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Offer valid until 30 September 2013. Mandatory insurances are excluded. Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. *Interest rates are linked to the current prime lending rate. Monthly installment includes VAT, excludes a monthly admin fee of R57.00. Finance subject to bank approval. 30% balloon installment, period of 72 months.

TUESDAY 17 September 2013 | 0021 910 6500 | Fax: 021 910 6501/06 | Email: | Website: | Mobisite: IN FOCUS: The Constantia Hills Neighbourhood watch plans to in­ stall a camera point in Firgrove Way. PHOTO: MONIQUE DUVAL

Watch zooms in on crime MONIQUE DUVAL


he focus on crime prevention in Constantia Hills is shifting as the local neighbourhood watch near their goal to install camera points in the area. The project which started in 2009 is aimed at monitoring vehicles entering and leaving the area with the use of Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras. Graham Moore of the Constantia Hills Neighbourhood Watch (CHNW) says the project was suggested by residents who thought the cameras would help deter criminals. “There were many other preventative measures that we considered but the cameras are by far the most effective. When crimes take place the best resource for the police and the courts is camera footage. This footage can be used as evidence when trying to

we will BEAT any quote

secure a conviction. The main aspect however is to deter criminals,” he says. Moore explains there is a camera surveillance network across the valley and says the Constantia Hills area wanted to be apart of the network. According to the proposal the cameras scan the number plates of vehicles entering and leaving the area. The computer system then runs the number plate through a database of vehicles which have been associated with a crime. Once the vehicle enters the area an alert is sent to neighbourhood watch patrollers, ADT and the police. It also outlines the annual crime statistics for 2011 and 2012, residents are concerned about robberies and house break-ins. “The database will have the details of vehicles associated with crimes in Constantia

but across Cape Town. The LPR camera surveillance has yielded great results in other areas and other watches are keen to share information to help make this project successful,” Moore says. Moore says the plan is to install two camera points at the two main entrances to Constantia Hills with the first installation taking place at the intersection of Firgrove Way and Spaanschemat River Road. The neighbourhood watch is now raising funds for the project which will cost between R50 000 and R60 000. “We are asking each resident to donate R500 for the instillation and R100 each month for the monitoring. The installation will consist of purchasing and installing the cameras equipment and the software. The monitoring will be done from an office and we would like to have someone monitoring


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the cameras constantly,” he says. More explains the neighbourhood watch has garnered the support of 30% of residents for the project but says the safety of the area should be the concern of everyone. “The ideal situation is that when a suspicious vehicle enters the area and is picked up by the cameras, alerts are sent and the vehicle is stopped. Especially if the vehicle is linked to a crime in another area we can prevent a crime before it happens,” he says. Another component to the camera surveillance is the establishment of street captains in every road. Moore says these captains will be responsible for liaising with residents of what is happening and assist in in patrols. V For more information phone the Constantia Hills Neighbourhood Watch on 072 267 6103 or email secu­ Terms and conditions apply. Medical Aids and the following cards accepted: Edgars; RCS; Master Card: Visa. Offer only applicable to Kenilworth 021 671 9698 & St Georges Mall 021 422 3130



PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cost of SANParks’ offer



fforts to promote tourism in the off-season in SANParks has caused a stir among Capetonians. Cosatu provincial secretary Tony Ehrenreich questioned SANParks’ motives with the special price days for locals in a letter addressed to the board of directors. “What working family can go to a national park during the week or on a Saturday?” he asks. “These are days when working families are working hard to make ends meet, or has your board been removed from the realities of working people for too long?” He says the measure is supposed to encourage South Africans to visit national parks and to give their children an educational experience. “The sad reality is that mainly white upper-income families can go to the park on the days that you give them free access,” he says. “This section of society does not need your freebies to encourage them to visit national parks, as they have no shortage of money.” Ehrenreich says the use of the cableway to get to the top of Table Mountain on a discount rate favours the wealthy. He says if SANParks was serious about giving ordinary South Africans access to the overpriced national parks, they’ll make it available on Sundays, too.

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“This is the day working families can afford to not work and take their families out,” he says. Ehrenreich criticises the SANParks board, whom he believes should transform the society, but have instead been assimilated into the system and now see the marginalisation of working families and the poor as normal. Single mother Stacey Davids says the cost to go up the cableway depends on how much one earns. “For rich people it’s affordable, but for many lower-income families it’s a very expensive venture,” she says. Community worker Aashiq Newman says he’s only gone up the cableway once because it is an expensive activity. “The City of Cape Town needs to intervene and find solutions for locals to access the cableway more frequently,” he says. Randall April is a community safety volunteer and says many children who live on the Cape Flats have never used the cableway. “The operating company should not think about profit, but what they can do for the community. An effective solution would be to create a package for schools and pensioners to access it more frequently,” he says. Yasmena Ajam, another community worker, says her fear of heights prevents her from enjoying the cableway, but she understands the frustration which many locals

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feel, because it’s too expensive. SANParks CEO David Mabunda says the SA National Parks Week is not a campaign aimed at promoting tourism during off-season. “Our national parks rarely ever have what is referred to as off-season because they cater to different climates, interests and clients,” he says. “The programme is aimed at teaching South Africans more about their natural heritage by encouraging them to go to national parks, and raising awareness and educating rather than marketing and promotion.” Mabunda says the SANParks Board is performing a public service duty, which they’re not being paid for. Table Mountain Aerial Cableway spokesperson Collette van Aswegen says the cableway is privately managed within the Table Mountain National Park and doesn’t form part of the SANParks Week programme. “Social responsibility is a pillar of responsible tourism and we take this responsibility seriously,” she says. “We offer a variety of promotions each year with the goal of making the cableway accessible to all South Africans. We assist up to 10 schools annually with free entry, because they cannot afford to cover the minimal fee. South Africans who are older than 18 ride the cableway for free on their birthdays.

“Out of the festive season, adults and children can purchase half-priced tickets, which is also valid on weekends, public and school holidays, while seniors and international students pay a reduced fee on Fridays.” SANParks generates 85% of its operating revenue and it is dependent on the money it receives from tourism and paying clients. “The decision to offer free access on five days of a year is to give communities, school groups, unemployed youth, pensioners and all citizens an opportunity to visit parks and receive information on the importance and need for national parks,” says Mabunda. “We believe that people who would like to make use of this opportunity would not find it difficult to make a small sacrifice of a day’s leave to take themselves and their children to the national parks. “The weekends would be very difficult on a number of our national parks which depend on paying customers over weekends and they may also run the risk of being congested if the campaign were to run on these days as well.” He says Table Mountain is an open access park and accepts visitors for a full week, even though their challenges are different. People’s Post contacted Cape Town Tourism for comment, but they declined the opportunity. V Share your views. Starting with the word “Post” SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

Door­to­door rent collections paying off Door-to-door collections of rent from council property tenants has resulted in R1m more in payments being raked in. The City of Cape Town’s project has unlocked a “massive increase” in the willingness to pay housing accounts, a council spokesperson says. In the 18 months the programme has been running, the number of debtors paying for council-owned rental housing has increased by 17%, while payments in accordance with the City’s selling scheme based on mortgage payments have increased by 40%. This has been achieved despite the harsh economic environment that continues to place pressure on the poorer residents of Cape Town. Rental cash collection rates have increased significantly with almost R1m collected additionally

when comparing August 2012 and July 2013. The money collected is used to maintain and upgrade rental stock. Account holders who struggle to get to the City’s many pay points have the additional benefit of making payment from their homes. Council tenants with a monthly household income of less than R3 200 also have access to the City’s Housing Indigent Grant – they only pay what they can afford. No effort is spared to prevent evictions, the spokesperson insists. In January last year, TraceOnline was contracted to roll out this citywide project. Agents engage with the account holders at their homes and do not only collect monies owed. They also help account holders with debt management advice, assisting with debt arrangements

and providing education on debt and financial management as well as on City policies. On average, the agency sends 35 000 text messages to account holders per month to help them with the payment processes. They also offer incentives for payments in addition to the existing scheme that the Human Settlements Department offers. Between August 2012 and July this year, almost 3 000 additional residents have been registered as indigent grant holders. An additional 2 830 residents have entered into the City’s Housing Debt Management Programme, bringing the total number of households with debt rescheduling arrangements to more than 12 500 households. The City, the largest landlord in the country, manages 43 451 rental units and 19 778 selling schemes.

