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ROCK LEGENDS: Myles Kennedy performs with Saul Hudson, better known by his nickname Slash – the former lead guitarist of Guns n Roses – at the Kings of Chaos concert at Grand West Casino on Friday. Fans of Rock and Roll were in for a treat when the rock stars arrived in SA for four performances only. The line­up also included Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke, performing in South Africa for the first time, alongside Joe Elliot from Def Leppard, Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple and Black Country Communion, Dave Kushner from Velvet Revolver and Ed Roland from Collective Soul. Collectively, these artists have sold in excess of 300 million albums worldwide and they have penned many of the most defining rock anthems of all time. In Kings of Chaos they performed some of their greatest hit songs. PHOTO: JACO MARAIS/PHOTO24


Bones keep their secrets TERESA FISCHER


HREE skeletons unearthed at the Muizenberg Police Museum have been found to be the remains of men, likely of European ancestry. The cause of death could, however, not be established. Construction workers made the grim discovery during renovations. The remains were found about 10cm under a cement slab floor in what was the old library. The museum used to consist of a magistrate’s court, complete with cells, and a police station. The police station was previously used as a library and the courthouse as a post office. It dates to 1910. The initial remains were discovered on Wednesday 12 December and excavated on

Thursday 3 January. Two more bodies discovered on Saturday 12 January were excavated on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 January (“More remains unearthed”, People’s Post, 29 January). A report has been compiled by Dr Jacqui Friedling and Belinda Speed, both of UCT’s Department of Human Biology. Anthropological assessments suggest a time of death at least 100 years ago, adding they are likely to be historic (less than 350 years). The report states the remains had remained undisturbed since the original floor was laid, as the soil was clean and pristine with only sea shells found with the burial. The surrounding and retaining walls were of a concrete mixture of the early 1900s including natural rock of the surrounding are-

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as. There was evidence of habitual pipe smoking on the teeth of all the bodies. The first body was lying outstretched on its back in an East-West direction, but this was deemed to be an informal burial as there was no coffin. The limbs deviated “quite substantially” from the midline of the body, thus deviating from the “usual Christian burial style”. The person had been about 1.9m and aged between 30 and 40. There was no clothing associated with this burial and some animal bones were found. The burials of the second and third skeletons were more formal as coffin remnants were found. They were lying on their backs with their wrists flexed over their pelvis. The second individual – about 1.77m – is estimated to have been between 40 and 50 years

old at the time of death. Clay pipe fragments and fish bones were were found with the body. There were no clothing remnants. The third individual is believed to have been between 35 and 40 years at the time of death, and 1.69m tall. No clothing remnants were present, but some animal bone and clay pipe fragments were found. The remains are protected under Section 34 of the National Heritage Resources Act and permits for their removal were obtained from Heritage Western Cape and the South African Heritage Resources Agency. No further burials were discovered. The remains are currently housed at the Forensic Anthropology Laboratory at the Department of Human Biology at UCT.


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Food for thought in SA



ICE, grain, bread, chicken and wheat. These are some of the products South Africans will cough up more for over the next three months due to the weakening rand. The weak rand is disadvantageous to consumers. It especially has a negative impact on imported products, said Professor Johan Willemse of the University of the Free State’s Department of Agricultural Economics. This comes after the rand plummeted to R10,28 to the dollar recently, amid fears of unrest in the mining industry and indications that the interest rates in the developed world may strengthen. The rand has been trading at below R10 since the major drop. It was recently reported that the weaker rand would lead to a bigger profit for exporters, but imported products are more expensive. So the price of which products will increase? Willemse said the prices of a number of products will rise in the next three months. “We import all our rice, so rice will be very expensive. We also import half of the grain used for bread products, so bread prices will rise,” he said. “Then we have the debate about imported chicken, so the price of chicken will also increase. South Africa im-


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ports 350 000 tons of chicken annually. “Two-thirds of our cooking oils are imported, so those prices will also increase. In addition, wheat and maize will also rise. These increases have a ripple effect on egg an dairy farmers, because feeding becomes more expensive. “We have become a net-importer and that means that the problem is rather serious – everything we buy is directly more expensive.” Willemse said South Africans will only feel the impact on their pockets in the next three months. The increase is expected to be between 30% and 40% of the base price. “It’s a bad place for the country to be in, because salaries will not be increasing.” According to Dawie Klopper, an investment economist at PSG Consulting, imported vehicles – as well as the parts which are mostly imported – jewellery and furniture will also be more expensive. The diminishing rand also has a psychological impact on consumers, he added. “The rand is seen as the share price of the country, so when the rand is not well, the country is not well. It is followed by a negative sentiment.” It also has an impact on the inflation rate. “It will prevent the interest rate from decreasing and people who have borrowed money will select lower interest rates,” Klopper said. The rand’s trading value also has an impact on the petrol price. “Despite the drop last week, the price may again increase next month.” People’s Post took to the streets to hear what readers had to say.

JOHAN MCMAHON says there is nothing you can do about price increases but there are ways to live a sustainable lifestyle. “Instead of buying take­away chips you can buy a pack of oven chips and make it at home. You can also cook enough food and freeze it.”

DARION PILLAY says salaries should be adjusted especially in poorer communities. He also points out there are simple ways to save money. “You can save money on electricity by cooking rice once a week and then freezing it for the week’s meals.”

MARGUERITE TRIMM says there are no measures she can put in place to see her rand go further. “There’s no contingency plan. Today you’ll have enough and tomorrow something else increases. Times are tough.”

CHRISTO LAMBRECHTS says he’ll have to cut his down on the expenses of his social life. “The only option I have is to party less and use the money for food.” PHOTOS: TARREN­LEE HABELGAARN AND NADINE MOODIE

Anti­smoking law heads for final stretch MARELIZE POTGIETER THE days of smokers puffing on a cigarette on a stoep or the sidewalks outside restaurants or coffee shops may soon be numbered. The new regulations on smoking in public places and outdoors are in the final stage before being promulgated. So says Joe Maila, spokesperson for health minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi. “Our legal team is reviewing the regulations. I cannot confirm when it will be disclosed, but it is in the absolute final stage of the process,” he says. The proposed regulation was published in the Government Gazette in March last year, after which it was made available for public comment. The proposal includes that no one may smoke within 10m of a door or window of a restaurant; schools or areas where children are cared for; stadiums, sport arenas, playgrounds or zoos; health facilities; outdoor eateries or bars; areas which

serve as outdoor locations; underground parking or walkways; and on a beach within 50m of someone swimming in a demarcated area. Restaurant owners would be held liable for anyone smoking where it is not allowed. They have to ensure there are no ashtrays available in sections of the restaurant where smoking is prohibited. Restaurants will be allowed to introduce a smoking area on the premises. However, no food or entertainment can be provided in this section and it may not

be close to a pavement or area with constant foot traffic. No children under the age of 18 will be allowed and smokers are to be discouraged from lingering in the demarcated smoking area beyond the time it takes to smoke a cigarette. Professor Michael Herbst, the head of Cansa’s health division, said second-hand smoke is very harmful. “Very few people smoke without a filter. At least this is something that protects you against arsenic, nicotine and carbon dioxide. The smoke from the front end of the cigarette contains all these harmful substances. Without a filter nonsmokers are exposed to it,” he says. “There is also third-hand smoke. These are the toxins in smoke which cling to furniture and floors. Babies and children crawl on the surface and are exposed to it.” V Share your views by SMSing the word “Post”, fol­ lowed by the your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

More than 1000 cellphones confiscated RICHARD ROBERTS

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A TOTAL of 1 081 cellphones have been confiscated from Cape Town motorists. This was done in accordance with the ordinance of the City of Cape Town which allows for the confiscation of cellphones of motorists caught using them while driving. The ordinance was implemented in 1 July last year. Motorists caught using their cellphones while driving are fined R500 and their cellphones are confiscated for 24 hours. They can reclaim their cellphones at Gallow’s Hill Traffic Department in Green Point. Transgressors can collect their cellphones 24 hours after the offence and pay the fine later.

