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Tuesday 10 July 2012

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Car guards still at work TARREN­LEE HABELGAARN

DESPITE threats that car guards at a Meadowridge shopping centre would be retrenched by the end of June, they can still be found at their usual spots. A cloud has been hanging over the continued employment prospects of Park ’n Shop car guards who in the past week have been threatened that they will be losing their jobs. The empty threats – including that Sunday was allegedly supposed to be their last day for work at Park ’n Shop – have sparked the attention of enraged residents and customers of Meadowridge.

A resident, who only wants to be known as Ms I Richardson, says: “They’ve been standing here for years and they have never caused anyone trouble. They are so good to the elderly people.” Many similar comments have been heard this week from customers who are angry about their loyal car guards who will be put on the street if they should lose their jobs. The Park ‘n Shop car guards, who all say they have refugee status, express their wish to find alternative employment. “My English is not so good. I struggle with the translation of my work,” says Vincent Kasanda, who is a qualified electrician. For many of these women and men, this job

is what keeps them and their families afloat. Car guard Antoine Minani says: “Jobs are not easy to find, I have a degree in accounting and business, but it is not valid in this country. This job gives me money; if there is no money, there’s no house and no food for my family.” Another customer expressed her gratitude towards the car guards, saying: “We can always count on them. If we need help, they assist and if we forget something in our shopping carts we can be sure they will pick it up and return it.” The support generated by the community towards the car guards has not gone unnoticed. “I would like to thank the community

for all the support they have given us this week,” says Minani. According to the car guards, as of Sunday, their previous employer – a man known only as Jeremy – no longer has a contract with Meadowridge Park ’n Shop. Their supervisor will now report directly to centre management until further arrangements are made. But, says centre manager Vanessa Sillifant: “Everything will remain the way it is. As far as I know there is nothing to report on.”


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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Let the buyer beware Dear reader, When it comes to our health, happiness and well-being, we’re prepared to pay any price and explore every option. And when conventional methods don’t work, we consider alternatives, often out of desperation – opening the door to exploitation for monetary gain. I have heard of some bizarre practices, which people are willing to pay good money to take part in, with the hope of being emotionally and psychologically cured afterwards. Ridicule, insults, humiliation and verbal abuse form part of the “therapy” offered by one such programme. Then there’s the plethora of healers that have popped up like weeds all over our city in the past few years. They usually go by names such as “Doctor”, “Chief”, “Queen” or “Mama”, and while the claims they make may seem ludicrous to some, for others who believe and are desperate, they represent a chance at love, health, employment, financial security, happiness ... Clearly their businesses are supported, as several rent in the pricey southern suburbs, place regular advertisements and pay for the print and dissemination of fliers. The promises made in these ads lure many unsuspecting people into spending their last penny on a visit to healers in hopes of it bringing them the job, husband or huge lottery win that would turn their lives around forever. While People’s Post respects our readers’ right as consumers to

City Sightseeing giveaway CELEBRATE Mandela Day with City Sightseeing and be a tourist for a day – for free. City Sightseeing is celebrating Mandela Day on 18 July. People worldwide will spend 67 minutes doing something good in their own communities in honour of the 67 years former president Nelson Mandela gave in service and sacrifice. To celebrate Madiba Day City Sightseeing is giving away five family package tickets – consisting of two adults tickets and two children’s tickets – for the Red Tour. To enter the competition visit and say what you will be doing to make a difference in your community on 18 July. Inspire others with your ideas and you could win a family set of

City Sightseeing tickets for an unforgettable day out in the Mother City. City Sightseeing is running a three-for-one winter special where two children under the age of 18 can travel free on the bus with a full-paying adult until 15 October. This special is valid on weekends, as well as school and public holidays. For pensioners there is a Pensioner’s Special. Buy half-price tickets for the bus or boat on Fridays from Bus Stop 1 outside the Two Oceans Aquarium. Show your ID to qualify. Grab your tickets at the City Sightseeing ticket kiosk outside the aquarium or visit http:// If you buy your adult bus ticket online you save an additional R40.

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make informed decisions when it comes to the products and services we advertise in our papers. We also uphold and share in the burden of responsible advertising. The revenue from advertising is essential to our newspapers’ sustainability and growth, but when it comes to ads of this nature, there are considerations. In the same way our editorial content is scrutinised for facts, fairness and accuracy, so too are our adverts. It is in this light we re-affirm your freedom of choice. You have the right to decide. But, let the buyer beware. Thank you to People’s Post reader Colin Taylor for your input around this important issue. Before I sign off, allow me to share this story with you... Being naturally curious, we want to try out things and some of us may have visited a healer for the experience, or if you’re a journalist, in the name of research... No names provided but this is that journalist’s experience:

. Visit healer in southern suburbs, assess consulting rooms and declare them light, clean and above board. . Met by “Mama” something and have consultation. No fee paid. . On second visit, “Mama” is joined by her husband, the “Doctor”, a tall, dark, authoritativelooking man. Goosebumps. . All go behind a curtain to a candle-lit room resembling deepest, darkest Africa Terror. “Doctor” sits on one side of drum with “Mama” and journalist opposite. . “Doctor” explains process which entails calling on the ancestors to tell the journalist what is wrong with her and give a cure. . Candles are snuffed. Journalist sees her life flashing before her. . “Doctor” starts invoking the ancestors and commands journalist to answer ancestors. . “Doctor” voice fades and is replaced by strange voice (ancestor) who begins conversation with mortified journalist who croaks one word replies. . After eternity, ordeal ends with journalist told to buy three black cows and five red chickens (something like that; at that point, accuracy checks flew off the radar) . Fee R80. Formerly fearless journalist happily parts with R100 and flees. ’Til next time, go well! ConnectED is a weekly column by People’s Post editor Feroza Miller-Isaacs who can be contacted on People’s Post in online. Visit

Write about Madiba IF YOU’RE in primary school, People’s Post invites you to be part of our newspaper’s special Mandela Day coverage. All you have to do is tell us what you think of former president Nelson Mandela. You can write a letter or a poem of no longer than 150 words. You can ask your parents or teachers to assist, but the ideas contained in the writing must be your own. A selection of these submissions will be considered for publication in People’s Post for our special coverage for this iconic South African. Email submissions to to reach us by Thursday 12 July.


Tuesday 10 July 2012

People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 3

Flaming flight

The Jazzart Dance Theatre took to stage at the Artscape Theatre in a production called Azishe! Translated from isiZulu “azishe” means “let it burn”. The annual festival’s name is believed to be inspired by the energy, passion and hunger of dancers to succeed. Photo: Nasief Manie/Photo24

Three arrested for attack TARREN­LEE HABELGAARN

A MAN walking his dog on Sandy Bay Beach was robbed by three suspects on Thursday. One of the suspects was armed with a knife and threatened the victim. The suspect demanded the victim hand over his bag.

