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Tourists targ arget eted ed TAURIQ HASSEN TOURISTS are sitting ducks when browsing through the historic streets of Bo-Kaap. A spate of muggings involving tourists has sparked residents’ outrage. They fear that the area might be incorrectly labelled by their international visitors as a place for hoodlums. Last weekend, a Swedish couple were taking in sights when they were approached by two unarmed men. Both men grabbed the husband, ripped off his backpack and rushed off into the infamous Kraal informal settlement. Last week, another tourist had her camera stolen outside the Wale Street Recreational Park, resulting in a stand-off between the suspect and the woman’s fiancé. The suspect eventually fled to to the hills. No arrests have been made. Spokesperson for Cape Town Central police, Captain Ezra October, says officers have noticed a slight increase in muggings in recent weeks. “These incidents seem to be picking up and I can only assume that it’s due to the influx of people into the city centre,” he says. Tourists also become easy targets as they are not “streetwise” when taking in the sights of Cape Town, October continues. He could not confirm whether Bo-Kaap was a hotspot for muggings, but still encouraged tourists to be more vigilant. “In recent meetings, we were told by some locals that tourists do not listen to warnings. This is not something new, because a tourist is here to enjoy their stay. But at the same time, they become soft targets for criminals,” he says. Sulaiman Isaacs, a member of the Bo-Kaap Neighbourhood Watch, says the crimes currently plaguing the community are not so petty and is now spiralling into a “major concern for the area”. “We are doing our bit as the neighbourhood watch. We know where all the hotspots are and we know where these criminals try and hide,” he says.

However, he explains that the lack of community support will at the end of the day be the main weakness for the neighbourhood watch. “We know this is a problem for our community, but the people from the area must start standing up to fight this problem,” he says. Bo-Kaap resident Ayesha Galant also witnessed a tourist being robbed earlier this year and finds it shocking that the suspects were once again seen walking the streets of Bo-Kaap after the incident. “I will not be surprised if these boys are from the area. I recognised them immediately and this was after I heard they had been caught already,” she says. Galant suggests that tourists be properly informed about the dangers of touring the community, but on the other hand, feels sad that her area has to be treated like a “prison ground”. “Before letting people into a prison, they get told what to do and what the dangers of the prison are. People should not fear coming into this neighbourhood, but with the rate of robberies, nobody will want to visit the area any longer,” she says. Resident Safwaan Sampson believes that all informal settlements should be removed from Bo-Kaap as part of tackling crime. “It’s no secret that these criminals are hiding out in these settlements. They are giving our community a bad name,” he says. Sampson explains that he dreads thinking about the stories that are told by tourists to their families and friends once they return home. “It really isn’t fair; this is not what Bo-Kaap is about. We have so much history on show in this community,” he says. “But how can the world be exposed to this history if stupid criminals spoil their tour?” Police encourage tourists to stick to their groups, avoid walking alone, follow the tour guide and listen to warnings given by locals. October says: “We cannot stop tourists from visiting the area, but we will try and get them to be a bit more aware of the dangers certain areas pose.”

AIRBORNE: South African­born Matt Silver­Vallance took to the skies on Saturday in the daredevil Balloon Run stunt to raise R10m towards the building of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in Gauteng. Seated in a paragliding harness, he was airlifted with 160 helium­filled balloons to drift across the ocean from Robben Island to the Cape mainland. The flight took Silver­Vallance an hour from lift­off. At the highest point he was 1000m above sea level before landing 300m offshore from Sunset Beach, Mouille Point. Silver­Val­ lance said: “After lift­off, I soon realised this was not a scene out of a movie – this was serious.” He added he was “overjoyed that we managed to successfully complete the mis­ sion”. The Balloon Run is still far from its target. To donate, SMS the word “balloon” to 40301 or visit SMSes cost R20. PHOTO: NASIEF MANIE/PHOTO24

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Step forward for stadium TAURIQ HASSEN

ALL THAT JAZ JAZZ: Z: Cape Town was abuzz with activity this weekend with the annual Cape Town Jazz Festival. The popular free opening concert saw performances from Jimmy Dludlu, local crooner Jimmy Nevis (pictured) and many more at Greenmarket Square last Wednesday evening. PHOTO: MICHAEL HAMMOND/PHOTO24