The traffic fine is a written notice containing both a pay and court date. City traffic spokesperson Richard Coleman said 96 of the 1 081 cellphones – nearly 10% – have not been reclaimed. The cellphones are held for three months, after which the details of the owner are handed to the police. “However, we continuously contact the owners to remind them to collect them,” he said, adding offenders do not pay for the lock-up or storage of the phones. “They may only collect them after 24 hours and during working hours. This means if your phone was seized on Friday, you may only collect it the following Monday,” he said. Coleman could not confirm the sum col-

lected from cellphone fines. “Many of the written notices have not expired.” When asked whether men or women largely transgress, he said: “At this stage it is actually equal.” Offenders are between 30 and 50 years. When asked in which areas the offenders are caught, Coleman said: “In the CBD. It mostly happens in the afternoon when motorists leave work and need to tie up some loose ends, or have to arrange something at home before they arrive.” Asked about the success of the new municipal ordinance, he said: “It is relatively successful. We notice a decrease in the use of cellphones while driving.” They are considering adding a seizure tariff to the existing fine, he said.


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Woman held after ‘beating’ lover to death TERESA FISCHER


GIRLS IN BLUE: Simon’s Town Police celebrated Cell C’s Take a Girl Child to Work Day on Thursday 30 May. Thirty Grade 10 girls from Simon’s Town High School visited the police station to discuss a possible career in the South African Police Service. The Community Police Forum was also involved. The girls particularly enjoyed posing in the bullet proof vests. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

‘No fee’ for fishing rights? PHILDA ESSOP SMALL-SCALE fishermen can look forward to paying very little or nothing when they re-apply for fishing rights. Desmond Stevens, the acting deputy director-general of the Department of Fisheries, said the possibility is being driven by the department. He presented a proposal to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries about the progress of the awarding of fishing rights. The rights of eight sectors expire on 31 December. The Small-scale Fishing Policy, as well as amendments to the Act of Living Marine Resources, was recently opened for comment. These amendments and the policy aims to officially acknowledge small-scale fishermen. Stevens said the department simplified the application process. In the past application forms consisted of more than 30 pages and was difficult to complete. The forms will be shortened to just five pages and officials will be on hand to assist with completion. “We also aim to make the application

fees more affordable. In the past it cost between R5 000 and R8 000. We’re considering making this cost significantly less,” Stevens said. “We are currently negotiating with the National Treasury about the amount. We are also considering charging nothing, with regard to the implementation of small-scale fishing policy.” Meriam Phaliso, ANC MP, welcomed this step. “It will cancel out the middleman who exploits people, leaving them with just paper quotas,” she said. Amendments to the Act of Living Marine Resources will bring social relief. “This must be done at the speed of a jet, because it needed to be done 50 years ago already,” Phaliso said. ANC MP Salam Abram warned Stevens that people would hold him to his word. “You do not make a promise you cannot keep,” he said. Stevens again stated that the department was in negotiations with the National Treasury to abandon the application fee for small-scale fishermen. He said consultants charged people up to R900 to complete forms for the renewal of permits.

Be on guard for scam artists TERESA FISCHER AN NGO for the deaf has distanced itself from con artists using their name. A reader, who asked to remain anonymous, says he was approached in Longbeach Mall by an individual soliciting donations. In exchange for his donation, the reader says he was offered a sign language “card” containing Sign Language hand signs. A website ( was printed on the card. He made a donation and received the card. He emailed the NGO to verify if it was genuine. He says: “On investigating the website

quoted on the card it appears to be a con.” Calling them “fraud peddlers”, Handspeak says they are “using the domainname ‘’, which is absolutely nothing to do with any activities in South Africa or anywhere, except for the website”. Handspeak says the donations are for “personal gain” and advises against donating. “Inform others (and) tell any peddlers to remove the word and refuse donations.” Charles Nyakurwa, of Deaf Hands at Work, says: “This is a scam at its best. Deaf Hands at Work will never beg for donations.” He adds that people who tarnish their good image must be stopped.

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Knit a teddy for a good cause SIMON’S Town Museum is again busy with their outreach programmes to help women and children in need. This project is towards their good deed for 67 Minutes for Mandela. Their aim this year is to give good secondhand women and children’s clothing, blankets, toiletries and baby clothes and other

For the record IN THE report “Proxy votes declared invalid” (People’s Post, 4 June), Jeremy Wiley is reported to have suggested he be the

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items to a charity house in the Cape. Staff at the museum are also busy knitting jerseys or soft toys for orphans. All the jerseys and soft toys will be handed over to a charity in December. All items can be dropped at Simon’s Town Museum or contact Suzette Farmer on 0 (021) 786 3046. presiding officer. He has informed this newspaper “various people will attest to the fact that I did not volunteer to act as an independent presiding officer”. People’s Post apologises for the error.

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WOMAN appeared in the Muizenberg Magistrates’ Court on Friday facing a charge of murder, after she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend, resulting in his death two days later. Provincial police spokesperson Captain Frederick van Wyk says the deceased, a 50year-old man, was allegedly assaulted at the couple’s residence on Sunday 2 June in Marina da Gama. Van Wyk says: “He suffered severe injuries to the head. He was discovered by a nearby resident on the pavement outside the premises.” He died in hospital as a result of his injuries on Tuesday 4 June. The suspect, a 54 year old woman, was arrested on Tuesday regarding the incident. She appeared in Muizenberg Magistrates’ Court on Friday 7 June on

a charge of murder. The outcome of the this appearance could not be determined by the time of going to press as the docket had not returned from court. It was reported the woman used a set of his crutches to assault Lionel de Robillard, who was spotted crawling naked down a pavement on Shearwater Drive, in an attempt to escape. It was also reported he had needed the crutches about a year ago, following a hip replacement. De Robillard, was reportedly a car salesman in Diep River, and his brother was quoted saying he had had a stroke a week ago. Neighbours protected De Robillard from further attack, and called an ambulance. It was also alleged he had been attacked with a hammer a year ago and had been advised to get out of his abusive relationship.

