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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Tel: 021 713 9440 Fax: 021 713 9481

DETOUR: The area where construction workers have already gouged a large piece of the mountain for the re­routing of the road and development that will follow. Photo: Anthony Allen

Toll Plaza protests continue STEFNI HERBERT


ROTESTERS plan on picketing at the Cape High Court on Monday, following their march to hand over a memorandum to the various roleplayers. Hout Bay Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (HBRRA) will lead the march to apply for a second building interdict to stop the construction on Chapman’s Peak. Chairperson of HBRRA, Len Swimmer, says: “Our advocates think we have a stronger case and we hope we will be awarded the interdict.” The angry protesters applied for an urgent interdict in March, but it was not awarded because there was no basis for the urgency. Swimmer says there is already irreparable damage done to the mountain after they gouged out a massive section of it, but it does not

mean they should still be allowed to go ahead with the construction. “Having the office block and toll plaza built is environmentally and morally wrong, not to mention illegal as it is being built on a World Heritage Site,” says Swimmer. If the judgement is awarded in favour of the protesters, construction will be put on hold immediately and in order for it to continue, an appeal will have to be lodged by the opposition. “If action is taken against us after being awarded the interdict, the taxpayer will have to foot the bill for the court action. “Even though this fight is costing us a lot of money, we have loyal donors and many who support this cause,” says Swimmer. Protesters marched from Hout Bay beach to Entilini Hout Bay offices on late Sunday morning. They handed over a memorandum to representatives from the re-

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224 Main Road, Diep River

R90 R35 R55 R50 R60 R55 R85 R55

spective parties involved in the construction – the Provincial Government, Entilini and their contractors, Murray and Roberts. Organiser of the protest, wellknown hunger striker, Bronwen Lankers-Byrne says: “About 200 people attended the march, but when we handed the memorandum over to the various representatives, they just took it and walked away, refusing to say anything.” Swimmer says there is no need for an office block or a toll plaza, it would be acceptable to construct a control room and simply have a boom operating on a prepaid ticket system. Swimmer says: “We could come to a settlement, but there are none so deaf as those who will not hear.”

THE SUITS: Representatives from the Provincial Government and Murray and Roberts wait for the memorandum to be handed to them. Photo: Fiona J. Hinds

PRESERVE NATURE: Protesters march against the toll plaza, requesting Gov­ ernment to remove the construction. Photo: Fiona J. Hinds


competition R500 prizes per night and R5000 in grand prizes


021 715 9919


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Tuesday 22 May 2012

In it to finish it Dear reader, There are only a few days left before the Jive Slave Route Challenge, on Sunday May 27, and I’m praying harder than ever before. I’m convinced that nothing short of a miracle, combined with a bagful of determination, arnica, ankle and knee guards and painkillers with the power of morphine, will help me go the 10km distance. Despite best intention a few short weeks ago, I haven’t stuck to my training plan (was there ever one?). I can’t be blamed though as I’ve had a number of pressing matters to attend to. Life! Between my work and personal commitments, I’ve squeezed in three runs in the past two weeks, one on my trampoline, one with a much fitter adult and another with two toddlers. I usually drive this energetic pair to daycare, but this time round, I ran them the 2.2km distance. I’ve never seen them more relieved to arrive at “Teacher Carol’s”, or happier to see my tail end as I ran back by myself. My eating plan is flourishing, with after midnight checks-in at an eatery drive-through for supersized meals, routine stops at a popular roadhouse for half a dozen samoosas - where incidently, I bumped into one of our coaches, who shall remain nameless - and loads of hot chips to warm the early winter chill. I think this is what’s meant by “carbo loading”. Though unscientific, my strategy has paid some dividends as I’ve lost lots of centimetres and have had to have some clothing adjusted as my favourite pairs of pants are literally swimming around my waist.

I must be on the right track, in fact this was confirmed by same coach who, packet of samoosas in hand, told me that as runners we can afford to eat such delicacies. I never want to stop running. Realistically, and I’m sure any expert runner will agree, I see no point in straining myself between now and race day or in incurring further injury to my athletic form, so I’ll be putting up my feet pretty much, secure in the knowledge that I will complete the race, whether I run, walk or crawl it. My reward will be knowing that I’ve finished what I’ve started and enjoying the sumptuous breakfast I’ve been invited to by the race organisers as a representative of People’s Post. I am usually famished after a good workout. After my long working week which ends on Saturday, Sunday will see me bright and breezy at the start of the Jive Slave Route Challenge half marathon and 10km race at 06:45, with my race beginning at 07:15 and breakfast lasting till 11:00, so if my maths is good, I’ll have a generous four hours to complete my run. At this pace, I’m not out to break any records, but may yet set a new record. I wish all race participants an enjoyable run, with immense admiration for runners like Edward Murdoch who, at 79, will be the oldest competitor.I will be cheering for you Edward. Till next time, go well! ConnectED is a weekly column, by People’s Post Editor, Feroza MillerIsaacs who can be contacted on People’s Post is online. Visit

Volunteer your time for a worthy cause Lions Clubs are a non-political, non-sectarian, voluntary organisation, composed of people committed to serving the less fortunate. The greatest gift is time, especially when it’s for a worthy cause. Your talents, combined with the efforts of others, will make a difference in your community. We look forward to meet you at the Meadowridge Library Hall, Howard Drive, Meadowridge. Tea, coffee and light snacks will be served. For catering purposes, please reply by Thursday 7 June to Sheila Scott on 083 369 5060, Or call Sandy Roman on (021) 762 1048 or email



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21055 E.&O.E.

ARE you interested in helping others to make a difference in your community? Do you enjoy fellowship? Would you like to belong to the largest international service organisation comprising of 1,3 million volunteers in 208 countries? Then we invite you to join us on Tuesday 12 June from 18:00 to 20:00 to hear more about Bergvliet Lions Club’s projects and meet our members. Bergvliet Lions has been serving the community since 1969. We are ordinary people, just like you. We assist children at risk, the physically and mentally challenged, our senior citizens and youth.

51 Paarden Eiland Road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Tel: 021 510 5500 Website:

Pictures are for illustration purposes only • Price incl VAT • E&OE • Terms & Conditions Apply • We reserve the right to limit quantities • Cash & Carry • No Traders

GOLFING FOR A CAUSE: A full field of golfers enjoyed The Sunflower Fund’s eighth annual Golf Day which was held at the Clovelly Country Club on Thursday 10 May. Players ended the day in the clubhouse, with an energetic and successful auction by Paddy Smuts. The funds raised will be used by The Sunflower Fund to help build the South African Bone Marrow Registry – helping those diagnosed with leukaemia or other life­threatening blood disorders find donor matches as quickly and cost effectively as possible. For infor­ mation on becoming a donor, please phone the toll free number 0800 12 10 82 or visit the website – Seen enjoying themselves were Mark and Tracey Gordon, and Lauriol and Wolfgang Kiebler. Photo: Adi Phillips

For the budding Picasso THE South African Society of Artists (Sasa) is holding its Members ‘1’ Exhibition from now until 27 May, at the Sanlam Hall, Entrance B, Kirstenbosch Gardens, daily from 09:30 until 17:30. This exhibition allows every member of the Society

to participate. Members may submit only one of their best works, of their own choice.This selfselected exhibition is particularly advantageous to new members within the Society, to have the opportunity to show and sell their work,

sometimes for the first time. It gives them confidence to submit works to all Sasa’s other prestigious exhibitions.For more details, or an invitation to the opening, contact Glenda Chambers on 082 222 2820 or email

