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Tuesday 12 July 2011

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NICE FROM FAR ...: The Dan Pianaar Circle houses that were built for Steurhof land claimants are not being maintained by the owners, because “the houses don’t belong to us”. Photos: Andre Bakkes

CONSTANT FLOODING: Olga May has to cook in a flooded kitchen sometimes, since the water “bubbles up from the floor”.

Whose house is it anyway? ANDRE BAKKES


HIRTY-SIX restitution claimant families living in Plumstead can’t wait to be owners of their low-cost houses, and after signing deeds of alienation this past weekend, they believe they’re well on the way to achieving this goal. The question of ownership is a key issue for the residents, since the owner will have to foot the bill for the long-overdue maintenance on the houses, some of which are being flooded every so often because they reckon it was built on a wetland. But according to the City of Cape Town, the residents have been owners of their Dan Pienaar Circle units all along. A representative of the community, Martin Barnes, contacted People’s Post to inform the newspaper that they have been waiting three years for someone to come and fix the badlymaintained houses they live in, but the City’s manager for land restitution, Pogiso Molapo, says that maintenance costs have always rested with the owners themselves. The ownership revelation comes as a shock

R116 995

to Barnes, and he even goes as far as denying it, but “even if true”, then the cost for maintenance must be covered by the City or the contractor - who according to Barnes did a bad job in building the 36 units. The paint is cracking at almost every house, but more worryingly, water coming from the ground floods some of the houses during the rainy season. Resident Olga May’s kitchen is often under water, which she claims just bubbles up through the corner of the room. “Water can damage a structure no end,” says another resident, Theo Ceasar, before adding that they cannot be held accountable for maintenance costs since some of them don’t even earn a R1 000 a month. “Four years have expired since we had these houses built for them, so it goes without saying that we can’t pay for the maintenance of other people’s property,” responds Malapo. The residents were told when they moved in four years ago that they should send all building-related complaints to the City within six months, who would then notify the contractor and have these addressed. Barnes insists that nobody ever came to fix

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the houses, which were built for them on 7 119 m² of land as part of the land restitution claim settlement. Their families were forcefully removed from their Steurhof homes during the apartheid era. They lost their tenancy rights when they were removed from council cottages during the late 1960s and early 1970s because of the Group Areas Act. People’s Post quoted Molapo as saying at the time of the relocation in 2007: “We are checking what is the best method to build the houses. It is an option that the frames of the houses may be in steel, but the walls will be built with bricks and mortar.” At the site itself, Ceasar knocks on the wall of the house and muses that it’s not brick or mortar, but wood. Molapo also says that the City consulted with the residents and even held a workshop to explain to them that they are the owners of their houses. “I was here since the beginning and we were never told that it belongs to us,” responds Barnes. “People were told they cannot build on the properties since we aren’t the

R209 995

owners. “We received bills for water consumption but the owner’s name on the bill said ‘unknown’. If we really are the owners, then someone must tell us why our building-related complaints were never addressed!” Molapo denies that the City never responded to building related complaints. When asked why the residents had to sign another deed on Saturday, he responded: “When they signed it initially, there was a problem with the way it was gazetted, so this was just a resigning.” Bongani Tiwali, from the Land Claims Commission, oversaw the resigning of the deeds on Saturday. He also suggests that the houses belong to the residents. He adds, however, that it has not yet been registered in their names, hence the necessity to have them sign the deeds again.

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Tuesday 12 July 2011

Learning about life and sailing “W

E go to sea not to learn how to sail, but to learn how to live.” This is the driving force behind Cape Windjammers Education Trust (CWET), a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town. The CWET team members use the power of offshore sail training as a tool for developing life skills, leadership skills and environmental awareness amongst South African youth. The organisation says sail training is internationally recognised for being an efficient tool to induce sustainable behavioural change in youth. “It includes instruction in all aspects of sailing, but its purpose goes far, far beyond this. Sail training uses the experience of being at sea principally as a means to help people learn about themselves, discover hidden strengths and talents, understand the value of working as a team and provides a setting for much wider aspects of education at sea. “Nothing connects people better and more permanently than the shared experience of facing and overcoming a challenge. The more intense the experience, the greater and more sustainable the learning effect will be.” Sail training teaches a skill set that is absolutely transferable to any vocational, business or lead-

ership sector and, in fact, to living life itself. CWET’s programmes currently target South African youth from all social and cultural backgrounds, as well as international youth for cultural exchange activities, merchant marine cadets to collect sea time, corporate business for team building and incentive travels. Organisers say bursaries are provided for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, usually between the ages of 15 and 25 years. In recruiting sailing participants, CWET currently partners with schools and civil society organisations in the Western Cape that focus in particular on HIV and crime prevention, reconciliation, education and career development. In cooperation with these organisations, CWET selects suitable participants and identifies specific learning aims for each target group. Preparation and follow-up workshops link the sailing programme to the focus of intervention of the partner organisation, and ensure that the life-changing experience of the sailing trip is sustainable and becomes part of “real life”. Participants have the opportunity to “graduate” through programmes from single-day environmental awareness programmes to longer, more

YOUNG SAILORS: Seen here are the nine youths who completed a week’s sail training with Cape Windjammers Educational Trust in Simon’s Town. Photo: Supplied intimate, five-day voyages and international Tall Ship programmes and events. While Cape Windjammers currently makes use of the Rotary

Scout from Sea Scouts as well as the Howard Davis, based at the Waterfront, their long-term goal is to acquire their own Tall Ship that will enable a much larger im-

pact. For more information and sponsoring opportunities, call course captain Piet Potgieter on 083 300 5712, or visit

Get ready for a toad migration THERE are only a few weeks to go before a uniquely Cape Town event unfolds, one that animal lovers treasure. Everyone living near them knows that Western Leopard Toads (WLTs) are special to the suburbs of Cape Town, just as the Southern Right Whales are to Hermanus and Blue Cranes to the Swartland. The WLTs’ important annual breeding season and migration is spurred by the early rise in temperatures, warmer days and coming of spring. In response, toad populations in the vicinity of Observatory, Glencairn and in between depart en masse on the voyage from gardens to ponds, rivers and wetlands. On this journey, toads encounter numerous obstacles, many of which threaten their survival, including having to negotiate storm water drains, difficult curbstones and the most dangerous – road users. Toads mobilise at night in wet conditions, when visibility is substantially reduced for motorists. Close to entire generations can be run over by drivers either unaware or uncaring of the toads’ plight as they seek to cross roads. A crucial element of this species’ conservation has for the past few years been the introduction of volunteer efforts by local residents.

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ENDANGERED: The Western Leopard Toad. Patrols typically in the vicinity of breeding sites are critical to reducing the mortality of this species, which was designated “endangered” by the International Union for the Convention of Nature (IUCN) in 2003. In the build-up to the breeding season, coordinators prioritise the recruitment of new volunteers to ensure that all major toad crossings are manned. The main task is to move toads over the road in the direction they face. A secondary benefit of patrols is to educate the motorists who drive through toad hot spots. The resulting reduction in speed and heightened alertness are critical in preventing the extinction of the WLT. In addition to helping toads on the roads, the public is invited to let the volunteers know of any toad migrations. Within the next month WLT awareness signs will be erected in and around toad breeding areas, marking the onset of this year’s migration. Anyone wishing to help save the WLT and join the association of volunteers, visit the website for a list of contacts.


Tuesday 12 July 2011

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Hotel stock stolen at gunpoint ANDRE BAKKES

SIX armed men stole 11 plasma screen television sets, a safe and a computer from the Hout Bay Manor Hotel after tying up one of the security guards. “Thankfully, there are no guests in the hotel in July because of our annual refurbishment during the month,” says general manager, Lucia Davidos. Police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Tanya Lesch, says the suspects were armed with five handguns and a rifle. “They demanded the safe keys from the security guard, but he told them he didn’t have these and was then tied up,” elaborates Lesch. The unknown suspects took the locked safe containing cash with them. “No shots were fired and no-one was injured,” concludes Lesch. . Meanwhile, a woman from Kenilworth was shot and stabbed for her cellphone voucher on Friday afternoon by an unknown male suspect. She died of her wounds in Hout Bay Medical Centre that evening. Lesch says the incident, which they are still investigating, happened at 16:00 in Mandela Road. . An undercover operation by a Wynberg police task team resulted in the arrest of a businessman who illegally unblocks cellphones. The team, which was put together last year March, identified several cellphone repair and accessories shops, which include those run by foreign businessmen. According to Captain Andre Venter, spokesperson for Wynberg police, a “trapper” was sent to one of these shops with blocked cellphones. “The (law) stipulates that it’s illegal to tamper with the software of a cellphone except for registered agents,” explains Venter. On Wednesday, 22 June, the perpetra-

tor was sentenced to a R20 000 fine or 12 months’ imprisonment at the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court. . City Traffic Services have impounded 755 taxis and sedan “amaphelas” this year alone, as part of its ongoing enforcement programmes across the city. For thousands of commuters this is the primary source of transport to get to work, get learners to school and take children to crèches. “These statistics are alarming,” says spokesperson for Cape Town Traffic Services, Kevin Jacobs. “We urge taxi owners to ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy. Our officers are vigilant and determined, and will do all that they can to keep the roads safe.” The operations focus on common driving violations, unroadworthy vehicles and offences such as reckless or negligent driving, disobeying red traffic lights, changing lanes without indicating, driving on the shoulder of the road, defective brakes, unlicensed drivers and taxi permit violations. Traffic Services regularly hold joint operations with various policing agencies to ensure that illegal taxi operators and owners of unroadworthy taxis feel “continuous and sustained pressure” to comply with the law. The City has a dedicated Public Transport Unit that enforces all taxi-related complaints. This unit is complemented by a Taxi Ghost Squad team and Metro Police officers and Provincial Traffic officers who assist with enforcement operations. During these joint operations, illegal taxi operators are arrested on the spot and their taxis impounded, and all taxis that fail roadworthy tests are suspended. The owners of these vehicles then have to take their vehicles to a place of repair.

