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Tuesday 1 November 2011

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BP workers ‘exploited’ TERESA FISCHER


P Southern Africa says it will take action against the owners of its franchise in Durham Avenue, Salt River, where workers’ rights are allegedly being violated. This follows an incident two weeks ago (“Immigrant job seekers intimidated with faeces,” People’s Post, 18 October 2011). A complaint was laid at the Human Rights Commission. After this article appeared, People’s Post received a tip-off that garage employees, the majority of whom are foreign nationals, were being subjected to grossly unfair working conditions. The allegations include that: No pay slips are issued to staff; employees receive a flat rate, but work long shifts with no overtime rates or compensation for working Sundays and public holidays; and that their wages are routinely paid up to one week late. A detailed list of the allegations was sent to BP Southern Africa, and the company has confirmed it has picked up a number of issues at the garage, which match this list. The investigation led the newspaper to Saltwood Lodge, a building in nearby Kent Street, where employees say they are forced to live. They say it is a condition of their employment laid down by the two owners of BP Salt River, Krissen Pillay and Rumalan Govender. Rent of R1 400 a month is deducted from their wages for a room in this building, which they have to share with up to three others. The rules, pinned up on the notice board, are strict. No heaters are allowed in the rooms; no alcohol and no sport is allowed. Violations of the rules are met with a R300 fine. “It’s all about deducting money from our small pay,” says Siraj Hameed, a former employee who says he was forced to sign a letter of resignation when he chose not to live at The Lodge. He says they were told: “Whoever doesn’t like it must

LOW STANDARDS: This is a bathroom at Saltwood Lodge in Kent Street, Salt River, where employees of the BP garage in Durham Avenue are allegedly compelled to live. Photos: Teresa Fischer go.” His account of the incident is backed up by another ex-employee, who asked not to be named, but who was allegedly dismissed for the same reason. He says he worked 265 hours that month, but was forced to accept R2 000, and has not received leave pay due to him. Attempts to resolve the matter with the CCMA were unsuccessful, say the men, as employees had received no paper records of their employment. It is alleged that one employee, who does not live at The Lodge, still has rent deducted from his wages. They claim that no consideration is given to married employees; their families are not allowed to live on the premises. Memory Chikaka was working as a cleaner at the BP petrol station, when she was summonsed to a disciplinary hearing for allegedly touching someone’s hair in the shop. “They said I was plaiting her hair, but I just touched the girl’s hair and said ‘it’s nice’.” She was accused of stealing pies.

The hearing did not take place because she says she was not allowed to have her chosen representative present. Lazola Pukwana, coordinator of the Cosatu Young Workers Forum, first raised the alarm when he noticed the faeces on the fence. He says: “This is beyond the word exploitation; it reminds me of the years prior to 1994.” According to the garage manager, Alan van der Walt, Pillay and Govender chose to leave it up to BP’s head office to comment. BP Southern Africa spokesperson, Glenda Zvenyika, says BP has noted the newspaper’s query with “great concern.” She says: “Prior to us receiving your query, BP senior managers had visited BP Durham in Salt River as part of their routine operational inspection and dealer engagement. During that visit they picked up on a number of issues at this site, which match what you have listed in your notes. Action was taken immediately to address those issues with the dealer through the normal

internal processes.” Zvenyika adds: “BP reiterates its unwavering commitment to ensuring that our franchise holders comply with the letter and spirit of the laws designed to protect people’s rights as well as ensuring compliance with the operational standards and policies of BP.” She concludes: “BP will continue to monitor progress made in putting things right at that site.” Doug Leresche of Passop (People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty) notes the Labour Relations Act (LRA) and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) both protect the rights of documented and undocumented workers alike to the same extent as citizens. “Passop frequently comes across workers and employers who do not know this.” He adds that if the above allegations are true, they breach both LRA and BCEA, and there would be several reasons for employees to approach the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).


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Tuesday 1 November 2011

The debt counselling process unlocked In this instalment of our fortnightly legal advice column, the focus is on debt counselling What is debt counselling? DEBT counselling is a process to assist people who are overwhelmed by debt and can no longer meet all their commitments. Debt counsellors negotiate and restructure credit agreements to allow the consumer to make regular contributing instalments. This is a voluntary process, but can also be ordered by a magistrate. When meeting with a debt counsellor it is important to be totally honest about your situation. This makes it easier for the debt counsellor to make an accurate assessment of your needs and abilities and to assist you. Consumers tend to shy away from administrators and debt collectors, but the debt counsellor is there not only to serve the credit providers but consumers as well. Debt counsellors will make contact with your credit providers as soon as you have volunteered yourself for debt counseling. The submission process lasts 60 working days, during which: 1. the debt counsellor makes contact with all your creditors to request the balance certificates; 2. an attorney is appointed to represent you in court when needed;

3. the new instalments are negotiated. This 60-day period is by no means a payment holiday. The credit agreements you have must still be serviced. However, the debt counsellor will arrange with you to pay the money into a distribution account. Once all creditors have agreed to the terms, and your 60 days are over, you are considered to be under debt review until all your credit agreements have been settled. Your debt counsellor must be issued with clearance certificates for each of your credit agreements. While you are under debt review you will be unable to enter into any new credit agreements. Once your debt counsellor issues you with a clearance certificate, it takes about 5 to 10 working days for your status to be changed with the credit bureaus. Who should apply for debt review? If you can not meet your monthly instalments, or if you are receiving default notices from your creditors, then this process could assist you.

UYING local products boosts local businesses, which secures existing jobs and stimulates economic growth, which in turn creates more quality employment opportunities. Proudly South African (PSA) urges South Africans to buy local this Christmas. PSA was launched in 2001 to boost job creation by promoting South African companies and their home-grown products and services. Leslie Sedibe, CEO of PSA, says: “Every single local product purchased affects a South African family somewhere.” He explains that economics is all about sentiment. “We need to be positive and patriotic about our country, our people, our products and services to save and create jobs. This then translates into nation building.” By buying PSA, consumers and businesses are making a personal contribution to nation-building. Consumers get an assurance of quality, because only quality products carry the PSA mark, and an assurance that socially and environmentally responsible business practices went into production of the goods or services. “Let’s start with one locally pro-

duced gift purchase at a time. Change starts with you and me. Be Proudly South African, Buy Local to Create Jobs.” The qualifying criteria for PSA membership are: . Local Content (at least 50% of the cost of production must be incurred in South Africa and there must be “sub- SUPPORT LOCAL: Lesego Mosang of Proudly South Afri­ stantial trans- can buys local products at a Clicks store. formation” of any imported materials) stricted to a particular type of busi. High Quality Product (the ness or organisation. Any company product or service must be of a or institution, whether it renders a proven high quality.) professional service or is a manu. Fair Labour Practice (the com- facturing business, a public entity, pany must comply with labour leg- sports body, school, tertiary instiislation and adhere to fair labour tution, government department, practices) municipality, NGO, town or city . Environmental Standards (the can be a member. Even individuals company must be environmentally are eligible to join the Proudly responsible and adhere to produc- South Africa Campaign, provided tion processes that are environ- that they support the campaign’s mentally friendly and acceptable). overall aims and objectives and Membership of PSA is not re- meet the membership criteria.

Pinelands’ Vera Jenkins (100) dies

since 1966

Car Seat Covers.

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VERA Jenkins, a “well-known, but somewhat eccentric”, Pinelands resident died of pneumonia in Robin Trust’s The Nest on Sunday, 23 October, three weeks short of her 101st birthday. Gordon Wallace, a close friend, wrote this obituary for her: “From the 1950s to the end of the 1990s, Vera put her considerable energy into serving other people in various ways such as selling Christmas cards for charity outside Pick n Pay, regular hospital visiting, entertaining – often with her flamboyant style of dancing –

Give your time THE Emergency Control Centre is a community-based registered non-profit organisation run by and for the residents of the South Peninsula and surrounding areas. It offers a free 24/7 emergency response

had Alzheimers for the last four years, but in all these years she has been very well cared for by the staff at The Nest. All Vera’s friends thank Robin Trust Nest for looking after her so well. There will be a Memorial Service in Pinelands Methodist Church on Friday 4 November at 11:00, and it would be great to see as many people as possible at the Service to say a final farewell to this dear old lady. Vera’s epitaph – in her own words –“When all seemed lost, she made us laugh.”

helping poorer folks in need; and financially contributing from her and Alf’s (her husband who died in 2001) own funds to many charities. Jenkins received three prestigious awards for her various works - Pinelander of the Year, a Rotary Service Award, and a Humanitarian award from Lions Club International. Unfortunately, after they were attacked in their Spring Gardens home in 2001, Vera and Alf were admitted to The Nest where Vera has lived for the past 11 years. Vera service for any type of emergency, from crime and medical emergencies to snake collection, electricity failures, fires and motor accidents. The ECC has a control room on the first floor of Fish Hoek Police Station, manned by volunteers. Each volunteer works a two-hour shift once a week. No previous experience is necessary. The ECC has a

very comprehensive, easy-to-follow manual of contacts and procedures and all new volunteers will be supported on their training shifts by an experienced operator. This service has been in operation for more than ten years.If you would like to be a volunteer in the ECC, phone the control room on (021) 782 0333.


