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Tuesday 19 July 2011

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Taxi industry ‘victimised’ Drivers say they are being milked to boost City coffers TERESA FISCHER


HE City of Cape Town Traffic Services’ recent announcement that it had impounded 755 minibus and sedan “amaphela” taxis this year, has been criticised by role players in the taxi industry, who allege they are being victimised. While the City says these operations are part of its ongoing enforcement programmes across the city, taxi bosses maintain this is a revenue-generating exercise for the City. Spokesperson for Cape Town Traffic Services, Kevin Jacobs, says the operations focus on unroadworthy vehicles and offences, reckless or negligent driving, unlicensed drivers and taxi permit violations. Leon Williams, chairperson of the Greater Cape Town Region, which includes five taxi associations, including the Maitland Taxi Association, also maintains the City is targeting the taxi industry to generate millions of rands. Williams says that minor route deviations of a few hundred metres results in the impounding of taxis. Furthermore, Williams says the City and province are working against each other. “The City had embarked on a process to legalise those with no operating permit, but Robin Carlisle [MEC for Transport and Public Works] has instructed that taxis without operating licences be impounded,” says Williams, who adds the City is three months behind with its process of re-examining dormant licences. However, Jacobs says that per-

mits are issued by province, not the City, and that road safety is its primary function. “It is just a matter of steamrolling MyCiTi bus operations,” says Williams who is critical of Cape Town’s new integrated rapid transit system, adding it is “robbing the taxi industry of its livelihood”. He alleges the City has mismanaged taxpayers’ money by running a service that is not profitable, and in the process is also taking jobs from the taxi industry. But City spokesperson, Kylie Hatton, says: “The City knew that when it launched the service it would require an operational subsidy to begin providing a public transport service. “This was factored into the budget that was approved by both the City council and national Department of Transport.” Congress of Democratic Taxi Associations’ (Codeta) general secretary in Cape Town, Mzoxolo Dibela, also says the minibus taxi operators are being “deliberately victimised on a daily basis”. Dibela says the City is lying when it says its operations focus on traffic offences and unroadworthy vehicles. He says minor deviations from the agreed routes result in taxis being impounded “out of the blue”. He says the fee of R5 000 to get taxis back is a way of growing money for the Council. There is an additional R2 500 fine. Concurrently, the R7,7 billion Taxi Recapitalisation Programme, implemented by national government in 2005, gave taxi drivers the option to scrap old or unsafe taxis, for which they received R57 500 to be used towards a deposit for a new vehicle.

JIVING WITH MADIBA: On Monday 18 July the puppets from ZA News celebrated Madiba’s 93rd birthday at the South African Jewish Museum. This event also coincides with comical legend Jonathan Shapiro’s (Zapiro) exhibition, entitled Jiving with Madiba. Dibela says the programme is still continuing, and that its members support the programme, despite initial resistance. “Forty-four vehicles were scrapped this month in the Western Cape,” he says, but adds that many drivers have difficulty financing their new taxis, and are then saddled with a large instalment to pay off every month and many then exit the industry. According to Dibela, in order for drivers to qualify for the scrapping allowance, they need a permit and a valid operating licence. Because of overtrading of the industry, some drivers are not able to get operating

licences. However, he says this is why the City was examining “dormant” licences in an attempt to legalise these taxi drivers. According to Williams, the City promised to include taxis in an integrated rapid transit system, but alleges it is instead dividing the industry. Williams concludes it is a process designed to eliminate the taxi industry from the City of Cape Town, which he says is running a monopoly, because it owns and runs the buses. Hatton says the City bought the 43 MyCiTi 12m

and 18m long buses in December 2010 in an open tender process and that it currently also has a tender out for the purchase of approximately 200 9m buses. “The taxi industry is the only BEE industry that is 100% owned by blacks, by which I include coloureds,” says Williams. Comment could not be obtained from Carlisle by the time of going to print.


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Dedicated Red Cross staff recognised ALMOST 60 employees of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital have received awards for prolonged years of service to the Western Cape Department of Health. Three of the 56 recipients were recognised for 40

years of service, 17 received 30-year service awards and 25 were rewarded for 20 years of service, exclusively to Red Cross, and 11 for 20 years of service to the Western Cape Department of Health. . STALWART: Jeffrey Isaacs of Mitch­ ell’s Plain (centre), receives his certifi­ cate for long service (40 years) from Western Cape Health MEC, Theuns Botha (right) and the Deputy Director­ General of Emergency Services, Dr Beth Engelbrecht. Isaacs started his career as a mason and labourer at the hospital in February 1971. He was pro­ moted to general assistant in the 1980s, then to a messenger and even­ tually senior messenger in the 1990s. He retired in February this year. Photo: Supplied

VETERAN: Shirley Ad­ ams of Mitchell’s Plain (centre) receives her certificate for long service (40 years) from Western Cape Health MEC, Theuns Botha, (right) and the Deputy Director­General of Emergency Services, Dr Beth Engelbrecht. Photo: Supplied

ALL ROUNDER: Martha Brink of Rondebosch, re­ ceives her certificate for Long Service (40 years) from Western Cape Health MEC, Theuns Botha, and the Deputy Director General of Emergency Services, Dr Beth Engelbrecht. Brink started out as student nurse at Tygerberg Hospital in 1971. She completed her midwifery training at Frere Hospital where she worked from 1974 to 1975. She then worked at Swartland Hospital from 1976 until 1978 when she moved to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospi­ tal. She is currently employed as a specialist paedi­ atric nurse in the cardiac ward. Brink is also a trained midwife and has training and nursing experi­ ence in theatre nursing, ICU nursing, trauma nurs­ ing and ear nose and throat nursing. Photo: Supplied

Tuesday 19 July 2011

The nasty electricity price shocker I’M beginning to think that Eskom employees and city councillors are too well paid to understand the impact of the electricity price increases. They talk in percentages but we pay in rands, lots of rands. And they have made it extremely difficult to make direct comparisons by changing the tariffs blocks, by using and then discarding daily service charges and changing the rules to use combinations of tariff blocks. It all makes the story about as confusing as a cellphone contract. To get an idea of the impact in real terms, I dug out some of my old electricity accounts so I now have the actual figures in black and white. They may not be completely representative but I’m doing the best I can. So here we go: In a 29-day period over July and August in 2008 I used 745 kWh or units of electricity. Before VAT that cost R425.48. At today’s tariffs the cost would be R815.80. So in three years the bill has almost doubled.Now if you’re a councillor earning about R30 000 a month for a part-time job, that is small potatoes. And if you chair a subcouncil or have risen to an exalted position on the Mayoral Committee, it is petty cash. And at Eskom, where the average salary is nearly R500 000 a year, it must be really difficult to understand why people are complaining. Now let’s look at where the money goes. To do that we need to know what the City pays for the electricity it buys from Eskom. In July 2008, Eskom’s average selling

price was 24.4 cents a unit, but Eskom has wholesale and retail customers and Cape Town, as one of the biggest wholesale customers, pays less than the average. We don’t know how much less, so 24.4 cents a unit is the best figure we have. So, in July 2008, my 745 units netted R181.78 for Eskom, and the City grabbed the other R243.37. Three years later Eskom’s average selling price is 50.37 cents, so its share of a bill for 745 units would be R375.26. The City will get the other R440.54. So the City is still getting more than half the money. We know that Eskom is spending massive amounts on new power stations, but what is the City doing with its share? The City’s distribution and service costs should be rising in line with inflation, but Eskom’s are rising in line with the inflated cost of their overpriced power stations. Last year, when Eskom tariffs went up by 26,3%, the National Energy Regulator said municipalities should increase their tariffs by just 15%. But Cape Town and the other municipalities more or less told Nersa to get knotted, and bumped up prices by 25% and more. Electricity is Cape Town’s biggest source of revenue. The City expects revenue of R8,1 billion from electricity sales this year, nearly twice as much as the R4,6 billion from property rates. So you can see just how profitable it is to use the Eskom increases as an excuse to hike our tariffs over and above what is reasonable. And we pay VAT on top of that!

Bid stress goodbye A FREE talk on “Transforming Fear and Anxiety” by Albert Buhr takes place on Tuesday 19 July at 19:00, as an introduction to a unique and dynamic stress-reduction course, held at the Buddhist Centre at 6

Morgenrood Road, Kenilworth. It is especially for those suffering from panic and anxiety, and is backed by renowned meditation teacher Rob Nairn.Visit the website

’n Mediese Fonds is nie net nog ’n versekering nie. ’n Ware mediese fonds stel jou belange eerste deurdat dit jou gesondheidsvereistes beide effektief en omvattend bestuur. Dis waarom Selfmed opsies bied wat by alle gesondheidsorgbehoeftes pas – van ’n gewone verkoue tot ’n swangerskap en selfs ’n lewensbedreigende noodgeval. Ons bedank ons lede vir meer as 45 jaar se volgehoue ondersteuning en is met reg trots dat Selfmed steeds een van die mees etiese en lid-vriendelike skemas in Suid-Afrika is. Boonop bied dit finansiële gemoedsrus met reserwes wat wetlike vereistes by verre oorskry.

FAREWELL: People’s Post bid a fond farewell to Annelien Dean, former editor of People’s Post on Thursday 30 June. Annelien has been appointed editorial publisher of the Ga­ zette, a division of Media24’s Boland Newspapers Group. Photo: Chad Chapman

Praat met ons, want by Selfmed is dit ons lede wat die vrugte pluk.