SA film-maker sets the bar AWARD-WINNING film-maker, Amour Setter, is an awesome risk taker. She recently relocated to Bangkok from Tokai, Cape Town, to take her filmmaking career to the next level. She arrived in Bangkok and the news broke that the television commercial she shot for Chevrolet had won first place in the prestigious Chevrolet Route 66 competition in America. Four weeks after arriving in Bangkok she was whisked off to Los Angeles to attend the awards. Excited and inspired, Amour returned to Bangkok to complete two more commercials before starting with her exciting short film script They Came. Setter says: “The story involves heroine Ice Cooper, who is desperately trying to get on with her life and find peace. Unfortunately she has some formidable enemies who catch up with her in Bangkok and try to kill her. Ice is faced with the biggest decision of her life – should she take them down or take them out? This story has drawn the attention of some of the most talented actors in Bangkok, who love the script.” Like most passionate film-makers, Setter draws her inspiration from everyday life. The characters in They Came are based on characters she has encountered in real life. The film deals with the subject of stalking, examines the relationship between the three characters and shows just how far obsession can go. Setter is the grand-daughter of two well-known South African stage and film actors of the ’70s, Anton and Olga Heunis and the cousin of The Mummy actor, Arnold Vosloo. Amour joined the film industry in 1991 and began directing in 1995 where she cut her teeth on music videos and a few other projects.An experienced commercials producer, Setter has had her hand in several different projects over the years, including line producing a popular SABC

AWARD WINNING: Amour Setter won the Chevrolet Route 66 Superbowl competi­ tion in the Middle East/Africa category. Photo:

television series and publishing her first book in 2010. Even though she has tried her hand at a number of different assignments, her heart lies in directing and screenwriting. Setter plans to embark on the script for her debut feature film as soon as she completes They Came. Her short film is earmarked for all the major international short film festivals. Setter is currently represented by film companies in Bangkok, Dubai, Cape Town and Malta. She is also the independent owner of Auteur Film School, an award-winning on-line film school which she established in Tokai in 2006. They Came is scheduled for production in Bangkok in June.


Tuesday 22 May 2012

People’s Post Constantia-Wynberg Page 3

Expansion still on the cards TAURIQ HASSEN

DESPITE talk to the contrary, the MyCiti bus service will be expanded into Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha. The Cape Chamber of Commerce has criticised the expansion as reportedly being “economically unfeasible”, making the service “unprofitable”. Councillor Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater for the City of Cape Town, scrapped talks around halting the expansion. He feels statements by the chamber had been made on “assumptions”. “There is no problem with expanding the routes of the MyCiti bus service and it was only being criticised by the chamber, but we felt that before they made these assumptions to the public, they should have communicated with the City,” says Herron. The MyCiti system already recorded their three millionth passenger trip, which is expected to increase as the future phases of the system are in full swing. This would include a network of new feeder routes in the Cape Town CBD and along the Atlantic Seaboard, towards Hout Bay and to Salt River. “I questioned the chamber on what basis the extension into these areas would be unfeasible and requested that before any information is released to the public, it should be filtered through the City,” Herron added. There are currently 17 bus routes running from Table View, into the city centre

MyCiti buses at the terminal at the City of Cape Town offices. up until the Cape Town International Airport with about six IRT temporary routes inbetween. Herron explained that the City projects that by the end of 2013, an express service would be up and running and. “Public transport was not designed by the government to make a profit,” he says. The debacle comes weeks before the first anniversary of the MyCiti bus service, which will be celebrated by offering Capetonians free rides on Sunday 27 May.

Photo: Denzil Maregele/Photo24

It is hoped this outing will give residents the chance to “reflect on what has been achieved”, while at the same time they can look forward to the system being expanded throughout the Peninsula. “We have had enormous support from across the city since we started rolling out our first MyCity buses,” says Herron. All trips on the MyCiti buses on the day will be free. Each passenger will be required to visit any station kiosk on the day to collect a pass, which can be used

to ride on as many buses and routes as they want. “If you begin your trip on a feeder bus there will be ambassadors on the buses who will provide you with the necessary pass, so there is no need to make your way to the station first to collect your pass,” says Herron. Obtain route information and time tables on the website or contact 080 065 6463 or email

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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Should foreigners be allowed freedom of the city?


MAYOR Patricia De Lille has proposed to award the Freedom of the City to US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Describing the Obama couple as “guiding stars to our eventual destination”, a city statement says, if he accepts, Obama would join the ranks of former president Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. De Lille says in a “cynical age” there is a “desperate need for universal hope”. “Noting the inspiration they have been to us and the world, and acknowledging that their extraordinary success have only been possible with the support of each other, I have proposed to the Rules Committee, in accordance with all processes, that it recommend that the next meeting of Council honours Barack and Michelle Obama with our highest award,” says De Lille. There are however those who question the mayor’s choice. The Media Review Network and the Muslim Judicial Council called on the DA to reconsider the decision as they were appalled that the USA president and his wife were recommended for the award. People’s Post heard what readers had to say about this award going to the American presidential pair.

CAPETONIANS SHOULD HAVE A SAY: Belinda Van Wyk says: “The city belongs to all Cape­ tonians living in it, so shouldn’t we have a say in who gets the award? It’s not something to be handled lightly, they are granted the Free­ dom of the City after all. Maybe there should be a poll or something along those lines.”

NOT FAIR: Lauren Myborg says “There are so many positive role models in South Africa that’s worthy of the award. It should definitely have gone to a lo­ cal. My mother is a prime example.”

LOCAL IS BETTER: Mavis Londt says: “I suppose as the first black president of the United States he certainly has achieved a lot, but I feel the award should be given to someone local. There are so many people in the country who are much more deserving, such as someone who runs an NPO, benefitting the community.”

GOODWILL: Joschelle Jacobs says: “I haven’t really been following the story that closely but I’m sure the mayor had good reasons for choosing the American president. Whatever they are, lets hope it brings some good to the Mother City.”

GOOD RELATIONS: Hans Louw says: “It’s good to create strong bonds with other countries. It’s a ‘if you wash my back, I’ll wash yours’ scenario and that’s how it’s always been in politics, and always will be.”

MORALLY CORRUPT: Abigail Scheepers says: “Barack is in favour of same­sex marriages. What kind of example is the City of Cape Town setting for themselves by be­ stowing such a precious honour on someone with un­ christian morals?” Photo: Summer Jacobs

Pushing buttons for a living YOUR BUTTONS can help change a life. Over the years the Westlake Community Centre have been involved with many projects, but now they are concentrating mainly on beading and sewing. Judy Lambrecht who is involved with craft at the Westlake Community Centre says the “need for crafting” was born out of Ithemba which is the HIV/AIDS support group. The centre has been making necklaces from recycled buttons which have been donated to WUCT craft project.

