent of the rot. It is no longer hundreds of thousands of rands, but hundreds of millions of rands at a time. In some instances the figures being thrown around involves billions. This is heartless and cruel. The law enforcement agencies and courts should act mercilessly against greedy politicians and officials, especially when convicted. There should be no need for so many of our people to live in such great levels of poverty, without a decent job and homeless. This is a wealthy country! Our pensioners and disabled persons are forced to make ends meet on an embarrassing low government grant while some politicians appear to have more money in the bank and assets under their control than some countries on the African continent! Although we should be very cautious about punishing and condemning those who genuinely work hard and makes an honest living, we should question how a handful of people managed to amass such vast fortunes in such short periods of time. This is nothing to be proud of. Don’t be mistaken by thinking it is only happening within the ANC. We know that we have some extremely wealthy people in other parties too who until seven years ago were extremely poor and on the verge of insolvency! Corruption is corruption and I urge people to start questioning why the same companies (get) massive government tenders while others (don’t). We need to look into which com-

panies are giving back to the parties in power and to what extent, because those in power have become very creative in covering up their corrupt activities. A gift or donation from a major corporate or its executives to a political party should not always be seen to be just another gift or donation. Sometimes it is a reward for receiving a lucrative tender. We should also question why certain sections of the media prefers covering some instances of corruption and ignores others. President Jacob Zuma is not the government. He is the head of state and surely we are matured and bright enough to know that one individual cannot be held responsible for the actions of public servants, cabinet ministers, MEC’s and Directors General. The president has acted harshly against many high profile individuals, signed more proclamations than any other head of state for the Special Investigations Unit to investigate corruption in government departments and even acted against Bheki Cele, considered one of his closest friends. We cannot allow certain politicians and a handful of journalists to play games with the lives of our poor people in an effort to gain cheap points. We all need to fight corruption by exposing it and reporting it to law enforcement agencies. At a local level, our people should stop buying stolen goods at their doors. Chances are great you are buying something from someone who has violently robbed and possibly murdered someone else for their hardearned goods. This is a simple concept: stop doing to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you or your children! We can save this country and it starts in our homes. ROZARIO BROWN Director: Anti-Murder Campaign of South Africa

Thanks for helping NSRI THE Simon’s Town Country Club had an amazing time at the golf day fundraiser held on Monday 24 September for the National Sea Rescue Institute’s Station 10 (Simon’s

Town depot). We would like to thank all our sponsors and players who made this day the success it was. PHIL AND DENISE

I READ Tony Robinson’s column (“Cough up to stay healthy(ish)”, People’s Post, 25 September). In March this year, I had a day and night at a private hospital. I had a minor operation which I have had on three occasions. The first was R3 000, then R4 000, and this time, R21 000. Extra cost for an emergency ward was R800 and R8 000 for the use of the theatre.

I was finally operated on at 17:30, too late to go home. The staff was ordered to not discharge me until noon the next day. The operation was to relieve me of a particle of food in my throat. I am in my mid-eighties. I often wonder what it would cost for a week. MW BEAUMONT Fish Hoek

Heartfelt thanks for donations ON TUESDAY 9 October, I hosted a wine tasting at the Seven Seas Club in Simon’s Town. The response was beyond expectation. I would like to take the opportunity of thanking the following wine farms for agreeing to attend – Constantia Mist, Cronier (Paarl), Fairview (Suider-Paarl), High Constantia, Horse Mountain (Paardeberg) and Riebeek Cellars (Riebeek Kasteel). I was fortunate to obtain meal vouchers from Penguin Point Restaurant and Seaforth Restaurant, wine from Shorties, donations of bread from Glencairn Kwikspar and The Sweetest Thing. Further I also received donations from Pam Gains and Annette Bates. Shopping vouchers were generously given by Pick n Pay head office and Food Lover’s

Market in Long Beach Mall. Two wonderful prizes were auctioned and these were donated by Whale View Manor and Steenberg Wine Estate. Liz Hodgson, thanks for your help. Thank you Seven Seas for allowing the Simon’s Town Business Association to have this function at your premises. Last, but not least, thanks to all who attended and so generously bought tickets for the raffle prizes and also bought at the auction. And thank you to Dave for always helping and supporting me when I have these ideas. We managed to raise more than R7 000. The funds will assist in paying for our security patrolmen in town. BEVERLEY DOW The Fragrance Flowers, Simon’s Town