Lecture on social change PROFESSOR Jonathan Jansen, rector of the University of the Free State, has passionate views on the state of education in South Africa, and will address the leaders of tomorrow at Tsiba University’s annual Social Change lecture in Pinelands on Tuesday 19 July at 14:30. Tsiba is a unique, private and not-for-prof-

it undergraduate business school that offers degrees and certificates in entrepreneurial business leadership. He covers aspects of education, race and identity, the state of the nation, leadership and sport. To book, contact or (021) 532- 2750. To find out more about Tsiba, go to


Tuesday 19 July 2011

NUMBERS BOOST: Nine hundred students were officially sworn in as police constables at a graduation ceremony held at the Good Hope Christian Centre in Ottery on Friday 15 July. Western Cape police commissioner, Lieutenant General Arno Lamoer, aims to make the police more accessible to the people, to get more women trained for the specialised services such as the Task Force and Air Wing, and to enhance service to the community. Pictured here is Constable Benita Campher. Photo: Jaco Marais

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 3

SAD MEMENTO: This picture of Imtiyaz Haron and his stolen bicycle was taken in Syria. Photo: Supplied

‘Priceless bicycle’ missing TERESA FISCHER

SAFE OUTSIDE: The Pride of Table Moun­ tain Project has re­ ceived a sponsorship, worth R5 000 annual­ ly, from ADT Security Western Cape. The company has under­ taken to indefinitely sponsor the alarm monitoring and armed response for their office adjacent to the Kirstenbosch Gardens. A Wilder­ ness Foundation initi­ ative, the project is an experiential envi­ ronmental education­ al hiking organisation where trained community volunteers help provide disadvantaged youths from all around the Cape Flats the opportunity to experience the “uplifting power of nature” and learn about the importance of “safeguarding our natural habitats”. The group walks every two weeks with groups of between 30 and 50 youths from a variety of organisations such as schools, youth groups, church groups and NGOs. Seen here are (front row, from left) Sharon McCallum of Pride of Table Mountain, Iain Williamson (ADT) and Nomandla Nginga­ dali, (volunteer guide). In the back row (from left) are Brian Gcilitshana and Asanda Potwa­ na, volunteer guides for Pride of Table Mountain. Photo: Supplied

COVERED in stickers of different countries’ flags, a bicycle used in an 11 000km pilgrimage from Cape Town to Mecca has been stolen (“Journey to wisdom”, People’s Post, 19 January 2010). Owner Imtiyaz Haron says it is valued at about R3 000, but sentimentally, it is priceless. A place had been reserved for the bike at the Islamic Museum in Kimberley. He was planning to donate the bicycle to the museum. It is a white Trek 3 series mountain bike,

with bar ends on the handle bars. It also has a purple bell on the handle bar. Haron says it was stolen in May at the Darun-Na’im Islamic and Arabic Institute in Wynberg, at 13:00 during lunchtime prayers. Haron says for once it was not chained up, but that it was behind closed gates at the premises. It was stolen in the space of 15 minutes. He has accepted the loss of the bike, but adds he is disappointed in himself for not securing it.The police were informed and his search of second-hand shops proved fruitless. Anyone with information, is asked to contact Imtiyaz on 071 509 1759.

Hospice Women’s Day brunch JOIN St Luke’s Hospice for a fund-raising brunch at the Belmont Square Conference Centre, Rondebosch on Tuesday 9 August to celebrate Women’s Day. The brunch will be hosted by Charmaine Noy, Tracey Foulkes and other surprise guest speakers. The event starts at 10:30 and continues until 13:00.

Tickets cost R200 per person or R2 000 for a table of 10. Each guest receives a jam-packed goodie bag, delicious treats, and a raffle and lucky draw will take place. Visit the website or contact (021) 797-5335 or email to make bookings. Bookings close on Wednesday 3 August.

River needs new friends STEADY progress has been made in the past few months towards forming a Friends of the Black and Vygekraal rivers. The group is similar to the Friends of the Liesbeek, and is an initiative intended to focus attention on the appalling state of these two rivers and to promote efforts to improve them. An interim committee has been active and has registered as a “hatchling” Friends group with the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (Wessa). The next stage in the process will be a public meeting held today, Tuesday July 19, in the upstairs lounge of the Rondebosch Golf Club to which all the local community organisations have been invited. There will be presentations at this meeting by two experts on rivers - Kevin Winter

of the University of Cape Town (who is also chairman of the Friends of the Liesbeek) and Sonja Pithey, a local resident who has a keen professional knowledge of water affairs. The aim of the meeting is also to adopt a draft constitution and to elect a steering committee to complete the process of formation. “These rivers are being treated as open sewers,” says Jonathan Hobday, who adds: “These rivers are an important part of our heritage and people should care about them. “We all care individually, but we need to band together as groups such as this to ensure action is taken.” For more information, please phone (021) 689-9456 or email Jonathan Hobday at

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Tuesday 19 July 2011

F1 fillip for economy ANDRE BAKKES


HE possibility exists that Cape Town could be hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix within the next two to three years. The economic spin-offs are expected to greatly benefit the entire Western Cape, but the precise location of the race is far from finalised. One of the three possible venues is a Monaco-style race track that will wind its way past 5,3 kilometres of iconic Cape Town landmarks, such as the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town Stadium and Table Bay Harbour. The route will start and end in the stadium, and will wind through the streets of Green Point, Sea Point and Mouille Point. The chairperson of the Green Point Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (GPRRA), Bob Goebel, is however, totally against it being held at this venue.“I’m speaking on my own behalf,” he says. The GPRRA will only discuss their official stance this Wednesday. “I object due to three reasons. First, the infrastructure around the stadium, Beach and Bay roads is built to reduce speed to 40km/h because it is a pedestrian-friendly area - up to 12 000 people go to the park on a weekly basis. My second objection comes down to ecology. Twenty thousand litres of fuel gas per race will be spewed into the atmosphere. Thirdly, the noise levels would be amplified up the hill because the whole Green Point is really a giant amphitheatre,” he warns. People’s Post will reveal GPRRA’s formal objections in the near future. The other two bids involve new tracks being built at the airport or near Atlantis on the West Coast. Even though much has to be

agreed upon before a race of such magnitude can be held on these shores, CEO of Cape Town Routes Unlimited, Calvyn Gilfellan, says a Formula 1 race in the region can be compared to the World Cup in terms of tourism – the only difference being that the Grand Prix is a yearly event. “It will be more sustainable than the World Cup, and would undoubtedly be a huge injection into the tourist industry,” he says. “Also, like the World Cup, it would present immediate spin-offs. Work would be created, but the flip-side is of course that there would have to be huge investments from the public sector,” continues Gilfellan. “I don’t watch the sport myself, but I know Capetonians are very interested in motorsport.” Regional chairperson of Motorsport SA Western Cape, Joyce Dolinschek, verifies this notion. “I work with interested youngsters every day, and they all want to be the next Sebastian Vettel. It is the pinnacle for all youngsters to aspire to. Our locals love all kinds of motorsport,” she confirms, before adding that it would be “brilliant” for the sport. According to Dolinschek, it would also create a valuable opportunity for 18 to 26year-old “petrol heads” in Cape Town to leave their illegal and dangerous “drifting” fascination behind once they saw how professionally the sport was run and how many safety precautions went into a race. Councillor Grant Pascoe, Mayoral Committee Member for Tourism, Events and Marketing for the City of Cape Town, applied the brakes ever so slightly when he recently said: “There is a long road ahead before this can be realised. The City has not yet been approached with a proposal to host the Formula

ON TRACK: The proposed Formula One track will give Atlantic Seaboard residents a front row view of the action. Photo: Supplied 1 Grand Prix in Cape Town. We will only consider the prospect of hosting the event once we have been presented with a proposal. It will then have to go through all council processes, including public participation, to ensure that the views of the local residents are taken into consideration.” People’s Post took to the streets to find out how residents feel about hosting the richest, and loudest, sport in the world, and the idea was met with reasonable enthusiasm. Harry Berry is a local Sea Point resident who says that he is ready for the noise and excitement of a Formula 1 race on his doorstep. “It’s the best thing in the world to bring the Formula 1 here. It is

a world-class event that will be very good for the area and for the entire South Africa.” Cedric Stuurman feels that the noise from the event will not matter to the local residents, as there are far more advantages than disadvantages. “A lot of people in Cape Town will enjoy this event, and it will also bring in a lot of tourists.” However, Pat Waddle says that she has some “mixed feelings” about the Formula 1 coming to her doorstep. “I think it is great, but I also think that there will be a lot of opposition due to the noise, but I do not really mind as it will be a great boost for the area and I would definitely go and watch it!”

Residents eager to host world’s loudest sport HANRIE BOSCH

ATLANTIC SEABOARD residents can look forward to driving on Formula 1-standard roads by September 2013 if plans are approved to bring the loudest sport in the world to Cape Town. The proposed Monaco-style racing track will wind its way past 5,3 km of iconic Cape Town landmarks, such as the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town Stadium and Table Bay Harbour. The route will start and end in the Cape Town stadium, and will also make its way through the streets of Green Point, Sea Point and Mouille Point. People’s Post took to the streets to find out how residents feel about hosting the richest, and loudest, sport in the world, and surprisingly the idea was met with overwhelming enthusiasm by local residents. Harry Berry is a local Sea Point resident who says that he is ready for the noise and excitement of a Formula 1 race on his doorstep. “It’s the best thing in the world to bring the Formula 1 here. It is a world-class event that will be very good for the area and for the entire South Africa.

Friday 22 July Rondebosch: The Alpha invitation course at St Thomas’s Church, Campground Road from 18:30 until 19:30, explores the meaning of life. If you wish to attend the invitation evening, phone (021) 685-6752, fax (021) 6855029 or e-mail

Saturday 23 July

Harry Ber­ ry can’t wait to have the world’s loudest sport on his door­ step. Photos:

Victor Ndala­ ma wants For­ mula 1 to come to Cape Town in order to show the world the city’s beauty.

Constanza Colorito feels that this type of event will do a lot for Cape Town’s in­ ternational status.

Jaco Swanepoel wants more foreign visi­ tors to come to Cape Town in or­ der to get a taste of South Afri­ ca.

Town needs an event like this to showcase its abundance of natural beauty to the world. “It will be a mind-opener for the rest of the world to have such an event here, and I think that everyone here will be up for the noise for a few days in order to show the world what we have.” Councillor Grant Pascoe, Mayoral Committee Member for Tourism, Events and Marketing, said that the City had not yet been approached with a proposal, but that hosting such an event was in line with the City’s goal to establish Cape Town as the events capital of South Africa. “Events of this magnitude bring huge benefits for all Capetonians in the form of tourist rands spent in our city, increased exposure, and investment in the city.”

Constanza Colorito agrees with this statement, and feels that this type of event will do a lot for Cape Town’s international status. “It is very good for Cape Town, as it will bring more tourists and it will boost the economy.” Jaco Swanepoel is also excited to have the world get a taste of South African culture and food. “This area does not differ much from other coastal countries like Monaco and Brazil, and it will give foreign visitors a chance to experience a taste of South African culture and food. This area is beautiful and the world needs to experience it.” Henderson admitted that they were concerned about how residents would react to having the world’s loudest sport on their doorstep. Residents in the area needed

to be taken into consideration before the plans could be taken further. Cedric Stuurman feels that the noise from the event will not matter to the local residents, as there are far more advantages than disadvantages. “A lot of people in Cape Town will enjoy this event, and it will also bring in a lot of tourists, so the noise really will not matter during such a festive event.” However, Pat Waddle says that she has some “mixed feelings” about the Formula 1 coming to her doorstep. “I think it is great, but I also think that there will be a lot of opposition due to the noise, but I do not really mind as it will be a great boost for the area and I would definitely go watch it!”

