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Tuesday 31 July 2012

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THE STRIP: A view of the Claremont nightclub strip which hosts club enthusiasts each week. Photo: Supplied

Don’t go clubbing , teens warned TARREN­LEE HABELGAARN

A DEARTH of clubbing facilities for under-age youths may be the cause of youngsters ignoring regulations. Underage clubbing or drinking are not problems the police are willing to ignore. The police in the Claremont cluster regularly crack down on nightclubs. This should serve as a warning to parents and underage clubbers alike. Claremont cluster spokesperson Captain Angie Latchman warns: “Policing of night clubs in the Claremont area is a priority. Police execute at least two operations a week at night clubs.”

The police blitzes focus on crimes such as the use and selling of drugs, as well as binge drinking. The Claremont police say one of their priority focus areas is ensuring compliance of liquor licence conditions. Colonel Jayce Naidoo, station commander of Claremont police station, says: “It is important that the community becomes aware of this concern and that business owners comply with the law.” Latchman says clubs which allow underage drinking – anyone under 18 years – will face the wrath of the law. Underage drinkers themselves will not escape, either. According to the Act, anyone under 18 “may not obtain or consume liquor”

or mislead others about their age to do so. Policing and traffic officers maintain a high vigilance on the Claremont club strip. The police also cautions against driving under the influence, especially of clubbers leaving the strip. For underage clubbers, this comes as a double warning, say the police. Latchman says: “If an underaged person is caught driving under the influence, he will be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol as well as driving without a valid driver’s licence.” Advising strongly against underaged youths visiting nightclubs, the police warns this is not an issue they take lightly. Latchman adds: “Regular meetings are held with nightclub owners and security pro-

viders to discuss any issues which might pose a threat to safety and security.” According to the police liquor licence holders could also face charges under Section 54(1) of Act 4 of 2008. The Act states: “No person may sell liquor to a person under the age of 18.” Liquor license holders found guilty of selling liquor to persons under18 years of age can receive a fine of R2000.

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Tuesday 31 July 2012

PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION: People gathered outside the offices of provincial education minister Donald Grant last Thursday to voice their unhappiness with the looming closure of 27 schools in the province. Many of the schools facing closure in Cape Town are in areas where schools are already overcrowded, causing concern for many of the pupils parents. Photo: Michael Hammond/Photo24

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Seeing Team South Africa during the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games filled me with immense pride and anticipation. Cameron van der Burgh winning our first gold medal and smashing the world record of the world 100m breaststroke was the cherry on the cake. Like most South Africans, and especially Capetonians, I naturally back a winner. People’s behaviour and responses to sport reveals a lot about themselves. We remain glued to our TV screens when our side is winning, but heaven forbid when the opposite applies. We leave the stadium early, change the TV channel when our side is losing or take tea breaks to avoid witnessing our team’s agonising defeat. We yell, or throw the remote on the floor. Some extremists drown their sorrows with booze (not I) and some let rip with the most colourful Cape Flats vernacular (not I). Van der Burgh’s our golden man right now and we’re high on his victory, just two days into the Olympics. His win made up for the bitter disappointment at our hockey, volleyball, rowing, soccer and other defeats so far. But it’s still early days for our Olympic


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Going for gold hopefuls. Not so for Stormers, for whom the final whistle has blown. Sadly, their die-hard supporters gave up on their team and stopped cheering with the same fervour displayed at the start of the game when Stormers began trailing in the Super Rugby semi-final at Newlands on Saturday. This was when the Stormers needed their supporters most. We can learn a lot from fighting ’til the bitter end – the Manchester United-Ajax game is a case in point. The Red Devils did not accept defeat, despite being 1-0 behind. They gave their all until the dying minute of extra time, when they scored the equalising goal. On the topic of backing winners, during my recent vacation a female friend and I went to Club Mykonos for a girls’ getaway. We spent thousands of rands to escape our

stressors, men and children and ended up talking about our stressors, men and children. At one point, we made a pact to cease discussing our men, but that was shortlived and we later returned to assessing why we need men. We concluded that men are useful for killing spiders, changing light bulbs, driving, carrying the groceries from the boot to the house, looking after the kids, ensuring our safety and braaing. As we passed other holidaymakers’ units and smelt their tantalising braaivleis, being skilfully executed by men, I confessed that I’d never braaied and wouldn’t know how. We undertook to take all our children and at least one mother and one husband with on our next holiday. In that way, we’d have childcare, driving and the braai all taken care of, leaving us to spend quality

girl time together. We did enjoy some male company at the resort; in the form of “Tom”, the resident black-and-white tomcat whom we fed top quality tuna and sardines. In return, Tom rewarded us with loyalty and love, moving into our unit and sleeping over on a cane chair. A day later, Tom’s brother, an equally handsome black-and-white kitty, also arrived for meals. And we secured the services of a male “chauffeur”, one of the resort’s golf cart drivers, by tipping him generously in advance. By the time we left for home, we had learnt a lot about ourselves. I can be annoying, losing myself completely in a book and whipping out my laptop even while on holiday, to respond to urgent emails and work on a project. My friend found her escape in soapies. We contented ourselves with eating out often and ended up disillusioned with most of the food. Despite all that, we had a great vacation. ’Til next time, go well! ConnectED is a weekly column by People’s Post editor Feroza Miller-Isaacs who can be contacted on People’s Post in online. Visit

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END this winter with a bang at WineStyle’s Winter Wine Party at Simon’s restaurant in the beautiful Groot Constantia on Friday and Saturday. Unlike any other, this wine event is a party which brings together the best South African wine makers. Visitors will get to rub shoulders with the wine makers who create favourite wines, listen to great live music, sample delicious food on sale and buy a bottle or two to enjoy. Guests and exhibitors can engage, unwind, eat, drink and pick up a few wine tips. On Friday the party is from 16:00 to 22:00 and on Saturday from noon to 21:00. Up for grabs to People’s Post readers are five double tickets and a two-pack wine gift each for Saturday only. Stand in line to win by SMSing the word “wine” to 34586 by 13:00 on Thursday. SMSes cost R1,50 each.

TO LIFE! Ward off the winter chill this weekend at the WineStyle’s Winter Wine Party at Simon’s restaurant in Groot Constantia. Visitors can meet the wine makers, sample or buy wines and enjoy live music. Jeremy Cowen, front left, and Craig Beney, front right, in discussion at a previous event, with Andy Hadfield, back left, and Maryke Carstens-Burger in the background.