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Offers valid till 6 November 2011 while stocks last.


Tuesday 1 November 2011

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Another world below HANRIE BOSCH

THE unfinished highway on the Foreshore in the heart of the city has become a haven for what officials deem to be “gangsters and criminals,” prompting an intervention on Thursday. The meeting under the notorious underpass in Napier Street was attended by JP Smith, mayco member for safety and security, ward councillors Dave Bryant and Beverley Schaffer, Mark Truss of the Green Point/ Orange-Kloof City Improvement District and body corporate members of the Harbour Edge apartment complex near the bridge. The City of Cape Town intends to introduce signage to the area, which is earmarked as a future IRT bus route. Ever day thousands of motorists drive on the fly-over, with its glamorous views of the city, the Waterfront, and mountain. However, below is a completely different, and far less glamorous scenario. Gang graffiti, clothes, garbage, stolen goods, old photo albums, CDs and food lay strewn across the underpass, mere metres from the luxury Harbour Edge apartment block. Temporary shelters and tents spring up from time to time under the bridge, and along with it comes rampant drug and alcohol abuse by vagrants who, according to Smith, contribute to petty crimes and car break-ins in the area. “These are not harmless homeless people,” says Smith, “most of them are newly released prisoners and gangsters linked to crimes in the area.” He points out the green gang-graffiti that can be found everywhere under the bridge. Bryant, ward councillor for the area, said that he has received nu-

MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS: Just 50ml of breast milk can feed a baby of under 1kg for 24 hours, mothers do not need to donate large quanti­ ties of breast milk to make a difference. Photo: Supplied BIG CLEAN­UP: Two people squatting illegally under the bridge were quickly told to pack up and move when city officials paid a visit on Thursday. Photo: Hanrie Bosch. merous complaints about criminal activities in the area, especially from Harbour Edge residents, and says it has reached the point where intervention was needed. “There are loads of problem bridges in the city. The Nelson Mandela Bridge is just as bad, if not worse. But because this one is so close to a residential area it poses a greater problem,” says Bryant. The Oranje-Kloof / Green Point City Improvement District has been cleaning the area for the past year, spending R4 500 of its own funds every month to clear out criminal elements and leave the area clean. But recently they have halted clean-up operations, saying the area is the city’s responsibility and this money was needed in other areas. This led Smith and other roleplayers to investigate and put together a plan for the notorious

Have you been caught out? PINELANDS police arrested a suspect for Theft under False Pretences at Rainbow Avenue, Epping 1 at noon on Thursday 27 October. According to Pinelands Police

Station spokesperson, Warrant Officer Tando Sonjica, it is alleged that the man approached businesses and individuals for money to have his truck fixed. He allegedly

Cape Horticultural Society meeting THE next meeting of the Cape Horticultural Society is on Monday, 7 November, at 20:00. The venue is the Athenaeum, Boundary Terraces, next to Western Province Cricket Club, Campground Road, Newlands. The guest speaker will be John Yeld, wellknown conservation journalist and the title of his talk is “Mountain in the Sea.” Visitors are welcome. Entrance fee is R8 for members and R15 for visitors, which includes tea. Contact Glenda on (021) 531-5713.

Driving Miss Melody PINELANDS resident willing to pay lady driver to assist with local trips. She promises reasonable rates, but asks that you present a driver’s licence, and your own, reliable transport. Phone Melody on 076 716 9476.

criminal hotspot. On Thursday some vagrants quickly started clearing away their belongings when City officials, CID members and managing agents from Harbour Edge inspected the fenced-up premises. Smith spoke to the alleged leader of the group of vagrants, a woman dressed in ragged clothes. “She constantly runs to Legal Aid when we remove them,” he says. The decision was taken to erect no trespassing signs and spotlights high up on the bridge pillars, which will make the process of clearing out the area easier. In this way police can arrest anybody in the area on grounds of trespassing. The area isdesignated a future IRT bus route. Until works start, security patrols in the area will have to be increased, as well as higher fences with gates erected to make it a clear “no-go zone.” never returns the money that he borrows. He introduced himself as Morné Gourke and he drives an orange Jetta. Anybody who has ever been approached by him can contact Captain van Ede of Pinelands Police Station at (021) 506-2118.

Healing powers of milk LOSING a child has been described as the worst kind of loss anyone can experience, an unspeakable pain. People deal with death in so many different ways; there is no prescription to aid healing. Recently, the communitybased Milk Bank, Milk Matters, was deeply touched by one of their breast milk donors, Kelly, whho lost her baby girl, MiKayla, after a long battle. “I cannot put to words the beautiful connection of love that we share, and the emptiness that followed when she passed away. “Healing takes time, as does the acceptance and understanding of so many things. I found comfort knowing that my baby’s milk would be used to feed and possibly even save the life of another baby without the means of having breast milk.” Kelly’s milk is given to vulnerable premature babies who cannot get the breast milk they need from their own mothers. Milk Matters focus on the tiniest babies of under 1.5kg, who thrive on the irreplaceable nutrients, growth factors and antibodies in human milk. The breast milk can literally

be life-saving. Milk Matters’ Elizabeth Brierley says “Kelly could have stopped donating a long time ago, but a month in, she is still supplying Milk Matters with her precious breast milk.” Kelly says: “When I look at MiKayla’s life, although it was brief, she touched and changed the lives of so many around her. Her breast milk will feed those who are hungry, and her clothing and blankets will help give warmth and comfort to those in need.” According to Brierley, Kelly’s outlook on life is truly commendable and inspirational. Kelly adds: “It was through my ultimate loss of little MiKayla that I can now truly see the blessings in and feel gratitude for absolutely everything; the importance of loving deep, living strong and cherishing every blessed breath of life. I have no regrets, and go forward with a deeper love, an unmovable faith, and sincerest hope in the beauty of life and the chance to make a difference in my immediate world.” Contact the milk bank Milk Matters at or phone (021) 659-5599.


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Tuesday 1 November 2011

There can be only one Winner ANDRE BAKKES


ANA Winner is no stranger to being adored. The gorgeous and talented Belgian singer has been a popular performer in South Africa for many years. She has also done thousands of interviews, so she takes gawking journalists in her stride. People’s Post spoke to her a few days before her recent show with Patrizio Buanne at GrandWest Casino. Sadly, it was a telephonic interview. But, yes, it is possible to gawk over the phone. “I’ve been to South Africa about 10 or 15 times. It’s always very exciting to come here,” says Winner. “I always tell people wherever I go that South Africa has become my second home and it’s because of the many things you have in one country. This country has very warm and welcoming people and once you are in their hearts then you can never leave.” This last part is certainly true for the stuttering, starstruck person asking the questions. Winner bubbles on: “Cape Town has changed through the years. It’s now a very colourful place, and

whenever we work there it’s like being on holiday.” Winner performed at GrandWest Casino before, but she has never shared a stage with Patrizio. When asked if it’s true that he is a flirter of note, she exclaimed “I can honestly say that I don’t know him that well, but he’s an Italian; what do you expect? No, really, I only met him an hour ago and he’s a very nice person. I recorded my vocals in Belgium and him in South Africa. Technical equipment nowadays makes it easy to combine those things. I can honestly say that it has become a very beautiful jewel.” She emphasises the importance of voices going together, which “creates a bit of magic” but this journalist is wrestling with an acute bout of Patrizio-jealousy. A change of subject was in order. Does someone who has performed on stage thousands of times still get nervous? “Always! But I need it. When I used to play volleyball, I played much better with nerves. It’s the same with performing,” she says, probably with an adorable glint in her eyes. Sometimes the stage lights blind her from the au-

dience, which she admits is “difficult”. “It’s very nice when you see the people and their reactions. Otherwise it’s like singing in a studio. But you feel the audience. That’s also very exciting.” Her favourite song is “Let the children have a world” which she apparently always delivers from the bottom of her heart. “I’d like to sing it all over the world. It’s a beautiful message and I think we have to stay a little bit like a child. If we think like a child and feel like a child then we know what the song is all about. Children will always be our future.” Her daughter is now 12 years old, and motherhood and stardom is a delicate juggling act. “She has her own thing. Mom’s music is like... you know. She loves dancing!” Much like her daughter, Winner also likes to practise in private and, yes, even in the shower. As for words of wisdom, Winner has plenty. “I always say that one should always dream. Sometimes they do come true. If you work hard enough, then you can achieve anything, but try to do it in a fair way.” Thank you Dana! I will keep on dreaming.

GRANT-IN-AID 2012/2013

Applications for financial support for the removal of animal carcasses The City of Cape Town invites all non-profit/non-governmental organisations to apply for a Grant-In-Aid to provide financial support for the removal of animal carcasses giving preference to organisations from disadvantaged areas or catering for disadvantaged people. The Grant-In-Aid may NOT be utilised for the following: • • •

Administration costs (e.g. Telephone, rental, internet, etc). Capital expenditure (e.g. Building, maintenance, renovations and major office equipment). Previously incurred expenditure.