Hanrie Bosch

“I love the noise of the Harleys when they drive down the road, and I will love to have the roar of Formula One cars in the area.” The Cape Town Grand Prix Bid Company has proposed the innercity street circuit, and is one of three companies that will be presenting their plans to Formula 1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, in the next few months. Spokesperson, Esther Henderson, said that the Monacostyle racing track was proposed for Cape Town due to its “sexy location”. “This location will immediately identify Cape Town and showcase what we have to offer to the world. It will help to position Cape Town even further as a world-class tourist destination.” Atlantic Seaboard resident, Victor Ndalama, also feels that Cape

Rondebosch: The Egyptian Society of South Africa annual Day School at the Baxter Studio Theatre. The day starts at 10:00, and should close at about 15:30. Costs for the entire day (excluding lunch drinks) are as follows: Members R120, non-members R150 and student members R80. Phone (021) 557-5082.

Monday 25 July Mowbray: Cape Support for Mental Health parent/ carer support group meeting for persons with schizophrenia takes place at 19:30 at the Presbyterian Church, corner Albert and Highbury Roads. Phone (021) 788-8071.

Wednesday 27 July Pinelands: Pinelands Stamp Circle monthly meeting in the activities room of the Pineland’s Library at 19:15. Members will be exhibiting thematic exhibits for the Garden Cities Trophy. One-page exhibits on mountains will be displayed. David Kent will be showing items from his collection and there will be a club auction of members’ unwanted material. Visitors welcome. Phone John on (021) 531-1954 or Martin (021) 6895050.

Friday 12 August and Saturday 13 August Claremont: To celebrate Wom-

en’s Month, Bethany Fellowship Church at 225 Lansdowne Road will be hosting “The Throne of Grace Women’s Conference”, which starts at 18:00 on Friday night and from 08:30 until 17:00 on Saturday. Guest speakers are Rose Roode and Jenni Arendorf. The cost is R50. All welcome. Phone (021) 671-9400 or Tracy Richards on 082 703 4599.

Saturday 13 August Rondebosch: Craft in the park at the corner of Campground and Sandown roads, from 09:00 until 14:00. Crafts, bacon and eggs, freshly-made pancakes and coffee. Support Animal Rescue and other charities that need your support.

Drop off anything that you don’t want any more at the information desk for the Marsh Memorial. Phone Ann on (021) 531-4236 (from Tuesday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:30 and on 083 272 5482 on market day).

Saturday 3 September Pinelands: Spring craft and gift fair from 10:00 until 15:00 at St Stephens Church, 7 Central Square (opposite the municipal office).Crafts, gifts, scrumptious homemade jams, cakes and so on. The tea garden will serve tea/coffee/cake and light lunches. Crafters interested in participating can contact Barbara on (021) 531-3350 or

Tuesday 19 July 2011


VINDICTIVE: Vandals dug these holes in the greens at the Mowbray Golf Club. The grass is dor­ mant in winter, hence the brown colour of the greens. Photo: Supplied

Vandals wreak havoc at Mowbray Golf Club TERESA FISCHER


IGHT of the greens at Mowbray Golf Club have been vandalised, leaving the ground looking as if it had been visited by hundreds of demented moles. The cost to repair the damage is estimated to be between R50 000 and R100 000. The culprits dug 50 to 100 “massive holes” in the greens, overturned cement benches and sprinklers and water piping was also stolen or broken. Furniture, flag pins, tee markers and signage were also either stolen and broken. “The members are horrified,” says O’Brian Barber, general manager/golf director, adding they all feel that a golf club is “hallowed ground”. He says the incident happened late on Tuesday 5 July or the early hours of Wednesday 6 July, but that the club was able to re-open by Thursday 7 July. Terry Coetzee, who has been a member of the club since 1970, says he is heartbroken and terribly disappointed by the “vindictive” vandalism of the course, the construction of

which he was involved in. The club says police are investigating the incident and that they cannot speculate on who might be responsible. At the time of the incident, the club was in negotiations with their maintenance staff and their union, but conflict with vagrant ball collectors is also common. But, Barber says Southern Turf Management (STM) the new outsourced company maintaining the golf course, did sterling work repairing the damage, but that this would not have been possible if it were not for the help of other STM courses in the area. Security has also been improved, although he says the club borders the N2 and the railway line, which is challenging. According to Barber, the golfing world reacted with shock when they heard the news and rallied to provide support. “Terrifying stuff, nobody in the industry would wish this upon their worst enemies,” is one such reaction. Mowbray Golf Club was founded in 1910 and are the proud hosts of the 2012 SA Amateur Championships.

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Tuesday 19 July 2011

‘Make fashion, not war’ HANRIE BOSCH


UMEZA MKHONZA is excited by life and the unknown that comes upon waking every morning. She is driven by coffee and a dogmatic motivation to leave the world a better place than she found it. She is bored by news and conforming to other people’s views and standards, and moves to the beat of her own, fashionable, drum. Mkhonza is an up-and-coming local Cape Town designer who has just had her first fashion show at Cape Town Fashion Week. The self-proclaimed “vintage junkie and fashionista” and finalyear student at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, is seemingly an over-achiever by nature. She matriculated by the age of 16, and made most of her friends’ matric dance dresses. It is no wonder that by the tender age of 21 this young designer has her head firmly planted on her vintage-clad shoulders. Born in the Eastern Cape and living in Cape Town for the past 17 years, Mkhonza finds her inspiration in the vibrant cityscape, and does not see her self living anywhere else in the world. Mkhonza was one of only 20 finalyear fashion students who were invited to showcase their work on Wednesday 13 July at the opening of Cape Town Fashion Week through the first ever Foschini African Fashion International (AFI) fast-track initiative for young designers. “We were told on a Friday that the people from Fashion Week would be coming to look at our designs on the following Monday. “I did not give it much thought, and just left my portfolio there and went off to my dentist appointment. When I got back on Monday I had been chosen to showcase my work.” Hundreds of photos, thousands of metres of fabric and two days later, Mkhonza is still a bit shell-shocked about having taken part in the biggest youth fashion platform in the country. “I had to work from January until just a few days before the Fashion Week show to get everything ready. It is still really amazing, but now I have to start taking my self seriously as a designer and make the most of this opportunity.” Not only is she an over-achiever, modest and talented, but she is also friendly and bubbly early in the morning, with no signs of fatigue from her big day – and not even

fashionably late. Sipping her coffee on the pavement of trendy Kloof Street, Mkhonza muses about the meaning of her fashion: “Fashion should mean something, that is why I chose the concept of ‘make fashion, not war’ for my collection.” “It is an eclectic mix of military and African influences that I have chosen to highlight all of the wars that are happening in Africa. I also chose this theme to show people that you do not need to be dripping in beads to be proudly African.” Clearly not one to conform to standards or norms, Mkhonza has shaven off all of her hair, tried her hand at drama and even expressed interest in politics and architecture, but ultimately fashion has stuck to her. “Fashion is truly my passion. You just can’t dress up a building as beautifully as a person.” Mkhonza has many muses and inspirations, ranging from coffee to supermodel Alex Wek, and numerous South Africans she would love to dress. “I have always been blunt, so maybe I should just throw my clothes at them. It would at least be exciting.” But when asked which politician she would love to dress, a naughty smile crossed her face: “I would design Julius Malema something that covers his mouth – tastefully of course.” And what exactly is Mkhonza’s secret to her design talent? “Before I start designing, I will wake up early, get ready, and then go back to sleep for another three hours, just to get the creative juices flowing you know. “There is just something about waking up just to sleep some more that I find very rewarding … and lots of Nik Naks.” Even though she did not walk away with the AFI Fast-track prize, Mkhonza has recently been approached by Elle magazine to showcase her truly authentic clothes, and she has also had a fashion spread in Drum magazine. When Mkhonza is not busy taking the fashion world by storm, she is hanging around her favourite spot in Cape Town, the Milnerton Market, or just going through the motions of being a “normal” student. Mkhonza has big plans for the future of the South African fashion scene. “I want to bring Vogue magazine to Cape Town, and launch a truly South African version of the brand, in order to have an internationallyacclaimed platform to showcase

HAUTE COUTURE: One of Pumeza Mkhonza’s designs that graced the Cape Town Fashion Week catwalk. Photos: Supplied

AFRO­MILITARY: Mkhonza used her fashion to show the world that “you do not need to be covered in beads to be African”.

FASHIONABLY POLITICAL: Mkhonza also used her range to highlight all the wars in Africa.

TALENTED: Pumeza Mkhonza feels that clothes should be a statement of who you are, “and a fashionable way of saying something”.

South African designers.” Fashion is a very fickle industry – “one day it is spots and the other day stripes” – but Mkhonza has some solid advice for up-and-coming local designers: “Shove your ideas in everyone’s faces. Knock on

doors. Sit in a boutique to observe people and get a feel for the industry. “Basically, just gate-crash … tastefully and stylishly of course. Don’t sit around and wait for Fashion Week. Get out there and get peo-

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ple to wear your clothes.” Not one to sit around and wait, Mkhonza is sure to have the fashion world at her ever-so-stylish feet in no time at all, but the world will have to wait just a while longer, just until she finishes her studies.