Tuesday 31 July 2012

Lodge still 3-star

Thieving duo bumble along RESIDENTS have been warned to be on the alert following armed house burglaries in Claremont. A gardener who works at a Sidmouth Road house was cleaning the property when he is believed to have been approached by two unknown men on Wednesday. They were armed with knives. “The suspects held up the gardener at knifepoint and demanded he take them into the main house,” says Captain Angie Latchman, Claremont cluster spokesperson. “Once inside, they tied him up and locked him inside one of the bathrooms.” A tenant, who lives in a granny flat on the premises, arrived home around 12:50. The tenant became suspicious when she noticed the kitchen door of the main house was wide open. According to the police, she went into the house and was confronted by the suspects. They held her at knifepoint and demanded she give them her bank cards and PIN codes, as well as her car keys and cash. One of the men asked after the arrival time of the home owner, then tied the woman up and locked her inside the bathroom with the gardener. The home owner, who arrived shortly after 13:00, noticed his tenant’s vehicle – a silver Polo – was smashed against the garden wall. The police say investigation at the scene suggests one of the suspects tried to drive off with the car, but drove into the wall instead. Once inside the house, the home owner was himself confronted by the suspects who held him at knifepoint as well. They instructed him to take them to the safe, from which they removed several items of jewellery and cash. The suspects gagged the owner, tied him up and locked him inside a separate bathroom before leaving the scene on foot. Claremont cluster police officers arrested the suspects. They have appeared in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court on Friday. Stolen items found in their possession were recovered.










UNIT E5 (Back of Access Park off M5) Kenilworth Tel: 021 683 6997 Mon - Fri 9am - 4:30pm • Sat 9am - 2:30pm


THE management of a Pinelands backpackers’ lodge counters negative media reports of the establishment. PJ Van der Walt, the owner of the River Lodge at the Oude Molen Eco-village says: “Everything I say is true. There is no false advertising on my side.” This follows a report in Die Burger in which the parents of a Boland hockey team complained of sub-standard facilities, including blocked toilets. The hockey team stayed at the River Lodge during the June holidays. Following the report, a health inspector visited the establishment. No infringements of any health codes were found at the River Lodge. It has retained its three-star rating. Van der Walt says: “I think the parents were upset because they had paid R3 200 per child to the tour organisers and thought that was what they were paying for a backpackers (lodge).” Explaining he would also be angry at such a rate, Van der Walt says he charged the organisers a “fixed cost” of R800 a child for four nights, which included accommodation and meals. He says the River Lodge ordered the food from an organic supplier. Stacey Watkins, who manages the facility, tells People’s Post she has “electronic proof” of the charges. She adds: “We have never had people complain about their stay with us. We recently received a ‘thank you’ card from a Namibian sport team who stayed here early this year.” Watkins says there is no truth to claims of blocked toilets or children having received drugs at the River Lodge. She says: “The toilets were blocked due to




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BUDGET FRIENDLY: Management of the River Lodge backpackers’ establishment in Pinelands have come out in defence of the establishment. Photo: Tarren-Lee Habelgaarn the fact they shoved heaps of toilet paper down the toilets, but the facilities were fully functioning by the next morning.” The River Lodge management says all guests are given safety and house rules upon arrival. The hockey group was advised to remain on the premises after dark. “We are not responsible for anything that happens outside the perimeters of our property,” she says. During a walk-through at the premises, it became evident the property could do with a lick of paint and a garden makeover. The facilities were, however, clean. Watkins says they are in the process of renovating the premises. When asked about broken windows and cracked paint visible from the outside of a top level floor, Watkins responded that those

“buildings do not belong to us and we are not allowed to make any changes to the outside”. The buildings in question are the property of the government. The hockey team stayed in the main building and in a wendy house on the property, and not in the adjacent properties. Van der Walt adds that a property agency was contracted “three months ago to take over the management of the (Oude Molen Eco-)village and I can already see the great changes and upgrades that are being made”.


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Tuesday 31 July 2012

FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA: Designer Leigh Schubert showcased her most recent range of dresses and shorts at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town. The series is filled with bright tones of pink, orange, white and beige. Mayor Patricia de Lille and Executive Chairperson of African Fashion International, Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe, opened the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town on Wednesday 25 July with a red carpet event to celebrate Fashion Week’s 10th Anniversary. Photo: Edrea du Toit/Photo24

Making inroads into teen mental health A GROUNDBREAKING mental health programme puts renewed focus on teenagers.

Called MindMatters, the programme aims to promote mental health and to prevent and reduce the onset of mental illness among teens. To bring home their message, Cape Mental Health has launched a roadshow to reach 14- to 18-year-olds. Maleeka Mokallik, communications manager of Cape Mental Health, says the aim is to reach about 2 000 pupils with their roadshow, themed Be Kind To You. To this end, a team of social workers are visiting, among others, Maitland, Zeekoevlei, Westridge, Crystal and Ocean View high schools as part of mental health and psychiatric disability awareness month. Says Mokallik: “The aim of the campaign is to create awareness of and educate young people about mental illness with a specific focus on the prevention of substance misuse and suicide.” The statistics offer a rude awakening. According to the SA Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag), there are 230 attempted suicides each day, of which 23 are successful; 9,5% of all teen deaths are attributed to suicides. And the youngest suicide victim was seven years old. Mokallik says mental illness is a

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“serious problem and rapidly on the increase among young people – not only in South Africa, but on a global scale”. Factors which could hinder the mental and physical well-being of individuals each day include unemployment, substandard education, poor living conditions, low morale, substance misuse, risky sexual behaviour, bullying, violence, inadequate access to health care and the high rate of tik addiction. The MindMatters programme enables learners to make more appropriate life choices despite being exposed to factors that hinder their well-being. Programme coordinator Elroy Solomons says: “The pupils have learned to cope better with stressful situations and can now manage their lives more effectively.” He adds there have been a “sharp decrease in teenage pregnancies, abuse and violence at the schools”. Cape Mental Health this month – which is Psychiatric Disability Awareness Month – focuses on Youth and Mental Health. Mokallik says they are calling on parents, teachers and pupils to work toward the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of mental health. “It is our collective responsibility to ensure young people are effectively equipped to deal with the pressures of daily living.”

During the roadshow, pupils will receive trendy, user-friendly educational cards – called Z cards because of the way the card collapses and unfolds – pertaining to mental health and illness. All 17 mental health societies countrywide will also be addressing the public and encouraging families to engage openly about mental health. Mokallik says Cape Mental Health offers a dual approach to detecting and treating mental health matters in youth. They provide adequate mental health support structures and help create awareness of mental health issues. “Mental illness contributes to the third highest burden of disease in SA and it is known that mental disorders are a leading cause of disability and loss of economic productivity. Yet when people think of disability, they tend to think about physical disabilities” says Mokallik. “A direct consequence of this is that the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illness are often overlooked as priorities and are grossly underfunded by the State.” She says it is vital to understand mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of and many people learn to manage their illness and continue their lives. “There is always hope.” Contact them on (021) 447 9040.