Poll gets under the skin


AN opinion piece in the UCT student publication Varsity has been met with mixed feelings on social media. The publication’s editor-in-chief, Alexandra Nagel, has, meanwhile, opted to retract some of the wording on an accompanying pie chart which has been found to be most offensive. This is in response to an on-campus survey done by student Qamran Tabo (20). Tabo wrote that 38% students preferred to date “Caucasian” people, 14% preferred to date Indians, 19% preferred Coloureds, 11% preferred to date Asians, 10% preferred to date mixed race individuals and 8% preferred “Africans”. The opinion piece, which was accompanied by a disclaimer, has resulted in comments on Facebook and Twitter. It has since publication last week made national headlines, and has led to the UCT editorial team fielding a deluge of complaints. Media24 press ombudsman George Claassen says the results of the piece should not be taken seriously, because it is not scientifically representative and is unreliable. “This is a case of bad journalism and terrible science exercised by the Varsity editorial team,” says Claassen. Nagel reiterates the opinion expressed by Tabo is not necessarily that of Varsity. “The writer did not abuse her right nor did she have any intention of issuing an attack

on individual racial groups. She simply just pinpointed a matter that is still affecting South Africans,” Nagel said. “I will, however, retract the words ‘UCT votes on most attractive race’ as the title of the pie chart.” UCT’s Young Communist League chairperson Mangaliso Khomo says they will lodge a complaint with the South Africa Human Rights Commission. “The results of the survey were insensitive. This is a clear sign that race relations are still a work in progress on campus,” he said. Claassen explained that the 60 students polled in the survey were exercising their constitutional right. “People have the right to say what they think. A question like this should’ve been used in a vox-pop.” Economics Honours student Thembi Losi says the editorial team should have exercised better judgement. “They should have rather asked what characteristics people value in others and not race preference,” says Losi. “The question at hand is too subjective and touches on race, (which is) a sensitive topic in South Africa.” UCT SRC’s vice-chairperson of external affairs, Keenan Hendricks, says the opinion piece raises a serious issue of race sensitivity in South Africa. “We really need to look at the autonomy of the press, but at the same time we also have to protect the dignity of the student who wrote the article.”

A COMBINED report merging a feasibility study and comments from a public participation process is expected to take forward plans for the Cape Town Stadium. Grant Pascoe, the Mayoral Committee member for Tourism, Events and Marketing, says a decision will be made in the next three months. The City of Cape Town WEIGHING OPTIONS: The future of the precinct of the Cape is in the process of as- Town Stadium has yet to be decided. PHOTO: TAURIQ HASSEN sessing all comments received after the first Public Participation ty. Installing digital advertisement boards Process drew to an end last month. Meanwhile, Marco van Embden, the on the second tier of the stadium is also chairperson of the Mouille Point Rate- part of the plans. Concession rights will also be granted payers’ Association (MPRA), says the association supports a “certain amount of for additional public mobile vending machines for food and beverages. commercialisation”. Chairperson for the Green Point RateBut, he says, the type and nature of this process would need to be discussed in fur- payers’ and Residents’ Association (GPRRA), Bob Goebel, confirms the assother detail. “The stadium and surrounding areas ciation opposes any further built infraare public facilities which should not structure on the common outside the stahave a profit motive as the driver,” he dium. The GPRRA does not oppose commersays. Traffic congestion, parking, noise lev- cialising the land between the stadium els and increased visitors are among the and Granger Bay Boulevard, if, however, implications of commercialising the sta- these developments are “financially viable and not further liabilities”. dium. “We support any viable commercial acThe MPRA is concerned about the effect these implications will have on the tivity appropriate to the area within the stadium and stadium precinct which community. “Events inside the stadium have (mini- does not get the City further,” he says. According to the GPRRA, the stadium mal) adverse effect on the surrounding communities. However, on event days, represents an “asset” to the City in protraffic flow and control would need to be viding an attractive venue for major improved to avoid congestion,” Van Em- events, but is also an “undeniable financial liability”. bden says. “It is vital that citizens of Cape Town However, he says events at the shared common fields and at the Green Point Ur- understand what is happening (and) ban Park are of “greater concern” to the make a conscious and active decision about the matter,” Goebel says. MPRA. Pascoe confirms the report from a reNeither of these spaces have enclosed areas suitable for events and residents cent feasibility study and comments received from the participation process are plagued by noise. Stadium management has undertaken will together be taken to council in a comnew initiatives, which will fall within the bined report. Since the initiation of the public particcurrent approval planning, geared towards improving the practicality of the ipation process in December, the City has received about 200 comments. stadium. “It is anticipated that a decision will be Initiatives being undertaken include the refurbishment of the Stadium Visitor made in the next three months. A further Centre, introducing an online version of participation process is envisaged after the Fan Retail Store by the end of the which a report will be taken to council,” year, and offering a full conference facili- Pascoe says.