Lambrecht says: “It has taken three years for this particular project to take off and now we are at last making enough necklaces for the beading ladies to actually earn a living”. As an NPO, the money, after costs have been covered goes directly to the creator of each necklace. Lambrecht explains the low cost material, as part of a recycling process, has been a viable project. “We are also trying to raise money to provide a salary for a craft co-ordinator and a portion of the selling price of each necklace goes towards this.” Lambrecht points out that after hav-

ing buckets, boxes and tins of buttons they are now down to very few suitable necklace buttons. “I want to make an appeal at the library for buttons”, says Lambrecht. “We would appreciate two or four holed buttons in all the colours except black and white.” The necklaces are sold at R40 and R50 depending on their length. For more information call Di Forrester in the mornings at the United Church, Westlake Village on (021) 702 1697. For more info on community projects visit


WE BUY OLD COINS, BANKNOTES, MEDALS, GOLD AND SILVER JEWELLERY, ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES We will be at Bergvliet Sports Club, Childrens Way just off Ladies Mile road on Friday 25 May 2012 from 9h00 to 18h00 to buy your old coins and collectibles Please bring all coins dated before 1960 (South Africa and Overseas)

Please do not clean the coins, it will reduce their value. Also bring all War Medals, old banknotes, antiques and collectibles. We also buy silver and gold jewellery – even if it is broken.

Phone 0741 829 829 if you have any questions

Cash in the hand is worth more than a tin full of old coins in the attic!

BEAUTIFUL BUTTONS: Two of the Westlake Community Cent­ er’s “beading ladies” show their button creations. Photo: Supplied

WORKSHOP: CAPE TOWN ALCOHOL AND DRUG ACTION COMMITTEE (CTADAC) – SOUTHERN INTERIM SUBCOMMITTEE Tuesday 29 May 2012 The Cape Town Alcohol and Drug Action Committee (CTADAC), Southern Interim Subcommittee will hold a workshop on Tuesday 29 May 2012 at 10:00 in the Retreat Library, Concert Boulevard, Retreat. The workshop will discuss representation of this subcommittee as well as address the substance abuse challenges in the area. The Southern Subcommittee covers Mowbray, Claremont, Diep River, Fish Hoek, Grassy Park, Heathfield, Hout Bay, Lavender Hill, Lotus River, Masiphumelele, Muizenberg, Ocean View, Ottery, Parkwood, Pelican Park, Philippi, Plumstead, Retreat, Seawinds, Simons Town, Steenberg, Strandfontein, Westlake and Wynberg. Please forward the name of the representative to Letitia Bosch on




Tuesday 22 May 2012

Crackdown on illegal arms, drugs and alcohol DRUG outlets in Westlake Village are being targeted by police. The operation was launched in the Kirstenhof policing area by visible policing commander, Captain Edgar Jones. Members from other units joined them to strengthen the operation – six members from Jones’ visible policing unit, six members from Wynberg police’s crime prevention unit, two members from the Maitland dog unit, two police explosives experts with metal detectors and 20 Correctional Services members with two of their narcotics dogs. Constable Deidre Solomon says: “A drug house in Otto Close, Westlake, was searched and resulted in the arrests of three males.” The open field next to the fence serving as a border between Westlake Village and Pollsmoor prison was searched.

“The team found 12 live shotgun rounds and five live 9mm rounds buried in the sand on the riverbank,” says Solomon. In a previous raid, Kirstenhof police received a warrant to search a different well-known drug house in Westlake. Solomon says: “A suspect was arrested for possession of narcotics, the suspect was charged and appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court.” Further searches were conducted on the open field opposite this well-known drug address where police found a shotgun, a rifle, an air rifle, seven live shotgun rounds and 19 tik sachets and mandrax tablets. However, nobody could be linked to the guns and drugs. Another premises was searched in Westlake and a suspect was arrested for dealing in liquor and 111 litres of alcohol were confiscated. In total, eight addresses and 185 people were searched.


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IN GOOD HEALTH: The Desmond Tu­ tu Testing Unit made its way to the busy main road of Salt River on Thursday 10 May. They provid­ ed the public with free tests for a range of illnesses. Nick Wells (left), technical officer of the Tutu Unit, takes down the details of Sibulela Fadana. Photo: Sum­


WILDLIFE­SAVVY: Storm Barry, Miss West­ ern Cape 2012, has committed to raising awareness and funds for black and white rhino conservation in Africa. Barry (back centre) vis­ ited the Dolphin Class at Best Buddies in Hout Bay to talk about rhinos and to raise awareness of conservation. With her are, back, from left, Grace Engelen, Ethan le Roux, Lilly Roberts and Marne de Swardt.


People’s Post Constantia-Wynberg Page 5

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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Give a dog his day TAKE your family, friends and the family dog to the Domestic Aninmal Rescue Group (Darg) sanctuary in Main Road, Hout Bay on Sunday 27 May between 10:00 and 15:00 to see all their gorgeous, happy dogs and cats, browse through the marquee full of stalls, and have a hilarious time negotiating the obstacle course with your family pet. Darg rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes hundreds of abandoned and abused dogs and cats each year, so organisers ask that even if you cannot adopt one of the animals, go and support Darg. Entry is R20 and free for children under 12. For more information phone Joy on 083 770 6814.

Dust off an old treasure

CLEAN SLATE: Imelda Neate, of Drug Testing Africa, assists one of the youth at the Chrysalis Academy during pre­counselling.

Photo: Summer Jacobs

Drug testing at Chrysalis reaps massive benefits SUMMER JACOBS

RANDOM drug testing at the Chrysalis Academy has reaped a “100%” success rate. This comes three months after introducing drug testing – done without any of the youth knowing who or when they’d be tested. The academy – in picturesque Tokai – is dedicated to helping at-risk youth through skills development as part of its social crime prevention strategy. Those who benefit from the academy have been identified as being at risk of gangsterism, substance abuse and unemployment. Chrysalis aims to teach the youth in its care how to take responsibility for their own personal growth. The drug testing project aims to reduce the level of substance abuse. And, says CEO Lucille Meyer, it is a first for

the academy since it was established in 2000. Meyer says the drug testing is in response to the “general increase of substance abuse in the province”. She explains the initiative was introduced after many of the youth admitted to substance abuse, with tik and dagga among the most common drugs of choice. Meyer stresses Chrysalis is not a rehabilitation centre, but acknowledges drug abuse among the youth is “a reality impossible to escape”. “The random drug testing was introduced so that we could get an idea of how many of our students were using substances. It also creates awareness, because when we do the tests, there are pre-counselling sessions where students are informed about the effects of drugs.” During the first week into their three-month course, 19 students were tested. Nine tested positive. In the next round, only

one of the 32 students tested positive. A month later 82 students were tested. All tested negative for drugs. Meyer believes the success of the random drug tests is underpinned by an official document – a chain of custody report – which states their results “in black and white”. “It does wonders for the students’ self-esteem when they are handed their results.” says Meyer. “They can hold their head up high knowing they have proof of being clean.” The success of the programme has earned it continued funding by the Department of Community Safety. Provincial community safety minister Dan Plato says the project’s success is based on the students instantly knowing their status and help is immediately available. The Chrysalis Academy can be reached on (021) 712 1023 or visit

THE last Alphen Antiques and Collectables Fair of the month will take place at the Alphen Centre Hall, Constantia Main Road (opposite Constantia Village), on Sunday 27 May, from 10:00 to 16:00. A variety of items will be on sale. Entry is free, lots of free parking, and refreshments on sale. For further information phone Des 084 626 7499.