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Tuesday 31 July 2012


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Pedal power to hit the City


CONSTRUCTION on the new Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) lanes in Salt River is set to start in January next year. The lanes form part of the citywide network of dedicated NMT transport infrastructure and will cost the City of Cape Town around R10 million. Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater, explains that the new NMT lanes will link Salt River and Woodstock to existing NMT facilities along the Liesbeek Parkway with the NMT project currently underway for New Market and Strand Streets. Herron says: “The NMT upgrade to these areas are being undertaken to improve the functionality of existing NMT routes and provide safer NMT facilities in the greater Cape Town area.” The project will focus on the demarcating of bicycle lanes, the establisment of traffic signalisation for the blind, pedestrian focus areas and landscaping along Albert Road in Woodstock, Malta Road in Salt River and Liesbeek Parkway up towards the Station Road intersection. Herron says: “The design for the lanes and related upgrades, which includes the landscaping, street furniture and sidewalks, is expected to be completed within the next few months.” Residents accompanied Herron and City officials on a walk-about through Salt River and Woodstock, where a better perspective of the proposed plans for the NMT project was given. Salt River resident and passionate cyclist, Faried Toeffy, is excited at the prospect of cycling to work every morning. “The plans are something worth to look forward to, as there will now be an alternative option to travel to work in the morning,” he says.

IN THE FAST LANE: Malta Road in Observatory/Salt River is one of the roads earmarked to be converted into NMT lanes. Another resident, Jason Carelse, is happy to hear that “cyclists are being taken seriously” and the areas that have been highlighted will receive “much needed attention”. “It was never safe to ride your bicycle in these roads, but if these plans are set to look like what was completed in the Cape Town area, then surely it must be done and they can already start,” Carelse laughs.

The Salt River Residents Association chairperson, Warda Rahim, isn’t too keen on the idea, fearing a negative impact on business. “We discovered that these lanes will take up parking space in the main road and also occupy the loading bays for trucks,” she says. However, the association is more than willing to sit down with City officials and discuss solutions.

Photo: Tauriq Hassen

Rahim says: “Rather than just saying no to the project, we would like to propose some suggestions and alternatives in order to make the project work.”

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Tuesday 31 July 2012

CREATING SMILES: Dan Skinstad and Kfm sports anchor Jeremy Harris sign a magazine for Niyaaz (7) with his mother Mushfika from Hanover Park.

New friends for little patients TARREN­LEE HABELGAARN

PROFESSIONAL sportsmen have joined the ranks of cricket player JP Duminy to become ambassadors of the Children’s Hospital Trust. Big Sports Management (BSM) will be partnering with the Children’s Hospital Trust. This was announced last Tuesday at a launch held at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. Brendon Bigara, commercial director of BMS says: “This is a great opportunity to give back. What these children are going through outweighs whatever failures or challenges we face in the business world.” Both organisations have been working closely since Duminy, who is managed by BSM, became the first ambassador of the Trust. Kayak adventurer Dan Skinstad and golfers Bryce Easton and Neil Schietekat

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are the new ambassadors of the trust. “We have amazing clients who agreed to give their time to join in putting smiles on these children’s faces,” Bigara says. But the sportsmen aren’t the only public personalities supporting the Trust. “An ambassador is an outstanding group or individual who will put their best foot forward for the greater good,” says Kfm sports anchor Jeremy Harris, a friend of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and the Trust. “Here is so much potential for sadness, yet you see so much hope, optimism and smiling faces.” Most of the children at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital have serious medical conditions and can spend up to weeks, months and even years in hospital, says Trust communications manager Helen White. “There are many similar characteristics between the children and sports heroes such as determination and dedication which creates an immediate relation-

ship between them,” she says. “The Trust gives the children a window to interact with their heroes. All they want is to be outside the hospital.” Skinstad relates to the children, having been in and out of Red Cross Children’s Hospital himself when he was a child. “It is very special to be back here,” says Skinstad, who has cerebral palsy. The Children’s Hospital Trust is an independent, non-profit organisation that raises funds for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and Paediatric Heathcare in the province. The aim of the partnership between the Trust and BSM’s high-profile sport personalities is to enable widespread awareness of the Trust’s work. “Having these high profile personalities at our events always help to ensure more media coverage,” says White. When asked why he had come on board as an ambassador, professional golfer Bryce Easton says: “I’m looking for a smile and a few new friends.”

HOPE: Patient Motselisi Tani and kayak adventurer Dan Skinstad. Photos: Tarren-Lee Habelgaarn

Olympic fever fe ver hits CT The Coca Cola man at the V&A Waterfront has undergone a metamorphosis for the start of the Olympics. The iconic structure now holds an Olympic torch in his right hand. Photo: Danielle Karallis/Photo24

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Tuesday 31 July 2012


People’s Post Claremont-Rondebosch Page 7

Should SA athletes be rewarded equally? SOUTH African Olympic athletes may be going for gold, but the shine has been taken off the government incentive to disabled athletes to bring home the medals. The SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) announced the incentives for athletes competing at the Olympic Games. The lucrative financial incentive for athletes will see able-bodied athletes receive more than their disabled

FIGHTING SPIRITS: Noleen Williams feels that all athletes train hard and put in extra effort to compete at the Olympics. She feels there shouldn’t be a difference between payment. “It takes willpower and energy from all to succeed.”

counterparts. Olympic athletes winning gold medals will receive R400 000, silver medallists will get R200 000 and bronze medallists will bag R80 000. Paralympic athletes winning gold medals will receive R100 000, while silver medallists will get R75 000 and bronze medallists will get R40 000. People’s Post interns Luzuko Zini and Tarren-Lee Habelgaarn asked readers what they thought of this discrepancy.

EQUALITY: Lizl Bode is dismayed by the incentive discrepancies and feels that all people need to be treated the same and feels that disabled or abled, the athletes are all representing the same country. “People are people and all deserve to be treated equally.”

REPRESENTATION: Dean Henkel (24) thinks all national athletes should be rewarded the same and it be based on their performance. “All athletes, whether they’re abled or disabled players, perform the same tasks. One year they might do good and the next year that might change.”

IT’S JUSTIFIED: Yusra Williams believes it is fair if the athletes compete in separate games. “If they they were competing in the same olympics it wouldn’t be fair, but the disabled compete in their own Olympics and the Paralympics is a bigger group than the Olympic group and the Olympics are bigger than the Paralympics.”