No shots

were fired

and no-one

was injured

Vandals target Kirstenhof wetland ON the first day of the school holidays, stakes securing trees against the wind were removed, presumably by young boys from the area who were not strong enough to remove longer ones. According to Friends of the Kirstenhof Wetland, two stakes were taken, which were later replaced by volunteers, but these were then stolen a few days later. To date, eight stakes have been stolen. They cost from R10 each, and are possibly being used to build some structure. Some new trees have now been surrounded by

shade-cloth, “at considerable cost to the Friends of Kirstenhof Wetland”, to try to prevent theft. The group says it is constantly trying to improve the environment, but is thwarted by “undisciplined children”. Boys have also been seen setting fire to plastic bag dispensers and wrecking others. In all, 10 carefully-made, painted and installed dispensers have been smashed. Parents are asked to note that if the perpetrators are caught, a volunteer will lay a charge against them at the police station.

Home in need of used items

hand clothing, bric-a-brac and furniture. Donations may be dropped off at the home or,for collection, SMS “donation” to 082 615 9682 and someone will call you.

THE Douglas Murray Old Age Home in 12th Avenue, Retreat, is in need of good second-

AWAITING SENTENCE: The man who caused the death of cyclist Jan­Hendrik Olivier (39) in 2006 will have to wait three weeks to hear what the penalty will be. Andries Zuidema (29) collided with Olivier and two other cyclists in Kirstenhof. Two cyclists survived the ordeal, but Olivier died of his injuries. Zuidema appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday after he was found guilty of culpable homicide and reckless driving in April, but the case was postponed for sentencing on 28 July. With him is his mother, Manuella Zuidema (left), and his legal representa­ tive, William Booth (right). Photo: Edrea du Toit

Volunteers seek cupboard VOLUNTEER trauma counsellors working from the Kirstenhof Police Station are in desperate need of a cupboard. They say the police station is currently being renovated, and they have already received offers of furniture, funds and a host of other items from generous members of the community – for which they are very grateful. The one thing they still desperately need is a freestanding cupboard with shelves on one side and hanging space on the other.

The volunteers have a supply of clothes that they distribute to victims of certain crimes, such as rape and abuse, as well as to the homeless when the need arises. Currently these clothes are either hanging in the shower, which is adjacent to the room, or stashed away in boxes in the bathroom. Anyone able to donate a cupboard in good condition, or who is willing to sell one at a good price, is asked to contact Julie on 072 414 2552 as soon as possible.

A chance to shine IN an effort to raise funds for “tween” dancers, Cameron Lombard and Natasha Jacobs, a variety show will be held on Saturday 30 July in the Colorado Hall, Mitchell’s Plain. If anyone would like to perform (sing, act,

dance or play an instrument), contact Charlene Lombard on (021) 701-6629 or 073 350 8475, or Francis Jacobs on (021) 372-3364 or 074 785 3680. Performers must be willing to perform free of charge.

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A history fresh in the memory ABOUT a month ago, “Long Walk to Freedom” was just required reading in the form of an autobiography about a historically significant man by the name of Nelson Mandela. Almost three weeks later, that name has grown in meaning tenfold. From a foreign perspective, it is fascinating to see how much South Africa’s history is raw and fresh. Underneath the inevitable problems that any emerging country will face, lies a country that fosters one of the most cultural and diverse parts of the world. This diversity now has the opportunity to be celebrated, after so many years of ingrained suppression. The people I have encountered embody disparity amongst socio-economic classes. However, they have inherent tendencies that unknowingly unite them. I’m curious to know if Nelson Mandela himself uses the terms, “now now” and “just now”. When my peers and I visited the District Six Museum, I found myself discussing the emo-

tional impact on the people with a native Capetonian. The way he elaborated made it clear – he had spent the first 27 years of his life in District Six until he was relocated because of his ancestry. As a genuine history enthusiast, I have visited my fair share of museums, but never have I interacted with a victim of the historical events at hand. That is what makes South Africa so unique in its current politics. There are true witnesses to the past looking over a new generation who can be guided by previous mistakes towards the future. In celebration of Nelson Mandela’s birthday, I commend his people for continuing to celebrate the efforts of a man who has forever changed the face of this beautiful nation. So I conclude by wishing Madiba a very happy birthday, and thank the people of Cape Town for making my fellow peers and I feel welcome as an integral part of the diversity that South Africa offers. . Shauna Stack is an American intern at People’s Post.

A GREAT LEADER: Francois Booysen from Mitchell’s Plain says Nelson Mandela is a great leader and some­ one everyone should look up to. “He brought about democracy and fought hard to end the apartheid re­ gime. He has done many things for the country and creat­ ed many opportunities. He is a true leader, and we are blessed that he is still with us at his age.”

A LEGEND: Georgina Williams from Ath­ lone says Madiba’s strength is legen­ dary. “He fought for what he believed, and stood up against the thousands who tried to put him down in apartheid. He was sentenced to prison on Robben Island, but he was victorious in his beliefs and apartheid ended. If it wasn’t for him, we would not be living in the democrat­ ic country which we live in today. Happy birth­ day Madiba, we love you and wish you the best.”

Photo: Reyana Steyn

Photo: Reyana Steyn

PROUDLY SOUTH AFRI­ CAN: Patrick Jela says that Mandela has been very im­ portant to him throughout his life. “He gave freedom to our country. He struggled and we all struggled together, and now we are free because of him. I respect him very much, and I wish him to still have many years with us. Happy birthday, Man­ dela.” Photo: Hanrie Bosch

INSPIRING THE YOUTH: Chris­ tiaan Liebenberg feels that Mande­ la has shown the youth of South Af­ rica how to get along with each other. “We are a very diverse coun­ try, filled with lots of different cul­ tures, and it is important that we all get along. He has made us all come together, and we should always remember what he has done for us. I wish you a very happy birthday, Mr Mande­ la.” Photo: Hanrie Bosch


Tuesday 12 July 2011

Happy birthday Madiba “I saw a child for the first time in 20 years by accident. She was the daughter NELSON MANDELA, or Madiba as he of a lawyer that came to see me, and she is fondly known, turns 93 on Monday refused to wait in the car. It was a thrill July 18, and will spend his birthday out of this world. quietly with family and friends. “I was so overwhelmed by little Priya (3) that I couldn’t concentrate on what the Sello Hatang, Nelson Mandela Founda- lawyer was saying; I was just stroking her tion spokesperson, says this is part of hair.” He says that’s why Mandela donatmaking Mandela’s retirement a reality. ed one third of his salary, when he became Mandela Day on 18 July is recognised president, to the Nelson Mandela’s Chilas an annual international day of human- dren’s Fund. itarian action in celebration of his life and “Freedom did not just fall from heaven, legacy. many people went to Hatang says the best prison, many were way for people to celehanged, many were brate is to make a comtortured to death ... mitment to spend 67 freedom had a price,” minutes of their time says Kathrada in remaking a positive ply to whether he change in their comthinks the youth apmunity. This honours preciate the struggles the 67 years Mandela that were made. devoted to the service “The biggest chalof humanity. lenge is ignorance,” Kensington’s Dahe says, adding that wood Khan, communihe is not blaming ty activist and humanyoung people, but itarian, shares his fawants them to think vourite memory of about the responsibilMandela. He says on ities that come with the day of Mandela’s their freedom. release from prison, it Blanche la Guma was his job to organise says her contribution the cars. to the struggle against “Hundreds of people apartheid was worklined the road. There ing under the guidwere lots of white peo- HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Nelson Mandela ance and direction of ple; this one woman turns 93 on Monday 18 July. Mandela, carrying out had a baby. He went Photo: Theana Calitz his instructions. over and picked the baWith her husband, by up. It really touched me; I will never Alex, she participated in various camforget that. paigns to bring about an end to apartheid “That is the way South Africa should be laws. … black, white, pink together.” “We celebrated Mandela’s release, afKhan says he would like to sing for ter 27 years in prison, in Trafalgar Square Mandela and wishes him many more in London with all the other South Afriyears. can exiles, the British Anti-apartheid Ahmed Kathrada spent 26 years in pris- Movement and all the organisations that on, 18 on Robben Island. He says one thing were formed against apartheid. All of us Mandela has repeated over and over in the exile community, packed up to reagain is: “I am not a saint; I have short- turn home.” comings like anyone else.” La Guma adds: “I wish Madiba a very He says: “Mandela always looks at the happy birthday.” good in human beings; that’s how his Quotes from Nelson Mandela’s new whole life has been lived.” book, “Nelson Mandela By Himself: The About their time in prison Kathrada Authorised Book of Quotations”: says: “One longs for many things, there . “My wish is that South Africans nevare many deprivations; you long for near er give up on the belief in goodness.” and dear ones, others miss food or sport . “It is ordinary people – men and wom– but the one thing every prisoner would en, boys and girls – that make the world miss is children. a special place.” TERESA FISCHER

Sixgun Gospel at Alma Cafe

Prostate cancer support

SIXGUN GOSPEL returns with another appearance at the Alma Cafe, 20 Alma Rd, Rosebank from 19:30 to 22:30 on Friday 15 July. Fresh off a series of sold-out shows across the Cape Peninsula, the band will showcase

THE Prostate Cancer Support Action group will meet at 17:45 for 18:00 on Tuesday 19 July. The meeting will be held in the auditorium of the Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic, Burnham Road, Plumstead. Newly-diagnosed patients and their partners or carers from all over the Cape Metro

its extensive catalogue in preparation for recording its EP this month, blending blues, country, rock, bluegrass, and funk. The EP will be recorded at the Alma Cafe, which has become a hub for the growing roots and blues

scene in Cape Town. The cover charge is R30. RSVP at In addition, Sixgun Gospel will play at Muizenberg’s Melting Pot with songstress Natasha Meister on Friday 22 July.

are welcome to attend. They will be able to meet prostate cancer survivors, and share details of their experience. Conray Moolman will talk on new drug therapy for advanced prostate cancer. Please phone 073 560 3067 for more information.