Calling bookworms The Lions’ Club of Bergvliet will hold its monthly book sale on Saturday 26 May at Park ‘n Shop, Meadowridge, from 8:00 to 12:15. Donations of books are always welcome. They can be dropped off at the book sale or can be collected where necessary. For more information contact Sandy on (021) 762 1048.

Prostate support group meets The Prostate Cancer Support Action group (PSA group) will meet at 17:45 for 18:00 in the auditorium of Mediclinic Constantiaberg, Burnham Road. Dr Conray Moolman is the guest speaker. Newly diagnosed patients and their partners or carers from all over the Cape Metro are welcome to attend, meet prostate cancer survivors, and share details of their experience. For more information call or SMS 073 560 3067.

PLUS: Everyone who purchases a

Sealy, stands to WIN a Hisense 32” LCD TV. Valid until 31 May 2012 TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY

Tuesday 22 May 2012


People’s Post Constantia-Wynberg Page 7


Page 8 People’s Post Constantia-Wynberg

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Model turned wine expert retires AFTER 28 years as public relations officer of Groot Constantia Estate and Wine Sales, Mery Uribe retired last week. She celebrated with a lavish party in the Winery and soaked up the complimentary speeches from chairman Doctor Ernest Messina and general manager Jean Naude. Uribe started her career at Groot Constantia as a wine cellar guide and after two years, moved into the role of PRO. She has succeeded three general managers – Koos Stofberg, Dannie Apfel and Jean du Toit. She has hosted royalty such as Princesses Magriet and Irene from the Netherlands and Queen Sofia of Spain, sports personalities such as Shane Warne, the Waugh brothers, ambassadors, foreign consuls and three Canadian Indians (feather headdresses included), among many other international celebs. “Uribe’s gift,” Naude says in his farewell speech, “is that she can relate to everyone, from celebrities to farm workers.” “In fact,” Uribe says, “Saying farewell to the guys from the winery and other workers was really tough. I wanted to howl my eyes out.” What kept Uribe engrossed for so many years? “I am passionate about Groot Constantia, it is so beautiful and special, I am going to really miss it. I might take up their offer to

conduct the cellar tours part time, but right now, I really need to relax and reduce my stress levels. I am a people’s person and love the buzz, so I won’t stay at home forever.” Uribe has seen many changes in her 28 years. “The restaurants Simon’s and Jonkershuis have opened up on the estate and attracted many visitors. “And nowadays, tourists can hop on the Citibus at the Waterfront every 20 minutes and ride to the estate, Constantia Nek, Eagle’s Nest etc,” she says. It’s no surprise that this tall, gorgeous lady started life as a model in Durban and moved on to be a photographic model in Brighton, UK. “I loved modelling, but I was homesick and returned to Durban, met my husband Yumel, a musician from Columbia, after a fashion show and moved to the Cape. “We were living in Tokai when I saw an advert for wine cellar guides at the estate and applied, even though I had little knowledge about wine. “When I got the job, I completed wine courses with KWV and the Cape Wine Academy,” says Uribe. Uribe’s future plans include improving her golf and tennis and reading more books. Grant Newton, who will take over as e–marketing/sales manager, says Uribe will be a hard act to follow.

A PRO: Mery Uribe bids farewell to Groot Constantia as she retires from her position as the estate’s public relations officer. Photo: Supplied

SPCA appeals for book donations THE SPCA is seeking book donations for their various book sales. While they will greatly appreciate any book donations, they are mainly in need of books which fall under the following categories: South African books: non-fiction and/or fiction, Children’s, Religion, Inspirational, Classics, Novels and Art. Visit the organisation’s bookshop at the

Slave Route Challenge

Help prevent animals suffering

Sunday 27 May 2012

Limited entries on race day from 05h30 until 08h15

Start: Darling Street Finish: Grand Parade Half Marathon 21.1km 10km Run 5km Fun Run/Walk 10km Big Walk

SPCA premises, on the corner of 1st Avenue and First Road in Grassy Park between 09:00 and 16:00 Mondays to Fridays and weekends between 09:00 and 11:30. Alternatively, drop off your donations at the Vet Shop at 6 Gabriel Road in Plumstead. For further information call Natasha Johannes on (021) 700 4155.

UNCONTROLLED breeding of animals in the townships leads to terrible suffering. So says Di Fraser of Watershed Animal Rescue and Rehab, a NPO made up of volunteers that go into the townships to educate, feed and dip animals. A project they have taken on is to raise

funds for sterilisations, which they organise at no cost to the pet owner. “This is the only way to get the breeding under control and stop the sadness,” says Fraser. To help, SMS the word ‘SPAY’ to 40776 to donate R20 or phone (021) 442 7000.

Thursday 24 May

mission of sentence to certain categories of offenders in the spirit of Freedom Day. Colonel Belinda Low-Shang, deputy director of Development and Care at Pollsmoor, will explain remission of sentences. Kirstenhof police management will attend and there will be an Imbizo. Councillor Penny East is the guest speaker. Contact Karen on 082 923 0253

- 07:00 | R55-R90 - 07:15 | R20-R55 - 08:00 | R20 - 08:30 | R30

Online Entries for 10km Run and Half Marathon only | - close 19th May Race Number Collection: City Hall Friday 25th May 4pm - 8pm | Saturday 26th May from 10am - 5pm Entry locations for all events Saturday 19th May | Sportsmans Warehouse | Rondebosch and Tygervalley 10am until 5pm Friday 25th May | City Hall | 4pm until 8pm | Saturday 26th May | City Hall | 10am until 5pm

Market Toyota Athlone

Presented by

Race run under the auspices of Western Province Athletics and ASA

For further information contact Itheko Events Management | 021 762 8934 | |

Kirstenhof: Kirstenhof Crime Watch’s annual general meeting will be held in the Kirstenhof Primary School hall from 19:30. On Friday 27 April President Jacob Zuma exercised his mandate in terms of Section 84(2)(j) of the Constitution to grant special re-

Reaching high notes for the deaf ACCLAIMED soprano, Aviva Pelham, is raising her voice for the deaf. On Sunday 3 June she will host an afternoon of entertainment to raise funds for the Dominican School for the Deaf in Wittebome.This afternoon of entertainment is called Silent Dreams and will take place at the Cape

Town City Hall, starting at 15:00. The performance will also feature a number of supporting acts on the bill. Tickets are R75 for adults and R40 for children. Further information and booking from 021 761 8046.

