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Scrutiny for all leases



Noordhoek resident has blamed his lease application being turned down on “prejudicial behaviour”. Sven Huinink has accused subcouncil chairperson and ward councillor Felicity Purchase of “prejudicial behaviour”. Huinink says he and Purchase have not seen eye to eye on various matters. These include a question about a road servitude, planning approvals and a dispute over a lease. He says Purchase has “never contacted” him about these issues. He says for eight years he has been trying to lease a tract of land owned by the City of Cape Town – which is part of the river reserve running through his property, and to which there is no public access. In a letter to Purchase, Huinink writes: “All departments are in favour of my application, except you, Miss Purchase.” He says he is “being held to ransom” and the City is losing out on funds from a lease, which he has been refused. Purchase responds: “I represent all the residents of Noordhoek and the residents have over the years started a process to take back their open spaces and beautify the open spaces and verges.” She adds the Noordhoek Conservancy initiated a project of clearing and developing walking trails throughout Noordhoek, an initiative she has supported. She says Huinink had “included the riverine area for personal private use without permission, and it had become degraded”. Purchase says she cannot refuse applications, as they need to be presented to full Council. But, she says, she did not support Huinink’s application and others of a similar nature in Noordhoek. Huinink says he is aware of at least three public spaces in Noordhoek which, he claims, have been expropriated by neighbours who live next to them. “Of these three examples, no application for leases have ever been made (to the City),”

he says. He says these three examples would have public access from both sides. Purchase says: “The Council is in a process of going through all existing leases and new applications and each one is dealt with on merit. Some are historic and legal, (while) some might not be and we will deal with these at the appropriate time.” She adds some of the river area is privately owned. A separate dispute over a temporary road servitude, shared by Huinink and a neighbour, is still in court (“Servitude has equal rights”, People’s Post, 4 October 2011). He says he has won twice in court, with costs. Another neighbour is now appealing the court’s latest decision in the Supreme Court of Appeal. Purchase notes: “This was a completely different issue to the application to lease City land and was considered on its merits.” Meanwhile, Huinink says a surveyor, hired by another resident, has discovered the temporary servitude is 80cm too narrow and that his (Huinink’s) property encroaches on the road. But he says since he has lived there, no fence was ever moved. He is currently in discussion with the Roads Department, but feels he will be stonewalled by Purchase. Purchase says: “I am not prepared to answer his other allegations, as they are not based on fact and (are) of a personal nature. It would not be appropriate.” She alleges Huinink and another resident were abusive to her, council officials and residents and “tried to bully others to get their own way”. Huinink denies this, saying he has never had any communication with Purchase. Purchase says: “This is not the type of environment or behaviour the Noordhoek people are used to and certainly I have never experienced such behaviour from adults before.” Huinink says to Purchase: “This all could have been prevented if you would have acted as a mediator.” V Starting with the word “Post”, SMS your opinions to 32516. SMSes are charged at R1 each.


Gregory Clarkson is the winner of Longbeach Mall’s Justin Bieber competition. Market­ ing manager Janine Davidson says they posted 310 photos of Justin Bieber look­a­likes on their Facebook page, adding it took a panel of 10 judges to make the final decision. The brief was to dress like the pop star and strike a rock star pose. Clarkson won tickets to eagerly anticipated Justin Bieber concert. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Teachers in work-to-rule action


eachers affiliated to the South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) are on a work-to-rule as they call for the resignation of basic education minister Angie Motshegwa and director-general Bobby Soobrayan. Last week Sadtu called for Motshekga to resign, claiming she had failed to implement a collective agreement for an increase in the remuneration of markers of national examinations. People’s Post polled readers for their views on the trade union’s request and whether they felt teachers should have a right to strike. V Readers can state their opinions. Starting with the word “Post”, SMS your views to 32516. SMSes are charged at R1 each.

SOMILA MAGWACA says it is unnecessary for Sadtu to expect the minister to step down. She adds it is selfish for teachers to strike over an increase for marking. “When I was at school the teachers were striking and we were unable to write our June exams. I couldn’t apply to high schools for the following year.”

MERCIA DEWING thinks children need to be educated and teachers work hard enough to demand an increase in payment. She points out they work long hours and in overcrowded classrooms for too little money. “Government is only worried about themselves and not about the quality of the children’s education.”

TEKWE HERITIER says it is wrong when teachers strike. He adds that when teachers strike they only think about themselves and don’t have their priorities straight. “When you choose to become a teacher you don’t choose it for yourself but for the pupils.”

PETER FORD: As a business owner he is against trade unions as they “destroy jobs”. He gets angry when people strike and says they should stop demanding and start requesting. “Americans have two words which keep their economy strong. These are ‘you’re fired’. If you’re unhappy with something, then leave.” PHOTOS: TARREN­LEE HABELGAARN

ROSE VAN SCHALKWYK feels teachers do a good job, but adds: “What is the use if they aren’t paid enough?” She says she would not want her children in the current education system. “Education is important and if the minister can’t provide (it), she must walk.”