Licence-seekers not keeping appointments HANRIE BOSCH


Good Better Best was established in 2002 because we saw the need within the community to provide a tuition service which was both affordable to the public and effective in helping learners achieve their goals. WHAT WE OFFER: Maths/Accounting Tuition Gr 8 - 10 R210 per month Gr 11 & 12 R300 per month

Contact Lucille on 021 706 8405 for more info


THE City of Cape Town’s traffic department is appealing to residents to honour their learners and driving licence test appointments. In May alone, 2 050 applicants failed to honour their driving licence test appointments, while 1 810 applicants did not honour their learners licence test appointments. Kevin Jacobs, spokesperson for Cape Town Traffic Services, said that in recent years the waiting period has reduced, with some areas having a waiting period of two weeks and others about three weeks. “We can completely wipe out this waiting period if people can honour their appointments, or cancel in advance.” Jacobs says the major reason people don’t show up for their appointments

is that they have not had enough time to prepare for a test. An applicant who misses a test date or time will forfeit all fees and have to re-submit a new application. “Now that a learners licence is valid for 24 months, there is really no need to miss a test. It is also not compulsory to take the first available date when making an appointment, and applicants are allowed to request a later date if more time is needed to prepare,” said Jacobs. The City has 18 Driving Licence Testing Centres across Cape Town, and applicants are not restricted to applying at a centre where they reside – they may access any testing centre to secure a booking. “We appeal to residents to please assist us in using the Driving Licence Testing Centres optimally in order to fully address the needs of residents across the city,” said Jacobs.


Tuesday 12 July 2011

BEST FRIENDS: Demi and Jamie, who was also involved in the accident, were like sisters.

People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 5

DEMI TURNS SEVEN: Three days before the accident, Demi celebrated her birthday. Here she is with her brother Brad.

HAPPIER TIMES: Demi lies on the back of her father, Garth, while her brothers, Brad and Jesse, share their joy. Photos: Supplied

Daughter’s death devastates family T is just after 19:00 on a peaceful Saturday evening in Hout Bay.

A man walks down a quiet stretch of Harbour Road and sees two cars approaching in the distance. The tranquillity is brutally interrupted when a Golf and a BMW race furiously past him - one of these full of screaming children. The ensuing crash that echoed through the bay was going to change a handful of lives forever. A few heartbeats later and Garth Abrahams (40) and his wife Lucielle (38) were sitting in the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, waiting for news on their darling seven-year-old daughter - Demi. The accident happened just a few blocks from their house, so they were summoned to the heartwrenching scene of devastation. Garth saw the BMW wrapped around a tree and six severely injured occupants - five of who were young children. Every now and again images of the paramedic working on Demi flash before his eyes, but he tries to focus on all the good memories he has of his daughter. He had bought her a cake and pink fairy stickers for her birthday just three days before her death ... She was so happy. Garth’s friend is talking to him while he sits in the waiting room, but he’s in a trance. He remembers how Demi only recently learned to swim, the way she looked at him and Lucielle with her big eyes - searching for their approval. That fatal Saturday morning in March, 2010, Demi sat on his lap and he gave her a tight squeeze: “How much do you love your daddy?” he asked, and she responded, “A thousand million times!” Garth and Lucielle sat in the Red Cross hospital the entire evening, and then on Sunday the doctor told them that Demi would not be coming home. Lucielle collapsed to the floor and the Abrahams’ lives changed forever. One year later and the other children in the BMW all healed, and the 21-year-old driver has pleaded guilty in court. While the Abrahams family awaits judgement, People’s Post went to their house to hear how they are coping with their loss. They are still struggling to come to terms with Demi’s absence. Lucielle says numbly: “For the next five months, it felt like I could only get one hour of sleep a night. I went on anti-depressants, but still I struggled to sleep.” Garth says he watches her every night and sees her grappling with continuous nightmares. “Her body goes into shock while she sleeps. When I come home from work then I fear what lies ahead. In the beginning there was no light or warmth in the house. There was nothing ...” The two boys - Brad (12) and Jesse (15) - will be in their rooms. Lucielle continues: “We didn’t eat for a year. The kids are also nervous to come home ...”

little girl in the wet ground...” Her solace lies in her husband and other children. Garth and Lucielle also go to support groups, and speak to other parents who lost one or more of their children, but the hurt never goes away. Every so often during the interview Garth or Lucielle breaks down in tears and their pain envelopes the room. “My baby is waiting at that gate,” cries Garth. “Even though there is so much evil in the world, I must try to carry my family and friends, in order that we can all get to that gate.”

A few days before Demi died, she drew a picture and hid it in the telephone directory. It was discovered later. Demi drew five girls and a boy standing next to a tree. She was only just starting to write, but the words “Love you Mom and Dad,” are clearly legible. The tragic repercussions of speeding has forever jaded the lives of the Abrahams family. The glue of their family, and Demi, the light of their lives, was taken away from them, and they know that it would take a lifetime to completely overcome their sorrow.









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Garth admits that it’s the same for all of them: “I knew I would have to make my family smile again. I had to bring laughter back into their lives. So when I’ve had a little job then we would go out for dinner or something.” He basically stopped working after the incident. Garth is a building contractor, but since the work has dried up, he says the family has plunged into a terrible debt. Both the brothers also have flashbacks of that awful night, but each member of the broken family cope in their own way. It is especially difficult for Lucielle, since she always had wonderfully intimate motherdaughter moments with Demi. Every morning was magical and filled with laughter. The family finds solace in God, as Lucielle explains: “If you don’t have some kind of faith, then you will go insane.” She says that the repercussions of Demi’s death were felt all over Hout Bay. “It was the biggest funeral this place has ever seen,” she says, before adding tearfully: “But I am left with this big empty space, and I don’t know how to fill it ... I haven’t found peace. In the beginning, whenever it is cold and rains at night then I worried about my






Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm

OTTERY MEGASTORE Open Sundays 9 am - 1 pm

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Tuesday 12 July 2011

Scores jobless after local Spar closes DALEEN FOUCHÉ


ORE than 45 people were left unemployed last week and a local retailer faces bankruptcy after the Lakeside Spar was forced to close following a legal battle over the rental of premises. The shop officially closed its doors on Sunday. Shaun Paulson, the co-owner of the Spar franchise, says the Spar Group’s contract with the landlord, Inframax Investments, expired at the end of May. He says the Spar Group did not renew the contract with the landlord. When Paulson approached Inframax to renew the contract, he was told that another retailer was also bidding to rent the space. Paulson submitted his offer, but Inframax Investments decided to offer the space to Pick n Pay instead. Paulson, along with the Spar Group, then applied to the Cape High Court to renew the Spar lease agreement, but found out on Friday 1 July, that the judge had ruled in favour of the landlord. Dean Vincent, the former manager of the Lakeside Spar, says he has been helping the staff to type CVs to find new jobs. “They do not have computers at home to type up their CVs,” says Vincent. Conway Nesbitt, spokesperson for the Spar Group, says that a Social Impact Study commissioned by Spar and Paulson as

CLOSED: Shopper stands at a closed door of lakeside spar part of their legal defence to retain the site, revealed that 275 members of the local community would be negatively impacted by the closure. Employees mainly live in Steenberg, Capricorn and Seawinds. Nesbitt says the closure will be “financially devastating” to Paulson, his family and partners. Paulson contacted Pick n Pay regarding the 45 Spar employees who will now be without an income. Nesbitt says that Pick n Pay advised Paulson that his staff may

apply for jobs through the “normal channels”. He says the Spar Group began the process of securing jobs for “as many as possible” staff at other Spar stores in the Western Cape and at its distribution centre. “We then jointly agreed to oppose the eviction order legally, and at considerable cost secured legal counsel to oppose the matter in the Cape High Court. Regrettably, from our perspective, the court supported the landlord’s case and has now ordered that Paulson vacate the premises by 30

Photo: Gerhard Slabbert

July 2011,” says Nesbitt. Nesbitt says that the store has been a member of the Spar Group since 1992, and under the present owners Shaun and Tanja Paulson since 2006. Michelle Beckerleg, a local resident who regularly shopped at the Lakeside Spar, describes the events as a “David versus Goliath” story. “On Sunday at 13:00, our Spar doors finally shut amidst crowds and tears both from the staff who no longer have a job, and us, the angry local residents.”