As the suspects fled the scene, they pelted the victim with stones which resulted in an injured hand. Once the victim returned to his car, he met up with people who called the police. ADT arrested one suspect and the other two were arrested by police. The victim positively identified three men who were taken into custody,

All stolen items were recovered by the police. The suspects appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate court on charges of robbery. . The commanders of Diep River, Steenberg, Kirstenhof, Grassy Park and Wynberg police stations all met at a meeting in Lavender Hill on Monday. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how to manage the growing gangsterism in Lavender Hill.

Wonderful children’s events at Kirstenbosch THERE’S plenty to do at Kirstenbosch gardens this school holiday. Entry is free to children aged six to 17 years. . Today: Nature’s Treasure Box – a fun morning of songs, stories, games and exploration of natural treasures – at the Gold Fields Environmental Education Centre, from 09:00-12:30. It is suitable children from

six to nine years, who will also create a beautiful box to take home with them using nature’s treasures to complete their box. Tickets cost R35 each. . Enjoy free walks in the Garden on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10:30 or 11:00. Experienced guides are on hand to teach about the natural heritage. . Biodiversity and waste art workshops


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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Should Metro and cops merge? THE Metro Police may be absorbed into the police service – if government gives it the green light. The DA has reportedly vowed to fight this move by the ANC to create a “single police service”, DA MP Dianne Kohler Barnard said in a statement. People’s Post interns Tarren-Lee Habelgaarn and Luzuko Zini polled readers to hear their views.

LET’S BE SAFE: Mal­ ickah Leen says safety is important. “It really makes no difference. They are all police and they should be under one banner. If it will not affect the police or Metro police nega­ tively it is fine. If they will be doing their jobs and pro­ tecting us from crim­ inals, I don’t see a problem with it.” Photos: Luzuko Zini and Tarren­Lee Habelgaarn

IT’S ALL THE SAME: Aviwe Mbitishwa also believes all po­ lice are the same. “I believe it is fine that they can work together to fight crime; they are all police. Why can’t they get together and fight crime? If government does that, crime will go down.”

BENEFITS ALL: Ip­ tishaam Hunter thinks they should focus on fighting crime, then everyone will benefit. “My bakkie was stolen two weeks ago. I be­ lieve if they (the Metro Police and the police) were together at least my bakkie would have been back. I really be­ lieve if they would work together it would be for the best for everyone – and I’m not saying that because my bakkie was stolen.” CORRUPTION: Lionel Peterson is afraid that if the Metro Police gets absorbed into the po­ lice they may be influ­ enced by the corrup­ tion among police offic­ ers. “My biggest fear is that the Metro Police will be influenced by the police because the police aren’t always a good example to the youth.”

CHEAPER: Mo­ nique Ledger says it will be more cost effec­ tive for the country to have one form of au­ thority. “In my opinion it will be cheaper to maintain and run one unit than have two separate au­ thorities. It is less admin and will be better to monitor per­ formance. VISIBILITY KEY: Patrick O’Shea feels that things should stay as is, but the police can learn from the Metro Po­ lice, who are “more visible than the police because they patrol all the time”.

ASSISTANCE: Adri­ an Williams feels the Metro Police are more helpful than the police when it comes to assisting the community. They are also faster to respond. “The Metro Police are al­ ways willing to help when we need them and are quick to sort out the problem.” ENFORCING THE LAW: Bongani Ndlo­ vu thinks it will be a great way to keep the community safe by combining the strengths of both authorities. “It can be a good partner­ ship because the police are good at solving crime while the Metro Police are good at enforcing the law.”

Jewish bone marrow needed NATHAN ADONIS


MEDICAL deck of cards is stacked against a teenage girl who needs special intervention to save her life. Maike Förtsch (19) is cocooned in an isolation ward at Groote Schuur Hospital. A very rare form of leukaemia – with a 0.0 % immunity – puts Maike at severe risk of infection. Removing her glasses to rub her thumb across her eyes, Maike’s mother, Carine Förtsch, says: “It’s like she’s empty.” A donation of stem cells with a Jewish make-up will give her a fighting chance of survival. “Her great grandmother fled Germany before the war,” she explains. To see if there is a stem cell match, she says, requires “just a simple blood test”. The closer the match is to 10 the greater the chances of a perfect match. She frequently removes a crumbled white tissue from her pocket. “She can’t be a normal teenager.” The closest this reporter could get to Maike was to stand at an outer door which protects her from any crosscontamination. For Maike, it is the small things that matter. Straining to smile, Carine puts her glasses back on. “The biggest treat for her is feeling the sun shining through her window onto her bed.” Initially misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), the Förtsch family was warned the medication would lead to headaches, but “they got worse each day. She has always been pale, but I no-

ticed she was paler than usual”. Blue bruises marked her body and she was constantly exhausted. They now believe she may have contracted tick bite fever. After more blood tests, she was diagnosed with leukaemia in November. Maike and her family – from Windhoek, Namibia – sought treatment in Cape Town since then. For three weeks Carine hasn’t been able to kiss, hug or touch her daughter as they wait for a positive match. Previous donor matches have yielded no fruit. “Often you will find a family member who is a match, but I have two sons and neither of them match each other or my daughter.” Maike’s mother looks into the sunlight and wipes away a tear. “There are so many lives who don’t make it.” Support is her lifeline. “The first time she lost her hair, her boyfriend jokingly patted her scalp,” says Carine. “I wish for every girl to have someone like him for support at times like these.” Another cold reality hits. “The worst thing . . . it broke my heart ... my daughter won’t be able to go to her matric ball.” A perfect bone marrow match will give Maike simple pleasures. She wants to dance, feel the wind when horseriding and to kiss her mother. What is acute myeloid leukaemia? Professor Nicolas Novitzky, of Groote Schuur Hospital’s haematology department, ascribes acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) to the “instability of genomes in the stem cells”. This is when white blood cells – the

‘soldiers’ of the body – are over-manufactured and less red blood cells – which carry oxygen in the body – are produced. The soldiers are produced too rapidly and die off faster, leaving the body defenceless. There is hope, says Novitzky. “Better treatment is available and patients like Maike receive chemotherapy and await stem cell transplants.” But, he adds: “It is still a fatal cancer.” The cause of the instability is unknown, he says. What to do to become a bone marrow donor: Donors need to be fully committed, be in good health and need to meet the basic requirements of a blood donor. SA Bone Marrow Registry Deputy Director Terry Schlaphoff says: “It does help to have representation from all population groups as well as donors with multi-ethnic backgrounds.” During the bone marrow transplant, the patient’s own bone marrow is destroyed to accommodate the donor stem cells. The body then programmes the matching donor cells to produce healthy bone marrow. As a result, the patient may take on the hair and eye colour of the donor. There are currently about 19.5 million donors registered, but still some patients suffer. “The process is not invasive or painful,” says Schlaphoff. Once a donor is registered they may be called to donate stem cells. One day off work is needed and donations may cover the costs of the procedure. Call the Sunflower Fund to register on 0800 121 082.