JASON ISAACS agrees with the trade union asking the minister to step down. He adds he doesn’t think it is selfish of teachers to strike. “There is a shortage of text books, a lack of teachers and not enough interaction between the minister and the schools. So I think a new minister wouldn’t be such a bad idea.”

VINCENT KAYSTER feels teachers have the right to strike for more money, but at the same time he doesn’t think they should want more money for marking. “They are building the future leaders and are not paid enough. However, I don’t think they should strike if it interferes with the child’s education.”

TASMIN CUPIDO TEACHERS belonging to the South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (Sadtu) are calling for the national minister to resign. Since the start of the second school term, Sadtu teachers have been on a “work-torule”. And they are threatening more intense strike action should minister for basic education Angie Motshekga and the department’s director-general, Bobby Soobrayan, not step down. Teachers of the union in the Western Cape have adhered to Sadtu’s national call for a “work-to-rule” pending action from Motshekga. According to Sadtu the minister has been delaying a a collective agreement to increase the remuneration of markers in national ex-

Union threatens more action aminations. Earlier this year she also came under fire when government suggested that teaching be declared an essential service, which would bar teachers from undertaking strike action. This suggestion was subsequently retracted. The “work-to-rule” sees teachers only spending the required contact time at schools teaching; extra-mural activities and staff or departmental meetings are not attended. Departmental officials are not welcomed on school premises during this time. Sadtu provincial secretary Jonavon Rustin says teachers are only working seven hours a day, adding members were instructed to call site meetings, held on the first day

the new term, to explain and enforce the “work-to-rule” action. “In line with the Sadtu national executive committee call to defend the collective bargaining, we are having a march to parliament on Wednesday 24 April,” Rustin says. “We call on members, parents and communities to mobilise. Our demands will include safer schools, smaller classes, improved infrastructure, the minister and director-general to do the honourable thing and much more.” A departmental press release states that Motshekga is “disappointed” at the Sadtu call for her resignation. “The minister finds the stance taken by




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Sadtu unfortunate, (and) the posture and tone regrettable,” the press release states. “The union’s position on the matter has left the department with no option but to withdraw from the dispute it had lodged with the Education Labour Relations Council to clarify the validity of the agreement.” It further states that tariffs of the Agreement were in conflict with the published figures. “The error was picked up and communicated to the unions. The financial implication of the error was that the provinces would have had to pay an additional R700m, which was not in their budgets,” says the press statement. “It is unfortunate for the unions to continue to make demands that we pay based on the figures that they have agreed with us were incorrect.”








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PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lights out alert NIGHT BLAZE: Justin Pienaar took this photo of a boat alight on the beach at Kalk Bay Harbour on Friday 12 April at 23:00. According to Pienaar the abandoned boat was towed onto the beach about six months ago, and was later occupied by vagrants. He says nobody was hurt. See www.peoples­ for more photos.


Hospital grounds raise temperatures TERESA FISCHER


ESCRIBING part of the grounds of False Bay Hospital, a resident says he is “disgusted” by the “squatter-like” conditions. He calls them “skandelik”. Captain Matt Heyns took a photograph of the view from his neighbour’s stoep. Overgrown grass, a container and what he says looks like a hut create an eyesore near the hospital’s front entrance on Paris Road. He says: “I’m a sea captain; if I was in control, I would create hell here. I wouldn’t have that in my ship’s yard.” Heyns says he has previously alerted the mayor’s office. “They have done some clearing, but the whole set-up shouldn’t be here.” According to Heyns it should not be nec-

essary for citizens to have to report such matters. “Management should see it.” Provincial health department spokesperson Siyabonga Mahomba says the picture sent by Heyns is of a Community Garden Project which was started on the hospital’s grounds with assistance from the Department of Agriculture. Mahomba says: “The people responsible for the project have been asked to neaten up the grounds and to cut the grass, which they duly did on Monday 15 April.” Mahomba says the health department “would further like to express a sincere apology to all clients for the dissatisfaction caused by this matter”. She says the correct complaints procedure is to lodge these at the facility where the problem was experienced and should be

NOT SHIPSHAPE: A Fish Hoek resident the state of the False Bay Hospital’s grounds is unacceptable. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Clear out your clutter

BAY Primary in Fish Hoek and Kalk Bay is turning junk into treasure to raise funds for the school. They will happily take your unwanted furniture, crockery, household goods, toys, garden tools, plants and books. Actually,

they’ll take absolutely anything you no longer need. Clear out your clutter and help the little school with the big heart. Either drop off goods at the school on 10th Avenue, Fish Hoek or contact Bee Wright-Avis on or 082 879 8934.

addressed to the facility manager. Mahomba says, where possible, the facility manager will attempt to resolve the matter immediately. Complaint and compliment forms are available at all facilities and should be deposited in suggestion boxes available at the facility. Where immediate resolution is not possible, the complaint is acknowledged within five working days and the client is provided with a response within 30 working days. More serious complaints may exceed the 30-day period. An interim response outlining the progress and when a detailed response could be expected will then be given. V Have you seen the hospital grounds? What are your views? Starting with the word “Post”, SMS your views to 32516. SMSes are charged at R1 each.