Forensic investigation THE Cape Natural History Club has an illustrated talk, filled with many examples of forged documents, presented by Yvette Palm on Thursday 28 July at 20:00 at SACS School, Newlands. Palm is a forensic expert, and has appeared in many court cases. Entry fee is R20. For inquiries, contact Eleanor on (021) 762-1779 or visit

DID YOU KNOW? Polar bear cubs learn to freeze and remain still while their mother hunts. If they move, the mother disciplines them with a whack to the head – (


Tuesday 19 July 2011

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Well­wishers provide a silver lining “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, we are so blessed and contented, everything’s coming our way,” she sings. Her uninhibited proclamation is contagious, and soon everyone within earshot hums the tune to themselves. The 72 residents have been given a chance to live out their golden years in relative comfort. Most of these frail residents are of the Islamic faith, so the home is run on Islamic principles, though it prides itself on being multi-cultural. Beit-ul-Aman has been serving the community since 1979, and was initially created to provide specialised care for Muslims in particular, since there wasn’t a similar place for poorer seniors to go to. Thirty years later and the home is still the only facility of its kind in the Western Cape. As a result, the demand for residency is high, so the representatives of the home have to first do house visits to see if there isn’t any other alternative for the person seeking accommodation. “We don’t want to be a dumping ground,” says Naadir Agherdien, the current chairperson of the board. “In our community there is a strong feeling that there shouldn’t be old age homes, since the family must take care of them, but these days it is difficult. Some even forget

were ordered to bring in sweeping changes. They must now become compliant by the end of July or August, which means they must dip into that reserve fund. It will set them back about R300 000. This is just a once-off payment, but their biggest expense is for adult nappies. All of this just serves as extra motivation for their valiant sponsors, who will undoubtedly come to the home’s rescue once again, says Agherdien. Its dependence on the private sector is the lifeblood of the home, since companies have to date not followed the sterling example set by Oasis or the well-wishers within the community. Funds are, of course, not the only thing the residents need. Some of them have no family to speak of, and become desperately lonely. Volunteers come in to keep them company, but there is always space for more. On 1 July superintendent Zulphaa Hassen was appointed, but apart from her, the staff is almost solely made up of contracted volunteers. “The need for volunteers will continue, but they can’t run the place. So there is a need for qualified personnel to address the residents’ needs. Now with Zulphaa, most of this will be managed and we will run the place better,” says Agherdien.Agherdien says he cannot thank donors enough, but in the same breath he implores everyone who can lend a hand to step forward and make a difference. Contact Beit-ul-Aman on (021) 761-1540.

SINGING TO HER HEART’S CON­ TENT: Stella Wolhuter (85) makes up for her lack of eyesight with a singing voice that moves the world.

KEEPING THEM ON THEIR TOES: “Domino convener” Amien Nieftago­ dien (80) plays dominoes with some of the residents on a regular basis.

A FRIENDLY HAND: Gadija Basardiens (87) talks about days gone by with volunteer Rehana Majal. Photos: Andre Bakkes









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NEARLY every morning the angelic voice of 85-year-old Stella Wolhuter fills the halls of Beitul-Aman Home for the Aged.

about our elders.” Living life in the fast lane has its drawbacks – the most tragic of these is that many families can also not give the necessary care to its oldest members. The options for those who need special care is very limited, especially if they are Muslim. While Beit-ul-Aman receives a monthly grant from the Department of Social Development, it mostly relies on donations from the general public to help make ends meet and keep its doors open to those in need. Their operational costs alone are more than R1 million rand a year, so these donations are essential for the running of the haven. “The average shortfall for operational expenses comes to about R80 000 or R90 000 a month,” says Agherdien, before adding that they have to raise the money themselves by having at least one fundraising event a month. The next fundraiser is a golf day in October, a popular event and a highlight on their calendar. In 2009 the home very nearly had to close its doors, since the economic downturn saw donations drying up. The Oasis Crescent Fund Trust intervened not a moment too soon, and stepped in to make a generous donation of R1 million. This ensured that the home could build up a reserve of funds, but they are always in need of help from the community. Agherdien says many old age homes have not been completely fire-compliant, so after one home was ravaged a few months ago, all






Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm

OTTERY MEGASTORE Open Sundays 9 am - 1 pm

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Tuesday 19 July 2011

I’jaaz crowned Quasida champs REYANA STEYN

THE I’Jaaz Quasida Group has been crowned the winners of Cape Town’s first ever Quasida Talent Show.

HARD WORK: The winners of this year’s Fulton Awards, presented by the Concrete Society of Southern Africa, were recently announced. The Hospital Bend overpass bridges won in the Con­ struction Techniques category. The project was submitted by consultants BKS Engineering and Management, who designed the bridges. Councillor Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater, says: “Cape Town’s role as a world leader, particularly in the fields of design and infrastructure, is evidenced by the City being short­listed for the World Design Capital award 2014, and also by winning awards such as the Fulton Award.” One element that impressed the judges was the attention given to building materials that have improved resist­ ance in coastal conditions, but also reduce carbon emissions. Photo: Bruce Sutherland

HELPING HAND: Unemployed people from across the Cape got the opportunity to do their part for the community and earn some money. Photo: David Van der Lingen

An employment opportunity ON Thursday 14 July, a hundred otherwise-unemployed people took to Table Mountain National Park to pick up litter as part of the Make South Africa Work and MSR (an employment-creation NGO formerly known as Men on the Side of the Road) initiative. On the day workers cleaned three different areas, including Oude Kraal, Tafelburg Road and Signal Hill. “Today is going to help me provide some food for my family. I am very happy”, said Bulelani Mangaliso from Nyanga East,

who was part of the project. Another unemployed man, Nosipho Njongo, said: “I have been in the township doing nothing. I am now happy that today I am working.” During the month of May MSR invited South Africans to make South Africa Work by donating R140 to cover one worker for a day. The money raised in the Cape is being used to employ workers to do basic maintenance and tidy up the mountain for the benefit of the whole community while combating unemployment.

The group from Mitchell’s Plain was chosen from seven groups who performed on Saturday 2 July at the Bellville Theatre. Hundreds of people from all walks of life braved the cold to see who would take WINNING TEAM: Cape Town’s Quasida champions, the away the prestigious title. Quasida is a form of lyric I’Jaaz Quasida group, with the organisers of the compe­ Photo: Supplied poetry that originated in tition. Arabia. Later, in 1890, it was used by Imam Keyaamodien du Toit in very polished and gave the audience a night to remember.” He added that the Paarl. The show was organised by Rajie Deva- show was “history in the making”. “Now that the platform has been creatjee, Jamal Mukaddam and Ganie Parker. It was presented by Zindah Produc- ed for the talented Quasida performers, tions and Voice of the Cape (VOC) radio we are urging groups to prepare themselves for the following talent show.” station. The organisers say they are negotiatPeople’s Post previously reported that all Quasida groups were invited to partic- ing to have the I’Jaaz Quasida group ipate for the winning spot. All the en- along with the other three groups who trants were showcased on Voice of the were short-listed on the night, perform in Cape (VOC) radio station and the finalists Johannesburg. “We want to showcase their talent and went through to perform in Bellville. They were judged on their performance, also invite people from Johannesburg to uniformity and also the capabilities of enter for the following Quasida Talent their voice (“Quasida revival receives show,” says Mukaddam. The organisers thanked the VOC radio strong boost,” 28 June). Seven Quasida groups were selected to station and all its staff, the participants perform on the night. Four groups were and all the people who came out to be part then short-listed and selected as finalists, of the audience, all the judges of the and the I’Jaaz Quasida group walked event, the sponsors who made the night away with the top prize. “It was great to possible and Ameer Palekar from see the talent come alive on the night,” Woodridge Meat Hyper, who sponsored says Mukaddam, who is known for his the floating trophy awarded to the wincontributions to the theatre world, such ners. People are already encouraged to enter for next year’s Quasida talent show. as the production “The world unseen”. “We want the groups to start preparing “Audiences were blown away as the seven groups who performed on the night themselves for next year’s competition,” took to the stage. The number of people says Parker. “The competition will be early to mid who entered and the people who attended the event shows that there is a need for next year. We are hoping we can make the a talent show of this calibre, and that’s Quasida talent show better than this why it has been decided that it will be an year’s one, and therefore we want the annual event.” Mukaddam added that all groups to be ready.” Groups who enter the groups who performed on the night should be no more than 10 members, and were “phenomenal”, but in the end it was individuals must be aged 12 and older. They will be judged on their live perthe I’Jaaz Quasida Group who stood out. The winners walked away with a floating formance, uniformity and also the capabilities of their voice. For more informatrophy and R5 000 in cash. Parker, who is a producer and present- tion, or if you want to learn more about er of “Ramadaan at Four” and was the Quasida or join a Quasida group, contact production director of the Quasida talent Devajee on 083 480 4313, Mukaddam on show, says the show was a “huge suc- 076 651 9946 or Parker on 079 135 7756. Alternatively send an email to cess”. to inquire “The entire show and its talent was overwhelming. We got more than what about how groups can go about entering we expected. All the Quasida groups were for next year’s Quasida Talent show.

2011 29, 30, 31 JULY Stephen Reagon Sports Complex Westridge Mitchell’s Plain

HONOURING MADIBA: On Friday 15 July, City of Cape Town mayor, Patricia de Lille, officially renamed Eastern Boulevard, Nelson Mandela Boulevard. The event took place just before the former president’s 93rd birthday, and forms part of a series of activities that were held around the country in honour of International Mandela Day (yesterday 18 July). Photo: Leanne Stander


Tuesday 19 July 2011

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Springbok support for Table Mountain T

HE mighty Springboks have thrown their weight behind the campaign to have Table Mountain named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. “I promise we’ll win the World Cup if you promise to vote for Table Mountain,” said coach Peter de Villiers after members of the Springbok rugby squad pledged their support for Table Mountain and became official ambassadors for the Vote for Table Mountain campaign, on Monday 11 July. Table Mountain is in the running to be named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, a global election that predicts over a billion votes worldwide. South Africa’s flat-topped wonder needs to beat 27 other natural sites from around the world such as the Amazon River, the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef to make it into the final seven. The new Springbok ambassadors include Captain John Smit, Schalk Burger, Tendai “Beast” Mtawarira, Butch James, Bryan Habana, Jean de Villiers, Jaque Fourie, Andries Bekker, Morne Steyn, Jannie du Plessis, Gurthro Steenkamp and coach De Villiers. The Springboks will fly the Table Mountain flag high ahead of the Castle Tri-Nations tournament starting on 23 July in Sydney, Australia. Their support will continue through to the 2011 Rugby World

Get sewing now CLOTEX has opened a technical support centre, the first of its kind in the Western Cape. The Technical Centre is based at MC Thompson in 170 Voortrekker Road, Maitland, and officially opened its doors on 16 August 2010. Clotex says the centre is needed to help small manufacturers and designers finish their

garments professionally. The machinery at the Technical Centre can be booked either via email or telephone. There is fee of R30 for the maintenance of the machinery. For further details, contact Natasha Carelse at Clotex on (021) 637-3648 or fax (021) 637-3647 or email

Prostate cancer support

CHAMPIONS: Springbok captain John Smit shows his support for Table Moun­ tain alongside New Seven Wonders Campaign Manager, Fiona Furey. Photo: Supplied

Cup, where they will represent their country, and Table Mountain. “I urge all South Africans to put some time aside to vote for Table Mountain,” said Smit. An independent impact report, conducted by Grant Thornton, has predicted an R1,4 billion annual tourism bonanza for South Africa if Table Mountain is named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. “South Africans have to make sure that our flat-topped wonder

makes it into the final seven. It’s a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to create a legacy, an opportunity that we can’t ignore – there will never be another election like it. Once the final seven are decided, that’s it,” says Sabine Lehmann, chairperson of the Table Mountain Bid Committee. To see a full list of celebrity ambassadors, and to vote for Table Mountain, visit or SMS “table” to 34874.

