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Dirt­trapper curbs litter ASTRID FEBRUARIE @FebAstrid


o prevent litter from flowing further down into the Black River a litter boom has been installed across the canal. Jonathan Hobday, chairperson of the Friends of the Vygekraal and Black Rivers, says these waterways are seen by many as a dumping ground and people do not realise the negative impact it has on bird and fish life. “Educating people is not enough. We decided that the best way to keep the litter from further destroying our waterways would be to install a litter boom,” he says. The pilot project will be tested and hopefully remain permanently in the river, Hobday says. The boom was installed earlier this month and has already proven successful, he enthuses. “We are now looking to install more booms along the river as well as the Vygekraal River.” The boom will be serviced by the Rondebosch Golf Club’s maintenance crew every two to three days, until the Friends are able to find volunteers who can take over the maintenance work. Over the years people have dumped tons of plastic and other items into the river which are deadly to the wildlife and create diseases in the water, he says. “We, as a society, have to become more sensitive about our waterways. It is our responsibility to ensure we keep our natural environment safe and clean. We can no longer be insensitive about our surroundings,” he says. Ward councillor Matthew Kempthorne says it is a sad reality that it has become normal to some people to dump rubbish into rivers. “We need our green spaces as it allows the city to ‘breathe’. The greenery and waterways play a vital role in our eco-system, but is being destroyed by people’s insensitivity towards water and wildlife,” he says. “Rivers are not an asset, but a liability. There is so much work that needs to go into

TRASH TRAP: Jonathan Hobday and ward councillor Matthew Kempthorne walk across one of the bridges where the first litter boom has been installed as part of a pilot project. PHOTO: ASTRID FEBRUARIE caring for them, but we need the assistance of the public as well. People cannot expect the City of Cape Town to maintain the rivers alone.” He says at the moment the boom system is the only solution to trapping the litter. “We hope to see more birds and and other wildlife coming back to the rivers in future once the water quality has improved.”

Hobday says the Friends is now working on installing two more booms across the rivers. The booms will cost over R200 000. “We urge the community as well as other business owners to sponsor this project. The rivers are extremely wide (100m) and the costs are very high to manufacture these booms. Installation will take up to three

days and they work immediately,” he says. Hobday says installing additional booms will help to catch the rubbish that runs over the other booms. “Although the boom rises as water levels rise, some of the litter will spill over, but can easily be trapped by another boom further down the river. This will ensure time spent on maintenance is cut down,” he says.

RONDEBOSCH BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL Situated in the tranquil suburb of Rondebosch, nestled at the foot of the majestic Table Mountain, is one of South Africa's oldest and most outstanding boys' public schools - Rondebosch Boys' High School. From a very simple beginning in a leased church hall in 1897, the school has grown to its current complement of 810 pupils whilst continuing to maintain the founders' vision of strong traditions and an ethos of high educational ideals that guide and prepare young men to become the leaders of the future. The school boasts spacious grounds and buildings, and provides a balanced curriculum aimed at the attainment of excellence which lays a solid foundation for lifelong learning and leadership. High academic standards are expected; and these are reflected in the excellent achievements by the learners in the public examinations and national competitions. Lessons are presented by a motivated and highly qualified team of teachers in an atmosphere of structure and discipline. Rondebosch Boys' abounds with opportunities to play competitive sport and every boy is encouraged to participate and enjoy his chosen activities. The school also enjoys a fine reputation for excellence in music and the Arts. Headmaster:

Mr Shaun Simpson

Senior Deputy:

Mr James Frazer


Mr Gustaf Pienaar


Dr Neil Teubes

• 49 teachers in total, 48 full-time, 1 part-time and 14 non-teaching staff • Current enrolment: approximately 165 pupils per grade from Grades 8-12. Rondebosch Boys' High School celebrates its 2013 matric results and acknowledges the role of both teachers and parents in attaining this success.


RBHS received an award for Excellence in Academic Performance

100% pass rate (158 pupils wrote the exams) - 6th consecutive year

146 passes at Bachelor (Degree) Level -93%

428 distinctions in total - a record number for RBHS

Daniel Stephens: 10 distinctions (out of 10 subjects) and placed on the Western Cape Merit List

11 RBHS learners combined to take 17 positions in the Top 10 subject list in the Western Cape

The following pupils achieved six or more subject distinctions: 10 distinctions: Stephens D R (out of 10 subjects) 9 distinctions: Abrahams E (out of 9 subjects), Erasmus D N (out of 10 subjects), Lurie S A (out of 9 subjects), Mammen A (out of 9 subjects) 8 distinctions: Garrod L J (out of 8 subjects), Jardien M Y (out of 10 subjects), Kagee U (out of 9 subjects), Rawoot M A (out of 9 subjects), Schonegevel N (out of 9 subjects), Skovgaard-Petersen K (out of 9 subjects) 7 distinctions: Croxford J P (out of 9 subjects), Eaby A C (out of 8 subjects), Froud E F (out of 9 subjects), Parbhoo S (out of 8 subjects), Parker U (out of 8 subjects), Sorensen B C (out of 8 subjects), van Rensburg D J (out of 9 subjects) 6 distinctions: Brandt A B (out of 9 subjects), Doman L M (out of 8 subjects), Grant R S (out of 8 subjects), Gray H W (out of 8 subjects), Lothaller P R (out of 9 subjects), Martin M R (out of 8 subjects), Morar N (out of 9 subjects), O’Sullivan K G (out of 9 subjects), Saunders A K (out of 8 subjects), Smit L C (out of 8 subjects)

T: 021 686 3987 l F: 021 689 9726 l E: l Canigou Avenue, Rondebosch 7700, Cape Town |


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Gays ‘excluded’ from donation CHEVON BOOYSEN @ChevonBooysen


gay man has taken what he calls “discriminatory behaviour” by the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services (WPBTS) to the Human Rights Commission. This comes after Shannon Trouncell attempted to give a pint of his blood to the organisation and was told he could not donate owing to his sexual orientation. But according to the WPBTS, the sexual act between two men – and “not the sexual orientation” – is the source of potential risk


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in terms of blood transfusion.