A PLANNED electricity outage this weekend is part of a R21m infrastructure upgrade. This planned interruption will affect electricity supply to Ocean View, Kommetjie, Misty Cliffs, Scarborough and Soetwater. The City says the interruption will allow for the upgrading of a substation to cater for the growing demand in the area. The planned interruption is from 22:00 on Saturday 20 April until 08:00 on Sunday 21 April. It will affect the area extending from south of Compass Bakery on Kommetjie Road, which includes Ocean View, Kommetjie, Misty Cliffs, Scarborough and Soetwater. The City of Cape Town’s electricity service says this will cater for the growing demand for electricity in Sun Valley and Ocean View. It says the significant load growth in the Masiphumelele area, a new housing development in Ocean View, a retirement village and a future housing development have placed extra pressure on the present system and necessitated the upgrade. The distribution board at the Sun Valley main substation needs to be extended. For safety reasons all electricity users are advised to treat electricity installations as live for the full duration of the interruption, as the electricity supply may be restored at any time without warning. The City apologises for any inconvenience caused.


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Step forward

ONE can only hope future generations of this country have broad shoulders. But at least Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has faith in the youth. The cleric has spoken out about the prevailing violence of the current South African society. In a comparison to apartheid, he said post-democracy SA has become one of the “most violent societies”. Calling the inequality in the country unsustainable, Tutu pointed to media reports of murder, rape and the high death toll on our roads as being a reflection of society. Meanwhile, the expectation that the new SA would blossom into an example of “eendrag maak mag” on an international stage, seems to have failed to take root. And the issuing of crime statistics only once a year do little to stem the suspicions of a crime-weary nation and engender faith in the police’s competence. Word-of-mouth cannot, and will not, be muzzled. People talk. Crime and violence have sealed the door on the honeymoon that was a democratic SA. Tutu’s words have been countered by Cabinet spokesperson Phumla Williams, who said “research has confirmed” South Africans are “feeling safer now” than in apartheid. She said implementation of policies and procedures by police, including “high police visibility and swift responses to criminal activities”, are contributing factors to a safer SA. Yet media reports continue quoting police spokespersons as requesting community tip-offs in the war on crime. And now the City of Cape Town says it will pay for tip-offs leading to arrests in gang violence and drug running on the Cape Flats. One can only wonder how deep the City’s coffers are. All is up to this and future generations, it seems. The cleric does not come empty-handed. Tutu says the younger generation will need to arm themselves with the “spirit of ubuntu”. And, perhaps, the wisdom to know when to fight or flee.

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Viva tepees, barns and structures Debt is keeping I PARTICULARLY enjoyed the article regarding the Noordhoek woman, Anthea Torr, who was arrested for erecting an unauthorised structure on her property (“Action over ‘illegal’ barn, People’s Post, 2 April). Though I love the fact she feels not “getting the necessary rubber stamp of approval” was a harmless misdemeanour and doesn’t warrant the action – or the triplicate paperwork it was written on, or the stamp ink that was used to bring this case to court – there are certain positive attributes to her case. Firstly, her “barn” or “temple”, in my opinion, is solely hers and has nothing to do with the stifling and restrictive laws that governs building. She owns the land and should be allowed to build on it as she sees fit. I am all for her telling the government “they do not exist”, as I, too, see little value in the stuffy business of politics and the hopelessly inadequate manner in which they run their government departments. If there were more people like Anthea in this world, it would be a place filled with temples and barns that are open to all for the betterment of their life’s journey, and less would be spent on reams of obsolete government documents, court actions, state-funded shopping trips to Liberia and the abuse of

expensive bullet-proof vehicles that snarl up the morning traffic to get fat cat politicians to their massage appointments. Her suggestion that the “courts have been foreclosed upon and no longer exist” again strikes a perfectly melodic chord, as these are my exact sentiments. I also enjoyed the fact that when law enforcement arrived to lock her up, several people claimed to be her. Though I look quite different to Anthea, I have decided to go by her birth name every time I come in contact with an officer of the law. “Good evening, sir. That’s a lovely beard you’re growing, Anthea, but can you tell me about the unauthorised tepee on the back of your bakkie?” At this stage of the unplanned roadside pit stop I would just speed off, leaving the official in my dust, while he tries to flag down another resident of Noordhoek, aptly named Anthea Torr, to ask him or her to jumpstart his officious vehicle. As about 90% of government and official vehicles don’t run, my chances of making a clean getaway have dramatically improved. Might I suggest we get the rusting scrapyard, that pretends to be the government vehicle fleet, running before we tear down structures that serve a real purpose. Viva tepees, barns and temples! Viva! Beyond the muesli curtain, Noordhoek

Thanks to top medical team THIS is a public letter to express our sincere thanks to all the management and staff of Cape Medical Response (CMR). Over the past two weeks we have needed to make use of their services for various reasons, for various patients. Their service has been efficient, friendly and completely professional – no matter what the circumstances and no matter how serious or otherwise the situation has been.