NEEDS HELP: Maike Förtsch will have a fighting chance if she can gets matching donor stem cells. Photo: Supplied


Tuesday 10 July 2012

People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 5

Threat to ‘kill baboons’ TERESA FISCHER

IT IS an offence to maim or injure any animal, warns the SPCA. That goes for baboons, too. People should, therefore, not attempt to shoot, hit or in any way hurt baboons. They ask that residents instead allow the professionals to resolve the problem. This was noted in a press release issued by the Society on Friday. But sitting back and waiting may be asking too much of a Smitswinkel Bay resident who phoned People’s Post threatening to “shoot at problematic baboons”. Braam Spamers says a raid by a large troop left his house devastated. But, he says, the final straw came when a large male baboon, he calls Clive, jumped onto a six-year-old girl, growling at her. “If they don’t take control of their baboons,” Spamer says “we are going to start killing them.” He adds he is an animal lover, but is worried others will do worse. “My family is living in fear,” he says. He warns: “These animals are not safe,” adding others have an even more violent approach than himself. In contrast to the SPCA appeal, Felicity Purchase, chairperson of Subcouncil 19, responds: “You may defend yourself and your family. There is a particularly aggressive baboon – in fact two – in the Smits troop. I have seen this behaviour first-hand and can testify (to it). They have attacked another member of the community by jumping on him.” There are no burglar bars on the windows of Spamers’s house, which he rents. Purchase says burglar bars are “irrelevant”, and adds that the baboons have “attacked people on the beach and on the paths”. “They attack people as they get out of their cars. The threat is a real one. People are scared and for a long time nothing has been done to manage the problem animals.” She adds people are trying to protect themselves with whichever means at their disposal. “I have seen paintball guns, pellet guns and catapults; even pepper guns and tazers

and fireworks. You can’t blame them,” she says. “It is not a good solution and people are really afraid for their safety and that of their children.” The SPCA, however, implores all residents who find themselves interacting with baboons to exhibit understanding and tolerance towards the creatures who share their space. They say it is important to remember baboons are extreme opportunists and it is important to not provide temptation to them. Spamers’ neighbour, Craig Clifton, points out he never sees fines being imposed on people who feed the animals on the road. Clifton feels baboons are becoming more brazen because they have lost their fear of humans. He says the animals try and raid his house about twice a day, but he has made it difficult for them to succeed by putting up burglar bars. Dr Elzette Jordan, the City of Cape Town spokesperson on baboon issues, says if residents were to injure or kill a baboon and there were witnesses a court case may result. The outcome of the court case would determine the penalty as it is illegal to kill or mistreat a baboon. Jordan says it is not unusual for a baboon to jump on a child, adding it “might not necessarily be an act of aggression either”. Jordan says close encounters are always potentially dangerous. She says it is recommended to have burglar bars on windows with gaps less than 8cm should you live in a baboon affected area. Jordan says the newly-appointed service provider will assist in keeping baboons out of all urban areas. This month the SPCA Wildlife Unit expects a rise in instances of human/baboon conflict due to the absence of a baboon monitoring service provider. The City of Cape Town will be utilising its own rangers to provide a monitoring service in the interim.

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R1999 CABIN COMBO People with disabilities are still one of the largest unem­ ployed and disadvantaged minorities in South Africa. These individuals depend on social grants as a means of income. Rustim Afriefdien (left) a disability empowerment specialist, Western Cape Premier Helen Zille and chairperson for the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce Michael Bagraim were amongst those in attendance at the launch of the provincial department of Epilepsy Disability Employment Support Serv­ ices (eDESS). The programme, launched on Thursday 28 June at Kirstenbosch Gardens, is aimed at improving the working conditions for those with disabilities. Photo: Supplied

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Page 6 People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg


Tuesday 10 July 2012

HIV test failure WHAT message does government send when a banned HIV test kit is used at State hospitals? Two years ago, SA’s HIV/Aids status was cause for alarm. The Country Progress Report on the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/Aids carries a foreword by national Health Minister Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi. It reads that SA is “one of the countries most severely affected by the Aids epidemic, with the largest number of HIV infections”. The report repeated a UNAIDS estimate which put the total number of persons living with HIV in SA at 5,7 million. The primary prevention goal at the time of the report was for SA to “reduce the national HIV incidence rate by 50% by 2011”. This “ambitious target” would be achieved through “prevention” as government’s mainstay and “most sustainable response to HIV and Aids”. Fast-forward to March 2012 when a R22,5 million tender was reportedly awarded to a Durban company for an HIV test kit which was banned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) two months previously. The company, Pantech, would reportedly supply 4,5 million test kits – SD Bioline – over the next two years to government hospitals. The tender was given the green light after the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) approved the kits. WHO found the test kits have faulty results. Media reports indicate the WHO stated in its advisory that governments should “cancel any pending procurement and no new procurements be initiated until further notice”. Saying it was “not necessary to withdraw the product”, a company spokesperson reportedly said there “were only 66 000 faulty tests”. Pantech, said the spokesperson, has a “historical comfort with the product (which) has never let us down before”. The question begs: even if there was only one faulty test kit, who at Pantech and in government would trust the results of that kit?

Use adult educators Policing an essential service INTERNATIONAL Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on Tuesday was established by the UN general assembly in 1987. It serves as a reminder of the goals agreed to by member states of creating an international society free of drug abuse. South Africans have been found guilty of being drug mules in various incidents recently. In Cape Town, where the drug pandemic has grown, mayor Patricia de Lille launched the City’s Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programme. It took place at the Proteaville Recreation Centre in Bellville South, where more than 1 200 youths at risk were bused in and given information focused on prevention and alternatives to substance abuse. The campaign slogan Be smart, Don’t Start was the name of the rap jingle recorded by De Lille, under the guidance of popular rap artist DJ Ready-D and Khayelitsha hip hop artist Kanyi Mavi. The programme is imperative amid fears of youths – especially those with working parents – being tempted by drugs during the winter school holidays. With seven visible community policing sector forums under his command, Nyanga police

Cluster Commander Major General Robert Robberts launched a series of public meetings or imbizos. These were held in, among others, Athlone, Kenwyn, Rondebosch East, Lansdowne, Manenberg, Gugulethu and Langa. The aim is to engage all stakeholders – including law enforcement agencies like the Metro and traffic police; school communities, educators, learners and parents; faith-based and civic organisations; crèches; residents and businesses – to participate positively in discussing anticrime strategies and current trends in criminal activities. During question-and-answer sessions the community has the opportunity to voice their grievances and comments directly to senior police management. When previous national police commissioners Jacki Selebi and Bheki Cele displayed a poor public image through their misconduct and subsequent dismissal, the imbizos and the appointment of new National Police Commissioner General Riah Phiyega is welcome. It heralds a new season of credible visible community policing to regain credible public confidence in the essential services rendered by police. MARK KLEINSCHMIDT

This is how things can work THE gravy train folks must build shelters for all the homeless, this includes the sex workers. No-one sleeps outside in this cold and wet weather. At night the police must round up the homeless and take them to their shelters. All dogs and cats must be licensed and strays must be rounded up by the SPCA.