For a cause On the day he wanted to become a donor, Trouncell ticked the box indicating he is gay. A nurse informed him he didn’t meet the criteria because of his sexual preference. “I told her it is unfair and that I know my HIV status. If they did not believe me, all blood units are tested before being accepted – why can’t the same be done for gay men?” he asks. Blood stock is dwindling. A plea is made for all donors to step forward, take a halfhour out of their day to bare their forearms and bravely sacrifice this precious bodily fluid. Their reward? A small juice, a biscuit or two and the personal satisfaction that they’ve done the civic-minded thing. But Trouncell (30) feels he has come up against prejudice towards his sexual orientation as blood from gay men is accepted only on condition they were not sexually active in six months preceding the donation. The WPBTS and the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) are currently experiencing a blood shortage. But regulations prohibit these organisations from accepting the blood of homosexual men who do not meet the requirements. He has since vented his disappointment to the WPBTS and SANBS with no feedback on his enquiry about discrimination towards the gay community. He has also taken the issue to the Human Rights Commission. But none of the organisations have given him any satisfactory responses, he says. Trouncell is outraged that the blood donor organisations turn away healthy gay men. “I am fully aware of and understand the window period because of the risk factors, but the gay community is also dependent on receiving blood. It is not just a one-way street. We would also like to help. Why would they turn away blood they so desperately need?” Trouncell asks. Window period The sexual act between two men is the


source of potential risk in terms of blood transfusion, says WPBTS spokesperson Marlize Mouton. “We are governed by policies and we are committed to collecting blood in a non-discriminatory manner. The current policy, (in effect) since 2009, does not allow men who have sex with other men to donate,” she says. The six-month window period is a deferral system which also applies to new heterosexual relationships, tattoos or body piercing. “These window periods are based on preventative measures to minimise potential HIV and/or hepatitis transmissions,” Mouton says. The organisation is in the process of reviewing the policy. “A task group of representatives from both blood services in South Africa have met and follow-up discussions have been scheduled,” she says.

‘Discriminatory and irrational’ Sibusiso Kheswa of homosexual support group Gender Dynamix says feedback from SANBS indicated that the policies have already been changed. “I called SANBS and they told me there is no mention of gays or homosexuals in their forms. They also told me anybody should be able to donate,” he says. Treatment Action Campaign spokesperson Marcus Low described the question re-

lating to donors’ sexual orientation on the forms as “discriminatory and irrational”.

Policy revisited SANBS has requested health department approval to amend the criteria for blood donations, says SANBS spokesperson Vanessa Raju. “We understand that in our country the risk profile is different and, after much research and consultation with the Department of Health and gay rights groups, we have re-looked the questionnaire, which has since been revised to look at sexual behaviour and not at sexual orientation,” she says. The revisited policy now awaits sign-off from the health minister before it can be amended, Raju adds. “We have not ignored this issue and followed all the correct procedures to address this matter. But we cannot put the new question into print without the minister signing it off.” Attempts by People’s Post to obtain comment from the health department have been unsuccessful.

Organisation aims to enable the disabled workforce JODY FORTUIN

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Employment has always been a thorn in the side for people who are living with a disability when all they want to do is to remove misconceptions about them and make companies understand that they can work. The Disability Workshop Development Enterprise launched the 2% Employment Campaign at the Disability Employment Summit on Friday at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The objective of the summit is to raise awareness, especially among business, government and other sectors of society, on the

“ Te l l i n g i t a s i t i s ”

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challenges and opportunities of employing people with disabilities. Research psychologist and CEO of the Development Enterprise Undere Deglon says: “We can source and train candidates for any type of entry-level position. These include call centre agents, cashiers, shop assistants, customer service agents, packers, cleaners and hotel and kitchen staff.” Launching this campaign means laying down a foundation where discrimination does not exist in the workplace. A cornerstone of the 2% campaign is to sign up member companies to join in on the uptake of the 1200 candidates who have completed the Development Enterprise workreadiness programme. Disability is sometimes put in the same groups as poverty and unemployment. This is not fair, which is why the Development Enterprise wants to remove barriers for all people with a disability to enjoy work in an equal setting, says director at the Department of Economic Development and Tourism Joshua Wolmarans. The disabled face an array of challenges: transport, insufficient or no access ramps, a lack of sign language and no Braille equipment in the workforce. Development Enterprise’s focus for this campaign is not only to provide employment but to strengthen and establish partnerships between government and organisations and to create a society free of discrimination. United Nations Special Rapporteur for Disability, Shuaib Chalklen, said: “We want to improve motivation levels to encourage people with disabilities and we hope to find 1200 jobs for someone of this kind of archetype.” The South African Constitution supports integration, inclusion and promotion of disability employment, yet a low employment level still exists, says Ruth Nugent, senior social worker for Epilepsy SA. “Becoming disability conscious is a pow-

WE SEE POSSIBILITY: Undere Deglon at the Disability Employment Summit. PHOTO: JODY FORTUIN erful, practical and awareness changing experience and it is exactly what South African companies need to do to break all disability myths.” The Employment Equity Act is the only legislation supporting disabled people, says Jeremy Opperman, a disability awareness activist. He is a calling on government to step up and provide more legislation. “People with disabilities are still waiting for transport to accommodate them and the only legislation that supports them is the Employment Equity Act,”she says. “If the only legislation is work related, who’s looking after you?” Development Enterprise is committed to the employment of people with disabilities and they support the government to ensure that 2% of the workforce comprise of people with disabilities. Development Enterprise will provide work readiness training to 1700 candidates and 1200 can be placed immediately. V To set up an interview call: 086 722 7762 or email