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PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Harcourts Back Wave T 021 785 5227 E View


HOLY MEN: Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu (far right) blesses Canon Henry Frieslaar (far left), while Dr Steven van der Merwe looks on. PHOTO: DAVID WEIR­SMITH, MEMBER OF THE FISH HOEK PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY

Lake Michelle


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Lake Michelle


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Architect designed home to be built in a security estate in the heart of the Noordhoek Wetlands. 2 beds and full bathroom on ground floor and main en-suite upstairs. Direct access double automated garage, study and open-plan living.

Choose your own finishes in this family home still to be constructed and offering 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/dining open-plan to kitchen, scullery, direct access double garage, patio courtyard and landscaped garden.

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Charming Farmhouse On Rural Acre

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Charming, open-plan home with rustic farmhouse feel on full acre in safe cul-de-sac. Sep study. Could be 3 bed home and 2 room flatlet.

Rurally zoned acre with lovely N/facing views and building platforms for 2 dwellings intersected by a stream. Fully serviced. You can keep horses, too!

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Dave Rattle C 083 456 7771 Anne Rattle C 083 456 7772








ANON Henry Frieslaar celebrated five decades after being ordained into the priesthood at St Francis of Assisi Anglican Church in Simon’s Town last Sunday. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu preached, using the parable of the lost sheep to remind the congregation of God’s love for everybody. Dr Steven van der Merwe composed a special piece for Frieslaar. Called The Blacksmith’s Mass, the piece is in honour of the priest’s original trade – he worked as a blacksmith at the Naval dockyard for five years before heeding a calling to the priesthood. The music was sung by the church choir, to the accompaniment of a small orchestra. Frieslaar (75) was brought up in Mount Pleasant, Simon’s Town. At his home in Simon’s Town, he chats about his life. Frieslaar says he worked under Tutu, but when the Archbishop retired, he bought a house in Milnerton – where Frieslaar was in charge of the parish. “My boss became my parishioner,” he says, adding he had also blessed Tutu’s house. At the celebration service, he was given an autographed biography about Tutu, the legendary cleric. He says he felt a calling to work as a Christian priest with people who were experiencing adversity. At the Theological College in Grahamstown, he met his wife Irma, who was training to be a teacher.

The couple, who have three children, were “on the road” for 40 years, moving to various parishes where he was dispatched to serve – often in poorer communities in Bredasdorp and George. He says the most rewarding aspect of being a priest is being able to help people when they are really in need. “It is always traumatic to counsel someone who is sick and dying, especially if the person is someone you know well.” Over the years Frieslaar has played an integral part in the lives of parishioners. And, he says, there have been many funny moments throughout his career. Recalling one example relating to burials, he says: “When I was stationed at a church in George – which was near a railway line – the grave could initially only be dug halfway, as passing trains would disturb the ground and cause it to cave in.” He says he would have to give a special signal to those digging the grave that his sermon was almost complete, and they would quickly complete the hole. Frieslaar says they would also need to conduct burials when there were no trains passing between George and Knysna.“On one occasion a special train we were not expecting came through. I slid in feet first on top of the coffin. Everyone was laughing, even the mourners, who had to pull me out.” He retired in 2003, but still serves when required. V The service at St Francis of Assisi was held with the kind permission of the Reverend Nolan Tobias, the present rector.

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Dave Rattle C 083 456 7771 Anne Rattle C 083 456 7772


From forging metal to moulding souls


OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR COUNCIL HOUSE The City of Cape Town’s Human Settlements Directorate has announced that the City has 14 688 saleable rental units that can still be transferred to the existing qualifying tenants. Eligible tenants who live in the City’s saleable rental dwellings are urged to take transfer of these units. Single and row-type cottages and maisonettes are available. If you are eligible you may qualify for:

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Take the following documents to your local Housing Estate Office: • • • •

Proof of income Proof of identity Marriage certificate, divorce order, affidavit of customary or Muslim marriage Death certificate of spouse (if applicable)

Please enquire at your local Housing Estate Office about the discount benefits you are entitled to.

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SHE’S BACK: A 1958 Fiat Millecento which was stolen from opposite the Noordhoek Common, has been recovered. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


Classic car makes a comeback



1958 Fiat Millecento, which for some time has been parked on vacant land opposite the Noordhoek Common – and which was stolen in broad daylight – has been tracked down. The classic car attracted much attention when it first made an appearance several months ago. The plot where the car was parked was thrust into the spotlight when public comment was sought for plans for a 100-seater restaurant at the site. On Thursday 30 May Mathew Wallace sent an email to report the classic car had been stolen, adding his family was desperately trying to get her back. He explains the Fiat was being kept at the family’s plot as it could no longer be kept in storage in Sea Point. A week later – thanks to a swift response by the Chapman’s Peak Neighbourhood Watch (CPNW), the Silvermine Neighbourhood Watch (SNNW) and the police – the car was recovered. Leon Gerber, the vehicle’s owner, who lives in Johannesburg, reported the theft to CPNW. A witness reported seeing two men pushing the Fiat. A second witness recalled seeing the car being towed away in the midmorning. Wallace says a review of the SMNW camera footage showed valuable evidence – including how a BMW – was towing away the green Fiat.

The BMW was found to be registered to a resident in the valley. Police discovered the BMW had last year been sold to a person in the motor repair industry. They found the BMW as well as the Fiat at the premises. A suspect, who was unable to provide a credible explanation, was arrested on charges of vehicle theft as well as being in possession of stolen property. Gerber says he planned to use the Fiat as a feature at a country restaurant he has applied for permission to build at the site. He says a local architect has drawn up plans for a quaint, stone building with a thatch roof, with the brief that is must fit into the overall ambience of the location. He adds there would be over 40 parking bays and that the restaurant’s footprint would not exceed 300m². Gerber adds they had to submit very detailed plans so concerns that they would deviate from these are unfounded. The neighbourhood watch points out that, despite having been sold six months ago, the BMW was never re-registered in the name of the new owner. Gerber thanks Ollie Wright of the CPNW and the SMNW, and the two neighbourhood watches thank the Fish Hoek police officers, in particular Captain Nomalungisa Damoyi and Sergeant Nicolette Damons. V Share your views by SMSing the word “Post” fol­ lowed by your comments to 32516. SMSes are charged at R1.

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PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 11 June 2013

WRITE TO US | email | fax | post

Plight of elderly: readers want to help | fax: 021 910 6501/06 Third Floor, Bloemhof Building, 112 Edward Street, Tyger Valley, Bellville

. I read the article by Tammy Petersen with regard to the plight of the elderly and it really upset me (“Twilight time turns to worry years”, People’s Post, 4 June). I would really like to assist and send a food hamper to Moira. Linsay .The story of Moira really touched me. I would like to make contact with her and bless her with some things. Shireen . The article has really struck something within our family, particularly the story about a lady named Moira who still has to pay rent to her landlord every month with the little money she receives

Preference will be given to letters of fewer than 350 words. The deadline is Thursday at 13:00. Please give your full name, address and phone number (for our records, not for publishing).

Cartoon online TO VIEW the weekly People’s Post cartoon like Gavin Thomson Cartoons and Illustrations on Facebook.