BEST OF THE BEST: Carlos Muya says those who bring more medals should be the ones who receive more. “I think the athlete who brings more than five medals should be the one who gets more than the others even if they are abled or disabled.”

PAY THEM MORE: Frank Gordon says those who put in the effort must rewarded. “The Paralympians show more effort and they are the ones who should be rewarded more. The Paralympians will probably achieve more than the Olympians.”

Photos: Tarren-Lee Habelgaarn and Luzuko Zini

PARALYMPIANS DESERVE MORE: Michael Forgals says it is a shame that Paralympians will be getting less. “ I think it is horrible because the Paralympians are probably the ones who work harder and achieve more and yet they are rewarded less.”

EQUALITY: Clint Williams believes the Paralympians are treated as inferior. “It is unfair because both the Olympic and Paralympic athletes represent one country. If the incentive is less for the Paralympians than it will make them feel inferior against the able-bodied athletes.”

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Tuesday 31 July 2012

The cellphones thumb a challenge to evolution

DO the people who design cellphones ever watch how their customers use them?

I doubt it. If they do, they would have noticed that most people seem to operate them with their thumbs and nothing could be more ridiculous. Cellphones are small and thumbs are our thickest digits designed for strength and not to prance around on miniature keyboards. The thumb’s job is to hold things and when it does it is required to match the strength of the four opposing digits. We say of a clumsy person that he or she is “all thumbs” and for really delicate tasks like making music we use our sensitive fingers. When typewriters were invented the fingers were called on to do most of the work and the clumsy thumbs were given the menial task of operating the space bar. That, I’m convinced, is the way nature intended things to be. Even telephone dials were operated with fingers and push-button dialling continued the tradi-

tion with fingers doing the walking. And then came cellphones. The idea for the original “bricks” was to hold them in one hand and operate them with the fingers of the other hand. But then, as cellphones got smaller, they become one-hand jobs and people started using their thumbs to press in the numbers. It was against all the laws of nature. People were using four sensitive fingers to hold the phone and using the thickest, bluntest digit to operate the smallest keyboard in the world. Sometimes the phone was even squeezed against a steering wheel while the thumb tapped in the number. When the alphabet was added to the keyboards to make texting a little easier the expectation was that people would use a small instrument like the stylis the Romans used to write on clay tablets. They would be ideal to operate the miniature qwerty keyboards one letter at a time. They could fit into the side of

the cellphone pouch or be wedged behind the ear like a grocer’s pencil. (Remember them?) Wrong again. Thumbs were equal to the challenge. One can even see children operating their BlackBerries with two little thumbs. And have you noticed that thumbs are being used to operate the other small keypad in our lives – the DStv remote? It is just a matter of time before women with mature hands have their thumbnails cut and trimmed to a point sharp enough to operate a cellphone. They could even be varnished and colour coded to match their instruments. But what will men do? Their thumbs are thicker and blunter and less versatile. Perhaps a little thumb glove shaped like dunce’s cap and with a stiff rubber point? For the more dedicated texters, the point of a porcupine quill could be glued to the thumbnail. It could double as a tooth pick. One shudders to think of the evolutionary consequences. Will nimble thumbs become desirable traits to attract the opposite sex? Fortunately, technology will move on before we stray from our evolutionary path. Thank heaven for touch screens!

READ ALL ABOUT IT: In honour of former president Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday, People’s Post wants to encourage readers to learn more about this iconic South African. Here reporter Tauriq Hassen takes a closer look at Mandela’s autobiography Long Walk to Freedom, 10 of which are up for grabs. Stand in line to win a copy by SMSing the word “free”, your name and where you live to 34586 by 13:00 on Thursday. SMSes cost R1,50. Photo: Tammy Petersen

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Tuesday 31 July 2012

WORD WHIZZES: The Grove Primary pupil Nur-Ayn Hashim, far left, has done her school proud when she came first in the regional round of the annual inter-schools Pick n Pay Spell Check competition. The grade 6 pupil will represent the province in Johannesburg next month. With her are fellow top spellers Somdatta Chowdhury (Grade 6) and Liam Gildenhuys (Grade 5), far right, both of whom also represented their school at the competition. With them is Word Master Soli Philander. All three pupils were placed in the top 25 of the competition, which comprised more than 200 participants. Photo: Supplied

Go star-gazing at night TWO events of, er, astronomical proportions will have you stargazing this week. The Astronomy Society’s Cape Town branch will host two such events as part of National Science Week. The first event is a moon watch from the parking area at Signal Hill from 19:00 on Thurs-

day. Hot chocolate will be provided. The second event is on Friday at the Ostrich Farm on the N7 from 19:30. Refreshments will be one sale. Both events are free. More info from John Richards 0 083 703 0265 or Kechil Kirkham 0 (021) 671 9519.

People’s Post Claremont-Rondebosch Page 9

ROOTING TOGETHER: Volunteers and staff from the Volunteer Centre in Belvedere Road, Claremont, as well as UCT students spent their 67 minutes of community service at the Siyakhathla Peace Garden in Khayelitsh on Mandela Day. The group cleaned, planted, fertilised and watered the garden. Local pupils also joined in after school, weeding the gardens.

Fake Grand-Pa powder recall counterfeit headache powders, sold as Grand-Pa® Powders 38-count, bearing batch numbers 309339 and 314020, may be circulating in the South African market.” The pharmaceutical firm has instituted a “voluntary” recall of all genuine and counterfeit products with these batch numbers to “remove the product from the market and protect consumers”. GSK is also advising consumers and retailers to check their stock. “The affected product should not be used as counterfeit medicines were not subject to the rigorous safety and quality checks by GSK as

A MAJOR pharmaceutical firm is recalling all 38-pack GrandPa® headache powders. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has issued an alert to consumers to be on the lookout for counterfeit headache powders. The batch numbers are 309339 and 314020. A statement was issued to this effect “in cooperation with the SA Medicines Control Council”. The joint GSK Consumer Healthcare and Medicines Control Council statement says “consumer safety is their number one priority”. “Consumers are alerted that

is the case for genuine Grand-Pa® Powders,” the statement reads. The fake Grand-Pa® Powders will be analysed at the GSK laboratories in the United Kingdom “to determine the contents of the counterfeit products”. Consumers can identify the fake products through the batch numbers. And the wording on the side panel of the box contains spelling errors. Consumers are also warned to stop using the fake pain powders. Contact GSK on 0800 118 274 for help.