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Students urged urged to be vigil vigilant ant ASTRID FEBRUARIE @FebAstrid


ommunity safety roleplayers are urging international and new students to be more vigilant. First years and students from abroad are at a much higher risk of becoming a victim of crime. Jonathan Hobday, chairperson of the Mowbray Community Policing Forum (CPF), says students should realise they are responsible for their own personal safety. “Police do play a role in protecting the public, but students need to be more vigilant and conscious of their surroundings,” he says. He encourages students to become familiar with the community improvement district, police and other private security services in the area. “The police are always available and having their contact details along with the other community safety roleplayers will make students feel much safer if they have their contact details on hand,” Hobday says. He says students are a target when they get up in the morning and when they go to sleep at night. “We have to be alert at all times. Do not create the opportunity for a criminal to take advantage of you. “My advice to students is to always walk in groups, never walk alone in isolated areas, inform your friends or family members of your whereabouts throughout the day and do not expose your valuables,” Hobday says. Gerda Kruger, executive director of the communication and marketing department at UCT, says the university takes the safety of staff and students very seriously. “We have regular safety awareness campaigns which take place on UCT’s different campuses and university residences where students, parents and staff are made well aware of all safety measures taken by UCT,” she says. UCT has over 500 security cameras installed across its various campuses. This, along with a strong Campus Protection Service, provides UCT with 24-hour security. “The information sessions also focus on areas of risk which are identified by community policing forums, crime warnings by the police and hotspots,” Kruger says. She says UCT follows a zero-tolerance approach toward all crimes. “We perceive all crimes as serious, even

SAFETY: UCT students are urged to be more vigilant when on or off campus. petty theft. Acts of crime on campus are handled with sensitivity towards the students or staff involved. Robberies and attempted robberies reported on and off UCT’s campuses this year (four off-campus incidents) have shown a slight decrease when compared to the same period last year (five off- and oncampus incidents),” Kruger adds. Reverend Derek Pratt, chairperson of the Rondebosch CPF, says international students and new students are often the worse

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“ Te l l i n g i t a s i t i s ”

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offenders when it comes to displaying expensive electronic equipment such as tablets, smartphones and earphones. “International students and students from out of town think the leafy suburbs are safer, but often learn the opposite the hard way,” he says. The community policing forum also runs a “Busted Campaign”, where CPF and police officers hand out leaflets to people openly using their phones or iPods. Another concern are the taxis travelling


down Main Road, adds Pratt. “Many are illegal, unsafe and often transport muggers or gangsters who drive the unwary student down a dark lane and rob them,” he warns. “Do not use taxis, except those from reputable companies. They may cost a rand or two more, but at least they will get the students home safely. And if you plan to drink on a night out, make use of a reliable taxi company.”

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10:30. Sue Hollingsworth and Ashley Ramsden of the International School of Storytelling will be the guest speakers. All welcome. For more information phone Eve Dunnell on (021) 531 5604. Saturday 1 March Thursday 20 February V Rondebosch: This year marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the worst catastrophe in the history of civilisation: World War 1. Author and historian Dr Peter Hammond will give a photo-rich PowerPoint presentation on The Causes and Catastrophic Consequences of the First World War. The presentation will take place at Livingstone House. For more information phone (021) 689 4480 or email Tuesday 25 February V Mowbray: Keith Grenville will present two lectures, titled Royal Crowns of Ancient Egypt followed by Dendera Temple - Cleaned and Revealed, at The Egyptian Society of South Africa at St George’s Grammar School at 19:30. Members enter free, while visitors pay R20. Enquiries on (021) 557 5082. V Pinelands: A fun run will take place at Cannons Creek Independent School in Nursery Way. The race is open to runners of all ages. Participants can run or walk 2km, 6km or 8km. There are prizes for all categories and medals for pre-entered finishers. Entry fee R40. For more information phone Terri on (021) 531 5011. Thursday 27 February V Rondebosch: Cape Town University of the Third Age will hold its first meeting of the year at the Baxter Theatre at 09:30 for

V UCT: Artist Stanley Hermans will conduct a walkabout of his exhibition at the Irma Stern Museum at 11:00. His show, titled A Selection of Drawings and Paintings from 2008-2013, is on until Saturday 15 March. The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00. For more information phone (021) 685 5686. Saturday 8 March V Newlands: The Antiques and Heritage Society will host a talk, titled The Power of Photography at Red Cross Hospital, by Wouter van Warmelo at The Athenaeum at 14:45. Visitors pay R35; refreshments will be served. Phone Ann on (021) 689 1124. Sunday 16 March V Kirstenbosch: The fifth instalment of the Cape Town Folk and Acoustic Music Festival takes place at Kirstenbosch at 17:00. This concert features an incredible line-up of South African folk and acoustic artists. The evening is set to be an experience of the finest musical storytelling from the personal journeys of Arno Carstens, Laurie Levine, Josie Field, Tony Cox, Albert Frost, Natasha Meister and many more. Call (021) 532 2180. Saturday 29 March V Pinelands: Pinelands Place will hold a fete at its premises in Lonsdale Way. There will be white elephant items, cakes, tombola, clothing, books, gifts, garden plants, tea and boerewors rolls on sale.