NOTICE OF MEETING OF THE SUBCOUNCILS: JUNE 2013 Notice is hereby given that the meeting of the 24 (twenty four) Subcouncils for the City of Cape Town will take place at the time and venue indicated in the schedule below: Subcouncil Venue

Date Time


Council Chambers, Royal Ascot, Milnerton




Kraaifontein Council Chambers











3 4 5 6

Council Chambers, Voortrekker Road, Goodwood Parow Council Chambers, Tallent Street, Parow The Hague Community Hall, Cnr Delft Main & Silversands Road, The Hague Bellville Council Chambers, Bellville Civic Centre


Durbanville Council Chamber




Strand Council Chambers, Strand




Solomon Tshuku Hall, Site C Khayelitsha




Lookout Hill Tourism Facility, Khayelitsha 21



Fezeka Council Chambers




Lentegeur Civic Centre



Ruth First Community Hall




Elukhanyisweni Community Hall




Athlone Minor Hall




Lentegeur Civic Centre



Fezeka Council Chambers



Fezeka Council Chambers








13 14 15 16

Raven Room, Pinelands Training Centre, Pinelands Council Chambers, 44 Wale Street, Cape Town


Athlone Minor Hall




Rondevlei Subcouncil Chambers, Lotus River




Council Chambers, Fish Hoek







20 21

Council Chambers, Alphen Centre Constantia Oostenberg Council Chambers, Kuils River


Strand Council Chambers




Colorado Community Centre




Khayelitsha Training Centre



Manager Peter Deacon 021 550 1001 Fred Monk 021 980 6053 Johannes Brand 021 590 1676 Ardela van Niekerk 021 444 0196 Martin Julie 021 695 8161 Pat Jansen 021 918 2024 Carin Viljoen 021 444 0689 Izak du Toit 021 850 4149 Johnson Fetu 021 360 1351 Goodman Rorwana 021 360 1267 Kayise Nombakuse 021 630 1737 Alesia Bosman 021 371 8199 Lunga Bobo 021 630 1619 Christopher Jako 021 630 1678 Kayise Nombakuse 021 630 1737 Alesia Bosman 021 371 8199 Lunga Bobo 021 630 1619 Christopher Jako 021 630 1678 Mariette Griessel 021 531 3437 Marius Coetsee 021 487 2055 Edgar Carolissen 021 637 9757 Okkie Manuels 021 700 4020 Desiree Mentor 021 784 2011 Brian Ford 021 794 2493 Pieter Grobler 021 900 1502 Richard Moi 021 900 1508 Raphael Martin 021 371 4551 Goodman Rorwana 021 444 7532

To access the full agenda and all supporting documentation 72 hours before the meeting go to Highlight the date of the subcouncil meeting, choose the subcouncil you require and download the agenda. Please report any difficulties to the relevant subcouncil manager.


from the government. We’d really like to help and we were hoping you could help, too. If we could, we’d love to help as many elderly people as we can, but perhaps we can start by taking food or clothing items to Moira on a weekly basis and start small. We just want to help. Daniels family . With regard to your article about the plight of the elderly, I found it very sad. I found Moira’s story very touching and, if possible, would like to get in touch with her and try to help her in any way I can. Thanks for opening our eyes to this –

we should hang our heads in shame. . I was in tears over your article. Do you have any idea how I could anonymously get R100 to Moira? V This report has received overwhelming response via emails, phone calls and letters. It is heart­ warming to know People’s Post readers continue to care for others. This newspaper cannot issue the personal details of the sources in the report out of respect for their circumstances and as it is against company policy. There are many other people like Moira and Agatha who are really battling. Please consider extending your generosity beyond the confines of those named in the story.

Working in Mountain View is rewarding MOUNTAIN View is a truly blessed community and the amount of improvement that has been shown, is truly amazing. This community has treated me like I’m part of them. When I go into Mountain View, I feel at home with the friendly people and animals. I spoke with Denise Izaks, a community representative, and she was very disappointed after the public thought of this community as being a bad place (“Dogs raped in township”, People’s Post, 30 April). I would like to say, this community is far from a bad place. In fact, this is a wonderful community that is always willing to learn new things. Daily when the team and I go in, we see

new improvements. This is why we do what we do. I will not stop helping this community as I have been helping them since I was 14 years old. This is my passion and helping the animals in communities such as Mountain View is what I enjoy most. It’s so rewarding for me, knowing I can go to bed after knowing they are warm, fed and safe. I would also like to mention that the response from my previous article was good. Thank you to each and everyone of you who assisted with food, blankets and kennels. Words can’t describe how much this means to the team, Mountain View and the surrounding communities. Jaque le Roux, HOPE

Involve community in decision I HAVE been a facilitator and community worker in Ocean View for the past four years, wearing many caps, and I think it is shocking to even consider a petrol station and convenient store at the entrance of Ocean View. How will this bring more money to Ocean View? By guaranteed employment for four petrol attendants and one cashier in the shop for 45 000 Ocean View residents? No, the only way it will increase business is for the drug dealers who will have a safe place for outsiders to come and buy their drugs from and not having to risk going into Ocean View. Not only is it respectful, but also the right that the Ocean View community is included. Starting with the Ocean View Ratepayers’ Association, the Ocean View Civic Association, the Southern Aboriginal Councillors and clergy. In 2012 a request was made to the City of Cape Town to allocate that area as a market area for the community whereby they can

have small businesses providing drop-off or on-the-spot services and crafts, and fresh produce to promote economic upliftment in Ocean View. These services will be supported by the South Peninsula. The knowledge and heritage that is locked up in this community is so rich, foreigners would love to experience it if only they got to know about or have access to it. This should be a gateway into the heritage of the first people of which the Ocean View community are descendants. We live in a valley that is so rich in ancient culture, sacredness and biodiversity, we must wake up to see the beauty around us and restore and preserve. By connecting with our neighbours and supporting each other we will become sustainable as a valley. We have already started in Ocean View, a power of community movement aiming for sovereignty, and it continues to grow positively. Liesl James, Creating Change

Menseregte moet altyd seëvier ’n HANDVES vir selfbeskikking en ’n handves vir kultuurregte is in die pyplyn. Hierdie stappe wat gedoen word, word gesteun deur ’n konsepwet op selfbeskikking vir die unieke Afrikaner-volk en ander minderhede wat dit wil opeis en sal in 2013 ter tafel gebring word. Kyk gerus artikel 235 van die grondwet (ook bekend as die klousule vir selfbeskikking). Die grondwet maak voorsiening vir ’n onafhanklike kommissie vir die bevordering en beskerming van gemeenskapsregte (kantonne) asook vir burgerlike-gemeen-

skapsrade. Laasgenoemde mag hom toespits op die bevordering van kultuur, die beskerming van kultuur, taal, godsdiens, omgewing soos water en voedsel. Wat nog benodig word is nasionale wetgewing vir die erkenning van selfbeskikking vir die unieke Afrikaner-volk en ander minderhede wat dit wil opeis. Sien gerus die NBR se vordering op hierdie magsbasis. Hoe dit ook al sy die amptelike handves van menseregte behoort die nodige stappe onvermydelik te maak. Kaptein Matt Heyns, E-pos