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TEL: 021 903 5254 TEL: 021 595 2909 TEL: 021 704 0349 TEL: 021 703 8622 MITCHELLS PLAIN INDUSTRIA TEL: 021 376 5699



Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm

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WHITE/ IVORY Colours & mattress optional extra

Page 10 People’s Post Claremont-Rondebosch


Tuesday 31 July 2012

Smoke signals

THE Western Cape is burning. Election promises have been found wanting in Mitchell’s Plain, Philippi, Manenberg, Nyanga, Gugulethu, Sir Lowry’s Pass Village, Grabouw and Botrivier. The hourglass of patience tested, the people of this province have stopped asking and waiting for government to honour these promises. It is, after all, 18 years into South Africa’s democracy. The time is now for the government to step up and deliver. Voters have taken to the streets in droves throughout the province to protest poor or non-existent service delivery and education. In the aftermath, the streets are littered with bricks and the debris of overturned trash cans, damaged street lamp poles, the charred remains of tyres and the notorious peak-hour traffic has been diverted from major roads. The N2 and Sir Lowry’s Pass have been closed to traffic during the protests. Instead of listening – and acting upon the pleas of the people – the government has responded with brute force. Their answer? Some protesters were arrested and hurt during skirmishes with the police. Outraged protesters were quietened with tear gas, rubber bullets and a water cannon. Setting alight public facilities such as schools must be frowned upon. Other ratepayers may have little empathy for such actions, but they may not be the ones adversely affected by the failures of government to provide basic services. It makes little sense to damage infrastructure and government property – meant for use by the people. Especially in view thereof that, nearly two decades later, attempts by the democratically-elected government remain sterile in addressing basic needs. Harking to the media visuals of the height of anti-apartheid protests, the city aflame resembles the burning hopes of many. Or, perhaps, their hopes have regressed into ashes.

Your SMSes

Driving fast kills and damages THE killing on our tar surfaces just goes up and up. Govermental bodies change the law from culpable homicide to murder in cases of tragic accidents. We hold blitzes and roadblocks on highways and byways and yet the killings on the roads still go up causing grief to victim’s families. Now a new measure is in place to fine and take motorists’ cellphones because maybe these cellphone conversations while driving is the cause of death and destruction on the roads. Cameras are placed all over to monitor, but the death and carnage carry on. The next plan is to make it law that two drivers must be in vehicles doing long distance. I conclude that the one driver will sleep and the other one drives, when the takeover at the driver’s seat takes place we have a fresh vibrant driver who can push his/her foot

hard on the pedal. I am so scared to use the word “speed” because every time a member of the public states or suggests that “speed kills” this real killer on the road is not being addressed by being reduced. At every major accident where people have been killed the cause was drivers driving too fast. How do we stop this? By bringing down the “speed limit”. Those who have the power to do so should note the quote by Arnold Bennett: “Any change, even for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.” Please listen and do what you know is the solution so you can conform to the Spanish proverb “A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will.” KEITH ALFRED ADOLPH BLAKE

Kudos to the People’s Post team I HAVE known (of) People’s Post for many years, but confess I have never been an avid reader until recently. I particularly enjoyed your column on Mandela Day and District Six last week and I told myself I won’t be missing any of your future editions. This week I read your column “Remember the spirit” focusing on the (Muslim) holy month of Ramadan. I found the piece informative and well-written. Sometimes it is very easy for people and many readers in general to simply turn to the next page when they see a topic that is

not in their interest or directly affecting their lives and move to the sport or news page. I must say I admire your ability to make current but over-covered topics interesting to read. I mean the Mandela Day and Ramadan are topics we are bombarded (with) by the daily mainstream (media) all day and to read anything about them in a weekly becomes taboo. Please keep up about the good work and congratulations to the entire team. SIVUYILE MBAMBATO Municipal Communications

. In response to the SMS from “W”: who in their right mind would want to put a gangster – possibly a convicted criminal – in uniform? Most of us wear uniforms with pride. It’s not just a job, it is an honour. . It almost seems like People’s Post has been bought by a certain fruit and vegetable retailer. Two editions with full covers plus inserts and features? Clearly anything can be bought. Martin, Muizenberg As a local newspaper, People’s Post has no cover charge and generates an income solely through advertising. Wrap arounds, inserts and promotional features are regular ways in which newspapers facilitate a process which adds value to the reader – Editor . Why are there asinine “comedy” shows on SABC3 on Monday nights? Why do they make us wait until after 22.00 for an intelligent programme like CSI? Maggie James . Easy off Bang 2 removes mould from walls. . Is the pet registration cut-off date 31 July or 31 August? Both dates are shown in the article in People’s Post of 24 July. People’s Post apologises for the error. The correct date is Friday 31 August. . Is the campaign to register your pet a big joke? Rather register drug lords and gangsters. The campaign will never work what with lazy officials in a dysfunctional system. . To the person who needs help to remove yellow marks from a white garment: squeeze lemon juice onto the mark and wash the garment.


Tuesday 31 July 2012

People’s Post Claremont-Rondebosch Page 11

Bid to save money pit stadium


THE final outcome of the Record of Decision review for Cape Town Stadium is likely to be concluded in the first quarter of 2014. Plans to have an independent facilitator managing all public engagement processes and dialogues are on the cards. A stamp of approval has been given by the City to start making commercial use out of Cape Town Stadium’s surrounds, which will now be initiated. Discussions are now set to get underway with provincial government around future plans for the stadium. Nightclubs, restaurants, coffee shops

Thursday 2 August Rondebosch: Christian Actions will host a screening of the human trafficking documentary Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, by Exosud Productions, at 19:30. For more info or the venue address contact 0 (021) 689 4480 or 2

Saturday 4 August Claremont: Bethany Fellowship, in Lansdowne Road, Claremont will hold their monthly mini-market from 9:00 to 14:00. There will be a tea garden, boerewors, food, cakes, konfyt, books, bric-a-brack, crafts, clothing, jumping castle, toys and more. Stalls are available at R20. Call the Bethany office on 0 (021) 671 9400 or on 0 074 330 7052.

Friday 10 ­ Saturday 11 August Claremont: To celebrate Women’s Month, Bethany Fellowship Church at 225 Lansdowne Road will host The Throne of Grace Women’s Conference, which starts at 18:00 on Friday and from 08:30 until 17:00 on Saturday. Guest speakers are Pastor Delores Smallberg and Dannelene Noach. Call Heather on 0 (021) 671 9400 or on 0 074 330 7052 or email

Tuesday 7 August Rosebank: Friends of Rondebosch Common will host a slide show of the beautiful flowers of Rondebosch Common by Fiona

and sports bars are being earmarked to make the R4,5 billion venue commercially sustainable. Last month, the City announced their intention to save the stadium and rezone the R4,5 billion grounds, (People’s Post, “Plans for Cape Town Stadium” 12 June), which also had the backing of ratepayers. Acting Mayoral Committee member for Tourism, Events and Marketing, councillor Brett Herron, confirms that from a rezoning perspective, “no decision or outcome on new zoning or land use provisions can be approved without Council or Provincial Government approvals”. The City is still on course to appoint an independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) in October this year.