She also says she intends to boycott the “offensive new store”. John Weaver, a director of Inframax Investments, says the Spar Group had indicated through a letter that they “would not exercise their option to renew the lease when it expires at the end of May 2011”. Weaver says they then entered into a discussion with Paulson and with Pick n Pay. “Both parties submitted their best offer to this office,” says Weaver. He says that Inframax Investments accepted Pick n Pay’s offer because it was a “more attractive offer”. Weaver explains that both parties knew that the other had made an offer, and they were in a “competitive situation”. He says it would not be “fair” to go back to one of the parties to make another offer. He explains that it is similar to a tender process, where all interested parties must submit their best offer. Izak Joubert, Pick n Pay’s Property and Store Development director, confirmed that Pick n Pay intended to open a store on the premises. “We can confirm that we will be opening a store at 38 Main Road in Lakeside in the near future. Since we are currently in the process of working through the logistics and timing of this opening, we cannot disclose anything further at this stage.” People’s Post asked Joubert: “Will Pick n Pay consider hiring people who lost their job at Spar?” Joubert, however, declined to answer this question.

Choir for the homeless LILLIAN AMOS

“If you can speak, you can sing.” This is the slogan of the choir The Alliance Foundation of South Africa (TAFSA), a non-governmental organisation based in Maitland, wants to start for homeless people next month. The team will specifically aim at recruiting homeless people from shelters. Founder Glenda Alexander says the initiative – inspired by a similar project in Australia – will give “a voice to the voiceless”. “It’s not just about singing. These people need ongoing counselling, as they face severe hardship on the streets. I myself am a trained relationship counsellor and I am trying to get more counsellors to join this movement, so we can help these people deal with the problems they have, like why they are on the streets and to try and get them to grow more confident in themselves. Also it is to show them they can make a difference in society.” She says starting an initiative is not easy, because people don’t necessarily believe that being part of a choir can help them, but Alexander is confident that there will be a good response. The plan is to go to shelters to recruit members. They will then accept 50 members on a firstcome, first-serve basis, so no audi-

tions will be held. “Whoever wants to join after the initial 50 will have to place their names on a waiting list.” There is no payment for choir members, but all funds generated will be put back into the choir to buy things like T-shirts, musical equipment, food and transport. There are also plans to take the choir to Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival. Unfortunately the foundation is still trying to get a venue to host their weekly rehearsals. “People don’t want to let us use their premises because they’re scared the members will vandalise their properties. “What they don’t know is that we don’t just accept anyone from the streets. They have to be rehabilitated in order for them to be in the choir. Members have to be at a night shelter and they have to be clean and sober.” Alexander says they are looking for people with musical experience to help the choir with music pieces, as well as “choir angels”, counsellors who can help with the issues they are dealing with every day. Any donations of food are also welcome. For more information, please contact Glenda Alexander on 071 747 6476 or email

Enjoy a hike ACTION NIGHT: Ezekiel Jackson throws Sheamus Barrett over his shoulders at the WWE Smackdown appearance at the Grand Arena at GrandWest Casino on Wednesday 6 July. The WWE stars will also perform in Durban and Johannesburg as part of their world tour. Wade Barrett is pictured in the background. Photo: Michael Hammond

THE Meridian Hiking Club will be hiking in the Silvermine area above Kalk Bay on Saturday 16 July. Call Denise on (021) 685-7443 or 083 261 3326. . On Sunday 17 July, there is a full-day, strenuous hike in Jonk-

ershoek. Call Charmaine on 083 230 6793. . On Sunday 17 July they are hiking the Panorama Route at Jonkershoek. Visitors pay R15. Call Charmaine Friel on 083 230 6793 and visit


Tuesday 12 July 2011

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CLOSE CALL: This train is metres away from an area that only has three lines of barbed wire restricting the public from gaining access to the tracks.

‘Railway line must be secured’ TAURIQ HASSEN


N UNSECURED railway line in Heathfield is causing consternation in the community. Residents believe the lack of fencing provides an easy escape route for criminals in the area, and also allows the public to walk freely across the railway lines. People’s Post drove along the railway line from Retreat Station to Heathfield, and found several gaping holes in the fence. A few people were spotted running across the tracks. In one specific area, there were no fences in place. In another area the lock of a gate had been broken, allowing access to the tracks. Jill Sasman, a frustrated resident, lives opposite the railway line, and frequently notices people walking alongside the line. “For heaven’s sake, there are children walking home from school along these tracks every single day, and yet this is not a priority. We have been complaining about this for years now,” says Sasman in a letter forwarded to People’s Post. She also explained that their car had been broken into, but by the time she looked through the window, the criminal was running over the railway line. “I want to know what action plan is being put into place to rectify this complete lack of regard for public safety,” demands Sasman. Another angry resident, Wilma Cloete, also lives metres away from the railway line, and has lodged numerous complaints with the local ward councillor. She explained that children are even seen playing next to the lines, which is “dangerous”. “Only when one of them dies will something happen.” “I really don’t want to think badly about this, but the only time when you see some sort of action, is when somebody

FORCED ENTRY: The lock of this gate was broken off, allowing access to the tracks.

EASY ACCESS: A gaping hole in the fence close to the Retreat Station. Photos: Tauriq Hassen gets seriously hurt or even killed,” says Cloete. Cloete also agrees that the gaping hole allows for criminals to “freely escape” after they commit crimes in the area, as she recently experienced. Her washing was stolen from the lines in her back yard by an unidentified woman wearing a black beanie and a blue tracksuit. She initially spotted the woman jumping over her fence, but then could not stop her from stealing the items on the line. “When I came outside, she just ran over the railway lines and she was gone, so there went my daughter’s clothes, just like that,” says Cloete. Brian Wilson, another resident in the area, travels to the train station every morning, and is really worried over the number of people choosing to cross the railway lines through the broken fence. “People might ask why I care, but as a resident, you hear about people being injured and killed on these lines, so you would not want that to happen to anybody living around you,” says Wilson. Ward Councillor Jan Burger confirmed that the lack of fencing at the railway line is a “major problem”, and has been going on for years. “Members of the public have been sending letters of concern to the people in charge of the railway lines, but have received no responses to date,” says Burger. Regional manager for Metrorail, Lindelo Matya, says Metrorail has around 418 kilometres of railway lines to maintain in the Western Cape. “Vandalism is high and constant maintenance is costly. Maintenance and replacement of vandalised or stolen fencing happens according to a prioritised plan, based on risk assessment and is dependent on approved capital funding,” says Matya. According to Matya, a new fence is set to cost Metrorail around R1 000 for a metre of palisade fencing. Every year, R5,5 million is allocated for fencing projects in critical areas.”

CALCULATING SUCCESS: Western Cape pupils like Ilke van der Ross (front), converged on the Cape Academy of Maths and Science in Constantia last week for a mathematics development course organised by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. The course was aimed primarily at helping 150 learners who want to study accountancy at university. Photo: Leanne Stander

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FAIR CAPE: Cape Town is one of three countries in the running to be crowned World Design Capital 2014. Photos: Hanrie Bosch

Tuesday 12 July 2011

GRAND DESIGNS: Just some of the creative designs and artworks that have helped put Cape Town on the international design map.

Designing a new future for city HANRIE BOSCH

CAPE TOWN is in the running to be named World Design Capital 2014. This status is designated biennially by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) to cities that are dedicated to using design for social, cultural and economic development. Cape Town has been shortlisted with

Dublin (Ireland) and Bilbao (Spain), with the winner to be announced in October. Residents are excited at the potential revenue, tourism and job creation that this title could bring to the city. Gerhard Grobler, from Green Point, says that he is not surprised at all that Cape Town is in the running to win this honour. “Cape Town has grown tremendously in the past few years in the fashion, design

and music industry. “I really see South Africa growing towards an international standard and being able to compete with other cities on an international level.” Nadine Bezuidenhout is brimming with pride to be a Capetonian, saying: “This makes me even more proud to be living in the most beautiful place in the world. This is a really well-deserved title that I hope Cape Town will receive.”

Sfiso Enock is also excited, especially about the economic implications of such a designation. “This title will mean that Cape Town and South Africa will be firmly entrenched as an international travel destination. And it will open up a lot of doors for all of our talented designers.” But not all Capetonians are interested. As Johani Potgieter put it: “It’s really great, but I really don’t care about it.”

Talented surfer needs help TAURIQ HASSEN

SURFING the wave of success is what young Roxy Towill hopes to achieve when she travels abroad next month. Towill, from Kommetjie, is amongst 32 women who have been invited to take part in her third International Women’s Surfing Competition, which takes place in a two-leg series. The first leg takes place in Biarritz, France from 13 to 17 July and the second leg kicks off in China in October. Fresh from a South African Women’s Longboard Championship in Durban, Towill is hoping replicate her success in the upcoming competition. “I am really excited to be taking part in such a huge competition, and I will be representing my country to the best of my abilities,” says Towill. Towill, an asthma sufferer, is also involved in a number of charity projects. She took part in the Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour for the first time last year to raise funds for the education of a few underprivileged high school pupils in different areas. She also has her Masters degree in psychology, and has been invited by many schools and universities to be a guest speaker. She has also made an appearance in and written for several magazines and TV programmes. She also coached well-known personalities such as Ryk Neethling, the Parlotones and Micheal Mol in surfing. “I just love what I do, and I’m showing no signs of slowing down, but I’m rather picking up the speed to create a difference,” says Towill. Now Towill requires the help of the public to send her over the big blue sea to hit France with a bang. The dedicated surfer is now exploring means and ways to raise funds for her trip to France, just as she did for other successful local surfers suffering from serious illnesses in the past. Towill’s aunt, Karen Kilpatrick, says: “She is a very modest, humble and likeable good girl and she really deserves this help.”