Family fun at Sunday market I WOULD like comment about how wonderful the Cape Point Vineyard’s Sunday market is. As a community – and I speak on behalf of many who live in the area – we absolutely love this market. We love the food, the view and the opportunity for family gatherings in this amazing place. It is such a pleasure to have something to do in groups, with family and friends or even alone! I was shocked, for the second time, to hear yesterday that someone again is complaining that the market “is impacting negative-

ly on the environment”. I do not understand nor do I wish to accept this ridiculous protest. The market poses no noise in the area nor do we have a traffic or parking issue. So how exactly does this impact our environment? I would love for more people in the area to write in and give a little protest of our own. We love the Sunday market at the Cape Point Vineyard! Mascha van Zyl, Fish Hoek


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Only the start of wet, cold TERESA FISCHER


HE mould, together with the accompanying musty smell caused by damp, will linger in the informal dwellings in Masiphumelele after the rains stop. Mould thrives in the building material used to construct the structures. This, says Marti Weddepohl of the NGO Mercynet, can be extremely dangerous, especially to immune-compromised patients. Weddepohl says in America houses would be condemned for having mould, but she says in SA there is little awareness. She says the mould is often a reason why the children have lingering chest infections. According to Weddepohl once the weather gets warmer and the spores are released, people breathe them in, causing far-reaching health problems. People’s Post joined Weddepohl for a walk through Masiphumelele to examine the flood damage. Mercynet provides humanitarian aid logistics and risk reduction after natural disasters. She explains people sometimes forget the amount of logistics involved in aid relief, such as making sure donations match the needs of the people. “Most people never get a picture of how bad it gets around the canals,” says Weddepohl. Salvage efforts were underway, but everything was wet. It is not possible to avoid the mud. She commends the City for having done a good job of diverting the canals around the dwellings, but notes pollution in the canals is preventing water from draining away. Resident Albertina Dalingozi says water came from beneath the ground as well as from the roof and she could not keep her three children’s clothes dry. Thick black plastic sheets are all that helps, she adds.

BLOCKED CANALS: Flooding in Masiphumelele was made worse as the canals are blocked with rubbish, preventing water from draining away. PHOTO: TERESA FISCHER

Another resident, who does not want to be named, says: “I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat.” Proportional Representation councillor Mzuvukile Nikelo says the community was severely affected by the storm, adding large parts of Masiphumelele faced electricity cuts and flooding. “There is still a need for plastic covers. If anybody wants to donate plastics, they are welcome to contact me.” He adds the floods were taking place during mid-year exams. “They are faced with a challenge where

their homes are not habitable when they need them most. We have appealed to the local principals to open up schools as study centres in the afternoon and weekends to alleviate the plight of these kids.” He says most of the roads have potholes and they have appealed to the roads department to assess the damage and do necessary repairs. Wilfred Solomons-Johannes, of the City of Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management, says Masiphumelele was inspected for flooding on Sunday 2 June. He says: “The inspection revealed that 430

households were affected in the low-lying area in Section A, B, C, D and E. “The City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre assisted the affected victims with 1000 blankets and hot meals, including 40 baby packs.” NGO Living Hope appealed for donations of clothing of all sizes, as well as blankets. Donations can be dropped off at Living Hope’s front gate (opposite Food Zone) or at the Pink House in Masiphumelele, opposite the clinic. For more information contact Karen Peiser on 083 456 9594. V To donate plastics contact Nikelo on 083 435 2570.

Property Harcourts – right choice

Page 8 | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 11 June 2013 Tel: 021 910 6500 Fax: 021 910 6501/06

Tips on insurance


HILE the Harcourts team have a lot of fun in the office, we are serious about doing business and looking after our clients – both seller and buyer. Managing partner Tony Cashel says: “This focus on achieving results by reaching a larger buying market through our extensive website network has translated into a meaningful success rate for our sellers, with sales and impending sales of over R20 000 000 since the beginning of 2013.” This success has led to more mandates being obtained and currently the office enjoys over 15 mandates in our operating area which extends to Fish Hoek, Glencairn, Simon’s Town and Noordhoek, he adds. Carol and Lindsay are enjoying the partnership approach which has allowed them to work cohesively and cover their areas effectively with successful sales starting to flow through. Laura, who recently joined the family, is now starting to make inroads into her sphere of activity, namely Sun Valley, Milkwood Park and Noordhoek and has a number of listings and mandates. Vic has used technology to its fullest and has created various social media networks to increase his reach. Vic has also created his own website (http:// which is definitely worth a visit. He has also been instrumental in creating the new office website ( Wolfie Wolfaardt comments: “I thrive on interesting deals.” He has successfully concluded many complicated deals and is the process of closing sales in the region of R5000 000. The rental portfolio has grown by 27% in the last year, and the cornerstone to this growth

SERVICE FIRST: The Harcourts team, from left, are Tony Cashel, Jacquie Wolfaardt (standing), Laura Ridge (sitting), Andre Brehem, Carol Croft, Vic Duggan, Lindsay Pryor and Lisa Dewey. Wolfie Wolfaardt is absent. PHOTO: SUPPLIED has been the service provided to landlords and tenants by Andre and Lisa who make up the Rental Team. The Harcourts Group, arguably the fastest growing realty group in SA, believes in a family and teamwork ethos to doing business. The Harcourts Maynard Burgoyne team in Fish

Hoek emulate this philosophy serious about doing business. smart choice. Call (021) 782 6202 and visit and

and are dead So make the our websites & www.maywww.har-




Modern spacious double storey apartment in secure complex offers open plan living with modern kitchen, main bed with full en-suite and stunning sea views upstairs and 3 beds, bathroom and guest toilet downstairs and single garage with direct access. Sparkling pool in complex. Opposite the beach, in the perfect position. Ref# WMF2563

Carol Croft 071 351 4977 Lindsay Pryor 081 270 5660







Carol Croft 071 351 4977 Lindsay Pryor 081 270 5660







Delightful home in small secure gated complex. Open plan lounge and dining area, neat compact kitchen and single automatic garage. Main en-suite bathroom has bath and family bathroom has shower. Neat garden area walled on either side with palisade fencing in front. Ref# WMF6687

Stunning family home with superb street appeal offering 3 beds, modern family bathroom with separate toilet. Sunny lounge with separate kitchen leading to spacious sheltered entertainment area with single garage and work from home office. Spacious garden and plenty parking. Ref# WMF6429


Vic Duggan 083 626 0383

THE financial institution (bank) which grants your home loan will require that the property be covered by Homeowner’s Insurance. They will take out the insurance on your behalf or you can submit your own insurance provided you supply the bank proof it is insured on an annual basis. The bank needs to ensure that the property – including all the buildings on it, the swimming pool, borehole/pumps, walls, driveway, and so on – is insured for the full current replacement value. Homeowner’s Insurance does not cover your personal belongings. You will need to take out Motor and Household Insurance for this purpose. It also does not cover the outstanding balance on your home loan if you die or become disabled. Terminology . Over-insured is when your insurance cover is more than the replacement value of the property. The insurance companies will only pay out the replacement value and not the high insured sum. Review your insurance at least once a year. . Insurance to value is where your insurance is equivalent to the replacement value. This is the preferred status. . Under-insured is where there is a shortfall between the value of the property and the sum insured. For more information contact Glenn, Inge or Dawn at the Engel & Völkers Fish Hoek office on (021) 782 0006 or via email at