Duration: 2012/2013 Potential service providers please note that the funded projects must end before 30 June 2013. Please note that grants can only be awarded subject to the budget available for this purpose. Applications should be made on a prescribed application form and conform to the following requirements: • •

A copy of the organisation’s constitution. A project business plan identifying • The name and general purpose of the organisation • Guiding principles • Stakeholders • Location • Financial planning • Details of operation

Failure to submit the required documentation will render the application void. All applications will be assessed in accordance with the interim Grant-In-Aid Policy and must conform to the Municipal Finance Act, Act 56 of 2003. All completed applications with supporting information must be submitted to the Manager: Area Cleaning, 19th Floor, Civic Centre, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town by no later than 25 November 2011. No late applications will be accepted. For any enquiries and copies of the application forms please contact Brent Diedericks Tel: 021 400 2145 Fax: 021 400 2620 E-mail:


HITTING THE RIGHT NOTES: Patrizio Buanne and Dana Winner performed this past weekend at Grand West Casino. Photo: Michael Hammond/Foto24­Kaap

Glow in the dark golfers PROVIDENCE Residents’ Sponsorship Fund (PRSF) raises funds for those special needs adults who, without PRSF’s assistance, cannot afford to be placed in special care. Their families are often unable to provide adequate care, either financially or

socially. A fun golf night will be held on Wednesday 30 November at the Mowbray Golf Club, where the aim is to host 120 Golfers, playing a nine-hole four-ball game with glow-in-the-dark golf kit. Phone Cyrelle on 079 688 0050 or email

Tuesday 1 November 2011 POSTER CHIL­ DREN: Each year Lions clubs around the world sponsor the Lions Inter­ national Peace Poster Contest in schools and youth groups. This art contest encourages young people worldwide to ex­ press their vi­ sions of peace. During the last 20 years, more than four million children from nearly 100 countries have participated. The Lions Club of Pinelands handed out certificates and prizes to the winners from Pinelands North Primary School. Here Sharon Martin (art teacher) holds Mikyla Emergui’s winning poster. In the middle is Marianne Martens who came third and on the far right is Kirsten de Monk who came second. Photo: Supplied

Looking forward to Summer in style ONE of the most vibey places to be in Cape Town on the first Saturday of every month, has to be Woodstock’s trendy The Palms Décor and Lifestyle Centre, which hosts a food and décor feast. Next Saturday 5 November from 09:00 until 13:30, a swinging Summer Market will give visitors an opportunity to indulge in good food, peruse all the exciting goods, and browse through the intriguing décor and lifestyle stores – all under one roof. STYLISH: The Palms Decor and Lifestyle Centre will These regular monthly lifestyle be hosting a Summer Market. events are fast developing a reputation as a Mecca for excellent entertainment atrium and with its whispering fountains. and a solution to every design whim and The vibe is perfect for browsing the stores, decorating fancy – all at good value for mon- sipping freshly-brewed coffee at one’s leiey. Over the past few months a range of mu- sure or strolling through the Summer Marsicians, fine artists and, of course, the best ket looking for bargains. in delectable foods, have been on offer. The And there’s free, safe parking to boot. Summer Market will undoubtedly continue So come and enjoy the Summer Market in this vein. next Saturday. It’s the perfect place to celeThe diversity of tenants will make your brate the advent of summer. shopping experience a pleasurable one For more information visit even more so in the airy ambience of the


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Vandals will not force statues to walk HANRIE BOSCH

“WHEN the statues are vandalised we do not remove or discuss the matter for six months; we will not allow our public spaces to be dictated by vandals. Removing these statues now would send the message that if people do not like something, they can vandalise it, and it will be removed,” says JP Smith, mayoral committee member for safety and security. The statue found shattered on the Sea Point promenade last week Tuesday was the third such incident in five weeks. One of the Walking the Road statues, the one depicting the girl turned into a dragonfly, was found shattered by early morning joggers, who alerted artist Marieke PrinslooRowe. When People’s Post spoke to Prinsloo-Rowe on Wednesday morning, the artist was determined to take the statues home, “for some love and care.” She was on the promenade replacing two statues, one of which had been stolen and the other vandalised, two weeks ago. “I have other projects pending, and at this rate I just can’t keep up.” However, after a phone call from Smith that day, Prinsloo-Rowe decided to keep her stat-

KEEP WALKING: Plans are in place to protect the statues vandalised three times in five weeks. Photo: Hanrie Bosch

HELP: Two year old Samue Rowe told his moth­ er, “Mommy sculpture eina, Mommy make her better!’ Photo: Marieke Prinsloo­Rowe ues on the promenade, as “simply removing them now would send the wrong message to the public.” “It would have been a relief to take them back,” says the artist, because the 18 sculptures are like children to her. Smith believes there is an element of deliberation in the destruction of the statues, as it is “too repetitive and devastating to be mere coincidence.”Ward councillor Beverley Shaffer agrees, and says that security around the statues will be increased, and CCTV cameras will be adjusted to focus on the statues, in the hope of catching the persons responsible. “In all the time these statues have been here, I have only received two e-mails from residents who do not like them, but there are thousands of positive responses,” says Shaffer. Whilst security will be tightened, Prinsloo-Rowe will have to spend another 14 days repairing one of her “daughters” before it can be replaced on the promenade. The statues where supposed to be on the promenade for 12 months, but have been walking the seashore road for nearly 16 months due to the positive response from the public, says Prinsloo-Rowe. They will remain for another eight months, and might then be moved to another public space.

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THE next Toastmasters club meeting will be held on Wednesday 2 November at the Kelvin Grove Country Club in Newlands at 18:30 for 18:45. The cost of R100 per person includes a meal. All RSVPs are to be sent to before Monday 31 October. Contact Darren Hanekom on 083 394 0201 for more information.

ON Tuesday 25 October The Barnard “Gallery Collection” opened its doors and hosted its first annual Gallery Collection dinner. The Gallery Collection exhibition is an opportunity for the gallery to collaborate with artists, to showcase pieces that the artists and Christiaan Barnard had identified as their significant works. The exclusive formal dinner gave industry professionals and clients an opportunity to interact with the artists and to have first option on these signature pieces of art. The exhibition is open to the public until Wednesday 16 November. The Gallery Collection exhibition will include works of Lonwabo Kilani, Robert Slingsby, Lyndi Sales, Jaco van Schalkwyk, Willie Bester, Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi, Keith Calder, Tracy Payne, and Heike Davies.

Rock the ages with Tears JOIN The Emma Animal Rescue Society (Tears) members as they travel through six decades of rock ‘n’ roll at The Barnyard Theatre Willowbridge on 4 November at 18:00. Take your own picnic basket; a cash bar will be available. Tickets cost R150 per person. Book your tickets with Marge on (021) 785-7014 or at Alternatively contact Mandy on (021) 557-9056. All funds raised will support the Tears animal shelter.



Tuesday 1 November 2011

An artistic dining experience

Toastmasters club meeting

) +" % % $ & #



ALL SMILES: Gareth Cork, Sonja Steyn, and Bradley Twaddle before the gal­ lery collection dinner. Photo: Supplied

SET FOR DINNER: The layout of the dinner table for the seven­course meal was exquisite. Photo: Supplied


;"$7 021 615 5300 :<,7 021 634 1651 9 .%<#$7 ($<#&8("'($")(')*/='/-< +++/("'($")(')*/='/-<

CHEERS: Sudeshni Naidoo, Suzette Bell­Roberts, Evelyne Bester, and Emma Bedford waiting to be seated at the gallery collection dinner.Photo: Supplied

SEATED: Madame (and sir) is served.

Photo: Supplied


Tuesday 1 November 2011

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 7

Minstrel battle marches on INSTREL leaders remain “optimistic” about the end-of-year celebrations, with the battle between City of Cape Town officials, provincial government and minstrel organisations still raging. People’s Post covered the start of negotiations “Minstrels work it out with City (11 October 2011)” when retired Constitutional Court judge Kate O’Reagan was appointed to lead negotiations between the parties as an independent mediator. The negotiations dealt mainly with the return of the annual Cape Minstrel Carnival, which wends its way through the historic Bo-Kaap, as well as permission to hold the event on the second day of January from 2012 onwards. Kevin Momberg, Chief Executive Officer for the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival Association, remained positive about the outcome of the court proceedings. “We are optimistic that the City of Cape Town will come around and support this event, but discussions will continue and we are working hard at

MAKING A COMEBACK: Minstrel negotiations are still ongoing, but they remain optimistic about the out­ come. Photo: Mark Wessels that the City identified the need for thorough advance preparation to pave the way for a successful celebration,” says Malatsi. According to Malatsi, the City of Cape Town also offered to provide R3,5 million worth of “logistical and support services,” which includes traffic control, to

ensure that the event is properly managed in the best interests of the Minstrels and the City of Cape Town. Recently the issue of additional funding for events after the ‘Tweede Nuwe Jaar’ celebrations was brought to light. “If such funding is to be grant-

ed, it will only be done in the interest of genuinely celebrating the City’s cultural diversity and we hope that all parties will continue to negotiate in good faith,” Malatsi concluded. The mediation process is set resume on Tuesday 8 November 2011.