To the CMR manager and your team, we are truly privileged to have you all as part of the medical community of Fish Hoek. Thank you for the spirit in which you serve us. God bless you in the work that you do. Bless your families, as they sacrifice time with you (so) that you may be available to help others. Sandy Lovick, Living Care

Taxis, please stop for Masi commuters I JUST want express my frustration at the way Ocean View taxi drivers treat most people from Masiphumelele. They don’t want to stop at the Masi bus stop going towards

Ocean View in the morning. All I ask is that they take us (into consideration) so we (can) get to work on time. Wizzy, Masiphumelele

humans ‘enslaved’

I TOTALLY agree with Anthea Torr’s decision to not bow down to the corrupt and dark law system keeping the human race in slavery (“We’re just assets of the state”, People’s Post, Tuesday 9 April). There is much that can be researched and learnt about the money and the law system that is enslaving humankind, if one wants to find out the truth about what we have been lead to believe to be “just”, “fair” and “democratic”. This letter is to bring awareness to the fact that, as Anthea Torr mentioned, we – as stated in the Bible, Quran, Vedic Scriptures, and all mystical and religious writings – have been given free will by God. That means whoever takes that away from us is against God, is against the will of God and is, therefore, evil. If you believe in the devil then one can correctly say this system we have in place on earth takes away free will, keeps the poor poor and the rich super rich. It destroys our planet and uses all the wonders of the earth and all its minerals for the profit of a handful of individuals, while keeping the majority enslaved through loans, taxes, bonds, fines and imprisonment. All this, through the use of the law system that was put there by someone else and is upheld through society as “just, fair and democratic”. The law system is not serving the people, but keeping the corrupt corporations and corrupt politicians in power, while the world is raped for money, the women are raped by power hungry men; and fathers, brothers, sisters and sons are enslaved in poverty. All so that some may have more than others. Let us end this madness by not standing for it any longer, but seeing it for what it is – evil. I do, for the sake of my child, so that there may be a world worth living in. Martyn Taylor, Glencairn


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Mast stopped - for now TERESA FISCHER


CEASE works order was handed to the Valyland Centre by a building inspector on Thursday, stopping building on a 20m cellphone mast. However, it is understood this is a temporary halt. The order was issued because of deviations from the building plan. Fish Hoek resident Pierre Joubert, who is spearheading an action group against the mast be erected, says he saw the notice. Ward councillor Simon Liell-Cock says he happened to be at the site, when the inspector arrived. No public participation about the mast was conducted by the directors of the Valyland Centre as it was approved by the Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (“Cell tower gets go-ahead”, People’s Post, 9 April). Residents are opposed to the mast, to be situated a stone’s throw from Nerina Gardens, an old-age home. There are also four schools nearby. But Chris Hyland, director of Proud Heritage Properties 76, the owners of the Valyland Centre, says a cease works order was not issued. He says they had merely been asked to verify the mast was in the correct position. Last week the director of the City’s Planning and Building Development Management Department, Cheryl Walters said there was “no evidence to date” that construction was not taking place in accordance with the approved plan. This week, Walters says a cease works was issued because construction deviated from the approved plan. She adds: “The cease works order was issued because construction had deviated from the approved plan, and not due to any other external pressure.”

FISH HOEK COMMUNITY Against the Cell Tower In FISH HOEK COMMUNITY Against the Neighbourhood! Cell Tower In Our Neighbourhood! Our


PUBLIC MEETING FOR ALLFOR MEMBERS OF MEMBERS THE COMMUNITY OF PUBLIC MEETING ALL Wednesday 17 April 2013, 7.30pm, Fish Hoek Civic Hall THE COMMUNITY The owners of Valyland Shopping Centre have allowed Vodacom to 17near April 2013, 7.30pm, build aWednesday 20m cell phone tower our homes, schools and old-age or . Despite being warned of homes without public no ce Fish Hoek Civic Hall the ty of such a project, their approach has been to avoid