The water and electricity bills go on the taxes. All citizens pay taxes. The gravy train must cap petrol at, say, R5 a litre and subsidise the rest. I see the bigger banks now also have loan centres. Freeze the accounts when customers become unemployed. Period. OP HERMANUS

IF THERE is a shortage of teachers every year, why doesn’t the education department employ the adult educators? Surely they can do the same work as the mainsteam teachers. They have also studied at and graduated from universities. The education system in the Western Cape should be relooked at. I would love to hear the comments from Donald Grant. I hope for 2013 some agreement could be reached. SUE-ELLEN LEE VERGOTINE

Small towns going to drink THE Health Minister is concerned about the liquor consumed in South Africa. Perhaps he should look into small towns in the Karoo where there are three liquor stores in a small town and various illegal shebeens where half the men are incapable of holding a job because of drink. They work for a few hours, just enough to buy the next bottle of alcohol. And that is what happens to a lot of the small towns. Even though the ANC is running those places, that is to say they should be in charge, but alas they are only interested when it fills their pockets. You are worried, Mr Minister, so you should (be) because alcohol is destroying the moral fibre of our society. RALPH KRALL

Tuesday 10 July 2012


People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 7

My views on the persistent baboon debate Your SMSes . There have been a lot of suspicious vehicles and people roaming the streets of Bergvliet in the early hours of the morning lately – especially in the Ladies Mile Road area. Well done to all the committed staff at Kirstenhof police station who handle every single matter with such efficiency and dedication. You guys deserve a medal! Keep up the good work. It’s an absolute pleasure to deal with you all. If the rest of our police force follow the brilliant example of Kirstenhof, we will combat far more crime in all areas in the future. Isobel . How can Warrant Officer (Rodney) Franks say it is a civil matter? These criminals are stealing under false pretences. Do your job, open a case and investigate it! . We read so many serious complaints against the Diep River police. Who is supposed to be investigating this? . Now that we are paying 7,06% more for refuse removal I hope my wheelie bin will be returned to the front of my house after emptying where it is found every week. HA Thomas . I was sitting and reading the letter about skating. I would also love to know where I can skate. I have a speedboard. Where can I skate where it is safe? Tashwill, Kensington . South Africa was once a beautiful country. Now this country has become the haven for squatter camps (such as) Blikkiesdorp, “I want”, drug dealing, stealing and no law and order. . Jacob Zuma really loves his country and cares so much for our well-being that he has bought a R2 billion Boeing 777 which seats 300 passengers. Did he ever stop to think just maybe the money could rather be used on improving the lives of the people in our country? I guess his ego is far more important than those who have nothing.

I WRITE as chairman of the Trust whose purpose is to protect baboons and educate the public with regard to their activities and environment. Jenni Trethowan has been a fantastic advocate for the Trust and the baboons for over 20 years and continues to be our main spokesperson, but I feel that I also have to speak out at this juncture. Continually it is expressed by Professor O’Riain of the Baboon Research Unit at UCT, and by various individuals in the “authorities” involved in managing baboons, that baboons are the perpetrators in attacking humans. These views are constantly expounded in comments to the press, TV interviews, and communications within the

baboon-related authorities and to the public. In recent communications among the authorities – that I have seen – I would respond to two continually recurring expressions: . “... to fix a current situation in which a law abiding tourist finds a baboon on their back seat”. If the tourist was law-abiding then why is a baboon on his back seat? Is it not the tourist who must have been breaking the law by having his car stationary and unlocked; his doors or windows open; the authorities not monitoring the baboons to keep them away from tourists; the signage instructing the tourists not adequate? My point is that either the tourist or the author-

ities were breaking the law, and not the baboon. .“ I think we all accept that humans are the problem”. So why kill the baboons? We state categorically that if the authorities would simply uphold the laws and protocols that they have been mandated to create and enact then the tourists and other humans would be protected; our heritage would continue to exist; the baboons would remain unharmed; and the area would prosper from greater tourism finances and a more beautiful landscape full of our indigenous flora and fauna. SIMON JAMIESON Baboon Matters Trust chairperson


Page 8 People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Leading a green revolution TUCKED away behind Peddlars on the Bend, there is a flourishing organic veggie garden fringed with a couple of wooden huts which house the Soil for Life Foundation staffers. Pat Featherstone, the driving force behind Soil for Life, recently organised an “Eat for the Earth and Help Save the World” veggie lunch and raw food demo in a folksy wooden lecture hut and invited “greenies” to eat for the earth. People were also asked to make donations online to Soil for Life. “Donations have rolled in from 120 events being held in private homes all over the Cape,” said Pat who plans to hold another lunch on 16 October, World Food Day in collaboration with Compassion in World Farming. This tall, gorgeous earth mother said: “The world is a fragile miracle in the biosphere. Microbes, plants and mammals are dependent on the sun, water, air and earth, but the world is on the edge of no return due to the rising population, climate change, food and water shortages, threat of wars and the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor.” While we munched through salads, sprouts and raw pizza in the lushness of Constantia, field workers from Soil for Life organised similar events in KTC and Lavender Hill, to raise awareness about eating healthy, low cost meat-free meals – like beans, lentils blended with organic veg-

gies. The township folk were surprised at how good the meat-free meals tasted and how cheap they were to prepare. For eight years, Pat and her team of dedicated helpers have been tackling food security issues “one shack at a time” . They teach people in under-privileged communities how to start food gardens by recycling kitchen waste, paper, cardboard, etc., to build and improve the soil, conserve water and reduce the amount of rubbish being sent to the overloaded landfills. “Everyone can grow some fresh, chemical-free food in their home to boost their health,” she said. “A few herbs and greens can be grown in pots, or window boxes and added to salads and soups.” There are now dozens of organic gardens farmed by women and unemployed people in most of the poorer areas. Soil for Life teaches people how to turn the dustbowls around community centres, schools and waste land areas into flourishing veggie gardens. They also show people how to make preserves, chutneys and crafts (from recycled plastics). This simple plan has put food on the tables of many hungry households resulting in better nourished families and children. Soil for Life provides the training, the seeds, the tools, and other basics, plus a small dedicated crew to oversee the gardens until farmers are self-sufficient. Pat’s goal for 2014 is to establish 3 000

vacancy bulletin

GOING GREEN: Pat Featherstone of Soil for Life hosted an ‘Eat for the Earth and Help Save the World’ vegetarian lunch in the Soil for Life’s organic garden in Constantia. She is seen here with two musicians who played at the event. Photo: Supplied food gardens, but it costs R500 or more to supply the materials to establish one home garden. By teaching people to nurture the soil and grow their own food, Soil for Life has improved the lives of hundreds of women who otherwise would be unemployed and lacking in confidence. On the website, there are inspiring stories of women whose lives have become productive and profitable thanks to

this training. A donation of just R167 a month pays for one person to be trained in a gardening and business skills programme. (Call 021 794 4982 for details). Funds are also raised from Grow to Live workshops held in the Soil for Life garden in Brounger Lane, Constantia, for those who wants to learn how to grow green food organically and economically. Visit

Time to save the elephants The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Artjamming holds a twoday public event to help save elephants from the ivory trade. on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 July at Cavendish

Square 10:00 until 16:00. An auction of crafts made at the event will be held on Thursday from 18:00 until 20:00. For more information call Vanessa Holliday 0 (021) 433 0930

excitinG oPPortunities for Persons Who Want to maKe a difference


Administration clerk: Support (GiT Department)

Let your Business be noticed!