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Paying tribute to devotion through recital The South African Qur’aan Union (Saqu) has officially announced that it will be hosting the inaugural International Qur’aan Recital Awards (Iqra). The events takes place from Thursday 19 until Sunday 22 September at Masjidul Mubarak in Belhar. The organisation, with its experience in hosting provincial and national Qur’aan recital competitions since 2005, has embarked on this landmark initiative to pay tribute to the students and teachers of the holy Qur’aan throughout the world. Chairperson of Saqu, Muntahaa Kenny, says this event will serve as an added encouragement for individuals to improve their skill while promoting and maintaining exceptional levels of Qur’anic learning

and service. It is also aimed at training and earmarking successful local candidates to participate on other international platforms. Apart from allowing reciters from other countries to compete in the Qur’aan challenge, the organisers have also opened a category for female participation, as well as a special section for winners of the previous national competitions. The recital competition entails the evaluation of proper and correct recitation of the Qur’aan, voice control, and melodious presentation. The female section will be an open category while the male division will be divided in separate age groups. A highly qualified and experienced panel of international Qur’aan reciters and scholars will

preside at the four-day event. They will also participate in programmes at various mosques in the province from Monday 16 September. Another prominent aspect of the event is the Servant of the Holy Qur’aan Award. The award features as a special token of recognition to individuals for their contribution in spreading or propagating the Qur’an in South Africa. Nominations are made by the public. South African Qur’aan Union further invites other organisations and institutions as partners in this initiative. Anyone who wishes to volunteer their services, make donations, or participate in the event may contact the organisation on or chairperson, Muntahaa Kenny on 083 277 3216.


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Drugs, crime a gnawing worry MONIQUE DUVAL


onnytoun, subway robberies, drug dealing and house break-ins topped the agenda at the Wynberg Sector 2 subforum meeting last week. The monthly meeting is attended by residents, neighbourhood watches and police of Wynberg East. The sector, which is bound by Wetton Road, Rosmead Avenue, Castletown Road and South Road is, according to residents, plagued by drugs and crime. In his crime report sector commander, Warrant Officer Silvino Davids says house break-ins, theft out of motor vehicles and robberies have increased in the area. He says the break-ins are occurring in the day when many people are at work and says it’s important for neighbours to watch over each other’s homes. “A major concern is the commuters being robbed at the Wittebome train station. Many people use the station early in the morning but we have found that the robberies occur at different times in the day. The reports indicate there are three men armed with knives who are robbing commuters in the area,” he says. He says Isuzu bakkies have continually reported stolen in the area and says police received a report of a white Golf being used to steal cars. “The reports show three men, in a white Golf, are stealing cars by towing them during the early hours of the morning. A Volkswagen Jetta was reported stolen in Kent Street and neighbours later said they heard a bang the night before. They went to see what caused the noise and realized that it was caused by the Jetta hitting the Golf as it was towed away. They did not report

HIDEOUT: Wynberg residents are concerned about criminals using Bonnytoun informal settlement as a haven. it at the time and the men got away,” he says. Neighbourhood watch members raised concerns about the increase in drug dealing in the area. Residents also raised the worry about crime in Bonnytoun and claim criminals used the informal settlement as a hide out. Davids says police visited Bonnytoun frequently and says certain shacks are “problematic”. “It’s not the entire Bonnytoun. Most of the

people are very decent and are just struggling. There are a few shacks that have caused problems and we have found that the owners of these shacks are taking on boarders. The boarders are the problem so the police will be having a meeting with the owners of those shacks to raise our concerns and ask them to get rid of those individuals,” he says. Abieda Joseph heads up the neighbourhood watch and believes they are making


strides in keeping the area safe but require assistance from the community. “We need more people to assist us with patrols. There are many crime-related issues in the community and we cannot wait for something bad to happen before we get involved. The more people we get involved the fewer criminals we will see in our area,” she says. V If you would like to join the neighbourhood watch phone Abieda Joseph on 072 502 8350.




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Government Government perf performanc ormance: e: good or bad? bad? Service delivery in the Western Cape is again under scrutiny. This after the Public Protector, Thuli Mandonsela, briefed provincial legislature about problems regarding their performance. Four months ago, residents from different informal settlements threw buckets of human waste around Cape Town, demanding better service delivery in their areas. Here People’s Post readers share their thoughts on the government’s efforts. . How would you rate service delivery in the province? Email your thoughts to

BRADLEY PRINS believes that this is a democratic BRADLEY country, however some people are left struggling. “Foreigners can get a house within the next three months, when there is a long waiting list.” Animal lovers are being called to have their say on the City of Cape Town’s draft Animal Welfare Policy, which is currently open for public comment. The City of Cape Town has developed a draft Animal Welfare Policy to promote the welfare of animals and provide the framework for the City’s approach to understanding and dealing with domestic companion animals. It will focus primarily on the welfare of pets and cart-horses. The finalised draft will undergo a public participation process from Monday 9 September to Friday 11 October, during which

JACQUES LO LOUB UBSHER SHER says Cape Town is awesome when it comes to service delivery. “It’s much bet­ ter than the Free State and Johannesburg.”

NANDIPHA MTY MTYOBILE OBILE says service delivery is im­ proving. “Even though there’s a shortage of hous­ es, government is doing something about it.”

RUITERS says healthcare isn’t up to WILLIAM RUITERS standard. “If you go to the day hospital you must spend the whole day there. Service is very bad.”

MARCEL BOS MARCEL BOSCH CH says he has no complaints about service delivery. “I’ve been in the Western Cape for three months and the service delivery is 100% better than what it is in Johannesburg.”

JO­ANNE OK OKONKWO ONKWO says much needs to be done to improve health services. “Once I was at the hos­ pital and they told me to come back for medica­ tion. And ambulances take an hour to come.”

ANELE ZIMBA considers the province’s service de­ livery levels to be “extremely bad”. “Where I live we don't have proper toilets. Sometimes we don’t even have water.”

Animal policy debate stakeholders and interested parties are encouraged to provide their comments. The draft policy will be made available for viewing at the City’s libraries and Subcouncil offices and electronic copies will be available on the City’s website, at Comments can be submitted via email to Two public sessions where oral representations will be heard are scheduled for 14:00

and 17:30 on Thursday 26 September at the Council Chambers at 44 Wale Street. Residents should please register to attend either of these sessions by sending a request via email to This policy is supported by the City’s Animal Bylaw which regulates the management of animals, including dogs, cats and carthorses. This is important in terms of ensuring public health and safety. However, the by-


law does not clearly articulate the City’s approach to the care and welfare of animals. In the absence of a policy, there is a lack of clarity on the roles and responsibilities between and within government for promoting animal care. The City therefore identified the need for a policy. Animal rights need to be balanced with the potential effect that animals may have on humans. The City has the difficult task of considering any health, nuisance, economic, tourism, and safety risks and ensuring that it has legislation and policies in place to protect residents and animals.