consulta on because the law does not force them to. The owners of Valyland Shopping Centre have We believeVodacom that the community has the a right to becell involved before allowed to build 20m phone are made – par cularly any decisions which affect us tower near our homes, schools and old-age when vulnerable groups like children and the elderly are concerned. homes without public notice or consultation. We believe that individuals in the community are e ed to raise their concerns and itwarned is unacceptable there to be no opportunity Despite being of for the sensitivity of for dialogue about important m ers. such a project, their approach has been to We believe that it is socially irresponsible and sets a bad precedent avoid consultation because the law does not going forward for any one party to be allowed to impose their will force large. on the them community We believe that it is unacceptable for any org

that claims to

be part of our community to hide behind discredited in order to We believe that the community haslaws the avoid accountability for their ac right to be involved before any decisions WHETHER THE TOWER IS LEGAL OR NOT,are WE HAVE THE RIGHT which affect us collectively made – TO TAKE CIVIC ACTION AGAINST THOSE WHO IGNORE OUR VOICES. particularly when vulnerable groups like to pass a 1. We call upon the Residents’ and Ratepayers’ childrenthatand the are concerned. calls on the elderly management of Valyland to engage in dialogue with the community as a ma

of ethics and principle.

We believe that individuals in the commu2. We ask individuals to consider whether to stop shopping at Valyland nity are towith raise their concerns and they entitled willingly engage the community about the tower. it is unacceptable for there to be no SUPPORTED BY: opportunity for dialogue about important matters. We believe that it is socially irresponsible and sets a bad precedent going forward for any one party to be allowed to impose their will on the community at large.

HALTED: Work on a cellphone mast at Valyland Centre has been stopped temporarily. PHOTO: TERESA FISCHER

Walters says the base for the cell mast was located closer to the street than was shown on the approved plan. Only the plinth for the mast has been constructed. Asked if it would require handing in a revised plan, Walters explains assessment will first be done in terms of the zoning scheme, which now requires a consent use. “Alternatively the irregularities of construction can be rectified and rebuilt in terms of the approved plan,” she says. Walters adds the new zoning scheme is applicable for all new applications. Rooftop base stations are permitted as of right in many use zones (including the Valyland

site), and free standing masts are permitted as consent uses in many use zones (including the Valyland site). Fish Hoek Valley Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association invites residents to a public meeting on Wednesday 17 April at 19:30 in the main hall of the Civic Centre. Ward councillors and City of Cape Town officials have been invited. Phone Janet Holwill on (021) 785 1328 or Allen Rose-Innes on (021) 782 4279. V Residents have voiced their concerns regarding the erection of the cellphone mast. What are your views? Starting with the word “Post”, SMS your views to 32516. SMSes are charged at R1 each.

We believe that it is unacceptable for any organisation that claims to be part of our community to hide behind discredited laws in order to avoid accountability for their actions. WHETHER THE TOWER IS LEGAL OR NOT, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE CIVIC ACTION AGAINST THOSE WHO IGNORE OUR VOICES. 1. We call upon the Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association to pass a motion that calls on the management of Valyland to engage in dialogue with the community as a matter of ethics and principle. 2. We ask individuals to consider whether to stop shopping at Valyland until they willingly engage with the community about the tower.



PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Room for growth at church TERESA FISCHER THERE is space in the pasture for more lambs. The Valley Christian Church, which was forced to relocate from the building they were renting in Fish Hoek, can now be found at the Fish Hoek High School. Pastor Mark Harris explains they had to move from the top floor of OK Building several months ago, as there was not enough exits to satisfy fire safety requirements. They want to remind people they are still in Fish Hoek and involved in the community. Harris, father of ex-Springbok cricketer Paul Harris, says they can now also use the sports hall and fields at the school – perfect for their children’s church, which he says “is cooking”.

He started the church 25 years ago from his home and the congregation has grown to about 300 people, but he says there is now room for more expansion. Young families are particularly welcome, as in addition to the children’s church, which also accommodates babies, they also have a youth group for teens and a young adults group. Each year the church puts on a music concert to raise funds for the Sunflower Fund, the “claim to fame” of the church band. Harris says the church is very involved in the community, particularly in Ocean View. Their theme for the year is Awakening, and this he says, includes awakening to the community and nation. Services are held at 09:00 on Sundays. V Contact (021) 785 7114 or Jono Holgate on 083 399 9443.

SYMBOLIC SERVICE: The Valley Christian Church took part in an event called ‘Samari­ tan’s Feet’ in Ocean View earlier this year, during which they washed people’s feet and also donated shoes to the children.