Charity book sale THE Chaeli Campaign will once again be participating in the Cavendish Square Charity Book Sale, taking place on Thursday 25 and Saturday 28 August. The Chaeli Campaign is looking for donations of books, CDs and DVDs, with special emphasis on children’s material. Donators can call the organisation should they need somebody to collect, or drop off items at Chaeli Cottage, 18 Culm Road in Plumstead. All proceeds from the event will be used to promote and grow the organisation’s programmes and events, enabling it to “mobilise the minds and bodies of children with disabilities”. For more information, contact Lana on 086 124 2354, email, or visit

A musical meeting

SURF’S UP: Roxy hitting the big waves during one of her many competitions. If you are interested in assisting Towill in her quest for glory, contact her on 082 562 8687 or Kilpatrick on 083 260 0005. Towill is now running an online donation or raffle with prizes for the next three months, which started from 22 June and will end on 22 September. The prizes includes a Roxy 7’0 Epoxy Surfboard, two private surfing lessons with Towi-

Photo: Supplied

ll, a gift voucher to the Roxy or Quiksilver store at Muizenberg valued at R1 000, a oneyear surf school membership valued at R1 680 and two group lessons for someone and four friends valued at R1 900. Raffle tickets are R30 per ticket or R50 for two tickets. They can be purchased at the Roxy Surf School in Muizenberg, or contact Towill for further information.

THE Kaapse Kultuur Uitsaai Assosiasie, an NPO which focuses on the development of music and other art forms, will hold its first AGM at the Moravian Church Hall in Albert Road, Lansdowne at 15:00 on Saturday 16 July. The guest speakers at the event will be professors Hein Willemse and Linda De Vries. In addition, KKUA has recently been granted a licence from Icasa to broadcast as a community radio station on the frequencies 90.7 FM and 102.7 FM. For more information on the meeting or the radio station, phone Sylvia Thomas on (021) 761-0425 or 082 765 7846.


Tuesday 12 July 2011

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‘A haven for dealers, loafers and criminals’ HANRIE BOSCH


HE Grand Parade is being labelled a “dumping ground for illegal activities� ranging from drug dealing to the sale of stolen goods. It is also said to be a haven for pickpockets and petty thieves. One stall holder says crime on the Grand Parade, which had been undergoing upgrades to the value of R21 million since 2008 (“Parade upgrade begins�, People’s Post, 1 July 2008) is driving them out of business. FIGHTING BACK: Riedewaan Charles has been trading at the Grand Others blame the closure of the Parade for more than 20 years, and feels that his livelihood is under station deck market for the upsurge threat from drug dealers and the formal business sector. Photo: Hanrie GRAND SHAME: Trader Riedewaan Charles says the areas around the kiosks are a in crime. Bosch haven for drug dealers, loafers and criminals at the Grand Parade. h Riedewaan Charles, interim chairperson of the Grand Parade market foAccording to Mpofu, there has been a dras- ing the Grand Parade, and his livelihood, Paul Williamson, of the City of Cape Town’s rum, has been a trader there for over 20 years, tic reduction in the number of vendors selling come down to the fact that the area can not Business Areas Management, Economic and and says he has personally witnessed numer- illegal and fake goods in recent years, due to adequately compete with the formal business Human Development Department, says: ous illegal activities taking place at the their concerted efforts to improve the area. sector. “City officials met with the Grand Parade Grand Parade. Tasso Evangelinos, chairperson for the “We are losing customers because shop- Trader Associations on 31 May regarding “In recent times I have witnessed eight Central City Improvement District (CCID), ping malls are safer, there are no drugs and these same issues that are raised here, and drug deals and three cellphones being stolen. says that even though the area falls outside people have peace of mind that their belong- discussed how these issues can be taken forI have also been threatened with my life if I their jurisdiction, they will be placing a mo- ings will not be stolen. The crime is running ward. The City has most certainly acknowlkeep on speaking to the police and tell them bile security kiosk at the Grand Parade out us out of business.� edged the importance of the informal econoto arrest people here.� of their own initiative in order to help where But JP Smith, Mayoral Committee Member my and the informal sector specifically.� Charles attended a police imbizo last they can. for Safety and Security, says the traders are Charles is passionate about the area, and month in Cape Town, and pleaded with police “The crimes in the area are opportunistic ideally positioned to compete with the formal wants it to be restored to its former glory, sayofficers to do more to ensure a safe environ- crimes, because there are a lot people and a sector. ing: “The Grand Parade is steeped in history ment for both traders and shoppers in the ar- lot of places to hide. It is not as if we are deal“Traders in that area pay a nominal rate and culture, with most of the stalls being ea. ing with a syndicate.� that is massively subsidised. They are trad- passed down from generation to generation, Captain Edward Mpofu, sector commander Henry Giddy, chairperson of the Communi- ing on premium land that they pay a fraction in some cases going as for back as 50 years. for the Parade and station deck area, says pre- ty Police Forum (CPF), says although there of the price for, whereas formal businesses in I am passionate about it. If I was not, I would venting crimes, especially those that are drug seems to be a major crime problem in the ar- the area have to pay a much higher, market- not have been here for 20 years.� related, is not as simple as it might seem. ea, very few complaints are being logged with related rate. “The drug dealers on the Parade do not the police. “The City has spent a lot of money in recent have a permanent structure that they operate “This area has only had about one or two years upgrading the area, and most of the from. Instead they move around constantly complaints logged with police in recent traders are impaired by their own doing, as from one area to another, and when we do weeks, and this does not justify assigning re- was the case a few years back when kiosk manage to apprehend them they swallow the sources to the area.� owners were promoting illegal activities,� he drugs.� But for Charles the problems currently fac- says.






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Tuesday 12 July 2011

I’Jaaz crowned Quasida champs REYANA STEYN

FUSED: Southern suburbs jazz/funk/pop fusion band, On Q, is set to release an album soon. The band members are, from left to right, Byron Linevee, Jamie Steyn and Blake Hellaby. Photo: Jason Adonis

New band takes its cue LIAM MOSES


SOUTHERN SUBURBS band is poised to take the Cape Town music scene by storm. On Q, as the jazz/funk/pop fusion group is called, was formed less than two years ago, but has already performed at several major venues and become the house band at the Commodore and Portswood hotels at the V&A Waterfront. The band is made up of three full-time members, and three other artists who perform with the band when needed – depending on the type of performance. The core of the band is made up of Blake Hellaby, a 20-year-old pianist from Wynberg, 25-year-old Retreat resident and bass guitarist, Byron Linevee, and drummer Jamie Steyn, a 19-year-old Plumstead resident. The rest of the band are Matthew Rightford (20), a Newlands resident who specialises in jazz and pop-rock vocals, and Zeke le Grange (19). According to Hellaby, the varying musical backgrounds of the band’s members are what sets it apart from its contemporaries. “We originated as a jazz swing band, but now we’ve branched out into funk and the popular songs that people like to hear,” says Hellaby. “We also play a lot of African and Latin songs. We like to take songs that people know and do them up in different ways

to make it more interesting for people, as well as ourselves. For example, we would take a classic jazz song and do it in a Latin way.” The band was formed in October 2009 after Le Grange brought together Hellaby, Linevee and Steyn for what was supposed to be a one-time performance. Hellaby says that the “energy” of his band mates brought to the performance was what convinced him to make the trio permanent. The band has since gone from strength to strength, and its members have performed at the Grahamstown National Jazz Festival, the Artscape Youth Jazz Festival, the Cape Town Jazzathon and the Music Industry Development Showcase. On Q have already started recording an album, and hope to have one of their songs playing on radio stations by August. “We have already recorded eight songs and we wrote, recorded and produced the music ourselves,” says Hellaby. “We hope to put out a single for radio play by the end of June this year, and release some more stuff throughout the year.” All the music is being recorded in a studio at Linevee’s Retreat home. The band does not have any gigs planned for the immediate future, but will let the public know through their face Facebook page called “On Q Productions”. On Q can be contacted at

SARDA car boot sale THE South African Riding for the Disabled Association’s (SARDA) car boot sale takes place in Brommersvlei Road, Constantia, on Saturday July 16 from 10:00 to 13:00. Entry per car trading is R40, and for

browsers it’s free. There is plenty of parking and catering is available. Inquiries must be directed to Joan on 083 339 0897.

Discover your inner wild “WILD WITHIN”, a collection of baboon photographs by Liz Hardman and curated by Margie Murgatroyd, will be exhibited at the Casa Labia Cultural Centre in Muizenberg from 26 July to 4 September. Portraying aspects of baboon life, the photos also show the negative impact of human interaction along the scenic route near the Miller’s Point area. The winning art work from three local schools, Simon’s Town Primary, Kom-

metjie Primary and Star of the Sea Convent in response to a “Being Baboon Wise” competition, will also be on display. Two talks, to be held at 10:30 on 24 and 31 August, will be presented by Tali Hoffman on “Primate Neighbours: managing man and monkey at the interface of urban and wild”. For further information, contact Liz at (021) 786-2274 or the Casa Labia Cultural Centre on (021) 788-6068.