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PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gunmen rob Constantia Village MONIQUE DUVAL The second store at Constantia Village was hit by armed robbers this week. On Monday 16 September three unknown men held up the staff of MTN at 9:35 as they were opening the store. Diep River Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Keith Chandler says the staff were forced to open the safe and emptied the contents which included cash, cellphones and tablets. “Nobody was hurt during the robbery. Police and fingerprint specialist were on the scene and the Constantia Village security team assisted to survey available camera footage,” he says. Chandler says police also have received footage of the vehicle used from Licence Plate Recognition cameras in Constantia.

At the time of going to print, MTN store management were unable to comment. And on Monday 9 September Vida Cafe staff were held up by three armed men at 06:15. Chandler says the staff were instructed to open and empty the contents of the safe. Store manager Tinashe Kajuta says the staff were instructed to lay on the floor and their cellphones were taken from them. “One of the men demanded to know who the manager was and when nobody responded, they threatened to shoot one of the staff. When I said I was the manager they pointed a gun at me and demanded the keys to the safe. They took about R21 000 in cash,” he says. Kajuta says the staff received trauma counselling, but are still unsettled by the experience.

Trauma room is open to all EXPANDING: A proposal has been tabled to extend the Retreat Drop Off site which has caused a stir in the community. PHOTO: TAURIQ HASSEN


Waste plan gets trashed TAURIQ HASSEN


proposal to extend the Retreat Waste Drop-off facility is giving locals headaches – even before any plans have yet been approved by the City of Cape Town. There are fears that the facility, in 10th Avenue, will create further traffic congestion and the introduction of a wood chipper will contribute to concerns of noise and health issues. Retreat resident Kulsum Abbas says she heard about the proposed extension and immediately raised concerns with council. “Our area is already flooded with heavy vehicles and now they (City) is talking about making this facility bigger to allow even more people to dump,” she says. “We, as the residents, will have to put up with all the problems.” Abbas confirms she has objected to the extension, but feels it will fall on deaf ears and council will continue with the extension. The City expects the facility to receive an increase in the volume of garden and building waste due to the imminent closure of the Ladies’ Mile Public Drop-off Facility. The City is now proposing to expand the Retreat facility by 2500m² to allow the chipping of garden green waste. The drop-off site was recently inspected by an environmental consultant from Resource Management Services (RMS) who suggested the following in response to the reported problems. With regard to complaints around the noise, she adds that a noise specialist has recommended that the wood chipper be enclosed with acoustic panelling to mitigate possible noise impacts. This activity will also be restricted to the hours of 09:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 13:00 on Saturday and there will no chipping on public holidays and Sundays, to mitigate the noise associated with chipping. Kathryn Jolly, consultant, explains that the drop off currently receives and temporarily stores less than 100 cubic metres of waste at a time, which does not require a waste licence. “To prevent illegal dumping within the area, the City proposes to extend the operational hours (to only drop off materials) of the facility,” Jolly says. Kevin Southgate, secretary for the Retreat Business Forum, claims the whole community has not been properly informed about the plans to extend the facility, but

feels there should a degree of summing up the problems before writing off the extension. “One does not just want to shoot down the idea, but we also would like to come up with solutions to the problems,” he says. Southgate confirms that the forum plans to discuss the issues around the extension in their meeting. Mark Russouw, secretary for the Langevlei Ratepayers and Residents Association, says the main concerns are around the introduction of a wood chipper as well as the increased traffic volumes. “We have not received complaints through the association, but we have been told that residents have complained to the City. I do feel that the traffic will be heavily impacted, because extended it by 2500m2 is not a lot,” he says. Russouw adds that the association would have rather liked to see the facility being moved to an area more suitable for a drop off facility and expects further complaints to stream in once the proposed plan comes into effect. Ward councillor Jan Burger explains that the area has always been plagued with illegal dumping and extending the drop off facility was always in the pipeline. “After the drop off facility in Ladies Mile was closed, it has become a priority to introduce a wood chipper at the Retreat facility to avoid the dumping problems from spiralling out of control,” he says. Burger confirms that the City are planning to introduce yet another drop off facility between the Walmer Road, the M5 Highway and proposed R300 Freeway, with plans having already been drawn. “We now only have to get the different permission from the various departments, but we have realised that having these drop off facilities in our area is of vital importance,” he says. Complaints regarding the extension of the drop off facility in Retreat are something Burger is fully aware of, but he encouraged people to come forward and lodge objections with the City. Burger was informed about concerns of traffic volumes increasing in the area. “It is now up to the community to bring up concerns and they must not keep quiet if they feel there is something wrong with extending this facility,” he says. V Objections or comments can be sent to RMS by fax on (021) 975 1373 or email kathryn@rmsenvi­ or visit

The Diep River Police Station’s trauma room is open to any person in the community. The trauma room counsellors are equipped to deal with much more than trauma. It offers a safe space, where counsellors

work with you to find a realistic way forward. For more information phone the station’s charge office on (021) 710 7300 or (021) 710 7388 and ask to be referred to a counsellor.


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Counting the cost of electricity MICHELLE LINNERT


he topic of net metering has been met with an overwhelming response. “Just an update. I am receiving about 100 phone calls a day,” said David Lipschitz, owner of a small consulting business. He was referring to the number of queries about net metering since People’s Post reported on the alternative to Eskom power (“Shocking power struggle”, 6 August). Net metering means creating your own electricity through solar panels, and selling the excess to Eskom. At night, though, when net meter users would have to depend on power from the Eskom grid, they would then be able to buy back electricity at the same cost as they had sold it to Eskom. After the article was published, which included Lipschitz’s details, he was inundated by phone calls and messages from struggling people for whom electricity, bought at exorbitant prices from their municipalities, has become something of a luxury. “From 11:15 to 11:25 (in one day) I received 10 messages. That’s one a minute! People sound desperate,” he said. “Maybe we have reached the critical mass we need to make change happen.” It seems he is right. People are quite fedup. A reader, Freddie Hamman, explains his sentiments: “On 1 July I bought R300 worth of electricity, and received 327.30 units. On 24 July I bought R300 again, but received 142.2 units. That’s an increase of almost 120%! To get an answer from the City of Cape Town is impossible,” Freddie said. Another reader, Disillusioned Resident, stated in a letter to People’s Post sister publication TygerBurger that the City of Cape Town was a prime example of the importance of electricity sales as a major revenue source. He quoted from the City’s budget (using a table) to show how the City raises a 10% surcharge on the sale of electricity, “quite legally. It does not disclose it as a tax, but hides in its tariffs. Thereby it attracts VAT, so National Treasury is also happy”. “The surcharge is transferred to the Rates account, in the process inflating the published cost of electricity as reflected in the City’s budget. What chance does Joe Public have of ever enjoying the benefits of net metering?” he said. Ernest Sonnenberg, Mayoral Committee member for Utility Services, responded to the letter by Disillusioned Resident, saying the City “does, in fact, have plans to allow grid-connected Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) that will allow consumers to offset their own consumption”. “To this end, the City has developed a tariff which includes a daily service charge, an energy consumption tariff and a tariff for the purchase, by the City, of excess generation. “These tariffs will ensure that other consumers do not have to pay the generator/ consumers’ portions of the network cost, but that there is some level of compensation