To Advertise contact Theresa

SERvicE bENEFiTS: 13th cheque, employer’s contribution to the pension fund, housing and medical aid allowance. RequiRements: minimum educational qualification: • Senior Certificate (or equivalent). ExPERiENcE: Appropriate office administration experience in a medical environment. cOMPETENciES (kNOwLEDGE/SkiLLS): • Advanced computer literacy: Microsoft Packages • Good communication skills (verbal and written) • Knowledge of medical terminology.

Tel: 021 713 9440 Cell: 072 136 1925

10 editions with over 318 495 newspapers distributed weekly.

DuTiES (kEy RESuLT AREAS/OuTPuTS): • Perform office administrative duties • Reception tasks • Medical Dictaphone/Typing of medical reports and other correspondence • Filing and faxing • Data capturing and database maintenance • Maintenance of time planners and diaries • Take, type and distribute minutes.


ENquiRiES: Ms C Barker: 021 404-3177 Please submit your aPPlication for the attention of ms f safodien to the chief executive officer: Groote schuur hosPital, Private baG x4, observatory 7935. iNSTRucTiONS TO APPLicANTS: Z83 forms (obtainable from any Government department or must: Be completed in full, clearly reflect the name of the position, name and date of the publication (candidates may use this as reference), be signed, accompanied by a comprehensive CV, the names of 3 referees and certified copies of ID, driver’s licence and qualification/s. A separate application form must be completed for each post. Applications without the aforementioned will not be considered. Applications must be forwarded to the address as indicated on the advertisement. No late, faxed or e-mailed applications will be accepted. CV’s will not be returned. Excess personnel will receive preference. Applications, which are received after the closing date, will not be considered. Further communication will be limited to shortlisted candidates. If you have not received a response from the Department within 3 months of the closing date, please consider your application as unsuccessful. It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as determined by the Department. As directed by the Department of Public Service & Administration, applicants must note that further checks will be conducted once they are shortlisted and that their appointment is subject to positive outcomes on these checks, which include security clearance, qualification verification, criminal records, credit records and previous employment.

P O S i T i v E A b O u T P E O P L E w i T H D i SA b i L i T i E S

The Western Cape Government is guided by the principles of Employment Equity. Disabled candidates are encouraged to apply and an indication in this regard would be appreciated.

closing Date 3 August 2012 Human Communications C94933E

Residents are invited to submit proposals for a new name for Subcouncil 16. The previous name was Good Hope Subcouncil (16). Please indicate whether you support this name, or propose an alternative name. The Subcouncil comprises the following wards: Ward 54: Robben Island, Camps Bay, Clifton, Mouille Point, Three Anchor Bay, Sea Point, Fresnaye, Bantry Bay, Signal Hill/Lions Head, Foreshore Ward 74: Llandudno, Hout Bay, Table Mountain, Signal Hill/Lions Head, Camps Bay, Bakoven Ward 77: Schotschekloof, Signal Hill/Lions Head, Cape Town CBD, Foreshore, Vredehoek, Oranjezicht, Gardens, Tamboerskloof, Table Mountain Written proposals must be sent to the Manager, Subcouncil 16, 11th Floor, 44 Wale Street, Cape Town 8001, fax 021 487 2208, e-mail by no later than Tuesday 1 August 2012. For more information please contact the Subcouncil Manager, Marius Coetsee, on tel 021 487 2055. ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER 101/2012

Tuesday 10 July 2012


People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 9

Page 10 People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg


Tuesday 10 July 2012

Tuesday 10 July 2012


People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 11


Page 12 People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg

People's Post Page 12

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Office banter at the Baxter AWARD-WINNING visual theatre company, FTH:K performs their latest production, OfficeBLOCK, at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio from Tuesday 10 until Saturday 21 July. Fresh from having won a 2011 Fleur du Cap Award for Innovation in Theatre, the company takes a look at life around the office water cooler, through a series of captivating vignettes that lift the lid on the tyranny of conformity and the culture of corporate greed in OfficeBLOCK. Set in the seemingly familiar world of white-collar workers and dreary office surroundings, everything is business as usual – or is it? “With scenes such as The Boys’ Club and The Art of War, we explore how power, greed, ambition and discrimination can inform and corrupt life within the workplace,” says artistic director, Jayne Batzofin.

The play features seasoned company members Marlon Snyders, Christopher Beukes and Sinethemba Mgebisa, who have performed in productions such as Quack! and Shortcuts. Joining them on stage is Asanda Rilityana, who was most recently seen at the Baxter in Mhla Salamana, for which she scooped a Best Actress nomination in the Zabalaza Awards. The company, whose signature style of non-verbal theatre encourages audiences to “listen with your eyes”, works with both deaf and hearing performers. OfficeBLOCK runs at 19:00 every evening, with a matinee on Saturday 21 July at 14:00. Tickets cost R85 for Friday and Saturday evening shows, R60 to other performances and concessions of R40 for block bookings, students, schools and senior citizens. Book by visiting Computicket on or 0861 915 8000.

Have a laugh Monday 16 July is a little bit of a Jok­ er’s graduates reunion. Catch Voda­ com comedy star Kagiso Mokagdi, Liam Bento and Colin Louw. The evening, hosted by Carl Weber, will be another ‘Lekker Lag Nag’ with Joker’s Comedy Club. Catch Joker’s Comedy Club every Monday at Florentine’s in Lower Main Rd, Ob­ servatory. Tickets cost R30. Con­ tact 078 246 5664 for more informa­ tion.

Black Ties: music for the soul FEEL like listening to soul music from yesteryear? Then join the Black Ties and Friends for Soul Classics at the Baxter Theatre from Monday 16 until Saturday 21 July. Cape Town crooners Chad Saaiman, Lloyd Jansen and Keeno Lee – who collectively form Black Ties – Sasha Lee, EBI and Lucy Tops, will belt out music from legends like Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Lionel Richie. Tickets at R100 can be bought via Computicket.

In a bid to promote the show, Black Ties, will also embark on a mall tour. They will visit the following shopping malls: . Blue Route Mall on Thursday 12 July at 19:00. . Cavendish Square’s Col’cacchio on Friday 13 July at 19:00. . Liberty Promenade promotion court at noon on Saturday 14 July. . Vangate Mall promotion court at 15:00 on Saturday 14 July.