Take a drive and help MEALS ON WHEELS Plumstead is in need of volunteer drivers and hoppers to assist them for three days a week on Tuesdays,

Wednesdays and Thursdays. For further information, contact the centre on (021) 7612443.

THE I’Jaaz Quasida Group has been crowned the winners of Cape Town’s first ever Quasida Talent Show. The group from Mitchell’s Plain was chosen from seven groups who performed on Saturday 2 July at the Bellville Theatre. Hundreds of people from all walks of life braved the cold to see who would take away the prestigious title. Quasida is a form WINNING TEAM: Cape Town’s Quasida champions, the I’Jaaz Quasi­ of lyric poetry that da group, with the organisers of the competition. Photo: Supplied originated in Arabia. Later, in 1890, it was used by Imam the making”. Keyaamodien du Toit in Paarl. “Now that the platform has been created The show was organised by Rajie Deva- for the talented Quasida performers, we are jee, Jamal Mukaddam and Ganie Parker. urging groups to prepare themselves for It was presented by Zindah the following talent show.” Productions and Voice of the The organisers say they are Cape (VOC) radio station. negotiating to have the I’Jaaz People’s Post previously reQuasida group along with the ported that all Quasida groups other three groups who were were invited to participate for short-listed on the night, perthe winning spot. All the enform in Johannesburg. trants were showcased on “We want to showcase their Voice of the Cape (VOC) radio talent and also invite people station and the finalists went from Johannesburg to enter through to perform in Bellville. for the following Quasida TalThey were judged on their perent show,” says Mukaddam. formance, uniformity and also The organisers thanked the the capabilities of their voice VOC radio station and all its (“Quasida revival receives staff, the participants and all strong boost,” 28 June). the people who came out to be Seven Quasida groups were part of the audience, all the selected to perform on the judges of the event, the sponnight. Four groups were then sors who made the night possishort-listed and selected as fible and Ameer Palekar from nalists, and the I’Jaaz Quasida Woodridge Meat Hyper, who group walked away with the sponsored the floating trophy top prize. awarded to the winners. “It was great to see the talent People are already encourcome alive on the night,” says aged to enter for next year’s Mukaddam, who is known for Quasida talent show. his contributions to the theatre “We want the groups to start world, such as the production preparing themselves for next “The world unseen”. year’s competition,” says “Audiences were blown Parker. away as the seven groups who performed “The competition will be early to mid on the night took to the stage. The number next year. We are hoping we can make the of people who entered and the people who Quasida talent show better than this year’s attended the event shows that there is a one, and therefore we want the groups to need for a talent show of this calibre, and be ready.” that’s why it has been decided that it will Groups who enter should be no more be an annual event.” than 10 members, and individuals must be Mukaddam added that all the groups who aged 12 and older. performed on the night were “phenomeThey will be judged on their live performnal”, but in the end it was the I’Jaaz Quasi- ance, uniformity and also the capabilities da Group who stood out. of their voice. The winners walked away with a floating For more information, or if you want to trophy and R5 000 in cash. learn more about Quasida or join a Quasida Parker, who is a producer and presenter group, contact Devajee on 083 480 4313, Muof “Ramadaan at Four” and was the produc- kaddam on 076 651 9946 or Parker on tion director of the Quasida talent show, 079 135 7756. says the show was a “huge success”. Alternatively send an email to “The entire show and its talent was over- to inquire about whelming. We got more than what we ex- how groups can go about entering for next pected. All the Quasida groups were very year’s Quasida Talent show. polished and gave the audience a night to remember.” He added that the show was “history in

Now that the platform has been created for the talented Quasida performers, we are urging groups to prepare themselves for the following talent show

SMME breakfast meeting notice THE next SMME meeting at the Central Library will be held on Thursday 21 July at 07:15 to 09:00 in the Old Drill Hall, at the corner of Darling and Parade streets in Cape Town. Lorna Powe, of Sales Partners Rosebank, will talk on “Business Building and The Six Necessary Steps to Every Effective Sales Process”. Powe has worked with blue chip companies such as Old Mutual, Media24, Mobil

Oil, CSC and Clicks Group, both in South Africa and Europe. There will be a light buffet-style breakfast and networking opportunity prior to the talk, which starts at 7:40am. There is a charge of R15, payable at the entrance. To book, phone (021) 467-1542, SMS 083 539 8442 or email


Tuesday 12 July 2011

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SA’s greatest NEXT week, on Monday 18 July, scores of South Africans will come together and celebrate the life of one of the world’s most celebrated and renowned leaders. Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first democratically elected president turns 93 years old. And in contrast to traditionally sharing his birthday with scores of adoring young fans, this national hero will retreat from the public eye this year to celebrate with family and friends at an undisclosed venue. From humble beginnings, born in a small Eastern Cape village decades ago, this esteemed leader has come to represent what all South Africans should arguably aspire towards becoming. And what is truly remarkable is that after 27 years in a Robben Island jail cell, he was released to want nothing more than to sit around a table with his oppressor, and thereby encourage a nation to exercise the power of forgiveness. His sheer generosity of spirit, gentle nature and empathy is something which remains unrivalled by any one key leadership figure in South Africa. This “Madiba magic” manifests in the fact that all sorts look up to him. His fans are not limited only to those who share support of the same political party he had helped to mobilise in the fight for freedom and equality. Madiba magic transcends politics. It has allowed people to look past the political figure, and identify with the man. While celebratory and commemoratory campaigns roll out nationally this month, a number of campaigns to commemorate this joyous occasion from the unveiling honorary artworks to others committing 67 minutes to make a positive change within their community, in his honour. Perhaps the most lasting gift we can give is to appreciate each other and what the country has achieved. Along with the rest of South Africa People’s Post salutes a legend, who will forever be the benchmark we South Africans should strive to attain. Happy Birthday, Madiba!

Your SMSes

Why did dog slaughter happen? CONGRATULATIONS on the “Take it away” Free-Range Thinking column by Tony Robinson, as well as the excellent and topical cartoons and editorials that appear in People’s Post. The outrage expressed so well in your editorial “Doggone Mad” must surely echo the sentiments and thinking of all your readers. “The killing of a three-year old boy, allegedly by dogs, is tragic beyond description. Disgusting beyond comprehension is the reaction from residents of Sweet Valley informal settlement on the Cape Flats.” Unfortunately you are speaking to the converted. The people who should be reading this, won’t be: The cruelty and barbarism of the rampage on these innocent dogs is sickening. Perhaps someone could explain why people behave like this: Are conscience and compassion qualities that have to acquired and learned? Are some people are simply born without it? Do some people remain inherently uncivilised and subhuman?

Invest in society I AM an animal activist. I want you to know that companies must start investing in the Society for the Pre-

Or, as has happened in this abominable attack on innocent animals, do they fall into a category of collective psychopaths or sociopaths? Holbrook Jackson said: “Man is a dog’s idea of what God should be.” What irony! In exchange for unequivocal love, these “gods” offer neglect and brutality ... beating and kicking innocent dogs to death (who were ill-treated and ill-fed anyway). And leaving puppies on railway lines! One wonders why certain people derive pleasure from hurting, maiming, starving, torturing and killing other sentient beings; and whether the logic, reason and humanity missing from some human beings is replaced by sheer evil. Poverty and ignorance simply cannot be an excuse. Crime is attributed to greed and not poverty. As I write this, a striker also on the rampage for a 13% pay increase has allegedly also killed an innocent man. We have a society developing which is becoming completely out of control – and with no control over it. CHARLOTTE CAINE Claremont

vention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and all that they do. Invest in animal shelters and all they do, invest in schools – starting in primary schools and sports. WENDY SINDEN

Crime and safety . It’s high time the police crack down on refugees selling drugs in broad daylight in lower Church Street and around the Wynberg business district. . I refer to last week’s SMSes and would also like to query why the police – who clearly know who the drug dealers are and their whereabouts – allow them to operate? An answer is required in People’s Post from SAPS. BM . All the operations are taking place but we stay in Lindsay Street and there is a house that they raid but, thanks to the rats in the police, everything is missing by the time that they arrive. Come and check it out please. . TMNP rangers should be dressed in civvies. Better chance of catching muggers as they won’t know who’s who. Pippa Thumbs up . I would like to thank the staff of Lady Michaelis CHC in Plumstead who came to my assistance when things went bonkers while I was waiting to collect my medication. Whose got the power? . I’m also a pensioner at Musgrave Park. Not only have our free units been taken away, but the majority of our rent has gone up by R150! It’s really a case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. . When I bought my electricity at Shoprite in Wynberg Centre on 21 June, I discovered that my free 50 units were not included when I got home. I was told by Shoprite that I forfeit my 50 units when I buy my electricity so late in the month. It does not happen at any other store, no matter how late in the month. I’m still waiting on Shoprite’s manager to return my call. Who benefits from all those free 50 units? There must be a good amount of people buy their monthly electricity at any time of the month. ZH Wynberg . Can anyone please explain why last month, R100’s electricity gave me 50 free units and 142 units, totalling 192 units. This month