THE Prostate Cancer Support Action group will meet at 17:45 for 18:00 on Tuesday 19 July in the auditorium of the Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic, Burnham Road, Plumstead. Newly-diagnosed patients and their partners or carers from all

over the Cape Metro are welcome to attend, meet prostate cancer survivors, and share details of their experience. Conray Moolman will talk on new drug therapy for advanced prostate cancer. Phone 073 560 3067 for more information.

Help at hand

loneliness, as well as advice on how to positively change your situation. All are welcome and for no cost. The group takes place at College of Cape Town Campus, 31 Broad Road, Wynberg. For further information, contact Glenda at 076 626 1024 or

SINGLE parents seeking constructive advice and support are welcome to join Dr Lesly Uys and the Single Parent Group “In Their Shoes” on July 23 from 09:00 to 11:30. Discussion will focus on the effects of depression, despair and A SHARK’S hunger can be satisfied with one good meal. The meal can last a long time, because a shark uses little

energy to swim. Some sharks hold food in their stomachs without it being digested. If they eat a big meal, it can last three or more months. – (

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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Proud partner THE nation celebrated Mandela Day yesterday as former president Nelson Mandela turned 93. In keeping with the worldwide gees of making the world a better place by volunteering just 67 minutes of your time, People’s Post partnered with Proudly South Africa (PSA) in a campaign to create 93 000 jobs within a year. The 93 000 Jobs for Mandela Day campaign was launched on Saturday 16 July, a partnership between selected Media 24 titles such as People’s Post, Tygerburger, City Vision and Die Burger. The campaign aims to drive job creation through guiding and mobilising state organs, the business sector and citizens on how they can assist in creating 93 000 jobs for Mandela from his 93rd to 94th birthday year. South Africans have shown that they have the power to unite as one in their indefatigable quest for democracy and, with equal gusto, in achieving world glory through successfully hosting the World Cup. Here is our chance to take centre stage again in shaping our economic destiny; our chance to soar above unemployment, poverty and despair. The statistics speak for themselves; with about a quarter of our population jobless, our unemployment rate ranks as among the highest in the world. We have the power to turn that statistic around and make Madiba proud. For 67 years, he fought oppression. Oppression has many guises and being poor subjects one to the most damaging, humiliating, soul-destroying oppression. The responsibility for job creation rests with government, industry and each individual. We are playing our part by creating a platform for business and the unemployed to connect. Regardless of how small the job is that is created, each job is a giant step towards empowering an individual, a family, a community, a nation. The platform is here. All you have to do is step up!

Your SMSes Pit bull statistics are skewed THE pit bull, or American pit bull terrier to use its full name, is indeed a specific breed and definitely not a type representing other breeds and cross breeds. The United Kennel Club (UKC) in the USA was the first registry to recognise the pit bull as a breed in 1898 already. Pit bulls are also registered with the American Kennel Club, as well as the American Dog Breeders Association in the USA. In South Africa, pit bulls are recognised and registered by several bodies, including the National Dog Breeders Council (NDBC), Canine Breeders Association, (CBA) and the United SA Pit Bull Registry (USAPR), to name but a few. To include other breeds as well as cross breeds in the same group as pit bulls when comparing statistics will be a huge

mistake, as well as very unfair towards this great breed. MARNUS PRETORIUS, CHAIRPERSON OF THE PITBULL UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA Pretorius provided the above information in response to a request for comment on the statement that statistics that claim “pit bulls” are responsible for some percentage of attacks are lumping many breeds together, then comparing that to other dogs that are counted as individual breeds; as well as the statement that breed identification is left up to victim and witness testimony, and is often wrong. Due to negative press, biting dogs of almost any breed have been called “pit bulls” – Ed.

The joke’s on you, critics! TO YOU, the nameless critics in People’s Post, 28 June: Grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill today because I allowed them to get to me. Also help me to be careful of the toes I step on today, as they may be connected to the bottom

that I may have to kiss tomorrow – and help me to remember that when I am having a really bad day, and it seems that people are trying to get me down, that it takes 42 muscles to frown and only four to extend my middle finger and tell them to bite me! Here’s laughing at you! VG BEHRENS Pinelands

. Every time I go to Rosmead Spar there are always more than three cars parked in the disabled bays. It is clear that these people are not disabled and are taking advantage of these bays. Our grandpa, who is disabled, struggles to find parking when going there. I feel that shopping centres and garages should have someone controlling these bays and immediately clamping the wheels of people who are not meant to be parked there. It is inconsiderate and downright selfish. . A brick bat to Telkom: our landline has been out of order since 20 June. Debbie, Pinelands Colourful viewing . I enjoyed Colour TV. It’s nice to have some laughter and those who are not happy with the show, read a book. . Colour TV seems to be the only voice for coloured people. . This new show, Colour TV on SABC 2 is boring. Where’s the movies? Angry and bored viewer Delicious monster . The delicious monster fruit is edible and also delicious. It tastes like fruit salad. It’s ripe when the green skin starts “blistering” off. Be careful though – the little black spikes between the segments are prickly and not too

nice. Nicolette, Sun Valley . The fruit of the delicious monster is indeed edible and it tastes like fruit salad. You can get a sensitive tongue if you eat too much. Stuart, Capri . As I recall, the skin of delicious monster fruit is segmented. We ate the fruit as kids and although it’s tasty, it has a slight sting on the tongue. Wilma . To the person with the delicious monster, as the common name implies it is only edible. It is nature’s fruit salad. It is ready to enjoy when pale green. Pat Electricity prices . I used 686 units in 7 days! I am ONE person! I went to buy another R300 and got 274 units. Somewhere I am being ripped off. Anyone else experience something similar? . I also wonder about the cost of electricity. I bought R500 at the beginning of the month and got my 50 free units but the meter ran down very quickly. Animal matters . On the 18th I will spend 67 minutes thinking of all the poor animals suffering in the townships. Pat H . Animals are like kids, they should be seen and not hurt. God bless. Liz . Wow, these rich, selfrighteous “animal lovers” who live in their huge fancy houses (with often more than one inside toilets), you really are boring old farts. Did you

read that little three-yearold’s mother had go out to use an outside toilet when these dogs attacked? Please shut up. Akeela . If you have seen or found a green ring-necked parakeet please contact 072 373 8328, or the SPCA. It has been missing since 30 April. . I’ve witnessed people selling live chickens, limp and half dead from heat and a lack of water. Then they are packed into a tiny box with no air. This is horrible to witness. Desiree General . Congratulations to Metrorail on the school holiday programme they had. Well done! You should cover a positive story like that. Happy commuter . I don’t think the “work from home” job opportunities are real. I’ve gone on the Internet about it and couldn’t find a number to contact them on. Zenobia . After watching “The Life and Times of Mandela”, I suggest this government get their act together regarding services to informal settlements and others, otherwise I can see an uprising that we have never seen before, and all of us will suffer. These people are the ones who have put this government in power over the years. Terry


Tuesday 19 July 2011

Down to the bare bone AS a very young child many years ago we were taught that every project or invention and our rich country’s resources were to be for the benefit of every citizen. That type of statement or view reminded me of a very meaty bone that can sustain every person or household in our beloved South Africa. Every time we achieved technological progress that was to make life easier, we saw our tasty meaty bone become bigger and tastier. But in recent years and lately because of the increases passed on to us, it is becoming such a struggle to live and our meaty bone is so bare that it cannot be used. Even the marrow in the inside we also try to use in this struggle to survive is no more, and this bone is now a burden and a sad sight to behold. What made this bone bare is, in my opinion, some of the following: 1) The inventions and technological advances we applauded have now become so expensive that only the very rich can afford them, and they do not benefit the average citizen. 2) We have so much open wasted ground that could be used for farming and produce bumper crops and so drastically reduce the high food prices, but the land is still vacant, and food prices play havoc with inflation. 3) Electricity that was invented for a better life for us all is so expensive that even the rich households are suffering now, so what more the poor, who are in the majority? My opinion is that people are going to make use of open fires because this commodity is now considered a luxury and takes a major lump out of measly incomes.

4) As for medical care, we pray every second that we stay healthy because a visit to get healing is a luxury trip few can afford, and yet the marvels of these medical inventions were invented for the benefit of one and all. 5) Petrol increases have a ripple effect that makes the struggle to live even more difficult. We produce fuel from coal, but for whose benefit? 6) There are toll gate fees, yet we pay licence fees for our motor vehicles. 7) General sales and municipal fees that keep going up and up and the bone becomes very dry as we try to manoeuvre to survive, and for every little thing a payment is attached. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is cheap or free. 8) Bond fees we never seem to pay off, and if we make calculations that house that was for sale has increased so much in payments that the end price justifies buying a castle. 9) Interest rates when buying on credit are tougher than the sinew on our once meaty bone. What a bleak picture for all of us, but the will of those in power to help to bring prices down is lacking, and that once-meaty bone feels like a hammer in our hands, a hammer we want to hit over someone’s skull and maybe then common survival policy can be implemented with nationalising, of prices coming down and so end the spiral of unemployment, and then that bare bone we once enjoyed and savoured and that gave us hope becomes meaty once again. KEITH BLAKE Ottery

Neuter your pit bull REGARDING “Problem owners not problem dogs”, People’s Post, 28 June). We had an American pit bull. This dog was well loved, was well fed (Hill’s Science Diet) and taken to the beach for walks. My wife would sit with the dog every morning, talk to him, play with him, bathe him and treated the dog as if it were a child. We have three other dogs: a staffie (13), a staffie cross/pit bull (9) and a husky (6).