SUMMER FUN: The annual carnival is open to everyone, not only Claremont residents. Visitors are encouraged to bring along their whole family and their dogs. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


Get ready – it’s carnival time ASTRID FEBRUARIE @FebAstrid


n estimated 10 000 people are expected to attend the annual Harfield Village Carnival, a big bash which brings people from all over the city together. The day is filled with live entertainment, with members of the community selling their homemade goods such as art, jewellery, homeware and proudly South African clothing. The carnival will take place on Saturday 1 March. It starts at 09:30 and is expected to run until late. Carnival organiser Tina Goughs says second Avenue will be cordoned off for the special event, so that visitors can safely walk up and down the street. “There is something for everyone; the whole family will enjoy the festivities. Live music adds to the festive atmosphere with over 150 stalls selling everything from arts and crafts to toys and delicious food.” Goughs says the street carnival is popular among locals and visitors, and gets bigger and better each year. “The restaurants and pubs in the area are open; it is a relaxing way to enjoy the festivities and (socialise with family, friends and neighbours),” she says. The carnival has been held successfully for eight years. And this year will be no different, Goughs says, except for the carnival taking place at a different time of the year. “Previously the carnival took place in November, but this year will be the first time it takes place dur-

ing summer. We had some trouble with the rain last year, but it did not stop anyone from coming out to support our initiative,” she says. A team of community volunteers will be on duty to ensure visitors are comfortable and safe throughout the day. “We will have a table set up where people can enquire about the Harfield Village Association and where they will also be able to sign up to become a member,” she says. The proceeds of the carnival will go towards the Association’s attempts to help keep the area safe, as well as projects to keep the neighbourhood clean. “We also support the HarLyn Neighbourhood Watch and Friends of Harfield Parks with the funds,” she adds Carnival-goers can also look forward to the opening parade of the Young Guiding Stars Sacred String Band. Originally from Claremont, the band is one of the oldest Christmas choir bands in the province. Goughs says planning the carnival takes up to a year and everything little detail is looked at to ensure all areas are covered. “We have a great partnership with the police, private security companies as well as emergency services, who will all be present to ensure it runs smoothly with no incidents,” she says. Visitors are encouraged to bring their whole family – even their dogs. “We would like people to support the people selling their homemade goods, as well as to get to know one another. The day is all about community building and having fun,” Goughs adds.

NOTICE OF A MEETING OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN A meeting of the Council of the City of Cape Town will be held on Wednesday 26 February 2014 at 10:00 in the Council Chamber, 6th floor, Podium Block, Civic Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town. Please note that limited seating is available in the public gallery of the Council Chamber and, therefore, seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you wish to attend the meeting, you are requested to contact Michelle Alberts on 021 400 3708 between 09:00 and 16:00. All requests for attendance must be received by no later than a day before the meeting. You will be required to provide your surname, initials and contact telephone number. Visitors are kindly requested to be seated by 09:30.



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all the businesses in the area a boost. New customers are always great for business,” he says. A shop assistant, who asked not to be named, believes residents and business owners should be happy about the development, as it will increase their property value. “It will raise the profile of Claremont, so the ratepayers should be happy,” he says. Agents Annabelle Bennet and Mary Davidson say the affordable pricing of the units means it will be ideal for first-time homeowners, young couples and professionals, as well as parents buying for their student children and buy-to-let investors. They add even young families may find the apartments appealing, thanks to the area’s strong sense of community, ample play parks and quality schools.

New life to Claremont


new development in Claremont has drawn mixed feelings from residents and business owners, but they will soon see the grouped three-storey walk-ups erected on Belvedere Road. Demolition of the existing buildings on the site is in progress. It will be replaced by stylish new residential apartments – priced from R1.35m to R1.525m. The development, a three-storey building consisting of 16 apartments, has been named Belvedere Court. Howard Markham, national manager of the property company overseeing the project, says the apartments will be in a secure, access-controlled perimeter. “This new and modern development will be one of a few gated complexes in this section of Claremont,” Markham says. A resident, who spoke to People’s Post on condition of anonymity, says she is frustrat-

ed by this type of development. “My main concern is the traffic. Our roads are already congested; it is a problem which is only getting worse as developers continue to buy single-family dwellings, turning it into high density clusters of flats and apartments,” she says. She also raised the flag that the development has the potential to “completely block out some of the views” and significantly affect property prices. The apartments will each measure 75m², and will each offer two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two parking bays. The six ground-floor units will have private gardens, while all units will have modern finishes. Vivian Losper, who works in Belvedere

Road, says she welcomes the development, but also has traffic-related concerns. “There will obviously be an increase in traffic once the development is completed and people move in. It would be great to have a MyCiti bus route here, then we won’t need to be concerned about congestion,” she says. “I am excited about the development; it means we will have more customers in our store.” The Belvedere Road shops, including a popular food store, are just across the road, while major retailers, medical care and public transport are also close at hand. Business owner Tom Lubbe says the development would bring business to the “relatively quiet side” of Claremont. “I welcome the development, as it will give





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COMMUNITY SAFETY: LINK TO LAW ENFORCEMENT Bellville: Tel. 021 945 3179 Kenilworth: Tel. 021 674 0887

Sedert 1980


Radio active crime watch




LESS 25%

inelands residents are stepping up their fight against crime in the area. The installation of a radio repeater system will allow for quick apprehension of criminals who enter the area, says chairperson of the Pinelands Neighbourhood Watch, Peter Hoffman, “The radio repeater system will link us to the police, private security companies and all our neighbourhood watch members. (It will) allow for rapid and effective communication,” he says. Members will be able to purchase their own radio, Hoffman adds, increasing the number of patrollers who could respond to reported incidents. “Having a radio at home is also a significant security benefit considering the police, private security companies and the neighbourhood watch can respond to a call for

help,” he says. If a crime is committed, it will be broadcasted across the network allowing a more consolidated, coordinated effective response. “Currently, the private security companies, police and the watch tend to work independently,” he says. “The radio network will allow us to cover the various exit points, improving the chance of arrest.” Hoffman believes a radio is the “ultimate panic button” as watch members will have direct access to law enforcement. The system will be monitored by a Pinelands police patrol vehicle, security providers and the neighbourhood watch, who all have their own radios. “We should see a definite decrease in crime once we have the system (operational) and members are equipped with their radios. An informed, consolidated force is far more effective,” Hoffman says.