for those who make the capital investment to perform SSEG,” he said. “Although these small-scale generation tariffs have been approved, they have not yet been implemented. The City is working across numerous fronts (including the implementation of back office billing processes and the development of technical standards), to be able to do so.” Sonnenberg added: “Once this policy has been formulated and implemented, it will become far easier for residents to develop their own power and connect their generators to the grid.” He said residents who are interested in this incentive are asked to “be patient while the necessary steps are taken to ensure its success”. Lipschitz is not holding his breath. As far back as 2009, he contacted the City about having net metering installed at a client’s farm. “Brian Jones (head of the City’s Green Energy department) said the City was working on processes to allow ‘reverse feed’, that is, feeding electricity into the grid. “It is 2013 and this still has not been done. How long does it take government to do things? Note that the policy documents (the Renewable Energy White Paper) requiring this were drawn up by the national government in 2003!” In the meantime, Lipschitz suggested the following alternatives: “Tell your (government) representatives that you wish to be involved in electricity savings and that you want to be able to work together to get the same benefits as the big industrial consumers,” he advised readers. “Eskom currently pays over R300m a month to these big users as rebates and to switch off production when demand is high. “This is hurting the economy, destroying jobs, moving production overseas, hurting our exchange rate and pushing up the cost of goods and inflation.” In the meantime, Lipschitz said, this R300m a month could be paid to homeowners, perhaps as refunds on our electricity bills. “Ask the government why they are paying this money to make the economy smaller, instead of helping homeowners to switch things off while keeping industry operating.” He wanted to make it clear there were no quick fix alternatives to getting municipal power. “I am unsure which meter the Eskom representative (from the previous article) mentioned, but we are currently looking at installing meters at somewhere between R3 000 and R10 000 each,” he said. “If you buy electricity from Eskom you need to continue buying from Eskom. If you buy from the City of Cape Town, you need to continue to buy from the City of Cape Town,” he said. V For more information about net metering, see Dav­ id’s video called The five winners at www.mypower­ V Share your views. Starting with the word “Post” SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

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PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Top honours for local anthropologist ELSABÉ BRITS


housands of bones have passed through the hands of anthropologist Professor Alan Morris, of the University of Cape Town, so that he can solve the mystery of their lives and deaths. This experienced specialist’s passion especially lies with prehistory, as well as the archeological value of skeletons and the items with which they were buried. His book Missing and Murdered: A Personal Adventure in Forensic Anthropology was recently awarded by the American anthropology association. He will receive the award in Chicago in November. Morris, who plans to retire at the end of next year, says he is working on least three more books – one of which may be a in collaboration with other local specialists to tell the stories of skeletons. Such a book will start with the prehistory and history, and end on modern cases he has worked on over the years. Regarding the TV series Bones, which portrays the work of a forensic anthropolo-

gist, he doesn’t have much to say. “The writers stretch the truth,” he said. But he enjoyed the original CSI and Silent Witness. Morris largely contributed to the identification of apartheid victims during the Truth and Reconciliation commission. “It was important for my students, because they could make a contribution to the country. Forensic anthropology delivers a service to society and it is not something which is easily available in academics,” he said. His department gets three to five skeletons or remains each month. These are in advanced stages of decomposition and need forensic pathologists to identify. Morris recently returned from Ohio State University where he was a Fullbright fellow. He was part of a global project on history and health, which researched how populations lived and died – all through skeletons of the people. “You see the people’s different life experiences,” Morris said. He no longer seeks that single cause of death. “I am rather at a place where I want to put together the overall picture.”

DIGGING INTO THE PAST: Professor Alan Morris.


UCT improves in world ranking list ALET RADEMEYER Seven South African universities are on the international Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranking list, which compares 800 of the world’s best universities according to predetermined criteria. At 145th place, the University of Cape Town (UCT) is in the best spot yet in nine years. Last year it placed 154th. Some of the criteria the institutions were judged on are research, the employability of students, teaching and internationalisation. According to QS all institutions which aim to be world class, would enhance itself in these areas. This year the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) is placed 313rd and the University of Stellenbosch 387th. The University of Pretoria placed between 471st and 480th, and the University of KwaZulu Natal

Tuesday 17 September V Plumstead: The Prostate Cancer Support Action group will meet in the auditorium of MediClinic Constantiaberg at 17:45 for 18:00. Men and their carers are welcome to attend and share experiences. Corina Avni will speak on Physiotherapy for Post­treatment compli­ cations. For additional information phone or SMS the group phone on 073 560 3067. Saturday 21 September V Claremont: Natin Line Dancing will hold its annual fundraiser, which is in aid of St Luke’s Hospice, at the Claremont Civic Centre on the corner of Bath and Main roads from 15:00 until 19:00. The event is themed Butterflies and Blomme. Guests are required to wear a bandana. The cost is R75. Refreshments will be served. Take their own XYZ and snacks. For additional information contact Laura Seifart on 082 430 9147 or lseifart@cybers­

between 501st and 550th. Rhodes University and the University of Johannesburg were included on the list for the first this year, and placed between 551 and 600 and 601 and 650 respectively. QS did not specify positions after the 450th place. According to a QS press statement, UCT’s success can be attributed to its strong focus on research work which has a global impact. South African universities have also improved their position in the survey on academic reputation, which showcased 62 094 academics from the strongest universities in their respective fields of study. Ben Sowter, head of research at QS, said it is important for South Africa to develop world-class universities to exploit its potential for economic growth in the future. “This year’s rankings show the leading universities globally are getting greater vis-

V Wynberg: The Cape Town Family History Society will host a special Heritage Day Expo from 14.30 to 16:30 at St John’s Church hall in Wynberg. There will be exhibits of individu­ al family histories, family heirlooms, how to start off and then continue your search, how to go about publishing your work as a book, as well as displays from related organisations such as the National Archives and the Genealogical Institute of South Africa. Entry is free. For additional information phone David Slingsby on (021) 715 5104 or email david­ or Ann Smythe on (021) 794 6225 email V Constantia: Sarda will host a car boot sale at the Sarda Centre in Brommersvlei Road from 09:00 until 13:00. No second­hand clothing will be sold. The cost per trading car is R45. Admission is free for browsers and shoppers. Obtain more from Bridget on 082 777 0767. Sunday 22 September V Plumstead: Associated Seniors will host a bus trip to the 96th Darling Wildflower Show, with the bus leaving at 09:00. Tickets cost R120. For additional information contact Ursula Schenker on (021) 761 8774 or 078 382 4668. V Hout Bay: Friends of the Hout Bay

ibility, with UCT, in particular, doing a significant amount of high-impact research,” he said. The US has 11 universities in the top 20 this year, while the country has started to lose its dominant position as a result of the financial crisis. Of the 83 American universities in the top 400, the positions of 64 universities are lower than in 2007/2008. In contrast, 70% of the 62 universities in the top 400 in Asia are in a better position than in 2007. Asia still no institution in the top 20. The 10 best universities are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, University College London, Imperial College London, University of Oxford, Stanford University, Yale University, University of Chicago and the California Institute of Technology and Princeton University.

Museum will host a hike up the contour path from East Fort to Chapman’s Peak Saddle at 08:00. The hike will take up to four hours. For additional information contact Fred Nebe on (021) 790 3287. V Constantia: The next Alphen Antiques and Collectables Fair will be held at the Alphen Community Centre Hall, from 10:00 to 16:00. Entry is free. Contact Des on 084 626 7499 for more information. Monday 23 September V Grassy Park: All are invited to the Princess Vlei Forum Flight of Dreams at Princess Vlei, from 18:00 to 22:00. There will be a parade past the vlei with lights, bird masks and puppets; a display of children’s art, writing and photographs inspired by Princess Vlei. In addition, there will also be cultural perform­ ances at The Jolly Carp in Sassmere Road. Take a picnic basket or enjoy the refresh­ ments on sale. Tuesday 24 September V Steenberg: The St Joseph’s Christmas Band will host a music festival at the Floreat Sports Ground in Steenberg from 9:30. There will be live music, arts and crafts for sale and food stalls. For additional information call 071 817 3488.