Lovely, character, double storey thatched home, with high pitched ceilings. Open plan 'country' kitchen and scullery, dining room and lounge. Spacious ground floor bedroom has been converted to self-contained unit but also open to the main house. Small office with guest loo, next to pine staircase winding up to beds, baths, balconies and views! Ref# WMF6649

Wolfie 076 416 8069








Character cottage style home for the young family! Undercover braai areas, games room and pub area. Separate lounge / dining room, well fitted open plan kitchen, fabulous loft room. Single garage with direct access Ref# WMF6632

Wolfie 076 416 8069




Carol Croft 071 351 4977 Lindsay Pryor 081 270 5660







Immaculate apartment in secure complex. Open plan modern kitchen with under-counter oven and hob, living area with sliding doors leading to balcony. Parking bay and communal pool. Added Bonus – no transfer duty payable. Ref# WMF6322

Carol Croft 071 351 4977 Lindsay Pryor 081 270 5660





Set in a country atmosphere, this character home offers a luxury of S-P-AC-E. Ideal for large family or up market B&B. Main house comprises of stately dining room, spacious billiard room and formal lounge with sep sunlight study. Enormous country kitchen, laundry and scullery. Double garage with workshop area plus two delightful self contained cottages. Ref# WMF6642







Laura Ridge 084 407 5057




Unique home with tons of potential. Presently divided into 2 “apartments” but can easily be converted back to one large family home. Double auto garage with direct access, paved patio and brick- built braai. Ref# WMF5697

Vic Duggan 083 626 0383







This home has a Mediterranean feel with large kitchen and great flow to the open plan dining/lounge, study/TV room or 4th bed. Large wooden deck - great for sun downers and family braais. Secluded back yard offers a wind sheltered alternative for entertaining. Pan handle property providing excellent security. Perfect for lock up and go. Ref# WMF6679






Vic Duggan 083 626 0383




Open plan modern kitchen and living area, balcony with view of the sea. Centrally situated, easy walking distance to shops, station and beach.

Wolfie 076 416 8069







Large lounge area with fireplace, staircase to mezzanine level with the ceiling and flooring finished in timber. Fitted kitchen and scullery with flow to outside entertainment area (pool and built-in braai). Study area and double auto garage with direct access. Additional storage space next to pool pump - ideal for storing gardening tools and equipment. Ref# WMF6568








Older style home in the Valyland area. Large open plan living area with fireplace. Well fitted kitchen with serving hatch to dining room. Fitted carpets throughout and plenty of cupboard space. Garden shed and tons of safe parking. Close to shops and schools and hospital.

Wolfie 076 416 8069





For more information on our other rental properties call Lisa and André on 021 – 782 6202 or email or

Harcourts 19x8 11-06-2013 1C8Z62V50.cdr



PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Taryn Retief, whilst new to Lakeside, Klein Wassenaar, Zandvlei and the stunning Stonehurst Mountain Estate is not new to property. She has completed her NQF4 qualifications, has a strong financial background, and offers a full service including both rentals and sales. Taryn is renowned for her proactive and efficient service ensuring that what she commits to she delivers. Her results speak for themselves. Contact her for a valuation, whether selling or renting, as that would be a SMART MOVE.


R8 500 000

Stunning Investment property with Corporate Tenants This home, set in a stunning position on the estate with 360% views, is an investors dream with managed corporate lease in place for the next two and a half years. Excellent rental return on offer. This investment opportunity will continue to appreciate in value. Approved plans for expansion of property. Ÿ Erf size: 1042m² Ÿ House size: ± 390m² Ÿ Web ref: 294610

Taryn Retief – 082 788 7469 OFFICE 021 788 8279





R2900 000

BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED BY THIS EXCUTIVE HOME Spacious home for the family and outdoor entertainment area, modern fitted kitchen, gleaming wooden floors.


• 1 GARAGE Ÿ WEBREF 292096

R895 000

EXPECT TO BE ENVIED This CHARMING, 103m² GROUNDFLOOR sunny apartment offers great position and space. Separate dining room/3rd bedroom & Lock up garage. Don’t miss out! VBA

SANDRA VD MERWE 083 235 5351 HAZEL TAPPAN 072 698 1312 OFFICE 021 782 6114

ELOISE DAY 073 629 9974 OFFICE 021 786 5393



R1 975 000


“Hassle Free Living” is yours in this spacious, modern “lock up & go” apartment with trendy restaurants, shops.

PADDY MOW 082 348 4442 GARY GROBBELAAR 072 654 3769 OFFICE 021 782 6114





Ÿ Web Ref: Ÿ 264468 – R795 000 Ÿ Web Ref: Ÿ 262100 – R995 000 Ÿ Web Ref: Ÿ 274490 – R1 395 000 Ÿ

UNBEATABLE VALUE BY THE SEA Create your own dream in this sought after seaside village. Make the sea and mountain views flow seamlessly around you. Various view plots on offer from R.

LOLA CASEY 083 437 9722 OFFICE 021 786 5393


R1 195 000

A RARE FIND This well maintained cottage offers space & tranquil settings. Open plan kitchen, double volume ceilings in lounge with French doors to veranda.

BRUCE MOSTERT 082 707 5793 OFFICE 021 785 2035


WEBREF 295029

R1 465 000

UPMARKET LIFESTYLE Secure your upmarket lifestyle with approved plans for 3 beds/2 baths & double garage in sought after Village Mews.

TRACY MUUNIK 082 412 8401 OFFICE 021 785 2035


R650 000

LIFESTYLE LIVING ON THE MUIZENBERG COASTLINE Stunning setting for the active individual, you are central to the Blue Flag status beach and shops on your doorstep.

BONITA LEE 082 624 7880 OFFICE 021 788 8279




R3 595 000

GECKO HOUSE * LOCK & GO Immaculate home offering stylish lock & go lifestyle with every modern convenience. Full under-floor heating, irrigation and solar heated pool. RONI FINLAY 082 900 0789 INGRID FINLAY 082 553 1336 BRETT M COOPER 072 277 3308 GERHARD OOSTHUIZEN 079 719 0460 OFFICE 021 785 2035


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Technology enhances opportunities GLOBAL-BASED companies, like Fine & Country International Realty, now offer local South African estate agents the opportunities to excel and grow their client base quicker and more easily using the best technology available. But a great number of estate agents are still wary of using it due to a lack of skills. “Estate agents can maximise their business

through the use of modern technology,” says Tony Webb, principal of Fine & Country False Bay. Webb predicts that the agents who align themselves with internationally-based companies will excel in the next decade. Not as previously believed to attract international buyers, but mainly because of the introduction of new innovation to the property