Any Pinelands resident who is a watch member, either as a patroller or non-patroller, can purchase a radio. The radio repeater project, Hoffman says, usually costs about R45 000. But thanks to a generous donation from a private company the repeater project will be installed for under R25 000. “The final cost must still be approved by the committee, but should be in the region of R1 500 per radio. Our ICASA licence limits us to 75 radios, but this can be extended by means of an application,” Hoffman explains. The radio repeater system will be installed and tested over the next two weeks. Anyone who would like to become a member of the Pinelands Neighbourhood Watch can visit their website at and click on the membership application tab. The radios will be available on sale to members early next month.

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Properties were selected to appear on the Third Supplementary Valuation Roll (SV03) to the 2012 General Valuation Roll in terms of section 78(1) of Act if the property (a) was incorrectly omitted from the Valuation Roll; (b) has been included in the municipality after the last general valuation; (c) has been subdivided or consolidated after the last general valuation; (d) has undergone a substantial increase or decrease in market value since the last general valuation; (e) was substantially incorrectly valued in the last general valuation; (f) must be revalued for any other exceptional reason; (g) of which the category has changed. In terms of section 49(1)(a)(ii) of the Act, any property owner or person who so desires may lodge an objection with the municipal manager in respect of any matter reflected in, or omitted from the valuation roll, in the abovementioned period. Objections may only be lodged in respect of properties valued on the SV03 Roll. The owners of these properties will be notified of their SV03 valuations in writing at the postal address currently held on the City’s database. Attention is specifically drawn to the fact that in terms of section 50(2) of the Act an objection must be in relation to a specific individual property and not against the supplementary valuation roll as a whole. The forms for lodging an objection can be obtained from one of the venues listed below and can be downloaded from the website. A separate objection form must be completed for every property. DATE: 21 February 2014 to 31 March 2014

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Proceeds to aid music initiatives in disadvantaged areas. Tickets, at R120, available from Ann Barr on (021) 794 8193, 082 451 3696 or V Two People’s Post readers can win double tickets to the show. Visit to enter. Winners will be notified by phone.

Notice is hereby given in terms of section 49(1)(a)(i) of the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act, Act 6 of 2004, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Act’, that the Third Supplementary Valuation Roll (SV03) to the 2012 General Valuation Roll for the financial year 2013/14 is open for public inspection at the venues as stated below from 21 February 2014 until 31 March 2014. The forms for the lodging of objections are obtainable at these venues. In addition the valuation roll is available on the Council’s website from 21 February 2014 (the address is provided below).


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lands. The concert, starting at 19.30, will feature Dan Shout, Marc de Kock, Georgie Jones, Siya Charles, Lee Thomson, Ian Smith, Andrew Ford, Mike Campbell, Marlon Witbooi and Gorm Helfjord. This concert is in collaboration with the Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival.

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CNR OF MAIN ROAD AND FAGAN STREET, STRAND (NEXT TO STRAND HALL) Completed objection forms can be submitted by: 6.


E-mail – Fax – 0862 012 304 or 0865 886 042 Post – preferably by registered mail to: The City of Cape Town, for attention: The Objection Coordinator, PO Box 4522, Cape Town 8000 Hand – at one of our public inspection venues For more information, call 0860 103 089 (sharecall). Web address:

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PEOPLE'S POST | CLAREMONT | RONDEBOSCH Thursday, 20 February 2014


Still in a froth over property ASTRID FEBRUARIE @FebAstrid


he construction of a house on Forest Drive resulted in an uproar at the Pinelands Ratepayers’ Association meeting. The meeting, held at the local library on Wednesday 12 February, grew tense at times, as ratepayers vented their dissent. The house in question belongs to Gamiem Gamiet and a report (“Facebook ‘attack’ over house”, People’s Post, 13 February) drew a mixed response from residents. (See page 8) In the previous report Gamiet said comments “made reference to our religion” and “our race”. At the meeting one man pleaded ignorance, saying he was “not aware of what was being built – if it was a house, a mosque or an apartment block”. Another said: “How can people just come into our Pinelands and build whatever they want?” A man said Gamiet needs to take photos of his house and place them on Facebook. One man questioned how many kitchens and bedrooms the house contained, and if the property would have a garden. Gamiet responded that the house “has only one kitchen”. Bringing some order to the meeting, Pinelands Ratepayers’ Association deputy chairperson Riad Davids said questions were not to be directed at Gamiet. Another cautioned Gamiet to not paint his house blue because “it will not fit in to the style of Pinelands”. Davids said the homeowner followed correct procedure to have his house plans approved. “The owner of the house submitted plans to the City of Cape Town requesting non-objection or objection notices from the immediate neighbours, ward councillor Brian Watkyns and the ratepayers’ association,” he said. Davids said the ratepayers only signed the non-objection form once the immediate neighbours had no objections to the proposed plans. “We then handed the plans to the ward councillor who also signed that he had seen the plans. Only after this did the owner ap-

ply for a partial demolition which was granted by the City,” Davids said. The remaining structure was found to be structurally unsound and the owner applied for a full demolition. Davids said the City’s engineers inspected the structure and confirmed it had to be demolished. “The owner proceeded to build as per the already signed plans; no changes were made before, during or after the demolition. “We can confirm that the owner has, thus, far complied with all aspects of the building and plans as submitted by him and signed off by the immediate neighbours, the ratepayers’ association and the ward councillor,” he said. However, many residents were still concerned about the heritage of the area and asked how it was possible that the previous property was demolished. A resident, speaking to People’s Post on condition of anonymity, asked how the owners managed to build a new house in a heritage area and how it is possible to build a house that is so vastly outside of what is allowed on a plot in the area. “Are we going to be subjected to high density housing? The properties should fit in with the image of a Garden City,” she said The styles of some of the houses in Pinelands do not fit in the area at all, she added. “Some new developments are eyesores and, in most places, encroach past the building lines often and overlook adjacent properties, (thereby) violating privacy.” Another resident said on Facebook it is unfortunate some residents still feel the need to dictate what can be built in “their Pinelands”. “No one owns the area. People are free to move in and develop as they wish as long as they meet the City’s criteria, which was stated at the ratepayers’ meeting that the owner certainly has,” she said. Watkyns insisted the new house fit into the heritage area and that neighbours had the right to see the plans. Davids said: “Only the immediate residents who had to sign the plans had to see them. If (Gamiet) has to put his plans of Facebook, that should go for everybody else in the area.” V Share your thoughts! Starting with the word “Post” SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