R100 got me only 74 units! Animal matters . Shocking and sickening to read about the treatment of the dogs at Sweet Valley informal settlement. Thanks, SPCA. . About the editorial comment entitled “Doggone mad”: I fully agree with the writer. While it is awesomely sad that a little boy allegedly died from a dog attack, if you cannot take responsibility for your dog by keeping it housed on your property, well-fed and cared for, you should not own a dog, especially if you have no money! No dog can protect you 100%, so either it is a pet, or don’t keep one. It is not fair on the animal who cannot possibly fend for itself. Animal lover . Not the dog owners nor the dogs are to blame for the attack on the children. The mother is – she left the children alone. How in the deacon can you leave a three- and fouryear-old (still practically babies) on their own? It’s a no-no! Sil, Kommetjie Appreciating the positive . Thank you to all who send solutions and positive SMSes and letters. You encourage and challenge me. Anya . Thanks and solutions inspire. Spite and negative words destroy. Think carefully about what you say, think, do or write. You must decide whether to build or destroy. Cath . I would like to say that people must not post things in the newspaper if it’s not going to help people in any way. They are just wasting space and paper, . Looks like most of these messages are sent from boring old farts. Moan, moan, moan … Shucks, even I am moaning now! General . Has anyone ever benefited from the workfrom-home job opportunities placed in this newspaper?Craig

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Tuesday 12 July 2011

HOORAY: The dancers jumped for joy on Muizenberg Beach, just minutes before it poured with rain on Wednesday 22 June. Photo: Melissa Le Roux

Driven to dance MELISSA LE ROUX


RIVEN by passion and a commitment to dance, the talented dancers of Out of Africa Dance Academy have participated in many competitions both nationally and internationally.

STEP UP: Out of Africa’s dancers, top from left, Jason Meyer, Kiala Kapela, Tamryn and Cailyn Naidoo. Lisa Cupido (bottom left) and Lucia Pretorius are in the front. Photo: Melissa Le Roux

Since 2005, the dance academy has been training street dancers to perform on stages

THIRD SUPPLEMENTARY VALUATION TO THE 2009 GENERAL VALUATION ROLL (SV03) FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2011/2012 Notice is hereby given in terms of section 49 (1)(a)(i) of the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act, 2004 (Act no. 6 of 2004), hereinafter referred to as the “Act,” that the Third Supplementary Valuation Roll to the 2009 General Valuation Roll (SV03) for the financial year 2011/2012 is open for public inspection at the venues as stated below as from 21 July 2011 until 30 August 2011. The forms for the lodging of objections are obtainable at these venues. In addition the valuation roll is available on the Council website as from 21 July 2011 (the address is provided below). Properties were selected to appear on the Third Supplementary Valuation Roll to the 2009 General Valuation Roll (SV03) Roll in terms of section 78(1) of Act if the property a) was incorrectly omitted from the Valuation Roll; b) has been included in the municipality after the last general valuation; c) has been subdivided or consolidated after the last general valuation; d) has undergone a substantial increase or decrease in market value since the last general valuation; e) was substantially incorrectly valued in the last general valuation; f) must be revalued for any other exceptional reason; g) of which the category has changed. In terms of Section 49(1)(a)(ii) of the Act, any property owner or person who so desires may lodge an objection with the municipal manager in respect of any matter reflected in, or omitted from, the SV03 valuation roll within the abovementioned period. Objections may be lodged in respect of these properties only. The owners of these properties will be notified of their SV03 valuations in writing at the postal address currently held on the City’s database. Attention is specifically drawn to the fact that in terms of section 50(2) of the Act an objection must be in relation to a specific individual property and not against the supplementary valuation roll as a whole. The forms for lodging an objection can be obtained from one of the venues listed below, and can be downloaded from the website. A separate objection form must be completed per property. NO. NAMES OF VENUE








08:30 – 15:45




08:30 – 15:45




08:30 – 15:45




08:30 – 15:45




Completed objection forms can be submitted as follows: • Email – • Fax – 0865886042 • Post to – The City of Cape Town, For Attention: The Objection Co-ordinator, P O Box 4522, Cape Town 8000 • By Hand - At one of our public inspection venues For more information: Sharecall: 086 010 3089 Web: DATE: 21 July 2011 – 30 August 2011


08:30 – 15:45

all over the world. The group of seven dancers – four girls and three boys known as Fusion X – have been dancing together for four years. “They are fantastic together. Their full-on team spirit shines through when they are dancing together. There aren’t any ‘I’m better than you’ attitudes with this group,” says Ivy Meyer, founder of Out of Africa Dance Academy. Meyer, who has been dancing for 45 years, started the academy to bring together dancers “who want to take their talent to the next level”. “The kids would come practice their dancing after school, and it wouldn’t give them a chance to be out on the streets doing things they’re not supposed to. This academy helps give these dancers a shot at making it big in the industry,” she says. Meyer’s son, Jason (22), is the choreographer at the academy. “He is very passionate about dancing, and comes up with unique styles. He tries his very best to be different; he makes a point of not copying styles in music videos,” says his proud mother. The dancers come from Lotus River, Athlone, Muizenberg, Parkwood and Lakeside. They have all been dancing for a very long time, but still need Meyer’s experience and expertise to help “polish them”. When People’s Post came face to face with the dancers, they were dressed for a practice session. Their passion and team spirit shone through as they ran across Muizenberg Beach to participate in a photo shoot. Meyer tells People’s Post a bit about some of the dancers: . Cailyn Naidoo (18) – “She is very shy, but I’ve given her an opportunity to dance in Fusion X so that the dancing that I’m looking for can come out. She dances beautifully, but I’m still waiting for her to get rid of her shyness.” . Lisa Cupido (22) – “Lisa is a fourth-year law student who loves her dancing. I am still waiting for her passion to come through in her dancing. She’s talented and passionate about her dancing, but it’s not fuelled in her dancing yet.” . Lucia Pretorius (17) – “She is still at school, but absolutely loves her dancing. Lucia is completely unique in her dancing, and what I love about her is that she doesn’t let anyone influence her dancing; she does it her own way.” . Tamryn Naidoo (24) – “Tamryn is really passionate about her dancing. She’s talented and is willing to sacrifice for her dancing. Being a fourth-year med student, she will only miss practices if she has to study; but that’s it.” . Kiala Kapela (19) – “Kiala has a passion for both music and dancing. He will use a beat of the music like no other. He studies sound engineering and he brings the enthusiasm into his dancing too.” The group is participating in the reality TV series, “Step up or step out”. Dance groups from Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg were chosen to participate in the series. Every day for one week, the groups had to learn a different dance style and perform it in front of a panel of judges. The group finished in the top eight and is still in the running to win. “Step up or step out” is broadcast on every Sunday at 18:05, and again on Tuesday at 20:30.

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Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

DON’T MISS IT: Ariel Dorfman’s play “Purgatorio”, starring Daw­ id Minnaar and Terry Norton, is on at the Baxter Theatre until Saturday 30 July, after its pre­ miere at the National Arts Festi­ val in Grahamstown. Clare Stop­ ford directs Norton and Minnaar (above) in a two­hander dealing with a man and a woman grop­ ing for understanding, forgive­ ness and redemption. Their fates are bound together by a horrific past, and freedom de­ pends on their willingness to sacrifice themselves. As their identities unfold in the drama, it emerges that they are each oth­ er’s interrogators, searching for mercy and repentance in this re­ imagined follow­up to the an­ cient Greek myth of Jason and Medea. Booking is through Computicket on 083 915 8000, or at any Shoprite Checkers outlet. Ticket prices for the Baxter sea­ son from range from R100 to R130. Photo: Supplied

THE CAST: The colourful characters of the play include, from left, “June”, played by Melanie Jessop, “Marty”, played by Jacqui Bloomer and “Lady Madge”, played by Lynn Moss. Photo: Supplied

A farce­within­a­farce THE Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society is doing its inept best to get their annual production onto the boards. They have chosen “The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle”, and the ensuing confusion, not helped by the less-than-sturdy set, “should have audiences screaming with mirth at this tongue-in-cheek comedy”. MADS (Muizenberg Dramatic Society) produces this coarse acting spectacular by authors David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin junior, under the guidance of Miranda Lewis. Having previously directed for the Sentinel

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Players, Miranda now makes her Masque directional debut. Her award-winning performances give her the depth to garner the best characterisation from her cast. Audiences will revel in the recognition of typical theatrical gaffes in this hilarious spoof. Shows are from Friday 22 to Saturday 30 July (excluding Sunday to Wednesday). Week nights are at 20:00 and Saturdays at 14:30 and 18:30. Tickets are R50 for Saturday matinees and Thursday evenings, and R60 for the rest of the shows. (Masque Theatre Club members enjoy a R10 discount). To book, phone Masque Theatre Bookings on (021) 788-1898.

Plaid in four-part harmony REHEARSALS are under way at the Clubhouse in Pinelands for an off-Broadway musical comedy by the Pinelands Players. “Forever Plaid” is described as a “deliciously goofy revue” that centres on four young, eager male singers killed in a car crash in the 1950s as they were on the way to their first big concert. Now, they are miraculously revived for the posthumous chance to fulfil their dreams and perform the show that never was. Singing in the closest of harmony, squabbling boyishly over the smallest intonations and executing their outlandish choreography with over-zealous precision, the “Plaids” deliver a programme of beloved songs and delightful patter.