DON’T LET WINTER PUT YOU OFF SELLING 6 Good Reasons for selling your home NOW Less Competition Housing supply shrinks dramatically this time of year The process will be quicker from sale to registration when banks, deeds office, conveyancers are not inundated Mostly only buyers serious about buying a home will be in the marketplace and you and your family will not be inconvenienced by mere ‘lookers’, you may have fewer ‘viewings’ but more qualified buyers. Obtain a better price with less competition, secure a higher price than you would jossling for preference against the flood of properties coming onto the market in spring Many buyers prefer to view property during winter to ascertain the condition of the property e.g signs of flooding, damp, roof leaks, drainage, access to sunlight etc.

the QR codes, the videoettes, the floor plan inmarket, he says. After all, technology is the main source to novation, the on-line brochure print applicaconnect people easily, faster and more effec- tions and the international reach through property portals that entively. hance our business subWebb says that the role stantially”. of “motivational speaker” In the UK Fine & Counhas not changed and time try is the first estate agenmanagement lectures are cy group to advertise in still of utmost importance the Daily Telegraph App. to estate agents. This has created an opporAll “active” estate agents tunity for tablet and smart who are serious about phone users to access all of their jobs need tips on time Fine & Country internamanagement. tional property through A prominent feature of the Telegraph’s tablet and modern-day real estate, smart phone audience. and a great time saver, is Since 2010, tablets have technology. proven to be a device segAgents are given the opment that search marketportunity to acquire skills ers can’t ignore. to use the advanced techCurrent users in the UK nology available to them. total 5.3 million predicted The marketing tools proto just over 10 million users vided by the companies by the end of this year. are quick and easy to use LEADER: Tony Webb, principal of South Africa will follow and open up more time for Fine and Country False Bay, this trend. Some of Fine & sales and provide more believes estate agents should take Current agents currently time to ensure buyers are use new technology for that added happy with services ren- advantage. PHOTO: SUPPLIED present Fine & Country to potential sellers via their dered. “The mobility of buyers, combined with tablet with an exclusive application. Who can remember when estate agents these tools, provides an agent with a far greatbooked advertising and it took three days for er reach, says Webb. Technology available to agents includes the photographs to develop? How the world websites that provide potential clients with has changed. Visit Fine & Country False Bay at Shop 4, updated information and visuals, as well as Fish Hoek Centre, 90 Main Road, Fish Hoek easy access to agents. “But it is the phone and tablet applications, or call (021) 782 5934.

Take advantage of our WINTER SPECIAL commission rate!

FOR SALE - ENGEL & VÖLKERS - Fish Hoek & Surrounds

Fish Hoek · ZAR 4,5 million · ENV60551

Clovelly · ZAR 2,995 million · ENV61872

Trafalgar Place · ZAR 1,5 million · ENV62569

Santorini Village · ZAR 1,295 million · ENV60409


082 900 3819 021 782 9223

Juanita Gleeson

Engel & Völkers · Fish Hoek · 3A Green Parrot Place · Recreation Road E-mail: · Tel: (021) 782 0006 · WEB:


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Tuesday, 11 June 2013 Wednesday 12 June

day 12 June) on (021) 788 2266.

V Fish Hoek: The Flame Lily Foundation will hold its monthly social tea at the hall adjacent to Fish Hoek Library at 09:30 for 10:00. All members and visitors are welcome. RSVP to Priscilla for catering purposes on (021) 782 4573, 082 494 5602 or

Friday 14 June

V Plumstead: Hear2day, an NPO for hearing­ impaired persons, is hosting a meeting in the main boardroom at the Constantiaberg Medi­Clinic, Burnham Road at 18:00 for 18:30. Jenny Perold, a senior speech therapist at Tygerberg Hospital, will facilitate the meeting at which hearing­impaired peoples will receive advice. For more information visit or contact Fred Benning at V Ocean View: Fish Hoek Valley Older Persons Forum will hold a meeting at the civic centre at 14:00. Obtain additional information by calling (021) 789 0071 or 083 338 4065. V Fish Hoek: South Africa Association of Retired Persons (SAARP) Fish Hoek will host the Army Band at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre at 09:30. Members pay R5, while visitors pay R10, including refreshments. All senior citizens are welcome. Direct enquiries to (021) 782 2719 on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 09:00 until noon. Thursday 13 June V Fish Hoek: Historical Association’s monthly talk at 17:45 for 18:00 at the Library Hall. Jim Hallinan will speak on the historical environ­ mental factors which result in the unique marine environment found at the Cape of Good Hope. Among other things it will illustrate what False Bay looked like in the Ice Age. Hallinan if from the City of Cape Town’s Heritage Department, The event is free for members. Non­members pay R5. For additional informa­ tion phone (021) 782 1752. Alternatively forward emails to fhvalley.historical.secre­ V Kalk Bay: Patricia Glyn will be in conversa­ tion with columnist Andrew Donaldson at Kalk Bay Books, 124 Main Road. The event is from 18:30 for 19:00. RSVP by tomorrow (Wednes­

VFish Hoek: Managed Age Seminar at St Margaret’s Church Hall, Kommetjie Road will take place from 09:45 until 11:30. This talk, titled Inflammation, will be given by Dr Neil Burman. Inflammation plays a major role in virtually all disease. Donation of R10 includes tea/coffee and biscuits. Phone Dr Evelyn Lyle­Goss or Val on (021) 683 1465 or (021) 671 7415 or 083 438 5248 or email Saturday 15 June V Fish Hoek: Fish Hoek Gymnastics Club will hold a fun quiz evening at The Southern Floe Mess at Fish Hoek Beach. Tickets cost R40 or R60 (including supper). Phone Sheila on 083 433 7339. V Kommetjie: Circular hike to the old radar station on Kommetjie Peak, returning down the zig zag path to the Kom and along the boardwalk. Meet at the top of Rubbi Road by the Catholic church at 09:00. The Grade 2B hike will be four to five hours. The guide is Clem Barker. Phone (021) 762 9078 or 073 208 7134.

three women over 45, two women between 25 and 35; as well two men between 40 and 50, one man between 30 and 50 and one man between 50 and 60. For further information phone Debbie Beswick on 082 859 3728 or email: V Kommetjie: Imhoff Waldorf High School Grade 9s perform the play Twelfth Night at Kommetjie Primary School at 14:00 and 19:00. Refreshments will be served. Tickets are R25 at the door. For further information phone Imhoff Waldorf High on (021) 785 4718. V Cape Point: Friends of Cape of Good Hope will hike to Sirkelsvlei. Meet at 09:00 just past the paytake water, snacks and use your green/wild card if you have one, otherwise the entry fee is R90. Phone (021) 712 6004 or 083 746 5705 for additional details. V Masiphumlele: The United Methodist Church of Southern Africa (Fish Hoek Society) invites all youth who are between 13 and 35 years to engage themselves in a programme, which will discuss the challeges that youth are facing in the community. This programme will take place at no 1862 Tambo Road at 12:00. Phone Brother Vanga on 071 769 8369 or email

V Noordhoek: The Dascro Neighbourhood Watch will hold its annual meeting at Wild Rose Lodge in Bodrum Close at 19:30. Refresh­ ments will be served. Everyone is welcome. Direct enquiries to Ian Wilkinson on 082 550 3532 or email or V Fish Hoek: University of the Third Age False Bay presents Claire Barry who will be speaking on My Journey from the Kalahari to His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Back. The talk will be at the civic centre at 09:30 for 10:00. Attendance is free and all are welcome. Refreshments will be on sale. Phone Peter Rickards on (021) 788 9469 or Elizabeth Gets on (021) 788 3368. V Fish Hoek: There will be a series of four lectures, taking place every Wednesday from today, at the Full Gospel Church. Phone Don or Lyn Glass on (021) 782 5726 or email telco@tel­ Thursday 20 June

Tuesday 18 June

V Fish Hoek: The Diabetes Support Group will hold its monthly meeting at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre from 14:15 until 15:30. Guest speaker Gerna Conradie will speak on The Living Will. For additional information contact Gerald Jeftha on (021) 786 4540.