Tuesday 22 May 2012


People’s Post Constantia-Wynberg Page 9

Without hope there is no joy D

EEP in the heart of leafy Bergvliet is the last place one would expect to find a counselling centre. Hope House, just off Children’s Way, was started eight years ago by Judy Strickland. Judy has cared for people for as long as she can remember, and has raised three foster children, as well as her own three children “I seem to attract people who need help,” she modestly explains. “I began counselling people from my lounge and never dreamed that things would grow so large. Funding is purely by faith and small donations from people who can afford to pay.” She began the counselling centre at the Mountain View Baptist Church and from there moved to St Martin’s Church which offered them a permanent home in Bergvliet. Furnished like a family home, Hope House has a cosy atmosphere, relaxing waiting room, and private rooms for heart-to-hearts. A large Wendy house stands in the garden, and this is used for one-on-one play therapy with children. “We help children (three to 18 years old) with behavioural problems, or children from abused, divorced or violent homes,” says Judy. These children are encouraged to act out their problems in the play area under the guidance of a counsellor. “ We hold morning and afternoon sessions for the little ones. We also hold anger management and self esteem groups in local schools . The little ones need lots of help, especially those with ADHD. It’s important to catch problems early instead of trying to correct them in adulthood,” explains Judy. There’s an air of understanding at Hope House which is a relaxing change from the workday attitudes and it feels like the home of a large, happy family. The stalwarts of this registered NPO are Judy, the director, her husband Allen Strikland and Celeste, the secretary. There are also 36 voluntary counsellors. “We also offer counselling to adults, which often takes place after hours. “ Adult relationships are fraught with pitfalls and the realities of marriage are particularly tough for some people. Judy says: “Relationships are a big problem, everything relates back to them – depression, stress, lack of communication – so we run regular marriage and parenting courses. There are plenty of problems which arise in blended families (divorced couples with children from previous marriages). These will run in the evenings from 19:30 to

21:30 once a month. The marriage programmes run for six weeks, once a week. “Although the counselling is dealt with on a Christian ethos basis, we don’t evangelise and the counsellors can also assist people of other faiths. At least 20% of our clients are from Moslem families,” says Judy. Student counsellors train at UCT, Cornerstone Institute and the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP). They also do field work at Hope House and many continue to volunteer afterwards. There are seven male counsellors at Hope House, so the whole spectrum of afflictions can be dealt with. Judy is excited about the new drug counselling centre which has just opened, “It’s a very nice centre in Steenberg Business Park in Military Road which is accessible to all areas, including Retreat, Lavender Hill and Bergvliet. “ “Drugs like Tic and dagga are a big problem in schools so we do talks in schools as well, and people are referred to us. The rising crime rate and unemployment are linked to drugs. “Shaun, a man with plenty of life experience is in charge of the new drug counselling centre,” says Judy. “He will be running a government recognized programme called Matrix for addicts, life skills courses in computers, help clients to do job research, compile CVs and generally assist them to become fully functioning members of the community.” Hope House’s baby project has been providing bags of baby clothes and toiletries to maternity hospitals for eight years. This provides new moms with everything they need to start off life with their new child, without this service many moms would leave hospital without any babywear at all. Anyone who would like to donate babygrows, blankets and baby toiletries can contact Hope House. “We need knitters urgently. We also need toys for the children that we counsel,” says Judy. Anyone wanting to become a counsellor, can attend a Training Course, which takes place over one or two years on a Tuesday evening. Enrolment for 2013 is in November. Other courses include parenting courses, anger management, addiction counselling and depression. New clients are referred to Hope House by hospitals, schools, police stations and schools, but anyone with a problem is welcome to contact Hope House at (021) 715 0424. For more details

PROVIDING HOPE: Judy Strickland (seated) with from left, Leigh, Celeste and Claudia in the facility’s playroom. Photo: Supplied








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HOPE HOUSE: The facility in Bergvliet is painted in a bright colour with art murals on a few walls. Photo: Stefni Herbert

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Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm

RRP R7199


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Pizza and Pasta Restaurant Satori offers a warm family setting in the heart of Kalk Bay Village, with the fresh smell of Herbs & Mozzarella from our Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Open 7 days a week, join us for our outstanding thin based pizzas, homemade pasta or relax with a glass of mulled wine.

With every Main Meal ordered Quarter Pizzas now also available Valid Evenings Only for May and June, 7 days a week No 76 Main Road Kalk Bay (021) 788 1123

Satori 10x8 -22-05-12

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TEL: 021 903 5254 TEL: 021 595 2909 TEL: 021 704 0349 TEL: 021 703 8622 MITCHELLS PLAIN INDUSTRIA TEL: 021 376 5699



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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Women muscle in against abuse SUMMER JACOBS

WOMEN came in their droves to support sisters in distress, affirming the WHEAT sisterhood. This year’s Women’s Hope Education and Training (WHEAT) Trust function was themed “1 000 Women United against Domenstic Violence”. The Cape Town Convention Centre was filled with a powerful energy on Thursday as women from different cultures and backgrounds rubbed shouldersl. WHEAT Trust chairperson Freda Daniels says: “Our organisation is one which believes in a world where there is social justice, equality and respect for women’s rights.” An impressive line-up of speakers who captivated the crowd with heartfelt words and inspiring messages, included Science and Technology minister Naledi Pandor; Lulu Xingwana, Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities; and WHEAT patron and philanthropist Wendy Ackerman. Investing in women-headed grassroots organisations, the trust aims to facilitate meaningful and positive change in their communities. Mustadafin Tafelsig Aids Project in Mitchell’s Plain is one such organisation. The non-government organisation works to combat the spread of HIV/Aids in Mitchell’s Plain. It facilitates HIV/Aids awareness campaigns, runs educational projects, provides home-based care and feeds up to 4 000 malnourished people as

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: Women enjoy the starter while listening to Minister Naledi Pandor making her speach at the Wheat Trust 1000's Women United Against Domestic Violence Luncheon at th CTICC Photo: Peter Abrahams well as those infected with HIV/Aids each day. Director Ghairunisa Johnstone says: “The luncheon serves as a reminder of what we, as women, are capable of. “We are in powerful positions because we have the ability to recognise our strengths and our weaknesses and how to overcome them.” The Ubuntu Rural Women and Youth Movement, in Klapmust near Paarl, is an organisation run by women. It was their first representation at the WHEAT function. The movement is aimed at equipping ru-

ral women and youth in efforts to make a positive change in their lives. The founder, Wendy Pekeur, explains they have three projects running. One of these is a health programme which focusses on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Pekeur says: “We believe impoverished areas are capable of producing doctors, advocates and lawyers, but a child born with FAS is unable to realise that dream.” Mienie van Wyk (58), a representative of the elderly on the Ubuntu executive committee, says being part of the Ubuntu Movement has given her a fresh perspective on life.

“I never had a formal education,” says Van Wyk. “I always felt excluded because of it, but now that I am part of the Ubuntu Movement I feel like I belong. I have learnt about my rights and ownership as a women. It has all lead me to be able to join in on this incredible lunch.” The event facilitated the process to renew the fight against women abuse in the city. To this end, it brings together ordinary women and representatives from government and the private sector in their common aim to eradicate domestic violence.

POWERFUL WOMEN: Wendy Ackerman (left) with Soraya Matthews, Executive Director of the Wheat Trust. Photos: Peter Abrahams

PODIUM: Minister of Science and Technol­ ogy, Naledi Pandor.

WARM: Freda Daniels, chairperson of the Wheat Trust, welcomes the women.

GOOD FIGHT: Lulu Xingwana, Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabili­ ties spoke on fighting domestic violence.