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DISCONTENT: Correct procedure was followed in the construction of this house, but it was the cause for much debate at a ratepayers’ meeting. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


PEOPLE'S POST | CLAREMONT | RONDEBOSCH Thursday, 20 February 2014

WRITE TO US | email | fax | post

Development is the issue | fax: 021 910 6501/06 Third Floor, Bloemhof Building, 112 Edward Street, Tyger Valley, Bellville

My wife and I have lived in Pinelands for the last 12 years and are extremely happy living in a suburb which, despite being central to most parts of the city, continues to have a feeling of living in a village. From most parts of the suburb a resident is able to walk through streets or open spaces which have a certain charm and restful attraction. Pinelands is also a suburb which is rich in diversity and attracts people of many differing cultures, religions and backgrounds. In a short section of the street we live in there are black, white and coloured people. We are Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Atheist. We are South African, British, Zimbabwean, Argentinian and perhaps other races, religions and nationalities that I am not aware of. Regardless of the mix we represent, we have and continue to live in harmony with one another and cherish and respect our differences. From this background of diverse harmony I read with sadness that the Gamiet family has (fallen) victim to a “verbal attack” on Facebook because of their race and religion. I would like to say to the family that as a white, Christian resident of the suburb and speaking on behalf of the many I know who feel similarly: you are most welcome in Pinelands. That aside, I need to also say the issue (which) remains problematic is the type of development that is currently taking place in Pinelands. Unfortunately the building on the Gamiet’s site is an example of what most residents of the suburb, myself included, are opposed to. From my limited knowledge, all property development is governed firstly by the title

Preference will be given to letters of fewer than 350 words. The deadline is Thursday at 13:00. Please give your full name, address and phone number (for our records, not for publishing).

People’s Post is published by WP Newspapers, a subsidiary of Media24.

CLAREMONT / RONDEBOSCH 30 834 copies distributed Thursdays to the following areas: Bishopscourt, Claremont, Kenilworth, Newlands, Mowbray, Rondebosch, Rosebank, Ndabini, Pinelands. OTHER EDITIONS People’s Post also has the following nine stand­ alone editions: Woodstock / Maitland (16 391) Mitchell’s Plain (83 340) Retreat (23 423) Grassy Park (21 838) Lansdowne (21 130) Athlone (30 252) False Bay (30 972) Constantia / Wynberg (30 069) Atlantic Seaboard / City (29 246) Total print order: 318 495 WHOM TO CONTACT NEWS EDITOR: Mandy King Email: SPORT: Liam Moses Email: ADVERTISING MANAGER: Garth Hewitt Email: MAIN BODY ADVERTISING: Wendy Aanhuizen Tel: 021 910 6500 Classified Advertising: 0860 117 520 PRESS CODE, CORRECTIONS People’s Post subscribes to the South African Press Code and we are committed to journalism that is honest, accurate, fair and balanced. Under our editorial policy, we invite readers to comment on the newspaper’s content and we correct significant errors as soon as possible. Please send information to the news editor at or phone 021 910 6500. Alternately, please contact the Ombudsman of Media24’s Community Press, George Claassen at or 083 543 2471. Complaints can also be sent to the SA Press Ombudsman on telephone 021 851 3232 or via email or

deed document which dictates the type of building that can be erected on the site, as well as the maximum area of the site which is allowed to be built on. Secondly, I understand there are also regional regulations which would determine the appearance of the structure, so as not to destroy the ambiance of an area. It seems, regardless of the fact there are approved plans for the Gamiet’s development – as well as others in the area – these buildings do not meet the title deed or regional regulations of Pinelands. I need to stress that any objection the Gamiet family and their contractor are having from residents of the suburb should in no way relate to who they are or what their cultural or religious background is, but should relate to the type of development that is happening on their property, which is also located in a very prominent part of the suburb. Not only is the site very visible, but it also is on the edge of the area which is regarded as the older and more historic part of Pinelands. We, the residents of Pinelands, are proud of our suburb, the diversity of the area and living in harmony with each other. We are also protective of the village feel of our suburb and want to maintain this. These, I believe, are all good things and are positive qualities common to most residents of the suburb. I think if focus is directed at what the real problem is, rather than throwing unhelpful “red herrings”, perhaps a solution which benefits all can be reached and we can continue to all live harmoniously in our village suburb without destroying it. JOE HAREB, Email

Think before you make your mark On Wednesday 7 May we, as citizens of the democratic Republic of South Africa who are registered, have been called to cast our very valuable vote. After this voting process we will see who we have voted into power for the next five years. Voting is not a process of just making a cross next to a political party. No, it is a deep-rooted political choice each of us has to make. Voters have to reflect on the past before casting their vote. When looking back, one has to ask oneself what benefits have the po-

litical parties in power passed on to citizens. (These are) in the form of promises (made) at voting rallies relating to economic survival through job creation, the high cost of living, safety and security through visible policing, justice for victims of crime and service delivery at municipalities. Voters must do a critical crisis self preservation analysis of those who want our votes. Once you cast that vote, you have to carry the cross of your decision to vote for a party to govern us. KEITH BLAKE