Varying walks of life add to the interesting characters involved in the show. The cast is Simon Speck as Francis, the leader of the group who is also asthmatic; John Lambrou as Jinx, the clown; Chris Laurie as Sparky, shy, nervous and subject to nosebleeds, and Richard White as Smudge, a worry pot. The show is directed by June Wells and the musical director is Victor Tichart. “Forever Plaid” will be performed at the Pinelands Town Hall on Friday 29 July, Saturday 30 July and Wednesday 3 August to Saturday 6 August. Tickets cost R100, and include an American diner-style meal. For bookings, call 072 923 1035 or email

A festival of dance at the Baxter THE Baxter Dance Festival 2011 is now in its seventh year, and promises a bumper season from Thursday 6 October to Saturday 15 October, with innovations planned to showcase and celebrate Cape Town’s diverse and dynamic dance talent. The organisers are now calling for entries from dance studios, schools, companies, groups and independent dance-makers, as well as proposals from choreographers (including a DVD of recent work) for a speciallycommissioned, new, 20-minute choreographic dance piece. The closing date for applications to participate in this year’s event is Wednesday 13 July at 17:00. The main programme will feature work of various lengths by established professional companies, as well as the newlycommissioned work and invited companies, while the off-main programme, which takes place on Saturday 8 October from 14:00, will showcase young up-and-coming choreographers and student work. The fringe off-main programme from 14:00 on Saturday 15 October will include work by

youth groups, dance studios, school groups, traditional African dance groups and choreographers who specifically request that their work be staged on this platform for practical or other reasons. All entries may be emailed, faxed or handdelivered. No late entries will be entertained. Application forms are available from, or from the Baxter’s reception desk in the main foyer. Forms may also be obtained from and should be sent to Nicolette Moses, associate producer and planning manager on (021) 6803988, fax (021) 650-5260 or email Alternatively they can be hand-delivered to the Baxter Theatre Centre, Main Road, Rondebosch, marked clearly for her attention.

TRAPPED: Triple Threat in their piece “Another version of the truth”, from left, Kirsten Isen­ berg, Simone Muller and Kristin Wilson. Photo: Mark Wessels

DYNAMIC DUO: Willem and Louis van der Merwe are Silwer.

Photo: Supplied

Silwer performs at the Muze THE “SA’s Got Talent” finalists, Willem and Louis van der Merwe, will be performing at the Theatre In The Muze on Saturday 16 July at 20:00, Friday 22 July at 20:00 and on Sunday 24 July at 18:00. After their success in the “SA’s Got Talent” series, the brothers launched their singing career. They have been performing all over South Africa under their new name Silw-

er, singing local and international hits – their last show in Stellenbosch was sold out. For more information about Silwer, please visit, or like their Facebook fan page “Silwer” at Tickets cost R80 at the door. Reservations cost R60 at 083 648 3383 or 083 647 7925.


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Tuesday 12 July 2011 WENDY



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Tuesday 12 July 2011

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Fast feet

RANGERS BAT­ TLE: Igshaan Cassiem of MIT Rangers (left) tries to escape a tackle at­ tempt from Taariq Peters from Surrey Es­ tate Rangers in the under­9 clash at Prim­ rose Park in Ohio Street on Saturday morn­ ing. MIT Rang­ ers won the match by 10 tries to two.

Wilbeitoce Qhusheke from Hout Bay Celtic (right) manages to dribble past Zheesa FC’s Andre Bronkhorst in the senior Coca­Cola Cup at William Herbert sports grounds on Sunday. Zeesha FC, from Athlone, won 2­1.

Photo: Rashied Isaacs

Photo: Rashied Isaacs

Currie Cup cauldron TASMIN CUPIDO

ALLISTER COETZEE, his coaching team and the DHL Western Province squad now turn their sights on the Absa Currie Cup, which kicks off with a match against the GWK Griquas at DHL Newlands on Saturday. And after the DHL Stormers were again elbowed out of the play-off stage of the Super Rugby competition two weeks ago, the Cape side will be looking to win back the hearts of their understandably disappointed supporters by bringing home the coveted trophy. But for the Province boys winning the competition will be a challenge, as their injury list continues to grow while key players join the Sprinbok TriNations and World Cup squads. Scraping together a half-decent team to challenge this campaign may be difficult for Coetzee. Players such Rynhardt Elstadt, Dewaldt Duvenhage, Lionel Cronje and Pieter Louw remain sidelined with injuries, but are expected to be ready during the course of the campaign. During the Super Rugby campaign, critics spoke out on the seemingly evident lack of depth within the Stormers squad. Young players such as Johann

Sadie, Stephen Kitshoff, Kurt Coleman and JJ Engelbrecht were given an opportunity to showcase their talent on the highly-competitive stage, succeeding to a large extend. Yet a move that concerned many was Coetzee’s decision to call on Griquas flyhalf, Earl Rose, when Peter Grant, Gary van Aswegen and Lionel Cronje were injured. But many will be hoping that moves such as this will not happen throughout the Currie Cup, which is largely seen as an opportunity for exciting, new talent to be found. Selecting a captain will be first on Coetzee’s to-do-list, with scrumhalf Duvenhage likely to take the reigns on his return from injury – which could be as early as Province’s second match against the Leopards at Newlands on Saturday 30 July. In all, Coetzee will be looking at this Currie Cup campaign as an opportunity to expose youngsters to a larger platform, while also building on squad depth. The match against the Griquas kicks-off at 15:00, with a curtain raiser between the DHL Western Province women’s team and EP women’s team starting at 12:55. Tickets are available from Computicket and the Newlands ticket office.


WANTED Urgently

O g R in b m All maintenance, EpC lu alterations, contracts, Perfection and honesty is our legacy

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Tuesday 12 July 2011 SHINING SILVER­ WARE: The launch and draw of the 2011 under­17 En­ gen Knockout Challenge was re­ cently held at Ath­ lone Stadium. Pho­ tographed at the launch were the captains of various teams with spon­ sors of the tourna­ ment. At the back, from left, are Shalon McGear (Vasco da Gama), Courtney Keyster (Engen Santos), Edries Burton (En­ gen Santos deputy chairperson), Riya­ ad Norodien (Ajax Cape Town) and Ashley McKeet (Af­ rican Soccer Devel­ opment). In front, from left, are Court­ ney Ferreira (Um­ bro Business De­ velopment), Brad Bergh (Engen group sponsorship manager) and Peo­ ple’s Post editor, Feroza Miller­ Isaacs. Photo: Rashied Isaacs


CREATING a platform for young soccer players to possibly make strides within the footballing world has always been the underlying goal of the under-17 Engen Knockout Challenge – and this year the goal will be no different. The launch and official draw of the annual tournament was held at Athlone Stadium on Wednesday evening. Captains and club officials, as well as representatives of SAFA Cape Town and the tournament’s various sponsors all waited

in anticipation to see which teams would go head to head on the weekend of 29 to 31 July. The tournament will again be held at the Stephen Reagon Sports Complex in Westridge, Mitchell’s Plain. In its eighth year, the Engen Knockout Challenge gives teams from 16 teams the opportunity to showcase their talent in 48 matches. One of the key rules and life skill elements of the tournament is that teams stay throughout the duration of the tournament in an attempt to learn from and support their peers. Top players such as Tasleem Paulse (Engen Santos) and Zairon

van Beulen (Engen Santos) used the tournament as a stepping stone in their footballing careers. The champions of this year’s tournament will receive R10 000 and kit from Umbro (technical sponsors), while the losing finalists will get R2 500 in prize money. Dominated by Engen Santos and Ajax Cape Town since its inception, the likes of Old Mutual Academy, Vasco da Gama and defending champions, African Soccer Development (ASD), will be looking to again possibly trump the “big name” clubs at this year’s tournament. The first- and second-placed teams in each group will advance to

Rough ride Lieuwe Boonstra from Clare­ mont secured third place in the open men’s category of the DueSouth Xterra in Knys­ na last week. He completed the Pezula Field of Dreams course in a deserving time of 01:42:45. For Boonstra this event was an extra special experience, as it was his last professional Xterra race on home soil, as he plans to shift his focus to mountain bike stage races such as the Con­ tego Wines2Whales MTB Race. Photo:

the knockout phase over the weekend. Individual awards will also be presented to the player of tournament, top goalscorer, best goalkeeper, first hat-trick scorer, best manager and best referee, while a fair play award will go to the club to the most disciplined club. At the launch, Eric Gum, deputy president of SAFA Cape Town, revealed that the tournament will be seen as trials for the regional under17 team. “We will use this tournament to scout players; we have a number of scouts who will be out and about that weekend,” Gum said. From this team, a provincial

team will be elected to participate in the under-17 national championships in December. The four seeded teams for the tournament were Santos, Ajax, Vasco da Gama and ASD. Group A: Ajax Cape Town, Oregan Spurs, Kensington and Edgemead. Group B: Vasco da Gama, Cape Town FA, Bothasig and Masidlale. Group C: ASD, Juventus, Baltic Rangers and Trinitarians. Group D: Engen Santos, Old Mutual, Bayhill and Blue Downs. . People’s Post is the print media sponsor for the fifth consecutive year.

2011 29, 30, 31 JULY Stephen Reagan Sports Complex Westridge Mitchell’s Plain

Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg Edition 12 July 2011  

Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg Edition 12 July 2011

Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg Edition 12 July 2011  

Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg Edition 12 July 2011