FACE TO FACE: Deziree Smith and Thandi Wiltshire with the painting Smith will auction at the opening of her exhibition in Kalk Bay. The full proceeds of the sale will be donated to the African Conservation Trust. PHOTO: TERESA FISCHER





HAVE YOUR SAY! AMENDMENT TO THE LIQUOR TRADING DAYS AND HOURS BY-LAW, 2010 The City of Cape Town is reviewing certain aspects of the Liquor Trading Days and Hours By-law, relating specifically to the implementation of trading hours as well as a Sunday prohibition for the sale of liquor from licensed premises for consumption off-site (e.g. shops and bottle stores) in respect of location categories 3 to 7 only. All interested stakeholders who would like to make submissions in this regard are encouraged to please do so. It is important to note that there is NO intention to consider revising or extending trading hours and trading days for consumption off-site in respect of location categories 1 and 2. The public comment period comprises two rounds. The first round commences on 19 April 2013 and all comments must be submitted by 16:00 on 20 May 2013. From 19 April 2013, the Liquor Trading Days and Hours By-law, 2010 (as amended in 2012) will be available for viewing at all City libraries and Subcouncil offices. Alternatively, it is available online at Interested parties are requested to use the template provided at the libraries and Subcouncil offices and then submit their comments in writing via one of the following channels: • • • • •

Via e-mail to By fax to 021 400 4483 By post to City of Cape Town, P.O. Box 298, Cape Town 8000 Hand delivery to the Manager: Support and Services Coordination (attention: Gavin van Schalkwyk), 13th Floor, Strategic Support, Tower Block, Civic Centre, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town Electronically to

The comments from the first round of public participation will inform a draft amendment which will be subjected to a second comment period to allow for input. Once the second round of public participation has concluded, the City’s Economic, Environmental and Spatial Planning Portfolio Committee will consider the input received and make recommendations to Council regarding amendments to the relevant sections of the by-law. Any queries may be directed to Councillor Gareth Bloor 021 400 1375 or Gavin van Schalkwyk on 021 400 1993.


he plight of the rhino has galvanised artist Deziree Smith into action. She will be donating the centrepiece of her upcoming debut exhibition to the Rhino Fund of the African Conservation Trust (ACT). She invites the community to the opening night of her exhibition, titled From the Ashes, on Thursday 18 April. The guest speaker is Steve Newman. Newman is known for having completed several naked stunts, including skydiving, to raise awareness for rhinos. Perched on a bar stool and dressed in clothes fit for painting, an unadorned Smith pours coffee and chats about the pangs she feels when a finished painting “leaves home”. Her brood of dogs stares in through the patio window. She paints from home, sharing the space with the four dogs and four cats, and a tolerant husband, who allows her to hang her paintings throughout the house “whether he likes them or not”. She wanted to be in a class with her best friend and, at the spur of the moment, signed up for an art class in high school. But, Smith says, she will never forget the moment she “got” painting. “Shadow and light is everything,” she explains, adding she believes anyone can be an artist.

She describes her work as “a collection inspired by humanity’s influence on our natural world”. Asked to define her style, she says even an experienced art critic was stumped about what to call it. “It is definitely surreal,” she says, “but there are aspects of semi-realism.” She adds: “I am proud to exhibit my most personal work to date. In this series I walked away from the commercial standards. I portrayed every personal thought and feeling with colour and line.” Smith says she was awakened to the plight of the rhino after going to the Kruger National Park on honeymoon. The centrepiece painting, called Docile Dreamer, depicts a white rhino face-to-face with a man seated on a chair. The artwork has a retail value of R16 000. The starting bid is R8 000 and the bidding increments are R500, R1 000 and R2 000. Readers who wish to place a bid may send their name, contact number and bid to Alternatively, bids can also be placed on the opening night. Her exhibition will be at The Studio in the Main Road, Kalk Bay from 18:30. It is on from Thursday 18 April until Wednesday 1 May. V Smith wrote a blog ( post/32047894336/species-spotlight-rhino) to help raise awareness globally for National Geographic’s Project Noah that was published on World Rhino Day on Saturday 22 September last year.

DATABASE OF UNEMPLOYED SOCIAL STREAM GRADUATES FOR EPWP PROJECTS The City of Cape Town’s Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate invites unemployed graduates within the social stream to forward their curriculum vitae, copy of ID and driver’s licence (optional) for possible employment in the Expanded Public Works Programme by 17 May 2013 to: E-mail: Fax: Or hand-delivered: 086 576 0170 Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate, 7th Floor Telkom Towers, Standard Bank Building, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town

For more information please contact Fatima Davids on 021 417 4086 or Jeremy Lewis on 021 444 0706. ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER



PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 16 April 2013 Tuesday 16 April V Diep River: The Prostate Cancer Support Action Group will meet at the MediClinic Constantiaberg auditorium at 17:45 for 18:00. Dr Raoul Goldberg will speak on an integrated approach to cancer therapy. Call or SMS the group on 073 560 3067. V Kalk Bay: Kalk Bay Books, in partnership with Jacana Media, will host the launch of Ride the Tortoise, a short story book by Liesl Jobson, at 18:30 for 19:00. RSVP for catering purposes on (021) 788 2266. Wednesday 17 April V Fish Hoek: The Fish Hoek Garden Club will meet at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre minor hall at 19:00. The guest speaker will be Yvonne Viljoen of the Friends of Silvermine. All welcome. Phone (021) 785 2386. V Fish Hoek: The False Bay University of the Third Age will host a talk, titled False Bay: Old Towns and Villages, by Dr Hans Fransen at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre minor hall at 09:30 for 10:00. Admission is free; everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be on sale. Direct enquiries to Peter Rickards on (021) 788 9469. Thursday 18 April V Kalk Bay: A solo exhibition, From the Ashes, by Deziree Smith will be opened and exhibited

at The Studio. The exhibition, which runs until Wednesday 1 May, will feature oil paintings exploring the balance between civilisation and the natural world. Opening night starts at 18:30.