Watson at the Guide Hall, Alma Road from 17:30. Entrance is free, but donations are welcome. The book Rondebosch Common will be available at R150. Unique cards of the flowers at R20 for four will also be on sale. For more information call Sue or Joanne on 0 (021) 686 8968 or 0 (021) 685 3451.

Tuesday 7 August until Tuesday 11 September Rondebosch: A six-week course entitled Living Simply, Simply Living, a message by transcendentalist Henry Thoreau is held in Queen Road every Tuesday from 19:30 until 21:00. The course, presented by the Reverend Roux Malan, focuses on consumerism, complexity and ecological crisis. The cost is R100. For further details phone Malan 0 084 679 5466.

Saturday 11 August Kenilworth: A women’s finance seminar, coinciding with Women’s Month, is held at Pharmacy House at Greenford Office Estate. Call Diane on 0 0860 555 459 or 2 for more information.

Thursday 23 August Newlands: The Institute of Estate Agents Western Cape in Pinelands celebrates its 75th anniversary with its general meeting and a dinner dance at the Kelvin Grove Club at 19:00. Corporate sponsorships are available. Tickets cost R380. To book contact Wardah 0 (021) 531 3180 or 2

“The EAP will be required to conduct an assessment of the impact of recommendations proposed by business analyst on the Record of Decision (ROD),” Herron explains. The investigation into the ROD and land use provisions is expected to be completed once the necessary tender processes for the appointment of the required EAP have been concluded. According to reports, the City made a loss of R247 330 when they hosted the MTN Football Invitational between Ajax Cape Town and English giants Manchester United. The City reported that it had spent R2,6 million on hosting the game, but only made a return of about R2,3 million.

Event organisers, Primedia Sport, were paid R3,5 million, which takes the City’s losses toll to R3,74 million. However, Herron believes that the stadium’s expenses were covered by money made from the match and that the only loss recorded was the R3,5 million paid.“The match was still a good advert for Cape Town as a tourist destination as the match was broadcasted to over 100 million viewers,” he says.


Page 12 People’s Post Claremont-Rondebosch

People's Post Page 12

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

In the spirit of womanhood THE sixth annual Women’s Arts Festival will be held at Artscape from Wednesday 8 August until Saturday 11 August. This year sees issues such as hate rape and gender equality interrogated through creative expressions such as theatre productions, exhibitions, workshops and talks. The theme for the festival is “Humanity”, with a gender equality panel discussion with prominent speakers and experts being one of the highlights.

Tuesday 31 July 2012

Tuesday 31 July 2012

Look out for choreographer Mamela Nyamza’s I Stand Corrected and Dance for a Cure on the stage. Die Vagina Monoloë, penned by Eve Ensler, will be performed in Afrikaans for the first time, while jazz concert The Eve – A Celebration of the Curve of Humanity will tickle your music taste buds. The festival promises to celebrate womanhood and cater to the needs of theatre goers, music lovers and dance enthusiasts. For more information visit

BODIES IN MOTION: Glenda Jones and Afrika Ablaze presents I Am Dance at the Baxter from 1 August until 4 August. Tickets for the evening cost R90 or block bookings of 10 tickets cost R80 and mantinee tickets cost R70 or block bookings of 10 tickests cost R60. Booking through Computicket. For more information call 0 078 478 9847.

EXCITING EVES: Melanie Scholtz, Amanda Tiffin and Mtika performs in The Eve – A Celebration of the Curve of Humanity at the Artscape Women’s Festival. Photo: Hannes Thiart

Calling aspiring singers GRANDWEST, in partnership with Heart 104.9 and Spotlight Music, hosts an open mic jazz singing competition from August until October. The competition kicks off with auditions at Jackson Hall every Wednesday evening from 15 August until 3 October 2012 at 19:30. A total of 24 quarter-finalists will then perform at the same venue on Wednesday 10 and 17 October. The semi-finals will be

held on Wednesday 24 October, The final will see six amateur singers battle it out the for coveted prize at Hanover Street on Wednesday 31 October. Entrants do not pay to enter, but must be over 18 and must not be professional (singing must not be their only source of income). Prizes to the value of R50 000 is up for grabs. A list of songs for the auditions is available on

Hot salsa dancing AS PART of their Friday salsa nights, the Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street, Cape Town, will be hosting Minel Melendez and his band, along with professional dancers.

Tickets are R100 each and doors open at 20:30. For more information contact Ursula on (021) 424 7247 or 078 393 7479 or via email on

EXTENDED: David Kramer and the late Taliep Petersen’s award winning musical Kat & the Kings’ run at the Fugard Theatre has been extended until Sunday 2 September. The show runs Tuesdays to Fridays at 20:00 and Saturdays at 16:00 and 20:00. There are two additional Sunday performances on Thursday 26 August and Sunday 2 September at 15:00. Tickets range from R100 to R150 at the Fugard Theatre box office 0 (021) 461 4554 and from Computicket. For more information visit Photo: Amy Trout

WHEN SPACES COLLIDE: Thando Sulelo, left, and Lubabalo Nontwana of Worst of Both Worlds. The play will be running at the Baxter until Saturday. Shows start at 19.00. Worst of Both Worlds is a play that tells a story about a girl who was abducted at a young age and thrust into a world of slavery and prostitution. The play is performed in English with a bit of isiXhosa. Photo: Supplied


Tuesday 31 July 2012

People’s Post Claremont-Rondebosch Page 13

Mies Julie stuns audience IT WAS the cross-colour kiss in August Strindberg’s play Miss Julie which sparked a national outcry by right-wing Afrikaners involving protests, death threats and immense pressure to have the production banned.

Almost 27 years later, writer and director Yael Farber’s adaptation Mies Julie comes to the Baxter Theatre and the Edinburgh Festival. Over a single night, a young woman and her father’s servant peel away the layers which have separated them from each other until now. Farber says she set out to articulate the myriad issues which face South Africans. This includes addressing that which seems unresolvable, such as land ownership. Farber says her adaptation does not seek to answer these questions, but asks that we “take a fearless look at what sits beneath”. The audience seemed a little shell-shocked when the play ended, hesitating before breaking into applause. Mies Julie ran until Thursday 26 July.