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. The Islamic Centre is well on its way to completion albeit all the drama and setbacks from “Garden City” concerns. Muslims should be most welcome in Pinelands. Please note that Pinelanders happily house the Masonic Temple. I welcome the latest Muslim family! Your neighbour . I have lived in Pinelands my whole life. It is so depressing to see another mausoleum going up. Why do people move into an area because of the greenery and build something that detracts from the essence of the area? . Please stop playing the race and religion card. One wonders if these comments were actually made or just in the minds of the owner and his family. If he has a clear conscience about the building, he should not concern himself with what anyone says. This is a Garden City and hopefully he plans to landscape the open spaces effectively. Everything is not always about race or religion. Beverley . I don’t think it is fair to treat people in this manner. To the woman who said it’s “our Pinelands”, you are right – it is “our Pinelands”; we all live in South Africa. I think the neighbours on Forest Drive should wake up. It’s a new SA. . Since I reside alongside a similar home in Pinelands, it is not race, colour or creed that raises my ire, but the demolition of an old, stately home to enable this building. How was that allowed? Margaret . If you decide to build in a suburb, your new home should fit into the area or you will create animosity. It has nothing to do with race. Pinelanders are generally avid gardeners, so a massive concrete structure will not be met with open arms. Possibly more research should have been done. Kathy . Gamiem, you needn’t feel this as a targeted attack at race or religion. I assume we are from a different religious and racial group, and (I) encountered the same resistance when doing additions to our house in Pinelands. Sean McDiarmid . An article published on 28 May 2013 pictured a security net designed to save people or pets swept away in the Elsieskraal canal after heavy rain, but at least one net was destroyed in floods three months ago. It has not been repaired despite repeated requests. Is the City waiting for someone to drown before it mends the safety net? . I wonder how these critical people would feel if they were shown the same lack of respect. Shame on you! . My family and I live close to the new structure. I am a “whitey” and have lived in Pinelands for over 40 years. I will personally welcome you when you move in. Maggie

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PEOPLE'S POST | CLAREMONT | RONDEBOSCH Thursday, 20 February 2014


Day at races

T INSPIRED BY LITERATURE: Nigel Winterburn (left) with Tatum Hall.

The event formed part of UCT’s Rag Week for first year students and was an opportunity for them to mingle and meet new people. It was a combination of horse racing action, glitz and glamour. Students dressed in vintage style, as characters from the novel The Great Gatsby, were automatically entered for the Best Dressed Competition.

his weekend UCT students donned their finery for the inaugural Magnum Mile event. Held at Kenilworth Racecourse, students and staff came out to support the event – in spite of the scorching weather. They enjoyed placing bets, strutting about in their Great Gatsby-themed outfits and danced to DJ Ready D.

SUMMER SIZZLE: Matilda Phokompe (left) and Nondumia Ngcobo. GOOD TIMES: Getting into to character at the Magnum Mile at the weekend, from left, were Matthew Wolfe, Kenneth Berger, Rebekah Irvine, Louis Hewett and Dylan Potgieter.

HEIDEVELD HOUSING PROJECT The City of Cape Town’s Human Settlements Directorate will be holding another follow-up screening session for proposed beneficiaries of the Heideveld Housing Project. The database cut-off date for Heideveld, Vanguard Estate and Welcome Estate is December 2006, but for Bonteheuwel and Gugulethu it is December 1992. Applicants whose names appear on the database and who: •

DRESSED TO KILL: Donning their best vintage outfits, from left, were Dambisa Hara, Luthando Vilakazi, Mark Hodgson, Luwani Longwe and Nicole van Zyl.

live in Heideveld, Vanguard Estate, Welcome Estate, Bonteheuwel or Gugulethu and missed the previous screening sessions earn a combined income of less than R3 500 per month

are requested to visit the following session (along with their spouses or partners): Venue: Date: Time:

Heideveld Community Centre, Jonkershoek Road, Heideveld Saturday 1 March 2014 10:00

Copies of the following must be produced on the day: • • • •

FASHIONISTAS: Playing dress up came easy for these divas, from left, Tashka Shulz, Nickita Naesela, Bianca Hansen and Lauren Buys.

Green bar-coded ID Marriage or divorce certificate Children’s birth certificates Proof of income (recent payslip, proof of social grant, affidavit if unemployed or self-employed, etc.) Any other relevant documents

Please do not attend the session if you are not registered on the City of Cape Town’s database for housing or if you have attended the previous screening meeting and have no outstanding documents or if you have been approved. Direct enquiries to Maureen Lewin on 021 710 9303.






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Waar kopers verkopers ontmoet

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PEOPLE'S POST | CLAREMONT | RONDEBOSCH Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ikeys find form ahead of tough clash LIAM MOSES @LiamCPT


ommitment will be the key factor when the Ikey Tigers host log leaders Tuks in the Varsity Cup on Monday. This according to UCT head coach Kevin Musikanth, who believes his troops’ commitment will determine whether they win or lose. “People often look for a technical aspect that’s going to be important,” he says. “Of course we have to win the scrums and line-outs, and put pressure on their set-phases, but if the guys aren’t prepared to play with everything, and that refers to both sides, it often comes down to which team wants it the most.”

UCT started the Varsity Cup with an unexpected 47-24 loss at home to Pukke, but they seem to have turned the corner with wins against tough opposition in their last two games. The Ikeys beat arch rivals Maties 33-16 in Stellenbosch on Monday 10 February and won 26-13 against NMMU in Port Elizabeth on Monday. Musikanth says there isn’t any secret behind his side’s upturn in form. “I don’t think anything went wrong against Pukke; we all just needed to learn. Things appear to go wrong when you look at the margins, but there was a lot that went right,” he says. “There was a bit of soul searching from

everyone after that game. Against Pukke, the guys didn’t play well for the full 80 minutes or didn’t trust certain systems. We just made the guys play for a deeper meaning and with a lot of heart thereafter.” The victory against NMMU saw UCT reclaim the Monte Taljaard Trophy after two seasons without the commemorative cup. Musikanth’s side will be high on confidence after the last two results, but Tuks will be a tougher prospect than Maties or NMMU. Tuks have won the tournament for the last two seasons and currently top the log after a draw against the University of Johannesburg and wins against Wits and Shimlas. Musikanth doesn’t place much stock in

the Tuks’ current league position, but still believes they will be difficult opposition. “We can’t really think that way, because the bottom of the table team could be the top of the table team and any side can beat any side,” he says. “Tuks are a powerhouse and they need to be respected. There are huge things at stake in this game, but it is just another Varsity Cup game.” UCT are currently fourth on the table and a win could see them move up to third, as second-placed Pukke face third-placed NMMU in the other top four clash of the round. The game will take place at the Green Mile at 16:45.