Sunday 14 April V Cape Town: Laughter in the Park will be host­ ing the community event, Giggle Jiggle Jump at De Waal Park at 11:00. All are welcome. Wednesday 17 April

Wednesday 10 April V Stonehaven: Attorney Micheal Bagraim will deliver a talk entitled The risks of working abroad, which starts at 10:00 for 10:30. Entry is R20 and includes refreshments. For further information, phone 0 (021) 434 9555. Thursday 11 April V Sea Point: The Simcha Group of the Union of Jewish Women will be holding a fundraising quiz evening at 19:30 for 20:00 at the Marais Road Synagogue Hall. All are welcome to partic­ ipate. Prizes are up for grabs for the winning teams. Entry is R40 per person. For further in­ formation, phone Hermoine Sternberg on 0 082 439 8006 or 0 (021) 433 2415.

V Stonehaven: Author Rosamund Handler will give a talk entitled Us & Them at 10:00 for 10:30. Cost is R20, which includes refreshments. For further information, phone 0 (021) 434 9555. Thursday 18 April V Cape Town: At the next SMME Breakfast meeting at Central library, speaker Chris Alcock of OndlaBiz will deliver a talk entitled Transition from Informal to Formal Business. He will look at the steps to take and pitfalls to avoid. Regis­ tration starts at 07:15 followed by a light buf­ fet­style breakfast before the talk and discus­ sion begins. The meeting aims to end at 09:00. Cost is R15, which is payable on entrance. Book­ ing is essential; reserve your seat via email to 2 or via SMS to Marcia on 0 083 539 8445. Alternatively phone the FO­ CAL Book Room on 0 (021) 444 0988.

HOP TO IT! Staff at of the Hilton Hotel Cape Town hosted an Easter­themed party for the children in the care of the Women in Need (WIN) Playhouse. The organisation looks after approximately 50 children. The children were treated to face and egg painting, jumping castles and participated in an Easter egg hunt. Each child also received lunch and an Easter goodie bag. PHOTO: SUPPLIED



Skaters cheer on wheels of change TAURIQ HASSEN

PLANS for a new comprehensive space for BMX riders, skateboarders and rollerbladers are now in motion. The City of Cape Town is looking to introduce a “freestyle” park alongside the Green Point Urban Park which will cater for all forms of recreational skating and cycling. Ward councillor Beverley Schafer confirms that the first steering committee meeting was held last week. The space opposite the Virgin Active Gym, which runs parallel with the urban park, is earmarked for the project. “Our vision is to create an inclusive space in the form of a freestyle bicycle park, which will be open to all recreational wheel users,” she says. The project will form part of the urban park upgrade, Schafer explains. Funds will be made available through the budget that has been put in place for the public open space. Skating enthusiast from Three Anchor Bay, Sean O’Malley (27), has been on a skateboard for the last 14 years and is “re-

lieved” and also excited at the same time to hear about the plans. He feels that a designated area for skateboarding, rollerblading and cycling has been sorely lacking from the neighbourhood. “I would have thought the Green Point Urban Park would have had something in there for us skaters,” O’Malley says. “I’m glad to hear they are thinking about us, that is apart from opening the promenade to all forms of recreational skating and cycling.” Close friend and BMX devotee, Adam Delaney, is already daydreaming of spiralling through the air and grinding the bars at the park. “I know nothing is approved, but it’s a relief to hear them actually considering the skating and cycling fraternity. It will just be nice to have a space completely designed for that purpose, because then you are able to see others performing tricks and you can learn from them,” he says. “I hope they will be making some really high ramps and not solely designing the park for amateur users. We are quite experienced and need a challenge.”