DISTINGUISHED GUESTS: Zakes Mda and Njabulo Ndebele. Photo: Fahiem Stellenboom

ACCENT ACCESSORIES: Marina Griebenow, Africa Melane and Barbara Loots Photo: Colin Scholtz

PROUD: Actress Thoko Ntshinga (centre) with her son Gugu Madlala and Sisanda Ntshinga. Describing it as reflecting the “wanting of togetherness” among South Africans, Madlala believes the play should be a setwork in schools because of its truth. Photo: Teresa Fischer

vation or environmental education in the province over the past year. Submissions must comprise a brief proposal, the candidate’s name and contact details of the nominator. Email nominations to before Friday.

Photo: Colin Scholtz

LOVELY LADIES: Bongeka Hlobo, Musa Wenkosi, Themeka Mzayiya and Sbongile Sotashe.

MINGLING: Hilda Cronje, who plays the female lead in Mies Julie, is flanked by Baxolele Zono and Luvuyo Gayi.

Photo: Fahiem Stellenboom

Photo: Teresa Fischer

Nominate an environmentalist today THE Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (Wessa) calls for nominations for their 2012 Western Cape Regional Awards. The awards recognises and honours individuals or groups who have also made significant contributions to environmental conser-

THEATRE LOVERS: Mamello Ndebele,Ntabulo Ndebele and Mpho Ndebele.

vacancy bulletin excitinG oPPortunities for Persons Who Want to maKe a difference


HAVE YOUR SAY! DRAFT GENDER EQUALITY POLICY The City of Cape Town’s Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate invites you to comment on its draft Gender Equality Policy that aims to promote gender equality by ensuring that policy formulation and implementation strategies are gender-sensitive. Submit written comments (for attention Fatima Davids): • By e-mail: • By telephone: 021 417 4086 • By fax: 086 576 0170 • By post: 7th Floor, Telkom Towers, Standard Bank Building, 226 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town • Online: • By social media: Verbal comments can be made at the sector hearing below. Please ensure that your verbal comment is provided in writing as well. Date: Time: Venue:

Tuesday 21 August 2012 10:00 to 13:00 Crush Room, 5th Floor, Podium Block, Cape Town Civic Centre

Organisations wishing to formally present their input at the session will be allocated a 10-minute slot on the programme. Kindly confirm your time slot via e-mail to The Draft Gender Equality Policy will be available for viewing at all subcouncil offices, libraries and on the City’s website from Wednesday 1 August 2012.


Administration clerk (Environmental Hygiene Services) REMuNERATiON: R 101 007 PER ANNuM SERvicE bENEFiTS: 13th cheque, employer’s contribution to the pension fund, housing and medical aid allowance. REquiREMENTS: MiNiMuM EDucATiONAL quALiFicATiON: Senior Certificate (or equivalent). ExPERiENcE: Appropriate experience in personnel and office administration. cOMPETENciES (kNOwLEDGE/SkiLLS): • Ability to communicate in at least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape • Computer literacy. DuTiES (kEy RESuLT AREAS/OuTPuTS): • Deliver an effective and efficient administrative function within the EHS department • Ensure an effective Human Resource management with regards to leave, allowances, pay sheets, recruitment and selection, time and attendance, PILAR • Assist in disciplinary, training and development of the EHS staff • Provide a support to the EHS management in office management. NOTE: Candidates will be subjected to a competency test. ENquiRiES: Mr TM Twalo: 021 404-6227 Please submit your aPPlication for the attention of ms f safodien to the chief executive officer: Groote schuur hosPital, Private baG x4, observatory 7935. iNSTRucTiONS TO APPLicANTS: Z83 forms (obtainable from any Government department or must: Be completed in full, clearly reflect the name of the position, name and date of the publication (candidates may use this as reference), be signed, accompanied by a comprehensive CV, the names of 3 referees and certified copies of ID, driver’s licence and qualification/s. Applications without the afore-mentioned will not be considered. Applications must be forwarded to the address as indicated on the advertisement. No late, faxed or e-mailed applications will be accepted. CV’s will not be returned. Excess personnel will receive preference. Applications, which are received after the closing date, will not be considered.

The closing date for public comment is Friday 31 August 2012.

Further communication will be limited to shortlisted candidates. If you have not received a response from the Department within 3 months of the closing date, please consider your application as unsuccessful. It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as determined by the Department.

For further information and enquiries, please contact Fatima Davids, Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate on E-mail:

As directed by the Department of Public Service & Administration, applicants must note that further checks will be conducted once they are shortlisted and that their appointment is subject to positive outcomes on these checks, which include security clearance, qualification verification, criminal records, credit records and previous employment.


P O S i T i v E A b O u T P E O P L E w i T H D i SA b i L i T i E S

The Western Cape Government is guided by the principles of Employment Equity. Disabled candidates are encouraged to apply and an indication in this regard would be appreciated.

closing Date 24 August 2012 Human Communications C95073E


Page 14 People’s Post Claremont-Rondebosch

Tuesday 31 July 2012


eksklusief aanlyn by

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Tuesday 31 July 2012

People’s Post Claremont-Rondebosch Page 15

Gift grates local Olympians


CLAIMS of inferior quality gifts to Olympic athletes have been brushed aside by the provincial Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport. The gifts were handed to local Olympic athletes at the send-off when 35 athletes, officials, coaches and managers were honoured at Athlone Stadium on Tuesday 10 July. Alison Smith, the sister of an Olympic athlete, wrote to People’s Post highlighting the poor quality of a framed Olympic T-shirt. From the front the framework seems intact, but on the reverse the T-shirt is tacked to the frame with pins. In the image some of the pins have fallen off and there is no cardboard or other backing to secure the T-shirt. The overall look is that the framing is incomplete.

She does not want her brother’s name mentioned, adding athletes are not allowed to speak to the media about the Olympics. “I just thought it was very poor and it felt like a bit of a kick in the teeth. All the athletes have been working really hard to get to this place and I just don’t think they can proudly accept something like that,” says Smith. “It looks like something a child has done. I would think it would be really nice for the Western Cape sports people to be recognised, but with something like that I just felt it is very poor.” The athletes also received gift bags containing, among others small gifts, a scarf in a South African flag print. In response, MEC for the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Dr Ivan Meyer, says the athletes should “be grateful” for the gifts. Refusing to specifically speak on the Tshirt, Meyer would also not elaborate on who

was responsible for the framing or how much it cost. “In the African tradition one is always grateful for whatever gift one receives as we believe it is not the size of the gift, but the thought that counts,” says Meyer. He says the provincial government “thought it fit to honour Western Cape Olympic athletes. This we did within the context of the understanding that taxpayers’ money must be spent responsibly and ... not recklessly on expensive gifts or elaborate functions”. The Olympians should remember they are serving their country, Meyer adds. “The highest honour for any athlete is the opportunity to represent one’s country at the Olympics. “The Western Cape government has publicly acknowledged those athletes who have achieved this and who unselfishly understand this honour is about serving your country and not the other way round.”