Thursday 26 September V Hout Bay: The Friends of the Hout Bay Museum will host a talk by Dave Cowley on Hout Bay Heritage: Past and Future on Thursday 26 September at 18:30. Entry is R30 for members and R40 for non­members. For more information call Jonty on (021) 790 3270. Saturday 28 September V Plumstead There will be a car boot sale on at the Plumstead Presbyterian Church from 8:00 to 12:00. Entry is R45 per car. For more information phone Pam Miller on (021) 762 1376. V Tokai: There will be free Xhosa lessons at the Tokai Library on Tuesdays from 15:00 to 16:00. For more information phone Grant on 072 962 0734. Saturday 12 October V Wynberg: Wynberg Girls Junior School’s Classic Food Fair Carnival will be held at the school from 10:00 to 15:00. There will be rides, food, face painting, a farmers’ market, tea garden and many other activities for both young and old to enjoy. Admission is free. Obtain additional information by calling (021) 797 4213.


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013

YOUNG SCIENTISTS: Yaseen Jones and Irshaad Parker test their scale model of the Bloodhound SSC.

NEED FOR SPEED: Morne Davids, Jemima Jacobs and Theon Adams test their car on the track.

Young scientists show their skills MONIQUE DUVAL


he hallways of the Cape Academy for Maths, Science and Technology in Constantia buzzed with excitement last week as learners lined up to meet the Bloodhound Supersonic project team. The project will see a group of engineers attempt to break the world land-speed record by exceeding 1600km/h in the Northern Cape in 2015 with the construction of a jet-powered supersonic car called the Bloodhound SSC. The team conducted a car building workshop at the school which was attended by the UK Minister of State for Universities and Science, David Willet. Willet says he is impressed by the projects and hopes the workshop would help ignite a passion for science. Learners gave presentations on current

science projects being conducted at the school which included the construction of an aquaponics garden using recyclable materials. Irshaad Parker and Yaseen Jones took centre stage when they presented their idea of building a scale Bloodhound car which could reach up to 160km/h over 25metres. They explained the car consists of drift wood and is powered by Potassium Nitrate. The pair explained the different stages of their project and received laughs from the crowd when indicating all testing was done under parental supervision. Bloodhounds SSC education programme director Dave Rowley, says the project is being taken to several schools in South Africa. He says the aim of the project which is headed by Andy Green is to extend the boundaries of science by creating a car which can move faster than the speed of sound.

“We have selected Hakskeenpan in the Northern Cape as the perfect runway for this project. The runway is approximately 20km long and the surrounding community are clearing tons of stones to make the runway smooth. We are also having a special suit made for the driver which will prevent him from getting hurt in the case of a fire,” he says. Rowley explains the Bloudhound SSC has a slender body, is 14 metres long and weighs 7.5 tons. He says the engines produce approximately 135 000 horsepower which is equivalent to 180 Formula 1 cars. In the workshop learners were given cardboard, wooden wheels, sellotape and other equipment to construct a scale replica of the Bloodhound SSC. They then raced their cars against other teams on an air powered race track.

GEARING UP: Jesse America gets ready to race. PHOTOS: MONIQUE DUVAL

NOTICE OF A MEETING OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN A meeting of the Council of the City of Cape Town will be held on Thursday 26 September 2013 at 10:00 in the Council Chamber, 6th floor, Podium Block, Civic Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town. Please note that limited seating is available in the public gallery of the Council Chamber and, therefore, seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you wish to attend the meeting, you are requested to contact Michelle Alberts on 021 400 3708 between 09:00-16:00. All requests for attendance must be received by no later than a day before the meeting. You will be required to provide your surname, initials and contact telephone number. Visitors are kindly requested to be seated by 09:30.











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Dog day

Many people are naturally fearful of dogs. Taken within context, most people will realise their fears go back to experiences in their childhoods. Some people believe dogs will bite indiscriminately. Others are petrified of specific breeds. Pitbulls come to mind. These beliefs – whether true or unfounded – have unfairly tainted some breeds, making them supposedly unfit to keep as pets. If you’re in the market for a dog, apply the horses for courses idiom. Some dogs are pack animals, some prefer solitude, others are herders. Most have skills which far outweigh those of humans. The wise choice would be to match the breed of dog to the purpose for which you need it. Yes, there are dogs that bite and, without adequate socialising and obedience training, would perhaps make less suitable pets. It is also true that some dogs are bred for fighting. This is human intervention of an evil kind. The frequency of illegal dog fighting is now reportedly much more widespread than initially believed. One report says communication takes place through social media and “a bet of R1.5m has been waged on a single fight”. The SPCA has now reportedly deciphered a “Cajun Dictionary” or “dialect”. Landing strip is code for a fighting pit and championship for a dog that’s been in a fight. In the last year, this newspaper has reported on dogs suffering from heinous acts of abuse, as well as rampant theft of thoroughbred dogs, like German Shepherds, in some neighbourhoods. An investigation has now uncovered sexual acts, drug trafficking, money laundering and dog fighting. The scientific name for humans is homo sapiens. Denying animals the right – much like those of fellow-humans for whatever reason – to be treated with respect is tantamount to giving up the rank such humans have over animals. It is, in fact, a step down on some scale. Surely animals have rights, too.

WRITE TO US | email | fax | post

Inhibit seeds of poverty from growing | fax: 021 910 6501/06 Third Floor, Bloemhof Building, 112 Edward Street, Tyger Valley, Bellville

Contemporary Western capitalism – materialism – has been designed to facilitate the maximisation of profit. A feature of global production is that the employment spiral is downwards and some form of slavery is the ultimate bottom. Similarly, within the South African context, our negotiated revolution was in essence the sharing of power and property between the new and old elite. Unemployment and poverty alleviation remains critical issues. Although this is being addressed, it remains insurmountable. That the State, business and labour do not have a shared agenda is the problem. History suggests that hostility exists from the side of business. If business is permitted to abuse the citizen, what outcome can be expected?

Preference will be given to letters of fewer than 350 words. The deadline is Thursday at 13:00. Please give your full name, address and phone number (for our records, not for publishing).

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What is required is a realistic approach by business, government and labour. Globally billions of people exist in poverty, yet nations with fewer resources than us have managed to uplift themselves. To eradicate poverty leaders must inhibit the seeds of poverty from growing. By promoting responsible behaviour with family planning and sustainable decisions, our battle could be won. History confirms that political leaders are often averse to learn from approaches that are required for holistic development. Due to a lack of knowledge and experience, some politicians resist long-term planning and measurable outcomes in lieu of quick fixes. Subsequently taxpayers’ monies are regularly spent on projects that are a result of misguided sentiment. Taxpayers must recognise that the narra-

Keep Princess Vlei an open public space What a refreshing statement by the mayor (of Cape Town) in her speech to council on Wednesday 28 August. She announced that the City will maintain the Sea Point pavilion as a public open space for the people. She continues to say: “As part of our commitment to being a caring city that considers the views and wishes of all of our residents, I strongly advise council to keep the space open for the enjoyment of present and future Capetonians. I hope that we will be able to set an example for creating combined spaces in the future, by preserving those that we have here and now”. The Princess Vlei Forum, representing a wide range of community organisations and communities in Cape Town, expressed the wish that Princess Vlei be preserved as a cultural and recreational open space for all the people of Cape Town. Every day you will find people on the banks of the vlei, enjoying the nature and

the lovely water view. If you pass there at sunset, the people who cannot go to other places to enjoy the romantic sunset will be seen at the vlei. Saturday and Sunday mornings people are baptising in the vlei. It is just as much a place where citizens of Cape Town enjoy themselves as the Sea Point pavilion. Why take it away from the people? The land belongs to the City and the City does not have to sell it to anybody. Together we can make it a space of which the City can be truly proud. How we long to hear at the next council meeting that the mayor proposes to council to accept the views of the people of this part of the city, and that she advises council to keep the space an open public space for the enjoyment of the people. PHILIP BAM, LOGRA CIVIC ASSOCIATION CHAIRPERSON