There is a way to ease the pain MY SINCERE sympathies in the passing of what sounded like a true treasure from God. My heart (and I’m sure all other children of all ages) goes out to you with the passing of an unforgettable example in our lives. May you be comforted by the fact she no longer suffers and has found eternal rest. In singing her praises, as you have done, it

is possible you have caused someone to stop and think of what they could be as a parent. When her birthday or anniversary of this time comes around each year, visit a spot of beauty in nature and picture her with you. It does eventually ease some of the pain. Blessings. MAGGIE JAMES Plumstead

Wishing you good memories OUR hearts go out to you on the loss of your mother. We wish you strength and peace at this difficult time, a host of good memories to draw on, and the love and support of everyone around you. In the past few years I have lost a number

You are not alone I KNOW your column is an ode to your mother in a way. These words came to mind as I remembered (my own mother and as) you describe your feelings: “I’m writing every word with a broken heart that yearns for my mother”. May your mom rest in peace. (To my mother:) You taught me humility. I

of older close family members, but I have yet to lose my mother who is now 86. I dread not having her around as she is the keeper of my childhood and the historian of my life in so many ways. I can only imagine what you must be feeling. SANDRA ELLIS think of you; you are still a wonderful thing in my life! A “thing”, for now you live in me in spirit. Thank you, Mom, for all you taught me in your short life. The Lord keep you in peace. You are not alone, Feroza. I’m sure she is proud of you. CHARLOTTE NAKANA ZIMPEL Email Letter edited

You’ve captured her spirit I AM feeling very emotional after reading your tribute to our dear mother. Well done. You captured her true spirit, strength and

Your SMSes . I have been getting up 20 minutes earlier as suggested by Anonymous for three days, but there has been no sunrise. So it is back to getting up at 08:00 for me! Angel, Glencairn . I refer to the article “Traffic backups raise hackles” (People’s Post, 25 September). Why can’t they build the tunnel through the Clovelly Mountain, as was planned 30 years ago? Mode Corner tunnel borers work without dynamite, so Silvermine will not be threatened. I don’t understand. Buck . It’s a pity that the “take what you want” happens and that we have to get killed for it

inspiration to all who knew her. YOUR PROUD BROTHER, ZAIN Email

– 43789 prisoners got released from jail by the president, but they don’t mind going back because our taxes makes them fat in jail. SP . Great photo of the steam engine. It is a class 19 D, with a torpedo tender. Andy King, former railway artisan . Regarding the upgrade of the Kommetjie intersection (“Don’t touch Kommetjie intersection”, People’s Post, 9 October). Everybody has the right to live where they choose. The water will still end up where it should. Kyle, Sun Valley . Is Mackerel Beach in Glencairn? Could somebody advise whether that beach is open to dogs?


Page 14 People’s Post False Bay

Tuesday 16 October 2012

LIP­AFLEK LEKKER!Baba Paulie by Laerskool Paul Greyling het ’n program wat vakansiesorg aanbied. Hulle het tydens die Septembervakansie die groepie kinders Muizenberg se Surfer’s Corner toe geneem. Wynand van der Westhuizen, Jacques van der Westhuizen en Migael Terblanche het hulle gate uit geniet. Foto: Verskaf

SAGTE SAND: Lara Oosthuizen is in haar noppies.


Foto: Verskaf

eksklusief aanlyn by

Waar koper en verkopers mekaar ontmoet

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“ Te l l i n g i t a s i t i s ”

DIVINE EYELASH EXTENSIONS Noordhoek. To book ph Ashton: 076 937 9594 / ashtonsonnekus@yahoo .om

Building Material A BAKKIE LOAD of rubble and garden refuse removal. Ph 078 6113 627.



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PROF SHAKURU * Lost lovers same day * Pregnancy problems * Financial problems ( 071 903 6820

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74 Electrical Appliances AA Appliances Repairs to all makes of washing machines , tumble dryers, etc. 40 yrs exp. Phone Alwyn West 021 671 5786 or 082 705 8103.