BUM WRAP: Alison Smith with the partiallyframed T-shirt provincial Olympic athletes received from the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport. Photo: Liam Moses

CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS: DHL Stormers and Springbok captain Jean de Villiers attacks the Sharks’ defence line during the Super Rugby semifinal between the two sides at Newlands on Saturday. However De Villiers could not steer his team to victory as the Sharks won the game 26-19. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

EN GARDE: James Atkins, left, of Wynberg, and Faaiq Gamieldien, of Grassy Park, duel during a tournament at Fish Hoek High School on Saturday. Photo: Liam Moses

Fencers get to the point LIAM MOSES

FENCING has taken a marked step away from the “romance of the musketeers” and well into the sporting arena. A small, but loyal group of fencers in the southern suburbs say the sport is slowly growing in popularity. David Wagenfeld, an SA junior coach, says fencing can be the perfect fit for anyone up for a sporting challenge but who does not enjoy ball sports. “Fencing has that romance of the musketeers and sword fighting and the cavalry, but actually it’s also a sport,” says Wagenfeld. He is drawn to fencing, he says, through his love of “sports, but I also like swords. I didn’t do much sport at school because it’s not really my thing. I love ball sports, but I’m just not good at it – whereas with fencing you can explore another avenue,” he adds. “You have to be as physical, as competitive, as committed – if not more in some cases – and still achieve. You don’t have to do mainstream ball sport to achieve.” He has been fencing for more than 29 years, since first taking up the sport in his first year of university. Wagenfeld has been coaching for about 14 years. He coaches at several schools, including Western Province Preparatory School, SACS Junior, Bishops Preparatory and his alma mater

Fish Hoek High. He also runs clubs across the southern suburbs. Wynberg resident James Atkins, 21, has been fencing since he was 11. He has since gone on to represent South Africa at the African Championships. Atkins says the sport often appeals to people who like a combination of physical fitness and tactical games. He says the “type of people who enjoy fencing have a dramatic personality because what draws you in is sword fighting”. Atkins adds fencing requires strategic thinking as well as an element of fitness. “Someone who likes to think a lot would also enjoy it because it is a thought-based sport. You obviously have to be fit, but you also have to have a brain, otherwise people are just going to unravel you strategically.” The reality, he believes, deviates from the “airy fairy” impression of fencing as “ballet with swords”. “It does get tough if you start training properly. Most of the power comes from your legs.” Wagenfeld says fencing was a popular hobby in SA during the ’60s and ’70s. His school, En Garde School of Fencing, is the most recent club to open. He teaches historical European martial arts, such as long sword, rapier and dagger duelling. The club is based at the Rygersdal Sports Club in Rondebosch.

JACK OF ALL TRADES: Rylands resident Muzammil Sheik has been selected to represent the South African under-16 hockey team after representing Western Province as a goalkeeper at the inter-provincial tournament in Pietermaritzburg during the June school holidays. The 15year-old Pinelands High School pupil was also selected to the WP cricket association u-15A team as a wicketkeeper/batsman in the provincial tournament in Stellenbosch in December. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

DETERMINED RUN: Rondebosch Boys’ High School player Khanyo Ngcukana gains valuable meters on a run during the under19A match between his school and Paarl Gimnasium in Rondebosh on Saturday. The home side lost 8-38. Photo: Peter Heeger/ Gallo Images




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BREAKING: A False Bay player heads for the UCT tryline of bursting through a gap during the Super League A clash between the two clubs in Constantia on Saturday. Photos: Matthew Withers

Tuesday 31 July 2012

BRACE YOURSELF: A False Bay player on the runs during a Super League A clash against UCT in Constantia on Saturday.

Ikeys outclass False Bay LIAM MOSES

AFTER WEEKS of hovering just above the relegation zone, False Bay RFC has dropped to second last on the Western Province club rugby Super League A table. The Constantia-based side now faces the grim prospect of relegation. Bay suffered their sixth consecutive defeat against a classy UCT side at Philip Herbstein, on Saturday. Tygerberg, one of their major rivals in the relegation fight, pulled off an unexpected victory over table-toppers Durbanville-Bellville. Although relegation from the top tier of club rugby is not yet set in stone, Bay will now have to pull off some against-the-odds victories and hope their rivals stumble in the re-

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sive game that the students do. When you limit your mistakes like we did in the first half, it is close. “But the moment you make a mistake, you’re going to battle to get the ball back against a team like this, and we did.” Villager was also consigned to another defeat this weekend, losing 45-7 against the Maties in Stellenbosch. They have avoided defeat in all but two of their 13 games this season – one win, one draw – and, although they could still mathematically avoid relegation, it would take nothing short of a miracle to ensure their survival. Bay will face Belhar, Villager, Victorians and Maties in their remaining games, while Villager will face Maties Victorians, False Bay, SK Walmers, Tygerberg and UCT.

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experience in several key positions. Damian de Allende, Dillyn Leyds, Rick Schroeder, Rayn Smid, Francois van Wyk and James Kilroe were all missing from the team sheet. But the inclusion of WP utility back Liam “Tiger” Bax at outside centre, USA international JJ Gagiano at eighthman and former Springbok, Stormers, and Bulls forward Hilton Lobberts at lock, more than made up for it. In the end the quality and experience proved too much for the hosts and UCT won thanks to their clinical use of opportunities. Hewetson praised the Ikeys for their performance. “I think it’s a much better UCT team. If they had this team in the Varsity Cup they would have done much better,” said Hewetson. “They outplayed us and played the expan-

maining games. In the aftermath of Saturday’s game, before the result of Tygerberg’s match was known to him, False Bay head coach Chris Hewetson said none of the bottom four teams on the table could be assured of safety. “In the bottom four, nobody’s safe and, with this league being the toughest league in the country, you need every single point,” said Hewetson. “So nobody is safe at this point in time, it doesn’t matter who it is – whether it’s Belhar, Tygerberg, Villager or us.” Hewetson’s team were left empty handed after Saturday’s match, failing to claim any bonus points from the 36-12 loss to Ikeys. Although the visitors were missing several players due to their selection to the WP under-21 team, they were still able to put together a side brimming with talent and boasting




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Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch 31 July 2012  

Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch 31 July 2012

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