Have you seen these parents? THE Cape Town Child Welfare Society is calling for assistance in finding Geraldine April and Randal Maars. The pair were last seen in the Sea Point

area. Anyone with information on their whereabouts can phone Ms Hibbins on 0 (021) 638 3127.



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Congratulation to

Friends to re read ad into the future THE Friends of Central Library will celebrate World Book Day with a special sale of South African and general books. World Book Day is on Tuesday 23 April but the sale will take place from Saturday 20 April. The sale is from 09:00 until 14:00 through to Friday 26 April. All proceeds go toward supporting the library. Donations of books, text books, magazines and CDs are all accepted. Contact Pauline on 0 073 343 6481 or 0 (021) 444 0988 for heavy loads to be collected.

LET’S GET PHY PHYSIC SICAL! AL! Provincial government and the City of Cape Town joined hands to encourage Capetonians to adopt healthy lifestyles by participating in public aerobics ses­ sions in the Company Gardens. The Friday morning initiative, hosted by the Department of Cultural Affairs, will run until 26 April. The most enthusiastic participants at a session receive a prize. All are encouraged to attend the 30­minute aerobics workout in front of Iziko Museum starting at 08:30 this Friday. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

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EXCITING NEWS… SACS High School and a member of the SACS Old Boys Union, are proud to launch a national Classical Music Competition this year. With prize money of over R21 000, the competition is open to anyone playing any of the instruments listed below. The competition is divided into age-group categories, 11 years to 20 years. There are two preliminary rounds and a final round, for which two finalists will be chosen in each category. The competition is from Thursday 8 August to Thurs 15 August, 2013 at SACS High School, in the Hofmeyr Hall. By hosting a national classical music competition, SACS intends to nurture the musical development of young people and to enhance its commitment to promoting music at SACS. Instruments: Brass , Guitar, Harp, Percussion, Piano, Recorder, Strings , Voice , Woodwind The information booklet and entry forms are available on the school’s website (Under Academics, find Music and, at the top, you’ll be able to download the Guidelines.) closing date 30 April 2013 We look forward to hearing from you - it is our privilege to introduce this opportunity to young people who have shown commitment to their musical studies.







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The festival offers the best food the Mother City has to offer as the venue becomes one giant restaurant where enthusiasts can sample the offerings of 11 different eateries in one venue. There are foodie exhibitions, a chef’s demo theatre and wineries. Food lovers can also interact with the chefs. Buy your tickets at V People’s Post readers can win 30 double tickets for a day of wining and dining on Saturday 13 April. The tickets are for general admission, are valued at R80 each and do not include a tasting glass. Those and the crowns (the festival currency) can be bought on-site. Visit to enter. WinFLAMING! Test those taste buds and be tantalised at Taste. ners will be notified by email.

IT’S HOT and happening. Taste of Cape Town is on from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 April at the Green Point Cricket Club.

‘Fl ‘Flying ying Finn’ joins Top Top Gear Gear crew THE zany Top Gear boys are back. They’re headed for Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium for the Top Gear Festival on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June. This year two-time Formula 1 Champion Mika “Flying Finn” Häkkinen will join them as a guest driver. The event promises to be bigger, better and, in true Top Gear style, even more ambitious than in 2012. There will be four sensational live stadium performances hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May TOP RA RATE: TE: Top Gear’s petrolhead James May in action. and their tame racing driver, The Stig, along with their amazing team of which range from R250 to R2 100, or to book visit dare-devil precision drivers. Also returning is the unique and action- V Win! People’s Post readers can win five double packed Durban Street Circuit which last basic tickets valued at R250 each. The tickets are year played host to a 90-minute track show not transferrable and only valid for the Sunday 16 hosted by Le Mans racing driver Tiff June show. These are basic tickets only to view the Needell and local F1 presenter and DJ Sa- Top Gear Live Stadium Show. They offer all-day acsha Martinengo as well as the hugely an- cess to the festival site, which includes The Action Zone, The Motoring Pavilion and standing view of ticipated F1 display. Petrolheads can immerse themselves in the Street Circuit. Parking at the venue, as well as their favourite brands and merchandise travel and accommodation to the venue and the at the extensive motoring expo at the Peo- show are at the expense of the winners. Enter at Winners will be notified via ple’s Park. For more information on ticket prices, email.