WONDER WOMEN: Morishia Fortuin (left) and Ghairunisa Johnstone, of the Mustadafin Tafelsig Aids Project in Mitchell’s Plain, networked at the function. Photo: Summer Jacobs

SUPPORT: Mienie van Wyk, from the Ubun­ tu Rural Women and Youth Movement came from Klapmuts. Photo: Summer Jacobs


Tuesday 22 May 2012

People’s Post Constantia-Wynberg Page 11

Feast of top Afrikaans theatre THE five most popular Afrikaans productions from the Woordfees in Stellenbosch take to the stage at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio until Monday 28 May. The season is called the Fees van die Uitverkooptes. The five productions, featuring some of the bluebloods in Afrikaans theatre and some up-and-coming stars, are Buitepos, Ont, Ou Blare, N is vir Neurose and Nag Ma. Wessel Pretorius’ one man show, Ont, was crowned top drama production at this year’s Woordfees festival. It is about the journey towards adulthood; a study in family relationships as well as a celebration of the joys of freedom and flight. Ticket range from R60 to R120 and booking for the Fees van die Uitverkooptes season is through Computicket on 0861 915 8000, online at www.computicket or at any Shoprite Checkers outlet. There are discounts for pensioners, students and scholars. For the complete programme and more information visit or

STEEL PANS MAKE STERLING SOUND: The eco­friendly musical instruments, all the way from Trinidad, will feature at the Baxter Concert Hall next week Friday. Photo: Supplied

Steelband festival for Baxter INTENSE: Marsha Norman’s Pulitzer prize­winning play Night, Mother, trans­ lated and adapted as Nag, Ma by Antoinette Louw and Sandra Prinsloo, ex­ plores the complex relationship between a mother and a daughter. Lara Bye directs Sandra Prinsloo (right) and Antoinette Louw in this heart­wrenching play about the bloodknot that binds and sometimes suffocates us. The re­ maining performances are on Friday 25 May at 20:15 and Saturday 26 May at 10:00 and 15:00. Photo: Supplied

THE annual Steelband Festival will take place at the Baxter Concert Hall on Friday 25 May at 19:45. Originally from Trinidad in the Caribbean and recycled from 44 gallon oil drums, the steel pan is an ideal vehicle for music instruction. Under the guidance of David Wickham of the Steelband Project (Western Cape) the following school and community bands will participate: Manenberg High School; Rie-

beek Kasteel Steel Band; Wynberg Boys’ High School Junior Steel Band; Camps Bay Primary School Steel Band; AfroTropical; Hawston Steelpan Band; and Wynberg Boys’ High School Senior Steel Band. Ticket are available at Computicket and cost R80 for adults and R40 for seniors and scholars. For further details, please contact David Wickham on 082 898 9663.

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NOTICE OF A MEETING OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN A special meeting of the Council of the City of Cape Town will be held on Monday 28 May 2012 at 10:00 in the Council Chamber, 6th Floor, Podium Block, Civic Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town, where the annual budget for 2012/13 – 2014/15 will be considered in terms of Chapter 4, Section 24(2) of the Municipal Finance Management Act. An ordinary meeting of Council will commence immediately upon conclusion of the special meeting. Please note that limited seating is available in the public gallery of the Council Chamber, and therefore seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Should you wish to attend the meeting, please contact Michelle Alberts on 021 400 3708 between 09:00-16:00. All requests for attendance must be received by no later than a day before the meeting. You will be required to provide your surname, initials and contact telephone number. Visitors are kindly requested to be seated by 09:30.


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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Unthinkable THERE is much to be said about man’s relationship with his pets. On the one hand, cats, dogs, birds and other beloved animal species are well cared for by their human families. The opposite holds for the unfortunate fourleggeds and furries who live with people who can’t fend for themselves, let alone their pets. Yet, an area such as Khayelitsha reportedly has a cat and dog population of nearly 100 000. This uncontrolled breeding has been contrived and deliberate by the thoughtless people who argue that sterilising or letting go of their dogs, will deprive them of income they derive from selling puppies. How did the situation spiral as out of control as it is to now be highlighted as a campaign by the South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust, is underway? Besides the need for sterilisation, the unforgivable abuse of thousands of animals by some communities, is heartbreaking. One of the worst reported cases of animal abuse last year was that of a dog found buried alive at a school “because it was a nuisance, hanging around the classrooms”. The dog was rescued in time. Few are as fortunate. Granted, not all poorer people mistreat their pets, but just as people cannot survive on “love and fresh air”, so too can’t their pets. The reality of owning pets translates to effort and money. Most youngsters have dogs because they think it’s “cool”. Sterilisation is a first step and should be followed by monitoring to drastically reduce the pet population, with access to animal welfare services and education initiatives. Harsh fines and sentences should be imposed on those convicted of illegally breeding dogs and keeping dogs for dog fights. How can a poor family provide for pets when they’re unable to provide even the basics for themselves? It’s not rocket science; just pure mathematics.

Don’t come begging to me I HAVE several dogs and their life is bliss divine. When I got them I knew what I was getting myself into. Food twice a day, grooming, vet bills, medicine, dog beds and blankets, walkers, dog sitters, the line of service does not end nor does the cost. So don’t tell me to help Khayelitsha’s 100 000 dogs. My heart bleeds for them but what business do these people have with that many dogs? All I hear about are open toilets, no proper roofs, no electricity, and no running water. So tell me what makes them think they can have 100 000 dogs running around? They don’t care. They don’t think. They only think from hand to mouth, so my advice is be kind to animals and put them to sleep in a gentle way. And, in future, give people in locations that have dogs, a hefty fine, like a traffic fine, until they understand that dogs come with responsibility.They are expensive to keep so you cannot pussy foot around just because it’s cool to have a dog. Think before you act. As for the people involved in fighting dogs for money, they must be put behind bars.I really

find it an outrage that you advertise for help. You are asking people to throw money down a bottomless pit because of other irresponsible people’s pets suffering. You are doing those pets a favour by putting them to sleep because they don’t understand why they are being kicked around everyday. South Africa Mass Animal Sterilization Trust, you must not prolong the agony of those poor animals and don’t ask the public to pay, make the owners pay for the cost of euthanasia. I am concerned about people like the SA Mass Sterilization Trust that have the affront to ask the public to pay for the stupidity of the dog owners in Khayelitsha. I am horrified about what goes on in the country. It is run by irresponsible people so how can the people in the street be different? Why don’t you ask Animal Rescue Organizations to advertise who relieve the suffering of animals? Call Jessica Perrim on (021) 396 5511. She’ll help you if she’s not too busy with her Golf Day for dogs in Mowbray. RALPH KRALL Oranjezicht

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: Edna (left), sits with Giellie Kropman and Alvon Collison. Photo: Supplied

A modern day saint EDNA Greenstein came highly recommended by a speech therapist working at Highlands House. Edna was a blessing to my Dad, Giellie Kropman, during the last years of his life (like a modern day Florence Nightingale). She cared and looked after him, like he was a member of her own family. Her only terms and conditions, when she became a permanent carer and companion for my dad, was that she would take care of him but not let him into her heart. These terms and conditions were however broken, as he crept right into her heart. It was inevitable as he was a humble, wonderful man, and did this to everyone who knew him. Edna was no exception. Edna drove him

around in her car, had him for Passover in her home, made him speak better, and gave him a reason to live with her wonderful personality. When he was sick she was there for him. She was also a huge help to our family. We can highly recommend Edna to anyone as she will not only bring peace of mind to the patient’s family but lots of joy to the person she cares for. She works at Darg and helps with the animals on a part-time basis. She was put on this earth to care for people and animals in need. Edna has a big heart and has so much to offer. She was a lifesaver to our family. Anyone requiring Edna’s service can contact her 073 148 3183. MARGOLITE WILLIAMS Green Point


Tuesday 22 May 2012

People’s Post Constantia-Wynberg Page 13

Up, up and away STEFNI HERBERT

The South African team should be ready to open their display at the Chelsea Flower Show today. Plants and flowers were recently inspected, cleaned and packed to be sent off to the UK. The team flew to London on Saturday 12 May to prepare the construction of the display and the vegetation was scheduled to leave on Wednesday 16 May. Taking vegetation into a different country is a difficult task, but the team managed to have all their plant species there for this regal show.The Chelsea Flower Show opens today (22 May) and runs until Saturday.