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We want to buy any old china. Any old thing. Phone 021 788 1823

Home Improvement Interior CARPET & upholstery cleaning. Quick dry, work done personally. ( Russ 021 786 4837 CLEAR IT Household clearance Service Clear out the garage, spare room or whole house. We buy & Sell. Dom 082-0887174.

AA paving, vibracrete extensions and spikes. Ph 021 705 5372 / 072 425 5111

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With basic expenses and increased prices of petrol, groceries, electricity and even train tickets hiking up by 50%, there is just no way you can manage to pay your debt, as you cannot negotiate on those prices. However, with us you can consolidate your debt and pay less on your account instalments, and even



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Tuesday 16 October 2012

People’s Post False Bay Page 15

FITNESS: The South African blind cricket team are put through their paces in a fitness session during training at Fairmount High School in Grassy Park . Photo: Liam Moses

Blind cricket team prep for world cup


THE South African blind cricket team have geared up preparations for the inaugural T20 World Cup to be held in India.


Selected from clubs around South Africa last month, the 17-man squad assembled in Grassy Park for a training camp at the weekend. The team trained at Fairmount High School on Friday. Coach Armand Bam says most of the work was aimed at increasing their fitness and sharpening basic skills. Bam adds they also discussed team strategy. “We have a month to go. Everyone has been training in their own provinces. Now it is a matter of consolidating and making sure everyone understands what we need to do when we get to India.� Bam’s team also took part in a gym session at the League of Friends of the Blind (Lofob) in Klip Road before taking to the field. The current SA side – made up of blind and partially sighted players – include two players from the team which won the inaugural Blind Cricket World Cup in 1998, also in India. Some of the team also took part in a series against Pakistan in 2010. Bam feels that youngsters give his team an edge over the other nine nations competing in the tournament.

“I think we are actually going to do very well. We have a team with a lot of experience and a good balance of youth as well,� says Bam. “There is a nice mixture and balance, which is different from a lot of the other countries. I think most of the other countries’ players are coming to the end of their playing career and they have more senior players than what we have.� He says teams from the sub-continent will be South Africa’s most difficult opposition at the tournament. “Our biggest competition is going to be Pakistan and India also have home ground advantage. They are very familiar with their surrounding and the conditions of the pitches. Those are really the two countries are going to be our stiffest competition.� The squad will assemble on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November for a training camp. They leave for India on Monday 26 November. A final training camp will be held in Bangalore on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 November before the tournament kicks off on Saturday 1 December. The team currently does not have a sponsor and the management team has been hard at work raising the R500 000 needed to travel to India. Potential sponsors can contact Lofob on 0 (021) 705 3753.

“SPASIE VIR DIE NASIE� For all your Wendy house needs watch this space: Specials on Wendy houses, Playhouses and NuTec homes

021 405 1136

TRY TIME: Western Province eighthman Duane Vermeulen dives across the try line with Cheetahs back Sias Ebersohn clinging on during a Currie Cup match at Newlands on Satur­ day. Province’s 36­15 victory saw them finish the league stage of the tournament in third place. They will now face the Lions in the semi­finals at Ellis Park on Saturday. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images


The City of Cape Town is once again staging the iconic Night Market in Adderley Street. In addition to 200 stalls, the market will feature nightly entertainment, themed around Cape Town’s unique cultural heritage to ensure an inclusive event. An extensive marketing campaign will promote the market to Cape Town residents, business people and tourists so you can be sure of doing good business during the busiest shopping period of the year. We want the Night Market to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for shopping and recreation for all people in Cape Town during December. Visitors will be able to browse, buy and then relax in the refreshment and entertainment areas set up along Adderley Street. Market dates Friday 30 November 2012 – Saturday 1 December 2012 Friday 7 December 2012 – Sunday 9 December 2012 Friday 14 December 2012 – Monday 24 December 2012 (excluding either 16 or 17 December 2012) Times Set-up time 17:00 to 18:00 and weekends 11:00 to 12:00 Running time 18:00 to 22:00 and weekends 12:00 to 22:00 Location Adderley Street (between Strand Street and the fountain at Hans Strydom Street) Prospective stall holders must apply on the application forms that are available on the City’s website at or from the Cape Town Civic Centre, Information Desk, 2nd Floor Concourse level, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town or send a fax to 086 576 0524 or 086 588 6700. Applications in the following categories will be accepted: home and dÊcor, craft and design, Christmas goods, clothing and accessories, fresh produce and deli, food and beverage. Preference will be given to locally produced goods.