We Make it Ourselves








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RRP R1399


RRP R5999




bringing back what rightfully should be taking place,” says Momberg. He says that discussions are “far from over” but had received disturbing news that funds were not available for the event. However, the association was then informed that funds would be conjured from other departments and Momberg said: “Those were just officials making those decisions. Nothing has been confirmed at this stage, so we are not concerned at the moment and will await positive feedback from the court proceedings.” Solly Malatsi, spokesperson for the Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia De Lille, remained adamant that the Mayor was “firmly committed to making the Cape Minstrel Annual Carnival an event that all people of Cape Town can be proud of.” “She is particularly committed to building an inclusive City in which we celebrate the diverse cultures that exist throughout the City,” says Malatsi. He also confirmed that the City of Cape Town kick-started the mediation process by committing to host the Cape Minstrels Annual Carnival on its original date (2 January) whilst also allowing the minstrel troupes to pass through the historic route in Bo-Kaap. “It is in this context







Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm


Open Sundays 9 am - 1 pm

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Tuesday 1 November 2011

One-way ticket to exhilaration ANDRE BAKKES


HE “expressive, creative instigator” Glenda Jones went all out in her eagerly anticipated dance production, Diary of a Dancer. It is unimaginable that this exuberant woman will ever pass up the opportunity to go all out. Ample evidence of this can be seen in her must-see show on 16 December at CTICC, where the performers will use their finely tuned skills to ignite the stage with African jazz, hip hop, contemporary, cabaret, kwaito, salsa, krumping, ballet funk, freestyle and original dance concepts. The third Afrika Ablaze production of the year is also the most personal for Jones, since she based it on her own life, and on how dance transformed her. “Through dancing you ignite your creativity,” she says. “It is the most physical and most personal of all the arts. Soon there is no separation between the mind, body and soul.” Jones teaches mostly disadvantaged children to overcome stigma, prejudice and labels and to find themselves through the natural rhythm that engulfs everyone. Afrika Ablaze is, however, open to anyone. She also lectures a first-year sport science group at the University of the Western Cape, where she “teaches rugby players to dance.” In short, she helps people rid themselves of the perception that they can’t dance. “I get into their heads and open up their minds and

FREE YOUR SOUL: Some of the cast for Diary of a Dancer show readers how to fly.Photo:

souls,” she says. “People tend to rob themselves of a very creative life. Anyone can benefit from dancing!” Diary of a Dancer is a story that will resonate with all audiences. It delves into the heart and mind of a young boy who, because of his circumstances, goes underground to bury his dreams until he can no longer live with the lie. “We usually have one major performance a year, but due to the enormous growth and demand, we will have three this year,” says

Jones. The protagonist of the show (portrayed by Jesrael Jacobs) grew up in a harsh environment and found his salvation in dance. An eventful foray into the world makes him think twice about what is really important in life. Jones has collected nuggets of wisdom in her ongoing adventure. “What makes a dancer brilliant? Is it the sacrifices a person makes? Is it their sweat, strife, pain or hard work? Are there short cuts?” She lets the questions sink in before she answers: “Dancing is hard

work! And only fear separates the great from the average dancers. The fear of not being good enough. The fear of failure.” Jacobs, whom Jones describes as having been blessed with the gift of “dancing on water,” plays a character that grows up in abject poverty, but then discovers the meaning of his life when he finds two ballet shoes in a garbage bin. “In a moment he makes the connection and becomes overwhelmed! That’s where he would like to be,” she says. Swan Lake will be playing


in the background and in that moment the character “feels and tastes the music.” His friends torment the character because of his dream, which hurls him into his darkest moment. Diary of a Dancer promises to top any of her previous work and she is confident that her cast of 60 exceptionally talented dancers are once again ready to wow Cape Town with their exuberance, versatility, passion and skill. Bookings or enquiries on 078 478 9847 or 082 669 1670.


Tuesday 1 November 2011

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 9

NEW LEADERS: Head prefects for 2012 at SACS are Suwi Chibale (Deputy Head Prefect) and Dav­ id le Roux (Head Prefect).

WINNERS: Jack Ritchie (grade 4), Thando Mise­ leku (Grade 6), Jason Pitt­ away (grade 5) and, kneel­ ing in front, Cameron Chadwick of Western Prov­ ince prepara­ tory school. (Grade 4)

HEAD PU­ PILS: Pic­ tured are the 2012 head boy and head girl of Groote Schuur High School, Zara­ Lynn Lewis and Gerswin Marthinus. Marthinus was also head boy at Groote Schu­ ur Primary School.

Tuesday 1 November Claremont: Forensic scientist Dr David Klatzow will give a talk titled: “Bad Science Does Not Make Good Law” at 20:00 in the Grove Primary School hall. Entrance is R50. Pensioners and students pay R25. Refreshments will be provided. Arrive early as a large audience is expected.

Thursday 3 November Rondebosch: Author and historian Dr Peter Hammond continues his series of Thursday evening presentations on the 16th Century Reformation in Europe. Tonight he will give a well-illustrated powerpoint presentation on Gustavus Adolphus and the Thirty Years War. Phone to book your place (021) 689-4480 or visit

Saturday 5 November Claremont: Bethany Fellowship Church in Lansdowne Road monthly mini-market from 09:00 until 14:00. There will be a tea garden, boerewors, food, veggies, books, bric-a-brac, craft, clothing, and more. Phone the Bethany office on (021) 671-9400 or 074 330 7052.

Saturday 5 November Rosebank: Huis Luckhoff bazaar opesn at 09:00. There will be a tea garden, vegetable market, food, cake, crafts, clothes, books, white elephant items, a jumping castleand more. Phone (021) 689-3612.

Saturday 5 November Kenilworth: Friends of Kenilworth Racecourse Conservation will be wielding tree poppers to pop out alien saplings during a Pop ’n Picnic. Bring your own picnic for this fun round of alien clearing. Meet at Wetton Road Racecourse entrance gate at 08:30. Contact James or Skye on (021) 700 1843, or Margaret on (021) 762 3170.

Saturday 5 and 6 November Kenilworth: Stellenberg Gardens, 30 Oak Avenue, will be open to the public from 09:30 to 17:30 on both days. Entrance fee is R30 per

Revitalise yourself LEARN how to energise and rebalance your body, mind and spirit at a free talk and a guided meditation. Learn a new breathing technique and skills for managing stress. The talk takes

person, with tea served in the garden for R20. Proceeds are in aid of Neighbourhood Old Age Homes, a Catholic Welfare and Development Programme. Children under supervision are welcome. No dogs or picnicking are allowed. The Nursery will be open for plant sales. Phone 082 931 0687 or 082 928 2658.

Broccoli's creative side ABALIMI Bezekhaya (Harvest of Hope) is a teaching organisation that enables gardeners in and around the Cape Flats to provide fresh organic vegetables for their families. Harvest of Hope was started in 2008 and provides fresh organic vegetables weekly, in the form of a box scheme, to several schools in and around the Western Cape. The revenue from this is used to support nearly 3 000 farmers making gardens in and around the Cape Flats. The organistation recently launched an art competition for AUTUMN COLOURS: Keaton De Villiers (Grade 2) and children from some of the sup- Luke Moir (Grade 2) of SACS. Photo: Supplied porting schools. Winning entrants were from Herschel, Oakhurst, grades from one to six. Western Province junior, and SACS junior. Twelve of the winning paintings will be The entrants created art works of vegeta- made into a calendar for 2012 and will be bles or people working in gardens. Jenny available to order from marketing@abaliSmuts says the standard of work was fan- For more information see tastic and they had 20 winners from all the

Sunday 6 November Rondebosch: Friends of Rondebosch Common last spring flower ramble of the season starts at 11:00 and finishes before 13:00. Meet on the grassy area on the Campground Road side of the Common. Entrance is free, but donations towards the Common are welcome. The Common may be wet in places. Cards and a book on the Common will be on sale. Phone Sue on (021) 686 -8968 or Joanne at (021) 685-3451.

Friday 11 November


T’s and C’s Apply

Claremont: The Greyladies Association fashion show at Saint Saviour’s church hall, Brooke Street will start at 10:00. AP Jones of Fish Hoek will show ladies wear. There will be a raffle for prizes. Tickets, at R40, include tea and cake and a free magazine. Contact Barbara on (021) 671-0820 or 082 923 3544 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between 09:00 and noon.

Saturday 12 November Pinelands: Hope House, a home for adults with schizophrenia, has an open day from 09:30 until 12:30 in the garden at 32 Peak Drive. A good place to buy Christmas gifts such as jams, home crafts and more. Tea and cakes will be served. Donations of books and white elephant table goods would be appreciated. Phone (021) 531 8416.