SA water rank makes a splash

SOUTH AFRICA is one of only 12 countries across the world where it is safe to drink tap water. The Blue Drop certification programme ranked SA as the country with the third best tap water in the world. The incentive-based initiative regulates water services globally, with the aim to improve and maintain the quality of drinking water. It covers several water management aspects. Deidre Nxumalo-Freeman, the president of the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa, applauds local municipalities for its monitoring and attention to the quality of our drinking water. “In South Africa, our constitution dictates that access to safe drinking water is a basic human right. The department of water affairs instituted the Blue Drop programme in 2008 and since then, we have largely seen continuous improvement in the rankings of our municipalities in respect of drinking water quality,” she says. “One source of our water is groundwater, (which) collects underground from runoff.

We consider it essential that people are aware of how easily our water tables can become contaminated through bad waste management practices. We also need to be vigilant when it comes to maintaining and upgrading the infrastructures that allow us to have a high quality of drinking water.” The institute focuses on education and training, in partnership with municipalities, to better equip them with an understanding of the importance of effective waste management matters. “As such we believe in the efficacy of getting a message across, particularly to those working at grass roots level, in order to engender a greater appreciation of the importance of their various functions,” NxumaloFreeman says. “While our local and district municipalities are responsible for ensuring that we have access to safe drinking water, we must all assist in the process. The institute has an important role in creating awareness along with empowerment through information.”

Helping to save our sea SOME of the Mother City’s top chefs, restaurateurs and seafood lovers recently flocked to the V&A Waterfront in support of the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative, which draws awareness to sustainable fishing practices. It was a night of top class eats, conversation and taking a step to save our seas.

SEA OF SUPPORT: Adam Greenblo and Tra­ cy Chemaly catch up.

HAVE YOUR SAY! POLICIES AND STRATEGY The City of Cape Town’s Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate invites you to comment on the following draft policies and strategy: • • • • • •

Street People Policy Early Childhood Development Policy Youth Development Policy Vulnerable Persons Policy Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy Poverty Alleviation and Reduction Strategy

Written comments can be submitted in any of the following ways: • • • •

By e-mail to By fax to 086 576 0170 By hand at subcouncil offices By post to 7th floor, Telkom Towers, Standard Bank Building, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town 8001

CHEERS: Jess Gouws, Kayli Levitan and Martelize Tredoux toast to helping the environment.

FISH FRIENDS: Rudi Liebenberg and Christiaan Campbell support the cause.

From 8 April 2013 the policies and strategy will be available for perusal at all libraries, subcouncil offices and at You may also request electronic copies by sending an e-mail to The closing date for public comment is 7 May 2013. For further information, please contact Fatima Davids at tel. 021 417 4086 or send an e-mail to ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER 63/2013

DEEP BLUE: Henry and Mari Vigar.

TAILS: Tyron CaitHness, Taryn Kelly and Bjorn Guido.


New valuations: thousands object


ALMOST 10 000 homeowners are up in arms about the City of Cape Town’s valuation of their properties. The City has received 8548 objections since the general valuation roll of 815 676 properties were published in February. Property prices had been derived from sales around July last year. It appears homeowners in the leafy suburbs of the city are in disagreement with the recent valuation of their properties. Mayoral Committee member for Finance, Ian Neilson, says 2496 objections had been emailed, 1005 lodged at the Cape Town Civic Centre, followed by 977, 588, 571, 558, and 515 at the Alphen Centre, Somerset West, Fish Hoek, Plumstead and the Strand offices respectively. The remainder were from the other 13 venues spread across the city. The main reason objectors give are that the values placed on their properties are too high. The next major item being objected is wrong physical address against properties, Neilson says. Valuation expert Jerry Margolius says the Computer Assisted Method of Valuation (CAMA) used by the City has its downfalls. The method is used for the majority of properties except specialised buildings. “The system is practised worldwide. To do individual valuations is too expensive,” Margolius explains. However, this method works well only in areas where there is uniformity. The process works well in the West Coast and Cape Flats areas, Margolius says. However, in the areas which are located along the “Table Mountain Chain”, being the southern suburbs and Atlantic Seaboard properties in Green Point and Camps