THE SUITS: Lead actors, from left, Sinethemba Mgebisa, Marlon Snyders, Asanda Rilityana and Christo Beukes in OfficeBLOCK. Photo: Boniswa Isaacs

PLUCKING THOSE STRINGS: Inter­ national Guitar Night with Austral­ ia’s Michael Fix (pictured), Tony Cox as well as Alvin and Errol Dy­ ers will be held at the Baxter Thea­ tre on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 July at 20:30. Tickets cost R185. Book through Computicket on 0 0861 915 8000 or­ Alternatively con­ tact the Baxter on (021) 685 7880. A donation of R5 for every ticket sold will go to the Kronendal Music Academy, which provides music education to the di­ verse, underprivileged and eco­ nomically challenged communi­ ties of Hout Bay. On Saturday 28 July Fix also hosts a 90­minute workshop Acoustic Power with Michael Fix at the drama hall of the Constantia Waldorf School at 10:00. Participation costs R120. Booking is essential. Email Photo: Supplied

ARROW THROUGH THE HEART: Friday 13 July sees The Arrows (pic­ tured) perform­ ing live at Zula Bar in Long Street, Cape Town, at 21:00. The evening will also see Habit To take the stage. Tickets cost R80 at the door and R70 pre­sold through Webtickets. (webtick­ Photo: Supplied

Local jazz crooner show a must-see

MEN IN BLACK: Local lads, Black Ties, headlines Soul Classics at the Baxter Theatre. Photo: Supplied

CAPE TOWN jazz singer Clinton Viljoen will perform at GrandWest’s Jackson Hall every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 21:00 during July. Inspired by the likes of Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and George Benson, Viljoen has been in the industry for more than a decade and has performed

in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore for the past seven years. And although jazz is his first love, he also sings reggae, pop, rock ’n roll, RnB, hip-hop and soul. The doors open at 18:00. A DJ will provide entertainment until Viljoen takes the stage. Entrance is free.

Tuesday 10 July 2012


People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 13

Dig deep and help feed the poor NATHAN ADONIS

DO YOUR bit to help feed the poor this winter. Shoprite and Royco sponsor two mobile soup kitchens, donating 60 000 cups between Hout Bay and Mitchell’s Plain, but it is not enough to sustain this needed community service. Children served soup at an Eastridge soup kitchen may be left hungry if no help is offered soon. Esmeralda Maart has been running the Mitchell’ Plain soup kitchen which has offered daily servings for lunch.

HEALTH CHAMP: Tokai resident Tina Botha has been selected as one of three finalists in the Healthcare Givers category in the annual Shoprite/ Checkers Woman of the Year Awards. Botha has built the only organisation in Africa that educates and recruits potential bone marrow stem cell do­ nors onto the South African Bone Mar­ row Registry (SABMR), which is a state­asset saving the lives of hun­ dreds of people suffering from leukae­ mia or other life­threatening blood dis­ orders. The winners will be announced at a gala in Johannesburg. Photo: Supplied

Wednesday 11 July Wynberg: The Wynberg East sector 2 community police subforum (CPF) will hold a community meeting at the Wynberg SAPS at 19:30 regarding crime. Call Alwyn Mussell on 0 083 334 5363 or Warrant Officer Silvino Davids on 0 079 894 1470. Tokai: Are you afraid of public speaking? Toastmasters can help you overcome that fear and develop great presentation skills. Join the Good Hope Toastmasters meeting at the Tokai Library at 19:00 for 19:30. Call Ryan Skews on 0 072 558 9189 or 2

Saturday 14 July Hout Bay: The Friends of of the Hout Bay Museum have organised an hike from Wolfkop and upper Steenberg Peak back via Fat Lady’s Cave. Meet at Silvermine South car park at 8:30. Bring your Wild Card or entrance fee. There is a car guard. Duration 4-5 hours with Grade 2B Guide Clem Barker. Call on 0 (021) 762 9078 or on 0 073 2087 134 for more information.

Saturday 21 July Constantia: South African Riding for the Disabled (Sarda) carboot sale takes place on at the Sarda Centre in Brommersvlei Road from 08:00 until noon. Entry per car trading is R40. Entrance is free. Sale of clothing is not allowed. Plenty of parking and refreshments will be on sale. For further details 2

Lack of funding has Maart working with one hand tied behind her back. She is only able to serve soup two to three days during the week for now. But Shoprite and Royco jumping in once a month is not enough to feed hungry mouths. Learners from surrounding schools, creches, the unemployed, elderly and disabled are just some who benefit from the soup kitchen. “I do it for the children,” says Maart. “To see them being fed makes me happy. I’ve never come across people fighting for food.” Churches in the area provide some help and ease the load for Maart and her friends.

Maart started the soup kitchen two years ago and her good nature feeds an average of 1 000 people a month. Most of the people come from surrounding areas in Mitchell’s Plain, but residents of Khayelitsha walk to the soup kitchen as well. Maart wakes up at 6:00 every morning and is busy preparing soup by 7:00. They serve one cup per person and have to make 410 litres each day. “I help out at soup kitchens in Rocklands every Tuesday,” she says. Her struggling soup kitchen has not stopped Maart fighting for other feeding schemes. She hopes to help sustain other soup kitch-

ens by finding corporate sponsors. Maart’s biggest thanks goes to hawkers in her area that provide her with vegetables for the soup. Adams Butcher and Metro Butcher have al;so been supporting her. Lisa Ronquest, Director of Research and Development at Mars Africa says: “In a country where only one in five families are food secure, we believe that the communities served by soup kitchens benefit significantly.” “Children with iron deficiency perform worse on educational tests and are less likely to attend school,” she says. Anyone wanting to help can contact Maart on (021) 391 9070.


Page 14 People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg

Tuesday 10 July 2012


eksklusief aanlyn by

Waar koper en verkopers mekaar ontmoet

: 0860 11 69 18

“ Te l l i n g i t a s i t i s ”


Personal An informed lady doctor with her Muti Shop Maama Amida Furtune Pay after happy 083 690 8515 /021 838 2737 Mitchells Plain Promenade Mall DETECTIVE Matrimonial Matters.( 021 836 9036



ALPHA CATERERS Menus from R60 p/p. ( 021­703 6495 or 082 742 7098

QUICKTRIM GARDEN SERVICE Tree­felling with a difference. Also garden maintenance, mowing, trimming, flower beds, refuse removal and much more. Ph 082 875 5260

GARAGE DOORS & automation. 076 523 0306

Building Material A 6 cubic meter sand, stone & rubble removal. (John at 072 407 4289. A BAKKIE LOAD of rubble and garden refuse removal. Ph 078 6113 627.


Home Improvement Exterior ALTERATIONS, brick, plas., skin., tiling, etc. Good Refs. 076 124 4713




Wanted to Buy


Bridging cash for

Children’s Entertainment

Entertainment 911 MOBILE DISCO for all occasions. Ph 082 337 0911 DJ with sound and lighting.(083 369 6768

Lumpsum/Payout same day




At 67A MAIN RD, DIEP RIVER, Table View, also at 190 Durban Rd., Bellville (opposite Speedy)

CATER SUPPLIES 021­696 2394 or 084 588 0686 Plastic chairs R2. Round Table: 10 seater R10 Long Table: 10 seater R10. CHAIR COVERS FROM R3 Round table cloth XL R15 Long Table Cloth XL: R12 Organzas: From R2. We Deliver & Collect

Tel: 021 715 4896 Tel: 021 949 1215 Cell: 082 456 4104

CASH PAID For household furniture and Brick ‘n brac.