Saturday 26 November Pinelands: The Helen Keller Society’s annual fete starts at 09:00 in Links Drive. There will be food, white elephant stall, clothing, books, bric-a-brac, raffles, music, tea and a beer garden at their premises in Links Drive. Phone Ruth on (021) 531-5311. place on Tuesday 8 November starting at 19:00 at the Tennis Clubhouse at the River Club in Observatory. For more information contact Elizabeth on 082 497 6428 or or Victoria on 083 979 2234

IT is a common fallacy that the Great Wall of China is visible from outer space. It is too thin to be noticed from such a great distance. No man-made

structures are visible from the moon. Man-made objects start to disappear after 480km and the moon is about 380 000km from Earth.

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CLAREMONT STORE Intaba Shopping Centre, Shop 12-15, 17 Vineyard Road - 021 671 0008

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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Design destiny THE MOTHER CITY has been awarded the title of the world’s Design Capital for 2014. Perhaps fittingly so, as this will be the year we celebrate two decades of democracy. The win confirms that our beloved “Slaapstad” is boldly taking the global stage, to become a major world player and drawcard in the potentially lucrative tourism industry. In 1994 tourism’s contribution to SA’s economy was reported as no more than 2% of Gross Domestic Product. However, with awards such as this and others filling up our trophy cabinet, tourism is fast becoming one of the top earners of foreign currency. In the midst of a global recession, we have something to brighten our spirits: the promise of greater investment and, we hope, a better life for all. These awards translate into tangible benefits for everyone. Every small business that stays open for a little while longer, means that the cashier, the cleaner, the janitor have jobs for a little longer, and able to support their families: a little foreign spend goes a long way. Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille has committed herself to work harder to use design as a tool to clean the remnants of apartheid and bring communities together across the “geographical divide” through improved, innovative design. The award means that future generations of Capetonians will grow up in a city very different to what most of us have known. They will benefit from maximum exposure to other cultures as more flock to our shores. As the winds of change continue to sweep through, Cape Town is fast becoming a city of the world. Hold on to your hats! Today it is good to be Capetonian.

WHILE demographers are unsure exactly when the world’s population will reach the seven billion mark – or whether this might even have already happened - the United

Nations Population Fund officially chose Monday this week to symbolically mark the day. As a result, many parents have claimed

that their new-born baby is, indeed, the 7billionth human on planet Earth. Sadly, noone will ever know who finally tipped the scale.

Your SMSes Charge criminals with sabotage ALMOST daily we are informed of the millions lost due to copper theft and corruption. We hear of the different strategies to bring these economic terrorists to book. The citizens of South Africa are the victims of these terrorists. There are suggestions to make copper cable theft an act of sabotage, with appropriate sentences. Talk without action is cheap. Another way to stop this sabotage, is to force scrap dealers to buy the copper cables of whatever size or thickness, still in its covering, and every person selling these cables must be photographed. The scrap yards should be visited and inspected by trained inspectors. The other measure is to ban all copper sales at scrap yards. Pehaps scrap yard dealers themselves can

propose a better prevention method. Crimes of corruption must be exposed in great detail in the media and the head of that department must explain in detail, who, how and how much. Corruption past and present must be exposed to us by senior investigative journalists, department heads and law enforcement with all the details. The public, when you hear conversations, speak of the locusts eating our nation’s corn and in vast amounts because the proceeds of the corruption is not from the small change in the tickey pockets. No, it’s being taken in bakkie loads and the big question is when are the locusts going to be stopped. KEITH BLAKE Ottery

In response . The article “From swept floors to chalkboards” is a fantastic story, which just goes to show that hard work does pay off and dreams can come true. Peter Hendricks, I wish you everything of the very best in your new venture. NJ, Kirstenhof . Talking about spaying animals, the SPCA should reduce their prices. They are so expensive that my dogs are having pups year after year and I just give them away. . What is this about 50 free units? I have never received any free units of electricity. . Lady, you have a problem. Dogs are dogs. That’s why they are not allowed in shops. Adopt a child and see the difference. Dogs are animals and you can-

not change that. Shampoo them all you like, they are still animals and don’t belong in a shop. . To all those moaning about barking dogs: The average dog is a better person than the average person. Why is nobody complaining about spoiled kids screaming and crying in shops? Animal lover Putting the sense in census . If the census is all about statistics and not an invasion of privacy, why did they need to know my name and the name of my business? . To all census field workers: I know what you are going through as my daughter is also a field worker. I just hope that you all receive your salaries on time as stipulated in your contracts. Keep us

Final countdown for Sheaffer competition

ENTRIES have been pouring in for the People’s Post Sheaffer Pens competition and, because of numerous requests from locals who haven’t completed their entries yet, we have decided to give you only one more day to put your thoughts to paper. A selection of entries will also be pub-

lished this week giving you the advantage of sussing out your competition. Next week, we will publish the names of readers who have won one of 10 Sheaffer 9137 Silver Shimmer FT roller-ball pen with nickel-plated trimming.

Simply write to us, ensuring that your letter is no longer than 300 words, and you could be a winner! To enter the competition, email, fax or post your letters, marked “Sheaffer Pens”, to us by 15:00 tomorrow (Wednesday).

posted. Just a thought . Dear Lynn, the World Cup is wrapped up and Bok supporters still cry that they were robbed. If this is the case, report it to the police and move on. The trophy was won so get a life. Well done, All Blacks. Stanley . People who work from home need to consider their neighbours. Why should we have to put up with the extra traffic and noise? If this is what we wanted we would live in a business area and not a residential one. . It’s time for the Department of Social Development to audit NGOs and NPOs who are receiving funding but not providing services. Stealing from the poor? Peter, Cape Town

The winners will be announced in People’s Post on Tuesday 8 No-

vember. Email or fax to (021) 713-9481. Alternatively post your entry to 240 Old Mutual Building, Main Road, Tokai, 7966. Get writing!


Tuesday 1 November 2011

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Structures hidden by trees THE two squatter structures next to the Police barracks in N’Dabeni have been there for about seven years. They were

What is this census all about?

Take care of your pets IT is a shame that there are suffering kittens around but I can’t help finding it a very uncomfortable proposition to sterilise all cats. Sterilisation is not risk-free, despite what brochures may lead you to believe, and there are consequences from both the surgery and the subsequent hormonal changes. This means that sterilisation may not be in the cat’s best interest, particularly for pet cats. So how then do we deal with the unwanted kittens? One option would be to look for medical alternatives, like the pill for humans, which would prevent the need for surgery and present less of an ethical dilemma. Even better would be if cat owners kept their cats isolated while in oestrus so they cannot become pregnant. The reason this solution will be ignored is that it actually requires people to put some effort into looking after their

WITH reference to my first letter to People’s Post on 11 October, comments by the Chief Enumerator of the 2011 Census this morning on SABC TV news cannot go unchallenged. Not only did this census official repeat the threat of imprisonment and fines, he also played, what could be considered, the race card. He said words to the effect that questions about the content of the census were mostly asked by rich people, implying white people were rich versus the black people who are not rich. That was bad enough. But it got worse when he answered questions by the SABC TV presenters about questions like “Do you have a washing machine, a fridge, a TV...” People wondered what this had to do with establishing how many people lived in our country.

pets. Pets, no matter how you look at them, are still living creatures. If you aren’t prepared to make sacrifices to care for your pet then you shouldn’t have one in the first place. They are not objects with no moral value from which you can just add or remove parts as you see fit. If you are going to spend your time altering your pet then it might be worth asking whether what you really want is a cat or just a warm, fluffy toy. I’m not saying sterilisation is always bad, just that it is actually a question that needs serious consideration. More important than enforcing our ideas onto cats is teaching people to properly care for cats and to realise they are living creatures and, if you want one, you need to accept all aspects of it. JASON BOSCH Rondebosch

Yesterday, today and tomorrow MY brother and I were discussing and comparing today’s prices and quality against yesterday’s. Our late grandfather always predicted that you will one day have a pocket full of money and not be able to buy anything. I can remember in 1961 when we became a republic and converted to rands and cents, our rand was equivalent to one british pound. Oros was 100 percent pure juice, a sweetie pie cost a tickey and the cream (and it was cream) used to melt in your mouth. Sweets cost four for a penny/cent. Chicken was 45 cents a kilogram. I went

I AM unsure which subject to address in my writing, so I’ll tackle the transparency around BEE procurement. I realise the lack of investigation into black business fronting when applying for BEE certification. Our application to be BEE certified was done electronically, via an accredited agent’s website. Contrary to the agent’s online indication of a site inspection, upon receipt of our requested subscription, the certificate was issued without enquiry into our business and its members. My concern with this is this as follows: In terms of government procurement policy to ensure black economic empowerment and affirmative action, how does a certificate (issued without inspection of fact) guarantee this? It is for this reason that I have reservations about the successful implementation of this policy. I’ve addressed it in writing before (with DTI), and no response has been forthcoming. In our industry (Civil Engineering with the Department of Roads/Transport) the previously advantaged are still the majority stakeholders. It is evident when travelling in rural areas, that these same businesses are still the primary contractors. BEE is integral to the ethos of redis-