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tive of reducing the gap between the rich and poor is largely a political aberration. Politics is the skill of getting votes from the poor and funds from the rich, by agreeing to protect each from the other. Similarly, black economic empowerment has created a few rich black individuals while the vast majority remains poor. Around 2 000 years ago Jesus Christ said: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven.” This wisdom dictates that South Africa requires a political and economic middle class majority, with an intellectual ethic. To allow predatory elite to remain at the helm, will doom us to a future of class revolutions. COUNCILLOR YAGYAH ADAMS, CAPE MUSLIM CONGRESS

Your SMSes . This government spent over R200m on (president Jacob) Zuma’s private property and are willing to spend hundreds of millions on a jet for him, but they don’t have money to protect the Wynberg Military Base. I hope the people of Cape Town will remember these things when the elections are held next year. . No! Use their own personnel. What are they doing the whole day, anyway? Their job is to keep SA safe of any “intruders” anywhere in our country. This is throwing money to the swines! The money could be used for a better cause. What are they thinking? Marianne . No, funds should not be made available. It’s a shame the military can’t defend itself! Pat G, Tokai . Billions for arms deal, but can’t afford security guards? David . It appears nature conservation’s only solution is to cull. Baboons breed as nature intended. This proposal to cull is being decided by humans. You are destroying their habitat. Start doing your job: nature conservation. Conserve do not destroy. Lyndsay Wallace


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Schools’ Arbor Month fun at Wynberg Park P

upils from Wynberg Girls and Boys high schools assisted with the removal of alien vegetation and planted 12 Silver trees in Wynberg Park last week, as part

of Arbor Month celebrations. The City of Cape Town celebrated the launch of the Friends of Wynberg Park. The park was opened by Thomas Graham in 1902.

GOING GREEN: Yumna Parker and Tristan Sutton helped remove al­ ien plants. PHOTOS: MONIQUE DUVAL

FUN: Thandizo Chigona, Janice Hillman and Nawaaz Cassiem had fun planting the trees.


HELPING HAND: Connor Jacobs and Ighlass Carlie help Roshline De Jager carry the trees.

I did my tax easily with eFiling Prince Mulaudzi, Construction Business Owner

Tax season is in full swing and Prince submitted his tax return from the comfort of his own home. And if he can do it, you can do it. It’s faster than going into a SARS branch and it’s easier than you think. With our helpful tools you can do it easily, honestly and on time. Visit for more information.

Entertainment Bringing Abba back to the Roxy The Swedish group Abba will come to life in a new tribute show at the Roxy Revue Bar. The show – from Friday 27 September to Saturday 9 November every Wednesday to Saturday – is by Mike McCullagh. The production pays careful attention to details such as choreography, lighting and reproducing the spectacular Abba costumes, while the talented cast will faithfully recreate the band’s sound, says a statement. Even die-hard fans are expected to concede that the band looks, sounds and performs eerily like Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anna-Frid. Showgoers can expect a funfilled show packed with Abba’s

famous hits from ballads like Chiquitita, Fernando and Thank you for the music, to energetic dance tracks such as Mamma Mia, Voulez Vous, Money, Money, Money, Waterloo and Dancing Queen. The cast is headed by lead vocalists Petro Liebenberg and Liani Ekermans, Kyle Petersen on keyboards and lead vocals as Benny, Juandre Schultz on lead guitar and vocals as Björn, Darren Petersen on drums, Neil Payton on bass, Warren Lombard on guitar and vocals and Guy MacDonald as the MC. V Doors open at 20:00 and the curtain rises at 20.30. Tickets, at R90, are available from Com­ puticket.

Page 12 | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013 Tel: 021 910 6500 Fax: 021 910 6501/06

Colour yourself happy at Holi Festival! The biggest colour festival in the world will paint the Mother City in bright yellow, red, green and blue on Wednesday 9 October. The original Holi Festival of Colour 2013 world tour is now coming to Cape Town to transform Sahara Park Newlands into a multi-coloured dance floor. The Holi festival series are open-air festivals that use ecofriendly, safe, coloured powders, thrown in the air to express freedom and the colour of everyday life. Holi is one of the largest festivals in India announcing the ar-

rival of spring and the passing of winter and marks the victory of good over evil. Its original tour took place in take place in Europe this year, now they coming to Cape Town. Among more than 10 countries and over 30 cities worldwide this is an event not to be missed. South Africa’s rainbow nation will come together in this open-air venue, on beaming faces and lifting up from the floor on the beat of moving feet and the music that drives it. First phase line-up includes big names such as a multi-award win-

ning and best-selling electronic duo consisting of twin brothers LCNVL, a band with unique individuals, Mi Casa, much loved 5FM DJ Roger Goode and top house DJs Pascal & Pearce. Second line-up will be released later this month. NO under 18s allowed, ONLY powder sold at the event will be permitted. Bar and various food vendors on site. Tickets went on sale on Tuesday 3 September. For more information visit

ABBALICIOUS: From left are Liani Ekermans, Juandre Schultz, Kyle Petersen, Petro Liebenberg in a tribute to Abba. PHOTO: SUPPLIED EMBRACE: Colombian dancers, Gina Carrasquilla and Ricardo Bustamante.


OFFICIAL NOTICE RECEIPT OF AN APPLICATION FOR A BOOKMAKER PREMISES LICENCE In terms of the provisions of Section 32(2) of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Act, 1996 (Act 4 of 1996) (“the Act”), as amended, the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board hereby gives notice that an application for a bookmaker premises licence, as provided for in Sections 27(kA) and 55(A) of the Act, has been received. Applicant for a new bookmaker premises licence:

Betting World (Pty) Ltd

Registration number:


Address of proposed bookmaker premises:

1st Floor, Constantiaberg Hotel Building, No. 42, Cnr. Main and Kendal Roads Diep River 7800

Erf number:


All persons have the opportunity to object to or comment on the above application.Where objections are lodged, the grounds on which such objections are founded, must be furnished.Where comment is furnished, full particulars and facts to substantiate such comment must be provided.The name, address and telephone number of the person submitting the objection or offering the comment must also be provided. Comments or objections must reach the Board by no later than 16:00 on 4 October 2013 at the address listed below. The application is open for inspection by interested persons, during normal office hours before 16:00 on 4 October 2013 at the Board’s offices at the address listed below. Objections or comments must be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer,Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, P.O. Box 8175, Rogge Bay 8012 or handed to the Chief Executive Officer,Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, Seafare House, 68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town or faxed to the Chief Executive Officer on 021 422 2602, or emailed to



‘Celebration 5’ at Joseph Stone

Joburg Ballet, formerly the South African Mzansi Ballet, presents Celebration 5 in Cape Town at the Joseph Stone Auditorium in Athlone on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 September. The short season will showcase a major cultural collaboration between South Africa and Colombia with the Cartagena-based dance company El Colegio del Cuer-

po combining forces with the Joburg Ballet. Joining them will be Cape Town City Ballet, Cape Dance Company, La Rosa Spanish Dance Theatre and Dance for All. Alvaro Restrepo and Colegio del Cuerpo, in association with Joburg Ballet will facilitate a workshop onstage at the Joseph Stone on 25 September from 11:00 to 13:00 that will

be open to the public, at no charge for those wishing to attend. V Performances of Celebration 5 at the Joseph Stone Auditorium take place on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 September at 19:30 with tickets from R120 to R150 via Computicket or 0861 915 8000. V Edgars Club members booking for either show get a 20% discount on the ticket price upon presentation of a valid Club card.

Goldilocks and friends on stage The Lilliput Children’s Theatre Company will be performing one of their most popular shows, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, at the Nassau Theatre from Monday 23 until Saturday 28 September. The shows are at 10:00. This story follows the adventures of a little girl who gets lost a day before her birthday. She stumbles across a house belonging to the three bears and makes herself comfortable. The three bears come home to find their visitor fast asleep in bed. This hilarious performance is directed by Elton John Duffy. Tickets are R50. Bookings can be made at Computicket (0861 915 8000).