UNDER SCRUTINY: Vela Gumede, an inspec­ tor at the Department of Agriculture, sifts through plants and flowers checking for in­ sects. This is standard protocol for the vege­ tation used in the flower show.Photo: Stefni Herbert SEALED: Grant van Gusling seals the flower boxes, ready to be loaded onto the truck.Pho­

MODERN ART: Stephen Hobbs, the contemporary South African artist known as much for his in­depth understanding of local and global contemporary art as well as his innovative interpretations of city life, presents a talk titled: Contemporary South African Art: At This Present Point In Time. Through his personal contact with artists and study of art’s global players, Hobbs has his finger on the pulse of the contemporary art world. His own work offers fresh and unusual views of the social fabric within metropolitan areas. Hobbs was the curator of the Market Theatre Galleries, and has co­produced many urban and network projects under the name Hobbs/Neustetter UrbaN­ et. The talk will start at 18:00 for 18:30 on Wednesday 23 May at Stephan Welz and Company, The Great Cellar, Alphen Estate, Alphen Drive, Constan­ tia. For more information contact Cora Welz on (021) 794 6461 or Photo: Supplied

AFTER HOURS CLINIC Emergency & Trauma | Round the clock veterinary care | 24hr Food sales Monday to Friday 7pm-8am | Saturday 12noon - Monday 8am , Surcharges apply

DAY CLINIC For all your Pet’s General Vet Needs | Vaccinations | Sterilisations | Tick, Flea & Deworming products | New puppy & kitten starter packs & much more! Monday to Friday 8am-7pm | Saturday 8am-12noon , Normal veterinary rates

Road Signs • Road Markings, Rules Of The Road • Vehicle Controls


Alley docking • Parallel parking •Turn in the Road Palmyra Road, Sharks Club, Claremont


SPECIALISTS & SPECIAL INTEREST CLINICS Specialist Physician | Dentistry | Acupuncture & Homoeopathy | Eye Care

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WYNBERG Society and Douglas Murray Home for the Aged need volunteers like homecarers, drivers, general assistants, administration, tuck shop and charity shop attendants. The orientation will take place at the Douglas Murray Home on Saturday 26 May at 14:30. For more information phone (021) 712 2146 or 072 176 9341.





Volunteers needed at home for aged

to: Stefni Herbert

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Tuesday 22 May 2012


eksklusief aanlyn by

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Tuesday 22 May 2012

People’s Post Constantia-Wynberg Page 15

Countdown to Slave Route Challenge LIAM MOSES

WITH less than a week to go before the annual Jive Slave Route Challenge, members of the Lion of Africa/Itheko Sport Athletic Club are hard at work ensuring that the event is a success. For the second year running, People’s Post is the print media sponsor of the race. In the four short years since its formation, Lion of Africa/Itheko Sport Athletic Club has grown into one of the largest running clubs in Cape Town, founded its own unique road race, and, perhaps most importantly, changed several lives. The club was started as a result of founder Farouk Meyer’s community spirit and passion for helping others to become healthy. Shahida Jattiem (47) is one of the many people who have been helped by Meyer’s vision and the club’s commitment to welcome newcomers into the sport of running. This Rondebosch East resident was completely new to running when she joined in March last year, but the positive changes she has seen in her life and the enjoyment she derives from the club have turned her into a dedicated athlete. “It has made me stronger physically. It has made me confident. I

feel I can go out and do things. I feel I can go bungee jump if I want to. “I like the company. I see a lot of places that I haven’t thought of. I go to different places. I meet people from different levels of life. “I’ve made such a lot of acquaintances and friends. I have a lot of energy. You feel healthier. It helps the figure as well. For people that are overweight, I can see a difference. You can see people’s shapes change.” Jattiem added that the speed of her progress in the club has helped to increase her passion for the sport and for Itheko. “I like the fact that I can go from running a 5km to a 10km, to running a half marathon. I’m a normal person and I can do this. “I never thought I could run 30km. My next mission is a full marathon,” she says. Itheko has helped people with more serious health issues to take control of their lives and health. Rondebosch resident Faldie Ryklief is an Itheko member who has experienced, first hand, the positive effect that running and a correct diet can have. The 49-year-old has been diabetic for half of his life, and has not taken part in sport since he was diagnosed 25 years ago, “You kind of think by the age of

50 it’s going to be downhill. I have never felt as healthy as I do now,” says Ryklief. “It’s very difficult to control your diet as a diabetic. But what running has done for me is to make me think all the time about my health.” Ryklief added that since he started running with Itheko in December 2010, his health problems have gradually improved. “Since I started running, I am so fit. I am healthy and I’m feeling good. I use less than half of the insulin I used to before I started running. I’m off the cholesterol medication as well.” School teacher Amorett Truebody (56) has also seen a drastic change in his health since joining the club. Truebody started with Itheko just two months before Ryklief, and no longer suffers from high blood pressure. “I was put on medication, but the few times I have been to the doctor this year he’s been quite impressed. There are no problems whatsoever with blood pressure. Truebody has since become a team leader at the club and says that helping others to live healthier lives has become just as important as his own physical health. “What I actually enjoy more than the physical activity is giving back

to the community. It’s an attempt from my side to play my part in creating health awareness and assisting people who have never run before.” All of the club’s members say that running has become their preferred method of destressing after a hard day’s work. Itheko Sport Athletic Club will hold their second race, the Jive Slave Route Challenge on Sunday 27 May. Anyone interested in entering

the race or looking for more information can visit or call 021 762 8934. Participants can enter at the Cape Town City Hall this weekend from 16:00 to 20:00 on Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00 on Saturday and a limited amount of entrants will be accepted on race day from 05:30. The half marathon will start at 07:00, the 10km run will start at 07:15, the 5km run will start at 08:30 and the 10km big walk will start at 08:30.

FACES OF ITHEKO: Some members of Itheko who took part in the third race of the Western Province Athletics cross country league in Efindale on Sun­ day. Photo: Liam Moses

Lace up and get hiking with Meridian THE Meridian Hiking Club hikes for the next two weeks are as follows.Visitors pay R15. Saturday 19 May: Mowbray Ridge. A full day hike with lots of rock scrambling, requiring a good head for heights. Climb up Devil’s Peak and descend Newlands Ravine. Contact Dee Young on 083 261 3326 or (021) 685 7443. •Skeleton Gorge/Cecelia Ridge.