Bay, it does not come without its challenges, he says. “There are many different location factors which affect value. For example, in a CAMA process you may find property immediately below High Level Road, Sea Point being highly valued because properties above High Level Road are being used to obtain the value. “The same will happen with sea-facing buildings on Beach Road compared to properties below Main Road. This all depends on the knowledge of the computer programme that is preparing the statistical model to address these issues,” he explains. However, Margolius says property owners and tenants must check their valuations and not use the CAMA system to attack the valuation. “They need to assess the valuation themselves as at 1 July 2012.” Property owners who are unhappy with the new valuation of their home have until the end of this month to appeal the estimated property price. The rates and taxes will be payable on the new property price estimations as from Monday 1 July. Unhappiness with the amount of rates levied does not constitute an objection. “Objections submitted against a perceived incorrect valuation must be substantiated. Comparing the valuation to neighbouring valuations does not imply that the valuation is wrong. Objections submitted against incorrect administrative information, such as incorrect owner name or physical address, will immediately be referred to the relevant departments for investigation and correction,” Neilson explains. Margolius says 60 days is sufficient “for a property owner who is knowledgeable and does not seek professional advice”.





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BLUE AND WHITE: The Western Province Lifesaving nippers team won the annual South African Nipper Championships inter­provincial competition at Addington Beach in Durban on Thursday 4 April. The team featured four members of the New Balance Fish Hoek club. PHOTO: PENNY BROUCKAERT

FLYING KICK: Hazendal United’s Lincoln Lyn (right) tries to block an acrobatic clearance from Thornhill United’s Nurudeen Ally during an under­13 league game at the Rygate LFA on Saturday. The match ended in a 1­1 stalemate. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

Hats off to ball legends



STAUNCH DEFENCE: Sadia Sadien of Violets RFC knocks back Zhaahier Stuurman of Caledonian Roses during an under­9 league match at the Noll Avenue Sports Complex in Athlone on Saturday. The match ended in a 15­15 stalemate. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

imPortant notice Publication of Western caPe eia Guidelines in terms of section 24J of nema The Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning released draft versions of the documents in its EIA Guideline and Information Document Series during August 2010 and October 2011. Please note that the Department has formally published, with the concurrence of the national Minister responsible for Environmental Affairs, the following final guidelines in terms of Section 24J of the National Environmental Management Act (Act No 107 of 1998) (NEMA): • Guideline on Transitional Arrangements (March 2013) • Guideline on Appeals (March 2013) • Guideline on Alternatives (March 2013) • Guideline on Public Participation (March 2013) • Guideline on Exemption Applications (March 2013) • Guideline on Need and Desirability (March 2013) • Guideline on Generic Terms of Reference for EAPs and Project Schedules (March 2013) All of these guidelines are available on the Department’s website:

OME of the province’s greatest baseball and softball players are set to receive recognition for their service to the game. This after the Western Cape Hall of Fame for Baseball and Softball Legends was founded by a group of current and former players in January. The formation of the Hall was announced at the Baseball South Africa junior inter-regional tournament at Chucker Road Sports Complex on Friday evening. Carolyn Inglis, secretary of Kenfac Phillies Softball Club, says the purpose of the Hall is to “honour, recognise and acknowledge the greatest and softball legends”. “I think it’s important because we have very little record to show and acknowledge and the excellent performances and service of former players, administrators and coaches prior to unification,” Inglis says. “I think it is something to work towards. This recognition is for legends. It is for the greatest players and administrators. When we (currently) give recognition it is just for now – like a player of the year award. But a legend is the best you can find. You must have been the best.” Inglis says the idea for the Hall of Fame was first discussed at social gatherings of softball players. It has since been formalised, with the election of a committee and the organisation being accepted as an affiliate of the Western Province Softball Federa-

tion and Baseball Association Western Province. The Hall of Fame are yet to select players to be inducted, but Inglis says this will happen once a sub-committee is constituted. “We are going to induct the legends over different eras and phases. The first phase (will be) players who are 70-years-old and older, then in 2014 we are going to look at those (aged) 60 years and older, and (we’ll) continue that (way),” says Inglis. “There is one criteria – you have to aged 50 years or older. We may be looking at players who served (the sport) for more than 10 years or who (was selected for the) provincial (team) or played at the highest level, in terms of the league structures.” The first batch of inductees will be announced at a ceremony planned for October. Once the legends have been inducted into the hall, their pictures and plaques will be placed at a “neutral” venue, which is yet to be confirmed. Inglis says the organisation hopes to turn the venue into a small museum, where newspaper clippings and other memorabilia will also be displayed. The Hall of Fame Committee will be at an information kiosk at the Old School Festival at Athlone Athletics Baseball Club from Saturday 27 to Monday 29 April. Anyone who has baseball memorabilia to donate to the Hall can attend the Festival and visit the kiosk. V Phone Inglis on 083 286 7199.