We had all these dogs from when they were puppies. My neighbour’s dog was on heat, and when the gate opened he tried to run out and when my wife tried to stop him that’s when he attacked her. Thank God she survived, with 55 puncture wounds. My advice to anybody who owns a pit bull as a pet: Have it neutered/spayed (if only we knew). That advice came too late. ANONYMOUS Retreat

DIAL-A-RIDE PUBLIC PARTICIPATION WORKSHOP ON 30 JULY 2011 Notice is hereby given that a public participation workshop will be held on 30 July 2011 to discuss the Dial-a-Ride public transport service for the Cape Town area. The City of Cape Town is appealing to all persons with disabilities to participate in the review of its business plan for this service. In accordance with the City’s policy of participative, democratic and co-operative governance, Dial-a-Ride users have a say in how the service is run. Dial-a-Ride is a demand-responsive public transport service, provided in terms of a commercial service contract, and funded by the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Administration of the Western Cape. The main focus of Dial-a-Ride is to provide an accessible transport service to those persons who cannot access mainstream public transport as a result of their special needs. Should you wish to comment, raise any concerns or attend the Dial-a-Ride workshop please contact Zanele Mabengeza at or tel 021 400 2579 by 25 July 2011 to reserve your place. Details of the workshop are as follows: DATE: 30 July 2011 TIME: 10:00 – 14:00 VENUE: Woodstock Community Hall, cnr Aberdeen and Main Roads, Woodstock ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 11 A TALENT TO AS­ TOUND: Nathan Adriaanse of the Afrika Ablaze Dance Company is bending over back­ wards to raise enough funds by the end of the week in order to go to Las Vegas in the USA and represent South Africa at a hip hop dance com­ petition. This weekend Adri­ aanse instructed a handful of interest­ ed youngsters in the audacious art of breakdancing at Wynberg High School in a last­ ditch effort to raise the R3 000 short­ fall. Jaws dropped as he pulled one spectacular move after another. Any­ one who can help him in his quest to astonish America can contact Glen­ da Jones on 082 669 1670. Photo: Andre Bakkes

People's Post Page 12

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Big band a big hit GARY VAN DYK


he Big Band sound is starting to spread across the Cape Flats with the launch of a group in the Grassy Park area last week, and it’s got the beat to fight off the bad influences affecting the youth. On Thursday last week the hall of Hyde Park Primary in Parkwood came alive when the Grassy Park Youth Development Big Band was launched with some performances that almost got the school calling for repairs to their roof. William Rezant, of the Western Cape Musicians’ Association (WCMA), said that this project was inspired by the success of the achievements of the Delft Big Band, and was a partnership between them, the Department of Education, especially Franklin Lewis, the head curriculum advisor for music, as well as the Lotto, from who they are receiving funding. “In 2009 WCMA applied for funding from the Lotto for youth development in music in the Western Cape pointing out the success of the project in Delft. “Thankfully we received some funding this year and launched Kidz Can in the Retreat, Lavender Hill, Grassy Park and Lotus River areas, and the band is part of this project. “For the band we initially targeted all or most high schools in these areas, but to our surprise some of the primary schools also wanted to be part of this project. “As you can see these youngsters are all excited about being part of it,” he said. Rezant added that the idea behind the project was more than just helping youth develop themselves through music. “We also want to stop our youth from getting involved with drugs, gangsterism and all these negative influences that plague them in their areas. “Over the past few years we have seen the success of the Delft Big Band under Ian Smith, who has grown the talents of those youngsters to a phenomenal level, and we are using his skills to help us with

this new project as well. “During these recent school holidays we got going at the Battswood Arts Centre, where 130 children got into learning to read music and playing instruments ranging from marimbas and steel pan drums, to all the wind instruments featured in a big band.” At the launch last week Smith demonstrated and explained how the teaching in the big band format takes place with the new learners showing off their talents. Then it was the turn of the Delft Band to give the learners a taste of what they will be doing in a few months time, and they were blown away. Tamryn Marcus (17) is a trombonist from Grassdale High, who was very excited about what she heard. “I feel very inspired when I listen to them, and excited to know that we will also be getting to that level if we work hard. While I have been playing at school for some years, the music that they are doing is something else,” she said. Timothy Mathlay (13) from Hyde Park Primary is a saxophonist who was still wide-eyed long after the Delft band performance. “That band gave me goosebumps! It is totally different to what we have been doing at school. “I can’t to get going seriously to get to that level.” Clarinetist Allison Davids (18) is at Grassy Park High and always knew she wanted to do music, but hearing the Delft group has inspired her more. “I have been playing for a number of years, but this is the first time that I have heard band play together like that. Wow!” Lance January (17) is a trombonist who also has playing bass guitar as an option. “Why don’t we hear music like this more often? This is exciting and I love the energy of the music. “I know that with this project we are going to discover lots of new music to inspire us.” Rezant concluded by adding that similar projects are planned for more areas in the Western Cape. “We also like to appeal to anyone who has spare instruments and would like donate or contribute to these projects to contact me on 073 399 0244, (021) 4479936 or via email”

MIGHTY APHRODITE: Pop singer Kylie Minogue had the audience dancing in the aisles at the Grand Arena, Grand West Casino, on Wednesday 13 July, as she brought her Aphrodite tour to Cape Town fans. Photo: Jaco Marais

Belly dancers to tantalise A BEVY of beautiful dancers will take audiences on a journey to faraway places as they shimmy and undulate to the sensual rhythms of the Middle East. The Feminine Divine Annual Studio Show takes place at Bergvliet High School on Saturday 23 July from 19:00. The Feminine Divine is one of Cape Town’s largest belly dance studios, with three passionate and skilled teachers teaching over 300 students in and around Cape Town. They are led by Tenille Lindeque, one of Cape Town’s most sensual dancers, who is well respected in the belly dance community. Tickets cost R55 per person and bookings are essential. For inquiries call Tenille Lindeque on 083 760 8499 or email

THE BAND: Fresh off a series of sold­out shows across the Cape Peninsula, Sixgun Gospel will showcase its extensive catalogue in preparation for re­ cording its EP this month. The EP blends blues, country, rock, bluegrass and funk. The band will play at Muizenberg’s Melting Pot with up­and­coming songstress, Natasha Meister, on Friday 22 July. Photo: Supplied

SENSUALITY EPITOMISED: Tenille Lindeque opened the Feminine Divine studio in 2003 and has since been featured on Top Billing and Spirit Sun­ day. Photo: Supplied

Hobnob with hotshot directors IF YOU want to get up close and personal with directors of the calibre of Malcolm Purkey, James Ncgobo, Janice Honeyman, Geoffrey Hyland and Aubrey Sekhabi, and actors such as Dawid Minnaar, Diane Wilson and Faniswa Yisa, this conference is for you. Directors and Directing is hosted by the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July.

Featuring several performances in addition to panels and talks, this groundbreaking event will take place at Hiddingh Campus, UCT. The conference will explore “thoughts around directing by some of the nation’s leading theatrical and critical minds, in carefully-staged conversations that will be intimate as they promise to be illuminating and insightful”.

Tickets are available through Computicket and cost R120. This includes all talks and performances, the opening function, coffee and tea, a Sunday brunch and closing drinks. Single-day tickets are R60. Student rates are R80 for the full conference. The full programme will be available from from Wednesday 6 July. Contact (021) 480-7156 or

ROCKING: The Dirty Skirts will hold their album launch at Zula Bar in Long Street in the city centre on 23 July from 21:00. Entrance is R50.Photo: Supplied


Tuesday 19 July 2011

JOY is on the UP “JOY ACTIVISTS” are making an uplifting difference in our communities – thanks to the inspired work of The Upliftment Programme (UP). The UP is an inspiring, not-forprofit organisation with the unique aim of supporting the growth of joy in Southern Africa. “Looking around these days, one can see the high statistics of stress and depression. Few people seem to be laughing or smiling, and the majority seem so caught up in resignation and cynicism. “Yet we are all aware of the SPREADING JOY: The joy activists. Photo: Supplied power that we as individuals can have; our very own Madiba is a precious tions, where trained UP volunteer “care example of this. We all have this potential clowns” commit to their local hospital/ to be magnificent and we get caught up in home every week and share joy there with all the nay-saying, it’s-just-not-possible the children, parents and staff. Currently type of thinking,” Nicola Jackman, in Southern Africa there are over 75 volFounder/Cheerlady of The UP says. unteer care clowns and a monthly “JOYThe Upliftment Programme (UP) is ex- ful UPliftment” of approximately 3 500 panding its outreach to bring joy not just people a month. to the children of Southern Africa – but “This year The UP has chosen to bring to the adults who really need joyful UPlift- joy to adults too. Joy activists facilitate ment too. monthly one-hour ‘joy sessions’ in their “We’re building a network of joy activ- local communities. ists – individuals who are committed to “These are available to the public, so growing and sharing joy with others and folk can bring their families and have a anyone can join UP. facilitated session of fun and laughter to“We are proud to be yea-sayers and sup- gether with the community.” port the transformation of humankind, For more info on the “joy sessions” or from very serious, problem-focused peo- “joy activism” visit or ple – to inspired, solution-orientated and email upliftmentprojoyfully active community.” The UP has been actively sharing joy To have a peak at joy activists, visit: since 2003; their main outreach has been to the children in hospitals and institu- watch?v=QKm6hojP-p8

Ten-year-old prepares for a month of unbroken fasting at the different foods and cakes on display. “I really just want to look more thin after “I AM actually nervous this year, because I the fast, so that is maybe why I am so excited really like to eat a lot,” says a confident 10- as well,” says Isaacs. year-old Imrah Isaacs from Kensington. She says last year she found certain days Isaacs was asked for her to be “very difficult but opinion of the month of Ramchallenging”, and is looking adaan, which starts in early forward to getting her perAugust. manent fasting days off to a Isaacs started fasting “on good start. and off” last year, sharing the According to Isaacs, she days between whole day and sees the fast as being the half day. ideal opportunity to mainShe attends Pinelands Pritain “your body and forget mary – “the blue school” – about eating”. and “loves eating” and hav“I’m looking forward to ing conversations. the fast this year because I This year would be her first think I’m going to lose time fasting every day for the weight,” Isaacs laughs. whole day, and she says: “I “During this month, you am looking forward to it.” must forget about food and During the fast, Isaacs exjust think about your reliplains, her favourite meal is gion and also staying chicken and potatoes, but she healthy,” says Isaacs. will be looking to “keep fit”. People should not forget to She loves taking cake to her LITTLE MISS CONFIDENT: give to the poor, because neighbours, and enjoys the Imrah Isaacs is looking for­ “it’s very important” and minutes just before the fast is ward to Ramadaan. should play a major role in broken, watching people stare “your month of Ramadaan”. TAURIQ HASSEN