The hand is the servant of the brain


our behalf. All the main events in our lives - getting married, buying a house, etc. requires a signature - which requires a pen. It is the indispensible tool for writing poetry, taking notes, signing cheques, making a shopping list, filling in the crossword-puzzle, taking down a phone number, for doctors to write prescriptions. The pen is not only mightier than the sword. It completes the trio of the mind, hand and pen, to make our ideas, our plans and our purpose, a reality. What it writes can be more healing than the best medication; more meaningful than a love letter, and kinder than an angel’s touch. CHARLOTTE CAINE Claremont



PRICE R1 799 R2 499 R2 899

SALT RIVER 021 447 3726 021 448 7386


R1 150 R1 399 R1 499







MONTAGUE GARDENS 021 551 1480/4


R1 299 R1 499 R1 899



PRICE R1 999 R2 699 R2 999


20-yr Wty



tribution of wealth, and I believe that broad-based BEE participation is important to the future. However, the injustices of the past will not be corrected while we have white-owned businesses (regardless of industry) being awarded major contracts, through business fronting. Previous prejudice prevails and without proper policing of the system, we will not confound this enemy. My suggestion is for government to become pro-active in implementing transparency and ensuring compliance with stipulated regulation. If they lack the resources to do so, I strongly recommend a project called BEEInfoSTRIP™, which I’ve encountered via Facebook (, to manage this venture. The vehicle this organisation uses to manage the system, is legitimate and inexpensive, yet seemingly highly effective. Alternatively, they (government), should be quiet about the entire BEE procurement policy and continue ignoring us, the small black enterprise, who is crippled by major companies who benefited from past injustices, where black fronting is rife. TINA THOMAS Kenwyn


10-yr Wty

The gentleman’s answer was astonishing. He suggested that those questions should be asked of the marketing companies, who needed that kind of information for their brands and promotional strategies. What? Is the census a means of market research? And if so, what has the government got to do with this? Worse, how can we be threatened with imprisonment if we do not disclose the contents and amenities in our homes? We would not present this information on a platter to home-invaders, gangs, theft and break-in syndicates and con-artists. Has Census 2011 gone totally of its rocker? Cases of impostors have already been reported, as well as census takers without identification. The whole thing seems to be bungling to the tenth degree. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE

Transparency around BEE procurement

to work and earned R8 a week, out of wich my mother bought groceries for the week and could still afford to give me bioscope money. How things have changed: the world’s economy is in a mess and I do not wish to mention climate change and others. I fear for my children and grandchildren in the years ahead. Imagine what a loaf of bread will cost 10 years from now! I don’t think I will be around to witness that. PATRICK ABRAHAMS Lansdowne

MY grandson, aged 7, is learning to write. Indicative of the age in which we live, he wrote a note which simply said: “You rock.” It will forever take me back to the time it was written. The hand is the servant of the brain. In order to make what is in the human mind viable and visible, we have to transfer it to paper. For this we require a small tool that becomes the extension of the hand. We need the three partners: the mind, the hand and the pen, working together to implement plans. Every exciting discovery, every brilliant plan, is transferred to paper to transform it from the intangible to the tangible. As far as technology will take the human race, a machine cannot sign documents on

previously hidden by Port Jackson trees. DELYSIA SHELLEY Pinelands


TOKAI 021 702 3748/9

PRICE R5 200 R5 200 R6 999


R2 500 R2 500 R3 400



PRICE R7 200 R7 200 R9 800


R3 20-yr 600 R3 Wty 600 R4 495

MITCHELL’S PLAIN WESTGATE MALL 021 372 3077 021 372 1027


PRICE NOW R11 500 R5 700 R11 500 R5 700 R17 000 R8 200


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People's Post Page 12


Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Tuesday 1 November 2011

A wicked tale comes to Kalk Bay Theatre R

OSE RED has its Cape Town premiere at Kalk Bay Theatre from Wednesday 9 November until Saturday 10 December, following a successful run at the National Arts Festival this year. Rose Red is the wellknown fairy tale of Snow White turned on its head. The age-old tale is told from a different perspective: through the eyes of the evil queen. The story is interwoven with light- MISUNDERSTOOD: Dianne Simpson portrays the evil queen with hearted comedy and popu- a difference in Rose Red. The production opens at Kalk Bay Thea­ lar songs by Tori Amos, tre on 9 October. Photo: Supplied Annie Lennox, Brandi Carlile and Lady Gaga. “There are always two sides to a story and The production is written by, and features, finally the ‘evil’ queen gets to tell her version seasoned actress Dianne Simpson. It is di- of this classic fairy tale,” says Bosch Botha. rected and produced by Pieter Bosch Botha “How did she become an evil stepmother and of Boschwhacked Productions. Bosch is the was she not just misunderstood? Rose Red is creator of the critically acclaimed HATS, our wickedly fun, original and moving take which sold out at last year’s National Arts of her story.” Festival, and the recent Out the Box Festival Rose Red will be performed Wednesday to in Cape Town. Saturday from 9 November until 10 DecemMusical direction is by Dawid Boverhoff, ber at 20:30. who strings together the array of recognisaDon’t miss the opening week special on ble songs. He also accompanies Simpson on Thursday 10, Friday 11 or Saturday 12 Nostage. vember, when tickets cost only R85. Tickets Stage and technical management is by Na- to all other performances cost R115 and can tasha da Silva. be booked on The show explores themes of vanity, selfAge advisory is 10 years. esteem, longing to belong, romance, being .Visit Kalk Bay Theatre, Cape Town, on misunderstood and the darker side of human Facebook or follow @KalkBayTheatre on nature. Twitter

Laugh with Zak and Vaatjie THE hilarious duo of Zak en Vaatjie will be performing at the Golden Valley Casino in Worcester on Saturday 26 November. Zak van Niekerk and Gerhard Odendaal are accomplished solo performers, but put them on stage together and they feed off each other’s personality, resulting in a melodic feel-good, laugh and smile-a-lot show. Zak is a leading Afrikaans comedian,

with a great personality and an extraordinary ability with a mouthorgan. TV viewers know Gerhard best as Worsie’s son Vaatjie who is studying to become a chef. He is a former member of boy band Rolmodelle. Zak en Vaatjie starts at 21:00 in Winners Action Bar at the Golden Valley Casino. Tickets are R60 each from the casino. For more information phone (023) 348-7200.

NEW MOVES: After decades of teaching, cho­ reography and mentoring, Ananda Fuchs (VI­ TA award nominee, PANSA award winner and lifelong lover of dance) has launched her own dance studio, Somatic Jam. Fuchs has worked with the Western Cape Education Depart­ ment and the University of Cape Town, while maintaining her deep connection with con­ temporary dance NGO Jazzart Dance Theatre. Fuchs gained international experience while teaching in Denmark. Somatic Jam hosts tri­ weekly classes based on the technique of con­ temporary release, which concentrates on the organic use of the body’s weight. Classes take place every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 17:30 at the Observatory Com­ munity Centre, Lower Main Road. They are open to anyone at any level of experience.

Dark but funny TRACY LETTS’ acclaimed dark comedy, August: Osage County, opened at the Masque

Theatre, Muizenberg, on Friday 28 October and runs until Saturday 5 November. For more information contact Masque Theatre Bookings on (021) 788-1898 during office hours.

Celebrating summer in style THE Cape Town Male Voice Choir end-ofyear Summer Celebration Concert will take place on Saturday 26 November in the Cape Town City Hall. Tickets are R100 and R120, with R10 of each ticket going to the Children’s Red Cross Hospital (The Children’s Hospital Trust). Guests are invited to bring

an unwrapped toy for distribution to needy patients. The choir has been invited to sing in an international choral competition in London and tickets will also go towards funding this. Old Age Homes will qualify for a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more.