CAUGHT: Rachelle Kruger, Amy Trout and Bianca Flander, who star as the Three Bears, stumble across Rosanna Minchella who plays the role of Goldilocks. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Four spelling heavyweights BLANCHÉ DE VRIES


ow do you spell a quarter of a million rand? This is something four pupils from Zwaanswyk Primary School can do very well, after they recently won that sum at a literacy competition. Under the direction of Robert Dullaart, pupils Hlanganisa Tembile, Yusra Mallum and Jezane September were announced the winners of the Growsmart literacy competition at the V&A Waterfront on Saturday. St Raphael’s Primary School in Athlone came second and Wesfleur Primary School in Atlantis was placed third. The competition was started by Growthpoint Properties in 2010 with the aim of improving literacy among pupils in Grade 4 to 6. As a result of the win, Zwaanswyk primary gets a R250 000 boost, while each pupil gets R20 000. Their winnings go toward their education. Principal Anthony Adams says the pupils have been successful thanks to hard work. “We are very proud that they won. Their self-confidence has been boosted tremendously as a result,” he says. “We would like to build an indoor swimming pool or a pavillion with the prize money. We want to establish something for which the children can come back and say:

‘I contributed towards this’.” Hlanganisa’s parents Nosiphiwo and Buyisile Thembile explained how their daughter prepared for the competition each day with her younger sister, Lisakhanya. “No words can describe how proud we are. It is important for us that she advances her literacy by reading. Even we now know words we didn’t previously know,” says her mother. Hlanganisa adds: “It was a privilege for me to take part.” Jennifer September, Jezane’s mother, said the family assisted him to spell 50 new words each day. This included definitions and using the words in a sentence, as the competition required. “It was fantastic to win, but it was nervewracking,” said Jezane. Dullaart said it was a pleasure to help the pupils to prepare for the competition. “I want to advance literacy. It was a fantastic achievement to accomplish.” The principal thanked Dullaart for his dedication, saying: “He does more than what is required of him.” Team member Ashanti Mesias did not win prize money. However, she was a reserve team member who practiced with the team and supported them with pride. On their wish list the pupils asked for a laptop, iPad or a contribution towards their school fees.

LEGAL EAGLES: Bergvliet High School pupils An­ nabela Bekker (left) and Erin Ma­ lan (centre) fin­ ished in the top 10 of the National Schools Moot Court Competition in Pre­ toria. Their journey started with the es­ say writing phase in April, with them placing second in the province. At the nationals they ex­ perienced Constitu­ tion Hill, saw the Constitutional Court and met peo­ ple from across the country.PHOTO: SUP­ PLIED

LEADERS: Grade 6 learners from Westcott Primary School attended a leadership course by Dave Laskey where they took part in team building exercises and other activities. The school used the course to select prefects for 2014. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

CSE Pre-Season Holiday Clinics COURSE FEATURES

PROUD! Zwaanswyk Primary School pupils, from left, Yusra Mallum, Ashanti Mesias, Jezane September and Hlanganisa Tembile show off their trophy. At the weekend the team won R250 000 for their school in the Growsmart literacy competition, which was held in honour of International Literacy Day. PHOTO: LERATO MADUNA/PHOTO24

• Ages 4 - 14 • Super Skills • Personalised coaching (Cricket SA qualified coaches) • Ratio: 1 coach per 10 students • Net coaching: Batting, bowling and fielding skills • Cricket etiquette and rules of the game • ABC’s - Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed • Certificates presented to each cricketer participating • FREE T-Shirt, cap, Powerade bottle and SHM Magazine

CONSTANTIA - Herzlia Constantia 23rd - 25th September | 09.00 - 14.00 REQUIREMENTS • Personal equipment (names clearly marked) If your son has all the equipment then he must bring it along, if he only has a bat, then that is sufficient. • White shorts / longs

COST R500 per student or R950 for siblings.


Visit “Event Schedule”on For more information: | 0861 123 273

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS: Kronendal Primary School in Hout Bay held its annual Grade 7 market day on Thursday 29 August. The initiative aims to teach the pupils the skills of entre­ preneurship by creating, budgeting for, marketing and selling their goods or services to the rest of the school. Before the event they had to advertise their products and services by performing jingles during assemblies and put up posters around the school. Here pupils Chel­ sey Moolman and Jordyn Scholtz show off their colourful stall. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013


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PEOPLE'S POST | CONSTANTIA | WYNBERG Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pool prodigy and dad to sink eight­ball at nationals LIAM MOSES

A father and son duo are set to make history when they represent Western Province simultaneously at the annual National Pool Championships in Worcester this week. While Shamiel Lakay (36) will wear the disa for the 15th time in his 20-year pool career, his son Shakeel will be making his debut at a provincial tournament and playing in the under-18 division at the young age of 10. Heideveld resident Shamiel says he is much prouder of his son’s call up than of his own. “Wouldn’t any father be excited that his son is following in his footsteps? It’s a great achievement at his age,” he says. “I was only dreaming about representing WP when I was 10. I made it for the first time when I was 16. I’m concentrating on him more than myself.” Shakeel has been playing pool for around four years, but only started playing competitively last year. The pool prodigy regularly plays and wins against older, more experience shooters and he will compete against teenagers as old as 18 at nationals. The Grade 5 Sunnyside Primary School pupil says took up the sport because he wanted to emulate his father’s sharp shooting. However, he has plans on being even better than his dad.

“I’m very proud for making the WP team. I didn’t know that I could do this,” he admits. “When I shot at the (qualifying) tournaments, my competitors were playing well, so I just shot like them. My father is better than me, but I think I’ll be better than him when I am 16.” Shakeel practices just once a week and is coached by his father, who formed the club Top Cues and coaches around 17 other young players from Heideveld. However, the club was forced to withdraw from competitive leagues due to a lack of finances. “The equipment is quite pricey. I had a bit of financial help last year, but it’s like a soccer player; you can give him a pair of boots but you can’t expect him to play in the same boots for four or five years. These things get used and break,” Shamiel says. “I would like to help make a change and I believe I already have, as I have my little success stories over the years. But the most important thing remains finance.” The pair’s trip to Worcester for the tournament is also set to be quite costly. Shamiel will have to pay for travelling, accommodation, food and uniforms which add up to around R10 000. Anyone interested in assisting the father and son duo with the cost of the trip to Worcester or helping the Top Cues club can phone Shamiel on 071 291 1123.

GOLDEN BOYS: The Rondebosch Boys’ High School under­15 water polo team celebrate after wining the Ian Melliar Cup on Sunday. PHOTO: GAVIN WITHERS/ACTION