Peoples Post will be having a Wendy house feature 30 October 2012 To advertise your Wendy House Business please Contact Tamara, Book before its to late!!!

Contact Tim Page on 021 417 4045, Chanel van Wyk on 021 400 5502 or Emlyn Hammond on 021 400 5942 for further enquiries. Successful applicants will be provided with the relevant conditions and must sign a contract with the market operator. All the successful applicants will be notified by 9 November 2012. ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER


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Karen Peiser

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Sunnyacres Centre

People's Post Page 16

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 16 October 2012 DUTY CALLS: Muizenberg life­ guards keep a close look over the beaches. Photo: Gerhard Slabbert

Benji takes junior title in J-Bay PAUL BOTHA

LOCAL surfers continue to fly the Far South flag in national and international competitions. The most recent to shine is 16-year-old Benji Brand who clinched the under-17 boys’ title at the Hurley SA Junior Champs at the Point in Jeffreys Bay last weekend. Representing Western Province – which finished third overall in the race for the Freedom Cup team title in Surfing South Africa’s premier event for surfers aged 17 and under – Brand peaked on the final day, posting the Citroën Highest Heat Score of the contest in his semi-final victory before going on to defeat Diran Zakarian (Melkbos), Jason Harris (Durban) and Ethan Pentz (Fish Hoek) in the

final. Other Far South regulars to make their mark during the five days of excellent surf in Jeffreys Bay include Jordy Maree (Tokai) who ended third in the under-15 boys, Ruth Armstrong (Scarborough), fourth in the under-15 girls, and Ethan Fletcher (Kommetjie) and Max Elkington (Llandudno) who were placed second and fourth respectively in the under-13 boys division. Elsewhere, Davey Brand, Benji’s older brother, and fellow-Kommetjie standout Mikey “MFeb” February enjoyed a week in Bali representing ASP Africa at the Oakley ASP World Junior Championships. Davey was ousted in Round 2 to end equal 33rd overall while MFeb was SA’s top performer when he placed equal 17th after his Round 3 exit. The annual Western Province Surfing

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Noordhoek Garden Emporium, Cnr of Main and Katzenellenbogen Rd, Noordhoek, 7979. Book now on:

079 905 8915/


THE Chris Burger-Petro Jackson Players’ Fund hosts its annual Players for Players Barefoot Bowls Day at the Mowbray Bowls Club on Saturday 24 November. Entry for a team of three players will cost R300 and the first 100 entries will receive free goodie bags. Prizes for best dressed and winning teams as well as spot prizes will be awarded on the day. There will be a big screen at the event to watch the rugby and a memorabilia auction will take place. All funds raised will go towards the organisation’s work of assisting players who have suffered debilitating injuries while playing rugby. For more information on the event contact organiser Gareth Rosslee 0 079 519 2799. or visit our website for more info and pricing:

championships will be held on the weekend of Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November. Catering for age divisions ranging from under-13 to over-55, entries can be made online at Beaches from Muizenberg Corner to Monwabisi on the False Bay coastline were closed from Sunday 7 to Tuesday 9 October when a dead Southern Right whale washed up on Capricorn Beach. The carcass was removed by City officials and the beaches reopened, but the Shark Spotters organisation recommends all recreational ocean users exercise extreme caution and familiarise themselves with the flag systems in use at several popular surfspots. Now that summer weather patterns are in full swing there have been plenty of shark sightings in the inshore areas, including two

at Muizenberg, one each at Clovelly and the Hoek, below Chapman’s Peak drive on the Atlantic coast, on Sunday. For those interested in learning more about sharing the ocean with the “the ocean’s most feared predator, the great white shark”, as they put it in the course overview, the UCT Summer School will be conducting a threelecture course titled Living with Great White sharks in Cape Town in January. Course presenters include Ryan Johnson, who was instrumental in bring the Ocearch project to False Bay earlier this year; Alison Kock, the Research Manager for the Shark Spotters and Gregg Oelofse, Head of the City of Cape Town’s Environmental Policy and Strategy. This department is responsible for partially funding the Shark Spotters programme. See

Peoples Post False Bay 16 October 2012  

Peoples Post False Bay 16 October 2012

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