Premier Cup finalists named LIAM MOSES @LiamCPT

ASD Academy Cape Town, Wynberg based Glendene United, Grassy Park’s Milano United, Mitchell’s Plain side Morgenster One of Cape Town’s most coveted youth foot- United, Pinelands club Old Mutual Academy ball titles could be headed to Grassy Park, and Lansdowne based Santos. The other qualifiers are Beaufort West Claremont or Mitchell’s Plain after several southern suburbs sides qualified for the City, Bellstar United, Bishop Lavis, Blue Downs Spurs, Hellenic, Masidlale, RobinMetropolitan Premier Cup. Each year the tournament sees the city’s vale Spurs and Vasco da Gama. ASD finished second in Group B after sebest under-19’s battle it out for the glory and prizes, in the hopes of impressing the army curing draws with Bishop Lavis and Grassy Park’s Crusaders, as well a win against of professional scouts in attendance. The tournament’s qualification rounds Evertonians. Glendene finished at the summit of Group finished on Sunday, with 14 teams joining automatic qualifiers Bayhill United (hosts) E after draws with Blue Downs Spurs and Tableview and a win against Belhar Spurs. and Ajax Cape Town in the finals. Milano finished with a perfect record, Among the qualifiers were Claremont’s beating Robinvale Spurs, Bothasig and Stephanian Ottery to claim first in Group A. In Group G, Morgenster United finished second after drawing with KTC All Stars, beating Oriental Gunners and losing to Hellenic. Old Mutual Academy drew with Vasco da Gama and beat Maties FC and Saxon Rovers to finish first in Group C. Santos had similar results, beating Riverside Rangers and Two Oceans Academy before drawing with Bellstar United to finish first in Group C. National First Division sides Santos and Milano, and Safa Second Division team Glendene were expected to qualify for the tournament, while academy sides ASD and Old Mutual will not have surprised many either. However, Morgenster United’s qualification could shock many football fans and they will be hoping to cause a few more surprises in the finals of the tournament. The Metropolitan Premier Cup is usually played at Erica Park over Easter weekend, but the venue and TANGLED: Crusaders FC’s Chesal Schnell (left) and dates for the tournament are yet to be ASD Academy’s Rushine de Reuck both miss the ball confirmed. during a Metropolitan Premier Cup qualification The group draw for the tournament match in Mitchell’s Plain on Saturday. The match finished in a goalless draw. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS will take place next month.

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FIRED IN: Western Province Cricket Club’s Roxanne Clark serves in a women’s First League game against Parow Tennis Club in Rondebosch on Saturday. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

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SPORT THURSDAY 20 February 2014 | People's Post | Page 12 | 0021 910 6500 |

GONE: UCT Cricket Club’s Jack Newby is given out caught behind in a WPCA 1A League match against Rondebosch Cricket Club at Almar Park on Saturday.

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RAZOR SHARP: UCT Cricket Club’s Michael Pote cuts during a WPCA 1A League match against Rondebosch Cricket Club at Almar Park on Saturday. The Rondebosch wicketkeeper is Soyisile Pono. PHOTOS: PETER HEEGER/GALLO IMAGES

’Bosch to switch it up for final LIAM MOSES @LiamCPT


ondebosch Boys’ High School’s could be forced to change tactics in their crunch Coca-Cola Schools T20 Challenge regional final against arch rivals Wynberg Boys’ High School on Tuesday. ’Bosch lost strike bowlers Jay Stevens and Dayaan Galiem to injury recently and team coach Rob Dalrymple says the loss could hurt his side’s chances. “Dayaan (will be) playing, but he (won’t be) bowling. (Dayaan and Jay) are our strike bowlers and they aren’t replaceable. It’s a massive loss,” he says. “It brings Wynberg’s hitters into the game. I don’t think we have the strike power to knock them over as we did last season. This may mean we have to slightly change (our) tactics. We have good bowlers, but it evens the game up.” The T20 Challenge sees under-19A high school teams around the country battle through a regional competition and regional final before playing a franchise final to win the right to represent their local Cricket South Africa franchise at the national finals. Should Rondebosch triumph over Wynberg in the Western Province final, they will face their Boland counterparts – either Paarl Gymnasium or Paul Roos Gymnasium – and the South Western Districts winners in the Cape Cobras play-offs. Last year Galiem and Stevens helped

Rondebosch into the Cobras strip and they went on to beat Titans representatives Waterkloof High in the final at Sahara Park Newlands. Dalrymple says ’Bosch’s key players will have to perform to beat Wynberg. “Both sides know each other quite as we play each other often, so both teams know what to expect,” he says. “Both sides are also used to playing big games, so I don’t think either will be overawed by the occasion. It really comes down to the key players and their performances in key situations. Both sides have match

winners – T20 cricket is about those guys taking opportunities and being match winners.” The franchise finals will take place in the first week of next month and will be played at Stellenbosch University or Boland Park. The national finals will take place at the University of Pretoria’s LC de Villiers complex from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 March. The current instalment of the T20 Challenge tournament started in October, with nearly 12 000 players from 650 schools participating.

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Peoples post claremont 20 feb 2014  

Peoples post claremont 20 feb 2014

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