For Sale



Contact Andre on 083 518 9014 021 511 0449 (work hrs) 021 531 8889 (after hrs)

Discounted English fabrics New Summer Stock Upholstery, clothing, curtain weight, velvet, European linens, suitings. Retro, indigo, botanicals, Liberty lawn, tickings, Jonelle Schumacher, etc. Hand­blocked studio fabrics, gourmet cushions Mon ­ Fri 10am­5pm Saturday 9am to 1pm 51 Main Road, opp Muizen­ berg Primary School David Bellamy 084 314 5741 Wendy Houses SPECIALS 6 x 3m, R6 000 cash. 082 621 4441/021 393 5475

74 Electrical Appliances I BUY / SELL AND REPAIR ALL FRIDGES /FREEZERS & APPLIANCES DEAD OR ALIVE. 021 591 1699/084 985 7425




CONRAD 082 961 8108

TERRY'S REMOVALS 084 603 7135 OR 021­ 786 5185

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JOHAN 083 797 5678

ALL PAINTING WORK. Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713

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A CHASH LOAN UP TO R150 000 B/LISTED/GOVT WELCOME Same Day payout Ph / Sms Lizzy 074 295 9559


LOANS UP TO R250 000 Permanently employed blacklisted welcome PHONE 021 447 3593 CELL 071 762 0362

Electrical Repairs ALL ELECTRICAL WORK. Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713 PG & K ELECTRONICS Kensington Shopping Centre. Ph 082 682 1457 or 021 593 2729. Repairs to Fridges, Washing machines, Tumble driers, Tv`s


R1 000 ­ R150 000 (Bob on 021 425 7721 Blacklisted Welcome

General Services


Building and Construction ARCHITECTURAL EXPERTS Building plans. Construction / Estimating ( 021 903 9166 FOR ALL HOME AND OFFICE BUILDING AND RENOVATIONS In the southern suburbs and At­ lantic seaboard Contact MNA enterprises : 021­685 1387 (O/H)

· Replacement on all types of roofs, eg: slate, tile and metal roofs · Residential and Commercial · Torch-on Waterproofing & Maintenance repairs on all roof types · Roof Spray Painting · High pressure cleaning · Excellent Workmanship with · Reputable References e-mail:  021 556 5732


Plumbers ALL PLUMBING, good ref.. 076 124 4713


Swimming Pool Services

A BAKKIE LD frm A­B. Rea­ sonable, reliable 082 428 7349


SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952

GARTH'S PLUMBING SERVICES Geysers, taps blocked drains, etc Tel: 083 261 4306 / 021 715 1479

3 TON TRUCK avail for garden refuse and furniture removal. 076 124 4713

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TROPICANA POOLS & RENOVATIONS We specialize in the construction of: *Swimming pools *Rock pools *Rim flow pools *Designer pools *Artificial original rock works *Thatching *Wooden deck's *Koi ponds *Landscaping *All Home Renovations *Master off all cemcrete products FOR A FREE QUOTATION ­ Jean Pierre 082 471 3720


Rubble Removal REMOVAL OF GARDEN refuse, tree branches, home, garage & office junk. ( Nigel 083 426 5058


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Tiling/Flooring ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713

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Vehicles Wanted to Buy CASH FOR RUNNING LIC. CARS AND LDV RUSTY OR NOT. (Kevin ­073 269 8935

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With basic expenses and increased prices of petrol, groceries, electricity and even train tickets hiking up by 50%, there is just no way you can manage to pay your debt, as you cannot negotiate on those prices. However, with us you can consolidate your debt and pay less on your account instalments, and even pay less interest. Call us now on 021­788 4485 24/hrs: 078 221 0193 SCM DEBT CLEARANCE

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1.4 GL

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2011 Opel corsa 1.4 Toyota HiluxAlto 2.5 2010 Suzuki SwiftAlto 1.5GL, 2010 2012 Suzuki 2012 Suzuki 2012 Suzuki Alto Essentia Silver, D4D, White White, 1.0 GL Azure Grey 1.0 GL Azure Grey 1.0 GL Azure Grey 37610km 42000km R104,950 R269,950 R129,950

Vw Suzuki Polo VivoAlto 1.4, 2011 VWSuzuki Polo VivoAlto 1.4, 2011 2011 Toyota Hilux Alto 2.5 2012 Suzuki 2012 2012 Silver, Silver, D4D SRX 4x4, White, 1.0 GL Azure Grey 24500km 1.0 GL Azure Grey 26500km 1.0 GL Azure Grey 47500km R279,950 R119,950 R124,950

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Call: Emile 083 430 2773 • Ashton 082 794 0844 • Karen 079 257 4500 • Lee 072 856 6388


Regular garden maintenance, once off clean­ups, cutbacks and pruning Contact Steve 021­797 2442

BUILT­IN CUPBOARDS Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom cupboards, custom display and TV units, shop fitting, etc. Insurance approved (reference). Call Clinton 072 194 0694 for free quote


no hair 130312 1BD1EF0


Home Improvement Interior


Garden Services






Tuesday Tuesday10 10July July2012 2012

People’s PostSeaboard­City Constantia­Wynberg Page 11 15 People’s Post Atlantic Edition Page

Bay target SKW Gymnastics tourney at UCT LIAM MOSES

FALSE BAY are training their sights on SK Walmers (SKW) as they go in search of much needed log points to ensure their survival in the Western Province club rugby Super League A. LIAM MOSES

The Constantia-based club were on the receiving end of a 33-point drubbing in their OVER of South Africa’s rhythmic match500 against Hamiltons in best Green Point on gymnasts converged the just UCT sports Saturday, and currentlyon hover above the hall for the zone inaugural relegation on theSouth log. African Gym forHamiltons Life Challenge at the weekend. outscored False Bay by seven tries to two and slotted two penalties to win The challenge saw of all could ages, the game 47-14, but thegymnasts victory margin from nine provinces of SA and neighbourhaveall been greater had the Hammies kickers ing such conversion as Mozambique, compete notcountries missed three attempts. for Despite the chance takedefeat, part inFalse the World Gym the to heavy Bay coach for LifeHewetson Challenge in in Cape next year Chris was highTown spirits after the The first roundthat of performances in side the game, admitting a victory for his challenge started Fridaythe with the 24 teams would have comeonagainst odds. “I’m not vying medal ofgames ten gold upsetfor at all – it’splaces. not oneOne of the wemedrealals passage to the round. ly secured focus on.their We were plagued byfinal a lot of injuAlthough the competition has competitive ries very early into the game,” said Hewetelement to it, Elizabeth Cameron Smith, CEO son. of the South African Gymnastics Federation “Generally the conditions made it really, (SAGF), says that tournaments really tough. Ourthe steppers couldn’tmain step aim and isget to off develop and Our transform the sport. the mark. scrum suffered a little “Webut using it for purposes, bit, we are lookdevelopment forward to next week while links up with the SKW federation’s transwhenitwe actually target as a game we formation programme and what we are doing want to win.” in all thewould provinces,” saidhave Smith. A win definitely come as a sur“It’s abut great opportunity because allows prise, Hewetson’s team lookeditentirely everyone take part – they can compete capable oftostaging an upset at several stages whether they are two people, 50 people or 100 of the contest. people.” Bay were at their most effective when The top prize at the competition was evenlaunching daring attacks from inside their own half ball to their backtually wonor byspreading the Oceanthe Rhythmic Gymnasline, which kept the heavier Hamiltons pack tics club from Durban. on the move. However, Smith believes that the biggest However, Hewetson’s chargers victory achieved at the event waswere thateventwo tually who let down a handful errors – on teams, bothbyonly startedofgymnastics, which the home – and last year made itteam into capitalised the final ten andtheir will failure to make first-time now compete at the Worldtackles. Challenge next