the target; the “cadets” have propagated 100 Spekboom trees and 200 tomato plants for planting. Volunteers are welcome, but must contact the Guerillas before Wednesday for briefing. Email

V Fish Hoek: The Diabetes Support Group will meet at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre at 14:15. Guest speaker Lauren Kay will speak on Diet control, advice and food labelling. There will be a question and answer session at the end. Phone Gerald Jeftha on (021) 786 4540.

Saturday 20 April

V Simon’s Town: Live music by local duo Alan and Shelley at the Country Club. No cover charge. All welcome. Restaurant and cash bar. Call (021) 786 1233 for more details. Friday 19 April V Fish Hoek: A trivia quiz will be held at the Catholic Church hall in 6th Avenue at 19:00 for 19:30. Admission is R35; all proceeds will go towards Jen’s recovery. Enquiries to Judy on (021) 785 2125. V Fish Hoek: The Green Guerrillas – who advocate urban agriculture, sustainable living and being accountable to the environment – will lead a group of Green Guerrilla Youth League members from the Green Cube, located on the Fish Hoek Primary School campus. They will begin an ongoing campaign of guerrilla gardening. Unkempt vacant verges, barren servitudes, unused space and open land will be

V Fish Hoek: In The Mood Dance Club will hold its monthly dance at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre hall at 20:00. The dress is smart/casual. Admission is R20 for members and R25 for non­members. Take your own refreshments. Booking is essential on (021) 782 4991. V Fish Hoek: The Seventh Day Adventist Church will hold a dedication ceremony for its church building at 09:30. A special programme is planned for the day, including musical guests, informational stalls and a special children’s programme. Everyone is welcome. V Fish Hoek: Educational Whale Spotter workshops from 07:45 until 09:00. The indoors session is designed for children ages seven to 12 who would like to explore the world of whales and dolphins. A breakfast snack is included. Participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a cellphone. The Fish Hoek venues for both workshops, which are free, will be given on registration. To register email or call 079 391 2105. Sunday 21 April


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Wednesday 24 April V Simon’s Town: An illustrated presentation on the restoration of The Martello Tower by WM Bisset will be held at the Simon’s Town Museum in Court Road, Simon’s Town, at 18:00. The presentation will be followed by the annual meeting of the Simon’s Town Historical Society. Call Yvonne Mawhinney on (021) 786–4404. Thursday 25 April V Seawinds: A talk on domestic violence will be held from 11:00 to 13:00 at the Multipur­ pose Centre in Military Road. Muizenberg Police have embarked on a campaign to educate and inform the community about domestic violence and the rights of victims. For more information Captain Knapp on (021) 787 9000 or 071 604 8348.

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V Muizenberg: Radio CCFM will hold its annual meeting at the CCFM hall at 19:00. For further information phone (021) 788 9492.

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Monday 22 April

eksklusief aanlyn by

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V Cape Point: The Friends of Cape Point will host a strenuous hike from the Smitswinkel viewpoint to the Visitors’ Centre, with the group meeting behind the pay gate at 09:00. Take your usual hiking gear, water and a snack. Use your Wild Card, otherwise the entry is R90. For further details phone (021) 712 7004.

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Journalist TygerBurger,

flagship community newspaper of the WP Newspapers’ Group in the northern suburbs, has a challenging opportunity for a journalist in its Bellville office. The person will report to the Editor and will be responsible for gathering news and assisting with production-related tasks. He/she has at least three years’ experience in the newspaper, has excellent planning and organisational skills, as well as good communication skills. The ideal candidate: • is an accomplished journalist with proven writing experience in both Afrikaans and English; • has a keen news sense and is versatile; • shows initiative and can act independently; can work under pressure; • is prepared to work irregular hours; and • has a valid driver’s license To the successful candidate the company offers a market related salary, which includes a pension and medical benefits. Applications close on 19 April 2013

Send applications to and specify the position you are applying for. If you have not heard from us by 26 April 2013 your application has not been successful. Given the employment equity policy of Media24, preference will be given to suitable candidates from the designated groups. The company is under no obligation to fill this position. Tygerburger Journalist House ad 15x2