Climb Table Mountain via one of its most famous routes and explore the mountain dams. Contact Colin Blake on 082 532 3124. Sunday 20 May: Constantiaberg Circuit. This is a long, but fairly easy walk to circumnavigate Constantiaberg. Have all you need with you, including rain gear. Bring WildCard or pay entrance fee.

Contact Colin Attwell on (021) 531 6465 or 083 656 7121. •Tarturus Cave. Amble to the Cave, bring torch if you want to go inside. Rain cancels. Contact Joanne Dunn to confirm your attendance by email/sms: or 083 460 3634. •Seven Buttresses Traverse. Some B pitches along the way. The hike is in Off The Beaten Track by

Karen Watkins. Contact Ken Greaves. Phone or email: or 082 337 0277. Sunday 27 May: Getaway Hike. Walk along the Pipe Track, past Slangolie Ravine to go up Corridor Ravine. Explore a bit on top and have lunch. Contact Sam on 082 498 0361. Sunday 3 June: Silvermine South. Group leaves from the Sil-

vermine south gate and climb up Steenberg Peak, then across to Steenberg lower peak and onwards. Not a difficult hike, but fitness is essential due to the distance. Parking R5 or wild card. For more details, contact Rodney Manicom or email him at Alternatively, call 083 440 0054. Visit for more details.

Fast, furious and it is legal LIAM MOSES

FEW people can deny that street racing has developed into a subculture that is celebrated in movies and music from Hong Kong to Hollywood. Street racers seem to have their own language and their own customs and they associate mostly with other street racers. Films such as The Fast and the Furious have only helped to grow interest in street racing around the world, and most Capetonians would know that this pass time is just as popular locally as anywhere else. Paul Simon, events manager at the Western Province Motor Club (WPMC) and the organisation’s homebased Killarney race track, believes that the appeal of street racing is about far more than simple delinquency. “When you’re young and underaged, you aren’t really free, but when you get your licence it gives you some freedom,” says Simon. “I suppose that’s why the guys try to express themselves by challenging each other. Obviously it’s an adrenaline rush, I think all motorsports provide an adrenaline rush, and that’s why the guys race each other on the street. But they can be smarter than that and race on the strip.” Simon is in charge of running three different types of racing events at Killarney for street cars, two of which are very similar to the illegal drags which take place on Cape

Town’s roads most weekends. The first event is Street2Strip, which, as the name suggests, is exactly the same as illegal drag racing except that it takes place under the supervision of the WPMC, at a purpose-built venue. These events have been running for four years now, and, according to Simon, more than 4 500 different drivers have taken part during that time. Motorsport South Africa (MSA) Drag Racing takes a similar format, but is designed for racers who would like to take the sport more seriously. All the races are timed, winners receive prize money and a racing licence is required to participate. Street Car Track Days, the third type of event for street cars at Killarney, sees racers take on the full length of the track. On these days, anything from a 20year-old Golf to a brand-new Ferrari can be seen hurtling around the Killarney circuit at high speed. Simon says that these events provide street racers with the opportunity to compete in a safe and regulated environment. “Killarney’s drag strip is separated from the crowd by a wall and fences. You don’t have to worry about a family trying to cross in front you, coming home from supper,” says Simon. “Also, in the event that something does go wrong, an ambulance is always on standby. It’s also more controlled, so the bad elements have to control themselves. On the

streets they drink and smoke drugs and do all sorts of funny things.” Marlize Hoon, from Sybrand Park, took part in her first Street2Strip event in 2009 and since then she has progressed into a champion drag racer. The 26-year-old currently competes in the MSA Drags and has already won several trophies. Hoon says she has never taken part in illegal drags, but never misses a racing event at Killarney. “It’s the adrenaline I guess. You can imagine, being a girl gives me a different amount of attention from any other guy. I can’t get tired of the faces of the guys when they see a girl driving a turbo car,” says Hoon. “The first time I raced was towards the end of 2009 and they have events about twice a month. If my car wasn’t broken, I was there.” Simon added that despite the high level of regulation and safety, racing at Killarney could be just as adrenaline-charged and exciting as street racing. “I would be able to push it harder on the circuit than on the road. It can be just as exhilarating, if not more so,” says Simon. “I think here you can measure whereas on the street you can’t. If you’re on the street there is no measurement to see how you are improving or by how much you are improving.” The next Street2Strip event at Killarney will take place on Saturday. For any further information please call the WPMC on 021 557 1639.

A MAN’S WORLD: Marlize Hoon is a regular competitor and winner at legal street racing events at Killarney Race Track. Here she is with her Golf GTI. Photo: Supplied

START YOU ENGINES: Two racers line up during one of the legal drag racing events that are regularly held at Killarney race track. Photo: Supplied


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Tuesday 22 May 2012

SK Walmers battered after difficult run LIAM MOSES


BRUTAL run of games for Schotschekloof Walmers came to an end on Saturday when they squandered a first-half lead and succumbed to Hamiltons in Green Point. SKW was considered the underdogs, but their chances of victory were severely lessened by an exhausting match schedule that saw them play and lose to both UCT and Stellenbosch University in a five day period. The two university rivals are rightfully considered to be serious contenders for the Super League A title this season, along with Durbel Rugby Club. Facing both teams in such a short time – the last game just two days before the Hamiltons match – sent the SKW players into the weekend gasping for breath. Zain Daniels, head coach at SKW, says his team had been concerned about this tough period since the fixtures were released at the start of the season. “As soon we got the fixtures and saw this past eight days, what we were up against, we worked towards that, trying to pace ourselves.

“But obviously it was hard to manage because of the resources that we have. It was always going to be difficult,” Daniels says. SKW lost 36-28 to UCT at the Green Mile on Saturday 12 May and were defeated 45-23 by Stellenbosch four days later, on Wednesday 16 May. But despite this tiring run of fixtures, Schotschekloof started the game brightly and raced to a deserved 8-0 lead after 20 minutes, courtesy of a penalty and unconverted try. Hamiltons were unable to breach the staunch defence of the visitors and had to wait until the final minute of the first half to score, when a penalty from Dustin Jinka sent them into the break trailing 8-3. Unfortunately, the half-time break was not enough for SK to recover from their first-half heroics and Hamiltons went on to score four tries in the first 30 minutes of the second period. The visitors responded with two tries of their own in the 35th and 40th minutes respectively, but the late fight-back was not enough to secure victory and the game finished 27-22. Daniels believes that his team’s second-half collapse was inevitable. “We looked very tired in the second half.

COMING THROUGH: Hamiltons inside centre, Wouter Watermeyer, breaks through the Schot­ schekloof defense. Photo: Liam Moses We were worried that we wouldn’t last the game, actually. “We were worried about the legs. Whether we were going to last. It was our main concern. Never mind us coming here and having a chance of winning. “Motivation will take you as far as 40 minutes, and from there onwards, you could see in the first five minutes of the second half we were just standing and watching them play.”

The narrow margin of victory and late retaliation will have had SKW flyhalf Shafiek Judaar rueing his errors, as the eight points he squandered at the kicking tee in the first half would have ensured victory for his team. Fortunately for SKW, they have a two week break before facing fellow strugglers Belhar on Saturday 2 June. Daniels believes that his team could be in for another bruising encounter, as Belhar will be equally desperate to claim victory.

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Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg 22 Wynberg 2012  

Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg 22 Wynberg 2012

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