Saturday 15 June and Sunday 16 June

V Plumstead: The Prostate Cancer support action group meeting takes place at 17:45 for 18:00, in the auditorium of Constantiaberg MediClinic in Burnham Road. Men, wives and carers are welcome. Phone 073 560 3067 for more details.

V Fish Hoek: False Bay Hospital Association will hold its annual meeting in the hospital’s boardroom at 10:00 for 10:15. Everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be served. Obtain additional information by contacting Kathleen Beukes on 074 551 0558 or (021) 782 9248.

Kalk Bay: Village Market is from 10:30 until 16:30. Stalls include antiques, art, books, clothing, CDs, jewelery, interesting crafts, fresh produce and more. Stalls are available and tables are provided. For further information phone Jan on 082 665 4071.

V Muizenberg: Beginners Tai Chi classes held every Tuesday at 07:00 at Alive Cafe – Creative Experience Hub, 11 Atlantic Road. The first class is free, thereafter classes are R50 each. Obtain additional information from Derek Harrison on (021) 788 9010.

Saturday 22 June

Sunday 16 June

V Fish Hoek: Fish Hoek Valley North Neigh­ bourhood Watch meeting at 19:30 at the Moth Hall, Central Circle. All are welcome. For additional information contact Alan Coetzee on 082 896 1843.

V Fish Hoek: In the Mood Dance Club’s monthly dance is at 20:00 in the civic centre hall. Dress smart/casual. Take own refresh­ ments. Members pay R20, non­members pay R25. Booking essential. Phone (021) 782 4991.

V Muizenberg: Auditions are open for The Wisdom of Eve by Mary Orr and Reginald Denham, directed by Celia Musikanth for the Fish Hoek Dramatic Society. Auditions take place at 14:00 at the False Bay Rendevous, 57 Promenade Road. The cast required includes

Wednesday 19 June


V Fish Hoek: The Gymnastics Club invites all to a quiz evening at the Minor Hall at the civic centre. Tickets are R40 each. The club is raising funds for equipment. Phone Sheila on 083 433 7339. Saturday 13 July V Simon’s Town: The Flame Lily Foundation will hold its annual Rhodes and Founders lunch at the country club from 12:30 for 13:00. Contact Skatie and Avril for bookings on (021) 785 5620.

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: 0860 11 69 18 –

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AIRPORT LIFTS Fish Hoek R300. Ph VINNIE TOURS 083 500 5194





Herbalists MARRIAGE SPECIALIST IN: *Men/Lady health problems *Marriage/Love problems *(Financial growth favour *Legal matters & Apearances *Evil spirits Healer Irene 076 8355 200 Shop 2, 107 Voortrekker road, Bell­ ville

AFRIKAANS TUTOR All grades / ages, inc writing / leesbegrip Ring Rob: 021 785 7153

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1m and 1.2m for sale. Good security hedge indigenous. 1m­R30.00 1.2m­R45.00 Contact Rob 082 896 2848


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TUESDAY 11 June 2013 | People's Post | Page 12 | 0021 910 6500 |

SWING AWAY: Justin Steele (left) of Fish Hoek Hockey Club and Central Hockey Club player Chase Newel (right) face off during an under­16 match at Vygieskraal on Saturday. Central won 11­0. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

Late pounce seals Pumas’ victory



ASIPHUMELELE RFC scored a final minute try to seal victory against Young Stars RFC in a Division Two clash in Noordhoek on Saturday. The match was a bruising encounter from the opening whistle and the intermittent rain meant it descended into a mud wrestle at times. But with just seconds to go, a fragile threepoint lead on the scoreboard and Stars on the attack, Masi scored the only try of the match to put the result beyond doubt. Masiphumelele coach Warren Edwards says the victory was the result of forward planning and a well-executed game plan.

“We knew it was going to be wet and rainy conditions. We knew it was going to be a physical battle up front and we had to focus on that,” says Edwards. “We did a lot of training with ball retention and rucking. We wanted to make sure we controlled the ball and played the game at our pace. “We played against tough opposition. We knew they had a good win against All Saints last week, so we knew we were in for a big game.” The wet, muddy conditions in Noordhoek completely ruled out running rugby for both sides and heightened the importance setpieces, well-executed basics and tactical discipline.

While both Masi and Stars were guilty of butchering their line-outs and attempting to counter-attack from deep in their own halves, the home side dominated the scrums, committed fewer errors and recycled possession well. But despite performing slightly better than the visitors, Masi struggled to transfer their dominance to the scoreboard. Scrumhalf Sinethemba Jack opened the scoring with a penalty in the 30th minute, but Stars flank Elton Blankenberg levelled matters with the last kick of the half. Jack and Blankenberg traded kicks again in the fifth and 15th minute of the second half, before the Masi scrumhalf put his side into a 9-6 lead with another penalty in the

Gun Run entries now open ENTRIES for one of Cape Town’s biggest and most popular road races, the OUTsurance 94.5 Kfm Gun Run, have opened. The event takes place on Sunday 13 October and participants can choose to participate in the 21km half marathon or 10km run/walk and 5km fun run/walk – aimed at families, younger participants and beginners. Last year the event attracted a record field of close to 15 500 participants and race organiser Atlantic Athletic Club are expecting to host close to 18 000 runners this year. Participants can enter at any Sportsman’s Warehouse or online at Entries close on Sunday 29 September. The Anna Foundation has been appointed as the official race beneficiary. The Foundation is an NPO working with children who live on farms and in rural areas of the province. Their mission is to support rural communities through education, sports and life development programmes. To find out more visit All the event information can be found on the website or by calling Top Events on (021) 511 7130.

NUMBER ONE: Noordhoek’s Meg Holman (left) won first place in the bi­annual Gym Wizards gymnastics competition on Saturday 1 June. Asher Rudnick (right) took second place. Holman trains at the Fish Hoek Gym Wizards branch. PHOTO: SHAUN HOLMAN

35th minute. Replacement centre Sean Moncrieff crossed over in the 40th, but the try went unconverted and the game finished with Masi leading 14-6. The victory was Masi’s eighth in as many games and has seen them stretch their lead at the top of the table. The narrow loss will be hard to swallow for Stars, who looked to be finding form after their 17-5 win over All Saints on Saturday 1 June. The Green Point based side hold eighth place on the table, after two draws, two victories and four losses. Stars will face Blue Jets on Saturday 15 June, while Masi have a bye.

Peoples post false bay 11 june 2013