SPORT TUESDAY 16 April 2013 | People's Post | Page 8 | 0021 910 6500 |


on Fish Hoek Beach



Icy feat for local extremists LIAM MOSES


HREE Cape Town swimmers have pushed themselves to the edge, risked injury, flirted with death and survived to tell the tale. Ram Barkai, Kieron Palframan and Ryan Stramrood swam a mile in the Arctic Circle, of the coldest water on earth, wearing only swimming briefs, swimming caps and goggles. The swimmers, from Camps Bay, Newlands and Constantia respectively, completed the feat on Saturday 23 March. They swam 60 laps in a 25m long “pool” that was cut out a frozen lake in Murmansk, Russia. Palframan (39) says he started to feel the debilitating effects of the freezing, 0° water almost as soon as he immersed himself. “When you dive in it doesn’t take (your body) long to become numb. The most difficult thing is getting your breathing right. The first couple of lengths are just to get your breathing right, so that you don’t hyperventilate,” he says. “Then your body goes numb in sections. Then your hands and feet feel very swollen; you go through a stage when you can’t actually feel anything. Just after that you get an ache, a deep pain in your bones. Right at the end you are (just) hanging on; you just want to finish and your mind drags your body through it. You don’t actually feel anything. You are just so numb. You’re almost gone.” Stramrood (39) says the trio were in the most danger when they exited the pool because of the “after drop”, a period where the body rapidly cools after moving to a slightly warmer temperature. “When you do a mile in those temperatures in those conditions, you are completely helpless when you finish,” he says. “In most cases you can’t even walk and you need to be supported. You lose your sense of balance, your ability to think is very limited and you have tunnel vision.” The group first started competing in extreme, open water swimming events in 2010

TEAM WORK: Kieron Palframan and Ryan Stramrood watch teammate Ram Barkai complete his mile swim in the 0° waters of Murmansk, Russia. PHOTO: SUPPLIED when they completed the Pennock Island Challenge in Alaska. They have since gone on to break records and win worldwide acclaim. In March 2011 the trio, together with two other South Africans, Andrew Chin and Toks Viviers, completed three epic swims in the icy waters of Patagonia in only 10 days. The first swim saw the group traverse 3.5km of water on the Straits of Magellan, the second was a 3km double crossing of the Beagle Channel between Chile and Argentina,

and the third was a 3km swim around Cape Horn, the southern most tip of South America, where they swam between the two southern most lighthouses in the world. In 2012, they also swam a kilometre in Tyumen, Siberia in 0° water and an ambient temperature of -33°. Barkai (55) says the group have become famous in the ice swimming community because they manage to keep their sense of humour, despite the danger involved. “Wherever we go, the South African team

is the highlight because we are always chirping and joking,” he says. “It’s one of the ways we deal with it; we laugh a lot. Every time we do these things there is a possibility, hopefully not high, that something goes wrong and we won’t come back, so we try to enjoy it.” The group recently founded the International Ice Swimming Association to help grow and improve the sport. V For more information visit or the Association’s Facebook page.

Van As back on the extreme racing scene LIAM MOSES

“SERIOUSLY extreme” is how Mike van As has described his sport of choice, extreme off-road driving. Van As, a Sun Valley resident, has been competing in the sport since 2000 and is regarded as a legend by fans and fellow competitors. The sport sees competitors drive over cliffs, up steep angles and over boulders in 4x4s which are either modified to various degrees or completely standard. The mechanic, who owns his own work-

READY TO RIDE: Mike van As revs up Green Mamba, the modified 4x4 he uses to compete in extreme off­road driving. PHOTO: LIAM MOSES

shop, says he developed a love for the sport because anyone can participate. “(The sport relaxes) me and (also acts as) advertising for the business. Your expenses are so low that it is affordable,” he says. “I can do my own maintenance. There is no financial incentive at all – you only get trophies. I just (do it) for the love of the sport.” The extreme off-road season features six events per year, with drivers having to conquer 12 obstacles at each event to claim the points they need to win the their class, the overall event and the championship. Van As races in the modified standard category, in a Land Rover, named Green Mamba, which he built from scratch with the help of his daughter. The pair did this in only a month, working at night and over weekends. The car is the second he built after the “first one bent in half because of the all hard work”. “The chassis bent and it started ‘kinking’ in the middle due to the terrain at the races,” he says. He recently returned to the sport after taking a break in 2011 and 2012 to focus on “other commitments”. The travelling costs to and from races also added to his decision to take a break, but his love for the sport and skill did not diminish in that time. “My first event (was) in March and I (ended in) second (place),” Van As says. “I hold a (national) motorsport record as well. After 13 years of racing, I finished eve-

ry race which I started. I still have the same co-driver. Together we have thousands of hours of experience.” He has been involved in motorsport, previously also working on rally cars and stock

cars. Van As will compete in his second event since his return to the sport at the Apollo Brickfields in Durbanville on Saturday 20 April.

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