Ramadaan with Radio 786 RAMADAAN is the month in which the Qur’an was sent down, as a guide to mankind, also clear signs for guidance and judgment between right and wrong. So every one of you who is present at his home during that month should spend it in fasting, but if anyone is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period should be made up by days later. God intends every facility for you; He does not want to put you into difficulties. He wants you to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful. (Qur’an: Chapter 2; verse 185) From the foregoing verse, it is evident that Ramadaan is a month of high intensity training in which fasting and self-discipline bring about a transformation in character and behaviour which reflects submission to God’s

will and the promotion of healthy families and communities. This year, Radio 786’s Ramadaan programmes are designed to inspire this transformation in the individual, the family, the community. Hence our theme for Ramadaan: “Good character builds strong families and empowered communities.” Radio 786 hopes that individuals, irrespective of race, colour and creed, by implementing the essence of this theme during this blessed month, will initiate solutions for the many ills that our communities are saddled with, such as drugs, crime, gangsterism, wife abuse, child abuse, teenage pregnancies, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, promiscuity and many more. Stay tuned to Radio 786 on 100.4FM for your information, education and upliftment. Ramadaan Kareem.

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 13

Jobs for Madiba PROUDLY South African launched their 93 000 Jobs for Mandela Day campaign on Saturday 16 July. The campaign was launched in association with selected Media 24 titles, which currently comprises 57 community papers, and The Witness and Die Burger newspapers. The 93 000 Jobs for Mandela Day campaign aims to drive job creation through guiding and mobilising state organs, the business sector and citizens on how they can assist in creating 93 000 jobs for Mandela from his 93rd to 94th birthday year. “And how will we do this?” asks Herbert Mkhize, acting CEO of Proudly South African. “Just as we joined hands as a nation to host a successful 2010 FIFA World Cup, so we must join hands as a nation to create jobs for our people in South Africa. South African business, big and small, can make a start by procuring 50% of their daily consumables, products and services locally, while South Africans can start by filling their trolleys with at least 50% of locallymanufactured products and goods at their retail stores. “We would like to also encourage all

South Africans to start demanding to see more locally-produced products on the shelves in the various retail stores.” “In keeping with Madiba’s own approach in “Long Walk to Freedom”, a journey starts with a single step – and small steps in the right direction can create amazing results if we work together.” he says. Companies and South Africans wanting to make an official commitment to the campaign can register for the 93 000 Jobs for Mandela Day campaign via the Proudly SA website and become a friend of the Proudly SA 93 000 Jobs for Mandela Day Facebook page. Proudly South African will be monitoring and communicating progress with regards to this phenomenal job creations drive. Mkhize also reminded South Africans that consumers could also make a difference and support job creation by supporting local businesses. Proudly South African, in association with their selected Media 24 partners, will create a platform that will inform, educate and enable South Africans to actively contribute to job creation.

A SHARK’S hunger can be satisfied with one good meal. The meal can last a long time, because a shark uses little energy to swim. Some sharks hold food in their stomachs without it being digested. If they eat a big meal, it can last three or more months. – (

PUBLIC NOTIFICATION OF THE 2011/2012 SERVICE DELIVERY AND BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION PLAN (SDBIP) Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 53 (3) (a) of Act No. 56 of 2003: Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) that the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan for the 2011/2012 financial year will be available at all Subcouncil offices (as listed below), libraries and the City of Cape Town’s website from Wednesday 20 July 2011 on weekdays between 08:30 and 16:30 up to and including Monday 22 August 2011. AREA Cape Town Libraries Subcouncil 1 Blaauwberg 2 Bergdal 3 De Grendel 4 Tygerberg 5 Central 6 Bellville 7 Koeberg 8 Helderberg 9 Nxele Makana 10 Charlotte Maxeke 11 Looksmart Solwandle Ngudle 12 Mitchells Plain 13 David Mthetho Ntlanganiso 14 Miranda Ngculu 15 Pinelands 16 Good Hope 17 Athlone and District 18 Rondevlei 19 South Peninsula 20 Protea 21 Oostenberg 22 Lizo Nkonki 23 Adelaide Tambo


ADDRESS Reception Desk, Concourse, Civic Centre, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town All Libraries Municipal Offices, Royal Ascot, Bridle Way, Milnerton Municipal Offices, Brighton Way, Kraaifontein Municipal Building, Voortrekker Road, Goodwood Municipal Offices, 1st Floor, cnr Voortrekker and Tallent Roads, Parow Municipal Offices, cnr Jakkelsvlei Avenue and Kiaat Road, Bonteheuwel Municipal Building, Voortrekker Road, Bellville Municipal Offices, Oxford Street, Durbanville Municipal Offices, cnr Fagan Street and Main Road, Strand A Block Stocks & Stocks Complex, Ntlakohlaza Street, Town 2, Village 1, Khayelitsha Site B, Khayelitsha Shopping Centre, Khayelitsha Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu Parks & Bathing Building, Merrydale Avenue, Lentegeur Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu Fezeka Building, cnr NY1 and Lansdowne Road, Gugulethu Pinelands Training Centre, St Stephens Road, Central Square, Pinelands 11th Floor, 44 Wale Street, Cape Town Athlone Civic Centre, cnr Protea and Klipfontein Roads, Athlone Cnr Buck Road and 6th Avenue, Lotus River Fish Hoek Civic Centre, Central Circle, Recreation Road, Fish Hoek Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road, Constantia Oostenberg Administration, cnr Van Riebeeck and Carinus Streets, Kuilsriver Oostenberg Administration, cnr Van Riebeeck and Carinus Streets, Kuilsriver Cnr Delft and Fort Worth Roads, Delft


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Tuesday 19 July 2011

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Weddings VIDEO, DVD'S & PHOTOS (021 695 1801/073 454 9280

Building and Construction

Miscellaneous Wendy Houses "SPECIALS" 6m x 3m, R6 000 cash. ( 082 621 4441/021 393 5475





Personal DIVORCES R3 000 Renette Rauch Attorneys 021 418 1337/8 or e­mail: renette.rauch@ THE NETHERLANDS KLAVERJAS CLUB are looking for new members. Phone Jan Westland on 021­ 797 4870 or 082 892 3847 THE SHIP SAILS AGAIN. IT COME TO ME AS IF IN A DREAM. THE STREETS ARE CHANGING. EVERYTHING STAYS THE SAME. HERE ON, THE NIGHTS. WAITING.

021 397 8388 078 536 2678 072 542 7217 ATHLONE

021 696 4183 072 542 7217 GRASSY PARK/RETREAT 021 762 1252 072 542 7217 LANDSDOWNE

021 797 6569 072 542 7217


BSI DRIVING ACADEMY K53 driving lessons Competitive Rates Packages available Contact Sharon / Bernie on 021 638 3649 or 074 133 0069 021 802 4221 bsidrivingacademy BSI DRIVING ACADEMY K53 driving lessons Competitive Rates Packages available Contact Sharon / Bernie on 021 638 3649 or 074 133 0069 021 802 4221 bsidrivingacademy

Health and Beauty



Catering from R50 p/p. ( 021 703 6495 or 082 742 7098


Children’s Entertainment HIRE a castle, from R150 p.d. Slides, kiddies chairs & tables. 021 696 3791, 084 209 1313

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Regular garden maintenance, once off clean­ups, cutbacks and hedge specialist Contact Steve 021­797 2442 GARDENING We cut lawns, weed flowerbeds, plot clearing refuse removal, tree felling, in your yard. 7 days a week. Ph 0734923255 / 021­802 6494

Hiring Services CATER HIRE 021­696 2394 or 084 588 0686 Plastic chairs R2. Round Table: 10 seats R10 Long Table: 10 seats R10. Chair Covers: R4. Long Table Cloth XL: R12. Round Table Cloth XL: R15. Organzas: From R2.


Bridging cash for PENSION/PACKAGE Lumpsum/Payout same day


" 021 949 3402/3


BUILT­IN CUPBOARDS Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom cupboards, custom display and TV units, shop fitting, etc. Insurance approved (reference). Call Clinton 072 194 0694 for free quote

GARAGE DOORS & automation.

Call back 073 609 9307 073 439 3111

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A BAKKIE LOAD of rubble and garden refuse removal. Ph


078 6113 627.

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LOANS UP to R50 000. Bl. Listed and Govt. welcome, ( Shireen 078 902 5602. R1 000 ­ R70 000. Blacklisted & Govt. welcome. Ph/Sms Lizzy 073 644 6358 or Tele/Fax 021 703 5171

115 Moving and Storage A BAKKIE LD frm A­B. Rea­ sonable, reliable 082 428 7349


Clear your debt by calling SCM Debt Clearance 021­788 4485 24/hrs: 078 221 0193

A­B TRUCK HIRE / COURIER Anything & everything. 073 339 1828

APPLIANCE repairs 23 years experience. Repairs to washing machines, fridges, tumbledriers, dishwashers and stoves. Ph 021 705 9333, 082 7222 517. REGISTERED ELECTRICIAN available all areas. Ph Jody on 081 310 7542


Aerial and DSTV Installations HD PVR Installations, Accredited Top TV Installer, Workmanship Guaranteed. Contact us on 021 802 1325 076 240 3229 email

Jubisat 31-05-11 1ARENQ0


Carpentry SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952


Plumbers A licenced plumber. Repairs, blocked drains, Leaking geysers. (Naziem 021 697 5723/082 709 4979 ALL PLUMBING, good ref.. 076 124 4713 Plumbing ­ Elect ­ Drains R125 p/hr ( 021 703 0906


contact: 071 743 2288

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GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. R800p/night. Sleeps 6.(079 522 4309.

Brand new block of flats. Immediate occupation. Tel Stuart 021 448 3115 (Mon ­ Fri. only), or cell 084 941 2438.