LIKE IT VROT: Don’t miss David Kramer’s hilarious new musical comedy “Some Like It Vrot”, starring Marc Lottering and Christo Davids and an outstanding cast, at the Baxter Theatre till 31 December. Tickets cost from R90 to R150 and are available from Computicket. The show is unsuitable for children under the age of 12 years. Pictured are Marc Lottering as Smiley, Abduragman Adams as Big Bucks and Christo Davids as Fuad.Photo: Jesse Kramer

Hear it for the first time SIMON’S TOWN resident, Steven van der Merwe will conduct the premiere performance of his composition Eleven – a Requiem for a Parent on 11 November at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town at 19:00. Eleven is a composition for soprano and tenor soloists, choir and orchestra. Janelle Visagie (soprano) and Nick de Jager (tenor) will be accompanied by the Pro Musica Divina Orchestra and 30 freelance Cape Town professionals. The choirs are the St George’s Singers, directed by Dr Barry Smith, and the UCT Choir, directed by John Woodland. “My father’s death on 11 November 2009 (at almost 11.00), was the catalyst that moved me to start working on a Requiem.” says Van der Merwe. “The day after my father’s death a patient of mine offered his condolences and handed me a poppy with a poem about Armistice Day: the day the First World War ended – on 11 November 1918 at 11.00. The significance of this date and time inspired me and became a theme of the requiem.” Van der Merwe is a student at NMMU under the mentorship of Dr Peter-Louis van Dijk, well-known South African and international composer and conductor. Eleven forms part of Steven’s portfolio towards his M.Mus (composition) degree. Steven has invited local artist and international exhibitor Ryno Swart to create an art-

EXPRESSIONS IN MUSIC: Composer and con­ ductor Steven van der Merwe Photo: Supplied work that depicts aspects of his composition on canvas. This painting will feature on posters and on the program. The completed work will be on sale after the premiere performance of Eleven. Tickets to the event cost R90 and can be booked at For further information, send an email to

Leading German cellist at Baxter LEADING German Cellist Peter Bruns, hailed for his recording of Bach’s Solo Cello Suites as “a new Casals,” will bring the current Cape Town Concert Series season to a close with a recital, accompanied by his wife Annagret Kuttner. The recital will take place at the Baxter

Concert Hall in Rondebosch on Saturday 5 November at 20:00. Tickets are R125 from Computicket. Student, scholar and senior concessions are available. More information from; or call 021 439 7663.

Musical time travel at the Barnyard A MUSICAL production entitled The Final Countdown will take place at the Barnyard Theatre in Willowbridge on Sunday 20 November at 14:00. It is organised by Events Management Students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town. The Final Countdown is described by the organisers as “a musical journey that takes you on a ride through six decades of radio, music, fashion and rock and roll.” The greatest hits of each decade will be staged including the music of Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Boney M, Saturday Night Fever, Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Other artists who will also be featured in-

clude Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Lionel Richie, Alanis Morisette, Nirvana, Counting Crows, U2, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Pink, Lady Gaga and many more. “The times have changed and so have the fashions, but the music featured in Final Countdown lives on forever. The evening is simply going to be fiercely spectacular,” say organisers. All the proceeds of the evening will be donated to the Lions foundation of Cape Town. Tables of ten as well as individual tickets will be on sale. Free picnic baskets go to every two tickets purchased. Tickets are available at For more information visit the Facebook page The Final Countdown.


Tuesday 1 November 2011

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Tuesday 1 November 2011

A little something called style HANRIE BOSCH

EVER walked out of the house thinking you are rocking the latest fashion? Not knowing what those strange glances mean? Fashion is fickle and the old school 80s nerd look is not always the new 2011 hipster. In the world of fashion two minds are better than one, especially when the other is your sister. Fashion is big business, even in the cyber world. Fashion blogs are fast becoming the breeding ground for the new super stylish, with some bloggers even reaching super star status. And who better to have your back in the cut throat fashion industry than your own sister. What started out as a means to keep in touch and up to date with cute purchases has ended up in a unique and vibrant fashion exchange, open to the world. The tale of two sisters- one in Port Elizabeth and the other in Cape Town- and their wardrobes have sparked a unique and quirky new blog. For those who don’t know a blog is basically on online version of a diary, that everybody can read. And today there are well over 126 million blogs, according to blog Pulse in 2009, with an estimated number of 1,6 million new postings per day. Marianna Boguslavsky, the Cape town sister, says that in just over a year their blog has acquired over

Bag a book at charity sale GARDENS SHOPPING CENTRE will host a seven-day book sale from Wednesday 2 November to Tuesday, 8 November in aid of Western Cape NGO Wola Nani. The sale will offer a selection of quality cult, classic and collectible CDs, DVDs and books for readers of all ages. Various genres, including children’s, crime fiction, non-fiction, mindbody-spirit, thrillers, modern classics and biographies will be on sale. The sale will be upstairs at Gardens Centre from 09:00 to 19:00 (weekdays), 09:00 to 17:00 (saturday) and 9:00 to 14:00 (Sunday). For more information, or to donate books, CDs and DVDs, contact Mark on 083 342 2261, (021) 424 0497 or

) +" % % $ & # $ ( , ' $ ( $ ' *

8"$5 /10 403 32// 7-%9#$5 ($9#&6("'($")(')*.:'.,9 +++.("'($")(')*.:'.,9

1500 loyal followers. Content is based on their personal styles and big plans are in the pipeline for their blog. “The online fashion scene is booming. We are a bit behind the US and UK, but we will soon see a surge,” says Marianna, who also runs her own online marketing consultantcy. The Port Elizabeth-based sister, Alla, travels to Cape Town at least once a month, partly for business and partly for the fashion. Last week she spent eight hours in Canal Walk, much to the bemusement of older sister Marianna. “Cape Town has a much more vibrant fashion scene with little boutiques and interesting shops,” says Alla, flaunting her cute new floral high heels she had picked up during her eight-hour shopping spree. In a year of business these two great minds have never quarrelled or bickered about a “fashion mishap” and they love each other’s styles. And for those who want to start their own blog, whether it is fashion, plumbing or just personal thoughts, Marianna has some good advice. “Initially only your mother will read it, but if you persist and do some PR work you will eventually get there.” But at the end of the day, fashion is all about your own unique style, as Marianna puts it, and to wear what makes you feel good. You can grab a piece of these sisters’ style by visiting their blog at:

TWO TALES: Marianna (left) and Alla live in different cities and have different styles and are sharing their fashion tales with the world.

ANOTHER DAY AT WORK: Alla trying on a dress during a recent eight hour marathon shopping spree.

ALL THINGS NICE: Alla posing in her latest bar­ gain find whilst enjoying the fashion scene in Cape Town.

SISTER ACT: Alla (left) and Marianna Boguslavsky are the dynamic due behind the quirky fashion blog Bo­ Photos: Supplied

Deconstructing art ANDRE BAKKES

“ART requires philosophy, just as philosophy requires art. Otherwise, what would become of beauty?” This quote by French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin perfectly sums up an interview with professional artists Gavin Collins, Sheree Harrison and Annette Kieser. It is a curious coincidence that Gauguin was a post-impressionist and that the three artists left such an impression. Collins, Harrison and Kieser will be exhibiting their works at the Gavin Collins Gallery and Framing in West Lake from 4 to 11 November. Collins has been painting for 28 years, Harrison “for a long time” and Kieser for about 40 years, so they are authoritatively opinionated. All three are, however, completely different in their styles and subject matter. Collins, who is defined as an artists by his street scenes, says he pretty much paints what sells, with special emphasis on the “right movement and correctness.” Harrison, who is originally from Eastern Cape, reveals that she is completely in love with her favourite subjects: cows, cattle and landscapes. Kieser has recently gone “pretty abstract” and she says that she loves colour, form and texture. And so, the underpaint has been applied to a blank canvass and then every layer becomes more and more complex. Says Collins, “Knowing how to make money from art is probably more important than knowing how to paint. If you want to be a financially successful artist you should rather study marketing. There is no such thing as just becoming an artist and making money.” Kieser and Harrison agree that tal-

ent is simply not enough. This journalist attempts to sound like he knows what he’s talking about when he muses “It’s not necessarily about the quality, but the name.” The others uniformly frown and shake their heads. “It’s about finding a unique product,” reasons Harrison. “You have wild life artists who are doing brilliantly, and contemporary artists who do well, so there are different markets.” Collins tries to clarify things: “Let’s compare painting to music. When you hear a good song, it must be done well. “The principle issues and techniques must be correct for it to appeal to your sense of balance. The bottom line is that you can’t sell bad art. You can also not sell a quality painting painted on a bad canvas. Everything must be just right.” The man who has sold more than 10 000 paintings says it isn’t just about buying a brush and then describing oneself as an artist. “You must know what you’re doing.” The phrase “can of worms” doesn’t belong in an article about beauty and perfection, but it wasn’t a tube of acrylic gel that was opened when this journalist asked whether art is about the artist redefining boundaries, or whether they give the viewer what they want. Collins terms himself a commercial artist, but Kieser says emphatically: “I used to consider the viewer and found my niche, but then I decided that, at this point of my life, I want to paint for me.” Harrison also likes to push back the boundaries, because she “never depended on art to make a living.” “That frees me up to experiment with subjects. I’ve tried to do the commercial thing and for me it doesn’t work,” she adds. Collins emphasises, “One must understand what commercial means. It

ART FANTASTIC: Annette Kieser, Sheree Harrison and Gavin Collins with some of the work that will be exhibited from 4 ­ 11 November at Gavin Collins Gallery. Photo: Andre Bakkes

is your own style and branding - done well. Take Picasso, he actually painted better than Renoir before he started his abstracts. “If he painted a drop of water then it looked better than the drop of water God made. It’s unbelievable. Only then did he decide to ‘paint like a two year old’.” The “final” layer of this interview led to some serious philosophical debate, as Collins continues “You must be technically good to paint. Van Gogh wasn’t technically good enough. He never mastered paint. Rembrandt mastered paint. As did Tretchikoff. When it’s right, it’s right.” For the next ten minutes Collins and Harrison debated the very nature of being an artist. Harrison argues, “I agree with you to a certain extent, but don’t you think there are different genres of art? Someone who is an abstract art-

ist doesn’t necessarily need to be able to draw classically.” He draws a parallel between art and ballet, Harrison counters the point by referring to different kinds of music and even African dancing. Collins even goes as far as to say “If you take toilet paper and throw it against a canvas, then you must throw it in the right place for it to look good.” In the end it seems as if they have reached an accord, but this itself is open to debate. So, what does it take to be a true artist? Collins says “time,” Kieser says “integrity” and Harrison says “authenticity.” Party-pooper Pablo Picasso said, “Everyone wants to understand painting. Why is there no attempt to understand the song of the birds?” RSVP for the exhibition with Amanda on 072 355 9652.