’Bosch crowned kings of the pool A

SHARP SHOOTERS: Shakeel Lakay (left) and his dad Shamiel will both represent WP at the national pool championships this month. PHOTO: LIAM MOSES

superb defensive effort saw Rondebosch Boys’ High School beat Clifton College in the final of the seventh annual Ian Melliar Cup on Sunday. The Melliar Cup sees the 20 best under-15 school water polo sides in South Africa compete at Wynberg Boys’ High, and the competition was as tough as always this year. Durban side Clifton went into the final unbeaten after several heavy wins, while Wynberg started their campaign with a loss against another KwaZulu-Natal school, Durban High. The finalists had met in the opening rounds of the tournament and drawn 4-4, but the battle resumed in the final. Clifton were lulled into a bit of complacency by their impressive wins in earlier games and ’Bosch drew first blood through dynamic forward Anthony Delgado early in the first period of play. Clifton countered, coming back to score twice through Caleb Simpson, and finished the chukka a goal up. ’Bosch came back in the second chukka, scoring through Matt Johnson and the halfway mark arrived with the sides tied at 2-2. In the third chukka Rondebosch scored

twice through Lorenzo Napoli and Elliot Cousins, while Clifton struck once through Ryan Harris to take the match into the final period with ’Bosch leading 4-3. Both sides surged forward, countered and took several shots in the final chukka, but superb goalkeeping by ’Bosch’s Aiden Hewitt and Clifton’s Luke Appelgryn saw the final period end goalless, giving Bosch the win. Rondebosch’s defensive record was the most impressive aspect of their performance, as they recorded six man-down situations to Clifton’s one during the game, but the KwaZulu-Natal side failed to capitalise. The victory sees ’Bosch become just the second ever Cape school to win the tournament after hosts Wynberg’s victory in 2011. Reddam, Bishops and SACS finished in third, fourth and fifth respectively, while Wynberg were seventh overall. V Team of the tournament: Luke Appelgryn, Oliver Milne, Massimo Conversano (Clifton), Tim Worthing­ ton­Fitnum, Mika’eel Issa (Reddam), Stephen Mathew (Wynberg), Cameron Laurenson, James Brewer (SACS), Jason Fisher, Matt Johnson (Rondebosch) and Mark Sinclair (St John’s).

Women’s cricket to grow beyond the boundary LIAM MOSES Cape Town women’s cricket is set to receive a major boost after two recent developments at the Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA). WP Women’s Cricket Association elected an executive committee earlier this month, after the organisation functioned without leadership for three years. Committee members were elected from officials at the 16 women’s clubs in Cape Town, with Old Mutual Cricket Club’s Claire Cowan was elected as chairperson. The election coincided with the announcement that all 12 centres of excellent in Cape Town would, in line with an instruction from Cricket South Africa, be required to have a women’s section at the start of this season. Centres of excellence are clubs which have been mandated by WP Cricket to grow the sport and develop players for all forms of the game. Cowan says having women’s teams at cen-

tres of excellence will give more women and girls opportunities in the sport. “It’s a fantastic move as we have always lacked that; a lot of women in Cape Town love cricket but they don’t know how to get involved,” she says. “One of (our aims is to) get more young girls involved (and) give them exposure to the game of cricket. There are just not (enough) avenues and options for them to play.” Five southern suburbs clubs are currently designated as centres of excellence – Fish Hoek Cricket Club, Jive St Augustine’s in Elfindale, Catalyst Victoria in Lansdowne, Primrose in Kenilworth and Mitchell’s Plain Cricket Club. Clinton du Preez, coordinator of club, disabled and women’s cricket at WPCA, says there is enough interest from women to sustain teams at the centres. “We have 18 primary and 17 senior schools competing in women’s fixtures. The one stumbling block is that the new players don’t want to play a six-hour game, so we have imple-


mented T20 cricket as an introduction.” Women’s cricket has already seen some growth in recent times because of the centres. At the close of last season just nine women’s clubs were participating and the number of affiliated women’s clubs has now grown to 16. Cowan says the next step is improving the quality of coaching available to female players. “The other important thing is that you have to have good, quality coaching. There is no point if there is no-one for them to look up to. There’s already a big push to get the current provincial players into coaching courses,” she says. “Most have (completed) the level one coaching course, so the plan is to get them to do level two this season. They already have the playing experience, they just need the technical and theoretical experience to back it up.” Cowan adds the association aims to grow the sport in the under-13 and under-16 age groups. V For more information about women’s cricket call Clin­ ton du Preez on 078 031 5689.

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SPORT TUESDAY 17 September 2013 | People's Post | Page 16 | 0021 910 6500 |

TEAM WORK: A group of runners from Fairmount High School participate in the ARD Athletic Club Three Vleis 10km race in Grassy Park on Sunday. The race started and finished at the school. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

Mehanos Pizza


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Wynberg 021 7971791 Athlone 021 6334664 Grassy Park 021 7058401


FIRST TO FINISH: Lindikhaya Mthangayi wins the ARD Athletic Club Three Vleis 10km race in Grassy Park on Sunday. Mthangayi finished in 30:10. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

Mthangayi, Seti win scenic race LIAM MOSES


trong winds, rain and cold weather hampered the hopes of thousands of runners to set records or personal bests in the third annual Three Vleis 10km race on Sunday. The route, which sees runners pass by Princess, Ronde and Zeekoei vleis, was designed to be as flat and fast as possible by host club ARD Athletic. However, the wet weather made it tough for even the fastest

The 2013 BOS Earthwave Beach Festival will host attempts to set two new Guinness World Records at the sixth annual edition next month. This popular gathering of Cape Town’s beach community takes place at Surfers Corner, Muizenberg on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October. People’s Post is the event’s print media sponsor. Everyone involved this year will hope that six is the lucky number, as they attempt set records for the most surfers riding the same wave and the longest touch rugby game. Despite attempts to break the Guinness World Record for the most surfers riding the same wave in California and Australia during the past year, the record of 110 surfers – set in Muizenberg at Earthwave 2009 – still stands.

to finish in their desired times. Race winner Lindikhaya Mthangayi from Lion of Africa Itheko Sport Athletic Club said the conditions had a massive impact on his race. “I don’t like to run in cold weather. Today I managed to run but it was cold and I was freezing all the way. There was also too much wind and it was difficult to push hard,” he said. “It’s difficult to break records on a day such as today. If the weather was clear it would have been easier to break the record,

because I passed my first kilometre in 02:45 and my second was 05:37; I wanted to run the race in 29:10.” Mthangayi eventually finished the race in 30:10, while the women’s winner Nomvuyisi Seti crossed in 39:20. He added that the tough conditions helped him to prepare for the Cape Town Marathon on Sunday 22 September. “I sharpened my running up and tested myself. I’m grateful, as it was a good day for me. I hope to win the Cape Town Marathon.”

It’s Earthwave Fest time again! Earthwave Brazil, the 2008 record holder, will also be make another attempt to break the current record on Saturday 12 October at Quebra Mar near Sao Paulo. Set in Australia in 2010, the record for the longest touch rugby game is 27 hours. The Western Province Touch Rugby Association will be attempting to break this marathon record at the festival, by staging a match that runs from 08:00 on Saturday through the night until 12:00 on Sunday – a total of 28 hours. The festival aims to promote sustainable lifestyle choices by featuring a wide range of both competitive and fun events in the

ocean, on the beach and on the Muizenberg Pavilion – alongside exhibitions, demonstrations and talks on environmental issues. The line-up of activities includes junior, development, tandem and longboard surfing events, stand up paddleboard racing, skateboarding and plenty of activities for children such as the BOS Dig for Gold and Learn to Surf lessons. In addition to prizes for the nearly 1 000 participants, there will also be plenty on offer for spectators with valuable giveaways, sticker-showers, beach clean-ups, raffles and fundraising for worthy causes.

Although no one was able to claim the R2 000 prize for setting a new provincial record or R1 000 for a new course time, almost 50 spot prizes were awarded during the race. All runners who finished before the two hour cut-off time received a medal and anyone who finished in under an hour received a special medal or shield. The race also saw participants run past the League of Friends of the Blind offices in Grassy Park; several blind runners also participated.

The awards ceremonies, exhibits and an after-party with live bands will be staged in the Pavilion at Surfers Corner. The Battle of the Bay presented by Xpression on the Beach will see stand-up paddlers racing from Muizenberg to Fish Hoek and back on Sunday, with a series of epic short-course races through the surf planned for the Saturday. Muizenberg, with its pristine beach, gentle rollers and warm water, is where the first photographic evidence of people riding waves in South Africa was recorded in 1919. Considered the birthplace of surfing in the country, it is rated one of the world’s top 20 beach towns by National Geographic. V Visit or

Peoples post constantia 17 sept 2013  

Peoples post constantia 17 sept 2013