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TUESDAY 9 April 2013 | People's Post | Page 8 | 0021 910 6500 |

CAPTAIN FANTASTIC: Nosipho Abrams, captain of the New Balance Fish Hoek Surf Livesaving Club nippers team, paddles to shore to take third place in the under­14 board race at the annual South African Nipper Championships at Addington Beach in Durban on Saturday. Abrams was also part of the Western Province side which won the inter­provincial championships on Thursday 4 April. PHOTO: PENNY BROUCKAERT

COMING AT YOU: SK Walmers RFC loose forward Jody Burch hurtles towards the Belhar RFC defence during a Super League A match at the Green Point Track on Saturday. Burch helped his side to a 17­15 win in their opening game. PHOTO: PETER HEEGER/GALLO IMAGES

FLATTENED: SK Walmers forward Tertius Koekemoer rams into Zolani Mofu of Belhar RFC, after bouncing Andy Huysamen off, during a Super League A match at the Green Point Track on Saturday. SKW won the game 17­15. PHOTO: PETER HEEGER/GALLO IMAGES

Pace and guile outclasses Villager LIAM MOSES


LAREMONT club Villager RFC opened their league account with a defeat to Hands and Heart at Brookside on Satur-

day. Villager were relegated to Super League B last season after finishing stone-last in the Super League A, the top flight of club rugby in Cape Town. The club, South Africa’s second oldest after Hamiltons, were expected to win the encounter, but three sublime tries saw the visitors win 26-16. Villager opened the scoring through a penalty in the fourth minute, but outside centre Piet Wilmans’ kick would be the home sides’ last points of the first half. Hearts went into the game with the inten-

tion to spread the ball and keep the heavier and larger Villagers pack on the move. The tactic eventually started to bear fruit after 20 minutes when they raced to a commanding lead, thanks to an 11-point haul in just four minutes. Flyhalf Trevor Booysen levelled the scores in the 22nd minute and then followed up with a try in the 23rd, after his side broke from their own 22m area. Booysen missed the subsequent conversion attempt, but would redeem himself after only a few minutes. Villager were struggling to live with the pace and guile of the Hearts backs and were kept on the back foot by the visitors’ off-loading and quick recycling. Booysen again took centre-stage when he helped set up Vivian Fredericks for his

team’s second touchdown in the 26th minute. He, however, again failed to add the extra points. Villager looked a renewed side when they returned from the half-time break and narrowed the deficit to just one point, after a try from fullback Dylan Barkas and a conversion from Wilmans. The sides then traded penalties, with inside centre Roan Groenewald goaling kicks in the 18th and 32nd minutes, and Booysen responding with a drop goal in the 24th and a penalty in the 35th. The game was eventually put to bed in the final minute when Hearts winger Christopher van der Heever forced his way over in the final minute and Booysen converted. . Meanwhile, Villager’s rivals and southern suburbs neighbours, False Bay RFC,

fared better in their season opener against Super League B newcomers Hamlets on Saturday. The Constantia side scored 11 tries and conceded just one to trounce their opposition 76-11 at Phillip Herbstein. The mammoth victory has seen Bay usurp the top spot on the table, as they go in search of a top two finish and promotion back to Super League A. . Primrose also got their season off to a promising start, beating Brackenfell RFC 20-3 in Kenilworth to finish the weekend in third on the table. . SK Walmers edged out Belhar 17-15 in one of only two games in Super League A this weekend. The victory leaves them second on the table.

Peoples Post Atlantic Seaboard 9 April 2013  

Peoples Post Atlantic Seaboard 9 April 2013

Peoples Post Atlantic Seaboard 9 April 2013  

Peoples Post Atlantic Seaboard 9 April 2013