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Vehicles Wanted to Buy CASH FOR RUNNING LIC. CARS AND LDV RUSTY OR NOT. (Kevin ­073 269 8935 GIVE ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY OR SELL YOUR CAR: Top prices & sound advice guaranteed. Contact CLIFFIE 021 788 9909/ 083 273 1384 Authorised Financial Service Provider. FSP 19811

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Staff Vacancies 5 ,, 4 , HOTELS , BIG SUPERMARKETS & BIG COMPANIES URGENTLY NEEDS! .20 Receptionists .30 Cashiers .20 Barmen .30 Waitrons .20 Porters .50 Cleaners/ Housekeepers .10 Cruiseship Attendants .10 Flight Attendants/ Airhostesses For More details please contact Zetaweb or visit our offices on 112 Long Street, 3rd Floor, room 311, Cape Town, or CALL: 021 426 7615/ 021 820 3654/ 073 219 8380


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Goliath Street. R599 000. Spacious 2 bedroomed house, with lounge, fitted kitchen, modernised, ren bathroom, fully enclosed with carport on



a spacious 400m² plot. Lots of room to do more.


At 67A MAIN RD, DIEP RIVER, Table View, also at 190 Durban Rd., Bellville (opposite Speedy) Buys gold, jewellery & diamonds. (Even broken)

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DJ with sound and lighting.(083 369 6768


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Consolidate your debt. Regardless of your credit history, debt counselling or Administration status, Bondpro Finance can use your property to consolidate your debt and clear your credit record.






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Contact Latiefa George 082 972 9682 E BUYERS MARKET Liquidations, Deceased Estates, Foreclosures & General Auctions 2 Bedroom apartment, KENSINGTON Public Auction: Wed. 27 July @ 11:30 • 2 Bedroom measuring 52 sqm. • Lounge & fitted kitchen. • Bathroom, balcony & parking bay. •Security gate & 24 hour security. • Rental income R3 700 pm. • Levies R899,00 pm. VIEW BY APPOINTMENT Contact Ron Shaked on 083 601 8272 AUCTION ON SITE: Unit E-509 (233) Square on Tenth, Cnr. 9th Avenue & Nyman Street, Kensington Bidding Requirements: I.D. & Proof of Residence Terms: Standard Auction Terms


Tuesday 19 July 2011

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Putting family first HEROES are people you look up to and aspire to be like because of what they have accomplished. People that show, with determination and hard work, that anything is possible. And sometimes, as we’ve seen in the Glacier Junior Series, it just takes a little pointer to inspire greatness in young golfers. Yes, all young golfers need their idols, including Sean Bradley from Cape Town. But for this 16-year-old golfer, that hero is the man he calls dad. Former professional Wayne Bradley campaigned in Asia, Europe and South Africa before he laid down his clubs and took up coaching. In the last decade he has become a household name as one of the top golf coaches in the country. “My dad may not be a Major winner or a former world number one, but he is the guy who brought me to the game of golf and who inspired me to love it as much as he does,” said Sean. “He has coached me all my life, he knows my game and he is the first one I turn to when things go wrong.

He is the first one I call with my results and he always gives me the support I need.” Just like when the 15-year-old scratch golfer walked off the golf course at Erinvale recently with a hefty 82 on his scorecard. “I was gutted. I really wanted to win and get a place in the Series Final,” he said. “My dad knew just what to say. He knew I was upset, but he doesn’t let me wallow in self pity. “I was battling on the greens all day, so he said we would work on the putting stroke but for right now, just to focus on the other things in my game that went well.” During the Glacier Junior Series visit to the Western Cape, Bradley Junior has also had to share his father’s focus. “Quite a few of my students entered the three Glacier Junior Series events in the Western Cape,” Wayne explained. “What I love about this series is that it gives the higher handicap players a chance to gain competitive experience. The low handicaps get to play a lot of tournament golf, but the higher handicaps seldom get on the golf course under these

conditions. “It has been great to see how well the younger players are coping with the pressure and how committed and competitive they are.” Sean doesn’t mind sharing his father’s attention. “I think it can be tough for him to be supportive when he has so many other ‘sons’ out there, but we have all benefited from my dad’s ability to teach and inspire,” he said. “It’s cool when guys tell me how my dad helped them to believe in themselves or how he changed their game. It’s pretty cool to have Wayne Bradley as a dad.” But Bradley Junior wouldn’t mind just one special tip from his dad to propel him to the winner’s circle. “The winner of the Glacier Junior Series goes to the Orange Bowl Junior Champs in the USA,” says the Wynberg Boys’ High pupil. “That’s a huge prize for any South African junior, because we don’t get that many chances to travel and play overseas. I just need something to click so I get to win one of these tournaments and get into the final.”

SWINGING EXPERTS: Sean and Wayne Bradley.

Photo: Glacier Junior Series

BUNDLED: Vil­ lager RFC’s Neil Cleghorn is tackled by Solly Tyibilika and Martin du Toit of Hamil­ ton’s during his side’s 41­ 13 loss in the WPRFU Super League A on Saturday. Pho­ to: Peter Heeger/Gal­ lo Images

GREAT CATCH: Miche Bucton of Kansas City Netball Club takes a fine catch as Heideveld Netball Club’s Tarren van Eeden looks on during a clash between the under­11 sides of these clubs at Westridge Sport Grounds on Saturday morn­ ing. The match was drawn 9­9. Photo: Rashied Isaacs


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TOUGH TUSSLE: Giovani Laver­ deen (left) of YMO St Luke’s and Joshua Africa of Wynberg St John’s get stuck in a physical bat­ tle during the two under­13 sides’ clash in the Aven­ dale Athletico Junior Tourna­ ment at Field Crescent on Sat­ urday. Wynberg St John’s were 2­0 victors. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Positives from pulsating clash TASMIN CUPIDO

DESPITE opening their Absa Currie Cup campaign with a draw to GWK Griquas, Allister Coetzee and DHL Western Province will be positive that the young, inexperienced side was able to put up a fight.

YOUNG ACE: DHL Western Province flyhalf, Gary van Aswegen, gets past a tackle by Davon Raubenheimer of GWK Griquas during the 26­26 draw between the two sides in the opening match of the Absa Currie Cup at DHL Newlands on Saturday. Photo: Nasief Manie/Photo24

The 26-26 scoreline at DHL Newlands on Saturday afternoon proves that the youngsters in royal-blue-and-white will put up a challenge in the annual competition, despite the Cape side being plagued by injury and a number of players performing international duties. Due to the DHL Stormers’ participation up until the semi-finals of the Super Rugby competition, the Province squad only had eight days to prepare for the kick-off of the Currie Cup – the Griquas had already been training together for three weeks. Coetzee says they are positive after the performance. “Of cause we are disappointed about not being able to win, but it certainly is not all negative,” he said after the match. “We had eight players making their Currie Cup debuts today, and the youngsters showed that this team has tons of potential.” He also admitted that they had missed important point-scoring opportunities during the match. “We butchered a few chances and some of the new combina-

tions need to settle and be refined,” Coetzee said. “But I am confident that we can take a number of positives from this match – the youngsters stood up to the challenge and impressed.” Coetzee also defended a decision to not take a shot at goal after receiving a penalty late in the match, saying that the captain had consulted replacement flyhalf, Demetri Caterikillis, about whether the shot was within his range. The kick, which could possibly have put Province in the lead, was not taken. Two young players who impressed on the field were flanker, Siya Kolisi, and flyhalf, Gary van Aswegen. Kolisi, who scored one of WP’s two tries, was impressive on attack and defence, while also showing steel at breakdown points. His ability to gain valuable metres with ball in hand was also notable. Van Aswegen, who scored 16 of his side’s points from his boot, was a real general in the back line, often taking the lead in making sure the troops were organised. His tactical kicking was impressive, while his defence has improved noticeably. . This Friday Province look to win their first match when they travel to Potchefstroom to take on the Leopards at Profert Olen Park.

Meet our Blue Badge umpire STEHAN SCHOEMAN

THERE are many unsung sporting heroes living among us, one of them being Genevieve Lentz, a world-class table tennis umpire. Thirty-year-old Lentz, from Bonteheuwel, is officially the only female Blue Badge umpire in the country and on the African continent. “My road as an umpire started way back in 2001. There are rigorous tests to go through before you become qualified. You first start off as a league umpire, then provincial, national and international,” explains Lentz. Since 1999 she has only missed three national championships due to international duty. Not that she’s complaining, since this has afforded her the opportunity to travel all over the world. “Just after qualifying in 2006, I was blessed to be selected to umpire at the World Disabled Table Tennis Championship in Switzerland. “The disabled body of the sport is governed by their own rules, and I passed

For female footballers SANTOS Football Club will be hosting trials for the Santos Football Club Sasol Ladies team, as well as for the Santos Football Club Absa Ladies team, at the Thornton Sports Ground on Saturday 23 July from 09:00. For more information contact Virginia on (021) 696-8193 or email

the Para-exams at the championship, which currently makes me the only qualified female in the country,” said Lentz. She also umpired at the African Table Tennis Championship in 2007. In 2008 she was the only female from Africa who was selected to be an umpire at the Beijing Paralympics. “Beijing was definitely one of my highlights. The World Table Tennis Championship in Japan (2009) will also go down as one of my favourite moments, as this is where the best in the world compete. “This is where I did my Advanced Umpires Training (AUT), to become an elite umpire called a Blue Badge umpire,” says Lentz. While the championship in Moscow was “incredible”, Lentz says the pinnacle of her career thus far has been to umpire the women’s single final at the first Youth Olympics in Singapore last year. Lentz is currently a member of the Livken Table Tennis Club in Grassy Park, and serves on the national technical committee.

UMPIRING BEAUTY: Genevieve Lentz is arguably one of the best female refs in the world.Photo: Supplied

Postponed youth tourney to return in August THE postponed Westend United drug awareness and sports days will be held, under the auspices of Gleemoor Baptist Church, at City Park on 8 and 9 August from 09:00.

The tournament will see a primary school challenge on the Monday and a programme honouring women of strength in the community on the Tuesday. There is prize money of R5 000

for the winning team, as well as other team and individual prizes. Various drug awareness organisations will also man information stalls on both days. Opportunities for food and goods stalls

are still available, as well as information stalls for any drug awareness organisations. For further details or to book a stall, call Jeff on 082 216 2460 or Mandy on (021) 696-4625.

Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch Edition 19 July 2011  

Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch Edition 19 July 2011