Tuesday 1 November 2011

World Championship on your doorstep and China in ’85. The USA took the crown in ’87 and JaHIS seems to be the year of the pan took in back in ’91. In ’95 the AmeriWorld Cups, starting with the cans took the title again, while Japan did cricket and followed by rugby. so again ’99 and ’03. In ’07 the title reverted to the USA. And now, in a mere 35 days, 16 softball With that being said, the USA, Japan, teams will arrive for China, and Australthe ninth Junior ia all received medWomen’s World als in previous Championship (JWWorld Series. WC). Australia is the I can proudly say only team not to we do unite when it have taken gold yet. comes to backing In 2007, in the Nethour SA teams. erlands, South AfriIt’s amazing how ca participated for hosting the 2010 Socthe first time and cer World Cup has finished 15th. given us a supportSo now we all ive attitude. The know who the tough success of that contenders are and world event will be it’s possible that the the talk of the town teams mentioned for many years to will see a final. come. Perhaps the SA However, it is team will surprise about more than us all and make the just support for the finals, who knows, teams, but support even winning the for and belief in our tournament percountry’ ability to haps? host a successful They have home event. ground advantage Well, this major after all. event deserves nothWith the SA team ing less and I’ll have ranked 12th they you know that the SOFTBALL TALK: Sports reporter Lynn will need all our softball team SA is Prins Photo: Tammy Petersen support. still hard at work. The tournament They’re making the most of this shot at takes place from Wednesday 7 December being the best they can be, whether at until Saturday 17 December at Turfhall hosting or competing. Stadium, in Crawford, Athlone. Because I would like readers to share Participating teams are Argentina my love of this beautiful game of softball, ranked 7th, Australia ranked 3rd, USA I would like to give the background and ranked 1st, Japan ranked 2nd, Canada history of the tournament and then intro- ranked 4th, Puerto Rico ranked 5th, Chiduce the winning teams. nese Taipei ranked 6th, China ranked 8th, The first International Softball Federa- New Zealand ranked 9th, Russia ranked tion hosted the JWWC in 1981 in Canada, 13th, Germany ranked 14th, SA ranked exposing young talent to top competition, 12th, Botswana ranked 15th Brazil ranked while introducing the game to many. 14th, Zimbabwe ranked 15th and Czech Japan were crowned champs that year, Republic ranked 16th.

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 15

Pupils meet their heroes BERGVLIET High School pupil Gareth Davies was overwhelmed to meet cricket legends Barry Richards, Graeme Pollock and Mike Proctor over dinner at Kelvin Grove in Claremont. Schoolmates Michael Owen, Suhail

Fortuin and Warrick Rhode were also among the lucky ones. Their first side cricket team had the opportunity of bowling to the Australian cricket team in preparation for the T20 match on Thursday 13 October.



Pocket a hole BATTSWOOD Amateur Football Club invites the public to their Golf challenge in aid of funds for the club. The event will take place on Sunday 6 November at Rondebosch Golf Club. Sponsor packages, such as a waterhole for R3 000, includes green fees for a four-ball, advertising for your company, food plat-

ters, and a four-ball team entry fee (where only two with the highest scores will receive a prize). Alternatively, you can donate prizes or sponsor a wethole, which does not include play. Those who are not sponsoring a package will have to pay R1 500 to play a fourball. For more information email Nathan at or Heidi at or contact Heidi on 071 503 3968.

ALL SMILES: Gareth Davies of Bergvliet High (centre) met former SA batsman Barry Richards, SA batting legend Graeme Pollock and former SA fast bowler and batsman Mike Proctor. Photo: Supplied

PROUD MOMENTS: Seen here from left are Shane Watson (Australia’s fast medium bowler and batsman), Michael Owen, Suhail Fortuin and Warrick Rhode of Bergvliet High’s first eleven, with Justin Langer, former international cricketer and now Australia’s batting coach. Photo: Supplied GOOD CAUSE: Frank Cadiz, CEO of Cadiz Asset Man­ agement, with Storm, a rescued dog from The Emma Animal Rescue So­ ciety (TEARS), Nwabisa Gcwabe, Sky­Li Harmse of Westlake Commu­ nity Centre and SA rugby legend Morné du Plessis. Cadiz and Du Plessis teamed up to sup­ port the beneficiar­ ies of the week­long Cadiz Steenberg Classic golf tournament. The tournament runs over the first week of No­ vember at Steenberg Golf Club. Over 1 000 golfers aim to raise R500 000 for charity. TEARS and Westlake Community Centre are two of five beneficiaries of the tournament.

OPEN EVERY SUNDAY 10:30am - 2:00pm



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Instalments and terms and conditions apply Proof of identity & income W W W . V E L O C I T Y C A R S . C O . Z A 89 VOORTREKKER ROAD, PAROW

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All cars are sold with a 30 day warranty on engine & gearbox



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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Developing tomorrow’s stars LYNN PRINS


WELVE years ago goalkeeping legend Farouk Abrahams had a burning passion to start a goalkeeper’s academy. His aim was to produce only great goalkeepers. He feels the position is neglected and, speaking as a former goalkeeper himself, he thinks specialised training is needed. However, there is a lack of sponsorship. “All we want to do is provide hope for the future,” he said. In 2002 Abrahams was appointed goalkeeper coach for Bafana Bafana at the Soccer World Cup in Korea and Japan, and worked with the likes of Andre Arendse, Hans Vonk, and Calvin Marlin. “It was my greatest honour to represent my country, it didn’t matter that I didn’t play on those levels, but the fact that I was part of coaching World Cup goalkeepers, was a huge achievement and money can certainly not buy such glory,” he said. When asked who he regards as highly rated, he said: “Itumeleng Khune is a highly rated player. It’s just a pity that he had faked an injury against Sierra Leone. It just showed bad character. Nonetheless, he is good.” He believes Moeneeb Josephs is also a highly rated player.

Abrahams played for Cape Town Spurs, Maritzburg United, Jomo Cosmos, and Bush Bucks. He coached for Santos, Ajax Cape Town, and Hellenic. Farouk Abrahams Goalkeeper Academy (FAGA) has been sponsored for eight years by Metropolitan, but since they merged with Momentum, Abrahams is unsure whether the sponsorship will continue. The academy coaches about 80100 children, without any disappointments, from 7 to 25 years old. The academy also teachess life skills. “On many fronts, and it became clear to us that the needs of the young people in the Academy extend beyond merely that of acquiring goalkeeping skills. Those living in disadvantaged communities are particularly vulnerable, as they live in poverty and must often survive harsh and difficult experiences in their young lives,” he said. “Many of the boys and girls attend the training sessions hungry, and lack simple life skills.” FAGA is free and is based at the corner of Wynberg Sports Club, Rosmead Avenue. Abrahams feels that the 2010 World Cup legacy is not benefitting academies such as his. They still struggle with funding

JUGGLING: Football legend Farouk Abrahams and his coaching protégé Emmanuel Mbango from Khayalitsha go through their paces at the goal keeper academy. Photo: Rashied Isaacs and he appeals to corporates for help with sponsorship for sustainability.

“Danny Jordaan and I spoke over the weekend, and I was told that in the new year relevant World Cup

funds will be made available, but criteria will apply and it will probably be region-bound.

CONGRATULATIONS: People’s Post once again proved to be tops in the community at SAFA Cape Town’s annual awards dinner held at Athlone Stadium on Saturday 29 October. For the second con­ secutive year photographer Rash­ ied Isaacs was elected Best Pho­ tographer for the Coca­Cola Cup. The tournament received cover­ age from all community newspa­ pers including the Son. Rashied dedicated the prize to the memory of the late Brian Gaffney (sports re­ porter). “Brian Gaffney taught me community media, may his legacy live on and serve as an inspiration to others,” he said. Pictured here is Isgaak Davids, general secre­ tary of SAFA Cape Town handing over the gift to Rashied Isaacs.

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FAST BOWLER: Seen here is James Biakoff of Bishops during the WP Schools u­19A match between Wynberg High and Bishops at the Jacques Kallis Oval in Wynberg. The match was played on Saturday 29 October. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

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Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch 1 November 2011  
Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch 1 November 2011  

Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch 1 November 2011