The visitors left Green Point empty handed after failing to secure a bonus point, and they now sit dangerously close to the bottom two places on the log – currently occupied by Villager and Tygerberg. Hewetson said that his team would need to pick their battles if they are to avoid the drop at the end of the season. “I think the year. The twoorteams, Langa and bottom four five inone thisfrom league need to the be other from Astra School children worried. Atthe any given timefor you might with just physically and disabilities Monscalp one of thelearning big guys, but you’veingot to tana part ofUCT the Chalplay started againstgymnastics Durb-Bell, as Maties, and lenges Legacy Programme. Hammies,” said Hewetson. The programme, launch in May last “They will make which sure that you don’t get a year, sixOf trainers employed the think SAGF bonussaw point. the bottom four, Iby don’t with funding provided by the City oftoCape anybody is safe. It’s a matter of trying get Town. bonus points and beating the guys you The trainers should beat.” trained community leaders to become coaches in several areas Although Bay are still largely inacross chargethe of metropole. their own fate, and are confident of mainIn total, the programme sawA210 communitaining their Super League status, they ty leaders trained coaches in 14as different will need to gatherinto as many points possiareas around Town.fixtures. It involved over ble from their Cape remaining 1 000 fledging gymnasts. SKW are currently in the midst of mid-seaA total of 160 newly trained gymnasts went son revival, having lost for the first time in on compete at the challenge this weekend, sixto games on Saturday. They were defeated the of whomDurb-Bell. was only four-years31-12youngest by table-toppers old, while the was in 70.the reverse fixWalmers beatoldest Bay 39-21 Smith added Herbstein the programme would continture at Philip in Constantia last ue after but the Hewetson World Challenge next “It’s month, believes thatyear. neither to spread gymnastics into the townships. We form nor recent history will matter when the have employed two sides meet.six full-time coaches, who go into thealways community they train the lead“It’s been and a gamble between the ers. train athe Those coaches two. They It’s always bittrainer. of an arm wrestle. It’s then helpofthe coaches give classes the just one those gamestowhere I knowtothat children.” they lift their game for us,” said Hewetson. “The beauty of theoflegacy programme “There are a couple ex-False Bay playersis that it will continue the playing in that team after so it’s2013. a bitYou of akeep grudge match here andand there, butkeep it’s certainly children busy you them offone the where we have shown in the past that we can streets.” beat are confident.” Thethem. Gym We for Life World Challenge will be SKW at and will meet in Green hosted theFalse Cape Bay Town International ConPoint atCentre 16:00 on Saturday. vention from Wednesday 10 to Sunday 14 July 2013. The tournament will feature teams from 33 different countries.

SYNCHRONISED: A team of rhythmic perform their the routine the South CUTTING IN: Hamiltons fullback Pierregymnasts Cronje scythes through Falseduring Bay defence and African heads Gym for Life Challenge at the UCT sports hall on Sunday. Photo: Liam EnverMoses Essop towards the tryline on Saturday. Photo:

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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Bay ready for SK Walmers LIAM MOSES

FALSE BAY are training their sights on SK Walmers (SKW) as they go in search of much needed log points to ensure their survival in the Western Province club rugby Super League A. The Constantia-based club were on the receiving end of a 33-point drubbing in their match against Hamiltons in Green Point on Saturday, and currently hover just above the relegation zone on the log. Hamiltons outscored False Bay by seven tries to two and slotted two penalties to win the game 47-14, but the victory margin could have been greater had the Hammies kickers not missed three conversion attempts. Despite the heavy defeat, False Bay coach Chris Hewetson was in high spirits after the game, admitting that a victory for his side would have come against the odds. “I’m not upset at all – it’s not one of the games we really focus on. We were plagued by a lot of injuries very early into the game,” said Hewetson. “Generally the conditions made it really, really tough. Our steppers couldn’t step and get off the mark. Our scrum suffered a little bit, but we are look forward to next week when we actually target SKW as a game we want to win.” A win would definitely have come as a surprise, but Hewetson’s team looked entirely capable of staging an upset at several stages of the contest. Bay were at their most effective when launching daring attacks from inside their own half or spreading the ball to their backline, which kept the heavier Hamiltons pack on the move. However, Hewetson’s chargers were eventually let down by a handful of errors – on which the home team capitalised – and their failure to make first-time tackles. The visitors left Green Point empty

handed after failing to secure a bonus point, and they now sit dangerously close to the bottom two places on the log – currently occupied by Villager and Tygerberg. Hewetson said that his team would need to pick their battles if they are to avoid the drop at the end of the season. “I think the bottom four or five in this league need to be worried. At any given time you might just scalp one of the big guys, but you’ve got to play against DurbBell, Maties, UCT and Hammies,” said Hewetson. “They will make sure that you don’t get a bonus point. Of the bottom four, I don’t think anybody is safe. It’s a matter of trying to get bonus points and beating the guys you should beat.” Although Bay are still largely in charge of their own fate, and are confident of maintaining their Super League A status, they will need to gather as many points as possible from their remaining fixtures. SKW are currently in the midst of midseason revival, having lost for the first time in six games on Saturday. They were defeated 31-12 by table-toppers Durb-Bell. Walmers beat Bay 39-21 in the reverse fixture at Philip Herbstein in Constantia last month, but Hewetson believes that neither form nor recent history will matter when the two sides meet. “It’s always been a gamble between the two. It’s always a bit of an arm wrestle. It’s just one of those games where I know that they lift their game for us,” said Hewetson. “There are a couple of ex-False Bay players playing in that team so it’s a bit of a grudge match here and there, but it’s certainly one where we have shown in the past that we can beat them. We are confident.” SKW and False Bay will meet in Green Point at 16:00 on Saturday.

WRESTLE: A False Bay forward is wrestled to the ground by two Hamiltons players, as captain Justin van Winkel arrives to help. Photo: Liam Moses

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Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg 10 July 2012  

Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg 10 July 2012

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